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1/30/98 18:50 Dallas TX Light 3.5 minutes Time: 1850 CST; location: 40nm SSW Dallas; altitude: 6000feet I am a pilot. I was flying into the DFW metroplex on the evening of Janua 3/7/98
1/29/98 21:15 Scranton KS Fireball 30-45 seconds My son and I saw a something slowly falling out of the sky. It looked like a VW on fire very bright and moving very slowly downward. 3/7/98
1/29/98 19:30 Swadlincote Nr Burton upon Trent (UK/England)
Triangle 00:10:00 A Triangular object with lights in each corner and a central light was seen. It circled slowly at low altitude (500 ft) below cloud cov 3/7/98
1/27/98 21:50 Anaheim Hills CA Light 2-3 seconds Bright bluegreen light streaking across sky from South to North. 3/7/98
1/27/98 21:23 Miami FL Light 20 sec. As I walked into the backyard of my house in Miami, I noticed a sort of amber /white light moving in the sky. 3/7/98
1/27/98 20:20 Woodinville (North East) WA Sphere 3-4 min. My younger sister came to me saying that she saw a bright, round glowing object in the far South East sky outside of our home in Woodin 3/7/98
1/27/98 19:30 Woodland (6 miles from town) WA Triangle 2 minutes Triangular shaped craft glowing alternately red/orange then dimming; with a teal colored light at each point flew from the South hover 3/7/98
1/26/98 21:00 Las Vegas NV Sphere 3seconds witnessed glowing bright green orb in the north west Las vegas sky. shot straight down at incredible speed and was gone. 3/7/98
1/24/98 21:28 Cape Coral FL Diamond 40 minutes 2 glowing objects seen in the sky with many lights; dimond shaped. Seen for at least for 30 minutes with photographs taken. 3/7/98
1/24/98 09:30 San Bernardino CA Sphere 30 minutes Around 9:30 p.m. 1/24/98 I open my front door, to let my Son in. I notice behind him 3 huge balls of lights coming toward us. (They we 3/7/98
1/24/98 05:45 Kaneohe HI Triangle 5 hours Saw a very large (size of a school bus) bright light wide triangular shape in the sky hovering above a nearby mountain. Then second cra 3/7/98
1/23/98 18:05 Holstein/Heartwell (In country between) NE Triangle 6 to 7 minutes Father and son driving west on Hiway 6, around 6 pm. Glowing object stationary for 6 to 7 minutes. Object turns on end, then turns to s 3/7/98
1/19/98 06:50 Tucson AZ Other 3 min a large glowing object shot across sky from se to nw but when it came out of clouds it stopped buzzed around a bit and had lights to bi 3/7/98
1/15/98 19:00 Grants Pass OR Triangle 1 minute,+- Triangular Ship:Turning in midair 3/7/98
1/15/98 05:00 Lake City CO Light 30 seconds An object the size and brightness of Venus appeared in southern sky for appoximately 30 seconds. It then gradually doubled and size a 3/7/98
1/11/98 20:10 Rachel NV Disk 8 minutes At approximately 8:10 PM MST, my girlfriend and I were driving north towards Rachel on Highway 375 in Nevada. As we descended from Han 3/7/98
1/11/98 06:55 Cape May NJ Light 3 minutes =/- What initially appeared to be an aircraft, accelerated away from me at a rate of speed too great to be an aircraft. At a few miles dis 3/7/98
1/10/98 17:00 Bremerton (over) WA Light aproximately 5-minutes 10-year old sites ufo above Bremerton. She explains it as a fire in the sky. The object moved extremyly slow. 3/7/98
1/9/98 20:00 Cape Coral FL Light 2 min a white object was traveling in the eastern sky when we saw a huge blue and red burst of flame speed up the object and travel very fast 3/7/98
1/9/98 18:30 Pottstown PA Triangle 90+ minutes multiple craft of various shapes. All with red & white lights, some pulsing, some strobe. Silent. Eventually chased off by jets. Moveme 3/7/98
1/7/98 16:10 Renton WA Sphere five minutes I was watching TV in my brothers room when something in his window caught my eye. At first it looked like a balloon in the far off dis 3/7/98
1/5/98 20:00 Hudson NY Triangle 5 mins One night going to a friends house,I was walking. Then I seen something very bright,i could not reconize it. 3/7/98
1/4/98 23:45 Nashville TN Circle 5 minutes I was going south on hwy 41 just before Briley pkwy exit. saw circular craft with row of lights on leading edge slowly drift across hwy 3/7/98
1/3/98 23:30 Keysborough (VIC, Australia)
Light 1 minute red lights bigger than a plane irregular flight patterns travelling sw to ne flying low but not lower enough to get a good description 3/7/98
1/1/98 12:58 St. Louis MO Flash
I was watching TV in my bedroom. It was about to doze off when out my window I saw a very large blue flash. The flash filled my room 3/7/98
1/1/98 07:30 Pittsburgh PA Formation 20 minutes 28-30 Lighted objects coming up over the city hovering and almost coliding with one another. Red lights escorting them. Vanished. 3/7/98
1/1/98 01:42 Allentown PA Light 30 minutes + One object, too far to see size and shape, one blinking light red/green/white. Stayed in oproximately same spot for about 30 minutes 3/7/98
1/1/98 00:58 St. Louis MO Flash
I was in my room watching tv when I looked out the window to see a huge blue flash that lit up the sky. I could see everything as clear 3/7/98
12/31/97 21:05 Puerto Nuevo (Puerto Rico) PR Cross 3.5min While visiting relatives in Puerto Rico in December, we witnessed a UFO in Puerto Nuevo, PR. I have been searching all over the interne 3/7/98
12/31/97 20:30 Manassas VA Formation 30 sec observed a formation of approx fifty craft in upper atmosphere traverse night sky. formation was traversing sky fromwest to east and h 3/7/98
12/30/97 19:30 Milton (north of) FL Triangle one min Saw triangle craft with 5 white lights on front and 1 red light on bottom. elev approx 500-1000 ft, moving approx 50 mph in a SW direct 3/7/98
12/26/97 21:35 Bonham TX Unknown 2 to 3 minutes Red object moving west to east, person looking southward. Appear as large as airplanes approaching Dallas/Ft.Worth airport but travel 3/7/98
12/24/97 10:05 Phuket (Thailand)
Formation 10:15 12 slow moving red/orange pulsating objects over Phuket, Thailand about 10:05 on Christmas Eve. 3/7/98
12/22/97 22:27 Costa Rica
12/26/97.. A mass sighting of UFOs over Costa Rica, C.A. was reported on CNNs web site this morning.. you might want to check it out. 3/7/98
12/21/97 05:25 Harrisonburg VA Light 1 minute(?) five stationary lights in a row in the southeastern sky 3/7/98
12/17/97 11:45 Colchester VT Light 45 seconds Saw bright green light, about 11:45 pass over head going to northeast. No sound but radio was out for about ten to fifteen seconds. W 3/7/98
12/17/97 11:45 Burlington VT Diamond 3 minutes Large object at above 50,000 feet: est speed around 3,000 kts: diamond design. no visable trail: est 300 x 300 feet. Have seen in ar 3/7/98
12/16/97 23:23 North San Diego CA Fireball apx. one second Green fireball. Seemed to be too low for a celestial event. Definitely not fireworks. 3/7/98
12/16/97 19:55 Allison Park PA Hexagon 3 to 4 minutes A long hexagon shaped object crossed the sky just north of Pittsburgh,PA, with heading northeast and moving at a speed that I estimate 3/7/98
12/15/97 23:35 Marlette MI Circle approx. 3 minutes A large solid noiseless object, possibly round, with four lights, passed slowly over a residential neighborhood in Marlette, MI. It ha 3/7/98
12/14/97 23:30 Prescott Valley AZ Other 30 minutes In Arizona-A light attached to something floating. 3/7/98
12/14/97 20:30 Aurora CO Unknown 5 Min Object seen shooting across the sky at a very high rate of speed and the stopped and started blinking a white light. Object was moving 3/7/98
12/12/97 02:03 Lubbock TX Other bedroom sleepover. flashing lights. blankets ripped off bed. tall thin figures "spoke" to us. abduction. woke with strange triangular marks on 3/7/98
12/11/97 19:15 Seattle WA Light 3 seconds Extremely rapid, silent, non-streaking bright light moving from north to south at probably 15 to 25 degrees along the eastern horizon a 3/7/98
12/9/97 17:55 Reno NV Light 18:10 Stationary bright red light, simular to jupiter in brightness but red eventuily moved to the south of reno and dimed.and Flashed Three 3/7/98
12/9/97 17:30 Reno NV Light 5 Minutes Bright red light over Reno, NV 3/7/98
12/7/97 20:16 Mount Pleasant SC Unknown 3 minutes At 8:16pm on 12/07/97 An oblect with three bright lights was stoped in the road. When I tried to get out of my car to look...I don't kn 3/7/98
12/7/97 03:00 Ashland (right over Highway 63) MO Triangle 1 minute Triangle shaped object with lights on each corner. Bright strobe lights leading in direction it was going. Going very slow and then sto 3/7/98
12/2/97 20:30 Birch Run MI Chevron 5 min I went to the door to put my dog out. I saw red and green lights coming across Birch Run Rd toward my house through the trees. I watch 3/7/98
12/1/97 21:45 San Jose CA Triangle 2-3 min. It was a clear starlit night when I noticed an object in the south-eastern sky. At a distance I assumed it was an airplane on the flig 3/7/98
11/7/97 18:30 Austin TX Light 30 minutes A bright red light in E/SE. Did not move as long as we watched. 3/7/98
11/1/97 22:00 Los Angeles (just outside) CA Light 5 seconds It was a green light that hovered over the horizon being very still. After a few seconds of looking at it, it dropped straight below t 3/7/98
10/25/97 22:00 St. Thomas, (U. S. Virgin Islands) VI Light 5-8 SECDS Was staring at a very clear night sky over the Caribbean when overhead I saw what appeared to be a satellite (I see them very often). 3/7/98
10/15/97 03:00 Atlanta (north of) GA Light 5 min A blue grayish kind of light. 3/7/98
10/7/97 03:26 MM82/MM83 (between, on I-80) PA Circle 5 minutes Driving west on i-80 ufo was hovering about 100 ft off ground less than 50 ft from interstate.It was about 200yds in diameter and the u 3/7/98
5/27/97 23:00 Huntington UT Light about 6sec. I'm 15 years old and this happened about a year ago but I just foundthis place to submit it. Me and my friend were sleeping in my backy 3/7/98
5/27/97 11:33

