National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/04/02


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
3/25/99 13:20HillsboroORUSADiskLess than 1 min.Hovering silver disc4/2/99
3/24/99 21:00LongmontCOUSADisk3 minuesI saw lights in he sky. It had five lighs in a row, each flashing one a time in a row. It was also urning slowly.4/2/99
3/24/99 20:00Overland ParkKSUSADiamond2-3 minutesCraft flew out of the east at about 600 feet moving west and then turning to the north (not a regular flight pattern for this area for 4/2/99
3/23/99 21:15St. Petersburg (south)FLUSAChevron4 seconds500-600 ft.chevron shaped craft moving to the NW fast at about 3500ft elevation craft had 12-16 dim white lights to the front of chevro4/2/99
3/23/99 19:22ChesapeakeVAUSAOval10 secondsIt was about the size of a mid-sized car. Very Bright yellowish orange. It moved parallel to the ground.4/2/99
3/23/99 18:15Cross LanesWVUSACylinder5 minutesNoticed a very shiny object at a very high altitude that looked like a strange jet. It left a contrial and moved across the sky at abou4/2/99
3/23/99 03:00PlymouthMNUSAOval2.0 hoursIobserved an object changing colors and moving in a manner inconsistent with anything i've ever seen. I woke my wife and asked her to l4/2/99
3/22/99 21:45Dallas/(Irving)TXUSADisk30-45 secA huge multi-lighted object hovered stationary over the eastern part of DFW airport.4/2/99
3/22/99 21:00JacksonMSUSALight4:00 MinutesMy wife was walking to the driveway to leave and called me outside. We spotted a large blinking white light moving in a zig-zap pattern4/2/99
3/21/99 22:48Knappa (Near; approx 12 miles from Astoria)ORUSAUnknown5-8 secondsI was outside and saw a helicopter with its search light on. I went out for a closer look and saw 'something', and it appeared to be a4/2/99
3/21/99 00:55RomeNYUSAUnknown5sec.two sets dim red lights, not high in sky, moving fast NW direction, no other lights, no sound4/2/99
3/21/99 00:02OconomowocWIUSAFormation10 secI saw two pairs of lights moving east to west very high and moving much faster than any aircraft I have seen. They crossed paths and we4/2/99
3/20/99 20:15HorseheadsNYUSAChevron15 secondsThree boomerang shaped objects seen going north,had glowing lights on tips4/2/99
3/20/99 01:24LansingMIUSADisk3 secondsIt appeared from the southwestern sky and dropped very slowly into the south-southeast horizon.. slower than any meteorite but faster t4/2/99
3/19/99 19:15BaltimoreMDUSAFormation1 minuteSwirling mass of approximately 12 red to amber lights.4/2/99
3/19/99 16:20WeavervilleNCUSAOtherforty secondsTwo black helicopters following possible object near Parkway entrance4/2/99
3/19/99 07:00Chicago (Hwy. 531)ILUSAOther45sec.I viewed object heading west moveing very fast.Craft then changed direction heading east,craft again changed direction moved straight u4/2/99
3/18/99 21:10KissimmeeFLUSAOtherone minuteUFO sighted at night while on way home from teaching my martial arts class. Sighted as I drove through town which is a well lighted met4/2/99
3/17/99 21:00Lake AlmanorCAUSALight60 seconds?i witnessed 3 crafts, in the sky, with strange lighting, and suspicious movements, tonight at about 9:00pm over dyer mountain, near Lak4/2/99
3/17/99 20:30Salt Lake City (west of)UTUSACircle15 secondsWhile traveling east on I-80 outside Wendover NV. we noticed 4 circular and very bright yellow lights. Shortly after noticing this, th4/2/99
3/17/99 20:15VernonNJUSACylinder10 to 15 minutesSaw 1 UFO hovering over Mountain Creek Ski Resort. Stopped my car on side of road and got out to view.Dark clear night sky. Craft was l4/2/99
3/17/99 19:55BoiseIDUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo redish lights moving together, quickly, without sound in a West to East manner.4/2/99
3/17/99 19:30MoiraNYUSALight8 min.lights appeared over forested area first as one set (red over white) second time (closer red over red) third time (closer two sets of r4/2/99
3/17/99 04:30Iowa CityIAUSATriangle10 minutesdark triangle moves slowly and appears to hover in night sky.4/2/99
3/16/99 11:40AlbuquerqueNMUSASphere5 minutes +I saw a silver sphere shaped craft that was following in the contrail of a passenger or military aircraft.4/2/99
3/15/99 04:15Wilmington Island (Savannah)GAUSAFireball9 secondsIt was a red ball of light that didnt move.4/2/99
3/15/99 01:30Shelby TownshipMIUSALight3 hours (approx.)A white light with a red light on the left and a green light on the right darting in the sky4/2/99
3/14/99 01:15LihueHIUSALight5 min.Bright green lights floating in space with a strange motion pattern.4/2/99
3/14/99 00:45ParmaOHUSATriangle10 secondsV-shaped object flying from South to North estimated to be at high altitude because high cirrus clouds visible through mostly clear ski4/2/99
3/13/99 23:00Diamond BarCAUSASphere2 secondsI'd just finished watching a video and had gathered my things to go upstairs. When I walked into my bedroom I saw I'd left the drapes 4/2/99
3/13/99 20:03Waipahu Peninsula (Waipahu)HIUSALight10-13 secFacing 170-180, saw brilliant flash at 65 deg azimuth. Color: White, no blue, red or orange. Traveled from N - S.4/2/99
3/13/99 01:00Angeles Crest HwyCAUSASphere5 secondsI was out of my car on the highway, releaving myself when a very bright sphere shaped object came out of the valley and flew strait up.4/2/99
3/12/99 05:10ColumbusOHUSAFireball30 minutes3 objects within 30 minutes4/2/99
3/11/99 23:55Santa RosaCAUSATriangle4 secondsTravled very fast north to south. Lights on all points. Very little sound.4/2/99
3/11/99 22:48RockmartGAUSAOtherit was a huge triangle shaped object with a beam in the middle of it sort of like a laser pointer except wider.and blue lights on the s4/2/99
3/11/99 22:35LemontILUSATriangle6 minSighting of a triangular craft by my daughter and then myself. My daughter actually drove under the object. Describes it as an equila4/2/99
3/11/99 20:20Las VegasNVUSALight10-15 minutesTwo large amber orbs appeared/hovered due North/West of the Stratosphere Tower. Hovered for five to ten minutes. They remained stationa4/2/99
3/11/99 19:01JacksonvilleFLUSATriangle1minDelta wing shaped craft approx 60-70' in diameter/tip to tip hovered @ 11:00 for about 1 min. No sound. six round depression on undersi4/2/99
3/11/99 16:28Las Vegas (north of)NVUSAI'm a truck driver.I have made trips to the desert n. of Vegas. Out in the desert, in the middle of the night. my cargo was unknown. Bi4/2/99
3/11/99 02:35GreendaleWIUSADiamond5 minI work in a suberb of milwaukee ,Wi and it is not really that unpopulated , however i get off work at 2:30 and about 5 min into my ride4/2/99
3/11/99 01:00CollingdalePAUSAConeCone shaped object,flashing colors(green,red,white,yellow),slowly moved to different locations in the sky and seemed to be huvering the4/2/99
3/10/99 23:24Jewell Basin National ParkMTUSAOther5 minutesTwo craft near Camp Misery ranger station one large triangular one small, very small, cone shaped.4/2/99
