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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2017/10/19


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/19/17 23:25MagnaUTUSACircle5 secondsOn 10/12/17 at 23:25 a coworker and I were outside when a bright blue circular object appeared high in the middle of the sky.10/19/17
10/19/17 17:50Hamburg (Germany)GermanyOval2 minutesOval object sighted over City of Hamburg.10/19/17
10/19/17 02:57Kansas CityMOUSALight20 minutesMulti-colored object in KC, MO sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus, or Cappella. PD))10/19/17
10/19/17 01:15Des MoinesIAUSALight20 minutesTwo crafts, flashing orange and white lights, flying low and slow.10/19/17
10/19/17 00:00BendORUSAOther1 hourAbsurdly large U-shaped object covered in small lights streaked an inch across the sky to the SW before disappearing. An hour later tw10/19/17
10/18/17 22:35RutlandVTUSACylinderSeveral minutesLights north of Rutland, VT.10/19/17
10/18/17 22:00ColumbiaSCUSAFireball3 secondsVery bright white ball of light, followed by a helicopter.10/19/17
10/18/17 21:00GrovetownGAUSAFormation2I was riding down Hereford Farm Road when I noticed a bright light. Then moments later 4 other lights appeared. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/18/17 21:00RobbinstonMEUSAChevron>1 hour +Formation of bright flashing lights, viewed from Robbinston, Maine. Object appeared to be hovering over N. Brunswick.10/19/17
10/18/17 19:45MetairieLAUSADiskSecondsWhite luminous oblong disk speeding across Old Metairie, LA, sky from West to East, midway horizon.10/19/17
10/18/17 19:20Little RockARUSAFireball30 secondsFireball type flying at am incline.10/19/17
10/18/17 19:20SummervilleSCUSATriangle1 minuteWitnessed a fairly large triangle shape with bright lights at each end. It was moving slowly in the atmosphere almost looked stars at f10/19/17
10/18/17 19:16DoraALUSACircle2 hoursBright multi-colored lights coming from the East moving towards a larger light in the WestÖ10/19/17
10/18/17 19:15ArnoldMOUSACircle1-2 minutesTwo bright lights sit in sky at strange position then disappear, Arnold, MO.10/19/17
10/18/17 19:10ForesthillCAUSAFireball10 secondsIt was large white ball with flames behind it across the sky, west to east.10/19/17
10/18/17 18:00ProvidenceRIUSAOther~10 minutesOn 10/18/17 At about 6 p.m. I observed 4 unidentified air crafts in the sky that were flying over, under, and around eachother and also10/19/17
10/18/17 15:00Kennett Square/PhiladelphiaPAUSACigarSecondsBright flash, streaming flash, separated from main cigar body and disappeared completely. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/18/17 11:00Bay MinnetteALUSACircle4 minutesClear baseball size orbs sighting. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/18/17 07:00Cape CoralFLUSAFlash20:00Orange flickering object in sky over Cape Coral10/19/17
10/18/17 02:30MinneolaKSUSACylinder1 hourBright multicolored craft moving across the sky.10/19/17
10/18/17 02:00SparlandILUSAOther05:00Flickering light was sitting SE in the sky. I watched the object for hrs.; object did not move. ((NUFORC Note: Star, or Venus?? PD))10/19/17
10/18/17 01:00Lake OswegoORUSAFireball2 minutesOrange ball of light with what appeared to be "searchlight" hovering over treeline of forest and "searching" the woods.10/19/17
10/18/17 00:00FitzgeraldGAUSADiamond1 minuteDiamond Shaped with red Light in center of it.10/19/17
10/17/17 21:46ValdezAKUSAFlashFlash((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about sighting; remains totally anonymous. PD))10/19/17
10/17/17 21:15Hopewell Cape (Canada)NBCanadaFireball3 secondsNeon yellow fireball with neon yellow dripping off of it. Very unnatural color for a falling star or meteorite.10/19/17
10/17/17 21:00WyevilleWIUSALight30 secondsLights over Wyeville seen by my wife and me.10/19/17
10/17/17 20:45BethelOHUSA2 minutes4 Orange Glowing Lights, moving, going on and off.10/19/17
10/17/17 20:30ChattanoogaTNUSATriangle15 minutesTwo triangle objects, one hovering for long period with second coming back in and out, then traveling out together.10/19/17
10/17/17 20:30Mt. OrabOHUSAUnknown30-60 minutesStationary lights that just appear, and dissappear. No sound.10/19/17
10/17/17 20:20WentzvilleMOUSAChevron30 minutesLights hovering low in a chevron shape across St. Louis metro area.10/19/17
10/17/17 20:15BataviaOHUSALight2 minutesBright orange fading lights, disappering and reappering in different places10/19/17
10/17/17 20:10SpringfieldMOUSALight5 minutesNoticed 4 what I thought was stars blinking in a perfect half circle. I never seen anything like it. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/17/17 20:00Browns SummitNCUSACircle8 minutesPhenomenal sighting of 12 orange balls of light in the night sky, as they slowly combined and faded away!10/19/17
