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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/20/19 01:30 Redding CA Triangle 5 minutes Me and my husband saw 3 red lights in a triangle Shape low in the sky as we got closers my husband and I saw it hadoesn't a outline aga 6/20/19
6/19/19 23:00 Smithville MO Light >1 hour Multiple star-like objects triangle formation moving in zig zags, quick up/down, left/right & half circle movements - Smithville, MO 6/20/19
6/19/19 22:20 Orlando FL Oval 12 minutes 15 STRANGE OVAL LIGHTS ABOVE THE LOW CLOUDS SOUTH OF ORLANDO, FL. 6/20/19
6/19/19 20:30 Carlinville IL Sphere 30 minutes Translucent ballon-like moving slowly. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/19/19 10:00 Heppner OR Cigar 15 seconds Fast moving object high altitude no wings the classic cigar shape. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 23:15 Skokie IL Flash 35 minutes About 6 to 7 UFO's flashing bright lights often, a couple of were able to change the color of the lights to dark red. 6/20/19
6/18/19 22:00 Savannah GA Flash >2 hours Really bright flashes of light. 6/20/19
6/18/19 22:00 Savannah GA Flash >2 hours Really bright flashes of light. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 21:35 Ruidoso NM Formation 15 seconds We saw two bright yellowish orange lights, then as soon as we noticed them they spread out in a perfect line two in the center. 6/20/19
6/18/19 21:00 Brookville IN Sphere 1 hour Metal orb of wires that was seen through a telescope after noticing a bright light that hovered in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 21:00 Sicklerville NJ Oval 30 minutes Objects were in groups 6-8 Seem to be oval in shape Orange light or beam was on the objects Objects were floating in groups 6/20/19
6/18/19 20:30 New Castle IN Circle Current Bright light in sky before dusk moving East to west slowly. ((NUFORC Note: See other similar reports. PD)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 20:30 Troy OH Light Until cloud cover Bright large stationary light high in the evening sky. ((NUFORC Note: WHIO-TV reports the three objects are still a mystery. PD)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 20:25 Germantown OH Circle 2 hours + Experienced aviation mechanic witnesses three strange, stationary, objects in northern sky. 6/20/19
6/18/19 20:00 Dayton OH Oval 1 hour We saw an oval shaped craft in the sky. Appeared to be white or clear, emitting light. Was bright outside and still could be seen clear 6/20/19
6/18/19 19:00 Middletown OH Circle 15 minutes 3 bright circular stationery objects over Middletown Ohio 6/20/19
6/18/19 19:00 Fairborn OH Circle 5 minutes Local weather man reported something in sky. So I went outside with phone to look for object. Saw the white light and recorded it. It l 6/20/19
6/18/19 19:00 Hagerstown IN Changing 2.5 hours Indiana glowing shape shifting orb 6/20/19
6/18/19 15:34 London OH Circle 20 minutes Traveling down 42 when I noticed a white disk shape following the vehicle. Went against wind current. Then went into a cloud and disapp 6/20/19
6/18/19 10:00 Savannah GA Flash Ongoing Bright flashes above tall tree level, moving across the sky, really bright flashes that were ball shaped/ ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/18/19 01:50 Sacramento CA Flash It has been flying around I saw some white flashing lights, but I noticed one of them looked like a circular shaped building. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/17/19 22:30 Casper WY Triangle 5 seconds I was talking to my daughter on my front porch and we both looked up thinking it was a shooting star, it hovered for one second abo 6/20/19
6/17/19 22:30 Casper WY Triangle 5 seconds On a cloudy night, my mother and I were sitting on our porch talking and we looked up thinking it was a shooting sta 6/20/19
6/17/19 21:20 St. George UT Cylinder 4 minutes Incredibly stable and fast craft. 6/20/19
6/17/19 21:14 Marathon FL Fireball 20 seconds 1 round Orange Redish Ball. Traveled South to North over Duck Key at a slow speed. 6/20/19
6/17/19 21:00 Durand MI Other Varied Starting in mid-March, 2019, and continuing on a regular basis up to this week, my family and I have noticed incredibly bright lights, 6/20/19
6/17/19 19:30 Dexter OR Light 5 seconds Bright ball of light in the sky heading NE. Going very fast and a couple seconds later heard a low rumbling boom. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/17/19 18:30 South San Francisco CA Circle 5-10 minutes Fast moving and jumping white metallic ball in the sky that was seen for about 5-10 min 6/20/19
6/17/19 12:40 Everett WA Cylinder 1 hour I was outside on our deck and I happened to look up and saw this giant cylinder shaped object floating above our house. 6/20/19
6/17/19 12:15 Naples FL Light 30 seconds 2 separate stationary lights hover over Gulf of Mexico. 6/20/19
6/17/19 09:46 Asher OK Circle 1 hour Multiple UFOs Around The Moon Looking Through Telescope 6/20/19
6/17/19 04:40 Helena MT