3/10/99 22:15Tacoma (Lakewood)WAUSASphereunkWhile on Patrol in the North parking lot at Pierce College, I observed a green spherical ball of light descending from west to east. Th4/2/99
3/9/99 21:45HowellNJUSATriangle15 min.A large triangular shaped object travelling from NE to SW at approx. 2,000 ft.4/2/99
3/9/99 12:30Seattle (Shoreline)WAUSATriangle20 minutesThere were four of us, we are almost %100 what we saw was a UFO. WE followed, it moved rapidly and had multi colored lights. It would4/2/99
3/9/99 00:08GreenfieldCAUSALight2-3minutisSaw what looked at first to be a commet untill it lost its tail and let out strange colored smoke then moved up and west very fast.4/2/99
3/8/99 15:45Guilford (UK/England)United KingdomCircle5 secondsit poped out from behind clouds, paused, moved Westerly,4/2/99
3/7/99 22:00ArabALUSALight45 minutesObject in the night sky moving in an irregular pattern.4/2/99
3/7/99 20:30Tarzana (West San Fernando Valley)CAUSALight4 SecondsBright yellowish light, size approx. pea at arms length. Passed dead silent overhead at estimated 1000 ft. Straight line trajectory fr4/2/99
3/6/99 22:57Dublin (North County) (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCigar5 secondsTwo consecutive flashes of strong bright light accompanied by a cigar shaped illuminous green object traversing the night sky at incred4/2/99
3/5/99 20:00MaranaAZUSAFireball1hrwhile driving along interstate 10, in the vicinity of Marana Az I saw a large fireball that shot out from a cave located on a mountain 4/2/99
3/4/99 21:35MorgantownWVUSATriangle20minI saw a triangle shape in the sky that seemed to hover in one place then it started spinning it was black the lights were yellowish. Th4/2/99
3/4/99 21:00FairbanksAKUSASphereapproximately 2 minutesSaw hovering objects in eastern night sky over Fairbanks International Airport.4/2/99
3/4/99 20:45PhoenixAZUSAOtherFive MinutesWe saw a very bright light that looked like a comet, with a smoke looking trail coming from behind the light.4/2/99
3/4/99 20:45GreerAZUSALight10 min.Driving home one night, I looked up and saw a bright light, approx. 30 degrees off the road. It was flashing very fast, from red to ora4/2/99
3/4/99 19:55PhoenixAZUSACone2 X 2 min.Possible rocket launch unknown to Air Traffic Control.4/2/99
3/4/99 19:00Golden ValleyAZUSALight3 minutesWe were driving down a dirt side road in Golden Valley when we spotted in the sky over the hills a ball of light with a fan shaped bea4/2/99
3/4/99 19:00LancasterCAUSAOther8 minutesPicture perfect white, "comet-like" object moving West to East. Second object, same as first -- but moving due South. Elapsed time, 8 4/2/99
3/4/99 19:00Chowchilla (south of, Madera County)CAUSAFireball15 minutesGreen glowing ball with an orange streak, (like vapor). Then saw a bright white ball with a triangular white glow behind it.4/2/99
3/4/99 18:55Nevada City/North San Juan (between)CAUSALight5 minsaw a light in the west surrounded by haze like a comet, then the haze got bigger and bigger, then the light dissapeared leaving a big 4/2/99
3/4/99 18:55RentonWAUSASphere20 min.a non moving light over Sea Tac Airport that was brighter then Bright light over vicinity of Sea Tac Airport S.W. Bright light in vici4/2/99
3/4/99 18:48ColvilleWAUSAFireball2 secondsJet breaking sound barrier folowed by a bright green fireball4/2/99
3/4/99 18:00NilesOHUSACigar10 minutesWitnessed cigar shaped objects with tails streaming behind them. Some were going up, others going down, some criss-crossed each other, 4/2/99
3/4/99 12:15WichitaKSUSADisk5 minA silver disk seen hovering over Mc Connel AFB4/2/99
3/4/99 07:15FresnoCAUSACigar4 to 5 minutesLooked up into night sky and saw a light that at first we thought was a helicopter with a spotlight until the object left but the light4/2/99
3/4/99 06:55NovatoCAUSAOther30 secondsHeavy sound of helicopter(s) shaking house. Went out back. Could not see source of noise. Coming closer. Looked up and saw what appe4/2/99
3/3/99 21:00CampbellsportWIUSATriangle15 minutesCraft going West turned completely around heading back East4/2/99
3/3/99 21:00ClermontGAUSAOther2 minutesV-shaped object with brite white lights running all under it. Flying East to West4/2/99
3/3/99 12:10San AntonioTXUSATriangle15minutesi was the third witness on the scene.i saw 1 craft only .5 craft were seen by the other witnesses. it started almost directly overhead4/2/99
3/2/99 20:30SeffnerFLUSALight45 secondswalking to my car in the driveway I saw a contrail , visible because of the full moon.....the object resembled a satellite ...a faint4/2/99
3/2/99 20:15DallasTXUSASphere60 secondsWhile stargazing at The Orion Nebula I heard a noise over my head like aero-braking or something. As I looked up I witnessed a jet bank4/2/99
3/2/99CovinaCAUSAEgg2-3 minObject, peach glowing egg shape ends up and down moved slowley south to north high in sky. emitted single popping sound.4/2/99
3/1/99 23:52Del MarCAUSATriangleStrip BarIt was green with flashing lights. Bright red lights. White lights towarsdthe front.4/2/99
3/1/99 22:00Eagle MountainTXUSALight4 MINUTESMy husband was standing in our living room when he noticed two objects in the east, he called me to come see. There were two strange cr4/2/99
3/1/99 17:30Piney (Lawrence County (rural) )TNUSALight10 minuteshovering light, no sound, exited at very high rate of speed4/2/99
2/28/99 23:45Covington (East of Kent)WAUSASphere17 minutesRound bright glowing object,blue and red top and bottom,bright white glow center. Hovering,moved when I took picture,returned,left area4/2/99
2/28/99 23:35Las VegasNVUSACircle10 secThree glowing balls of light traveling right over the Luxor pyramid4/2/99
2/28/99 18:00FairbornOHUSAOther3 minutesApproximately 500ft. in the air, just below a low cloud line, I saw a small grey spherical object hovering. It would be best described4/2/99
2/28/99 00:25East RutherfordNJUSACircle45 secs.Circular object, moving slowly, straight line, aprrox alt. 5000 ft. Slighty Illuminated in a dark orange/burnt sienna color, no blinkin4/2/99
2/27/99 23:59BellinghamWAUSADisk?I was walking home from downtown Bellingham when I saw a trio of disc shaped craft hovering about 50 yards over my house. I was paralyz4/2/99
2/27/99 21:45Chino ValleyAZUSAOval45 sec.i was out side having a smoke and it was a clear night so i looked up at the stars and just happen to see above me 2 bright lights that4/2/99
2/27/99 21:45San DiegoCAUSATriangle10 minuteschanging colors bright and fast blinking motion4/2/99
2/27/99 21:32LaughlinNVUSALight6-8 min.A group of approximately 50 adults watched 5 white lights, the apparent size of bright stars, maneuver in the night sky.4/2/99
2/27/99 21:30CoarsegoldCAUSAOther5 minutesTwo stars in west sky about 30 degrees above horison were moving back and forth. Then I saw only one. It was moving in a strange way up4/2/99
2/27/99 21:30LaughlinNVUSACircleabout 10 minsA event preceeded the following after whitch my attention was drawn straght up. thosands of ft. 5 craft fell scattered to about 12/15 4/2/99
