National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/06/01


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
6/1/16 00:52West GreenwichRIUSALight2 minutesBright light in sky seen by two sisters over East Greenwich, RI6/1/16
5/31/16 23:00BloomfieldNMUSAFlash2 minutes((NUFORC Note: Anonymous source of report provides no information. Date is flawed. PD))6/1/16
5/31/16 16:15ScarboroughMEUSACross5 seconds4 x-shaped flying objects.6/1/16
5/30/16 22:15ElyriaOHUSASphere1 minuteBright amber sphere, with one smaller sphere on each side of the craft.6/1/16
5/30/16 22:00TampaFLUSACircleSeen a lighting cloud and next to it was a bright circle shining.6/1/16
5/30/16 21:50Blue IslandILUSACircle1:30 minutesTwo objects were seen trailing each other approximately 400 ft. apart with a orange glow. No sound; commercial aircraft's were in area.6/1/16
5/30/16 21:45ByronGAUSATriangle30 minutesWe seen four bright orange triangler object two within 30sec of each other and another two about five minutes after. No sound and and m6/1/16
5/30/16 21:15Palm CoastFLUSASphere~3 minutesGlowing orange ball steady on SE course over Atlantic.6/1/16
5/30/16 21:15North SyracuseNYUSALight30 secondsLight which looked like a star but flew by very fast. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/30/16 21:11Central SquareNYUSASphere1 minuteI was looking at Mars through a telescope when I looked up and I saw it moving, had no flashing lights. I first thought it was a plane6/1/16
5/30/16 20:35AvondaleAZUSAOval2 minutes2 separate oval orange lights, not blinking, no sounds, were flying low should have heard engines, moving very slowly then disappears.6/1/16
5/30/16 15:40Lake StevensWAUSAChevronDriving byBlack chevron floating upright.6/1/16
5/30/16 03:00LitchfieldMNUSALight2-3 minutesRound bright whit light that move from one horizon to the other.6/1/16
5/30/16 02:30TroyMEUSACircle6 minutes((HOAX??)) 2:30 a.m. pitch black out. I saw a circular object sitting still in sky. Had 3 or 4 extremely bright white lights on it.6/1/16
5/30/16 02:20Brockville (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder40 secondsRotating cylinder.6/1/16
5/30/16 00:00AuburnWAUSAFireball2 minutesFireball changing directions over Auburn.6/1/16
5/29/16 23:30BuckeyeAZUSALight30 minutes+3 of us were in my back yard and seen a bright blue light slightly blinking and sometimes red lights in center. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/29/16 22:45LyndenWAUSASphere5 minutesThree red, yellow spherical objects flickering and pulsating; larger than an airplane lights; in a triangular formation flying in the n6/1/16
5/29/16 22:20ShinnstonWVUSALight<1 minuteformation of three lights seen then disappear6/1/16
5/29/16 22:15CummingGAUSALight2-3 minutesTwo orange lights in the sky of Cumming Georgia6/1/16
5/29/16 22:15CummingGAUSALight5 minutesOrange lights in the sky over Cumming, Georgia.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:45ByronGAUSATriangle30 minutesWe seen four bright orange triangler object two within 30sec of each other and another two about five minutes after. No sound.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:45AbileneTXUSALight15White light that makes quick 360 degree turns.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:17Boynton BeachFLUSATriangle1 hourTriangle like formation of 4 circles that appears to get dim then light up as it disappeared and reappeared. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/29/16 21:08MadisonWIUSAFormation155 secondsI saw 5 lights floating in a formation.. They "burned out" or "turned off" one by one... I tok a video and tried to6/1/16
5/29/16 21:04Port St. LucieFLUSALight~6 minutesA group of 15-20 lights over Port St. Lucie, Florida.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:03Port St. LucieFLUSALight6-7 minutesArmada of 15-20 red, orange, and white lights over Port St. Lucie, Florida.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:00Mt. JulietTNUSACircle2-3 minutesRed pulsating, round, small, silent UFO observed twice above very tall tree.6/1/16
5/29/16 21:00BraidwoodILUSAOther1 minuteBright orange light/Dome- or Bulb-Shaped Craft.6/1/16
5/29/16 20:50Vaughn (Canada)ONCanadaDiamond1.30 seconds((HOAX??)) Craft flying one on top of eachother no lights color black dimond shape direction west to east no noise or lights.6/1/16
5/29/16 20:45SuffieldCTUSAOther30 secondsDrone-like object. No sound. No light. No noticeable means of propulsion. North part of town.6/1/16
5/29/16 20:40TroyMOUSACross4 minutesBlack cross-shaped tumbling object. No lights or sound.6/1/16
5/29/16 20:28MadisonWIUSALight2 minutesSingle bright white light defies thunderstorm, lands.6/1/16