[Diary of my EncountersThis is the story I have known since 1979In 1979 I was holidaying at a place called Berowra waters on the South 3/7/98
4/24/97 21:45 New Brighton MN Triangle 45 minutes 20-35 triangular shaped craft sighting.Bright flashing lights at corners. 3/7/98
4/22/97 01:00 Spokane WA Light 20 minutes Large bright red light, size of Venus at its brightest, observed over Spokane, Wa. at 1:00 a.m. on April 22, for about 20 minutes. Appe 3/7/98
4/22/97 00:34 Worcester MA Egg 30seconds It was a bright white/Yellow light, moving at an incredible speed. Too fast for any plane Went from west to East, The White light woul 3/7/98
4/20/97 04:28 Greentown IN Formation 20 mins 4 UFO's spotted, In Northwest Sky, near the Big Dipper constellation. They all moved in roughly the same direction.(N-NE) 3/7/98
4/19/97 22:00 Suisun (North S.F. Bay Area) CA Circle 30-45 min Hwy12 & 113,8 mi.SE of TravisAFB./Color-bright,shimmering,"traffic light"green/Elev.-2k'/Char.-Silent,mutate frm- rnd(dime) to lg (silv 3/7/98
4/18/97 07:05 Dallas TX Diamond 15 minutes Looking East, saw bright red light descendingdown thru cloud layer, then back up into clouds,repeating twice. Red light had a diamond s 3/7/98
4/17/97 20:23 West Memphis AR Light 1 minute Two lights merge together due south thenproceed rapidly to the southwest where theydisappear at the horizon 3/7/98
4/15/97 22:30 Bakersfield CA Light 2 seconds I was looking up at the sky for Hale-Bop,when from the south a round yellowish light zoomed across the sky at a very high speed. 3/7/98
4/15/97 11:33 Punta Arenas (Chile)
Unknown 3 min 30 sec UFO watched over Punta Arenas, Chile on april 15th. 1997. 3/7/98
4/12/97 23:15 Monrovia CA Formation about 1 minute Three (3)objects flying over Monrovia 3/7/98
4/10/97 01:30 Tompson GA Light 4 hrs. At around 1:30 am. we saw a light searching the top of the trees.We discounted it as a hellicopter of poachers.After aboout an hour,hou 3/7/98
4/7/97 05:30 Colorado Springs CO Cylinder 5 minutes Dark. Between Fontaine and Drennan Rd. A tall, brightly litobject descended in field near reservoir west of Powers Rd. Tieredwith mul 3/7/98
4/5/97 19:50 Randle (near) WA Light 45 Seconds Large bright object moving horizontal in the evening sky, very low, made no noise. 3/7/98
4/3/97 20:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Egg 10 seconds ? At aprox. 20.45 I noticed 2 light emitting pinkish egg shaped objects n/w of my position. They were aprox 50 miles away travelling extr 3/7/98
4/3/97 01:35 Port Wentworth GA Other 5 minutes object travelled at approx 800feet. moving north to south over savannah international airport at about 500 mph. no engine noise or exha 3/7/98
4/2/97 20:15 Lebanon MO Sphere a few secs. A giant red ball of light( about 5 time the size hale-bopp was)flew across the sky at well over 1000MPH. 3/7/98
3/31/97 21:00 Juneau AK Light approx 2hrs A friend and I saw a strange low altitudebright object flashing orange and greenrotating colors on Easter night in Juneau,Alaska. When 3/7/98
3/28/97 16:00 Carmichaels PA Disk 1-3 minutes Saw in clear skies long, silver, disc shapedobjecthigh in the sky. Flew over head of meand my witness. Object was silent, had no visibl 3/7/98
3/27/97 20:10 Carlisle PA Formation 2 minute An object that looked like a satillite, suddenly became bright when we blinked a flashlight at it.It was joined by 7 others that flew i 3/7/98
3/27/97 01:03 Williston FL Sphere 2 minutes I was standing out side looking at Hail-Bop, when I saw a huge sphear of light fly about 50 ft. off the ground and burn a hole through 3/7/98
3/27/97 01:00 Ann Arbor MI Light 5 seconds a red/orange flashing light that streaked aross the sky and took a 90 degree left turn. 3/7/98
3/26/97 22:30 Huron OH Circle 3 seconds 2 UFO's sited at 10:30 PM Eastern time comingfrom Canada over Huron, Ohio moving at a veryfast rate of speed, in unattached but similar 3/7/98
3/26/97 22:10 Owings Mills MD Light 5 minutes Bright white object observed to the Westat about treetop level, gained altitude andflew off silently 3/7/98
3/24/97 23:40 Manassas VA Formation 20-25 secs. Seen 4 lights, high speed, very high altitudein the Manassas, VA area. 3/7/98
3/23/97 21:45 Nederland CO Other 2 minutes Group of Velebrators of Vernal Equinox are visited by dimmensional craft .Sunday evening, a group gathered to welcome in the spring whi 3/7/98
3/22/97 22:30 Stevens Point WI Crescent 1 1/2 Hours A hazey orange object hovered in the evening sky.It moved, in what looked like, a crescent shapefrom the upper North-East to the North- 3/7/98
3/22/97 21:30 Unadilla NY Light 2 sec I have video of strange light in SE sky over central NY 21:30 est 03/22/97 3/7/98
3/22/97 21:00 Lake Geneva WI Light 10 min Near moon. small light (cover with thumb) camefrom Southeast at extremly fast speed. As itapproached approximate even with moon seemed 3/7/98
3/22/97 20:32 Bakersfield CA Light
Bright yellow light in the sky. The brightest object in the sky. Kept on brightening and lowering it flouresent yellow light. 3/7/98
