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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2016/10/27


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/27/16 12:26StillwaterOKUSATeardrop28 secondsStrange object seen, with green light. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by student. PD))10/27/16
10/27/16 10:00AsheboroNCUSAEgg4-7 secondsGrey object, 5 miles north of Asheboro Airport, moving rapidly and changing directions at extreme angles.10/27/16
10/26/16 23:30KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown15 minutesTwo slow-moving red lights, flashing in unison, in a loose, staggered formation.10/27/16
10/26/16 22:15Apache JunctionAZUSALight~7 minutesI received a phone call stating that I needed to go outside and look at the lights over South Mountain.10/27/16
10/26/16 21:05San JoseCAUSACircle5 secondsGreenish, circular light fly across sky and slightly turn. Pretty close and all of a sudden, just vanished.10/27/16
10/26/16 21:00SonomaCAUSACircle4 secondsBright light that slowed down, then accelerated out of sight.10/27/16
10/26/16 20:35SchaghticokeNYUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle object moving erratic 200 feet above tree line, stooped then lowered towards ground and lights disappeared10/27/16
10/26/16 20:20DenverCOUSAOther20 secondsV-shaped craft with 4 red non flashing, dimmed huge lights flying over us while we were waiting to go inside.10/27/16
10/26/16 17:30Fort WorthTXUSACigar10 secondsNoticed something very bright reflecting the sun.10/27/16
10/26/16 14:40VallejoCAUSATeardrop15 minutesAt around 2:40 p.m. we noticed a helicopter flying over house once it left the vicinity we noticed a light hovering a above our house i10/27/16
10/26/16 07:00CrestonMTUSADisk15 secondsWhite Hovering Light of UFO Sighting in Kalispell/Creston, MT.10/27/16
10/26/16 00:20Broad BrookCTUSAUnknownCould be a military vehicle, but why there and just after midnight on two occasions?10/27/16
10/25/16 19:45FairbanksAKUSATriangle2-3 minutesUFO HOVERS ABOVE GAVORA MALL.10/27/16
10/25/16 19:15BethlehemPAUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw 2 white light silent, low-flying crafts in the area of Bethlehem Catholic High School in Bethlehem PA on Oct. 25 at 7:15 PM10/27/16
10/25/16 19:00ChandlerAZUSAUnknown1 minuteThe UFO had amber lights circulating around it. It was dark so I could not see any shape. The event only lasted 1 minute.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:45GlobeAZUSAFormation4 minutesAmber string of lights.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:45CaryNDUSATriangle10 minutes3 lights in triangular formation moving slowly across tree line.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:42San Tan ValleyAZUSAOvalA straight line of four to five lights that appeared to be rotating in a circular motion10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40ChandlerAZUSAFormation30 secondsWe were driving east on the Loop 202 San Tan freeway, and I saw what appeared to be balls of amber light appearing in the sky due east.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40FlorenceAZUSALight10 minutesOct. 25, 2016, between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, numerous people from different towns in Arizona are seeing lights in the sky.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:40GlobeAZUSAOther1-2 minutesMy sons and I were leaving the College when we saw 5 lights in the sky, they faded in and out then disappeared. The 5 lights were in th10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30GilbertAZUSACircle2 minutesFour red lights. Appeared, went into formation and then disappeared.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30MesaAZUSAUnknown~2 minutesI only saw 4 or 5 oscillating lights while travelling down the 202 eastbound. Amber or white in color. Slowly moving through the sky10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30Queen CreekAZUSALight2 minutesSaw lights appear and dissapear then reappear in a straight line...north to south10/27/16
10/25/16 15:45AtlantaGAUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite dot spotted in the sky stationary for a number of minutes then zoomed off.10/27/16
10/25/16 11:00NewcastleWAUSADisk1.5 hourAs we speak this is happening. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising banner, being pulled by a tow plane. PD))10/27/16
10/25/16 07:45Winston-SalemNCUSACircle5 minutesCircular object w/lights in sky in morning.10/27/16
10/25/16 03:00Willow GrovePAUSALightHoursSaw bright light far in the sky orbiting and lights turning green,red and yellow. It moved back and forth. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))10/27/16
10/24/16 23:30Deerfield BeachFLUSALight1 secondWhite light zooming very fast across the sky.10/27/16
10/24/16 22:00ChalmetteLAUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shaped orange light in the sky that glided through the air sometimes stopping then disappeared within secs. ((anon. rept.))10/27/16
