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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/3/98 21:29 Portland OR Light ca. 2 min. Very bright steady blue-white light in sky over 3-5 deg. arc, steady movement over ene to wsw path, abruptly vanishing at "apex". No s 11/21/98
8/3/98 00:00 Salem MA Changing 3hrs Bright light hovered over Marblhead Bay for several hours. Oval to disk shape but seemed to also change shape as well as color. Bright 11/21/98
8/2/98 20:45 Perth (Western Australia)
Light 1min blue light from se to nw at high speed 11/21/98
8/2/98 15:00 Huntington Beach CA Disk Daylight Daylight UFO sighting over Huntington Beach, California 11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30 Olean NY Light 15-20 minutes Round, bright , orange lights, moving in patterns around each other moving very slowly and it appeared there were smaller light formati 11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30 Big Sur (Monterey Co.) CA Cigar 1sec. Dark cigar shaped no lights streek though sky, airplane following. 11/21/98
8/1/98 22:30 Minocqua WI Sphere 5-8 minutes An orange object moved across the sky. 11/21/98
8/1/98 20:45 St. Louis MO Light less than 2 minutes Object appeared below the moon. Travelled from Southeast to Northwest. Changed color and direction erratically. 11/21/98
8/1/98 14:30 Howell MI Unknown 5 minutes I was working on the roof of the house and looking up when I saw something at what looked like an average passenger jet altitude moving 11/21/98
7/31/98 04:00 Grass Valley CA Light 1 hour Saw a light in sky. It did a strange turn. Heard a slow hum, not like airplane. Hum lasted for over half an hour. Light reappeared 11/21/98
7/31/98 00:00 San Diego CA Other non-stop Strange bright, white light with 4 other smaller lights. All in a diagonal row. 11/21/98
7/30/98 22:00 St. Helen MI Circle 15 minutes A red circle in the sky that was very high in the sky. Everytime the craft went by stars the stars disappered for about 10-15 seconds. 11/21/98
7/29/98 00:15 Aloha OR Light 50 minutes Looked like lights of a small plane approaching a local airport. But the object stayed in almost the same place for over 50 minutes mo 11/21/98
7/28/98 10:56 Omaha NE Triangle 15 seconds Craft looked like a triangle in cind of a pivot so that what I think was the back. Craft allso looked as if it was engulfed in light 11/21/98
7/27/98 21:13 Castle Creek NY Circle 10 sec Driving home from work on a clear night, I saw in the middle of the sky four bright lights grouped together in the shape of a square. 11/21/98
7/27/98 04:40 Charleston WV Fireball 4 or 5 seconds A bright green fireball flew across the sky. It was about the size of the full moon and looked much brighter. 11/21/98
7/27/98 03:00 Southampton NY Changing 30 Minutes A lot of different lights bouncing around a center light. It had reappearing lights and lines. 11/21/98
7/26/98 23:23 Corte Madera CA Triangle 1 second witnessed approximately 1 second of flight of an object unknown to me in the northern hemisphere of the night sky. 11/21/98
7/26/98 21:30 Ballston Spa NY Oval 30min. Several white lights with blue and green intermittently . Followed me while I was driving to my house ,hovered for 20 min outside my 11/21/98
7/26/98 00:30 Erie PA Light 15 seconds Two of my friends and I were sitting on a picnic table in southeast Erie, Pennsylvania. We were looking west when appeared what seemed 11/21/98
7/25/98 22:00 Tucson AZ Light 15 minutes 3 green/blue, non flashing lights hung in the N/W Tucson sky, the space between the objects varrying as they hovered. 11/21/98
7/25/98 16:30 Tigard (suburb of Portland) OR Oval 30+ minutes A silver, oval shaped object hovered directly overhead at high altitude for at least 30 minutes. A jetliner passed near by the object. 11/21/98
7/24/98 23:30 Seely Lake (near) MT Light 8-10 secs One object--thought was satelite. Flying high alt. (satelite area) E to W Extreme speed- Brilliant light flash of 1 sec duration anoth 11/21/98
7/24/98 14:30 Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill) DC Cigar split second Visiting the capital and city, did not see object at all while taking the pictures, object was unseen at the time. Took two pictures, 11/21/98
