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UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/07/14


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
7/14/99 23:30Lt Kingshill Highwycombe (UK/England)United KingdomLight10 secsGreen Light seen to pass east to west looking south , no sound heard.7/14/99
7/14/99 04:53Rochester HillsMIUSALight30 secondslight as bright as Venus traveled from west to east,no sound,no aircraft lights even through binaculars.7/14/99
7/14/99 04:00WeidmanMIUSALight5 minutes3 lights seen in formation.7/14/99
7/14/99 01:35SpringfieldMAUSALight2-3 min.2 bright white strobes. 1 behind other. medium/low alt. slow/medium speed. 10 deg. down from zenith. curved course NW to NE. totally si7/14/99
7/13/99 19:30New RochelleNYUSACircle7 secondsIt was about 7:30pm and I was observing the fishermen and planes land at a nearby airport.7/14/99
7/13/99 18:00TacomaWAUSACigar5 minSilvery craft looking like a Boeing 777 shape sized craft w/no discernable wings or tail (except a small vertical stabiler, looked like7/14/99
7/13/99 07:45New RoadsLAUSATriangle20 secondsTranslucent watery appearance with waves like heat waves.7/14/99
7/12/99 23:30ReynoldsburgOHUSASphere45 minI was looking out my 3rd floor window and looked to the north west , toward the airport and saw bright lights floating just above the t7/14/99
7/12/99 23:17Chautaqua RoadNYUSAEgg7 minsme and my friend (who was driving) were traveling up chautaqua road when we noticed a light just ahead in the sky and very low. It was7/14/99
7/12/99 22:15Lake Oswego (Portland)ORUSALight20 mins.My boyfriend and I saw 3 peach colored lights (spheres) hovering for about 20 minutes over the south sky.7/14/99
7/12/99 10:15ArlingtonTXUSAUnknown15 minutesOne vehicle stopped and changed directions. The other vehicle approached and they circled each other. Then one left heading south and7/14/99
7/12/99 08:00Carmarthen (Wales)United KingdomFlash10-20 secsChrome like object seen moving in the smoke trail left behind after an aeroplane7/14/99
7/11/99 23:40NicholasvilleKYUSAUnknown50secBright lights7/14/99
7/11/99 23:20NicholasvilleKYUSATriangle45secSeen I triangle going from west to east7/14/99
7/11/99 23:00GrandviewWAUSAFlash00:30Strobing lights moving in irregular pattern @ 40 degrees above horizon 2 came together and then separated light intensity would change7/14/99
7/11/99 22:00ManassasVAUSASphere10:00i witnessed a bright spherical object that hovered at a low alt. and moved very slowly. the object dissapeared and reapearred a moment 7/14/99
7/10/99 22:45NewbergORUSACircle40 minBright red object, moved alittle than stayed stationary until it fizzled out. Was it Baloon with flare? Red Sun? Meteorite coming towar7/14/99
7/10/99 22:30DousmanWIUSASpherecurrentBright spheric shaped object observed in the southwest sky moving erratically, it was very bright and observed for more than 30 minut7/14/99
7/10/99 22:30SeattleWAUSALight3 mins.Blue light rise maybe 20-40 miles away. Blue light for 3 seconds then small light maybe red/white (dim). object accelerated to altitude7/14/99
7/10/99 22:00Green Acres/Coos Bay (HWY 42)ORUSAFireball1 or 2 minutesI went outside to call my cat approximately between 10 or 10:30 at night, and looking up at the stars as I often do a fireball colored 7/14/99
7/10/99 17:10TucsonAZUSAEgg20 minutesobject traveled at treetop level west untill it was due south of our home. It then sank below the tree line. About 10 minutes later it 7/14/99
7/10/99 15:00San DiegoCAUSASphere15-20 minsSpherical craft hovered over baseball stadium, made series of rapid manuevers, then flew away extremely fast. Rotating disc appeared, a7/14/99
7/10/99 07:20OmahaNEUSATeardrop10-15minHovering teardrop type shape with vertical "smokestack" coming out of top, Driving west on I-80, witnessed it dissapear.7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55VancouverWAUSACircle4 minVery slow moving on southward heading orange pulsating light. Same size orange glow was dropped? and left trail when falling then vani7/14/99
7/10/99 00:55ColumbusOHUSALight25 minutesA light in the sky was seen moving slowly through the sky. After moving to the north, the light started to fade, moving away from us to7/14/99
7/9/99 23:30SeabeckWAUSAOther2 hoursIt was a nice, clear night and we were star gazing from 2330 to 0200. We saw some very unusual flashes of light and in one case, a obje7/14/99
7/9/99 22:15SpringTXUSALight10minThought I saw a shooting star but it just kept going. Vary slow and direct, changed direction vary sharpley. Another craft crosed it's7/14/99
7/9/99 20:35SeattleWAUSALight10-14 secondsA bright light about the sized of a dime appeared, high in the NE sky. It lasted for about 5 seconds, then dropped immediately to abou7/14/99