10/17/17 19:30DoraALUSACircle5 hoursAt about 7:30 PM, I saw approximately 50 circular objects with red, green, blue and white pulsating lights, moving very slowly.10/19/17
10/17/17 19:25CanaanNHUSALight10 minutes+They looked like stars that would move around very fast.I have never seen anything like this before.Some of them make circles in the sk10/19/17
10/17/17 18:35DeltavilleVAUSATriangle00:01A bright red spaceship like onkect that disappeared after after seeing ignite in flight for about 30 seconds.10/19/17
10/17/17 17:00Spring ValleyWIUSADisk1 minuteLow-flying silver craft, reflecting sunlight, completely silent, suddenly disappeared10/19/17
10/17/17 15:00NorwalkCTUSACylinder6 secondsAcross the sky from east to west. Very sunny sky. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/17/17 14:22Bay VillageOHUSA20 minutesStrange sounds heard by myself and neighbors, Bay Village, Ohio 10/17/201710/19/17
10/17/17 12:00DearingGAUSALightAll nightMy fiance and I observed several blinking lights hovering almost like they was watching us. We fled the scene only to see we couldn't l10/19/17
10/17/17 11:00PlymouthMNUSADisk2-3 minutesUFO sighting Plymouth, MN, at approx. 12:00 pm on 10/17/17 At approximately 12:00pm, my mother and I were driving to have lunch a10/19/17
10/17/17 10:50RichmondVTUSALight5-10 secondsIce blue orb of light slowly travels through sky and disappears10/19/17
10/17/17 09:15DimondaleMIUSADisk30UFO FOLLOWING PLANE AND DISAPEARS.10/19/17
10/17/17 09:00SykesvilleMDUSACylinder7 minuteslarge bodied very bright silver craft with no wings, shaped like a pill and no exhaust trailings.10/19/17
10/17/17 09:00SykesvilleMDUSACylinder7 minuteslarge bodied very bright silver craft with no wings, shaped like a pill and no exhaust trailings. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/17/17 06:13WellfleetNEUSAUnknown1 minuteThe craft(?) was very high in the predawn sky. It was heading southerly, then stopped. Started moving again S, but kind of wiggly.10/19/17
10/17/17 02:00gonzalesLAUSATriangle4 secondslights at each corner were striped following the triangle contour.10/19/17
10/17/17 01:00DenverCOUSATeardrop1 minuteFalling star became closer to the ground by the seconds and appeared in the shape of an upside down teardrop floating above my car.10/19/17
10/17/17 00:30NewtownPAUSACircle2 secondsA purple circle in the sky speeds off in the distance above Newtown, PA.10/19/17
10/17/17MarlboroughMAUSARectangle60 secondsSquare craft, well lighted. Traveled 60 sec. in dark sky. Two people observed. Looked too large to be a drone. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/17/17DoraALUSACircleongoingNumerous multicolored flashing lights, circular in shape and very quite flying in random circles10/19/17
10/16/17 22:34Spout springVAUSALight3 minuetsBright orange light floating over countryside10/19/17
10/16/17 20:30CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo lights moving slow, then faster and changing directions without a sound. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/16/17 20:00BellbrookOHUSAFlash1 minuteOrange lights over Bellbrook and Dayton, Ohio.10/19/17
10/16/17 19:40Las CrucesNMUSALight5 minutesVery bright light low in the northern sky10/19/17
10/16/17 18:22Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaDisk5 minutesWobbling disk UFO appears in sky travels westward for 5 minutes.10/19/17
10/16/17 15:52WenatcheeWAUSACigar4 secondsCigar-shaped, silver craft moving at high rate of speed.10/19/17
10/16/17 06:15HuntsvilleTXUSACircle5 minutesSaw ball of light move low to ground and back up.10/19/17
10/16/17 03:45West ChazyNYUSAFlash10 minutesWhite flashing light behind us for 10 minutes on the highway.10/19/17
10/15/17 23:18GreensboroNCUSAOther6-10 secondsLights different directions that changed color.10/19/17
10/15/17 22:40OrlandoFLUSAChevron15 secondsOne object in a v-shape of lights. It looked like 6 lights on each side. They were not extremely bright.10/19/17
10/15/17 20:30DallasGAUSAFlashOn goingLooking W in Dallas, GA, sky toward Rockmart repeatedly seeing flashes of bright lights in the sky. ((anonymous report)).10/19/17
10/15/17 20:15DouglasWYUSASphere3 minutes2 of my friends and I were standing on my balcony smoking a cigarette, when we all saw this extremely bright orb or sphere slowly come10/19/17
10/15/17 20:00HillsboroORUSACircle1At 8 PM pacific time, I was star watching with husband. We both noticed a "star" moving. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/15/17 19:30Seven HillsOHUSACircle1-2 minutesWhen my wife pointed out a plane in the sky pretty high up. It had its smoke trail following, but that isnít what she pointed out. Ther10/19/17
