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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2017/07/27


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/27/17 05:55AnchorageAKUSADiamond2 secondsAt approximately 5:50 am I saw 4 bright lights over the air force base. The lights hovered in the shape of a diamond or kite for just a7/27/17
7/27/17 03:30MonroevillePAUSATriangle5 minutesBright orange, low flying, something.7/27/17
7/26/17 23:00Dingmans FerryPAUSALight20 minutesBright light in night sky.7/27/17
7/26/17 22:15CoudersportPAUSASphere4 minutesRed fireball floating in the sky over Coudersport, PA7/27/17
7/26/17 22:00ColchesterVTUSALight>2 hoursVery bright stationary object hovering low to the horizon. About an hour in, a second object appeared and flew back and forth across th7/27/17
7/26/17 21:35South KingstownRIUSALight10 secondsExtremely bright light hanging motionless 1000 ft up.7/27/17
7/26/17 21:30Las CrucesNMUSAFireball20-30 minutesFaced Organ mts. From my home in LA Mesa. Noticed orangish burning fireball type ufo, ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/26/17 20:30KitteryMEUSAOther30 minutes2 extremely bright parallel lights.7/27/17
7/26/17 12:05KokomoINUSAUnknown40-45 minutes10 or more lights squirmishing.7/27/17
7/26/17 04:20PhoenixAZUSAFireball5 minutesI looked to see a beautiful bright Venus in E sky. I then noticed a "Bright, Orange, Light.7/27/17
7/26/17 03:45BeaufortSCUSADiamond2 secondsI witness a royal blue light in the shape of a diamond. It lit up the night sky. There was no rain no storms. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/26/17 02:00WintersetOHUSALight>1 hourMy granddaughter told me to look and 1 major light came up over the hill at me,very fast. I ran downstairs to my daughters. Very scared7/27/17
7/26/17 01:00PleasantonTXUSAFlash20 minutesI had driven home after a night of work and was outside having a ciggertte before going inside.i live out in the country on a ranch and7/27/17
7/26/17 00:45TexarkanaARUSALight5 minutesWe saw a flash of light in the night sky. While watching we observed about 10 to12 flashes of light within a 4 - 5 minute period. The f7/27/17
7/26/17 00:05BellinghamWAUSACircle15 secondsLooked like a standard satellite in orbit that suddenly became larger took on a very bright yellow glow, faded and changed direction.7/27/17
7/25/17 22:35WilliamstonSCUSACircle5 minutesBall of orange light over main street Williamston. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 22:04TacomaWAUSAOther45 secondsBright geometric arrowhead shaped object Flying over Tacoma, WA.7/27/17
7/25/17 22:00North MuskegonMIUSALight1 minuteThought it was a large star in the sky. It started moving slowly in weird pattern. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 22:00WestfieldNYUSALight5 minutesBright low altitude solid light moving east at high rate of speed. No sound. No blinking. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 20:30Rock SpringsNMUSATriangle2-4 minutesI watched a aircraft following glowing orb. The aircraft had blinking lights the prb did not. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 20:00Glen AllenVAUSALight~5 secondsDriving S, 1 hour before dusk a very bright white light appeared. It was several times the size of any star. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 05:15New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAFireball1 minuteRed glowing orb of light. I noticed it outside my window living above the building next door. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/25/17 04:47Sioux FallsSDUSASphere1:00((HOAX??)) Red Orb moves E along S of city.7/27/17
7/25/17 04:00LadsonSCUSATriangle10 secondsUFO houvering over neighbor's house in Ladson, SC7/27/17
7/25/17 03:45Lincoln CityORUSAOval2Round white had green halo around it. Was larger than satellite, different course than satellites use here, came from W.7/27/17
7/25/17 02:00Moscow MillsMOUSALight3 hoursMultiple flashing lights moving in the sky.7/27/17
7/24/17 23:50NixaMOUSALight10I saw a red light in the sky, as if from a plane, but it moved much slower, and varied in speed and then disappeared.7/27/17
7/24/17 23:50Grand MaraisMNUSAUnknown2 minutesWent out of house saw red and white flashing lights in moonless clear night. Could not make out shape of object. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 23:00Rochester HillsMIUSATriangle30 secondsSolid Bright white triangular shape with short beams of lights emitting from all angles. This moved in a steady, fast pace.7/27/17
7/24/17 22:00SarasotaFLUSACircle30 minutes3 objects forming triangle, before dispersing. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 21:09CorneliusNCUSALight1 minuteWhite light across Lake Norman. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 19:15North BendWAUSAOval4 secondsBright light in the sky stops and takes off in the other direction7/27/17
