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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/12/20 21:30 Somerton AZ Circle several hours Flashing Red & Green Object over Airport - hovers for several hours 2/13/20
2/12/20 21:00 Orem UT Light 15 minutes Very bright white light, motionless in western Utah night sky, sat still for 15 minutes then vanished in a blink of an eye. 2/13/20
2/12/20 18:30 Driggs ID Changing 30 minutes Extremely bright strange lights changing shape multiple times 2/13/20
2/12/20 16:30 Ellenton FL Sphere 2 seconds MAX this was a round abject. It was traveling due north. I was watching a jet fly east when I noticed this ball traveling at a very fast sp 2/13/20
2/12/20 13:00 San Diego CA
15 seconds straight projection upward at a very high rate of speed leaving a white snail trail behind 2/13/20
2/12/20 08:00 Lakewood CO Sphere 23 seconds Two (2) spherical objects hovering near homes in Lakewood, CO 2/13/20
2/12/20 06:03 Telford (UK/England) WA Other 6 minutes In total in one straight line with the same distance between them. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/13/20
2/12/20 01:55 Dexter MI Disk 4 seconds I was driving home from work just before two am today. I was driving on north territorial driving west bound just before Toma road. Th 2/13/20
2/12/20 01:55 Dexter MI Disk 4 seconds I was driving home from work just before two am today. I was driving on north territorial driving west bound just before Toma road. Th 2/13/20
2/12/20 01:30 Groveland MA Oval 5-10 seconds An orange glowing discus shaped object over Groveland 2/13/20
2/12/20 01:00 St. Marys KS Formation 5 minutes The formation of lights in the sky was moving i. An add fashion and accompanied by these noises as if it were producing very loud sound 2/13/20
2/11/20 21:30 Auckland (New Zealand)
Light 60 seconds 4 flying lights in a perfect line, equidistant from each other. 2/13/20
2/11/20 20:30 Tomah WI Light 5 seconds Just over horizon looking east saw huge yellow star like light then on second later second light appeared horizontal to first then one 2/13/20
2/11/20 19:30 San Francisco CA Egg >30 minutes Weird bright and big orb that had large spikes and was larger than a star and higher up than any plane 2/13/20
2/11/20 19:30 Janesville WI Sphere 3 minutes 02/11/20 19:30 Janesville, Wisconsin 5 orange spheres maneuvering in the night sky then disappeared. 2/13/20
2/11/20 19:20 Red Granite WI Rectangle 2 minutes Square craft with many lights 2/13/20
2/11/20 18:03 Montreal (Canada) QC Oval 1-3 minutes Strange light appeared in the night sky at 6:03 pm. The sun goes down at 4:20. It was like a glowing streak of light . You could see cl 2/13/20
2/11/20 06:05 Boise ID Light ~90 seconds A straight line formation of lights traveling northeast 2/13/20
2/11/20 06:00 Snow Hill NC Sphere 2 minutes Out looking at the moon with friend, sun rises in East faint glow of daylight, full moon beginning to set west, few high level clouds b 2/13/20
2/10/20 22:07 Puyallup WA Other 5-10 seconds An orange glowing orb falling from the sky, gave off an uneasy feeling of being watched. My one cat ran out of the room as soon as she 2/13/20
2/10/20 22:00 Clearlake CA Unknown 150 minutes Multiple crafts seen over Clearlake, seen descending to Mt. Konocti 2/13/20
2/10/20 21:24 Calaveras County CA Light 2 seconds Large, round, bright white light rapidly ascended and disappeared in seconds, without decreasing size, into clear night sky. 2/13/20
2/10/20 20:30 Epping NH Triangle 10 minutes Noticed a bright orange star near the moon, the light became 2 lights as it came closer, then a 3rd light appeared in back, it then flo 2/13/20
2/10/20 20:30 Red Lodge MT Fireball 5 minutes Object appeared suddenly looking West over Grizzly peak. Looked like a super bright star flashing red and blue light. Object stayed st 2/13/20
2/10/20 20:00 Shoreline WA Circle 1 hour Watch a large stationary craft for about one hour. It would get brighter then dimmer. It appeared to have lights around it changing col 2/13/20
2/10/20 18:42 La Grange IL Oval 40 minutes I was looking for the moon I saw the moon but to my right I saw this object with pulsing lights but wasn't moving. Then I turned my hea 2/13/20
2/10/20 07:30 Wisconsin Dells WI Rectangle Now, still going Flashing lights that faded then came back. Stayed in place. Seemed to be more than one light, and rectangle. In comparison to other s 2/13/20
