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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/18/99 04:33 Bellevue WA Light 15 minutes Vied a light that I thought was an aircraft with landing lights on at first. then I noticed no falshing green or red lights, and the li 10/19/99
10/18/99 01:45 Los Angeles CA Chevron 5-10 min Witnessed an very dull gray object flying around in circles and figure 8's. Too fast and too silent for any aircraft. 10/19/99
10/17/99 21:00 Warrensville NC Light current There are five or more lighted objects that are spaced apart from one another and they are sparkling with multi-colors. 10/19/99
10/17/99 03:30 Signal Mountain TN Cigar 1 hour saw bright orange light making qiuck movements,followed us for approximitly five miles, intersepted car causing electrical failure in c 10/19/99
10/16/99 22:15 Houston TX Oval 20 seconds Flying object similar to blimp shaped like rounded football, illuminated from within. 10/19/99
10/16/99 19:00 San Mateo CA Disk 1.30 The object was in the northern sky for approximately 1.5 hours on the evening of 10/16/99. It was saucer-like shape with a very bright 10/19/99
10/15/99 23:00 Copeville TX Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shaped, green lights, seen when investigating why dog was whining. Missing time later. 10/19/99
10/15/99 20:30 Ellis KS Light 10 minutes first seen as possible meteor, then fireball, then satellite like moving south. i witnessed it turn a 180% turn, stop, then move in sev 10/19/99
10/15/99 20:15 Seattle WA Chevron 1 minute 4 lights in chevron-shape, crossed north t south on clear night sky. Lost sight of, then shape came back south to north, very fast. 10/19/99
10/15/99 12:30 Old Westbury NY Disk @ 3-4 minutes I was home in my room and looked out my window to see this very large, white object gliding across the sky going west to south-east. It 10/19/99
10/15/99 05:00 Holden MA Oval 1 hour Very bright oval object that appeared to resemble a star approx. 5 am in the morning. It has been visible in the morning for 3 days no 10/19/99
10/14/99 22:10 Nashville TN Light 11 minutes I saw a light flash like a plane out in my back yard but it didn't flash again so it caught my attention. Then it flashed again (white) 10/19/99
10/14/99 20:30 Warrensville NC Circle 22:30 husband saw a colored flash of light that stoped in the sky.we looked out and saw 1 just latter it returned with 2 others which changed 10/19/99
10/14/99 20:20 Mead (near Spokane) WA Light 3 seconds I just let my dog out and look up and saw a blue light. I assume it was a shooting star however: It seemed to low and slow. I was looki 10/19/99
10/14/99 14:00 Yonkers NY Light 5 minutes I was watching a star like object moving very slowly 10/19/99
10/14/99 08:30 Prescott AZ Light 45 min Orange lights 10/19/99
10/13/99 22:00 Lansing MI Circle 10 minutes Seen something that was not a helicopter or a plane , too low, too silent, no sound, the damn thing hovered. Planes don't do that. 10/19/99
10/13/99 09:45 Santa Fe NM Disk 25 seconds while driving east something unusuall grabed my sight to the sky, there was 3 objects (plus 2 fighters afar)i kept looking at them and 10/19/99
10/12/99 21:35 Port Townsend WA Triangle 5 minutes 3 satellites forming a perfect isosceles triangle shape, moving in complete unison from the NW to the SE and turning to the South. 10/19/99
10/12/99 21:33 Minnesota (central, rural) MN Chevron 90 seconds observed two chevron crafts hovering 225 & 300 feet. aprox. 500 feet from my location. They were directly to my west, and also observed 10/19/99
10/12/99 20:00 Palominas (near Ft. Huachuca) AZ Triangle 10 minutes V shaped light pattern but craft was pyrymid shape and demention. Huge size of shopping mall made no sound, escorted by 1/2 hours worth 10/19/99
