National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 1998/11/21


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
8/3/98 21:29PortlandORUSALightca. 2 min.Very bright steady blue-white light in sky over 3-5 deg. arc, steady movement over ene to wsw path, abruptly vanishing at "apex". No s11/21/98
8/3/98 00:00SalemMAUSAChanging3hrsBright light hovered over Marblhead Bay for several hours. Oval to disk shape but seemed to also change shape as well as color. Bright 11/21/98
8/2/98 20:45Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaLight1minblue light from se to nw at high speed11/21/98
8/2/98 15:00Huntington BeachCAUSADiskDaylightDaylight UFO sighting over Huntington Beach, California11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30OleanNYUSALight15-20 minutesRound, bright , orange lights, moving in patterns around each other moving very slowly and it appeared there were smaller light formati11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30Big Sur (Monterey Co.)CAUSACigar1sec.Dark cigar shaped no lights streek though sky, airplane following.11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30MinocquaWIUSASphere5-8 minutesAn orange object moved across the sky.11/21/98
8/1/98 20:45St. LouisMOUSALightless than 2 minutesObject appeared below the moon. Travelled from Southeast to Northwest. Changed color and direction erratically.11/21/98
8/1/98 14:30HowellMIUSAUnknown5 minutesI was working on the roof of the house and looking up when I saw something at what looked like an average passenger jet altitude moving11/21/98
7/31/98 04:00Grass ValleyCAUSALight1 hourSaw a light in sky. It did a strange turn. Heard a slow hum, not like airplane. Hum lasted for over half an hour. Light reappeared 11/21/98
7/31/98 00:00San DiegoCAUSAOthernon-stopStrange bright, white light with 4 other smaller lights. All in a diagonal row.11/21/98
7/30/98 22:00St. HelenMIUSACircle15 minutesA red circle in the sky that was very high in the sky. Everytime the craft went by stars the stars disappered for about 10-15 seconds.11/21/98
7/29/98 00:15AlohaORUSALight50 minutesLooked like lights of a small plane approaching a local airport. But the object stayed in almost the same place for over 50 minutes mo11/21/98
7/28/98 10:56OmahaNEUSATriangle15 secondsCraft looked like a triangle in cind of a pivot so that what I think was the back. Craft allso looked as if it was engulfed in light11/21/98
7/27/98 21:13Castle CreekNYUSACircle10 secDriving home from work on a clear night, I saw in the middle of the sky four bright lights grouped together in the shape of a square. 11/21/98
7/27/98 04:40CharlestonWVUSAFireball4 or 5 secondsA bright green fireball flew across the sky. It was about the size of the full moon and looked much brighter.11/21/98
7/27/98 03:00SouthamptonNYUSAChanging30 MinutesA lot of different lights bouncing around a center light. It had reappearing lights and lines.11/21/98
7/26/98 23:23Corte MaderaCAUSATriangle1 secondwitnessed approximately 1 second of flight of an object unknown to me in the northern hemisphere of the night sky.11/21/98
7/26/98 21:30Ballston SpaNYUSAOval30min.Several white lights with blue and green intermittently . Followed me while I was driving to my house ,hovered for 20 min outside my11/21/98
7/26/98 00:30EriePAUSALight15 secondsTwo of my friends and I were sitting on a picnic table in southeast Erie, Pennsylvania. We were looking west when appeared what seemed 11/21/98
7/25/98 22:00TucsonAZUSALight15 minutes3 green/blue, non flashing lights hung in the N/W Tucson sky, the space between the objects varrying as they hovered.11/21/98
7/25/98 16:30Tigard (suburb of Portland)ORUSAOval30+ minutesA silver, oval shaped object hovered directly overhead at high altitude for at least 30 minutes. A jetliner passed near by the object.11/21/98
7/24/98 23:30Seely Lake (near)MTUSALight8-10 secsOne object--thought was satelite. Flying high alt. (satelite area) E to W Extreme speed- Brilliant light flash of 1 sec duration anoth11/21/98
7/24/98 14:30Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill)DCUSACigarsplit secondVisiting the capital and city, did not see object at all while taking the pictures, object was unseen at the time. Took two pictures,11/21/98
