National UFO ReportingCenter
UFO Report Index For Post Date 1999/11/02


Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
11/1/99 17:50San DiegoCAUSAEgg10 minutesNoticed illuminated egg-shaped object with strobe lights travel from N to S/SW. No engine noise and travelled slowly. Object emitted pa11/2/99
10/31/99 23:30Orland Park/Palos ParkILUSACircleon goingstrange circular lite flying in a set pattern sometimes 2 lite but as many as 1211/2/99
10/31/99 21:30BillingsMTUSA10/15secondsweather conditons were winds gusting 40/45 mph when all power went off in area, we stepped outside and immediatly nsaw 8/10 large red l11/2/99
10/31/99 19:00Clinton (southern end of Whidbey Island)WAUSAUnknown30 minutesObject viewed (at night) multi-colored lights(very bright, strobe-like)11/2/99
10/31/99 09:30San Diego (Spring Valley) (20 mi. E of SD airport)CAUSAFireball45 secondsWife driving in car sited orange fireball size of thumb at arms length. moving from west to east movig 1/3 of sky in 45 sec.length of t11/2/99
10/31/99Martha's VinyardMAUSAI want to refresh Peter Davenport's memory about my former unpublished report of Sept.l2th or l3th of this year and his return EMAIL. 11/2/99
10/30/99 22:30SmithvilleTXUSACircle25seci was taking dog for walk and was noticing how pretty sky was when i noticed an red-orange glow in the sky.11/2/99
10/30/99 19:25San DiegoCAUSAChevron10 secondsBoomerang shaped object flew over my house. Dim lights were in a chevron shape. Flew from the ocean (west) to east. Very fast. Lights c11/2/99
10/30/99 18:55WoodbridgeVAUSAOval10 minutes3 ooval objects came from about 75 degrees at high speed and turned West at steady speed.Object were engulphed in red and orange like f11/2/99
10/30/99 01:10Darwen, Lancashire (UK/England)United KingdomCircle20minBLUISH-WHITE CIRCULAR LIGHT11/2/99
10/29/99 21:30Ocean CityMDUSALight3-5 minutesmy wife and i saw 3 lighted objects in the sky. the objects initially were a continuous bright light, and then a pulsating soft light. 11/2/99
10/28/99 13:45Little RockARUSAUnknown4 minutesI saw an object in the sky above Little Rock. It first appeared to be an airplane without any discernable features or a shiny balloon. 11/2/99
10/28/99 04:47Cedar RapidsIAUSATeardrop40 secI was driving home after work when I was a teardrop silvery and shiny object, (and it was obvious that it was chrome colored) passed ac11/2/99
10/28/99 01:50AugustaKSUSALight1.5 secondsBest described as a reverse shooting star. A point of light streaking upward quite a distance to the east of me.11/2/99
10/28/99 01:40CanfieldOHUSALightongoingWhite light east southeast of here seems to be flashing red and blue11/2/99
10/27/99 23:55KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown40 sec.Unusual lights in sky moving and fading out.11/2/99
10/27/99 16:45Kansas City (over the metro area)MOUSACircle15 minutesI saw what appeared to be a moving star, but stopped andchanged speeds noticeably, and finally direction.11/2/99
10/26/99 23:13LaurelMSUSAOval3min.bright object moving slowly across sky .Too bright to be airplane and no red or green wing lights11/2/99
10/26/99 23:12PetalMSUSATriangle3 minsObject was seen heading north just east of Petal, Ms at appox 1500ft It was the size of a DC-10...It hovered , and moved slowly to the 11/2/99
10/26/99 22:00LombardILUSADiskIt was so huge it took my breath away. At first I thought it was the moon until I opend my sun roof and saw the moon above me. I follow11/2/99
10/26/99 21:15Newport (UK/England)United KingdomOval21:35oval, lit up brigthly with flashing lights at the bottom.11/2/99
10/26/99 19:30TacomaWAUSATriangle15 seconds?I saw a huge triangular object traveling at a high rate of speed while I was on my way to my evening shift at work11/2/99
10/26/99 19:10MoraviaNYUSAFlash1.5 hoursApproximately 20 lights that sometimes flashed red and white were moving through the sky. They did not appear to be flying toward a c11/2/99
10/26/99 18:00CharlotteNCUSALight5-10 minApprox. 6-8 jets in sky. @ bright shining objects like small stars standing still. As one jet moved toward them, one moved away at a mu11/2/99
10/26/99 14:45OshkoshWIUSACylinder7 secondsOn my way to work I was traveling south on highway 41 between Oshkosh and Fond Du Lac, Wi. I was watching a plane high in the air spray11/2/99
10/26/99 07:05Concord (Near)NCUSAOtherapprox 2 minObjects travelling westward, bright lights revovling.11/2/99
10/26/99 06:00CookstownNJUSACylinder30 minthe object was moving very slow flashing red and green lights other aircraft were moving going on there normal route i looked at 11/2/99
10/26/99 04:30CarthageTXUSATriangle2hrI was traveling west on Hwy 79 and there was a super-bright star in the sky with a light going up the back and two red lights on the si11/2/99
10/26/99 02:38Costa MesaCAUSALight1hr(still occuring)Object was fairly still, however would make unusually sharp moves on occasions.11/2/99
10/26/99 01:40ResedaCAUSASphere2 hrs.What looked like a star, appeared to be flashing multi-colors and oscillating.11/2/99
10/25/99 23:05Bullhead CityAZUSALight20 minutesI was out with my dogs and watched a red light object moving slowly from so. to so. west and stopping and moving very slow. It remain11/2/99
10/25/99 19:30Huntington BeachCAUSAEgg30 secondsThe sky was clear. I was on my porch smoking and I noticed three egg shaped lights in the formation of a triangle flying very fast...11/2/99
10/25/99 12:18CorinneUTUSADisk15 secondsA bright white disk-shaped object flew in veiw.11/2/99
10/25/99 11:30FlorenceMSUSAChanging1minsaw a shiney object moving from west to east and i was looking had no sound.11/2/99
10/24/99 23:35Gardena (Los Angeles County)CAUSAChevron7minutesobserving night sky, noticed two large(very large)V shaped objects flying@40,000-60,000ft. flying W to SE. Both objects were illuminati11/2/99
10/24/99 11:30BaldwinWIUSALight2 hoursI am a former pilot and current skydiving student. I was near a small private airport in Baldwin WI watching several loads of jumpers 11/2/99
10/24/99 06:00Iowa CityIAUSASphere3 minutesround white ball beyond treetops straight north moving ENE fluctuating11/2/99
10/24/99 01:15MesaAZUSALight5 secondslooked up to see light appear out of nowhere: as if it saw me, it sped up; shot into NOTHING! It was head WSW, but it disappeared too 11/2/99
10/23/99 22:30NorwoodPAUSATriangle15minThree dots forming a triangle, Bright gold and glowing white. Moved up and down and sideways,slowly.Stopped and hovered then disappeare11/2/99
10/23/99 21:30HaywardCAUSADisk< one minuteVertical column w/3 lights in linear design moved silently across sky. It disappeared behind thin fog/cloud and never reappeared.11/2/99
10/23/99 21:00HaywardCAUSACylinder30 secondsRectangular gray object glided silently across the night sky and disappeared behind a cloud11/2/99
10/23/99 18:00ErieCOUSACylinder5 minSomeone pointed out an object in the western sky facing the Rocky mtns that appeared to be not moving. Couldn't tell what it was.11/2/99
10/23/99 07:15Florien/Hornbeck (between, Hwy 191)LAUSATeardrop1 minuteCraft appeared polished aluminum color, nose down attitude, flat bottom, slightly domed on top, hovering, no noise heard, no movement s11/2/99
10/23/99 06:30Rocklin (outside of Sacramento)CAUSAUnknown10-15 secondsHeard loud whishing sound (10-15 sec) It circled the house and left. Was loud enough to wake 3 people up. Daughter went outside to inve11/2/99
10/23/99 05:30Mumbai (India)IndiaOtherunknownIt glowed with a redlight in the sky. It moved horizontally and vertically a little. It looked like a star but it wasn't one. I just wo11/2/99
10/23/99 02:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaOther6 secondsWhat can only be described as a comet with multiple light sources (at least three - one large at front and one to the left of the front11/2/99
10/22/99 22:45SikestonMOUSALight6 secondsFast falling light in the south southeast sky turning from white to green.11/2/99
10/22/99 13:30IrvineCAUSADiamond5 minutesLarge black diamond shaped object hovering and than disapeared to the north11/2/99
10/22/99 09:00HamiltonOHUSACigar2 minutesMetallic cylindrical object with rounded ends,Daylight sighting11/2/99
10/22/99 06:10Klamath FallsORUSASphere3 secondsObject was seen just as it decended over the horizon, behind local 7,000 foot mountains, to a heading of approximately 355 degrees, alm11/2/99
10/21/99 23:40Tigard (12 mi so of Portland, Exit 290 I 5)ORUSALight2hrs onObject moved north to south approx 40 15 sec. and stopped. Remained in that position till 0130am 11/22/99. at that time i went 11/2/99
10/21/99 22:35AuburnWAUSALight2 secondsI was sitting in the family room of my home with windows facing North toward backyard when my attention was suddenly drawn to a very br11/2/99
10/21/99 21:00Maryville/SeviervilleTNUSACylinder1 minI heard area coyotes and dogs howling very loudly and when I went out side I saw a cylindar shaped object with lights in a repeated cir11/2/99
10/21/99 20:00LancasterPAUSALight15 minutesI saw a bright light following me in the sky as I walked my dog.11/2/99
10/21/99 13:00TehachapiCAUSAChevron15 minutesobserved a white object against a blue sky which did not move or behave like an airplane11/2/99
10/21/99 03:45Lakeville (south of Twin Cities about 15 miles)MNUSALight2 1/2 hrsLight with green flashing light on bottom, east of me about 10 o'clock position over next county, noticed while trying to view northern11/2/99
10/20/99 22:35KingstonWAUSALight3 secondsOne object consisting of 1 large and 2 small bright white lights flew over road at very low altitude.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:33Portland (40 mi. west of)ORUSACircle3 sec.Driving north I saw an object the size of a 3/4 full moon with a tail traveling east to west, 45 degrees up in the sky, and approx. 1/211/2/99
10/20/99 22:30MontesanoWAUSAFireball5 - 10 secstreaking fireball appeared and then disappeared and then reppeared. low angle of trajectory and very bright.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:30AmityORUSACircle5 secondsAppear to be an orange fireball moving west and quite low in the sky. Could not est. size.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:30MilwaukeeWIUSASphere6-8 secondsBluish Orb Seen Above Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday 10/20/9911/2/99
10/20/99 22:30TumwaterWAUSAFireball4 sec.Green fireball going east to west across the sky.11/2/99
10/20/99 22:25ShorelineWAUSAFireball2.5 secondsA bright, orange and yellowish light that shot from East to West across the sky keeping the same heighth and precision. Very close to 11/2/99
10/20/99 22:20SpanawayWAUSAUnknown10secdriving north on hwy 7 approximately 22:30hrs on oct 20, 1999, out of the corner i saw a streak of light, traveling from the nw to the 11/2/99
10/20/99 19:00TempleTXUSACylinder10 minutesJust after sunset saw bright glowing object in western sky at 30 deg. above horizon. Smaller bright lights appeared and disappeared ne11/2/99
10/20/99 08:15StevensvilleMTUSAOther1.5 MINSaw sparkler type light with white plume out of top in Eastern sky about 60 degrees above horizon.11/2/99
10/20/99 08:15StevensvilleMTUSAOtherone minutelooked to east saw sparkling dot with white plume coming out of left of object saw fast moving aircraft leaving vapor trails. As11/2/99
10/20/99 07:25BoiseIDUSALight3 minutes estBright gold color light that flew west to east.11/2/99
10/19/99 23:35ConwayARUSATriangle15 minMany blue lights. About 60 meters long (base to point). 30 meters high.11/2/99
10/19/99 20:00SuperiorCOUSALightapprox 12 minTriangular formation of lights observed shortly after sunset, rotated every few seconds. Other aircraft lights observed in area but did11/2/99
10/19/99 19:20Indianapolis (southeast)INUSALight5 secondswhile going on our nightly walk, my wife and i saw a bright object (as bright as moon ) streak accross the southeastern sky. it seemed 11/2/99
10/19/99 18:30Santa Clarita ValleyCAUSADisk1.5objects were stationary, solid color, almost like a star. then the objects moved across the area, red,white lights, moving faster than 11/2/99
10/19/99 07:35EversonWAUSAOther20-25 minlooked like jet trail coming straight down like plane crashing. Stopped and two more appeared in other same vacinity different angles.11/2/99
10/19/99 05:45MesaAZUSALight5min.Saw Falling star fall then stop and move away from us11/2/99
10/18/99 20:00Page (Lake Powell)AZUSACircle30 secondswe were driving on the highway towards Lake Powell from Bryce National Park when we heard an extremely loud engine like sound above. we11/2/99
10/17/99 15:05CovingtonWAUSAChanging30 minutesWhile viewing 'double dotted line" contrail we sighted metallic craft, followed later by more which sometimes appeared like spheres and11/2/99
10/17/99 04:00MoabUTUSAFireball:05I saw it through the ceiling of my tent. It was brighter than anything in the sky. It was probably a large meteor or fireball as it i11/2/99
10/15/99 08:00FairfieldMEUSALight30 minspotted light moving through the sky at high rate of speed. Thought to be a plane or helicopter but too fast for helicopter and han on11/2/99
10/13/99 04:28East Kilbride (South Lanarkshire) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown1 hour at leastIt was from a high flat window, several miles away high, really high up in the sky. I was scepticle as the object never moved, I could 11/2/99
10/12/99 23:00NorwarkCTUSAFireball1 minuteI saw a white object shoot across the sky at about 50-100 feet high. Looked like a comet, but was way to close to the ground and was tr11/2/99
10/11/99 21:45Eureka SpringsARUSALight15 min.Bright light due south, traveling east extremely slowly. Bright flash given off from object every 10 seconds, with a dim flash every 3 11/2/99
10/9/99 21:30LeesburgFLUSAOther60 SecondsCraft appears faintly at first then drifted downward, brightened, and hovered at tree top level, red in color, then vanished.11/2/99
10/1/99 04:00PortlandORUSALight15-25 secondslooking west the object appeared approx near the top of our atmosphere. It was huge! It at first just seemed to appear out of thin air.11/2/99
9/29/99 14:30Warnambool, VIC (Australia)AustraliaUnknown0.05 secondsIt was very quick. We have a picture of it.11/2/99
9/25/99 19:30Goldendale (3 miles ne of)WAUSACircle3-5secBright greenish light heading north-east11/2/99
9/13/99 21:00De PereWIUSACircleI was coming home from my aunts house and a black object crossed my vision11/2/99
9/10/99 22:00BremertonWAUSATrianglemin or soThere was four of us setting on my back pouch. we saw this thing in the sky that shape like a triangle move all in prefect uniform.11/2/99
9/5/99 21:30TustinWIUSA15 secondsStar like object with a constant speed the size of the typical star of that particular evening.11/2/99
8/14/99 19:30DestinFLUSATriangle< 1 secondWhile vacationing in Florida, I took a picture of a sunset. After the film was developed, an object was visible in the photo.11/2/99
8/10/99 01:00ConwayARUSATriangle2 minutesThree triangle shaped craft, Black in color as far as I could tell. The craft would apear and disapear as they flew across the sky. In 11/2/99
8/6/99 04:00TooeleUTUSALight3 to 5 minutessaw a light moving in random directions.....11/2/99
8/3/99 22:13MadisonWIUSALight80 secondsbright white light, moving fast, got brighter towards the horizon, and then disappeared.11/2/99
8/1/99 12:00South PointOHUSAEgg5 minutesbright egg shaped craft11/2/99
7/4/99 21:30LackawannaNYUSADiamond30 MinutesDiamond shaped object of red tint hovered then moved in a north to south direction.11/2/99
6/22/99 19:15Louisville (90 minutes out of, Camp Crooked Creek)KYUSAUnknown30 secondsA red light over the lake. Noone in the vicinity.11/2/99
6/20/99 01:20BoiseIDUSAOther20-30 secondsHorse shoe shaped craft, very silent (no sound) 2,000 foot altitude, 4 dull lights on bottom, area between lights was reddish glow, fro11/2/99
3/12/99 18:30AgawamMAUSATriangle5minutesI was outdoors and it was dark for about a hour when i noticed strang lights above the connecticut river. I hastely ran and got witness11/2/99
2/25/99 17:41Lewisville LakeTXUSAOval10 minutesWhile observing an aircraft laying a broad contrail in daylight, I saw first a light and then an oval craft hover then move slowly sout11/2/99
1/10/99 01:00San Lorenzo (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoFormation0:01min.I was with my parent inside our car when suddenly we saw a 7 lights in formation on top of a mountain and then a we heard a big explosi11/2/99
6/20/97 01:00San Lorenzo (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto Rico0:01minMy mother was coming back from work when outside a cementary she saw a shape of a person with big red eyes trying to follow her.11/2/99
5/24/97 22:15North TonawandaNYUSATriangle1.5 minutesLow slow silent over houses,hand glider shaped, 1.5 x as big, 5' thick, round edges,dirty yellow,lit from inside like candle thru wax p11/2/99
4/24/97 21:30Coos BayORUSASphere2 min.Woman looking at stars in E sky sees a "dark tan circle of flames" moving to the N. 10 min. later, same obj. going S; closer, larger.11/2/99
4/23/97 00:05SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Attorney/public employee sees peculiar white light move across cloudy sky very rapidly. "Looked like a lightbulb." Flew behind cloud.11/2/99
4/21/97 21:20Los AngelesCAUSA3 -10 sec.Man noticed a peculiar "star-like" obj. in sky; suddenly accelerated and moved N to S VERY fast. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared.11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40La ConnerWAUSA20 sec.Woman sees extremely bright, oval shaped obj. streak down out of a clear evening sky to the W. 1/4 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40StanwoodWAUSA3 sec.2 males witness an extremely bright light descend in W night sky. 5 times size of bright star. 80 deg. angle of descent. No sound.11/2/99
4/20/97 20:05LakewoodWAUSA3 sec.Man sees 5 prominent shafts of "emerald green" light in N sky radiating in a "fan pattern." Seemed to come from one point in the sky.11/2/99
4/20/97 04:00RenoNVUSA5 sec.Couple in hotel room witness a very bright, white light streak from E sky to N. VASTLY faster than any aircraft. Unblinking.11/2/99
4/18/97 04:20HartfordSDUSA3 sec.Man sees a large, white disc in the night sky. Obj. splits into 2 smaller orange orbs, one of which maneuvers, then 2 orbs rejoin!11/2/99
4/17/97 17:30OkanoganWAUSA3 sec.Woman near Tunk(?) Valley sees large, very bright ball of light streak down out of the sky. "Layers" of light: green, red, green.11/2/99
4/4/97 20:30WinstedCTUSA5 sec.Man sees "movement" in E sky, notices 7-9 faint orange lights in "boomerang" formation. Lights move from E to NW sky in 5 sec..11/2/99
4/3/97 19:50GastonORUSAWoman repts. seeing a bright yellow light streak across S sky, turn bright green. Obj. went to the horizon, disappeared from sight.11/2/99
4/1/97 20:10Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaTriangle30 sec.Mom & 3 daughters see "rounded, triangular" obj. w/ approx. 20 lights on leading edge streak overhead to S. Bigger than fist overhead.11/2/99
3/27/97 16:00Sun PrairieWIUSA20 sec.Woman (bird watcher) sees tiny white (or silver) disc in clear blue sky. Obj. does 180 deg. turn, accelerates, climbs from sight.11/2/99
2/19/97 20:15GuadelupeAZUSA10 sec.3 adults see a very bright, white, unblinking light approach from W. Suddenly executes 90 turn to N, slows, dims, disappears suddenly.11/2/99
1/1/97 20:30ClatoniaNEUSA10 min.Woman & daughter rept. 4-5 objs. with red, blue, and white lights. Close to ground in fog. Moved very fast. (No written rept.)11/2/99
12/30/96 19:00Woman repts. very peculiar "lights in a circle," which "shined on her."11/2/99
12/30/96 02:30ElkinsWVUSA90 sec.Man witnesses large, brilliantly bright, silver-white light, size of a full moon, passing overhead. Obj. flashed, then disappeared.11/2/99
12/28/96 20:15Highway 37CAUSAYoung man called to rept. "a ring of lights" in the night sky between Sears Point and Vallejo. (Facts unclear. No return call.)11/2/99
12/26/96 22:40FontanaCAUSA30 min.Woman & brother witness 3x peculiar hovering lights. One of the lights extinguished, other two moved slowly behind nearby trees.11/2/99
12/22/96 01:45RenoNVUSA2 sec.Young man sees a very brigh "ball of blue light" out his window. It looked like a "single bubble of light, w/ 3-dimensional depth."11/2/99
12/21/96PoulsboWAUSAYoung man repts. that a young woman had encountered a small, brightly lighted, "flat" obj. on a rural road. Obj. zipped off in woods.11/2/99
12/19/96 22:45SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man repts. black, round obj. passing from S to N below solid clouds in W sky. No lights, silent, smaller than moon. Aircraft landing S.11/2/99
12/18/96 04:45SalinasCAUSA3 min.Man awakens, turns on TV. Sees 3x prominent green lights in triangular formation through blinds. Outside, sees other strange lights.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:20SeattleWAUSA3 sec.Seattle METRO bus driver on Hwy. I-5 sees blue-green obj. streaking E to W just above buildings in Seattle. Thought it was close.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:20PortlandORUSA2 min.Multnomah Co. off. at traffic light sees obj. STREAK from W to E in SW sky. 2 min. later, sees identical event, same trajectory.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15BellinghamWAUSAMan calls to relay reports heard on police radio regarding green & blue object streaking across sky at 0615 hrs..11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15Comox Bay (Canada)BCCanada4 sec.Woman repts. multiple witnesses saw & heard blue/green that passed over WA & BC. Distinct explosion heard nearby.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15TigardORUSA3 sec.Man sees bright silver-white light in NNW sky descending at 45-60 deg. angle. Very fast, very bright.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:15SeattleWAUSA4 sec.Young man sees "yellow tinged fireball with neon green tail" streak from E to W in N sky. Tail was curving down, and oddly green.11/2/99
12/17/96 06:14HansvilleWAUSA3 sec.Woman witnesses a blue-green ball of fire, 1/2 dia. of full moon, streak from E to W and intersect the N horizon in almost level flt..11/2/99
12/17/96 02:30RedmondWAUSA15 min.Woman awakened by high-pitch buzzing. Goes outside and sees large, very bright,circular disc w/ flat top hovering nearby. Frightened.11/2/99
12/17/96 01:15MortonWAUSA4 sec.Man witnesses a large "pool of green light" streak across sky. Size of moon. Covered approx. 80 degrees arc in 4-5 seconds. Strange.11/2/99
12/16/96 21:00Stevens PassWAUSA2x skiers see orange disc, then 2 others moving rapidly across sky. 1 of discs suddenly streaks off, then streaks back to formation.11/2/99
12/16/96 20:10EverettWAUSA2 sec.Boeing empl. sees peculiar green streak in E sky. Headed S at VERY high speed. Streak narrower than kitchen match at arm's length.11/2/99
12/14/96 20:20IssaquahWAUSA6 min.3x adults witness a "long, narrow disc w/ very bright, cream-colored light" over Tiger Mtn. Draws close to woman, pursues her.11/2/99
12/14/96 18:08West CovinaCAUSA2 min.Father, 2 sons, neighbor witness gray disc pass directly overhead, pause, move off, and hover. Moved EXTREMELY fast. Not a plane.11/2/99
12/14/96 17:15Vashon IslandWAUSA1 sec.Young man witnesses a "green gaseous" obj. streak across the northwest sky going from N to S. Very bizarre sight.11/2/99
12/13/96 21:00DetroitMIUSA10 min.Mother driving w/ 3 children sees several craft in triangular pattern, which split suddenly. They pursue objs., "catch" 2x. Scared!11/2/99
12/12/96 02:06I-10, Marker 174NMUSA7 min.Truck driver & other trucks see 2x bright white lights, which split apart. 1 ascends vert., other paces truck, streaks. Many CB repts.11/2/99
12/11/96 17:15BirminghamALUSA105 sec.Pastor repts. seeing a "bright ball of fire w/ speed of a falling star" streak W to E. Slows, stops, turns 180 deg., shoots to NW.11/2/99
12/10/96 19:55PensacolaFLUSA15 min.3x adult males driving S on Hwy. 98 witness large, bright yellow obj. hovering. Obj. begins to expell other objs.! Complex sighting.11/2/99
12/9/96 05:00Highway 15NVUSA60 sec.2 men, other cars, witness a reddish-green, very bright patch of light in a.m. sky. "Looked like liquid." Gigantic; moved across hwy.11/2/99
12/5/96 22:00SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man looking W over Pug. Sound from high-rise apt. sees large "flattened oval of red/orange light" arch across sky in perfect arc.11/2/99
12/5/96 05:30BrooksvilleFLUSAMan standing outdoors waiting to see Space Shuttle sees 2 white lights at high alt. flying at very high speed overhead. Unusual sight.11/2/99
12/3/96 04:00North BendWAUSA5 sec.Woman sees 3x very rapid pulses of light that fill the house and surrounding area. Gold, then blue, then distinctly green. No thunder.11/2/99
12/2/96 19:00SumnerILUSA15 min.Mother, 2 daughters, rept. 2x large white lights in sky, surrounded by multiple white and blue, smaller lights.11/2/99
12/1/96 23:30Wrightwood Mtn.CAUSALightYoung man sees bright red, round light in dist. Obj. descends, fades. Suddenly ascends, grows bright, moves off. No smoke or sound.11/2/99
12/1/96 19:38Kansas CityMOUSA15 sec.Two adults witness a big ball of light streak FAST across downtown K.C., fly SSW. White front, bluish middle, red aft. Trail left.11/2/99
11/30/96 21:15KirklandWAUSA10 min.Mother, son, grandmother witness peculiar lights in S sky. White, blue, then red. Moves across sky, slows, stops, then STREAKS off.11/2/99
11/30/96 19:15Vashon IslandWAUSA1 sec.2x young boys see 2x streaks of white light, "as wide as my thumb at arm's length," STREAK across 160 deg. of sky in 1 sec.11/2/99
11/30/96 17:12SalidaCOUSA2 sec.Aerospace engin. sees very bright, metallic-silver obj. streak across sky from NE to SW. Horiz. to hor., 2 sec.. Flames released.11/2/99
11/29/96 19:05Los AngelesCAUSA25 sec.3x youth playing baseball see "polygon, or square shaped" object in night sky. Strobed blue, changed color. (No written report.)11/2/99
11/28/96 21:00BellevueWAUSA3 sec.A young man repts. seeing a "star" in the N sky move horizontally, and then suddenly drop vertically very fast. Very prominent.11/2/99