10/12/99 17:15 Scottsdale AZ Cigar 10 minutes I witnessed a extremely white bright cigar shaped light in the west/soutwestern sky, low on the horizon. It moved slowly from south to 10/19/99
10/12/99 05:11 Albany OR Fireball 2min Two fireballs in northwest sky 10/19/99
10/11/99 22:15 Parker's Lake KY Disk 10-15 min Flashing lights sighted out of my window 10/19/99
10/11/99 21:30 Montgomery TX Light 1hrs Pinpoint of light travelled from east to west breifly then hovered for about an hour then disappeared. 10/19/99
10/11/99 21:10 Ashland OR Triangle 30-45 sec. I was looking into the sky towards the high east watching what appeared to be a passenger jet cross the sky when my periphial vision ca 10/19/99
10/11/99 21:00 Winnemucca NV Cigar seconds oblong, extremely large and bright object in sky, going behind mountains. Object much larger than a meteorite. 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:35 Kirbyville (due south of) MO Other 1.5hours About 2030 cst I noticed what apeared to be a "tumbler" a flashing satellite. After observing for approx.10 min. I realized that the ob 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15 Portville NY Oval 1 minute it was a beautiful oval shaped object that had huge windows lite with every color you can imagine. we saw this object to the left of t 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15 Portville NY Oval 1 minute oval shaped with colorful lights all around with huge windows lite up very colorful most beautiful thing in the sky. in valley area it 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15 Portville NY Oval 30 seconds Was oval shaped had different colored lights all the way around the center of the object. The top was yellowish with windows with light 10/19/99
10/11/99 20:15 Portville NY Oval 30 seconds The object was just below the tree line. The object was light up by a yellowish light with blue lights.You could see the windows in it 10/19/99
10/11/99 09:10 Canby OR Light 10 seconds i saw bright light come out of clouds, 2 aircraft came from behind and appeared to shot at the light, light went back into the clouds 10/19/99
10/11/99 07:40 Three Rivers MI Oval 10minuets While dirving to work this monday morning the 11th of October I spotted two jets flying toward the horizion. Becouse of the rising sun 10/19/99
10/11/99 06:10 Somerset? WI Unknown 2 minutes Huge pulsating red light over I-94. High overhead, moving east 10/19/99
10/11/99 04:30 Los Angeles CA Light 5min It was a large bright light sitting stationary in the sky. Within our atmosphere. Not a star. It did not move or change shape and was t 10/19/99
10/10/99 23:45 Lewiston MI Oval 45 Minutes Oval shaped with lights all around it in a haze with several smaller lights flying all around it. 10/19/99
10/10/99 22:30 Elgin OR Chevron 4 minutes Object silently traveled north -northwest. It was V shaped with five orange lights on the perimeter and one white ligh in the center of 10/19/99
10/10/99 12:40 Kennewick WA Sphere 45 secs Standing outside saying goodby to family members and pointing to Chem-Trails 10/19/99
10/10/99 11:00 San Diego CA Fireball 1 hour At 10:45 in the morning, my father and I noticed a small stationary object in the sky. 10/19/99
10/10/99 04:00 Kansas City KS Unknown 5-10 min. Orange object over city. 10/19/99
10/10/99 00:01 Martinez CA Changing 1 hour Bright objects, red and green flashing lights (and a diffuse white light off to one side of the larger of the two objects), about 30 de 10/19/99
10/9/99 22:00 Harker Heigts TX Other 3 min I was walking with my dog in a clear night, when I saw somthing mocing in the sky, without a noise, like an airplane, moving straight f 10/19/99
10/9/99 12:15 Port Orange FL Disk 30 seconds A shiny metalic saucer shape was seen flying from a northeastern position in the sky to a southwestern position, elapsed time aprox. 30 10/19/99
