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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/29/98 09:35 Yuba City CA Fireball 1 sec. Large blue/silver sphere with green halo travelled across sky approx 20 deg. arc leaving a white trail. Event lasted 1.0 sec. 11/1/98
10/29/98 07:00 Missoula MT Light
Local TV caught it on their sky cam camera. Showed it on night news. Other reports of 911 being overloaded with calls from police the 11/1/98
10/28/98 22:00 Amarillo TX Chevron 5 sec Chevron, translucent, with 3 or 4 small dim white lights. Rapid, straight line movement across wind. 11/1/98
10/28/98 20:35 observer enroute on MN hwy 61 north MN Sphere 5 seconds skies o/cast. Objt. had app. of a meteor but w/ distinct green color. Initially dismissed as meteor 11/1/98
10/27/98 03:32 Newport TN Circle 1 sec. While traveling East on I40, between Newport, Tn. and Ashville, Nc. I saw an object streak across the sky. The weather was clear. The s 11/1/98
10/26/98 23:14 Scottsdale AZ Other 5-10 seconds I heard a very loud noise like a jet engine on the next block. I looked in that direction (E-NE) and heard a second noise exactly the 11/1/98
10/26/98 21:50 Roseville CA Fireball 15 seconds? small red fireball with long white tail, moving West at a very high speed parallel to the ground 11/1/98
10/26/98 18:18 Tumwater (driving N on I-5) WA Fireball 2-3 Seconds Large Blue Fireball with a tail flying in a northern direction. This object was not a typical falling star. The object than disappeare 11/1/98
10/26/98 17:58 I-405 North-bound, between 124th and 160th WA Fireball 3-4 seconds A very bright tourqoise ball with a red tail, close to the ground, seemed to explode or flash out at tree level. 11/1/98
10/26/98 04:50 Pewaukee WI Fireball 30 sec three blue green firebals falling. 11/1/98
10/26/98 03:23 Kaufman (outside of) TX Light 35sec. Large oval light, with smaller red light on top that was not blinking, in northern skies. 11/1/98
10/26/98 00:30 Marina del Rey CA
1-2 minutes I hung up the phone with a friend and went to bed. I had pulled the covers around my shoulders and my eyes were closed. With closed eye 11/1/98
10/26/98 Spencer IA Fireball 3-4 SECONDS Traveling north on US Highway 71 at approx. 2am on the north edge of Spencer. Saw blueish green fireball traveling west to east. Had r 11/1/98
10/26/98 Vancouver (watching from field at barn) WA Fireball 15 seconds Saw a large ball of light while at my barn in the evening. The sky was clear no rain, clouds. It sailed over my head due north. 11/1/98
10/25/98 21:20 Pocatello ID Light apx. 10 min. I was looking out my kitchen door when I saw at a distance a bright flickering white light that appeared to have a diamond shape with r 11/1/98
10/25/98 20:25 Perrine FL Formation 6 seconds My son and I were looking at constellations when suddenly 4 illuminated units flying in a triangle formation came across the sky, from 11/1/98
10/25/98 Pell City (33.56' 52"N - 86.15' 00" W) AL Sphere 3 seconds Commmercial pilot driving East on I-20, notice object out left window, object is small, bright pulsing white, headed toward ground at a 11/1/98
10/24/98 17:00 Wilmington NC Sphere 30 minutes Approx 1 hour before dusk, 7 chrome-colored spheres appeared in the north/northwest sky. The objects didn't appear to be balloons and w 11/1/98
10/23/98 21:45 Alexandria LA Fireball 60sec greenish white fireball ascending across clear night sky fromeast to west following an irregular flight path and chg's in speed.when ob 11/1/98
10/23/98 19:00 Humeston IA Circle 2/hr hovering objects sighted in iowa. 11/1/98
10/23/98 18:30 Vancouver WA Other 1-2 min. i was out in the smoking area at the local hospital. several hospital employees noticed object in the sky. 11/1/98
10/23/98 Chicago (O'hare Airport) IL Teardrop sighting I was on patrol I looked up in the sky at the little dipper & at the bottom left of it inbetween a star to the left bottom was a very b 11/1/98
10/22/98 23:40 Newtown Square PA Oval 3 Minutes Shape was rounded but slightly elongated with slight fin-like sides. Moving very slowly: not stationary like a star but too slowly to 11/1/98
10/22/98 02:40 Silverlake WA Light 30 seconds Object shaped like a 1/4 moon moving rapidly south, then turned east for a few seconds then back south. It had a dull "glow" about it, 11/1/98
10/21/98 22:42 Columbia TN Formation 6s U-shaped formation of orange gold lights travelling south at high speed. 11/1/98
