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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/5/99 00:05 Morgantown PA Changing 30 minutes Strange gaseous lights almost like the video I've seen of the Aurora Borealis, only I'm in Pennsylvania and it occurred in the southern 7/5/99
7/4/99 15:30 Sacramento CA Other 8 minutes I seen something floating down from the sky i though it was a big piece of plastic it was white and wobbling i lost it when it fell bel 7/5/99
7/3/99 20:00 Laughlin (into Bullhead City, AZ) AZ Light 20:30 Two objects with extreme light couldnot make out if round or what. They were as if 10 & 12 oclock stationary in the SW sky. We were 7/5/99
7/1/99 22:05 Salida CO Cigar 1 minute Shiny object heading west, 10 miles east of Salida.Planes appear to have chased it away. 7/5/99
7/1/99 22:00 Salida CO Cigar 2-3 minutes Large cylindrical object steadily crossed the sky in the light of the moon.It did NOT display FAA blinking light. 7/5/99
6/30/99 23:20 Herron Lake State Park NM Cigar 1 minute 2 separate sightings- just minutes apart, may have been the same object. 7/5/99
6/30/99 20:30 Lombard IL Sphere 30seconds Black sphere 7/5/99
6/30/99 00:20 Cherry Hill NJ Oval approx. 1 min. We were driving in the car when the passanger saw an object flying faster than any jet could. The object moved away at such a speed th 7/5/99
6/29/99 22:15 New Carlisle IN Unknown 50 minutes At first I thought the object was a finish to some fireworks. Lights though continued to flash in same spot. After about 35-40 minutes, 7/5/99
6/29/99 16:00 Navajo Lake NM Cigar 30 seconds shiney object moved across the sky horizontally & did not appear to be a plane. 7/5/99
6/29/99 12:50 Springfield IL Cigar 40 second's U.F.O, Seen while driving home. 7/5/99
6/28/99 21:00 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 20 seconds craft was seen hovering 100ft above the ground at the southeast corner of Powers and Platte at 9PM on 6/28/99 for about 20 seconds nort 7/5/99
6/27/99 23:42 Ashland ME Triangle 2 min I was standing outside when I saw a light in the distance. It was very far away, headed in a NE direction. It was moving very slowly. 7/5/99
6/27/99 23:30 Vacaville (Near) CA Diamond app 30 minutes Three women in a car had a diamond shaped UFO hover less than 30 feet over their car. The object was observeed to shift shape bewteen 7/5/99
6/27/99 23:25 Fort Defiance VA Other 3 seconds Using 10" dobsonian telescope at the moon I saw a black object zoom across. 7/5/99
6/27/99 00:14 Hesperia CA Fireball 5 sec. Bright Bluish-white fireball was seen very low above the Southwest horizon. From here that would be in the direction of Fontana or Onta 7/5/99
6/26/99 20:20 Sacramento CA Light 2-3 minutes Two Star-like lights seen in East Sacramento 7/5/99
6/26/99 17:15 Seattle (Georgetown) WA Disk 5-10 minutes slow moving, low altitude saucer heading N by NW, moving in a straight line, very steady. The disk seemed to be round but would at tim 7/5/99
6/26/99 12:30 San Fransisco Bay Area CA Other 5 - 10 min Lenticular object hovering over bay 7/5/99
6/25/99 22:23 Huntsville AL Oval 30 SECONDS A oval shaped object that changed shapes and vanished in thin air. 7/5/99
6/25/99 18:30 Oak Park IL Other 45 mins 2 unidentidfied objects moving east-west. The first with 3 lobes, the second a rectanglular object with light at "front". 7/5/99
6/25/99 00:00 Anderson CA Egg 5 seconds I saw what appeared to be a white shooting star (no tail), 4x larger than the brightest star in the sky, moving very fast. It suddenly 7/5/99
6/24/99 16:35 Minneapolis MN Light 10 minutes From 4:35 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. on 6/24/99, Minneapolis, MN 55454, on Washington Avenue ("7 Corners"), I saw in the north sky a bright whit 7/5/99
6/24/99 16:00 West Hollywood CA Sphere 2hrs 15 min. 4-5 p.m., 1 Sphere, 3-4 thousand ft., to the NE- Directly over the banana tree next to my house. It moved around slowly in the same are 7/5/99