10/24/16 21:40Bay Saint LouisMSUSATriangle~5 minutesI was driving home when I noticed several lights I thought to myself I don't remember a tower being there as I kept driving I was like10/27/16
10/24/16 19:00FrankfortILUSAFormation>25 minutesOrange lights low in the eastern sky, as seen from interstate 355 and Southwest highway. Most holding in a formation relative to one an10/27/16
10/24/16 19:00Colonial BeachVAUSALight1 hourStrange lights were hovering in the sky.10/27/16
10/24/16 17:30ChicagoILUSADiamond10 seconds94W near 103rd at 5:30PM.10/27/16
10/24/16 01:00FranklinWIUSALight2 hoursWhite flashing light seen over the I94 interstate. Caledonia/Racine WI10/27/16
10/23/16 00:00MiamiFLUSACircle10 minutesMy native laguega is Spanish so I will describe what we sought aran Como las 6:30 mi mama,yo y amistades vimos una efera redonda.10/27/16
10/23/16 22:00Coachella ValleyCAUSACircle5 minutes3 Huge Strange Lights Dancing Over The Coachella Valley Area on Oct 23rd!10/27/16
10/23/16 21:35ShepherdsvilleKYUSA5 minutesLarge Amber light, no other light to tell what it was10/27/16
10/23/16 21:30MiddleburgFLUSACircle10+ minutesOrange circles in a group of 6 then1-2 at a time about 1/2 way across the sky they started blinking then disappeared. They disappeared10/27/16
10/23/16 21:15Kannapolis/MooresvilleNCUSATriangle10-15 minutesTriangular shaped hovering aircraft in sky on highway 3 and Kannapolis Parkway.10/27/16
10/23/16 21:00LansingMIUSAFormation2 minutesFlying formation of flashing aircrafts.10/27/16
10/23/16 20:35GulfportMSUSACircle10 minutesHuge Red pulsating ball seen in the western sky around 8:35 pm. Craft was low on the horizon traveling north. Disappeared and then ca10/27/16
10/23/16 20:00Pembroke PinesFLUSA8 minutesOrange and yellow spheres sighted on Pembroke Pines sky traveling from east to west direction.10/27/16
10/23/16 19:45Baltimore CityMDUSAFireball14 minutesWhile at the lightrail, near M&T Bank Stadium, my wife and I noticed a kind of bright red light that would flash to white, then repeat10/27/16
10/23/16 19:45LouisvilleMSUSATriangle30 minutesTriangular UFO with one bright light at the point.10/27/16
10/23/16 18:30HonoluluHIUSALight1-2 minutesRed lights, flying away, stopping, hovering and flying backwards10/27/16
10/23/16 07:00LongwoodFLUSALight4 hoursOn the morning of 10/23/16 my husband called me out to our back yard to look into the sky to show me he saw a white orange star making10/27/16
10/23/16 06:30DickersonMDUSALight2 minutesBright light above Sugarloaf Mountain.10/27/16
10/22/16 23:38PhiladelphiaPAUSACigar55 secondsUsing my binoculars I witnessed a cigar shaped, rusty orange colored object fly from my south to east .10/27/16
10/22/16 23:20TrentonMOUSASphere23:45Reddish orange floating sphere over Trenton, MO.10/27/16
10/22/16 21:45North Topsail BeachNCUSAFireball8 minutesFast moving large fireballs10/27/16
10/22/16 21:27MadisonWIUSASphere5-7 minutesRed balls of fire over Madison, WI10/27/16
10/22/16 21:00PickeringtonOHUSALight5-10 minutes4-5 medium sized red orbs floating and continuously switching shapes. Just hovered and switched from a V shape to many other shapes ran10/27/16
10/22/16 20:45HutchinsonMNUSALight30-45 secondsSeen 3 bright light in the north moving to the west in a triangl pattern. It last about 30 to 45 seconds the they desapeared one light10/27/16
10/22/16 20:10WinderGAUSAFireball30 secondsAt 8:15 pm wife and myself were leaving neighbors house when she said look whats that. looked up saw two orange red balls of light tre10/27/16
10/22/16 20:00AlvordTXUSATriangle3 minutes3 green lights triangle Alvord, Texas.10/27/16
10/22/16 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSALight15 minutesFor 2 weeks, a bright star-like light appears in SW sky every night around dusk, then disappears.10/27/16
10/22/16 20:00San DimasCAUSAFireball5 secondsTwo lights that looked like sparklers, Appeared over San Dimas,CA Then fizzled/faded out of sight.10/27/16
10/22/16 19:40Beaver DamWIUSAOther10 secondsSilent, fast moving V-shaped line of light over Beaver Dam, WI.10/27/16
10/22/16 19:30DerbyKSUSALight0002Numerous orb crafts of different colors seen over south central KS.10/27/16
10/22/16 18:15MoonPAUSATriangle20 secondsObject hovered alongside highway, outlined in green light. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/22/16 16:30NashvilleTNUSALight15 minutesCluster of White Dots10/27/16
10/22/16 14:25KrumTXUSADisk15 secondsFighter jets being followed by silver disc heading towards Lockheed in Ft. Worth, TX.10/27/16
10/22/16 13:50Shingle SpringsCAUSADiamond15 minutesTwo diamond shaped craft rotating around each other with bright lights noted in broad daylight for 15 min.10/27/16
10/22/16 12:46Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown5 minutes +Orange ball of light -- possibly triangle shaped -- high in altitude, changes course, two witnesses.10/27/16