7/24/98 01:40PortlandMEUSAOther10 SECONDSAs I looked to the northern sky as I stepped from my car, I looked up into a constellation of stars. Soon thereafter, it was if one of11/21/98
7/24/98 01:30Townsville (QLD, Australia)AustraliaCircle5 minutesI was watching television at 01:30 when I heard a loud boom sound.The power then blacked out.I thought that the cut off switch had went11/21/98
7/24/98Plymouth, Devon (UK/England)United KingdomCigar1.5minswe saw some lights in the sky in the shape of a cigar' no sound was heard and no jetstream trailed behind. It went in a straight line a11/21/98
7/23/98Hubbard, (approx 30 mi. south of PortlandORUSAOthernaI'm messaging to report a "possible" crop circle found near the town of Hubbard, Or. I heard the report on a local radio station called11/21/98
7/21/98 21:45LeoINUSALight1 minuteDuring a severe thunderstorm a single light appeared moving unevenly (up and down) from east to west.11/21/98
7/20/98 02:00Tinley Park/I-57 (Between, on I 80)ILUSALight5 to seven minIt looked like two strobe lights flying together11/21/98
7/20/98 01:35East Finchley (London) (UK/England)United KingdomTriangle20 secondsA Trinangular shape with a slightly concave back edge flew acroos the sky. It was glowing gold.11/21/98
7/20/98 01:00Ogden (northeast of)UTUSADisk15 minutesPast Ogden exit, hw-82 going east. Saw Ufo above trees on our right about 3,000 yards away.11/21/98
7/19/98 11:30Hicksville (Broadway & Old Country Road)NYUSAEgg12:15 a.m.Craft resembled size of three blimps and changed shapes, then turning into giant metal island. (See below) About five vehicles stopped11/21/98
7/18/98 10:07LongmontCOUSATriangle3 to 5 minutesTraingle craft about 60+ feet in diameter was sighted flying west of Longmont CO.11/21/98
7/17/98 22:51PortlandORUSALight1 secondObject appeared in the western sky. Very Bright. Dropped suddenly to the west and disapeared behind the horizon of Portland's west hill11/21/98
7/17/98 22:00Tukwila (Viewed from, looking east)WAUSALight2-3 minutes4 bright, platinum white, round lights, were seen on top of a hill. The lights were situated in a circle. From our car in Tukwila, WA11/21/98
7/17/98 07:45Indianapolis (Carmel)INUSASphere4-5 minutesSaw far away in the sky. Looked like a star but there were no other stars in the sky.11/21/98
7/17/98 02:10Jacksonville (Interstate 10, heading E)FLUSADiamond30 SecondsDiamond Shape Object Glowing incadescent Yellowish, The object was to our front right hovering just slightly below cloud level. It was11/21/98
7/16/98 23:00Carson CityNVUSASphere5 sec.I was sitting outside, looking toward the mountains, Carson in almost 5k ft, Mts. 7k to 8k, object appeared and shot off in a straight 11/21/98
7/16/98 09:30MuscatineIAUSAOval1 minuteVery brilliant green oval traveling silently moving north to south. Clear blue sky. Object appeared shiny and metallic with sun shini11/21/98
7/15/98 05:00San BernardinoCAUSALightApprox. 3 min.A flying ball of light with no structure, no sound, and no strobes or anticolision, navigational lights. Moved too fast for a STOL.11/21/98
7/13/98 23:05Idaho FallsIDUSATriangle20-30 SecondsSaw two triangular objects in near proximity of each other with circular white lights near the points of each of the objects. I soon r11/21/98
7/13/98 21:00ChocowinityNCUSADisk?It really just appeared, it was only a few feet above me, I an not sure but I think I touched it. It was a silverish metallic color, I11/21/98
7/13/98 15:38BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown3-5 secondsElectrical interference (TV/lights), massive, fast-moving shadow covering whole yard and more. Silent.11/21/98
7/13/98 08:45ScherervilleINUSASphere4-5 minutesRed dot split in two pieces - shot in different directions11/21/98
7/12/98 22:25Mt. MorrisPAUSALight1 minute9:25pm, noticed a small light high in the sky. The light did not blink and traveled at a high speed. A second high speed light follow11/21/98
7/12/98 02:50CentervilleOHUSALight1 minuteBright flashing light in an orangish color from the sky.11/21/98
7/12/98 02:00Lock Haven/RenovaPAUSAUnknown60 mina brilliant object appeared and moved in a sporatic manner along horizon changing color often and location colors of red blue and white11/21/98
