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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/26/98 23:30 Steilacoom WA Fireball 45 min. White circular fireball with slight blue halo around edges seen south of Steilacoom towards known military airfield. Object was relati 9/26/98
9/26/98 23:00 Fort Collins CO Triangle 10 minutes two craft with 3 white lights arranged in tringle and red light in center of triangle. slow flight. no noise. 9/26/98
9/26/98 12:30 Pleasant Hill CA Light 10 minutes I walked up a hill and saw 4 lights come from the sky I ran got my camera and started to film. The battrey ran out then the UFO's dis 9/26/98
9/26/98 09:30 Mt. Vernon NY Oval 4 minutes object was moving in a straight line,fairly in size.the color of the clouds but much brighter,and moveing at a steady pace 9/26/98
9/26/98 03:05 Rock Springs WY Fireball 5-10 seconds Was driving and saw a greenish/blue fireball looking object, travelling west to east. 9/26/98
9/26/98 00:00 Roslyn WA Formation
I was camping and looking at the stars with my brother and dad, when we saw two small balls. They were in formation one in front the o 9/26/98
9/26/98 Bishop/Benton CA Fireball 1-2hours resident of Bishop driving past old road saw lights thought they were cops other veical drivers saw lights in sky manuevering.around 8: 9/26/98
9/25/98 23:40 San Diego North County (Mira Mesa) CA Sphere 1 sec a fast moving green glowing airborn object, came into view and traversed my field of vision in a southwardly direction as I drove my ca 9/26/98
9/25/98 21:25 Silverdale (near Seattle) Across from NSB Bangor (Trident Su WA Fireball <3 seconds One (1) Large green fireball. 9/26/98
9/25/98 05:41 Memphis TN Flash 3 min Approx. it was 5:41 in the morning and I was driving down this road called farm road and all of a sudden, I see this flash and it went 9/26/98
9/25/98 04:40 Sunrise Beach TX Disk 20-30 sec ufo and alien sighting 9/26/98
9/25/98 Marysville OH Disk 10sec's. red/orange in color, hovered for about 5 seconds, turned white and disappeared. 9/26/98
9/24/98 22:35 North Pole AK Sphere 10 minutes Two Orange sphere appeared low on horizon just to left of North Star. One was hidden during filming I believe by trees. They hovered, 9/26/98
9/24/98 22:30 New York City NY Fireball 5-7 min A red, glowing object hovering above the East River. It then dropped into the river, and its glow could still be seen after the object 9/26/98
9/24/98 22:15 Modesto (North of) CA Light 1 Second I was driving northbound on Hwy 99, to the NW I saw what appeared to be a GREEN shooting star "drop" from the sky in a NW direction (fr 9/26/98
9/24/98 01:30 Bowling Green OH Flash 5 seconds We saw a bright oval shaped flash of white light that traveled across the sky near the horizon. 9/26/98
9/23/98 23:20 Rochester NY Sphere 3 secs I observed a very bright sphere travelling from 60 deg. to 20 deg. East of Rochester, NY. It was a bright white sphere, moving very fas 9/26/98
9/23/98 23:10 Mukilteo WA Light 2 sec Additional sighting of "Greenish" ball of light. 9/26/98
9/23/98 22:49 Puyallup WA Other 2 seconds Streak of green light with small head and long tail, like meteror 9/26/98
9/23/98 22:45 Castaic CA Cigar 2 hours It looked like a bright star,,,,but it pulsated, and gave off different shades of green and blue,,it also seemed to move back and forth 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:45 Houston TX Fireball 2-3 sec. I saw a fireball fall from the sky. 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:35 Browns Valley (Oregon House) CA Sphere 2 minutes Signted object in western sky. It was moving vertical from 20 degrees above the horizon to the horizon. The color was orange and green 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:20 Renton WA Fireball 4 sec Green Fireball 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:15 Kent WA Oval 2 seconds Bright fluorescent blue-green object, flying very fast East to West, in Southern sky. No noise. No tail, but very phosphorescent. Calle 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:15 Poway CA Fireball 10 seconds This is the second sighting in 3 weeks. first sighting 3 weeks ago was a large black object low in sky trailing a blue green red tail 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Bayview WA Fireball 4-5 sec movement from east to west, travelling appx. 45 degree angle towards the ground 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Bothell (south of) WA Light 3-5 seconds Object entered atmosphere from above, traveling east to west. 