7/9/99 20:00TrinidadCOUSAFireball2 secondsAt first thought it was meteor but there was heavy cloud cover behind the path. It formed an arc from what looked like NE to SW of Tri7/14/99
7/8/99 21:45PottstownPAUSASphere1 minutewe saw 2 orange spheres appear high over the Pottstown area from our location to the south on a hill in Berks County. Spheres just appe7/14/99
7/8/99 13:15Crown PointINUSAOther2 minutesMy son and I witnessed what looked like a jet fly over our house, except that the arrow-like shape of it does not look like anything we7/14/99
7/7/99 23:15Des MoinesIAUSALight15 secondsWhat looked like a star was moving to the north for a duration of 15 seconds before being blocked out by some high clouds.7/14/99
7/7/99 23:05JeromesvilleOHUSAFlash10-15 secswhile stargazing on a moonless night in a rural area both myself and father-in-law observed an intense white-light almost blinding. Aft7/14/99
7/7/99 21:30TampaFLUSAFireball46minI have a video tape, I was taping lightning and played it back and saw alot of unusual fireballs and things such as that.7/14/99
7/7/99 04:15LoomisCAUSALight20 secondsRapidly moving, hazy lighted object, moving across sky from west to east.7/14/99
7/7/99 03:52Barrington HillsILUSAUnknown8 sec.pinpoint of light moving SSE, became brilliant with a flash, picked up speed and disappeared. Very high altitude. Clear starry night.7/14/99
7/7/99 02:30North HamptonNHUSA2.00 minsI was awake with my eyes closed, beam came thru my window & I opened my eyes7/14/99
7/6/99 22:50KaukaunaWIUSATriangle10 secondsA silent, triangular shaped object with a faint reddish light in each of its 3 corners flew directly over me.7/14/99
7/6/99 22:40PascoWAUSAFlash2-3minAt about 10:40pm I was walking home from work and saw a bright fast moving satelite moving from the south to the north. It was travelin7/14/99
7/6/99 22:30Stokes CountyNCUSAChevron2-3 minutesObserved object moving rapidly across the sky. Very bright lights, I could easily see a distinct > shape.7/14/99
7/6/99 14:23TacomaWAUSACigar4 minutesdriving, saw cigar craft. Moving slowly. Began to fall--started wobbling. Corrected self. Flew off.7/14/99
7/5/99 23:00East HoquiamWAUSAUnknown10 minutesI and my girlfriend saw very bright white light appear,hover,disappear quickly without sound.Few minutes later same thing happened,same7/14/99
7/5/99 21:30San Antonio, Ibiza (Spain)SpainTeardropstill thereMy sister has just called from the island & says there are a lot of people looking at the sky. its bright & moving slowly in an irregul7/14/99
7/5/99 00:30AnnapolisMDUSAFireball1min + 1mina fire ball or all thick tail of white or light yellow falling northwest for one minute and 3 minutes later went back up for 1 minute L7/14/99
7/5/99 00:15Virginia BeachVAUSALight20 minIt looked like a thick glowing trail of an airplane. It took hard right angle turns. It was enormous and miles high in the sky.7/14/99
7/5/99 00:07Knotts IslandNCUSAUnknown@ 30 min.6 of us were in a boat in the dark and looking at the stars, we noticed what appeared to be like a vapor trail that was way up in the s7/14/99
7/4/99 23:59WachapreagueVAUSACigar10 minutesOrange cigar shaped light about one thousand feet in the sky. Disappeared and then came returned about five minutes later.7/14/99
7/4/99 23:30Fort BidwellCAUSALight10 MinutesWitnessed two light sorces while camping7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00HumboldtIAUSALight20-30 secoundsSaw an object (about the size of star) traveling very fast high in the sky. It then shot straight up out of sight.7/14/99
7/4/99 23:00Mount PleasantSCUSACigar10 secHazy orange glow moving perpendicular to long cigar-shaped axis. Moved rapidly across sky.7/14/99
7/4/99 21:30NorthportALUSALight:45object observed in rural setting; one very bright rounded light with sharp crisp rays (one observer did not see rays); through binnocul7/14/99
7/3/99 21:20AlamosaCOUSALight1 minuteObject like a star moving at a rapid rate from the south east. Pin of white light stopped directly overhead, suddenly expanded blue.7/14/99
7/1/99 15:00FlorenceORUSACigar5 secondsWent on vacation in Florence Or. Driftwood II park. Bright cigar shape craft. Looked like it was going to land on the beach. This was 7/14/99
6/30/99 21:00Port Isabel (South Padre Island-beach)TXUSAOval12 secondsSilent, high speed amber oval, high altitude, no beacon lights, no contrail, heading straight west by northwest.7/14/99
6/28/99 22:30Jasper (5 miles S.E. from Springfield, OR)ORUSATriangleaprox 3 sec.From the north, at aprox. 5 to 6 K', level, turning abruptly to a southerly dir. and an aprox. climb angle of 45 deg. & went out of sig7/14/99