MADAR Node 128 6/20/19
6/17/19 01:41 Chesapeake VA Light 5 minutes I live in Chesapeake, VA, specifically in the area known as Deep Creek. At approximately 1:41 a.m, I was driving home after a lat 6/20/19
6/16/19 21:30 Clifton Forge VA Changing 2 minutes Saw a large flickering red ill-defined light or object appear suddenly in the E sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/16/19 17:37 North Port FL

MADAR Node 147 6/20/19
6/16/19 08:36 Norwalk CT

MADAR Node 103 6/20/19
6/16/19 04:02 St. Joe MN Rectangle 14 minutes I woke up this morning at 3:15 to get ready for work. I left my home in Saint Cloud Minnesota around 3:50am. I made it to county road 7 6/20/19
6/16/19 00:10 Sunrise FL Circle 2 seconds We were having a walk around 12:00 am Midnight, saw something shape of a ball moving so fast and vanished in the cloud... it was really 6/20/19
6/16/19 00:05 Sebring FL Fireball
Asteroid E.M.i Warnings for September 26, 2019. 6/20/19
6/15/19 23:30 Hayti (outside of) SD Cigar now Multiple red and blue blinking lights at various altitudes, Hamlin Co., SD. 6/20/19
6/15/19 23:00 Lakewood NJ Light 1 hour so far Dual White lights, about 10 pairs high up in the sky and then others were moving closer along the sky and flashing, appeared to be clo 6/20/19
6/15/19 22:55 St. Paul MN Egg 1 minute Saw a short flash of light and saw a egg-shaped shadow in the middle of the light. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/15/19 21:45 Newcastle DE Fireball 20 seconds Object was clear oval with fire inside. 6/20/19
6/15/19 21:34 Charles Town WV Fireball 3 I first saw 4 orange discs flying 2x2 in close formation at low altitude moving northern direction. About 20 seconds behind them was an 6/20/19
6/15/19 20:34 Weyers Cave VA Other 90 seconds Man shaped, silent, rotating, black, and hovered ~100 feet about the ground and slightly curved in its path. 6/20/19
6/15/19 20:20 Mosselbay (South Africa)
Triangle 2 minutes Saw a slow moving triangle shape ufo in sky over Danabay, Mosselbay, Southcoast, South Africa 15 June 2019 at about 20:20.

Came fro
6/15/19 18:40 Baldwin Park CA Circle 10 seconds Was traveling on 605 frwy N, when we noticed 6 circular flying objects in triangle formation, blinking. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/15/19 15:37 Midvale UT Triangle Seconds I did not see it, I was taking a selfie at the Midvale Graveyard and noticed a black metallic triangle shaped craft in the picture when 6/20/19
6/15/19 07:00 Delta UT Formation 2 minutes ((HOAX??))We saw something standing out in the tall grass, it was getting dark and it started to walk towards us. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/15/19 05:56 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 6/20/19
6/15/19 05:36 Ball Ground GA