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Vancouver WA Fireball 5 seconds A 5 second slow 60 degree arc of light; slower & brighter greenish glow toward end of arc traveling east to west. 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Bothell WA Fireball 5 seconds Viewed a brightly green shooting-star like fireball. It started about in the southeast sky at a downward angle and traveled west before 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Tacoma (southwest of) WA Fireball 5 sec. At 10 min. after 9pm I was facing to the south during my lunch break when I saw a fireball with a green tail traveling east to west at 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 1.5-2 Seconds Good day: This evening at approximately 9:00pm in Scottsdale Arizona I was driving eastbound on Sheer Blvd. at 110th street, my attenti 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Poulsbo (North of) WA Fireball 2 seconds Green fireball with yellow tail. 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:10 Seattle WA Fireball 5-8 seconds While travelling south on highway 509 (south of 1st south bridge), a greenish fireball observed in SouthWest sky at about 10 o'clock hi 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:05 Enumclaw WA Other 3 - 5 sec. I was going to work wednesday night, going West on a back road. Igot a flash on my left side ,looking left or south Isaw a bright green 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:05 Fort Worth TX Fireball 3-4 seconds green fireball coming down changing colors 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00 Houston TX Fireball 4 seconds I was at the Texaco gasoline loading rack on the north side of Houston. I was loading my truck, when i happened to look to the west and 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00 Winston OR Light 2 seconds Bright, green fireball 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00 Winston OR Teardrop 2 seconds Large, green fireball like object 9/26/98
9/23/98 21:00 Austin TX Disk 1 minute I was standing in my driveway, I looked up and saw a circular craft coming into view from a northwest direction. The size was like som 9/26/98
9/23/98 20:55 Hollywood CA Fireball 6 - 8 seconds Viewed a green "fireball" fall from the sky. 9/26/98
9/23/98 20:11 Salem OR Sphere 1 minute Object was perfect sphere with blue half circle trail size tip of my pinky 9/26/98
9/23/98 18:35 Portland OR Other ~10 minutes Same night as green fireball seen from Eugene to Seattle, and a report of sivlery UFO seen in Vancouver (heard on Art Bell) an unusual 9/26/98
9/23/98 13:59 Westborough MA Sphere 1.5 minutes Round Ball, Diameter the Sun would appear near sunset, perhaps a tad smaller. Silvery to almost translucent, pulsating between visible 9/26/98
9/23/98 10:30 Anson (just east of, on Hwy 180) TX Fireball 2 seconds I saw a baseball sized fireball, green with yellow and red sparks trailing it, for about 2 seconds and then it disappeared. 9/26/98
9/23/98 09:30 Bedford VA Disk 10min silver disk approx size of moon with 2 black rings traveling east to west 9/26/98
9/23/98 04:50 Schenectady NY Sphere 15 seconds Bright green-white light flying soundlessly overhead 9/26/98
9/23/98 02:40 Bellevue (north of) WA Fireball seconds While driving west on 520 toward 405, observed a very fast fireball dropping vertically to my right (north) and disappearing behind the 9/26/98
9/23/98 00:45 Plymouth WI Circle 4 or 5 seconds Bluish-green ball of light, moving from the east to the west. Object had a tail. 9/26/98
9/23/98 San Fernando Valley CA Other 3 seconds I was driving north on the Ventura Freeway(101 Freeway). Off to the north east I saw a very thin blueish streak moving slowly towards t 9/26/98
9/23/98 Deerhorn Valley/Jamul CA Light 5seconds+ @905pm I was looking So. at sky for shooting stars then a green blu ball came into my vision it fell an it seemed slower than other nit 9/26/98
9/23/98 Adrian/Jackson (between) MI Fireball 2 seconds Looked like a meterite except the color and tale both bluesh green streaked threw sky just like a meteorite didn't think much of it exc 9/26/98