10/15/17 18:10Victoria (Canada)BCCanadaDisk20 minutesWhile my Mother and I watched the sun set in a clear sky over the Sooke Hills, a stationary disk appeared south of our line of sight.10/19/17
10/15/17 17:24Wheat RidgeCOUSAFlash10 minutesI was sitting near my patio door inside while playing a board game with my nephew. I notice there was a round circular obj moving.10/19/17
10/15/17 14:00HoustonTXUSACircle30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no significant data. PD))10/19/17
10/15/17 14:00LebanonORUSAFlash10 minutesNine shining objects in the N sky.10/19/17
10/15/17 11:20WarrenMIUSAOther30-45 secondsPhotograghed a strange "craft" shaped like a (#) 3 in the sky over General Motors Tech Center, Warren, MI.10/19/17
10/15/17 08:15St. AugustineFLUSALight2 minutesLight brighter than most stars flew overhead in a SE dir.. Light began to shrink in the SE sky and turned to a red dot. ((anonymous))10/19/17
10/15/17 08:00Fort MontgomeryNYUSAEveryday((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no significant data. PD))10/19/17
10/15/17 03:30KissimmeeFLUSACircle5Light moving in incredible speed and movement confirmed by former military veteran to not be any known A/C. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/15/17 03:00PuebloCOUSAChanging10 minutesTwo objects, traveling south east at extremely slow speed. One paused for several munites than began moving in formation with the other10/19/17
10/15/17 01:15AlhambraCAUSAChanging3 minutesBright orange ball from NE to SW, transforming itself to a boomerang shape10/19/17
10/15/17 00:00HickoryNCUSACircle10 secondsOn our way home when suddenly we looked up in the sky and saw blue and green lights looked like a circle. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/14/17 21:19FranklinNCUSASphere5 secondsVery bright, low flying orb10/19/17
10/14/17 21:02Grand IsleVTUSACircle5 minutesThree lights formed a triangle at top and two lower light. Orange lights. We took a picture.10/19/17
10/14/17 20:30NewportORUSACircle5 minutesTwo red orbs the first one came down the beach line up in the sky at night and then it just went straight up into the sky and disappear10/19/17
10/14/17 19:30MiddletownVAUSALight60 secondsVery bright, light jigging relative to commercial aircraft and stars in the area. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS? PD))10/19/17
10/14/17 17:30Kansas CityMOUSACircleUnknownCircular light formation seen in sky.10/19/17
10/14/17 17:30BridgewaterMAUSAOval5 minutesAt 17:30 I saw 8 orange orb-shaped objects headed SE at a slow pace then individualy go out of formation. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/14/17 17:00Pope (near)MSUSACylinder1-2 minutes((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no significant data; remains anonymous. PD))10/19/17
10/14/17 16:00PolsonMTUSASphereUnknownMultiple spheres photographed over Flathead Lake in no Montana.10/19/17
10/14/17 16:00Sullivan's IslandSCUSADiamond10 secondsMy husband, a friend, and I were sitting on the beach facing towards downtown Charleston. The object looks like a faded round blue orb.10/19/17
10/14/17 15:46SalinasCAUSALight2-4 minutesVideo of UFO over Cali during wildfires 201710/19/17
10/14/17 11:55JacksonvilleFLUSAChevron45 secondsCraft was flying at about 2500 feet shaped like a chevron with 7 dome lights on the bottom. The craft was almost translucent and the 710/19/17
10/14/17 01:30ValricoFLUSAChevron15 secondsLarge, low flying, silent, stealthy boomerang shaped object passed over Valrico Florida10/19/17
10/14/17 00:34HarrisonvilleMOUSADisk30 secondsSilver saucer with bright lights around the rim spotted on I-49 south. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/13/17 22:00NilesMIUSAOtherHeading south((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))10/19/17
10/13/17 21:00BristowVAUSASphere5 minutesGlowing green to white object traveling low and silently in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Report from aviation veteran; anonymous. PD))10/19/17
10/13/17 20:50Moose Jaw (Canada)SKCanadaFormation30 secondsMy wife, daughter, and I were staring at the stars, and witnessed a series of red lights fly quickly across the sky from the NNE to the10/19/17
10/13/17 20:00Sand SpringsOKUSAChanging10 minutesWent outside to take dog out and saw an unusually bright star. Kept staring at it because it was blinking red and white, and was spinni10/19/17