10/9/99 01:00 Fairfield (Shiloh Rd.) CA Fireball 1-1.5 hrs It appeared to be a very bright star that was hovering over Travis Air Force Base, however it not only went from very bright to very di 10/19/99
10/9/99 00:33 Los Angeles (Metropolitan area - Koreatown) CA Triangle 29 seconds Triangular shaped object in atmosphere 4.5-5.0 degrees in size traversing from northwest to southeast. 10/19/99
10/8/99 23:15 Detroit Lakes (18 miles east of) MN Triangle 2 minutes Triangular Formation of 3 lights moving at the speed and appearance of satelites.The center blocked out stars as it moved from West/NW 10/19/99
10/8/99 22:00 Tyler TX Flash 16 minutes Stationary object flashed white light about once every nine seconds from southern sky at a inclination of about 75 degrees. We perceiv 10/19/99
10/8/99 21:30 Lakeside CA Diamond 10 minutes Object moved from southwest to northwest sky, irradicke in flight, but maintained general direction, reddish blinking lights, similar t 10/19/99
10/8/99 19:45 Bellevue WA Circle 7sec Bright white light going north to south 10/19/99
10/7/99 23:02 Springfield MA Formation 10 seconds We saw a v-shaped formation of orangy-yellow round flying objects fly right above us and disappear on the other side of horizon 10/19/99
10/7/99 22:00 Elkton MD Unknown 45min. up to 9 aircraft,3 apearing out of no where and up to 6 flying by the other 3 10/19/99
10/7/99 19:50 Bouse AZ Formation
witnessed an in line formation of bright amber lights appear for a few seconds in the NNE sky halfway up at 19:50. Aprox. 12 with 2 mor 10/19/99
10/7/99 06:45 Goose Creek SC Disk 20 minutes I took my dog outside to go to the bathroom and I noticed lights up in the sky - a row of them. They were blue-white lights - very bri 10/19/99
10/6/99 23:10 Conestoga PA Light 10 minutes I was looking out my back window, waiting for my husband to come to bed. I saw lights in the distance (red and yellow flashing) which w 10/19/99
10/6/99 22:46 May's Landing NJ Disk 3 min seen in the distance, lights that went around the craft in a strob,circeler around it. was hovering for about 3 min's and went stright 10/19/99
10/6/99 21:00 Manchester (St.Louis) MO Disk 5-10 secs. The unidentifiable object went by my 9 year old daughters bedroom window,around 9:30 in the evening, very close,quiet,over the neighbor 10/19/99
10/6/99 20:00 St. Petersburg (50 SE of) FL Unknown 10 to 15 mins. Sighting was reported by an aircraft who was southeastbound from St. Petersburg Fl to Ft. Lauderdale Fl along the west coast of FL. Pi 10/19/99
10/6/99 19:32 Wichita KS Light 10-15 seconds I cannot call this a report of a flying is more a report of a light in the sky. I was standing in my front yard, facing Sou 10/19/99
10/5/99 21:15 Tucson AZ Triangle < 5 seconds Dark unlit object streaking across Tucson sky at unbelievable speed. 10/19/99
10/5/99 21:00 Houston TX Chevron 1-2 minutes I saw an object chevron shaped in the evening sky, moving southwest. I live southwest of Bush Intercontinental airport and was watching 10/19/99
10/5/99 21:00 Chesapeake VA Other 30 seconds I was doing some observations for my astronomy class tonight and I saw something very strange. I was looking west about forty five deg 10/19/99
10/5/99 10:57 Tuaran (Sabah) (Malaysia)
Fireball 4 minutes 2 glowing fireball (white blue) crossing from west coast going to Mt. Kinabalu direction. Elevation more than ten thousands feet approx 10/19/99
10/5/99 08:25 Tampa FL Circle 4 minutes + Traveling across Gandy bridge, saw silver saucer shape trailing right behind a jet approaching Tampa In'tl. airpt. I noticed because th 10/19/99
10/4/99 19:51 Houston TX Egg 19:54 Saw what at first appeared to be 2 stars in the horizon. 10/19/99
10/4/99 19:25 Tucson AZ