6/23/99 23:15 Calne, Wiltshire (UK/England)
Cigar 3 minutes Spotted flying approx 250 ft above rooftops, craft 100ft long approx. Six to eight lights on each side of central red light. Hovering 7/5/99
6/23/99 22:30 Virginia Beach VA Light 3 hours very bright flash of lights chaging positons but staying in a general area. but it was very very high in the sky might have been 3 or 4 7/5/99
6/21/99 02:30 El Cajon CA Unknown 2minutes Spoke to Peter Davenport, report follows. 7/5/99
6/21/99 00:15 Nicholasville KY Triangle 30 sec We seen a Black Triangle with red and yellow flashing lights 7/5/99
6/21/99 00:10 Nicholasville KY Light 4 to 5 min My wife and I seen a bright light going across the sky and it passed in front of the moon and was brighter then the moon. It shot acros 7/5/99
6/20/99 23:00 Three Forks (North of) MT Fireball 2-3 seconds Just heard Peter on Art's show talk about the arc welder in the sky, and it crossed from north east to the south west over south centra 7/5/99
6/20/99 20:00 Las Vegas NV Oval 5 mins ((name delete),a local reporter for ch.13 tv. news in Las Vegas, videotaped two objects, seen by many, above the new Venetian hotel in 7/5/99
6/20/99 15:00 McKees Rocks PA Rectangle 5 seconds BRIGHT silver rod with dimensions of 6 inch ruler. Estimate that it was very high, and at that altitude was traveling very fast across 7/5/99
6/20/99 08:30 Port Hadlock WA Circle mach 5 Heard a instantaneous shock wave and looked outside and observed the windows of a vehicle smashed but still mostly intact. We suspect 7/5/99
6/20/99 04:30 Bridgeport CT Light approx 10 seconds Witnessed single object flying over at high speed 7/5/99
6/20/99 02:34 Lathorp (near Manteca) CA Sphere 5 seconds Lathorp near Mantica 2:34am Sun 6/20/99 driving W on 205 two mi before city limit of Tracy, approx 1200 ft S of 205 FWY I noted a singl 7/5/99
6/20/99 01:40 Boise ID Light 3-5 minutes Solid white light,the appearance of a star, moved from the east to the west at a solw pace. No noise was audible and the light did not 7/5/99
6/19/99 23:59 Westchester IL Other 15 seconds Sighting of an unidentified flying Object in the sky which had a shape similar to the structure above the capital building in Washingto 7/5/99
6/19/99 22:20 Spring Valley (Viewed from, San Diego Co.) CA Circle 1.5 minutes While I was looking at the Moon, through my telescope. I noticed a black spec. I then blinked to make sure it was not something in my e 7/5/99
6/19/99 22:05 Sacramento CA Light 40 seconds just a light that headed north after about 40 seconds of seeing this it just faded out and didn't reapear. the light was about the sam 7/5/99
6/19/99 19:00 Corpus Christi TX Circle 10min These five objects were about 300 to 600 feet above the ground, may 1/4 mile from us.These objects were not moving at first, appeared t 7/5/99
6/18/99 21:46 Woodside CA Fireball 3min Fireball with fire trail, moving on a southwesterly course then moving in loop back to the northeast and then toward earth 7/5/99
6/18/99 21:45 Fallon NV Light 5 min single white light moving eratically west to east 7/5/99
6/18/99 20:17 Vestal NY Cylinder 3 minutes Observed similar long tubular object on 05/30/99. As it turned, the sun's rays reflected from a row of at least 20 windows along the s 7/5/99
6/18/99 17:15 New York City NY Disk 1 minute In Battery Park saw Bronze colored Saucer In sky 7/5/99
6/18/99 13:00 Hamburg PA Disk 5 minutes Husband and wife were driving N on Rte 61 and observed a black disc appx 4' diameter going S at about 600' high. Several miles to the S 7/5/99
6/18/99 05:45 Miami FL Cigar 5seconds cigar shaped bright blue light shot across the sky and a trail followed 7/5/99
6/18/99 04:32 Galveston TX Formation 24 minutes I went to the beach by myself.I was looking up and saw 5 U.F.O's in a bowling pin formation I looked at my watch and it was exactly 4:3 7/5/99
