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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/24/99 14:04 Indianola WA Unknown 04/19/99 Three bright white lights evenly spaced with a additional flashing red light to the immediate left of the center bright white light. I 4/26/99
4/24/99 02:00 Marion NC Teardrop 45 min. huge bright star moving from left to right, then turned to tear drop and then went dull and moved over our lake home. strange but true. 4/26/99
4/21/99 21:20 Valley WA Fireball 3 sec. I walked out the door and saw ahead of me, in the distance, on the horizon, a falling, brightly glowing fireball, that was nearly the s 4/26/99
4/21/99 21:00 West Palm Beach FL Light 5 Minutes @ diffrent lights one moving from south to north, another 2 minutes later moving west to east. 4/26/99
4/21/99 09:15 Vantage (Between Kittas and Vantage) WA Other 15 Seconds In response to newscast asking witnesses to meteor event report in. 4/26/99
4/20/99 21:30 Santa Monica CA Triangle 1 hour I saw 2 triangular shaped objects with circular lights along the left & right sides. Approx. 5 min. later I saw one by itself flying in 4/26/99
4/20/99 05:55 Denver CO Fireball 5to6 seconds? "just before" sun-up; snow whit fire ball streaked west to east above and across city skyline. Looked like just the picture of an old M 4/26/99
4/19/99 21:05 Plant City FL Oval 2 SECONDS I saw a phosphorescent green orb shaped object about the size of Venus move at very rapid velocity over Plant City, Floida. 4/26/99
4/19/99 20:10 Rialto CA Disk 2-3 minutes Round shaped, green lights x 4 each, approached from westward direction, headed eastward, "it stopped completely", lights changed color 4/26/99
4/19/99 03:45 Houston TX Unknown 25 minutes Super Bright Ruby Red Lights Aproxmatly 1000 feet apart and aproxmate altatude of 3500 feet moving 5mph at times stationary totaly sile 4/26/99
4/18/99 21:00 Apache Junction AZ Light 2145 While leaving my brothers nearby home (approx, 1 mile from my own) I was at first struck by the beauty of the night sky. The cresent mo 4/26/99
4/18/99 20:15 Lakewood CA Chevron 10 sec 5-7 lights in a chevron pattern flew directly over head at a high altitude with no engine noise heard. 4/26/99
4/17/99 21:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 seconds A "V" formation of lights following a Los Angeles Airport flight path. (How could no one else see it)? 4/26/99
4/17/99 14:03 Vashon Island (near Seattle) WA Triangle 5 minutes -? We were watching two very bright "headlights" approaching us (we were on slope) and they were coming through btwn 2 tree tops. Then it 4/26/99
4/17/99 13:20 Decatur IL Circle 50 seconds I was in my van with my 2 children, headed east on West Main Street. In the eastern sky we saw a round, red object with smoke behind i 4/26/99
4/15/99 13:00 St. Charles MO Other
I looked out side and there was a stange craft. I thought it was a plane so I asked my freind who is a pilot and he didn't know what i 4/26/99
4/14/99 22:20 Pomona/LaVerne CA Sphere 8 minutes Bright orange light hovering in southwestern sky, moved northeast, then hovered again and proceeded to release several smaller light sp 4/26/99
4/14/99 20:30 Oakton VA Fireball 5 seconds Something burst out of the sky and plummeted downward. It had a green glow like fire and no tail of light visible. It then disappeare 4/26/99
4/14/99 20:25 Milford/Milton (between; heading parallel to Rout..) DE Circle 2 to 3 seconds As I was driving, I think I saw what appeared to be a fireball or bolide meteor with a long tail. I previously thought it landed close 4/26/99
4/14/99 00:10 Oak Ridge TN Oval 2 minutes or so i looked up because something caught my eye.looking in an easterly direction i saw a glowing green oval hovered for a moment 4/26/99
4/13/99 21:20 Gardena CA Disk 2MIN. Looking in Southeast 4/26/99
4/12/99 21:30 Tacoma WA Light 10 seconds I looked up into the night sky only to see a "comet" streaking across the sky, but then it made a squiggle and disappeared. 4/26/99
