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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2017/01/12


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
1/12/17 06:00ConroeTXUSATheir were 2 crafts each were beaming a white light down in a sweeping motion; it seem to have a white cloud. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/11/17 23:45MidvaleUTUSAFlash3-4 secondsRainbow of colors disrupts the Utah night sky.1/12/17
1/11/17 21:00HarleyvilleSCUSALightdaysBright light, appearing as a star but not! The light is very different, appears to be in our atmosphere, it appears some times right a1/12/17
1/11/17 20:05SheltonWAUSAFireball2 secondsFireball with flaming tail shooting across mid-sky.1/12/17
1/11/17 18:40Hays (5 miles east of; on I-70)KSUSAOther30 secondsLine of lights flashing south of I-70 ne'er hays.1/12/17
1/11/17 18:22HinesvilleGAUSADisk30 minutesI saw two circular flying saucers very bright whiteish in color, and they flew in one on top of the other stopped.1/12/17
1/11/17 17:40ChesterNYUSAOval10 minutesA circular domed shape craft with red and blue lights with white lights at the bottom of it and it was first hovering low in the trees.1/12/17
1/11/17 17:01AmherstMAUSAUnknown<30 secondsFlashing Blue light changing to red/white, changed direction quickly.1/12/17
1/11/17 08:30West NewburyMAUSADisk1 hour((HOAX??)) I picked up my friends to drive them to school. After picking them up, we saw a flying saucer. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/10/17 21:40HemingwaySCUSAEgg<1 minuteI looked up to see three lights out of my drivers window. These lights were elongated. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/10/17 19:30North PortFLUSASphere15 seconds2 lg spherical orange-red objects in sky in North Port, FL.1/12/17
1/10/17 18:45HillsboroMOUSAChangingStill goingPictures and video. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))1/12/17
1/10/17 06:02MagdalenaNMUSAFormation30 secondsFormation of lights and multiple (9+) aircraft escorts made two passes 40 minutes apart.1/12/17
1/9/17 23:00OrlandoFLUSACircle30 minutesMe my boyfriend and my best friend was sitting in the car in our complex and we noticed a bright spear light in the sky I thought it wa1/12/17
1/9/17 20:50HolidayFLUSATriangle15-60 secondsSolid Green lights fly together in triangular shape, then separate and only one light starts flashing and flies in the other direction.1/12/17
1/9/17 19:30RoanokeVAUSAOther3-5 minutesSilent aircraft or crafts flying in a very low formation leaving airport.1/12/17
1/9/17 19:15ChandlerAZUSASphere2 minutesOne round ball of fire.1/12/17
1/9/17 18:00GouldsboroPAUSATriangle1 hourBright light moving left, right, up and down. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? Anonymous report. PD))1/12/17
1/9/17 07:05IssaquahWAUSATriangle~4 minutesThe Seattle/Issaquah object keeps coming at around 7:05-7:20 and I've seen it 3 times in the last week. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/9/17 04:10GreshamORUSASecondNoticed a bright flash green light coming from the window. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/9/17 03:02BirminghamALUSAChanging5 minutesHeard low rumbling sound, saw a big ?? In the sky before it disappeared.1/12/17
1/8/17 21:58Palm CoastFLUSAOval3 secondsWhile having a cigarette on my Lanai area and looking up at the stars a large bright light oval in shape went across the sky at a low a1/12/17
1/8/17 21:10ValricoFLUSAChanging~3 hoursLarge Disk shape, changing shape and color and smaller objects flying around it.1/12/17
1/8/17 19:15BealetonVAUSAOther2 hoursBright light moves north to east slowly while losing altitude at night1/12/17
1/8/17 19:00WabashaMNUSATriangle1 hourDo not know what it was.1/12/17
1/8/17 17:30FrankfortILUSAFormationhalf hourGathering of lights and formation, fighter jets checked it out1/12/17
1/8/17 06:30SouthfieldMIUSALight15 secondsLarge bright white/blue light travelling across the sky in a downward trajectory1/12/17
1/8/17 06:20WaterfordMIUSACone30 secondsCone shaped object in the sky around 6:20 a.m. had red fire coming out of the came out of the tail as going through the atmosphere and1/12/17
1/8/17 03:30MacfarlandWIUSASphere20-50 secondsAround 3:30am I witnessed a low hanging light blue sphere shaped object streak across the sky heading E. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/8/17 02:18Ball GroundGAUSALight45 minutesLarge diameter bright white orb (security camera video recording)1/12/17
1/7/17 23:20SutherlinORUSAFireball5 minutesI walked outside by 11:20 p.m. I looked up in the sky North I was smoking a cigarette I saw orange lights big craft ran inside got my f1/12/17
1/7/17 21:50Conception Bay South (Canada)NFCanadaFireball5 minutesCluster of moving stars and orange 'fireballs'1/12/17
1/7/17 21:30NewcastleDEUSATeardrop5 secondsThe object appeared to be elongated tear drop shape and seemed, to be shooting across the sky from the east to west. Lights went from1/12/17
1/7/17 21:15Hardyston TownshipNJUSAUnknown1-2 minutesVery low flying and extremely loud. Flying directly east. Maybe military?1/12/17
1/7/17 21:00ShepherdMIUSACircle1 hourWhite Diamond changed to Circle with green outside and red in middle flickering moving object.1/12/17