2/27/99 21:15Oudenaarde and Maarkedal (between) (Belgium)BelgiumLight3 sec.I saw a green light that moved very fast in North-North-West direction. There was a little green tail. It didden´t make any sound.Sudde4/2/99
2/27/99 18:30Bishop (towards, on Route 395 North)CAUSALightOne hourTraveling North on 395, I noticed a bright Light, that at first appeared to be a Star. However upon closer observation i noticed that 4/2/99
2/27/99 17:35LaughlinNVUSACircle10 minutesA black or dark dot was seen hanging in the sky for a period of several minutes.4/2/99
2/26/99 19:30I-84 (near ID/UT border)IDUSALight60 secs.A bright light in the night sky above I-84 near Idaho Utah border.4/2/99
2/26/99 16:23Mt. Holly Springs (viewed from)PAUSAUnknownApprox 3 secWas observing a jet aircraft, at altitude and manifesting contrail. Suddenly, a second object, brightly reflecting sunlight, closed ra4/2/99
2/26/99 07:00BremertonWAUSAOther5 min.Looked up lastnight, surprised to see (stars) when the weather had been rainy most of the day. My attention was directed to sudden mov4/2/99
2/26/99 04:00Crown PointINUSALight1 mina bright light with red highlights it also had dim white lights in a sphere shape approx. eight lights4/2/99
2/26/99 00:15Gilroy (approximatly)CAUSAFlash1/4 secondWhile driving North on the 101 85 miles South of San Francisco, I saw a bright flash transverse the sky from zenith to almost the horiz4/2/99
2/25/99 13:00San JoseCAUSAOval10 secondsSaw an unidentified aircraft flying at very high speed while landing at San Jose Int'l Airport.4/2/99
2/25/99 10:40Johnson City (over, northern sky)NYUSAFireball2 secondsIt was a green fireball with a green trailer streaking straight into the horizon.4/2/99
2/24/99 22:00Gent, Oost Vlaanderen (Belgium)BelgiumDisk5 secIt seemed to be flying very low, silent. It was very big and it seemed to be that the front of the saucer was lighting up.4/2/99
2/24/99 18:36North HoustonTXUSAUnknownsecondslooking for orion in the sky saw a black object zig zag and dissapear.4/2/99
2/24/99 13:00Edwards AFBCAUSAOther5 secondsA bell shape, highly polished, very shiny.4/2/99
2/24/99 05:30Big BendWIUSAFireballsecondsdriving eastbound on hwy l in big bend I thought it was a metorite in the atmosphere hitting the ground somewhere south of milwaukee4/2/99
2/24/99 05:23Fox PointWIUSAFireball15 secA large green fireball traveled from west to east, and decended into lake Michigan4/2/99
2/24/99 05:20ChicagoILUSAFireball2-3 secondsLooking to the NNE at 5:20 A.M. I perchanced to see a fluorescent green fire fireball, about the size of a dime at arm's length. Trail4/2/99
2/24/99CongersNYUSAOther5-7 minutesTwo, possibly three comet-like objects in the nighttime western sky. Appeared motionless and looked exactly like comets.4/2/99
2/23/99 22:50AustinTXUSAChevron5-7 sec.I was outside with my girlfriend looking at the moon with my telescope and something passed within my line of sight,i looked up from th4/2/99
2/23/99 22:40Deer Valley Airport-Phoenix (North of)AZUSAOther5-10 secBright green ball with changes in direction, long tail4/2/99
2/23/99 21:30ClarkdaleAZUSADisk1 hourmy girlfriend and I had returned from dinner and were preparing to retire. we had been looking casually at the sky out the bedroom win4/2/99
2/23/99 20:00North Carolina (southeast part)NCUSASphere5-10 secondswhile driving north on interstate 95, my mother and i had just crossed the border into north carolina, we saw a red spherical light cro4/2/99
2/23/99 19:45InterlochenMIUSALight30 minutesThere may have been two objects. I noticed what appeared to be two planets VERY close together in the sky at about 25-30 degrees above4/2/99
2/23/99 19:00HuntsvilleTXUSALight40 min2 lights, 1 large, 1 small, hovered in the sky for over 35 minutes. it never moved once during this time and then all at once it disap4/2/99
2/23/99 19:00Las Vegas/MontezumaNMUSALight5 min.Two horizontal, parallel rows of lights, approximately 1/4 mile up, moving from the south to the north.4/2/99
2/23/99 02:33Los AlamitosCAUSAOther3 sectraveling east over the tree tops in the distance, light greyish white object. About the size of a thumb in the sky. Looked like what s4/2/99
2/23/99 02:30Pomona,CAUSASphere1 to 1.5 minutesClassic very bright to golden-orange fireball4/2/99
2/23/99 02:30La VerneCAUSAFireball2 minutesI was driving us on Interstate freeway 10, due west, at the junction of the 210 freeway, when I saw what looked like a flare, except th4/2/99
2/23/99 02:29Vandenburg AFBCAUSAFrom Santa Barbara: No LA fireball, VAFB missle launch Peter and Art, I've seen them from as far away as Vegas in the past. 70 miles we4/2/99
2/23/99 02:27Los AngelesCAUSAFireball5-7minfirst saw it as a white light with a brilliant orange tail, tail disappeared white light continued across sky east and then seemed to b4/2/99
2/23/99Phoenix (north of)AZUSAFireball5-10 secAdding to prev. report4/2/99
2/22/99 20:10LaVerneCAUSAChanging12minStarted as a large orange sphere with some sparks coming from it . then broke into two. then four these stayed in formation then disent4/2/99
2/22/99 20:00Point Marion (near, 60 miles south of Pittsburgh)PAUSALight15 MinutesTwo lights similar to planets but with unusual coloration and slow but discernable motion. Each eventually faded from sight.4/2/99
2/22/99 19:00New York CityNYUSALight~45 min2 lights stationary in the sky with unusual air traffic in area4/2/99
2/22/99 18:45EverettWAUSALightI saw two lights, one above the other at an angle, in the western sky. The lights were moving fairly slowly. The lights were flickering4/2/99
2/21/99 14:00DenverCOUSALight10-15 minutesBlack object disappears followed by light object4/2/99
2/21/99AuburnMAUSALightseveral minutesA Ball of light, thinking it was a plane, sound,no body,floating on air across the sky...VERY low to the ground,or very high4/2/99
2/20/99 23:40Hope ValleyRIUSATriangle10 minutesAnother sighting of the triangular craft with logo.4/2/99
2/20/99 22:30Glen HopePAUSALight1hourMy girlfriend and I where out star gazing when we noticed this object moving alot and changing colors from red to blue to green then to4/2/99
2/20/99 20:20San JoseCAUSAUnknown10 SecondsThe overcast north-eastern sky was flashing like a strobe light, lighting up the entire horizon.4/2/99
2/20/99 17:50BillingsMTUSAOtherThought it was a small white cloud in a blue sky. Comet shaped head, short con trail off each back edge, small appearing con trails bet4/2/99
2/20/99 08:45West PhoenixAZUSASphere10 min.Leaving my house this morning, I spotted two spherical objects following an America West airliner.4/2/99
2/20/99 07:45Elk GroveCAUSATeardrop60 secondsWhile waiting in McDonald's drive-thru line, I was looking up at several high, thin stratos clouds against a clear blue sky. I observe4/2/99
2/19/99 22:00Caimanes (Chile)ChileSphere6 minutesa star-like body that moved very rapidly across a long distance4/2/99
2/19/99 21:20Simi ValleyCAUSAOther2 minutesLarge amber shape spotted in the Northwest sky...4/2/99
