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Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
12/16/22 17:53BelhavenNCUSAConeLighting in sky with orb of light around it and then disappeared after ~3-4 minutes (SpaceX)12/22/22Yes
12/12/22 22:00Lower HuttWellington RegionNew ZealandCone15 MinWitnessed a strange white light flying over Lower Hutt. Possible Chinese Rocket.12/22/22Yes
11/26/22 14:17Mount HollyNJUSACone3 secondsDriving up the bypass I witnessed a metallic almost glassy cone shaped object. It was upright and vertical, and was rotating.12/22/22Yes
11/11/22 23:20Adelaide. South Australia.South AustraliaAustraliaCone6 SECONDSUnknown object sighted near jet aircraft.12/22/22Yes
11/7/22 20:35CalgaryABCanadaConeSecondsBrightly lit cone in sky, shadow underneath. Round shapes on side.12/22/22Yes
11/1/22 21:28HolladayUTUSACone2 secondsI saw 2 lights appear in the sky that moved to that moved into a cloud and then the lights disappeared12/22/22
10/30/22 17:30SacramentoCAUSACone30 minutesObserved a object that changed from a square and ended as a cone. It was white and gold, reflected the sun as it was in daylight.12/22/22Yes
10/27/22 18:18DouglasAZUSACone10 minutesCone shapped, extremely bright white lighted opject moving SE with a contrail12/22/22Yes
10/17/22 15:00ShawneeKSUSACone5 minutesObject woth vapor trail descending for 5 mins woth 2 jets nearby. Wife & I have pics.12/22/22Yes
10/15/22 14:33NewportRIUSAConeNot sure; less than 5 minCone shaped with tails appearing to be all white light. ((NUFORC Note: Contrail. PD))12/22/22Yes
10/14/22 06:17BedminsterNJUSAConeSecondsLight12/22/22
9/24/22 19:41SummitNJUSACone3 minsWhile driving saw fast moving triangular shaped with lights in back10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 19:40Silver SpringMDUSACone30 secondsLooked like a comet, pretty bright10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 19:40Kendall ParkNJUSACone33 secondssouthern sky lit up - cone of light observed for 33 seconds10/8/22
9/24/22 15:30ClearwaterFLUSAConenot sureI didn't see it until I looked at pictures ... I saw rainbow and strange opening in clouds so took pictures12/22/22Yes
9/5/22 15:58Mendenhall GlacierBCCanadaConeWe didn’t notice these Orbs until we was looking at the pictures of our cruise to Alaska.10/8/22Yes
8/24/22 23:00USACone1 hourThe craft hovered in one spot for over an hour.9/9/22
8/9/22 22:45OshkoshWIUSACone10 minutes ar LeastIn eastern sky noticed randomly moving bright object so I went in and got phone to take pics and videos.9/9/22Yes
7/23/22 06:09DubaiDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesCone15 MinutesThere was a big cone that looked like an orange cone9/9/22
7/15/22 20:00laramie, wyomingWYUSACone30 minutesLooked up in the dimming night sky--sun was still setting--orange to the west---above I saw a very bright -very large STRAIGHT object9/9/22Yes
7/8/22 11:30TorranceCAUSACone2 minutes2 white smooth orbs going in circles. then they both flew east one after the other. I then saw 5 jets scrambled in different directions9/9/22
7/3/22 22:01Oklahoma CityOKUSAConeIt was almost triangle but it was not and it had yellow lights going down four sides, I have a picture12/22/22Yes
6/18/22 23:00MesquiteNVUSACone3 minutesAppeared suddenly seemingly out of nowhere. ((NUFORC Note: Spent rocket booster venting unneeded fuel?? PD))6/22/22Yes
6/14/22 00:05YonkersNYUSACone2 mins.Saw 2 spinning things like a tornado but the size of a bird, then a third, pass the moon.6/22/22Yes
6/3/22 16:00SoledadAtlántico DepartmentColombiaConeun segundoLe envíe a mi esposo un registro fotográfico desde el celular6/22/22Yes
5/6/22 06:01OrlandoFLUSACone5 minutesNot sure. Looks like something machanically controlled decent5/31/22Yes
5/4/22 17:30RosevilleMIUSACone3-5minShip seen hovering above highway5/31/22
4/11/22 18:57MelbourneVictoriaAustraliaCone8 secondsVery low, very fast and a bright blue then white light from the back4/22/22
3/20/22 18:15SpainConeUnknownRandom photographs6/22/22Yes
3/10/22 19:50OceansideCAUSAConeAbout a minuteCone shaped thing over the ocean. ((NUFORC Note: Lense flares, caused by dok ligts. PD))6/22/22Yes
3/2/22 18:19IndianapolisINUSACone7 minsHeard a high pitched ringing and turned around to see a shiny, silver space craft.3/4/22
3/2/22 18:10paw pawMIUSACone10 secondsDriving to work and saw bright light slow moving craft appear and then imidietly vanish3/4/22
12/18/21 21:15KingstonJamaicaCone1 minute or twoWe did not see it with the naked eye my IPhone caught a picture of it while photographing the full moon that night.6/22/22Yes
11/7/21 02:00HollandMIUSACone3-4 hoursHi I'm ((name deleted)) 28 from holland I have a lot of info that needs to be discussed professionally and seriously under terms.11/15/21
10/4/21 18:00Lambton washingtonCity of SunderlandUnited KingdomCone3 hoursFlashing back and forth , then reappeared as a stationary side cone shape for 2 hours or so, then disapeared9/9/22Yes
8/28/21 13:49Mineral BluffGAUSACone6 secGeorgia - Mineral Bluff Rolling Pink Object Appears And Disappears.12/22/22Yes
7/17/21 20:30CliftonNJUSACone9 days (most days sunsetBlack/silver cones, dome top, red(0/20mph)/white(60mph). Aliens use invisibility cloaks are illuminated by light above/dim light behind8/16/21
5/12/21 21:40SalidaCOUSACone1 hourSuper bright object in NW sky.7/31/21
4/23/21 05:58DurhamNCUSACone>5 minutesA cone of light coming from the sky unlike anything I have ever seen. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. PD))4/23/21
3/25/21 21:00SequimWAUSACone70 secondsUFO fleet!3/31/21
2/15/21 19:30AlbanyNYUSACone15 minutesI work security at Memorial hospital and I was doing patrol when I saw the shapes12/22/22
1/22/21 07:47EllingtonCTUSAConeSecondsIt was a small, glowing, green, floating object that I have tried to make sence of but I can not explain. I managed to capture it by ac3/2/21
12/11/20 00:03StoningtonCTUSAConeContinuingLong. Without my glasses, it looked like a cluster of stars.12/23/20
12/2/20 23:00Lords ValleyPAUSACone4 minsTop-shaped object. Witness was unnerved by fact it was shining a search beam looking for something.12/23/20
12/1/20 20:00san bernardinoWAusaCone30 minitesStrange lights over San Bernardino California12/23/20
10/26/20 16:15BozemanMTUSACone2 minutesMe and 5 coworkers on our way back onto work from a short break spotted a blue inveterate cone shaped object in the sky nothing attache12/23/20
10/1/20 10:26North BillericaMAUSACone30 secondsThree silver UFO's circling/erratically moving over Route 3 in North Billerica, MA. on crystal clear day11/5/20
9/2/20 15:03New AlbanyOHUSACone1 minuteDriving down 88 coming up to 22 and seen 2 cone shaped objects in the northern sky. Resembled a praying mantis but with 3 lights9/4/20
5/23/20 23:00BethlehemPAUSACone5 minutesA very bright orange glowing craft (that I thought was on fire) traveled in a low altitude heading south from the northeast6/25/20
5/19/20 23:20BoiseIDUSAConei saw them between 11:15 and 11:30. they were three lights flying in a triangle shape an amber color then changed to red. they just app6/25/20
4/29/20 22:30Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaCone15 minutesSpace station like object looks like it’s continuously on a loop only seeing one object at a time 10 of them. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/15/20 21:24HiramGAUSACone4 minutesBright, Steady Cone.6/25/20
3/15/20 21:25MorleyMIUSACone5-10 minutesMy son and I noticed 2 parallel satellites, then we noticed a third and fourth in a square shape. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
2/14/20 20:00Cedar HillTXUSACone1 hourI saw a large moving, shifting object covered in lights at a distance in the sky.2/25/20
2/3/20 07:00StanleyWIUSACone2 minutesI was watching the sunrise on my way home and looking at the pretty colors and all of a sudden I noticed some lights just under the clo2/7/20
1/10/20 23:20PittsfieldMAUSACone45 secondsI was sitting on my porch smoking a cigarette when all a sudden I hear this extra loud train noise. I then see a bright light cone shap2/7/20
12/27/19 01:45BisbeeAZUSAConeSaw these objects while looking at a mountain in mex. from our front yard2/7/20
12/4/19 22:36MinneapolisMNUSACone1 minutelow flying cone shaped craft spotted in the city. ((anonymous report))12/19/19
11/14/19Managua (Nicaragua)NicaraguaConeongoingThere is a strange cone object currently in oour sky east of our city. News are broadcasting live thru this link
10/17/19 20:00SpringfieldMOUSAConeFew secondsBright green light12/1/19
10/13/19 19:29NaplesFLUSACone10 secondsA bright white light descended rapidly out of a low hanging cloud in an evening sky.12/1/19
10/9/19 05:45Bohners LakeWIUSACone4 secondsI was driving along Dyer Lake Road, approaching McHenry street, on my way to work. It was dark still, the sun was about 10 minutes from12/1/19
10/8/19 18:32PoundWIUSACone6 minutesSaw and have pictures of a shining stationary object that after 4 minutes of being stationary blasts off into space and can see a craft12/1/19
10/6/19 21:35ArlingtonTXUSAConeI have seen a UFO or I believe so it had 3 lights and it made a rocket sound. The story goes like this my dog was going nuts and we tho12/1/19
9/19/19 22:15Huber HeightsOHUSACone3 secondsStanding outside looking to NW, saw bright object between 500 to 1,000 feet off the ground, extremely bright, white flying N.10/4/19
9/10/19 07:50FlagstaffAZUSACone1 hour +Four circular unidentified shapes noted in the east sky from North NAU Campus.10/4/19
8/23/19 20:39PortlandORUSACone10 secondsBright white flame traveling to the North low and fast9/6/19
7/5/19 04:00modestoCAUSACone2 minutesWhite side way triangular shape containing gold chunks inside of it traveling from left to right slowly, 2 minutes later turned right12/1/19
6/1/19 20:30Indian TrailNCUSACone5-10 secLow Flying Object seen flying over my backyard at low speed. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