10/20/98 18:00 Moorpark CA Oval 10min. Oval shaped metallic rotating object with blinking lights. At first sighting it was rotating above a house then zoomed in closer to me. 11/1/98
10/19/98 21:45 Georgia (ZIP 30458) GA Triangle Statesboro Triangle shape UFO Moving slowly over house. Several red glowing lights underneath not blinking. Saw it thru the sunroof and went outsi 11/1/98
10/19/98 21:35 Deweyville UT Sphere 15secs My son and I,were driving home going northbound along HWY39 we noticed a very bright large green sphericial object traveling east to no 11/1/98
10/19/98 21:30 Defiance OH Triangle 1 minute I was pulling out of a drive when I noticed a triangular craft with a light at each corner two white one blue I pulled over to get a be 11/1/98
10/19/98 16:30 Big Arm MT Disk 5-10 minutes Facing East, clear sky, characterized by bright light blinking at very cadence from one to five. Movement pattern was up, down, then t 11/1/98
10/19/98 12:42 Vancouver WA Light 3-5 seconds I saw a green phosphorous light in the sky west from Vancouver Washington, and a bit to the south, appearing to drop with a very slight 11/1/98
10/19/98 01:30 Las Vegas NV Sphere 2 sec. Bright green comet streak. 11/1/98
10/18/98 23:54 Portland OR Fireball 7 sec I was driving over the burnside bridge into downtown Portland, A metallic green fireball very slow in nature. slower than the dozens of 11/1/98
10/18/98 23:35 Dublin (Blanchardstown) (Republic of Ireland)
Light 30mins A moving star in the sky, jerking, zig-zaging, etc... 11/1/98
10/18/98 18:00 Germantown TN Light 7 seconds I saw a white light move from left to right, back to the left then it dissapered. 11/1/98
10/18/98 09:30 Jacksonville IL Light 1 1/2 hours First one appeared in the eastern sky and moved slowly south, about 10 minutes later another light appeared in the same spot the first 11/1/98
10/18/98 00:01 The Dalles OR Sphere 10 seconds Green comet-like object w/ tail. (I judge it was a shooting star?!) Slow straight fall northeast of city, in the direction of Spokane, 11/1/98
10/17/98 03:38 Lake Stevens WA Light 2 minutes Craft with unusual sound flies over dark and fog shrouded Lake Stevens while being pursued by fast moving car. 11/1/98
10/17/98 01:30 Oxnard/Camarillo (from, freeway) CA Flash 5-10 seconds We were two driving south to LA on the 101 freeway through Oxnard. Suddenly the sky lit up in green and bluish flashes. 11/1/98
10/16/98 21:55 Carbondale IL Sphere 5 seconds I saw a spherical object at a distance. It had a slight green glow. It just appeared, then took off in a northeast direction very qui 11/1/98
10/16/98 20:00 Middletown CT Unknown 15 minutes The object was traveling at a very high altitude, at first glance I thought it might be a sattelite, but it made a few stops, then a dr 11/1/98
10/16/98 19:00 San Francisco CA Light ALL NIGHT Every night - all through the night, there have been 5 "star-like" crafts in the sky over the San Francisco Bay. The brightest is in th 11/1/98
10/15/98 20:00 Fort Lawn SC Light 30 minutes I've seen these craft for a few years now, but only in cool/cold weather. They seem to have a leader, a large orange ball of light with 11/1/98
10/15/98 19:48 Tyson's Corner VA Fireball 1 second Very large and bright blue-green fireball witnessed while driving North-bound on I-495 (The Beltway). 11/1/98
10/15/98 18:00 Warwick RI Other 5min Bright flat object moved upwards and disapeared behind cloads. 11/1/98
10/15/98 16:01 Winston-Salem NC Sphere 12 sec silver-white sphere crossed sky in 12 sec. 11/1/98
10/14/98 19:55 Otis OR Other 3 seconds From WSW to ENE, crescent shaped object,blue,white in color. Slower than normal meteor speed. 11/1/98
10/14/98 19:55 Overton NV Fireball 10 seconds Approx. 7:55PM on 10/14/98 while travelling North-bound from Overton, NV. I witnessed what appeared to be a "falling star" directly Nor 11/1/98
10/14/98 01:45 South Eastern Coast (Republic of Ireland)
Chevron 5 min Was at a hotel on the southern coast of Ireland, just enjoying the night air, when a light appeared about 30 degrees off the horizon, 11/1/98
10/12/98 04:00 Lincoln NE Egg 11 sec 3 Lights not as egg shaped but close, thumb nail. Flying in tryangle formation flew over for 7 seconds not to close but not far away. f 11/1/98
10/11/98 22:45 Elk Grove CA Fireball 4 seconds Greenish blue fireball streaking across horizon 11/1/98
