National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/08/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/19/16 06:55East Los AngelesCAUSAOval5 minutesSilver oval object.8/19/16
8/19/16 00:54Boca RatonFLUSAFireball2 minutesSilent fireball like object slowly flew across sky, then darted off to the east, like a shooting star, leaving our atmosphere.8/19/16
8/19/16 00:53Vero BeachFLUSACircle2:24What I thought was a meteor might have been something else.8/19/16
8/19/16 00:00WarrenMIUSAUnknown20+ minutes2 flashing white lights; 1 not moving, the other moving in circle pattern.8/19/16
8/18/16 22:40Atlantic CityNJUSATriangle2 minutesLarge triangular craft seen over Rt. 30.8/19/16
8/18/16 22:10St. MarysGAUSALight1 minutesZig-zag high speed lights like star or satellite.8/19/16
8/18/16 21:45AlbanyORUSACircleOngoingCircle aircraft, with three non-blinking lights, passed over very slowly.8/19/16
8/18/16 21:00MesaAZUSAFireball2 secondsGreen, bright, ball falling from sky, Mesa, AZ.8/19/16
8/18/16 20:37MaricopaAZUSACircle4 minutesBright flashing light zig zagging across the sky. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/18/16 20:30Saint Simons IslandGAUSATriangle10-15 secondsTwo fast, silent, red-orange triangles over St. Simons Island, Georgia.8/19/16
8/18/16 20:23Long BeachCAUSALight30 secondsOrange orb, then 22 minutes later, a blue light that disappeared in <2 seconds.8/19/16
8/18/16 20:20Los AngelesCAUSAFireball10 secondsNEON GREEN STREAK OVER PICO FAIRFAX (L.A.), OVER FULL MOON.8/19/16
8/18/16 19:00WaterlooNYUSAOval2 hours Over a 2 hour period we watched a bright light in the sky move SSE slowly. I watched about an hour of this and went to my neighbor bec8/19/16
8/18/16 06:00PerrysburghOHUSAOval2 minutes((HOAX??)) No lights dark color thought it was a cloud not windy at all then it was gone. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/17/16 22:50OpelousasLAUSACircle20 minutesMulti-colored flashing lights over Louisiana.8/19/16
8/17/16 21:30Wesley ChapelFLUSAFireball2:45Two red balls of fire rise into the sky...hover...and fly away from us.8/19/16
8/17/16 21:30MilfordCTUSARectanglefew hours?Giant projector screen between two flashing, multicolored, lights. SEEN BY MANY.8/19/16
8/17/16 21:30NorthfieldNHUSAFormation15 minutesTriangular shaped formation.8/19/16
8/17/16 21:00Kansas CityMOUSACircle15 secondsDisappearing/reappearing dot in the sky, going down.8/19/16
8/17/16 20:40Los AngelesCAUSALight10 secondsBlue light ball streaked across east sky. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/17/16 20:00GilbertAZUSALight60 secondsConstant bright star-like white light, heading away with no nav or landing lights. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of ISS. PD))8/19/16
8/17/16 08:15BethlehemPAUSAOther5 secondsSeen a shape of the same configuration of the fin ,microphone and silver or chrome in stood motionless in front of some l8/19/16
8/17/16 05:00BaytownTXUSATriangle2 minutesSeen 3 bright white lights on each corner of the craft.. Stationary; as big as half of our football stadium. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/16/16 23:40BremertonWAUSAFlash3 secondsSomething falling out of the sky at full speed.8/19/16
8/16/16 23:00Port Saint LucieFLUSATriangle30Unidentified craft circling my neighborhood.8/19/16
8/16/16 23:00ElizabethtonTNUSACircle2 minutesI seen a round ball of orange light that shot up from the mountains up into the dark clouds then disappear. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/16/16 22:15GaylordMIUSAFireball1 minuteLights in the sky over Gaylord, MI.8/19/16
8/16/16 22:00Orange ParkFLUSAFlashShortBall of light, flash, fast. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/16/16 21:30HamletNCUSALight2 minutes3 bright, red, blinking lights, flying low in the eastern sky, Hamlet, NC.8/19/16
8/16/16 21:30AmarilloTXUSASphere3 secondsThank you for reading this report and taking my claims seriously.8/19/16
8/16/16 20:15BiglervillePAUSAOval30 secondsTraveling east on Hwy 234 toward Biglerville. I was cresting the top of a hill when I saw off in a distance, 2 bright oval shape lights8/19/16
8/16/16 05:30BoiseIDUSAFlash10 secondsShip flew away at high speed into stars and left a green/blue light glowing.8/19/16
8/16/16 05:30ProvidenceRIUSACircle10 minuteRed circular object moving quickly, then stops and hovers over Providence, RI, changes colors and then disappears.8/19/16
8/16/16 02:20CadizOHUSALight10 seconds8 of my co-workers and I where in the parking lot at quitting time Standing around talking when one of us noticed 7 lights streaking ac8/19/16
8/15/16 21:00Laguna BeachCAUSAFireball15 minutes totalComet-like UFO's with shimmery tales over the ocean turning on and off. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/14/16 19:00SabattusMEUSACigarNo sound cigar shaped Was in cloud.8/19/16
8/14/16 17:00NantucketMAUSASphere3 minutesFlickering round ball, following flight path of jets. ((semi-anonymous report))8/19/16
8/14/16 03:00Rygge (Norway)Norway25 minutesA glowing white ball of light moving from side-to-side for 25 min.s behind light-colored night clouds. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/14/16BufordGAUSATriangleUntil unseenLarge triangle. Only objects visible could have been a formation or one large ship; occurring for wks. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
8/13/16 21:30Elkins (near)WVUSAOther~1 minuteStrange object in sky near Elkins, wv8/19/16
8/12/16 19:40Kalawana (Sri Lanka)Sri LankaFireball4 secondsThe craft was a ball in shape, and had a very bright flash around. The flash could make the sky as daylight time.8/19/16
8/12/16 19:00RiversideCAUSAOtherOrange orb over the 60 freeway in Riverside, California.8/19/16
8/10/16 01:30MankatoMNUSAOval20 secondsDim shape in night sky making incredible movements.8/19/16
8/7/16 01:12Los BanosCAUSATriangle2-5 minutesTriangle shape, with 3 lights.8/19/16
7/16/16 19:30WaupacaWIUSATeardrop30 minutesSaw multiple flying objects; first there were three and then one and then 3 again. Heading toward Iola. ((anonymous report))8/19/16
6/4/16 20:46NappanneeINUSALight4:00Red light over small town of Nappannee.8/19/16
4/5/15 14:00Almaty (Kazakhstan)KazakhstanFireball20 minutes ((anonymous report))8/19/16
9/12/92 23:30San Luis Potosí (Mexico)MexicoDisk1 minute3 luminous objects, after being suspended in space, vanished at high speed, northbound. Seen by two witnesses.8/19/16