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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/4/20 05:36 Buffalo NY Other Unknown The shape consisted of two chevrons with a vertical line in the middle; chevron shapes were more elongated matching the length of the m 9/4/20
9/4/20 04:58 Lakeland FL Fireball 4 seconds Bright Falling Green Object In A Moonlit Early Morning Sky 9/4/20
9/4/20 03:20 York County VA Other 1-2 seconds I was heading back from a friends house coming back in to york county from Newport News and I was pulling up to the first stop intersec 9/4/20
9/4/20 03:18 Beausejour (Canada) MB Formation 5 seconds 3 white dots flying East ward in Eastern sky. 9/4/20
9/4/20 01:15 Pahrump NV Light 2-3 minutes Blue ziggzaging and sudden stops light that tirned redwhen red light was flashed at it 9/4/20
9/4/20 01:00 Williamstown WV Teardrop Seconds Looked up and caught a glimpse of a light moving faster than any plane I’ve ever seen. 2?? 3?? Times as fast. Covered the horizon dista 9/4/20
9/3/20 23:45 Allen TX Oval 5 seconds Large oval shaped bright green ufo traveling through clouds at high speed then disappeared 9/4/20
9/3/20 23:42 Granbury TX Light 5-6 seconds I was watching the East sky by lake Granbury and almost every night I see shooting stars....thought this was one, but it was far closer 9/4/20
9/3/20 21:15 Mukwonago WI Triangle 2 minutes Triangle with 3 white lights on corners. 9/4/20
9/3/20 20:00 Dansville/Mason MI Light 10 seconds Triple lights in the sky. 9/4/20
9/3/20 13:30 Tacoma WA Fireball 3-4 minutes I was sitting out side at 1:30 am smoking a cigarette, Across the sky, 3 to 5 times time bigger then a jetliner,It came towards me, I w 9/4/20
9/3/20 01:30 Roanoke TX Light 8 seconds Green oval lights 9/4/20
9/2/20 21:45 Coronation (Canada) AB Sphere 2 minutes Looked out window to the east to see if Mars was up yet. Sky clear, very few clouds, rising full moon. Faint spherical "cloud&qu 9/4/20
9/2/20 21:15 Redvale CO Light 20 minutes Blinking red light, low on horizon, flashing, moving up and down 9/4/20
9/2/20 20:40 Indianford/Fulton/Edgerton WI Triangle 45-60 seconds 4 large white lights with 2 on either side (cross shaped) surrounded by 3 larger red lights on top, left, and right side 9/4/20
9/2/20 19:39 Cheyenne WY Other 70 minutes Cloud-seeding irregular movement object seen near F.E.Warren AFB Cheyenne WY 9/4/20
9/2/20 18:00 Florence CO Sphere 5 seconds Bright white sphere surrounded by an orange glow observed rapidly traveling across the horizon. 9/4/20
9/2/20 16:30 Fort Worth TX Sphere Hour 2 black spheres hovering over fort worth. Multiple behind it 9/4/20
9/2/20 15:03 New Albany OH Cone 1 minute Driving down 88 coming up to 22 and seen 2 cone shaped objects in the northern sky. Resembled a praying mantis but with 3 lights 9/4/20
9/2/20 11:00 Otis OR Other 15 minutes? Invisible object caught in photo with orbs 9/4/20
9/2/20 10:52 Naches Peak Loop Trail WA Circle >1 minute Oreo-Like Circular Metallic Flying Object and a Tiny Funnel Shaped Object 9/4/20
9/2/20 03:40 Liberty Lake WA Changing 1 hour A very bright constantly changing starlike light from the southeastern sky. I also noticed other much smaller lights occasionally shoot 9/4/20
9/2/20 02:35 Temecula CA Light Hours I had let my dog outside to go potty in the middle of the night and as I waited I noticed a twinkling light above thinking it was a sta 9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00 Smolensk (Russia)
Light 30 minutes moving light, radiant balls going up and down, flashes in the sky 9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00 Newport News VA Changing 40 minutes A bright moonlit night with no stars to see, except one that was in our atmosphere, moving slowly, and I knew it was special. 9/4/20
9/1/20 22:15 Parrish FL Fireball 5 seconds UFO sighting in parrish Florida. 9/4/20
9/1/20 05:00 Hull MA Light 30 minutes solid object with the bank of strobing lights on the bottom. The lights were blue yellow red white and blue. 9/4/20
