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UFO Report Index For Post Date 2018/03/08


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/7/18 21:28DillonSCUSA2 minutesRow of about 5 orange lights in a straight line in the sky, with the lights at the end appearing darker orange. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/7/18 19:11Camp HillPAUSATriangle2 minutesSitting on Rte. 15, saw the triangle-shaped object with lights on the corners across Rte. 581. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/7/18 04:45IssaquahWAUSALight10 secondsOn my way to work, around 4:45am on 3/7/18, traveling west bound I-90. I saw a bright green light shoot across the sky, from N to S.3/8/18
3/6/18 22:30TulsaOKUSAFireball2 minutesWas outside to smoke my final cigarette of the evening and noticed a low flying craft with no sound travelling northeast in the night3/8/18
3/6/18 22:20MelbourneFLUSAChanging3 minutes6-7 lights in "V" formation that made no sound changes formation Melbourne, Florida,3/8/18
3/6/18 21:15Twin FallsIDUSADiamond10 minutes15 amber colored lights flew in formation. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/6/18 02:34WinchesterVAUSATriangle30 minutes((HOAX?)) Bunch of red light triangles appeared soon after a high pitch noise w/ the arrival of a blue light ship then all disappeared.3/8/18
3/6/18 00:35MaitlandFLUSALight5 minutesI was walking my dog in my neighborhood. As I was walking home I was looking at the sky.I then saw a small burst of orange light. It3/8/18
3/6/18 00:30JupiterFLUSAFireball1 minuteLong red fireball propelling into sky, disappeared3/8/18
3/5/18 21:50Fairfield viewCTUSACircle10 minutes so farWe're looking SW, far into the sky; trying to determine if this is a star or a craft. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))3/8/18
3/5/18 19:48Cape CoralFLUSAFireball3 minutesA row of five or more balls of fire looking objects moving steadily towards the East in Cape Coral, Florida.3/8/18
3/5/18 17:30TrooperPAUSAOval1 hourExtreme bright light in the sky Trooper PA 5:30 3/5 ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/5/18 09:00El CajonCAUSATeardropIt was falling out of the sky.3/8/18
3/5/18 07:45OrovadaNVUSALight2 minutesOrange Circular Light in the Sky (Nevada)3/8/18
3/5/18ByronCAUSADiskOn google maps, type in 6020 Lindemann Rd., Byron, CA. Click on the pic view.. scroll up to the sky. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/4/18 22:30Edisto BeachSCUSAFormation<10 secondHalf circle Formation of 10-20 dim lights moving quickly down coastline of Edisto Beach.3/8/18
3/4/18 21:10Jalandhar (India)IndiaOval10 secondsUFO over my home. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/4/18 20:45IrvingtonALUSACircle2 minutesDriving and seen a large moon shaped object with orange lights floating over a seemed to come closer to us Myself and my child3/8/18
3/4/18 19:07Colorado SpringsCOUSALight3 minutesIn passenger seat when to my right side over looking near the world arena by Ft.Carson a bright light none blinking moved in our direct3/8/18
3/4/18 19:00Sioux FallsSDUSACircle1 hour4 lights in a pattern. 4 lights that expanded and come back to center. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))3/8/18
3/4/18 12:57ToledoOHUSAOther0:15Fake plane. ((NUFORC Note: Possible military transport aircraft at low altitude?? PD))((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/4/18 06:05HickoryNCUSALight1 minuteBright sparkling light stopping and starting in the early morning sky. Traveling east to west… ((no contact information))3/8/18
3/3/18 23:20Machesney parkILUSAUnknown90 minutesWhile driving west in Machesney Park I noticed a string of lights located low in the sky, below where the stars are.3/8/18
3/3/18 21:30KentWAUSATriangle30 minutes +Looked up into the sky to see a red blinking light hovering over what seemed to be Auburn, WA. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))3/8/18
3/3/18 20:00PhiladelphiaPAUSALight30 minutes~3 orb-like lights kept circling in random form, & then moving away, together. ((NUFORC Note: Adv. lights? PD))((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/3/18 19:20NashvilleNCUSAUnknown20 secondsHave never seen anything this bright and fast in the sky.3/8/18
