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UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/02/16


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/2/99 19:04Miami BeachFLUSACircle30 scsI was on the beach and saw 2 orange red objects very high up moving east to west in quick jerking motions, followed about 5 seconds lat2/16/99
2/3/99 18:30Van NuysCAUSACircle15 minutes or moreCraft traveling SW in sky across van nuys, CA. Had stobe lights on top and bottom. With lights across the middle that changed color w2/16/99
2/3/99 17:00Orangeville/Lena/McConnell (between)ILUSALight1 hourIn the 70's when I was a little girl, there were 3 in a triangle formation. After all this time I have tried to forget. As of two yea2/16/99
2/2/99 20:45Chula VistaCAUSALight1-3 minutesLooking toward the southern(145'SSE, three of my finger widths under the star Rho Pup) night sky, I saw what I thought at first was an 2/16/99
2/2/99 07:42St. GeorgeUTUSALight1 secondI was driving west when I observed a bright green light travelling at an incredible speed. It was heading down,right to left at a 45 d2/16/99
2/2/99 06:43ReddingCAUSAOther1 full secondI saw a very bright green ball fall from the sky , then disappear over the horizen.2/16/99
2/2/99 06:40San MiguelCAUSAFireball30 secondsObject was flying low on horizon in SSE direction. Object was just above the ground fog. Bright light, followed by blue/red lights.2/16/99
2/2/99 06:39Rancho CucamongaCAUSAFireball10 sec.Bright fireball that seemed to stay stationary in the Northwestern part of the sky above the San Gabriel mountains Mt. Baldy area for a2/16/99
2/2/99 06:35South PasadenaCAUSALight5 secondsSaw a very bright light which came towards me - grew brighter with a reddish aura. Stopped, and then moved away from me VERY fast and 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:00Mountain ViewCAUSALight5 secBringing to attention - AP Story: A small meteor streaked across the Western sky this morning, prompting people from San Francisco to L2/16/99
2/2/99 02:00Mt. HorebWIUSAOther40 secondsF-16's chasing object2/16/99
2/1/99 18:00MolallaORUSADisk20-30 secLights and glowing craft seen by several people in several cars, which stopped on the road to observe. Object was seen decending into a2/16/99
1/30/99 23:30Red BluffCAUSAFormation18as they flew over in a triangular formation, a white thing struck the lead craft, and scattered them.2/16/99
1/29/99 19:45Wilmington Island (Savannah)GAUSADiamond2minutesA low flying craft over Spencer Grayson Bridge changed from diamond pattern to a circle of white lights rotating2/16/99
1/29/99 18:40Germantown/Frederick (between)MDUSADisk10 minutescraft was stationary for app. 5 min., moved higher & west, pulsed several times then disappeared2/16/99
1/28/99 06:30ScottsdaleAZUSATriangle2-4 secDark triangular shape against the darking sky. The object had great speed and no sound or light was evident.2/16/99
1/26/99 20:15La VetaCOUSAOther15-20 minutesAircraft looked like a 747 three times its size. At each wing tip were much smaller aircraft. A probe went to the ground from the bell2/16/99
1/25/99 01:15San Francisco (Ocean side of)CAUSASphere4 minutesMoon shaped, reddish-orange sphere (sligtly obscurred by clouds) object quickly descended into the ocean water in the horizon in front 2/16/99
1/23/99 21:00RichmondVAUSAChevron10-secondsI was driving west on Grove town,fog+low clouds above me.Suddenly+silently a triangular brightly lit craft passed over me at app2/16/99
1/23/99 20:00SherburneNYUSAOval30 sec.Witness a oval/diamond shaped object 40 feet in front of us that was pink and appeared to flash.2/16/99
1/22/99 07:03Silverdale (Bangor Submarine Base)WAUSALight3-5 secondsOrange ball of light at Bangor Submarine Base, WA 1/22/99 @ 0703 Hr.2/16/99
1/20/99 20:30OlneyILUSAChevron10 secondsStargazing, saw a dimly lit V-shape coming overhaed from west t east, thought it was geese, but to fast-dissapeared to east in 8-10 sec2/16/99
1/20/99 19:30ButteMTUSADiamond1 min. app.We were driving & just cleared the top of the Continental Divide when we spotted a huge light in the sky just ahead of the car. It was2/16/99
1/20/99 17:30MarshfieldMOUSALight40 minutesRed pulsating light2/16/99
1/19/99 19:05ProvoUTUSASphere1 - 2 secondsObserved bright phosphorescent greenish tinted object fall in downward direction behind Maple Mountain which is east of Provo, Utah. G2/16/99
1/18/99 17:00BaltimoreMDUSALight30-45 SecondsApproximately 15 spheres of light traveling down and to the east.2/16/99
1/18/99 02:00San MarcosCAUSALight1 hour & 15 minI awoke suddenly at 2:00a.m. & looked out into the sky and saw what I thought to be a very bright falling star. It disappeard, & though2/16/99