5 seconds bright light flashed on, moved slightly to right, dissipated, light lingered briefly 10/19/99
10/4/99 17:25 Gillette WY Other 10-15 sec. At 5:20 P.M. my wife and I were taken our 10 year old to football practice. We were going east on 14-16 when I saw this craft flying fr 10/19/99
10/4/99 10:05 Mount Vernon WA Fireball 10 min + Bright Comet-like object seen in Washington state 10/19/99
10/4/99 03:00 Rochester (MN)/to LaCrosse (WI) (driving) MN Light 2+ hours Bright lights in the sky witnessed from highway 10/19/99
10/4/99 02:00 Broomfield CO Unknown 2-3 seconds Sensation like sonic boom shook house, with no noise -just a pressure wave 10/19/99
10/3/99 22:40 Tacoma WA Fireball 1-2 seconds Huge Greenish Fireball fell west of I-5 hwy while I was driving So. 10/19/99
10/3/99 22:15 Trail OR Fireball seconds White luminous basketball-sized falling fireball. 10/19/99
10/3/99 22:00 Trail OR Fireball seconds Bluish fireball lighting entire area, falling at treetop level. 10/19/99
10/3/99 21:55 Wilsonville (exit, I-5, 1 mile N of) OR Fireball 1-3 seconds Bright green glowing ball-shaped with a long glowing tail, traveling across and downward from East to West at treetop level; looked abo 10/19/99
10/3/99 21:45 Salem OR Flash 2 seconds saw something out of the corner of my eye turend in time to see 2 flashes 10/19/99
10/3/99 21:45 Seattle WA Teardrop 10 secs. An eliptical-teardrop shaped object travelling approx.15-20 degrees above the horizon, from SE to NW in a horizontal position along Se 10/19/99
10/3/99 21:44 Beaverton (northwest area) OR Fireball approx.1 sec. green/turquoise fireball traveling east to west with "sparklers" around perimeter. Object approx. 5" diam. to my sight. 10/19/99
10/3/99 21:40 Battle Ground/Vancouver WA Circle 5 sec Blue ball with a blue/white contrail moving from east to west in a downward path 10/19/99
10/3/99 20:20 Duncanville TX Triangle 30 minutes Between approx. 8:20 and 8:55 pm I saw four (4) things in the sky. 1)an object that was large and triangle shape move fast and silent. 10/19/99
10/3/99 19:00 Anson ME Sphere 4-7 seconds Illuminated sphere moving very fast overhead in a straight line of travel from horizon to horizon. Object seemed close and possibly hal 10/19/99
10/3/99 15:30 Bridgeport/Stamford CT Circle 1/2 of an hour The Advocate newspaper(Stamford)front page news:"UFOs in Stamford?"(Sun.Oct.10th,1999)A half dozen witnesses saw circular shaped object 10/19/99
10/2/99 22:45 Kalispell MT Chevron 5 Seconds Group of 5 (perhaps 7) faint, diffuse, eliptical white lights, traveling quite quickly north to south. Relatively low altitude; discer 10/19/99
10/2/99 22:00 Vicksburg MS Circle 2 minutees large object seemed to be hovering over the trees. 10/19/99
10/2/99 20:30 Newport OR Changing 2 hours Original sighting was that of a Pyramid of lights, however, the shape of those lights changed in what I believe to be the rotating of a 10/19/99
10/2/99 20:00 St. George/Hill UT Disk 5-10min. My wife , my friend and I were sitting on my front pourch when we all noticed a very bright light in the sky that was projecting a cone 10/19/99
10/2/99 19:15 Tracy CA Other 20 sec Ablation Cone with trailing smoke contrail Moving South to North. Extingushed at near overhead. Cone angle 20 approx. Deg. 10/19/99
10/2/99 19:08 Prairie City OR Cigar 20-30 seconds Appeared to be jet with short vapor trail then vapor changed to something like a fireman spraying with a fog or fan spray that spread W 10/19/99
10/2/99 12:00 Lewiston NY Other 15 seconds We were fishing in the lower Niagara River, near the water intakes for the power plant just upstream from the Riverside Inn. 10/19/99
10/2/99 01:45 Alhambra CA Light 3 seconds Luminous green object seen in slow descent before winking out. 10/19/99
