National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 2017/07/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/14/17 12:15Kingston (Canada)ONCanadaCylinder3 minutesBlack S shaped spinning balloon hovers at noon, then takes off at a 45 degree angle back up into space within seconds.7/14/17
7/14/17 04:00ChandlerAZUSAOther5 minutesStrange three light object seen swooping over a field in Chandler, AZ.7/14/17
7/14/17 01:30Pinon HillsCAUSAOther3 minutesRiding my quad on a dirt road, when I noticed the SW sky a bright blue star over the San Bernardino Mtns just W of Wright7/14/17
7/13/17 23:00Wappingers FallsNYUSATriangle5 minutesIt seemed to be a boomerang or triangular shape object that was hovering but slowly moving.7/14/17
7/13/17 22:44LebanonORUSASphere40 secondsBright red or orange spherical object. First spotted near alpha Cygnus headed south-southeast. Very bright,sputtered and dissappearing7/14/17
7/13/17 22:02Oak RidgeTNUSALight4-5 secondsBright green light ball flying circular, oval in shape flew over my house tonight and above trees.7/14/17
7/13/17 21:30CharlotteNCUSAFormation15 minutesFlock formation of unidentified craft, appearing as blue strobing lights.7/14/17
7/13/17 21:00Morehead CityNCUSACircle10 minutesStill, orange light over Morehead City.7/14/17
7/13/17 20:45San GabrielCAUSASphere15 minutesExtremely fast right red liight, sphere in shape7/14/17
7/13/17 12:33LawrencevilleGAUSAFireball10 secondsWhite star-like object grew larger, dropped, disappeared, reappeared, and continued dropping until gone.7/14/17
7/13/17 07:51McKinneyTXUSASphere3 minutesRed metallic sphere.7/14/17
7/13/17 00:30Takoma ParkMDUSAOther~5 minutesJust after midnight, I see a still flickering bright light below moon. Zoom in on pic.7/14/17
7/13/17 00:00MariettaSCUSACigar5 minutesCraft with bright glowing lights fading from yellow to red in digital pattern.7/14/17
7/12/17 23:50WestonFLUSATriangle4 minutesChanging colors between red, green, yellow, orange. Faster than plane, no sound. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/12/17 22:50Rancho CucamongaCAUSATriangle2 minutesRed triangular lights in the sky moving eastbound in Southern California night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is comm. pilot. PD))7/14/17
7/12/17 22:38CarlislePAUSATriangle10 minutesLow silent object with multiple blinking lights followed by bright light over field.7/14/17
7/12/17 22:30CavalierNDUSATriangle~20 minutes2 triangle objects, appeared to be stationary, straight up from Cavalier very high in the sky. Suddenly one took off at high speed.7/14/17
7/12/17 19:45LabadievilleLAUSAOval10 minutesOval flying object traveling north to south, seen around three times in the past two years.7/14/17
7/12/17 19:05GlendaleAZUSALight1 minuteBright star like light (during daytime), fades while moving and disappears.7/14/17
7/12/17 10:15Las CrucesNMUSA10 minutes4 fireballs illuminating consecutively in a horizontal pattern over Organ Mountains. Also over NASA. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/12/17 04:00BellaireMIUSAUnknown3 hoursColorful flying in circles blue yellow and white. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/12/17 03:50GallupNMUSACone05:30We observed and recorded the objects with mobile phones as it followed us into the city. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? Anonymous report. PD))7/14/17
7/11/17 23:15WilliamsburgVAUSACircle10 secondsFlying circle over Williamsburg, VA.7/14/17
7/11/17 23:12South Dewey BeachDEUSAFireball3 secondsBright White Fireball traveling sky left to land-water right over Rehoboth Bay, DE. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? Anonymous report. PD))7/14/17
7/11/17 22:30ArtesiaNMUSALight.43As me and my brother talked about flying I just happened to notice a broth star in the south west of were I was sitting. I began to see7/14/17
7/11/17 21:51HamptonNHUSACircle1 minuteCircular white light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite?? PD))7/14/17
7/11/17 14:00Birmingham (NE of)ALUSADisk20-30 secondsRound object viewed from airliner.7/14/17
7/11/17 03:00ModestoCAUSALight135 minutesLight is sky very bright on appears around 3 am ish to 5ish look like could change colors. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))7/14/17