7/11/98 22:43Franklin Park (60131)ILUSACircle00:01Yellow circle in northeast sky moving northward11/21/98
7/11/98 22:20ChicagoILUSALight1 minuteSeries of star-like points, approximate visual magnitude +3, shifting positions among each other, but as a group moving uniformly in a 11/21/98
7/11/98 17:00LincolnMAUSASphere5 minutesSole witness to object. At Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base watching aircraft. I am a self taught expert on all types of aircraft11/21/98
7/11/98 13:35Hwy 30, heading westPAUSAOther15 secsA black jet chasing a prop plane with unusually long wings at extremely high speed. Jet was right on planes tail a plane was twisting b11/21/98
7/10/98 22:15San AngeloTXUSAFormation5 secondsWe saw five lights in the southwest sky that changed formation and disappeared. All within a matter of about 5-10 seconds.11/21/98
7/10/98 20:29MorristownNJUSAUnknown15 secObject was small, dark colored and shape was not distinct (possibly flat?) Every 2-5 sec entire back end of object emitted bright red g11/21/98
7/10/98 20:00BrickNJUSASphere5 minutesOn the evening of July 10, 1998, I was walking near my home in Brick, NJ when I spotted an object approaching in the sky. It moved slow11/21/98
7/10/98 01:05UK/ScotlandUnited KingdomLightnot knownSeveral light's reported seen in the Sky over Scotland,on the West Coast11/21/98
7/10/98 00:45South PrairieWAUSAOther5-7 min.I noticed an object approx. the size of the full moon moving slowly towards the West. All of the sudden it made a sharp turn towards th11/21/98
7/9/98 22:27Sea RanchCAUSA5 minutesThree Objects Looking Like Planets Moving in fast and odd directions:11/21/98
7/9/98 20:24FernleyNVUSATriangle10 minutesWas driving home and saw a black triangle craft in the air. Aplane flying by near it and I noticed it was aout 3,000feet higher than th11/21/98
7/7/98 23:10DanvillePAUSASphere15 minutesI witnessed a reddish ball hover for about 10 minutes after witnessing it streak across the sky like a shooting star. Then it appeared11/21/98
7/7/98 01:35MassillonOHUSAFormation5-7 minutesObject moved through sky slowly11/21/98
7/6/98 17:40Rapid CitySDUSAOther10 SecondsLooked towards a thunderstorm approaching from the west. First saw a bright shape in the sky in the northwest direction. The light wa11/21/98
7/5/98 00:34Round Lake Beach, IllinoisILUSALight10 secondsTwo brighter than star objects first observed at zenith; appeared that one was "chasing" or following the second which was, at times,zi11/21/98
7/4/98 23:45HollandMIUSALight30 secondsI saw the bright light slowly streak in the sky and it turned around and went back in to space and disappeared.11/21/98
7/4/98 23:15HillsboroMOUSASphere3 minutesRed ball of light low to the east, which hung in the air motionless, for 3 to 4 minutes.11/21/98
7/4/98 10:23Hawii (Waikiki)HIUSALight15 minan object in the sky was making weird formations this ment it couldn't be plane. The space ship was moving it circles,up and down and 11/21/98
7/3/98 21:30HuntsvilleALUSALight15 minutesred ball of light hovering and moving without sound, shot sparks which produced three white lights that formed a vertical formation und11/21/98
7/2/98 01:30Kalamazoo (Cooper Township)MIUSACone3 minutesI went outdoors to chain up our dog, seen an orange cone shape glowing object slightly above our trees. Went back in house to get spou11/21/98
7/1/98 20:45FresnoCAUSATriangle2 min.While on the roof of a 10 story building, looking north/east, I saw what appeared to be a trangle object flying very slow, then increas11/21/98
7/1/98 17:40Lithgow (NSW, Australia)AustraliaLight15secstar light appeared travelled a short distance then faided away11/21/98
6/30/98 21:30WaldorfMDUSAOval45-60 secondsNoticed singular exceptionally bright light which appeared to rotate around a soild oval or disk shaped object, bottom of which was fai11/21/98
6/30/98 20:40PasadenaMDUSACigar2 minutesA long, white cigar shaped object flew across the sky, disappearing a couple of times, then shooting straight up.11/21/98
6/30/98 18:40RomeGAUSASphere3minCraft connecting balls black with connecting rods no noise or light emmision. speed est. 80-100mph. low altitude and decending west to 11/21/98