10/13/17 19:30KnightdaleNCUSAFireball4 horizontal lights in the sky... stationary, then zig zag with tail, finally still again. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/13/17 17:46BrewsterUSATriangle8 secondDriving home from work on a beautiful afternoon not a cloud in the sky look up for no reason and there the object is it was like a brig10/19/17
10/13/17 16:00KentWAUSALight5 secondsI'm not sure of the exact time it happened, but it was dark. I had just stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. I saw a bright light shoo10/19/17
10/13/17 12:30Pendle Hill (Australia)AustraliaCigar2 minutesStrange flying object.10/19/17
10/13/17 11:35Lake CityFLUSAChevron10 secondsSilent lightless v shaped UFO in North Florida. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/13/17 06:54WichitaKSUSALight5 minutesNot a shooting star or an airplane.10/19/17
10/13/17 05:00EastvaleCAUSAUnknown30 secondsThere were two sets of orange fuzzy lights, that stayed on, front and rear, that were shaped like a chevron. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/13/17 03:47JacksonvilleFLUSADiamond10 secondsUFO sighting - detailed - close up10/19/17
10/13/17 03:00JacksonvilleFLUSADiamond15 secondsLouver-like design, lights emitted no light pollution, Hovered slightly above clouds.10/19/17
10/12/17 22:50ClearwaterFLUSATriangle30 secondsBoomerang-shaped UFO. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/12/17 22:00PuebloCOUSAChevron8 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))10/19/17
10/12/17 20:15Barefoot BayFLUSADiamond45Star like which had flashing lights in the Western sky over Barefoot Bay, FL.10/19/17
10/12/17 20:00BillingsMTUSALight5 minutesBrilliant White Light Expanded and Dimmed10/19/17
10/12/17 19:45OlympiaWAUSALight2 minutesWhite solid light, erratic course over Olympia WA10/19/17
10/12/17 19:10SalidaCOUSALight5 minutesLights traveling across sky, disappear suddenly.10/19/17
10/12/17 16:15EffinghamILUSACigar3 minutesLarge Dark object hovering over forest area behind a subdivision, disappeared when I got close to it.10/19/17
10/12/17 15:58RomeGAUSACigar~1 minuteA shiny object that was sitting still in the sky then suddenly disappeared. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/12/17 14:00NancyKYUSACigar20 minutesMy wife and I saw 3 white cigar shaped craft flying in a parallel formation, they appeared to be painting lines in sky with short burst10/19/17
10/11/17 21:42LincolnMAUSALight5 minutesThree lights spinning in circles. kind of looked like the lights of a movie threatre.((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights? PD))10/19/17
10/11/17 17:25MerriamKSUSACigar2 minutesWhite cigar-shaped craft above Merriam, KS.10/19/17
10/11/17 03:00Fort CoffeeOKUSAOval5 minutesOval craft observed along Arkansas River.10/19/17
10/11/17 00:00BridgeportCTUSADiamond3 Flicking stars moving in circles went from slide to slide to fast to be a plane then two disappeared . ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/10/17 22:28East WenatcheeWAUSAOther1 minuteVery large boomerang object no lights no sound10/19/17
10/10/17 22:10Cape CoralFLUSACircle5 minutesRound glowing, or molten, orange object.10/19/17
10/10/17 21:50NikiskiAKUSAFormation5 minutes4 objects rounded triangles at top. Each had separate lights in multi bulb shapes on top, each one vanished from tree line over the to10/19/17
10/10/17 21:20Las VegasNVUSAOval2 minutes5 orange lights. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/10/17 21:15Puyallup (South Hill)WAUSACircle10 secondsA large, dark, disk-shaped object plowed through clouds, was observed by couple in hot tub.10/19/17
10/10/17 20:05LakewoodCOUSAChevron10 secondsV-shaped craft with 5-6 dim lights cruising silently over Lakewood, CO, in a southwest direction. 8pm.10/19/17
10/10/17 20:00Stratford/BridgeportCTUSAOther~3 minutes2 craft of unidentifyable and indistinct shape or size. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/10/17 19:30UnionvillePAUSAFireball3 minutesTwo fire-like objects surrounded by an aura, moving at constant speed and altitude following the same path.10/19/17
10/10/17 19:20CheswickPAUSATriangle1.5 minutesSlow moving, quiet, triangle shape at low altitude in dark sky.10/19/17
10/10/17 16:20New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown5 minutesWalking south-bound along Classon Avenue, I looked up towards Northwest to see 4 to 5 silvery or light reflective, metallic objects.10/19/17
10/10/17 07:34BlacksburgVAUSAFlash2 secondsFlash of light lit up whole sky. Power momentarily out. Happened twice.10/19/17
10/10/17 06:30CougarWAUSASphere30 minutesMt. St. Helens, lights in the early morning.10/19/17
10/10/17 02:00CumberlandRIUSALight2:45Hovering and flashing light in night sky seen for 45 minutes.10/19/17