5/24/19 23:05TampaFLUSACone23 secondsOrangish slowly moving cone shape that shot off into the distance & disappeared in Tampa, FL. ((anonymous source))6/7/19
4/1/19 23:00Cross HillSCUSACone2 minutesTwo huge round white lights one turn on then off then the other would do the same never together. ((anonymous report))4/12/19
3/29/19 20:00Moncton (Canada)NBCanadaCone15+ minutesVery Large Very Dark rectangle in the sky.4/8/19
3/15/19 03:48East HelenaMTUSACone5 minutesOrange pie shaped object3/21/19
2/23/19 06:30RivertonUTUSACone25I was on my way to work when I noticed this really bright light in sky almost like a star, but light sky’s. ((anonymous report))2/27/19
2/23/19 06:30RivertonUTUSACone25I noticed this really bright light in sky almost like a star, but light sky’s. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) ((anonymous report))2/27/19
12/23/18 20:00MontagueMAUSACone3-5 minutesSlow-moving orange ball of light observed by 2 adults1/4/19
11/23/18 21:00ParklandWAUSACone0.02 secondsSaw blue object as it passed in sky over apartments, only for a few seconds before it disappeared into the clouds. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
11/2/18 19:15MaumelleARUSACone30 secondsIt was the largest "comet" I've ever seen & the only one I've ever seen with vibrate green & golden colors.11/9/18
10/7/18 19:20Lake California (Cottonwood)CAUSAConeSeveral minutesTwo bright cone shaped cloud like patterns trailing very bright object flying, pausing. ((NUFORC Note: Launch of Falcon 9. PD))10/12/18
7/27/18 23:30ApolloPAUSACone6/7 minutesCraft seen flying over star gazing party in a small town in PA.8/23/19
7/16/18 21:05FayettevilleARUSACone2 secondsWas watching two bats fly around the sky over my house.In the backdrop of a fading pink sky I noticed what I thought was a jet leaving7/19/18
6/12/18 00:00Oklahoma City (SW part)OKUSACone3.5 hoursSEVERAL LIGHTS ACROSS THE BOTTOM NOT BLINKING6/15/18
5/28/18 20:25Little RockARUSACone~20 secondscone-shaped craft fell silently to the ground 5/28/20185/31/18
5/8/18 15:30HarpsterOHUSACone10 minutesMid-day clear blue sky two shiny objects hovered lowered then shot up.5/10/18
3/20/18 11:19Wilhelmshaven (Germany)GermanyConeunknownSolid silvery object photographed above rails at Eurogate Container Terminal in Wilhelmshaven, northern Germany.5/31/18
1/23/18 01:45Belle ChasseLAUSACone30 minutes2 flame like streaks stationary in the sky. They look like 2 fire streaks in the sky. One is a little higher than the other.1/25/18
1/3/18 23:40De PereWIUSACone1 minuteYellowish/orange cone seen darting away.1/12/18
12/23/17 06:30Show LowAZUSACone10 minutesBig bright dot w/ a huge multi-colored tail which fanned out in the back; huge cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))1/12/18
12/22/17 18:45PhoenixAZUSACone10 minutes1 craft was slowly crashing while another shined a giant spotlight on it. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 5:26 p.m.. PD))1/12/18
12/22/17 18:30Lake Havasu CityAZUSACone5 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source. Possible report of missile launch. PD))1/12/18
12/22/17 17:50Rancho mirageCAUSACone10 minutesI have 10 minutes of video. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB @ 5:26 p.m.. PD))1/12/18
12/22/17 17:45Woodland hilllsCAUSACone10 minutesWas a really big light in the sky and then there were two bright objects that had light facing the really big bright object.1/12/18
12/19/17 19:30AntiochTNUSACone5 secondsBright White Conical light crossing interstate.12/21/17
10/31/17 18:50GreensboroGAUSACone7 minutesTwo bright objects, very high in the sky, with split tails from each.11/3/17
10/29/17 10:58Alexandroupolis (Greece)GreeceCone1 secondsI took a quick mobile photo on a good , clear and sunny morning looking at the seawaves coming to the beach. I saw the photo recently t4/13/18
9/28/17 18:30New BrunswickNJUSACone4 secondsRound above the orbit level of the ISS, moving faster than the station but slower than a comet. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/4/17 23:17Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaCone3 secondsI'm security guard, during my patrol, i saw very bright ufo in the skyin… ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/29/17 23:00Ft. MyersFLUSACone30 secondI saw a red blue possibly another color not sure, went to grab my phone turned for a second and it was gone. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/25/17 02:36AtlantaGAUSACone12 secondsCone-shaped craft moving at incredible speed towards the ground with flames from behind as if crashing. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/21/17 02:30DatelandAZUSACone15-20 minutesFlashes of light cone object darting around the desert joined by multiple other objects.8/24/17
8/19/17 23:00SedonaAZUSACone5-7 minutesLarge golden, cone-shaped light, gliding over West Sedona. ((anonymous report))8/24/17
8/5/17 16:47Newcastle (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandCone30-40 secondsBlack dot in Newcastle airshow, 2017 festival of flight. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a mylar balloon, we believe. PD))8/11/17
7/29/17 22:00Bothell (above)WAUSACone3 secondsHigh speed horizontal flight silent blue cone with red streaking across sky at low altitude8/4/17
7/16/17 04:30San BernardinoCAUSAConeHoursA pair of bright white lighted craft. Floats, zig zags, stables and vanishes hours later.7/23/17
7/12/17 03:50GallupNMUSACone05:30We observed and recorded the objects with mobile phones as it followed us into the city. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? Anonymous report. PD))7/14/17
7/4/17 00:00StantonCAUSACone10 minutesBright orange/ reddish circle orb. ((anonymous report))7/7/17
6/28/17 14:37RichmondVAUSACone5 minutesDaytime Sighting of Black Cone-Shaped Object Hovering in Sky.12/21/17
6/25/17 20:10ColumbusOHUSACone5 minutesStationary object moving in and out of view at dusk.7/7/17
4/18/17 16:00Bermuda/Florida coast (between)Atlantic OceanCone5 minutesStrange phenomenom, way up in the air. ((seen in-flight))4/20/17
2/19/17 20:30GrandvilleMIUSAConestill goingBright round light with red on bottom but the shape does seem to change shape but very stationary. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/22/17
2/7/17 20:00Port OrchardWAUSACone2 minutesCircular craft with blue illumination bright white lights2/10/17
1/8/17 06:20WaterfordMIUSACone30 secondsCone shaped object in the sky around 6:20 a.m. had red fire coming out of the came out of the tail as going through the atmosphere and1/12/17
1/1/17 00:00Lahore (Pakistan)PakistanCone25 minutesMany orange orbs.1/6/17
12/12/16 16:30Green ValleyAZUSAConeunkSmall round object hovering over Green Valley, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Venus, or a lens flare. PD))12/30/16
12/10/16 08:37Hickory/ConoverNCUSACone2-3 minutesCaught a glimpse of what seemed to be a glare, but then slowly faded into what looked like a cone shaped craft that gradually increased12/15/16
11/6/16 11:10Bethany BeachDEUSACone10 secondsMy son his wife and I saw a silver cone saucer shaped object approach an airliner at about 25 thousand Ft.11/11/16
10/30/16 19:46SeguinTXUSACone15 minutesLong, cone-shaped, object with white, red and green lights seen by 2 people.11/4/16
10/17/16 15:00High PointNCUSACone20 minutes3 cone shaped objects in backyard.12/5/16
10/11/16 19:30GranburyTXUSACone30-45 minutesUnknown object in the west north sky after sundown.10/13/16
10/9/16 18:17YucaipaCAUSACone3 minutesCone shaped object moving obliquely along a straight path of travel.10/11/16
10/2/16 19:45BristolTNUSACone3 minutesOrange comet shaped fireball changing into just fireball rapidly climbing. Sighted near Bristol Motor Speedway.10/11/16
8/2/16 15:00Round RockTXUSACone~10-15 secondsmy 6 yrs daughter saw a cone shape object with green and yellow lights flying above in daytime8/29/16
7/30/16 10:53EugeneORUSACone5 secondsGreen light comes falling down.8/2/16
7/27/16 21:45ModestoCAUSACone30 secondsWhite, yellow, blue-colored fireball. Was coming from the ssw, heading towards the E. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))8/2/16
7/16/16 23:50St. JamesNYUSACone1 minuteCone-shaped light with cluster of lights around it, orange lights. ((anonymous report))7/22/16
7/4/16 21:45WindsorCOUSACone4 crafts appear with green spinning bottom and purple tops with red lights. Slowly appeared in sky moved to left then slowly glide stra7/8/16
4/24/16 15:00BeavercreekOHUSACone3:00 minutesOn a Sunday afternoon our family and three of my daughter's friends where playing volleyball at the community park behind our house ,I6/1/16
3/29/16 06:30Auckland (New Zealand)New ZealandCone15 minutesHovering and flying in angular positions and darting with lights and very birght lights over Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand4/1/16
3/23/16 12:30Tirana (Albania)ALAlbaniaCone20 secondsI was driving in the streets of Tirana, Albania, and I saw a bright light in the sky. I saw 2 cone-shaped things.3/24/16
3/19/16 01:00DeLandFLUSACone2 hours((HOAX??)) We observed a craft covered in orange lights hovering in the lake. There were 2 smaller saucer shaped craft hovering.4/9/20
3/1/16 23:30PikesvilleMDUSACone2 minutesThe object moved from left to right. start and stop it did slow down just stopped.6/1/16
2/26/16 20:20Cedar Hill/BurnsmillMOUSAConeOngoingThis "thing" was flashing colors, and every few often the horizon line would glow. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Sirius? PD))3/4/16
2/23/16 16:10Phalaborwa (South Africa)SKSouth AfricaCone5 minutesStrange light over Northern Phalaborwa/Kruger National Park, South Africa.3/4/16
2/23/16 06:45LivermoreCAUSACone10 secondsCone shaped several colors falling fast right in front of moon2/26/16
2/18/16 19:00ForesthillCAUSACone13 minutesObj. was flashing different color lights, blue red and chrome like. Was hovering above the mountain top. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))2/19/16