7/24/17 18:28Lusaka (Zambia)ZambiaTriangle10 minutesAs i was coming from the market close to my house i firstly saw 3 red lights and assumed it was an air plane but as it was moving i mon7/27/17
7/24/17 05:18HolidayFLUSAOval60 secondsHoliday, FL. mass in the sky escorted by a black helicopter. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 05:18HolidayFLUSAOval1 minuteHoliday, FL. Mass in the sky, escorted by a black helicopter. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 03:50LittletonCOUSACircle4 minutesSilent orb passed nearly directly overhead in the pre-dawn morning. ((NUFORC Note: International Space Station. PD))7/27/17
7/24/17 03:00EpsomNCUSACircle20-30 minutesAt about 0300 hrs., I went out front and let my dogs out, one at a time. I do this most nights since I am unable to slee7/27/17
7/24/17 03:00NewarkDEUSACylinder15-20 secondsAn UFO generated intense orange light with sound, modulated those synchronously for 20 sec, while hanging above our house.7/27/17
7/24/17 02:18San DiegoCAUSAFlash2 minutesBright flash spotted again.7/27/17
7/24/17 01:35RenoNVUSAUnknown~40 minutesLarge flashes of light, followed by distant explosion noise going on for almost an hour.7/27/17
7/23/17 23:06St. Croix (Canada)NBCanadaOther5 minutesVery brilliant light, crescent shaped craft, speed overhead and out of sight rapidly.7/27/17
7/23/17 22:05Highlands RanchCOUSALight20 secondsBright light going at high speed completely reversed direction and then disappeared.7/27/17
7/23/17 22:00RichmondMEUSATeardrop20 secondsBright white shape closer and brighter than plane moved accross night sky from southwest to north. Notably close, no lights flashed.Ste7/27/17
7/23/17 21:58GrahamWAUSALight7 minutesOne really brite white light moving south across the sky7/27/17
7/23/17 21:05GenevaILUSAFireball1 minuteIntense red orb flying in irregular speed and direction at dusk.7/27/17
7/23/17 21:00ColumbiaMOUSALight4Friend called me to see lights in the sky. There were 8 balls of light that stayed in the same place. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/23/17 20:30MeridenCTUSAEgg30 secondsFlew extremely low overhead. Silent craft, absolutely no noise. Single red/pink light on craft. Moved from East to West.7/27/17
7/23/17 20:05TulsaOKUSASphere7 minutesTwo fast moving green and silver orbs pass over Tulsa, Oklahoma.7/27/17
7/23/17 00:20RushfordMNUSACircle30-45 minutesI'm glad I'm not the only one. It was so strange. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))7/27/17
7/22/17 23:00Saint GeorgeUTUSADiamond15 minutesBright diamond light, low flying, noiseless, moving at the end of incredible speed.7/27/17
7/22/17 21:50LovelandOHUSACircle10 minutesI saw 3 pairs of large orange lights flying in a straight line from West to East over Loveland, Ohio. They disappeared flying up.7/27/17
7/22/17 21:47OwassoOKUSALight3 minutesUnusually bright light moving across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of ISS, which was visible at 21:45 hrs.. PD))7/27/17
7/21/17 20:15Buzzards BayMAUSAFireball~20 secondsI was camping at Bourne Scenic Park. I was standing by a fence from above the Cape Cod Canal with the Bourne Bridge in the back ground,7/27/17
7/20/17 00:30BuffaloNYUSALight10 minutesTwo objects discharged from glowing craft.7/27/17
7/18/17 16:00RevereMAUSACigar30 secondsStrange cigar objects above Revere Beach7/27/17
7/17/17 21:40PalmdaleCAUSAFormation1 minuteFireball fell from the sky and moments later four objects appeared.7/27/17
7/14/17 20:00HonorMIUSASphere1 minuteLarge sphere above treetops that was gone in seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a UFO, but cannot be certain. PD))7/27/17
5/15/17 19:00MelbaIDUSACircle1 minuteBright orange orbs.7/27/17
2/20/17 18:30ChambersburgPAUSACircle~2 minutesBright orb like object moving very fast in an alrming route of motion.7/27/17
10/1/16 00:00St. AugustineFLUSADisk1 minuteAlien saucer sighted in St. Augustine, Florida. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
3/28/16 07:40Portage la Prairie (Canada)MBCanadaOther15 minutesCloud cloaked large spacecraft/mothership moving across the sky in the morning7/27/17
2/15/15 22:00BoiseIDUSAFew minutesVery large comet/meteor-like object, streaking slowly.7/27/17
10/20/14 11:20Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaDisk3 minutesinsane. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/15/12 22:00Tampa (near)FLUSAFireballFew minutesThree bright orange/red fiery balls that looked road flares floating S along I-75; tree top level and stacked vertically.7/27/17
7/1/67 22:00GreenvilleDEUSADisk12 minutes1967 16 year old boy and date see UFO close up in Greenville, Delaware.7/27/17