11/27/96 19:30SeattleWAUSA5 sec.Woman reports witnessing a distinctly green flash of light, followed by a second identical flash. Very strange in appearance.11/2/99
11/25/96 23:15Alice Springs (NT, Australia)AustraliaAust. Hotline: Callers report 4x " intensely bright orange fireball lights" heading W. 10x photos. Police witness, submit report.11/2/99
11/25/96 22:30Canberra (Australia)AustraliaAust. Hotline: A number of intense orange fireball lights travelling fast over Canberra. Go E to W, then turn to NW.11/2/99
11/25/96 20:00MontereyCAUSA4 min.Man returns to site of previous sighting 26OC96. Sees 3x cyl.-shaped triangular formation, streak overhead; then 8x more.11/2/99
11/25/96 17:25Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaAust. Hotline: Callers rept. a "large, bright cigar-shaped" obj. travelling from N to S. Length: 1" at arm's length; 20+ miles dist.11/2/99
11/25/96 01:25Adelaide (South Australia)AustraliaAust. Hotline: Callers rept. several "soft white balls of light" heading E, then turn W, then speed off to N.11/2/99
11/24/96 19:30BismarckNDUSA60 sec.Nat. Weather Serv. meteorologist repts. peculiar, round, orange obj. in S sky. "Like orange of space shuttle exhaust." Not star.11/2/99
11/24/96 18:07BismarckNDUSALight60 sec.Nat. Weather Serv. empl. sees a small, circular, distinctly flame-orange obj. in the S sky. Brighter & larger than brightest star.11/2/99
11/23/96 21:40KingsvilleOHUSA18 min.Woman & daughter witness 3 lights circling in sky above car; follow car for several miles. Suddenly wink out. (Advertising lights??)11/2/99
11/23/96 20:45StocktonCAUSA30 min.Woman, daughter,3x other cars witness LARGE, spherical obj. rotating in night sky. 100x BRIGHT lights. Changed rotation dir.11/2/99
11/23/96 19:30French CampCAUSA5 min.Fem. empl. of sheriff's off. on way to work sees large, round obj. w/ bright lights rotating, moving in W sky. Very prominant, strange.11/2/99
11/20/96 22:30North PortFLUSA8 min.Man & wife witness large white light in distance. Grows larger, descends, passes directly overhead. Big disc. Dog, cats VERY upset.11/2/99
11/19/96 23:05MiddlevilleMIUSA3 sec.Woman sees bright "fluorescent glowing green" obj. streak across the sky in dir. of airport. Size: 1" at arm's length; round. BRIGHT.11/2/99
11/17/96 02:30ArcadiaCAUSA3 sec.2x young men see large triangular obj. w/ lights on corners. Dips, rises, several times, then STREAKS to W. Had "shimmering effect."11/2/99
11/17/96 04:30Big FlatsNYUSAWoman relays that man & son had witnessed a dramatic reddish-yellow light in the night sky.11/2/99
11/17/96GrandviewMOUSAMultiple residents see 2x large triangles w/ lights & fireball behind it fly over, call 911. Police choppers respond; neg.. Loud. TV.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:23MansfieldPAUSAFireball5 sec.Man saw orange fireball pass across the sky at very high speed from E to W. Approx. 1/4-1/2 dia. of moon. Very fast, bright.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:20Watkins GlenNYUSA3 sec.Six teenagers on hill witness a BRIGHT ball of fire w/ a green/yellow trail streak across the sky. Covered 110 degrees in 3 seconds.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:15FrostburgMDUSA5 sec.Man sees a bright yellow, round ball of light w/ green tail stretching from hor. to hor. go slowly from NE to SE in W sky. Clear sky.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:13ReadingPAUSA5 sec.Man sees VERY BRIGHT orange/red, distinctly round fireball STREAK across sky parallel to horiz. Long tail! Not meteor, he thought.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:10OdessaNYUSA30 sec.Husband & wife witness a large ball of light w/ a long green trail streak across sky. Very dramatic sighting.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:10New York CityNYUSANews media rept. Pakistani & TWA airliners departing JFKennedy airport witness very bizarre, fast obj. in their proximity.11/2/99
11/16/96 23:10FrostburgMDUSAMan (anonymous) repts. that his brother had seen a strange light streak from N to S. "Scared the daylights out of him." (No facts.)11/2/99
11/16/96 22:15Lake CityWAUSA45 sec.Young man sees disc-shaped obj. w/ "double dome--top and bottom, w/ red light around middle" do wild gyrations in N sky. Streaked.11/2/99
11/16/96 22:00RiversideNJUSA30 min.Woman & daughter see V-shaped obj. w/ red/blue/green lights streak across sky, stop dead, hover. Many neighbors witness object.11/2/99
11/16/96 22:00BandyNYUSA4 sec.Young man sees very prominant white light streak from E to W in southern sky. BRIGHT white light, and VERY fast. Short trail.11/2/99
11/15/96 20:30BlossburgPAUSA30 sees large, rnd, bright "ball of orange light" ahead,in formation w/ comm. a/c pass overhead! NOT meteor.Exclnt rept.!11/2/99
11/14/96 18:20SalemORUSA3 min.4 individuals witness distinctly red light above clouds. Changes to white, back to red, then disappears. Video footage taken.11/2/99
11/3/96 18:55LongmontCOUSA2 min.Mother & daughter see immense blue flash in sky. 2 min. later, saw shaft of blue light w/oblong cloud on top, illuminated on inside.11/2/99
11/2/96 05:00New AlbanyPAUSA12 min.2x turkey hunters notice a very bright, round light in sky. Obj. suddenly breaks into 8-10 individual lights. Center translucent.11/2/99
10/31/96 02:15BoerneTXUSA30 sec.Sec. officer at hospital sees very bright blue light. Silhouetted by cloud, appears as "coffee table w/ shirt box on top." Erratic.11/2/99
10/30/96 22:25KokomoINUSA2302Young couple in car see 3x lights approaching slowly in air. White on sides, flashing red in middle. High-pitch hum. Big; solid.11/2/99
10/25/96 11:08LaurelMDUSA25 sec.Man, entering Hwy. I-95, sees 2 round objs. hovering motionless in clear sky. Color of pencil lead w/ copper. Objs. STREAK in 1 sec.11/2/99
9/29/96 22:13KelsoWAUSA2 workers on pulp digester bldg. see 25-30 objs. streak overhead to N. Maneuvered relative to one another. Dramatic sighting.11/2/99
8/20/96 23:30OwensvilleMOUSAWoman w/ 2 sons sees very bright lights in night sky. Obj. illuminates her house & neighbor's house! Obj. streaks NNW; green trail.11/2/99
8/12/96 00:30SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Young man sees 3x faint yellow light, in triangular formation, pass overhead at very high speed, he thought. Opaque in middle. Silent.11/2/99
7/3/96 11:30BeachNDUSADisk30' x 40' grey saucer w/ dome/windows above, glowing orb below, 6 legs, 3 antenna approaches, hovers over truck. Very credible.11/2/99
7/1/96 12:00YakimaWAUSA20 minMan and childern view silver/blue reflective obj. in W sky traveling N very quickly. Appears to not be plane.11/2/99
6/30/96 22:00ChicagoILUSA4 hoursWitness reports UFO's over city all week. FAA indicates multiple reports. Closest appeared oval shaped, metallic w/ strobe.11/2/99
6/29/96 23:47NacagdochesTXUSALightBlinking white, green and orange (rotating?) lights w/ orange trail moved across sky. Witness is mil. pilot - says not standard a/c.11/2/99
6/29/96 22:00East ProvidenceRIUSALight45 minVery bright white obj. changes shape from circle to oval. 1/3 apparent diam of moon at closest approach. Blinking lights at top.11/2/99
6/28/96 22:00Walled LakeMIUSALight5-7 minBlinking light moved W to E. Faded out, came back, dropped "real quick" when plane approached, then went back up behind it.11/2/99
6/28/96 03:00BaltimoreMDUSA1 minuteMan views "huge" cigar shaped craft thru binoculars. Obj wavers revealing more saucer-like structure. Lit by moon. No lights.11/2/99
6/27/96 03:37ClintonCTUSAWitness saw 4 white objects. 2 were zigzagging back and forth, in a N to S and S to N direction. Other 2 intersected each other.11/2/99
6/24/96 22:30RedmondWAUSA2 craft seen. 1st like plane w/ 5 colored lights, strobe on 2nd. 1st craft ascends till it seems as a star. 2nd cont's across sky.11/2/99
6/24/96 00:30AuroraCOUSAChanging1 hourObj. hovered 100 ft above car. Red, blue lights on corners. Changed shape from cube to pyramid to triangle. Landed 800 ft away.11/2/99
6/23/96 19:30Santa PaulaCAUSA5 min.Couple in jacuzzi witness approx. 8x bright night sky. Two of objs. flare up, the group begins moving, then all disappear.11/2/99
6/23/96 11:00Cascade Mtns.WAUSAMan calls to report that son had witnessed a blue-green orb hit side of mountain. No sound. Follow up visit reveals no damage.11/2/99
6/22/96 23:15GarlandTXUSA4 min.4x adults, children, witness 5x bizarre objs. pass overhead at high speed,separated by 40 sec. intervals. 3x pulsing lights on bottom.11/2/99
6/21/96 03:20Palm SpringsCAUSACouple witness huge, oval-shaped bright light. Obj. was partially transparent; lights on inside. Obj. released smaller red lights!11/2/99
6/20/96 22:00Fort Myers (north)FLUSALight5-6 secPoint of light (" star") moves incredibly fast across sky. Witness does not believe it was shooting star due to speed and trajectory.11/2/99
6/20/96 12:12Prince Rupert (Canada)BCCanadaMan's dog begins to bark; man sees "parachute" descending. Suddenly, object flashes bright light several times, then just disappears.11/2/99
6/20/96 02:00RentonWAUSAWoman calls to report a large flash in the night sky. (No follow up rept.)11/2/99
6/20/96OakleyCAUSAWoman (anonymous) repts. seeing large, flashing light above her car. Obj. had red and white, sporadically flashing lights on it.11/2/99
6/20/96SnohomishWAUSASnohomish police officer calls to report UFO reports radioed to 9-1-1 dispatch facility. (No further data conveyed.)11/2/99
6/19/96 01:05BremertonWAUSAYoung man repts. a large green ball of light hitting the Olympic Mtns. to the W. Immense flash after obj. disappeared behind horizon.11/2/99
6/19/96 01:05BremertonWAUSAMan calls to rept. having just seen a "green glowing orb shoot across the sky, S to N." Apparently, hit mtns., then a huge flash.11/2/99
6/19/96 01:00SeattleWAUSAIn response to news article, young man repts. blue-green fireball in W sky. Very bright. Suddenly "disintegrated" near horizon.11/2/99
6/18/96Several observers in car on Hwy. I-80 see 4x bright lights approaching them. Obj. suddenly "rolls" and they see it is not an a/c.11/2/99
6/17/96 00:05North Delta (Canada)BCCanadaLight10 sec.Man sees a bright "landing light" approaching from behind trees. Obj. accelerates phenomenally and is gone in 10 seconds. No sound.11/2/99
6/16/96 01:30Moses LakeWAUSA1 minuteYoung man sees 2x "octagons with cuts in sides" pass overhead to the W. Unusual type of flight--very smooth, gliding motion.11/2/99
6/15/96 03:05BoiseIDUSATwo boys skateboarding & photographing w/ camcorder capture multiple, bizarre objs. on film. Some cone-shaped, others round.11/2/99
6/12/96 21:00SeattleWAUSA3 sec.Couple see brilliantly bright orb in NNW sky descend vertically. Obj. had fuzzy edges; descended very fast. "Like burning magnesium."11/2/99
6/12/96 12:15SeattleWAUSALight5 sec.Two young men, unloading van, see 3x pinpoints of light streak directly overhead. Arranged in a triangular shape.11/2/99
6/9/96 05:00BanningCAUSALight35 min.Young woman on Hwy. I-10 watches bright light for 40 miles. Light turns slate gray, or black, changes shape. Suddenly disintegrates!11/2/99
6/8/96 21:30Granite FallsWAUSA45 sec.WA/MUFON member relays report: Man repts. witnessing a brightly lighted, white spherical object near town. (Facts not complete.)11/2/99
6/7/96 02:20PalmdaleCAUSA2 min.Woman and husband witness very bright light moving across night sky. Obj. turns, at which couple sees a solid, strobing light nearby.11/2/99
6/5/96 23:30LancasterSCUSAMan, wife, & son witness very bright obj. in night sky near moon. Obj. reptd. to move "a fist's width across sky." (Planet or star?)11/2/99
6/5/96 22:00JacksonOHUSA2 min.Family immense, peculiar obj. roar overhead; sound like "C-47." Green lights down 1 side; accompanied by "white lights." Low alt.11/2/99
6/4/96 21:00ScottsdaleAZUSA30 sec.Man witnesses a large, bright white "ball of light" pass overhead very fast. Not a satellite, he thought.11/2/99
6/3/96 20:00GaithersburgMDUSA40 min.Wife, husband, son witness 3 peculiar objs. in sky. Bright, strobing lights on black, cyl.-shaped craft. No wings. 1 ascends vert.!11/2/99
6/3/96 18:30OglethorpeGAUSA30 min.Rept. from MUFON: 13x adults witness large craft, "like two turtle shells joined together." 30x50 feet. Gray top, beige bottom.11/2/99
6/1/96 22:45ConcordCAUSALight10 sec.Man sees solid, red "satellite" moving E to W. Obj. suddenly joined by 2nd obj., then 3rd. All turn south, 2x wink out, 3rd goes N.11/2/99
5/29/96 03:55AntiochCAUSA5 min.Woman & friend witness "glowing pink, fluorescent, soup-can shaped" object in night sky. Almost size of full moon.11/2/99
5/28/96 23:10MindonUTUSACylinder1-2 sec.Young woman sees a "bright green cylinder, illuminated from within" go streaking across the sky. Disappears behind Hogsback Mtn.11/2/99
5/28/96 03:00BaltimoreMDUSAMan, son witness large, cigar-shaped obj. in night sky. Looked like a "rocket booster w/ a rim on the bottom." Obj. moved off to S.11/2/99
5/26/96 22:10RiversideCAUSA3 adults witness low-flying round obj. change shape, direction of flt., and altitude. Obj. stopped, dropped sparks, disappeared.11/2/99
5/26/96 18:36SullivanMOUSA2 min.Man sees very large obj. in storm clouds during daylight! Obj. suddenly projects visible beam of light down vert., illuminates ground.11/2/99
5/26/96 01:55Fort MyersFlUSA10 min.Woman driving home from shopping sees "subdued white" disc. Obj. suddenly ejects multi-colored sparks in a stream.11/2/99
5/24/96 23:05BowieMDUSA3 sec.FAA empl., several adults see very bright disc "w/ a dark hole in the middle." 2x diam. of moon. Obj. hovered, suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
5/24/96 22:30YoungstownOHUSA3 min.Man sees round, white light moving at "high speed" to the north. (Telephone suddenly disconnects.)11/2/99
5/23/96 22:30RockfordWAUSA7 min.Teenage boy and girl witness very bright light overtake their car. Object hovers over neighbor's house, becomes two bright lights.11/2/99
5/22/96 22:30HuntingtonWVUSA10 min.Man sees very large obj. in sky with "circle of lights" on ventral side. Obj. suddenly "turned on a dime," flies in different dir..11/2/99
5/22/96 20:30VeniceFlUSA3 min.Mother, 2 sons driving along wooded road, see huge silver disc. 50-60 yds. in diameter, "pinkish streamers" beside. Totally silent.11/2/99
5/22/96HilliardOHUSAYoung man witnesses bizarre cluster of red-orange lights to W of house. Heard "whooshing" or vibration. Obj. moved to E, turns blue.11/2/99
5/21/96 23:58CharlestonILUSA2 min.Four youth camping witness big white light, then huge triangular craft w/ 2 red lights on side. Obj. illuminated them with spotlight.11/2/99
5/19/96 21:45VisaliaCAUSA70 sec.Man & mother witness "point of light" approach an aircraft. Obj. then rose in sky, moved to horizon in 60 seconds.11/2/99
5/19/96 02:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAYoung woman reports seeing unusual entities on beach. Creatures were clothed in unusual garments. (No written rept. received.)11/2/99
5/19/96SalisburyMDUSAWoman w/ daughter, friend, MD Patrol officer witness very colorful object in night sky. (Facts unclear; no written rept.)11/2/99
5/18/96 23:20SeattleWAUSA15 sec.Group of 6 adults witness a four-cornered obj. in NW sky suddenly erupt into yellow "pieces," which rose into sky, disappear.11/2/99
5/18/96 22:30HamptonVAUSA20 sec.Man sees "shooting star" streak across W to E, turn down toward earth, then streak back W. Color and size of star.11/2/99
5/17/96 01:30MiamiFlUSA5 sec.Man sees aqua-green obj., with bright orange nose, streak vertically from the night sky. Light visible through clouds. Obj. dims out.11/2/99
5/15/96 22:05BellflowerCAUSA10 sec.Man sees 2 bright red spheres, "200 yds. apart," streaking W to E along Hwy 91. Below 1,000' alt. Both suddenly climbed sharply.11/2/99
5/15/96 06:15JacksonvilleFLUSA30 sec.Two fishermen witness very bright obj. pass overhead from SW to NE. Covered 90 deg. of arc in 30 sec., they thought. (Satellite?)11/2/99
5/15/96 04:50Atolicita HillsCAUSA2 min.Woman driving to work sees 2 "really bright white lights, w/ strobing blue, yellow, red lights in center." Stops car; obj. moves off.11/2/99
5/14/96 21:00ScottsdaleAZUSA30 sec.Man sees "very bright white light, with a trail of light," streak across sky to NW. Bigger than star, distinctly circular in shape.11/2/99
5/13/96 22:45RochesterNYUSA35 min.Man, brother, see bright yellow light hovering over local woods suddenly descend into woods, turn to orange. Sudden flash of light.11/2/99
5/13/96 20:15Black HillsSDUSA35 sec.Man witnesses bizarre silvery disc, "as long as 2 school buses," hover, then streak away. (Phone line goes dead. No other data.)11/2/99
5/12/96 23:00Santa CruzCAUSA65 min.Young couple watch very bright light to W over Pacific O. Had "corona effect"; reflected off water. Suddenly disappeared. (Planet?)11/2/99
5/12/96 23:00KelseyvilleCAUSA45 min.Group of people witness "pinpoint of light w/ spiderweb of light outside center." Obj. ascends, leaves trail behind it, disappears.11/2/99
5/10/96 21:30EverettWAUSA20 sec.Man looking N, sees "line of lights, cascading L to R," streak to N horizon. No sound. No craft visbl.(Very detailed written rept.)11/2/99
5/9/96 21:23MaconGAUSA14 min.FAA radar & tower report radar contact/very bright light in NW sky. Robbins AFB radar confirms. (Investigation suggests Venus.)11/2/99
5/9/96 20:20MansfieldTXUSA90 sec.Young couple witness small light, "like star," pass across sky to E, suddenly disappear. Obj. moved up, accel., trned L, streaked off.11/2/99
5/9/96 14:15PhoenixAZUSA20 sec.Woman sees shiny, cigar-shaped obj. hovering in E cloudless sky. VERY bright; hurt eyes. Obj. suddenly turned gray, disappeared.11/2/99
5/8/96 22:00Cle ElumWAUSA45 sec.Woman, daughter see "huge piece of machinery w/gold lights, humming sound," pass overhead. Obj. "glided" over town. Like "disc."11/2/99
5/8/96 15:00Cocoa BeachFLUSA4 min.Young couple witness cluster of 6 objs. over Cape Kennedy. Very high alt. Objs. were shiny, suddenly turn dull black. Move E to W.11/2/99
5/8/96 01:10GardenaCAUSA5 min.Woman sees an "orange-yellow light w/ long tail." Light suddenly dims, emits smoke, reappears as amber white light.11/2/99
5/7/96 21:45Coos BayORUSA5 min.Woman hears dogs barking. Sees an "immense, creamy white light," blinking irregularly drop into nearby valley. Light continues.11/2/99
5/7/96 21:40TempeAZUSA40 sec.Man sees two bright lights moving very strangely. "Too slow to be meteorite, too fast to be satellite."11/2/99
5/7/96 21:15SnellingCAUSA20 min.Couple see large disc in N sky "w/ white, yellow, blue lights going in a circle around it." Larger than clenched fist at arm's length.11/2/99
5/7/96 20:00FresnoCAUSA5 min.Couple witness "huge black thing" over parking lot in downtown Fresno. Emitted steam or smoke in three directions. Many lights.11/2/99
5/6/96 22:00TampaFLUSA2 hrs.Man & son witness two bright objects in SSE sky. Very bright, with "ring of light" around one of them. (Possible twinkling stars?)11/2/99
5/5/96 21:45San FranciscoCAUSA3 sec.Many repts. of massive "greenish-white" obj. traveling SE to NW, descending. USCG overheard on scanner to use term, "Quicksilver."11/2/99
5/5/96 20:25San BrunoCAUSA5 min.Man sees peculiar stationary white light. Green light drops vertically from white light, becomes red, disappears. 1st obj. moves off.11/2/99
5/5/96 15:10CorteroAZUSA10 min.Woman & son gardening see blindingly bright metallic disc in sky. Moves from W to E of them, rises vert. Very visible; NOT an a/c.11/2/99
5/4/96 23:15FagleIDUSA20 min.Woman & daughter see very brilliant light w/ "little lights spinning out of it." 1st obj. appears to land, 2nd arrives! Police.11/2/99
5/4/96 05:30MorrisMIUSA30 sec.Woman sees delta-shaped ship w/ convex bottom & 3 prominant lights over house. Ilumnats entire yard w/ light beam.Frightened by it.11/2/99
4/30/96 22:05SpokaneWAUSA23 min.Woman, several youth, witness 2x very bright lights moving irregularly in N sky. Changed elevation, seemed to move relative to a/c.11/2/99
4/28/96 01:45Idaho FallsIDUSA4 sec.Group of young people witness blue-green light--"ball of fire"--streak down at angle. 4 min. later, hear 2x loud booms. Dramatic!11/2/99
4/28/96 01:40Idaho FallsIDUSA4 sec.Sheriff's deputy sees EXTREMELY bright blue-green ball of light--"1/2 diameter of moon"--streak down, disappear. Lit 1/4 of NW sky.11/2/99
4/28/96 01:30KalispellMTUSA3 sec.Four teenagers on hill see immense, very bright ball of greenish-white light streak vert. down, hit ground 20 miles (?) to SW. Silent.11/2/99
4/28/96 01:00Mile 69WYUSA15 sec.Women driving truck on Hwy 80 sees obj. "w/ bright nose, no wings" flare up, go behind mountain.11/2/99
4/28/96 00:10Fort Walton BeachFlUSA5 min.Capt., 4x crew, witness VERY bright descend from sky to N, hover over water. Obj. moved from off bow to off stern, ascend vert!11/2/99
4/27/96 22:30AlbanyORUSA7 min.Man at stopwitnesses black, delta-shaped obj. hovering motionless. Obj. shoots "confined beam" down to ground! Humming.11/2/99
4/27/96 01:30San JoseCAUSAMan repts. Vanderberg AFB radar had tracked obj. travelling to N up to Santa Rosa. (No written rept. or follow up.)11/2/99
4/26/96 20:55Lake NacemientoCAUSA3 sec.Woman, grandson, witness brilliant white light, 1/2 dia. of full moon, streak horizontally S to N in E sky. VERY fast. Boy upset by it11/2/99
4/26/96 20:50MercedCAUSA10 sec.Man sees very bright, "electric-blue" light traveling S to N in E sky. Light, "size of Venus," suddenly disappears. Silent, no tail.11/2/99
4/26/96 03:30LangleyWAUSA2 hrs.Woman & mother witness very bright, elongate obj. in E sky. Appeared to have 2x lights on it. Suddenly ascended straight up.11/2/99
4/25/96 22:05BishopCAUSA55 min.Man, wife, daughter, in-laws see very bright, strange obj. in sky. Had regular pulsing lights, 1/4 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
4/25/96 22:00Gold RiverCAUSA30 min.Man sees pulsing red light in NE sky. Obj. moves slowly to SE sky, drops down to horizon slowly, disappears behind houses.11/2/99
4/25/96 21:30Santa BarbaraCAUSA1 hourMan on Rte. 126 sees bright white flash of light, then missing time. Experiences peculiar events, sees strange visions from history.11/2/99
4/24/96 01:15Port AngelesWAUSA40 sec.Man sees "round, black orb" pass across top of crescent moon. Obj. appeared jet black. Excellent written rept. and drawing.11/2/99
4/23/96 22:45MOUSA1 sec.Tel. Rept.: Law enforcement officer reports co-worker witnessed a short-lived "line of light" suddenly appear in night sky, disappears.11/2/99
4/23/96 17:10RichmondVAUSA6 min.Woman, other commuters on Ridgefield Rd. witness bright, shiny, chrome-colored obj. hovering below overcast. "Just above trees."11/2/99
4/22/96 21:30EdmondsWAUSA4 sec.Man repts. seeing a round, "shapeless," red object in sky while riding bicycle. Hears momentary, high-pitched "beep or click."11/2/99
4/22/96 03:15RochesterMNUSA45 min.Woman sees "bnright whitish-gold light" hovering in sky. Two smaller lights on either side.11/2/99
4/20/96 22:05ReddingCAUSA3 min.Man sees "2 glowing balls of light" descend out of sky, reverse positions, streak to E. Objs. gave off sparks as they moved E.11/2/99
4/20/96 01:00GilmanVTUSA4 min.;Young man on Rte. 135 hears rear defroster buzz, sees huge, very bright boomerang-shaped obj. overhead. Rnd. bubble on bottom.11/2/99
4/17/96 21:00Pine BluffARUSA6 sec.Man repts. "8-12, maybe 15" objs., "size of stars," moving VERY fast in formation W to E overhead. Then sees 2x a/c in formation.11/2/99
4/16/96 01:45Pleasant HillCAUSA2 min.Man driving on Hwy 4 sees 2x bright lights, flashes headlights at them. Objs. extinguish, then reappear as 1 red w/4x white lights!11/2/99
4/15/96 16:35Fort CollinsCOUSA30 sec.Man repts. seeing "metallic object" in W sky against sun. Highly reflective, then turns black, becomes smaller. 2 boys see, too.11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13CampbellCAUSA4 sec.Woman observes round ball of light streak from E to W VERY fast, flashed 3-4 times. Visible through clouds, "like heat lightning."11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13BakersfieldCAUSA4 sec.Reporter calls re multiple repts. of bright obj. streaking over Bakersfield. Writes article. (MANY other repts. after article.)11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13BakersfieldCAUSA4 sec.Man sees enormous blue light pass S to N in W sky. Obj. flashed, turned pure white, streak N, then break up into pieces. 1/10th moon.11/2/99
4/14/96 22:00St. JohnsMIUSA2 sec.FAA employee reports seeing 20x tiny, "pinpoints of gold or yellow color" lights streak overhead. Multiple clusters.11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10PetoskeyMIUSA1 min.MI Hwy. Patrol off. w/ partner on Hwy. 31 see 2x glowing obj. overhead. Obj. had "long, burning tail, like rooster tail." 2nd car saw.11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10St. IgnaceMIUSA5 min.Man, wife, 2 adults witness 2 very bright objs. pass across sky, followed by 4 smaller lights. Huge tail 1 mi. long. Steady pace.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:10WyomingMNUSA45 sec.Man, 3 neighbors witness "huge" cluster of amber lights pass slowly from SW to NE. Sky crystal clear. Steady pace, no noise.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05St. CloudMNUSA1 minuteMan delivering newspapers sees large "trapezoid of very bright amber lights w/ strobes" pass slowly overhead SW to NE. Silent.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05PetoskeyMIUSAEmmet Co. Deputy describes multiple reports of cluster of lights "w/ flame behind it" from MI State Patrol, deputies, local police.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00MinneapolisMNUSAMinneapolis FAA Center repts. calls from MI State Patrol regarding bizarre aerial event over Cheboygan & other nearby towns.11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00Polk CountyWIUSASheriff's Dept. repts. call from citizen of large, bizarre obj. passing overhead below clouds. Bright amber lights.11/2/99
4/14/96LuckWIUSA1 minuteWoman, husband see "huge" cluster of 5x BRIGHT lights pass from SW to NE beneath broken clouds. Beautiful "tail of light!!"11/2/99
4/13/96 23:17Fort MyersFLUSA4 sec.2 males see orange ball of light streak from SE to N. "100x faster than Blue Angels." Covered 45 deg. of sky in 4 sec.; 2x size Venus.11/2/99