MADAR Node 129 6/20/19
6/15/19 Placerville CA Circle 20 min Walking back to my bed from getting a drink I saw a sphere of white light. It slowly moved across the tree line before hovering and bec 6/20/19
6/14/19 21:25 Sherman Oaks CA Unknown 3-5 minutes Lights in the Sky Form Triangle then Diamond then One by One Disappear over Los Angeles 6/20/19
6/14/19 20:28 Cherry Grove SC Other 12 minutes Highly Advanced Aircraft sighting over the Cherry Grove Inlet in South Carolina 6/20/19
6/14/19 16:15 Stow OH Other 10 minutes The object appeared to be tumbling or reflecting sunlight, suddenly accelerated and changed direction twice before disappearing 6/20/19
6/14/19 14:00 Martinsburg WV Light 5 seconds Around 10 PM and my husband and I saw a bright light. The light appeared in the sky very quickly & gone quickly. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/14/19 11:40 Indianapolis IN Light 5 minutes Saw an electric blue light against the blue sky. Clouds were out but minimal you could see thr 6/20/19
6/14/19 10:00 Salem VA Light 1-2 seconds Extremely bright circular light shooting horizontally in sky and disappeared as if flying behind something in clear night sky. 6/20/19
6/14/19 07:26 Taylorsville UT Triangle 4-5 minutes Came outside, in the central/eastern sky, were 3 bright flashing lights in a triangle shape, They hovered. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/14/19 00:05 Palmer AK Oval 2 minutes I thought I was witnessing a shooting star/meteorite because it appeared as a bright light crossing the sky but when it crossed in fron 6/20/19
6/13/19 23:00 York PA Diamond 30 seconds Diamond formation of four stationary lights between Saturn and Jupiter. 6/20/19
6/13/19 23:00 York PA Diamond 30 seconds Diamond formation of four stationary lights between Saturn and Jupiter 6/20/19
6/13/19 21:30 Catonsville MD Triangle 10 minutes Large black triangular craft with white lights flying overhead. 6/20/19
6/13/19 21:15 Atlanta GA Cigar 2 minutes So honestly it didn’t look very odd at first it just looked like a plane but the more I looked at it the more I could see it looked mor 6/20/19
6/13/19 21:10 Tulsa OK Light approximately 1-2 minutes At least three lights in the sky and vanish. 6/20/19
6/13/19 20:45 Gadsden AL Light 10mins Bright light seen in western sky , appeared to be over area of Henry Neely lake. My husband and I watched it just stay in one spot in t 6/20/19
6/13/19 20:20 Larue TX Rectangle 5 min. Bright orange light in Southeastern sky near New York, Texas. 6/20/19
6/13/19 19:00 Spokane WA Other <1 minute Three Loud Trumpet-like Blasts from the Sky 6/20/19
6/13/19 19:00 Dunbar WV Circle 15 seconds White circle object with no plane paralleled trails. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/13/19 18:30 Jordan MN Formation 2-3 minutes We saw ~20 black hawks high in the sky, and they seemed huge proportionally. Then we saw about 8 white small (maybe round drones?) 6/20/19
6/13/19 16:42 Schaumburg IL Circle 2 minutes 20 or more white dots moving erratically in Schaumburg, IL 6/13/19 ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/13/19 12:03 Scotts Mills OR Sphere 2 minutes Shiny round disc in sky that moved across the entire sky in 1 second then vanished 6/20/19
6/13/19 11:17 Helena MT

MADAR Node 128 6/20/19
6/13/19 05:25 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 6/20/19
6/13/19 04:10 Sumrall MS Light 11 seconds Single constant white light observed traveling north to south over Sumrall, MS, at 4:10 am on 06-13-19. 6/20/19
6/13/19 01:00 National City MI Light 20 min. Twin lights thru the trees, that twinkled and dimmed, disappeared and came back, for at least 20 min. 6/20/19
6/12/19 22:20 Waterford VA Fireball 15 minutes Orange sphere. 6/20/19
6/12/19 22:00 Melbourne Beach FL Unknown Hour 2 tiny lights recorded for about a minute. We watched the top light bolt higher and then the lower light does a semi-circle. 6/20/19
6/12/19 21:45 Socorro NM Circle 3-5 minutes On June 13th I was coming home from the grocery store with my daughter. I was driving down a local Street when I looked to my right (ea 6/20/19
6/12/19 18:43 Cambridge OH