6/17/99 23:30 Evansville IN Light 1 min. I was outside at work at the specified time looking up at approximately a 75 degree angle facing east. I noticed a small group of sta 7/5/99
6/17/99 23:00 Lenior City TN Fireball 20 minutes I was getting ready to go to bed at approximately 11:00 p.m. and noticed a bright white light in the sky surrounded by a fiery colored 7/5/99
6/17/99 22:00 Boulder CO Light 5 seconds June 17, 1999 Bright capsul shaped object which I thought was a star brightened and took off, then disappeared. 7/5/99
6/17/99 21:03 Council Bluffs IA Circle 60 seconds Looking at Venus with scope and spotted a black sphere moving through the field of view very quickly. 7/5/99
6/16/99 23:45 Potomac IL Light 2-3 min Strange light appeared in northern sky at about 15 degrees above horizon. Moved slowly upward and then faded out of sight. 7/5/99
6/16/99 23:00 Lincoln City/Newport (between, Otter Crest) OR Light 10 secs There were four of us at my mothers condo at The Inn at Otter Crest on June 16. At about 11 pm at night, my friend George and I were lo 7/5/99
6/15/99 08:15 Salt Lake City (west of) UT Triangle 45 mins Between 8:15 and 9:00 I saw an object that seemed to hover over the Ocuirrh mountains just west of Salt Lake or further out It started 7/5/99
6/14/99 21:30 Port Aransas TX Light 2 min. bright light moving slow. 7/5/99
6/14/99 01:00 Ontario NY
5 sec this was like a massive metor flying over my house with a long and wide tail no noise but it then suddenly disappeared it was amazing t 7/5/99
6/13/99 23:00 Latrobe CA Other 5 hours sound coming from under your feet , no matter where you walk near the consumes river.this was a humming sound ,varying pitch ,you could 7/5/99
6/8/99 18:00 Elkhart IN Light 00:35 From latitude 41.682 longitude -85.977 looking SSE ~63° stationary object moved very slowly NNE. Could not make out shape using binocul 7/5/99
6/7/99 22:15 Cortez CO Circle 5 minutes Star-like object at 60 degrees traversed sky, wavered, made 90 degree turn, blinked bright and dim, then disappeared. 7/5/99
6/7/99 22:15 Cortez CO Light 5 minutes Husband and I were looking at the sky and saw a light similar to a star move quickly across the sky. 7/5/99
6/7/99 04:15 Spranger (near, 5 mi. east of Interstate 25) CO Fireball 20 seconds Saw green fireball descend with white tail. It then disappeared. 7/5/99
6/4/99 23:15 Somerville NJ Light 15sec the 3 of us were sitting out in my pool listening to the near by fireworks. i was looking up at the stars when i noticed on begin to m 7/5/99
6/3/99 00:44 Hillsboro OR Triangle 10 Mins Black shape w/red lights...Sat about 1.5 Miles NW of the Hillsboro Airport. Not moving..No sound....Lights went out & object sped away 7/5/99
5/20/99 23:00 Panama City FL Triangle brief I saw a light streak that I thought was a shooting star except upon further attention it was the wrong color and too thick of a trail. 7/5/99
5/18/99 22:50 Nashville TN Chevron 2 minutes Iwas driving south from Nashville on Nolensville Rd at 9:30 p.m. Lights to my right (west) just off the road caught my eye. This area 7/5/99
5/10/99 03:00 Oak Ridge NC Triangle 20min at apox. 3am I woke up to the dog going crazy and a strange hum.outside my father and I saw an object just sitting on the tree line 7/5/99
5/7/99 10:00 Phoenix AZ Sphere 15 seconds I was taking photo's of Contrails with my Digital camera, taking pictures facing north, east and then to the south when I captured the 7/5/99
5/1/99 22:00 Sherwood (north of) MI Light 30 sec's 3 objects moving slowly, in perfect unicent. thay then speed up, and vanished, as a air plane was coming into air space 7/5/99
4/22/99 20:00 Piedmont MO Circle 5 min. Small bright orange object that appeared and disappeared at random. 7/5/99
4/16/99 20:30 Bettendorf/Davenport IA Other 5 Minutes Circle with beaver-tail-like object on the side. 7/5/99
4/14/99 22:00 Maharepa, Moorea (French Polynesia)