4/13/96 19:30Man repts. very strange obj. in night sky. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55PhillipsburgPAUSA15 min.NY FAA Center (ARTCC) shift-supervisor calls to rept. strange obj. seen on radar at 40k'. Obj. paced jet, seen by several other a/c.11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55PhillipsburgPAUSA15 min.Crew of bus jet call to describe sighting: intensely bright ball of light at 40k' approached their a/c, "jumped" 10-20 mi. in seconds!11/2/99
4/12/96 22:08BaltimoreMDUSA5 sec.Man sees formation of 10-12 dimly lit amber lights in wedge-formation pass E to W overhead at VERY high speed, like shooting star.11/2/99
4/12/96 21:45OlatheKSUSA7 min.Man repts. "cluster of lights in W sky, very bright, stationary, 1/3 dia. of moon." (Calls next day--object is Venus.)11/2/99
4/12/96 02:00NikishiAKUSAHousehold awakened by obj. that streaked overhead. Bright light in front, vapor trail left in sky. Obj. returned, hovered, turns red.11/2/99
4/11/96 13:00MemphisTNUSA30 min.Auto mechanics rept. bizarre red light that streak around shop, "like laser." Appears to come down out of sky; no other people nearby.11/2/99
4/3/96 23:00FontanaCAUSA18 min.Wife, husband, 3 children observe large, orange ball of extremely bright light in night sky. Obj. hovered, zigzagged, disappeared.11/2/99
4/2/96 13:00Muscle ShoalsALUSAOther4 secondsMan, lying on back looking up, sees tiny bright white speck streak across blue sky from W to E. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared11/2/99
3/27/96 02:15SeattleWAUSA8 sec.Couple see very bright, white light moving S to N over Puget Sound. "Cigar, or elongate" in shape. Suddenly reverses dir., streaks S.11/2/99
3/26/96 21:45Thousand OaksCAUSA10 sec.Man & wife in hot tub see 2 "tiny triangles" streak from S to N directly overhead, as fast as "shooting star." Silent; yellow color.11/2/99
3/26/96 19:30MiamiFLUSA30 sec.Couple on roof see extremely bright red light flying directly toward them. Saw yellow on nose, tail was "on fire." Streaks off.11/2/99
3/26/96 00:16Pleasant ValleyCTUSA6 sec.2 policemen witness "meteor," which splits into 3 lights that hover. 2 of them "regroup," streak E. 3rd light follows them!!11/2/99
3/25/96 23:56PortlandORUSA3 sec.Couple witness 3 "pinkish, beige, solid" lights streak overhead to NW very fast. Each object the size of a "very dim star."11/2/99
3/24/96 23:15AllentownPAUSA10 sec.Couple witness obj. "like a cross, with circles on the bottom" pass over their truck. Six transparent "windows" on bottom surface.11/2/99
3/24/96 20:10AustinTXUSA3 sec.Comm. pilot & friend on Austin airport see "triad of white lights" streak directly over airport. "Speed was incredible." Radar neg..11/2/99
3/24/96 19:25MedfordNYUSA20 sec.Man, daughter, nephew see 6 "tiny white dots" pass S to N at extremely high speed. They believe was 1 obj. w/ 6 lights. Fast!11/2/99
3/23/96 20:58SalinasCAUSALight50 sec.Young man and girlfriend see 2 tiny, distinctly pink-colored points of light streaking from N to S in W sky. Moved oddly, "floated."11/2/99
3/23/96 20:00OcalaFLUSA2 min.Woman witnesses extremely bright light in neighboring field behind trees. Hears a huge "crash" that rattles neighborhood.11/2/99
3/23/96 19:16Guemes IslandWAUSA2 sec.Man reports seeing a meteor at 50 degrees (magnetic) descend almost vertically. Size: 3mm at arm's length. Very fast.11/2/99
3/23/96MiddletownNJUSAWoman, husband, multiple train passengers witness bizarre "aircraft," which suddenly stops, becomes bright red, blue, then yellow!11/2/99
3/22/96 23:29HoustonTXUSA10 sec.Elect. eng. witnesses a V-shaped formation of approx. 20 objs. pass overhead from W to E. Very fast, silent. Excellent report.11/2/99
3/22/96 16:00MeridianMSUSA20 sec.Man, former USAF intel. officer, sees spinning, silver colored, metallic opal-shaped obj. to S of Hwy 20. Obj. instantly disappears!11/2/99
3/22/96 08:00BethesdaMDUSA5 sec.Fed. empl. sees extremely bright "cylinder, or the side of something," hovering in sky. STREAKS off. Other fed. empls. observe.11/2/99
3/20/96 21:00SeattleWAUSA5 min.Young woman & 2 friends witness 3 lights overhead, arranged in a triangular pattern. Suddenly, a 4th light appears. Not aircraft.11/2/99
3/20/96WoodlandCAUSAMan sees diamond-shaped obj., which appeared "shiny and metallic." Obj. looked "like 2 triangles." Ascended, streaked off.11/2/99
3/19/96 20:30St. PetersburgFLUSA20 min.Five adults witness bright object in W sky, 45 deg. above horizon. When aircraft flew by it, obj. streaked to S, then returned.11/2/99
3/15/96 18:35EvansvilleINUSA5 minTwo men in car see 2 bright orange lights in N sky, which move, then extinguish. Reappear in NW sky, split into 5 objs., disappear.11/2/99
3/13/96 23:05Pink HillNCUSA4 min.Man walks onto porch, notes very bright light in sky with"4 small lights on one end, giving off sparks on other." Suddenly moves off.11/2/99
3/11/96Horry CountySCUSASheriff's dept. relays: Citizen reported seeing a large obj. "w/ a ring of lights around it" rise from ground level. 2 deputies see.11/2/99
3/9/96 01:15BoiseIDUSA90 sec.Two young men in public park witness "meteor," then realize there are multiple tiny V-shaped objs. overhead. Objs. form wedges.11/2/99
3/7/96 20:55HendersonNVUSA2 min.Man & wife witness odd obj. w/ red and orange flashing lights fly very low over their house from the SE. Reversed direction, flew off.11/2/99
3/7/96 00:25Coral GablesFLUSA45 min.Young man and woman report witnessing an obj. in the W sky, that was moving & flashing red, blue, and white. Moved suddenly.11/2/99
3/5/96 19:45Whidbey IslandWAUSALight2 min.Two women witness 3 "huge, bright golden lights" hovering above water to NW of home. Objs. dimmed in sequence, disappeared.11/2/99
3/4/96 19:25Casa GrandeAZUSAMUFON UFO investigator relays report: man witnessed white sphere of light streaking from NW to SE over Casa Grande.11/2/99
3/2/96 19:10SeattleWAUSAAnonymous caller reports seeing "a red thing with a tail pass near the moon." She inquired whether it could be " satellite w/ tether."11/2/99
3/2/96 00:30Mountain VillageAKUSA60 min.Woman repts. stationary light "w/ search light going around in circles." Red, blue, white in middle. (Possible twinkling star?)11/2/99
3/1/96 22:15BathILUSA1 minuteWoman, children, neighbors witness "big orange ball of light." Obj. dims, then reappears w/ red blinking light. Moves off fast.11/2/99
3/1/96 21:30SeatacWAUSA15 min.Man reports seeing bright light 20 deg. above W horizon. Red, white, green, blue. (Probably Venus.)11/2/99
3/1/96 19:58BothellWAUSA10 min.Experienced UFO investigators witness elliptical obj. w/ red light in middle, white & blue lights on ends. Chase in car for 10 min..11/2/99
3/1/96 19:55RedmondWAUSA1 minuteFour young people see bright orange "fire in the sky" pass slowly overhead, fly W. Possibly 4 tiny lights on each corner. Bizarre!11/2/99
3/1/96 19:30SeattleWAUSA10 sec.Woman walking dog, witnesses a large, oblong obj., very bright yellow-orange, streak overhead at "incredible speed."11/2/99
3/1/96 19:08IssaquahWAUSA2 min.Couple witness bizarre object circle overhead, fly to the W at slow speed. Red light in center, white flashing on nose, blue behind.11/2/99
3/1/96PrincetonWIUSAMan witnesses a large, orange-colored ball of light. Minutes later, he sees a bizarre cluster of sequentially blinking balls of light.11/2/99
2/29/96 19:45RedmondWAUSA35 sec.Mother, 2 young women witness an intensely bright, bluish-white, flashing light to the E. Obj. moved, became orange, pink.11/2/99
2/29/96 01:15Cedar SpringsMIUSA15 min.Couple experience 2nd sighting of three lights over their rural home. Objects flashed red, green, white; distinct movement.11/2/99
2/28/96 19:50RedmondWAUSA4 sec.2 adults see an extremely bright, round, "neon green/white" ball of light streak from S to NE in horiz. flt. Extremely bright & fast.11/2/99
2/28/96 19:50LynnwoodWAUSA3 sec.Man driving to west witnesses a very bright, white ball of light streak from S to N directly ahead of him 20 deg. above horizon.11/2/99
2/28/96 19:48BothellWAUSA2 sec.Man repts. seeing a large, extremely bright "red, blue, and whitish" obj. streaking from S to NW. Former pilot, estimates Mach 3+.11/2/99
2/28/96 19:45Tri-CitiesWAUSA30 sec.Businessman driving to W sees pulsating bluish-white light ahead of his car moving from N to S. Very bright, strobing light.11/2/99
2/28/96 07:10NewcastleWAUSA2 min.Man & wife witness four small, metallic-looking objs., reflecting bright sunlight, go streaking N to S. First 2x, then a 3rd, & 4th.11/2/99
2/27/96 22:01SaginawMIUSALight8 min.Commuter airliner w/ passengers turns, descends 12,500' to avoid a bizarre, extremely bright obj. directly ahead. Obj. could "jump."11/2/99
2/27/96 22:00Cleveland ARTCCOHUSA10 min.FAA controller calls to recount event of commuter airliner near Saginaw, MI. Says pilot reported pulsing ball of light ahead of a/c.11/2/99
2/27/96 19:45MarysvilleWAUSAMan witnesses yellowish-white light near Venus. Obj. suddenly accelerate "in warp drive" and streaks to the north.11/2/99
2/27/96Troutdale (near)WAUSATwo brothers driving truck decide to calibrate odometer against road markers. Struck in face by flash of light, are 10 mi. down road!11/2/99
2/27/96SeattleWAUSAWoman reports experiencing a very short entity, "like a dwarf," in her bedroom during night. 2nd visitation in 3 years.11/2/99
2/26/96 12:20Fort LauderdaleFLUSADiamond2 hrs.Three adults observe 2 "two tiny white rectangle, or rhomboids" just above horizon over ocean. Objs. descend, rise. 2nd sighting.11/2/99
2/25/96 02:30DoylestownPAUSA3 min.Driving on Rte. 313, man sees 3 bright "meteorites." Eng. & lights fail, van stops abruptly. Paralyzed, feels something "scan" mind.11/2/99
2/24/96 03:27GlendoraCAUSA2 min.Several police officers observe large red ball of light move S, then E, then S, disappear from sight. (Missle launch from Vandenberg.)11/2/99
2/24/96 03:20Tehachapi Mtns.CAUSALight3 min.Couple see very bright, orange/red obj. approach from W, turn 90 deg., go S. Large, comet-like tail. (Missle from Vandenberg AFB).11/2/99
2/24/96 03:15Edwards AFBCAUSA2 min.Controller at Edwards AFB reports receiving two calls from local law enforcement re orange fireball. Radar neg. (Missle launch??)11/2/99
2/23/96 22:30PrinevilleORUSA2 min.Man, 2 other adults, witness large, rectangular obj. w/ "curious" red, blue, green "blended colors" on bottom pass overhead.11/2/99
2/23/96 21:29MadisonTNUSA1 min.Several children witness a "small silver disc w/ a white light on top." Streaks off. Mother separates them & they draw same obj..11/2/99
2/19/96 22:44Whidbey IslandWAUSA10 sec.Three adults see triangular shaped obj., w/ 4 very bright white lights, streak to the E. Emphasized brightness of light, humming sound.11/2/99
2/19/96 20:45Vero BeachFLUSA35 min.Young man & woman witness peculiar bright yellow light, w/ "green streaks," in W sky. Moves, turns red. 3rd observer 10 mi. away.11/2/99
2/18/96 19:45GainesvilleFLUSADiamond5 min.Man, wife, and 6-yr. old daughter witness "huge, diamond-shaped" obj. SE of city. Obj. had "massive floodlights," passed overhead.11/2/99
2/18/96 02:05Cedar SpringsMIUSAMan & wife witness three strange lights near their rural home. They exhibited red, green, and white light; formed a triangle.11/2/99
2/17/96 19:30Cactus FlatsCAUSA5 min.3 men on motorcycles witness 6 large, bright objs. hovering in the sky, 1 on the ground. Objs. illuminate area dramatically, fade out.11/2/99
2/16/96 21:45IthacaNYUSA3 min.Woman & husband (pilot) see very large, illuminated obj., shaped like "upside down cage on a blimp," pass overhead. Good rept..11/2/99
2/16/96 04:10CashmereWAUSA5 sec.Woman sees round, orange "globe" of light flying to W. Wakes husband, who sees obj. briefly. Obj. flew up valley, disappeared.11/2/99
2/11/96 19:30Lake StevensWAUSAFive observers witness red-orange, egg-shaped obj. w/ a "halo" fly from the SE to NW.11/2/99
2/9/96 21:40HollywoodFLUSA6 min.Man sees a "star" overhead begin to move from W to E, fly w/ oscillating movement, "from side to side," fade from sight. 2nd observer.11/2/99
2/9/96 19:45EurekaCAUSA4 min.Woman and neighbor witness bizarre formation of up to ten objs. overhead w/ white flashing lights. Objs. maneuvered; 1/3 of sky.11/2/99
2/9/96 19:30CharlestonORUSA2 min.Man sees bizarre formation of craft fly over Charleston Harbor, all simultaneously turn to SE. 2 types of objects. Loud noise.11/2/99
2/9/96 18:45SeattleWAUSA5 min.Young man w/ neighbor witness bizarre multiple flashing lights in straight line over E horiz.. Obj. hovered, moved, then streaked off.11/2/99
2/9/96 18:45Whidbey IslandWAUSA5 min.Five adults witness in W sky an elongate obj. w/ flashing lights moving N to S, like 3 "diamonds in row." Length 4-7x dia. of moon!11/2/99
2/9/96 18:30RedmondWAUSA90 sec.Man repts. 4-6 tiny objs. w/ very bright strobing lights fly S to N in W sky. "Wobbled, weaved vert." in flt. 4 min. later, N to S!11/2/99
2/9/96 18:25Granite FallsWAUSACylinderWoman repts. 4 white flashing lights in a straight-line formation passing very rapidly W to E to the north of her home. Exclnt report.11/2/99
2/9/96 17:50LangleyWAUSACylinder5 min.Five witnesses observe long, slender, tubular obj. w/ pointed nose moving N to S in W sky. Descends, disappears behind Olympic Mtns.11/2/99
2/8/96 07:11St. JosephMOUSASphere5 sec.Young nurse sees bizarre white, illuminated sphere hovering above treeline to west of hospital. Obj. suddenly turns green, disappears.11/2/99
2/8/96 00:15ReddingCAUSA15 min.Man seess obj. shaped like "upside-down ice cream cone" pass slowly overhead. Yellow, w/ 3 lights on bottom. Shot flames down.11/2/99
2/7/96 17:30GilbertAZUSAPilot repts. witnessing a "red object," which faded, began moving E, stopped, then moved S. Suddenly disappeared w/ a flash of light.11/2/99
2/4/96 13:30MarblemountWAUSA5 min.Woman & man witness peculiar aircraft "w/ disc above it." Suddenly, disc separates from the a/c, flies ahead of it! Very slow flt.(??)11/2/99
2/3/96 22:44Walla Walla AirportWAUSA4 min.Air traffic controller reports a pale yellow light, that looked "square" in his binoculars, pass from SE to directly overhead.11/2/99
2/3/96 11:00Lake OswegoORUSAUFO investigator relays report: Woman witnesses "cigar-shaped" craft near I-5/Rte. 217 interchange. White & blue color. 300' alt..11/2/99
2/2/96 20:35PortlandORUSA5 sec.Man sees wedge-shaped obj. pass overhead at high rate of speed. Appeared to have 6-8 rectangular, white lights on each "wing."11/2/99
2/1/96 21:05Las VegasNVUSA30 sec.UFO investigator and husband witness a very bright light in W sky. Suddenly develops greenish-blue tail, accelerates up at 45 deg..11/2/99
2/1/96 21:00Big PineCAUSA4 sec.Woman sees large triangular obj. w/ white sparks pouring off its nose pass over Hwy 395, disappear to E. Twice size of moon.11/2/99
2/1/96 06:07WoodinvilleWAUSA1 minuteMan reports seeing obj. in apparent polar orbit (?), that appeared to be emitting an erratic strobing effect. (Tumbling satellite??)11/2/99
2/1/96New HampshireOHUSACUFOS relays sighting report: 4 family members witness a huge obj. w/ ring of alternating orange & blue-green lights around it.11/2/99
1/28/96ChandlerAZUSASerious-minded woman calls to report vivid vision of "aliens" during prior night. Awakes in a.m. w/ several bizarre phy. anomalies.11/2/99
1/26/96 23:59SedgewickMEUSA2 min.Woman w/ husband witness a white orb, larger than (apparent) size of moon, w/ "orange dots imbedded in it." Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
1/25/96 21:30PhoenixAZUSA30 min.Young man and his mother were witness to approximately 4 objects overhead in a formation.11/2/99
1/25/96 21:15ReddingCAUSA12 min.Young boy reports being witness to the strange obj. reported by others over Redding. Obj. was circular, w/ no lights, not an aircraft.11/2/99
1/25/96 15:04BartlettTNUSAWoman observes two "aircraft," then realizes that one is a cluster of "slivers of metal in the sky." Objs. hover, maneuver, disappear.11/2/99
1/20/96 22:00MadisonWIUSA3 min.Anonymous caller reports seeing a cigar-shaped craft, with "8 dim blue and red lights" along its length. (No other details provided.)11/2/99
1/18/96 06:30FayettevilleARUSA5 min.Woman & husband witness double, parallel columns of light going straight up into the sky. The source of light was in rural area.11/2/99
1/16/96 22:32MonitorWAUSA5 min.Chelan Co. Sheriff's Office calls to relay a report of several bright, orange lights moving east above the Wenatchee River.11/2/99
1/16/96 22:32MonitorWAUSA5 min.Husband & wife, other observers, see 3 gold spheres, 3' in diam., fly slowly W to E above Wenatchee R., then 3 more! Fly over E horiz..11/2/99
1/16/96 07:40SeattleWAUSAWoman opens curtains on 2nd floor of home, sees multiple bizarre designs, or "letters" pressed precisely into layer of snow on deck.11/2/99
1/14/96 06:05CharlestonSCUSA25 min.Two men witnessed a large, white plume in the morning sky. (May have been Delta rocket launched from Cape Kennedy at 0600 hrs.)11/2/99
1/12/96 21:40LatourMOUSAWoman and daughter witness a very bright obj. in sky, then a 2nd bizarre, oval-shaped red light. Red light "explodes" into fragments.11/2/99
1/9/96 04:45RockvilleMDUSA11 min.Woman awakened by a bizarre sound, "like a broken lawn mower." Sees a bizarre, elongate obj. w/ bright lights on both ends, middle.11/2/99
1/8/96 21:20WenatcheeWAUSA11 min.Radio personality goes out to car, sees 3 "golden globes of light" moving NNW to SSW. Each ascends vert. Other witnesses.11/2/99
1/7/96 07:00PortlandORUSA30 min.Couple witness 2-3 dozen points of light overhead moving SE to NW. 5 min. later, they are seen going SE. Moved sporadically.11/2/99
1/5/96 22:00E. GreenvillePAUSA40 min.Woman, and 2 neighbors, witness a large, white light, which approaches them. Becomes gold, w/ windows, each a different color.11/2/99
1/5/96 01:30Round LakeILUSA3 min.Woman sees 2 solid red lights move across sky, maneuvering, "mimicking one another." Stop, become green; 1 disappears, then 2nd.11/2/99
1/3/96 18:15Fort SmithARUSA1 minuteMan taking out trash, sees 3 greenish-yellow balls of light dip down out of clouds, hover, go back up. Many other obervers, reports.11/2/99
1/3/96 15:30KelsoWAUSAMan, daughter witness peculiar bright white, round light hovering in N sky. Obj. rises, turns, and becomes elongate, disappears.11/2/99
1/1/96 07:10PhoenixAZUSA35 min4 adults see 4 lights move erratically for 35 min. Then 5 silent boomerang ships w/ glowing silver underbellies fly by in V formation!11/2/99
12/31/95 19:00LongviewWAUSAWoman, husband, son witness "star" that began to move, stopped, maneuvered erratically. Moved behind trees, winked out.11/2/99
12/30/95 01:00SeattleWAUSA15 min.Woman's attention drawn to very faint light over Puget Sound. Obj. grows brighter, then suddenly moves to W and disappears.11/2/99
12/28/95 17:30TrinidadTrinidad15 min.Seismic ship captain reports damage to towed equip. by huge underwater obj.. Obj. rises from ocean, seen on radar for 10 min..11/2/99
12/27/95 20:15California (Rte. 40)CAUSA5 sec.Man w/ wife witness bizarre "grayish yellow light" streak almost vert. from night sky, go to horizon. (Awaiting written rept.)11/2/99
12/24/95 23:30ChristiansburgVAUSATriangle1-2 min.4 adults see 2 conventional mil. aircraft "pursuing" a 3rd "triangular craft w/ tiny red lights." 4th a/c approaches at high speed.11/2/99
12/20/95 23:50SchnecksvillePAUSA3 min.Man & daughter witness triangular obj. w/ 3 very bright white lights on the corners, 1 red light in the cntr. Obj. circled their home!11/2/99
12/19/95 17:40Indian HeightsINUSA1 hourMan, other residents, witness bizarre cluster of lights--"red in middle, 3 white lights around it." Reported to flicker.11/2/99
12/18/95 21:45ScottsdaleAZUSA30 min.Man (pilot) & woman witness stationary bright obj. w/ strobe lights in NE sky. Regular strobing pattern. FAA radar negative.11/2/99
12/17/95 20:15GreenvilleNCUSA7 sec.Man witnesses 3 orange lights in triangular pattern hover momentarily, glide across sky, pause, pivot, the fade from view.11/2/99
12/14/95 14:45PomonaCAUSAOval15 min.While delivering packages, man observes 16 round, or oval, tiny golden objs. overhead. Objs. maneuvered, suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
12/14/95 04:24BoiseIDUSAFAA employee observes six objects descend out of the night sky and explode into fragments very close to ground. Bizarre sight.11/2/99
12/13/95 18:45Upper MakefieldPAUSA30 sec.Two young girls witnessed extremely bright white, spinning lights overhead. Lts. turned blue, disappeared. Local power failure.11/2/99
12/12/95 22:30GlenNYUSA15 sec.Young woman & friend witness bizarre, round obj. w/ intensely bright blue/white lights. Pursued obj. in car; obsrvd. it on ground.11/2/99
12/10/95 23:00JollietILUSA3 sec.Man witnesses bright red streak of light travel from W to E in front of his car as he is driving N on highway.11/2/99
12/10/95 22:45HoustonTXUSA5 sec.Man & wife on freeway see round disc w/ red blinking lights streak by. Obj. flipped on edge. Wife saw door or hatch on bottom.11/2/99
12/10/95 18:12PhoenixAZUSA15 min.Man, neighbor, 6 kids witnessed first three bright objs. in twilight sky, then two others streaked up to 1st 3. Not stars or planets.11/2/99
12/10/95 06:00ClaytonNMUSA45 min.Nurse & daughter see 2 very bright objs. in a.m. sky, flashing red, white, blue lights in constant pattern. Both moved. Not stars.11/2/99
12/9/95 18:30SpringfieldILUSA9 hrs.IL State Police/Morgan Co. Sher. relayed mult. repts. of peculiar, very brightwhite&blue flashes in sky. Seen by citizens, troopers.11/2/99
12/7/95 20:40OldsmarFLUSALight4 sec.Six witnessed very bright obj. streak from N to S in E sky. 1/4 size of full moon. Blue head, short orange/blue tail. Silent.11/2/99
12/6/95 22:45LynnwoodWAUSA2 sec.Five youth watching TV see a "black obj., w/ no lights" streak by apt. window. Later, saw beam of light over pond. Called 911.11/2/99
12/6/95 17:00BothellWAUSA4 min.Father & daughter driving in car witness "beautiful electric blue" triang. shaped obj. in evening sky. Flipped on side, maneuvered.11/2/99
12/5/95 20:30North BendWAUSAChevron4 min.Two adults, 7 children, witness "an orangey light, like an 1/8th moon," hover, move south, then hover again in clouds. No sound.11/2/99
12/5/95 20:30North BendWAUSANewspaper reporter calls seeking information regarding sighting of peculiar object over N. Bend on prior night.11/2/99
12/4/95 22:16GenevaNYUSA25 minWoman rpts a very bright stationary light in SE sky "below Orion's Belt" that looks "like a horseshoe." Alternating red, blue, white.11/2/99
12/4/95 02:14SeattleWAUSALight2 sec.Man reports a brief power failure, looks outside and witnesses a luminous obj., size of star, streak from W to E in southern sky.11/2/99
12/3/95 22:00Nisqually DeltaWAUSA15 sec.Woman & husband, while driving S on Hwy. I-5, witness obj. beside road light up huge area of sky for 3 sec., again 10 min. later.11/2/99
12/3/95 21:00BoringORUSA15 min.Woman, son, & friend witness multiple, rapid red flashes in clouds in distance, then overhead. No sound. Other repts. to 911.11/2/99
12/3/95 11:20ChandlerAZUSA12Woman sees bright light in daytime sky. Was "oriented vert," and was moving E to W, then to SW. Moved fast. Saw 2nd light.11/2/99
12/2/95 22:00SebastopalCAUSAMan in car witnesses 2 peculiar lights, which suddenly became 3 lights, then began to move slowly. Heard "engine sound."11/2/99
12/1/95 23:40Orland ParkILUSA18 min.Man repts. seeing 4-5 very bright, multi-colored lights in southern night sky. Appear to move, but very little. (Twinkling stars?)11/2/99
12/1/95 22:55OwossoMIUSALight5 sec.Pilot, former FAA controller, sees 5 "pinkish" small lights in clear area of sky, arranged in precise staggered-V formation, streak.11/2/99
12/1/95 21:00Mount ShastaCAUSAComm. pilot repts. witnessing multiple peculiar flashes of light from N of Mt. Shasta to Eugene, OR. Bursts moved N w/ aircraft.11/2/99
12/1/95 17:20WaukeshaWIUSA2 sec.Woman in car witnesses "shooting star" descend vertically, suddenly stop, suddenly shoot of horizontally. Multiple lights on it.11/2/99
11/30/95 22:35HowellNJUSA5 min.Man saw 2 lights, apparently coming directly toward him, then a 3rd appeared, forming a triangular shape. Hovered nearby, faded.11/2/99
11/29/95 21:28Glen EllenCAUSA15 sec.Woman calls to rept. that her son & husband had seen a huge obj. w/ 3 red flashing lights. "Shape of sub on Seaquest TV program."11/2/99
11/29/95 19:05ReddingCAUSA5 min.Woman witnesses bright "star" in NW sky which suddenly splits into two lights. 1 descends to hor., other rises vert., disappears.11/2/99
11/29/95 16:40Antelope ValleyCAUSALight10 sec.Man on Hwy. 14 sees two bright objs. w/ trails behind them flying slowly along a parallel course. Larger becomes black dot.11/2/99
11/28/95 21:30BellevueWAUSA15 sec.Software engin. witnesses "stripe" of green light in N/S orientation across sky above scudding clouds. (Adv. laser light rptd. 28NO.)11/2/99
11/28/95 21:00Palm SpringsCAUSA38 min.FAA employee calls regarding a shimmering, very colorful, stationary light in the eastern sky. (Twinkling star??)11/2/99
11/27/95 23:00Fort MorganCOUSA2 hrs.Woman reports a very bright, colorful, stationary object "below the Belt of Orion." (Possible flickering star??)11/2/99
11/25/95 20:01WoodlandCAUSA2 sec.Two young boys witness 2 bright, white oval objs. streak to E, then to NE below the clouds. Objs. were very bright.11/2/99
11/25/95 00:42Wishkah RiverWAUSAExperienced MUFON investigator/law officer relays rpt that woman, son witnessed bizarre bright light, green beam near home.11/2/99
11/24/95Comanche CountyOKUSAMan calls to relay reports of multiple cattle mutilations in Comanche, Telman, & Grady Counties. 7 calves in 1 rpt. News articles.11/2/99
11/22/95 20:03HaltbroPAUSA1 minuteWoman reported witnessing a cluster of "gold cigars." Passed overhead very fast. Objs. were thicker in center. Distinctly gold.11/2/99
11/22/95 19:45WoodlandCAUSAMother reported her son had become very agitated after witnessing a strange craft outside his bedroom. Disc w/ "fluttering" sound.11/2/99
11/21/95 22:00MemphisTNUSA2 min.Woman & neighbor witness bizarre obj. pass overhead. Obj. had long wings, "like a glider," w/ 8-9 lights on each. It folded wings!!11/2/99