MADAR Node 137 6/20/19
6/12/19 16:20 Millerton PA

MADAR Node 104 6/20/19
6/12/19 13:15 Tulsa OK Unknown 10 seconds Flat white cylindrical disc shape moving N through cloud cover over N Tulsa. Observed from E Tulsa. 6/20/19
6/12/19 11:30 Lawton OK Oval 30 seconds Bright shiny craft seen over Oklahoma mountains. 6/20/19
6/12/19 09:00 Wellinton (New Zealand)
I took a photo of the sky, then I had a look he 2 photos noticed unusual objects. 6/20/19
6/12/19 05:42 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 6/20/19
6/12/19 Port Saint Lucie FL Circle 22:10 We thought two glowing double lighted planes then they turned into four then 8 the 9th was lower not in formation. They didn't move. 6/20/19
6/11/19 23:00 Center Rutland VT Disk 75 seconds Thick disk with yellow - orange lights seen hovering in sky looking toward eastern VT. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/11/19 22:00 Carrizozo NM Changing Few minutes I was driving and saw three glowing orbs is the best I can describe it. I was driving trying to keep an eye on it and as I watched it, 6/20/19
6/11/19 21:50 Punta Gorda FL Unknown 2 minutes Was lightning sitting on Lanai. Saw what I thought was a star. I saw lights going left to right in the object in sky. 6/20/19
6/11/19 21:00 Blacklick OH Disk 5 minutes Circular disk flies into view then disappears followed by a smoke trail to earth that a navy jet responded to. 6/20/19
6/11/19 18:46 Helena MT

MADAR Node 128 6/20/19
6/11/19 15:00 Kitchener ON Oval 1-2 seconds No sound no lights. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/11/19 13:00 Wolfe KY Rectangle Unknown Photos where being taken at Red River Gorge at a cliff overlook in succession of various people standing at the overlook. The objects w 6/20/19
6/11/19 12:00 Ackerman MS Changing 5 minutes Object changing shape in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/11/19 12:00 Victorville CA Cylinder 10 minutes This UFO Was not moving and there were no other aircraft in the general area anywhere around me at that time. 6/20/19
6/11/19 10:40 Ogden UT Cigar 2 minutes My son and I were on the freeway headed north near Ogden. I randomly looked to the north west and saw two white dots that were more lon 6/20/19
6/11/19 03:00 Hermosa Beach CA Sphere 45 minutes I look up at the sky and try to point out what star is what. One started moving. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/11/19 01:45 Surprise AZ Cigar 10 minutes Slow moving object, bright white flashes. 6/20/19
6/10/19 23:30 Thermal CA Rectangle 10 minutes Seen four sets of of triangles lights on each point All were stationary. Then 1 by one disappeared. 6/20/19
6/10/19 22:40 Prairie du Chien WI Flash 5 minutes Bright flashes moving across the sky, in a NWt direction. Random frequency of flash. Dogs responded. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/10/19 22:40 Brandon FL Light 5 seconds Orange light flying at low altitude appears and disappears after making U shaped dip down. 6/20/19
6/10/19 21:10 Elfrida AZ Other 10 minutes There was a single pyramid like craft with at least one area glowing in a dull red being chased in US airspace by approximately 4 fight 6/20/19
6/10/19 18:43 Millerton PA

MADAR Node 104 6/20/19
6/10/19 04:19 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 6/20/19
6/10/19 03:00 Lombard IL Rectangle >10 minutes Long glowing rectangular craft with multiple balls of light appearing above it. 6/20/19
6/9/19 21:39 Edison NJ Flash ~1-2 minutes Irregular pulsing point source. 6/20/19
6/9/19 20:20 Miles City MT Oval 2 minutes Saw a small white oval-shaped object which left no trail behind it and moved very strangely. 6/20/19
6/9/19 18:30 Bridgewater NJ Sphere 1 minute I’m a Bridgewater, NJ, resident, saw a bright circular light in the sky yesterday around 6:30 pm while walking around my neighborhood. 6/20/19
6/9/19 18:00 Gresham OR Rectangle 20 minutes Floating reflective cube traveling very slowly in two directions high in the sky. 6/20/19
6/9/19 17:10 Dublin CA Circle 30 minutes Two high altitude round objects in Eastern sky near moonp 6/20/19
6/9/19 14:30 Scottsdale AZ Light 10 minutes Light in formation over Scottsdale, AZ. ((anonymous source)) 6/20/19
6/9/19 12:20 Detroit OR Sphere 5 minutes While taking a scenic photo of Mt. Jefferson, looking S. I noticed a silver sphere motionless. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/9/19 09:30 Fripp Islands SC Oval 4 seconds Oval bright Red appearance over ocean the took off away from shoreline. At least 10k above ocean. 3 witnesses. ((anonymous rept)) 6/20/19
6/9/19 04:25 North Brook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/20/19
6/9/19 04:00 Antero Junction CO Rectangle 2 seconds Bright white rectangular light grid in field 6/20/19
6/9/19 03:14 Tybee Island GA Disk <5 minutes I am a natural 3rd shift person. Unfortunately I stay that schedule even when I'm vacationing.

