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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/28/99 22:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Circle 20 seconds I recorded on a 8mm camcorder, a round/disclike object moving across the face of the moon....twice!!! 8/30/99
8/28/99 20:40 Granada Hills CA Flash 1 second Extremely bright flash lasting about 1 second from a pin-point in space. Lit up whole backyard. At about 20 deg due West from Zenith. 8/30/99
8/28/99 18:00 Albuquerque NM
less than 8-10 sec. It looked like a long silver gray parasail canopy. Huge. Swooped down over the city & quickly shot up where it stayed on a fairly e 8/30/99
8/25/99 09:00 San Jose CA Unknown 5 sec Driving to work on HW 680, today, I and a friend who was in her own car saw an irridescent green streak, very bright against the blue s 8/30/99
8/24/99 09:10 Merced CA Changing 1 minute This large craft appeared above our office this morning. Within its short duration, the craft reduced almost all of our sunlight. App 8/30/99
8/24/99 09:05 Sandy UT Triangle 25 min sighting took place to the east of sandy city (suburb of slc) above the little cottonwood canyon. object seemed to float occasionally m 8/30/99
8/22/99 22:00 Hwy 199 CA Fireball :30 A brilliant bluish/white ball of fire that looked at first like a comet streaking across the sky but than turned and came directly towa 8/30/99
8/22/99 21:30 Cave Juntion OR Cigar :30 A large object on a hill 2miles away that began to rotate and fly disapperared. 8/30/99
8/22/99 21:15 Redmond OR Fireball 2 sec Bluish tinted fireball 45 degrees above horision. Moving directly magnetic South. Part split off. 8/30/99
8/22/99 20:00 Lahaina (Maui) HI Sphere 3or4 seconds Bright sphere, brightly lit with white, red and green. Quiet, fast moving, heading northwest. 8/30/99
8/22/99 19:30 Dallas TX Circle 15sec clody day round silver or chrome craft shaped like huge ball 3000 to 5000 ft stops in clouds then moves up out of site with such speed 8/30/99
8/22/99 13:30 Rocky Mount NC Circle 1min. I thought I saw a parachute or a balloon coming down from a heavy bank of clouds, then saw it zig-zag falling-leaf fashion. 8/30/99
8/22/99 01:00 Oak Harbor WA Light 3 hours I saw a red light that seemed some distance from me to the east making very strange (impossible for known aircraft) movements. 8/30/99
8/22/99 00:30 Easton MD Rectangle 2-3 minutes We were woken by a low humming noise and an object with a bright light descending from the sky. It landed across the water from our h 8/30/99
8/21/99 23:00 Colusa CA Oval 1-2 seconds My son-in-law was coaching a highschool football scrimage. A friend filmed it on his video camera and gave it to him after the game. 8/30/99
8/21/99 21:40 Charlestown IN Circle @ 20 seconds Seemed to be a sattelite but for 3-5 seconds it brightened to near the brightness of Jupiter. 8/30/99
8/21/99 20:20 Snoqualmie Pass (Interstate 90) WA Rectangle 10 seconds Viewed solid object, rectangular or diamond shape, 300-400 ft above ground from apprx. 1000 ft away while driving. Daylight.Hovering.15 8/30/99
8/21/99 15:15 Renton (NE of, approx. 5 miles) WA Unknown 15 min While looking at aircraft producing contrails, (4 parallel trails)through binoculars, my brother spotted ufo. 8/30/99
8/21/99 03:00 Lake Whitney TX Triangle 3 hours As My wife and I were delivering Newspapers throughout Rural Bosque County Texas, We observed an unusual set of lights hovering in the 8/30/99
8/21/99 02:00 Renton WA Cigar 5-8 minutes saw object approx 100-200 yrds in length hover above Valley Medical Center. Object was orange/red glow. 8/30/99
8/20/99 21:00 Grove City PA Light 2 hours Ball of light that remains Stationary, but changes color constantly 8/30/99