9/22/98 21:30 Doylestown (near) PA Other 1 hour It was octagon shaped. It appeared to spin in a counter-clockwise direction with moving lights of red, green and white. It seemed to st 9/26/98
9/22/98 21:06 Eugene OR Unknown 2 seconds Bright Light/Metor. 9/26/98
9/22/98 17:00 Poway CA Cylinder 2 sec Vertical cylinder, gold and hot, bright light on the bottom. 9/26/98
9/22/98 16:18 Portsmouth RI Egg 2 sec Amber/gold rising from tree level 45 deg up. Fast and accelerating. Dissaperaed behind tree branch. Very bright. 9/26/98
9/22/98 04:45 Colorado Springs CO Fireball 10-15 sec Green 'fireball' with a blue tail. 9/26/98
9/22/98 03:00 Big Lake AK Light 3 minutes? Observer awoke and looked out window, seeing greenish colored light being orbited by smaller white/yellow lights 9/26/98
9/22/98 00:10 Westland MI Triangle
I was watching something on tv when i saw 4 triagnle shaped objects in the sky. 9/26/98
9/22/98 00:10 Austin TX Triangle seconds i was walking my dog.looking up at stars i felt a pressure i looked to my left out of the right corner of my eye i seen something acros 9/26/98
9/21/98 20:00 Bermuda Dunes CA Formation 5 seconds While gazing up at the stars, I witnessed a large formation of lights heading southbound accross the sky. 9/26/98
9/21/98 17:10 Bakersfield CA Changing 5 minutes At 17:10 hrs I was driving west heading into downtown and had a clear view of the horizon. Off to the south I saw a silver cylindrical 9/26/98
9/20/98 22:30 Bothell (northern sky) WA Circle 5 sec fireball desending from sky toward horizon. 9/26/98
9/20/98 22:18 Spanaway WA Unknown unknown While listening to Radio Station 96.5 (Seattle Station) at 2218, many people, including a Police Officer - called to report 4 objects i 9/26/98
9/18/98 22:25 Salt Lake City UT Triangle 10-12 seconds Black (flush w/night sky) triangle craft flew directly overhead. This craft produced no sound. The only reasons we could identify the 9/26/98
9/18/98 21:00 Diamond Bar CA Oval 1 minute Green Pulse light seen for the second time in Diamond Bar. Last year the same light went horizonal across the sky. It was traveling fas 9/26/98
9/18/98 01:45 Cozad NE Changing 30 seconds I witnessed a distortion of the star field from the right to the left. North to south. 9/26/98
9/16/98 21:30 San Diego (Point Loma/Ocean Beach area) CA Light 1 to 15 Minutes As two copters were approaching airport from the West, (along I-5) the light shrunk X2 & rapidly descended into the cover of a Star Pin 9/26/98
9/15/98 23:30 Auke Bay AK Light 40mins. A large red light between 400ft agl. and up,erratically moved in all directions and at varing speeds. A smaller green light departed fr 9/26/98
9/15/98 23:00 Auke Bay AK Light 1.5 hours A very bright light, small red glow on top. Off to the top left a blue/green ray of light. Every 30 seconds (Aprrox) two white lights 9/26/98
9/15/98 20:00 Pasadena CA Fireball 20 secs I only submit this because of the increased number of sky sightings the past 10 days- what I saw was the largest shooting star [?] that 9/26/98
9/14/98 19:27 Okanogan WA
3 minutes dog barks,objects come within 1000 ft inflate like balloons and change from red w\ green mist to blue w\ white mist then deflate and ta 9/26/98
9/14/98 Niagara Falls NY Flash 38 secs craft headed in westerly direction from east to canada illuminated as if it were object entering atmospere but gave off white greenish 9/26/98
9/13/98 23:10 Bradenton FL Other 6 seconds Dimmed orange lights in formation of a half circle--six lights in semi-circle with one light in center of semi-circle 9/26/98
9/13/98 22:10 Boulder CO Other 10 seconds I witnessed a shape over head coming from the north 9/26/98
9/13/98 Woodinville (Hyw 9 & 522 jxn.) WA Light maybe 3 sec I was exiting off hwy 522, as I made the left hand turn on to hwy 9. I saw a large white light, with a green tint to it. It had a very 9/26/98
9/12/98 20:30 Sheridan OR Triangle 1.5 hours observed 2 sets of 7 lights. yellow, blue, red and green. Distance undetermined. Used a spotting scope. Lights pulsed in some pattern. 9/26/98
9/12/98 18:15 Danville CA Fireball 2-4 seconds i was looking up with my dad and this bright white fireball came out of the east and headed west and blew up/dissapeared over Mt. Diabl 9/26/98
9/12/98 10:30 Lolo MT Disk 5 min My son and I saw a bright, white colored object in the sky right near the moon, but lower about a half hour ago. 9/26/98