10/1/99 22:05 Independence MO Chevron 15 seconds Looked up an saw tiny points of light creating the shape of a Chevron. 10/19/99
10/1/99 20:00 Miami FL Unknown 25 sec. Red and Green light in the sky. 10/19/99
10/1/99 18:12 Norman OK Cigar 2 min Soundless cigar shaped object(s) transited South to North. Weather- clear, unlimited visibility, near 70 degrees F. 10/19/99
10/1/99 00:30 San Antonio TX Fireball 30 seconds Observed amber bright light decending for apx. 20 seconds. 10/19/99
9/30/99 23:50 Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)

30-40 sec Seven orange lights travelling N.E to S.W 10/19/99
9/30/99 21:00 Livingston NJ Other about 1 min. just star gazing and 1 star was moving 10/19/99
9/30/99 19:30 Chandler (but seemed far away and high in) AZ Sphere 5 minutes Sphere was aiming light like a flashlight on glowing smoke. 10/19/99
9/29/99 21:10 Midwest City OK Rectangle 10 minutes 3 Objects witnessed: 1 object was traveling NE to SW - flashing red, white, green. Two objects came straight from the East, they came o 10/19/99
9/28/99 18:50 Scottsdale AZ Disk 30 minutes round flat type disk hovered and proceeded to move slow. white in color .eventually slowly moved away and disappeared 10/19/99
9/27/99 21:45 Upper Sandusky (on Rt.30, west of) OH Fireball 20min driving east on 30 noticed an unmoving orange fireball just to NE of road. Remained stationary for 10-20 min. then started toward south 10/19/99
9/24/99 20:30 Euless TX Unknown 1 minute Observed unknown objec exhibit instantanious accelleration and decelleration in airspace near DFW airport 10/19/99
9/24/99 18:00 Philadelphia PA Fireball 10 mins Three round, orange, reddish balls hovering, moving, but not advancing forward. After 5 mins, one moved slowly off the the left. 10/19/99
9/19/99 17:00 Janesville WI Light
iam a teenager for one thing, and me and my mom were driving home and i saw this craft four four seconds we were by an airport at the t 10/19/99
9/16/99 22:00 Menomonie WI Circle 5 seconds Woman taking break from work sees a ball of light change color and then shoot off out of her sight. 10/19/99
9/16/99 04:05 Menomonie WI Egg 30 min. post script to Leader Telegram article reporting strange object in sky witnessed by 3 people. 10/19/99
9/15/99 22:00 Estacada (Near) OR Changing 2 hrs. My friend, and I was riding late at night, and seen a bright light coming over the hill 10/19/99
9/11/99 23:00 Jordon (Minneapolis) MN Light 5 min Satalite looking object, changed direction,stopped 10/19/99
9/2/99 21:00 Seward AK Light 3 min 3 lights observed. Pretty sure they were in orbit. 1 leading, 2 following equal distances from lead in triangular form heading in a n 10/19/99
9/2/99 03:30 Gold Beach OR Light 3 minutes Red lights in V formation less than 2 miles off Paf.coast-westerly flew off due North first. Easterly advanced of center light & went 10/19/99
9/1/99 21:30 Black Rock City (near Gerlach) NV Fireball 45 sec. - 1.5 min. Horizon to horizon cluster of slow-miving, fragmenting fireballs with colorful trails 10/19/99
6/11/99 00:15 Little Rock AR Triangle 3 to 5 minutes noticed a large triangle type craft hovering over a shopping center parking lot near some apartments in the early mourning hours in lit 10/19/99
1/30/99 17:00 Jerusalem (Israel)
Disk 20 minutes In early evning light the craft appeared black. At first I was not sure if I was looking at winged aircraft or helicopter. What caugh 10/19/99
10/1/98 13:30 Elgin IL Disk 20 minutes I can only say that I know what I saw, I even took a digital picture of it. 1:30 in the afternoon, clear blue sky, an airplane head 10/19/99
5/10/97 23:00 Azle TX Circle 3-5 min. Saw circle of flames that then reduced size to single light,travelled quickly across the sky and was followed by military fighter plane 10/19/99