2/10/16 22:00BataviaNYUSACone10 minutesUpside down pyramid with four rows of lights with glowing green humanoid (also orb).2/11/16
2/10/16 05:20RenoNVUSACone3-4 minutesWhite cone shaped object in the early morning sky over Reno, NV.2/11/16
1/27/16 18:07CamdentonMOUSACone3+ hoursBrightly lit cone shaped object remained hours in same location making no sound. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD))1/29/16
1/6/16 05:55Phenix cityALUSACone1 minutesI was heading to work around 05:50 when I spotted a different looking object in the sky. It looked nothing like an aircraft carrier. I1/8/16
12/24/15 19:50DraperUTUSACone6 minutesSeven golden orbs climbing E from point of the mountain that disappeared into the clouds.1/5/16
12/22/15 18:05SonomaCAUSACone1.5 minutesObj. possibly cyl. or cone, with a dark red tail approx. 4-6 lengths of the obj. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))1/5/16
11/7/15 19:05BuckeyeAZUSACone45 minutesStrange blue light above the western horizon lasting 45 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05KunaIDUSACone3 minutesLight with cone shaped mist. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:01GoodyearAZUSACone2 minutesRadiating Clouds. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00PeoriaAZUSACone5 minutesVery bright in the sky through clouds glowing haze around it hard to make out. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:12GardnervilleNVUSACone1 minuteBright obj. traveled S to N through W sky left a bright green contrail. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:05DanvilleCAUSACone5 minutesCone shape ascending SW direction, upward...similar to rocket type vapor trail. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:01PetalumaCAUSACone10-15 minutesSilver Conical Craft with Exceptionally Bright Light over Petaluma, CA. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:01Rohnert ParkCAUSACone~30 secondsFiery flying funnel! ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00EncintasCAUSACone10 minutesI saw this in ncinitas, Ca but the video i found was from los angeles.11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00ReddingCAUSAConeunknown2 lights, one on the L of hwy 299 and one on the R of 299. They were emitting light. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
10/30/15 03:00Saratoga SpringsNYUSAConeI saw a glittering object start to move across the sky from north to south in a linear motion.11/6/15
10/13/15 21:53CypressCAUSACone3 secondsUpside down ice cream cone shape entering towards earth with the following array of colors: Brilliant green-blue-red-purple.10/16/15
10/1/15 00:00BrownsburgINUSACone5 minutes4 symmetrically stationed lights that changed shapes.10/2/15
9/15/15 22:30MiamisburgOHUSACone2 minutesThere was a big orange glow but when I snap the picture this is when I got as soon as I snapped a picture it disappeared also it was a9/17/15
9/12/15 05:00BradentonFLUSACone3 minutesIt appeared out of no where about 100ft up and it moved slowly panning its red light back and forth then shut its light out. no sound9/29/15
9/8/15 21:00Red BluffCAUSACone1 minuteBright white glow, held still then just dimmed out.9/11/15
8/8/15 19:30VallejoCAUSACone20 minutesMissile launch?8/13/15
8/4/15 23:59OwatonnaMNUSACone1-2 secondsLarge white ball with green tail seen in Owatonna, MN. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))8/13/15
8/1/15 22:45PowellOHUSACone1-2 minutesVery large orange/red circle with conicle rear; Appeared to have a tail/trail or be on fair at the rear.8/6/15
7/18/15 12:21ChicoCAUSACone1 hourNorth Chico! Bright white cone shaped lights over Richardson Springs Rd.7/23/15
7/9/15 21:00LimaOHUSACone10 minutesI went to turn on the outside back light, and opened the door make sure the light was burning. My attention was drawn to a glowing red7/10/15
6/22/15 23:00Pine SpringsMNUSACone3 minutesWHITE FOGGY CONE SHAPED OBJECT MOVING NORTH ACROSS THE SKY. ((NUFORC Note: Possible spent rocket. PD))6/24/15
6/5/15 20:00SarasotaFLUSACone30 minutesSaw 10 to15 red ufo with red pulsating lights and a bright in the middle. They moved across the sky and disappeared.6/15/15
6/1/15 17:41Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaCone3 minutesRed cylinrical object in sky.6/24/15
5/18/15 14:00AugustaGAUSACone45 secondsJetblack/Triangle/cone shaped/I could hear it before I saw it/No markings 10-20,000 ft altitude.5/22/15
4/28/15 22:00YorkPAUSACone40 minutes3 nights same thing brightest object in sky moves hovers? ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD))4/30/15
4/26/15 22:30YorkPAUSACone20 minutesUFO large moved fast then slow moved 3 feet in sky in instant,40 miles from first site.4/30/15
4/25/15 08:30Garden CityMIUSACone1 minuteAbout 830am saw a igrey cone shape ufo it went so fast it was gone by the time i got up and walked 5 feet to lookout the window5/22/15
4/9/15 22:30LehiUTUSACone30 minutesWe saw a huge cone shaped object in the sky more than one and there was red like Fire balls in the sky it is still going and it keep se4/15/16
3/13/15 08:15HanoverPAUSACone10Strange object observed hovering for 10 minutes in sky over south-central PA.3/20/15
1/28/15 17:55BoiseIDUSACone7 minutesA red/orange object moving right to left over southwest horizon. ((NUFORC Note: We believe it's a contrail. PD))1/30/15
1/26/15 21:00AdamsvilleFLUSACone2 minutesAmber colored bell shape object that hovered for minutes, then disappeared.1/30/15
1/26/15 15:25MarysvilleWAUSACone30 minutesOrange metallic aircraft that distorted photos near Marysville.1/30/15
1/22/15 21:27Los AngelesCAUSAConestill goingStrange red blinking lights.1/26/15
1/22/15 19:50WilliamsburgMIUSACone2 minutesSTRANGE LIGHTS IN THE SKY, WILLIAMSBURG, MI.1/26/15
12/24/14 22:00BeavertonORUSACone3Illuminated objects hovering, and then disappeared in thin air, one by one.1/7/15
12/20/14 22:00Staten IslandNYUSACone10 minutes12 cone-shaped flying objects with a strange orange/red glow and some with flashing lights. They were flying inline towards Atlantic.12/22/14
11/27/14 05:45Denham SpringsLAUSACone30 secondsThree bright red objects moving across the evening sky.12/5/14
11/11/14 17:44AttleboroMAUSACone2 minutesWent to my car round 5:45 pm look up before getting in the car and saw this cone like shape blue colored. They was a plane also in view11/14/14
10/20/14 14:50Oklahoma CityOKUSACone25 minutesSmall stationary shiny metallic object high in atmosphere with 3 orange rotating and revolving lights, white cone shaped tail.11/6/14
10/3/14 20:00Copperas CoveTXUSAConeI was hunting up 8:00 pm with my friend Bob I told it dark lets go up hill when get up the hill lets check wild game invation camera10/10/14
9/26/14 01:30CortezCOUSACone2 hoursStationary cone-shaped object with light on top and bottom hovering over Mesa Verde10/3/14
8/16/14 01:47AtlantaGAUSACone5 minutes2 red/orange cone shaped objects moving slowly over a building near Atlantic station and disappeared one after the other and made no so8/22/14
8/14/14 07:30PearlandTXUSACone30 secondsHelicopter sized, shaped like a missile at first then wings appeared, vanished after going behind some trees.8/15/14
8/11/14 19:45EvanstonWYUSACone2 minutesIce cream cone shaped object in the sky.8/15/14
7/29/14 04:00CharlotteNCUSACone30-60 minutesMultiple lights and strange star like objects seen.8/8/14
7/19/14 21:10LevittownPAUSACone~10 minutesOrange/red light.7/20/14
7/6/14 21:30LewisberryPAUSACone5 minutesBright Orange Slow Moving Ball of Fire Moving Through The Sky.7/11/14
6/25/14 21:04EdmondsWAUSACone30 secondsMeteor or UFO? I lean towards UFO.7/20/14
6/9/14 20:30Castro ValleyCAUSACone20 minutesI watched the obj. w/ my binoculars. It was barely visible by the naked eye. It was slowly moving from the north down to the south6/13/14
5/29/14 10:01HonoluluHIUSAConefound on pictureMultiple flying pictures found in graduation photos.6/4/14
5/12/14 17:28Sherburn (in Elmet) (UK/England)United KingdomCone1-2 secondsShort duration of view, never seen anything like it before, no sound, was silhouetted by the full Moon in the background.12/5/14
4/9/14 22:35MedfordORUSACone1 hour((HOAX??)) UFO's in Medford Oregon on April 9th 2014.4/11/14
3/15/14 22:00AnkenyIAUSACone10 minutesWhite spherical flying object seen flying East at a steady fast pace.7/26/14
3/1/14 22:05Coral SpringsFLUSACone5 minutesSaw five cone shaped objects glowing orange heading Southwest in straight slightly offset formation. I stopped my car turned off the en3/18/14
2/22/14 20:00BurkeVTUSACone2 minutesWhile grooming ski trails at Burke mountain in east Burke, Vt. I was facing in my groomer NE and noticed a group of 10 lights.2/27/14
2/18/14 16:25Warr acresOKUSACone20 secondsWhite UFO in nw Oklahoma City.2/21/14
2/3/14 20:00RitzvilleWAUSACone1 hour'cone-shaped mystery near Orion.5/8/14
1/11/14 16:00Mahi Mahiu (Kenya)KenyaCone12 minutesTwo dark objects following each other caught on photos and a clip.1/16/14
1/4/14 01:00LakewoodWAUSACone45 secondsCone shaped vertical flight path.1/10/14
12/25/13 22:30BeavercreekOHUSACone~2 minutesFour lights above intersection of Interstate 675 and State Route 35 tonight. Could not tell the altitude, but they appeared to be less1/10/14
12/25/13 21:45AlbuquerqueNMUSACone50 minutesBright cone with rings spinning around it, hovering for 50 minutes.3/18/14
12/24/13 21:30AlbuquerqueNMUSACone30 minutesChristmas Eve 2013 headed South leaving Albuquerque, saw a craft that looked like a spinning top with rings spinning around it,2/7/14
12/6/13 20:00UnionvilleTNUSACone4 minutesHuge red cone shape glowing.12/12/13
11/28/13 21:20WeslacoTXUSACone8 seconds7 circular red orange lights heading upward in the same formation and disappeared after a duration of 8 seconds.12/2/13
11/18/13 17:00New HavenCTUSACone15+ minutes3 conical, one spherical object spotted from I-91 over New Haven / Long Island Sound on November 18.12/2/13
