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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/2/99 19:04 Miami Beach FL Circle 30 scs I was on the beach and saw 2 orange red objects very high up moving east to west in quick jerking motions, followed about 5 seconds lat 2/16/99
2/3/99 18:30 Van Nuys CA Circle 15 minutes or more Craft traveling SW in sky across van nuys, CA. Had stobe lights on top and bottom. With lights across the middle that changed color w 2/16/99
2/3/99 17:00 Orangeville/Lena/McConnell (between) IL Light 1 hour In the 70's when I was a little girl, there were 3 in a triangle formation. After all this time I have tried to forget. As of two yea 2/16/99
2/2/99 20:45 Chula Vista CA Light 1-3 minutes Looking toward the southern(145'SSE, three of my finger widths under the star Rho Pup) night sky, I saw what I thought at first was an 2/16/99
2/2/99 07:42 St. George UT Light 1 second I was driving west when I observed a bright green light travelling at an incredible speed. It was heading down,right to left at a 45 d 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:43 Redding CA Other 1 full second I saw a very bright green ball fall from the sky , then disappear over the horizen. 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:40 San Miguel CA Fireball 30 seconds Object was flying low on horizon in SSE direction. Object was just above the ground fog. Bright light, followed by blue/red lights. 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:39 Rancho Cucamonga CA Fireball 10 sec. Bright fireball that seemed to stay stationary in the Northwestern part of the sky above the San Gabriel mountains Mt. Baldy area for a 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:35 South Pasadena CA Light 5 seconds Saw a very bright light which came towards me - grew brighter with a reddish aura. Stopped, and then moved away from me VERY fast and 2/16/99
2/2/99 06:00 Mountain View CA Light 5 sec Bringing to attention - AP Story: A small meteor streaked across the Western sky this morning, prompting people from San Francisco to L 2/16/99
2/2/99 02:00 Mt. Horeb WI Other 40 seconds F-16's chasing object 2/16/99
2/1/99 18:00 Molalla OR Disk 20-30 sec Lights and glowing craft seen by several people in several cars, which stopped on the road to observe. Object was seen decending into a 2/16/99
1/30/99 23:30 Red Bluff CA Formation 18 as they flew over in a triangular formation, a white thing struck the lead craft, and scattered them. 2/16/99
1/29/99 19:45 Wilmington Island (Savannah) GA Diamond 2minutes A low flying craft over Spencer Grayson Bridge changed from diamond pattern to a circle of white lights rotating 2/16/99
1/29/99 18:40 Germantown/Frederick (between) MD Disk 10 minutes craft was stationary for app. 5 min., moved higher & west, pulsed several times then disappeared 2/16/99
1/28/99 06:30 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 2-4 sec Dark triangular shape against the darking sky. The object had great speed and no sound or light was evident. 2/16/99
1/26/99 20:15 La Veta CO Other 15-20 minutes Aircraft looked like a 747 three times its size. At each wing tip were much smaller aircraft. A probe went to the ground from the bell 2/16/99
1/25/99 01:15 San Francisco (Ocean side of) CA Sphere 4 minutes Moon shaped, reddish-orange sphere (sligtly obscurred by clouds) object quickly descended into the ocean water in the horizon in front 2/16/99
1/23/99 21:00 Richmond VA Chevron 10-seconds I was driving west on Grove town,fog+low clouds above me.Suddenly+silently a triangular brightly lit craft passed over me at app 2/16/99
1/23/99 20:00 Sherburne NY Oval 30 sec. Witness a oval/diamond shaped object 40 feet in front of us that was pink and appeared to flash. 2/16/99
1/22/99 07:03 Silverdale (Bangor Submarine Base) WA Light 3-5 seconds Orange ball of light at Bangor Submarine Base, WA 1/22/99 @ 0703 Hr. 2/16/99
1/20/99 20:30 Olney IL Chevron 10 seconds Stargazing, saw a dimly lit V-shape coming overhaed from west t east, thought it was geese, but to fast-dissapeared to east in 8-10 sec 2/16/99
1/20/99 19:30 Butte MT Diamond 1 min. app. We were driving & just cleared the top of the Continental Divide when we spotted a huge light in the sky just ahead of the car. It was 2/16/99
1/20/99 17:30 Marshfield MO Light 40 minutes Red pulsating light 2/16/99
1/19/99 19:05 Provo UT Sphere 1 - 2 seconds Observed bright phosphorescent greenish tinted object fall in downward direction behind Maple Mountain which is east of Provo, Utah. G 2/16/99
1/18/99 17:00 Baltimore MD Light 30-45 Seconds Approximately 15 spheres of light traveling down and to the east. 2/16/99
1/18/99 02:00 San Marcos CA Light 1 hour & 15 min I awoke suddenly at 2:00a.m. & looked out into the sky and saw what I thought to be a very bright falling star. It disappeard, & though 2/16/99