10/22/16 12:00Cutthroat Lake Trail - Hwy 20WAUSACircleUnknownOrange ball of light on hiking trail in North Cascades. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))10/27/16
10/22/16 02:32LakelandFLUSAFormation15 secondsMassive "V" formation, envelops the sky.10/27/16
10/21/16 23:30CullmanALUSAFormation4 secondsThey moved west to east and covered the entire skyline in 4 seconds. They appeared to be at a high altitude and were only not emitting10/27/16
10/21/16 23:00ForrestvilleMDUSALight20 minutes4 white lights circling each other in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. Advertising lights. PD))10/27/16
10/21/16 22:40SpringfieldMOUSATriangle~5 minutesTriangle object over in at low altitude close highway 60 then moved slowly north. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/21/16 22:15ElizabethtownPAUSATriangle10 minutesV-shaped, fast moving set of lights above the clouds.10/27/16
10/21/16 21:00DenverCOUSAOther5 minutesSo at approximately 9 pm on October 21st 2016, we were sitting outside in our front yard star gazing due to the metior showers when all10/27/16
10/21/16 18:30BrunswickMDUSAOval5 minutes3 orange lights no sound or movement S of 340 between Brunswick and Jefferson. I pill shaped orange bright object.10/27/16
10/21/16 12:40CarrolltonTXUSASphere2-3 minutesWhite in color with a white tail sperical shape. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a high-altitude a/c, with a contrail behind it? PD))10/27/16
10/21/16 01:45NewhallCAUSATriangle1 minuteIt was yellowish orange moving across the sky and just disappeared. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/21/16 00:34ColumbusKSUSALight4 minutesBright orange ball.10/27/16
10/20/16 21:00Park CityUTUSADisk30 minutesThe disc object with bright lights came from the North and disappeared over the mountains to the North10/27/16
10/20/16 20:45StillwaterMNUSALight15 minutesMultiple slow moving white lights in sky; all directions. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/20/16 20:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown5 minutesFour HUGE Lights Hovering Over Colorado Springs, CO Caught on Video10/27/16
10/20/16 20:13ClarksonKYUSATeardrop~7-8 minutesI was walking out of front door and the door was shimming I could feel vibration and heard a loud humming noise ..I looked up and there10/27/16
10/20/16 19:00Pacific PalisadesCAUSAUnknown0:00Multiple blinking lights under of Pacific Ocean. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/20/16 16:05Johns CreekGAUSASphere7 minutesSpherical Object Sighted above the clouds at Johns Creek, GA. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/19/16 19:45KunaIDUSAFormation24 minutesLight formation fading in and out, merging, and changing shape.10/27/16
10/18/16 00:18Fort WashingtonMDUSAOther20 minutesUFO Hovering In My Backyard ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/15/16 20:00LakewoodCOUSACross2 minutesLakewood, CO, UFO.10/27/16
10/15/16 02:00Clarkdale community (Meridian)MSUSACircle1-2 hoursDifferent colors circular object non movement in same spot numerous times; no sound; light beams to ground seen twice10/27/16
10/14/16 10:40New York CityNYUSALightsteady((HOAX??)) Triangle, lights, orbs, UFO, helicopters? Opinion.10/27/16
10/14/16 03:00CharlotteNCUSACircle45 minutesI viewed a glowing orb pulsing bright periodically and move slowly hovering. ((anonymous report)) ((Star??))10/27/16
10/11/16 10:10University PlaceWAUSAChanging16-17 minutesBlinking Silver ball changing to an oval shape10/27/16
10/8/16 20:56MariettaOHUSALight5 minutesNumerous lanterns seen in the sky, as well as a few still being released.10/27/16
9/23/16 20:45BradentonFLUSATriangle2 minutesIt was travailing due south at Aprox 2500 ft I was located 5 mi. in from the Gulf of Mexico and I was looking west.10/27/16
8/19/16 20:30TustinCAUSARectangle10 secondsAfter sunset, I saw an upright rectangular object ringed with lights and the center was inset like a doorway.10/27/16
5/19/16 21:50KnoxvilleTNUSACircle3 hoursYellowish circular object moving in same region of space for more than three hours.10/27/16
5/16/16 21:47TehranIranFormation2-3 secondsUFO lights above Tehran, capital of Iran. ((NUFORC Note: Image looks to us possibly to be a lens flare. PD))10/27/16
7/23/15 20:20Mhow (India)IndiaFlash2 minutesIt was an absolute object,it had intent,and I will never forget that night! it had trailing lights10/27/16
12/22/14 18:38FresnoCAUSAChevron1 minuteLarge dark craft, chevron-shaped, no lights, no sound, no windows, geometrically sharp edges.10/27/16
8/14/06 20:00EurekaCAUSASphere3 hoursA bright object moving in no set pattern.10/27/16
6/30/06 21:00Kansas CityMOUSASphere3-4 minutesMetallic sphere flew into my bedroom from the hallway and out through the bedroom wall.10/27/16
10/15/77 18:00HancockMDUSACigar30 secondsUFO and Biological Entity seen by four children over two days10/27/16