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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/14/19 21:00 Fellsmere FL Light 10 minutes A group of us watched one large center light brighter than the surrounding 100 to 200 other light formations in the sky. 3/14/19
3/14/19 08:45 Vero Beach FL Formation 15 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD)) 3/14/19
3/13/19 21:30 Raymore MO Cylinder 27 seconds Blinking light, heading North, appeared to be cylinder like. 3/14/19
3/13/19 04:18 Kingman AZ Formation 40 seconds Kingman, AZ, 3/13/19, @ 418AM. Patch of clouds but I could still stars brightly in the sky. 3/14/19
3/13/19 00:51 Southern south west FL Cross 30 plus Green lights appeared to propel in direction. 3/14/19
3/12/19 21:20 New Richmond OH Light 1 minute Long line of lights off and on. 3/14/19
3/12/19 21:00 Dallas GA Triangle 2-3 minutes Extremely bright triangle aircraft that was low to the ground and way too quiet and turned too sharp. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/12/19 06:50 Perkasie PA Light 5 minutes Two yellowish/white light. 3/14/19
3/12/19 00:20 Wareham MA Oval 25 minutes White Oval Sphere: with three military jets in per suite 3/14/19
3/11/19 23:00 Forest Hill MD Light 1 hour A stationary object, very bright, emitting a spectrum of colors with radiating points. 3/14/19
3/11/19 22:29 Davie FL Light 2 minutes Yellow/green just hovering over neighbors House. Plane is approaching from the west And it just took off south at lighting speed. 3/14/19
3/11/19 22:05 Orr MN Other 4 seconds Driving home from Minneapolis MN, on the phone talking to my wife. Couple hundred feet in front of me, and about 150 feet above the roa 3/14/19
3/11/19 20:45 Tega Cay SC Circle 10 minutes Three unidentifiable lights near Lake Wylie SC 3/14/19
3/11/19 20:30 Salt Lake City UT Circle 3-6 minutes My boyfriend yelled out to me as he was outside smoking to hurry and come out I came out he was pointing at the sky at at first two big 3/14/19
3/11/19 19:30 Key West FL Triangle 5 seconds Transparent triangular shape craft flew across US1 20 mins north of Key West made no sound. 3/14/19
3/11/19 19:14 Newington CT

MADAR Node 106 3/14/19
3/11/19 13:18 Alexandria VA

MADAR Node 141 3/14/19
3/11/19 09:15 Lakewood WA Sphere 10-15 seconds 2 silver-reflective sphere/orbs seen in the sky west of I-5 in Lakewood,Wa. area. 3/14/19
3/11/19 02:25 Largo FL

MADAR Node 140 3/14/19
3/11/19 01:00 Stacy MN Changing 3 hours I saw two bright, large, white moving balls of light in my backyard that stayed in the same separate areas for >1 hour. 3/14/19
3/10/19 23:40 Arnold MO Light 1-2 minutes As the wife and I were traveling down Hwy 61/67 south I noticed a bright white light off to the east well above the tree line.I pointed 3/14/19
3/10/19 23:40 Boise ID Light 30 minutes Saw one solid white light over the foothills that would sometimes blink out or surge in brightness for a moment. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/10/19 23:10 Lovettsville VA Sphere 3 seconds White circle of light. Not a craft or ufo 3/14/19
3/10/19 22:00 Harahan LA Circle 5 minutes Green fireball ufo gliding across the sky without a trail. 3/14/19
3/10/19 20:15 Anchorage AK Light 10 minutes They hovered in the same spot for 2 mins then lined up next to each other. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/10/19 20:00 Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) CA Formation 20-23 seconds Witnessed 18 disc objects flying over Los Angeles in 2 V shaped formations with 4 discs racing back and forth between the 2 formations. 3/14/19
3/10/19 19:25 Dayton OH Circle 4 minutes Dayton Ohio Area Pale Orange/White Circular Light in Night Sky. 3/14/19
3/10/19 11:15 Pittsburgh PA Flash 5-10 minutes Supermassive flash of light over Pittsburgh area. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/10/19 10:15 North Woodstock NH Disk 30 seconds Chrome disc saucer. 3/14/19
3/10/19 09:16 Concord NH