1/7/17 20:15Antelope ValleyCAUSAFormation3-8 minutes4 orange Ball like lights hovering in sky in triangle-like formation1/12/17
1/7/17 20:10New BerlinWIUSALight3 secondsVery large, bright white light seen raidly descending to the northwest.1/12/17
1/7/17 20:00CenterviewOKUSASphere20 minutesLarge bright white light with red almost icicle light on bottom was heading to store caught my attention first thought it might be plan1/12/17
1/7/17 19:30Las VegasNVUSASphere10 secondsLow Flying Under Clouds Bright Light fast moving.1/12/17
1/7/17 19:30NashvilleTNUSAFireball1 minuteI observed 4 bright orange objects flying in a straight line in a southerly direction. They appeared to be glowing as if on fire but l1/12/17
1/7/17 19:00DenverCOUSALight10 minutes3 glowing orange lights.1/12/17
1/7/17 19:00SpartaWIUSACircle3Orange looking circle traveling SE over Sparta, WI. No apparent sound noticedand a smaller lite figure above. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/7/17 18:15HendersonvilleNCUSALight7 minutesBright lights hover over Burger King in Hendersonville on Hwy 1761/12/17
1/6/17 23:00BellinghamWAUSATriangle3 minutesTriangle of glowing lights, what initially looked like a plane started heading over the W arboretum, then hovered. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
1/6/17 22:30Coon RapidsMNUSAFireball0:15Several craft each glowing like fire and triangular in shape.Slowly increased speed and vanished into the night sky.1/12/17
1/6/17 20:00LoudonTNUSAOval4-5 minutesVery large, quiet, object with lights changing pattern was low to the ground went towards Knoxville, TN.1/12/17
1/6/17 19:15MercedCAUSALight5 minutesVery bright orange stars moving down and then north, West of my location.1/12/17
1/6/17 19:05KalamaWAUSACircle2 minutesExtremely bright hovering light over I-5.1/12/17
1/6/17 19:00LangleyWAUSACircleUnsure2 orb UFOs. ((NUFORC Note: No contact information provided by witness. PD))1/12/17
1/6/17 19:00San AnselmoCAUSAFormation25 minutesCluster of bright yellow gold lights in formation seen hovering over Marin County1/12/17
1/6/17 18:24TigardORUSACircle1 hourRound circular flashy object seen in the sky for the past 3 days. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))1/12/17
1/6/17 17:30AustinTXUSAFormation5 minutesFlotilla over Austin, disguised as Orion.1/12/17
12/31/16 00:30CleburneTXUSAOval2 hoursMe and my friend was going from his house to my house and in the sky one after another red lights following each other very slow1/12/17
12/28/16 19:20ElktonMDUSALight5-10 minutesTwo bright fast lights.1/12/17
12/26/16 21:30Philadelphia (100 naut. miles E of; over water)PAUSALight10 minutes plusSolid/flashing light over the Atlantic Ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Report from commercial/ATP pilot. PD))1/12/17
12/21/16 21:00Redwood CityCAUSAChanging30 seconds3 witnesses of a red/orange glowing orb darting above soccer field while changing size and color.1/12/17
12/7/16 17:15Waterloo (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutesFlashing, strobing bright light at high altitutde performs zig zag like maneuvers1/12/17
12/6/16 22:30BinghamtonNYUSAFlash2 minutes3 periodic neon blue flashes lighting up entire night sky. Each time the electicity went out. Incident lasted under 5 mins.1/12/17
11/22/16 22:31SeguinTXUSATriangle3 minutesMyself and the accompanying witness work in a water treatment plant, as we were walking along the catwalk we noticed flashing lights ab1/12/17
9/5/16 04:00Orland ParkILUSAOtherDuring the nightUnusual markings.1/12/17
2/27/16 23:00Bowser (Canada)BCCanadaCircle2 hoursI have a 2-hr recording of a completely stationary object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star or planet? Sirius?? PD))1/12/17
1/9/16 18:15YarmouthMAUSATeardrop5 secondsLarge Tear drop shaped and whitish-blue object flying horizontally and in a northerly direction before disappearing from sight. No soun1/12/17
1/8/16 05:18Trout ValleyILUSAChevron30 secondsGreen/orange chevron shape over Cary, IL.1/12/17
10/25/15 06:30OgdensburgNYUSACircle3 minutesWhile spotting deer saw 3 fast moving spheres size of softballs 50 ft from rd "PLAYING" lasted 3 min. Then just zipped off.1/12/17
6/10/13 23:00Bordertown (Australia)AustraliaDisk5 secondsI was driving a truck through Bordertown, Victoria, Aust., when I saw a saucer shaped craft fly over the truck. ((anonymous report))1/12/17
11/14/97 22:00Stevens PassWAUSADisk15-20 secondsNot Man Made. Way too Big. No Sound. No wave of air after it passed. I felt visited and very lucky. ((NUFORC Note: Many other repo1/12/17
6/15/97 18:00Borrego SpringsCAUSACircle20 minutesSuperstition Hill UFO sighting summer 1997 I went camping off of Old Kane Springs Road, Borrego Springs, California just south of High1/12/17
5/20/92 07:30Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaEggFew minutesI remember when I was a kid and having breakfast and getting ready for school and the back door was open so I was going to close it and1/12/17
11/10/79 01:00East OrangeVTUSACigar1-2 hoursWe witnessed an object on the ground, similar to a train at night, it was on the side the mountain. It was gone a few minutes later.1/12/17