7/24/98 01:40 Portland ME Other 10 SECONDS As I looked to the northern sky as I stepped from my car, I looked up into a constellation of stars. Soon thereafter, it was if one of 11/21/98
7/24/98 01:30 Townsville (QLD, Australia)
Circle 5 minutes I was watching television at 01:30 when I heard a loud boom sound.The power then blacked out.I thought that the cut off switch had went 11/21/98
7/24/98 Plymouth, Devon (UK/England)
Cigar 1.5mins we saw some lights in the sky in the shape of a cigar' no sound was heard and no jetstream trailed behind. It went in a straight line a 11/21/98
7/23/98 Hubbard, (approx 30 mi. south of Portland OR Other na I'm messaging to report a "possible" crop circle found near the town of Hubbard, Or. I heard the report on a local radio station called 11/21/98
7/21/98 21:45 Leo IN Light 1 minute During a severe thunderstorm a single light appeared moving unevenly (up and down) from east to west. 11/21/98
7/20/98 02:00 Tinley Park/I-57 (Between, on I 80) IL Light 5 to seven min It looked like two strobe lights flying together 11/21/98
7/20/98 01:35 East Finchley (London) (UK/England)
Triangle 20 seconds A Trinangular shape with a slightly concave back edge flew acroos the sky. It was glowing gold. 11/21/98
7/20/98 01:00 Ogden (northeast of) UT Disk 15 minutes Past Ogden exit, hw-82 going east. Saw Ufo above trees on our right about 3,000 yards away. 11/21/98
7/19/98 11:30 Hicksville (Broadway & Old Country Road) NY Egg 12:15 a.m. Craft resembled size of three blimps and changed shapes, then turning into giant metal island. (See below) About five vehicles stopped 11/21/98
7/18/98 10:07 Longmont CO Triangle 3 to 5 minutes Traingle craft about 60+ feet in diameter was sighted flying west of Longmont CO. 11/21/98
7/17/98 22:51 Portland OR Light 1 second Object appeared in the western sky. Very Bright. Dropped suddenly to the west and disapeared behind the horizon of Portland's west hill 11/21/98
7/17/98 22:00 Tukwila (Viewed from, looking east) WA Light 2-3 minutes 4 bright, platinum white, round lights, were seen on top of a hill. The lights were situated in a circle. From our car in Tukwila, WA 11/21/98
7/17/98 07:45 Indianapolis (Carmel) IN Sphere 4-5 minutes Saw far away in the sky. Looked like a star but there were no other stars in the sky. 11/21/98
7/17/98 02:10 Jacksonville (Interstate 10, heading E) FL Diamond 30 Seconds Diamond Shape Object Glowing incadescent Yellowish, The object was to our front right hovering just slightly below cloud level. It was 11/21/98
7/16/98 23:00 Carson City NV Sphere 5 sec. I was sitting outside, looking toward the mountains, Carson in almost 5k ft, Mts. 7k to 8k, object appeared and shot off in a straight 11/21/98
7/16/98 09:30 Muscatine IA Oval 1 minute Very brilliant green oval traveling silently moving north to south. Clear blue sky. Object appeared shiny and metallic with sun shini 11/21/98
7/15/98 05:00 San Bernardino CA Light Approx. 3 min. A flying ball of light with no structure, no sound, and no strobes or anticolision, navigational lights. Moved too fast for a STOL. 11/21/98
7/13/98 23:05 Idaho Falls ID Triangle 20-30 Seconds Saw two triangular objects in near proximity of each other with circular white lights near the points of each of the objects. I soon r 11/21/98
7/13/98 21:00 Chocowinity NC Disk ? It really just appeared, it was only a few feet above me, I an not sure but I think I touched it. It was a silverish metallic color, I 11/21/98
7/13/98 15:38 Bakersfield CA Unknown 3-5 seconds Electrical interference (TV/lights), massive, fast-moving shadow covering whole yard and more. Silent. 11/21/98
7/13/98 08:45 Schererville IN Sphere 4-5 minutes Red dot split in two pieces - shot in different directions 11/21/98
7/12/98 22:25 Mt. Morris PA Light 1 minute 9:25pm, noticed a small light high in the sky. The light did not blink and traveled at a high speed. A second high speed light follow 11/21/98
7/12/98 02:50 Centerville OH Light 1 minute Bright flashing light in an orangish color from the sky. 11/21/98
7/12/98 02:00 Lock Haven/Renova PA Unknown 60 min a brilliant object appeared and moved in a sporatic manner along horizon changing color often and location colors of red blue and white 11/21/98