I was on the balcony enjoying the lig
6/9/19 01:50 Ball Ground GA

MADAR Node 129 6/20/19
6/9/19 00:00 Bath PA
10 minutes Was using my green laser pointer.pointed it at a star and the star tried to get away from it like tad pole how it moved.i did this to s 6/20/19
6/8/19 23:34 New Bedford MA Oval 4-5 seconds I observed a single, fairly large, blueish oval/pill shaped object with a lighter blueish tint/halo surrounding it.((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/8/19 23:30 Alameda CA Cigar 2 mins Huge cigar shaped vehicle with big lights on each end. 6/20/19
6/8/19 23:30 Huntsville AL
3 seconds Large ball of light! 6/20/19
6/8/19 23:30 Sayre PA Rectangle 1 hour + Stationary rectangular object in south eastern sky. 6/20/19
6/8/19 22:00 Gulf Breeze FL Light 1 minute Brighter than a star light travels the clear night sky, viewed by 6 adults for around a minute, then it just disappears. 6/20/19
6/8/19 19:22 Council Bluffs IA

MADAR Node 133 6/20/19
6/8/19 16:20

Returning from Philadelphia, P.A. On 6/8/19 at around 16:20 I witnessed a spherical object before my view was obstructed by the west bo 6/20/19
6/8/19 15:20 Las Vegas NV Light 30 minutes Bright white light stationary - then moving slowly across the skyline. 6/20/19
6/8/19 12:58 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 6/20/19
6/8/19 12:00 Minnepolis MN Unknown Not sure I didn't see the actual craft, but I do have evidence of it. ((NUFORC Note: Looks like wind damage to tall grass, or animal bed. PD)) 6/20/19
6/8/19 11:30 Manhattan KS Light 5 minutes Bright orange lights in a disk formation appearing out of nowhere before slowly vanishing. 6/20/19
6/8/19 01:45 Redding CA Unknown 1-4 minutes Bright light high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter, which is quite prominent?? PD)) 6/20/19
6/8/19 01:40 Meath (Ireland)
Light 10 minutes Ireland blue ufo scanning skies with 3d lazers 10 mins. 6/20/19
6/8/19 01:00 Ka’anapali HI Disk 2 seconds Horizontal ellipse shape with mushroom dome on top. Red lights traveling around it. 6/20/19
6/8/19 00:33 Spencer MA Light 15-20 seconds Light traveling in the stars until it made a zig zag in the sky then flew off at rapid speed into the stars! 6/20/19
6/7/19 22:51 Highland IN