1/18/99 01:15 Arlington TX Fireball
1/17/99 23:00 Brookhaven MS Fireball 2 minutes Appered to be shooting star at first. Stopped in mid air. Covered appx 5 miles in the sky in appx 2 seconds. Stopped again. Vanishe 2/16/99
1/17/99 22:47 Parkton MD Disk 4 minutes Looking out the front window I noticed a what appeared to be a star changing colors, red, then blue, then white. I looked through bino 2/16/99
1/16/99 19:00 Clermont GA Disk 1 hour My husband we on our back porch, asked me what it was in sky, I looked & in not far distance saw bright lights w/occasional red, got bi 2/16/99
1/16/99 04:45 Wrightsville GA Disk 20 mins I saw what I first thought was a plane but it seemed to hover and then shoot up and down still hovering . We watched for aprox. 20 min 2/16/99
1/16/99 01:15 Deptford NJ Cigar 2 Hours An aircraft of some type was seen in the sky with approximately five lights flashing in sequense in a straight line, possibly in a circ 2/16/99
1/15/99 23:57 Stevenage, Herts (UK/England)
Fireball 1 minute Driving home past railway station . Saw ball of light rise up, travel horizontally for approx 100 yrds then unsteadily zig zag until 2/16/99
1/15/99 22:01 Lanoka Harbor NJ Diamond 5 min craft moved in erratic speeds, with non liner motion. two high intensity white lights, constantly on. one blinking red light. 2/16/99
1/15/99 17:40 Canon City CO Light 2-3 sec. Two eye witness saw this. One in a car, a second in a high rise apartment. 13th floor. The witness in the apartment said they landed 2/16/99
1/15/99 17:40 Canon City CO Formation 4 to 5 seconds while traveling east on Hwy 50 I spotted a cluster (6 or 7?) of red lights in the northeast sky app. 9:00 angle. They appeared to be co 2/16/99
1/14/99 22:20 Lake Stevens WA Fireball 2sec Fireball/meteor flying below clowd cover East to West 2/16/99
1/14/99 21:50 Seattle (south, 8600 block E Marginal Way South) WA Oval 3-4secs light moving east to west 2/16/99
1/14/99 19:00 Langley WA Formation 2.5 hours Three bright, eliptical, white lights the size of a full moon, rotating in a circle then converging once every 20 seconds, 60 degrees a 2/16/99
1/14/99 19:00 Lake Wales FL Fireball 30 mimutes we have been video tapping strange craft here for the last three days they are yellow fireballs they appear in the sky and dont move fo 2/16/99
1/13/99 20:50 Port St. Lucie FL Oval 4 minutes 3 unidentified craft 2/16/99
1/13/99 07:15 Rio Rancho NM Circle 2-3 seconds Driving east from Rio Rancho into Albuquerque on Paseo Del Norte, I viewed a perfectly lit circle above the Sandia Mountains. The circ 2/16/99
1/12/99 08:32 Eureka CA Triangle 12 they were red triangular shaped objects with a blue haze around them they left an orange trail across the sky and then stopped it shot 2/16/99
1/11/99 18:00 Rohnert Park CA Sphere 5 seconds While driving, I noticed a round torquoise colored sphere falling from the sky to the North East of Rohnert Park. The object dissapear 2/16/99
1/11/99 17:47 Danville CA Fireball 3-5 sec Blue-green fireball with a tail to the NW headed down and to the west; appeared to be 13-17 miles away towards San Francisco Bay 2/16/99
1/11/99 02:45 Gilbert MN Circle 2 mins this is the forth or fifth time i have seen the green balls in sky at number of locations in northern mn green circle glowing brightly 2/16/99
1/10/99 20:30 Corpus Christi TX Fireball 3 seconds It was going straight toward the ground, it appeared to be glittery like tin foil and appeared to be about the size of a basketball,nor 2/16/99
1/10/99 19:04 Tyson's Corner VA Circle 1 to 2 sec Bright green circularly shaped light moved downward and easterly through elevation angles from 30 degrees to 10 degrees and 20 degrees 2/16/99
1/10/99 19:00 Cornwall Bridge CT Disk one minute Clear night. Wife and I saw circle of lights, green, bluish on stationary object about 200-500 feet. Suddening object moved right and 2/16/99
1/10/99 17:45 Dallas (North of DFW) TX Light 15 minutes Saw long tail reflecting the setting sun begin to zigzag explosively moving from NW to SE then a bright light appeared in front of the 2/16/99
1/10/99 08:30 Los Angeles CA Fireball 3 mins.? I saw 2 glowing balls move slowly across the sky at high altitude. 2/16/99
1/10/99 03:00 Paradise (just east of; Yankee Hill) CA Unknown 2 min Humming sound outside--unlike any other I've heard around here. 2/16/99
1/9/99 21:00 Longboat Key FL Light 6 minutes Pulsing light over the Gulf of Mexico changing color, frequency, and intensity moved in an erratic pattern across the clear sky. The m 2/16/99
1/9/99 02:39 Tijuana (Mexico)
Rectangle 2 to 3 seconds A white flash of light moving east to west stopped for one second in the shape of a green rectangle with round corners. Then It procee 2/16/99