11/17/13 23:30West LafayetteINUSACone15 minutesI've never saw a anything we have that light's up from one end to the other and leave that quik ........11/20/13
9/22/13 03:30GastoniaNCUSACone1-2 minutes3 cones hover over back yard/trees.9/30/13
9/16/13 20:00Eden MillsVTUSACone40 secondsHuman shaped creature in the sky.7/11/14
9/14/13 23:00AshvilleNYUSACone15 minutesFlashing Craft over Chautauqua, NY9/30/13
9/2/13 19:07GoodyearAZUSACone10-20 minutesThere was no other objects in the sky, the entire duration, including clouds.9/9/13
8/16/13 22:15AitkinsMNUSACone30 secondsMassive flying orange cone moving silently at 5km height.8/30/13
8/16/13 21:45LoxahatcheeFLUSACone90 secondsThree orangish/red glowing objects hovering across the sky and finally disappearing straight up into space8/30/13
8/3/13 05:15Panoche (near; on I-5)CAUSACone~5 minutesI-5 in California, two conical craft in flight formation, one steady white and one blinking white8/30/13
7/31/13 02:30Coleraine (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandCone1 hourFrom the naked eye it looked like a distant flashing light.When i then looked through my telescope it was more of an orb shape colors o8/30/13
7/30/13 21:00GulfportMSUSACone5 minutesSoundless red LED/electronic like lighted bright light coming from The Gulf and heading rapidly to the east near Gulfport, Mississippi.8/30/13
7/26/13 22:30JacobstownNJUSACone5 minutesFire colored orb(s) followed a particular path across the night sky while stopping at particular points.8/30/13
7/23/13 22:00WashingtonCTUSACone30 minutesLights around object which changed color.8/30/13
7/14/13 00:15Kettle Point (Canada)ONCanadaCone5 minutesBright orange orb hovering in the sky over lake.8/30/13
7/13/13 21:00CoramNYUSACone~5 minutesCoram Red glowing/flickering....something...what was it?7/14/13
6/26/13 21:15Rock HillSCUSACone7 minutesWas driving down Charlotte Avenue to take my daughter by her house. Saw an odd oblect in the sky. I stopped in the middle of the road7/3/13
6/21/13 21:45GardnerKSUSACone2 minutesCone/pie-slice shaped craft with 4 bright white lights flying low over the town.7/3/13
6/1/13 09:30PittsfieldMAUSACone15 minutesStatic position, undetected movement, speed, static position, and distant altitude dissapearance.6/2/13
5/17/13 10:00WantaghNYUSACone1 minuteMy son and his 2 friends were on a second story deck when one noticed a V-formation of lights. The lights were orange-amber and extrem6/2/13
4/20/13 23:30MesaAZUSACone20 secondsWent outside to look at the stars and noticed a cone shaped object low in the sky, which the streamers, it displayed immediately dissip7/3/13
4/12/13 05:02Maldives (Meeru Island Resort)MaldivesConeShutter Speed: 1/800Unexpected encounter with UFO whilst holidaying in the Indian Ocean.3/21/14
4/11/13 00:58Leadgate (UK/England)United KingdomCone5 daysAbduction by government.1/10/14
3/31/13 21:42KankakeeILUSACone5-10 secondsSuper Fast, 22 cal. Bullet Shaped Craft, Huge, Emitting a Very pale light blue color5/15/13
3/5/13 01:00Las Vegas (outside of)NVUSACone1 hourUp close UFO pictures taken just outside of Area 51.8/30/13
2/3/13 04:30Katoomba (Australia)AustraliaCone2-3 minutesBright green cone shaped vibrating object.2/18/13
2/1/13 23:00Grand JunctionCOUSACone10-15 minutesCone object with Red and Green lights found near Grand Junction desert.2/18/13
1/20/13 22:00Los AngelesCAUSACone22:00-22:30Sighting and dreams.2/28/13
1/1/13 01:00ChicagoILUSACone20 minutesBright cone shaped object in the sky2/4/13
1/1/13 00:10MilwaukeeWIUSACone2 minutesOrange ball of light in sky over Milwaukee.2/4/13
12/27/12 00:00Homagama (Sri Lanka)sri lankaCone2027 December 2012 around 5.10 in the morning i saw a bright light and i had a flash light in my hand so i flashed it to wise, three time2/4/13
12/20/12 02:00Cochin (India)IndiaCone10 secondsWe were standing outside in terace, we first saw 1 object going in good speed, then after sometimes saw 2 other it was not a star or co2/4/13
12/8/12 18:45HonoluluHIUSACone45 secondsConed shaped with 3 lights above Koko Head Goes directly over our car.12/20/12
11/20/12 18:45FreeburgILUSACone1.5 minutesBright orange fireball in the night sky.12/20/12
11/9/12 19:00BelpreOHUSACone10 minutesGlowing cone shaped light over Belpre Ohio 4571411/19/12
11/3/12 18:30East WenatcheeWAUSACone4-5 secondsI along with my aunt have witnessed a UFO it seemd like a bullet flying across the sky and it was decreasing rapidly as if possibly cra11/4/12
11/1/12 16:00RifleCOUSACone2 hoursUFOS filmed going in and out of tube in clouds9/30/13
9/30/12 19:00HonokowaiHIUSACone5 hoursDuring our trip to Maui from Sept.25 to Oct.7 we witness up to 6 cone shaped objects to the west of Maui in differant areas.10/30/12
9/22/12 18:00BernalilloNMUSACone2+ hoursThose New Mexicans from Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe that reported a bright object near the moon really saw a helium balloon.10/30/12
9/22/12 07:00Rio RanchoNMUSAConeThe Ufo was next to the moon it was Bright. it was not red it was a white light.9/24/12
9/10/12 21:00LaytonUTUSACone1 hourCone hovered above layton ut for one hour9/24/12
9/10/12 18:00Monte Verde (Costa Rica)Costa RicaCone30 minutesVery bright lights of blue green red and white shining from a stationary object in the sky for 30 minutes.9/24/12
8/14/12 21:30South YarmouthMAUSACone1 minuteIrregular shaped gold outline with red light inside, with white hazy halo,silently traveling west to east, we said to each other "8/19/12
8/4/12 22:00OlympiaWAUSACone1 minute1 craft moved at moderate speed in sharp zig zag motions. Changed colors quickly.8/5/12
7/21/12 17:00RedmondWAUSACone5-10 minutesAt 60 acre when we observed 2 objects similar two sticks one appears to a flare and light both were perfect up and down sky to land se8/5/12
7/13/12 14:00PuyallupWAUSACone30 secondsCylinder shaped dark brown craft, not shiny, no sound.8/5/12
7/1/12 11:00EphrataPAUSAConemomentsGold Metallic cone shape object in the sky above Ephrata10/30/12
6/22/12 22:00JeromeIDUSACone10 minutesUFO Observed in Jerome, Idaho.. Multiple sightings, and multiple witnesses!7/4/12
6/2/12 22:15OlympiaWAUSACone5 minutes12-15 cone-shaped objects (bright white with orange "fire" on one side) moving silently in clusters across north sky from wes6/5/12
5/18/12 22:00WorthingtonOHUSAConeWhite and red flashing lights almost in to each other than stopped for about 30 seconds then vanished.5/29/12
5/17/12 21:20PlumPAUSACone3 minstrange orange light in sky5/29/12
5/13/12 16:00Las VegasNVUSAConeSkyHi I was with my baby at the pool She love airplanes noise Around 16:00 I see 4 small small object 2 of each side The move really slow5/29/12
5/8/12 22:30Clear LakeIAUSACone10 minutesBLUE/GREEN/WHITE Flashing Lights - cone shaped in the Northwestern Sky in Northern Iowa.5/13/12
4/14/12 19:30HailemaileHIUSAConeW-ECone Shaped Multi Colored Object Spotted Off North Shore Maui.4/18/12
4/2/12 23:00Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaConeIt was a crispy clear night, I took some pictures of the moon and I captured 3 huge objects of a similar shape flying in the sky.5/13/12
3/27/12 05:00KensingtonNHUSACone5 secondsObject was observed through a window and caught my eye when the sun reflected off it. It was moving just above the tree tops moving abo5/13/12
3/24/12 20:00FentonMOUSACone2 minutesYellow-Orange flickering conical shaped light over St. Louis5/13/12
2/10/12 19:52Burgess Hill (UK/England)United KingdomCone10 secondsI and my wife and child..age 14 witnessed two arrow shaped objects within a 2 minns apart of each other traveling at great speed across2/10/12
2/8/12 22:00PuyallupWAUSACone2 secondsTwo balls of lighting zipping by in a fuselage formation over the field and then disappeared at low altitude2/10/12
1/8/12 19:00Phoenixville/KimbertonPAUSACone1:00 HOUR APPROXWitnessed 10-15 low flying (the height of the tree) cones or top shaped UFOS with many colorful lights before helicopters showed1/12/12
1/4/12 20:30KeeneNHUSACone4 hoursLight blue craft floating in circle in keene nh with orangish craft sited1/12/12
11/12/11 11:00Limassol (Cyprus)CyprusCone1 hour+Lots of pure white cone like jelly clouds seen in Limassol, Cyprus12/12/11
10/25/11 18:00Santa FeNMUSACone15 minGreen Lights land in my yard!12/12/11
10/5/11 20:34RocktonILUSACone6 minIt looked like a planet like Jupiter.10/10/11
9/17/11 22:00RockledgePAUSACone5 min4 orange lights, 3 in the front in a sideways V formation and 1 in the back < - , the lights were steady orange not flashing.10/10/11
9/1/11 18:00HamburgNYUSACone20 secondsBun shaped object hovering over parking lot and then darting back and forth at high speed.10/10/11
8/6/11 20:34Long BeachCAUSACone1 minuteThe Aircraft was a circle it white lights surrounding it with one on top of it.8/7/11
7/2/11 23:26Brownstown (south of)ILUSAConeapp 2 mi.Brown paper sack light, no sound, no running light.7/4/11
6/30/11 19:00Québec (Canada)QCCanadaCone~5 secondsSaw something like a red cartoon rocket the black sky at night alone, felt unreal after and weird.8/6/15
6/28/11 23:30Khania (Greece)GreeceCone30 secondsRelative large orange cone shaped object flying straight across night sky east west direction without any noise or vibration7/4/11
6/18/11 22:30MassillonOHUSACone2 minutesWe saw an orange cone shaped object sitting there. I walked inside my house and then out my front door and it was gone.6/20/11
5/29/11 04:05Poplar BluffMOUSACone04:25UFO sighting in Poplar Bluff.5/29/11
5/11/11 20:20MantenoILUSACone10 MINBright red Orbs, hovered and disepeared during storm5/12/11
4/29/11 22:15SavannahGAUSACone30 minutesCone shaped object with fire heading East over Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island, Georgia5/2/11
4/2/11 21:00Renfrew (Canada)ONCanadaCone30 seconds((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) we saw a red cone like obect move across the sky at a very high speen and blink 2x and disapeared.4/3/11