Object with vertical lighted panels. ((MUFON CMS report)) 6/20/19
6/7/19 22:51 Highland IN Unknown ~4 minutes My rommate and I saw the obect from our patio move across the sky at a relatively slow rate. Slower than a small single engine plane wo 6/20/19
6/7/19 22:50 Rockford IL Circle 1 minutes White sphere flying across night sky then disappears. 6/20/19
6/7/19 22:40 Oshawa (Canada) ON Sphere 2-3 seconds Small ping pong ball size white orb swoops down over garage roof 30 feet away from witness and vanishes 6/20/19
6/7/19 21:30 Clifton ME Cross 2 minutes We were driving West on route 9 and noticed a cross shaped object hovering slightly south of route 9. We slowed the vehicle down to wat 6/20/19
6/7/19 21:07 Wichita KS
125th second Took a photo of a ferris wheel and the moon at Wichita Ks. Reviewing the photo at home I noticed a dashed trail under the moon. 6/20/19
6/7/19 19:49 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 6/20/19
6/7/19 18:21 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 6/20/19
6/7/19 16:00 Ruidoso NM Circle 3 minutes There were four, they were spaced exactly the same distance vertically , the top two were orangish yellow the bottom two weer blueish 6/20/19
6/7/19 16:00 Ruidoso NM Circle 2 minutes Outside of Ruidoso, N.M. there were 4 round objects in my camera lens. The object were moving in twos near each other. 6/20/19
6/7/19 15:45 Manitowoc WI Circle 5 minutes Shiny silver large disk in sky near cedar crest, hole in the middle with lights. Would hover in 1 place then start turning and spinning 6/20/19
6/7/19 13:40 Indian Orchard MA Sphere 5 minutes Looking almost to zenith, slightly NE. Saw small metallic sphere above clouds. Moving slowly from roughly N to S. Wind direction was in 6/20/19
6/7/19 13:00 Port Angeles WA Other 3 seconds Shimmering wing shape travelling at 30,000 mph+ and made a 90 degree turn! 6/20/19
6/7/19 13:00 Port Angeles WA Other 13:03 Addendum to flying wing shimmering and 90 degree turn at speed of: 2 seconds travelling 10 miles 6/20/19
6/7/19 12:05 Woodbine GA

MADAR Node 154 6/20/19
6/7/19 08:26 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 148 6/20/19
6/7/19 01:55 Clovis CA Light 10 minutes Circular light or orb shape thing in the sky. It would blink on and off during a span of a long 8 to 9 seconds. Sometimes it will blink 6/20/19
6/6/19 23:35 New Bloomfield MO Unknown 3 minutes Red-orange crescent shaped light hanging above tree line, then faded out of sight. 6/20/19
6/6/19 22:45 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 6/20/19
6/6/19 21:25 Gilbert AZ Circle 2 minutes Cluster of blue lights heading east from south Chandler area to past south Gilbert area towards and beyond Queen Creek. 6/20/19
6/6/19 20:41 Kennard TX Other 20:47 ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD)) 6/20/19
6/6/19 20:15 Tracy CA Sphere 5 Minutes At first I saw pulsating lights headed west board that lit up every second leaving a slight visual echo for a total of 5 times. Then fr 6/20/19
6/6/19 20:00 Carlsbad CA Disk 20 minutes The craft appeared from the direction of the ocean and they were the brightest lights ive ever seen in my life, bright orange. 6/20/19
6/6/19 20:00 Appleton NY Triangle 15 minutes The most unexplained thing I have ever seen in my 36 years of existence. 6/20/19
6/6/19 18:16 Harrison NJ

MADAR Node 121 6/20/19
6/6/19 13:35 Milwaukee WI Other 2 minutes Voronezh symbol shape ufo spotted in Milwaukee. 6/20/19
6/6/19 10:45 Wernersville PA Unknown 2-3 seconds @~10am this morning, something crossed the entire sky and went over our house in roughly 2 seconds. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/5/19 16:21 Harrison NJ

MADAR Node 121 6/20/19
6/5/19 09:20 South Bend IN

Was maybe 5-10 feet long, about a foot wide. No wings. No way I was the only witness. ((MUFON CMS report)) 6/20/19
6/5/19 05:30 Miami FL Disk 15 minutes Just followed lights from a couple feet of water surface Until up and out of sight, also have footage of on shooting of a laser. 6/20/19
6/5/19 05:25 Fayetteville AR

MADAR Node 136 6/20/19
6/5/19 05:25 Evansville IN

MADAR Node 153 6/20/19
6/4/19 16:15 Harrison NJ

MADAR Node 121 6/20/19
6/4/19 14:02 Fayetteville AR

MADAR Node 136 6/20/19
6/4/19 05:00 Grant-Valkaria FL Changing 4 minutes Three minute video shows an extremely large cube shaped object that appears to be rotating with a variable flash rate. 6/20/19
6/4/19 02:59 Ball Ground GA