1/9/99 01:30 Spring Branch TX Fireball 3 sec Green Fire ball from E. to W. Most likely a meteorite with some copper in it's composition. 2/16/99
1/8/99 22:45 Copper Center AK Flash flash Bright white flash covering a larger area in the sky 2/16/99
1/8/99 22:45 Palmer AK Flash 2 min. At abt. 10:45 PM Alaska;A Flash of light (like a flash from a camera)lighted up the sky; then I would say about a minute after a boom s 2/16/99
1/8/99 19:30 Redding CA Unknown 20-30 seconds i think i heard the loud ufo that the people on art bell are talking about. 2/16/99
1/8/99 19:25 Paradiseand/Pentz (NNE on Hwy 70 near Hwy 191 cutoff to) CA Diamond 25 minutes 1st sighted a bright white flashing lite about 6 times the size of the surrounding stars. A mile further observed a 2nd separate, indep 2/16/99
1/7/99 23:00 Tallahassee FL Diamond 3 minutes 3 minute video-two objects in sky-1st very large bright white saucer shapedlight with four legs-descends below house behind sub-2nd obj 2/16/99
1/7/99 23:00 Tallahassee FL Diamond 3 minutes White and red objects in sky videotaped over Tallahassee, Fl is a no go. The local police report a business in the area has been shinin 2/16/99
1/7/99 20:45 Williamsport PA Other 2-4 minutes 2 lights flying in "formation" blinking white/yellow, then green/blue, then red then joined and other white lights came in quickly to c 2/16/99
1/6/99 22:00 North Dallas TX Circle 5 seconds I was returning from an emergency call on US75 when I observed a green ball of light travel across the sky (ten o'clock to four o'clock 2/16/99
1/6/99 21:50 Dallas TX Fireball 30seconds green fieball shoots across sky. 2/16/99
1/6/99 21:30 Lakeside CA Flash 3:00 min. On Tuesday night at my job at the Barona indian reservation in Lakeside, Ca. another officer and I saw three white strobe-like craft ra 2/16/99
1/5/99 05:36 Seattle WA Teardrop 3 seconds The object was approximatly equal in size to 1/4 full moon. It was travelling from NW to SE approximately 500 feet over Lake Union. Th 2/16/99
1/4/99 20:00 Longview TX Circle 2-3 hrs Saw two "hovering" objects in the sky that had different colored lights on them. 2/16/99
1/2/99 22:12 Marysville/Beale A,F.B. CA Sphere 30 to 45 secs spherical green fireball which changes colors to red and white. very very bright. 2/16/99
1/2/99 18:30 Vancouver WA Fireball 10 seconds We were driving on sr500 when we saw a green fireball streak accross the sky 2/16/99
1/1/99 01:35 Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar (Venezuela)
Light 3 min It was a ligth in a rounded shape, hight speed , acrross a big area, we saw the oval shape because of full moon 2/16/99
12/31/98 23:30 Burnt Hills NY Light 2 minutes 3 bright white objects slowly flying, then hovering, with small orange sparks falling from each 2/16/99
12/31/98 11:30 Bejuma, Edo. Carabobo, Caracas (Venezuela)
Light 4 minutes we saw a bright yellow-blue-red light in the sky very high and a very high speed 2/16/99
12/28/98 23:50 Silver Springs NY Sphere 10 minutes in the S by SW sky 3 fingers held at arms lenght above the horizon. This orange light ball moved erratically to the west maintaining al 2/16/99
12/28/98 05:45 Weatherford TX Light 15 min. Our dog was barking so I went to investigate. While watching the dogs outside I noticed a very bright light that seemed to be coming to 2/16/99
12/27/98 22:30 Hodgkins IL Light 5 min. Several co-workers and I were at work by the quarry in Hodgkins, IL and saw something in the sky. 2/16/99
12/27/98 04:38 Christchurch (New Zealand)
Unknown 12 seconds Moving extreamely fast, no sound, changed direction. >From one end of the night sky to the other in 11 seconds. 2/16/99
12/27/98 01:00 Stratham NH Rectangle 30 seconds? I saw a rectangular shape in the sky. One blueish light in the center, one "pearl" colored light at each end. No lights were flashing b 2/16/99
12/26/98 23:00 Modesto CA Rectangle 30 seconds On Saturday night 2 other persons and myself observed 4 primary targets in a parallel formation, traveling in the eastern horizon at ab 2/16/99
12/25/98 22:50 Jamestown PA Light 1-2 min. I saw what I thought was a planet because it was in the ecliptic plane. Further observations concluded no lights or becons, no sound a 2/16/99
12/25/98 19:04 Salt Lake City (south of) UT Circle 3-4 seconds We were traveling south on I-15 to Utah County from Salt Lake county and to the right as I watched incoming airplanes from the south I 2/16/99
12/25/98 14:00 Fountain Hills AZ Sphere 10 seconds We saw a spherical, metallic object in the west. Moving extremely fast to the west. No way to determine the size of the craft as we d 2/16/99
12/22/98 23:30 Missouri City TX Formation on going The back yard at 11:30 Pm was lit up like dog was several pictures..enclosed is best one... 2/16/99