1/17/99 23:00BrookhavenMSUSAFireball2 minutesAppered to be shooting star at first. Stopped in mid air. Covered appx 5 miles in the sky in appx 2 seconds. Stopped again. Vanishe2/16/99
1/17/99 22:47ParktonMDUSADisk4 minutesLooking out the front window I noticed a what appeared to be a star changing colors, red, then blue, then white. I looked through bino2/16/99
1/16/99 19:00ClermontGAUSADisk1 hourMy husband we on our back porch, asked me what it was in sky, I looked & in not far distance saw bright lights w/occasional red, got bi2/16/99
1/16/99 04:45WrightsvilleGAUSADisk20 minsI saw what I first thought was a plane but it seemed to hover and then shoot up and down still hovering . We watched for aprox. 20 min2/16/99
1/16/99 01:15DeptfordNJUSACigar2 HoursAn aircraft of some type was seen in the sky with approximately five lights flashing in sequense in a straight line, possibly in a circ2/16/99
1/15/99 23:57Stevenage, Herts (UK/England)United KingdomFireball1 minuteDriving home past railway station . Saw ball of light rise up, travel horizontally for approx 100 yrds then unsteadily zig zag until 2/16/99
1/15/99 22:01Lanoka HarborNJUSADiamond5 mincraft moved in erratic speeds, with non liner motion. two high intensity white lights, constantly on. one blinking red light.2/16/99
1/15/99 17:40Canon CityCOUSALight2-3 sec.Two eye witness saw this. One in a car, a second in a high rise apartment. 13th floor. The witness in the apartment said they landed 2/16/99
1/15/99 17:40Canon CityCOUSAFormation4 to 5 secondswhile traveling east on Hwy 50 I spotted a cluster (6 or 7?) of red lights in the northeast sky app. 9:00 angle. They appeared to be co2/16/99
1/14/99 22:20Lake StevensWAUSAFireball2secFireball/meteor flying below clowd cover East to West2/16/99
1/14/99 21:50Seattle (south, 8600 block E Marginal Way South)WAUSAOval3-4secslight moving east to west2/16/99
1/14/99 19:00Lake WalesFLUSAFireball30 mimuteswe have been video tapping strange craft here for the last three days they are yellow fireballs they appear in the sky and dont move fo2/16/99
1/14/99 19:00LangleyWAUSAFormation2.5 hoursThree bright, eliptical, white lights the size of a full moon, rotating in a circle then converging once every 20 seconds, 60 degrees a2/16/99
1/13/99 20:50Port St. LucieFLUSAOval4 minutes3 unidentified craft2/16/99
1/13/99 07:15Rio RanchoNMUSACircle2-3 secondsDriving east from Rio Rancho into Albuquerque on Paseo Del Norte, I viewed a perfectly lit circle above the Sandia Mountains. The circ2/16/99
1/12/99 08:32EurekaCAUSATriangle12they were red triangular shaped objects with a blue haze around them they left an orange trail across the sky and then stopped it shot 2/16/99
1/11/99 18:00Rohnert ParkCAUSASphere5 secondsWhile driving, I noticed a round torquoise colored sphere falling from the sky to the North East of Rohnert Park. The object dissapear2/16/99
1/11/99 17:47DanvilleCAUSAFireball3-5 secBlue-green fireball with a tail to the NW headed down and to the west; appeared to be 13-17 miles away towards San Francisco Bay2/16/99
1/11/99 02:45GilbertMNUSACircle2 minsthis is the forth or fifth time i have seen the green balls in sky at number of locations in northern mn green circle glowing brightly 2/16/99
1/10/99 20:30Corpus ChristiTXUSAFireball3 secondsIt was going straight toward the ground, it appeared to be glittery like tin foil and appeared to be about the size of a basketball,nor2/16/99
1/10/99 19:04Tyson's CornerVAUSACircle1 to 2 secBright green circularly shaped light moved downward and easterly through elevation angles from 30 degrees to 10 degrees and 20 degrees 2/16/99
1/10/99 19:00Cornwall BridgeCTUSADiskone minuteClear night. Wife and I saw circle of lights, green, bluish on stationary object about 200-500 feet. Suddening object moved right and2/16/99
1/10/99 17:45Dallas (North of DFW)TXUSALight15 minutesSaw long tail reflecting the setting sun begin to zigzag explosively moving from NW to SE then a bright light appeared in front of the 2/16/99
1/10/99 08:30Los AngelesCAUSAFireball3 mins.?I saw 2 glowing balls move slowly across the sky at high altitude.2/16/99
1/10/99 03:00Paradise (just east of; Yankee Hill)CAUSAUnknown2 minHumming sound outside--unlike any other I've heard around here.2/16/99
1/9/99 21:00Longboat KeyFLUSALight6 minutesPulsing light over the Gulf of Mexico changing color, frequency, and intensity moved in an erratic pattern across the clear sky. The m2/16/99
1/9/99 02:39Tijuana (Mexico)MexicoRectangle2 to 3 secondsA white flash of light moving east to west stopped for one second in the shape of a green rectangle with round corners. Then It procee2/16/99
1/9/99 01:30Spring BranchTXUSAFireball3 secGreen Fire ball from E. to W. Most likely a meteorite with some copper in it's composition.2/16/99