MADAR Node 110 3/14/19
3/9/19 19:10 Tucson AZ Circle 15 seconds Large, fast, bright white circular object maneuvering in a strange manner 3/14/19
3/9/19 17:25 Cape Town
Triangle 15-20 minutes Many UFO'S [possibly between 7 and 11] - looked like stars, but were performing fairly high speed formations in broad daylight 3/14/19
3/9/19 15:06 Gaziantep (Turkey)
Light 20 minutes In Gaziantep City in Turkey at 15:06pm.

at that time I was in the park and the weather was nice with a very clear sky , I looked at
3/9/19 15:03 Harrison NJ

MADAR Node 121 3/14/19
3/9/19 12:00 Jackson MI Other
Ufology is a joke. 3/14/19
3/9/19 06:35 Layton UT Light 10 seconds A bright white light came from behind the clouds in the eastern sky in a northwestern direction. The light did a quick turn around goi 3/14/19
3/9/19 01:00 Savannah GA Triangle unknown triangle/boomerang shaped craft spotted over Savannah highway 3/14/19
3/8/19 19:00 Cumming GA Disk 45 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report includes no description of the alleged sighting event, and elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 3/14/19
3/8/19 00:00 Newmarket (Canada) ON Circle 10 minutes 6-7 Red/Yellow globes that moved together, but not in a pattern. 3/14/19
3/7/19 20:20 Colorado Springs CO Flash 30 seconds Headed south on I-25 before Nevada/Corporate Ave, seen about 10 lights orangish in color show up suddenly then seen the back of the lig 3/14/19
3/7/19 20:00 Monument (event observed over Cheyenne Mtn.) CO Formation 3 seconds Bright trail of light over Cheyenne Mountain. 3/14/19
3/7/19 20:00 Spanaway WA Light 1 hour Three bright reddish pink lights in a triangle formation with a white object traveling out of it and heading SE. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/7/19 19:30 Mckeesport PA Diamond 5-6 minutes Triangular star shaped vessel with 4 red lights which omitted another identical one from inside it. Hovers does not move. 3/14/19
3/7/19 17:47 Concord NH

MADAR Node 110 3/14/19
3/7/19 06:31 Nicholasville KY Fireball 19 seconds Line of orbs seen in Nicholasville, Ky 3/7/19 3/14/19
3/6/19 21:30 Virginia Beach VA Light 10 minutes Standing in the suburbs of Virginia Beach, I saw two different light anomalies moving across the night sky. It was a new moon and the s 3/14/19
3/6/19 16:11 Farmington Hills MI

MADAR Node 144 3/14/19
3/6/19 13:00 Conway AR
6 seconds Two inverted diamond shape objects moved across my field of view at around 200 yards on a crystal clear day. 3/14/19
3/6/19 10:11 Goffstown OH