7/11/98 22:43 Franklin Park (60131) IL Circle 00:01 Yellow circle in northeast sky moving northward 11/21/98
7/11/98 22:20 Chicago IL Light 1 minute Series of star-like points, approximate visual magnitude +3, shifting positions among each other, but as a group moving uniformly in a 11/21/98
7/11/98 17:00 Lincoln MA Sphere 5 minutes Sole witness to object. At Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base watching aircraft. I am a self taught expert on all types of aircraft 11/21/98
7/11/98 13:35 Hwy 30, heading west PA Other 15 secs A black jet chasing a prop plane with unusually long wings at extremely high speed. Jet was right on planes tail a plane was twisting b 11/21/98
7/10/98 22:15 San Angelo TX Formation 5 seconds We saw five lights in the southwest sky that changed formation and disappeared. All within a matter of about 5-10 seconds. 11/21/98
7/10/98 20:29 Morristown NJ Unknown 15 sec Object was small, dark colored and shape was not distinct (possibly flat?) Every 2-5 sec entire back end of object emitted bright red g 11/21/98
7/10/98 20:00 Brick NJ Sphere 5 minutes On the evening of July 10, 1998, I was walking near my home in Brick, NJ when I spotted an object approaching in the sky. It moved slow 11/21/98
7/10/98 01:05 UK/Scotland
Light not known Several light's reported seen in the Sky over Scotland,on the West Coast 11/21/98
7/10/98 00:45 South Prairie WA Other 5-7 min. I noticed an object approx. the size of the full moon moving slowly towards the West. All of the sudden it made a sharp turn towards th 11/21/98
7/9/98 22:27 Sea Ranch CA
5 minutes Three Objects Looking Like Planets Moving in fast and odd directions: 11/21/98
7/9/98 20:24 Fernley NV Triangle 10 minutes Was driving home and saw a black triangle craft in the air. Aplane flying by near it and I noticed it was aout 3,000feet higher than th 11/21/98
7/7/98 23:10 Danville PA Sphere 15 minutes I witnessed a reddish ball hover for about 10 minutes after witnessing it streak across the sky like a shooting star. Then it appeared 11/21/98
7/7/98 01:35 Massillon OH Formation 5-7 minutes Object moved through sky slowly 11/21/98
7/6/98 17:40 Rapid City SD Other 10 Seconds Looked towards a thunderstorm approaching from the west. First saw a bright shape in the sky in the northwest direction. The light wa 11/21/98
7/5/98 00:34 Round Lake Beach, Illinois IL Light 10 seconds Two brighter than star objects first observed at zenith; appeared that one was "chasing" or following the second which was, at times,zi 11/21/98
7/4/98 23:45 Holland MI Light 30 seconds I saw the bright light slowly streak in the sky and it turned around and went back in to space and disappeared. 11/21/98
7/4/98 23:15 Hillsboro MO Sphere 3 minutes Red ball of light low to the east, which hung in the air motionless, for 3 to 4 minutes. 11/21/98
7/4/98 10:23 Hawii (Waikiki) HI Light 15 min an object in the sky was making weird formations this ment it couldn't be plane. The space ship was moving it circles,up and down and 11/21/98
7/3/98 21:30 Huntsville AL Light 15 minutes red ball of light hovering and moving without sound, shot sparks which produced three white lights that formed a vertical formation und 11/21/98
7/2/98 01:30 Kalamazoo (Cooper Township) MI Cone 3 minutes I went outdoors to chain up our dog, seen an orange cone shape glowing object slightly above our trees. Went back in house to get spou 11/21/98
7/1/98 20:45 Fresno CA Triangle 2 min. While on the roof of a 10 story building, looking north/east, I saw what appeared to be a trangle object flying very slow, then increas 11/21/98
7/1/98 17:40 Lithgow (NSW, Australia)
Light 15sec star light appeared travelled a short distance then faided away 11/21/98
6/30/98 21:30 Waldorf MD Oval 45-60 seconds Noticed singular exceptionally bright light which appeared to rotate around a soild oval or disk shaped object, bottom of which was fai 11/21/98
6/30/98 20:40 Pasadena MD Cigar 2 minutes A long, white cigar shaped object flew across the sky, disappearing a couple of times, then shooting straight up. 11/21/98
6/30/98 18:40 Rome GA Sphere 3min Craft connecting balls black with connecting rods no noise or light emmision. speed est. 80-100mph. low altitude and decending west to 11/21/98