1/8/99 22:45Copper CenterAKUSAFlashflashBright white flash covering a larger area in the sky2/16/99
1/8/99 22:45PalmerAKUSAFlash2 min.At abt. 10:45 PM Alaska;A Flash of light (like a flash from a camera)lighted up the sky; then I would say about a minute after a boom s2/16/99
1/8/99 19:30ReddingCAUSAUnknown20-30 secondsi think i heard the loud ufo that the people on art bell are talking about.2/16/99
1/8/99 19:25Paradiseand/Pentz (NNE on Hwy 70 near Hwy 191 cutoff to)CAUSADiamond25 minutes1st sighted a bright white flashing lite about 6 times the size of the surrounding stars. A mile further observed a 2nd separate, indep2/16/99
1/7/99 23:00TallahasseeFLUSADiamond3 minutesWhite and red objects in sky videotaped over Tallahassee, Fl is a no go. The local police report a business in the area has been shinin2/16/99
1/7/99 23:00TallahasseeFLUSADiamond3 minutes3 minute video-two objects in sky-1st very large bright white saucer shapedlight with four legs-descends below house behind sub-2nd obj2/16/99
1/7/99 20:45WilliamsportPAUSAOther2-4 minutes2 lights flying in "formation" blinking white/yellow, then green/blue, then red then joined and other white lights came in quickly to c2/16/99
1/6/99 22:00North DallasTXUSACircle5 secondsI was returning from an emergency call on US75 when I observed a green ball of light travel across the sky (ten o'clock to four o'clock2/16/99
1/6/99 21:50DallasTXUSAFireball30secondsgreen fieball shoots across sky.2/16/99
1/6/99 21:30LakesideCAUSAFlash3:00 min.On Tuesday night at my job at the Barona indian reservation in Lakeside, Ca. another officer and I saw three white strobe-like craft ra2/16/99
1/5/99 05:36SeattleWAUSATeardrop3 secondsThe object was approximatly equal in size to 1/4 full moon. It was travelling from NW to SE approximately 500 feet over Lake Union. Th2/16/99
1/4/99 20:00LongviewTXUSACircle2-3 hrsSaw two "hovering" objects in the sky that had different colored lights on them.2/16/99
1/2/99 22:12Marysville/Beale A,F.B.CAUSASphere30 to 45 secsspherical green fireball which changes colors to red and white. very very bright.2/16/99
1/2/99 18:30VancouverWAUSAFireball10 secondsWe were driving on sr500 when we saw a green fireball streak accross the sky2/16/99
1/1/99 01:35Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar (Venezuela)VenezuelaLight3 minIt was a ligth in a rounded shape, hight speed , acrross a big area, we saw the oval shape because of full moon2/16/99
12/31/98 23:30Burnt HillsNYUSALight2 minutes3 bright white objects slowly flying, then hovering, with small orange sparks falling from each2/16/99
12/31/98 11:30Bejuma, Edo. Carabobo, Caracas (Venezuela)VenezuelaLight4 minuteswe saw a bright yellow-blue-red light in the sky very high and a very high speed2/16/99
12/28/98 23:50Silver SpringsNYUSASphere10 minutesin the S by SW sky 3 fingers held at arms lenght above the horizon. This orange light ball moved erratically to the west maintaining al2/16/99
12/28/98 05:45WeatherfordTXUSALight15 min.Our dog was barking so I went to investigate. While watching the dogs outside I noticed a very bright light that seemed to be coming to2/16/99
12/27/98 22:30HodgkinsILUSALight5 min.Several co-workers and I were at work by the quarry in Hodgkins, IL and saw something in the sky.2/16/99
12/27/98 04:38Christchurch (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown12 secondsMoving extreamely fast, no sound, changed direction. >From one end of the night sky to the other in 11 seconds.2/16/99
12/27/98 01:00StrathamNHUSARectangle30 seconds?I saw a rectangular shape in the sky. One blueish light in the center, one "pearl" colored light at each end. No lights were flashing b2/16/99
12/26/98 23:00ModestoCAUSARectangle30 secondsOn Saturday night 2 other persons and myself observed 4 primary targets in a parallel formation, traveling in the eastern horizon at ab2/16/99
12/25/98 22:50JamestownPAUSALight1-2 min.I saw what I thought was a planet because it was in the ecliptic plane. Further observations concluded no lights or becons, no sound a2/16/99
12/25/98 19:04Salt Lake City (south of)UTUSACircle3-4 secondsWe were traveling south on I-15 to Utah County from Salt Lake county and to the right as I watched incoming airplanes from the south I 2/16/99
12/25/98 14:00Fountain HillsAZUSASphere10 secondsWe saw a spherical, metallic object in the west. Moving extremely fast to the west. No way to determine the size of the craft as we d2/16/99
12/22/98 23:30Missouri CityTXUSAFormationon goingThe back yard at 11:30 Pm was lit up like dog was several pictures..enclosed is best one...2/16/99