10/11/98 22:40 Bar Harbor (Bar Island Crossover) ME Sphere 30 Seconds My friend Steven and I were crossing over to Bar Island at low tide when we witnesses a green spherical object crossing the sky at a gr 11/1/98
10/11/98 20:30 Highland IN Sphere 4 hrs + Spherical. Red, yellow, and green lights. Below clouds, yet very high up. 11/1/98
10/11/98 20:30 Highland IN Sphere
Possible shperical object in northern sky. Colors were green over yellow over red. Disappeard, then reappeared west of original locat 11/1/98
10/11/98 14:30 Mount Carmel TN Light 10 seconds Bright shiny object splits in two and disappears above horizon. 11/1/98
10/11/98 14:05 Vega Baja (Puerto Rico) PR Cigar 2 minutes I went out and saw this cigar shaped object, high above, about where the sun would be at 12 o'clock. I stared at it trying to identify 11/1/98
10/11/98 02:15 Montara CA Other 1 hour Boomerang shaped lit up at the neds and center of the boomerang. 11/1/98
10/10/98 20:50 Mooresville NC Light 2 seconds Star gazing in back yard with telescope and binos. Saw shooting star and an oblong shape of light. 11/1/98
10/10/98 17:30 Las Vegas NV Cigar 10 minutes White, vertical cigar shape floating around in the eastern sky. 11/1/98
10/10/98 13:15 Elgin IL Cylinder 30 +/- min While looking up at sky I noticed a bright light hovering above the sky. then I noticed a jet airliner traveling in the same area and I 11/1/98
10/10/98 02:30 Hollywood CA Changing 5 minutes I was standing outside on Sunset Blvd. at Vine and looked straight up which I normally do not do. I saw three bright white lights in a 11/1/98
10/9/98 22:00 Richmond KY Disk 2 minutes Two of my children and a friend were out on the trampoline, and saw a disc like structure flying very fast and stoped and dropped what 11/1/98
10/9/98 19:40 Oakland - Near the Bay Bridge CA Fireball 3 minutes+ It looked like a large remote control firework that was going East to West, occasionally disappearing and reappearing. 11/1/98
10/8/98 21:12 Austin TX Triangle 10 seconds Triangular shaped object moving from north to south. Object was barely discernable from the night sky. Leading edges faint orange. No 11/1/98
10/6/98 20:05 Bellevue/Issaquah WA Unknown 3-5 seconds Dashes of silver light. Traveling at an upward angle from the south to north. 11/1/98
10/6/98 19:05 Denver CO Fireball 1-2 secs. Red fireball with red tail traveling east to west 11/1/98
10/5/98 23:29 Newhall CA Sphere 3-4 seconds Luminous, green, round sphere of light moved across sky fron S to WSW 11/1/98
10/5/98 20:55 Houston TX Formation 5 to 8 minutes 4 oblects moving in A tetrahedral pattern, with A fourth object directly behind 11/1/98
10/4/98 21:15 Goat Island/Isle of Palm (between, Intracoastal Waterway) SC Fireball @ 7 Seconds glowing ball with fire-like tail shooting across sky from Atlantic Ocean toward United States...ball began to fade out then shot off ag 11/1/98
10/4/98 21:10 Charleston SC Flash 1-2 seconds Observed very bright sky illumination over Charleston, SC. 1-2 seconds duration. 11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00 James Island SC Fireball 4 seconds Meteor? Flash of brillant whiite light across sky in front of waxing full moon covered by cirrus clouds - then a fireball about the 11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00 Charleston SC Fireball 10 seconds The sky lit light heat lightening then the a ball of light was shooting across the sky. My thought was it looked like a Roman candle b 11/1/98
10/4/98 21:00 Gold Canyon AZ Oval 6 seconds Two ellipses, the first one was slightly larger than the second and they appeared attached or tethered to one another 11/1/98
10/4/98 05:00 Columbia River { mile marker 230} WA Fireball 3 seconds Flaring green fireball,with sparks and smoke trailing behind it. traveling vertically downward 11/1/98
10/4/98 04:45 Yamhill OR Fireball 4 seconds A blue/green ball of light. 11/1/98
10/4/98 04:37 Suquamish WA Flash 6 seconds very intense lighting up of the sky 11/1/98
10/4/98 02:45 Albuquerque NM
1 minute + VERY bright white light, appeared to be about half the diameter of the moon. 11/1/98
10/3/98 14:30 Carbondale IL Changing 20 min a Black object not moving. It was about 1500-2000 feet in altitude, and about the size of a gumball held at arms length. 11/1/98
10/2/98 19:55 Bettendorf IA Light 1 minute Heavy Blue Light beamed down and chased family in house, simular to 50 foot wide search light. 11/1/98
10/2/98 09:20 Sedona AZ Fireball 5 minutes Object like a white fireball, with a short tail, hovering 11/1/98