3/11/11 22:00ColleyvilleTXUSACone5 secondsGlowing Cone Travels Downward, Splits in Two and Disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))3/23/11
1/23/11 03:11SedonaAZUSACone10 M2nd Encounter. Two Cone Shapped Craft Spotted over Same Pasture and felid as last time. Again, one emitted beam over Felid. Then shot b1/31/11
1/15/11 01:00CincinnatiOHUSACone10 secondsShooting star like thing came down UFO appeard with a gold glow1/31/11
1/8/11 04:00Cape CoralFLUSACone30 minBIG, like a white floodlight, BRIGHT as a star, around this was a glass-like green bowl shape, with red spinning lights. hovering.1/31/11
12/21/10 03:13SedonaAZUSACone5 minsTwo Cone craft, 1 emitted beam, hovered over felid and pasture, then shoot back up1/5/11
12/14/10 03:15HudsonFLUSACone30 minutesStrange lights over the gulf near Hudson Beach, Florida1/5/11
12/11/10 05:36temeculaCAUSACone1 hourBright shape changing with colors on and off single object. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))1/5/11
11/10/10 22:00Campo SecoCAUSACone10Large Cone shaped objects with no sound coming down to the ground with no sound.11/21/10
10/22/10 12:00PlanoTXUSAConeuncertain6 grey Cones in circle formation were still over Plano TX city Hall. No one but me saw them on a bus going west on 190.11/21/10
10/7/10 00:30ClintonWAUSAConeless than minuteMy home is on the south end of Whidbey Island in Washington. About 30 miles north of Seattle. The view from my bedroom is to the east11/21/10
9/29/10 20:32Shingle SpringsCAUSACone2-3 sec.Silver shape travelling at great speed11/21/10
9/23/10 07:00SewardAKUSAConeunknownPhotograph of unidentified object7/4/11
9/10/10 21:00PattersonCAUSACone20 secFirst One craft was a plane and the other object was not,I was in my backyard looking at the stars. When there was a plane comming from11/21/10
8/30/10 15:00ManahawkinNJUSACone90 secondsShiny metallic upside down cone shaped object over Jersey Shore.11/21/10
8/4/10 05:30RaleighNCUSACone60 secObject over Raleigh8/24/10
7/25/10 01:00EdmondsWAUSACone1 HourRainbow orb/cone.7/28/10
7/18/10 09:30HendersonvilleTNUSACone4-5 minutesWe saw a giant fireball pushing a long cone shape8/24/10
7/2/10 17:00Alexandria BayNYUSACone5 minutesTook a snapshot of storm clouds and upon review, there's a ufo in the clouds.7/4/14
6/21/10 11:45GlendaleCAUSACone15 secondsMetallic cone shaped disc flying near 2 freeway in Glendale, CA6/23/10
3/31/10 00:00Chapel HillNCUSACone0:00-0:45Bright white light flashing repeatedly in the same area of the sky for thirty to forty minutes.4/13/10
10/9/09 23:00New MexicoNMUSACone20 seccolors shined where can tell the shape of the craft, the tip was the front and the circle was the back with fire coming out of it u12/12/09
9/19/09 20:30PennsburgPAUSACone1 minuteHovering bright light witnessed by a group of Scouts. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:12CranstonRIUSACone3 mincone shaped hazy light pointed downward from sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:10HilltownPAUSACone30secLarge bright cone shaped object like a large flashlight and then a cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:05NorwalkCTUSACone40 secondsLarge very bright light overhead in a conical shape that went straight up into the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:00Plymouth MeetingPAUSACone30 secondsCone of light, higher than plane or helicopter, Did not move. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:00ArlingtonMAUSACone20-30 secondsCone Shaped light from bright dot. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:00GibsoniaPAUSACone45 secondsStrange coned shaped light setting still and silent in the eastern night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 20:00HopeNJUSACone50 secondsUACNJ observatory in Hope, NJ looking due south; searchlight shining straight. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:55NewburghNYUSACone15-20 secondsUnidentified light emmiting cone shaped object spotted hovering over Newburg, NY ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:52West ChesterPAUSACone1-2 minutesA white circle of light with a lighter, cone-shaped light underneath it; the circle disappeared the cone shape faded to a "cloud"12/12/09
9/19/09 19:52CornwallVTUSACone30 secondscone of light in sky at height of air traffic ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:52SouthburyCTUSACone30 secondsCone shaped bright white light - gradually disappeared / resembled a flashlight pointing down. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:50LeesburgVAUSACone20 secondsObject with cone shaped tail rises above Dulles, VA. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:50BurlingtonNJUSACone30 seconds7:50 PM, cone-shaped object, three spot-light type lights. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/19/09 19:50RiverheadNYUSAConeless than 1 minuteIt was like a bright white spot light. It then split into 2 and disapeared. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/12/09
9/17/09 12:59Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaCone50 SecondsBrilliant white color cone shaped UFO observed annd filmed quarter mile away in the afternoon12/12/09
7/16/09 06:00LittletonCOUSACone60 secondsUpside-down cone shape, spinning slowly and moving about 60mph, was bright and sunny so i got a good look.5/1/20
6/30/09 15:35SpringTXUSACone5 minutesI saw a large cone shaped object coming out of the pond. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes5/12/10
6/11/09 19:40MesaAZUSACone45 MinutesBrilliant cone-shaped light to the WNW of Mesa, AZ.8/5/09
6/4/09 22:30ToledoOHUSACone4th of julyA white circle in the sky just right of the moon.8/5/09
5/18/09 19:45Golden ValleyAZUSACone30 MinA cone shaped object South East of my house in Golden Valley, AZ. ((NUFORC Note: Confirmed high-altitude research balloon. PD))6/9/09
5/17/09 20:00Las CrucesNMUSACone1 hourLight oval shaped or circular object.6/9/09
5/15/09 01:00Wolverhampton (UK/England)United KingdomCone2 hrs((HOAX??)) At my grandmars and I hered somthing so I went to to my grandmas room to see if she was o.k. and then i saw this co7/28/10
4/10/09 23:50Bernallilo (entering to Alburquerque)NMUSACone2 minutesHello! I happened to find this site, and decided to report my observation which took place quite a few months ago while in New Mexico.2/14/10
3/22/09 00:00WilmingtonNCUSACone30 minutesa bright light shined on me and 5 buddies and then we saw ufos4/14/09
2/4/09 17:00San DiegoCAUSAConeIt looked like all the colors of the rainbow and I took some pictures and what came out was a circle then a line.3/19/09
2/2/09 18:30EveshamNJUSAConefour hoursObject looks like a cone or jellyfish with colors continually changing via binoculars. Nightly occurance. No sound.3/19/09
1/28/09 12:45LouisvilleKYUSACone5 minutesBlack cone seen in broad daylight in Louisville, KY3/19/09
1/27/09 03:30N. HollywoodCAUSACone10 minutesBright orange light with some kind of object on top, moving slowly across the sky with no sound at all.3/19/09
12/15/08 04:00Salman Pak (Iraq)IraqCone3 minutesNorway lights spotted last year in Iraq.12/12/09
12/9/08 12:00VidorTXUSACone10-15 minutes3 cone shaped crafts the color of a rainstorm1/10/09
11/18/08 17:50McCloudCAUSACone7 secondsAppeared out of nowhere and maintained a vertical line and disappeared 7 seconds later.1/10/09
11/4/08 13:56Los AngelesCAUSAConeUnlnownUnexplained object in photograph of the sky1/10/09
10/5/08 00:00ToppseyOKUSACone5 hr((HOAX??)) CONE SHAPED.10/31/08
9/20/08 10:45Kansas CityMOUSACone10 minutesUnknown "orange" object seen floating above Kansas City10/31/08
9/18/08 08:30TulsaOKUSACone2 minutesTwo syncrinized space crafts moving in and out of existance through Tulsa Sky's.10/31/08
9/18/08 05:30TulsaOKUSACone3 minsAWESOME SIGHT.... couldn't believe our eyes.10/31/08
8/20/08 20:30NewportRIUSACone10mins((HOAX??)) 4 cigar shaped craft hovering over newport10/31/08
8/2/08 22:00Gravenhurst (Canada)ONCanadaCone5 minutesAt end of fireworks, 30-40 objects,2 squadrons of 15-20 each, 1 single rear guard, bright orange,haze glow, pear or cone shape8/12/08
7/27/08 02:00Ft. LauderdaleFLUSACone2 secondsLong cone shaped yellowish-green light beam projected from clouds to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida8/12/08
6/18/08 00:30HanoverMAUSACone10 secondsThe best way I can describe it is a sailboat with a blue flame for a sail.7/5/08
6/15/08 19:00London (UK/England)USACone03 minuitesMatalic blue object over central London.7/5/08
5/31/08 14:30ParamountCAUSACone7 minutesDay time sighting of bizarre cone shaped object seen hovering aloft.6/12/08
4/30/08 03:17EverettWAUSACone12 secondsVery bright cone-shaped luminous object6/12/08
4/3/08 22:45RexburgIDUSACone3-5 minutesbig, black, dragon shapped object, no lights, slowly gliding at high altitude, kind of a small blur around it4/17/08
3/30/08 08:30PhoenixAZUSAConeSecondsIt happen so fast, it makes one wonder?3/31/08
3/25/08 20:08Los AngelesCAUSAConeTwo minutesI watched the egg-shaped Endeavor shuttle in the sky and saw a second egg-shaped object following the Endeavor.3/31/08
3/4/08 18:00Durham (UK/England)United KingdomCone1 hourCone shape over Durham10/31/08
2/8/08 20:40Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoCone15 MinutesThey came from the West, changed directions numerous times and were very visible to the naked eye.2/14/08
1/21/08 09:24HendersonNVUSACone3 minutes((HOAX??)) Fast moving UFO goes in the direction of Area 51.2/14/08
12/23/07 20:45ChesterVAUSAConethe aircraft was flying at a verticle angle about 90'o from my home. it was one bright light then a flashing light without sound about3/4/08
12/10/07 19:00Ft. WhiteFLUSACone20 minutescone of light moving north thru space or stratosphere over florida ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))3/4/08
12/10/07 18:45PittsboroNCUSACone45 minutesUnexplained object moving SW to NE over North Carolina skies, tracked via refractor telescope. ((NUFORC Note: Missile fuel. PD))3/4/08