6/30/98 03:58 Bettendorf IA Light 3-5 seconds I saw a pair of strange lights in the early morning sky that disappeared in a strange fashion. 11/21/98
6/29/98 12:00 Reno NV Circle 45 minutes objects appeared stationary at first, some floated like a hang glider. after about 15 minutes objects began to dart around sky and disa 11/21/98
6/28/98 23:20 Sacramento CA Cigar 15 minutes With binoculars, I saw a flat object with several steady white lights and two or more flashing red and white lights. 11/21/98
6/28/98 22:00 Fitchburg MA Circle 5 minutes There was an extremely bright white light - in a very cloudy sky. It was skipping about in the sky very fast, couldn't keep track of it 11/21/98
6/28/98 05:00 Ellicott City MD Sphere 06:00 glowing golden with red flashes at 78 degrees north east. Alt about 2000 feet . had wobbling effect when red fashes occoured about eve 11/21/98
6/27/98 22:40 Penfield NY Circle minute A small bright object accross the sky and disappeared. No glamorous close up sighting, but extremely high for an airplane, much, much t 11/21/98
6/27/98 21:15 Trenton (Hamilton Township) NJ Disk 5 minutes The craft hovered over a neighbors home. 11/21/98
6/27/98 20:50 East Amwell Township NJ Oval aprox 10min the craft seemed to float parallel to the hills very very slowly and at a constant speed then it seemed to turn or "widen" so that one 11/21/98
6/27/98 20:06 East Amwell NJ Circle 5 minutes While playing football in the backyard with my sons, my 9 year old son asked me what i Thought this circular black mass in the sky was 11/21/98
6/26/98 19:30 Apple Valley CA Other 30 min 3 observers witnessed a "manta-ray" shaped craft move west over mountain range for 30 min. No lights or windows were visable.VERY LARGE 11/21/98
6/26/98 10:15 Trumann/Jonesboro AR Other 1 hour 45 mins There was a full moon this night, so the shapes were very easy to make out. Circular, rectangle,,and diamond were the smaller ones. The 11/21/98
6/25/98 22:18 Las Cruces NM Circle 3 minutes My father and i were driving home from El Paso, Texas, to Las Cruses, New Mexico. Half way to las cruses,(which is about a 30 min. driv 11/21/98
6/25/98 10:23 Flagstaff AZ Sphere 2 min NE of Winona 3 miles Arizona at an archaeological site called Ridge Ruin. Spheres, glowing red to yellow settle down, move above site, 11/21/98
6/25/98 10:15 Moab (near, in Arches National Park) UT Light one hour We were on vacation in Arches National Park, watching a satellite and shooting stars on an exceptionally dark, clear night. Then, in t 11/21/98
6/23/98 20:58 Richmond VA Unknown 5 minutes At about 9:58 last night, I was letting my dogs out. I then saw 5 craft in what was almost a "W" formation. I was confused. I went back 11/21/98
6/23/98 01:15 Apex/Holly Springs (between) NC Triangle 90 seconds Town of Fuquay, NC had power blackout -10PM - 06/22/98. Hwy 55,north of town, saw BRIGHT white light-southern horizon. Shaped like quar 11/21/98
6/23/98 00:30 Neshkoro WI Other 2.5 hours Fireballs, streaks of bright light followed by objects flying at high altitudes 11/21/98
6/22/98 22:30 Santee SC Cylinder 5min. I was fishing and as I looked up I saw 3 cylinder-shaped objects in a triangle formation. They had a wierd white glow to them. That ( 11/21/98
6/22/98 01:30 Belgrade (outside, Dry CreekRoad) MT Unknown 1 hour 6.22.98-1:30 am : red flashing lights (flashing in two different sequences)hovering over a rural of the lights was near belgra 11/21/98
6/22/98 00:45 Evansville IN Light 5 minutes TO: National UFO Reporting Center From: ((Deleted)) Dear National UFO Reporting Center, I live in the city of Evansville, loca 11/21/98
6/21/98 22:30 Corpus Christi TX Cylinder 7-8 seconds Gentlemen I have always been someone who relies on experiential knowledge. I have always felt that the likelyhood of other intelligence 11/21/98
6/21/98 22:10 Moundsville WV Light 2 min I was scanning the night sky with 7x50 binoculars when I noticed a light much higher than commercial aircraft usually fly. 11/21/98
6/21/98 21:30 San Bruno CA Disk 10 minutes A huge saucer with a 2nd story on top was in the air ahead of us. It was fully lit as if w/ONE light; slowly floated/glided thru air w 11/21/98