11/21/95 18:00PeytonCOUSA5 min.Young man&mother; 2 intensely bright white lights, side by side, moving erratically across sky. Green flashes, sonic11/2/99
11/20/95 21:50BremertonWAUSA2 sec.Woman reports witnessing peculiar lights in W sky, which suddenly disappeared from sight. Lights "looked round."11/2/99
11/20/95 20:25Federal WayWAUSA1 minuteWoman, friend, observe very large obj. in sky w/. bizarre lights. Stationary at first, then began to drift to W. No sound.11/2/99
11/20/95 19:12SumterSCUSA20 sec.Woman repts. her husband had just witnessed two bizarre ships, "a round one, and a long torpedo-shaped obj.," pass overhead.11/2/99
11/20/95 13:42TampaFLUSANursery owner repts. peculiar ring of flattened grass on his property. Grass had been killed earlier w/ spray, but was matted down.11/2/99
11/20/95 06:15Belle FourcheSDUSA2 sec.MUFON State Dir. relays rpt: Postal empl. heading W on highway witnesses very large white w/ green tail streak vert. to horizon.11/2/99
11/19/95 23:06Virginia BeachVAUSA25 sec.Mother heard high-pitch whine pass over house. Daughter witnessed large circular craft w/ multiple circular whitish, yellow lights.11/2/99
11/19/95 21:50OlatheKSUSA1 hourFamily repts. a stationary obj. in night sky that is flashing red, blue, silver. Appears to rotate. (Not inconsistent w/ star.)11/2/99
11/19/95 20:45HoltonKSUSA15 min.Youth w/ friend pursue on Hwy. 16 "triangular thing in sky, w/ yellow, blue, and green" lights. Obj. turned abruptly, flew north.11/2/99
11/19/95 18:37ReddingCAUSA10 min.Father w/ children witness orange ball of light bob above trees. Suddenly witness streak of white light w/ green tail" finger wide.11/2/99
11/19/95 18:35PlacervilleCAUSA3 sec.MUFON investigator relays rept. of multiple sightings of bizarre "meteor." Multiple newspaper articles.11/2/99
11/19/95 18:30ReddingCAUSA3 sec.Woman in car facing E saw very bright, bizarre obj. streak horizontally from L to R. Head was blue, tail was yellow, orange, red.11/2/99
11/19/95 18:30Carson CityNVUSA2 sec.Woman calls after dramatic sighting of "a red streak of light, w/ blue in middle" moving SE to NW. Width "as thick as my thumb!"11/2/99
11/19/95 18:00TrentonIAUSA3 min.Young man hunting sees two peculiar bright lights hovering in sky, "like planets." Suddenly they flashed, changed color, moved.11/2/99
11/19/95 17:30PhoenixAZUSA5 min.Woman, grandson, and several other witnesses rept. approx. 10 shiny objs. maneuvering, reflecting sunlight overhead. Streaked off.11/2/99
11/19/95 00:26FraminghamMAUSA50 sec.Young woman repts. seeing w/ friends a large, round, bright obj. overhead. Filled car w/ green light. "Pains in head."11/2/99
11/18/95 17:40MojaveCAUSA35 min.Woman repts. 2 objs., "big and small," hovering in clear sky to SW. Lights appear to blink or strobe. Other witnesses.11/2/99
11/18/95 15:08SeattleWAUSANat. UFO Rpt. Ctr. phones AP & UPI wire services. They have no info re 17NO95 sightings; express no desire to inspect data.11/2/99
11/18/95 01:15MuskegonMIUSA12 minWoman repts. daughter encountered intensely bright red, triangular obj. sitting on side of road. Obj. rose, disappeared suddenly.11/2/99
11/18/95 00:00OrlandoFLUSAWoman repts. bizarre "half circle" obj. in sky to SE. Projects ray downward! Something appeared to "fall" from the main object.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30SeattleWAUSA38 min.2nd Seattle Univ. student calls to report remarkable "pink and " blue flashing lights in, or above the clouds.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30Seymour-Johnson AFBNCUSADuty sergeant rpts multiple calls from citizens regarding 1 or more (?) objects hovering, maneuvering near USAF base. Radar neg.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30SeattleWAUSA20 min.Young woman in Seattle Univ. dormitory sees bizarre, pronounced red, pink, blue intense, multiple flashes of light in clouds to east.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs.Man repts. witnessing peculiar red and blue flashes over Seattle. One flash filled 180 deg. of sky w/ red light. Observed an orb.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs.Young woman repts. witnessing multiple "flashes of red and blue light" in and above the clouds. Were to the NE of Capitol Hill.11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00ArlingtonWAUSAMUFON member relays multiple reports about people who witnessed "pink and blue flashes" same night as sightings over Seattle.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:35BiddefordMEUSA2 min.Man leaves work at hospital, encounters large "plate-shaped obj. w/ 3 multi-color rings around it." Obj crossed road, rose vert.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:30Fall RiverMAUSA10 sec.Young woman saw extremely bright white light with green tail streak toward the south. No sound.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:27YorkMEUSA5 sec.Father, son, & many bystanders witness incredible "starlike" obj. w/ "white aura, long green tail," STREAK FAST from NE to SW.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:26YarmouthMEUSA5 sec.Young man reports huge, bright white light, "w/ green wake," pass overhead very fast. Other witnesses stopped cars.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:25Lower NazarethPAUSA3 min.Woman witnesses huge, triangular-shaped ship, covered w/ bizarre lights, "like traffic lights." Very dramatic sighting.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20FAA (Sector 18)NYUSA5 sec.FAA Boston Cntr. relays 2 rpts: 2 comm. jetliner crews rept very bright light, green tail, pass by them on N side very fast. Close.11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20OrangeVTUSA15 minutesWoman witnesses multiple red, radiant objs. hovering over her mountaintop farm, then immense white flash. Objs. streaked S (?).11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20Basking RidgeNJUSA4 sec.Young man, while driving N, witnesses dramatic white fireball to east streak N to S. Sees similar red streak N to S in W sky!11/2/99
11/17/95 00:30TacomaWAUSAYoung man repts. he returned home from store, neighborhood boys excited about strange obj. that had just passed overhead.11/2/99
11/15/95 03:00Green Co.TNUSA2 hrs.FAA empl. relays facts of written rept. Man and woman encounter 3 bizarre ships that hovered over them on Hwy. 70.11/2/99
11/14/95 18:45MidwayGAUSA2 min.Mother notices "aircraft" over Midway River, suddenly "engine noise" seem to slow. She & kids see 2 "mushroom shaped" craft.11/2/99
11/14/95 18:30American CanyonCAUSA30 min.Woman and daughter witness w/ binoculars 2 strange lights in sky. Flashing white, red, green. (Not inconsistent w/ twinkling star.)11/2/99
11/13/95 19:50Lake OswegoORUSA12 min.Woman repts. three peculiar green beams of light overhead. (MUFON investigator reptd. was probably laser-based adv. light.)11/2/99
11/13/95 00:15BirminghamALUSA2 sec.Man standing outside sees what looks like "shooting star." Obj. split into 3 lights, "like isosceles triangle," shot across sky to SE11/2/99
11/12/95 21:00Las VegasNVUSA45 min.Woman repts. two stationary, "colorful," lights to W & NW of her position. (Description not inconsistent w/ twinkling stars.)11/2/99
11/11/95 21:45KirklandWAUSA10 sec.Woman on cruise boat sees large obj. w/ 8-10 strange red lights, passes overhead N to S, dips, rises vert. out of sight! No sound.11/2/99
11/11/95 19:00SolvangCAUSA10 min.Two young women driving to party encounter a large cylindrical-shaped obj. "w/ a lot of lights on it." Drifted slowly, streaked.11/2/99
11/11/95 18:25Rock IslandWAUSALight20 sec.Man on Hwy 28 sees extremely bright obj. "shoot across windshield," blow up into many fragments when it entered cloud of fog.11/2/99
11/11/95 01:15EugeneORUSA10 min.Three adults hear a strange noise, see a strange "star" to W. Obj. does gyrations, then streaks N. 10 min. later, they see 3 more.11/2/99
11/10/95 23:25AuburnWAUSA10 sec.Man experienced 15 sec. power outage in Enumclaw, then witnesses major blue, then green flash south of Auburn. 50 deg. of sky.11/2/99
11/10/95 21:00EilmsportPAUSAPA Emer. Man. Agency relays report from citizen regarding "UFO sighting." (Established 19NO95 they were advertising lights.)11/2/99
11/10/95 19:50BeavertonORUSA40 min.Family returns from restaurant and notice "emerald green beam" of light going horizontally over their home. Beam ended abruptly.11/2/99
11/8/95 19:00Pilot RockORUSALight1 hourTwo brothers witness cluster of 4 bizarre blue-white lights ahead on highway. Strange effects. Drove 98.7 miles on 2 gal. gas.11/2/99
11/7/95 23:10RocklandCAUSAWoman repts. witnessing obj. in sky that "looks like star." Reptd. to move slightly, fade. She drove to open field to view. (Star?)11/2/99
11/6/95 20:45LebanonORUSA5 min.Mother (39 yrs.) & son witness bizarre, very brightly lighted disc hovering over rural road. Moved extraordinarily suddenly, fast!11/2/99
11/6/95 00:20TampaFLUSA30 sec.Woman & husband witness "extremely brilliant white light w/ pink & blue" in the E sky. Appeared to eject obj. Changed shape.11/2/99
11/6/95 00:15St. AugustineFLUSA20 sec.Anon. rpt. of bizarre obj. that "looked like the Shuttle" moving S to N across sky, 20 deg. in 20 sec.. Visible exhaust plume. Bright.11/2/99
11/5/95 23:20MascoutahILUSA7 sec.Nurse returning home sees "bright white light shoot over her truck, straight ahead (of her)." Upset. Possible phy. effect on car.11/2/99
11/5/95 21:45ChampaignILUSA5 min.Woman & 9-yr. daughter heard "sirens" then noticed obj. sitting above nearby trees. Looked "like Xmas lights." Followed them.11/2/99
11/5/95 00:00LexingtonKYUSA3 hrs.Young man in state of excitement calls to report a "big ball of light" had circled him as he walked along RR tracks. Missing time(?).11/2/99
11/4/95 23:45AlfalfaORUSA10 sec.Young man (MUFON trainee) & girlfriend witness a "straight, triangular beam of light" projected down (?) from cloudy sky.11/2/99
11/4/95 11:53ChelanWAUSASoftware engin. repts. very bright, peculiar orange "fireballs" to the SSE of his home. Similar sighting in same area 28OC95.11/2/99
11/4/95BrocktonMAUSAMan reports witnessing "bright light coming through the trees." He goes to window, sees peculiar "long tube" pass over his house.11/2/99
11/3/95 23:06West SeattleWAUSAWoman repts. pecular small obj. in morning sky, "like a bright star." Then it began to move, rose up, drifted south. Red beacon vis.11/2/99
11/3/95 23:00ColtonCAUSA10 min.Woman observes peculiar "red star" in N sky. Viewed it w/ coworkers. Obj. finally moved off and disappeared from sight.11/2/99
11/3/95 22:25BelmontCAUSA2 sec.Woman witnesses a "round, fluorescent gree ball of fire" descend out of night sky & disappear behind hills to S. Long, fiery tail.11/2/99
11/3/95 14:17Maryland Hts.MOUSA3 min.Woman notices "tiny little shiny obj." in daytime sky. It suddenly drops to horizon in approx. 10-15 sec., disappears from sight.11/2/99
11/3/95AlbanyNYUSA3 nightsMan repts. witnessing triangular shaped craft pass overhead on NO 03, 04, & 05. Illuminated clouds; changed shape!11/2/99
11/1/95 21:45Sedro WoolleyWAUSA30 min.Husband & wife see peculiar colorful, stationary obj. to E, over Alger Mtn.. (Possible star??)11/2/99
11/1/95 11:40MansonWAUSAMan repts. 2 "guys in scuba divers suits w/ wrap-around glasses" in his apt.. "Photographed" man w/ "flashlights." Through wall!11/2/99
11/1/95 00:15BothellWAUSA2 sec.Exp. UFO investigator, MUFON member, witnesses very bright bluish/white flash of light that lit living room. Descended rapidly.11/2/99
10/31/95 22:05West HartfordCTUSA20 sec.Passenger in car noticed "haze" that appeared to be divided into 3 "sections" w/ bright light in center. Changed shape, became disc.11/2/99
10/31/95 21:10TacomaWAUSA4 sec.Man sitting in hot tub sees "satellite" in E sky. Obj. suddenly accelerated dramatically, made zigzag turns, departed very fast.11/2/99
10/31/95 19:00TacomaWAUSALight2 min.Woman sees extremely bright, "fuschia-pink" ball of light settle into neighbor's field! Light reflected off truck; dog stared at it.11/2/99
10/30/95 23:30SeattleWAUSA30 min.Woman rpts peculiar bright obj. in NW sky, 45 deg. above horizon. (Reported 02NO95 obj. was not present on subsequent nights.)11/2/99
10/29/95 21:40EllisvilleMOUSA30 min.Woman repts. "4 lights, then 6 lights, look like bright street lights in the sky." Criss-crossing, dancing motion. (Adv. lights?)11/2/99
10/29/95 21:40KodakTNUSA1 minuteMan & wife witness very bizarre obj. moving erratically in sky. "It looked like an airplane, but it wasn't (one.)" 1 blinking light.11/2/99
10/28/95 20:00AuburnWAUSA2 sec.Woman repts. a "white, round meteor," viewed from Rte. 64. Viewed to north approx. 25 deg. above horizon.11/2/99
10/28/95 01:30GreenwoodCAUSA3 hrs.Man & wife see very bright obj do "loop" then see 3 more objs. Got other witnesses, saw 11 objs! Seemed to "shoot at each other."11/2/99
10/27/95 21:23SiletzORUSA15 min.Woman & 3 witnesses rpt stat. obj flashing white, green, red lights. Zigzags dramatically. (Reptd. 02NO95 obj. not visible in sky.)11/2/99
10/27/95 20:28Prince of Wales IslandAKUSA2 min.Man rpts very large, circular obj passing slowly across N sky from W to E to horizon. Dia. of full moon! Burning material ejected.11/2/99
10/25/95 16:55Brunswick CountyNDUSA30 min.Sheriff's office calls to rept. that deputy, 20 mi. SSE of Wilmington, is looking at peculiar, bright white, strobing light.11/2/99
10/24/95 02:00HollisterCAUSA1 min.Man calls to relay sighting of "very large white light in sky." Obj. developed "tail like comet." Other observers. Called police.11/2/99
10/23/95 21:30Johnson CityTNUSA15 min.Young couple witness 2 "huge" objects pass overhead. Had no wings, 20 lights (est.) per side. Very visible; "hummed." Good rpt.11/2/99
10/22/95 19:35AuburnCAUSA6 sec.Young girl w/ friends witness bizarre "triangle w/ 3 red, dim lights," streak across sky. Strobed bright light. Scared, nauseous.11/2/99
10/22/95 02:30BessemerALUSA15 min.Man, wife, 2 children, driving down long hill, see bizarre cluster of lights, "like Christmas tree in the sky." Multiple witnesses.11/2/99
10/19/95 19:15BeavertonORUSA45 sec.Man's dog suddenly starts acting very bizarrely, threatens to bite him. He takes dog outside, witnesses bizarre light hover, leave.11/2/99
10/19/95 09:15VancouverWAUSA3 min.Fed. empl. (pilot & a/c mech.) w/ 2 co-workers witness 2 metallic discs approach from E sky below contrails, turn, streak. Exclnt.11/2/99
10/19/95 05:30Rocky PointWAUSA1 minuteWoman repts. being awakened by strange "whine, like a jet." Went outside, saw bizarre delta-shaped craft. Obj. changed shape!11/2/99
10/19/95VancouverWAUSAMan rpts hearing on "Mutual Network News" of bizarre UFO landing, interaction, in Malaysia. (See Bangkok News early JN95!)11/2/99
10/18/95 18:45Grass LakeMIUSA1 minuteMan & wife witness "large white luminous ball w/ bright blue tail" descend from W to E in N sky. Moved very rapidly. Good rpt.11/2/99
10/17/95 21:38Crescent CityCAUSA5 min.Man witnesses strange white, oval-shaped light being pursued by 2 fast aircraft. Very high, fast. Obj dramatically outpaced a/c.11/2/99
10/17/95 21:15MergasGAUSASeveral people witness "4 little red lights" move across sky. They darted erratically, moved fast. Some yellow light present, too.11/2/99
10/17/95 20:45MiamiFLUSAFAA controller relays UFO sighting reported by "crew" of aircraft 15 miles SE of Lakeland FL. Vortac. Did not show on a/c radar.11/2/99
10/16/95 05:57Scofield BarracksHIUSA30 min.Soldier reports seeing a "stationary obj. to S, w/ red & blue flashing lights." Still clearly visible even after sun has risen.11/2/99
10/15/95 18:15GodfreyILUSA40 minMan & 2 sons witness, pursue in car, strange obj. in rural area. Was size, approx. color of moon. Odd shape, haze. "Winked out."11/2/99
10/14/95 22:30MadisonWIUSA6 min.Co. emerg. dispatch relays sighting of "pointed, oval obj." by family of 4. When bright light dimmed, "spikes sticking out" visible.11/2/99
10/14/95 22:30DaytonWAUSA5 sec.Several young people witness "lime-green, glowing sphere" descend from W to E in N sky, disappear below hor. Other repts.11/2/99
10/14/95 22:30TroyMTUSA2 sec.Two women witness green obj, "size of full moon," fly directly toward them, descend from SE. Illuminated trees on top of mtn..11/2/99
10/14/95 22:30SandpointIDUSA20 sec.Man calls to report multiple witnesses to "green fireball" over WA, ID, MT. Very strange object!11/2/99
10/14/95 22:30SpokaneWAUSA20 sec.Empl. of KREM-TV calls regarding multiple sightings of bright green object w/ orange tail reported by multiple callers.11/2/99
10/14/95 13:25Des MoinesWAUSA2 min.Man repts."long silver obj., seemed to roll, alternated from silver to gray." Had a "red glow" near tail, released gold/yellow sparks.11/2/99
10/13/95 20:00TacomaWAUSA3 min.Woman repts. 5-6 "rocket ship-shaped things, w/sparks flying out back end," flying down vert.out of the night sky. Good rept.11/2/99
10/13/95 05:50Crescent CityCAUSA10 min.Woman goes outside to retrieve paper, sees "some lights" hovering above ocean. White lights turn red, begin zigzagging, stopped.11/2/99
10/11/95 20:00HuntingtonWVUSA2 min.Young man & grandfather see a "large, orange, round or oval" obj. move along horizon very fast, hover, move erratically. Bizarre!11/2/99
10/11/95 18:30New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSA12 min.Young man, mother witness watch strange red obj. 45 deg. above horizon w/ binocular. Obj. suddenly fades, disappears from sight.11/2/99
10/10/95 22:40OaklandCAUSA1 minuteWoman repts. bright light in NW sky, suddenly approaches her, flies slowly overhead. Swept wings, 2 blurry lights either side.11/2/99
10/10/95 19:45MilwaukeeWIUSA2 min.Man on Hwy 43 SW of Milwaukee sees large, bright blue light streak by his car, descend, turn, cross road ahead, strobe. Bizarre!11/2/99
10/10/95 17:05Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)PRPuerto RicoWoman calls regarding fiance who is having peculiar "flash back" recall of alien type creatures. Directed to investigator.11/2/99
10/9/95Iowa CityIAUSAMan repts. witnessing "flash, followed by a classic UFO, w/ a tailfin at back." Red color on top half of tailfin. Became triangular.11/2/99
10/8/95 18:00PhoenixAZUSAYoung man in back of p/u truck, witnesses "flaming red/orange" obj. to W, near Luke AFB. Flares, dims, rises vert., winks out.11/2/99
10/7/95 20:17Wolf LakeMIUSAWoman repts. "4 to 6 UFO's going in circle, coming together" near her house. Was alarmed by "sighting." (Prob. advertising lights.)11/2/99
10/7/95 20:15MuskegonMIUSAMan reports peculiar lights circling his residence. (Probable advertising lights.)11/2/99
10/7/95 19:15West Valley CityUTUSAYoung woman & boyfriend witness "a black obj,...a round black disc w/ a dome," move slowly overhead. Suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
10/6/95 19:00PuyallupWAUSA15 min.Man witnesses "small whitish, blue-green ball" pass overhead, flying to east.11/2/99
10/5/95 19:00North Las VegasNVUSAYoung woman goes outside, see group of teenage girls looking as sky. Large cigar-ship w/ bright lights hovering in sky. Other rpts.11/2/99
10/4/95 22:30SeattleWAUSAWoman calls to report a "UFO" in southern sky. Flashing red, blue, green lights; stationary. (Possible star?)11/2/99
10/3/95 23:15VolindaCAUSAWoman & 4 neighbors witness "bright red light moving slightly across the sky."11/2/99
10/2/95 19:50FarmingtonMNUSA5 sec.Man witnesses very small, VERY bright light descending rapidly in NE sky. Approx. 1/10 diameter of moon.11/2/99
10/2/95 16:08GarbervilleCAUSAEmployee from KMUD radio station calls regarding sighting(s) over northern CA during previous night.11/2/99
10/2/95 10:15N. ProvidenceRIUSA3 min.Man witnesses "small white dot, that came out of clouds." Was slow-moving, white, w/ "red on tail."11/2/99
10/2/95 00:20Santa RosaCAUSA25 sec.Woman goes out to smoke, witnesses overhead "something flapping its wings, like a pteradactyl." Obj. flew NW. Had blue lights.11/2/99
10/1/95 22:30AustinTXUSA90 min.Man reports wife went out to empty trash, disappears for 90 min., returns disoriented and acting strangely.11/2/99
10/1/95 22:30PiedmontCAUSAWoman repts. "big disc the size of a volleyball, very bright like a landing light, w/ a green tinge on top," flew over house to N.11/2/99
10/1/95 21:00VacavilleCAUSAYoung woman, several family members witness peculiar orange disc hovering over neighbor's house. Within 100 ft. (est.).11/2/99
10/1/95 16:30Lake OswegoORUSA90 sec.Man reports witnessing 2 "diamond-shaped objects overhead. (Second sighting on same day.)11/2/99
10/1/95 14:00Lake OswegoORUSA5 sec.Man reports brief sighting of peculiar white object in daytime sky. (See later sighting on same day.)11/2/99
10/1/95 12:00Iowa CityIAUSA20 sec.Man witnesses 2 "white" aircraft rendezvous at high altitude, fly toward bizarre obj. approaching very fast. Obj. "sparkled."11/2/99
9/30/95 23:10TroyMEUSAMan repts. obj. in night sky w/ flashing red, green, white lights. Repts. than 4 of objects suddenly "came together." (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
9/30/95 23:00AndersonINUSA1 min.Young woman repts. seeing "4 very bright lights." Objs. hovered, then streaked off. (Caller failed to leave phone #.)11/2/99
9/30/95 13:30N. ProvidenceRIUSAMan reports seeing cluster of 3 objects "like white balloons" pacing airliner in N sky. Objs. disappear, return. Change color,shape.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:30ManchesterMEUSAMother calls to report that her son would not go to bed "until he had drawn in detail the interior of ship" he had seen that night.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:30ManchesterMEUSA10 min.Man & son driving on I-95 see strange, stationary light, then 2nd streaks up. First obj. approaches car. Son recalls details of ship.11/2/99
9/29/95 19:00SacramentoCAUSA3.5 hrs.Man reports object with white & red lights "very close to sun and moon." (??) (Detailed facts not available.)11/2/99
9/29/95 12:50San FranciscoCAUSA6 sec.Woman sees a bright white obj. hovering steadily in daytime sky. 1/5 size of moon. Suddenly got smaller. (Was soap bubble in sky.)11/2/99
9/28/95 21:50Las VegasNVUSA15 sec.Young woman witnesses "neon green & yellow" object zigzagging overhead. Dog very agitated, would not leave house.11/2/99
9/28/95 21:00NapaCAUSAWoman repts. seeing obj. hovering in sky to W of Napa. Claims "it blew up into 5 pieces." Obj. turquoise, w/ tower. (Unconfirmed.)11/2/99
9/28/95CopleyPAUSAMan reports 2 "white UFO's w/ red & green spinning lights" hovering N & NW of Allentown, PA.11/2/99
9/25/95 23:00RonanMTUSAWoman & fiance' witness strange light in E sky. Was visible at 0610 hrs. same day. (Not vis. in same area of sky next night.)11/2/99
9/25/95 22:50PolsonMTUSARadio DJ reports seeing an object "strobing blue & red" in eastern sky.11/2/99
9/25/95 21:18FlushingMIUSA2 min.Man hears dog barking, goes outside, sees a bright "falling star." Looked like "a spider dropping on a string." (See 26SE95.)11/2/99
9/25/95 20:00FlushingMIUSAMan, wife, and son witness same obj.seen night before. With binoculars, obj. looks emerald, red, and brown.11/2/99
9/25/95 15:45Lake OswegoORUSAMan reports witnessing "black disc" above his garage. Obj. was "flipping. (Same person reports other sightings on other dates.)11/2/99
9/25/95 06:01Salt Lake CityUTUSA8 sec.FAA controller reports seeing bright red/orange obj. streaking E to W in S sky 20 deg. above horizon. Left straight,glowing trail.11/2/99
9/24/95 23:00LynnwoodWAUSAMan reports seeing bright light to west of Lynnwood. (Detailed facts not taken.)11/2/99
9/24/95 20:45ScappooseORUSA3 min.Three young people witness a triangular-shaped craft hovering nearby. Craft had 2 white lights, 1 red. Maneuvered slowly.11/2/99
9/24/95 20:25BoiseIDUSA20 min.Woman calls to report seeing large, triangular-shaped, black mass hovering, moving slowly. Son sees same thing from diff. loc..11/2/99
9/24/95Maple ValleyWAUSA45 sec.Woman witnesses a "ball, a bright light, floating across sky." It "zigzagged, faded, shot straight up."11/2/99
9/23/95 15:45Lake OswegoORUSAMan reports seeing peculiar flashing light above house in daytime sky. Observed "black disc overgarage."11/2/99
9/23/95Washington CountyORUSAUFO investigator reports that his brother, a UFO skeptic, had reported seeing, with 2nd witness, a UFO within 150' of him.11/2/99
9/22/95 05:40PortlandORUSA20 sec.Man on way to work witnesses 2 bright, white "stars" over the Columbia R. Suddenly, started doing incredible maneuvers. Silent.11/2/99
9/22/95 23:30Lake CharlesLAUSA3 min.Man & son witness 3 bright, "neon red" objects flying overhead in tandem formation. Objs. suddenly maneuver to form triangle.11/2/99
9/22/95 21:30RedmondWAUSATwo young girls out walking, hear dogs barking, then see bizarre craft hovering nearby. Then see 4 others. Round, large, w/ lights.11/2/99
9/22/95Virginia BeachVAUSAMan repts. object flew overhead, giving off "gold specks." Several neighbors witnessed event, several alarmed by it.11/2/99
9/21/95 23:00SeattleWAUSA90 sec.OR citizen on Space Needle sees 3 "dull orange lights" fly overhead. Objects performed some unusual movement in formation.11/2/99
9/21/95 21:00ConcordiaKSUSACloud Co., KS, Sheriff's office reports "2 circular spheres, w/ revolving center," had been obtained from citizen. Many other callers.11/2/99
9/20/95 23:30Black ShearGAUSA4 hrs.Multiple, bizarre craft reported by local law enforcement officers. UFO researchers saw same objects from 30 mi. away.11/2/99
9/20/95 21:00PuyallupWAUSAMan repts. seeing obj. "w/ long tail, several football fields long." Left bright, broad trail in night sky.11/2/99
9/20/95 03:30RenoNVUSA1 hourMan, wife, 3 relatives witness "rounded, saucer-shape" obj. overhead. Flashing white & colored lights. Moved like "bouncing ball."11/2/99
9/19/95 23:43HumboltCAUSAUSNavy Ch. Petty Off. repts. seeing "red orb under Jupiter." Obj. moved right, then left, then zipped off at very fast rate.11/2/99
9/19/95 22:46Johnson CityTNUSABizarre, complex sighting of multiple objs. near Tri-City Airport. Bell-shaped, hovered, maneuvered strangely. Shot light at ground!11/2/99
9/19/95 05:57StanfordCAUSA1 min.Woman out walking sees "round object w/ ring oriented vertically around it." Appeared in E sky, passed overhead to hor. in 30 sec..11/2/99