12/31/96 20:00 Gardner MA Circle 30 seconds I looked up and saw four circular objects flying in and out of each other. Then they all lined up in a row and took off quickly and dis 10/19/99
4/29/96 21:30 Sacramento CA Other 30 min. While out in my back yard i was trying out my new camcor- der to see how it worked.I was shooting the stars and the moon on a clear n 10/19/99
7/15/95 Massachussetts Highway rest stop MA Circle 30 seconds I was eating a sandwich and I looked up and saw a white circular object floating down towards some trees. I go to grab my camera and I 10/19/99
3/15/95 17:45 Shepard AFB/Wichita Falls TX Other 5 seconds green light that made immpossible movement and then darted away. 10/19/99
9/15/94 22:00 Spokane WA Disk 2 min. I was able to clearly see three seperate disk shaped vehicles, with brassy looking metalic bodies that had three round nubs at the extr 10/19/99
8/24/94 23:30 Belfast ME Triangle 20 min. Scared to death at a city park. Overlooking Belfast Harbor 10/19/99
6/15/93 Fort Knox KY
not sure I was abducted as a child 10/19/99
9/17/91 01:00 Show Low AZ Formation 10 seconds 3 lights "disguised" as a plane 10/19/99
6/5/91 17:00 Brawley (rest stop close to; near Yuma) CA Light 30 minutes At a rest area in southern California my family and I vidiotaped a number of orange lights above a water tower that didn't move that al 10/19/99
9/20/90 02:00 Roseville MI Other 1/2 hr My brother& i were in front of our mothers house,we witnessed an aircraft break physical laws as we know them.A very large stubby shutt 10/19/99
7/15/88 02:00 Van Nuys (Colbath Ave.) CA Sphere 10min saw black sphere floating in yard 5 ft light no sound.told everyone i knew.saw it on the news 2 days later filmed in orange cou 10/19/99
6/1/88 19:00 North East Orlando (near Altamonte Springs) FL Disk 5 to 10 minutes My dad and I were traveling on I - 4 heading towards Deltona (Where my parents live) when I heard a whistleing noise that was increasin 10/19/99
8/6/87 03:30 Crescent Junction (two ranch exits east of on I-70) UT Other ? very strange ground activity. possibly military. a very large amount of activity going on in total darkness. 10/19/99
5/1/77 Bridgeport CT Disk half an hour or more The craft was HUGE! Its diameter was big enough to fit a couple of good sized houses under it. Had windows, all the way around the to 10/19/99
10/30/75 20:00 Allen KY Disk 2-3 minutes seen while searching for family members during trick or treat on 31rst of october. heard weird sound, saw streams from rear of 10/19/99
6/1/74 22:30 Madison CT Sphere 45 minutes Event 1) Glowing sphere tracing shoreline and crashed into the water. Event 2) Datona Beach FL. Flat hourglass shaped black craft off 10/19/99
1/9/74 21:00 Carbondale PA Circle three days A circular object flew across the sky and fell into a pond. The water was bubbling and a strange blue/green color. Police and militar 10/19/99
5/1/69 12:00 San Diego (U. S. Naval Base) CA Oval 15min were on lunch break from navy school. saw a small white cloud and then a object caom out of it. then another came out. then flew straig 10/19/99
12/15/67 19:30 La Plata MD Circle 10 minutes bright rotating colors, two objects, one large and one much smaller. 10/19/99
8/14/57 16:00 Ticonderoga NY Disk 15 seconds UFO buzzed B-47. 10/19/99
1983-84 22:00 Wright-Patterson AFB OH Fireball 20 seconds Green Fireball the size of a full moon at an approximate altitude of 1000 feet 10/19/99
05/00/67 20:00 Gainesville FL Triangle 4-5minutes We saw very close to us just above the trees a Dark-solid-Triangle it Red Globe glowing lights on each corner (triangle was 25-30ft equ 10/19/99
1962 20:00 Roseville MI Triangle 2 minutes This is the first time I ever reported this and curious if anything like it has been reported. Some years ago, standing in my backyard 10/19/99