7/11/17 01:50Osage BeachMOUSATriangle7 secondsThree bright lights in a triangle shape moving fast and completely silent before vanishing into thin air. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/11/17 01:47LawrenceKSUSAChanging30 secondsI looked up and saw an object move from West to East. The single ball of light became three balls of light. They left in three opposite7/14/17
7/11/17 01:30Kovilpatti (India)IndiaRectangleSecondsRectangular moving object's shadow on the cloud cover under the bright moon7/14/17
7/11/17 01:00TulsaOKUSAChevron78 minutesLarge lighted stationary for over 1 hour three witnesses and possable photo on phone object was lighted from top to bottom.7/14/17
7/11/17 00:20FlorenceMTUSATriangle60 secondsGreen and red light Bitterroot Valley, MT7/14/17
7/10/17 23:00LamoniIAUSADiskNight timeMe and friends were outside talking, and I looked up,and said holy crap look we all looked up and we seen a object that looked like a s7/14/17
7/10/17 13:00HermistonWAUSAOtherSecondsDriving home from Oregon to State of WA. My sister's and I seen like hafe a rainbow fall out of the sky very fast and rainbow colors7/14/17
7/10/17 11:00NewvillePAUSACylinderFew minutesBlack tubular object at 11AM with helicopters.7/14/17
7/10/17 09:00SomersetNYUSALight30-45 secondsApprox. 9:00 pm on July 10, 2017 at Golden Hill State Park Campground in Somerset, New York. My husband, my sister and I were sittin7/14/17
7/10/17 04:00BaltimoreMDUSAChevron10 secondsHuge black aircraft with green lights, moving incredibly low and slow over the trees.7/14/17
7/10/17 00:30RichlandPAUSATeardrop15 secondsvery black craft passing edge of the moon. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 22:00Vadnis Heights/white bear lakeMNUSAOther15 minutesHovered above hwy 61 and co. road E. it was kinda cresent moon shaped bright white light w/ duller deep red lights. ((anonymous))7/14/17
7/9/17 21:31Nickerson State Park. BrewsterMAUSAFireball14 secondsCamping Nickerson State Park Brewster, MA, witness a craft traveling over flax pond emanating a bright light. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 21:15OccoquanVAUSAFireball2 minutesFireball over Occoquan.7/14/17
7/9/17 20:15WakefieldMAUSAUnknown10 secondsMy boyfriend and I were driving South on 95 near Wakefield when all of the sudden we noticed a peculiar bright and shiny craft in the s7/14/17
7/9/17 18:45South WindsorCTUSACylinder5 minutesTwo star-like objects preceding and following one larger tumbling or spinning object, similar in size to airliner7/14/17
7/9/17 16:00La PineORUSAUnknown15 secondsBright shiny object hovers in the sky, and then just vanishes!7/14/17
7/9/17 12:45AugustaNJUSAOther5 secondsWas driving on Plains rd, Sussex Co., NJ. 1235pm. Looked to right in sky. Seen a dark silver/grey craft. Top and bottom were flat.7/14/17
7/9/17 09:53CantonMAUSACircle4 minutesUFO sighting in Canton, MA. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 05:30LancasterSCUSALight1 minuteSatallite appearing object appeared for a moment, disappeared, then flickered and was gone.7/14/17
7/9/17 04:43Bowling GreenOHUSALight5 minutesLight moving across sky7/14/17
7/9/17 04:30HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknownuntil daylightBright lights in NE Sky of Hendersonville. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))7/14/17
7/9/17 03:39Prilep (Macedonia)Macedonia (FYROM)Unknown40 minutesA light has been appearing for the past 2 wks at 3am at the same spot each am. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake City UtahUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
7/9/17Sterling HeightsMIUSALight5-10 minutesBright blue/teal light jumping and diving in Sterling Heights7/14/17
7/8/17 23:30LexingtonKYUSACircle3-5 minutes4 strange unidentified lights over Lexington, KY.7/14/17
7/8/17 23:26Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaLight30- 40 secondsMasquerading Star Moves And Fades Out When Realized Not A Star.7/14/17
7/8/17 23:00ParkerCOUSACircle1 hourObserved reddish colored circular craft approximately 1000-1500 feet in alt., traveling N by NE at approx. 35mph. ((anon. report))7/14/17