3/21/97 21:00 Yucaipa CA Fireball 2 minutes A single orange glowing object moving East at a steady speed. Began to drop flaming objects like the shards from a welders torch. Aft 3/7/98
3/20/97 20:25 Whitefish MT Light 5-10 secs orange lights (not shaped likeaircraft) about 1000 feet overheadfollowed closely by jet (wingsvisible naked eye). Only soundsof one ai 3/7/98
3/17/97 22:25 Gothenburg (Sweden)
Sphere 25 min Me and my vife was climbing in the mountain, We stopd and lookd on a flying object. it was Blue and it looked like a Ball. 3/7/98
3/17/97 10:00 Aquaduct (near, over desert, before entering California) CA Triangle 1-2 min. Flying Westward in a UAL plane over the desert near the aquaduct before entering CA, another UAL plane approached and passed beneath us 3/7/98
3/15/97 23:55 Oakton VA Delta 15 seconds I saw two large bright round white lights moving forward together but keeping the same distance apart. Then the two lights changed dir 3/7/98
3/14/97 20:00 Tonopah AZ Sphere 25 minutes I-10 W of Tonapah AZ and Highway 85 S I watched3 golf ball sized lights "QQQ" being observed by ajet (half the size of a tack head) 20: 3/7/98
3/13/97 21:00 Prescott AZ Formation 30 seconds Saw 5 bright lights in triangle formation in the northand heading southeast at an extremely fast speed. 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:25 Buckeye AZ Sphere 5 MINUTES Observed a number (3 - 5) of white/yellow lights hovering (suspended) approximately 7 - 10 miles away. Observed streaking object leavi 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:20 Northwest Tempe AZ Formation 15 minutes We saw 5 red lights, in a V formation, from the north to the south, in a fifteen minute period. 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:15 Phoenix (Ahwatukee) AZ Triangle 10 min Sighted red to white horizontal line on the north west horizon. As the object got closer it looked like a 5 light triangle. It passed o 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:15 Prescott AZ Formation 10 min Observed five yellow-white lights travelling from NW to NE then turning to S 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:15 Phoenix (Tempe) AZ Light 7 min. 5 orange colored lights fall toward earth like fireworks. Shortly after they hovered in place, pulsating and began moving at odd traje 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:12 Prescott AZ Formation 5 min v formation white lights to start with at long range as it got closer looking through binoculars each light was actually 2 one red one 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00 East Mesa /Apache Junction. AZ Light 1 to 2 min I came home after work at about 9pm 3/13/997. My children, ages, 7,8,& 11, had been in the backyard all evening. When I arrived, they 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00 Phoenix AZ Chevron 10 minutes "V" shaped black object with 5 lights, passed directlyover our house in Phoenix and didn't make a sound. It's shapewas that of a carpen 3/7/98
3/13/97 20:00 Kingman AZ Formation 6 Minutes 5 BRIGHT orange lights flying in a V formation 3/7/98
3/13/97 10:30 Newfoundland NJ Oval 5 min Driving N/W on Rt. 23 on the way home from 3rd shift. After passing thru a trarric lite i noticed a glimmer off to the left hand side. 3/7/98
3/12/97 21:50 Glendale (SSW of) AZ Light over 3 weeks Stationary object SW of the Phoenix AZ area seen over several nights. Quit appearing after the Mar 13 incident in Phoenix. 3/7/98
3/12/97 09:00 New Orleans LA Other 5-10 Seconds Are you interested in unexplained noises? 3/7/98
3/11/97 18:30 Charleston WV Sphere 15 minutes 3 bright,orange objects with comet-like tails, movingtoward earth, then toward each other, thenhorizontally, east to s.west 3/7/98
3/8/97 19:00 East Detroit (eastpoint0 MI Disk
I called my name is Jim Asaro.Me and 3 friends went out to go to somones house we looked at the sky we saw a UFO it had four lights in 3/7/98
3/7/97 22:50 Seattle WA Flash 1 sec Less than a 1 second flash of large blue-white light, climbing slightly on it's path from west to east. . 3/7/98
3/6/97 22:00 Virginia Beach VA Light few seconds I was laying in my bed watching tv with the windows open and I saw this Bright yellow light fly across the sky then all of a suden It s 3/7/98
3/6/97 01:00 Rohnert Park (Sonoma State University) CA Sphere Three(3) hours + I 1st noticed 3 small objects/stars/points "excited state", were Iscoceles their locations from each other. One then vanished, two re 3/7/98
3/5/97 18:10 San Francisco CA Oval 2 minutes 2 small (about 1 ft. long & 200 ft. away at closest) dark objects circling each other then sped south,followed min. later by 2 more. 3/7/98
3/2/97 19:00 Prairie du Sac/Merrimac ( between. on Hwy. 78) WI Cross 5 to 10 min. One small object with rotating lights, then a little later a large brilliantly lit object in the shape of a cross with 4 bright lights 3/7/98
2/28/97 16:00 St. David AZ Oval abt 1 hour Sighted grey metallic saucer with no lights hovering over the Whetstone Mts. Watched it for about an hour. 3/7/98
2/26/97 19:00 London (UK/England)