5/29/16 20:28FranklinTNUSARectangle2 minutesAn orange ball shaped object suddenly arose in west, changed to a rectangle going east, light began pulsating before it disappeared.6/1/16
5/29/16 19:30Lepoglava (Croatia)CroatiaOval10-15 secondsI have a RAW picture, take 3 shot of a landscape (all 3 shot in 2 sec) with my dslr. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/29/16 18:08AnchorageAKUSARectangle2-3 minutesBlack oblong/rectangular ufo tumbling and turning without gaining much altitude6/1/16
5/29/16 15:30PlainfieldILUSASphere30 secondsOutside taking pics of clouds saw nothing with until looked at pics on cell phone shocked to see a gray sphere with white square specs,6/1/16
5/29/16 11:43ScottsdaleAZUSAOther2-4 secondsA shadow moving across mountain peaks which cause could not be determined.6/1/16
5/29/16 03:00Port ClintonOHUSACircle1-2 minutesCircular object with red, white and blue flashing lights6/1/16
5/29/16 01:00ConcordMAUSAOval20 minuteslooked like a tiny show of white sparkling lights6/1/16
5/29/16 00:30JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1-2 minutesWhile stargazing, an ultra fast moving, glowing (white/yellow) object appeared in a clear, cloudless sky. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/29/16 00:00LowellINUSATriangleUnknownLooking out of my window, I saw a giant triangle, and then I fell asleep. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/28/16 23:30SusquehannaPAUSALight45 secondsStrange that these lights were moving in formation.6/1/16
5/28/16 22:25AuroraCOUSACircle10 minutes((HOAX??)) Large light, changing from green to red, moving erratically with great speed in western sky.6/1/16
5/28/16 22:00Montgomery villageMDUSALight1-2 minuteson the Night of May 28, 2016 My husband was on the patio at our condo and noticed a bright red object hoovering in the sky he proceeded6/1/16
5/28/16 22:00JohnsonvilleNCUSACircle3 minutesThey were small bright orange circles. Sometimes together. Moving slowly. Sometimes moving beside each other,other times going differen6/1/16
5/28/16 21:30BrooksvilleFLUSAUnknown3 minutesI was sitting in the back patio the sky was clear I noticed a set of bright elongated lights moving from west to east over Ayers Rd for6/1/16
5/28/16 21:02BrigantineNJUSAFireball~30 secondsLow flying fireball with very clear visible flames, heading north.6/1/16
5/28/16 21:00WakefieldNHUSASphere5 minutesTwo orange lights flying over Pine River Pond and then disappear.6/1/16
5/28/16 11:47OrlandoFLUSALight20 secondsToo far away to see but 2 light colored white shapes moving all over the place in one area near airport. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/28/16 09:35Miami (South Dade)FLUSACircle10-15 minutesI was out walking my dog. I noticed an bright orange circular object floating slowly mid sky. It looked like it was barely moving. Then6/1/16
5/28/16 09:00Sun CityAZUSACircle1 hourOrangish-red circular object seen north of Sun City AZ6/1/16
5/28/16 04:40Oak LawnILUSALight3 minutesBlink One Time White and Blink One Time Red but Nothing There At All. ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/28/16 04:30GlenviewILUSALight15 minutesSeparate very bright white lights me in different directions.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:52MillikenCOUSAFireball1 minuteLight orange/white/yellow 'Fireball' sighting in Milliken, CO.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:50Port CharlotteFLUSADisk20 secondsLarge, discus shaped object silently hovering 60-70 ft AGL in front of my home. Surface smooth, & glowing orange-white.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:11AlbanyNYUSALight2 minutesRiding my bike at 11:11pm near my motel.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:10St. PetersburgFLUSACircleSecondsHuge yellowish and orange fireball coming down in the southern St. Petersburg area.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:05EastpointeMIUSASphere6 minutesBlue to bright red spherical light over Selfridge Airforce Base; landed.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:05EastpointeMIUSAUnknown10 minutesWitnessed a craft, which I cannot explain.6/1/16
5/27/16 23:00SacramentoCAUSALight((HOAX??)) Pink floating orb? ((anonymous report))6/1/16
5/27/16 22:16Sagamok First Nation (Canada)ONCanadaLight55 secondsBright Light traveling fast in sky!!!6/1/16
5/27/16 22:15West SpringfieldMAUSALight10 minutesI was walking my dog when I saw this light in the sky. I'm a plane buff so I tend to look up at the sky. This light I spotted seemed to6/1/16
5/27/16 22:00PhoenixAZUSAChanging30 minutesFriday the 27th of May at 10pm noticed a light flashing in the sky NE of Phoenix6/1/16
5/27/16 21:54BellinghamWAUSALight10 minutesLight formations.6/1/16