6/30/98 03:58BettendorfIAUSALight3-5 secondsI saw a pair of strange lights in the early morning sky that disappeared in a strange fashion.11/21/98
6/29/98 12:00RenoNVUSACircle45 minutesobjects appeared stationary at first, some floated like a hang glider. after about 15 minutes objects began to dart around sky and disa11/21/98
6/28/98 23:20SacramentoCAUSACigar15 minutesWith binoculars, I saw a flat object with several steady white lights and two or more flashing red and white lights.11/21/98
6/28/98 22:00FitchburgMAUSACircle5 minutesThere was an extremely bright white light - in a very cloudy sky. It was skipping about in the sky very fast, couldn't keep track of it11/21/98
6/28/98 05:00Ellicott CityMDUSASphere06:00glowing golden with red flashes at 78 degrees north east. Alt about 2000 feet . had wobbling effect when red fashes occoured about eve11/21/98
6/27/98 22:40PenfieldNYUSACircleminuteA small bright object accross the sky and disappeared. No glamorous close up sighting, but extremely high for an airplane, much, much t11/21/98
6/27/98 21:15Trenton (Hamilton Township)NJUSADisk5 minutesThe craft hovered over a neighbors home.11/21/98
6/27/98 20:50East Amwell TownshipNJUSAOvalaprox 10minthe craft seemed to float parallel to the hills very very slowly and at a constant speed then it seemed to turn or "widen" so that one 11/21/98
6/27/98 20:06East AmwellNJUSACircle5 minutesWhile playing football in the backyard with my sons, my 9 year old son asked me what i Thought this circular black mass in the sky was11/21/98
6/26/98 19:30Apple ValleyCAUSAOther30 min3 observers witnessed a "manta-ray" shaped craft move west over mountain range for 30 min. No lights or windows were visable.VERY LARGE11/21/98
6/26/98 10:15Trumann/JonesboroARUSAOther1 hour 45 minsThere was a full moon this night, so the shapes were very easy to make out. Circular, rectangle,,and diamond were the smaller ones. The11/21/98
6/25/98 22:18Las CrucesNMUSACircle3 minutesMy father and i were driving home from El Paso, Texas, to Las Cruses, New Mexico. Half way to las cruses,(which is about a 30 min. driv11/21/98
6/25/98 10:23FlagstaffAZUSASphere2 minNE of Winona 3 miles Arizona at an archaeological site called Ridge Ruin. Spheres, glowing red to yellow settle down, move above site, 11/21/98
6/25/98 10:15Moab (near, in Arches National Park)UTUSALightone hourWe were on vacation in Arches National Park, watching a satellite and shooting stars on an exceptionally dark, clear night. Then, in t11/21/98
6/23/98 20:58RichmondVAUSAUnknown5 minutesAt about 9:58 last night, I was letting my dogs out. I then saw 5 craft in what was almost a "W" formation. I was confused. I went back11/21/98
6/23/98 01:15Apex/Holly Springs (between)NCUSATriangle90 secondsTown of Fuquay, NC had power blackout -10PM - 06/22/98. Hwy 55,north of town, saw BRIGHT white light-southern horizon. Shaped like quar11/21/98
6/23/98 00:30NeshkoroWIUSAOther2.5 hoursFireballs, streaks of bright light followed by objects flying at high altitudes11/21/98
6/22/98 22:30SanteeSCUSACylinder5min.I was fishing and as I looked up I saw 3 cylinder-shaped objects in a triangle formation. They had a wierd white glow to them. That (11/21/98
6/22/98 01:30Belgrade (outside, Dry CreekRoad)MTUSAUnknown1 hour6.22.98-1:30 am : red flashing lights (flashing in two different sequences)hovering over a rural of the lights was near belgra11/21/98
6/22/98 00:45EvansvilleINUSALight5 minutesTO: National UFO Reporting Center From: ((Deleted)) Dear National UFO Reporting Center, I live in the city of Evansville, loca11/21/98
6/21/98 22:30Corpus ChristiTXUSACylinder7-8 secondsGentlemen I have always been someone who relies on experiential knowledge. I have always felt that the likelyhood of other intelligence11/21/98
6/21/98 22:10MoundsvilleWVUSALight2 minI was scanning the night sky with 7x50 binoculars when I noticed a light much higher than commercial aircraft usually fly.11/21/98
6/21/98 21:30San BrunoCAUSADisk10 minutesA huge saucer with a 2nd story on top was in the air ahead of us. It was fully lit as if w/ONE light; slowly floated/glided thru air w11/21/98