12/22/98 21:00Rome (GA)/Cedar Bluff (AL)GAUSAChanging2.5 hoursAt 9PM, in Cherokee, AL while leaving my lakehouse, I saw the first one hovering, then moving. I used perspective to ensure movement. 2/16/99
12/22/98 20:05IndianapolisINUSACircle.5 sec.Appx. 1/4 mile east of SR135 8 miles South of Indianapolis a green ball appx. the size of 1/16 of a thumbnail at arms' distance traveli2/16/99
12/22/98 07:25DenverCOUSAOval5-6 secGoing to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an est2/16/99
12/21/98 02:10Myrtle BeachSCUSADisk30 secondsSpotted Medium Speed moving object heading NNW, below the clouds.2/16/99
12/20/98 19:30CharlestonSCUSASphere3 secondsGreen flaming ball streaking from north to south with tail behind2/16/99
12/19/98 20:00RiddleORUSALight15 secondsWas looking at the night sky on a clear night and noticed an object about the brightness of the North star moving West across the sky. 2/16/99
12/19/98 18:20Fleetwood/DryvillePAUSALight1 to 2 secondsSaw a red dot in the sky, which then appeared to change shape and streak away.2/16/99
12/19/98 03:57PhoenixAZUSAFireball3 minutesI saw a green fireball in the sky and there was definitely an aircraft behind the ball of light.2/16/99
12/19/98 00:57MagnoliaTXUSALight50 minutesI am located about 35 miles slightly northwest of downtown Houston, TX and about 12 miles directly east of Magnolia, TX. I observed tw2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00West RichlandWAUSAUnknown1 hourI saw 2 lights settled in a constellation, which appeared to be stars, but had a sudden abnormal movement. One below the belt of orion 2/16/99
12/18/98 21:00MechanicsburgPAUSAUnknown20 minutesCraft of undetermined shape with a single strobe light hovered in the area. One had a white strobe, which turned red, then white again.2/16/99
12/18/98 19:27UticaNYUSALight45 sec.two very bright lights in southern sky descended slowlyand dimmed to gray then back to bright and disappeared.2/16/99
12/18/98 06:30Port AngelesWAUSADiamondaprox 10 minNight time sighting, 3 large gold lights on corners, one red light on nose of diamond, couldn't see any body but heard FAINT JET ENGINE2/16/99
12/15/98 23:30Fort MyersFLUSALight5 seconds3 lights with a very large flame trail traveling west to east2/16/99
12/15/98 22:00AlbuquerqueNMUSACross15 secondslarge cross shaped ship flew over the city .2/16/99
12/15/98 17:00CarmelINUSAFireball1 hourI went outside to pick up the trash cans and i saw 10-15 jets heading in the same direction towards two fireballs. I remember thinking2/16/99
12/15/98 09:25ArabALUSASphere45 minutesBright orange sphere in southwest quadrant of sky which appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet close to Atlanta/Bir2/16/99
12/15/98 03:30PetalumaCAUSACircle1 secondBright white disk, traveling rapidly in a straight line from Northwest to North toward the horizon.2/16/99
12/14/98 21:05LittletonMAUSADisk1 secondFaint disk travelling parallel to I495 southbound in Littleton MA.2/16/99
12/13/98 23:10LeavenworthKSUSAFireball2-3 secondsThe ufo appeared as a falling star except that it was falling more straight down instead of arching across the sky. It was blue W/Blue 2/16/99
12/13/98 12:30Fall RiverMAUSALight5 secondsi seen a flash and looked in the sky,then i seen a green streak going from right to left for about five seconds.2/16/99
12/11/98 16:45Colorado SpringsCOUSADisk15 minIn twilight a disk shaped object "about the size of a dime held at arms length was seen by a husband and wife. They grabbed field clas2/16/99
12/7/98 04:30MedinaOHUSAFireball5 - 10 secondsRed/Orange fire ball, Baseball size with sparks, smoke, and trail.2/16/99
11/27/98 20:30ColumbiaTNUSAFireball5 SEC.Greenish-blue fireball at approx. 45 degree angle, moving east to west, first observed at highest point o'clock position, mo2/16/99
11/27/98Gulf of California camping, Baja (Mexico)MexicoUnknownall nightRed, white, green flashing light in two bright objects on opposite sides of ORIONS BELT in night sky. Geosynchronous satellites?2/16/99
11/24/98 21:00AshlandOHUSATriangle15 secondsWitnessed an immense, triangular object moving from North to South at a rate of speed never before seen while star-gazing.2/16/99
11/24/98 wife and i were in the hottub this evening and i looked up into the clear night and was watching the stars when out of the north we 2/16/99
11/23/98 22:45TulsaOKUSAUnknown1 1/2 hrsappeared to be a prism of colors sparkling--purple,yellow,orange,green, red and blue -- it hovered for 10 to 15 minutes at a time in th2/16/99
11/23/98 22:30CarbondaleILUSAChanging10secondsAn unidentified flying object sited over Carbondale Illinois. The object travelled from North to South in a direct path at a speed tha2/16/99
