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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2018/03/02


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/1/18 21:15PuebloCOUSAChanging~5 minutesYellow-orange arrays of lights, appearing and disappearing over Lake Minnequa, Pueblo CO, or to the West of Pueblo, south of hwy 47.3/2/18
2/28/18 20:45BrookfieldWIUSAFlash5-10 secondsVery bright orange trail of light appeared, like a shooting stat, but larger. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD))((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/28/18 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSAOvalInstantEgg-shaped light shot from clouds to ground.3/2/18
2/28/18 19:30ArpinWIUSAFireball5 secondsTwo syncronized balls of light.3/2/18
2/28/18 07:38CentervilleGAUSAUnknown~10 secondsA strange, multiple-light, craft trying to blend in with cell towers.3/2/18
2/27/18 21:30State CollegePAUSATriangle~30-45 secondsLarge, transparent triangle moving southwest to northeast across the night sky.3/2/18
2/27/18 21:00JacksonSCUSAFireballSecondsSaw 3 fireball color objects first 1 than 2nd to right side of first one then 3rd below. Went out at same time. ((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/27/18 19:00EscondidoCAUSACircle2-3 minutesI went outside and waited for my grandfather and mother to drive to the store. I gazed up into the sky, and saw a moving orange ball li3/2/18
2/27/18 19:00ChicagoILUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shape lights over Chicago.3/2/18
2/27/18 19:00Villa RicaGAUSATriangle>1 hour5 triangular air craft flying back and forth over the I-20, making 2 formations.3/2/18
2/27/18 18:10Upper DarbyPAUSALight8 minutesExtremely bright stationary light over Phila. airport vanished.3/2/18
2/27/18 17:00NorfolkVAUSAFireball4 minutesUFO fireball very low flying, very fast, silent3/2/18
2/27/18 04:30MilwaukeeWIUSALight15 minutesFlying lighted objects glowing in Milwaukee sky; live broadcast. ((NUFORC Note: Video is very interesting, and worth watching. PD))3/2/18
2/27/18 04:30UlsterPAUSAUnknown5-10 minutes((HOAX)) UFO Breaks The sound Barrier Twice?3/2/18
2/27/18 03:00KennerLAUSAChanging1 hourI am a star gazer. And every time after dark I'm outside looking up, the stars are directly over my house..been here for 23 years...I k3/2/18
2/27/18 02:30Clear LakeIAUSAChanging1 hour3 white lights in a triangular shape that would go bright and then dim, with a green flame streak behind the object. The object would3/2/18
2/27/18 00:00YakimaWAUSAFireball14 nightsThe first page of this report was submitted on 02/12/18 but I have been observing the lights for an additional two weeks.3/2/18
2/26/18 20:15EastonPAUSAFormation2-5 minutesMotionless lights in formation.3/2/18
2/26/18 19:45DesotoWIUSA10 minutesI seen 3 fighter jets circling my area flying back and forth over my house. After the fighter jets went north I looked up in the sky an3/2/18
2/26/18 19:30HagerstownMDUSACigar5 secondsAll I saw was two lights flying,one light in front one in back the craft itself was as if it was invisible.3/2/18
2/26/18 19:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaDiamondnot so sure how longBright Stars thats looks like planet but moves quicky like drone3/2/18
2/26/18 15:00GreeleyCOUSACircleAs long as it took me to White ball shaped object suspended in sky 250ft up. During daylight, not moving or tethered to anything.3/2/18
2/26/18 01:00JacksonNJUSADisk20 minutesCraft with rows of red and white alternating rows of lights. Hovered over trees, slowly moved E. ((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/25/18 21:41MulberryINUSATriangleA low hovering triangular shaped craft with 3 non blinking lights . Craft was directly over a house not moving and it was low enough th3/2/18
2/25/18 21:30ClermontFLUSAFireball45 secondsTwo very bright, reddish-orange balls with no glare and no sound were travelling together going east then a third came from the north a3/2/18
2/25/18 21:00RiversideCAUSALight30 secondsLight with a trail over Riverside.3/2/18
2/25/18 19:06GouldOKUSALight15 minutesGlowing Light hovering over Gould, Oklahoma...(Video).3/2/18
2/25/18 18:00UnderwoodINUSATriangle2 minutesWe were heading south on Hwy 31 when I spotted three bright white lights with almost a greenish tint that appeared triangular in shape.3/2/18
2/25/18 16:00TombstoneAZUSAOther2+Bat winged shaped ufo.3/2/18
2/25/18 13:00CharlestonILUSARectangle1-2 minutesSilver rectangle UFO over Charleston, IL.3/2/18
2/25/18 09:00Lake WorthFLUSASphereFrom the east over to wesA ORANGE LIGHT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE, AND TRIVIAL WEST I BEGIN TAKE PICTURES GLOW GOING OUT. ((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/25/18 03:15ExeterCAUSAUnknownHappening as I type.Husband and wife witness what she describes as a blurry,giant disco ball emitting colored lights in the sky to the north of their home.3/2/18
2/25/18 02:00LaytonvilleCAUSAOther25 minutesLiving about 20mins off the main highway in the forest area of California,around 2am what looked like an airplane with red lights on it3/2/18