4/12/99 08:30 Ramona CA Light 1 minute A small light flew across the sky pretty slowly. It wasn"t a plane there were no flashing lights. 4/26/99
4/11/99 23:49 Winter Park (suburb of Orlando) FL Chevron 20-30 seconds I observed a delta formation of 5 lights in the northwest horizon.The lights were manuvering radically in one small area.At one point,a 4/26/99
4/11/99 04:00 Grove City OH Unknown 7 minutes 9 bright white to yellow to green light zipping across horizon, ungodly speed, hoover over my truck for 2 miles then took off. light wo 4/26/99
4/11/99 03:50 Klaksvik (Finland)
Light 1 minute Small light seen in sky at night 4/26/99
4/11/99 03:15 Huntington Beach CA Other 1+ Hrs 14 Lights lined up at approximately a 45 degree angle High point left to low point right, 7 bright white lights made up the upper \ sh 4/26/99
4/11/99 02:30 Launceston (TAS, Australia)
Cross ongoing Object seemed to move at speed and then stop. It was radating a yellow/gold colour. 4/26/99
4/10/99 21:50 Saratoga Lake NY Oval 12min Observed scintilating oval object rise over treeline at the south end of lake,move left,right and hover then descend below treeline onl 4/26/99
4/10/99 21:47 Pleasantville (outskirts of) IA Light 3 min a big, very bright light traveling close to the ground very fast, w/a spinning red & white light also, as it flew away, it looked like 4/26/99
4/9/99 23:45 Marmora NJ Unknown 5 seconds Bright Orange Light In Sky. 4/26/99
4/9/99 23:44 Edmond OK Fireball 5 seconds west bound I 44 10miles east okla city ok fireball flash and then something faling to ground estimated altitude 18000 feet. light so br 4/26/99
4/8/99 00:00 Cardiff-by-the-Sea CA Fireball 7-10 minutes A ball of orange light, 5X apparent size of a star. Drifted SW towards E. No flashing lights. Soundless except for once when it seemed 4/26/99
4/8/99 22:30 Granite City IL Light 25 minutes One large, orangeish light seen initially during thunder storm. Another similar light appeared a good distance away. 4/26/99
4/8/99 20:45 Manhasset (Long Island) NY Triangle 4 minutes object was moving away in a westerly direction. very slowly and at times appeared to be standing still. very large and appeared triangu 4/26/99
4/8/99 14:30 Ridgecrest CA Changing 30 minutes we were checking out the STELTH flying overhead when we (3 of us) seen 3 objects flying overhead ,they flew out of sight when we seen 2 4/26/99
4/7/99 22:58 E. Falmouth MA Triangle 5 seconds Two stange lights were outside my window. Inoticed them moving towards my home. It had a triangular shape,with 2 very bright lights on 4/26/99
4/7/99 08:40 Waikoloa HI Changing
I was out side with a couple of my friends checking out the stars. When we saw glowing bright light that 4/26/99
4/7/99 08:37 Kamuela (Waimea) HI Changing
I was in the park and then i saw a bright flash and it dashed across the sky and then it disapeared 4/26/99
4/7/99 03:20 Las Cruces NM Oval less than a minute Black disc with greenish/bluish/white corona traveled parallel with I10 between Las Cruces and El Paso. 4/26/99
4/6/99 22:50 Columbia Falls MT Triangle 5 sec Triangle, approx 75 degree, 5 bluish lights-tip & 2 each side, NE to SW, No Sound, Fast, Large. 4/26/99
4/6/99 22:00 Lakewood WA Other 10min i have seen this a few times . it is green mostly , i thought i seen some blue and some red, it was far away it looked like a thick lin 4/26/99
4/6/99 20:40 Fayetteville AR Light 4 min. Slowly moving orange light in a clear night sky disappears in an in an instant. 4/26/99
4/6/99 10:38 Austin TX Fireball 4 secs. Green comet looking thing flew across sky. 4/26/99
4/5/99 23:15 Liberty MO Triangle 10 minutes Craft seen hovering over houses, when persued it left at a rapid velocity. Similar craft seen a few minutes later. 4/26/99
4/5/99 22:45 Lettsworth LA Light 2 minutes noise, vibration, light seen being chased by helicopters 4/26/99