11/12/07 20:45FullertonCAUSACone4 minutesOrange light bulb shape, very bright on the bottom, top looked like orange light coming through glass?, came from the east, stopped for11/28/07
11/5/07 00:00Midwest CityOKUSACone45 minutesFlashing lights over Oklahoma11/28/07
9/4/07 11:45North Myrtle BeachSCUSACone30 minutes$ bright lights over Atlantic Ocean flying in rectangle formation, changed to orange cones then orangle cirlces with black core.11/28/07
8/8/07 15:17Crookhaven (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCone1 secObjects captured in a digital image off Marconi's point in Ireland.10/8/07
6/18/07 20:40University PlaceWAUSACone20 minutesA silver cone/cylindrical shape appeared in the western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD))8/7/07
6/15/07 22:30South Central IraqIraqConeApp. 30 minutesReport from U. S. serviceman: Strange object/funnel cloud with two steady lights moving over south central Iraq.8/7/07
6/3/07 20:00Walla WallaWAUSACone?Picture of cone shape object in evening light.6/12/07
5/22/07 07:25Worcester? (South of; on Rt 146 N)MAUSACone5-8 secondsSilver cone shaped object spotted off RT 146 N highway over/near power lines6/12/07
5/6/07 12:35KalamazooMIUSACone10 minutesA slightly conical black UFO hovered for roughly 10 minutes over Kalamazoo, Michigan.6/12/07
5/6/07 09:45MissoulaMTUSACone5 minutesStrange object enters atmosphere above Montana causing earthquake when it struck the earth...6/12/07
3/22/07 19:01IrontonOHUSAConeUnknownCone Shaped Object Photographed In Ohio4/27/07
3/15/07 19:00DeltaCOUSACone20 minutesSpotting two UFO's at night, one landing the other taking off, plus one other on the ground the very next day.4/27/07
3/4/07 18:45MiamiFLUSACone10 secondsFlashing, circular object at intense speed over streetway!3/8/07
2/23/07 20:40HuntingtonWVUSAConetwo to three min.Security guard and I watched an "ice cream cone" like object.2/24/07
1/25/07 21:00MedfordORUSACone5 minutesA cone shaped object with a long strip of lights that changed color, seen over Medford2/1/07
1/6/07 23:07CameronMOUSACone2 hrs7 cone-shaped crafts illuminated in pink light. ((NUFORC Note: Perhaps not a serious report. We cannot be sure. PD))2/1/07
1/3/07 20:50Crown PointINUSACone3 secondsCone shaped object with bright lights all around it zipped up into the clouds at a speed faster than ANYTHING I have ever seen!2/1/07
12/16/06 07:00North JacksonOHUSACone3 minutesA cone shaped light hovered for about three minutes then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Wallops Island, VA. PD))2/1/07
12/15/06 01:00NortheasternTXUSACone15 secVery faint, fast-moving lights viewed through night-vision-goggles11/28/07
12/11/06 10:40ColumbusOHUSACone2 minutesTwo fat weiner-shaped objects traveling north-north-west. Maintained wide distance apart. Wind at near-by Bolton Field SE at 4 mph. Alt12/14/06
12/2/06 02:00YpsilantiMIUSACone10 min.Dream of UFO. Woke up to bright light. Heard door shut down down stairs. Saw shadows in woods.2/1/07
11/22/06 22:30CumberlandOHUSACone24:00i know what I saw. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD))12/7/06
10/16/06 21:30GloucesterMAUSACone5-10 minutesOrange light hovering over ocean8/7/07
10/3/06 23:15Santa FeNMUSAConeapprox 1 minuteFiery object moving south to north which separated into approx 5 small objects which trailed it in a straight line10/30/06
8/23/06 21:00FairfieldCAUSAConeEveningsSighting of Cone/Sphere shaped Crafts at Solano County Sherrifs Dept. , Fairfield, CA 500 Lights On Object0: Yes6/12/08
8/13/06 11:30Royal OakMIUSACone1 minuteStrange, white balloon like craft over Detroit metro area10/30/06
6/18/06 21:23Pie TownNMUSACone3 minutesObject the color, magnitude, size of Jupiter appeared, was still and then moved at steady speed south to north7/16/06
5/3/06 00:00Salt Lake CityUTUSACone30'black slow moving hat-shaped UFO11/21/10
4/19/06 19:15MorrisonTNUSACone8 minbrilliant bright light first falling down fast then stopped for several minutes5/15/06
1/11/06 04:38North PlainsfieldNJUSACone1 minThe noise was extremely loud and there were 3 layers of red lights2/14/06
1/9/06 03:20Bangalore (India)IndiaCone130secA BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY FOR TWO MIN AND FINALLY IT BECAME INVISIBLE2/14/06
1/2/06 17:15HarlingenTXUSACone7 minsCone shape that changed to circle seen over Tamaulipas Mexico from Harlingen Texas.2/14/06
11/25/05 06:15BloomingtonINUSACone3 hourscone shaped object moving slowly east while strong nnw winds blew12/16/05
10/20/05 20:00MontvilleOHUSACone40min.Six coned like objects,with bright white lights floating in the Montville sky.11/3/05
10/7/05 10:30Cardston (Canada)ABCanadaCone5 SecondsBright blue ball of light10/11/05
9/21/05 07:00Las VegasNVUSACone30 minutesLarge glowing streak in sky with two strange objects.10/11/05
9/20/05 19:00PhoenixAZUSACone2-3 minutesCone shaped craft with fire and smoke trail in Phoenix sky.10/11/05
9/4/05 22:58WichitaKSUSACone2 minutesCone-shaped light that changes colors9/15/05
8/14/05 14:02MéxicoDCMexicoCone10 minutesThis sigthtin occurs a day after a sismologic event in mexico city, the ufo was seen in an area called mexican volcanos, a common area9/15/05
7/10/05DatelandAZUSACone30-60 minobject over a dairy farm about a mile to a mile and a half before Dateland, Arizona. Visiable for about 1hour.7/15/05
7/1/05 12:00HartsvilleSCUSAConeA few minutes.Silver UFO hovering a few miles from the Robinson Nuclear Plant12/22/22
6/28/05 18:00AustraliaAustraliaCone2-3 Minutes((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. PD)) Dark, egg shaped, rocket boosters no windows.9/2/05
6/25/05 15:00Cehu-Silvaniei (Romania)RomaniaCone10 minutesA cone shaped object, about 5 feet tall, started to move straight up when 2 people got about 10 meters from it.7/5/05
6/19/05 14:00CantonPAUSACone2 minutesMilitary aircraft and a UFo flying close by.6/20/05
5/26/05 13:00Ruther GlenVAUSACone45 secondssmall shiny metalic circle high in the sky, could only view it when i blocked out the sun.6/20/05
5/15/05 20:20Perth (Western Australia)AustraliaConeeastLaying on my back gazing at the stars when i seen a light glinps in the sky shaped like a coon going towords earth lick this >5/24/05
5/2/05 21:00Mt. Rogers (near)VAUSACone6-9 secondsCamping out on a clear night, I saw a white cone of light touch the ground from outer space.7/5/05
4/24/05 21:00NewportORUSACone3 hoursFanned out cones with pointy bright lighted nose. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect lens flares. Witness concurs. PD))5/11/05
3/27/05 17:00Tiwanaku (Bolivia)BoliviaCone?I photographed a metalic cone-shaped craft in the sky near Tiwanaku, Bolivia5/11/05
3/24/05 00:00Minnedosa (Canada)MBCanadaConethere was 4 of them7/5/05
2/21/05 00:14Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaCone5 min.Green Cone UFO4/16/05
1/5/05 00:30OhatcheeALUSACone5 minutesI and my 13 year old son were awakened by my dog's howling outside my window. When we looked outside we saw an ice cream-shaped craft h9/7/21
12/31/04 01:00Dunstable (UK/England)United KingdomCone15 minsCone shaped object1/11/05
12/18/04 13:00Santa MonicaCAUSACone40 MinutesUnknown object over Santa Monica, CA.1/11/05
12/13/04 20:00EmoryTXUSAConeTwo hours - plusI witnessed a cluster of extremely bright white, blue and red strobe type lights at a low altitude for about two hours.1/11/05
11/29/04 13:23New BuffaloMIUSACone8:00Raped by Aliens, ETC>.12/3/04
10/25/04 21:19FortsonGAUSACone3 minutes--ongoingLunar landing as observed through a telescope10/27/04
10/15/04 01:40OaklandNEUSACone12 minA coworker and I saw a cone shaped object hoover for awhile and with a glow to it then alittle explosion happened and it was gone.10/27/04
10/6/04 17:57Ticknall (near Derby) (UK/England)United KingdomCone40 SecsCone shaped object with lights appearing to hover in the distance11/9/04
8/31/04 21:00RomulusNYUSACone8 min.White blur with two lights, changed directions often, faded in and out; over the big dipper. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))9/1/04
8/4/04 01:05Bloomfield HillsMIUSACone2 minFast moving, low to treeline ufo8/11/04
7/29/04 11:00South PlainfieldNJUSAConeunknownSmall black cone spotted floating over shopping center; upon return to area, cone had disappeared.8/11/04
6/1/04 23:20PortugalPortugalCone00:07 minutesIt was around 23:15hrs I was observing the the sky,when sudently I saw what appear to be a comet with a long very bright conical tail.I6/4/04
5/25/04 14:00Omaha (near)NEUSACone1min 15secStorm chaser witnesses red and white cone over Nebraska field.6/23/04
5/12/04 23:00Dublin (Republic of Ireland)IrelandCone45 minsCone shaped vehicle6/4/04
4/23/04 20:00Meadow (Between Ellsinore & Paris)CAUSAConeHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Cone shaped object moving from side to side flying across the sky.5/4/04
4/9/04 22:00Bacolod City (Philippines)PhilippinesCone04/09/04 /22:00 Bacolod City,Negros Occ. Phil. 30minets Triangle It stay in the area in dat village.B4 d obj s gone, they shoot a cam.4/27/04
4/6/04 22:00Bacolod (Philippines)PhilippinesCone3 hrs.At exactly 10:00 p.m. me and some of my friends and neighbors have seen a coned shaped glowing object at the sky. As we looked through4/9/04
3/23/04 04:10LouisvilleKYUSACone2 minuteshuge craft3/28/04
12/27/03 22:00WayneNJUSACone40 minutes and still therBrightly colored cone shaped object1/17/04
12/21/03 14:00Baker/Edwards AFBCAUSACone45 secI started joking to watch out for ufo's. just then out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver ice cream cone shaped object1/17/04
12/15/03 02:55Oslo (Norway)NorwayCone15 secTriangle of lights spotted over hill, then disappeared.12/19/03
11/12/03 23:30OrlandoFLUSACone1 hourApproximately 11:30 - midnight the night of Nov 12, 2003, I observed a cone-shaped hovering object in the Southeasterly sky. It was to11/26/03
11/10/03 23:50TuscaloosaALUSACone15 minutesBulky Conical object abducts human11/26/03