2/10/20 07:05 Rockville MD Sphere 5 While sitting in morning traffic on highway 270 southbound right passed the Wooten parkway overpass I looked up to the left and noticed 2/13/20
2/10/20 06:07 Ventura CA Light 4 minutes Saw lights quickly go into cloud, about 3 single file, then behind them several started coming in one by one quickly...we waited for th 2/13/20
2/10/20 05:30 Airway Heights WA Light Ongoin I went downstairs an was looking out the glass door when I saw 3 lights lined up moving the same speed across the sky. The another, and 2/13/20
2/10/20 00:30 Meridian ID Triangle 3 minutes Triangle shaped bright white object with flashing green and red lights in a triangle form hovering in the sky then reappearing. 2/13/20
2/9/20 19:55 Danville KY Light :10 In the Western sky, witnessed a falling "orbish" "soft white" white light falling to Earth, lasted maybe ten second 2/13/20
2/9/20 19:45 Phoenix AZ Other 10 minutes 5 or more orange bright craft Phoenix 02/09/20 2/13/20
2/9/20 19:40 Northfield ME Sphere a few seconds Large, luminous bright white sphere traveling at a high rate of speed. 2/13/20
2/9/20 19:00 Dunellon FL Sphere 2 minutes White silent sphere moving from northwest to south east, in Dunellon Fl. 2/13/20
2/9/20 18:00 Laurel MD Diamond
There's no stars in the sky. Its dusk. I'm really convinced it's a looks like a disk or a saucer but also diamond shaped and lit 2/13/20
2/9/20 07:45 Sarasota FL Sphere 1 hour + Glowing ball of light over West/Southwest sky. Did not move at all. Definitely not Venus. 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:55 Rockaway Beach
Light 3 minutes A train of lights 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:45 Montara CA Circle 20 Glowing UFO’s over the ocean 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:30 Roseville CA Light ~5 minutes Up to 15 white lights seen flying in a single file like formation over Roseville, Ca. at 5:30 a,m. on 2/09/20 going from north to south 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:30 McKinleyville CA Light ~1minute 20 or thirty lights appearing out of nowhere , evenly space headed east southeast. 2/13/20
2/8/20 23:30 Sacramento CA Unknown 4 minutes Triangle blinking lights. 2/13/20
2/8/20 23:00 Manchester MO Light ~2 minutes There were two objects at first nearly side by side and a third object trailed them. These objects did not have any noise and were mov 2/13/20
2/8/20 22:00 Yucca Valley CA Light unsure Three lights arranged themselves into a triangle up on the sky and one by one they flashed a light; flash, flash, flash. 2/13/20
2/8/20 22:00 Savannah GA Light 1 second I was driving and saw these three bright lights appear as fast as it appeared it was falling rapidly. Then before it would have hit or 2/13/20
2/8/20 21:00 Jerome ID Light 2+hours Light in the night sky that is moving and will dim and brighten. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, or perhaps Sirius?? PD)) 2/13/20
2/8/20 20:00 Baker city OR Changing 2 - 5 hours Flying orb over southwestern mountain range nightly in eastern Oregon. 2/13/20
2/8/20 19:00 Lenexa KS Oval 05:00 Four UFO Blue light shaped objects circulating close to ground in a park 2/13/20
2/8/20 17:30 New York NY Flash 5-10 seconds Two bright, stationary white flashes over the city during the super moon 2/13/20
2/8/20 14:00 Cos Cob CT Sphere
2 am I saw a round shiny red sphere flash by in seconds. 2/13/20
2/8/20 12:00 West Memphis AR Oval 30 seconds Small, bronze collected craft. Stopped on a dime and reversed direction. Moving fast. 2/13/20
2/8/20 08:30 Huntland TN Light 2 seconds My fiancé and I were driving on Winchester rd. and it was really dark out. This white ball of light flew pass us about as high up as an 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:30 Oklahoma City OK Light 2 minutes String of lights that disappeared one by one 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:14 Overland Park KS Light 10 minutes At 6:13 am , Saturday morning I stepped out on my back porch to have a smoke. I was facing west and the moon was full in the Northwest 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:12 Salem UT Formation 1 minute 9 non blinking lights equally spaced following each other in straight line northeast 2/8/2020 at 6:12 am 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:00 Jerome ID Light 10 minutes looked up at sky seen 3 moving lighted objects then observed several more ran and told coworker they would appear about 15 sec interval 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:51 Ukiah CA Unknown 4 minutes Lights in the early moring sky! 