9/18/95 21:45Kansas CityKSUSAMan reports seeing multiple, "see through" objects racing around sky. Claimed many calls made to local TV. (Adv. lights!)11/2/99
9/18/95 20:55SeattleWAUSAWoman repts. a strange light passes overhead at extremely high speed. Flew totally silently, left an "after image" in the sky.11/2/99
9/18/95 18:40N. KingstonRIUSA90 min.Young man from Univ. of RI calls to report seeing small dot in sky that "does loop-dee-loops, blinks." Had little tail behind it.11/2/99
9/18/95 04:20WilcoxAZUSA1 minuteMan sees oblong, white/yellow obj. streak by his car, leaving a thin "contrail." Flew toward Wilcox, turned right, flew toward Mex.11/2/99
9/18/95 04:10AlturasCAUSATwo brothers pull off highway to rest during all-night drive. One remembers experiencing strange, sharp buzzing sound; confused.11/2/99
9/17/95 20:00RichardsonTXUSA30 min.2 young men tossing football on high sch. grounds witness approx. 15-20 bizarre obj. in stormy sky. Some hovered, others moved.11/2/99
9/17/95 00:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAMan reports witnessing a gray colored "flying-wing" shaped craft flying silently overhead. Moved at steady pace.11/2/99
9/16/95 23:15MerlinORUSAWoman relays report of some type of UFO sighting in town. (Limited facts.)11/2/99
9/16/95 21:15SeattleWAUSA20 sec.Man repts. large "vee-shaped boomerang w/ fluorescent light on leading edge" pass slowly overhead. Estimated 500' altitude.11/2/99
9/15/95 22:45CorvallisMTUSAYoung couple witness strange "white light w/ 2 red lights" pass overhead. Object made several sharp turns, flies strangely.11/2/99
9/15/95 22:05New York CityNYUSA18 min.Senior med. care exec. calls to discuss events re 09/15/95 sighting in NYC harbor. Many other responsible witnesses found.11/2/99
9/15/95 22:00New York CityNYUSA18 min.Woman reports many passengers aboard Staten Isl. ferry witness huge craft rise from, roil water! Excellent report! Video prepared.11/2/99
9/15/95 15:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs. 7 witnesses on Phinney Ridge see 4-6 tiny metallic "cigars" hovering, moving, ascending in cloudless sky. Dramatic sighting!11/2/99
9/15/95 10:25RedmondWAUSA6 min.Young man w/ 2 co-workers witness tiny, distinctly white round disc drifting slowly toward NE. Flew in dir. 90 deg. to winds.11/2/99
9/14/95 21:40DouglasAZUSA15 min.Young woman returning from church w/grandmother witness strange obj. w/ "flashing lghts going in circles." Cell phone had static.11/2/99
9/14/95 20:40Columbus (Canada)NBCanada5 sec.Man steps outside house to smoke, see obj. extending out over edge of roof. Sees bizarre obj. w/ solid, hazy lights streak off.11/2/99
9/14/95 19:00ClairtonPAUSA10 min.Young woman w/ 4 friends see obj. streak out of the sky, stop, and hover in N sky. Larger than sun; orange & yellow.11/2/99
9/14/95 05:05Potter ValleyCAUSA5 sec.2nd similar sighting. Woman sees a large, bright red/orange disc, followed by blinking sphere, streak by window 2nd day in row.11/2/99
9/14/95 03:55MasonMIUSA40 sec.Woman sees small, white light--"like a giant lightning bug"--move along wind row of trees. Very bizarre.11/2/99
9/13/95 22:33SilverdaleWAUSA2 sec.Man feels urge to go outside house. Briefly sees formation of 4 "bright, pale orange" objects streak overhead very fast to N horizon.11/2/99
9/13/95 05:05Potter ValleyCAUSA30 sec.Woman suddenly awakens at dawn and witnesses bright red "dot" hovering outside her window. Suddenly got larger, moved to N.11/2/99
9/13/95 04:25MidvaleUTUSAMan witnesses multi-colored obj. moving relative to nearby stars. Appeared to have two smaller objects on each side of it.11/2/99
9/13/95 01:39SuperiorAZUSA30 min.Night watchman at Magna Mine reports motionless, multi-colored obj. in night sky. (Possible star?)11/2/99
9/13/95 00:30MissoulaMTUSA45 min.Man reports witnessing at least 15-20 strange looking objects streaking silently overhead.11/2/99
9/13/95 00:20TallahasseeFLUSA30 sec.Two men witness "large white disc, w/ slight yellow tinge, larger than full moon," move slowly across sky to S, turn. Halo around it.11/2/99
9/12/95 23:50OrangeburgNYUSA15 min.Young couple witness "yellowish white" disc approach their location on remote mtn. top. Streaks off, returns w/ 2nd smaller obj.!11/2/99
9/12/95 21:15W. New BrunswickNJUSA6 sec.Woman sees "yellow orange disc" streak overhead as she exits NJ Turnpike at Exit 15E. Obj. larger in appearance than full moon.11/2/99
9/12/95 10:21North HavenCTUSA5 min.Woman observes bizarre object hovering motionless in cemetary. Looked like "large, bright red bicycle helmut w/ speckles on it."11/2/99
9/12/95 08:58LeadvilleCOUSA2 min.Several adults, waiting for tourist bus, witness 2 tiny metallic-looking objects in daytime sky. Objs. suddenly streak off to W & NE.11/2/99
9/11/95 23:30New LondonCTUSA3 sec.FAA controller repts. seeing extremely bright "meteor" streak almost straight down to southern horizon. "Prob. visible over L. Isl."11/2/99
9/11/95 23:23WhitefishMTUSA5 min.Man & wife witness cluster of lights move along hor. to NE near Salish Mtn. Obj. suddenly "fires" 4 " bolts of light" at mtn. twice.11/2/99
9/11/95 22:15Las VegasNVUSAMan repts. bright, multi-colored obj. in NW night sky. Disappeared while he was in house.11/2/99
9/11/95 16:25Salt Lake CityUTUSA1 minuteFAA controller, 5 airline employees witness 6 very bright objects streaking N to S in western sky. No radar returns.! Exclnt report!!11/2/99
9/10/95 22:00AuburnWAUSA25 min.Young woman sees "black boomerang w/ dim lights" descend in sky. Then, she w/ 5 friends, see triangular ship w/ 5 lights hovering.11/2/99
9/10/95 12:35Las VegasNVUSA8 min.Man, wife, son witness tiny, milk-white sphere hovering in cloudless sky. Streaks off to NW. 15 min. later see silver disc overhead.11/2/99
9/9/95 22:50SilverdaleWAUSA2 sec.Man outside smoking witnesses 3 "dull orange" circular craft streak overhead to west. Each approx. 1/4 diameter of full moon.11/2/99
9/9/95 19:05Lake OswegoORUSAMan sees w/ binocs. motionless, white obj.. Suddenly disappears then reappears in other part of sky. Red, metallic in appearance.11/2/99
9/8/95 06:35PortlandORUSAMan relays radio repts. about large, bright object, "diameter of full moon," seen over W OR. Vis. through overcast, beeping sound!11/2/99
9/5/95 23:00BoiseIDUSA30 min.Three adults witness what appears to be "a straight line of 5-7 lights" hovering motionless in sky. Definite, distinct colors.11/2/99
9/5/95Mercer IslandWAUSAYoung woman repts. seeing large object--"10 times the size of an airplane"--above. (Facts unconfirmed. No written rept.)11/2/99
9/4/95 22:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAMan repts. witnessing a "bright star" in night sky, with white, red, green, blue colors. Began to move, then suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
9/3/95 22:30Virginia BeachVAUSA40 min.Man & wife witness twinkling light to east. It "drifted left, moved, then disappeared." (Possible star?)11/2/99
9/2/95 23:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSA45 sec.Two males leaving concert in Central Park witness strange moving light close to E. horizon. Moved very precisely, turned, vanished.11/2/99
9/1/95 09:30PahrumpNVUSALight12 minutes9;30a.m. six starlike objects following an airforce jet spotted in the northern sky. 11;30a.m. approximately 145 starlike objects sig11/2/99
8/31/95 05:15RenoNVUSAMan goes outside to start car. Sees "two balls of light w/ different colors around them. Something "square" underneath, maybe doors.11/2/99
8/31/95 21:50MukilteoWAUSA20 min.Six adults witness multiple bizarre objects near Paine Field. Objects hovered, jumped suddenly, disappear. Emitted yellow light.11/2/99
8/31/95 20:30RandolphNJUSA2 min.Young girl repts. seeing cigar-shaped craft w/ very bright lights, big round light in front, hovering above tops of nearby trees.11/2/99
8/30/95 05:40BakersfieldCAUSAMan reports very brilliant, red object rising in western sky. (Rocket??)11/2/99
8/30/95 05:35Travis AFBCAUSA3 min.USAF sgt. reports sighting "small round light, then a gap, then a long trail of fire behind it" in western sky. Front of obj. white.11/2/99
8/30/95 05:30FresnoCAUSAWoman calls to report sighting of very bright red object rising in western sky. (Rocket from Vandenburg AFB??)11/2/99
8/29/95 21:45InglewoodCAUSAWoman reports observing peculiar light flashing white, green, blue. Sees same object 2 days later. (Possible star?)11/2/99
8/29/95 21:45La HabraCAUSAMan sees 2 triangle hovering in night sky. They dim, get brighter. (All facts not available.)11/2/99
8/29/95 05:50BoiseIDUSA1 sec.Man repts. sighting bright white light streaking E to W 60 deg. above S horizon. 1/3 diameter of full moon. 2nd sighting by others.11/2/99
8/28/95 10:45BurbankCAUSA5 sec.Woman reports seeing bizarre "white orb" in sky. As big as an aircraft. Appeared to be "moving sideways." Called police, USAF.11/2/99
8/28/95 02:30Castle RockCOUSA10 min.Man repts. seeing "a slender object, with a string of lights across body." As wide as a full moon. Observed w/ binocs. Very unusual.11/2/99
8/28/95 01:50Mass CityMIUSA4 sec.Woman sees a "pecular light w/ a strange shadow." No sound. Repts. that State Patrol received multiple reports.11/2/99
8/27/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA30 sec.Family camped 20 mi. S of Mt. Hood witness strange object streak through 50 deg. across sky. Other observers in campground.11/2/99
8/27/95 21:00Lost LakeORUSA1 minuteMan & wife witness "line of 8-9 lights in a row." Center light(s) blinked on and off. Lights then streak out across sky. Strange.11/2/99
8/27/95 13:10MedfordORUSA15 sec.Man repts. seeing a strange, metallic obj. "w/ no protuberances, but dome in center," pacing a landing C-130 aircraft. Disappears.11/2/99
8/27/95 04:00Los AngelesCAUSA2 sec.Man repts. large "ball of fire" descend at 45 deg. angle. Descended behind mountains 6-7 mi. distant. Prominant tail. Ejected obj.11/2/99
8/26/95 23:45PhoenixAZUSA3 min.Man witnesses a "blue, spherical object go across the sky slowly." Obj. was below clouds. Slightly smaller than full moon.11/2/99
8/26/95 23:30Dade CountyFLUSAMetro Dade Police relay UFO report. (No follow-up call from observer.)11/2/99
8/26/95 23:00WillistonNDUSA10 min.Man, wife, and 2 adults witness peculiar, bright white light pacing their car on highway. Two other lights appear, move around sky.11/2/99
8/26/95 21:15AuburnWAUSA5 min.Woman, son, 3 men witness obj. w/ "4 bright lights, 1 big red light underneath," suddenly appear in night sky. It rose, streaked.11/2/99
8/26/95 20:00Inyo Co.CAUSAInyo Co. Sheriff's office relays UFO rept.. Person reported "large, green & yellow, oblong object" flying east.11/2/99
8/26/95 15:42ProvoUTUSA3 min.UFO investigator witnesses bright, silver/white object approach over nearby mountains in approx. 5 seconds, hover for 2-3 minutes.11/2/99
8/26/95 10:00SalidaCOUSA30 min.Young man videos peculiar disc, "w/ double level row of windows," hovering N of city. Many witnesses, TV coverage. Good video.11/2/99
8/25/95 23:00Crescent CityCAUSA50-60 people witness several peculiar objs. to W maneuvering over water. Call goes out over CB radio net regarding objects.11/2/99
8/25/95 22:00SarasotaFLUSA5 sec.Man repts. seeing "elliptical, solid object" descend through clouds. Was not plane, had no wings. Obj. darted "all over the place."11/2/99
8/25/95 20:30BothellWAUSA5 sec.Woman driving on Redmond-Wdinville Hwy hears strange buzzing noise, then sees peculiar blue light, bigger than moon, going N..11/2/99
8/25/95 20:00HelenaMTUSA2 min.Woman & children at fam. reunion see unlighted, round obj. "colored like pearl" pass overhead against wind. See 3 more sec. later.11/2/99
8/25/95 15:00Kansas CityKSUSAMan calls to report AP news wire report regarding object over W Pennsylvania. Report appears to contain multiple tech. errors.11/2/99
8/25/95 01:30BreezewoodPAUSA5 sec.Prof. race car driver encounters bizarre, bright blue obj. hovering above ground in lonely valley. Obj. strobes blue, green, streaks11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40ClevelandOHUSA10 sec.Man witnesses 3-4 extraordinarily bright flashes above horizon in eastern sky. Thinks nuclear power station exploded. Upset.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40MonticelloNYUSA6 sec.Physicist (Ph.D) repts. seeing "gigantic light, size of moon, w/ green tint" streak N to S 10 deg. above W horiz. "NOT a meteor."11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40GreensburgPAUSAExperienced UFO investigator calls to report receipt of multiple calls regarding bright obj. that had just passed N to S over W PA.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40AdamsvillePAUSA10 sec.Mother, daughter, friend witness huge, lighted ball streak overhead. "Turned whole sky blue." Flew N to S. Size of full moon.11/2/99
8/25/95 00:40EdinboroPAUSA20 sec.5 youth witness huge, extremely bright obj. streak from N to S. Obj. descends through clouds, accelerates, levels out. Alarmed.11/2/99
8/24/95 21:00Battle CreekMIUSAOlder woman reports witnessing "a square thing w/ a lot of lights" that descended out of night sky. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/23/95 23:50LouisvilleKYUSA10 min.Mother & daughter witness "donut-shaped" obj. beside highway. Pick up friend at destination, return to sighting location. Scared.11/2/99
8/23/95 21:00UplandCAUSAMan reports seeing object in sky "with lights going around it." (Facts incomplete and unclear.)11/2/99
8/23/95 20:35AnaheimCAUSA3 min.Mother & son witness bizarre obj., "the size of a football," hovering in sky. They pursue it in truck for some reason. Both alarmed.11/2/99
8/23/95 16:35PuyallupWAUSA10 sec.Young woman driving to work sees "mushroom-shaped obj. w/ ring around it" streak over hwy. Sees 2nd obj.. Very alarmed.11/2/99
8/22/95 23:25TempeAZUSA15 sec.Woman, 6 miles E of Tempe, sees 3 obj. plummet very fast toward ground. Perform incredible maneuvers, rise back into sky.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:17FontanaCAUSA10 min.Woman hears "thump" on roof, goes outside, sees bright orange orb above house! Obj. moved "chaotically." Multiple witnesses.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:15FontanaCAUSA2 min.Man, 20 neighbors, see prominant orange obj. moving across clear sky. Zigzags, swirls, disappears from sight, reappears as white.11/2/99
8/22/95 22:00BothellWAUSAMan witnesses peculiar craft "with vertical stabilizer," which suddenly streaks off. Wife witnessed same obj. from different position.11/2/99
8/22/95 21:45PrescottAZUSA2 sec.Father & son witness strange obj. streak across sky "in clump of cloud." Seconds later, they crest hill, obj. is gone, no clouds vis.11/2/99
8/22/95 21:30PhoenixAZUSA30 sec.Many witnesses see obj., "like missle w/ yellow fire shooting out back," pass directly overhead. Obj. appeared to eject small obj.11/2/99
8/21/95 21:55OlatheKSUSA30 sec.3 carloads of young people witness red light hovering over corn field. Then see a large, gray, domed obj. hovering nearby.11/2/99
8/21/95 21:30SeattleWAUSAWoman reports seeing bizarre, large, white light over Seattle. (Limited facts available as of 21NO95.)11/2/99
8/21/95 21:00LaporteWAUSA5 sec.Several children report to their father that they witnessed "red star" streak across sky.11/2/99
8/21/95 20:35TacomaWAUSA1 sec.Man witnesses "blue-green object" streaking from the eastern sky to the SE.11/2/99
8/21/95 02:00La CrosseWIUSA2 min.Trucker witnesses "big, orange ball" flying directly toward him from the south. Obj. suddenly "split into 5 pieces," disappeared!11/2/99
8/21/95 00:30DowlingMIUSA35 min.Woman witnesses two lights in clear night sky. Colors were red, white, green, and blue. Moved slowly across sky. (Possible stars?)11/2/99
8/20/95 23:00ShapleighMEUSAMother & daughter witness strange, bright lights, which appear to be moving relative to background stars. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/20/95 23:00HollyWAUSADaughter, very upset, wakes mother. Both witness yellow light descend into nearby field. Two guard dogs very upset, cringe.11/2/99
8/20/95 21:35Culver CityCAUSA5 min.Woman hears peculiar roaring sound, goes outside and witnesses "triangular craft" fly overhead.11/2/99
8/20/95 10:55BeavertonORUSAFather & daughter see strange obj. high in sky which "looked like a parachutist drifting." Obj. moved E then W, disappeared.11/2/99
8/19/95 21:00HayworthILUSAMan reports 4 peculiar lights in night sky, which are visible on second night. (Possible stars?)11/2/99
8/19/95 01:15Forest LakeMNUSAMan wakes up w/ 2 strange cuts on cheek. Recalls recurring dream. Calls sheriff's office. Sends photos of cuts.11/2/99
8/18/95 15:00Salt Lake CityUTUSA25 min.Father & son witness peculiar, silver-colored obj. moving N to S in daytime sky. Moved very slowly.11/2/99
8/18/95 01:00KearneyMOUSA10 min.Woman repts. witnessing unusual, very bright lights, "like airplane lights," in vicinity of Smithville, MO. Had blinking lights, too.11/2/99
8/17/95 23:00GraniteWAUSA15 min.Woman, son, & neighbor witness "large, oval-shaped bright, magenta light" below clouds. Light blinked on and off 3x in 2 sec..11/2/99
8/17/95 20:45McKenzieNDUSA10 sec.Husband & wife witness strange, red beam of light stream through screened window of mobile home. 10-12" wide. Very alarmed.11/2/99
8/17/95 19:45South ParkWAUSA90 sec.Man witnesses "white spot" flying in formation directly above landing 747 aircraft. Obj. suddenly streaked off.11/2/99
8/16/95 23:00WillistonVTUSAMan witnesses flash of light in room, looks outside. Sees an "almond-shaped" obj. in western sky. Motionless at first, moves.11/2/99
8/16/95 23:00SumnerWAUSAWoman woke up in middle of night, witnesses four bright lights in two formations. It alarmed her for some reason.11/2/99
8/15/95 11:00Hoh RiverWAUSA5 sec.Man driving E along Hoh R. witnesses a bright, silver disc against bright blue sky. 200 yds. from him. Mil. jets flew by later.11/2/99
8/15/95 21:30Crescent CityCAUSA2 sec.Woman & daughter, walking from garage to house, witness sudden yellow streak pass overhead. Daughter was frightened by it.11/2/99
8/15/95 05:29FifeWAUSA3 sec.Business owner sees "bluish-white ball of light" streaking W to E in S sky. Orange tail, gave off sparks. Very fast, horiz. flt.11/2/99
8/15/95 05:28Vashon IslandWAUSA2 sec.Former U.S.Army pilot/policeman sees blue-green disc streak from W to E in S sky. Below clouds. Illuminates them. Exclnt. rept.11/2/99
8/15/95 05:15Arcadia ShoresWAUSA2 sec.Woman witnesses a "quite large ball of light, almost the size of the moon," streaking across southern sky. Obj. was round, no tail.11/2/99
8/15/95 04:30TacomaWAUSA5 sec.Woman & friend see "yellowish, whitish triangular object" suddenly appear in "Popped out of nowhere." Disappears.11/2/99
8/14/95 21:40TacomaWAUSA5 min.Two men witness obj. moving across clear sky. Appeared to change course overhead from NE to E.11/2/99
8/14/95 20:50MartinezCAUSAYoung man reports witnessing "yellow object" moving in sky. (Facts limited and unclear.)11/2/99
8/14/95 10:30Snoqualmie PassWAUSA10 sec.Computer engineer driving on Rte. I-90 witnesses unusual silver, metallic descending rapidly in distance. (Possible A-6E aircraft?)11/2/99
8/14/95 05:30Federal WayWAUSA1 sec.Man sees pecular green light w/ "comet-like tail" streak from W to E 70 degrees above S horizon. 3x size of Venus. Very bright.11/2/99
8/13/95 23:10Coon ValleyWIUSA20 min.Couple see a "bright blue, flickering light" through clouds. Assert "it definitely is moving." (Possible celestial body?)11/2/99
8/13/95 22:00Gig HarborWAUSA15 minMan w/ father-in-law witness a "pulsating object" move across sky from S to N. 15 minutes later, witness similar object.11/2/99
8/13/95 22:00Ft. DickCAUSAWoman observes one, 2nd, then 3rd bright red objs. appear in night sky, maneuver, then suddenly disappear. "Shadows" beneath.11/2/99
8/13/95 21:05MartinezCAUSA1 min.Mother & son see a bright body moving overhead relatively fast. Larger than star. Color was "auburn yellow." Other repts., too.11/2/99
8/13/95 16:50RedmondWAUSA1 min.Young artist witnesses "round, oval-shaped object" moving across sky very fast from S to E. Peculiar lights on nose & tail.11/2/99
8/13/95 05:00PutmanCTUSA60 sec.Young woman repts. seeing a disc streak overhead very fast. Solid light in center, blinking lights around edge. Called police.11/2/99
8/12/95 23:56LancasterWAUSA1 hourFAA empl. reports 2 stationary radar returns over Lancaster. USAF radar confirms returns. Multiple visual sightitings of 2 obj..11/2/99
8/12/95 21:43SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Woman w/ 2 neighbors witness peculiar green lights in, or above, clouds. At one point, lights appeared to become a "bright beam."11/2/99
8/12/95 21:34NaplesFLUSAMan witnesses peculiar, bright obj. streak horiz. from NW to SE. Called FAA, no pilot reports. Obj. had "round, bright head."11/2/99
8/12/95 01:00Fort Myers BeachFLUSAWoman witnesses "meteor shower" over G. of Mex.. Minutes later, sees very bright light streak overhead at very low altitude.11/2/99
8/11/95 08:40SacramentoCAUSA2 min.Multiple cars reported to stop on I-80 to witness oblong, silver obj. to east. Sunlight glinting off obj.. 20 witnesses. Streaks off.11/2/99
8/11/95 04:00PuyallupWAUSA1 min.Man went outside to smoke, witnesses peculiar light pass overhead very fast. Appeared to move south, but suddenly turned.11/2/99
8/11/95 01:32BeavertonORUSA15 sec.Woman sees large bluish-white light streaking below clouds. Suddenly turns right, disappears from sight.11/2/99
8/10/95 21:45OaklandCAUSACouple walking witness "round, strange black spot to left of moon." Suddenly approaches. Square bottom, dome on top. "Bounces."11/2/99
8/9/95 21:25FresnoCAUSA15 min.Couple witness multiple red/purple globular objects, "the size of cantaloups," moving across yard! Witnessed 10 objects at once!11/2/99
8/8/95 23:00TucsonAZUSA30 min.Man witnesses "blimp w/ reddish & yellow lights" in sky SW of Tucson. (Detailed data not provided.)11/2/99
8/8/95 22:40ClintonMOUSA15 min.Son wakes mother to observe peculiar pulsing red, blue, yellow lights positioned in row. Obj. appears to eject colored light.11/2/99
8/8/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA30 min.Former U.S.Army officer (Ph.D.) reports strange cluster of lights, "like Christmas lights," moving overhead. Neighbor sees object.11/2/99
8/8/95 04:00ClearwaterFLUSA2.5 hrs.Two men fishing witness "meteor shower." Then see many objects streaking, maneuvering very fast. Approach boat. Men alarmed.11/2/99
8/8/95 00:40PortlandORUSA10 sec.Woman witnesses round, black, disc-shaped craft rise out of Pier Park (?). Looked "like obsidian." Dark, but reflected street lights.11/2/99
8/7/95 23:00BerthidCOUSA3 hrs.Father & son witness multiple stationary red, green, white lights in sky. Then witness six more. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
8/7/95 12:00BakersfieldCAUSABakersfield (newspaper) publishes front-page photo of peculiar flaming disc w/ tail. No explanation provided.11/2/99
8/7/95 00:30BakersfieldCAUSA90 min.Boy reports seeing two large obj. w/ red, green, and white lights maneuvering overhead, making sudden sharp turns.11/2/99
8/6/95 23:45BakersfieldCAUSAYoung man reports large obj. moving over city, dips below trees nearby, changes colors. Other smaller objects nearby.11/2/99
8/6/95 22:30KalamazooMIUSA5 min.2 women driving 15 miles SE of city, encounter huge disc hovering almost motionless. Red, white, blue lights. Pain, marks on skin.11/2/99
8/6/95 21:57Moosehead LakeMEUSA10 min.USAF crew chief (ret.) & 2 nephews witness huge cigar-shaped obj. move across sky from E to W. Had strange, triangular lights.11/2/99
8/6/95 20:50BakersfieldCAUSA5 sec.Couple witness very bright obj. streak overhead to SW horizon. 1/4 size of moon. Very fast. White in center, yellow fringe.11/2/99
8/6/95 18:45BakersfieldCAUSA8 hrs.Many individuals report multiple objects in formation moving, zigzagging in sky above city. Had red, green, & white lights.11/2/99
8/6/95 04:00LaceyWAUSA1 minuteWoman awakend from deep sleep "by explosion." Saw flash of bright light in "upper right part of bedroom window." Couldn't move.11/2/99
8/6/95 00:00RedwoodCAUSA45 min.Couple witness very bright light in W sky descend, disappear from sight. Appeared to have multiple different, discrete colored lights.11/2/99
8/5/95 23:15WoodlandWAUSA2 sec.Woman & daughter witness strange, very bright, green obj. streak in E sky. "As big as moon." Seen twice by others previous week.11/2/99
8/5/95 21:30WoodlandWAUSAHusband & wife witness strange, bright light in night sky. Other reports in area for same night. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
8/4/95 23:15BothellWAUSAMUFON member observes w/ binoculars "ivory-colored object, wingless" descend into trees in vicinity of FEMA facility.11/2/99
8/4/95 23:00Santa RosaCAUSAMan reports witnessing unusual object against mountains to E of city. (Facts unclear)11/2/99
8/4/95 22:30Crescent LakeWAUSA20 sec..Several family members see very peculiar flashing, lights in night sky overhead. Yellowish, white color. Zigzagged, disappeared.11/2/99
8/4/95 21:35SacramentoCAUSA4 min.Woman watching satellite, sees small, round ball moving across the sky. Ran around corner of bldg. to follow obj., but was gone.11/2/99
8/4/95 20:00SheltonWAUSA1-2 sec.Man witnesses strange "green flash, about the size of a nickel." (At arm's length?) Flash may have had a "white outline."11/2/99
8/4/95 02:40VancouverWAUSA3 min.Son wakes mother; both witness clump of bright, white lights overhead in formation. "Like clump of stars." Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
8/4/95 02:05LynnwoodWAUSAMan witnesses 5 very luminous, "crescent-moon shapes" pass overhead.11/2/99
8/4/95 01:15BellevueWAUSA10 sec.Two men witness "round object w/ flame trail" descend out of sky. Color was "white w/ slight fire color." Very large.11/2/99
8/4/95 01:00Hazel DellWAUSA90 sec.Man reports witnessing strobe light in sky, then go dim. (Tumbling satellite?)11/2/99
8/3/95 23:00AuroraCOUSAMother & daughter hear strange "rattling" sound. Witness small saucer-shaped craft descend "like feather." Red & yellow lights.11/2/99
8/2/95 22:35LynnwoodWAUSA3 sec.Couple witness a large blue-green obj. streak downward in eastern sky. Looked "like comet w/ tail." Expected explosion, but none.11/2/99