2/25/97 20:00 New Florence PA Light 30:00 Bright Light in the East Hovering 3/7/98
2/25/97 14:20 Boiling Springs (outside of, traveling on highway) PA
15 sec. approx. Observed unidentified object apparently following Airliner

My four year old son and I were returning from shopping at approximately
2/25/97 02:00 Crystal Lake IL Sphere 3-4 seconds I was laying on the sofa looking out the window at 2:00am with the Moon and Mars in the sky and all of the sudden I saw an orange-red b 3/7/98
2/18/97 00:50 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)

Possible UFO crash ?
2/15/97 23:35 Blairsville PA Light 5min Low flying aircraft hovering above elementary school

It was 11:35 pm and I was driving west from Bolivar Pa to blairsville on route
2/6/97 03:15 Grove City PA
3 hours Had a alien possible abduction ,very hard to talk about it. Remember hearing buzzing sound and 6 small grey figures that passed out.
2/2/97 08:25 Thackery OH Unknown 1and 1/2 hours Objects that move much more quickly than airplanes. They moved strait up and down even below tree tops. They would stay still for man 3/7/98
2/1/97 21:00 Winter Springs FL Cone about 5 min. We were jumping on the trampoline and we see a top-looking shape in the air hovering above us with no sound. it had lights surrounding 3/7/98
1/29/97 23:15 East Greenwich RI Disk 5 minutes I witnessed a UFO which may be of the Lazar"Sport Model" variety when I was leaving work to drive home.

The UFO was circular in shap
1/25/97 21:00 Marion WI Triangle 2 minutes On a camping trip 3 triangle shaped objects were seen by myself and 7 other campers slowly drifting over, almost surveying the landscap 3/7/98
1/24/97 19:00 Alta UT Other 3 hours plus A "moving star" similar to a satellite stopped, hovered, and darted around for over 3 hours. A telescope revealed a round shape.

1/22/97 03:35 Altus AFB OK Changing 30sec Object breaking up above western oklahoma

At 3:35am Central time over S.W. Oklahoma a bright object came from the north about 30 deg
1/21/97 19:15 Blackwell OK Triangle 10 minutes at least A gold triangular shaped object with a red "tail" was seen hovering in the air west southwest of Blackwell, OK. It hovered for at leas 3/7/98
1/19/97 20:52 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Light 30 sec 3 fast moving redish lights, very high, moving first North to South, them one manuevering to NW, followed by the other 2.