MADAR Node 05 3/14/19
3/6/19 07:30 Montgomery County TN Oval 15 seconds Seen in cloudy sky. Travel from E to W slower than a metor seem to hit the ground but could not tell?? ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/5/19 22:20 Fairview Heights IL Changing 30 minutes Consistently changing aircraft, odd jet sound once close enough, started out cigar shape, heading Southeast to becoming disk shape l 3/14/19
3/5/19 21:27 Coronado Island CA Light 15-20 minutes The lights made triangular shapes And lines in the sky different shapes one seemed to be brighter than the rest of the lights they main 3/14/19
3/5/19 21:00 Surrey/Langley BC Fireball 4 minutes On Tuesday evening in Cloverdale BC at approximately 9 PM I walked onto my porch I couldn't believe my eyes there was approx. 12 roundi 3/14/19
3/5/19 19:20 Angleton TX Oval 20 minutes Thick red line of light, slightly longer than the moon 3/14/19
3/5/19 06:30 Edgerton OH
3-5 seconds One bright white light, in a clear sky, going N to S in a downward arc, like a distant headlight, larger than a star or planet. 3/14/19
3/5/19 03:00 Lakeside AZ
3 hours at three ten this morning and it was in the sky approxamitly in the sky about south east then it moved a little ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/5/19 01:00 Hamilton OH Rectangle 10 minutes It had 5 lights on each object in the sky and it was about 20k feet away from the ground. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/5/19 00:40 Downey CA Light 10-15 minutes Saw a light shine like a star; it was mostly blocked by the high end of some tree leaves; roxe up. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/4/19 22:08 Cheyenne WY Triangle ~15 seconds 2 triangular crafts with 3 light blue lights gliding over country side in Cheyenne, WY 3/14/19
3/4/19 22:00 Fontana CA Changing ~1 minute Looking west, very low in the sky ( if I compare it most of the planes that go to and from the airport we have nearby), I noticed a br 3/14/19
3/4/19 21:00 Silverthorne CO Light 4 seconds Bright green light appeared to fall from the sky in a slow arc and disappeared over a mountain to the west. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/4/19 15:31 Merrimack NH

MADAR Node 03 3/14/19
3/4/19 14:03 Concord NH

MADAR Node 10 3/14/19
3/4/19 12:00 Port murray NJ Sphere 3:00 Black round shiny object. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/4/19 12:00 Lemoyne PA Teardrop 30 seconds Ok, This happened to me a few days ago and I don't know who to talk to or who would listen, so i'm submitting it here.