10/10/17 02:00CumberlandRIUSALight2:45Hovering and flashing light in night sky seen for 45 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Cappella or Venus? PD))10/19/17
10/9/17 20:30FarmingtonNMUSASphere20 minutesSphere with multicolor lights traveling west by NE. ((NUFORC Note: Star? Confirmed by witness to have been Arcturus. PD))10/19/17
10/9/17 06:00Big FlatsNYUSAOval6:05I went outside to check our gutters since it was raining heavily. While looking up toward the gutters and the sky I notice a very larg10/19/17
10/9/17 05:45ChatsworthCAUSAUnknown1 minuteFlying object with fiery tail. Some kind of explosion with a large gas emission, very colorful. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 05:45Porter RanchCAUSAFireball3 minutesI was driving on the 118 this morning by porter ranch object looked red like a star shape. Object moved. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 05:40Oak ParkCAUSAUnknown2 minutesBright red streak in the sky unexpectedly fade away very rapidly And same or new object reappears w/ 3 orangish, reddish lights and so10/19/17
10/9/17 05:40Los AngelesCAUSAOther~2 minutesSpace-X rocket firing.10/19/17
10/9/17 05:39AnaheimCAUSASphere2 minutesRed light turns into a white light with smaller lights doing a dance before fading out. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 05:30AnaheimCAUSAFireball1On 91 freeway, we saw this orange ball of fire then it moved and it left a tail of fire. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 04:30WaianaeHIUSAOther5 minutesStrange object in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, or a star?? PD)) ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 02:58TroutdaleORUSAFireball10 secondsMeteor.10/19/17
10/8/17 21:47Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaCircle.30UFO I saw flew in a very irregular flight pattern making a very fast half circle turn. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/8/17 20:30Camano IslandWAUSAUnknown15 minutesMultiple crafts with flashing lights seen over the bay.10/19/17
10/8/17 20:15LongviewTXUSATriangle45 minutesI had gone out on my pool patio with a glass of ice tea to relax while my family watched football. As soon as I sat down in my longue c10/19/17
10/8/17 19:44Town of TexasWIUSALight5-10 secondsStationary orange light. Near north star.Increased in size and brightness, then faded until gone. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/8/17 19:30BloomingtonILUSALight60 seconds2 bright star like lights moving quickly overheard. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/8/17 17:49River Falls/PrescottWIUSATriangle5 minutesLarge light/objects seen in sky during daytime.10/19/17
10/8/17 16:25Huntington BeachCAUSACross1 minuteufo hides in clouds along with a secondary ufo in the same path.10/19/17
10/8/17 16:00Paulís Valley (near)OKUSACircle~5 minutesDriving north on I-35, past Paulís Valley Okla, but not close to Purcell. It was white and round. Didnít move as far as we could tel10/19/17
10/8/17 15:00FarmlandINUSACigar15 minutesSpotted an UFO while driving home from work: It was small and cigar shaped with orange lights.10/19/17
10/8/17 08:30LelandILUSAChanging2 minutesGreen shape changing spot in multiple photographs East sky in morning. ((anoymous report))10/19/17
10/8/17 02:58SeattleWAUSALight3 secondsVery bright blue-green light moving eastward at a very high rate of speed.10/19/17
10/8/17 01:06AtholIDUSACircle15 minutesOrange globes seen from Athol that appeared to be near Sandpoint.10/19/17
10/8/17 00:30SeattleWAUSAFlash5 seconds (twice)Flash lit up Seattle skyline. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/8/17 00:05Hastings RanchCAUSACircle10 minutes3 lights in sky over Hastings Ranch.10/19/17
10/8/17WoodbridgeVAUSATriangle1 minuteThis was one triangle craft, definately not a Jet or Airplane, three lights on each point, 1 blinking red light. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/7/17 22:00ShinstonWVUSACylinder3 minutesYes I witnessed this craft while in a McDonald's drive thru it hovered approx three minutes before shooting straight up in wht seemed l10/19/17
10/7/17 21:50PojoqueNMUSAChanging20 minutesBlue and Red blinking lights on a first egg type flying object above pojoque mountains overlooking Las alamos10/19/17
10/7/17 21:50Staten IslandNYUSALight2-3 minutesOrange lights flying in formation in the night sky over NYC10/19/17
10/7/17 21:00StocktonCAUSALight30 secondsThis evening, I witnessed two bright, stationary lights in the Eastern sky that faded simultaneously!10/19/17
10/7/17 20:40ViennaVAUSALight2 secondsWife and I both saw a very bright blue-white object flying across the sky at an incredible speed; near Dulles airport. ((anonymous))10/19/17