8/20/99 16:30 Crisp Point (on Lake Superior, 25 mi. NW of Paradise) MI Formation 10-15 sec Unidentified object flying on/above the horizon of Lake Superior, seen from the beach. The object flew (or floated?) at an apparently i 8/30/99
8/20/99 14:00 Spokane WA Sphere 20 min Bright Star-like object hovered/drifted/changed direction then disappeared. 8/30/99
8/20/99 05:45 Fort Smith AR Circle 15 min. Three balls of white light "dancing" and then disappearing and then reappearing. 8/30/99
8/19/99 22:00 Vallejo CA Changing 15 min bright flashing light moving erratically across the sky. when viewed on tv screen, it dances around at super speeds even in slow motion 8/30/99
8/19/99 20:00 Great Falls MT Oval 5 min on august 19th. @ 20:00 hrs. we witnessed an unidientified craft. It came to a complete stop for 10 seconds, then proceded to climb st 8/30/99
8/19/99 15:45 Wilmington NC Triangle 8-10 seconds Rolling triangle seen moving in front of storm system. 8/30/99
8/19/99 11:30 Columbia MO Sphere 60 seconds Observed small nonreflective sphere traveling SW at a low altitude 8/30/99
8/19/99 04:00 Center TX Fireball 15 secs A bluish white fireball type object, a little larger than a basketball zoomed from the other side of the lake from the trees across the 8/30/99
8/18/99 21:10 Grove City OH Oval 10 minutes 2 oval shaped objects with 3 jets following for about 10 minutes, then there was 12 black helicopters flying in same direction. Looked 8/30/99
8/18/99 03:14 Sun Cove (Entiat Estates) WA Triangle 10 to 15 sec 03:14 Large triangle shape object traveling from S.S.W to N.N.E. towards chelan. 8/30/99
8/18/99 01:30 Tollison AZ Fireball 8 seconds I was looking East toward Phx. I saw a huge fireball fall toward earth, It turned blue as it flared and went out, I thought it was a m 8/30/99
8/18/99 00:10 Holden MO Circle 3 minutes my daughters and i saw a round object with light circling around came down out of the sky and went behind some trees across the f 8/30/99
8/17/99 23:34 Marmora NJ Light 10-20 seconds Erratic Light In The Sky 8/30/99
8/17/99 22:57 Grand Rapids MI Light 18 minutes Sighted a ball of light in the SW sky. It would flash red,green, and white while dimming and brightening. 8/30/99
8/17/99 21:00 Westfield NJ Circle three seconds I was on my hammock with my 19 mos. old son -- I was trying to rock him to sleep when I saw a small circular pinpoint -- green in hue - 8/30/99
8/17/99 16:00 Las Vegas NV Disk 20 min. Two silver disc directly over the city. 8/30/99
8/17/99 05:50 Portland OR Other 15 min Stationary object over downtown Portland Oregon, white in color shaped like 3-pointed star or "Y". 8/30/99
8/17/99 03:15 Moses Lake WA Changing apx. 5 min. 3 blue/green lights (sometimes merged into one) moving absolutely silent across the sky from apx. west to east 8/30/99
8/17/99 02:30 Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge (Kennedy Space Center), Flori FL Fireball 30-45 sec. While camping out overnight on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, at around 2:30 a.m. 8-17-99 I witnessed what appeared to be a large 8/30/99
8/16/99 22:45 Bentonville IN Fireball 30-60 sec. It was an orange ball hovering over (to our vantage point) a grain elevator. After a short time, it just vanished. The next night, th 8/30/99
8/16/99 22:40 Navarre Beach FL Fireball 15 seconds We saw 10 or 12 red lights over the Gulf of Mexico. They moved rapidly and in formation. They seemed to move in a circular motion the 8/30/99
8/16/99 08:30 Woonsocket RI

Sighting Happened: Made front page headlines of the Woonsocket Call in Woonsocket Rhode Island. August 26, 1999 edition Article in news 8/30/99
8/16/99 04:00 Toledo OH Light 4 munites three crafts looking like stars flying very high in sky.travaling from swest to neast. 8/30/99
8/15/99 23:15 Dinosaur CO
8/15/99 23:15 See Report... CO