10/1/98 21:15 Ipava IL Triangle 15 min An object which resmbled car headlights in the sky was spotted to SW. A discernable craft flew directly overhead and proceeded to disa 11/1/98
10/1/98 21:02 Mt Sterling IL Formation 15 minutes 3 orange fireballs in triangle formation - 1 triangle shaped craft without sound. 11/1/98
10/1/98 18:56 Manchester NH Oval 2min hovering above city landfill. beam of light from craft to ground. 11/1/98
10/1/98 01:30 St. Paul OR Fireball 5 seconds We own a farm here in St. Paul. We (my mother and I) had pulled off to the side of the road to check on some farm equipment we had in a 11/1/98
9/29/98 20:15 Rochester NY Fireball 4 secs Walking dog, looked up, saw large orange fireball with a long orange tail streak across sky directly above. 11/1/98
9/29/98 19:25 Wauconda WA Fireball 2 seconds green fireball falling in NE direction. Smell of ozone shortly after. 11/1/98
9/29/98 18:44 Yuma AZ Fireball 1.5 sec Light green ball, the size of one quarter the moon, when the autumn moon is at twelve o'clock, traveling in a due north tragectory. [Ob 11/1/98
9/29/98 06:15 Arlington TX Formation 5 seconds A series of 10 lights moving across the sky in a straight line 11/1/98
9/28/98 21:30 Fair Lawn NJ Triangle Seconds 1 large triangular Craft flew through the sky followed by A small light sphere. 11/1/98
9/28/98 21:30 Mesa AZ Triangle 2200 bright white triangle when viewed with telescope. also bright red light flashing. object has not moved for over an hour. call to she 11/1/98
9/28/98 04:35 Austin TX Triangle 10 seconds shape resembled a b2 bomber, gray/brown bttm, apprx 1000 feet high traveling slowly and completely silent along the I35 corridor. Disa 11/1/98
9/27/98 16:15 Johnson Creek (Near; on I-94 east, heading toward Milwaukee) WI Sphere 1 min (est) Saw a bright, white, spherical object at cloud level. It moved from north to south at a rapid pace, then disappeared. 11/1/98
9/27/98 Redmond WA Circle 6 - 7 seconds I was looking eastward and saw a bright yellow ball streak across the sky, traveling horizontally from south to north, for 6 - 7 second 11/1/98
9/26/98 22:30 San Jose CA Formation 5min 2 sets of 5 objects moving in parallel formation 11/1/98
9/26/98 20:15 Littleton CO Other 2 seconds I saw a bright green "shooting star," but it was much brighter and larger than a normal SS, which I've seen dozens of. It appeared in t 11/1/98
9/26/98 19:03 Lochbuie/Brighton CO Other 10+ minutes Observed two bright objects at sunset over mountains west of Brighton, Co. Objects remainded constant in brightness and intensity for 11/1/98
9/26/98 00:00 Warwick RI Circle 3 hrs Heard on AM 630 WPRO art bell,ufos were spotted.Went out w/ portable radio saw a big bright light an what appeared to be a comet. 11/1/98
9/25/98 21:35 Fort Lewis WA Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball seen north of my location. Looking through a gap between trees, we saw a fireball slowly move to the ground (roughly 1 11/1/98
9/25/98 21:25 Monroe WA Fireball 3 seconds Bright green ball of light about size of moon apeared at 60 degrees ended at 20 degrees 11/1/98
9/25/98 12:15 Fire Island Pines (off Great South Bay) NY Cylinder 10min While Kayaking in the Bay, I noticed a large black Cylinder rolling/floating in the sky, I pointed it out to a man on shore and a passi 11/1/98
9/24/98 23:59 Wyola MT Disk half an hour I looked forward and noticed in the upper right hand corner of the wind shield a dark well defined disk shaped object. 11/1/98
9/24/98 22:00 Huntington Beach CA Fireball 1-2 sec. saw a larger, brighter, greener, rounder, and slower than normal "falling star" toward the SW while driving to my girlfriend's house. 11/1/98
9/24/98 01:30 Harrisburg (south of, on I-83 between Exits 11 & 10) PA Fireball 5-6 secs In the western sky a fireball the size of a baseball fell. First it was white, then red and then green 11/1/98
9/23/98 22:50 Bellevue WA Fireball 3 seconds White/green fireball falling slowly in vicinity of 405/520 interchange. 11/1/98
9/23/98 21:11 Everett WA Fireball 2 seconds Bright Green blazing ball passing from Northeast to Southwest burning out before the horizon. 11/1/98
9/23/98 04:00 Los Angeles CA Chevron 45 seconds ish large boomerang shaped craft that glowed an irridescent white light. approx. 4am ..... the 4th week of september........ moving at a st 11/1/98
9/22/98 23:55 Ladson SC Sphere 0.5 Seconds At approx. 23:55 EST 09/22/98 what is best described as a small orb or disc passed at high rate of speed directly above witness and was 11/1/98