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:50 Hyde Park NY Formation 6-8 seconds Three star sized objects,thought it was Orion's belt until they were actually traversing in a North Eastern path from the Western side 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:50 Mashpee MA Circle 3 minutes I saw 12 to 16 lights not blinking gliding across the sky pretty rapidly not in a consistent formation but intermittent and not equally 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:48 Tenafly NJ Formation 15 String formation. Looked like stars one after the other for a good 15min. They were moving East - North-East. The last light appeared b 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:45 Nevada city CA Oval 5 minutes 30 UFO's in a uniform line over the Nor-Cal pre-dawn sky, 02/08/2020 2/13/20
2/8/20 05:30 Snydersville PA Oval 5 minutes A line of 20 lights following two lights in the sky heading East. Making no sound but travelled in a line 2/13/20
2/8/20 03:45 Reading PA Light 5 minutes Saw 11 evenly spaced lights flying, then make a 90° turn. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/13/20
2/8/20 03:45 Reading PA Light 5 minutes Saw 11 evenly spaced lights flying, then make a 90° turn. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/13/20
2/8/20 02:00 Kennebunk ME Circle Ongoing Orange light rising and disappearing again and again over ocean near Pease AFB 2/13/20
2/7/20 23:30 Aldan PA Triangle 1 hour Spotted 2 triangle shaped crafts in the sky with white, red and blue lights moving very slowly. 2/13/20
2/7/20 22:10 Lakewood CO Other 10 seconds Huge object with many small lights moving below the clouds in Lakewood towards Denver 2/13/20
2/7/20 21:50 Golden CO Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball went across the sky and turned orange, then disappeared. It was too large to be a comet, about the size of 5+ airplanes. 2/13/20
2/7/20 19:30 Halton City TX Changing 1.5 hrs or more Ft Worth UFO 2/13/20
2/7/20 19:15 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes Strange light over Gilbert Arizona 2/13/20
2/7/20 19:00 Lawrenceville GA Fireball 2 seconds Saw fireball in the sky. ((anonymous report)). 2/13/20
2/7/20 18:59 Berkeley CA Triangle 10 seconds Three dim lights in a triangle, and two others, all moving across the sky. 2/13/20
2/7/20 17:00 Pahrump NV Oval 10 Very Bright Circle 2/13/20
2/7/20 11:15 Elgin OK Cigar 2 minutes White cigar shaped ufo over Elgin 2/13/20
2/7/20 08:40 Patterson CA Changing 4 seconds Thought I seen 2 jets ready to cross over each other turned out to be only 1 jet and a UFO that at one point looked like a jet. 2/13/20
2/7/20 08:13 Lakeland FL Disk 5 minutes Small white lighted disk in FL hovering right above shopping mall 2/13/20
2/7/20 05:36 Sand Springs OK Light 2 minutes Observed 5 same sized luminous objects in sky traveling from South to North in a straight line. First object was slightly ahead of the 2/13/20
2/7/20 05:30 Ventura CA Formation 1 minute line formation of moving lights. (("Starlink: satellites??)) 2/13/20
2/6/20 22:00 Rockford IA Unknown Unknown Night sky . East south east of my location. Low on the horizon. Flashing or strobing bright lights. No regular pattern. Bright red at 2/13/20
2/6/20 18:34 Socorro (south of) NM Changing 25 minutes On the evening of February 6, 2020 around approximately 6:34 PM, I was driving Northbound on Interstate 25 near Milepost 124 South of S 2/13/20
2/6/20 18:34 Socorro (south of) NM Changing 25 minutes On the evening of February 6, 2020 around approximately 6:34 PM, I was driving Northbound on Interstate 25 near Milepost 124 South of S 2/13/20
2/5/20 23:00 Arlington VA Light 15-20 minutes Jet fighters surround DC area in late night search 2/13/20
2/5/20 15:00 Melbourne FL Fireball 15 seconds We were driving back from store on Appolo Rd and were at the stop light to turn on to Sarno Rd in Melbourne. While sitting at red light 2/13/20
2/5/20 13:30 Cape Elizabeth ME Circle 20 seconds small flying (disc) object, in a Vertical to the ground position, seen from an upstairs window 2/13/20
2/4/20 23:00 Arlington VA Light 1-2 minutes Fighter planes chase light over Washington, DC, area. 2/13/20
2/3/20 19:38 Clarksville TN Triangle 1 minute While driving to work, I noticed a large wing shaped craft with 4 or 5 green lights across the front of the craft.I tried to stop and g 2/13/20