11/23/98 20:08HartfordCTUSACircle4 minutesThree circular objects in the sky floated at a high altitude , seemed like spotlights but there no obvious source for spotlights, were 2/16/99
11/22/98 19:32CheneyWAUSASphere8 secondsDriving E on I-90 at approx. mile marker 164 at 6:32 pm PST on car clock, noticed white ball of light moving across night sky from my 12/16/99
11/21/98 22:00Avon (Outer Banks)NCUSALight1/2 hourSingle points of light, orange/yellow in color, much like meteors. There was broken cloudcover, and the lights would appear and disappe2/16/99
11/18/98 01:55North Little RockARUSATriangle2-3 minutesmassive triangular craft--forward moving sides had spaced lights, non-blinking--back side unlit--with almost opaque shadow quality of c2/16/99
11/17/98 18:30ChicoCAUSATriangle6 MinutesI was surprised to noticed a large black triangular-shaped-wingless object cross the road directly in front of me flying about twenty f2/16/99
11/17/98 17:35Port CharlotteFLUSAFireballtwo minutesI am a newspaper reporter. A resident came to me 11/19 and said he filmed a "ball of fire" traveling slowly at high altitude toward hor2/16/99
11/17/98 01:30AlvaOKUSATriangle2 minutesWe were watching the leonoid showers and there was a big meteor that I see I was looking to the north and it seem to appere from no whe2/16/99
11/15/98 01:30WindsorVAUSALight40 secondsFour lights passed over at low altitude{less than 1000ft}and were silent,moving in a staight line as if one object.conditions were clea2/16/99
11/11/98 19:45AkronOHUSAFireball90 secondsLooking at sky before entering work building. Observed orange fireball. Object was observed while standing in parking lot. Clear sky, n2/16/99
11/10/98ChicagoILUSASphereabout an hourIn a one hour period during a blackout, I witnessed 6 bright green spheres, flying across the sky from South-East to North-West.2/16/99
11/3/98 14:30AuroraCOUSAUnknown5 minwhile driving to wal-mart notice a reflection of something silvery high in the sky was to high up to notice shape or size but notice it2/16/99
11/2/98 05:53Caledon (Canada)ONCanadaLight3 minutes"Two Craft",strobe light effects,the ability to ; hover ,turn at right angles ,disappear ,reappear , accelerate quickly ,lose altitute 2/16/99
10/29/98 00:01Danialson/New Haven (between)CTUSAOther15 secondsGreenish Blue Shooting star seen in Connecticut.2/16/99
10/23/98 16:30Cave Creek ( N. Scottsdale border)AZUSALight20 minAt least four bright objects hovered for several minutes, then randomly moved slowly up and down while becoming very intense when desce2/16/99
10/17/98 15:00Apple ValleyCAUSASphere7-8 secondsCanyon Balls in Apple Valley California.2/16/99
10/13/98 02:30Heron State Park (between Dulce and Taos)NMUSAChangingapprox. 1hrWatched a strange light for about an hour. During its flight, it made numerous odd flight changes, including bouncing up and down like 2/16/99
10/12/98 02:00Miami Twp.OHUSAOther20 min.I work as a security officer and during my outside rounds I observed a white light in the northen sky. The weather was partly cloudy a2/16/99
10/10/98 03:30Phoenix (north part)AZUSAFireball10 to 15 secbright green moving north to north east. it was bright green and kinda clear. quite fast too.2/16/99
10/8/98 22:33SonoraCAUSALight45 secondsIt was a red light (not flashing, brighter than Mars) about ten degrees above the horizon, in the East heading towards the South with a2/16/99
10/5/98 20:00Dana PointCAUSAFireballAt least 10 secondsSimilar to a Shooting Star, but not! Brillient Bright Green in color with sparkling long tail.2/16/99
10/2/98 12:40DecatorTXUSATriangleapprox. 5 minutesfloated silently above our truck2/16/99
10/2/98 09:30El MonteCAUSACircleabout 10 min.I noticed three craft flying in a straght line with a fourth craft flying between the second two, making a right trangle, off to the ri2/16/99
9/15/98 22:00St. Austell, Cornwall (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown15 minsI was looking out to sea when I noticed a light flashing constantly, but in different positions out to sea. I continued to watch the o2/16/99
9/15/98 21:00AnnaILUSALight10 secondsI saw a light going across a field after dusk. It was to fast for a plane and it had no landing lights.2/16/99
9/14/98 22:00Hudson Valley, NY/Danbury, CT (near Taconic Parkway)CTUSAFireball2 minutesDriving east toward Danbury on I-84, near the Taconic parkway, myself and a passenger noticed a bright "glowing" orange sphere in the 2/16/99
9/2/98 02:00Flamborough (Canada)ONCanadaFormation30 min.Viewed a v-formation of approx. 15 bright white lights in sky on Sept. 2 1998 at 2 a.m.2/16/99
8/13/98 21:43New RiegelOHUSAOtherThe craft was black with a stealth like figure.2/16/99
8/1/98 22:30LincolnNEUSALight3 minutesWe saw streaks like tracers shoot out from a light in the sky.2/16/99