4/5/99 21:40 Valhermoso Springs AL Other
I was on my back porch,talking to my girlfreind,looking at the stars.All of a sudden,a circular red light appeared high up in the sky.I 4/26/99
4/5/99 21:40 Baltimore MD Fireball 3 seconds My husband and I were traveling north on Rt. 295, leaving Baltimore Washington Airport. When looking north to the city of Baltimore, w 4/26/99
4/5/99 08:20 Pullman WA Light 3 minutes A bright point-like light appeared in the evening sky (not yet dark enough for most stars to be visible much less satalites). It moved 4/26/99
4/4/99 23:00 Fort Worth TX Circle 10 seconds A round bright light, the size of a baseball, with a halo around it, danced around my wall for about 10 seconds, then shot out of my wi 4/26/99
4/4/99 22:20 La Mirada CA Fireball 20 mins amber color object moving from east to west along lax glidepath and on two accounts droping smaller objects of sme color. 4/26/99
4/4/99 19:15 Aandurah (Western Australia)
Circle 10:00 mins while driving to work i saw a bright orange object,perfectly round and giving off a strong orange glow. 4/26/99
4/3/99 23:16 Converse TX Light 2 minutes Craft moving at a high rate of speed was quickly changing directions and then vanished. 4/26/99
4/3/99 20:04 Thornton CO Light
We saw a bright light 20 degrees above the western horizon that appeared to have a disc shaped object to its immediate left. 4/26/99
4/3/99 16:30 Coral Gables FL Unknown 2 Minutes High, Fast-moving contrail of smoke 4/26/99
4/2/99 22:30 St. Louis Park MN Egg 3 minutes Basketball size object,metallic,flying down street than into a park. 4/26/99
4/2/99 22:30 Natchez MS Triangle 10 seconds Two lightly orange glowing triangle objects 4/26/99
4/2/99 22:03 Tijeras (south of) NM Sphere 20 seconds Very bright amber sphere traveled just above tree top level. Size of dime @ arms length. Object 50 - 300 yds away. Observed by myself & 4/26/99
4/1/99 21:30 Goring, Oxon (UK/England)
Formation 15mins Ships flew over house and stopped over field 4/26/99
4/1/99 20:00 Orlando FL Sphere 10 mins i was about 20 miles away from i don,t know what it was i do know that it was not a plane of anykind i have ever seen what i saw was a 4/26/99
4/1/99 00:00 Encinitas: along I-5, from encinitas to oceanside over ocean CA Circle 5 minutes sighted an orange ball moving all over the sky near the moon over ocean 4/26/99
3/31/99 23:45 Seattle WA Triangle 1minute Huge triangular craft, white unblinkng light in each apex, center red strobing light that strobed slowly on and then slowly off (lumino 4/26/99
3/31/99 21:30 Issaquah WA Fireball 10 seconds white light suddenly appeared; then turning neon green. It looked as if it was crashing into the mountains. When it dissapeared behind 4/26/99
3/31/99 00:39 Carson (the city of, near L.A. Airport) CA Disk 20 seconds police helicoter crew see unknown object as it flew at their helicopter and then north at a high rate of speed, out of view. 4/26/99
3/30/99 21:08 Covington/Kent WA Fireball 1sec. I saw a greenish glowing like fire ball in the direction of 230 degrees magnetic moving left to right opprox 30 degree angle. 4/26/99
3/30/99 19:30 Pittsburgh PA Light 1hr 1/2 The object hovered at about 100 feet very bright white lights that would change intensety and every now and then a red light would join 4/26/99
3/30/99 14:30 Atlanta GA Sphere 1 minute Dark sphere underneath clouds moving east to west - afternoon. 4/26/99
3/29/99 22:20 Pomona CA Light 14 mins Orange/red glowing object with flashing white and red lights to each side SE of Foothill and Garey, Pomona, CA. Hovered for approx 5 m 4/26/99
3/29/99 20:00 Pacific Grove CA Triangle 4 minutes At 20:00 hours, on March 29, 1999, I was closing my upstairs bedroom window that looks out to the Monterey Bay, I noticed that two star 4/26/99
3/29/99 04:00 La Verne CA Sphere 1 hour Large sphere, several projectiles and a rounded cube! 4/26/99