See Report This is to alert you to a radio broadcast in Denver at that time with witnesses calling in. 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:55 East Northport NY Fireball 8 SECONDS Ball followed by Stream of orange light. 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30 Lake Powell UT Fireball several seconds A bright orange/red fireball fell to the horizon line from an uncommonly bright lighting of the sky. 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30 Socorro NM Other 5-7 sec Falling object. 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:30 Jenks OK Light 30 seconds Three satellite-looking-lights moving in triangular formation. 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:23 Maury Island WA
flash I was driving north on 99th Ave. and saw a brief intense flash in the sky directly ahead of me. I initally attributed it to lightning 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:22 Sedona AZ Flash seconds standing out side on my porch watching the sky and the nite turn to day light flashed all at once it last a half a second 8/30/99
8/15/99 22:00 Matteson IL Light 7-10 minutes Light over Route 30 and I-80 in Matteson 8/30/99
8/15/99 19:15 Glendale CA Formation 15 minutes High flying large object followed by 20 small ones. Joined by other large object 8/30/99
8/14/99 23:25 Slough, Berks (UK/England)
Circle approx 14 sec 14 round objects flying in a v formation heading roughly east/south east of my posistion directly towards Heathrow Airport!(8 miles awa 8/30/99
8/14/99 23:00 Trout Lake WA Light 10-20 seconds A lower orbit satellite appearing object moving unusually slow for a satellite became a billiant orange ball 3-4 times it's original si 8/30/99
8/14/99 22:07 Fort Worth TX Circle 3min 30sec I Saw two fuzzy things what I thought were meterorites traveling east to west.One was behind the other going at extreme speed. The othe 8/30/99
8/14/99 22:00 Richland WA Light 8 - 10 seconds I saw a bright light appear directly above me in the sky. It was moving slowly and was not a shooting star or the lights on a plane. 8/30/99
8/14/99 20:50 Milwaukee WI Light 1 min 2 lights,moving EXTREMELY fast,one "chasing" the other.Second light suddenly u-turned & was gone. 8/30/99
8/14/99 12:00 Peoria IL Other 1 minute Long pencil-shaped metallic color object, travelling at about the speed of a helicopter. 8/30/99
8/14/99 04:00 Turnagain Pass AK Flash 1-2 sec. From banks of Turnagain Arm I saw a whitish/blueish strobe type flash. It lit up the water and sky. Weather was clear. It was due so 8/30/99
8/14/99 03:46 Salt Lake City UT Triangle 1.2 minutes Silent and stealty 8/30/99
8/13/99 23:30 Paw Paw IL Unknown 7 seconds a bright light appearred and dropped down slowly (about 3 seconds). Then remained stationary for about 3 seconds, and then travelled to 8/30/99
8/13/99 23:00 Vancouver WA Circle 20 min green rotating circle, emitting green lights approx. 40 miles 8/30/99
8/13/99 22:15 Monticello IA Fireball 3 seconds Happened to catch a very bright and large green fireball streek through the sky in Iowa. 8/30/99
8/13/99 03:58 Westby WI Triangle 1 min. triangle going due n.e from the middel of persious 8/30/99
8/12/99 23:30 Woodland (N of; off hwy 113) CA Unknown 4 sec Driving about 5 to 7 miles North of Woodland CA--South of Knights Landing CA; saw Large flash of light illuminated every thing around f 8/30/99
8/12/99 22:00 Myrtle Creek OR Circle 1 minute, appx. Object appeared to be very high. Looked just like a star, same light color etc. Object moved from aprox. north east horizon to south ea 8/30/99
8/12/99 21:25 Fresno CA Unknown 3 sec three lights traveling west to east,in a triangle formation, or one large object, very high and faster than anything I know of 8/30/99