10/7/17 20:23BeavercreekOHUSALight3 minutesSaturday evening my Wife, Daughter and I were outside checking out the neighbors Halloween decorations. The sun had completely set and10/19/17
10/7/17 20:15ChandlerAZUSATriangle5 minutesWe saw 2 lights that seemed to be a helicopter but we didn't hear any noise. There was no flashing wing or tail light. Just an orangish10/19/17
10/7/17 20:00StocktonCAUSALight30 secondsThis evening, I witnessed two bright, stationary lights in the Eastern sky that faded simultaneously!10/19/17
10/7/17 20:00EliotMEUSALight2 hoursBright yellow and red flashing light anomaly just above tree level. Steady movements at times, speeds up. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/7/17 18:30GreeleyCOUSAOther20 minutesMy friend came by my house last night, it was a clear night. Street lights were the only lights on at the time, ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/7/17 12:45San BernardinoCAUSALight5 minutesAfter Cal Jams seen strange orange light hovering and changing brightness10/19/17
10/7/17 12:22Las Vegas/Henderson areaNVUSAOther5 secondsObject advanced sideways as it had a bright fiery glow to its bar shape10/19/17
10/7/17 06:45GoshenOHUSALight2 minutes3 white lights traveling south at tree level. Goshen, Ohio.10/19/17
10/7/17 05:05CunninghamKSUSAOvalWestGreens cloudy oval size of a full moon10/19/17
10/7/17 00:45KalispellMTUSAFormation30 minutesI have been witnessing low flying craft for the past couple of months. 2 or 3 crafts that are formation in nature.10/19/17
10/7/17 00:00OlympiaWAUSALight3:00three lites in a strate line with 3 lites around them10/19/17
10/6/17 23:45Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaTeardrop1 minutesilver-green large luminous ufo appearing in the night sky seemingly out of nowhere falling to the earth in rapid speed.10/19/17
10/6/17 21:00NashuaNHUSATriangle5 minutesTriangle shaped object hovering near highway. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/6/17 20:40WarringtonPAUSALight10 minutesFaint, glowing, almost misty sphere of white light was seen hovering and zig-zagging through the sky . The movement was continuously al10/19/17
10/6/17 20:30ClaymontDEUSACircle>1 hourThree sets of lights orbiting around three centers. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect advertising lights. PD))10/19/17
10/6/17 20:15FredericksburgVAUSADisk25 minutes10 triangular disks with blinking lights, solid bright lights, hovering in place then taking off.10/19/17
10/6/17 19:40Jemez SpringsNMUSACircle40 secondsVideo shows something flying past moon.10/19/17
10/6/17 19:40WarringtonPAUSAOval1 hourwhite oval light moving in strange inconsistent circular patterns10/19/17
10/6/17 19:30JacksonOHUSALight1 1/2 hoursLight moving in couterclockwise motion in sky, didn't appear to be coming from above or below.10/19/17
10/6/17 19:30ParsippanyNJUSASphere3 minutesI looked up due to bright lights white and green, saw a sphere heading south, view became obstructed by tree line10/19/17
10/6/17 19:00CoopersburgPAUSACirclesecondsI looked out my bedroom window around 19:00 hrs. it was cloudy and seen a white round light no other colors going south to north very f10/19/17
10/6/17 19:00YumaAZUSACylinder4 hoursSkeptical to say that America We have Air Space Friends !!!10/19/17
10/6/17 16:00IndianapolisINUSALight10-11 minutesMultiple red lights, flying in groups of 2 or more, over Indianapolis on 10/6/2017.10/19/17
10/5/17 23:20ConwaySCUSALight1 minutesStrange green orb of light fell behind woods by my house. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/5/17 23:00SimpsonvilleSCUSASphere3 hoursSpherical color-changing light seen in the NE sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, Capella? PD))10/19/17
10/5/17 21:40Palm BayFLUSAFormation10 minutesLights over Brevard County. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights?? PD))10/19/17
10/5/17 21:30SanduskyOHUSALight4 minutesOdd moving, blinking light.10/19/17
10/5/17 21:27Santa ClaritaCAUSALight2 nightsA Very bright light behind a mountain. Was there two nights in a row. Stayed in the same spot. The light lit up the whole back of the m10/19/17
10/5/17 21:25ScituateRIUSARectangle1 minute+Massive rectangle-shaped craft. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/5/17 21:00Port AustinMIUSAFireball2 minutesFour different times scene Fireball objects leaving an aircraft floating looked like maybe three at a time10/19/17
10/5/17 20:56Bay CityMIUSAFlash30 secondsTwo aircraft flying in tandem with flashing white lights going roughly 350 MPH. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/5/17 19:40Lake Havasu CityAZUSAUnknown5 secondsTrail of lights where glowing and blinking in patterns of 1 second.10/19/17