8/2/95 19:34DemingNMUSA30 min.Man sees TV coverage of obj. over Salida, CO (27AU95). He and many other bus riders W of Deming, NM, saw same object!11/2/99
8/2/95 13:30StanwoodWAUSA1 sec.MUFON member captures streaking disc, or "cigar," on video tape. Obj. appears to transform into sphere. Convincing tape.11/2/99
8/1/95 22:45SeattleWAUSA1-2 sec.Woman, cousin, and neighbors witness large, very bright obj. descend rapidly in SW sky. "1/2 size of moon." Large tail, left trail.11/2/99
8/1/95 22:10TacomaWAUSA60 sec.Woman and landlord witness "two boxes connected at one corner" drifting north. Faint reddish color. Witness alarmed by sighting.11/2/99
7/31/95 21:30SarasotaFLUSAMan driving on I-275 sees 3 subdued lights in triangular pattern moving to N. Very strange appearance & manner of flight. Disappear.11/2/99
7/31/95 23:45Morris PlainsNJUSA3.5 hrs.Dentist, neighbor, 3 police observe bizarre, bright light flying wing-shaped craft "w/ red, green, & white bubbles." Exclnt rept.11/2/99
7/31/95TrentonNJUSANJ Division of Aviation relays seemingly credible UFO report from NJ citizen.11/2/99
7/30/95 22:45San FernandoCAUSA30 min.Second call from two men witnessing multiple craft streaking across sky. Obj. are disc-shaped, w/ blue & red lights on edge.11/2/99
7/30/95 22:05HighpointNCUSA2 sec.Man sitting on lawn hears obj. pass overhead very fast. Distinct humming tone. Repts. it sheared limb off tree.11/2/99
7/30/95 22:00NewtownCTUSA30 sec.Man & wife witness two sightings of an obj. moving across sky very fast.11/2/99
7/30/95 22:00BaltimoreMDUSA5 sec.Woman repts. seeing strange, bright obj. moving back & forth, moving in circles. Streaks to north out of sight.11/2/99
7/30/95 01:06BoliviaNCUSA10 min.NC Emer. Commo.Cntr. repts. 2 police officers reporting strange lights in sky near Goose Creek area.11/2/99
7/30/95 00:10San FernandoCAUSA3.5 hrs.Man repts. multiple sightings of strangely lighted craft hovering, then streaking overhead in clear sky. Some w/ subdued lights.11/2/99
7/29/95 22:30PortlandORUSAMUFON investigator reports her mother witnessed four discs in formation over Portland.11/2/99
7/29/95 22:30Culver CityCAUSAWoman sits outside to witness aircraft. Sees a large "triangular-shaped obj. w/ pastel lights on edge" pass slowly overhead.11/2/99
7/29/95 13:52PuyallupWAUSA1 minuteMan & son witness a small, round, brown object high in sky. Hovered in place, accelerated suddenly, and flew north.11/2/99
7/29/95 02:00ParshallvilleMIUSA4 sec.Man & neighbor witness sudden bright flash on very clear night, followed by "contrail" rising vertically. Disappears from sight.11/2/99
7/28/95 23:10ClarksvilleVAUSA80 min.Woman repts. sighting disc-shaped obj. w/ flashing red & green lights. Stationary. (Possible twinkling stars?)11/2/99
7/28/95 14:00RacineWIUSA2 min.Man & wife witness bizarre, very bright, silver-looking disc in clear sky. Obj. was joined suddenly by two identical craft.11/2/99
7/28/95 03:45SeattleWAUSA5 min.Man repts. several sightings of very rapidly moving lights & dark bodies overhead. Reflect city lights off ventral sides.11/2/99
7/28/95 00:15FolsomCAUSA10 sec.Woman repts seeing circular craft with "kidney-bean shaped, soft amber lights." Flew over house. Called Folsom Police.11/2/99
7/28/95 00:10BelmontCAUSA25 min.Man & wife rept. strange, moving light in sky. Looks like "three headlights in a row." Not an airliner or helicopter, they report.11/2/99
7/28/95 00:01BakersfieldCAUSA20 min.Man & neighbor witness bright, white light maneuveririg erratically in sky overhead. Bigger than star, he thought.11/2/99
7/27/95 23:20RochesterNYUSA10 min.Two men driving on major hwy. witness a strange triangle overhead w/ red, green, & yellow lights directly overhead. Flew slowly.11/2/99
7/27/95 21:30RiversideCAUSA20 min.Man repts. seeing peculiar bright, white light, apparently hovering over mountains to east. Descended, then rose up.11/2/99
7/27/95 13:52BeavertonORUSA7 min.Woman repts. hovering light over nearby field. Hovered, changed colors, moved very slowly. Later, saw 5 lights in formation.11/2/99
7/27/95 01:00BellevilleILUSA12 min.Man repts. seeing "silver cylinder" moving in sky. (Facts not complete.)11/2/99
7/26/95 22:30Mason CityIAUSAWoman repts. seeing peculiar star zigzagging across sky. Fifth sighting in a week.11/2/99
7/25/95 20:30MarionSDUSA4 min.Woman w/ nephew & niece witness "long, white thing w/ a red tail" streak from E to S horizon. It was shaped like rocket.11/2/99
7/25/95 15:00West SeattleWAUSA5 min.Woman repts. seeing highly reflective, small obj. maneuvering in sky. Appeared "to have energy around it."11/2/99
7/24/95 22:30ArlingtonILUSA20 sec.Man repts. seeing "whole sky light up." Flash appeared to be from very high up, very bright, stationary, and cast shadows.11/2/99
7/24/95 03:00OlympiaWAUSA22 sec.Group of 5 (?) people witness "shooting star" streak across sky, then stop. Second "star" began to move. (Not all facts clear.)11/2/99
7/23/95 23:00Snake RiverIDUSA15 sec.12 passengers on tour boat see "manta ray" pass directly overhead. Delta-shaped wings appeared "to ripple." Strange black color.11/2/99
7/22/95 20:00ReddingCAUSA20 min.16 people observe 4 bizarre cigar-shaped, metallic-appearing objects fly slowly S to N over home. No wings, tail, or engines!11/2/99
7/22/95 20:00SpringfieldILUSA1 minuteMan & mother report small, glowing, cigar-shaped obj. moving slowly across sky. Accelerated suddenly, streaked off.11/2/99
7/22/95 10:30Santa ClaraCAUSA30 min.Tennis instr. & 2 others witness 4 tiny metallic-looking "cylinders" maneuvering dramatically overhead. White, blue, red. Streaked.11/2/99
7/20/95 23:00BellevueWAUSA3 min.Young man & girlfriend see strange, round obj. hovering outside apt.. Feel peculiar sensations when they walk outside on porch.11/2/99
7/20/95 22:25RentonWAUSA15 sec.Man (pilot, astronomer) witnesses very bright obj. moving fast across sky. Disappeared from sight behind trees.11/2/99
7/20/95 21:32VistaCAUSA5 min.Mother & son see 4 pairs of paired lights hovering motionless in formation. 5th craft streaks up, hovers. Near Camp Pendleton.11/2/99
7/20/95 02:15Port OrchardWAUSA25 min.Daughter wakes parents, all 3 witness bizarre craft w/ colored lights hover nearby. Chased w/ car. Obj. zigzags, disappears.11/2/99
7/19/95 22:40PacificWAUSA8 min.Man sees bizarre cluster of 5 lights in straight line. Center 3 strobed. Obj. moves north, dips below trees. Turned w/o banking.11/2/99
7/19/95 01:30SacramentoCAUSA5 min.Sqare obj w 3 white lights and blue nose light seen by residents of neighborhood. Caused houses to shake.11/2/99
7/19/95 00:30BirminghamALUSA2 min.Woman & son encounter 3 "double sets of headlights" hovering in sky. Moved to left of car; silhouette visible. Shot beam of light.11/2/99
7/16/95 15:00Cherry HillNJUSADentist, 2 lifeguards, and others see same black dot that had been seen 3 wks. earlier. (See 27JN95 event.)11/2/99
7/16/95 12:15MaconGAUSA1 minuteMan & wife witness bright orange disc streak over Hwy 78. Flipped on edge, turned white, shot south. Size of full moon.11/2/99
7/16/95 01:40Santa AnaCAUSA15 min.Man & wife witness very bizarre aerial display of 10-20 white lights. (Probable Disneyland laser display practice.)11/2/99
7/15/95 15:20SeattleWAUSA2 min.Man witnesses a round, metallic-appearing obj. fly south, then turn east. Disappeared to east.11/2/99
7/15/95 15:20SeattleWAUSA2 min.Man repts. seeing round, metallic obj. flying through sky NNE of Green Lake. Turns south, disappears to south.11/2/99
7/15/95 07:10AuburnWAUSA1 minuteWoman witnesses bizarre metallic cylinder, 12" tall, 4" wide (est.) hovering just above ground! Obj. was 130' from her position.11/2/99
7/14/95 22:10SeattleWAUSAMultiple calls received regarding strange obj. over Pug. Sound. (Note: King Co. Airport Sec. Police rept. MIG-17 doing aerobatics.)11/2/99
7/11/95 22:30FircrestWAUSA20 sec.Young woman witnesses 2 objects, "shaped like diamonds," pass overhead, fly west. "Shimmering" appearance. No sound.11/2/99
7/10/95 21:50BonanzaORUSA60 sec.Woman witnesses four very bright yellow lights appear, then disappear sequentially. (Note: Was military flares over local airport.)11/2/99
7/9/95 23:00VersaillesMOUSA5 hrs.USAF officer relays report re 5 bizarre ships seen hovering over field w/ strange creatures underneath.11/2/99
7/9/95 23:00VersaillesMOUSA5 hrs.Multiple witnesses observe huge triangular ship, surrounded by four disc-shaped ships, w/ up to 50 bizarre creatures underneath!11/2/99
7/7/95 23:59AuroraILUSAMan repts. object streaks overhead to SE horizon.11/2/99
7/7/95 15:00CanadaBCCanada10 sec.Woman on flight from AK to Seattle sees bizarre, metallic-looking cylinder pass under aircraft wing. Exclnt written rept..11/2/99
7/4/95 21:30OrlandoFLUSA4-5 min5 witnesses report 3 yellow oval lights the size of venus passing over Orlando. Faster than aircraft but slower than shooting star.11/2/99
7/3/95 10:30Inspiration Pt.CAUSA30 sec.Family of 5 witness peculiar "silver, sparkling shape" shoot across highway. Shape was like "flattened sphere."11/2/99
7/3/95 00:30GlendaleAZUSAWoman repts. multiple red bright lights hovering, maneuvering "over the mountains." Objects reptd. to ascend "pretty fast."11/2/99
7/2/95 23:15WinnemuccaNVUSA2 sec.Man, while out feeding horses, sees red light streak E to W across S sky. Obj. simply "fizzles out" suddenly. Reptd. on radio.11/2/99
7/1/95 22:30Ocean ShoresWAUSA5 min.Group of 9 watch bright white light hover, maneuver rapidly, above Pacific Ocean. Obj. moved rapidly; descended to ocean.11/2/99
6/30/95Port AngelesWAUSA5 daysMan repts. multiple sightings of up to 10 bright objects streaking overhead during 26-30JN95. Very bright, solid lights "like stars."11/2/99
6/29/95Klamath FallsORUSAMan repts. bright obj. overhead, "brighter than Jupiter." Moves slowly to SE, enters haze at 15' K, disappears from view.11/2/99
6/28/95 23:00LisbonMEUSAYoung man looking out window sees very bright "star" drifting slowly across sky. Calls police. Two witnesses.11/2/99
6/28/95 22:25TacomaWAUSA30 sec.Man repts. two white lights, "like a star," move overhead to SE, fade from sight. Same thing next night. (Possible satellites??)11/2/99
6/28/95 22:20IrvingTXUSA7 min.Man driving S to Oakville sees obj. w/ tiny lights on bottom, flashing light on top moving N, suddenly reverse course. Good rept.11/2/99
6/28/95 21:45New ProvidenceNJUSA1-2 min.Dentist witnesses large craft w/ 15-20 windows or lights. Light beamed at ground; whooshing sound. Excellentt report.11/2/99
6/27/95 21:30EndicottNYUSAMan, driving down long driveway, sees bright light directed at his house. Witnesses bright light in sky. Obj. streaks off.11/2/99
6/27/95 12:00Cherry HillNJUSA1 minuteDentist witnesses small black dot very high in sky. Accelerates (against wind), streaks out of sight. Other witnesses.11/2/99
6/25/95 22:45Sioux FallsSDUSAUFO investigator relays rept.: his son and other children rept. witnessing 4-5 red objs. 4 miles W of city. Two objs. seen to land.11/2/99
6/25/95 19:00BatesburgSCUSA50 sec.Young man witnesses "very shiny obj., like egg" in N sky. Very bright, silver light. (Former mil., very familiar w/ aircraft.)11/2/99
6/25/95 16:22TumwaterWAUSA25 min.Five young adults witness strange "point of light" in clear, blue sky. Moves slowly. Obj. responds to flashes w/ mirror. Good rept.11/2/99
6/25/95PortlandORUSAMan reports seeing bizarre sighting while aboard Flight #725 enroute from Denver to Portland.11/2/99
6/24/95 22:45Sibley CountyMNUSA5 min.Older woman alerted by barking dogs. Sees multiple bizarre, bright, colored spheres floating across farmyard. 2nd sighting.11/2/99
6/24/95 22:30FarmingdaleNYUSA10 min.Young man & wife see blue flash, then small disc hovering over their truck, but below overcast. Pursued it on foot. Good rept.11/2/99
6/24/95 21:52FlorenceALUSA2 sec.Man & son witness "round, green object, like circle inside circle" streak across sky, disappear. Very clear view. Good rept..11/2/99
6/24/95 14:30SnoqualmieWAUSA2 sec.Young man driving E on I-90 witnesses streamlined, delta-shaped obj. streak across clear, blue sky. Excellent rept.11/2/99
6/24/95 00:10KirklandWAUSAYoung boy repts. witnessing strange light overhead at his residence. (Facts unclear; no follow-up rept.)11/2/99
6/23/95 00:01MonroeWAUSATwo family members witness "red ball" fly across sky. Felt vibrations.11/2/99
6/22/95 13:30RatonNMUSA5 min.Two men installing TV dish witness strange obj. in clear sky. No visible wings, exhaust; silent. Very good view. Obj. drifted off.11/2/99
6/21/95 21:30Oregon CityORUSA90 min.Couple witness multiple round, or oblong, lights in night sky. Positioned in circle. Seen to move south to north, then reverse course.11/2/99
6/21/95 00:56CameronMOUSA1 hourEmer. crew w/ police witness bright obj. streak overhead, descend. Pursue on foot. 3 youth exp. obj. very close. Exclnt rept.11/2/99
6/19/95 23:45CottonwoodCAUSA90 sec.Two boys report witnessing 2 bizarre yellowish-white objects fly overhead. Reported to local sheriff's office.11/2/99
6/19/95 22:00Adair CountyIAUSA5 hrs.2 young men experience multiple sightings of bizarre, bright obj., which hover, streak, & land. Very bizarre; good report.11/2/99
6/18/95 21:45Fall RiverMAUSA2 min.Two men driving on Rte. 195 witness bizarre obj. hover overhead. Brightly lighted, "size of DC-9 w/ 60 deg. sweep to wings."11/2/99
6/17/95ToledoOHUSAWoman concerned by 4 indentations and burn mark on blacktop patio. (CUFOS investigates. Prob. due to deck chairs.)11/2/99
6/16/95FreeportFLUSAMan reports witnessing w/ 6 adults a "flashing red triangle" that appeared, disappeared suddenly in rapid sequence several times.11/2/99
6/15/95 19:30AlbuquerqueNMUSADisk30 secThree disk shaped objects appeared to the north. Objects were blue in color, nearly the color of the background sky. They were about ha11/2/99
6/14/95 21:40MiamiFLUSA5 min.Two young men witness a round, "cloudy white obj., 5 times diameter of brightest star," move from E to W overhead.11/2/99
6/14/95 01:35Ann ArborMIUSA2 min.Woman & friend witness "green ball of light" streak across sky, descend below overcast, & stop. Hovered, streaked off. Good rept.11/2/99
6/13/95 21:25TulareCAUSA3 min.Woman repts. strange obj. w/ 3 bright red "laser-like" lights, which flickered in irregular pattern. Called local police, FAA.11/2/99
6/12/95 23:26Fort WayneINUSA30 min.Man reports "bright object with flashing color" in southern sky. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/12/95 00:15San FranciscoCAUSA30 min.Man reports bright object "at 7 o'clock position from moon." (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/12/95WichitaKSUSAMan calls on behalf of person, who has had possible involvement w/ strange creatures. Directed to investigators.11/2/99
6/11/95 23:50PuyallupWAUSAMan reports bright object "at 7 o'clock position" from moon. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/11/95 23:00DowneyCAUSA1 hourMan reports very bright body just below the moon. (Possible planet?)11/2/99
6/11/95 22:00FairfieldCAUSA2 sec.Family of 3 driving home on Rte. 680 observe bright purple flash overhead, that "lit up half the sky." (Ed: Probable elect. arc.)11/2/99
6/11/95 19:30OgdenUTUSA2 min.Golfer observes round, silver-gray obj. size of small car moving across face of mtn. Flies up 3 ravines, ascends, disappears.11/2/99
6/11/95 19:30FarmingtonUTUSAFAA Controller calls to relay sighting report of "shiny, round object" witnessed on 11JN95 over Ogden, UT.11/2/99
6/11/95 19:20ModestoCAUSA10 sec.Young man & girlfriend, returning from hike, witness bright, white light in western sky. It flashed, then simply "winked out."11/2/99
6/11/95 17:15TacomaWAUSA2 min.3 adults witness "white balloon" to south. Then witness 3 triangular-shaped objects nearby. They slowly drift into clouds.11/2/99
6/11/95SharonMAUSAMan witnessed "tablet shaped obj., like stubby aspirin," with dull, metallic surface, descend, follow military jets. Good rept.11/2/99
6/11/95CleburneTXUSA6 min.Prof. photographer & nearby golfers witness bizarre, cigar-shaped obj., w/ metallic appearance, in sky. 5 min. of video.11/2/99
6/11/95SeattleWAUSAAnonymous caller repts. sighting 4 ufo's in NNE sky, 45 deg. above horizon. (No other facts reptd. No return tel. #.)11/2/99
6/10/95 23:20Glade SpringVAUSA5 min.Woman, children, and grandmother witness 4 bizarre, bright green "stars" hovering nearby. Suddenly got brighter, streak off.11/2/99
6/10/95 18:00El PasoTXUSA15 sec.Man & wife, 2 hours' drive W of El Paso on Hwy 10, witness black, round object just above ground. Obj. rises, goes behind hill!11/2/99
6/9/95 21:53ArlingtonWAUSA90 sec.Husband, wife, and child witness a bizarre, conical-shaped obj., white w/ tinge of green, move across sky. "Bigger than moon."11/2/99
6/9/95 02:40Pacific OceanPacific Ocean1 minuteIntl. airliner crew at 37k' witness brilliantly bright, yellow obj. streak ahead of them on L side. Over E horizon in 1 min.. Exclnt.11/2/99
6/9/95 00:10FontanaCAUSA15 min.Man witnesses 2 lights 15 deg. apart in SE sky. Orange color, round when viewed with binoculars. Police rept. no other calls.11/2/99
6/8/95 23:45FresnoCAUSATwo calls in rapid sequence regarding multiple objects streaking north (?) over city. (Sincere repts., no follow-up written repts.)11/2/99
6/7/95 21:00AlbanyCAUSA2 min.Man observes bizarre, rectangular obj. "w/ barber poles w/ bulbs on the ends" sticking out of opposite ends.11/2/99
6/6/95 21:45OrovilleCAUSA50 min.Woman's voice repts. 4 objects over home in rural area. (Facts unclear--no return call; phone disconnected 2 days later.)11/2/99
6/4/95AddisonTXUSAMan repts. extremely bizarre obj. streaking across sky. No visible wings, or means of propulsion.11/2/99
6/3/95 23:53GoldsboroNCUSA3 sec.Man repts. two sightings minutes apart. Sees very bright light, "like meteor," streaking to NE. Sees minutes later going SE.11/2/99
6/3/95 23:30OlympiaWAUSA1 min.MUFON/WA member reports brief TV news report re "Project Dark Star," a mil. proj. re "disc shaped craft" under development.11/2/99
6/3/95 22:12MarysvilleWAUSA15 sec.Exper. UFO investigator, husband, driving S on I-5 witness prominent "red ball." Obj. splits, white light appears. Both wink out.11/2/99
6/3/95 03:00GardendaleLAUSAWoman repts. witnessing 5 strange ships. One very large, at "treetop level." One appeared to be in trouble. Witnesses reptd.11/2/99
6/2/95 20:12HillsboroORUSAMan repts. "huge" flaming obj. w/ enormous flaming tail descend at 60 deg. below horizontal. Obj. appeared to burn out.11/2/99
6/1/95 04:00Carson CityNVUSA15 sec.Man (frmr. mil. pilot) looks SW from bathroom window, sees 5-6 bright objs. in cluster, "like galaxy of stars." Neighbor sees same.11/2/99
5/30/95 04:45ByronMNUSA105 min.Man witnesses bright obj. in E sky. It moves "strangely, fast," approached second "star," rose very quickly, disappeared. Alarmed.11/2/99
5/29/95 04:00AuburnWAUSA4 sec.Man awakes, decides to go outside to smoke. Sees two objects in sky, which "shoot" beams of light down to the ground.11/2/99
5/29/95 02:30JamestownCAUSA4 sec.Two men witness obj. overhead which illuminates vehicle with bright blue flash. Bluish glow lasted for 3-4 seconds. Bizarre!11/2/99
5/29/95 02:04FairfieldCAUSA20 sec.Mother repts. her son witnessed big, blue light come up to his window, awakened him. Departed rapidly "like blue streak."11/2/99
5/28/95 23:35SheltonWAUSAWoman witnesses dramatic, bright "comet-like" obj. descending rapidly to N. Was dark area between head & tail.11/2/99
5/28/95 23:35Eagle CreekORUSA45 sec.Comm. pilot/ATP (14k hrs.) witnesses large, extremely bright, flaming obj. descend steeply in W sky. Dramatic. Good rept.11/2/99
5/28/95 23:35BellevueWAUSA2 sec.Two men witness momentary blue-green flash come through SW-facing window. They both jumped from seats & rushed to window.11/2/99
5/28/95St. LouisMOUSAMan repts. multiple sightings of bizarre lights over city. Multiple calls. Sees them w/ telescope. (No other reports.)11/2/99
5/27/95 02:00HialeahFLUSAMan & fiancee witness bizarre obj. that looked "like lampshade" hovering in sky. Very bright w/ circulating lights, little windows.11/2/99
5/27/95 00:54TacomaWAUSA10 sec.Man (anon.--Boeing empl., former USAF) repts. witnessing 4 lights, "like balls of light," streaking in night sky, silent. Bizarre.11/2/99
5/27/95 00:30ArlingtonWAUSA2 sec.2 men witness "blue meteorite" descend at 45 deg. very fast. Obj. had very small tail, "like flame from Space Shuttle." Good rept.11/2/99
5/26/95 22:45VintonLAUSA10 sec.Young man witnesses very bright "star" flying north very fast, "1/2 speed of falling star." Obj. stopped, suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
5/25/95SilverdaleWAUSAYoung woman calls to rept. witnessing "Pegasus-like" obj. w/ "flapping wings." (No other calls).11/2/99
5/25/95PuebloCOUSADenver FAA relays rept. from comm. aircraft: Crew sees obj. zigzag at Mach 4 (!) on collision avoidance radar (TCAS)@36'K. alt.11/2/99
5/24/95 22:35BrentwoodTNUSA1 minuteYoung boy (14 yrs.), mother, & friend witness large, white obj., size of moon fly almost overhead11/2/99
5/24/95 22:15JeannettePAUSA1 minuteWoman witnesses 2 motionless lights near horizon, then saw dark "mass" around them. Lights went in circle, descend behind trees.11/2/99
5/24/95 21:00East AuroraILUSAAnonymous male caller repts. very bizarre obj. sighted in sky from Farnsworth (?), IL. (No details).11/2/99
5/23/95 22:50WoodlandMEUSA20 min.Woman, husband, police officer, & sec. guard witness 2 objs., one large & white, one smaller, red & green. 8 windows in big one!11/2/99
5/23/95 05:20BrawleyCAUSA6 sec.Man, former military & familiar w/ aircraft, witnesses "stingray-like" craft w/ lights fly directly overhead. Bizarre object!11/2/99
5/21/95 23:20Fox ChapelPAUSA20 min.Son & father witness a brightly lighted "inverted salad bowl" w/ smaller obj. darting to & from it; objs. merged, descnd, rose, dpartd.11/2/99
5/21/95 21:45WoburnMAUSAMan driving on N on I-93 w/ wife & friend witness bizarre obj. w/ 2 red/2white lights. Hovers, then flies over car.11/2/99
5/21/95 19:30PhoenixAZUSA1 minuteMan southbound on I-17 100 miles N of Phoenix sees large "disc " on ground w/ structure on top. "Fireball" over city next a.m..11/2/99
5/19/95 22:30Federal WayWAUSA90 sec.Man (PhD) & 2 sons, driving N on I-5, witness delta-shaped craft, w/ sequentially pulsating red lights around edge fly N, descending..11/2/99
5/19/95 22:15Mt. JacksonVAUSAWoman repts. witnessing 3 saucer-shaped object over neighbor's house. They looked like "ball of fire." Deputy also witnesses.11/2/99
5/19/95 09:55W. SalemORUSA20 min.Man w/ two brothers witness 7-8 discs at high altitude. One obj. larger than others. Multiple calls to 911; MUFON investigating.11/2/99
5/18/95 19:30Las VegasNVUSA1 hourWoman repts. obj. that descended vertically, moved left & right, surrounded by "sparks." Very fast. Multiple witnesses.11/2/99
5/18/95 18:30MiddletownCTUSAPolice Dept. calls to relay report. (Telephone line suddenly goes dead. No return call.)11/2/99
5/16/95 22:45Lake OswegoORUSA30 min.Woman sees bizarre disc outside house. Looked like "red/orange circle w/ blurred edges."11/2/99
5/16/95 04:00HillsboroughNJUSALocal police relay sighting rept.: Citizen repts. sighting of two round, bizarre objects in sky near town.11/2/99
5/15/95 16:15N. SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Woman gets very good view of bizarre obj. moving across sky very fast. Second sighting over Seattle in recent months.11/2/99
5/15/95 12:30W. ChicagoILUSA15 min.Woman repts. stationary obj. in sky. Looks round, possibly reflecting sunlight. Started moving, then "just disappeared."11/2/99
5/15/95 10:30PortlandORUSA5 min.Man repts. seeing silver flash, then sees silver, shiny craft w/ thin fuselage, but no wings! Drifted off, disappeared from sight.11/2/99
5/15/95McKenzieTNUSAMan calls to rept. cattle mutilations in county (On Hwy. 22?). Helicopters reported, sheriff's office involved, newspaper articles.11/2/99
5/14/95 20:37Silver BeachNYUSA25 min.Woman repts. eight people observing very large obj.--1/2 diameter of full moon--visible in western sky. Moves to south.11/2/99
5/14/95 00:54DaytonORUSAMan reports witnessing "diamond shaped" object in sky. (Facts incomplete.)11/2/99
5/13/95 21:40FraminghamMAUSA10 min.Woman repts. triangular ship flies overhead, stops, hovers. Simply "winked out." Object very bright. First sighting for her.11/2/99
5/13/95 21:30Neah BayWAUSA2 hrs.Man & woman camped on shore witness flashing, pyramid-shaped obj. w/ multiple flashing lights. Radiated beams of light.11/2/99
5/13/95 20:25TampaFLUSA3 sec.Man looks at disc of moon w/ binoculars. Sees bright, round "dot" move very fast across face of moon. Convincing rept.11/2/99
5/12/95 22:50DuarteCAUSA3 min.Young woman repts. triangular ship suspended in SE sky, three smaller lights below larger object. Objs. fly off.11/2/99
5/12/95 07:30StarkeyORUSA20 min.Experienced logger repts. three very bright lights in morning sky. Middle one rises, accelerates into distance; others follow!11/2/99
5/12/95 02:00MadisonWIUSAUniversity of Wisconson students observe strange boot-like object in sky over Lake Mendota11/2/99
5/12/95 00:15CarmichaelCAUSAMan repts. "red thing" near North Star. Obj. seems to illuminate clouds. Called Sacramento Sheriff's office.11/2/99
5/12/95Edwards AFBCAUSASenior USAF officer calls to confirm existence of National UFO Reporting Center. Expressed surprise; requests information.11/2/99
5/11/95 00:15Palm DesertCAUSA45 min.Man repts. two "stars" that appear to be moving erratically. (Possible twinkling star, except for reported motion of objects.)11/2/99
5/10/95 03:00ColumbiaMOUSA2 min.Man repts. son's bizarre sighting of small humanoid creature in back yard. Reptd. in Acteon Journal, St. Louis UFO newsletter.11/2/99
5/9/95 21:10VistaCAUSA10 min.Man repts. witnessing circular disc, 1/2 diam. of moon, moving very slowly across sky to W. Stopped, disappeared.11/2/99
5/7/95 23:45SeattleWAUSAMan calls regarding sighting of triangular ship he witnessed over Univ. of Washington campus. (Reported in l993.)11/2/99
5/7/95 12:20MassillonOHUSAYoung woman & friend witness bizarre, red disc fly north in front of their car. Engine failed, radio acted strangely. Disappeared.11/2/99
5/7/95 04:25CannonNHUSA1 minuteWoman momentarily "blinded" by bright flash of light directed at her face. She & husband witness thin disc, streaks off FAST.11/2/99
