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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2017/12/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/14/17 05:00DurhamNCUSALight10 secondsObject appeared to be a falling star or meteor. Fell very quickly. Was a brightly lit, falling object. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))12/14/17
12/14/17 03:30Anderson's CornerDEUSAFireballSecondsArc of fire streaking across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))12/14/17
12/14/17 00:00ReddingCAUSATriangle1 secondAt approximately midnight of 12/14/2017 I was on an i-5 off-ramp in redding ca when i looked in the sky and saw a triangular object in12/14/17
12/13/17 22:50EllsworthMEUSATriangle~10 minutesLast night, on the night of December 13, 2017 at about 10:50pm I saw an unidentified flying object. I was sitting on my couch when I ha12/14/17
12/13/17 22:30BillingsMTUSALight30 minutesSighting in Billings, MT, with shooting stars.12/14/17
12/13/17 21:15MurfreesboroTNUSATriangle~1 hourSaw six varying color UFOs take off at different times. Was weird.12/14/17
12/13/17 20:30Miami BeachFLUSAFormation2-3 minutesLights In Formation. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/13/17 20:30Rock SpringGAUSADisk3 minutesLarge strange solid colored aircraft seen flying slowly and horizontally across the sky. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/13/17 17:30HuntsvilleALUSAFireball1-2 minutesDuring meteor shower, bright amber object, no blinking or other colored lights, entered field of view due west travelling east north ea12/14/17
12/13/17 14:00KershawSCUSASphere1 minute((HOAX??)) The craft was bright chrome there was not any clouds in the sky. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/13/17 14:00LabelleFLUSALight5 minutesMy father saw a light bulb shaped light in the sky; bigger than the other stars.12/14/17
12/13/17 11:30SmyrnaTNUSASphere2-3 secondsWhite/silver Sphere High Altitude Extreme Speed. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/13/17 01:13RaymoreMOUSALight1-2 secondsTiny green ball of light that immediately launches upward just a bit and then away (to the W) at astounding speed.12/14/17
12/13/17 00:56FayettevilleNCUSAFormation10 secondsOutside with husband watching Geminid Meteor shower when what at first appeared to be a flock of birds in the sky realized it was NOT,12/14/17
12/12/17 23:30Fort PierceFLUSACircleSecondsI saw a round bright bright green light fall from the sky straight to the ground faster than I've ever seen anything fly. Like it was l12/14/17
12/12/17 22:00VassNCUSALight45 minutesNoticed a light in the sky that was moving, but did not get closer or farther away. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of a star?? PD))12/14/17
12/12/17 20:00San Diego (Lemon Grove)CAUSALight15 minutes((HOAX??)) I was walking into my house when a red light zoomed across the horizon i was with my sister. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/12/17 19:00Cape CoralFLUSALight45 minutesOrange lights single file cross the nights Sky. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/12/17 18:50San AntonioTXUSALight5 minutesRed Pulsing Orb/Light over San Antonio, TX12/14/17
12/12/17 18:25WaynesboroGAUSATriangle~5 secondsBlack triangle seen on country back road. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/12/17 18:00Sour LakeTXUSALight3+ hours (over 3 days)Staggered, colorful strobing lights spotted southwest of Sour Lake, Texas. ((NUFORC Note: Convincing video provided. PD))12/14/17
12/12/17 16:20AdamsWIUSAFormation10 secondsString of 4 equally spaced orange or yellow lights, in-line. Slowly faded away. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/12/17 11:00Oklahoma CityOKUSASphere15 secondsWas enjoying lunch at an Oklahoma City restaurant, looking out at clear, blue sky. Jets were flying by and leaving white contrails behi12/14/17
12/12/17 06:14Santa RosaCAUSAFireball12 secondsFireball contact over fence.12/14/17
12/12/17 05:58Fort MyersFLUSALight4 minutes2 very bright objects over Cape Coral, Florida. Flying to the southwest. Very bright, side by side, varying distances apart then disapp12/14/17
12/12/17 03:30RochesterMNUSALight150 minutes2 lights flashing thru color spectrum. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/12/17 00:24PortlandORUSATriangle3 minutesLow flying ufo pdx neighborhood.12/14/17
12/12/17Rosarito Beach (Baja; Mexico)MexicoCircle5 minutesBetween 8-9 pm I saw 7 bright yellow lights a distance between each one over the ocean approx 10 miles out and sitting low in the sky.12/14/17
12/11/17 22:15VictorIDUSAFireball4 minutesFlaming ball of fire - spinning- Linear movements.12/14/17
12/11/17 22:15MaconGAUSALight5-6 secondsBright white ball of light south of Macon, Ga12/14/17
12/11/17 22:00SkykomishWAUSAChanging10-15 minutesMulti color round objects moving slowly near Skykomish, WA12/14/17