9/1/20 04:20 Edmonton AB Light 3 minutes I was riding my pedal bike to the 711 in st.albert,Alberta from near the casino when I was riding my bike from 711 there was a Super Br 9/4/20
9/1/20 03:00 Ames IA Light 2 seconds Light in sky defying gravity and disappearing in rural Iowa 9/4/20
9/1/20 01:07 McMinnville OR Teardrop 2 seconds White with blueish hint comet looking thing flew past me and my friend 9/4/20
9/1/20 00:25 La Quinta CA Formation 3-5 seconds HIGH SPEED BRIGHT WHITE OBJECTS PASSING OVERHEAD 9/4/20
8/31/20 22:00 Beldenville WI Teardrop 3 minutes first hand visual 9/4/20
8/31/20 21:30 Garden Grove CA Other 1 minute Box like object with lit up squares seen in Garden Grove, CA 9/4/20
8/31/20 21:15 Holiday Shores IL Triangle 3 minutes On my way home from work I happened to look up and seen a Triangle shaped object with 1 red light and 4 white blinking lights.I started 9/4/20
8/31/20 19:33 Cobb island MD Diamond 2 minutes Looking at the sky westbound from westmoreland, can tords cob island mad..seen a large glistening object in the sky, shining about 100 9/4/20
8/31/20 19:30 Lahaina HI Light 9 seconds Bright ball of light moving up high into space. 9/4/20
8/31/20 19:26 Delhi (India)
Teardrop ~2 minutes I observed a small dot of light moving with very fast velocity, coming from west direction and it disappeared in NE direction. 9/4/20
8/31/20 19:00 Tacoma WA Other 1:24 Outside of this world creatures come to our house, they land on walls, ceilings, mirrors, eyeglasses, car windshields & they fly. 9/4/20
8/31/20 10:20 Rochester NY Light 3 minutes 2 orbs of light over Rochester, NY 9/4/20
8/31/20 06:20 Nassau (Bahamas)
Light 5 seconds Light - yellow, low altitude, fast, silent, left a trail 9/4/20
8/31/20 04:33 Lindenhurst NY Unknown 1:00 I saw object flying in the sky and another object approached at this point I hear a sound and the other object changes shape and color. 9/4/20
8/31/20 04:00 Tom bean TX Light 35 seconds Late in the morning, there was a large cast of clouds rippling across the sky covering the face of the moon and sky blocking out stars. 9/4/20
8/31/20 02:00 Tom bean TX Sphere 35 minutes Pulsing orbs. 9/4/20
8/31/20 00:30 Minneapolis MN Disk 10 minutes Found a UFO while running, took photos. 9/4/20
8/30/20 23:50 London (Canada) ON Fireball 3 minutes The object was moving across the sky very low in a straight line. No noise came from the object. Started to ascend into sky. 9/4/20
8/30/20 23:00 Hooksett NH Diamond 30 minutes I live off of route 101 East in NH , which goes to the ocean. I was going out around 11:00 p.m. to smoke a cigarette and I looked up an 9/4/20
8/30/20 22:30 Curtin WV Light >30 minutes My husband and I were leaving from a storage shed that out friend is renting and we are storing some items in. As I was backing out int 9/4/20
8/30/20 22:25 Oshawa ON Circle 3 minutes + 30/08/20 22:25 hrs 3-5 min duration Oshawa, Ontario Large pulsating bright red translucent orb 9/4/20
8/30/20 22:17 Myrtle Beach SC Light streaked by less than a s Two white lights flashed across the sky in less than a second. No sound. 9/4/20
8/30/20 21:51 Newcastle upon Tyne (UK/England)
Circle 3.5 seconds recorded on ring door bell camera 9/4/20
8/30/20 21:00 Lockport NY Circle ~3 minutes Me, my wife, and a friend saw a strange, cloud-like ring in the night sky 9/4/20
8/30/20 20:55 Lockport NY Unknown 10-15 minutes Fuzzy point of white/yellow light traveling silently & slowly south, developing circular / spiraling halos 9/4/20
8/30/20 20:53 NiagaraFfalls ON Other 2-4 minutes White light with undulating mist around it disappearing and leaving a cloud 9/4/20
8/30/20 20:45 Grand Prairie TX Unknown
Wide Spaced Procession of Lights 9/4/20
8/30/20 20:30 Ottawa ON Chevron 60 minutes Chevron like object with white ,bright blinking light on both sides, hovering for about 20 min before slowly flying West. 9/4/20
8/30/20 20:05 Pewaukee WI Diamond 10 minutes Diamond Shaped UFO Sighting on the Lake 9/4/20