Clear eve
1/18/97 22:00 Las Vegas (SE of) NV Sphere 5-10 sec Luminous sphere (white) travelling due west at a very high velocity (it slowed down and then accelerated). It moved along a ridge of a 3/7/98
1/17/97 02:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Cylinder 10 minutes A long, rotating tube like object, covered with small windows. Perhaps 50m long. With two antennae like objects protruding from the fro 3/7/98
1/16/97 18:00 Moab UT Other 3 min. Very bright stationary object approx. 30 horizon. Emitted triangular yellow greenlight, modulating from flood to spot beam. T 3/7/98
1/16/97 06:30 Seguin TX Fireball 5 seconds San Antonio Express-News ran 3 stories on the 'UFO' that was found in a rancher's field.

From San Antonio Express-News story, 2 witn
1/15/97 17:30 Long Beach NY Egg 5 mins A bright luminesant egg shaped object aproached the beach from the south and hovered with out sound for three mins. 3/7/98
1/15/97 07:00 Macon GA Disk can't remember The night of this event I was coming home from a boy scout campout with some other boys when we saw the objects.

We saw 4 objects. O
1/14/97 16:00 McKinlyville/Eureka (near Arcata Driving) CA Disk ONE MINUTE APROX. SMALL DISK SHAPE UFO 3/7/98
1/12/97 23:00 Billings MT Light 5 minutes or less Two bright red lights moving in perfect formation flew over Billings on the evening of Jan.12, 1997. They were flying at an altitude n 3/7/98
1/11/97 05:00 St. Cloud MN pyramid 2 min. Right when me and my friend left the my housewe saw a bright green glowing object thatlooked like a 4 sided pyrimid then after about2 m 3/7/98
1/8/97 19:00 Eden NY Light 30-60 sec. Circular light image moving in an arc downward. Brightly lit, white-yellow with warmer tones flaring out on the bottom. It's size was 3/7/98
1/8/97 17:22 South Attleboro MA Disk 7 seconds At dusk on perfectly clear night saw large, blue bright disk fly vertically down and skim out over the earth. As it pulled out of its d 3/7/98
1/8/97 17:20 Brooklyn CT Disk 2 seconds Flat, round object heading rapidly SE horizontally.

I was on my way home from work on roads I've travelled at this time of day for t
1/8/97 16:00 Worsley, Manchester (UK/England)
Teardrop 2 minutes Tear drop shape, emitting dull gold glow at around 7000 feet. Moving at same speed as airliners in landing pattern in same vicinity.

1/7/97 00:35 Amelia OH Light 5 min. We saw a large "spotlight" at about 100-150 ft directly above us. It had one flashing red light above the spotlight and two white light 3/7/98
1/4/97 21:32 Santa Rosa CA Disk 15 min A brief encounter with a circular looking object that appeared to be on fire...

A neighbors house down the street a circular looking
12/29/96 20:00 Bastrop LA Light 1 hour due south of bastrop

A bright light was seen in the sky, and was thought to be a star until it started moving. It moved back and for
12/24/96 23:15 Little Rock AR Light 10 minutes No Noise, No nothing except blurry lights,an extremly large object with such speed andmanuvirabilty,stopping and starting, hooveringfor 3/7/98
12/22/96 01:45 Reno NV Other 3 seconds I saw a HUGE ball like flash grow and then'erupt' while looking out of my windowfacing SE. It was not lightening. I love towatch the we 3/7/98
12/18/96 04:30 Eugene OR Light 1 hour Father and son saw a light at high altitude perform zig-zags, abrupt starts and stops, and 90 degree turns.

I am 18. I was going to
12/17/96 21:45 Dana Point CA Light 10 seconds We saw a pinkish light moving in a south to north direction. It traveled at a constant speed covering an approximately 110 degree arc 3/7/98
12/17/96 20:00 Sunrise FL Sphere 60-90 seconds We saw a comet like shape heading west to east very fast, Suddenly the comet tail dissapeared, than ignited twice then disapeared.

12/13/96 23:00 Stroudsburg (Stroud Township) PA Light under 2 min. Blue light faded to red with electrical sounding hum and then repeating.The light traveled from behind our home to the side lighting th 3/7/98
12/13/96 15:20 Simi Valley CA Egg 4 min A silver metallic object streaked across the sky in a northeast direction. It suddenly slowed to a complete stop before going straight 3/7/98
12/11/96 19:55 Gulf Breeze FL Fireball one hour Large red firy orange balls in a figure approaching a triangle in shape

40 years old , some graduate school,
12/9/96 23:15 Hastings MN Triangle Approx.15 On the night of December 8th, 1996 at 11.15 pm (central) a triangular shaped object appeared in the sky and hovered in the air for a du 3/7/98
12/8/96 00:05 Jonesburg MO Light 10 minutes My wife and I were driving up Hwy. I-70 on our way back from St.Louis. Half way home, (around Warrenton) we spotted a strange white lig 3/7/98
12/1/96 22:36 Columbia MO Light 10 min. Little ship circling Big ship. Over eastern,Columbia MO.

Dember first I was traveling eastbound on Clark LN. When I noticed a bright
11/24/96 21:00 Miami FL Light 2 min A light the size of an average star was spotted traveling at grater spped than commmercial aircraft at a high altitude. 3/7/98
11/15/96 22:30 Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire (UK/England)
11/15/96 20:50 Lima OH Light 10 minutes 2 adult women about 1 mile apart saw a bright
light 1/2 moon in diameter hover between and
above them for about 10 min., then vanish
11/14/96 19:00 Hobe Sound FL Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball moving at high rate of speed. 3/7/98
11/7/96 23:30 Seattle WA Sphere 7 sec. Dimly lit group of colored objects hovering over the Woodland Park Zoo emitting light beams similar to spotlights.