So on March 4
3/3/19 22:40 Killingworth CT Light 2 seconds 2 bright greenish flashes illuminated the entire area greenish light . Second flash was very alarming and unnatural giving all thre 3/14/19
3/3/19 21:00 Nipomo CA Flash 30 seconds Me,my wife and my daughter were driving and we saw a bright flashing light in the sky in front of us and it shot to the other side of t 3/14/19
3/3/19 21:00 Fairmount GA Light 30 minutes Faint light source as one became three above heavy night cloud. Began to chase through sky as if searching. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/3/19 15:00 Lake Como WI Circle 30 minutes Flashing lights in the sky 3/14/19
3/3/19 15:00 Peoria AZ Rectangle 8 minutes Seen black metallic rectangle,three feet wide and four feet long electric blue plasma under it that went in and out every four seconds. 3/14/19
3/3/19 11:00 ISS
Disk 2 ISS Disc 3/14/19
3/2/19 23:03 Polacca AZ Unknown unknown 03/02/2019 . Last night while I was at work watching t 3/14/19
3/2/19 22:50 Pittsburgh PA Light 40 minutes Bright, twinkling light zig zagging over Pittsburgh 3/14/19
3/2/19 20:00 New River AZ Formation 20 minutes String of 8-10 or more tiny lights in a straight line, sitting on top of a desert mountain. 3/14/19
3/2/19 19:15 Marshall MO Triangle
We went outside going to the store and we love the starts, so every time we step outside we look up. I was about to open the car door w 3/14/19
3/2/19 15:00 Mount Vernon IN Other under 10 seconds Hexagon UFO shortly seen over a field. 3/14/19
3/2/19 02:40 Gainesville FL Sphere 10 minutes Glowing sphere speeding and blinking in Gainesville, Fl. 3/14/19
3/2/19 01:10 Unincorporated Miami-Dade County FL Changing 20 minutes Scintillating Points of Light Moved While Silver-Gray Circular (Saucer-Shaped?) Remained Motionless to the Left (South) 3/14/19
3/2/19 00:20 Voorheesville NY Diamond 2 minutes 3 UFO outside my house. 3/14/19
3/1/19 22:00 Ypsilanti MI Rectangle 60 seconds Rectangular object with a bright light to the left of it going straight into the clouds 3/14/19
3/1/19 19:12 East Wenatchee WA Light 10 seconds Orange pulsing light. 3/14/19
3/1/19 18:07 Mebane NC Changing Months (since December) l Interdimensional Beings Caught using thermal vision telescope and UFO Fleet Over Alamance, NC. 3/14/19
3/1/19 13:28 Eagle River AK Cylinder 5 Driving down eagle river road looked into sky and notice several oval shaped UFO. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
3/1/19 03:00 Red Wing MN Triangle 2 minutes about 3 a.m. I observed a bright triangular-shaped object in the western sky moving north to south. Disappeared in 2 min. 3/14/19
2/28/19 18:00 Los Angeles CA Changing 70 minutes Very low red and green lights alternating, sequencing as if sending a code. Hoovering for minutes at a time changing to stagnant white 3/14/19
2/28/19 16:24 Watervliet NY Light 15 seconds Two daytime sightings of glowing orb-like objects within a short period of time 3/14/19
2/28/19 10:45 Carrollton GA Disk 2 minutes 5 discs rotating around and around each other with blue aura around them. Darting across the sky and then bunched up like they became o 3/14/19
2/28/19 06:20 Wichita KS Rectangle 5 seconds Hidden by clouds. 3/14/19
2/28/19 05:59 Maple Valley WA Light 8-10 seconds Low, bright, fast white light traveling east / northeast on north maple valley border 3/14/19
2/28/19 04:00 Lakewood WA Triangle 15 minutes Multiple colored triangle comes and flies directly over me at tree top level very slowly 3/14/19
2/28/19 02:45 Wilmington NC Light 90 seconds TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS MOVING SLOWLY 3/14/19
2/28/19 01:25 Mt. Prospect IL Sphere 1 minutes Orb doing figure eights, loud booms. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
2/27/19 19:00 Decatur GA Light 5 minutes my wife and I saw 3 white circle lights in the sky and 3 F15 jets planes following them at Wesley chapel and I285. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
2/27/19 03:00 Byron GA Unknown 3 hours I saw 2 bright lights that seem to be a star,but were lower than the others. One higher than the other,thought they were drones,but aft 3/14/19
2/26/19 18:25 Columbia SC Disk 5 minutes Metallic saucer floating and slightly shaking 3/14/19
2/25/19 23:45 McKenzie AL Triangle 1 minute Triangular UFO sighting southbound I-10 (Butler County, AL) 3/14/19
2/21/19 03:00 Rainbow City AL Oval
phone glitching,flew away in a flash. 3/14/19
2/20/19 00:45 Mount Joy PA Disk 2 minutes Saw a craft in sky at 12:45 am with red lights on top & green lights on bottom pulsating & flashing craft, very bright over Mount Joy, 3/14/19
2/19/19 12:40 Beaufort SC Oval dont remember It looked weird and was fast oval shape kinda. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
2/18/19 13:30 Virginia Beach VA Sphere Unknown White orb in the sky (anonymous). 3/14/19