3/28/99 23:32 Henderson CO Fireball 1.5 to 2 sec. green fireball going from east to west some green "sparks" given off, 4/26/99
3/28/99 19:30 Enola PA Unknown 5 minutes Moving light 4/26/99
3/28/99 18:00 Kent WA Sphere 5 seconds I saw a red spherical object moving in a westerly direction over the horizon. I was looking in a S-SW direction of about 210 degrees 4/26/99
3/27/99 22:00 Marstons Mills MA Egg 50 minutes While walking our dogs my son and I noticed a strange craft or light that seemed to travel in short spurts( not particularly fast). The 4/26/99
3/27/99 02:30 Wheeling WV Fireball 5 seconds Driving west on Interstate 70, watched a bright green light passing above me moving heading west. Was visable until it went behind hil 4/26/99
3/26/99 23:30 Bowie MD Light one hour On 032699 at 2330 hours I noticed a light in the sky that kept changing from red to gree to yellow. I obseved the light, stationary in 4/26/99
3/25/99 20:50 Interstate 40, East Bound NC Oval no more than8sec on 03-25-99 me and my wife were on interstate 40 east bound when we saw a bright light in front of us it stoped and then all of a sudde 4/26/99
3/24/99 11:57 Lincoln NE Disk 8 seconds Silver/White disk shaped object seen 4/26/99
3/21/99 22:00 Bristol VA Disk 5 minutes My name is ((deleted)) and i was driving down the street. A flash of light with a flying saucer suddenly appeared it swayed back and 4/26/99
3/20/99 16:00 Salt Lake City UT Disk 30 secs Object emerged slowly from above intersection of two contrails (X) and came from SW direction. Contrails ran from NE to SW and from NNE 4/26/99
3/16/99 23:30 Germantown OH Diamond 2 min I observed the object in the oprox location towqard the south west. the object was hovering above a farm house and then it procedded to 4/26/99
3/15/99 12:00 Lombard IL
1minute I would like to respond to the 3-19-99 Illinois report. At midday in March (I'm not sure of date) I was driving near Rt. 53 in Lombard 4/26/99
3/12/99 22:00 Bradley IL Triangle 90secs i saw what appeared to be a large triangular shaped object floating in the sky. 4/26/99
3/7/99 19:56 Kiev (Ukraine)
Fireball 3 minutes Medium fireball in the sky... 4/26/99
3/7/99 04:30 Christchurch, Dorset (UK/England)
Disk 5-6 minutes Very bright orange object in clear night sky at almost exactly due north from my location and 20 degrees from the horizon moved very sl 4/26/99
3/6/99 17:30 Adelaide (Aldinga Beach) (South Australia)
Cigar unknown This photo was taken by a friend and the object was not seen when the photo was taken but I noticed it when the film was developed..... 4/26/99
3/4/99 19:00 Wellington NV Fireball 5 minutes We saw a comet-like light in the southwest sky while travelling toward Wellington Nevada 4/26/99
3/1/99 22:00 Toronto National Forest AZ Light 10:34 slowly moved across the sky then disapered in half a second looked like 3 or 4 lights on bottom all white no flashing what so ever 4/26/99
2/28/99 08:45 Puget Sound (10-miles south of Canada) WA Other 40seconds Fishing in the sound just north of the catalina islands. looked north to see a bright light orange in color shooting up going in a sout 4/26/99
2/24/99 11:28 Sheboygan Falls/Kohler WI Fireball 1 sec An incrediably bright fireball streaked towards the southern horizon and disappeared quickly 4/26/99
2/14/99 01:20 San Juan Island WA Triangle approx 25 min. triangle shaped object not moving in sky then suddenly darting about 4/26/99
1/16/99 16:00 Mentor on the Lake OH Sphere 15 seconds Silently streaked in, did a figure 8 at the same speed and kept going in the same direction. 4/26/99
12/27/98 10:30 Struthers OH Sphere
We saw two sets of crosses composed of five luminous spheres each. One cross was slightly higher than the other. The spheres were of v 4/26/99
12/17/98 09:00 Escondido CA Oval second I glanced up and saw a small white oval traveling very rapidly across the sky. I ran outside to get a better look as I had been looking 4/26/99