8/12/99 09:30 Fort Wayne (SW Allen Co.) IN Teardrop 6 minutes Moving very slow. Then it disappeared 8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30 Herminie PA Formation 1 minute Three (3) large dimly lit fuzzy lights in an "L" shape formation at very high altitude. Viewed during the Perseid meteor shower. 8/30/99
8/12/99 03:30 Highlands Ranch CO Formation 5 minutes During the Perseid meteor shower, my family and I noticed three lights moving in a triangular formation from the south to the north. 8/30/99
8/12/99 03:25 Long Beach CA Disk 20 seconnds While viewing the meteor shower, I noticed just to the right of Jupiter a small orange dot heading due north over me, passed extreme sp 8/30/99
8/12/99 02:30 Gold Canyon AZ Formation 35 sec. The objects seen were three points of light in a triangular formation at an extreme altitude which appeared directly overhead and moved 8/30/99
8/11/99 23:07 Ketchikan AK Circle 7 seconds saw a bright objet in an area where there is or never has been any thing 8/30/99
8/11/99 20:45 Peterhead (Scotland)
Egg 5 minutes bright white object travelling very fast,trail dissipated after 1 second visible in daylight 8/30/99
8/11/99 17:30 Hwy. 90 SD Triangle 7 hours A cloud appeared in the sky, huge, oval in shape, emitting the most amazing magnetic field, shooting lightening out in short spikes aro 8/30/99
8/11/99 12:22 Messina (Italy)
My mistake of using no filter in fotographing sun eclypse with a digit camera (Casio) resulted in pictures with no shadow onto the sun. 8/30/99
8/11/99 05:25 Sellersburg IN Light 25 seconds Star-like light seen over trees moving and changing direction towards constellation Orion 8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30 Westland (western suburb of Detroit) MI Light 30 seconds small ball of light expanded sudeenly (about 10 times its original diameter, shrunk & disappeared 8/30/99
8/10/99 22:30 Denver CO Other five minutes I saw a very strange looking objecet in the north eastern part of the sky about a week ago. 8/30/99
8/10/99 21:00 Jericho VT Unknown :58 seconds Greenish pulse of light caught my attention. I captured one minute of video. 8/30/99
8/10/99 11:00 Portland OR Light 10/15 minuts 11:00 am I noticed an object in the sky, i thought it was a plane or balloon, no sound. It was travelling north to south. I then saw a 8/30/99
8/9/99 22:00 King of Prussia PA Cross 5-15 seconds While on our roof, my two sons and I saw three glowing, noiseless orange/brown/yellow glowing objects flying fast in perfect formation 8/30/99
8/9/99 20:00 Yosemite National Park (above Half Dome) CA Other 20 seconds Watching 2 fighter Planes fly across sky and then saw a bright Craft with 2 bright lights on both sides, when 2 planes came close, it d 8/30/99
8/9/99 18:00 Villa Rica GA Other 5 seconds Crown shaped object seen 1/4 mile away moving fast just above treetops. Metallic, smooth with silver color. 8/30/99
8/8/99 22:30 Denver CO Unknown 10:40 Saw a very bright amber light eluminating out of a four pointed objected. about 10:30pm and around this date. 8/30/99
8/7/99 21:00 Payson (near Roosevelt Lake) AZ Disk appox. 1 hr.&20 min Two very bright star like lights that at first were stationary then moving closer to each other, then one moving off very fast and comi 8/30/99
8/7/99 03:00 Santa Nella (along I-5) CA Disk 30 second circular shaped frisbee like disc with a flourescent white glow approximately 900 to 1,000 feet off ground and approximately 1,000 yard 8/30/99
8/6/99 23:00 Fittstown (on a farm) OK
30 sec. My son told me this and he is not here for a few days.He stated that he was outside at my mother farm when he saw the sky light up brig 8/30/99
8/6/99 01:30 Orem UT Triangle 15 minutes Noticed what first appeared to be an airplane in the sky, but never did change position, eventually it seemed to move farther away, or 8/30/99