9/22/98 22:00 Cedar Crest NM Fireball 4 sec. Walking our dogs at 10:00 pm 9-22-98 looking south a large ball of light with a tail 3 times larger than the ball that sparked and flic 11/1/98
9/21/98 19:40 Sedona ( Village of Oak Creek) AZ Oval 20 sec craft accompanied by two silent aircraft and followed by one loud aircraft 11/1/98
9/21/98 19:00 Redding CA Light ongoing Witnessing bright lights, mostly white with green and red, in the sky at every point on the compass, starting at 7:00PM and lasting unt 11/1/98
9/21/98 15:00 Bodie (State Historic Park) CA Sphere 2 minutes I saw a spherical object traveling east to west at 3PM. It appeared to change from white to black to silver and flew below the clouds. 11/1/98
9/20/98 05:50 Las Vegas NV Other 10 sec Driving to work. Green Bright light caught my eye going from northwest to south east. My daughter spotted it at the same time. It was b 11/1/98
9/19/98 21:30 Seattle WA Egg 3 minutes The "craft" had about 6 white lights around its perimeter and a redish one in the middle. The thing was moving slowly towards the west, 11/1/98
9/19/98 21:00 Seattle WA Disk 15 min Disk hovered over highway 11/1/98
9/19/98 21:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk 22;30 iT looked like a big star twinkling.Thru binaculars it had red green, and white lites blinking like a disco lite. In the distance wher 11/1/98
9/18/98 23:51 Castaic CA Fireball few seconds Traveling north on I-5 in Castaic, seen a greenish-white brilliantly lit fireball. Perfectly round in size come out of the sky, at a do 11/1/98
9/18/98 21:30 Del Mar CA Fireball 1 minute This was like a green colored light, like a star. It was lower than any other aircraft would be. It was decending, in an easterly dir 11/1/98
9/15/98 23:00 Puyallup WA Fireball 5 sec. A bluish/gree fireball (size of a large grape - with arm extended) and a long white tail trailing behind as it arched over the Puyallup 11/1/98
9/14/98 12:00 Randle/Packwood (between) WA Cigar 10 seconds i was driving east on us. hwy 12 towards packwood. i was in the passenger seat to my right at pompey peak, when i noticed this metalic 11/1/98
9/13/98 21:00 Grants Pass (Murphy area) OR Fireball App. 3 seconds Flying from the South going North East. The green fireball with barely a tail came between two trees on the land behind our home, and 11/1/98
9/12/98 10:30 Mt. Baker WA Oval 5-10 Seconds Was seen by 10-14 people clearly for 5-10 seconds. Object was in a flat horizo 11/1/98
9/12/98 04:45 Portland OR Light 20 seconds Very high altitude, small light, appeared to be a star. moved from west to east, when overhead turned 90 degrees to the north. 11/1/98
9/5/98 22:30 Medicine Bow Natl. Forest (40 mi. W of Laramie) WY Triangle 25 seconds Large Triangular Craft moving North of Laramie, WY. The object, which might have been about ten miles away, was size of a full moon. 11/1/98
8/31/98 22:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 60 seconds Pair of objects flying side by side. 11/1/98
8/29/98 21:30 West Salem OH Changing 1 minute It had approx. 4 large lights, in a diamond shape that would blink, and immediately following it, a large burst of fire from the rear.. 11/1/98
8/29/98 17:00 San Francisco CA Diamond 45 minutes 3 diamond shaped craft with 4 bright lights hovered on the eastern sky. 11/1/98
8/28/98 22:30 Frances WA Fireball 2 sec. green fireball seen falling in an arc toward Longview,WA and appear to hit the ground with 3 flashes 11/1/98
8/28/98 22:25 Mt. Vernon OR Fireball 4-5 sec Bright Blue (as that of an arc welder) light, that lit up entire landscape. It was 1/4 dia of moon (in arc seconds) 11/1/98
8/28/98 05:45 Minneapolis MN Sphere 1 minute Object just sat in the air glowing brightly, then dimmed. There seemed to be no pattern to it. 11/1/98
8/28/98 02:15 San Diego CA Sphere 5 minutes From the south a somewhat dim yellow/green/orange sphere floated up and to the north from behind some trees. It then almost stopped and 11/1/98
8/27/98 01:30 Oregon OH Fireball 1-2 minutes Bright Orange Fireball appeared in SW sky. Traveled slowly at about 30degrees across the southern sky toward the east. No sound, long t 11/1/98
8/26/98 23:00 Waterford MI Fireball 5 - 10 seconds Stargazing on my deck and sighted what I thought at the time was a large green meteor (Largest I ever seen) 11/1/98