6/20/98 22:00EustaceTXUSAOval1 minuteOval object streaking through sky, high rate of speed, trailing yellow and orange smoke, or dust particles behind it.11/21/98
6/20/98 17:50CovingtonWAUSACircle20 min.In backyard, looked up admiring sky and saw bright lights moving.11/21/98
6/18/98 23:44MarinaCAUSATeardrop2 minutesI witnessed a teardrop shaped object hurling across the night sky.... the event lasted for only a minute or so... it was strange... ver11/21/98
6/18/98 18:45NarcoosseeFLUSALight"bright light" that lit up the sky11/21/98
6/17/98 01:30Roseville (Memorial Field)MIUSALight5 min.Me and my friend and his brother were swimming in my pool around 1:30 a.m when we saw a oval shaped object hover over my pool about 12511/21/98
6/16/98 14:00MeadvillePAUSATeardropsecondsshiny metalic double teardrop shape, silent fast in a clear sky11/21/98
6/15/98 22:00New HavenKYUSATriangle1 hourIt was a triangular shaped vessel that gave off a light blue light. It was night so I couldn't tell much more.11/21/98
6/15/98 04:15Groningen (Winschoten - Groningen Highway) (Netherlands)NetherlandsSphere15 minutesMy sister was driving with four people to home(it was morning). Than they saw that something was following them a whole time in the sky11/21/98
6/13/98 23:40GreshamORUSACross<3minI was driving home and on 201st and holgate. I saw what I thought was a very low, slow plane.11/21/98
6/13/98 19:00GreshamORUSACircle10 minutesObject crossing low in the sky over rooftops of homes. About 1 mile from where we were, and it was approx. A basketball size from our11/21/98
6/12/98 22:30PerrisCAUSALight3 minutesI was driving south on Perris Blvd. when I happened to glance east towards lake Perris and saw a small, dull orange light hovering abou11/21/98
6/12/98 21:35Santa MonicaCAUSAFormation5-7 secondsA 'V' shaped formation of lights passed overhead with no sound at high speed.11/21/98
6/12/98 14:00HalseyORUSAUnknown1 minuteLoud noise, similar to that emmited when propane tanks on hot air balloons, but much louder. Skies bright, few clouds. Traveled betwe11/21/98
6/7/98 17:00Caracas, D.F. (Venezuela)VenezuelaChanging2 minObserve a unos 3 Kilometros Dos Objetos que se acercaban a velocidad impresionante hasta el vehiculo que yo conducia11/21/98
6/6/98 17:00Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomFireball5 minsmoved slowly in one direction, paused for 3/4 mins before turning 90 degrees and moving away from us.11/21/98
6/1/98 22:00Bayfield (near, Lake Superior, south shore)WIUSAFireball5 sec.white/green ball with trailing tail and falling debris -slow moving11/21/98
6/1/98 14:00BostonMAUSADiskunkownencounter with approximatley seven saucers each about 3 inches in diameter11/21/98
5/29/98 05:00PhoenixAZUSAOval3 hoursOval plastic looking craft, translucent, reflective, with numerous projections from the bottom.11/21/98
5/29/98 03:00Maple ShadeNJUSASphere20 secondsThought it was the North Star. Same brightness, color and size. Moved east to north in the NE sky about 60 deg. above the horizon.11/21/98
5/29/98 01:30North BendOHUSATriangle45 sec.Strange Humming sound, similar to high tension wires, floated northeast to southwest crossed river(ohio) slowly, low(50 meters) lights 11/21/98
5/28/98 22:43DavieFLUSAFlash1-2 secondsA bright flash of blue green light which expanded into a blue green colored sky bright enough to fill my car.11/21/98
5/28/98 22:30TuckerGAUSAChanging3-5minutesa small group of lights flying in a birdlike formation slowly across the sky in a northeast direction.11/21/98
5/28/98 20:30Santa FeNMUSAFireball7 min.We saw the object in the sky south of Santa Fe just after sunset. It looked like a glowing white sphere against the indigo sky, and was11/21/98
5/25/98 12:05MadisonWIUSACylinder5 minutes2 events separated by about 3-5 minutes11/21/98
5/24/98 22:40Asbury ParkNJUSACigar2 minGreen/Blue Cigar shaped craft seen travelling south to north, along coastline. Craft was then seen rising slowly north of Convention H11/21/98
5/22/98 21:30Lansvale (Sydney) (NSW, Australia)AustraliaOther1 hourAs we watched the craft proceeded to play as a child playing hide and seek.It almost seemed to be trying to work out who we were.we wer11/21/98