2/14/19 00:00 Naples FL Diamond 1 hour ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source of report. PD)) 3/14/19
2/7/19 11:30 Lloydminster (Canada) AB Changing 2 minutes Black mass that looked like Starlings flying in formation at 35 to 40 thousand feet . 3/14/19
2/3/19 23:00 Spruce Grove (Canada) AB Light 1 minute It was a long yellow orange flash of light falling to earth. 3/14/19
1/10/19 12:00 Newburg PA Disk 3 minutes saw 7 flying saucers in triangle formation silint very low with lights could see the disc spinng counter clockwise 3/14/19
1/1/19 20:30 Budapest (Hungary)
Disk Instantaneous Photo in Budapest on Jan 1 captured odd-shaped device. 3/14/19
12/17/18 12:41 Nazareth PA Triangle Hours It was very distinguished triangle edges above clouds. Thought it was a cloud but saw other pics of same kind of ship on a website. 3/14/19
11/21/18 22:00 Kill Devil Hills NC Formation 15 minutes Bright, orange, triangle shaped crafts flying in formation over Kill Devil Hills, NC. 3/14/19
10/1/18 21:00 Pueblo CO Other Several hours 3 orbs (gold, green & white) seen over Southernmost Pueblo over several months & currently active Dec. 2018 - Present. 3/14/19
9/25/18 18:14 Eureka MT Triangle
Game Camera photo 3/14/19
9/18/18 14:00 Franklin VA Cylinder 30 seconds In September of 2018, after obtaining fuel at the Duck-In, while driving slowly southward on Deleware Road toward Camp Parkway (Virgini 3/14/19
9/16/18 13:40 Cleveland OH Disk 10 seconds UFO and the blimp 3/14/19
9/9/18 15:00 Eagle ID Cigar 5 minutes White cigar shaped object very high moving slowly across the sky 3/14/19
7/9/18 14:10 Richmond VA Disk 1 minute UFO disc reflecting sun while hovering silently north of Richmond, VA 3/14/19
4/23/18 01:00 Bowling Green KY Other 10 Minutes STRANGE SOUND AND ALIEN ENTITIES SEEN. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
12/5/17 03:30 Perryville AR Disk 2 1/2 hours Ufo battles highflying jet explodes over Perry county leaving oil mist on everything early mourning 3/14/19
9/27/17 16:30 Mayland TN Rectangle 30 minutes Two Metal looking triangle objects in plain daylight. 3/14/19
4/17/17 22:00 Emmett ID Light 20-40 seconds three white orbs in a triangle formation slowly got closer then zoom off into the sky 3/14/19
11/7/15 18:00 Santa Barbara CA Sphere 10 minutes Living on the 154 came out the house with my friend and saw a white cloud that left a blue glowing trail flying north almost right abov 3/14/19
7/8/15 12:00 Detroit MI Other 10 seconds Square object with monitor like face flashing gylph like images while hovering over the Detroit River. 3/14/19
5/15/15 21:00 Oklahoma City OK Light Few minutes lights floating in the air 3/14/19
6/1/13 03:00 Vernal UT Unknown 24 hours Blue orb that changed into a floating alien being that then descended into a bright blue craft that shot off into the night sky. Earlie 3/14/19
7/10/11 21:00 Goleta CA Fireball 5 seconds I was in Goleta California heading to my campsite right past the Bacara Resort now they changed the name to the Ritz at the dead end wh 3/14/19
11/14/10 23:30 Preson MN Other 5 seconds I was an HEMS Helicopter pilot on a flight to pick up a patient and I was wearing generation 3 Night vision goggles (Gen. 3 NVG). we w 3/14/19
5/1/10 01:00 Newburyport MA Fireball 4 hours Plum Island Ma. red glowing object, night turned to day 3/14/19
6/30/09 14:00 Laguna Vista TX Oval 5 minutes Hovering over my Truck. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
10/31/08 02:00 Monticello KY Unknown 1 hour orange orb ball of light in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
10/10/08 22:30 Cotton MN Circle 5 seconds I was doing a night flight with one of my helicopter students flying south along hwy 53 towards Duluth,mn when I noticed a red light ba 3/14/19
12/23/95 Mobile AL Other ~30 minutes My father had came to pick me up n go hunting at a buddy of ours place . ((anonymous report)) 3/14/19
6/12/73 Moody MO Circle 2 minutes We heard humming sound for around 30 seconds then a a blast of light straight up into the sky the lights 3/14/19
7/15/70 23:00 Garden City MI Light Few minutes Stars or lights apparently joining up in the sky. 3/14/19
6/1/65 13:00 West Los Angeles/Brentwood CA Fireball 1 minute Slow moving fireball traveling horizontally for some distance until it traveled out of sight 3/14/19
3/13/53 18:30 Spokane Valley WA Cylinder steady 3 long silver cylinders not moving placed like in a half moon shape 3/14/19
7/9/05 05:00 Lexington KY Circle 2 minutes I looked out kitchen window watching birds i feed when i saw small Silver disc flying fast from south Immediately I heard a chopper fly 3/14/19
6/23/05 18:00 Prague (Czech Republic)
Circle 10 minutes Small brights circular ights over Prague flying high speed and unbelievable movements suddenly shoot up and vanish 3/14/19
Perth (Australia)
Sphere 40 minutes The photos I have taken will change history. 3/14/19