5/7/95 01:30GreshamORUSA10 sec.Man repts. very clear sighting of a very bright disc, below clouds flying from SW sky. Made zig-zag movements, flew off.11/2/99
5/6/95 23:30LebanonORUSAWoman repts. seeing two large, bright objects, like "funnels of light," in eastern sky from top of Snow Peak.11/2/99
5/6/95 14:00HuntingtonNYUSAWoman repts. strange obj. in daytime sky. Looked like face of clock w/ cross-bars, "like hands of clock." Drifted off behind trees.11/2/99
5/3/95 04:05AmsterdamNYUSA4 min.Prof. trucker repts. sighting disc while driving on I-90. Was very bright, white light. Could see disc & dome. Good rept.11/2/99
5/3/95 00:54RenoNVUSA10 min.Man reports up to nine bizarre, white objects flying strangely overhead. (Calls 2nd time to report they are birds.)11/2/99
5/2/95 12:00MemphisTNUSAWoman reports that her grandfather, an American Indian, tells tribal stories very similar in nature to UFO reports.11/2/99
4/30/95 22:00RiverviewFLUSAMan & wife witness multiple, multi-colored objects, some of them "large." Neighborhood dogs barking wildly. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
4/30/95 20:55San DiegoCAUSA75 min.Father & son, fishing, witness bizarre flashing light, which moved across sky, increased height. Bizarre through binoculars.11/2/99
4/30/95 11:55Mt. CityTNUSAComputer engin. repts. strange conversation re UFO's w/ USAF officers at Patrick AFB, FL. They used (seemingly) covert names.11/2/99
4/29/95SpokaneWAUSAYoung woman & boyfriend witness "galaxy" of lights on other side of Pend Oreille River. Rept. strange creature. (Facts unclear)11/2/99
4/25/95 15:15BrooklynOHUSAMan report strange, machined metallic sphere in backyard. Calls later to rept. that son, a metallurgist, had left it there.11/2/99
4/25/95 12:30PortlandORUSA75 min.Man, lying on bed, sees very bright ball of light enter apt.. Could feel heat from obj., felt paralyzed. Loud humming above11/2/99
4/25/95 02:30Grape CreekILUSA3 sec.Two youth witness flash in sky, then "vapor trail" streaking down. Witness green strobe, "like lightning," in woods nearby.11/2/99
4/24/95 22:14Beaver CreekORUSA30 min.Five witnesses rept. observing strange light in eastern sky. Saw it on 21FE and 22FE, as well. (Possible star?)11/2/99
4/23/95 21:30Hickory CornersMIUSA1 sec.Woman hears strange, loud humming overhead, which ceases, then starts again. Looks up, sees multiple strange lights.11/2/99
4/22/95 23:49OregonILUSA60 sec.Local police relay rept. from youth, who had reported seeing saucer-shaped obj. w/ dome and marker lights.11/2/99
4/22/95 22:37SeattleWAUSA4 sec.2 univ. stud. see dramatic "meteor" in S sky, then witness chevron of lights "like kite" in same area of sky. Zig-zags off!11/2/99
4/22/95 21:44BakersfieldCAUSAAnonymous caller repts. strange, multi-colored lights in SW sky; appears to move. Will call next night after looking at sky.11/2/99
4/22/95 17:15PortlandORUSAWoman in hammock witnesses brightly lighted "red ball" descend from sky, fly into garage! Ascends, flies to 2nd obj. in sky.11/2/99
4/22/95 15:00MilpitasCAUSAFormer U.S.Navy gunner's mate witnesses "light beige disc" streak overhead. Est. 60' wide, 10' tall; velocity 1500 mph! Good rept.11/2/99
4/22/95 01:05Oregon CityORUSA1 hourWoman repts. two objects in proximity; witnessed two nights sequentially in same part of sky. (Possible stars??)11/2/99
4/22/95 00:30LouisvilleKYUSAWoman repts. shiny object, that suddenly got bright, then dimmed, as it moved across sky. Became crescent shaped, winked out.11/2/99
4/22/95DanvilleILUSAWoman (77 yrs.) repts. witnessing strange obj. ascending "like jet plane" near Danville airport. Bizarre object.11/2/99
4/21/95 23:49OregonILUSA60 sec.Younth & friend witness saucer-shaped obj. w/ dome pass overhead. 2 lights on each side, red in front, strobe behind red.11/2/99
4/21/95 23:00NewportORUSAWhile looking at stars, man sees "satellite." 2nd obj. streaks up to 1st, merges w/ it. Then, 3rd obj. streaks up to 2 others.11/2/99
4/21/95HansvilleWAUSAWoman repts. multiple sightings of object with blue lights streaking overhead above her residence. (Facts unclear)11/2/99
4/20/95 23:20WataugaTXUSA15 sec.Man repts. obj. fly overhead W to E. Looked like 4 lights in a square pattern, blue in front, 3 white lights on other corners.11/2/99
4/20/95 00:02FargoNDUSA2 min.Female student w/ friend witness huge red light in sky. 2 others witness. Obj pulsated, started to flicker. Winked out.11/2/99
4/19/95 22:19AugustaMEUSAME State Police relay rept. of huge, fluorescent object reported by caller in Augusta.11/2/99
4/19/95 21:45RichmondVAUSA15 min.Family & 12 athletes witness huge, black disc w/ dome in center. Very close. Returns on second occasion.11/2/99
4/19/95 21:44BinghamtonNYUSA5 sec.Man witnesses cluster of objects "like arrows" streaking overhead at (apparently) high altitude. Called FAA office to rept.11/2/99
4/19/95 19:58ClovisCAUSA90 sec.Woman witnesses obj. like "round planet w/ rings" in NW sky, which then moved very fast to E sky. Daughter witnesses obj.11/2/99
4/19/95 19:30Pembrook PinesFLUSA10 sec.While stopped at traffic signal, woman sees "blimp" in W sky. Obj. started moving, then suddenly diminished in size. Bizarre.11/2/99
4/19/95 00:30New Smyrna BeachFLUSA10 sec.Man witnesses four strange lights in formation in NW sky. 2 lights were bright & large; 2 were dull & smaller. Disappeared11/2/99
4/18/95 22:34GilbertsvillePAUSA10 min.14-yr. old youth w/ friends witness very bright, white, oval light in NE sky. (Facts unclear)11/2/99
4/18/95 20:30LeesportPAUSA3 min.Teen w/ friends witness two large, orange lights hovering. Objs. descend, move away. 1/4 diameter of full moon.11/2/99
4/16/95 22:10TacomaWAUSA2 min.Man repts. witnessing two "grayish-white" discs flying S to N apparently above clouds. Flight was steady, non-erratic.11/2/99
4/16/95 21:45Villa RicaGAUSAGA Hwy. Patrol dispatch repts. trooper observed advertising blimp for video company in area of prior report.11/2/99
4/16/95 21:25CarrolltonGAUSAGA Hwy. Patrol relay rept from Sandhill, PA, area. One observer repts. strange obj. headed in direction of Atlanta.11/2/99
4/16/95 20:30MedfordMAUSA10 sec.Man witnessed 2 rectangular "lights" that looked like "strips of green light." He watched 2 sets of them pass across sky.11/2/99
4/16/95 01:10WoodinvilleWAUSA45 sec.Woman (prior caller) repts. 3x12' rectangular section of driveway illuminated from above. Similar to her incident 22FE95.11/2/99
4/15/95 19:30EarlvillePAUSA30 sec.Young man repts. daylight sighting of egg-, or cigar-, shaped silver object. (See other sightings from Phila./Pottstown PA.)11/2/99
4/14/95 22:00BostonMAUSAMan repts. strange green glow, which lit up sky and moved dramatically across sky. Witnessed 3, then 4 objs. Strobed effect.11/2/99
4/14/95 21:00TacomaWAUSAAmateur astronomer repts. sighting peculiar, blinking obj in eastern sky w/ telescope. (Time & date uncertain).11/2/99
4/13/95 23:08BrooklynARUSA2 sec.Memphis FAA 2nd rept. Two men witness huge, blindingly bright obj. streak overhead. Splits into 2 w/smoke tails.11/2/99
4/13/95 23:07West MemphisTNUSA5 sec.Memphis FAA controller relays sighting rept.--- Man sees green "roman candle" descend to ground, streak north.11/2/99
4/13/95 23:07BrooklynARUSA5 sec.Witness repts. huge, brilliantly bright triangle passes overhead. Lit up area, hovered, turned, streaked off.11/2/99
4/13/95 12:00PottstownPAUSAJournalist from Pottstown (PA) Mercury calls to request information about multiple sightings in area.11/2/99
4/12/95 21:45RichmondVAUSAMultiple witnesses to huge black ship, which hovers over basketball court. Within 30' of ground. Seen again 21JN & 10JL95.11/2/99
4/10/95 02:25GoletaCAUSA5 sec.Anonymous caller repts. bizarre white ball of light seen descending to S of Goleta. (Rept. from commo. cntr.?)11/2/99
4/10/95 02:25TajungaCAUSA7sec.Woman witnesses big ball of white light descending in E sky. Size of full moon. NBC newsman reported, also.11/2/99
4/10/95 01:30Apple ValleyCAUSA3 min.Man woman witness white light descend from sky to low altitude, turn blue, streak off.11/2/99
4/7/95 21:00BoulderCOUSA7 sec.College stud. sees 3 objs. in formation pass directly overhead. Very fast. Covers 120 deg. in 7 seconds.11/2/99
4/6/95 00:58BurlingtonNJUSA30 sec.Man & wife witness orange, "dirty yellow" cigar-shaped obj. above W horizon. Passed behind tree, faded out.11/2/99
4/5/95 21:45BoyertownPAUSA1 hourYoung woman sees bizarre green, white, & red "stick," which rotates 90 deg., expands laterally. Good rept.11/2/99
4/5/95 01:00BakersfieldCAUSA1 hourYoung man repts. stationary, bright, colorful light in E sky. (Possible star)11/2/99
4/4/95 23:50FolsomNJUSAWoman repts. stationary light in sky, which dims when aircraft pass by.11/2/99
4/3/95 10:30HaslettMIUSA2 min.Young boy witnesses two discs 50-60' from home. Takes polaroid photo of one w/ smoke trail. Good photo.11/2/99
4/3/95 02:00BakersfieldCAUSA3 hrs.Woman & boyfriend witness 3x strange obj., "sheet of green, laser" light. Project beams of light to ground.11/2/99
4/2/95 23:25Smith RiverCAUSA20 min.Family reports strange lights to west over water.11/2/99
4/2/95 10:20KnoxvilleTNUSAMUFON State Dir./TN calls to request information about UFO sightings/explosion over TN on 01/07/95. Investigating incident.11/2/99
4/1/95 21:00Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSAMother repts. young son witnessed, frightened by saucer in evening sky while playing w/ friends. Luminous tail.11/2/99
4/1/95 05:30Costa MesaCAUSATeacher repts. 14-yr. old photog. stud. photographs strange obj. that appeared black, white, red, elongate.11/2/99
3/31/95 21:45PlacervilleCAUSA5 sec.Ex-USAF/aerospace empl.(ret.) sees very bright, pure white light descend vertically. Extraordinary sighting. Good rept.11/2/99
3/30/95 23:32MurphyNCUSA1 minuteWoman and grandson witness large, oval, brightly lighted obj. W of Murphy, NC. Similar sighting 03/28/95 @8pm11/2/99
3/30/95 19:30WarrenMIUSA10 min.Man calls to report woman's sighting. She had seen bright light 1-2 miles away; dims, then splits into 6 obj.11/2/99
3/30/95 04:45EugeneORUSAMan reports strange flash of light struck hood of his car. No sighting of object.11/2/99
3/30/95HonoluluHIUSAYoung woman reports yellow lights in formation over ocean. Several other similar sightings in recent past.11/2/99
3/30/95Fort WayneINUSAWoman reports seeing long, cigar-like ship, w/ smokey color. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
3/29/95 23:54Mt. RanchCAUSAMan sees bizarre, solid light pass directly overhead.11/2/99
3/29/95 20:35JacksonvilleFLUSA10 minWoman reports bright, "neon-like" light, which moved, got brighter, ascended vertically very fast.11/2/99
3/29/95 20:15ElmaWAUSAPolice detective/MUFON investigator repts. alleged sighting by multiple witnesses. Begins investigation. (Star later confirmed)11/2/99
3/29/95 14:36RainsvilleALUSAMan repts. seeing 2 glowing orange globes, "size of VW," in distance over highway. Later sees wedge-shape craft near truck.11/2/99
3/29/95 01:31VenturaCAUSA45 sec.Man reports three brightly lighted obj. over mtns. Move erratically, then fly west very fast. Calls 911.11/2/99
3/28/95 00:36CordovaAKUSA15 minPerson reports "clump of fog" circles car six times, changing shape each time. Hovered. 2nd ship on ground. Dramatic.11/2/99
3/27/95 23:00San FranciscoCAUSAUFO author/investigator calls to rept. article re "meteor shower" on evening of 03/27/95 in SFO newspaper.11/2/99
3/27/95 22:00FlorenceORUSA15 min.Man calls to rept. lengthy sighting over city. Sends newspaper article. Reported by many to local police.11/2/99
3/27/95 21:50HarmonyMEUSA90 min.Retired ship captain reports strange light to NE. (Later writes to confirm obj. is star.)11/2/99
3/26/95 17:37ScottsdaleAZUSA15 min.Man sees cluster of 8x obj. over city. Different colors. Two obj. eject brown, circular obj.11/2/99
3/25/95 23:10AuburnWAUSA1 sec.Man & wife witness vertical streak of white light descend from sky. Very fast. South of Auburn.11/2/99
3/25/95 23:10SalinasCAUSA20 min.Man & wife hear approaching "thumping" sound. See two bright red, pulsing triangles in sky fly from NW.11/2/99
3/25/95 22:30RedmondWAUSA5 min.Man reports two strange aircraft pass overhead. Lights were rotating around axis in horizontal orientation.11/2/99
3/25/95 19:00BurienWAUSAWoman repts. dimly lit, round object flying across night sky very fast. Not airplane or satellite; very familiar w/ night sky.11/2/99
3/25/95 18:20Fort WayneINUSA15 min.Woman witnessed large, dark, smokey obj. hanging in sky. She followed it in car for 15 min. Winks out.11/2/99
3/25/95 17:00SeattleWAUSA30 min.Woman repts. daylight sighting of bright, silver "helmet-shaped" obj. in E sky. 2nd similar obj. approached it, streaked E!11/2/99
3/25/95Grover BeachCAUSAMan reports numerous sightings over prior two months. (Report not inconsistent w/ twinkling stars.)11/2/99
3/25/95MontereyCAUSA"911" Emer. Dispatch operator reports sighting report from citizen in Torro Park, CA.11/2/99
3/24/95 05:00Las VegasNVUSAOakland FAA calls to rept. UFO sighting rept. from comm. pilot returning from Las Vegas.11/2/99
3/24/95 05:00Las VegasNVUSAFAA/Joshua Approach repts. UFO sighting report from comm. pilot enroute to Las Vegas in Metroliner at 19,000'.11/2/99
3/24/95 01:27North DadeFLUSA2 sec.Man at work witnessed a bright white light rise vertically, hover, then shoot off w/blue streak. Dramatic.11/2/99
3/23/95 22:25FlintMIUSAMultiple FAA controllers experience 3rd sighting: 19FE, 17MR, 23MR. Obj. returned light signal; no radar sig.11/2/99
3/23/95 22:00Lake HavasuAZUSA30 min.Five adults see very bright cylinder (or saucer??) in clear night sky. Multiple colors. Called 911.11/2/99
3/23/95 21:23SpokaneWAUSAMUFON investigator reports sighting near Mica Peak. Multi-colored obj. flying erratically. No radar contact.11/2/99
3/23/95 01:30Hwy. 18WAUSA10 min.Man & friend witness bright obj. descend through clouds, "pulling clouds with it." Hovered within 75 yds.. Bright lights.11/2/99
3/22/95 21:30EverettWAUSAThree Boeing employees on break see "low star" move, change color, become green triangle in SW sky. Good rept.11/2/99
3/22/95 17:30RedmondWAUSA20 min.MUFON member & husband witness 2 very bright lights, apparent size of Jupiter, move W to S.11/2/99
3/22/95 05:10BedfordVAUSA1 hourMan, co-workers witness strange, amber light darting fast in morning sky. Faded and reappeared three times.11/2/99
3/19/95 20:31PatriciaTXUSAWoman repts. dramatic sighting. (Facts unclear; no return phone call.) Event was emotionally disturbing.11/2/99
3/19/95 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSAFAA Shift Supervisor relays rept.--Woman reported large obj. close to ground, hovering. ( No follow up call.)11/2/99
3/19/95 19:30MobileALUSA45 sec.Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, land on lawn. Flashing lights in house next day. F-16's.11/2/99
3/18/95 21:49BakersfieldCAUSAMan repts. sighting over Bakersfield. (Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/18/95 21:49BakersfieldCAUSA30 sec.Man sees light in sky w/ binocs. Obj. moved across sky rapidly, stopped, reversed dir., descended. Streaked.11/2/99
3/17/95 23:30Boulder CreekCAUSA30 sec.Young man & girlfriend hear very strange humming, whining sound pass above their rural cabin. Alarmed.11/2/99
3/17/95 22:00EvingtonVAUSA2 min.Woman sees "star" approach, stop, descend, move forward, disappear. Other multiple sightings near Lynchburg.11/2/99
3/17/95 19:40FlintMIUSA15 min.Five FAA controllers see 4 pulsing "clouds" of red light. Objects dart, zigzag, return light signal. Many 911 calls received.11/2/99
3/17/95 16:00LockwoodNVUSAWoman repts. sighting of disc, which landed, leaving burning circle in grass. Claimed U.S. Agents present.11/2/99
3/16/95 23:45ToledoOHUSAWoman & son witness strange, flashing, multi-color lights to west of home. Tried to photograph, streaked off.11/2/99
3/16/95MolallaORUSA10 min.Young woman on rural road witnesses strange, bright obj.. Round on top, pointed on bottom.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:32JacksonTNUSA45 sec.Man sees blue-green obj. hover below overcast for 45 sec.. Streaks off, leaving veil of red sparks.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:28S. GreensburgPAUSAWoman witnesses large ball of bright white light flying NW to SE. Turns blue, vanishes instantly. Silent.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:25FairmontWVUSA1 sec.Woman witnessed egg-shaped obj. in cloud of green light streak overhead. Trailing edge yellow. Very, very fast11/2/99
3/15/95 23:17ViennaVAUSA3 sec.Retired senior comm. pilot, wife, & daughter (comm. pilot) see obj. streak vertically down in western sky.11/2/99
3/15/95 23:00GainesvilleFLUSA5 sec.Woman saw "twinkling, flashing object" streak north.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:40CollinsvilleILUSASt. Louis resident calls to describe sighting over IL. Blue-green obj., slow flight, luminous, white tail.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:32LitchfieldILUSAYoung woman, boyfriend witness hovering blue-green object very close. Obj. headed east. Vague confusion after sighting. .11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Grain ValleyMOUSA10 min.Man reports 4 strange objects in night sky. They appear to be beaming light down at the ground. Alarmed.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30St. LouisMOUSARadio news clearinghouse calls regarding sighting on 03/15/95. Hundreds of calls received.11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Jefferson CityMOUSA6 sec.MO Hwy. Patrol officer & 2 other officers witness blue-green, bright light hovering. Winked out. Good rept..11/2/99
3/15/95 22:30Jefferson CityMOUSA2nd MO Hwy Patrol officer calls, confirms sightings and many UFO calls prior evening.11/2/99
3/15/95 21:30Cannis CityFLUSA7 sec.Two males walking on railroad tracks see luminous, white disc descend from clouds, level out, turn, streak north.11/2/99
3/14/95 22:05FontanaCAUSA5 min.Nine adults witnessing 6-8 objects moving in western sky. Shaped like arrow, then square. Many 911 reports.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:45North JudsonINUSAMan reports strange, allegedly UFO-related sighting. (Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/14/95 21:45N. JudsonINUSAMan reports sighting. ( Facts unclear; no return call.)11/2/99
3/14/95 21:10WenatcheeWAUSA5 sec.Man & wife driving north toward Burch Mtn. see blue-green obj. streak to NW. Low on horizon.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:10SeattleWAUSAMUFON member (Ph.D. engineer) witnesses flash, blue streak north of Seattle.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:08SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Man witnessed bright, blue-green light streak S to N in eastern sky. Bigger than star. Very fast.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:08SeattleWAUSA2 sec.Man & son witness blue-green ball streak S to N in eastern sky. Son frightened by observation.11/2/99
3/14/95 21:07SeattleWAUSA10 sec.Man reports a bright blue obj. that streaked to north below the overcast. Very bright, very fast.11/2/99
3/13/95 18:30SeattleWAUSA5 min.Man witnessed yellow, flickering light to west, viewed from Queen Anne Hill. Approached him, then departed.11/2/99
3/12/95 23:41ColumbiaSCUSA30 sec.Driver & passenger witness "triad of extremely bright lights" in perfectly triangular pattern. Lights faded.11/2/99
3/12/95 23:30AvondaleAZUSA90 min.Woman witnessed two flashing lights, then five lights. Moved across sky in bizarre manner.11/2/99
3/12/95 21:00NorfolkVAUSA3 hrs.Four adults witness "star" that moved to the northern sky. May have been other tiny objects around it.11/2/99
3/12/95 20:30LeavenworthKSUSA3 hrs.Mil. empl. blinded by flash, then sees four diamond-shaped ships. Three hours of missing time.11/2/99
3/11/95 21:45Show LowAZUSAYoung man & girlfriend witnessed strange red lights motionless in sky near Snowflake, AZ. Reptd. to police.11/2/99
3/11/95 20:00Fort WayneINUSA20 min.Mother & two sons followed strange obj. "hanging in sky" for 20 min. Obj. did not seem to move. Sons scared.11/2/99
3/11/95 19:30Las VegasNVUSAFour children witness saucer close to ground. ( Uncertain about some facts.)11/2/99
3/11/95 03:00ChesapeakeVAUSA5 min.Man witnessed orange triangular obj. w/ light in center pass overhead. Surrounded by 20 red obj.. Very high.11/2/99
3/10/95 20:45PortlandORUSA2 sec.Man witnessed bright obj. "like ice cream cone" streak across sky above city in arc path. F-16's reported.11/2/99
3/9/95 21:00Plant CityFLUSA1 hourTwo young brothers report bizarre object giving off "blue lines" of light.11/2/99
3/8/95 23:00Lake JacksonTXUSAWoman reports very colorful, flickering object in sky. Possible twinkling star.11/2/99
3/8/95 22:00Byron CenterMIUSACouple witnessed yellowish light descend into woods near house. Recurring sightings since 1979.11/2/99
3/8/95 05:45AmmonIDUSA2 min.Mother reports children approached by circular obj. w/ lights. Directly overhead. Telepathic msg. reported.11/2/99
3/7/95 21:25PortlandORUSAMan witnessed four lights on dark ship, w/ red blinking light on tail. Heard sound like "blimp." Other repts.11/2/99
3/7/95 19:20PortlandORUSA15 sec.Woman sees four bright lights moving across sky, w/ red, flashing light on tail. Loud sound. Flew south.11/2/99
3/7/95 05:30BellevueWAUSA15 sec.Young man & woman witness 6-8 orange lights flying SW in clear sky. Winked out. Type of flight unusual.11/2/99
3/7/95 04:00TucumcariNMUSA3 sec.Man at mile marker 337 on I-40 sees strange light in distance descend to horizon. No tail or explosion.11/2/99
3/6/95 23:30BurleyWAUSA20 sec.Woman witnesses a subdued "arc of light" move slowly across sky to ground level. Saw helicopter later.11/2/99
3/6/95 22:09Ft. BraggCAUSA30 sec.Mother & children witness 3 lights in a line. Children reported it was a circle w/ a dome on top, & lights.11/2/99
3/6/95 19:45Mountain CityTNUSA1 minuteWife & husband see obj. projecting beam of light down to ground. Illuminated trees. Rose & flew off.11/2/99
3/6/95 19:10FlorenceORUSAMan called to report that he and his daughter had been followed in their car by a huge, bizarre obj. Est. width was 450 feet!11/2/99
3/6/95 19:00HilltopNJUSA5 sec.Young boy reports seeing oval-shaped object w/ "lots of lights. (Got tel. # from I. Asimov book.)11/2/99
3/6/95 00:55ColumbusOHUSA3 minutesTwo men in car hear weird, "jet" sound. See 8-9 white objects in formation. Zigzagged across sky.11/2/99
3/4/95 16:32FolsomNJUSA3 sec.Woman reports past sighting of bright, neon-green obj. shooting across sky. Repts. other sighting 04FE95.11/2/99
3/2/95 22:30RedmondWAUSA20 sec.Young man witnesses constant red light, with quick-flashing light on bottom. Does loops and random maneuvers.11/2/99
3/1/95 21:00SedaliaMOUSA5 min.Woman, neighbor see huge, bright lighted "cigar" ship w/ windows. Drifted over farm, rose vertically. Good rept.11/2/99
2/28/95 22:00EastgateWAUSAWoman witnessed strange, blinking light in SW sky. It simply winked out suddenly.11/2/99
2/28/95 19:00HarrisonburgVAUSAJournalist calls seeking information regarding recent multiple sightings near Harrisonburg, VA.11/2/99
2/28/95 05:00Electric CityWAUSAMan repts. seeing large, silver sphere in morning sky. Military-type jet flew toward it.11/2/99
2/27/95 19:59MukilteoWAUSA1 sec.Man sees very bright light descend vertically, very fast. Appears to descend to ground level beyond tree line.11/2/99
2/27/95 12:00HarrisonburgVAUSAMennonite College instructor reports UFO flap is in process in that area of PA11/2/99
2/26/95 23:30Mt. VernonWAUSA30 min.Man repts. strange light in SW sky, 30 deg. above horizon. (Twinkling star?)11/2/99
2/26/95 21:00StanwoodWAUSAMultiple witnesses observe 2 white lights near Camano Island. Moved. MUFON member followed up.11/2/99
2/26/95 20:00TallasseeTNUSAFAA empl. & pilot reports seeing triangular ships w/ bizarre lights. Over mountainous country.11/2/99
2/25/95 20:20PortlandORUSA40 min.Man repts. strange green light behind clouds. Seemed to generate "ripple" effect in atmosphere.11/2/99
2/24/95 23:45Mercer IslandWAUSA30 MIN.Woman repts. a bright, stationary light in N sky, 2-3 deg. above horizon. Red, blue, white. (Star?)11/2/99
2/24/95 23:00Cam Highway (?)HIUSAWoman repts. multiple lighted obj. moving over ocean to NW. Prior sightings, as well.11/2/99
2/24/95 20:45FernleyNVUSA20 minWoman repts. 2 sightings of red light hovering. Turns white. For some reason, 4-yr. old daughter frightened by sighting.11/2/99
2/23/95 22:00ReddingCAUSAWoman repts. hearing very loud noise outside house, sees huge, bizarre, black "helicopters." Strange!11/2/99
2/23/95 22:00LexingtonKYUSAWoman, radio DJ witness gray "barrel-like" obj., red light in center. Dog barked, acted strangely for 2 days.11/2/99
2/23/95 21:00El CentroCAUSAMan repts. multiple sightings of "huge boomerang," and obj. in formation neat El Centro MCAS over 2 days.11/2/99
2/23/95 18:20SnohomishWAUSA10 min.Man, wife, & grandson witness elongate obj. E of Rte. 9. Boy identifies it as "spaceship." Serious report.11/2/99
2/23/95 00:05TacomaWAUSA45 min.Mother & son witness strange lighted obj. in S sky. Moved relative to trees. Slowly rose & disappeared.11/2/99
2/23/95SeattleWAUSAMultiple calls continue to come in regarding green fireball that flew from Portland to Seattle 22FE95 @ 0537 hrs. No sonic boom.11/2/99
2/22/95 23:00AuburnWAUSA45 min.Woman repts. very bright obj. in S sky. Brighter than star. Not visible 23FE95.11/2/99
2/22/95 20:00KentWAUSAMUFON member repts. strange contrails in sky over Kent.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:45Mill CreekWAUSA3 min.Woman observed bizarre, stationary blue-green light for 2-3 min. Disappeared suddenly.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:37SeattleWAUSA4 sec.Multiple calls regarding green obj. streaking NNW from Renton to Paine Field. Low alt. (?) One witness repts. it hovered.11/2/99
2/22/95 05:36VancouverWAUSA4 sec.Multiple witnesses, newspaper article about green obj streaking to north. Many calls to media.11/2/99
2/22/95 02:30WoodinvilleWAUSA15 min.(?)Woman lets dog out, sees whole street illuminated "like daylight." Sees slanting shaft of light. Bizarre!11/2/99