8/26/98 22:00 Mariposa CA Fireball 5 Seconds Observed a light behind a tree that was bright white, then it took off and as it did, it turned brillaint green 11/1/98
8/24/98 22:00 Landover (Raljon) MD Diamond 20 secs Sitting in the end zone at Jack Kent Cooke stadium, over my right shoulder noticed dark diamond with rounded corners come up over the 11/1/98
8/22/98 20:00 Telluride CO Light 3 seconds Similar to report from Longmont CO on 9/7/98.Very fast moving light 11/1/98
8/22/98 08:50 Osceola IN Light 5mins+ 5 bright orange lights in a line going up the western horizon, slowly moving up the sky, quite spaced apart. 2 of them seem to have ex 11/1/98
8/21/98 22:55 Salem OR Chevron 30-45seconds object was travelling below cloud level,from north to south. boomerang shaped pinkish silver color manuevered without changing speed th 11/1/98
8/21/98 15:00 Torrance CA Egg 2 MINUTES egg shaped, reflected the sun. 11/1/98
8/21/98 03:00 Woodbridge VA Triangle unknown Went out to see the ring around the moon,when I saw strange light in the sky. As it got closer noticed it was a triangular craft with a 11/1/98
8/20/98 22:30 Gobles MI Disk 3 minutes 4 disks looked as if they were playing a game of "chicken" in the sky above a lake. 11/1/98
8/19/98 23:40 Des Moines WA Sphere 30 minutes Multi-colored sphere shaped object observed in western sky for approx. 30 minutes, the first 15 minutes or so in a stationary position. 11/1/98
8/19/98 21:28 Flagstaff AZ Fireball 2 minutes A meteor-like object, trailing burning debris, changed into a blinking point of light. It then made a gentle turn to the north and gra 11/1/98
8/19/98 10:00 Dania FL Disk 5 minutes I observed craft cruising over ocean. 11/1/98
8/18/98 20:30 Dayton (Sutro hills area, NE) NV Egg 15 min In the evening playing with my daughter, back door blinds were open. My daughter SCREAMED 'LOOK DADDY LOOK, ALIENS'(She's only 3 1/2.) 11/1/98
8/17/98 21:50 Friendswoods TX Diamond 20 minutes Video of 2 events: Very bright beam of light in sky, going up and down. Light was orange in color, it pulsed and would fade in and out 11/1/98
8/17/98 14:10 North Plains OR Oval 3 min color silver,oblong shape,distance about a mile away,it wobbled and that was how i saw it had no wings,moving west to east 11/1/98
8/17/98 08:00 El Dorado KS Circle 7 minutes I was standing in my driveway getting into my car when it happened. My back started to get extremly hot, it felt like I was getting a 11/1/98
8/16/98 01:30 San Juan Islands WA Cigar 15sec A cigar shaped object was less than a quarter of a mile from our a/c clear visability and stationay then vanished. 11/1/98
8/15/98 22:15 Simi Valley CA Light 2 minutes The object in the sky at first appeared to be an unknown type aircraft with it's landing light on. The light went out and no red or gr 11/1/98
8/14/98 03:15 The Dalles OR Fireball 90 seconds I was laying in my bed looking through the window which faces to the west. When suddenly a bright orange ball of fire appeared. I watch 11/1/98
8/14/98 Blewett Pass-top of mountain pass WA Light 4 seconds Approx. 4 a.m.traveling to seattle I saw a oval shaped object with a line of light on the side it had a jet stream effect around it . 11/1/98
8/13/98 19:45 Plainview NY Light 1-2 min we saw a sphere of light move steadily across the sky. Then it zig-zagged. It changed from whit to faint blue and flashed. It then ping 11/1/98
8/12/98 22:24 Bothell WA Disk 30 minutes It looked like the saucer on the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. It had two disks, one on top of the other. Also, it had a flashing wh 11/1/98
8/12/98 21:30 Fair Lawn NJ Oval 5-10mins. I spotted 2 Unidentified Flying Objects that night. It all started when my siter, my dad, and I went out to watch the meteor shower. My 11/1/98
8/12/98 21:09 San Marcos CA Oval about 10 minutes Friend and I were driving down the highway...moderate traffic. I noticed the aircraft first, it was hoovering over the freeway about 30 11/1/98
8/11/98 00:15 Mandan ND Disk 30+ min. I viewed an object that looked like a star initially but when viewed standing still it moved slightly. It looked like lights were flash 11/1/98
8/11/98 Canby OR Unknown unknown About 4 weeks apart, my husband and I discovered round marks on our bodies after waking. No known cause is discernable. His has disappe 11/1/98
8/10/98 23:30 Georgetown TX Changing 2 Minutes Appeared to be space-plane re-entering atmosphere. Eventually flew directly overhead without ever making a sound. First appeared to b 11/1/98