12/15/98 09:07 Atlanta GA Sphere 15 minutes Shiny golden metallic sphere gliding across the skies of Atlanta, GA. December 15, 1998, 09:07am. 4/26/99
11/12/98 18:30 John Day OR Fireball 10 mins About six thiety at night a orange ball was observed while driveing down the road was observed in the south eastern sky's just doing ra 4/26/99
10/28/98 23:10 Sherwood AR Other 20-30 min It was about 100-120 feet away. It was about the size of a mini-van. It was an oblong light. It was not shining, but rather glowing. 4/26/99
10/25/98 16:20 Denver CO Light 3 minutes 3rd sighting of UFO's in DIA area 4/26/99
9/22/98 20:00 Fargo ND Triangle Unknown We saw a light in the sky that was hovering and moving too oddly to be a terrestrial aircraft. 4/26/99
6/20/98 07:00 Morris MN Egg 00:20 UFO in morning sky...jets following 4/26/99
6/15/98 20:00 Pontoto/Thaxton (between) MS Triangle 35min ME,my dad and two of my friends where coming home from bible study one night when I spotted a large craft above the road it appeared to 4/26/99
5/30/98 04:00 Whitehorse MT Light 1min It was by 2 governmeant instilations out in the middle of nowhere at a boarder crossing into canada.I arrived at 3:50 am there was a ph 4/26/99
4/21/98 23:46 Santa Cruz CA Fireball 15 seconds A comet-like thing, about the size of a dinner plate. It had a tail that was greenish with sparks in it. No sound. 4/26/99
4/15/98 23:30 Lancing (Rome Road) TN Light several times over 1 mont Several lights at extremely high altitudes, moving very fast and irratically back and forth across the sky. 4/26/99
12/20/97 22:00 Prescott (North of) AZ Sphere 1-3 minutes While driving through Arizona My wife and I witnessed a white object in the sky. 4/26/99
12/10/97 19:00 Walsall, West Midlands (UK/England)
Unknown 5 seconds I saw two circluar lights attached to a dark shape, which moved silently and quickly and disappeared. 4/26/99
11/13/97 21:15 Trenton (just outside) NJ Light 2 Minutes Moving light around a stationary object... 4/26/99
9/10/97 16:00 Lierskogen (Norway)
Unknown 3 minutes It looked as a pointed horseshoe. It was full daylight, and it had a lighter shade than the rest of the sky. There was no clouds at all 4/26/99
8/30/97 22:00 Aston PA Diamond looking for keys I was out one night looking for my keys on the ground and I seen a diamond shaped craft hovering over (about 100 ft) over my friends ho 4/26/99
6/1/97 08:00 Mt. Vernon NY Light 40 min. Silent,flashing white light making impossible moves in sky over the cities of Mt. Vernon and Yonkers. 4/26/99
6/1/97 03:30 New Mexico NM Disk 3min on hwy 10east going to elpaso texas.,,, slow moving object, passed right in front of me no sound, but had a bright light, just flooted 4/26/99
5/1/97 14:00 Maysville KY Disk 20 Sec. Golf tournament. "Scramble" Ball hit off tee. Looked up observed object.Other wittnesses said,do you see that.YES!Object disapeared. 4/26/99
3/13/97 20:30 Gila Bend (G.B.AUXILLARY FIELD, ) AZ Chevron 20 MINS. At approx. 2015 hrs.flares dropped were close enough that I could see the white smoke as each burned, but the parachutes were not visib 4/26/99
7/9/96 23:30 St. Louis MO Triangle 30 minutes The object looked like a triangular shaped solid welder's arc. 4/26/99
1/31/96 02:00 Heflin (Talladega National Forest at Oak Level) AL Light 2-3 hrs Parked at hunting spot appx 2 a.m. with vehicle facing west. saw bright light moving north to south at speeds not humanly possible the 4/26/99
7/15/95 23:49 Edmonds WA Light 10 sec. I was talking to my friend (we were camping outside) and it was a clear night. A light appeared out of nowhere among the stars, and beg 4/26/99
6/1/95 23:00 Provincetown MA Unknown 45 sec Three white lights at high altitude in a triangle formation moving at "jet liner" speed 4/26/99
3/12/95 22:33 Birmingham (UK/England)
Triangle 1 minute Flying object seen overhead travelling faster than the speed of sound 4/26/99
10/1/94 11:30 Pawnee OK Triangle 20 min It was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle. 4/26/99