9/11/98 00:00 Roswell NM Diamond 5 seconds My sister and I were driving south to Carlsbad and were about 5 to 10 miles outside of Roswell, NM. All of a sudden a bright, pulsat 9/26/98
9/10/98 19:00 Poway CA Flash 6 sec Flash of the brightest light ever, fire colored, tail twice as long, travelling west to east,horizontally. Was in the Union tribune on 9/26/98
9/10/98 07:15 Oceanside CA Fireball Approx. 10-15 sec. Bright, fire-like object streaked from west to east in a level, horizonal attitude at a speed that took approximately 10 seconds to cov 9/26/98
9/10/98 04:30 Horeshoe Bay TX Circle 5 sec. Green Balls in the sky 9/26/98
9/9/98 01:25 Tomah WI Cylinder 15seconds+ looking E, trvin N 2 S. 45 deg up, 60deg long.started as cylinder white/blue then stoped for 1/2 sec then 8 little spheres apeared 9/26/98
9/7/98 17:30 Fallon NV Light 3 min There were 4 this time , My neighbors ran over to my house beating on the door , I ran outside and everyone was pointing up.They were m 9/26/98
9/6/98 21:20 Kansas City KS Disk 1 minute My mother and I saw a disk shaped object rise above the horizon, east of 78th street on I-70. Object then turned into a bluish white li 9/26/98
9/6/98 20:00 Manashtash Ridge (near Cle Elum) WA Unknown 1 1/2 HOURS Due west of our position, spotted an unusual flickering and bright light above the horizon. Observed light in relation to other stars, 9/26/98
9/6/98 19:45 Cottonwood AZ Other 3-5minutes Star shaped light turning red then white jumping across the sky split into 3 white lights then returned to red star 9/26/98
9/6/98 18:51 Bakersfield CA Other 30 sec Dark oval with something attached to bottom of object about half the size as the top object hanging in a "j" type. 9/26/98
9/5/98 21:30 Kimball Twp. (5 miles S.W. of Port Huron) MI Fireball approx. 5 seconds I was at my residence when I and two other subjects observed a green fireball proceed from the West to the East. The green fireball was 9/26/98
9/4/98 22:30 Mt. Rainier north side, near Cateract Valley WA Light 30 minutes Speed Walker on Mt. Rainer came out on que. 9/26/98
9/4/98 20:45 Blue River OR Cylinder 3-4 minutes While outside watching the skies I observed what at first I believed to have been a satellite travelling in a northwestern direction. I 9/26/98
9/3/98 23:38 Freeport (Long Island) NY Sphere 5 sec. We were driving West on Southern State pkwy. a Blue-Green Sphere Shaped Object zoomed East to West across the sky 9/26/98
9/3/98 10:30 Rochester MN Cigar 30 seconds Long silvery object spotted in sky. 9/26/98
9/2/98 23:33 Portland OR Disk 15 Seconds I went out to lock my car at 11:33 PM on September 2nd and saw a white disk shaped object streak across the northern sky. 9/26/98
9/1/98 01:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval 20 Minutes Two eliptical luminous pink objects travelling North East at approximately Mark-2 in parallel formation. However, there was sound emi 9/26/98
7/30/97 20:10 Gulf Breeze FL Formation 15 to 20 min I first spotted a single eztremely bright orange glowing light, which was followed by 5 to 7 other stationary similar objects in a hori 9/26/98
7/30/97 20:00 Navarre FL Circle 10 minutes Several bright lights that seemed to appear and disappear. They were so bright they made the evening sky illuminate. The clouds were 9/26/98
7/27/97 02:53 Arlington WA Light 1-2minutes Just went to bed, glanced out window and saw a white/yellow light in trees. Told friend, got binocluars and looked at it through them, 9/26/98
7/26/97 03:21 Arlington WA Changing 20 minutes At 3:20 a.m. I looked out the peephole in the door, and I saw a white object in the sky outside my house. It changed shapes,ovals, tria 9/26/98
7/24/97 21:45 Murphysboro IL Cylinder Approx:5min. The witnessed reported to me she saw a irradescent,green,cylindar object move horizontal across the sky going South to North. She first 9/26/98
7/23/97 20:25 Phoenix AZ Triangle 1 minute July 23, 1997; 8:25 PM; Phoenix AZ/ 9822 N. 16th Place; Looking west, then north. Three witnesses at the same location as the March 13t 9/26/98
7/22/97 22:00 Susquehanna PA Circle approx.8minutes Large clear orangish circle shaped object. 9/26/98
7/22/97 11:45 Tequesta FL Fireball 0:01:00 Saw object resembling firework flare streaking across sky. First thought: shooting star but much too large for placement in sky. 9/26/98