8/10/98 22:00 Trabuco CA Light 30 minutes It was approx. 10:30 PM when my mother did her usual routine of walking the dogs before going to bed. She lives in a rural area within 11/1/98
8/9/98 23:20 Lompoc CA Circle 40 We saw a circular flashing object in the eastern sky slowly descending. 11/1/98
8/9/98 19:20 Singapore
Other 10min I were on the express way when i saw an object in the sky about 200meter far looks like the Stealth floating in the sky. Many people ha 11/1/98
8/9/98 Grayling MI Sphere 30min. Brownish orange, large lights. a smaller , same colored light came out from under one of the lights. Lights would blink out then reappe 11/1/98
8/8/98 20:00 San Leandro CA Chevron hovering I first saw two bright yellowish beams in the sky, higher than clouds, and as I got closer, a black disc over the beams, tilted, and th 11/1/98
8/7/98 23:30 Bonmahon (County Waterford (Republic of Ireland)
Fireball 2-3 seconds we stood on a cliff and watched the skies when a blue fireball crossed the skies at a very high speed. This was seen again 3 days late 11/1/98
8/7/98 19:00 Lenoir City TN Other 1 minute I was riding in a boat and noticed a very bright pair of lights at about 30 degrees above the horizon I turned to ask my wife if she sa 11/1/98
8/6/98 21:45 Albany OR Cone 45 seconds we saw 2 objects in the sky over albany or that stood still then took off in the sky we were driving north on I5 just inside city limit 11/1/98
8/5/98 21:00 East Machias ME Light 1 minute Light in sky got brighter and truck almost stalled out light flickered out. 11/1/98
7/20/98 22:00 Canton MI Fireball 1-2 minutes While at work I was looking in the sky when I seen a Blueish/Green ball in the sky.It had a blueish/Green tail to it,the direction was 11/1/98
6/28/98 23:00 Goat Island/Isle of Palm (between, Intracoastal Waterway) SC Fireball @10 seconds saw a glowing sphere with a tail shoot across the sky from the West to East (from US toward Atlantic Ocean) 11/1/98
6/20/98 00:39 Superior MT Triangle
Object was a blue triangle with a long tail on either ends of the rear it 11/1/98
6/6/98 00:30 Bailey/Fairplay (between, off Hy 285) CO Circle 5 minutes Myself and a friend witnessed a bright, white cirle of light about 20 yds across.It was about 500 feet above us.Everything went silent. 11/1/98
5/15/98 Rose NY Triangle 1 minute Black Triangle over apple trees. 11/1/98
5/12/98 01:00 Superior WI Circle 2min. high altitude,very fast 11/1/98
1/10/98 22:10 Saginaw MI Light 5 min approx A round light in the sky hovered then moved in a perfect line from one point to another and disappeared 11/1/98
7/28/97 23:30 Wayzata MN Fireball 6 seconds Boating on Lake Minnetonka in MN on warm summer night, skies clear, fireball appeared travelling from East to West at about 60 degrees 11/1/98
7/15/97 22:30 Las Cruces NM Fireball 45--60 min Orange, glowing ball moving at height of 50 to 300 feet over and around a city park (Apodaka Park). Pursued by 2--3 helos w/searchlight 11/1/98
4/15/97 02:30 Fort Pierce FL Fireball 2 minutes While traveling north on I-95 we saw what we thought was a shooting star but as it kept coming down it seem to burn up or burst into a 11/1/98
3/30/97 20:30 Shallotte NC Formation 15-20 seconds 9-10 orange objects flying in V formation,leader drops down to form W ,all vanish within seconds. Watching Hale-Bopp, both girlfriend a 11/1/98
3/12/97 23:00 Brentwood CA Formation 30 Seconds I saw three lights forming a V shape in the night sky about 300 feet in the air. There was no noise and they were moving slowly in an e 11/1/98
11/13/96 23:30 Seminole FL Triangle 5 min. I out of my front door to let the dog out. I remember I stared at this bright star that was pulsating. Then I had a feeling that I was 11/1/98
9/14/96 20:00 Battle Mountain NV Disk 5 miutes Full moon or just after (that time) 8 to 8-30 pm. Two seperate occasions, the first a month earlier. Disc shaped, no lights, featureles 11/1/98
8/30/95 23:10 Rock Valley IA Triangle 1 hour I was out stargazing and a large, completely silent triangle UFO passed overhead at phenomenal speed towards the East. Two more went ov 11/1/98
7/20/95 02:00 Henry TN Light 1 hour It looked like a star at first, then it started moving in circles, going straight up then back down again,and then going in circles aga 11/1/98
2/15/95 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 20+ minutes Green, almost neon color, rainy night, stationary object 11/1/98