9/15/94 19:30 Pittsburgh (outside of) PA Disk 1 minute While watching Prime Time live on TV, they stopped for the Crash of USAir Flight 427 and when showing the sky, the only object seen was 4/26/99
6/3/91 22:00 Dixon IL Disk 10 minutes saw what we thought was a helicopter in trouble. disk was approx 35feet above ground and sitting motionless making no noise approx 40 f 4/26/99
7/15/90 22:00 Sinai Peninsula (Egypt)
Unknown 60-90 seconds A bright object in the sky moved towards us then flew away. 4/26/99
12/2/88 22:30 Hilo HI Light 2 - 3 Hours 7 lights observed around Mauna Kea, HI 4/26/99
6/29/86 01:30 Tampa FL Light 17 sec. i was looking up at 12 oclock, with city light polution around, saw star sized lite going s. for aprox. 7 sec. 90 to lft. 3sec. n. 4se 4/26/99
6/21/86 00:00 Kentucy Lake area (over) KY Triangle 2.min Flying at extreme alt and speed a shock wave could be seen from the light glow from the serface of the craft and v shape out line of th 4/26/99
9/5/85 01:30 Juneau AK Circle 2 hours My Brother and I believed we saw something that sped up time with light's from a ship. While we were in transit with a Vessel to Seattl 4/26/99
6/30/85 23:30 I don't know MO Sphere Driving A orange round ball next to a bush on the ground. 4/26/99
8/1/83 21:00 Mt. Kisco NY Triangle 10 Minutes Large aircraft, size of 747, flying 1000ft, no sound, 10-25 MPH, flew over Mt Kisco NY and many people witnessed the event. 4/26/99
6/15/82 21:00 Sarona WI Circle Approx. 10 min. Large glowing, pulsating pink ball of light, hovered above the road, flew up, then made a series of loops, then disappeared out of sigh 4/26/99
6/10/82 21:30 Greensboro NC Sphere 10 minutes +/- Observed objects passing along the banks of city reservoir 4/26/99
8/31/81 19:30 Trona CA Disk 5 minutes My wife grabed my leg squeesed and said "whats that" i looked up and about 60ft. away was something staying in one position was a ufo 4/26/99
3/25/81 19:30 Pompano Beach FL Triangle 30 sec Saw something that looked like a billiard rack silently moving south to north. 4/26/99
9/1/76 22:30 Belzoni MS Light 15-20 min. Spotted air craft hubbering about 1/2 out infront of us as we got out of our car. Stood and watched it for 15-20min. until it sped away 4/26/99
7/15/76 22:00 Pine City MN Oval 2 hours stargazers looking at a beautiful sky full of stars on a perfectly clear night, wittness several craft buzzing over Cross lake. One cra 4/26/99
5/25/75 23:00 Rochester NY Flash 10 seconds Prior to the full lunar eclipse I clearly saw an impact on the moon at the 11 o'clock portion of the moon followed by a much smaller af 4/26/99
6/1/74 06:00 Lakeside to North Bend OR Light 30 min. Cone shaped light 4/26/99
7/24/73 05:32 St. Croix Falls WI Diamond Ten Minutes I saw the crafts in the sky early in the morning over my neighborhood. 4/26/99
7/15/73 16:30 Rochester NY Sphere 20 minutes While walking to another building for a lunch break, I and many other people saw this "craft" hovering over the city Of Rochester for 2 4/26/99
1/18/72 21:00 Blacksburg SC Light 2 hours In the early 70's, four of us chased lights in the sky. ( we were in a vehicle ) 4/26/99
4/5/71 19:00 Talladega AL Disk 5 minutes irridescent disc spinning silently below treetop level at approx. 100yds distance. nothing between us and the object to hamper vision. 4/26/99
7/7/70 01:00 McLean VA Other unknown My friend Barbara was spending the night with me. Around 1a.m. we noticed the street light from outside the east window was actually co 4/26/99
6/1/68 17:00 Corry PA Fireball 15 minutes Observed pink/orange glowing ball "bouncing" along railroad tracks for length of @ 2 city blocks, then shoot straight up and disappear 4/26/99
9/14/62 17:30 Wisconsin (rural) WI Disk 30min. we were walking home after a day of hunting and an orange light came from nowere and shined down on us. it followed us and we shot at i 4/26/99