10/5/17 15:42WarrentonORUSAUnknownsecondsObject noticed when reviewing my photos I took with my cell phone.10/19/17
10/5/17 07:03MonroeCTUSACircle10 minutesA ball of red light, slightly rippled.10/19/17
10/5/17 01:00WestfieldMAUSAOtherhalf a secondSaw sword blade shaped light craft for half a second no sound. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/4/17 20:20BeaufortSCUSATriangle1 minuteBlack massive triangle UFO with three lights on the front, moving low and slow, no engine noise.10/19/17
10/4/17 20:00MilfordCTUSARectangle15 minutesLarge rectangle with red lights. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/4/17 18:40O'FallonILUSASphere20 secondsDriving W on 64 just before Caseyville exit and 255 North ramp. At first I saw a bright object in the top. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/4/17 06:05TroyMIUSACircle20-30 secondsBright white light bigger than a soft ball.10/19/17
10/4/17 02:30CasperWYUSAUnknown17 foot tall, 'Grey', Casper, Wyoming, paid no attention to me.10/19/17
10/3/17 23:00LondonOHUSAUnknown2 minutesOn Tuesday 10/3, Was on I70 EB m.m 76, London,OH. I saw round object with bright lights. I thought it was a helicopter so I stop my tru10/19/17
10/3/17 21:50San JoseCAUSAOval8 minutesOval Red/Orange object flying in straight line. Stopped at times and pulsating in random flashes10/19/17
10/3/17 17:00PageAZUSATeardrop1 hourBright white teardrop shaped object that emitted red orbs which landed and eventually rose again.10/19/17
10/2/17 19:00TarzanaCAUSACigar2 minutesI thought it was a jet in flames but as it came closer I saw that it had, from one end to the other, a dozen of symmetrical red-yellow10/19/17
9/30/17 19:57Twin FallsIDUSASphere1:54Unidentified Orb first witnessed slowly hovering from the South continuing until disapoearing to the North East. No blinking lights10/19/17
9/30/17 15:22Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaOval10-15 secondsSudden appearance bright white glowing vertical oval object then disappear10/19/17
9/30/17 14:07Whitby (Canada)ONCanadaOther30 secondsLow, fast-spinning, white Translucent Spinning Flashing Object10/19/17
9/29/17 23:00HuntingtonWVUSACircle60 secondsOrange solid light zig zag up and down jumping in different locations in the open clear sky. Jumped 10-12x fast. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
9/29/17 22:00Twin FallsIDUSAOther1:45The undidentified object materialized to the northeast of our position at approximately 22:14 PM Mountain Time. I began recording t10/19/17
9/29/17 18:00HarrogateTNUSADisk20 minutesGlowing disc on the 29th, and then since the 1st, I've experienced multiple sightings of orbs. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars?? PD))10/19/17
9/29/17 18:00USADisk20 minutesGlowing disc on the 29th and then on gosh since the 10-17 I've experienced multiple sightings of glowing orbs of light; change color.10/19/17
9/28/17 21:00PataskalaOHUSATriangle6 secondsLow flying silent black triangle.10/19/17
9/28/17 19:30ModestoCAUSALight10 minutesTwo bright lights in the Northern sky that looked like bright planets but then faded out together.10/19/17
9/28/17 13:00LancasterCAUSAOther.10Really big drone and instead of it flying horizontally, with 4 legs, like a turtle, it was vertical, like a turtle walking upright10/19/17
9/26/17 10:07Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaCigar5 minutesA Very High Long Brilliant White Vertical Slow Moving Object10/19/17
9/25/17 20:00Fort WayneINUSALight2 minutesOrb of light traveling silently10/19/17
9/23/17 09:41Carmel/KentNYUSATriangle2-4 minutesTriangle with 5 flashing lights.10/19/17
9/23/17 07:30SeattleWAUSALight1 minCrescent shaped light-emitting object seen near Space Needle. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
9/22/17 01:30BristolVAUSACircle3-4 minutes2 orange lights slowly floating overhead before both went straight up into the high clouds.10/19/17
9/21/17 18:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAFireball35Saw one object first looked like a star and it was still clear outside. Then turned into a fireball and looked lik the sun thatís when10/19/17
9/11/17 09:00Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknownApprox 10 secondsTwo identical light formations at Edinburgh Castle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection off glass?? PD))10/19/17
9/9/17 20:00OrlandoFLUSACircle30 minutesAn identified object in the sky with a bright light hovering right above moon before a major category 3 hurricane (Irma).10/19/17