8/4/99 04:00 Grants Pass (Murphy area) OR Egg Six seconds At 04:00 hours flying NE to SW, two white egg shape objects, flashing off and on. 8/30/99
8/4/99 02:50 Camp Ripley (rural, just west of) MN Formation 1 hr. or so. Two hovering amber lights, one slightly below the other, fixed in place; and occasional bright blueish/green flashes. 8/30/99
8/3/99 02:45 Bishop Auckland, Durham (UK/England)
Light 1 min 45secs very bright light, appeared to be an extremely bright star until it moved. 8/30/99
8/2/99 18:15 Utica NY Oval
Oval/egg shaped object, white translucent color observed appearing to hover/vibrate moving slightly to the West. Turned away, looked a 8/30/99
7/27/99 02:45 Palm Springs CA Triangle 10 Seconds Triangular formation of lights moving very slowly southwards 8/30/99
7/27/99 01:30 Macwahoc ME Other 45seconds just like ship chased by 2 dozen ohio cops 5 years ago except narrower than one on tv at least 5stories high 6 lights green and orange 8/30/99
7/23/99 22:30 Marietta OH Cigar 30-45 sec. 2 craft appeared from the west chasing one another acrost the sky before they took off down the ohio riverand out of site 8/30/99
7/23/99 01:30 Wheaton IL Other 2 hours Over the past several weeks my family and I have been seeing strage lights in the sky. The first time I saw the object I believed it wa 8/30/99
7/19/99 11:00 Kansas City/Emporia (countryside between) KS
7 minutes This is not a vehicle but a most unusual event in the sky. It is the appearance of wide, transluscent line coming out of the western 8/30/99
7/14/99 22:23 Monument Valley UT Flash 7 seconds A flash of neon green light "opened up" and remained opened for 5-6 seconds. It made no sound, and two seconds later, we heard a plan 8/30/99
7/12/99 01:10 Santa Cruz (@ 3200Ft Near Bonnie Doon Airport) CA Circle 5+mins. Writer 47 Yrs old located at W.End Henry Cowell Rewdood State Park at my Private Residence 3200 Ft. off the Pacific Coast Santa Cruz, C 8/30/99
7/7/99 21:00 Charlotte NC Changing 3 minutes Silent hovering glowing object 8/30/99
7/6/99 11:15 Rochester (3 miles east of, Hwy 12 W) WA Egg 10 secs I was driving east on hwy 12, there were a few light clouds in the sky, I saw an ovoid shaped object at about 5-7000 ft. If I extended 8/30/99
7/5/99 15:00 Chicago IL Cigar 5-10 minutes For 5 to 10 minutes two witnesses observe a stationary cigar shaped object not consitant with the shape of a blimp while driving down I 8/30/99
7/1/99 23:00 Greenville IL Fireball 5 sec Green fireball of double ball pattern (colon configuration : with one tail) observed. 8/30/99
6/24/99 00:00 South Royalton VT Circle 3 hrs. it just appeared and stayed there flashing colors for sometime then something came off it and disappered. After sometime it came back t 8/30/99
6/23/99 19:00 San Diego CA Circle 3 minuites I was going to eat lunch at a pizza place in Ocean beach. On I8w I sas over the ocean, a bright blinding round ball of white lite with 8/30/99
6/23/99 11:35 Grants Pass OR Circle 20 min I saw a ball above a jet and it was still, then it went south and up till it was no longer in site 8/30/99
6/22/99 23:30 North Freedom WI Light 2 min. Very bright light in the western sky moving north (very high)turned at a 45' angle and accelerated until it was gone. 8/30/99
6/19/99 22:00 Alvord (Dry Lake area) OR Unknown 15 seconds Saw 2 events. Two Days apart. First. Line of red lights rising from behind mountain range, hover and descend. Second. Greenish glowing 8/30/99
6/10/99 22:30 Albuquerque (near) NM Light 30 minutes Two VERY bright "stars" on left suddenly moved across sky to left in downward arc and up then stopped abruptly. Object on right 8/30/99
6/1/99 22:30 Greenville IL Fireball 1-2 sec. Green fireball in typical "meteor" pattern observed. 8/30/99
5/18/99 14:00 Tombstone AZ Egg 20 minutes White, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82. 8/30/99