7/8/17 22:50RiversideCAUSALight1 minutePulsing red light, changes colors & altitude.7/14/17
7/8/17 22:30VersaillesKYUSAUnknown1 minuteSitting on my back porch. Beautiful clear evennng. Noticed an bright, constant, orange light. Consistent speed. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/8/17 22:23ChamoisMOUSACircle2 minutesMy Mother and I witnessed a red and orange fire like light moving in the night sky and then disappeared .7/14/17
7/8/17 22:15EdinburgPAUSALight20 miniutes8-10 orange lights/orbs.7/14/17
7/8/17 22:10ManillaIAUSACircle10 seconds2 Red lights seen over small Iowa town, then disappeared!7/14/17
7/8/17 21:45ViennaVAUSALight15 minutesObserved 5 red silent lights traveling eastward at regular intervals. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/8/17 21:00MentorOHUSASphere10-20 secondsDark, spherical object 50 ft. above tree line silhouetted against evening sky in residential neighborhood.7/14/17
7/8/17 20:47INUSADiamond3 minutesI was running late at night, meanwhile my neighbors were lighting fireworks. The fireworks my neighbors had been setting off were the k7/14/17
7/8/17 12:44TellurideCOUSACigarNAunknown object in sky seen on photo taken during hike.7/14/17
7/8/17 11:00Lisburn (Northern Ireland)United KingdomTeardrop1 secondWalking dog.. Standing chatting to fellow dog walker in field, clear bright summer day. Full vision.Clear sky's. Observed for split sec7/14/17
7/8/17 10:30WoodstockGAUSALight3 secondsWhite orb like light near downtown Woodstock.7/14/17
7/8/17 10:00ClintonCTUSAChanging5 minutesMy mother and I were driving northbound on I-95 in the Clinton area. It was extremely dark outside despite the full moon. There were al7/14/17
7/8/17 03:30StratfordCTUSAUnknown5 minutesJust saw lights in a square formation 4 blue lights inside 4 red lights moved rapidly up down and sideways than just hover lights did n7/14/17
7/8/17 03:11DavieFLUSAUnknown5 secondsBrilliant light coming and going, and loud, increasing, engine noise; stops suddenly! ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/8/17 02:35Walla WallaWAUSALight1 hourBright light hovering over Walla Walla.7/14/17
7/8/17 01:30CarlsbadCAUSACircle.30See slow motion video.7/14/17
7/8/17 00:45Royal OakMIUSAOther15 minutesWitnessed 15 orange like dots in the sky that did not look like stars, planes nor fireworks.7/14/17
7/7/17 22:25San DiegoCAUSAFireballFirework-like ship fell down, then up again, down about 3 circles before disappearing (7 witnesses). ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/7/17 22:15San DiegoCAUSAFireball30 secondFireball objects appeared in the sky almosy serpent like movement .7/14/17
7/7/17 21:55Mt. MorrisonCOUSAChanging14-15 minutesWe saw one round object hoovering around the antenna tower on Mt. Morrison between Interstate 70 & Rd. 74.7/14/17
7/7/17 21:53Chula VistaCAUSAFireball30 secondsUFO disappears behind mountain. Fireball trail.7/14/17
7/7/17 21:30St. Augustine BeachFLUSACircle3 minutesStrange reddish/orange in color, and shaped like like hot air balloons. The light aspect lasted about 2 to 3 minutes for each object.7/14/17
7/7/17 21:21OcoeeFLUSALight5 minutes3 orange-ish red lights hovering for five minutes.7/14/17
7/7/17 21:00West MifflinPAUSASphere30 secondsPerfect sphere almost translucent but with a slight cloud like color moving across sky7/14/17
7/7/17 20:00PlymouthMIUSACircle2 minutesCircle craft with a light center and silver rim, moving fast and straight, then turned to fly at a angle. Cloudy. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/7/17 03:00Port SanilacMIUSALight45 minutesSecond night sighting. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))7/14/17
7/6/17 21:00Majors Place (south of)NVUSALight10 secondsThree non-moving, reddish-orange lights in White Pine County, NV.7/14/17
7/6/17 21:00AltoNMUSALight2-3 minutesUnexplained trio of bright lights, night of July 6, 2017.7/14/17
7/6/17 04:30KingmanAZUSAFireball8-10 minutesRecurring quick, bright flashing object from 07/04/17 being pursued by another object in Kingman, AZ7/14/17
7/5/17 08:14New KensingtonPAUSACigarUncertainMy husband was taking pictures of an airplane refueling above our home. After looking at the pictures, that were taken in rapid succes7/14/17