8/30/20 19:05 Avella PA Cylinder 8 minutes I saw a cylindrical object floating in the air. Probably 200 ft or more above the tree tops. I took several photos and a short video. 9/4/20
8/30/20 18:20 Glendon PA Sphere 20 seconds The ufo was a little below the clouds round sphere like object very shiny no noise and flew past house and flew into the clouds and dis 9/4/20
8/30/20 18:20 Glendon PA Sphere 20 seconds The ufo was a little below the clouds round sphere like object very shiny no noise and flew past house and flew into the clouds and dis 9/4/20
8/30/20 17:30 Tacoma WA Sphere 10 minutes Bird/animal disturbance in the trees. 30 clear orbs rose up slowly. Then once at high elevation, flew around doing maneuvers. 9/4/20
8/30/20 03:45 Milford CT Teardrop 5 seconds Yellow Orange glowing tear shaped object moving east 500 feet away 500 feet off the ground at approximately 35 knots in a straight dire 9/4/20
8/30/20 01:45 Watertown NY Fireball 31 seconds Fireball captured on Ring Doorbell video 9/4/20
8/30/20 01:30 Island Pond VT Sphere 20 minutes Bright round light moved in and out of focus turn side to side. Once it was closest it hovered in one place. After about 10 minutes of 9/4/20
8/30/20 01:00 North Charleston SC Unknown 1 hour Tried to go to the store while on a phone call, strange noise happened call was disrupted, and car shut down, still wont turn on. Heard 9/4/20
8/30/20 00:00 Bloomingdale NJ Unknown unknown Animal mutilation possibly UFO 9/4/20
8/30/20 Forest Hill MD Unknown 30 minutes I noticed the bright lights in the sky that appeared to be stationary for approximately 10 minutes. After that time the object started 9/4/20
8/30/20 Forest Hill MD Unknown 30 minutes I noticed the bright lights in the sky that appeared to be stationary for approximately 10 minutes. After that time the object started 9/4/20
8/30/20 Forest Hill MD Unknown 30 minutes I noticed the bright lights in the sky that appeared to be stationary for approximately 10 minutes. After that time the object started 9/4/20
8/29/20 23:50 San Rafael CA Oval 10 minutes On a bright moon lit night in California, three orange glowing objects were seen in the sky hovering, then ascending out of view. 9/4/20
8/29/20 23:45 Renton WA Circle
I was looking up in the sky when I saw 1 bright red about the size of a cigarette round it was traveling west from the east and then a 9/4/20
8/29/20 23:15 Ewing NJ Other 1 minute Pulsating light ring which turned on and off. Looked to.have emitted the light from out near the stars. 9/4/20
8/29/20 22:30 Lincoln City OR Light 30 minutes We were watching the fireworks display put on by the casino here when I noticed a small green light above and to the right of the firew 9/4/20
8/29/20 21:30 Belvedere IL Disk Seconds I was driving and saw a circular dark disk-like aircraft with multiple lights on the underside. It was flying low and looked like it wa 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:59 New Braunfels TX Light 2-3 minutes Moving light thought to be a star at first 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:50 Jackson MI Disk 8 minutes Multiple balls of fire moving twice as fast as planes in a triangular pattern. Two were not lit and hovered and we're moving slower. 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:50 Oshawa (Canada) ON Unknown 30-40 seconds 2 people saw pulsating small craft for 30-40 seconds 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:00 East Berlin PA Light 30 minutes we saw a bright light looking SE. It did not move. It appeared to be stationary. We watched it for about 30 minutes. We figured it was 9/4/20
8/29/20 19:46 North Palm Beach FL Fireball 2 minutes 4 fireballs over night sky! 9/4/20
8/29/20 18:40 Hamilton (Canada) ON Unknown minute and a half Bright white object that disappeared twice or was 2 objects 9/4/20
8/29/20 18:15 Orangeville ON Disk 30 seconds Strange, moving bright light, spotted in sky north of Orangeville, Ontario 9/4/20