5/18/99 14:00 Tombstone AZ Egg 20 minutes White, shiny egg with 4 sleek "fins" (no seams)hovered and slowly rotated. Watched it with binoculars from Hwy 82 near Tombstone AZ. 8/30/99
5/10/99 03:15 Tulsa OK

I have no recolection of ever seeing a UFO or alien, but I have awaken from sleep in the early morning hours with the sound of a "knock 8/30/99
5/1/99 22:00 Greenville IL Fireball 1-2 sec Green Fireball in lightning pattern observed. 8/30/99
2/20/99 03:00 Marshall MO Light 5 seconds Blueish light traveling within or above a cloud layer. 8/30/99
2/19/99 04:45 Orlando FL Circle 1.5 min Star like object high in the eastern sky appeared stationary, thought it was a planet, but then shot out into space toward the NNE leav 8/30/99
1/1/99 23:59 Rancho Cordova CA Unknown 5minutes I heard like a swoshing noise that was high pitch and it hurt my ears i walked outside my back door and saw nothing but i took pictures 8/30/99
1/1/99 21:00 Coyoty Canyon NM Disk 1 My brother in-law and i were coming back from gallup and we were going east bound on hwy 9 and i saw to the south east a object that wa 8/30/99
12/15/98 10:00 Rocky Point/Hampstead (Rural area outside of) NC Sphere 5 minutes Hunter views UFO and is later buzzed by two military aircraft. 8/30/99
11/17/98 02:00 Manitowoc Rapids WI Fireball a few seconds Incredibly bright fireball in southeast direction 8/30/99
11/11/98 01:23 St. John's (Antigua)
Flash 15-20 secs Appeared at first to be just another meteor burning on entry, but it stopped moving and started a random controlled flashing. 8/30/99
10/15/98 01:30 Round Rock TX Egg 15 seconds On approx. 10/15/1998 @ 0130 .I went to my back patio for a cigarette. I was outside for at least 3 min. i know this because i was almo 8/30/99
10/10/98 17:30 Las Vegas NV Circle 45min. Ufo sighting in las vegas near Area51 8/30/99
10/9/98 16:00 Noblesville IN Changing 35 secs translucent craft changing shape and silent 8/30/99
10/4/98 23:00 Belmont NY Circle 7 sec A pencil lead streak across the sky dropped hundreds of miles, the object slowly move toward the west. 8/30/99
9/2/98 06:00 Galesburg IL Circle 5 min a ball bearing aprox 200 feet from ground 8/30/99
8/10/98 15:00 Otis OR Sphere 3 minutes Silver basketball size sphere chases eagle. 8/30/99
7/11/98 12:00 Medina County OH Light 45min was driving in car going into medina. ilooked in sky and seen light thought it was the moon. then i look at the other side of the sky a 8/30/99
6/1/98 17:00 Toledo OH Oval 3 sec. i was riding my bike out of my drive way and out of the woods across the road a ball of light about 20 inches in diam. shoot out seemed 8/30/99
4/14/98 03:20 Spokane WA Light 2 min Light was stationary, something about it kept drawing eyes to it as it was very bright.Seemed to move and when looked directly at it, i 8/30/99
12/23/97 20:00 Brewster MA Unknown 3 seconds While looking at the stars on a clear night, I saw an object, yellow/orange, travel from North to South (nearly 0 to 180 degrees almost 8/30/99
12/18/97 22:50 Oxnard CA Cigar 20-30 seconds Huge cigar shaped craft followed our power lines, continuing west out to sea. 8/30/99
10/26/97 22:00 Charlotte NC Triangle few seconds I spotted two triangular craft over the treetops........ 8/30/99
10/15/97 23:30 Deer Grove IL Triangle 15 2 friends and I were going for a late-night walk on my farm. We were standing on a hill and I looked up towards the trees, and saw a ve 8/30/99
9/23/97 22:30 Brewster NY Triangle 30sec Triangle Shaped-Matte finished flying object "floating" across the sky 8/30/99
6/1/97 Elma WA Disk
It was saucer shaped, a dome with a ring around it which rotated, windows in the dome, white like bright light, flying low. 8/30/99
11/30/96 03:00 Outlook WA Light 3x 3-sec.intervals 1996 Nov. or Dec. coming in from a bad ice storm and snow. The Valley lit into day three times for about three seconds each time.. I 8/30/99
