National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/08/04


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/3/16 23:31LowellMAUSAFormation5 minutesFive stationary bright red lights in northeast MA/southeast NH fading in then out.8/4/16
8/3/16 23:00Cold SpringNYUSACigar1-2 minutesLow craft hovering slowly over Hudson River.8/4/16
8/3/16 22:55EnglewoodOHUSATriangle2 minutesI observed a triangle, lighted object hovering.8/4/16
8/3/16 22:00Lake MillsWIUSATriangle2 minutesThree bright white lights, and one blinking red light in the shape of a triangle.8/4/16
8/3/16 22:00Pigeon ForgeTNUSACircle5 minutesLate on 08/03/2016, I was walking to my car and as I shut the car door I noticed a bright orange/ red ball three to be exact.the8/4/16
8/3/16 21:28Cliffside ParkNJUSALightRed light hovering in same place for several minutes.8/4/16
8/3/16 21:15Goose CreekSCUSALight5 secondsBright White Light appeared in night sky, then got brighter, with a blue hue and appeared as if passing thru a light cloud layer.8/4/16
8/3/16 21:00AmiteLAUSALight2 minutesI felt very nauseated and anxious after the sighting with my witness. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
8/3/16 20:30SnoqualmieWAUSACircle30 secondsDim moving light in the sky turned extremely bright and stopped for 20 seconds, before going dim again and heading in a diff. dir..8/4/16
8/3/16 14:45PittsburghPAUSARectangle10 minutesThe object was a large dark square or rectangle that had a smaller object slightly above and ahead that was reflective silver.8/4/16
8/3/16 04:10Yarmouth (Canada)NSCanadaOtherUnknown still presentThree white lights on top an one light on bottom a cluster of lights together not moving or flashing.8/4/16
8/3/16 04:00WinnemuccaNVUSAEgg20 minutesThese were not US aircraft.8/4/16
8/3/16 00:37ValparaisoINUSACircleToo scared to keep observFlashing green lights; they are shifting and moving irradically. No flight pattern is discernable. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
8/3/16 00:20SaylorsburgPAUSATriangleRed white and yellow lights, moving erratically. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
8/2/16 23:15CarverMAUSALight3 minutesI witnessed a star-like light slowly moving across the night sky. Was traveling S to N.8/4/16
8/2/16 23:00DorchesterNHUSASphere5 minutesFull moon-like orbs traveling high in the night sky. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
8/2/16 23:00AustinTXUSALight9 minutes2 UFOS OVER EAST AUSTIN.8/4/16
8/2/16 22:35CentereachNYUSACircle1 minute2 lighted ships over Centereach NY. One was lit with blue lights the other was lit in red lights8/4/16
8/2/16 22:00Winthrop HarborILUSALight3 minutesThis looked like 2 lights that were about 3 inches apart if you were measuring from about 12 inches in front of your face. They were o8/4/16
8/2/16 22:00Las VegasNVUSALight20 minutesFlashing/pulsing green light in northwest vegas sky.8/4/16
8/2/16 21:35ChampaignILUSALight2 minutesTwo lights, one following the other until both disappeared, then one light at equal speed going the opposite direction.8/4/16
8/2/16 11:15PortlandORUSALight3 minutesSitting on my porch with my significant other and saw a light appear from the sky and come down stay for a second and then go back up t8/4/16
8/2/16 11:00Mount GileadOHUSAOther2 hoursI looked into the sky tonight, because I saw a flashing light and what I saw amazed me. I saw what looked like a jetpack of some sort,8/4/16
8/2/16 02:30St. LouisMOUSA30 minutesStrange lights hovering near the gateway arch. has the video footage.8/4/16
8/2/16 01:22PittsburgCAUSACircle20 minutes2 silver sphere ufos.8/4/16
8/2/16 01:15PuyallupWAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsBright flash in the sky.8/4/16
8/1/16 23:04FlorissantMOUSAFireball20 secondsBig bright red-orange object flying horizontally at about 5000ft-10000ft rotating slightly as it moved Northeast.8/4/16
8/1/16 22:30BaltimoreOHUSACircle4 minutesHovering disc with two red lights on it.8/4/16
8/1/16 21:46MilwaukieORUSALight6 minutesWe were walking past an athletic field when we looked over and noticed 3 lights in the sky that we had never seen before. Two of us8/4/16
8/1/16 21:20La VistaNEUSACircle20 secondsIt was late at night the object was a distance away but we're able to see a red light and possibly a green light as well going down.8/4/16
8/1/16 21:00Old Orchard BeachMEUSAChanging6 minutesSaw a yellowish craft that turned into a disc over the beach in night sky in Old Orchard Beach, ME.8/4/16
8/1/16 20:45JacksonvilleFLUSALight20 minutesRed lights, three, moving from east to west, the stright up.8/4/16
8/1/16 16:00Menorca (Spain)SpainCylinder~3 hoursLong, cylindrical plane-like object appeared stationary in the sky for several hours.8/4/16
7/31/16 22:00Sun PrarieWIUSALight10 minutesOne previously stationary silent light...we thought was a star began to follow a plane. It looked as if the plane noticed this light ci8/4/16
7/31/16 17:30SomervilleMAUSAUnknown5 minutesUnidentified object hovering in Somerville, MA.8/4/16
7/30/16 22:15College StationTXUSAFireball5 secondsGreen fireball shoots across sky before disappearing.8/4/16
7/30/16 20:00VeduawooWYUSASphere20+Clear, white spherical shape, reflected sunlight. Ascended toward outer atmosphere. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
7/29/16 21:40Clarence CenterNYUSALight5 minutes2 bright orange lights moving north/south and stationary in western sky. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
7/29/16 16:53CharlotteNCUSATriangle25 secondsTriangle Shape In Downtown Charlotte. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, from photographing a bright reflection. PD))8/4/16
7/24/16 00:15ToledoOHUSAChanging1 minuteThree red spheres flying low in V formation over I-75 North Toledo, Ohio.8/4/16
7/23/16 02:00Caroline (Canada)ABCanadaTriangle20-30 secondsEquilateral triangle of lights few overtop of us, twice. ((anonymous report))((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD))8/4/16
7/16/16 21:30ShorewoodILUSALight5 minutesVery bright red light moving slowly E to W, then went straight up and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is commercial pilot. PD))8/4/16