2/22/95 01:15St. LouisMOUSA4 sec.Police off. sees strange "plate" streaking over city. 50-100yds length. Strange glow. "Inch worm" type flight. Excellent rept.11/2/99
2/21/95 21:30YakimaWAUSA3 min.Man sees bright light approaching; prominent in night sky. Splits into 3 lights, 1 white, 2 red. Drifts off.11/2/99
2/21/95 20:30Colville ReservationWAUSAColville Police Disp. repts. "blue, shimmering thing" observed. Then it "blew up," and disappeared.11/2/99
2/21/95 19:00Council BluffsIAUSA15 min.Young man sees 3 solid lights; pulls off highway. Sees gigantic, gray triangle w/ "archways." Good rept, excellent drawing.11/2/99
2/21/95 19:00LynnwoodWAUSA10 sec.Man repts. seeing very large, very bright object pass overhead. Moving E, then turns to NE. 2nd sighting.11/2/99
2/21/95 03:00Sprague RiverORUSAMan was going to bed and noticed "moving star." Object appeared large, and was dipping and weaving. Disappeared11/2/99
2/21/95 01:10Lake TahuyehWAUSA20 min.MUFON member reports gigantic, black ship passes NNE over house at 5 mph. 20 min sighting. Good rept.11/2/99
2/20/95 18:00WarrenILUSA30 sec.2nd sighting report of 6 strange objects hovering over town. Looked like space shuttle. Many witnesses.11/2/99
2/20/95 13:05SeattleWAUSAMan calls to rept. that he can calculate when sun will blow up, based on design of Barbary Castle Crop Circle.11/2/99
2/20/95 13:00AlbuquerqueNMUSARetired Sandia Labs. engineer calls seeking plans for building UFO detector.11/2/99
2/19/95 22:00PhoenixAZUSAIndep. UFO investigator calls to introduce self. Is tracking Holland, MI, 08MR94 sighting w/ radar contacts.11/2/99
2/19/95 19:00FentonMIUSAMan repts. moving obj. w/ strange lights moving E to W. Hovered below overcast (?).11/2/99
2/19/95 19:00SeattleWAUSA3 hrs.Nat. UFO Center Director makes 3 hour appearance on national radio program. Multiple calls follow for 2 days.11/2/99
2/19/95 00:15Mountlake Terrace (Seattle)WAUSA4 sec.Man repts. seeing 4 circular dots of light in a row, connected by "streak of light." Color of "static electricity."11/2/99
2/19/95 00:05FargoNDUSA10 min.Red light seen over Fargo below clouds. Hovered for 10 min., faded, flashed, slowly moved east. Seen twice.11/2/99
2/18/95 21:00KalamazooMIUSAMan calls to rept. his mother saw strange light in sky. Details sketchy.(No follow-up call.)11/2/99
2/18/95 18:00WarrenILUSA35 min.Woman w/ kids see 3 "space shuttle" type craft hover, streak. Eject smaller objects (!). Many witnesses. Good rept.11/2/99
2/18/95 12:00VantageWAUSAYoung rock climber repts. town of Vantage closed by police. He and partner had seen hovering obj. N of town.11/2/99
2/17/95 22:30SeatacWAUSAVery responsible woman rept. seeing a white "ball of light" descend, hover, move south. 2/3 dia. of full moon.11/2/99
2/16/95 23:45KalamazooMIUSA5 minMan report seeing multiple objects moving east (!). Watches them for five minutes. (See other sightings above.)11/2/99
2/16/95 23:45Des PlainesILUSAFAA Regional Office calls to confirm multiple sighting reports received on previous evening.11/2/99
2/16/95 23:15Paw PawMIUSAMan & wife awakened by immensely loud roaring sound. See 5 bizarre craft hovering nearby in formation! Good rept..11/2/99
2/16/95 23:10KalamazooMIUSA5 min.Former artillery officer witnesses 4-5 ships streaking E to W south of city. Flash w/atmospheric boom 5 hrs. earlier. Good rept.11/2/99
2/16/95 19:26AlbuquerqueNMUSAMan calls to report large disc witnessed by occupants of 7 cars 40 mi. NW of Albuquerque. Streaks off fast.11/2/99
2/16/95Johnson CityTNUSAFounder/director of U.S.UFO Info. & Res. Cntr. calls. Proposes collaboration w/ Nat. UFO Rept. Cntr.11/2/99
2/16/95SacramentoCAUSACA Hwy Patrol Office of Res. & Planning calls to request info. about UFO Rept. Center.11/2/99
2/15/95 21:00Santa RosaCAUSA5 secWoman sees bright flash, then witnesses large, iridescent, "sparkly" obj. streak north. Not meteorite.11/2/99
2/15/95 21:00LiberalKSUSA8 sec.Man reports witnessing "neon light" hovering in southern sky. Obj. shoots off & disappears.11/2/99
2/15/95 04:40Fair OaksNYUSAWoman witnessed very bright white light w/ strange "shadow" around it. Moved very slowly.11/2/99
2/15/95 03:58NashvilleTNUSA10 sec.Man saw strange light move slowly across sky, stop, then streak off. 10 second sighting.11/2/99
2/14/95 23:28ChicoCAUSAWoman calls to report that 3 children reported seeing "round, alien ship" overhead, w/ yellow, orange, red, white lights.11/2/99
2/12/95 22:30GustavusAKUSA5 min.Boatload of young fisherman witness very large, orange obj. It returns their light signal, then zips off.11/2/99
2/12/95 21:00El CerritoCAUSAYoung woman reports red streak passing east to south over Lawrence Livermore facility.11/2/99
2/12/95 06:25McKinleyvilleCAUSA15 sec.Man sees two delta-shaped "aircraft," w/ lights blinking in sequence. Within 400 yards. Police cars nearby.11/2/99
2/12/95 00:45ElizabethtownKYUSA75 min.Family members witness 5 lights in sky hover, "jump," then disappear. Several nights. TV coverage.11/2/99
2/10/95 20:30Cannon BeachORUSA10 sec.Man in motel room sees "flash of red light in eyes." Sees bright light in room. Sees bright "star" below overcast to south.11/2/99
2/10/95SeattleWAUSA30 secWoman, out walking dog, sees bright bluish light rise from Pug. Sound, turn, then zip off. No sound. Good rept.11/2/99
2/9/95 19:00VancouverWAUSAWoman witnesses 3 very bright lights east of I-5. Maneuvered in sky instantaneously. Green & white.11/2/99
2/9/95 19:00VancouverWAUSAMan repts. seeing bright lights over I-5 and east. ( Put in contact w/ other observers.)11/2/99
2/9/95 17:40AnaheimCAUSAMan calls to rept. two sightings in Anaheim on two sequential days. Sightings reptd. by many witnesses & local newspaper.11/2/99
2/9/95Huntington BeachCAUSAReporter for Orange County newspaper calls to enquire about sighting reports in area. Many calls reported.11/2/99
2/9/95AuburnMEUSAGirl reports sighting strange object. ( Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/8/95 18:32RentonWAUSAWoman reports that son & playmates witness large, black circular craft. Multiple sightings. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/8/95 05:30North BendWAUSA105 minYoung couple witness very bright "diamond" w/ lights on multiple occasions. Other reports from same area.11/2/99
2/8/95TillamookORUSAWoman witness very bright red, white, and blue light south of town. "Like triangle."11/2/99
2/7/95 23:00TidewaterORUSAMother & son witness "star," which began to move, first north, then south. No radar contact reported.11/2/99
2/7/95 21:10ShawneeOKUSA30 secCollege student walking to restaurant observes two red lights moving overhead.11/2/99
2/7/95 20:35TacomaWAUSAUnknown5-7 secWork crew on railrodad loading dock witness approx. 9 obj. in loose formation streaking north. Good sighting.11/2/99
2/7/95 16:30RentonWAUSAYoung man northbound on I-405 at S-Curves sees green ball of light streak straight down. Good report.11/2/99
2/7/95 04:55QuilceneWAUSA20 secBangor Facility empl. witnesses 6 strange lights over Quilcene, WA, on way to work. 20 sec. sighting. Good report.11/2/99
2/7/95RaymondWAUSAWoman witnesses object. (Facts unclear.)11/2/99
2/7/95SeattleWAUSASeattle Times reporter calls about Quilcene sighting on 07FE95. No article published.11/2/99
2/6/95 19:30Nine Mile FallsWAUSA5 minMan & wife witness 3 lights streaking across sky for 5 min.. Pursued by mil. aircraft. Dramatic sighting.11/2/99
2/6/95 18:28Little RockARUSADiskWoman reports seeing multiple strange obj., in pairs, hover and fly very fast. Reports USAF F-16's in area at time.11/2/99
2/6/95BloomingtonILUSA5 minTwo truckers stop trucks, witness 3 "vertical slashes of light" beside highway. Both alarmed. Dramatic sighting.11/2/99
2/5/95 01:30GreensvilleNCUSAWoman and friend witnesses "striped, square" ship streak towards them while driving home. Followed them. Good rept..11/2/99
2/5/95AtlantaGAUSAComm./mil. (C-141) pilot reports "jumble" of very bright lights. Approached his pos., crossed road, departed. Good rept..11/2/99
2/4/95 19:10Port HadlockWAUSAMan reports witnessing 4 "white & circular lights" in the western sky. (Advertising lights?)11/2/99
2/4/95 19:00ChimacumWAUSAMan reports four lights now sitting still. (Agrees they probably are advertising lights.)11/2/99
2/4/95 18:45LewistonMTUSAMan & wife witness bright white light w/ red & blue lights. Moves slowly.11/2/99
2/4/95 17:33LewistonMTUSAUSAF officer calls to relay report from couple who witnessed bright white light, w/ red & blue lights.11/2/99
2/4/95New OrleansLAUSANew Orleans FAA ATRR called to say that they had received a UFO report from a caller.11/2/99
2/3/95 23:25FontanaCAUSA20 min8 adults witness five lights in northern sky for 20 min. Police report similar calls. Good report; sincere.11/2/99
2/3/95 21:30RomulusMIUSATwo young males rept. seeing "WW II" style bomber fly overhead at treetop level. (Facts muddled.)11/2/99
2/2/95 23:00Shady GroveORUSA15 minMan and wife witness very bright, moving light over ridge to southwest. Flashing green & red lights. Good rept.11/2/99
2/2/95 20:10Traverse CityMIUSA2 min (?)4 children report seeing disc above them; bathed them in white light. Missing time, clothes. Other observers. Dramatic.11/2/99
2/2/95 20:00EastportMIUSARetired NASA eng. sees large, white, bright obj. descend very fast to SSW. Emitted "vapors." Called Langley AFB.11/2/99
2/2/95 19:15DenmarkWIUSACone75 minMany witness strange craft streaking in night sky. Descended vertically very fast, hovered. Reptd. U.S. jets in pursuit. Bizarre.11/2/99
2/2/95 04:00SeatacWAUSATwo young men report 1 red light, 3 white lights in tight pattern over Cascade Mtns. Good rept.11/2/99
2/1/95 12:00Fort LewisWAUSAProf. mech./pilot w/ daughter witness bright green light w/ tail descend westbound into Ft. Lewis. 2nd sightng of same.11/2/99
1/31/95 20:10Eaton RapidsMIUSA6 min.A mother, her children, neighbors, and an aunt witness a huge "X-shaped" object fly E to W overhead.11/2/99
1/31/95 20:07MasonMIUSA3 min.Airport manager calls to rept. receipt of bizarre UFO rept. from woman in nearby town.11/2/99
1/31/95 19:32AlexandriaLAUSA2 min.FAA/Houston reports sighting by crews of two airliners 60 miles NW of Alexandria, LA. Lights move suddenly.11/2/99
1/31/95 02:00SpanawayWAUSA40Woman reports witnessing silver flashing object below clouds.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:29HarrisburgPAUSACounty Emergency Agency supervisor receives call regarding triangular ship, seen to emit three beams of light.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:00OlympiaWAUSAYoung father calls to report his 3-yr. old daughter keeps talking about lizard men w/ red eyes outside BR window.11/2/99
1/30/95 20:00JacksonvilleFLUSA90 sec.Man and wife observe three strange lights over Jacksonville that fly to southeast and fade out suddenly.11/2/99
1/28/95 10:53BurbankCAUSA15 sec.Two tennis players witness very bright object streak across sky at high altitude. No visible wings. Good rept.11/2/99
1/27/95 06:26SeatacWAUSALight2 min.Two witnesses see red blinking and solid white light moving over the Cascade Mountains.11/2/99
1/26/95 19:00ConcreteWAUSALight55 min.Seattle City Light empl. reports several strange lights, which "bob" below horizon, then reappear.11/2/99
1/26/95 19:00West South PortMEUSAUnknown1 min.Woman in darkened, rural beach property saw object hovering over ocean, rise, dart, descend and disappear.11/2/99
1/24/95 21:15San AngeloTXUSA9 sec.Man witnesses " yellow string of lights" streak from horizon to horizon in 8-9 sec. 7 or 8 objects in group.11/2/99
1/24/95 21:00MidlandTXUSA20 secondsFather and son witness "tube filled with tiny lights" streak W to E overhead. 20 sec. sighting. Witnesses.11/2/99
1/24/95 04:42LebanonTNUSA108 min.A woman and daughter witnessed 2 large ships, and a cluster of white ships. Clamshell in shape. TEMA rept..11/2/99
1/23/95 23:42LadysmithWIUSA20 min.Rusk Co. Sheriff's office reports officer's observation of hovering light in SE sky. (Possible star?)11/2/99
1/23/95 06:15SeattleWAUSA30 sec.Man calls to report he & wife witnessed metallic disc hovering just above Pug. Sound. Streaks off. (No 2nd call)11/2/99
1/22/95 21:45RentonWAUSA3 min.Man and two sons driving south on I-405 near S-curves witness two pairs of very bright, motionless lights.11/2/99
1/22/95 20:00SeattleWAUSA5 sec.Man witnesses triangular obj. w/ dull, or "subdued" lights streak overhead.11/2/99
1/22/95 17:50ViennaVAUSA2 sec.U.S. Dept. of Energy empl. w/ wife & son witness two green spheres, joined by "gold light," streak overhead.11/2/99
1/22/95 03:00TonasketWAUSARectangle10 min.Man awakened on farm by noise from animals. Sees huge, square object hovering. Tries to shoot. Physiological effects, upset.11/2/99
1/21/95 21:50SeymourTNUSA3 min.A man and his fiancee witnessed gigantic triangle hovering in the night sky. Red & blue belly lights. Good rept.11/2/99
1/21/95 05:45PortlandORUSA15 min.Man out walking during early morning observes three very colorful objects in southwest sky. They move.11/2/99
1/20/95 19:40BranfordCTUSA5 sec.Man witnesses "very bright orange-red" object streak down out of the sky and disappear. No explosion!11/2/99
1/19/95 19:20RichlandWAUSA1 minuteWoman and daughter witness very bright green light hovering in sky. Descends slowly and disappears.11/2/99
1/18/95 19:30Deer LodgeMTUSA1 hourAnonymous call regarding alleged multiple UFO sighting reports between Fairfield and Deer Lodge for 1 hour.11/2/99
1/18/95 19:00GrangevilleIDUSAWoman reports dramatic "meteor shower" over northern Idaho.11/2/99
1/17/95 23:45MooreheadMNUSA30 min.Man, wife, and two police officers observe two red lights in night sky. Obj. followed a small aircraft.11/2/99
1/17/95 23:07SeattleWAUSA45 min.Woman reports unusual blue lights. (Probably lights on neighbor's radio antenna, she later reported.)11/2/99
1/17/95 22:45AnchorageAKUSALight15 min.Empl. of KRUA radio station at Univ. of AK calls to report multiple UFO reports 2245 hrs. 17JA95 over inlet.11/2/99
1/17/95 04:30BendORUSA73 min.Woman observes three strange objects hovering in morning sky for 73 minutes. Very bright lights. Good rept.11/2/99
1/16/95 00:20RentonWAUSA10 sec.Young man sees very brightly lighted object streak across the sky and disappear behind a stand of trees.11/2/99
1/15/95 23:43PoulsboWAUSA2 minutesPolice officer on patrol witnesses triangular pattern of three lights. They rotate twice, then depart west.11/2/99
1/15/95 21:00MortonWAUSAWoman reports 2 craft fly over house. Strange events taking place in town w/ paramilitary activities.11/2/99
1/15/95 12:00GorhamMEUSA2 weeksMan called to enquire about all the strange sighting that had been reported in his area during recent past.11/2/99
1/15/95 02:30McKinleyvilleCAUSA45 minutesMan went outdoors, witnessed approx. 50 blue and green, pulsating objects moving in the storm clouds. Good rept.11/2/99
1/14/95 22:00BeavertonORUSAMother & daughter witness strange shafts of green light that appear to move around clouds. Second sighting.11/2/99
1/12/95 22:00OlallaWAUSAWoman reports objects seen streaking overhead over preceding two weeks. Multiple sightings.11/2/99
1/12/95 00:45SnohomishWAUSA20 Min.Four adults witness bright, multi-colored object moving above thin overcast. Suddenly flared, then disappeared.11/2/99
1/11/95 07:00SeatacWAUSAAirline empl. reports seeing Hughes-type helicopter near SeaTac Airport. 300-500' (est.) alt.. Unusual location.11/2/99
1/10/95 07:15RiversideCAUSA30 sec.Man sees seven very bright, golden lights descend from sky, hover, and move strangely. Quickly streaks to W.11/2/99
1/9/95 23:55MemphisTNUSAMother, daughter, and friend witness 4-5 objects over school yard. Objects hovered, then streaked off. Silent.11/2/99
1/9/95 19:00Port CharlotteFLUSA1 minuteWoman, husband, and son witnessed oval object w/ hundreds of lights on it. Est. 1/2 size of shopping mall!!11/2/99
1/9/95 03:30MarionNYUSA3 min.Young girl sees bright light streaming through bedroom window. Sees 4' humanoid & weird lights in yard.11/2/99
1/8/95 23:00HortonMIUSAYoung boy and friend witness red light in sky near home. Went to get parents, light extinguished.11/2/99
1/8/95 04:00EnterpriseMSUSA15 min.A woman video tapes two bright objects, which hovered in the sky, then rose and disappeared from sight.11/2/99
1/7/95 17:30McMinnvilleTNUSA30 minutesTN Emer. Man. Agency reports UFO-related flash/explosion near McMinnville, TN. 8-page fax from sheriff's office. Fed. agents.11/2/99
1/7/95 15:00Malmstrom AFBMTUSASecond call to Malmstrom AFB reported regarding sighting.11/2/99
1/7/95 05:00Makapiu PointHIUSA30 min.Man and wife observe bizarre hump-backed, triangular object hover over sea. Had opaque windows. Humming.11/2/99
1/6/95 17:30GlendoWYUSA15 minutesMother and son witness large, glowing craft maneuver and descend into cloud. Pursued by mil. aircraft.11/2/99
1/6/95 00:15Warm BeachWAUSA10 secondsTwo women observe a strange "rope" of light, with a brightly lighted sphere of light attached. Good photo!11/2/99
1/5/95 21:00ShelbyMTUSAUnknown2 minutesUSAF officer at Malmstrom AFB relays sighting rept. from Shelby, MT. Two obj. which moved silently.11/2/99
1/5/95 17:30EvartMIUSAUnknown10 minutesMother & son witness very bright light while driving. Stop car. Obj. splits into two "headlights," approaches car.11/2/99
1/5/95 09:50SeattleWAUSALight5 secondsMUFON member witnesses very bright light during daylight hours for 5 sec.. Appears 2nd time, disappears.11/2/99
1/4/95 21:55NoxenPAUSAUnknown5 minutesYoung man hears, then witnesses, strange ship at treetop level travel north over town of Noxen. Good rept.11/2/99
1/4/95 00:54RodneyMIUSATriangleMother & daughter witness approx. 10 triangular obj. hovering in sky, beaming lights to ground. Calls 911.11/2/99
1/3/95 23:45SalinasCAUSA15 minutesYoung woman witnessed "string of lights" for 15 min. in overcast sky. Winked off, then back on several times.11/2/99
1/3/95 21:55SeattleWAUSA0.5 secondCouple sees "meteor" streak from south to north, but turned suddenly. Very fast.11/2/99
1/3/95 20:49RedmondWAUSA5 secondsExperienced ufologist reports seeing large, round, white light that moved across sky. Saw 2 other small obj..11/2/99
1/3/95 18:00MarysvilleWAUSATriangle2 minutesYoung man sees large triangular ship w/ blue & white lights moving slowly in night sky. Streaks off to north.11/2/99
1/3/95 05:00GladstoneORUSATriangleWoman witnessed triangular ship w/ white & blue lights. She & neighbors witnessed 5 ships. Reported mil. jets in area.11/2/99
1/3/95 04:45TewksburyMAUSA15Woman heard noise, went outside, and witnessed tremendously bright light. Burst into multiple objects.11/2/99
1/2/95 06:25New Port RicheyFLUSA15 secondsMan witnesses huge, "coin shaped," orange object. Accelerated very fast and streaked off "like lightning."11/2/99
1/1/95 22:00SheltonWAUSACA woman visiting daughter witness discs and triangular ships over Squaxin Island in Puget Sound. Dramatic.11/2/99
1/1/95 19:50Warm BeachWAUSAWoman witnessed a red "ball" from her home near beach. Object flew off suddenly.11/2/99
1/1/95 00:02Pacific GroveCAUSARept. that local police had pursued a strange obj., and incident was "hushed up." (Facts unclear)11/2/99
12/31/94 22:30FontanaCAUSALight10 minutesMan, wife, and neighbors witness strange, bright red light overhead. Video-taped for 8-9 min... Obj. ascended, departed.11/2/99
12/31/94 18:32Gig HarborWAUSA12 minutesFather, daughter, and witnesses (astronomers) observe red obj. that ejected smaller objects. Obj. shot off to SE.11/2/99
12/31/94 18:00West UnionOHUSAYoung man repts. seeing orange dot, which fluttered, descended, disappeared, then suddenly reappeared w/ 3 other objs.11/2/99
12/30/94 04:00RoyWAUSA3 minutesWoman sees bright "star," which moves toward her, glides overhead. Looks like " three tubes joined together."11/2/99
12/30/94 02:05Los AngelesCAUSALight2 min.Three adults in car north of L.A. observed large, bright, orange ball of light move west. Left luminous tail.11/2/99
12/29/94 19:00LakeviewMIUSALight5 minutesMan stopped on highway to watch bizarre lights moving in night sky. Other cars stopped to watch them, too.11/2/99
12/24/94 01:39SeattleWAUSALight20 sec.Man witnesses very bright, multi-colored object pass overhead very fast. Disappeared to the north in 20 sec..11/2/99
12/13/94 18:55MurphyNCUSAWoman reports seeing strange, lighted obj. with "arms." Many witnesses and written reports.11/2/99
12/9/94 01:00CromwellCTUSA8 min.Woman witnesses bizarre cluster of lights overhead, humming sound, sees strange beam of light "scanning" ground. Exclnt rept.11/2/99
11/15/94 19:00Mountain CityTNUSATriangle20 min.Computer engin. repts. seeing triangular ships over TN almost nightly. Repts. overhearing radio commo. of F-15 firing on UFO.11/2/99
11/3/94 20:30Palmer (10 miles north of)AKUSALight20 MINUTESNo sound, traveled extremly fast. Appeared to dip down into the trees. It's incredible light made no reflection onto us or the groud.11/2/99
10/15/94 16:25BellevueWAUSA25 min.Former mil. officer (ret.) w/ son & 4 others witnessed a very bright obj. in cloudless blue sky. Alternated silver, black, then white.11/2/99
9/15/94 19:30ArlingtonWAUSA10 sec.Comm. pilot repts. multiple, "almost translucent" objects streaking directly over his home in Fall l994.11/2/99
8/21/94 22:35CirclevilleOHUSATriangle20 secondsOn Sunday night, August 21, 1994, at 10:35p.m., a triangle-shaped craft was observed flying over U.S. Route 23 in front of the local Du11/2/99
8/1/94 00:01RentonWAUSAMan repts. seeing 2x large ships hovering in night sky while using Russian-made night binoculars.11/2/99
7/26/94BoringORUSAOR Air Nat. Guard Publ. Affairs Officer relays 2nd past sighting rept.: Citizen repts. UFO. (Facts not provided.)11/2/99
7/13/94 12:36CanbyORUSAOR Air Nat. Guard Publ. Affairs Officer relays past sighting: Citizen reports sighting obj. "size of football" in sky.11/2/99
7/4/94Oregon CityORUSAYoung woman reports sighting. (Facts unclear; awaiting written rept.)11/2/99
5/15/94N. SeattleWAUSAMan repts. past sighting on Mother's Day '94. 13 objects in clear sky over N. Seattle, "wiggling up & down, back & forth."11/2/99
5/12/94 11:00MitchellORUSA2 sec.Two men observed a blue/white object streak down and disappear behind a nearby ridge. Cast light.11/2/99
4/9/94 21:00Grosse PointMIUSALightWoman reports seeing brilliantly bright, "Kelly green" orb near her home in night sky. Disappeared to west.11/2/99
8/20/93 23:15SelmaNCUSAOval3-4 secondsSaw a orangish yellow oval move very suddenly and make an immediate right hand turn.11/2/99
5/2/93 12:00VancouverWAUSAMan repts. peculiar sightings he & sister had experienced sometime during spring l993. Will send report.11/2/99
1/14/93 03:55So. Cal.CAUSA5 min.Woman repts. bizarre incidents during which she heard loud buzzing sound, red light pouring through window. Health effects.11/2/99
1/1/93ReedboroughVTUSAMan reports witnessing UFO two years prior. (No written report.)11/2/99
10/15/92 06:50WilsonvilleORUSALight15 sec.Woman repts. seeing "round, flashing lights" moving S to N while in hospital.11/2/99
1/1/90MinneapolisMNUSAMan reports seeing 5x objects connected by "a straight line" sometime during l990.11/2/99
11/26/89 21:35DallasTXUSATriangle10 min.Woman repts. bizarre, triangular ship w/ stunning, red, blue, green, & white lights. Surrounded by a haze. Excellent rept..11/2/99
1/1/87SalemORUSASphereWoman repts. past sighting of perfectly round, red globe floated across city. 2nd one appeared. Witnessed by reporter, too.11/2/99
8/4/86HarrisonburgLAUSA5 min.Woman repts. witnessing dramatic disturbance in local reservoir caused by large "falling" object. Other witnesses in LA, NC (?).11/2/99
6/15/82 14:00JuneauAKUSASphere10-15 minutesDeep black sphere about 1 meter diameter emits paralyzing orange beam11/2/99
1/19/81 21:30Wilmont (south of)MNUSALight5 to 7 minutesComing home from a school event, I noticed a light in the northern sky. It was bright white with red flashes, moving slowly upward...11/2/99
12/1/80 22:00WinfieldKSUSALight30 secondsA brief and disturbing encounter on the way to town some years ago.11/2/99
6/7/80 13:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAOther10 min.Man repts. football-shaped obj., 30-40' long on N side of I-240. "Skin" appeared to " rotate" around 2 axes (!).11/2/99
4/17/77 22:00Augusta (Ft. Gordon)GAUSARectangle20 min +As I reported in my first submission, I was standing guard, with a Pvt. Rodriguez. And noticed a fireball similar to the one I witness11/2/99
8/1/75 20:30Pittsburgh (Mckees Rocks, southwest of)PAUSAFireball10-15 min.We were enjoying the evening sunset, as it glistened off the USX towers downtown Pittsburgh, in a north easterly direction. When we all11/2/99
1/1/72 16:00SeattleWAUSATriangle30 sec.Man reports sighting in l972 or 1973. Heard woman scream, turned, and saw large triangular ship in sky.11/2/99
5/5/71 18:00MolsonWAUSACircle2 secI was a boy, dad sis and I were at local farn getting milk. I took milk out to car alone. Looked up...11/2/99
8/17/69 02:30North HollywoodCAUSASphere10 MinutesWas up late watching TV and glanced out of nearby window to witness 6-7 bright orange lights to the south about half of a mile away.11/2/99
6/15/69 23:50FairfaxVAUSAOval1 minuteHuge blimp-like craft; lights around the middle of craft; no sound; hovering above the highway.11/2/99
12/20/68 02:00JuneauAKUSAOther15 minutes?Strange half-moon shaped thing shoots light into room, causes paralysis and other effects.11/2/99
8/20/67 18:30HuronINUSACigar5 minutesWhile traveling west on Ind st hwy 60, my ex-wife and I saw a cigar shaped object houvering over the intersection of u.s. hwy 50 and In11/2/99
7/6/65 00:00Winnemucca/Lovelock (between, on Hwy. 95)NVUSALight45min.lights moving back and forth over the mountain, thien came down on road in front of the car,stayed infront ofcar fora few seconds then 11/2/99
6/1/57 12:00E. Los AngelesCAUSALightMan repts. past sighting in 1957 near Mt. Baldy. Witnessed two bright "white and blue" stars pursued by jet fighters.11/2/99
--/--/83 13:00WiltonNYUSADiska few sec.Sometime around noon between spring and summer of 83-84, I was 4 to 5 years old and saw a disk shaped object flying fast across the sky11/2/99
ChattanoogaTNUSAJournalist w/ Chattanooga Times calls seeking information regarding UFO-related events and explosion (?) in McMinnville 07JA95.11/2/99