8/29/20 18:00 Maple Hts OH Light 1 minute Flying objects non like I have ever seen before 9/4/20
8/29/20 17:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 2 minutes 2 silver disc turning orange every 10 sec while flying over Coney Island beach. 9/4/20
8/29/20 08:30 Welland (Canada) ON Formation 4 minutes I was out to get pizza from Little Caesars and I noticed three lights in a triangle formation over Niagara falls Ontario. I live in Wel 9/4/20
8/29/20 03:15 Mesa AZ Oval 3 seconds Sitting on my balcony looking into the NE sky I saw what appeared to be a shooting star, with no contrail, it was far off, but travelin 9/4/20
8/28/20 22:00 Choctaw OK Light 5 minutes bright light over eastern choctaw oklahoma thought it might of been just a radio tower cause it had a slight red color to it cause was 9/4/20
8/28/20 20:45 Eagle Mountain UT Triangle 5-10 seconds Triangles over Eagle Mountain Utah 9/4/20
8/28/20 20:30 Dandridge TN Circle 4 minutes White orbs appeared beyond trees nne an moved south across the lake. There were between 10-20 and seemed to move in a formation that se 9/4/20
8/28/20 20:16 Sullivan MO Light 3-7 minutes Multiple Light Over Pea Ridge Mines seen from Sullivan, MO. 9/4/20
8/28/20 12:00 Saskatoon SK Flash Flash Bright flash of light during daylight 9/4/20
8/28/20 10:19 Ocean Springs MS Rectangle 11 seconds rectangular/ diamond shaped UFO over south pointe 9/4/20
8/28/20 08:30 Sioux Falls SD Changing 20 minutes Bright large shape turns red 9/4/20
8/28/20 02:30 McKenna WA Triangle 45 minutes 4 red lights it looked like over Rainer or Tanino in the shape of a triangle 9/4/20
8/27/20 23:57 Rockport MA Unknown 5 minutes Bright white light w/greenish blue lights on either side. Moved erratically and made an unusual wooing sound with oscillating pitch 9/4/20
8/27/20 21:20 San Antonio TX Light 21:40 White light traveling east to west.The light blink blue twice then turned red,flying down slow then back up.The light turn white flew b 9/4/20
8/27/20 21:00 St. Paul MN Light 8 seconds Red Light Changing Color and Abruptly Stopping to Hover 9/4/20
8/27/20 20:47 Marlton NJ Light 5 minutes Father and son see large bright orb with aura around it 9/4/20
8/27/20 19:45 Sedalia MO Circle 15 Object was round in same time Square with lights . 9/4/20
8/27/20 19:00 Bel Air MD Rectangle 5 Mins Light blue rectangular object seen flying over Maryland. 9/4/20
8/26/20 18:00 Colorado Springs CO Circle 5 minutes Two clear video’s...Just unreal !!!! My sister filmed both videos from inside her car.. one video clearly showed the round orange/ re 9/4/20
8/26/20 00:13 Ellsworth ME Circle 1hr and counting Small Circular Orange in color moving up, down, left, right switching between slow and quickly actions. 9/4/20
8/25/20 23:25 Ft. Wayne IN Light Hour Strange blinking lights 9/4/20
8/25/20 21:00 Fayetteville AR Diamond 30-45 seconds 4 flashing white lights in a diamond pattern and then there were 5 9/4/20
8/25/20 20:33 New York NY Circle 2-3 minutes Fast moving elliptical UFOs. 9/4/20
8/25/20 10:45 McMinnville OR Circle 1-2 seconds Bright circular light shot straight down to the horizon out of vision. Light was either white or bright blue and made no sound. 9/4/20
8/25/20 07:40 California CA Circle 20 seconds On a flight very bright light shining in window, looked out the window there was a ufo hovering there to the back right side of the pla 9/4/20
8/24/20 20:30 North Brunswick NJ Triangle 2 minutes Reddish-orange Triangle stopped, quietly hovered then turned sharply right. 9/4/20
8/24/20 07:45 Aliquippa PA

MADAR Node 68 9/4/20
8/24/20 Reading PA Oval 2 hours the object was oval with red, white,blue lights blinking. It appereared slowly in the sky lights blinking going different directions. T 9/4/20
8/23/20 22:40 Pacific City OR Changing 30 minutes The object flew in from the North East and hovered over the ocean shore for 30mins+ changing direction and flipping/ tossing. There was 9/4/20
