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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/14/99 23:30 Lt Kingshill Highwycombe (UK/England)
Light 10 secs Green Light seen to pass east to west looking south , no sound heard. 7/14/99
7/14/99 04:53 Rochester Hills MI Light 30 seconds light as bright as Venus traveled from west to east,no sound,no aircraft lights even through binaculars. 7/14/99
7/14/99 04:00 Weidman MI Light 5 minutes 3 lights seen in formation. 7/14/99
7/14/99 01:35 Springfield MA Light 2-3 min. 2 bright white strobes. 1 behind other. medium/low alt. slow/medium speed. 10 deg. down from zenith. curved course NW to NE. totally si 7/14/99
7/13/99 19:30 New Rochelle NY Circle 7 seconds It was about 7:30pm and I was observing the fishermen and planes land at a nearby airport. 7/14/99
7/13/99 18:00 Tacoma WA Cigar 5 min Silvery craft looking like a Boeing 777 shape sized craft w/no discernable wings or tail (except a small vertical stabiler, looked like 7/14/99
7/13/99 07:45 New Roads LA Triangle 20 seconds Translucent watery appearance with waves like heat waves. 7/14/99
7/12/99 23:30 Reynoldsburg OH Sphere 45 min I was looking out my 3rd floor window and looked to the north west , toward the airport and saw bright lights floating just above the t 7/14/99
7/12/99 23:17 Chautaqua Road NY Egg 7 mins me and my friend (who was driving) were traveling up chautaqua road when we noticed a light just ahead in the sky and very low. It was 7/14/99
7/12/99 22:15 Lake Oswego (Portland) OR Light 20 mins. My boyfriend and I saw 3 peach colored lights (spheres) hovering for about 20 minutes over the south sky. 7/14/99
7/12/99 10:15 Arlington TX Unknown 15 minutes One vehicle stopped and changed directions. The other vehicle approached and they circled each other. Then one left heading south and 7/14/99
7/12/99 08:00 Carmarthen (Wales)
Flash 10-20 secs Chrome like object seen moving in the smoke trail left behind after an aeroplane 7/14/99
7/11/99 23:40 Nicholasville KY Unknown 50sec Bright lights 7/14/99
7/11/99 23:20 Nicholasville KY Triangle 45sec Seen I triangle going from west to east 7/14/99
7/11/99 23:00 Grandview WA Flash 00:30 Strobing lights moving in irregular pattern @ 40 degrees above horizon 2 came together and then separated light intensity would change 7/14/99
7/11/99 22:00 Manassas VA Sphere 10:00 i witnessed a bright spherical object that hovered at a low alt. and moved very slowly. the object dissapeared and reapearred a moment 7/14/99
7/10/99 22:45 Newberg OR Circle 40 min Bright red object, moved alittle than stayed stationary until it fizzled out. Was it Baloon with flare? Red Sun? Meteorite coming towar 7/14/99
7/10/99 22:30 Dousman WI Sphere current Bright spheric shaped object observed in the southwest sky moving erratically, it was very bright and observed for more than 30 minut 7/14/99
7/10/99 22:30 Seattle WA Light 3 mins. Blue light rise maybe 20-40 miles away. Blue light for 3 seconds then small light maybe red/white (dim). object accelerated to altitude 7/14/99
7/10/99 22:00 Green Acres/Coos Bay (HWY 42) OR Fireball 1 or 2 minutes I went outside to call my cat approximately between 10 or 10:30 at night, and looking up at the stars as I often do a fireball colored 7/14/99
7/10/99 17:10 Tucson AZ Egg 20 minutes object traveled at treetop level west untill it was due south of our home. It then sank below the tree line. About 10 minutes later it 7/14/99
7/10/99 15:00 San Diego CA Sphere 15-20 mins Spherical craft hovered over baseball stadium, made series of rapid manuevers, then flew away extremely fast. Rotating disc appeared, a 7/14/99
7/10/99 07:20 Omaha NE Teardrop 10-15min Hovering teardrop type shape with vertical "smokestack" coming out of top, Driving west on I-80, witnessed it dissapear. 7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55 Vancouver WA Circle 4 min Very slow moving on southward heading orange pulsating light. Same size orange glow was dropped? and left trail when falling then vani 7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55 Columbus OH Light 25 minutes A light in the sky was seen moving slowly through the sky. After moving to the north, the light started to fade, moving away from us to 7/14/99
7/9/99 23:30 Seabeck WA Other 2 hours It was a nice, clear night and we were star gazing from 2330 to 0200. We saw some very unusual flashes of light and in one case, a obje 7/14/99
7/9/99 22:15 Spring TX Light 10min Thought I saw a shooting star but it just kept going. Vary slow and direct, changed direction vary sharpley. Another craft crosed it's 7/14/99
7/9/99 20:35 Seattle WA Light 10-14 seconds A bright light about the sized of a dime appeared, high in the NE sky. It lasted for about 5 seconds, then dropped immediately to abou 7/14/99