6/15/93 01:30 Anderson CA Other 5 seconds All I saw was a blue-green light flash from one part of the sky to the other in a north/south direction. 11/1/98
8/15/91 22:45 Marquette MI Egg seconds I was on the second floor deck, looked up for stars, craft went right over me, just above tree tops, no lights, covered mile to power c 11/1/98
3/19/91 02:00 Chihuahua Mts (north of, mexican border) NM Light 20min I was conducting survielance for the military on the Mexican border with ground survielance radar, rembass ground sensors, and night vi 11/1/98
4/9/90 21:00 Ponce (Puerto Rico) ? PR Other 15 minutes Boiling, back lighted clouds obscurred full moon. Then three light balls appeared less then 30 feet from me appearing as multishaft luc 11/1/98
12/16/89 Sunnyvale CA Other 4-5 mn. loud explosions by white star like light 11/1/98
4/5/84 21:30 Arlington TX Triangle 4-5 minutes I have a childhood memory of looking out front window, and seeing a glowing, pink house floating in the sky. When I read the book Comm 11/1/98
10/25/83 02:00 California Valley (cattle country, not too distant airbase) CA Disk +5 min. Played with our car for over 5 min. deserted freeway, took off like slingshot returned and put bright light on car, only time made nois 11/1/98
9/1/82 Nome ND Light ? my brother and i witness a green light and followed it on foot and the craft was moving at great speed to 1 end of the town to the next 11/1/98
7/15/79 21:30 Ranger WV Triangle 15 minutes Late night summer of 1979. Three triangle shaped craft. 11/1/98
6/15/79 04:30 Los Angeles (over I-10, on most rural Bayou stretch) CA Unknown 2 minutes Metallic UFO seen hovering silently, directly over eastbound lanes.Light underneath shined UP onto craft-was being moved by humandoid s 11/1/98
6/15/76 03:00 Woodberry Forest Preparatory School, VA VA Light 3 seconds Seen out window: Silent light, 6-8 inches in diameter at arm's length, moved across sky, illuminating winter tree leaves in front of i 11/1/98
8/15/74 22:30 Chubbuck ID Other multiple fly by approach from east sky, several lights in symetrical boomerang shape, orbited earth in about 10 min. saw again same flight path much hi 11/1/98
9/30/73 22:30 Wooster OH Triangle 1 minute Driving on a back road in rural Wayne county, we had been driving along a stretch of woodland when we entered some cleared farmland. A 11/1/98
6/15/73 06:00 Fort Lawn SC Oval 15-30 minutes When I was 6 or 7 years old, my sister and I were waiting early one morning to catch the school bus. Across from our stop there was no 11/1/98
10/15/71 20:30 Tinley Park IL Disk 10-15 min Saw a disc shaped craft with 3 lights 11/1/98
7/20/70 19:00 Englewood FL Sphere 1:00 min A white ball was moving across the sky. It has a tail like a comet. T he sun was just below the horison. Then the light stopped. It hu 11/1/98
7/15/69 09:00 Wasco OR Disk About 2 min. I saw the craft almost stationary about 75 yards out; and 75 yards high .I looked at for about one minute then ran back to our house to 11/1/98
6/1/69 12:00 Kyle TX Oval 3 minutes Large lemon shaped object crossed highway 35 .Car died, then object exploded about 1\2 mile away extremely bright white light no noise 11/1/98
4/8/68 18:45 Walla Walla WA Triangle @ 20 minutes The object moved up, down, hovered, then left with extreme speed on a huge trajectory up into space. We followed it on a surveyor's tr 11/1/98
6/15/66 17:00 Monterey Bay/Fort Ord Rifle Range CA Disk 25 minutes Just before sun down (sun still shinning) hovering over the bay it was metallic in color,very shiney. It later moved slowly over the r 11/1/98
7/1/62 22:00 Seattle WA Other 30 seconds randomly moving starlike shape 11/1/98
summer96 21:30 Tell City IN Light 45sec. Observed white dot of light follow and approch civilian aircraft from rear,then suddely turn 90 degress east and accelerated away at a 11/1/98
1975 aprx 20:00 San Gabriel CA Cigar hour or so Cigar or oblong shaped object, just sat there in orange and reddish brown clouds. Never did anything and we went to bed. 11/1/98
Fall 94? 20:00 Fruitland Park FL Other 7-8 minutes Stepped out in the backyard and was enjoying the evening noticed lower than the clouds normally are, 5-7 slightly off white (not glarin 11/1/98
07/**/78 18:30 Palm Springs CA Formation approx 3 minutes Witnessed 5 circular objects in a "box" formation appear over local terrain feature, then accelerate away at extreme speed, followed by 11/1/98