7/27/98 00:49I-84 exit about 1min off of highway.CTUSAUnknown5mins.We were looking up at the sky when my associate pointed out a dot moving across the sky, when I looked at it more closely it was moving2/16/99
7/8/98 07:30AlbanyNYUSARectangle5 minsilver cube with rubic cube like center2/16/99
7/4/98 22:30Nags HeadNCUSALight15 MinutesI was outside at around 22:30 and i saw three circular lights in a triangle formation. They moved through the sky pretty fast, and then2/16/99
6/25/98 11:00BoiseIDUSASpheresphere seen right on the outside of boise, idaho.2/16/99
6/22/98 04:30AustinTXUSATriangle3-4 minutesI saw a triangle craft, huge, black, white light in each corner, red light in center, hovering above me at about 200-300 feet altitude.2/16/99
4/30/98 19:00AustinTXUSASphere10 secondsFireball, green with white center, with a tail of white sparkling stuff. It went horozontally across sky, winked out.2/16/99
4/10/98 17:00CharlestonSCUSAUnknown20 minutesWalking down the outside fire escape looked up and saw several aircraft passing and the one in the middle was leaving a smoke ring trai2/16/99
4/4/98 09:00CheyenneWYUSASphere10 secondsSeen on highway on back of Military flatbed w/"black" helicopter escort(1), 4 black Humvee's(black uniforms W/M16's inside). Object und2/16/99
4/1/98 08:00GlendaleCAUSACirclefew secondsGreen globe flying relatively low moving with incredible speed through the valley between two small mountain ranges.2/16/99
3/28/98 20:30Death Valley (Furnace Creek Ranch)CAUSAFireball7 secsA fireball travelled north to south, from horizon to horizon, due east of our location, at an elevation of about 45 degrees when due ea2/16/99
2/21/98 17:50TappahannockVAUSACircle3-4sec.Flying SW to E in East Sky, about Mach 15-20, est. alt. 5000' Angle of sun revealed intobe lt.grey w/black bottom. Shapedlike pietin2/16/99
2/15/98 08:00San JoseCAUSACigar10 minutesDriving south on Hwy 85, on way to work, saw gleaming silver cigar shaped object floating beneath a cloud.2/16/99
2/1/98 15:00East Los AngelesCAUSATriangleabout 5 min.Long thin gray or black leading edge. Could not tell if I saw the rest of the craft or mirror image of clouds above object, which was m2/16/99
1/21/98 20:42Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK/England)United KingdomOval3 minutesWhilst waiting for my wagon to be unloaded i was looking up at a clear sky suddenly 4 dull orangey(glowing maybe) oval shapes passed t2/16/99
1/8/98 22:38FairbanksAKUSAOval3 SecsA large phlorescent green oval shaped object moving at a strange speed desending on the horizon ended in a large flash2/16/99
1/8/98 20:00ChicoCAUSAOval?Reported by my girlfriend's son, seen over North Chico. He described a very large craft with several lights, not blinking.2/16/99
12/9/97 18:00RenoNVUSACircle30min.I was driving home on freeway going north and looked out drivers side window when i see a bright red round object in the sky right over2/16/99
12/9/97 17:00RenoNVUSALight30 min.I was driving home on the freeway going north and i looked out the drivers side window and i saw a bright red light over down town Reno2/16/99
11/10/97 21:45HurricaneWVUSACircleabout 2 sec.I was riding in the car and looked out the window. I then saw a circle about as big as a full moon flash across the sky and the disappe2/16/99
10/15/97 20:00WestfeildWIUSALight2-4 minutesWe were driving down the road. We saw it out of the window. we lost track of it and then saw it again whan we reached our destination.2/16/99
9/20/97 22:15PowayCAUSATriangle22 minlights in the shape of a "V" were observed by approx 12 people, nobody had an explanation of what they saw, and nobody had ever seen su2/16/99
8/28/97 20:00Page (Lake Powell)AZUSALightTO HALF AN HOUR8. PAGE-LAKE POWELL ARIZONA AUGUST 1997 ((This is the eigth and last to date of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel 2/16/99
8/8/97 18:00East RochesterNYUSASphere30 secThis is the second time I have seen a black spherical object in this general area.2/16/99
8/4/97 05:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaOvalmorningThere were three of them, they were heading south, it was early morning and the sky was clear. two of them were flying side by side as 2/16/99
7/15/97 22:30Sleaford, Lincolnshire (UK/England)United KingdomLight10secsfaint orange lights high in sky moving rapidly at high altitude2/16/99
7/5/97 19:30N. WaterboroMEUSASphere1 minA giant silver sphere appeared over the trees while I was fishing. The size was twice the size of any full moon.As I was rationalizing 2/16/99
3/15/97 19:00Bossier Parish (southern)LAUSARectangle15-20 MNS.((This is the seventh of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questi2/16/99