12/22/98 21:00 Rome (GA)/Cedar Bluff (AL) GA Changing 2.5 hours At 9PM, in Cherokee, AL while leaving my lakehouse, I saw the first one hovering, then moving. I used perspective to ensure movement. 2/16/99
12/22/98 20:05 Indianapolis IN Circle .5 sec. Appx. 1/4 mile east of SR135 8 miles South of Indianapolis a green ball appx. the size of 1/16 of a thumbnail at arms' distance traveli 2/16/99
12/22/98 07:25 Denver CO Oval 5-6 sec Going to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an est 2/16/99
12/21/98 02:10 Myrtle Beach SC Disk 30 seconds Spotted Medium Speed moving object heading NNW, below the clouds. 2/16/99
12/20/98 19:30 Charleston SC Sphere 3 seconds Green flaming ball streaking from north to south with tail behind 2/16/99
12/19/98 20:00 Riddle OR Light 15 seconds Was looking at the night sky on a clear night and noticed an object about the brightness of the North star moving West across the sky. 2/16/99
12/19/98 18:20 Fleetwood/Dryville PA Light 1 to 2 seconds Saw a red dot in the sky, which then appeared to change shape and streak away. 2/16/99
12/19/98 03:57 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 minutes I saw a green fireball in the sky and there was definitely an aircraft behind the ball of light. 2/16/99
12/19/98 00:57 Magnolia TX Light 50 minutes I am located about 35 miles slightly northwest of downtown Houston, TX and about 12 miles directly east of Magnolia, TX. I observed tw 2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00 West Richland WA Unknown 1 hour I saw 2 lights settled in a constellation, which appeared to be stars, but had a sudden abnormal movement. One below the belt of orion 2/16/99
12/18/98 21:00 Mechanicsburg PA Unknown 20 minutes Craft of undetermined shape with a single strobe light hovered in the area. One had a white strobe, which turned red, then white again. 2/16/99
12/18/98 19:27 Utica NY Light 45 sec. two very bright lights in southern sky descended slowlyand dimmed to gray then back to bright and disappeared. 2/16/99
12/18/98 06:30 Port Angeles WA Diamond aprox 10 min Night time sighting, 3 large gold lights on corners, one red light on nose of diamond, couldn't see any body but heard FAINT JET ENGINE 2/16/99
12/15/98 23:30 Fort Myers FL Light 5 seconds 3 lights with a very large flame trail traveling west to east 2/16/99
12/15/98 22:00 Albuquerque NM Cross 15 seconds large cross shaped ship flew over the city . 2/16/99
12/15/98 17:00 Carmel IN Fireball 1 hour I went outside to pick up the trash cans and i saw 10-15 jets heading in the same direction towards two fireballs. I remember thinking 2/16/99
12/15/98 09:25 Arab AL Sphere 45 minutes Bright orange sphere in southwest quadrant of sky which appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet close to Atlanta/Bir 2/16/99
12/15/98 03:30 Petaluma CA Circle 1 second Bright white disk, traveling rapidly in a straight line from Northwest to North toward the horizon. 2/16/99
12/14/98 21:05 Littleton MA Disk 1 second Faint disk travelling parallel to I495 southbound in Littleton MA. 2/16/99
12/13/98 23:10 Leavenworth KS Fireball 2-3 seconds The ufo appeared as a falling star except that it was falling more straight down instead of arching across the sky. It was blue W/Blue 2/16/99
12/13/98 12:30 Fall River MA Light 5 seconds i seen a flash and looked in the sky,then i seen a green streak going from right to left for about five seconds. 2/16/99
12/11/98 16:45 Colorado Springs CO Disk 15 min In twilight a disk shaped object "about the size of a dime held at arms length was seen by a husband and wife. They grabbed field clas 2/16/99
12/7/98 04:30 Medina OH Fireball 5 - 10 seconds Red/Orange fire ball, Baseball size with sparks, smoke, and trail. 2/16/99
11/27/98 20:30 Columbia TN Fireball 5 SEC. Greenish-blue fireball at approx. 45 degree angle, moving east to west, first observed at highest point o'clock position, mo 2/16/99
11/27/98 Gulf of California camping, Baja (Mexico)
Unknown all night Red, white, green flashing light in two bright objects on opposite sides of ORIONS BELT in night sky. Geosynchronous satellites? 2/16/99
11/24/98 21:00 Ashland OH Triangle 15 seconds Witnessed an immense, triangular object moving from North to South at a rate of speed never before seen while star-gazing. 2/16/99
11/24/98 19:15 Kenton OH Formation 20sec. my wife and i were in the hottub this evening and i looked up into the clear night and was watching the stars when out of the north we 2/16/99
11/23/98 22:45 Tulsa OK Unknown 1 1/2 hrs appeared to be a prism of colors sparkling--purple,yellow,orange,green, red and blue -- it hovered for 10 to 15 minutes at a time in th 2/16/99
11/23/98 22:30 Carbondale IL Changing 10seconds An unidentified flying object sited over Carbondale Illinois. The object travelled from North to South in a direct path at a speed tha 2/16/99