I was walking my
10/30/96 19:30 Richmond OH Triangle a few minutes orange triangle metallic looking object sighted from window

I was sitting on couch and saw a plane? coming in the distance. No surpr
10/18/96 23:30 Memphis TN Unknown 5 MINUTES I was spending the night at a friends house when we went outside to check on his dog and my we saw something in the sky.

They were a
10/13/96 03:19 Reno NV Triangle 40 minutes At 3:19 am, bright light seen outside window and then one small tugboat triangular shaped aircraft seen over the house and then both oc 3/7/98
10/3/96 21:00 Derby CT Light 30 - 40 minutes Two large lights were seen high in the sky. The objects swung around, changing position with one another, then the top object vanished. 3/7/98
9/11/96 22:45 Arden Hills MN Light
A bright white light was seen in the night sky. It quickly darted over to the north, stopped, and then took off back south and suddenly 3/7/98
9/7/96 10:50 West Manchester OH Triangle 20 min. Triangular object with orange lights circled group of 4 teens ,hummed and buzzed before exiting town to S. 4 teens joined by 2 adults w 3/7/98
9/6/96 20:00 Lake Shasta CA Light 1-2 min Object speeds through night sky. 3/7/98
9/1/96 21:30 Fort Collins CO Disk 1 min. Sighting of crescent moon shaped object at about cloud high, traveling from NNW to SSE in direction of Denver CO, at 9:30 PM. No sound. 3/7/98
9/1/96 18:00 Concord MA Disk ? Large saucer spotted hovering above trees. 3/7/98
8/24/96 21:00 Fort Collins (northwest of) CO Light 9 Hours Lights whirling in and around trees, Whooshing sound as the craft flew overhead. The approach of 2 1/2' to 3' tall beings.

At about
8/21/96 11:30 France
Other 5-6mins Large spiral pattern in sky. wind blew cloud moved pattern didn't 2 armed helicopters completly black arived at area warning of with li 3/7/98
8/20/96 02:15 West Manchester OH Disk 5-10 min. Teen girl saw circular UFO with orange,green,reddish-orange .A series of rectangular windows were around the middle body. One window i 3/7/98
8/15/96 02:30 Grand Rapids MI Light 20-30 min Two small objects that appeared to be non-teresteral 3/7/98
8/15/96 02:30 Grand Rapids MI Light 20 minutes We saw two red dots of apparent unearthly origin. 3/7/98
8/10/96 23:30 Kerman CA Light 3-4 seconds I was walking back to my room witch was separete from the house. I stoped walking to look up at the night sky and saw star, well what 3/7/98
8/10/96 22:00 George (The Gorge Amphatheatre) WA Formation 1 minute Three soft dim lights passing over head at a fast rate of speed in a vee formation. 3/7/98
8/7/96 23:00 West Manchester OH Unknown 1 min. ea. time 2 bros. saw an object in front of S. windowappear to come from sky and make flashesof light two different times, then shoot away 3/7/98
8/7/96 23:00 West Manchester OH Oval 15 min. Teen saw 8 UFOs near town.Woods got red as Ufo rose out , joined by 5 white specks. Object broke off object from woods and flew to lef 3/7/98
8/1/96 16:00 San Jose CA Fireball 15-30 sec A large boiling fireball 3/4 the size of the full moon. flew by so fast that i was the only oneto see it 2 others present I thought tha 3/7/98
7/4/96 21:30 Goshen NY Light
While outside with my family on July 4th...I went to my room to get a CD...then I seen this object just floating in the sky about a mil 3/7/98
6/22/96 22:30 Buckhannon WV Triangle 2minutes A rather large triangular shaped disk was noticed about 800 yards away hovering at the level of tree tops. Me and a friend began to ex 3/7/98
6/1/96 22:00 Johnstown PA Oval 3 sec bright blue-white oval light at high altitude, moving slowly S-N 3/7/98
5/27/96 20:30 Amargosa Valley NV Light 1hr AUTHOR'S SUMMARY: Friend and I witnessed "flare like objects"hovered more than 10 minutes per.Obj's #ing above 20. Strange person(s) 3/7/98
5/16/96 17:45

UFO flying low over buildings. Silvery-grey in color with a silvery-green line going diagonally through it. 3/7/98
4/11/96 20:00 Atlantic Ocean
Light 4 hours During a flight from Boston to Amsterdam a strange point of light could be seen for almost the whole flight. 3/7/98
2/23/96 20:15 Los Angeles CA Triangle 1-2 minutes At 20:15 Pacific time on 2/23/96, while out on balconywith telescope, looked west, south west,and saw 3 triangularshaped objects with a 3/7/98
1/31/96 20:15 Buckhead Ridge FL Light 5 min 30 sec I observed an object apparently making a controlled reentry or entry into the atmosphere. It was the size of a medium sized star and 3/7/98
1/15/96 18:00 Loredo/Eagle Pass (between) TX Formation 30 seconds - 1 minute Liner lights. 4, turn off, 3, turn off2, turn off. High and near the U.S./Mexico Border 3/7/98
1/3/96 23:08 Hayward (next to Hawyard Airport in; I was in airport) CA Unknown 5-6 seconds I was with my brother at the airport fuleing up a plane. After that we drove the turkback to the fule center. I was looking toward the 3/7/98
12/19/95 15:20 Joliet IL Oval 10 mins 2 objects seen in clear sky hovering. seen while driving E on US 30. Object 1 appeared to 'float' around object 2. Glint from top of on 3/7/98
11/1/95 00:30 Lakeport (near) CA Light 5 hours Two brothers hunting 6 miles from the main road. Parked on a pullout near the top of the ridgetop. Saw red-green halo light moving acro 3/7/98
10/25/95 22:00 Sandals Royal Jamaican Resort, Montego Bay (Jamaica)
Rectangle 3 seconds honeymooners see huge black object in sky illuminated by moon off the shore of Montego Bay. It glides by quickly and silently, then dis 3/7/98
9/15/95 02:00 Wasilla AK Light 10:00 Noticed two objects traveling in an erratic manner in a southerly direction out of the North-East. 3/7/98
8/12/95 20:29 Arlington WA Triangle 5-10 min. I was out packing groceries in and I noticed a pink colored glow across the street I went in and put groceries down and went out again 3/7/98
8/9/95 02:10 I-64 (MM 94, westbound) IN Triangle 3-5 min. It was hovering over the westbound lane at the top othe hill. It was foggy at the bottom of the hill and after starting up I saw it and 3/7/98
7/15/95 21:00 Methuen MA Oval 10 seconds Saw a yellow football shaped object in the sky. Moved hoorizontally across the sky for about ten seconds just gliding horinzontally mak 3/7/98
7/15/95 01:30 Buena Park CA Light 10 min. One night my friend and I were walking home.It was very hot and there was a storm coming in,heat lightning,clouds,that sort of thing.We 3/7/98
6/15/95 21:00 Glendale AZ Fireball seconds Author's Summary Line: "on orange ball of light appears over the mountains projects directly over head.. disappears"