2/19/99 21:00MarysvilleWAUSALight3-4 minutesI was looking out my front door to the west and saw a very bright light in the sky. It was about the size of the moon on a clear night,4/2/99
2/19/99 19:30RichmondVAUSADisk30 secondsAircraft-size disk hovering in sky soundlessly with blue lights on its perimeter From - Thu Feb 18 10:01:52 1999 Received: from www.nwl4/2/99
2/19/99 19:30SedonaAZUSAOther45 min.2 "stars", wobbling & dancing in unison, separated, but 1 above the other. Also alternately brightening & dimming. 1 object would dim "4/2/99
2/19/99 18:30SarasotaFLUSAOther5 minutesI saw a bright light at a distance. When it got closer I noticed 5 lights on it. It was shaped like a blimp going approx 100-200 mph an4/2/99
2/19/99 00:13La CrosseWIUSATeardrop?????Looked like a shooting star. the flames coming off of it looked near a white-blue color.4/2/99
2/18/99 23:27Colorado SpringsCOUSAFormationone secondtwo columns of dull white spheres raced from south to north @ incredible speed.keeping perfect pararell formation.4/2/99
2/18/99 23:20Portage CountyOHUSAUnknown4 minutesObject crossed over Highway I-76, Heading Northeast about 100 feet off the ground. The object moved very slowly, to slow for an airplan4/2/99
2/18/99 20:00StoryARUSARectangle2 minutes2 triangle shaped aircraft with red, green, and white lights on each corner of the crafts moving irraticly and hovering.4/2/99
2/18/99 16:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsSeen from I-5, over Boeing Field, a motionless object that looked like a bunch of black and grey party balloons.4/2/99
2/17/99 20:50RosevilleCAUSAUnknown10 minutesA bright red dot seemingly motionless in the sky, when viewed with 114mm Newtonian Telescope the bright red dot demonstrated constant v4/2/99
2/17/99 20:45Lee Vining (Mt. Warren)CAUSARectangle15 mins.Lighted, rectangular shape hovering over 13,400 foot Mt. Warren in the Eastern Sierra. Prominent light was a red strobe that circled t4/2/99
2/17/99 20:20RacineWIUSAFireball10 secsIt looked like a meteor moving North to South east at about a 160 degrees..4/2/99
2/17/99 17:00LoxahatcheeFLUSACylinderabout 15 secI saw the object in the sky about 2 miles away, I pointed over and told my dad that he would see it once we passed a group of trees, bu4/2/99
2/16/99 19:00Navarre Beach (other end of pensacola beachFLUSALight30 minuteswhile exiting a mardi gras parade at pensacola beach we notice a red light in night sky that brightened to white then faded to red4/2/99
2/15/99 23:10RavennaOHUSASphere5 secondslarge green glowing sphere just appeared,zoomed down very fast in a straight line vertically then dissapeared.4/2/99
2/15/99 19:15WorcesterMAUSAUnknown30 secI witnesses a strange flying crafte as I was heading towar the off ramp of I-190. It was saucer-like except that instead of being round4/2/99
2/15/99 19:00HopkingtonRIUSATriangle15 minutesAt 1900 hours on the evening of 02Feb.1999, I spotted a triangular craft moving slowly and silently at about 100 feet. This was in the 4/2/99
2/15/99 10:30PhoenixAZUSAChanging20 minObjects sited in residential area appeared to combine and separate as if liquid form.4/2/99
2/14/99 23:00Ravenna/Macedonia (I-80 Ohio Turnpike)OHUSACirclesecondsA very bright green light traveing vertically VERY fast ,, then dissapeared4/2/99
2/14/99 21:20BelfastMEUSASphere5secondsWife and daughter observed bright green sphere out east window, arcing south to north towards ground.4/2/99
2/14/99 21:00Anza Borrego DesertCAUSADisk3 minutesTraveling Westbound Interstate 8, near the desert tower of Anza Borrego, a glowing disc-shaped object appeared to land in on of the can4/2/99
2/14/99 18:20Lewisville Lake (SE) (North of Dallas)TXUSALight30 minutesSaw two luminous lights changing color from white to redish to blue as they got larger and brighter then dimming to white - one ascendi4/2/99
2/14/99 17:00Mt. Popocatepetl (Mexico)MexicoSphere90 minutesWatching Live Video Cam of Popo at
2/14/99 10:22YoungstownOHUSALight11:38While heading west on I-80, between Youngstown and Cleveland, we encountered something we can't explain...4/2/99
2/13/99 18:30LilburnGAUSALight15 secondsAt dusk, a slowly moving bright orange / yellow light silently exploded leaving visible smoke and sparks trailing toward the ground.4/2/99
2/13/99 13:30Walnut CreekCAUSAUnknown10 minutesAircraft from SSW to E at extremely high altitude at extremely high speed, crossing visible horizon in 8 minutes, so high that shape wa4/2/99
2/12/99 17:10AlbuquerqueNMUSASphere10 minutesobject hovered due east.flickering brightness.disapeared.reappeared in different but close proximity C130's landing .4/2/99
2/12/99 04:55PalmyraMOUSASphere10 secondsBright green sphere with red trail4/2/99
2/12/99 01:00Iceland (Near, Over North Atlantic Ocean)IcelandSphere2-3 minutesFlying home from England, I looked out the window to see the sights. We were flying well above the cloud cover. It was a glorious, su4/2/99
2/11/99 22:35New FlorenceMOUSACircleNightIt was a very Bright light and it was hovering for about 7 minutes (approx) and then it shot out in the sky with excessive speed and th4/2/99
2/11/99 21:34Union Deposit-HoernerstownPAUSATriangle10 minutesAs I was coming home from a meeting last night I saw a very bright light hanging low in the sky. I have no idea why I drove toward it 4/2/99
2/11/99 19:30CotatiCAUSAFireball10 secI was driving north on HWY 101 over the hill from Peteluma to Cotati when I saw a green/blue orb pass in front of my car in the upper p4/2/99
2/11/99 19:20PittsburgCAUSAFireball5 minutesGreen Fireball along side auto. Changed direction, and seemed to accelerate at great speed and dissappear within seconds.Sighting corr4/2/99
2/11/99 19:00SuitlandMDUSAUnknown30 MINUTESI went out to enjoy the night sky,but saw this bright orangish white object through the tree line above a neighbors house. It slightly 4/2/99
2/10/99 23:40San Diego (Peñasquitos)CAUSAFireball45 secondsBrilliant orange/gold fireball moving EXTREMELY slowly - almost inperseptably at first, west to east, with a trail, for about 45 second4/2/99
2/10/99 23:00ChinoCAUSACigar20 secondsI was looking to the south at 2300 houres and saw a small orange glow looking closer I could see it was the front of a large black craf4/2/99
2/10/99 20:40North PoleAKUSASphere20 minites approx.At about 2040 AKST North Pole Alaska area toward the NorthEast my wife and I witnessed a bright "Orange Sphere" hovering low on horizon4/2/99
2/10/99 18:45TucsonAZUSAUnknown5 MinA possible jet contrail ot other.4/2/99
2/9/99 21:00SterlingPAUSAOval3-4 min.Bright lights approx. 1/2 mi. east of us - was still for 'bout a min. or so - no sound - and the slowly moving towards the south. I saw4/2/99
2/9/99 19:39La CrescentaCAUSADisk7 Min.The greenish ship with the other one moved across the night sky it made a sound too and then it disapered. It was really freaky4/2/99
2/9/99 13:30LeonWVUSAOther3 hoursit was a revolving light. It would change from red to green to white4/2/99
2/8/99 17:50Bulls GapTNUSASphere5minLate in the evening on the 8th I saw 2 objects west slightly south west I saw 2 objects in the sky being chased by 2 jets.4/2/99