7/5/17 03:30MontroseCAUSACircle1.47Speeding star-like object streaks back and forth blacks out ,comes back and joins others in diamond shape.7/14/17
7/5/17 01:36Abbotsford (Canada)BCCanadaOther2.5 minutesthey looked just like a star ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellites?? PD))7/14/17
7/4/17 23:30BridgeportCTUSAUnknown20 minutesObject spun in place reversing direction twice and disappeared in a cloud.7/14/17
7/4/17 22:48Los AngelesCAUSAFireball2:00Not a firework.7/14/17
7/4/17 22:30LarmontNYUSAChanging2 minutesRed-orange orb, changes shape vertically into glowing teardrop.7/14/17
7/4/17 22:00BuffaloNYUSAChanging10 minutes3 orange-ish to reddish dots. We were facing abound and seen 3 lights that staid lit for roughly 8 mins. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/4/17 21:45Oklahoma CityOKUSALight15+ minutesExtra bonus 4th of July 2017 in Oklahoma City.7/14/17
7/4/17 21:40Orange ParkFLUSACircle1-2 minutesOne reddish/green orb flying southeast to northwest in the sky.7/14/17
7/4/17 21:38DenverCOUSAFormation3 minutesDenver Light formation 7/4 of 4-5 bright lights format just after firework show began low sky and bright N of Englewood nr Denver.7/14/17
7/4/17 21:00PuebloCOUSAFireball5 minutes3 fireballs in the night sky of Pueblo, CO.7/14/17
7/4/17 04:28KingmanAZUSAFlash5 minutes07/04/17 @ 04:28 hr Kingman, AZ. Bright, quick flashing light every 5-15 seconds in constellation Andromeda.7/14/17
7/3/17 22:00AcworthNHUSASphere2-3 minutesAt 10 PM, on July 3rd, 2017, my brother was walking by his kitchen sink when he noted an odd light in the sky from the kitchen window.7/14/17
7/3/17 21:00Hot SpringsARUSAOval30 minutesReddish oval looking , moving fast7/14/17
7/3/17 20:00SpringfieldMOUSARectangle5-10 minutesSilvery rectangular craft seen N of Springfield, hovering above the cloud banks, appeared to be facing N before turning E.7/14/17
7/2/17 15:44ClintonCTUSASphere6 secondsGreen sphere w/ white dots was moving in spiral during 8 secs. in between some advertising in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))7/14/17
7/1/17 22:00Cooper CityFLUSADisk1 secondAn authentic picture of a disc shaped object with lights around the entire outer rim, with metallic dome above and a prong beneath.7/14/17
6/29/17 22:00Sonoma (Fetters Hot Springs)CAUSALight3 minutesBright orange light flying and then hovering in the sky.7/14/17
6/27/17 12:00TaosNMUSACircle7 hours +Daytime white disc sighting In Taos, New Mexico, with video link. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
6/15/17 19:30Stevens PointWIUSASphere1.5 minutesBright white sphere flying above street.7/14/17
6/13/17 22:30Emerald IsleNCUSAFireball40 minutesOther people on beach (10+) saw this too. 2-3 horizontal fireball looking circles and two vertical same shape. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
6/10/17 21:23NoviMIUSAFireball20Orange fireball over Novi, Michigan, in western sky.7/14/17
5/20/17 21:00Bunbury (Australia)AustraliaCirclesecondsOn Saturday night (20/05) whilst driving home I observed a circular blue light moving through the clouds. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
1/1/17 12:00ShafterCAUSADisk5 minutesRound balls maybe guards. Large silver disc. landing in the oilfield.7/14/17
5/11/14 22:28Tampa BayFLUSALight~5 minutesExtremely bright white light appears to have originated over MacDill AFB and ascends towards Downtown Tampa. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
11/29/13 00:00Revivim (Israel)IsraelFormation5 minutesWhitish dots, floating silently.7/14/17
6/30/11 00:00HackensackNJUSACircle3 minutesThe sky was clear black and all I saw was a circular white bright light with no glare or haze. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/25/05 21:00San Felipe (Baja California)(Mexico)MexicoDisk10 minUFO followed my truck.7/14/17
1/3/02SpringfieldORUSAUnknown3 minutesMulti colored beams of light emitting from clouds towards the ground.7/14/17
5/6/98 20:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAOther30 secondsBig eyes.7/14/17
6/30/92 22:00MendenhallMSUSAFew minutesWe were walking down a dead end road that lead to my grandma house and my friends house it's a big field to the left we saw perfect bal7/14/17