11/1/96 12:00ViloniaARUSACylinder5 min.Cylinder-shaped object decended and began circling a nearby cell-phone tower. It shortly vanished.2/16/99
9/21/96 21:30MaxwellCAUSAOther10 minutesLarge, motionless, thimble-shaped object radiating bright light from big windows, 1000 ft. over I-5.2/16/99
8/15/96 14:30BethelAKUSATriangle2 minsI happened to look out my back window and was shocked to see a huge triangular shaped craft at a very high altitude.2/16/99
7/30/96 22:00North Little RockARUSATriangle4 minutesClearly observed a triangular craft outfitted with three bright lights. Object made no sound and floated perfectly still for around fo2/16/99
8/16/95 21:30AuroraILUSATriangle5 MinutesA slow moving craft in triangular shape at about 100 to 200 feet altitude. A series of 3 lights in a trianbular shape under the craft. 2/16/99
8/1/95 14:00South East MercedCAUSADiamond5 minLarge silent rotating diamond, largeer than a B-52, Supended as thou they were looking at me when i saw no mentally they left, the craf2/16/99
7/27/95 03:00BuffaloNYUSADisk10 minuteswe saw a britly light sawser decend from the sky and hover about 30 feet from the ground.2/16/99
7/15/95 21:30East TacomaWAUSADisksecondsIn '95, July I went outside every night looking for ufo's. Iwas really into it from watching xfiles.I had this little hand held telesco2/16/99
4/19/95 23:00Lake SullivanIDUSALight5-6 HRS. APPROX.((This is the third of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questions2/16/99
4/3/94 23:30Lake SonomaCAUSAOther1hour 10 minWhile fishing on Lake Sonoma my friend and I saw two lights in the trees. We were on a boat in the center of the lake. The lights wer2/16/99
9/3/93 15:00Burnt RanchCAUSADisk30 min.Huge disk with hour glass directly above (center) silver type ball, moving eractly, but in some sort of sync with each pattern differen2/16/99
6/25/93 20:00Sierra/Plumas Counties (between, while camping)CAUSAOther3-4 hoursWitnessed strobes of light spinning in a circle and then leaving our atmosphere.2/16/99
6/22/93 14:00Colonial BeachVAUSACylinder30 minutesDisapeering flying object2/16/99
12/1/92 02:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaSphere20 secondsMyself and a friend saw a spherical (football shaped) object hovering approximately 100 feet up and approximately 500 feet away in a no2/16/99
8/4/92 21:00Fort CollinsCOUSALight15 minutesLooking towards the north we saw an object with reddish and white lights. It was moving in right angles, then staight up and down very 2/16/99
2/23/92 19:00East Winn/Winn.MEUSASphere30 minutesA curious sphere crossed the roads four times. Changing its color and the "material" it was "made" from (witnessed in e. Winn, Winn Me2/16/99
6/5/90 20:00Danville (rural)ILUSAUnknown20 minutesobject hovered in place south of our vantage point very close. Had no sound, faint feel of electric charge in air, strobing lights in 2/16/99
11/15/89 23:00Moca (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoUnknown30-60 secondsLate, cloudy night in Moca, Puerto Rico. I saw immense, pulsing lights of varied colors slowing passing above the clouds. Could not m2/16/99
5/1/86 19:00Jefferson (near)COUSASphereunknownRed sphere low to the ground moving slowly and erratically.2/16/99
11/20/85South MilwaukeeWIUSALight8 to 20 secondsTwo massive booms which shook the windows followed by a bright light wich flew across sky then reversed course headed back the way it c2/16/99
8/20/85 01:00Tarryall ReservoirCOUSASphere15 secondsFriend saw and alerted me and my wife to an object that moved eratically in the sky.2/16/99
6/1/85 22:00North TonawandaNYUSAChevron1 hour7 lights in a chevron shape not sure it was one object lighted or 7 seperate ones2/16/99
9/1/83 19:30North Las VegasNVUSADiamond1 minuteas i was leaving work driving on craig rd i saw 4 very bright lights in the sky just to the right of the front of my car. i pulled over2/16/99
11/1/82 23:15Oxnard (between Port Hueneme and Point Mugu)CAUSASphere7 SecondsPhosphorescent green sphere, with no other surface characteristics.2/16/99
6/22/82 08:30New RossINUSAOther~ 5 minutesSpherical on one side, diamond on the other with the axis of rotation along the flat diamond side.2/16/99
5/1/81 18:30BoulderCOUSAFireball3 secondsWhile walking south a large comet like object swept out of the sky and turned horizonel at about a thousand feet from the ground and he2/16/99
1/15/79 17:00Los AngelesCAUSAFireball30 seconds or lessFireball passing through outer atmosphere about sunset.2/16/99
8/15/78 23:00Pendleton/Athena (between)ORUSALightseveral secondsTourquois-green fireball drop straight down from a cloud layer and hover a few seconds. Next made a bee line to our car, then shot str2/16/99