It was approx
6/6/95 18:00 Golden CO Other 15 minutes Witnessed a Barbell like object that rotated irratically, changed directions several times, and finally dissapeared. 3/7/98
6/1/95 21:00 Kingsford/Green Bay (between) WI Disk at the most, 20 seconds Small silver-disc high high up in the air... very quick... then it zoomed away. 3/7/98
5/19/95 22:00 Glendale CA Triangle 1:30 Girlfriend and I saw three red lights forming a triangle shape moving north. My first thought, Helicopter, but no sound was heard, from 3/7/98
3/23/95 01:30 Snoqualmie WA Disk 5 min Disc shaped object with multiple colored lights hovered aprox 75 feet overhead. lights on bottom rotated to back. Lights flashing out o 3/7/98
3/10/95 22:00 Coconino Nat'l Forest north of Wupatki NM, AZ AZ Formation 10-15 min. Man and woman observe cluster of about 8, motionless blinking blue lights (not in sync), lazer-like pulses of light between them, and g 3/7/98
1/1/95 21:00 Tucson AZ Triangle 5-10 minutes 120-140 ft, X 35-40 ft, X 30 ft, triangler craft, metalic colored, 4 lights directly down the center with 2 strobes and 3 very large li 3/7/98
11/1/94 22:30 Lower Lake (Near) CA Disk 10 minutes "The Dunn sightings" Two hunters parked at the end of a fire trail near the highest point in the area observed a bright white light in 3/7/98
9/15/94 10:00 Mexicali B. C. Mexico; Sierra Cucapah; Cerro prieto., B. C.
Oval 15 min or more I seen one objet upper the Sierra cucapah (Cucapah mountains)the form of this objet: ovoid and gold color, this objet disappears when i 3/7/98
5/15/94 18:10 Fallon NV Light 45 seconds USN trained weather observer sighted 3 "solid" colored lights, two red, one white, moving south to north silently and periodically"rock 3/7/98
4/1/94 21:24 Indiana PA Disk 3-10 sec we saw a saucer shaped object with a halo around it behind it followed three jets with after burners engaged colors appeared to be blue 3/7/98
1/1/94 01:00 Interstate 10 FL Triangle 3 min. aprox. slow moving craft with 6 small green lights one side facing us.Moving slowly almost touching tops of trees.Making no sound and with no 3/7/98
10/15/93 18:00 Garden Grove CA Rectangle 15 minutes A HUGE black retangular object. At least twice as big as a blimp even with it being about twice as high in the air. No lights. Seen jus 3/7/98
8/12/93 22:30 Lake of the Woods (Near; closest city Ashland - 30 mi.) OR Light 30-45 min 3 luminous objects moving extremely fast, instant directional changes, changed color

My parents and I were observing the Perseid met
7/1/93 01:00 Lynnwood/Alderwood Manor WA Light several minutes A bright red light hovers in the sky and then disappears.

One night in July 1993, while lying in bed, I spotted through my mini-blin
6/5/93 00:15 Economy Borough PA Triangle 30 mins + Huge triangular shaped object. Slow speed and low altitude. Passed directley over my position. No sound except wind rushing past. NE 3/7/98
2/9/93 19:00 Lufkin TX Delta 5-7 min. Family traveling home along a rural farm road spotted unusual lights/object in the sky moving slowly from east to west and pulled over 3/7/98
12/24/92 20:00 Cincinnati OH Triangle 5 min. Our sighting was a classic triangle type U.F.O though it seemed more phoenix shaped to us,It was christmas eve we just finished ourlate 3/7/98
6/15/92 22:00 Montvale VA Sphere 3 minutes amber,orange ufo spotted in bedford county,virginia near "closed" airforce base. 3/7/98
6/15/92 20:00 River Falls WI Triangle 2-3 mins I and my brother were sitting on swings in a school playground, when a trianguler shaped object appeared. 3/7/98
6/15/92 18:00 Area 51 NV Oval 12 hrs. 4 adults video tape object over area 51 in Nevada. Video shown on 2 different episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries". 3/7/98
5/18/92 21:00 Elmer NJ Other 10 minutes I was on the way home from my girl friends house at around 900 pm and as i passed by centerton lake i witnesed a huge object sitting 3/7/98
6/1/91 19:00 Troy MI Disk 10min My wife 34,son 10 and his grandmother 68,saw a disk shaped object with lights hovering .5-1 mile up in the air near 14 mile and I-75 w 3/7/98
5/15/91 09:41 Central Texas TX Light
Mother relates story of helicopters observing circle of blue lights on ground.