2/7/99 20:30QuartziteAZUSAEgg90 sec.(approx)Object appeared from the south/west, moving parallel to and pulling away from a low-flying small jet aircraft, flight path of both was 4/2/99
2/7/99 01:30NatchezMSUSAOval60 minutesSunday morning, 2/7/99, from approximately 1:30 - 2:30 am, over Natchez, Mississippi, a stationary, hovering, oblong aircraft with flas4/2/99
2/3/99 17:35FranklinMAUSAOval2 secSmall oval object moving at incredible speed. Faster than the eye could follow.4/2/99
2/2/99 21:30CharlotteNCUSAFireball14 secondsI'm an Engieer and former Air Traffic controller. I spotted a Green Fireball. I waited to hear someone else report this but none els ha4/2/99
2/2/99 17:20Sierra VistaAZUSAUnknown7-10 minutesSaw what I thought were 2 military planes flying in formation--both had anber/yellow light. Ones light was solid and others was flashin4/2/99
2/2/99 06:05HesperiaCAUSAOther10-15 minutesHigh Altitude partially luminescent rocket contrail. In the direction towards Lucerne Valley.4/2/99
1/26/99 20:00HumbleTXUSAFormation4-5 min.Around 8:00pm EST, I went outside my home and saw what I thought was a satalite, but noticed several lights (approximately 8-10) parall4/2/99
1/15/99 22:30OleanNYUSAFireball1 secGreen fire ball appearing to fall at very high velocity4/2/99
1/15/99 17:30Owings MillsMDUSAOther5 minutesOverflight of strange craft with chase plane4/2/99
1/10/99 19:00NewarkDEUSAFireball1.5 secQuickly moving bluish/green light w/ tail. Meteor?4/2/99
1/8/99 18:00PortlandORUSASphere10 minutesFrom airplane saw orange glowing craft. Oily substance emited from craft and the stars behind the oily substance became greatly magnifi4/2/99
1/3/99 16:31Blithe (around; about 15 mins after, heading to LA)CAUSAOtherAround 10 sec.Looking west: Craft Heading north "Pritty Fast" Noteiced Thumping feel/sound that became forther apart when the craft passed.4/2/99
12/23/98 22:35ManitowocWIUSAChevron20 minutesWe were looking out in the easterly direction when we saw a chevron shaped object hovering above the lake4/2/99
12/19/98 21:00Quartsite/PhoenixAZUSAOval20 minutes that we sawMe and my boyfriend were on our way to California on I-10. I saw a bright light, bluish in tone and told my boyfriend to look. It proce4/2/99
12/15/98 21:00BethlehemPAUSATriangle4 minutesDark equilateral triangle outlined by lights, no noise, east to west movement, very slow speed.4/2/99
12/15/98 15:15CincinnatiOHUSAEgg30secs.It was fast, at a very high altitude. It looked very small and had an odd contrail. Clear sky.4/2/99
12/3/98 18:15AlbanyNYUSAOvalFour oval lighted shapes, flying rapidly in circle, coming together in single center point for a few seconds, then apart again.4/2/99
11/30/98 01:00RockfordILUSATriangle10 minutessaw 2 very bright objects in western sky, one disappearing from view somehow (not sure where it went) the other object was huge, triang4/2/99
11/25/98 21:15Lee's SummitMOUSAOther15 secondssitting on ground in urban area. layed back to look up at orion area of sky, towards the east. Large dull brown triangle/boomerage sh4/2/99
11/20/98 03:30SpokaneWAUSATriangle12 secondsthought we saw a satellite going over,it changed direction 80 1/4 sec, then again. Had a transparent triangle shape around centr4/2/99
11/1/98 15:00Fort Worth (southwest of)TXUSALight5 secondslike a flashlight that you can carry but up in the ski as if it were an airplane although it only had one headlight. it was broad dayli4/2/99
10/23/98 17:00New BerlinWIUSADisk7 MinThree disc shaped objects with 2 C Shaped formations extending from each side. Objects were hovering motionless & in an instant vanishe4/2/99
10/18/98 18:00Sandy ValleyNEUSALight4 daysthese lights flew folowing me and a freind,one of them actually liked to run right in to us.i also see a alien,ill never forget that,to4/2/99
10/12/98 19:00AshevilleNCUSAFireball30minA MOVING RED BALL OF LIGHT.4/2/99
10/8/98 19:00BarringtonNJUSADiamond3 minutesI was driving across an overpass on Clements Bridge road, overtop of highway 295, when I saw a round, bright white light through the pa4/2/99
10/1/98 16:00Del MarCAUSAFireball4 secondsFireball streaked across the sky and fizzled out 5 miles inland4/2/99
10/1/98 04:30Rio RanchoNMUSAFireball2 min.Sighted during the major meteor shower last year.4/2/99
9/30/98 01:00TucsonAZUSALight3-4 secoriginal call 9-30-98-Saw 5 lights in crooked 'J' form. ZOOM from north to south.No sound.Light constant-NOT meteoric in appearance.See4/2/99
9/24/98 20:15LongmontCOUSADiskI looked out the window and I saw this saucer shaped thing. I looked all different directions and it still was there so it couldn't hav4/2/99
9/14/98 21:30Grand IslandNYUSASphere90 secRound(circular) completely illuminated object and silent.4/2/99
9/13/98 21:20WeedCAUSAFireball6 - 8 secondsVery bright blue-green fireball moved downward then went out.4/2/99
9/3/98 03:00Crescent City (100 Miles South of)CAUSAFormation4 min - Good Stare5 points of light, quite distant, looked to be playing,having fun.4/2/99
9/1/98 01:00SeasideORUSATrianglemomentsOn this warm night I was watching the starry sky, suddenly and lasting only moments, a silk-like floated over my sight line. It gave t4/2/99
8/25/98 13:00SandpointIDUSADisk10 secondsWhile traveling north on rapid lightning, my husband, myself and a family friend observed a bright silver disc hovering motionless in t4/2/99
8/22/98 22:20NorthglennCOUSAFireball5-8minSlow moving for the most part but had quick acceleration,absolutely no noise,bright light's (blue & orange)4/2/99
8/17/98 21:00Beacon FallsCTUSALight1minMy friend and I had just got out of my car in my driveway, looked up to the night sky which was the western sky, and saw a small light,4/2/99
8/1/98 00:30Excelsior Springs/Kearney (between)MOUSASphere1 1/2 min.I saw a blueish-pink glowing sphere maybe a hundred feet off the ground...4/2/99
8/1/98Provincetown (Cape Cod)MAUSALight3 seconds maybeLooking west I saw a "green shooting star", that, while falling, produced four jet engines, changed color to orange and shot straight u4/2/99
7/31/98 03:30Las VegasNVUSATriangle3-4 minutesTriangular object travelling slow, and low to the ground4/2/99
7/28/98 01:30YumaAZUSATriangle3 minutesMy wife and I were on our way home from San Diego late at night when I noticed an aircraft flying over head. The craft was very bright4/2/99
7/15/98 15:00SpokaneWAUSAOval30 secwhite oval craft travelled east to west over Spokane,estimate 10,000 ft,speed aprox 200mph,seemed to be dark line around edge.4/2/99
6/25/98 20:30Mykonos Island (Greece)GreeceFireball30 sec.While videoing some boats docked in the marina I happenned to video a yellowish glowing trail, 25 degrees off horizon, far away, during4/2/99
6/21/98 23:30WavelandMSUSAOval5 minutesI was on my pourch talking to my neighbor latr at nite.I looked up in the sky across the power lines about 1000 feet up and i saw a sma4/2/99