Formation 15 seconds Witnessed an object traveling in a straight line emitting sparks from the front section trailing towards its rear, like throwing a spar 7/5/99
4/5/99 21:10 Mineola TX Circle 10min One Hovering craft...Multi-colored lights...Possible USAF persuit! 7/5/99
2/28/99 22:00 Cancun (Mexico)
Changing 00:01 Satilite like object then growing bright changing direction and moving rapidly upwards. 7/5/99
1/28/99 21:15 McAlester OK Other 1 second On the above approx. date & time, I was watching an airplane traveling north in the night sky. Suddenly, there was a thin orange streak 7/5/99
12/23/98 17:20 Grand Canyon AZ Other 45seconds a friend and I were waiting for the sunset at the far west observing area when I watched a stingray shaped craft cruise in from the sou 7/5/99
12/13/98 20:00 Massachusetts (Loc. Unknown) MA Fireball about 15 minutes A light was moving at extreme speeds in a sharp circle it was changing from blue to white on route 2 east bound. 7/5/99
12/10/98 21:30 Santiago (Chile)
Cigar 3 seconds very bright elongated light in the sky,must had been more than 200 meters long 7/5/99
10/20/98 17:30 Spokane WA Sphere 2-3 sec An object about the size of a large grapefruit,spherical,dull silver,no lights or appendages,came into view from the west at roughly a 7/5/99
10/1/98 00:00 Logan UT Triangle a few minutes We saw 5 triangular objects moving at high altitude to the south, circling each other like small birds. 7/5/99
8/27/98 23:00 Villa Nueva State Park NM Cigar 2 minutes steadily moved across the sky & then hovered, 2x, creating a triangle formation & then dissapearing. 7/5/99
7/20/98 22:00 Sun City CA Formation 1 minute 2 lights following each other really high in the sky, and really fast. 7/5/99
6/20/98 20:00 Medford MA Cylinder
I was going to Staples(the store) and all of a sudden I saw a bright light like a star appeared.It was moving in a funky way. Then a p 7/5/99
5/23/98 12:00 Moab UT Fireball 5 min What I saw was I large fire ball going across the sky. I was there for about 5 minutes then vanished behind a cloud. 7/5/99
2/10/98 21:00 Londonderry NH Light 45 sec. Driving down the road, saw a greenish light in the sky, slowed down to look at it,then it shot off into the sky 7/5/99
11/11/97 05:30 Columbus OH Cylinder 20 minutes huge cylindrical lights, thousands of feet long, blink off and then clusters of much smaller light blue and light orange-pink ship ligh 7/5/99
9/28/97 23:15 San Francisco CA Triangle 12-15s flying-wing shape outlined by 12-14 lights. Apparent high altitude over- head east to west mvmnt. Appx. 9-12 moon widths 7/5/99
7/23/97 13:30 Los Angeles CA Other 5 mins plus On busy Wilshire Blvd. I looked up between tall buildings, saw "Top Hat" shaped craft stationary between buildings. There were porthol 7/5/99
7/20/97 03:00 Russellville AR Light 1 hour First I saw small white lights from a distance, then a big creamy colored light up close. 7/5/99
6/30/97 23:00 Tijeras NM Cigar 2 minutes steadily moved across the sky & then hovered, 2x, creating a triangle formation & then dissapearing. 7/5/99
6/15/97 23:00 Sun City/Menifee CA Fireball 10 minutes Green shapes flying across west horizon above hills where other people had been saying they had seen stuff around there before. 7/5/99
12/17/96 20:17 Woodville (Outside) TX Triangle 30-40 sec. triangular shape, rounded on ends, 1 lg yellow/orange light on each corner of triangle 7/5/99
7/21/96 01:30 Newtown, TAS (Australia)
Egg under 2 minutes I was in my room, and I saw to lights in the sky, they hovered over me for a few minutes, and then shoot off toward the mountain. 7/5/99
6/1/96 05:30 Beltsville MD Triangle 1 sec two small triangular craft very fast and absolutly silent 7/5/99
6/1/96 02:30 Ft Mead ME Triangle 17min Dark matt black. hooverd over a transformer. I sat still with fear and whatched as it had no sound, but lights were on each of the cor 7/5/99
1/1/95 23:00 Southampton NY Light 15-20seconds Very bright light moved from one side of sky to the other and in circles at an amazing speed, changed direction and flew off. 7/5/99