7/9/99 20:00 Trinidad CO Fireball 2 seconds At first thought it was meteor but there was heavy cloud cover behind the path. It formed an arc from what looked like NE to SW of Tri 7/14/99
7/8/99 21:45 Pottstown PA Sphere 1 minute we saw 2 orange spheres appear high over the Pottstown area from our location to the south on a hill in Berks County. Spheres just appe 7/14/99
7/8/99 13:15 Crown Point IN Other 2 minutes My son and I witnessed what looked like a jet fly over our house, except that the arrow-like shape of it does not look like anything we 7/14/99
7/7/99 23:15 Des Moines IA Light 15 seconds What looked like a star was moving to the north for a duration of 15 seconds before being blocked out by some high clouds. 7/14/99
7/7/99 23:05 Jeromesville OH Flash 10-15 secs while stargazing on a moonless night in a rural area both myself and father-in-law observed an intense white-light almost blinding. Aft 7/14/99
7/7/99 21:30 Tampa FL Fireball 46min I have a video tape, I was taping lightning and played it back and saw alot of unusual fireballs and things such as that. 7/14/99
7/7/99 04:15 Loomis CA Light 20 seconds Rapidly moving, hazy lighted object, moving across sky from west to east. 7/14/99
7/7/99 03:52 Barrington Hills IL Unknown 8 sec. pinpoint of light moving SSE, became brilliant with a flash, picked up speed and disappeared. Very high altitude. Clear starry night. 7/14/99
7/7/99 02:30 North Hampton NH
2.00 mins I was awake with my eyes closed, beam came thru my window & I opened my eyes 7/14/99
7/6/99 22:50 Kaukauna WI Triangle 10 seconds A silent, triangular shaped object with a faint reddish light in each of its 3 corners flew directly over me. 7/14/99
7/6/99 22:40 Pasco WA Flash 2-3min At about 10:40pm I was walking home from work and saw a bright fast moving satelite moving from the south to the north. It was travelin 7/14/99
7/6/99 22:30 Stokes County NC Chevron 2-3 minutes Observed object moving rapidly across the sky. Very bright lights, I could easily see a distinct > shape. 7/14/99
7/6/99 14:23 Tacoma WA Cigar 4 minutes driving, saw cigar craft. Moving slowly. Began to fall--started wobbling. Corrected self. Flew off. 7/14/99
7/5/99 23:00 East Hoquiam WA Unknown 10 minutes I and my girlfriend saw very bright white light appear,hover,disappear quickly without sound.Few minutes later same thing happened,same 7/14/99
7/5/99 21:30 San Antonio, Ibiza (Spain)
Teardrop still there My sister has just called from the island & says there are a lot of people looking at the sky. its bright & moving slowly in an irregul 7/14/99
7/5/99 00:30 Annapolis MD Fireball 1min + 1min a fire ball or all thick tail of white or light yellow falling northwest for one minute and 3 minutes later went back up for 1 minute L 7/14/99
7/5/99 00:15 Virginia Beach VA Light 20 min It looked like a thick glowing trail of an airplane. It took hard right angle turns. It was enormous and miles high in the sky. 7/14/99
7/5/99 00:07 Knotts Island NC Unknown @ 30 min. 6 of us were in a boat in the dark and looking at the stars, we noticed what appeared to be like a vapor trail that was way up in the s 7/14/99
7/4/99 23:59 Wachapreague VA Cigar 10 minutes Orange cigar shaped light about one thousand feet in the sky. Disappeared and then came returned about five minutes later. 7/14/99
7/4/99 23:30 Fort Bidwell CA Light 10 Minutes Witnessed two light sorces while camping 7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00 Humboldt IA Light 20-30 secounds Saw an object (about the size of star) traveling very fast high in the sky. It then shot straight up out of sight. 7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00 Mount Pleasant SC Cigar 10 sec Hazy orange glow moving perpendicular to long cigar-shaped axis. Moved rapidly across sky. 7/14/99
7/4/99 21:30 Northport AL Light :45 object observed in rural setting; one very bright rounded light with sharp crisp rays (one observer did not see rays); through binnocul 7/14/99
7/3/99 21:20 Alamosa CO Light 1 minute Object like a star moving at a rapid rate from the south east. Pin of white light stopped directly overhead, suddenly expanded blue. 7/14/99
7/1/99 15:00 Florence OR Cigar 5 seconds Went on vacation in Florence Or. Driftwood II park. Bright cigar shape craft. Looked like it was going to land on the beach. This was 7/14/99
6/30/99 21:00 Port Isabel (South Padre Island-beach) TX Oval 12 seconds Silent, high speed amber oval, high altitude, no beacon lights, no contrail, heading straight west by northwest. 7/14/99
6/28/99 22:30 Jasper (5 miles S.E. from Springfield, OR) OR Triangle aprox 3 sec. From the north, at aprox. 5 to 6 K', level, turning abruptly to a southerly dir. and an aprox. climb angle of 45 deg. & went out of sig 7/14/99
6/26/99 10:22 Lamar ((LAA), (NE of, FL310, 10 deg. above hor.) CO
:30 sec Two starlike objects traverse starfield (25 degree arc). One adjusts on other. Flash infront of lead object-disappears. 2nd object turn 7/14/99