6/20/98 22:00 Eustace TX Oval 1 minute Oval object streaking through sky, high rate of speed, trailing yellow and orange smoke, or dust particles behind it. 11/21/98
6/20/98 17:50 Covington WA Circle 20 min. In backyard, looked up admiring sky and saw bright lights moving. 11/21/98
6/18/98 23:44 Marina CA Teardrop 2 minutes I witnessed a teardrop shaped object hurling across the night sky.... the event lasted for only a minute or so... it was strange... ver 11/21/98
6/18/98 18:45 Narcoossee FL Light
"bright light" that lit up the sky 11/21/98
6/17/98 01:30 Roseville (Memorial Field) MI Light 5 min. Me and my friend and his brother were swimming in my pool around 1:30 a.m when we saw a oval shaped object hover over my pool about 125 11/21/98
6/16/98 14:00 Meadville PA Teardrop seconds shiny metalic double teardrop shape, silent fast in a clear sky 11/21/98
6/15/98 22:00 New Haven KY Triangle 1 hour It was a triangular shaped vessel that gave off a light blue light. It was night so I couldn't tell much more. 11/21/98
6/15/98 04:15 Groningen (Winschoten - Groningen Highway) (Netherlands)
Sphere 15 minutes My sister was driving with four people to home(it was morning). Than they saw that something was following them a whole time in the sky 11/21/98
6/13/98 23:40 Gresham OR Cross <3min I was driving home and on 201st and holgate. I saw what I thought was a very low, slow plane. 11/21/98
6/13/98 19:00 Gresham OR Circle 10 minutes Object crossing low in the sky over rooftops of homes. About 1 mile from where we were, and it was approx. A basketball size from our 11/21/98
6/12/98 22:30 Perris CA Light 3 minutes I was driving south on Perris Blvd. when I happened to glance east towards lake Perris and saw a small, dull orange light hovering abou 11/21/98
6/12/98 21:35 Santa Monica CA Formation 5-7 seconds A 'V' shaped formation of lights passed overhead with no sound at high speed. 11/21/98
6/12/98 14:00 Halsey OR Unknown 1 minute Loud noise, similar to that emmited when propane tanks on hot air balloons, but much louder. Skies bright, few clouds. Traveled betwe 11/21/98
6/7/98 17:00 Caracas, D.F. (Venezuela)
Changing 2 min Observe a unos 3 Kilometros Dos Objetos que se acercaban a velocidad impresionante hasta el vehiculo que yo conducia 11/21/98
6/6/98 17:00 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Fireball 5 mins moved slowly in one direction, paused for 3/4 mins before turning 90 degrees and moving away from us. 11/21/98
6/1/98 22:00 Bayfield (near, Lake Superior, south shore) WI Fireball 5 sec. white/green ball with trailing tail and falling debris -slow moving 11/21/98
6/1/98 14:00 Boston MA Disk unkown encounter with approximatley seven saucers each about 3 inches in diameter 11/21/98
5/29/98 05:00 Phoenix AZ Oval 3 hours Oval plastic looking craft, translucent, reflective, with numerous projections from the bottom. 11/21/98
5/29/98 03:00 Maple Shade NJ Sphere 20 seconds Thought it was the North Star. Same brightness, color and size. Moved east to north in the NE sky about 60 deg. above the horizon. 11/21/98
5/29/98 01:30 North Bend OH Triangle 45 sec. Strange Humming sound, similar to high tension wires, floated northeast to southwest crossed river(ohio) slowly, low(50 meters) lights 11/21/98
5/28/98 22:43 Davie FL Flash 1-2 seconds A bright flash of blue green light which expanded into a blue green colored sky bright enough to fill my car. 11/21/98
5/28/98 22:30 Tucker GA Changing 3-5minutes a small group of lights flying in a birdlike formation slowly across the sky in a northeast direction. 11/21/98
5/28/98 20:30 Santa Fe NM Fireball 7 min. We saw the object in the sky south of Santa Fe just after sunset. It looked like a glowing white sphere against the indigo sky, and was 11/21/98
5/25/98 12:05 Madison WI Cylinder 5 minutes 2 events separated by about 3-5 minutes 11/21/98
5/24/98 22:40 Asbury Park NJ Cigar 2 min Green/Blue Cigar shaped craft seen travelling south to north, along coastline. Craft was then seen rising slowly north of Convention H 11/21/98
5/22/98 21:30 Lansvale (Sydney) (NSW, Australia)
Other 1 hour As we watched the craft proceeded to play as a child playing hide and seek.It almost seemed to be trying to work out who we were.we wer 11/21/98