10/23/03 21:18SeattleWAUSACone10-12 secondsIt was a red and green coneshaped object that flashed briefly across the night sky.10/31/03
10/6/03 03:55HollandMIUSACone5-7min.To sum it up,hmmm....what was it?10/7/03
8/25/03 00:30MaumeeOHUSACone0040amcone shape with lights8/28/03
8/19/03 21:00ChandlerAZUSAConeseveral minutesIce cream cone shaped craft seen for several minutes in neighborhood. 3 lights in triangle shape on bottom. Spotlight beam. No sound8/28/03
6/15/03 15:00LahainaHIUSAConedrive byI had just received my new digital camera and was on my way to work in Lahaina, i took some shots of the mountian on on way, when i ret10/11/05
5/15/03 03:30Fond du lacWIUSACone2 daysUbduction and implantations10/8/22
5/8/03 22:45Durrell/Twillinagte (Canada)NFCanadaConeCone/triangular object hovering low in the sky with blinking red/green/yellow/white lights. Made a loud noise.5/9/03
3/30/03 22:30Loanhead (near Edinburgh) (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCone20secslarge distant bright pink cone shaped object4/22/03
3/27/03 17:45WinchesterVAUSACone10 secondsExtremely shiny metalic-looking cone-shaped object flying 200 feet above trees at about 400-500 mph4/22/03
3/10/03 02:00St. GeorgeUTUSAConeaprox 5 minbright Aura with lightning shooting up through center, then disapeared with a BOOM!3/21/03
3/3/03 12:15Sheffield (UK/England)United KingdomCone21 secdate 3 3 03 cone shape moving up and slow at altitude 300ft above moving south3/4/03
1/16/03 22:00EscondidoCAUSACone10 minutesCone shaped craft3/11/03
1/4/03 21:41BayportNYUSACone4.3 min.Two glowing objects chasing, swirling, dancing in the nite sky.3/21/03
1/1/03 00:30LodiWIUSACone11minbliking lights hissing sounds hovering and then vanised3/4/03
12/25/02 17:30MillingtonMIUSACone60scit was big look like a building it was dark 200ft long 50 ft long3/21/03
11/5/02 19:00Multan (Pakistan)PakistanCone40 minsi am an airforce pilot.we were conducting night flying around 1900 pakistan standard time .we were operating in circuit (a flying patte11/16/02
10/14/02 20:15GaysvilleVTUSACone1 1/2 hourMulticolor flashing cone object in Vermont10/28/02
10/12/02 13:50Leeman (Australia)AustraliaCone5Cone shaped, with 4 huge lights and one at the point of the cone, shot fire balls12/23/02
9/19/02 19:15CapitolaCAUSACone45 secondsAn object that looked like a bright white circle with a cone shaped tail flew with an irregular flight pattern and then disappeared.9/28/02
9/15/02 02:30CharlotteNCUSACone2mins230 am 0n sept 15 2002 my friends and I WERE ON LAKE WYLIE fishing. WE were startled as two cone shaped objects passed oveerhead at obl9/19/02
9/15/02 02:00MahopacNYUSACone15-20 secondsBrightly lit craft comes very close to us and then disappears in the woods11/14/14
7/19/02 23:40Squamish (Canada)BCCanadaConeoutside for a smokeA very bright cone shape object flying in all different directions, on the left bottom of the moon.7/26/02
7/3/02 19:10San DiegoCAUSAConethis was the freakest min. of my life ever i am never going outside by my shelf ever again7/26/02
6/29/02 03:45Los AngelesCAUSACone20minutesupon looking at a orange colerd coneshape object slowly moving west to south around 3:45AM7/1/02
6/10/02 22:00CentereachNYUSACone5-10 mins.The object seemed to cause the numbness in my hands.7/1/02
6/10/02 00:00Mudgee (Australia)AustraliaCone5 MinutesUFO NSW Farmer 20027/8/04
5/20/02 21:00VenturaCAUSACone1 hourIt was amazing6/12/02
5/17/02 22:45VenturaCAUSACone15 minutesAn unidentified object floats above the western sky and then vanishes only leaving a smokey trail behind.6/12/02
4/17/02AustraliaAustraliaCone26 humming cone objects4/22/03
3/27/02 19:50Nottingham (UK/England)United KingdomCone30 secondsSingle large cone shaped flying object with red and yellow flashing lights around the base.4/8/02
3/13/02 20:00ChamaNMUSACone2 hrs.A large light was seen from a distance and it changed directions. After about 30 mins of watching this strobing light more lights were 3/19/02
2/25/02 08:24WeiserIDUSAConea silent, dark, cone shaped air craft3/19/02
2/25/02 08:23WeiserIDUSAConemoving slow and up , cone shape no sounds3/19/02
2/15/02 23:00University ParkPAUSACone~1-2 minsOrangey-red Glowing UFO with doorway spotted landed on the ground at the PSU Deer Pens facility in the early 1990s.11/28/07
1/31/02 21:48Oklahoma CityOKUSACone30+ secondsSPACE DEBRIS???3/19/02
1/2/02 08:32Fort McMurray (Canada)ABCanadaCone2 hoursA large partcially cone shaperd crafted appaered over a back road when me and my friend were drinking down dirt roads near Ft. McMurry1/29/02
12/23/01 21:25BothellWAUSAConeapx-17 minSeemed to fade into sky, and left the same way, slowly fading out.1/11/02
12/1/01 22:20OzonaTXUSACone2 minutesslow moving groups of lights with tails moving in cone shaped formation from west to east at a low altitude.12/5/01
9/29/01 21:32New York City (Bronx)NYUSACone2 minsBlue extra bright light10/12/01
9/11/01 21:22Santa FeNMUSACone1 1/2 hoursWe saw objects in the sky that could not have been stars. We observed them through bionoculars and saw 9 objects that hovered, pulsated10/12/01
8/30/01 10:32Salt Lake CityUTUSACone1sec4 cone shaped lights (pictures of them) in group of 2s plus 2 possible aircraft.12/19/03
8/1/01 21:00SweetwaterTNUSACone183 bright objects pased by and faded away one-by-one8/5/01
8/1/01 20:30AustinTXUSACone5 minutesConical shaped oject with purple lights on the underside seen near a Home Depot store.8/5/01
7/27/01 22:58GuilfordCTUSACone1-2 minutesCone shaped objects with lighted tails observed in northeast8/5/01
7/15/01 13:00PickeringtonOHUSACone10 secSmall cone shape like tip of ink pin, silver with no sound hit me in chest and then disappeared.11/3/05
6/25/01 21:30Fort MyersFLUSACone2 minutesMy husband and were taking a swim in our community pool after dark when we looked up and saw a object that looked like an upside down c8/5/01
6/25/01 21:00MiamiFLUSACone5 minutesFoggy Cone8/5/01
6/15/01 15:20Lisboa (Portugal)PortugalCone?just taking a photo of clowds an w i see tem i find something!!!its a b/w photo!! in digital cam !!!8/5/01
6/3/01 20:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCone1minute3 Reports UFO sightings including news 7 newsreport video for video and info8/16/02
5/25/01 03:00HicksvilleNYUSAConeLittle lights flew in circles next to black dots. Then the lights streaked across the sky really fast, over our heads.8/5/01
5/14/01 23:10San AnselmoCAUSACone20 minisosceles shaped object with blue and white headlights perceived within aura of colored lights8/5/01
5/10/01 21:00MiddletownOHUSAConewent both ways on the moon8/5/01
5/1/01 14:00Meekatharra (Western Australia)AustraliaCone10 minutesStrange object spotted over regional Western Australia - May 20015/13/03
4/25/01 18:10Ajax (Canada)ONCanadaCone20 secondsCone shaped object seen in daytime.4/28/01
4/17/01 16:35Yorba LindaCAUSACone2 minSpinning cone shaped object over Yorba Linda California area.4/28/01
3/26/01 21:30San Bernardino Co. (I-15, Oak Hill Road Exit)CAUSACone35 to 45 sec."Hay! those two planes are going to run into each orther" is what I said11/20/01
3/13/01 18:20TimboARUSACone45 minutesThis is not a new report but regarding my report of an event on March 13, 2001, Timbo AR and a telephone report of another to you on Ju5/2/11
2/28/01 05:00Glasgow (UK/Scotland)United KingdomCone15-20 minsCone shape crafts sighted on outskirts of Glasgow4/28/01
2/4/01 21:30BakersfieldCAUSACone1.5 hoursVery bizzarre hovering bright object displays laser-type light activity.2/18/01
1/26/01 00:30Hamilton (New Zealand)New ZealandCone30MINUTESUFO sighted South Waikato area New Zealand by twelve independent reports to Auckland Observatory at same time2/18/01
1/9/01 08:00WilliamsportPAUSACone5 minThe object my friend and I saw was two huge red ball like objects with a long neon blue trail.3/6/01
10/21/00 19:00SaginawMIUSACone7 SecondsBright white cone-shaped object seen over Saginaw, Michigan12/2/00
10/6/00 16:45Rohnert ParkCAUSACone5 MinsTwo Steel Colored, Almost Rod Shaped Craft that play cat and mouse. Sonoma County/Marin County Sighting. Day Time Sightings both times.12/2/00
9/14/00 02:00AugustaGAUSACone3 min'sUnknow object hovering over Air Port in Augusta Ga., this was no aircraft such as a plane or helicopter etc!9/21/00
8/15/00 23:00Wapakoneta (near)OHUSAConeabout 30 seclarge cone shaped blue white object apparently entering atmosphere10/30/06
8/15/00 10:15NoxapaterMSUSAConeufoToo fast to be normal and unusual silence along with the craft changing to multiple colors very rapidly.1/11/02
8/11/00 01:00((town name temporarily deleted))OKUSACone?I saw aliens and their space ship9/17/00
8/10/00 23:00Abilene and Ft. Worth (Interstate 20 East between)TXUSACone40 secondsTwo conical craft moving through a sky full of weird lights.8/5/01
8/5/00 21:43Lake Havasu CityAZUSACone15 minutesred cone shape with orange base low flying no noise flight east to west the west to north over Lake Havasu AZ8/19/00
7/7/00 21:10WoodlandCAUSACone3-5 minutesClear night sky, object traveled upward at 40 degree angle moving from southeast to northwest. At first it almost looked like a jet tak7/11/00
6/13/00 16:50SalinaKSUSAConeas long as it took for thI was taking Pictures out my Front porch and noticed the object in the pictures6/21/00
5/20/00 23:30IndexWAUSACone30minSTRANGE LIGHTS SEEN OVER RIVER12/23/02
5/12/00 23:00MilwaukeeWIUSAConehomeSomehing is out there.5/24/05
2/23/00 08:18KenaiAKUSACone30-40 secWhile bringing my children into school we all witness a white object in a cone shape moving across the horizon. My daughter saw it firs2/23/00
1/17/00 18:20OrovilleCAUSACone20-30 sec.saw a bright orange light with a cone of yellow light trailing1/22/00
12/28/99 20:30Leona ValleyCAUSAConeapprox. 6 min.2 large red lites , 6 ft. dia. float silent 150 ft.away 50 ft. altitude. shaped like old 50s bullet tail lites.10/8/22