6/15/98 11:00Navajo LakeNMUSASphere10 secsA Shiny (metalic) sphere was seen, by me, above a ridge. It was slowly moving away from my position at an altitude of apr. 500ft. The S4/2/99
6/14/98 04:30ColumbusOHUSAFormation3 mins.Formation of lights, arranged in the pattern of an "arrow symbol" or "christmas tree." Hovered, moved, and hovered again. Afterwards,4/2/99
6/1/98 02:00Pensacola BeachFLUSALight1 insects near a light4/2/99
5/20/98 21:45Buffalo GroveILUSALight3 minutesI saw an object that displayed Intelligence, bright light and great speed.4/2/99
4/24/98 00:30Mt. CharlstonNVUSAFormation2 1/2 hr'sFormations seen from Mt. Charleston, Nevada, at very south end of Nellis Air Force Base.4/2/99
4/23/98 16:00Epcot Center (Walt Diseny World)FLUSADiskone secondit was my senior class trip to diseny world and i turned around and took a picture to finish up my roll of film and apone looking at th4/2/99
3/16/98 13:30SeattleWAUSASphere5 secondsCommercial Airline Flight From Juneau AK to Seattle4/2/99
2/14/98 10:45Rocky MountNCUSADiskfishingI was fishing in Stoney creeck about 10:45 pm. I looked up and I saw somehting aproaching me at pretty fast rate of speed, I would say 4/2/99
11/1/97 23:00Hua Hin, Prachuap Kirikan (Thailand) (Near)ThailandRectangle15 SecondsShape of a foot-long ruler. Seemingly semi-transparant. 4 glowing spots (not blinking) arranged evenly accross bottom. High and extr4/2/99
10/20/97 19:30South of Kalamath Falls,ORUSAFormationapprox 8minFive lights appeared in the sky all the same distance apart, in a straight line.4/2/99
9/15/97 19:00WedgefieldSCUSATriangle15 minTraingle or 3 separate crafts in triang. formation over AFB bombing range.4/2/99
8/28/97 00:10Hot SpringsARUSACircle15 minThree objects that turned into four objects.4/2/99
8/23/97 22:00Hermosillo, Sonora (Mexico)MexicoOther10 sec.A white boomerrang spaceship decloaked (six blocks away), then like, warp speed away.(Star Trek stlye).4/2/99
7/15/97 21:00TucsonAZUSATriangle10-15 minutesI saw one triangular shaped craft, it had two very big randomly flashing lights(bluish white color).4/2/99
7/10/97 21:00LafayetteINUSAFireball15 minutesThe fireballs were hang in one spot in the air. I was driving my truck east on Indiana route 25 into Lafayette, IN. They seemed about 4/2/99
7/3/97 23:00Bochum (Germany)GermanyTriangleca. 2minTriangular formation of lights in the sky4/2/99
7/3/97 22:30LexingtonKYUSATriangleless than two minutesI saw a triangular aircraft moving slowly and noislessly East to West.4/2/99
6/19/97 20:15Englewood CliffsNJUSALight00:02When I looked up a bright white light appeared. It began moving to the left and changed to a faint yellow. The light dimmed to the poin4/2/99
6/14/97 00:00MeridianIDUSATriangle3 minMy Child and friends were outside looking at stars when thay saw a triangle shape moving right over there heads than slow down than too4/2/99
5/7/97 19:30Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaTriangle5 secondsfirst a dimond shape full of lights then travel right a v type object4/2/99
5/4/97 22:20Newport BeachCAUSATriangle2 secondsIt was a clear night on Sunday,May 4 '97 at 10.20pm. The craft approached from the sea, the west, and made a slight change on course to4/2/99
4/1/97 23:05Brush CreekTNUSAUnknownapprox. 45 sec.The object came up over a group of trees at what seemed to be a very low altitude. Proceeded NNE until I guessed it to be somewhere nea4/2/99
4/1/97 22:00SedonaAZUSASphere5 minutesbright red pulsing orb that performed anti-gravity manuevers, seen from first plateau at Cathedral Rock... It was a little north of whe4/2/99
3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUSAChevron5 min. approx.An object, consisting of 5 lights, in the shape of an arrow, flew right over my house.4/2/99
1/3/97 03:00Long Beach (in); and again in SeattleWAUSALight15minutesI awoke in a to a ball of white light in my hotel room in Long Beach, the object came towards me and I ran into the bathroom. The next 4/2/99
11/1/96 21:00ChillicotheOHUSAOther10-20 sec.round white lights in a slanted row.4/2/99
7/3/96 10:00University PlaceWAUSAFireball30 secondsIt was the fourth of july, actually the evening before. I was driving down 67th avenue, going towards lakewood, when I saw this big fi4/2/99
7/1/96 00:00Panama City Beach (behind Club LaVela)FLUSALightabout 1 minuteIts was a crisp clear night during the summer of 1996 and my roommate and I were sitting on the beach behind some local clubs.We had go4/2/99
6/7/96 22:30Sydney (NSW, Australia)AustraliaTriangle2minsSaw two dark triangular shaped objects that hovered for a couple of minutes before taking off at great speed4/2/99
3/30/96 10:00AndersonCAUSACross30 minutesairplane 200 ft altitude, about 40-50 ft width, 60 ft length, motionless for 20 minutes, then turned slowly and moved forward ne about 4/2/99
2/23/96 12:40PowayCAUSALight11 minutesSaw 2 points of light moving slowly across sky then after 11 minutes, 1 of them streaked off towards the east and was gone in 10-12 sec4/2/99
9/9/95 00:30St. Charles (1.5 mi north of, Randall Road)ILUSAChevron5-10 minutesFirst appeared as a bright white light like an approaching airliner,seen from a vehicle traveling S.on Randall Rd. Moonlight night. Eas4/2/99
7/4/95 23:00New Port RicheyFLUSATriangle10-15 minutesDriving down road my family noticed object above trees that I could not imediatly discern, as I started to turn onto our street it came4/2/99
7/4/95 00:00BremertonWAUSALight5 minutes3 to 7 red lights in the night sky, moving independantly of eachother. Many miles away at a 60 degree angle from horizon.4/2/99
5/20/95 13:30Kansas CityMOUSATriangle10 minutesBlack, triangular object sighted during middle of day in large metro area.4/2/99
4/2/95 13:00Central U.S. (enroute, in-flight)NDUSADiamonda few secondsMy family and I were flying from St. Peters FL to Winnipeg MB. We had been in the air for about 1.5hrs. I looked out my window on the r4/2/99
11/23/94 03:00GlendaleCAUSASphere12 secondsThe craft was a light blue shiny sphere frisbee looking object.It flew left to right a couple of times then it flew in circles and the4/2/99
10/20/94 07:30Plant CityFLUSADisk5 minI was following it in my car for a short period of time and watched it disappear before my eyes, it was a clear morning. It amazed me. 4/2/99
10/13/94 19:30FarmingtonMOUSACylinder2 minI spotted what I thought was a bright landing light of a larger than usual aircraft for our airport.4/2/99
10/2/94BingenWAUSAFireball15minutes to an hourI was car camping with some friends at Bingen Marina. I was awakened by what I thought was a car pulling into the parking lot. (no car4/2/99
8/28/94 20:15San DiegoCAUSAChevron15 secondsI was standing in by backyard, just past twilight, stargazing, when I noticed a large chevron shaped formation of lights, traveling fro4/2/99
8/25/94 13:00WadsworthOHUSASphere30 secondsIt was a cloudless, bright day. As I was getting into my Chevy Cavalier I saw this flat black bowling ball shaped thing with a ring aro4/2/99