2/25/18 00:37DaytonOHUSALight5-10 secondsSaw a large bright red light decend from the sky. It must have been large because it was pretty far away. ((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/25/18 00:18BostonMAUSACircle2.5 secondsBright light heading east at a rapid rate of speed originally thought it was a crashing aircraft but there were no reports of such even3/2/18
2/24/18 21:20Sand PointIDUSALight2:30 minutesRed/orange light moving low across horizon stops, smaller light drops down, both disappear.3/2/18
2/24/18 20:00HampsteadNCUSALight1.5 minutesA very bright moving cylinder of glowing white light flying across the the night sky, then hovering in one spot.3/2/18
2/24/18 18:38Long BeachCAUSASphere2 minutes totalRolling sphere across sky.3/2/18
2/24/18 15:00Virginia BeachVAUSATriangle2 hoursObjects darted around as if they were playing tag. I shined my light at several of the objects. ((anonymous report))3/2/18
2/24/18 14:30ParklandFLUSAEgg10 secondsI saw the flying object several times between clouds in Parkland, FL. I was able to capture a video of one of them.3/2/18
2/24/18 12:45Apple ValleyCAUSACigar2 secondsLarge Chrome Metallic Missile Shaped UFO Travelling At High Rate Of Speed.3/2/18
2/24/18 01:00Lake CityFLUSADiamond5 minutesDiamond shaped UFO with red, white, blue and green lights.3/2/18
2/23/18 22:30TooeleUTUSALightCurrentFlashing, color changing lights in the sky witnessed from Tooele, UT.3/2/18
2/23/18 20:00CharlestonTNUSASphere10 minutesExplanation of orange objects in sky in southeast TN. ((NUFORC Note: Witness reports launch of Sky lanterns. PD))3/2/18
2/23/18 18:45WenatcheeWAUSATriangle3-4 minutesMassive white light triangles floating over Wenatchee Valley from E to W.3/2/18
2/23/18 10:45BiloxiMSUSAOval5 minutesSaw oval, white flying object traveling from Southeast to Northwest. Passed over the Palace Casino.3/2/18
2/23/18 02:45PortlamdORUSADisk1 hour+Pacific northwest stars.3/2/18
2/22/18 22:00LebanonCTUSALight22:00 to 23:30, still goiBright green light covering Northeast horizon of Lebanon CT.3/2/18
2/22/18 21:30Plant CityFLUSASpherestill onFriend and I found in his front yard about 9:30 Thursday night 22 of Feb., tonight. A light was glowing in the field in front of his3/2/18
2/22/18 18:10San AnselmoCAUSADiamond10 minutesClose up sighting of 2 yellow orb like objects in almost broad daylight conditions3/2/18
2/22/18 15:22TrinidadCAUSADisk6 secondsI was shooting a weather shot. I was overlooking Trinidad and as I recall it was very windy. Once the piece aired, lots of viewers st3/2/18
2/18/18 18:45ChesapeakeOHUSADiamond20 minutesTwo diamond shaped objects remained stationary above the highway.3/2/18
2/15/18 05:00MiamiFLUSALight1-2 minutesUFO LIGHTS, (ORBS) above Miami sky.3/2/18
2/13/18 14:30MattoonILUSAUnknown5 minutesCloaked UFO in daytime over Mattoon, Illinois, watertower is huge. ((NUFORC Note: "Sighting" explained away by witness. PD))3/2/18
2/8/18 13:15Boulder CreekCAUSAOval30 secondsOne low flying oval craft splits into 2 in distance at noon,no lightsThen 3rd round craft hovered & vanished3 holes &1red center hole3/2/18
1/28/18 20:55OlatheKSUSALight3 minutesBright Hovering strange orb spotted 01/28/2018.3/2/18
1/23/18 21:30Trail (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown~1 hour or lessFlashing or moving bright blue-white light shines in window, neighbour describes being frightened by strange sound in night sky.3/2/18
1/23/18 02:00EugeneORUSAFlash10 minutesIt looked like combat at near satellite altitude.3/2/18
12/9/17 20:40LumbertonTXUSALight1-2 hoursRed lights across the sky.3/2/18
12/9/17 20:35LumbertonTXUSALight2 hoursRed flying lights saturate night sky!!3/2/18
11/23/17 18:44QuakertownPAUSASphere15 minutesYellowish orbs in a space shuttle shape.3/2/18
9/29/17 13:00DetroitMIUSAOval15-20 secondsOval object with depth stationary, viewed from plane.3/2/18
3/25/17 18:00Gig HarborWAUSAOther5 minutesMaybe I witnessed my friend's soul being taken away.3/2/18
8/14/16 18:30SeymourCTUSASphere30 secondsTraveling at a high rate of speed,straight line,slight wobble,WNW to ESE at around 3 to 4000 ft.No sound or vaper emitted from craft.Cr3/2/18
3/20/16 18:38Pohnpei (Micronesia)Federated States of MicronesiaUnknown5 minutesA launch from the clouds?3/2/18
4/10/15 07:30East ArlingtonVTUSADiamond1 minuteEnormous metallic object.3/2/18
12/16/13 22:15AlabasterALUSAOther>9 minutes3 orange orbs, moving like one solid object. Visible for many minutes. No noise at all.3/2/18
7/5/91 02:30East TroyWIUSAOther15 secondsShiny meatalic (stainless steel) with many lines on bottom. rounded in front & squared off in back. UFO was traveling due South at a3/2/18
6/1/75 23:15MorgantonGAUSADisk20 minutesBefore this event I had epilepsy and was supposed to have it for life. After this event I no longer had epilepsy. In the summer of 19753/2/18
7/20/74 22:00EdisonNJUSADisk15-20 minutesI only ever told this story to those individuals whom I knew could understand and appreciate its happening. Many years have gone by wit3/2/18