11/23/98 20:08 Hartford CT Circle 4 minutes Three circular objects in the sky floated at a high altitude , seemed like spotlights but there no obvious source for spotlights, were 2/16/99
11/22/98 19:32 Cheney WA Sphere 8 seconds Driving E on I-90 at approx. mile marker 164 at 6:32 pm PST on car clock, noticed white ball of light moving across night sky from my 1 2/16/99
11/21/98 22:00 Avon (Outer Banks) NC Light 1/2 hour Single points of light, orange/yellow in color, much like meteors. There was broken cloudcover, and the lights would appear and disappe 2/16/99
11/18/98 01:55 North Little Rock AR Triangle 2-3 minutes massive triangular craft--forward moving sides had spaced lights, non-blinking--back side unlit--with almost opaque shadow quality of c 2/16/99
11/17/98 18:30 Chico CA Triangle 6 Minutes I was surprised to noticed a large black triangular-shaped-wingless object cross the road directly in front of me flying about twenty f 2/16/99
11/17/98 17:35 Port Charlotte FL Fireball two minutes I am a newspaper reporter. A resident came to me 11/19 and said he filmed a "ball of fire" traveling slowly at high altitude toward hor 2/16/99
11/17/98 01:30 Alva OK Triangle 2 minutes We were watching the leonoid showers and there was a big meteor that I see I was looking to the north and it seem to appere from no whe 2/16/99
11/15/98 01:30 Windsor VA Light 40 seconds Four lights passed over at low altitude{less than 1000ft}and were silent,moving in a staight line as if one object.conditions were clea 2/16/99
11/11/98 19:45 Akron OH Fireball 90 seconds Looking at sky before entering work building. Observed orange fireball. Object was observed while standing in parking lot. Clear sky, n 2/16/99
11/10/98 Chicago IL Sphere about an hour In a one hour period during a blackout, I witnessed 6 bright green spheres, flying across the sky from South-East to North-West. 2/16/99
11/3/98 14:30 Aurora CO Unknown 5 min while driving to wal-mart notice a reflection of something silvery high in the sky was to high up to notice shape or size but notice it 2/16/99
11/2/98 05:53 Caledon (Canada) ON Light 3 minutes "Two Craft",strobe light effects,the ability to ; hover ,turn at right angles ,disappear ,reappear , accelerate quickly ,lose altitute 2/16/99
10/29/98 00:01 Danialson/New Haven (between) CT Other 15 seconds Greenish Blue Shooting star seen in Connecticut. 2/16/99
10/23/98 16:30 Cave Creek ( N. Scottsdale border) AZ Light 20 min At least four bright objects hovered for several minutes, then randomly moved slowly up and down while becoming very intense when desce 2/16/99
10/17/98 15:00 Apple Valley CA Sphere 7-8 seconds Canyon Balls in Apple Valley California. 2/16/99
10/13/98 02:30 Heron State Park (between Dulce and Taos) NM Changing approx. 1hr Watched a strange light for about an hour. During its flight, it made numerous odd flight changes, including bouncing up and down like 2/16/99
10/12/98 02:00 Miami Twp. OH Other 20 min. I work as a security officer and during my outside rounds I observed a white light in the northen sky. The weather was partly cloudy a 2/16/99
10/10/98 03:30 Phoenix (north part) AZ Fireball 10 to 15 sec bright green moving north to north east. it was bright green and kinda clear. quite fast too. 2/16/99
10/8/98 22:33 Sonora CA Light 45 seconds It was a red light (not flashing, brighter than Mars) about ten degrees above the horizon, in the East heading towards the South with a 2/16/99
10/5/98 20:00 Dana Point CA Fireball At least 10 seconds Similar to a Shooting Star, but not! Brillient Bright Green in color with sparkling long tail. 2/16/99
10/2/98 12:40 Decator TX Triangle approx. 5 minutes floated silently above our truck 2/16/99
10/2/98 09:30 El Monte CA Circle about 10 min. I noticed three craft flying in a straght line with a fourth craft flying between the second two, making a right trangle, off to the ri 2/16/99
9/15/98 22:00 St. Austell, Cornwall (UK/England)
Unknown 15 mins I was looking out to sea when I noticed a light flashing constantly, but in different positions out to sea. I continued to watch the o 2/16/99
9/15/98 21:00 Anna IL Light 10 seconds I saw a light going across a field after dusk. It was to fast for a plane and it had no landing lights. 2/16/99
9/14/98 22:00 Hudson Valley, NY/Danbury, CT (near Taconic Parkway) CT Fireball 2 minutes Driving east toward Danbury on I-84, near the Taconic parkway, myself and a passenger noticed a bright "glowing" orange sphere in the 2/16/99
9/2/98 02:00 Flamborough (Canada) ON Formation 30 min. Viewed a v-formation of approx. 15 bright white lights in sky on Sept. 2 1998 at 2 a.m. 2/16/99
8/13/98 21:43 New Riegel OH Other
The craft was black with a stealth like figure. 2/16/99