5/15/94 16:00ElkhartINUSASphere1 to 1.5 minutesI saw 6 spherical objects, silver or chrome in color. They were circling around eachother very close and at a high rate of speed.4/2/99
5/2/94 22:00Glassville (Canada)NBCanadaDiamond5 minutesMy Dad and I were driving down the street when I looked up and saw it, it was huge, it had a triagular top and bottom with revolving li4/2/99
3/10/94 22:30Mesa (north of)AZUSATriangle90 secondsI saw a black craft floating in the air, no noise or anything. When I got out of my car to see what was going on, it left.4/2/99
2/10/94 23:55Lewiston (Near)IDUSATriangle5 minutesTriangular craft hovering over bridge then moving downriver.4/2/99
11/1/93 23:45AlbuquerqueNMUSACigar10 min.A colorful object was hovering over the Petroglyphs, which backed up to my back yard, and it had no sound.4/2/99
8/15/93 16:00RandleWAUSAOther1 minuteA large white kite like object was circling the top of a cone shaped mountain, the type of movement was peculiar, like paper falling, 4/2/99
7/12/93 23:30Niagara FallsNYUSAFormation20-30 sec.While walking with two friends in single file. First in line stopped and said something to second friend who was also second in line wi4/2/99
7/10/93 23:00BallingerTXUSATriangle204 adults watched a light in the sky coming from the southeast for 5 minutes before it got to us.We all stood up silently as this huge c4/2/99
7/1/93 15:00HoustonTXUSADisk10 secodsSighted silver disk in motion on a cloudless, sunny day.4/2/99
5/22/93 20:50TopekaKSUSADisk45 min'safter almost causing a helicoptor to crash,a silvery disk-shaped object tracks my car and follows me home and allows us to view it for 4/2/99
7/26/92 23:30East CorinthMEUSAOval45 minutesA large object came across a field, hovered directly overhead at about 150', then played "cat and mouse" games with me for about 45 min4/2/99
7/15/92 23:00Los AngelesCAUSAChevron15 seclow flying 5 light chevron4/2/99
6/1/92 01:00GeorgisVTUSAUnknown2 minutesMy wife and I arrived home late one evening and got out of the car and4/2/99
2/1/92 20:00Grants PassORUSALight10 minutesGoing across sky. Thought it was airplane at first...until it started melting.4/2/99
9/1/91 22:00Grants PassORUSALight8 hrsLight appeared over mountain4/2/99
4/1/91 18:00Fort FisherNCUSALight30 minutesRed lights came out of the water, hovered a few seconds then went up at a slight angle at a speed that was incredible. As big as 3 airc4/2/99
9/15/90 21:00Campbell HallNYUSATriangleapprox10minThe object seemed to be triangular in shape due to the setting of approx.7-8 red lights.It seemed to be larger than a football field, n4/2/99
8/8/90 10:30St. Marys, NSW (Australia)AustraliaLight2min approx1 light came from the south, hovered ,split into 2 new lights , series of maneuvers , remerged with the original light and sped off4/2/99
4/15/90 01:30CharlottesvilleVAUSAOther5 minutesI have spoken of this to my friends, but have never wanted to explain this event to any organization such as yours for, I guess fear of4/2/99
10/31/89 18:30El JebelCOUSAUnknown5 secondsBriefly observed black, silent, slow-moving object low enough to reflect ground lights from bottom, convex surface.4/2/99
2/15/89 05:00SavannahGAUSAOtherone minute?Siting of Vee shaped craft in Savannah GA (1998-9?)4/2/99
12/14/88 09:00Ohio CityOHUSADisk10 minutesHuge craft with lights moving slowly about 20-30 feet off the ground4/2/99
7/1/87 20:00Lost Park (near Jefferson)COUSASpheredusk till dawnBright red spheres with slow random movements in the same area of the sky reoccurring numerous evenings.4/2/99
6/1/87 01:00Coos BayORUSADisk1 hourDome type object went straight up with a little round object along side and below.Object kept moving up and down side to side and chang4/2/99
4/15/86 00:30Julian (near; bordering Cuyamaca Forest State Preserve)CAUSAOtherapp.4 1/2 hrs.My husband and I experienced 2 glowing orbs (1 red at one end 1 blue at the other with us in the middle) approximately 50-100 yards apa4/2/99
11/20/85 22:30Big Cane (Plaucheville area)LAUSALight6 SECONDSA bright light traveling east to west followed by a green waving light, followed by a smaller white light. The objects were close toge4/2/99
10/1/84 21:00ActonMEUSATriangle3 min.Silent, very large, one white headlight, red lights around edges4/2/99
7/1/84 03:00Thompson (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 secondsthree objects travelling in a low flight pattern in a northerly direction4/2/99
3/14/84 16:00CowansvillePAUSATrianglefew minutesMyself and 3 other people saw a very large triangular space ship appear over the treeline along the edge of a field on our farm.4/2/99
8/15/83 17:00Citrus Heights (Sacramento Area)CAUSADisk5 MinutesWitnessing what I saw that summer day in Sacramento still leaves me in awe. My sisters and I saw an immense object hovering very close4/2/99
8/1/83 22:30DallasTXUSASphereunsureAwoke after being asleep for an hour or so to a light coming from another part of the house. I lay very still while witnessing the ligh4/2/99
8/14/82 22:00Ontario (Canada)ONCanadaLight1 minutelooking in eastern sky. i witnessed what appaered to be a star moving in the shape of a figure 8 around a couple other stars, then it s4/2/99
11/30/81 20:00VernonNJUSATriangle4 minutesCorrections Officer brother and sister have seperate events. I saw the triange 18 years ago!4/2/99
11/15/80 22:00LampasasTXUSALight10 secondsVery bright, fast moving light which appeared to circle the local radio tower and speed away4/2/99
11/10/80 20:00LansingMIUSARectangle15 secsobject had sections like a large tootsie roll only more squared, no lights or noise,lit by city lights moved smoothly in straight line 4/2/99
11/14/79 22:00Hatcreek Campground (Near)CAUSARectangle20 to 30 minutesWatched the object cross diagonally across the sky over our car, drove up a logging road to see where it went..It was HUGE, rectangular4/2/99
7/15/79 21:30LouisvilleKYUSADiskseveral minutesSecond sighting of object in the Preston Hwy./Gilmore Lane area. This was the same silent, metallic, dome-shaped object sighted almost 4/2/99
12/10/78 01:00MexicoPAUSADiskhour +Four silvery disk objects observed4/2/99
6/1/78 00:00Grants PassORUSADisk2 hrs.Object landed on corner of street. Stayed there approx. 2 hours. Had red, blue, yellow, green lights along middle that spun. Approx.4/2/99
3/17/78 19:00DenverCOUSATriangle45 minutesDenver, Colorado, March 17, 1977, at around 7:30 pm. Two objects seen up close. One hovered over our home, the other flew over at just 4/2/99
6/29/77 03:00WaitesfieldVTUSALight15-30 minutesViewed from a large open field. Two fuzzy glowing orange lights, aligned horizontally, about 45 degrees from the horizon, grew graduall4/2/99
10/30/76 22:50LouisvilleKYUSADiskseveral mins.Sighted at the intersection of Preston Hwy. and Gilmore Lane on the saturday before Halloween around 10:30 to 11:00pm. Large dome-shape4/2/99
6/1/76 16:00MeridenCTUSAUnknown30 secSaw a BIG unknown object in the sky several days or weeks after seeing a smaller object that confounded me. It looked similar to the s4/2/99