6/24/99 21:50 Bouse AZ Cylinder 10 minutes On 6/24/99 facing south, between 21:50-22:00, saw a cylinder w/domed head appear suddenly above Earth and towards the Moon to disappear 7/14/99
6/24/99 21:00 Quincy IL Changing 2 and a half hrs. was in the western sky, was flashing bright colors and looked as if once in a while shot off a red light. moves northwest and gets lowe 7/14/99
6/24/99 21:00 Snake Creek/Great Basin National Park NV Oval five seconds Luminous orange craft moving steadily, west to east, before vanishing 7/14/99
6/19/99 11:45 Maricopa AZ Cigar 30 secs bright reflective object disappered in thin air 7/14/99
6/10/99 23:30 Shenandoah County (over the town of) VA Sphere 25 Seconds I was looking at the stars as it was a very clear night. I saw what I thought was a star that started to move. As I watched it go acros 7/14/99
6/10/99 22:21 Sleepy Hollow NY Circle 2 minutes Stationary object about the brightness of a small bright star accelerated across the sky in a straight line. 7/14/99
6/2/99 21:30 Olympia WA Chevron 10 sec. Saw object flying very fast, noiseless, south to north. 7/14/99
5/29/99 20:30 Olympic Mountains (from Hurricane Ridge; Port Angeles) WA Disk seconds This "sighting" was only discovered when photographs taken that evening were developed. I believe, though I can't be certain, that the 7/14/99
5/16/99 12:45 Dayton OH Unknown photo 1/250s not a ufo...may have wormhole photo...please analyze for me... 7/14/99
5/10/99 21:00 Spencer NY Light about 1 minute Light came from over our hill and started circulating above us. 7/14/99
5/7/99 00:30 Cherry Grove (Fire Island) NY Changing 5 Min Object looking like a comet spotted over ocean at Fire Island. 7/14/99
4/1/99 23:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Other Approx. 2 hrs Strange Brush fires near Verazanno Bridge 7/14/99
2/2/99 10:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Other 2 minutes During a thunderstorm I was watching out of my kitchen window which faces East, I noticed what I thought was a plane emerge from a clou 7/14/99
2/1/99 18:00 Lutz FL Flash seconds At dusk I looked up just in time to see a strange green light dip beneath the clouds then take off quickly in another direction. The ne 7/14/99
1/11/99 05:47 San Ramon CA Fireball 3 Sec. It looked like a shooting star except it was bigger but it did move like a shooting star. 7/14/99
9/1/98 16:30 Jonesville IL Cigar 10 minutes had seen the same lookung object earlier in day disapeared behind buildings around 4:30 Iwas stuck on lift bridge it was not moving abo 7/14/99
8/8/98 09:30 Tacoma WA Other 1.5 minutes On the morning of approximately August 08, 1998 I along with a friend were fishing at the mouth of the Puyallup River where it empties 7/14/99
5/16/98 03:00 Wheat Ridge CO Cylinder 17 sec. i was coming home, and i saw a bright light in the clouds. it was cylinder shapped with a pointed edge.then it dissipeared behind the c 7/14/99
5/15/97 22:45 Bouse AZ Triangle 1 minute approx. 5/15/97 at 22:45pm, son and I saw a 150ft pie wedged shaped craft fly down our valley East to West at 30-40mph at 30ft altitude. At eac 7/14/99
7/4/96 23:30 San Angelo TX Light 5 sec Star shape from south to Northeast, no sound, approx 500 to 100 ft. high. 7/14/99
3/19/96 20:30 Texas highway 54 heading into NM - after crossing I-10 TX Other 2-3 minutes Typo in fist report...1996...First saw bright non-stationary object in the sky, then felt the head from this "hot star" on the left sid 7/14/99
3/15/95 20:30 Fontana CA Light 5 seconds Object traveling high speed from an westerly to a southerly direction at a 90 degree angle. No disruption in speed. 7/14/99
3/5/88 16:30 New Brighton PA Changing 17:30 First looked like a plane in trouble. Then changed to a play jack shape with clustered balls in center and at end of each spoke. 7/14/99
10/15/81 19:00 Clark County (rural) KY Disk less than 1 hour Driving on I-64 we realized that the terrain wasn't right and began checking mile markers which confirmed we had somehow missed both M 7/14/99
8/15/75 23:00 Solomon KS Fireball 15 seconds very clear night, came from west to east directly above trees across street from where I was standing, it stopped twice as it traveled 7/14/99
10/29/70 19:50 Lindenhurst NY Sphere 10 seconds Object raced across sky, stopped, zig zagged back and then took off out of sight. We seemed frozen, watched stopped, arm hairs stood up 7/14/99
8/?/76 22:00 Xenia (Old State Rt. 42 South) OH Oval several minutes Saw object over the treetops appx. 40 yds. from our front porch. 7/14/99
07/11/99 04:30 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 1.5 min. I was talking with a friend outside her building when a plane passed over head. I looked up and about 1 in. (arm extended) to the left 7/14/99