9/7/17 19:15East HamptonNYUSACircle1 minute2 circle lights moving in unison, equal distance apart. Plane flew in front of them.10/19/17
8/27/17 21:30North CreekNYUSALight20 secondsBright light very high and fast, making lightning speed zig zags and disappearing.10/19/17
8/25/17 20:30NageeziNMUSAOther4 secondsMy wife and I do not want be public with our names and who we are. It seems since you already have my phone number. I would like to ask10/19/17
8/25/17 20:30NageeziNMUSACircle2 minutesI saw a big white light with two strangers sitting in a bubble type craft in the side of the hill on Hwy 550 N.M.10/19/17
8/21/17 17:45Fort MyersFLUSASphere3 minsUFO sighting during eclipse.10/19/17
8/6/17 01:03SpringfieldORUSALight2-4 secondsIt was a bright light, like daylight all around me, lasting approx. 1.5 seconds, then dark, then light again for .5 to 1 second.10/19/17
7/28/17 08:30Lake WorthFLUSAFireball<1 secondMe and my dad were in the pool late at night it happened as I asked what would you do if aliens came over our house right now? He answe10/19/17
7/23/17 02:00Pleasant GroveUTUSA2 minutesI was the one who reported this sighting that I saw on 7/23/17 in pleasant grove this year. My story does not change10/19/17
7/19/17 13:00Auburn HillsMIUSACigar2 minutesA white metallic cigar shaped aircraft with no windows (only a few black patches?),lights or wings on it. This craft was the size of 510/19/17
7/15/17 20:18MontereyCAUSACylinder2:00 minutesBall lightning in California, time gateway, heavenly orb.10/19/17
7/10/17 22:00SouthavenMSUSALight>3 monthsIncreasing in number and communicating with patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Sightings of stars?? PD))10/19/17
6/10/17 16:00Adelaide (Australia)AustraliaOther1 minuteUFO summoned. Adelaide Australia10/19/17
4/12/17 03:45WoodbridgeNJUSALight10 secondsWalking into my office, I watched 2 faint red lights side by side at first moving in a straight line, then very fast figure eight then10/19/17
1/1/17 00:45PortlandORUSA1 hour+New Years Light Event at Portland International Airport.10/19/17
12/27/16 11:00NewbrightonMNUSADisk1 minuteThe disk was flying west, above county road d at about 1000 feet high, at a very high rate of speed. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
11/8/16 17:56BridgeportCTUSALight4 minutesAs my partner and I exited our vehicles we both noticed off in the distance above the horizon approximately 10+ yellow/orange non flash10/19/17
10/15/16 13:45UplandCAUSALight45 minutesBright flashing light object above san bernardino county. very slowly ascending diagonally.10/19/17
5/23/16 02:00PelzerSCUSAOval>1 secondOval object seen on film (camera) but not visible to the naked eye).10/19/17
2/10/15 19:00Las VegasNVUSALight~30 secondsOrange, Morse code-like lights in sky at night. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
12/29/14 22:00LarkesvilleGAUSADiamond10 minStationary, mostly white with several faint colors, in what seemed to be a diamond or helical shaped fast rotating light10/19/17
6/30/12 10:30BatesvilleMSUSATriangle1 minutesI'm certain what i seen n will allways remember till i die10/19/17
5/17/12 02:15PelzerSCUSA<1 secondOval object seen on film (camera) but not visible to the naked eye. ((NUFORC Note: Possible insect, or bird?? PD))10/19/17
6/1/09 01:00MonseyNYUSA4 secondsBright body of light, in shape of person, ran in front of me and friend10/19/17
4/15/09 18:00ChicagoILUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft stationary over highway during high traffic10/19/17
10/9/05 23:00BainbridgeNYUSADisk3 minutesSaucer flies straight towards us slowly from 45 degree angle down, zooms quickly straight backwards at same angle10/19/17
10/20/02 17:31ManassasVAUSAOval30Silent oval/circular/disc semi-transpernt hovering object.10/19/17
11/1/90 17:00West Palm BeachFLUSAFireball00:05Two fireballs, western palm beach county Hwy. 710. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
3/1/82 23:30NorthfieldMAUSADisk2 minutesDisc shaped ufo seen while I was waiting for a train to go by.10/19/17
3/1/81 17:30NorthfieldMAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle object seen following the Connecticut River10/19/17
12/15/80 17:00Smithers (Canada)BCCanadaSphere60-120 secondsWinter...December....noticed a satellite travelling south to north...second object came into view and travelling in the same south to n10/19/17
7/1/73 13:00Lake Hamiton / Sequoia National ForestCAUSASphere??1973 UFO Sighting And Missing Time In High Sierra10/19/17
md 9 10:10OlympiaWAUSA2 minutes((HOAX??)) Me and my friends were on licoln shool yard when i looked up and saw a what seemed to be a jet crashing straight down10/19/17