7/15/94 20:30 Sebago Lake ME Light 4mins Bright silent lights above lake 7/5/99
6/1/94 22:00 Montgomery AL Triangle 2 minutes I was coming back to my college dorm at Auburn University at Montgomery -AUM (after grocery shopping one night) and I saw "something" h 7/5/99
11/23/93 23:30 Baton Rouge LA Triangle 20 to 30 seconds I saw 3 orange illuminated triangles flying very low between 2 apartment buildings, just above the trees. 7/5/99
6/1/93 22:00 Oconomowoc WI Cross 1+ hours Hovering craft with illuminated cross in its center. 7/5/99
12/24/92 22:00 West Monroe LA Disk 2 hours Documented. The firefighters, State Police, and Sheriffs Office were called out to investigate a strange object in sky. 7/5/99
6/1/89 Peoria IL Circle 6min well this happened when i was about ten and im 16 now.At that time i shared a room with my sister.It was night time and for some reason 7/5/99
6/10/88 02:00 Owego NY Disk 2 minutes Large Shaped disk, redish flame around disk. 7/5/99
4/15/88 19:00 Yuma/Tacna AZ Other 15-30min. roundes craft with lights around the outer rim. No sound came from it, it stood in the sky before us revolving slowly. We felt we wer 7/5/99
6/18/87 23:15 Miamisburg OH Triangle 1hr30min+ Boomerang shaped craft over Miamisburg Ohio 7/5/99
5/15/84 23:00 Winchester VA Circle 6 seconds I spent many hours looking at stars as preparation for navigation with a sailboat using a sextant 7/5/99
9/1/83 21:00 Rosedale, Queensland (Australia)
Light 10 minutes lights in Milky Way, changed directions, very low very bright, no night noises, only a hum very bright light ran away... 7/5/99
12/23/78 21:30 Valdosta GA Chevron 1.5 minutes Warm December night two days before Christmas, while standing in my landlords backyard watching the goings on in the chickencoupe with 7/5/99
9/20/78 16:00 Tampa (outskirts of) FL Sphere 20--30 minutes round object-big as about 5 hot air-realy big-- ballons-lights-windows-saw people aboard-spectators 7/5/99
7/22/78 18:00 Phoenix AZ Changing 3 Minutes 2 large silver craft, rotating above us. Changed shape rapidly, and disapered into the darkness in a burst of light. 7/5/99
4/21/78 00:00 Tiffen Valley OH Flash 6 hours Was with friend, hitchhiking from New Hampshire to Illinois. Police kicked us off of the highway and we wound up on back roads and in T 7/5/99
11/1/77 23:30 Marble Hill MO Unknown 3 minutes High orbit, 2 objects. Third object from outer space rendezvoused. 7/5/99
11/20/75 01:00 Miami FL Oval 3 hours At 01:00 hrs looking out my room window I saw about 14 lights moving in the sky, they began to pair off and move in diffrent direction 7/5/99
7/15/75 14:00 Paul/Burley (Near) ID Cigar 5 min Large cigar shaped craft seen stationary at high altitude. Then zoomed off. 7/5/99
1/1/69 20:00 Farmerville LA Other 2 minutes Five bright white, small balls jumped out of the sky, and bounced across the road. 7/5/99
1/1/68 21:00 West Monroe LA Light 20 minutes On the way into town, a light appeared over head and followed us. 7/5/99
7/15/49 20:30 Booneville MS Unknown hours Returning home from a movie, we witnessed a large craft about 75 yards behind our house, hovering silently approx. 100 ft. high... 7/5/99
2-3/?/97 22:00 (Republic of Ireland)
Light 5-10 mins. I went outside to get some air,I had been studying for a test,so it was late when I finished.I cycled a short distance from the house(l 7/5/99
8/?/97 22:00 Stonewood WV Cone
4 lights on each side and one at the top color black gave off a humming noise burnt leaves on trees 7/5/99
?? 21:00 Merrimack NH Sphere around 10 min. ((HOAX??)) I noticed a yellowish-red object at first i thought was mars but then it started to move around rapid 7/5/99
4/1-31/99 21:00 Greensboro NC Fireball .05 seconds i took a break at work. stepped out back. while looking to the south east , i saw a bright green fireball heading towards the ground . 7/5/99