3/3/18 19:15CharlotteNCUSACircle1 minuteSaturday night, I saw a staggered line of 15 or 20 large round orange balls flying over my backyard with no sound.3/8/18
3/3/18 19:00LobelvilleTNUSALight10 minutesJust want to inform you if any reports in this area around 7:00 pm they were sky lanterns released from a birthday party. The objects w3/8/18
3/3/18 15:09IssaquahWAUSASphere60 secondsWhite solid sphere hovering above the trees in WA state3/8/18
3/2/18 22:47Lone JackMOUSACircle4 secondsI observed a round lighted object start overhead, then race extremely fast to the northern horizon. Object was much too quick to be co3/8/18
3/2/18 22:30WalsenbergCOUSALight30 minutes5 yellowish orange lights fade on and off in a row 5 or 6 times in a 20 minute period. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/2/18 22:15Colorado SpringsCOUSALight1 hourOrange lights appear/disappear.3/8/18
3/2/18 20:30WindberPAUSATriangle20 seconds((HOAX??)) Triangle craft, yellow blue lights, makes eyes water. near johnstown pa3/8/18
3/2/18 18:00Colorado SpringsCOUSALight10-15 secondsSequence of lights.3/8/18
3/2/18 17:45RedmondWAUSALight3 minutesBright Lights moving through sky with some changing position quickly over Redmond, WA.3/8/18
3/2/18 17:00ChesapeakeVAUSASphere15 minutesCircles of light appearing and darting about the sky, some appearing before others.3/8/18
3/2/18 01:00ColquittGAUSACircle2 hoursA circular object with red white and blue lights vibrating in a unpredictable pattern3/8/18
3/1/18 21:15PuebloCOUSAChanging~5 minutesMultiple lights off/on, one bright light odd shape, yellow/orange, Looked like kinda burning. ((no contact information))3/8/18
3/1/18 21:00Colorado CityCOUSARectangle30Huge linear spot lights blinking on side of object!3/8/18
3/1/18 19:03SyracuseINUSAChevron5 minutesIt was flying paralell to me and keeping up with me. It was v shaped with 4 lights on each side. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/1/18 11:00MidlandTXUSACross15 secondsObject was a double cross shape hovered with no sound then vanished. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/1/18 03:50NashuaNHUSALight~1 minuteObject that appeared to be a stationary star flies away when pointed at. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
3/1/18 00:00San DiegoCAUSAOval30 minutesThere was about 6-8 reddish orbs hovering around…I got it on video... what do you think? ((NUFORC Note: Video is indeterminate. PD))3/8/18
2/25/18 16:55Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaChanging150 secondsTwo Separate Or Same [morphing] UFO sightings cross over within 4 minutes apart.3/8/18
2/15/18 00:10Grand ForksNDUSASphere5 secondsLarge green sphere appeared, hovered then banked downward and disappeared. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
2/10/18 23:30Virginia BeachVAUSATriangle?Blue orb, white triangle with looks to be imbedded faces in video screen shot. ((NUFORC Note: Possible lens flare?? PD))3/8/18
2/6/18 19:00Las VegasNVUSASphere10 minutesFour soft glowing white orbs to the north. Two in front were brighter than the two in back. They floated from north to the south slow f3/8/18
12/9/17 17:30JosephORUSALight~15 minutesA string of seventeen large, constant, red light seen in the sky at ~1730 on December 9, 20173/8/18
10/16/17 21:42North DaytonOHUSASphere~5 minutesRed/Orange Orb Stationary, Very Low, with Shadows and Static before Flight.3/8/18
3/3/17 23:30High PointUSALight5 secondsI saw a light, go across the from east to south. It took it approx 5 seconds to traverse the distance before. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
9/22/16 16:10LyndhurstNJUSATeardrop8 minutesJust want to say that I believe. And I will not under any circumstances released this photo. ((anonymous report))3/8/18
2/5/14 20:00Sarnia (Canada)ONUSAFireball45-60 seconds"Swarm" of 20-25 fireballs over Sarnia, Ontario.3/8/18
2/1/97 20:00CromwellKYUSATriangle5 minutesSaw large craft flying silently with several lights on it. Some blinking. About the size of a couple school buses.3/8/18
10/1/91 14:00Algiers (Algeria)AlgeriaDisk5 minutesSilver-colored aircraft over Algeria.3/8/18
12/23/49 07:30MoodyTXUSADisk8-10 minutesUFO in central Texas, 3 spacemen on the ground. ((NUFORC Note: Witness describes himself as a medical professional, Ph.D.. PD))3/8/18