8/1/98 22:30 Lincoln NE Light 3 minutes We saw streaks like tracers shoot out from a light in the sky. 2/16/99
7/27/98 00:49 I-84 exit about 1min off of highway. CT Unknown 5mins. We were looking up at the sky when my associate pointed out a dot moving across the sky, when I looked at it more closely it was moving 2/16/99
7/8/98 07:30 Albany NY Rectangle 5 min silver cube with rubic cube like center 2/16/99
7/4/98 22:30 Nags Head NC Light 15 Minutes I was outside at around 22:30 and i saw three circular lights in a triangle formation. They moved through the sky pretty fast, and then 2/16/99
6/25/98 11:00 Boise ID Sphere
sphere seen right on the outside of boise, idaho. 2/16/99
6/22/98 04:30 Austin TX Triangle 3-4 minutes I saw a triangle craft, huge, black, white light in each corner, red light in center, hovering above me at about 200-300 feet altitude. 2/16/99
4/30/98 19:00 Austin TX Sphere 10 seconds Fireball, green with white center, with a tail of white sparkling stuff. It went horozontally across sky, winked out. 2/16/99
4/10/98 17:00 Charleston SC Unknown 20 minutes Walking down the outside fire escape looked up and saw several aircraft passing and the one in the middle was leaving a smoke ring trai 2/16/99
4/4/98 09:00 Cheyenne WY Sphere 10 seconds Seen on highway on back of Military flatbed w/"black" helicopter escort(1), 4 black Humvee's(black uniforms W/M16's inside). Object und 2/16/99
4/1/98 08:00 Glendale CA Circle few seconds Green globe flying relatively low moving with incredible speed through the valley between two small mountain ranges. 2/16/99
3/28/98 20:30 Death Valley (Furnace Creek Ranch) CA Fireball 7 secs A fireball travelled north to south, from horizon to horizon, due east of our location, at an elevation of about 45 degrees when due ea 2/16/99
2/21/98 17:50 Tappahannock VA Circle 3-4sec. Flying SW to E in East Sky, about Mach 15-20, est. alt. 5000' Angle of sun revealed intobe lt.grey w/black bottom. Shapedlike pietin 2/16/99
2/15/98 08:00 San Jose CA Cigar 10 minutes Driving south on Hwy 85, on way to work, saw gleaming silver cigar shaped object floating beneath a cloud. 2/16/99
2/1/98 15:00 East Los Angeles CA Triangle about 5 min. Long thin gray or black leading edge. Could not tell if I saw the rest of the craft or mirror image of clouds above object, which was m 2/16/99
1/21/98 20:42 Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK/England)
Oval 3 minutes Whilst waiting for my wagon to be unloaded i was looking up at a clear sky suddenly 4 dull orangey(glowing maybe) oval shapes passed t 2/16/99
1/8/98 22:38 Fairbanks AK Oval 3 Secs A large phlorescent green oval shaped object moving at a strange speed desending on the horizon ended in a large flash 2/16/99
1/8/98 20:00 Chico CA Oval ? Reported by my girlfriend's son, seen over North Chico. He described a very large craft with several lights, not blinking. 2/16/99
12/9/97 18:00 Reno NV Circle 30min. I was driving home on freeway going north and looked out drivers side window when i see a bright red round object in the sky right over 2/16/99
12/9/97 17:00 Reno NV Light 30 min. I was driving home on the freeway going north and i looked out the drivers side window and i saw a bright red light over down town Reno 2/16/99
11/10/97 21:45 Hurricane WV Circle about 2 sec. I was riding in the car and looked out the window. I then saw a circle about as big as a full moon flash across the sky and the disappe 2/16/99
10/15/97 20:00 Westfeild WI Light 2-4 minutes We were driving down the road. We saw it out of the window. we lost track of it and then saw it again whan we reached our destination. 2/16/99
9/20/97 22:15 Poway CA Triangle 22 min lights in the shape of a "V" were observed by approx 12 people, nobody had an explanation of what they saw, and nobody had ever seen su 2/16/99
8/28/97 20:00 Page (Lake Powell) AZ Light TO HALF AN HOUR 8. PAGE-LAKE POWELL ARIZONA AUGUST 1997 ((This is the eigth and last to date of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel 2/16/99
8/19/97 22:45 South Normanton, Derbys (UK/England)
8/8/97 18:00 East Rochester NY Sphere 30 sec This is the second time I have seen a black spherical object in this general area. 2/16/99
8/4/97 05:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Oval morning There were three of them, they were heading south, it was early morning and the sky was clear. two of them were flying side by side as 2/16/99
7/15/97 22:30 Sleaford, Lincolnshire (UK/England)
Light 10secs faint orange lights high in sky moving rapidly at high altitude 2/16/99
7/5/97 19:30 N. Waterboro ME Sphere 1 min A giant silver sphere appeared over the trees while I was fishing. The size was twice the size of any full moon.As I was rationalizing 2/16/99