MADAR Node 129 6/20/19
6/4/19 01:46 Boise ID

MADAR Node 111 6/20/19
6/3/19 22:15 Durango CO Sphere
Sphere came over witness and was videoed by cell phone. ((MUFON CMS report)) 6/20/19
6/3/19 20:45 Norwalk CT

MADAR Node 103 6/20/19
6/3/19 20:30 Patagonia AZ Light 2 hours 2-hour sighting of four craft over Patagonia, AZ. 6/20/19
6/3/19 20:07 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 6/20/19
6/3/19 18:00 West Springfield MA Other 1 minute roughly until I I saw what can best be described as a large metallic "donut." ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/3/19 17:54 Norwalk CT

MADAR Node 103 6/20/19
6/2/19 22:29 Newburgh IN

MADAR Node 142 6/20/19
6/2/19 21:42 Estes Park CO

MADAR Node 152 6/20/19
6/2/19 00:52 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 6/20/19
6/1/19 21:45 Blythe CA Circle 1 minute Red circular ball moving very quickly N, then E. we originally thought it was a Chinese lantern, but it was moving too quickly 6/20/19
6/1/19 17:12 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 6/20/19
6/1/19 12:31 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 6/20/19
6/1/19 07:25 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 6/20/19
5/31/19 17:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 30 seconds Was flying from Las Vegas to LA when I witnessed a highly reflective sphere moving slowly off the left wing. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
5/27/19 22:08 Nashua NH Sphere
Circular, 2 yellow searchlights&quot; trying to locate someting. &quot;Crazy fast, big w/lights on bottom and fop. ((MUFON CMS case)) 6/20/19
5/24/19 06:30 Kahului HI Unknown 10 minutes We saw an UFO drop down from sky and hu Hover in sky for several minutes. Then it flood lighted me with super bright light. Then two sm 6/20/19
5/22/19 13:27 St. Louis MO Light 0.16 seconds Fast moving object fly towards the horizon in 0.16 sec 6/20/19
5/15/19 21:00 Cochiti Lake NM Unknown ongoing Color shifting of several craft in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly "twinkling" stars?? PD)) 6/20/19
4/24/19 22:15 Blue River WI Triangle 10 minutes We noticed a large triangular object hovering above road. Three lights underneath, no sound. Blinking red one that rotated colors, Star 6/20/19
4/17/19 21:08 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 10 minutes Three orangish spheres witnessed by Coney Island. Video shows additional lights above sphere.. 6/20/19
3/14/19 19:50 Rogue River OR Circle 3 minutes Red object flying then expelling another red object 6/20/19
12/3/18 22:30 Shawnee OK Triangle 1-2 minutes A black triangle shaped craft with lights on each corner in backyard next door flys away above above tree line 6/20/19
11/15/18 00:00 Pasco WA Other 5 minutes Pinkish colored jellyfish like craft with cat like humanoid aliens that can cloak themselves and are still here! 6/20/19
8/15/18 00:00 Liverpool (UK/England)
Disk 3 seconds Black disc with red and yellow lights. 6/20/19
8/12/18 18:18 Edmonds WA Circle 1-2 minutes Moved Quickly and swiftly. 6/20/19
8/1/18 21:00 Ellington CT Sphere 2 hours Glowing sphere of light motionless for nearly an hour then vanished. 6/20/19
6/18/18 21:30 Ruidoso NM Circle 2.30 minutes 1 Bright object split into 5, while moving together. 6/20/19
6/15/18 01:00 Waco TX Circle 2 minute I was in pool and my wife was sitting on the edge.