10/30/96 07:30 Pittsburgh PA Disk 3-4 minutes Saw a disc shaped object from a distance to close. 8/30/99
10/14/96 03:00 Gainesville FL Circle 30 min My sister and I both had a dream that a ufo was coming to Gainesville. They showed us around the ship,and the greys told us that they 8/30/99
3/15/96 13:00 Wethersfield CT Disk 50 seconds Two F-15's or F-16's, couldn't tell the engine set-up, followed a silver object over Wethersfield from South to North (toward Hartford) 8/30/99
11/9/95 16:30 Elizabeth NJ Oval 90 seconds ? While driving on Route 1&9 in Elizabeth Near Newark Airport I was looking at an airplane that was taking off on an upward incline. At t 8/30/99
9/1/95 02:00 Ocean Shores WA Triangle 5 minutes Black triangular craft vibrates me out of sleep, blocks out sky. Verified next day by independant witness. 8/30/99
3/1/95 21:00 Greenville IL Light 1-2 sec. Instantaneous flashes of white bars of light. They light up the entire night sky as if "God was using a flash camera". 8/30/99
8/10/94 02:00 Macwahoc ME Disk 3:00min in 1995 9months later I saw the exact same craft on an episode of unsolved mysteries except the dome on this craft was dark not illumin 8/30/99
4/25/94 22:00 Oswego NY Triangle 1 minute Rusty-red colored triangular shaped object with red lights came up over the shore of Lake Ontario and flew in a quick zig zag pattern 8/30/99
9/11/93 21:11 Milan OH Triangle ten minutes+ black,three circular lights on bottom,cut corners, 8/30/99
8/9/93 23:50 Westminster CO Triangle 1 minute A white puffy cottonball appeared and then a triangle emerged from it. It was totally silent and had a light on each corner. 8/30/99
3/1/93 21:30 Greenville SC Triangle 10 minutes My friend and I were in a parking lot (there was a moon) heading to our vehicle. I looked up and saw what I thought at first were mete 8/30/99
7/9/91 01:00 Derby NY Triangle 5 minutes Metalic triangle with crimson light in center, hovered very slowly and noislessly over the trees and then came around in an arc and dis 8/30/99
5/8/91 04:30 Lake Mead AZ Light 1 minute me and brother suddenly awoke on top of houseboat witnessed blue/white "saucer in light" observed for 30 seconds then watched it depart 8/30/99
3/15/90 20:50 Sitka AK Light 2 min. Bright white light with some blue and possibly red. Traveled left to right in the night sky in an up and down zig zag type movement. 8/30/99
6/1/89 06:50 Daytona Beach FL Sphere four minutes Saw a florescent orange sphere in the sky while driving to work. It was low.The bottom was in the tree tops. It seemed to glow from wit 8/30/99
8/20/88 00:00 Splendora TX Sphere 30 mins my friend and i witnessed a reddish-orange sphere in the sky. it disappeared and a few minutes later the light went over with helicopt 8/30/99
8/15/88 21:00 Highlands NC Rectangle 4,5 min. we were driving down the main st. of was huge! drifting over a building at one end of town the lights in town dimmed then went 8/30/99
9/15/87 20:00 River Hills (Milwaukee Suburb) WI Unknown 15 seconds Saw a stationary and noise-free formation of five lights that looked like a Mack Truck in the sky, with two large white lights almost l 8/30/99
7/18/87 21:30 Rome GA Sphere 10minutes The ship was very low to the ground and moving very slow. 8/30/99
4/17/87 12:00 American Fork UT Formation 10 minutes About a dozen objects flew in a diamond formation (from our perspective) from the north overhead to the south. 8/30/99
7/5/85 21:00 Peekskill NY Triangle 8 mins Triangle shaped Orange colored translucent object hovered near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant emitting a loud whooshing sound. 8/30/99
12/5/83 05:00 Kent WA Unknown 1 second An object shot across the sky, came to a stop, continued on and burned out. Looked just like a shooting start except that it stopped. 8/30/99