7/20/97 22:00 Conway SC Diamond At least a couple of hour The event took place near Conway, SC on 7/20/97. I saw an object that resembled a plane but it wasn't because it hovering about 2 to 3 9/26/98
7/18/97 23:00 Shepherdstown WV Light 2 minutes saw a bright white flashing (2-3 sec intervals) light in a field approx. 40 ft in the air. object was stationary. ((anonymous report)) 9/26/98
7/5/97 00:00 Crete NE Light 5-10 minutes A bright light seen in the sky, when observed through binoculars seen as a bright light surrounded by three to five others 9/26/98
7/4/97 23:00 St. Louis (Pacific) MO Light 3 seconds a blue light appeared suddenly and dtreaked across the sky and the flew up for a short peroid of time and then vanished From - Tue Jul 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:45 Freeburg (outside of) IL Light 8 seconds Blue light going from the east to the west very fast, no sound thought it was fireworks at the time.. After talking to everyone at the 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:30 Columbia IL Light 2 seconds Neon light blue ball passing east to west across the sky 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:30 St. Louis (St. Ann) MO Light 30 seconds ?? July 4, around 10:30pm. Shooting fireworks w/children in backyard. Instantainous bright blue light in sky caught my eye. As I turned to 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:14 McMinnville OR Disk 50 seconds I was watching fire works with binoculars, and I saw something weird. As I watched it, I ruled out the possibility of a plane or fire w 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:00 Dupo IL Light 10 seconds Flying object beamed a large blue light across the ground as the object moved from south to north . We were directly in the path of th 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:00 Old Valmeyer Bottoms-Valmeyer IL Teardrop 30 seconds Blue bullet shaped light appeared 200-400ft above ground level. Traveling slightly slower than a meterorite, and lasting approx. 30 se 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:00 Alton IL Light Few seconds This report is being entered for an aquaintance of mine who told me to contact this sight and inform you. He saw that "blue/green ball 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:00 St. Louis (Kirkwood) MO Disk 10 minutes Saw saucer shae - bright light hovering for about 10 minutes over Kirwood MO. 9/26/98
7/4/97 22:00 Redding (northeast of, out over Millville, approximately) CA Light ~5 minutes Two amber lights moving at the same distance apart beginning at one end of Redding and ending in the north eastern direction above Redd 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:45 Belleville Community College IL Light 3-5 seconds During fire works display the blue object moved in the southern sky from east to west. Most people my have taken it for a miss fired fi 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:45 East Alton IL Light 5 - 7 seconds We saw a bright blue-green object streak across the southern sky at a great rate of speed,travelling from east to west. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:45 Brighton IL Light 10 seconds While shooting fireworks, saw a bright blue object move horizontilly from east to west across the field in the back of the house. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:40 St. Peters/St.Charles but too high to tell MO Light 3 minutes I was shooting off bottle rockets w/ my friend and i looked up and saw a bright blue light , way too high to be a firework , and too br 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:40 Collinsville IL Light 3-4 seconds A blue light streaked across the sky at high speed for a couple seconds. It was accompained by a crackling of burning sound. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:35 Fairview Heights IL Light 2 seconds A blue light seen overhead moving east to west,very fast.It was not fireworks. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:35 Millstadt IL Light 3 seconds blue light traveling due west ended in red flash appeared to be close overhead. I think it was space junk or meteor due to similar sigh 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Florissant MO Light 10 seconds ? bright blue and white light traveling across the sky from east to west. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 St. Louis MO Light 5 seconds Blue light that shot across the sky horizontally. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Crestwood (near St. Louis) MO Light 15-20 seconds My wife and I were on our deck watching the fireworks display at Webster Groves Recreation Center, about a mile from our location. A br 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Florissant MO Light 1-2 seconds Several of us had just finished watching the 4th of July fireworks when we saw a bluish/green light streak across the sky. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Troy MO Light 2-3 seconds We were at the Fairgrounds wating for the fireworks display to start when a light in the sky caught my eye. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Belleville (3.5 SW of Scott AFB) IL Light seconds Royal Blue light moving very fast, east to west almost directly overhead. Small teardrop shape. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Auburn WA Triangle 1 minute We were outside lighting fireworks when way up in the sky we saw a triangular shaped "thing" that had lights. It was going very very sl 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Gerald MO Light 5-10 seconds A brite blue light appeared out of nowhere. And shot across the sky. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 St. Louis MO Light ~1 second ~21:30 4 July, a blue light moving in a straight line passed from east to west over the Mississippi river. Duration of event was ~1 sec 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 St. Charles MO Light 2 seconds Bright blue-green ball. From North East travelling towards south west. Almost directly overhead. Duration less than 2 seconds, about 15 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Hazelwood MO Oval 3-5 seconds Green, half-capsule shaped object, streaking North-South across the sky. Disappeared half-way across. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Historic St. Charles Riverfront MO Oval Fire Works Display Oval-shaped ball of bright light (bluish-green) dashed through the sky at a high speed then disappeared within seconds. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:30 Creve Coeur MO Light 0.5 seconds During fireworks display I was looking at the sky and saw a blue/white disk-shaped object traveling east-to-west. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:25 Olney IL Light 2 seconds Object flashed overhead, bright blue/green 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:20 Arnold MO Light 1-2 seconds greenish streak traveled east to west. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:18 Chesterfield MO Light 2 seconds Above us a bright bluish light appeared which lit up the sky then diminished to nothing. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 St. Louis MO Light 1 second Rapidly moving blue-green in sky over fireworks spectators 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 Coldwater (approx. 3 miles SE of) MO Light 3-4 seconds Blue/Green light with a white trailing tail traveling East to West 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 Mark Twain Lake, Monroe City MO Light 15 seconds Adults + children sitting on lake bank awaiting fireworks,see a bright blue ball streak fast across skyline, decend andseemingly to go 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 Elmwood IL Light <10 seconds Unusual object descended from clouds. Not a firework, never came up from the ground. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 Granite City IL Light 15 minutes Fourth of july celebration. 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 St. Charles (outside of St. Louis) MO Sphere 5 seconds St. Charles, MO, before fireworks show. A blue ball (??) of lightstreaked across the sky, I'd say east to west. There was no noise.It j 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 St. Charles MO Light few seconds Observed a blue-green light crossing the skyfrom Northeast to Southwest (paralleling theMissouri River). 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:15 Plymouth WI Light 45 minutes Large v-shaped lights over fireworks display. Very high up.Sat still for 40 min. Began to move slow for 1 min., then streaked away VERY 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:10 Lonedell MO Delta 60 seconds Ice blue object, resembling an "<" flying south to north 9/26/98