5/27/16 21:00GerberCAUSAChevronongoing9:00 pm Northern CA cluster of lights shaped like a boomerang stationary in the southern sky.6/1/16
5/26/16 22:15FranklintonNCUSAFireball20 secondsBall of fire falling westward from the sky.6/1/16
5/26/16 21:30TampaFLUSATriangle4-5 minutesTriangular object spotted over Tampa 5/26/16 9:30 pm.6/1/16
5/26/16 20:00ModestoCAUSADiskunknownmulti-colored lights (3 - red middle light), blinking in irregular patterns. Seen North of Modesto, near cross streets Orangeburg and O6/1/16
5/26/16 14:45ColchesterCTUSAOther45 seconds3 grey metallic oblong objects flying in very tight, regular formation alongside junction of Route 2 & Route 11 just W of Colchester.6/1/16
5/26/16 13:00Sunny ViewNCUSASphere5 minutesWitnessed stars moving, strange crafts, view distortion, and orbs in the clouds.6/1/16
5/25/16 23:45NorthfieldOHUSAOther15 minutesI was on my way home from work and noticed a low flying craft in the sky. It moved extremely slow and at times would stop. I had to tur6/1/16
5/25/16 21:00Santa FeNMUSADisk5 minutesUFO sighted near Eldorado at Santa Fe.6/1/16
5/25/16 04:15BarstowCAUSAFlash5 minutesFlashing light moving in a zigzag pattern6/1/16
5/24/16 21:15CamdentonMOUSAChevron10-15 secondsYellowish lights across the sky with a rapid departure witnessed by husband and wife central MO. ((Witness is former law enforcement.))6/1/16
5/23/16 23:05Grand RapidsMIUSAOther20 minutesMultiple craft seem to witness black meteor approach over Grand Rapids, MI.6/1/16
5/23/16 23:00Sylvan BeachNYUSADisk5 minutes3 Oval Orange Shaped Disks hovering over Oneida Lake on East Side of Syracuse.6/1/16
5/23/16 21:50St. PetersburgFLUSAFireball~1 minuteFrom my address incoming due south approximately over Lake Maggorie.6/1/16
5/23/16 20:00Rapid CitySDUSACircle5 secondsI was dropping of my grandaughter with my wife. We were head back to the west side of town where we live i looked up toward the horizen6/1/16
5/23/16 19:00EadsTNUSACircle15+ minutesHovering sphere of white blue red lights over West TN.6/1/16
5/22/16 14:23Fort CollinsCOUSAOval20 minutesFreak lightning storm with ORB photographed and recorded.6/1/16
5/14/16 01:00ColumbusNCUSAOther3 hoursI woke to use the restroom this morning about 2am, I stepped out on my porch in MillSprings NC and was shocked at6/1/16
4/24/16 15:00BeavercreekOHUSACone3:00 minutesOn a Sunday afternoon our family and three of my daughter's friends where playing volleyball at the community park behind our house ,I6/1/16
4/15/16 23:00GallatinTNUSALight8 minutes((HOAX?? DATE UNKNOWN)) Several lights move in erratic fashion across the sky, then converge to one ball of light then disappear.6/1/16
3/11/16 05:05RoyUTUSAUnknown00:02UAP had no outline or structure, no sound, a random brilliant clean strobe white & red light, disappearing into a gray misty portal6/1/16
3/3/16 22:30Gosport (to Fareham) (UK/England)United KingdomSaw a bright yellow/orange bright light at approx. 10.30pm. It was low in the sky and seemed to travel from Gosport to Fareham.6/1/16
3/1/16 23:30PikesvilleMDUSACone2 minutesThe object moved from left to right. start and stop it did slow down just stopped.6/1/16
2/1/16 22:00Los AngelesCAUSACircle30 minutesLights over Pacific Ocean6/1/16
1/29/16 23:55PontiacMIUSATriangle2 minutesObject was triangular in shape, it had 9 lights on it made no noise, was flying above tree tops, at a low rate of speed.6/1/16
12/31/15 23:45Peterborough (Canada)ONCanadaCircle4 minutes2 Orange Lights moving through sky6/1/16
11/16/15 06:18SacramentoCAUSAOval((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))6/1/16
8/1/15 23:00IndependenceKYUSAFormation1-2 minutesSaw 3 red orbs in a triangular formation in the sky.6/1/16
7/25/03 01:30WallowaORUSADisk20 secondsFlying saucer type object not large and alone soft white light and incredibly fast.6/1/16
8/12/00 02:00FresnoCAUSATriangle30 secondsOK it's been some years since I experiment this sighting.. but I remember it like it was yesterday. This is what happens that night it6/1/16
4/18/00 12:00Aztec (northwest of)NMUSATriangle2 minutesBlack triangular object emits buzzing sound.6/1/16
8/1/86 19:50Carolina (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoLight4 minutesUFO comes out of El Yunque national Park6/1/16
6/15/83 22:00BelfieldNDUSAUnknown5 minutesHovering object. Summer night. Red/green blinking light. No wind. No sound from object. Slowly began to move and slowly fly away.6/1/16
6/1/78 23:00FairfieldTXUSARectangle2-3 secondsA rectangular object with reflective illumination travels accross the sky6/1/16
10/15/73PascagoulaMSUSADiskI was stationed at the coastguard base in pascagoula mississippi,when we were talking about the hickson case where in the 1970s two men6/1/16