We heard a sound to the south west. It sound like a jet type engine, but not a p
6/14/18 16:00 Roswell NM Other 2 minutes Horseshoe shape moving eastward at a constant rapid speed with no sound underneath the clouds. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/11/18 04:28 Helena MT

MADAR Node 128 6/20/19
3/11/18 16:00 Ocean Shores WA Changing 15 minutes My friend, her son and I went for a day to the ocean at Ocean Shores. We were watching the waves walking on the beach as I noticed a br 6/20/19
9/27/15 20:00 Webster NY Sphere 2 minutes Multiple orange orbs going in and out of the atmosphere in a synchronized formation, eventually disappearing one by one 6/20/19
6/30/15 13:00 ephrata WA Sphere
Sphericial object seen in Ephrata, WA. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
12/30/14 23:00 North Pole AK Fireball 1.5 minutes 30 purple/orange, silent, "fireballs" flying side-by-side at three top level, then shoot up into space. 6/20/19
12/6/14 00:37 South Shirley NY Other 5 minutes I seen the Ship at a very Close and low distance I positively know they are Real theres no doubts in what i saw! 6/20/19
6/13/13 01:40 Aurora CO Light 1 minute Lights hovering in night sky, early morning. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
5/19/13 04:30 Liverpool (Merseyside) (UK/England)
Circle 5 seconds I spotted a perfectly round black orb craft drifting across the sky and going behind the clouds twice. It was moving quite fast and mad 6/20/19
10/28/11 19:30 Warren OH Cross 20-30 minutes It was the exact shape of a plus sign a circle at end of all four arms ending in a point a larger circle in the center it was extremely 6/20/19
7/4/11 19:00 Sandy UT Other ~30-45 minutes I was at the only RSL game I've ever been to at Rio Tinto Stadium, & I was facing west looking towards Draper, I-15, & the USP at the P 6/20/19
6/19/04 21:00 Exeter ME Light 15 minutes Bright light came over the tree line, thought it may have been headlight on aircraft. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
8/15/99 02:30 Centerville IA Circle 1 hour Bright Circle of Light followed me from Oskaloosa IA to Centerville, IA. 6/20/19
6/30/99 16:30 Shawnee KS Other 8 seconds Matte Black Spiky Ball, Sea Urchin-like Floating Object 6/20/19
11/28/97 19:30 Lake Geneva WI Fireball 5 seconds Follow-up to article in Chicago Sun Times 12/3/97 re "Fireball" in Will Co, IL. 12/30. Saw similar in Lake Geneva, WI. 6/20/19
3/23/97 Hastings MN Triangle 1-2 minutes 7 Amber colored lights with the shape of isosceles triangle behind it. 6/20/19
8/15/94 22:00 Rockford MI Triangle 5 minutes Large, black triangle w/ large white light at each corner, flying low and slow. 6/20/19
3/15/90 04:15 Seminole FL Unknown ~25 minutes UFO pitstop near Park Blvd. Intra-coastal bridge? 6/20/19
10/15/88 15:45 Monrovia CA Diamond 3 minutes Diamond or Pyramid shaped craft sighted in Los Angeles County, in the fall of 1988 6/20/19
9/1/85 03:00 Pacific Ocean (San Diego to Hawaii)
Fireball 5 minutes SE'85, mid-Pacific Ocean. Night lit up, a kind of teal blue, very bright, so bright I had to turn my head. 6/20/19
5/25/85 21:30 Bethel CT Triangle 10 minutes Triangular lint formation over Bethel, CT. 6/20/19
3/1/85 01:30 Palmerola Air Base (Honduras)
Light 2 minutes June 19, 2019 Aloha reader! Re: My UFO Experience Dear sir/ma’am, In March of 1985, I was a 20 year-old active-duty medic in the army. 6/20/19
3/25/79 10:15 Windsor CA Cylinder >45 minutes Chrome cylinder hovers at vertical angle 5,000 or more up on a clear cloudless day. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
3/1/78 10:00 Eglin AFB FL Circle 3 hours Group of USAF cadets and an officer saw a saucer at an air force base. 6/20/19
6/1/75 23:00 Pittsfield ME Disk 1 hour Traveled in any direction at amazing speeds from hovering at approx. 1000 feet to looking like a star. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/1/72 01:00 Holden ME
15 minutes ((HOAX??)) entity can be described as a "gray" peering into bedroom window. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
6/15/63 12:00 College Park MD Cone 1 minute Sparking ball of color changed into Crome cone then disappeared before my eyes, I was 8 feet away from the object. 6/20/19
22:30 Mesa Arizona AZ Light 20 minutes Two bright lights pulsating. Moved up down sideways. Then back in formation. For 20 minutes. Then one vanished. Then the other. 6/20/19