8/23/20 22:00 Arlington WA Circle 30 seconds UFO description, time, date and event 9/4/20
8/23/20 21:20 Kearns UT Light 15-20 minutes Lots of star like lights coming from different directions for about 15 minutes. ((Starlink satellites?)) 9/4/20
8/23/20 21:00 Ellerbe NC Circle 2-3 seconds I was driving approx. 5 miles northeast of Ellerbe headed toward Ellerbe from Derby( community). I had just came up from a low lying w 9/4/20
8/23/20 21:00 Ellerbe NC Circle 2-3 seconds I was driving approx. 5 miles northeast of Ellerbe headed toward Ellerbe from Derby( community). I had just came up from a low lying w 9/4/20
8/23/20 00:00 Spokane WA Other 3 seconds ((HOAX??)) I saw an alien leaping from one backyard, across the road, and jumped the fence to an 9/4/20
8/22/20 22:30 Yankton SD Light 30 seconds 2 orange lights hovering slowly before flickering out west of Yankton/North of Gavins Point Dam 9/4/20
8/22/20 22:00 Buffalo NY Light ~5 minutes Multiple moving lights in the sky. 9/4/20
8/22/20 20:36 Furlong PA

MADAR Node 38 9/4/20
8/22/20 06:28 Windham OH

MADAR Node 55 9/4/20
8/22/20 03:53 Walla Walla WA

MADAR Node 130 9/4/20
8/20/20 22:42 Reisterstown MD Oval 3 minutes I have it all on video 2 min of this object glowing different colors and changing shapes. Frame by frame you can see the evidence. Reco 9/4/20
8/20/20 21:30 Charlestown NH Rectangle 45-60 seconds Silent triangle flying NW to SE, Three lights at the corners with flashing red light at the center 9/4/20
8/20/20 05:06 Mountlake Terrace WA

MADAR Node 100 9/4/20
8/19/20 22:00 Fort Morgan AL Circle 10 seconds Stationary large orange red lights, one light moving out from another to become to separate lights 9/4/20
8/19/20 05:53 Northbrook IL

MADAR Node 98 9/4/20
8/19/20 05:29 St. Louis MO

MADAR Node 70 9/4/20
8/18/20 22:00 Beddington ME Light 30 minutes Two ufo lights in Beddington Maine 9/4/20
8/18/20 22:00 Beddington ME Light 30 minutes Two ufo lights in Beddington Maine 9/4/20
8/18/20 14:10 Nashville TN Other 1 minute Occurred while driving on Ellington Pkwy north on the I65 north entrance ramp. Witnessed a black square hovering completely still in th 9/4/20
8/17/20 12:46 Littlerock CA

MADAR Node 56 9/4/20
8/16/20 17:44 Clarksville TN

MADAR Node 138 9/4/20
8/16/20 13:07 Kenmore WA

MADAR Node 47 9/4/20
8/16/20 08:44 Aventura FL Other 5 minutes IT was a rainbow upright rectangular upright block of light, moving westward. one photo shows a plume/trail in the upper right . 9/4/20
8/16/20 04:37 Guelph ON Other 5 minutes White shipIn the sky with a faded ship in the background very close by above the moon. Refer to the pictures being sent 9/4/20
8/16/20 04:37 Guelph (Canada) ON Other 5 minutes White shipIn the sky with a faded ship in the background very close by above the moon. Refer to the pictures being sent 9/4/20
8/16/20 04:00 Newport OR Changing >15 minutes Orange orb bouncing and dividing in one place changing color to muted-blue and back to orange. 9/4/20
8/12/20 22:30 Garden City SC Circle 45 seconds Unidentified Objects - Garden City SC 9/4/20
8/12/20 21:12 Tucson AZ Rectangle 3 minutes Red Triangle formation over Tucson 9/4/20
8/11/20 22:28 Sundance Resort UT Formation 45 seconds Three white lights in triangle formation, faded out one at a time. 9/4/20
8/7/20 03:03 Eugene OR Light 3 minutes Looking North towards Coburg hills. I saw a bright white long line of light. Nothing flashing, no other colors. I took a photo and it 9/4/20
8/3/20 18:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 30 minutes Observed a silver point of light at extremely high altitude hold a position over las Vegas for fifteen minutes before slowly moving to 9/4/20
6/30/20 20:00 Elkins WV Triangle 2 minutes On the last Day of June 2020 there was an orange light hoovering above the pine trees just behind our house as the neighbors let off fi 9/4/20
6/14/20 03:00 Valley City ND Triangle 7 seconds Black triangular craft rising from ground with 3 lights that flashed just before the craft disappeared. 9/4/20