My mother told me this story a few years ago and I ju
1/1/89 23:59 Wagoner OK Light 1-2 mins My friend and I who were both 16 at the time were driving to her house on state highway 51 westbound. We were going to be late for curf 3/7/98
7/1/88 23:30 Arcadia CA Rectangle about 5 minutes Our dog was barking at something. His bark was the bark as if he didn't want to leave the porch but wanted to summon someone in the fa 3/7/98
12/20/87 17:15 Las Vegas (60-70 miles north-east of, Interstate 15 North) NV Light 3 - 4 minutes Viewed pairs of red strobing lights extended across wide area of Nevada desert and watched as two F-15 fighter aircraft tried to interc 3/7/98
6/15/85 21:00 Ladson SC Circle 5 minutes football-sized and green lightssequential in movement.150 ft above trees.moving about 5 mph. heading for Chasn. AFB. 3/7/98
9/7/82 18:00 Palm Desert CA Disk 30 secondds Five golden (like harvest moon) saucer-shaped objects flying in V-formation from West to East over distant mountain range (15 miles?) 3/7/98
5/15/82 20:00 West Reno (out on old Hwy 40) NV Other 1 minute Loud boom, so loud shook house. Went outside to see what happened. Saw hole in sky cover perfect circle. Moon in center of circle,full 3/7/98
6/15/81 23:30 Elizaville KY Other 1 min I was speeding through the town at about 70 MPH, the speed zone was 35 MPH. I looked in the rear view and saw a police car behind my c 3/7/98
6/15/80 22:00 El Paso TX Light 5 min Saw light travelling across sky

I saw a white light at very high altitude travelling across the sky.I thought it was a satellite unt
6/1/80 20:00 Greeneville TN Triangle 30 seconds 3 witnesses see 2 large triangularobjects hovering about 100 feet inair. No sound. Objects shoot laserbeam toward one another-disappear 3/7/98
3/24/80 14:00 Westminster CO Disk 5 seconds A disc shaped object was floating above, the color was a orangish red and glowing, took off at a blink of an eye.

My name is Dave an
9/1/79 00:05 Rockford/Belvedere (between) IL Disk 5-10 MIN Saw a very large object 1000-1500 ft in diameter having difficulty. Saucer shaped about twice the size of a quarter held at arms lengt 3/7/98
8/15/79 22:10 Beach Haven Terrace (Long Beach Island) NJ Fireball 4-5 seconds Fireball flying parellel with the horizen,then exacuting a 90 deg. turn over the horizen.

The setting; approx. 10:10pm on Long Beach
7/1/79 03:00 Chico CA Rectangle 4 - 7 minutes A huge solid black mass, silently glided directly over us from the NNE going SSW then did a perfect 90 degree turn directly over us and 3/7/98
12/20/78 17:00 Huntington Park CA Disk 20 min. My Father and I watched a silver object, shaped like a diamond on its side. It hovered overhead then slowly moved to the right, then d 3/7/98
1/1/75 03:00 Jamestown NY Sphere a few minutes I was 13-15. I was in my parent house on Moon Rd., Woke up in the middle of the night. Looked out the window. saw a SMALL round objec 3/7/98
8/1/73 04:00 Kittery ME Formation 10 Seconds A VERY fast light point object that was viewed for about 10 Seconds. 3/7/98
7/24/73 02:24 Blackfoot ID Triangle Approx. 4 minutes Smooth, rounded triangular object, stone grey, no lights or markings, dome on bottom, silent. 3/7/98
7/1/72 19:00 Provo (south of) UT Disk 20-30 min. 1972,Utah-small bright cloud,I'm driving south realize cloud is moving,suddenly cloud turnsinto silver saucer and shoots across desert. 3/7/98
8/15/70 20:00 Seymore/Farmer City/Weldon area IL Disk 1 hour Large Aluminun-colored "Saucer" 3/7/98
2/25/68 22:00 Ironwood MI Sphere 20 minutes A small UFO we chased in a Piper Cherokee plane. Object led us in a circle then passed below us. 3/7/98
11/10/67 19:00 Highway 71 between Clearmont, Missouri and Maryville, Missou MO Unknown 2-3 minutes Noticed a semi-circular array of white lights with a pulsing middle light. Observed object in southern sky. Actually heard propulsion 3/7/98
7/1/67 20:30 East Hanover NJ Cigar aprox.10min no moon,observed colored blinking lights apox. 150' up in southern sky. 3/7/98
6/1/67 21:00 Sumner WA Formation 10-15 min 5 objects seen over Sumner WA June of 1967. Objects hovered very close to ground and shined lights. 3/7/98
6/1/66 13:00 Carson City MI Disk 5 minutes My cousin & I were both 7 and we were behind our grandmother's when we noticed a silver, smooth, shimering disc about 20" wide and 10" 3/7/98
7/15/65 16:00 Nyona Lake IN Cigar 30 minutes Cigar shaped object. 25,000 to 40,000 ft. high. Color silvery and at times white. Summer 1964, 0r 1965. UPI reported it was seen in 8 o 3/7/98
6/15/65 09:00 West Corners NY Other 5-10 sec. during the day a 5 year old boy sees alien looking in window, later that night they abduct his 4 yr. old sister 3/7/98
6/1/65 21:00 San Lorenzo CA Light 5-10 min Two objects rendevous at the moon. 3/7/98
3/15/65 17:00 Waterville ME Egg 10 MINS i dont remember going to my room but when i woke up i went to the site at the end of the drive hidden by the high pile of snow and ther 3/7/98
6/1/62 20:00 Aurora CO Light 5 sec. object seen moving from one star to another 3/7/98
1/1/62 08:00 Key West FL Sphere 3 to 5 minutes in the very early morning hours of 1962, I don't recall the date or month, at the time I was only 10 years of age, a very loud whistlei 3/7/98
8/1/60 23:00 Crystal (N. Wisconsin Lake) WI Circle 30sec It was dark and then lit up. A huge white round object (flat?) moved at great speed and disappeared.This was the time when the ufo star 3/7/98