6/26/99 10:22Lamar ((LAA), (NE of, FL310, 10 deg. above hor.)COUSA:30 secTwo starlike objects traverse starfield (25 degree arc). One adjusts on other. Flash infront of lead object-disappears. 2nd object turn7/14/99
6/24/99 21:50BouseAZUSACylinder10 minutesOn 6/24/99 facing south, between 21:50-22:00, saw a cylinder w/domed head appear suddenly above Earth and towards the Moon to disappear7/14/99
6/24/99 21:00QuincyILUSAChanging2 and a half hrs.was in the western sky, was flashing bright colors and looked as if once in a while shot off a red light. moves northwest and gets lowe7/14/99
6/24/99 21:00Snake Creek/Great Basin National ParkNVUSAOvalfive secondsLuminous orange craft moving steadily, west to east, before vanishing7/14/99
6/19/99 11:45MaricopaAZUSACigar30 secsbright reflective object disappered in thin air7/14/99
6/10/99 23:30Shenandoah County (over the town of)VAUSASphere25 SecondsI was looking at the stars as it was a very clear night. I saw what I thought was a star that started to move. As I watched it go acros7/14/99
6/10/99 22:21Sleepy HollowNYUSACircle2 minutesStationary object about the brightness of a small bright star accelerated across the sky in a straight line.7/14/99
6/2/99 21:30OlympiaWAUSAChevron10 sec.Saw object flying very fast, noiseless, south to north.7/14/99
5/29/99 20:30Olympic Mountains (from Hurricane Ridge; Port Angeles)WAUSADisksecondsThis "sighting" was only discovered when photographs taken that evening were developed. I believe, though I can't be certain, that the 7/14/99
5/16/99 12:45DaytonOHUSAUnknownphoto 1/250snot a ufo...may have wormhole photo...please analyze for me...7/14/99
5/10/99 21:00SpencerNYUSALightabout 1 minuteLight came from over our hill and started circulating above us.7/14/99
5/7/99 00:30Cherry Grove (Fire Island)NYUSAChanging5 MinObject looking like a comet spotted over ocean at Fire Island.7/14/99
4/1/99 23:00New York City (Staten Island)NYUSAOtherApprox. 2 hrsStrange Brush fires near Verazanno Bridge7/14/99
2/2/99 10:00New York City (Bronx)NYUSAOther2 minutesDuring a thunderstorm I was watching out of my kitchen window which faces East, I noticed what I thought was a plane emerge from a clou7/14/99
2/1/99 18:00LutzFLUSAFlashsecondsAt dusk I looked up just in time to see a strange green light dip beneath the clouds then take off quickly in another direction. The ne7/14/99
1/11/99 05:47San RamonCAUSAFireball3 Sec.It looked like a shooting star except it was bigger but it did move like a shooting star.7/14/99
9/1/98 16:30JonesvilleILUSACigar10 minuteshad seen the same lookung object earlier in day disapeared behind buildings around 4:30 Iwas stuck on lift bridge it was not moving abo7/14/99
8/8/98 09:30TacomaWAUSAOther1.5 minutesOn the morning of approximately August 08, 1998 I along with a friend were fishing at the mouth of the Puyallup River where it empties 7/14/99
5/16/98 03:00Wheat RidgeCOUSACylinder17 sec.i was coming home, and i saw a bright light in the clouds. it was cylinder shapped with a pointed edge.then it dissipeared behind the c7/14/99
5/15/97 22:45BouseAZUSATriangle1 minute approx.5/15/97 at 22:45pm, son and I saw a 150ft pie wedged shaped craft fly down our valley East to West at 30-40mph at 30ft altitude. At eac7/14/99
7/4/96 23:30San AngeloTXUSALight5 secStar shape from south to Northeast, no sound, approx 500 to 100 ft. high.7/14/99
3/19/96 20:30Texas highway 54 heading into NM - after crossing I-10TXUSAOther2-3 minutesTypo in fist report...1996...First saw bright non-stationary object in the sky, then felt the head from this "hot star" on the left sid7/14/99
3/15/95 20:30FontanaCAUSALight5 secondsObject traveling high speed from an westerly to a southerly direction at a 90 degree angle. No disruption in speed.7/14/99
3/5/88 16:30New BrightonPAUSAChanging17:30First looked like a plane in trouble. Then changed to a play jack shape with clustered balls in center and at end of each spoke.7/14/99
10/15/81 19:00Clark County (rural)KYUSADiskless than 1 hourDriving on I-64 we realized that the terrain wasn't right and began checking mile markers which confirmed we had somehow missed both M7/14/99
8/15/75 23:00SolomonKSUSAFireball15 secondsvery clear night, came from west to east directly above trees across street from where I was standing, it stopped twice as it traveled 7/14/99
10/29/70 19:50LindenhurstNYUSASphere10 secondsObject raced across sky, stopped, zig zagged back and then took off out of sight. We seemed frozen, watched stopped, arm hairs stood up7/14/99
8/?/76 22:00Xenia (Old State Rt. 42 South)OHUSAOvalseveral minutesSaw object over the treetops appx. 40 yds. from our front porch.7/14/99
07/11/99 04:30New York City (Bronx)NYUSALight1.5 min.I was talking with a friend outside her building when a plane passed over head. I looked up and about 1 in. (arm extended) to the left 7/14/99