4/17/20 20:30 Az Zarqa (Jordan)
Sphere 00:05:00 Large hovering UFO Craft seen twice in Zarqa, Jordan 9/4/20
4/9/20 17:20 Tewantin (Queensland)(Australia)
Light 30 seconds 15-25lights very high altitude in one line formation with one hanging back looked liked a train in the sky (Starlink satellites?) 9/4/20
3/28/20 04:00 Sydney (Australia
Light 2 minutes On the morning of the 28/03/2020 I was sitting across road from my place in Epping NSW when I looked up and spotted what I thought was 9/4/20
1/25/20 21:00 Queen Charlotte Island BC
5 minutes On a Alaska night flight from Seattle to Juneau AK. Midway in the flight my daughter ask me what was outside the window,I look of in th 9/4/20
1/10/20 01:30 Keller GA Triangle 20 seconds Triangular craft descending and hovering by radio tower. 9/4/20
1/8/20 22:00 Haifa (Israel)
Unknown <2 seconds 01/08/20 22:00 haifa(israel) unknown ~1second bright green dot moved straight above me and then far away went upwards 9/4/20
12/20/19 06:30 Yule FL Other Still photos and videos While watching the space x launch I took two videos and two pictures. When I looked at the video all I see is the rocket. When I looked 9/4/20
11/26/19 19:55 Lordstown OH Triangle ~5 minutes Black Triangle Sighted near Lordstown, OH on evening of 11/26/2019 9/4/20
10/16/19 20:00 Jeffersonville IN Sphere 5 minutes Recorded orange sphere split into 2 and slowly move to the right. 9/4/20
8/12/19 23:00 Evansville IN Formation Unknown Saw three triangles in a dream.. 9/4/20
1/23/19 19:22 Mountain Home ID Light
Two very bright white lights hovering over the highway 9/4/20
8/19/18 01:16 Lathus (France)
Fireball 5 minutes Collection of orange orbs in French night sky 9/4/20
5/22/15 01:30 Enid OK Unknown 1 minute Space object flies like warp speed across sky, stops, then goes another direction 9/4/20
7/1/12 23:30 Glenwood NM Light 9-11 minutes 3 brilliant stationary lights on nearby hillside went out and blue lights shot up and out of canyon with a sonic boom 9/4/20
8/27/11 18:15 Phoenix AZ Oval 25 minutes white object floating in sky deploys hoses which spray out clouds, they joins another cloud and flys away 9/4/20
9/20/09 19:00 Racine MO Sphere 5-10 minutes Me, my brother and two of his friends were chatting outside about an hour or so before dark. All of a sudden a bright glowing ball of l 9/4/20
8/1/08 02:00 Kenai AK Disk 3 minutes Changing color lights attached to fixed and invisible object in the sky during meteor shower. 9/4/20
1/11/08 23:00 Plano TX Light 10 seconds Fast moving bright blue light about 3,000 feet altitude. 9/4/20
5/10/04 20:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Disk 10-30 minutes sphere/disk shape craft hovering above us and let out smaller objects 9/4/20
5/30/02 00:00 Aquasco MD Disk 5 minutes Silent, slow moving, low flying aircraft 9/4/20
11/28/99 22:00 St. Petersburg FL Light 3- 5 seconds As I walked with my husband to get a sandwich at the gas station it was a clear night. I looked up and saw a what looked like a star sh 9/4/20
6/1/97 23:00 Baker City OR Light 6 hours It was Sunday June 1st 1997. I was 18 year's old. I and my girlfriend were at a friends house. It was about 11:00 PM when we noticed ab 9/4/20
10/10/91 20:00 North Judson - ToTo IN Light 20 minutes 2 lights , moving beyond human ability, 3 people, in sky for min's, chase plans visible. 9/4/20
6/30/79 12:00 Medina NY
5 minutes Crop circle seen in upstate Medina, NY at side of road near Iroquois Job Corps Center. 9/4/20
6/1/74 20:45 New Paltz NY Light 3 seconds As a child in upstate New York Iwitnessed a bright light moving erratically and quickly in the night sky. ( I currently live in the UK) 9/4/20
9/1/67 04:00 Brownsvile TX Disk 5-10 minutes example of military coverup 9/4/20
8/30/20 19:56 Duntroon (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes We noticed a very bright light coming south from the north rather quickly almost like a satellite but a lot lower it was a clear night 9/4/20