10/25/75 22:25Muscatine (area approx. 7mi south)IAUSACircle10 to 12 secA formation of approx. 16 round fire orange guided craft entered the western sky at "10 o'clock" attitude. As I was watching the clear 4/2/99
9/10/75 19:45MeridenCTUSADisk2 Hours?A very large yellow-orange disk hovered above the trees before appearing to degrade to a small round white light as it flew away. There4/2/99
6/23/75 21:00ArlingtonTXUSATriangle8 minutesThe three craft slowly came in from the west and turned north.4/2/99
6/20/75 02:00Brainerd (near)MNUSACircle15 minutesWitnessed three circle of lights, pulsating at times and stationary at first, when moving moved at tremendeous speed and erratic moveme4/2/99
6/1/75 18:00Scott AFB/Centralia (between)ILUSA5-10 min.i have missing time saw no craft was with wife at time was headed to her mothers in mt vernon ill.realized we had time we couldn`t acco4/2/99
4/20/75 17:00Mount VernonVAUSAOval3 minutesI was about 12 yrs old and saw this oval object hovering, silently, over my home, near Ft. Belvior, VA. It had circles around its diame4/2/99
2/18/75 23:00AkinILUSATriangle2 hrsAwoke to see red,blue and,white lights floating around the ceiling ran outside and seen a triangular shaped object hovering above the t4/2/99
1/13/75 01:30UxbridgeMAUSALight5 - 10 mins.Was driving South on Route 146 through Uxbridge, MA (Approx. 5 miles N of the Rhode Island border.) I was alone. Observed a bright whit4/2/99
10/20/74 07:00San JoseCAUSAFireball5 minutesThe Santa Clara Valley is bordered on the east by the Hamilton mountain range, and on the west by Santa Cruz mountain range. At the so4/2/99
6/14/74 05:30La MesaCAUSATriangle2 minTriangular object with three steady red lights, one on each corner, hovering over Miramar NAS4/2/99
10/12/73 19:00Birmingham (just south of)ALUSADisk10-15 minutesGlowing Green UFO seen by myself (mom) and my 4 children very low over our car on a Friday night in Alabama in 1973.4/2/99
7/25/72 23:00Sinop (Turkey)TurkeySphere1 yearThis used to be a U. S. Army base. We used to watch these things nightly. All nightime workers used to watch these as a matter of routi4/2/99
6/16/72 18:30Provo (south of)UTUSADiskseveral min.Strange bright cloud moved with car for several miles, then zipped off as silver saucer.4/2/99
3/1/72 23:30SalinasCAUSACigar2 - 3 min.Huge object. At least 2 football fields long. Altitude approx. 500 ft. Observed moving slowly westerly direct. No lights. No sound. Und4/2/99
6/1/71 23:30Midway Island - Pacific OceanMidway IslandOther5-10 minutesViewed 7 lights each shaped like a "Chinese Latern". They serpentined in a slow path, that appeared about 100 feet overhead. No noise,4/2/99
1/16/70 19:00Lake WalesFLUSAOval15 mins.I had a very close encounter with a ufo. It was almost on top of my truck. They were observing me and had forced me pull over.4/2/99
1/15/70 21:00HemetCAUSACylinder1 hourLarge at least 20 feet metallic ball, blue grey (but it did change colors),like liquid metal, outside of my Mothers house just off the 4/2/99
8/15/68 15:00Church HillPAUSASphereabout 15 minSilver sphere flew overhead at high altitude with two delta-wing fighters in pursuit.4/2/99
7/15/68 07:00RosemeadCAUSACigar20 min.Myself and my friend observed a cigar-shaped craft hovering in a field. We observed the phenomnon for twenty minutes the left the field4/2/99
4/7/68 10:00Columbia Station (RT. 252)OHUSASphere10 minutesWas stocking a small fish pound, and seen reflection of three SPHERES in triangle form 50'foot up. They glittered like a disco ball wit4/2/99
7/20/67 20:00West Palm BeachFLUSAFireball90 secondsObject came from southwest horizon heading northeast. Brightly colored as if burning.4/2/99
6/15/67 14:00Glens FallsNYUSATeardrop15:00Passed over our backyard4/2/99
5/15/67 19:30GainesvilleFLUSATriangle3-5 minutesAn equilateral triangle with a red glowing light on each corner (one each corner--three total. solid sillouette dark shape about the si4/2/99
5/5/67 22:00Hallandale/HollywoodFLUSATriangle~ 10 minutesI observed a bright light in the distance that seemed to be making some very strange/irregular/quick movements across the night sky. T4/2/99
6/1/66 16:32Miramar NASCAUSADiskI saw this when I was in the navy and was afraid to talk about it for years. Isaw it in the middle of the night as it lifted up off wha4/2/99
8/1/64 21:00Morro BayCAUSATriangleAround July or August of 1964, I was in Morro Bay for summer vacation ( I was a teenager at this time). At about 9PM, was out on the b4/2/99
3/15/62 12:00Baumholder (Germany)GermanyRectangle@ 3 minutesSaw glowing, rectangular, but possibly cylindrical object that did not appear to be an aircraft during daylight hours.4/2/99
2/2/61 01:00LancasterCAUSADisk3 Min.Brilliant,silver disk. 50 to 55 degree angle of sight. Appears to be stationary in sky.Smaller object 1/8 the size of larger,same color4/2/99
9/20/58 22:20Davis Jct. (on highway72 east to highway 51 north)ILUSAFireball5minred light with A GLOW AROUND IT DRIVING TO WORK 10;20PM DRIVING EAST SAW THIS LIGHT MAKING TRIANGLE MOTION CONTINIOUS MOTION IT WENT N.4/2/99
7/20/58 21:30Rock SpringsWYUSADisk1 minFriend & I retuned home from movie. We lived on a hill that over looked the desert. I looked out to the s.w. and saw this object and i 4/2/99
4/25/58 19:00Atlantic Ocean (Troopship/ USS ROSE)Atlantic OceanUnknown1/hourAn object that looked like a star until it moved.4/2/99
8/15/57 01:00LudlowMAUSACigar5 minutes maxBlack silhouetted object against glow of distant town. Flashing light on one edge. Hovers then drops down out of sight.4/2/99
10/16/47 12:00Pereira (Colombia)ColombiaCircle12 hoursArriving in the town of Periera in the middle of the day I looked up and there was this circular object in the sky that looked metallic4/2/99
10/15/47 21:00PalmiraColombiaCircle1 hourAfter a concert given in the small town of Palmira, Colombia, a group of people accompanied the singer to the town square to talk with4/2/99
6/15/47 10:00Winona (approx. 20 miles NW of)MNUSADisk15 sec2 unmoving round objects side my side like eyes straight overhead above the fiew clouds that drifted under them.4/2/99
7/?/98 22:00SturgisSDUSATriangle8 secondstriangle shaped craft flies over campground in sturgis south dakota4/2/99
1966/1967 november 21:00 21:00KirkwoodMOUSADisk3 min.I saw disk come out of sky and watched it close up for 2 to 3 minutes.4/2/99
7/?/1955 21:00StonevilleNCUSASphere1 mna sphere of light,baseball at arms leingth.4/2/99
Summer 1989 19:00Izmir (Turkey)TurkeyFireball20 SecondsI was driving the car and I saw that light coming between the clouds. I stoped the car and got out the car.4/2/99
08:30El MonteCAUSAFormation5 min.There was about 8 balls of bright light when suddenly it started to change and it formed a triangle.4/2/99
7/?/97 08:00PendletonORUSAOther15 minutesCigar shaped object flew over my parents home in Pendleton, Oregon4/2/99
10/00/74 07:30MariettaGAUSAOther1-3 minutesMan sized blk circle w/ antennae down each side, single white light. Obj hovered over field, backed behind some trees and vanished4/2/99