3/15/97 19:00 Bossier Parish (southern) LA Rectangle 15-20 MNS. ((This is the seventh of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questi 2/16/99
11/1/96 12:00 Vilonia AR Cylinder 5 min. Cylinder-shaped object decended and began circling a nearby cell-phone tower. It shortly vanished. 2/16/99
9/21/96 21:30 Maxwell CA Other 10 minutes Large, motionless, thimble-shaped object radiating bright light from big windows, 1000 ft. over I-5. 2/16/99
8/15/96 14:30 Bethel AK Triangle 2 mins I happened to look out my back window and was shocked to see a huge triangular shaped craft at a very high altitude. 2/16/99
7/30/96 22:00 North Little Rock AR Triangle 4 minutes Clearly observed a triangular craft outfitted with three bright lights. Object made no sound and floated perfectly still for around fo 2/16/99
8/16/95 21:30 Aurora IL Triangle 5 Minutes A slow moving craft in triangular shape at about 100 to 200 feet altitude. A series of 3 lights in a trianbular shape under the craft. 2/16/99
8/1/95 14:00 South East Merced CA Diamond 5 min Large silent rotating diamond, largeer than a B-52, Supended as thou they were looking at me when i saw no mentally they left, the craf 2/16/99
7/27/95 03:00 Buffalo NY Disk 10 minutes we saw a britly light sawser decend from the sky and hover about 30 feet from the ground. 2/16/99
7/15/95 21:30 East Tacoma WA Disk seconds In '95, July I went outside every night looking for ufo's. Iwas really into it from watching xfiles.I had this little hand held telesco 2/16/99
4/19/95 23:00 Lake Sullivan ID Light 5-6 HRS. APPROX. ((This is the third of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questions 2/16/99
4/3/94 23:30 Lake Sonoma CA Other 1hour 10 min While fishing on Lake Sonoma my friend and I saw two lights in the trees. We were on a boat in the center of the lake. The lights wer 2/16/99
9/3/93 15:00 Burnt Ranch CA Disk 30 min. Huge disk with hour glass directly above (center) silver type ball, moving eractly, but in some sort of sync with each pattern differen 2/16/99
6/25/93 20:00 Sierra/Plumas Counties (between, while camping) CA Other 3-4 hours Witnessed strobes of light spinning in a circle and then leaving our atmosphere. 2/16/99
6/22/93 14:00 Colonial Beach VA Cylinder 30 minutes Disapeering flying object 2/16/99
12/1/92 02:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Sphere 20 seconds Myself and a friend saw a spherical (football shaped) object hovering approximately 100 feet up and approximately 500 feet away in a no 2/16/99
8/4/92 21:00 Fort Collins CO Light 15 minutes Looking towards the north we saw an object with reddish and white lights. It was moving in right angles, then staight up and down very 2/16/99
2/23/92 19:00 East Winn/Winn. ME Sphere 30 minutes A curious sphere crossed the roads four times. Changing its color and the "material" it was "made" from (witnessed in e. Winn, Winn Me 2/16/99
6/5/90 20:00 Danville (rural) IL Unknown 20 minutes object hovered in place south of our vantage point very close. Had no sound, faint feel of electric charge in air, strobing lights in 2/16/99
11/15/89 23:00 Moca (Puerto Rico) PR Unknown 30-60 seconds Late, cloudy night in Moca, Puerto Rico. I saw immense, pulsing lights of varied colors slowing passing above the clouds. Could not m 2/16/99
5/1/86 19:00 Jefferson (near) CO Sphere unknown Red sphere low to the ground moving slowly and erratically. 2/16/99
11/20/85 South Milwaukee WI Light 8 to 20 seconds Two massive booms which shook the windows followed by a bright light wich flew across sky then reversed course headed back the way it c 2/16/99
8/20/85 01:00 Tarryall Reservoir CO Sphere 15 seconds Friend saw and alerted me and my wife to an object that moved eratically in the sky. 2/16/99
6/1/85 22:00 North Tonawanda NY Chevron 1 hour 7 lights in a chevron shape not sure it was one object lighted or 7 seperate ones 2/16/99
9/1/83 19:30 North Las Vegas NV Diamond 1 minute as i was leaving work driving on craig rd i saw 4 very bright lights in the sky just to the right of the front of my car. i pulled over 2/16/99
11/1/82 23:15 Oxnard (between Port Hueneme and Point Mugu) CA Sphere 7 Seconds Phosphorescent green sphere, with no other surface characteristics. 2/16/99
6/22/82 08:30 New Ross IN Other ~ 5 minutes Spherical on one side, diamond on the other with the axis of rotation along the flat diamond side. 2/16/99
5/1/81 18:30 Boulder CO Fireball 3 seconds While walking south a large comet like object swept out of the sky and turned horizonel at about a thousand feet from the ground and he 2/16/99
1/15/79 17:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 30 seconds or less Fireball passing through outer atmosphere about sunset. 2/16/99
8/15/78 23:00 Pendleton/Athena (between) OR Light several seconds Tourquois-green fireball drop straight down from a cloud layer and hover a few seconds. Next made a bee line to our car, then shot str 2/16/99