7/1/78 22:00MonseyNYUSATriangle15 minutes.My boyfriend and I saw a triangular shaped object spinning in circles, lights rotating..It jut across the evening sky within the stars 2/16/99
5/24/78 01:30Paramus (Route 4, eastbound lane)NJUSACigar7 to 10 minutesI don't remember the exact date It happened. In 1978 when i was driving home to new york state. I was driving home on route 4 west when2/16/99
10/19/77 21:30Los Banos, Laguna (Philippines)PhilippinesUnknown1 minuteWhile satellite gazing at night, three objects moving in the upper atmosphere stopped completely for a second, then proceeded in differ2/16/99
6/10/77 21:00Santa RosaCAUSAChevron5 minutesA very large boomerang shaped object very rapidly approached us,hovered less than 100 ft over a house then accelerated off into the nor2/16/99
12/3/76 23:00MonroviaINUSATriangle20 minafter being followed by a ufo, a beam of light shown down on my sister2/16/99
10/21/76 21:00St. George (UT) to Las Vegas (NV)UTUSALight30 minutesA Bright red light in the southwestern sky approx. 45 degrees above the horizon.2/16/99
8/10/76 22:30SebagoMEUSALight6 secondsa point of light appeared, moved from N to S, stopped. from stopping point to west, back to stopping pt., then to east. back to s.p., t2/16/99
9/1/75 20:00Fullerton (north of Anaheim...i.e.Disneyland)CAUSAOtherthirty minThe craft resembled a large balloon. I mean it had a basket, and some type of revolving cone-thing. Now put a cone on its side, the con2/16/99
6/1/75 22:00ClovisNMUSAUnknowna few minutesSaw oscillating light from a distance streak to the left then up and to the right out of sight so fast I could hardly believe what I ha2/16/99
5/25/75 17:00DelroyOHUSATriangle2 to 3 minutesWe observed a large, glowing, triangular object hover noislessly obove a hill across the lake.2/16/99
4/15/75 02:00OnalaskaWIUSADisk~2 minutesI saw it in the night sky after coming home with my parents from a late party at my uncle's house. The craft was just hovering there fo2/16/99
1/4/75 22:40HoustonTXUSADiskapprox 1 min.Witnesses saw a bluish-white-light emitting spherical object on the ground a few feet from the edge of a feeder road alongside IH45 So.2/16/99
6/10/74 19:00KentuckyKYUSAOther10min.i was young when this happened, and am not sure of the exact events that have been forgotten over time, but i will describe this as bes2/16/99
1/31/74 15:00Ponce (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoSphere10 to 15 minutesThe spaceship was shaped like two spheres attached by a cylinder curiously resembling dumbbells.2/16/99
10/15/72 16:00North TarrytownNYUSADisk45-85 secsFall of 1971 or 1972 between 1pm and 4pm. Place: North Tarrytown, New York. I was 10 or 11 years old, playing in yard with younger b2/16/99
11/15/71 21:00Lake VictorTXUSASphere5-8 SecondsLarge Bright Blue Ball of light at very low altitude.2/16/99
10/15/71Lago Vista (near Austin)TXUSAFormation30 minuteswent outside & in night sky looking east{est.} saw 15 to 25 objects looked like stars appeared same distance as stars, but brighter tha2/16/99
1/4/69 23:30Naples (just north of)FLUSAOval???1 and 2 and 3 cloud type objects immediately appear off to the left of the highway right ahead of us (about 3 telephone poles away )a2/16/99
8/15/68 11:30Yosemite Pass (In the valley over; nr. NV border)CAUSADisk6 minutesA black circle eclipsed the stars as it hovered over our campsite. It had no lights and made no sound. It appeared to be aprox 40 to 102/16/99
6/1/67 23:00Hyde ParkPAUSAOther60 sec.Was 12 years old,walking to buddies home it was dark.all sudden bright lights in the sky.Look like satlight maybe one mile above me.To 2/16/99
11/11/66 02:00SeattleWAUSADisk2 minutesDriving around after swingshift to relax. Drove by familiar watertower; a red, flashing light caught my eye--to bright for the tower li2/16/99
8/1/64 20:00CharlestownRIUSALight3 secondsWhile camping at the Burlingame State Park, Charlestown, RI, in August of 1964, my friend, Tommy, and I were looking over the pond at t2/16/99
8/15/49 21:00Mill ValleyCAUSALight1 min. +3 lights appeared, manuevering rapidly and at impossible flight angles, changing formation until winking out after little more than a m2/16/99
09/0?/96 22:30WakefieldRIUSACircle15 min or soball of light in sky. stayed hovering above the house, moved to trees. then vanished about 15 min later.2/16/99
14:00VictorvilleCAUSADisk40 mintuesSaturn shape wobbling and spinning on central axis with 2 orbs zipping back and forth and around it with movements like hummingbirds.2/16/99
12/24/98 06:24BartlettILUSACigar25 6:24 P.M. i saw a cigar shaped object w/ red lights and one white light on the nose,it was moving west/northwest.very fast and slowe2/16/99