2/3/20 18:45 Murfreesboro TN Disk 75 minutes We saw about 15-20 circular objects with bright lights. They formed triangle and pyramid formations. Hovered & changed directions quick 2/13/20
2/3/20 16:30 Cochrane (Canada) AB Triangle 15 seconds Grey pie shaped object hovering in sky, rotates, turns black, then disappears. 2/13/20
2/2/20 05:53 Hamilton Township NJ

MADAR Node 62 2/13/20
2/1/20 19:30 Shawnee National Forest IL Light 10 Myself and 2 others were camping in Shawnee Forest at the top of a bluff about 300 ft tall. It was night. My friend said come lool at 2/13/20
1/31/20 11:40 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 2/13/20
1/29/20 22:12 Sanford FL

MADAR Node 91 2/13/20
1/28/20 06:26 Valley City ND

MADAR Node 93 2/13/20
1/28/20 05:19 Royal Palm Beach FL

MADAR Node 76 2/13/20
1/27/20 11:23 Fishers IN

MADAR Node 84 2/13/20
1/26/20 16:15 Santa Rsoa CA Cylinder 10 seconds Bright green glowing cylinder, flying horizontally, in a steady direct line, disappearing abruptly without arcing, falling or flaring. 2/13/20
1/22/20 21:00 North Andover MA Formation 25 seconds 5 star looking lights flying in pentagon formation 2/13/20
1/19/20 15:36 Evans GA Changing 3 minutes Christmas candy shaped, Mirror on bottom, disappeared & reappeared 2/13/20
1/13/20 08:30 Spencer MA Triangle 10 At the end of Northwest Road and Route 31 we spotted 2 flying north slow speed with mo sound would estimate 1000 feet up .Bright orange 2/13/20
1/11/20 23:18 Independence MO Light 2 minutes 2 lights, 1 craft flying slowly, covered by clouds. 2/13/20
1/9/20 23:30 Sherman TX Cross 5 minutes 50+ ft drone in rural area? 2/13/20
1/6/20 18:53 Decatur TX Light On going There’s a Big Bright Glowing light Deflector Shield protecting the Spacecraft you can see lights of the spacecraft going around , Now a 2/13/20
1/1/20 00:01 Boise ID Circle 3 minutes Brilliant as a star giant red ball of ultra fast, silent zooming across the sky 2/13/20
12/6/19 06:00 Highway (Canada) AB Light <5 mins time and date are best guess.

stopped off highway commute from canmore to calgary, spur road at Kananaskis river, standing behind c
10/2/19 20:00 Dover OH Disk 2 minutes 4 round red & orange lights in the sky 2/13/20
7/29/19 19:00 Hickory NC
15 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Source of the report provides no information. PD)) 2/13/20
1/14/19 18:30 Grand rapids MN Circle 25 minutes Husband and wife catch a craft on video while driving. 2/13/20
11/29/17 19:30 Newport News VA Triangle 10 minutes Large triangle UFO with lights practically landed on a neighbors house. It was so low you thought you could touch it with a ladder 2/13/20
8/1/17 00:00 Springdale AR
1 hour Glowing flying people . seven of them flying like bees..I want to talk about this in Private... 2/13/20
8/10/15 22:00 Las Vegas NM Light 15 minutes 5-7 bright red lights flashing one at a time in a row sequence, on top of a hill off of highway 84 2/13/20
2/9/10 20:05 Pierson FL Sphere 15 seconds Orange Glowing Sphere Falls Slowly 2/13/20
8/15/07 07:50 Vallejo CA
2 minutes a alien figure, blueish agua color tall and ugly 2/13/20
11/5/05 03:06 Wayne NJ Egg 3 minutes Object landed on roadway and changed brightness several times. Also caused power outage to my house until it disappeared. 2/13/20
6/30/02 20:00 Rockyview County (Canada) AB Sphere 10 minutes One evening after a hike in the Canadian Rockies I was driving back to Calgary. I was a clear evening with a high ceiling of cloud. 2/13/20
10/25/86 17:00 Saratoga CA Disk 30 minutes Saratoga , Ca. sighting 10/25/1986 report has gone missing from NUFORC. 2/13/20
5/15/79 15:00 West Bloomfield MI Disk 5 minutes This is a approximate date. This sighting occurred at 15 mile and Orchard Lake during broad daylight. The object looked like a Ferris W 2/13/20
4/10/57 00:15 Vernon (Canada) BC Light still there two white lights one red. stationary for several minutes 2/13/20
12/31/56 05:45 Skippack PA Light 1-3 minutes Out walking my dog at 5:45 AM -- still dark. Sky was clear and moon was full and low in the west. Looked up in SW sky, saw what appear 2/13/20
20:30 Kingston OK Circle 30 minutes We noticed a bright light in the sky that wasn't moving like an airplane would. We took a video and its a circle within a circle that r 2/13/20
0209/20 04:51 Meredith NH Rectangle 3 minutes Aircraft entered the area from the south following weed road, north, just below the tree tops and at a speed of about 15 miles per hour 2/13/20