7/4/97 21:00 Belleville area college IL Light bright blue light while watching fireworks i saw and many otheres saw a bright blue light go over us farly fast and then disappear. every one was wowed 9/26/98
7/4/97 20:30 St. Charles MO Light 5 seconds We were at a local fireworks display. Just before dusk, I looked up in the sky with my son and saw a large green object shooting acros 9/26/98
7/4/97 20:00 Knob Lick MO Light 3 seconds I was sitting at the closing campfire at S-F scout ranch. about mid way through my self and everyone else there saw a brillient blue li 9/26/98
7/4/97 03:30 Lake Tawakine TX Other 2.5 hours object looked like a frying pan .the lights that formed handle were constant.the lights that formed the pan were flashing and changing 9/26/98
7/3/97 21:30 Vanleer TN Formation 45 mins Three orange yellow lights in a tri-angle pattern,that stayed on for about 45 mins. changed positions vertically. out for 4 or 5 mins, 9/26/98
7/3/97 03:00 Brentwood TN Cylinder 6 seconds Extremely bright white cylinder looking object east to west direction saw from horizon to horizon through trees 9/26/98
5/28/97 21:00 Urubamba (outside Cusco, Peruvian Andes) (Peru)
Light few seconds A fast moving "body of Light" sweeps over us as we star watch in the Sacred Valley of the Incas outside Cusco Peru at an elevation of l 9/26/98
5/23/97 04:00 Arcadia (outskirts of) FL Light 3 minutes Me and my friend were traveling down I-75 towards Arcadia, Fl. when we saw a very bright pulsating white light hovering in a clearing, 9/26/98
4/27/97 01:00 San-Carlos mountains AZ Light hour A friend who hauls water from an artisian well on the reserve told us about her {friends}, in the mountains. We were on vacation in Phe 9/26/98
4/19/97 01:30 Reno (north of) NV Other 4 to 5 minutes When first seen, it was a huge, brilliant white, "bow-tie" shaped object which exploded into a much larger sphere filled with red, gree 9/26/98
4/8/97 20:00 Las Vegas NV Rectangle 15 sec large, erratic, black object, movement reminiscent of paper falling, almost invisible edge on. 9/26/98
4/5/97 14:00 Fairhope AL Circle 1 minute Man walking dog sees tire-shaped object w/windows. No sound, no animal reaction. 9/26/98
2/8/97 18:00 Stacy MN Unknown 1 to 2 min. We observed something strange along the freeway with at least 5 strobe lights we thought it was going to crash, but it pulled up at the 9/26/98
9/16/96 06:15 Georgtown/Idaho Springs (between) (Clear Creek) CO Disk 60 sec obseved a very reflective ufo over a mountian pass it moved across my field of vision was able to record with video camera. good footag 9/26/98
8/28/96 20:15 Bothell WA Triangle 45 minutes Looked out window of my house on a clear night at dusk and saw what looked liked a LARGE Triangular or boomerang type thing appearing l 9/26/98
6/15/95 02:00 Washington UT Unknown 3 Minutes A red glow lighting up low lying clouds. After a few moments the glow got more clear and about a dozen red lights in no noticable arran 9/26/98
2/25/88 21:00 Brandon FL Light 5mins One evening I looked 100' ahead and 100' high and saw what looked like stadium lights in a vacant field where there was no lighting wha 9/26/98
10/18/81 07:30 Detroit/Warm Springs (between, Cascade Mts.) OR Cigar one hour Single small vehicle left main body and followed us in a hovering helicopter fashion for over 45 minutes while we were walking from the 9/26/98
3/1/79 04:00 Medford OR Unknown 5 min While in flight landing at Medford from Klammath Falls, I spoted what appeared to be another aircraft flying the opposite direction. S 9/26/98
6/15/53 18:00 North Bend WA Circle 2 minutes My cousin and I who were children at the time, watched a round, smooth, silent object which had a pinkish glow, come across his field f 9/26/98
04/??/97 21:00 Marion OH Light about 1/2 hr - 1 hr My 13 year old & I were out looking at Hale-Bopp one night & saw 3 or 4 fast-moving lights flying erratically & very close together, & 9/26/98
8/?/88 19:00 Hampshire TN Cigar 10-15 min My husband and a a handful of men who were sitting in front of the Hampshire Mens Club, when one of the men pointed to a spot above a l 9/26/98