7/1/78 22:00 Monsey NY Triangle 15 minutes. My boyfriend and I saw a triangular shaped object spinning in circles, lights rotating..It jut across the evening sky within the stars 2/16/99
5/24/78 01:30 Paramus (Route 4, eastbound lane) NJ Cigar 7 to 10 minutes I don't remember the exact date It happened. In 1978 when i was driving home to new york state. I was driving home on route 4 west when 2/16/99
10/19/77 21:30 Los Banos, Laguna (Philippines)
Unknown 1 minute While satellite gazing at night, three objects moving in the upper atmosphere stopped completely for a second, then proceeded in differ 2/16/99
6/10/77 21:00 Santa Rosa CA Chevron 5 minutes A very large boomerang shaped object very rapidly approached us,hovered less than 100 ft over a house then accelerated off into the nor 2/16/99
12/3/76 23:00 Monrovia IN Triangle 20 min after being followed by a ufo, a beam of light shown down on my sister 2/16/99
10/21/76 21:00 St. George (UT) to Las Vegas (NV) UT Light 30 minutes A Bright red light in the southwestern sky approx. 45 degrees above the horizon. 2/16/99
8/10/76 22:30 Sebago ME Light 6 seconds a point of light appeared, moved from N to S, stopped. from stopping point to west, back to stopping pt., then to east. back to s.p., t 2/16/99
9/1/75 20:00 Fullerton (north of Anaheim...i.e.Disneyland) CA Other thirty min The craft resembled a large balloon. I mean it had a basket, and some type of revolving cone-thing. Now put a cone on its side, the con 2/16/99
6/1/75 22:00 Clovis NM Unknown a few minutes Saw oscillating light from a distance streak to the left then up and to the right out of sight so fast I could hardly believe what I ha 2/16/99
5/25/75 17:00 Delroy OH Triangle 2 to 3 minutes We observed a large, glowing, triangular object hover noislessly obove a hill across the lake. 2/16/99
4/15/75 02:00 Onalaska WI Disk ~2 minutes I saw it in the night sky after coming home with my parents from a late party at my uncle's house. The craft was just hovering there fo 2/16/99
1/4/75 22:40 Houston TX Disk approx 1 min. Witnesses saw a bluish-white-light emitting spherical object on the ground a few feet from the edge of a feeder road alongside IH45 So. 2/16/99
6/10/74 19:00 Kentucky KY Other 10min. i was young when this happened, and am not sure of the exact events that have been forgotten over time, but i will describe this as bes 2/16/99
1/31/74 15:00 Ponce (Puerto Rico) PR Sphere 10 to 15 minutes The spaceship was shaped like two spheres attached by a cylinder curiously resembling dumbbells. 2/16/99
10/15/72 16:00 North Tarrytown NY Disk 45-85 secs Fall of 1971 or 1972 between 1pm and 4pm. Place: North Tarrytown, New York. I was 10 or 11 years old, playing in yard with younger b 2/16/99
11/15/71 21:00 Lake Victor TX Sphere 5-8 Seconds Large Bright Blue Ball of light at very low altitude. 2/16/99
10/15/71 Lago Vista (near Austin) TX Formation 30 minutes went outside & in night sky looking east{est.} saw 15 to 25 objects looked like stars appeared same distance as stars, but brighter tha 2/16/99
1/4/69 23:30 Naples (just north of) FL Oval ??? 1 and 2 and 3 cloud type objects immediately appear off to the left of the highway right ahead of us (about 3 telephone poles away )a 2/16/99
8/15/68 11:30 Yosemite Pass (In the valley over; nr. NV border) CA Disk 6 minutes A black circle eclipsed the stars as it hovered over our campsite. It had no lights and made no sound. It appeared to be aprox 40 to 10 2/16/99
6/1/67 23:00 Hyde Park PA Other 60 sec. Was 12 years old,walking to buddies home it was dark.all sudden bright lights in the sky.Look like satlight maybe one mile above me.To 2/16/99
11/11/66 02:00 Seattle WA Disk 2 minutes Driving around after swingshift to relax. Drove by familiar watertower; a red, flashing light caught my eye--to bright for the tower li 2/16/99
8/1/64 20:00 Charlestown RI Light 3 seconds While camping at the Burlingame State Park, Charlestown, RI, in August of 1964, my friend, Tommy, and I were looking over the pond at t 2/16/99
8/15/49 21:00 Mill Valley CA Light 1 min. + 3 lights appeared, manuevering rapidly and at impossible flight angles, changing formation until winking out after little more than a m 2/16/99
09/0?/96 22:30 Wakefield RI Circle 15 min or so ball of light in sky. stayed hovering above the house, moved to trees. then vanished about 15 min later. 2/16/99
14:00 Victorville CA Disk 40 mintues Saturn shape wobbling and spinning on central axis with 2 orbs zipping back and forth and around it with movements like hummingbirds. 2/16/99
12/24/98 06:24 Bartlett IL Cigar 25 secs. at 6:24 P.M. i saw a cigar shaped object w/ red lights and one white light on the nose,it was moving west/northwest.very fast and slowe 2/16/99