6/15/83 00:15 Cloverdale CA Egg 45-60 seconds Luminous egg see over The Geysers east of Cloverdale, CA 8/30/99
4/1/83 21:00 Bishop (south of, Hwy 395) CA
60-120 sec. An object with 3 lights travelled north, then west, then south, making 3 right angle turns. It then met up with a much larger, wing-sha 8/30/99
1/13/83 17:00 Seattle WA Sphere 10 minutes An orange ball over Seattle left a stream of fluid along its path. Looking through the fluid the stars behind it were greatly magnified 8/30/99
7/15/81 19:00 Fayetteville AR Other 3 minutes As an 9 year old child I saw a dumbbell shaped object hovering in daytime at approx. 5000 feet. 8/30/99
3/20/80 00:00 Morning Sun IA Disk 2 minutes A 12' circular light was on the bottom of the craft. It was hovering silently over my farm pond. I was 20' from craft, the engines star 8/30/99
9/17/79 20:10 Fayetteville NC Cylinder 50 minutes Missing time involved. Other witness remembers nothing. Tractor beam taking water aboard craft. 5 miles downrange, appeared 300 feet 8/30/99
7/28/79 22:30 Hayti/Kennett (between) MO Triangle 2 MINUTES Happened when I was 17. A friend was following me from Kennett,MO to Hayti,MO in a car after we had visited our girlfriends in Kennett. 8/30/99
4/2/79 00:00 West Milford NJ Disk 1 minute Saw hovering near ground on side of highway huge saucer shape UFO. 8/30/99
7/20/78 20:00 Pine Grove CA Formation 5 min. 3 unknown objects overflew our house just after dark. They were in formation. 8/30/99
10/1/77 19:00 Fountain Valley CA Other 6 minutes My brother, his friend and I saw an orange pyramid-shaped object in the sky about 25 yards away from us and about 25 yards up. We were 8/30/99
9/1/77 Middletown PA

This is a comment about this report. 8/30/99
8/15/77 20:30 Caribou (rural Suburb of) ME Light 5-10 seconds I observed a green,circular light travel across my field of view while near a potato field at night. 8/30/99
7/30/77 22:00 Aurora CO Light 5 seconds A moving light, resembling a satellite, moved in a zig-zag pattern. 8/30/99
9/4/75 00:00 Palmyra NJ Circle 10 mins Object was seen flying at high altitude above drive in projection screen in the distance. 8/30/99
6/20/75 23:30 Bedford MA Light 5 minutes saw one flashing light in sky similar to aircraft lights on wings, saw 3 other similar lights flashing, all came together as one, took 8/30/99
8/20/71 21:30 North Ridgeville OH Circle 12 - 15 seconds A round "orange" ball, was seen by me approximately 12' over the top of my vehicle. It was void of any sound and brilliant in color. 8/30/99
8/2/71 20:00 Kauai HI Disk 10 seconds fire ball from south to north direction about 10 to 15 miles away withthe craft coming directly at us then taking a right northerly tur 8/30/99
10/1/69 16:00 San Francisco CA Oval 5-10 min It was in the afternoon just before sunset at 20 Steiner St SF CA I saw above me and there was one other person who was with me on the 8/30/99
12/20/68 02:00 Juneau AK Other 15 minutes? Earliest encounter, half-moon shaped object shot paralyzing light beam through bedroom window. 8/30/99
11/15/65 16:30 Syosset (Long Island) NY Disk 5-7 mins Observed a disk-shaped object about the size of a dime ( if held at arm's length )for several minutes against a blue sky until it slowl 8/30/99
10/14/65 21:00 Ponca City (south of) OK
5/5/65 05:35 St. Louis County MO Cigar 5 to 10 minutes I was walking to church very early on the morning of May 5, 1965. Cutting across the rear of the adjacent school parking lot, a bright 8/30/99
6/10/64 03:00 Montrose CO Light 5-7 minutes A father and son driving to work saw intense blue light fill valley. 8/30/99
Early October , 1985 18:30 Cloverdale CA Circle 1 minute UFO sighted while in-transit on southbound 101 near Asti 8/30/99