12/11/17 19:30San Tan ValleyAZUSALight35 secondsPossible UFO. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/11/17 19:00ClaytonNCUSASphere2 minutes (max)Orange ball of light moved slowly and then sped up without sound. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/11/17 18:00Queen Creek/South GilbertAZUSACircle15 minutesSaw orange reddish orbs moving from Queen Creek west towards south Gilbert. Very bright in the sky.12/14/17
12/11/17 14:38SeviervilleTNUSACigar<10 secondsThree Co-Workers traveling 40w going through Sevierville TN.Driver noticed a circular shaped,shiny object in the sky and asked the anot12/14/17
12/10/17 23:43Grand ForksNDUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange animal behavior prior to appearance of lights.12/14/17
12/10/17 22:50Rancho Santa MargaritaCAUSAFormation4 minutesFormation of 2 unusually saturated, deep ruby-red blinking lights flew silently across entire sky in under 4 minutes. ((anonymous))12/14/17
12/10/17 20:40San AntonioTXUSADisk5 minutes4 orangish colored objects flying close together then crossed over each other and disappeared12/14/17
12/10/17 18:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAOther5 secondsCluster of about 10 closely spaced lights moving from east to west.12/14/17
12/10/17 18:00Santa ClaraCAUSALight3 minutesBlue/green blinking noiseless light stops in mid-air and gains altitude, turns white/red and flies away quickly.12/14/17
12/10/17 17:37TurlockCAUSAOther2 minuteslow flying silent aircraft also reduces noise of heavy traffic12/14/17
12/10/17 03:00AmarilloTXUSATriangle18 minutesI. Woke up an looked at my security cameras an. This. Is. What I saw I have. Seen this. Before. A large. Bright light which looks lime12/14/17
12/10/17 00:30PortlandORUSALight1:00 minuteThere are sightings of three lights, seen at different times.12/14/17
12/10/17 00:00LincolnNEUSAOtherI was outside and look arI was outside and look around. The i look up and at first i thought it was a a drone but then I realized it was clear and had redish ye12/14/17
12/9/17 21:30Broken ArrowOKUSAFormation30 minutesTwo bright lights in the sky that would flicker simultaneously.12/14/17
12/9/17 21:30New BraunfelsTXUSAFormation40 secondsFour orange lights in formation. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
12/9/17 21:00RachelNVUSALight4 minutesUpward of 50 lights, mostly white with few red. Blinking moving in line, circle and triangle patterns. Lasting 4-5 mins.12/14/17
12/9/17 21:00TopekaKSUSAFormation30 minutesRed lights in line formation, hovering over west Topeka. ((anonymous report))12/14/17
12/9/17 20:45LaurelMTUSAOther10 minutesOn Saturday 12/9/17 around 845 pm myself and family were outside and saw flashing red lights in a single line formation around a mile a12/14/17
12/9/17 20:30Lowry CityMOUSAFormation10 minutesIt looked like a string of red and white pulsating lights perfectly lined up going silently slowly across the sky. Was seen by several12/14/17
12/9/17 20:30DeslogeMOUSAFormation10 minutes15-20 red flashing lights in a horizontal pattern, equal distance from eachother. Slowly drifting east across the sky together as thoug12/14/17
12/9/17 20:00DillonMTUSADisk10 minutesVery large object with blinking red lights in the northern sky above our field.12/14/17
12/9/17 02:30West ColumbiaSCUSAOtherSecondsI slowly opened my eyes everything was a bit blurry and I saw three figures.((NUFORC Note: Witness described as former military. PD))12/14/17
12/8/17 20:00FredoniaKYUSALight10 minutesThe mass sighting of blinking red lights on Friday were actually 13 large military aircraft flying in an unusual formation.12/14/17
12/7/17 18:00AuburnPAUSADisk21:00Dec.07-2017> abserved bright lights, hulagrams,5 or 6 disc like abjects, moving hundreds within seconds through dence woods12/14/17
12/2/17 03:00ShickshinnyPAUSAOthersecondsOdd blue flash in southeastern sky.12/14/17
11/26/17 11:44BeaverUTUSASphere1 minuteBluish Orb in Beaver Utah over Hwy I-15. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare, caused by pointing camera at the Sun. PD))12/14/17
11/25/17 15:30Caraquet (Canada)NBCanadaOther2 minutesStrange lights in Caraquet, N. B. ((anonymous report)12/14/17
11/19/17 12:00Royal GorgeCOUSAOval3 minutesOval reflective craft.12/14/17
9/10/17 22:00LancasterCAUSACircleHoursTo the South East of Lancaster CA flashing lights of red, blue, green, yellow, and white, are visible with the naked eye.12/14/17
6/20/17 13:30HarveyILUSASphere2 hoursRound sphere, was 90% translucent was siphoning electricity from high tension power-lines in the forest preserve.12/14/17
7/15/12 19:00Mountain ViewHIUSAUnknown5 minutesMy husband and I observed 2 " craft" in what seemed to be a training exercise between Mountain View and Kona Hawaii. One cra12/14/17
11/5/99 17:30San MateoCAUSADisk10 secondsLong overdue addtional info, glowing saucer shape rush hour traffic12/14/17
6/30/99 01:00Corbin/WilliamsburgKYUSALight7-10 minutesVanished from our very eyes!!12/14/17
7/15/65 21:00OgdenUTUSACircle4-5 hoursCircular object following aircraft then landing on mountain top.12/14/17