12/5/99 05:45CassvilleGAUSACone1 minuteround bright light,made sky like daylight, going s on I75 on right, saw it come from sky as a comet, then went over low trees, could se1/7/00
11/14/99 05:00Arlington HeightsILUSAConeThis object is in the SE sky, to the left of the moon and has been seen each night for 4 days. It is even there when the clouds are so11/17/99
11/4/99 12:05Spruce Grove (Canada)ABCanadaCone7 MinutesI was driving west on highway 16 and off to the south a cone shaped glow appeared to be moving southwest. The shape look very similar 12/2/00
10/8/99 21:00Munds ParkAZUSACone40+ mincone shaped mist with single white light at top. off i 17 at munds park at approx 9pm 10/8/9910/30/06
9/7/99 21:30PiercetonINUSACone45 minutes5 objects n/ne of observation point, minimum movement, appeared to be hovering in circular pattern. Could not estimate distance.9/12/99
7/20/99 23:20Loughbrough (UK/England)United KingdomCone30 secsglowing lights humming sound spinning it could dart from place to place in a split second.beams of light8/10/99
5/20/99 20:00Madison (20 miles south of)WIUSACone10 minutesSides of cone were flickering white light. Object was about 3/4 of a mile away, just below clouds. My view was breifly blocked, then 6/23/99
3/30/99 20:23PittsburghPAUSACone5 - 10 secondsI saw a circular bright white object sitting (5 secs?) in the eastern sky. It moved straight up and winked out.4/1/00
3/11/99 01:00CollingdalePAUSAConeCone shaped object,flashing colors(green,red,white,yellow),slowly moved to different locations in the sky and seemed to be huvering the4/2/99
3/4/99 19:55PhoenixAZUSACone2 X 2 min.Possible rocket launch unknown to Air Traffic Control.4/2/99
12/28/98 22:35Kure BeachNCUSACone5 minCraft approached as a star in the night sky - zig zaged extemely fast side to side. Hovered over ocean,motionless suspended for approx2/23/00
11/7/98 21:50Isle of PalmsSCUSACone7-12 minutesWe were looking towards the city of Charleston from the Isle of Palms when we noticed an extremely bight orange object moving slowly ac11/19/98
10/30/98 12:30Sudbury (south of) (Canada)ONCanadaCone4 hrscraft was seen in eastern part of sky ,moving in a southerly direction.It had many different coloured lights and appeared to be spinnin12/2/00
10/16/98 12:30Las VegasNVUSAConecaught on cameraive never seen anything like it in my 5 years of flying already. this was from the ground caught on my camera6/21/00
8/6/98 21:45AlbanyORUSACone45 secondswe saw 2 objects in the sky over albany or that stood still then took off in the sky we were driving north on I5 just inside city limit11/1/98
7/4/98 22:00RichmondINUSAConefeildsconeshape flat bottom slowmoving that's it8/5/00
7/2/98 01:30Kalamazoo (Cooper Township)MIUSACone3 minutesI went outdoors to chain up our dog, seen an orange cone shape glowing object slightly above our trees. Went back in house to get spou11/21/98
6/6/98 04:30AshlandOHUSACone5 minutestwo silver cone shaped objects7/16/06
5/31/98 10:30Tucson (28 miles north of, 233 MM I-10)AZUSACone5 minWas driving south on I-10, fire and smoke rings coming off of object. A cone shaped object slowed down 400 feet next to the left side 5/24/99
4/27/98 23:00Dahab (near) (Egypt)EgyptCone15 secondscone like object passes overhead in the Egyptian/Sanai desert11/16/02
3/10/98 18:00Savannah (Wilmington Isl)GAUSACone2minutestriangle object headed south floated by house in early evening1/28/99
3/7/98 18:50SarasotaFLUSACone30 secondsObject observed coming from SE at twilight, sky very clear and not yet dark. Object was white with small white core moving towards us (1/28/99
3/7/98 18:45NaplesFLUSACone2 sorta of cone light oval i smaller i a little larger moving not together but in the same pattern3/19/02
3/7/98 16:46South Abaco (Bahamas)BahamasCone1 minuteTwo very bright white lights with blue cone shaped contrails approached from northeast, turned south, and then appeared to depart ionos3/19/02
1/16/98 17:00Columbia (near Ft. Jackson)SCUSACone40 secondsSaw small cone shaped object near Fort Jackson army base.9/19/02
11/30/97 22:15Cardinal (Canada)ONCanadaCone7 min'sMy wife and I were just on our way to bed when I noticed this Bright light to the back of our property. At a distance of about 1 mile a12/2/00
11/20/97 19:00Melbourne (VIC, Australia)AustraliaCone10 MinsDriving home with freinds, saw unusual craft (real obvious UFO) hovering in a field, stopped to look at/verify what it might be...8/28/02
2/1/97 21:00Winter SpringsFLUSAConeabout 5 min.We were jumping on the trampoline and we see a top-looking shape in the air hovering above us with no sound. it had lights surrounding 3/7/98
7/18/96 09:58WinchesterVAUSACone5 minutsMy brother and I saw a hovering cone and we watched it until it zoomed away.8/5/01
6/21/96 22:30WinchesterVAUSACone1 minute.I saw a cone with a flashing light at the top, "windows" in the center, and three lights in triangle formation on the base.9/28/03
3/26/96 14:00IrvineCAUSACone5 minsstrange bright orange cone(with pointed top) slow drifting in the sky9/24/03
8/15/95 22:00DavisCAUSACone5 minutes1995 Saucer/cone shaped UFO over I-80 West Causeway Betweeen Sacramento and Davis, CA3/4/08
7/15/95 01:00SteelvilleMOUSACone5 secondsSmall 3 foot gray cone passed in front of my police car hovering a foot off the ground. Another officer was with me. It was on a gravel1/22/00
7/1/95 01:00FarmingtonNMUSAConeappx 1 hourLarge white and green object spotted for appx 1 hour.8/16/02
6/20/95 23:20Sedgley (UK/England)United KingdomCone10 minutes2 illuminated conical ufo's emmitting flashing circus type lights over sedgley, UK8/5/01
5/5/95 15:15FremontOHUSACone25 min2 cone shaped objects, at first where conjoined, then seperated and flew away. metalic at first then changed color as they where flying5/3/00
2/2/95 19:15DenmarkWIUSACone75 minMany witness strange craft streaking in night sky. Descended vertically very fast, hovered. Reptd. U.S. jets in pursuit. Bizarre.11/2/99
5/15/92 15:00Willow GrovePAUSACone5 secondsA fairly large, gray, metallic object, cone-shaped with a flat, circular bottom spotted in the sky over Willow Grove.3/19/02
4/22/92 02:00Canberra (Australia)AustraliaCone2 minutescone shaped craft hovering in mid-air in Canberra, Australia10/30/06
7/20/89 18:00San Diego (Fire Mountain)CAUSACone8-10 hoursI want answers about this n3/17/17
2/17/89 20:30VanportPAUSACone2 minutesCone shaped craft, size of small car, approx 50 feet above ground. Shot up in sky when I started running.6/25/20
10/22/88 23:16Green RiverUTUSACone11 minutesTop shaped object /light sitting in the night sky right in front of me2/14/08
5/1/88 13:00Meppel (Netherlands)DCNetherlandsCone1.5 secondsOrange, triangular cone, like a sharp edged shuttle with flat triangular surfaces, moving, stopping and accelerating quickly.12/5/14
3/15/88 00:00KlondykeAZUSACone12demonds coming out of earth6/9/09
12/13/87 01:00MapeltonILUSACone00:242 cone craft seen from porch12/9/03
3/5/87 09:00Nambour (Australia)AustraliaCone~6-12 hours((HOAX??)) There was a big cone in the sky and it was scary and I was scared.10/19/21
2/6/86 02:05Van NuysCAUSACone7,00 min.This was, an-honest-to-goodness solid object, not my imagination. Really! I wish I had had my camera.11/9/02
6/15/84 16:45DraperVAUSACone1:00 minDuring the summer of 1984 as I was going to work I was getting on the interstate, I-81north . As I was merging on to 81 I looked over m12/2/00
9/15/82 06:00Republic of South KoreaSouth KoreaCone3 minutesCone shaped, silver, smooth craft with lights hovering through military field site.1/19/05
8/9/81 06:30South KoreaSouth KoreaCone30 minutesSighting in the Republic of South Korea1/11/02
7/30/81 19:30HobbsNMUSACone1 1/2 minufo came from thu8nderstorm2/18/01
10/1/78 00:00WindsorNCUSACone5minsaw while parking with girl friend. rising full moonin back ground. 25 ft up. f 50 yrs away over field. hovering. completly silent. one8/28/03
7/15/78 10:00Mountain Home AFBIDUSACone90 minutes1978 Mountain Home AFB Hybrid-Alien Childhood Encounter. ((anonymous report))12/19/19
10/17/77 21:30BramptonONCanadaCone10 secondsGlowing green, rotating cone shaped object3/2/21
9/1/77 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSACone3 minutesI know what I saw....I don't care if you don't believe me....6/3/10
1/15/76 20:00ImperialNEUSACone2 minutesUFO parked on trail road at night.4/19/18
8/15/75 19:30McKenzieTNUSACone3-5 minutesObserved two shiny objects which resembled a child's top flying west to east in the twilight.1/28/99
7/22/75 02:00IndianaPAUSACone3-4 hrcone - orange ball on top orange cone then changing to yellow with yellow ball on bottom5/27/03
7/5/75 23:00Franconia NotchNHUSACone7-8 mincigar shaped metalic object with faint lights on outline12/9/03
10/7/74 19:50YakimaWAUSACone40 minutesHuge search light beam from 4 miles high in the sky illuminating a one mile diameter circle on the ground.5/12/09
7/15/73 18:00PolandOHUSACone5 minutesApprx. time of Apollo return 1973, Poland Ohio, greyish dented, tapered cone shaped craft with lghts came4/16/05
5/15/71 16:00CowpensSCUSACone10 TO 20 ? MINROUND CONE SHAPED DISC WITH LIGHTS AROND EDGES. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/4/08
6/30/70 20:00South-central PA (a field outside small town)PAUSACone90 minutesThe plane crash that wasn't a plane or a crash at all.2/4/13
6/30/69 22:45Somerset (UK/England)United KingdomCone8 yearsFirst time it was a bright light and missing time frome 10.45 untill 4 in morning with no real idea why. Second time parked up in same8/5/09
7/5/68 00:00San Miguel Naval Base (Philippines)PhilippinesCone5 minutesA bright light showed down on the ocean and disappeared into the middle of the ocean never to come back out.5/1/20
5/1/68 13:00RedfieldIAUSACone30 decondsIt was a nice day in may, it stayed directly above the railroad track. I just stood there watching the whole thing.3/8/07
5/12/66 21:30SalidaCOUSACone1 hourSuper bright object in NW sky.7/31/21
6/15/63 12:00College ParkMDUSACone1 minuteSparking ball of color changed into Crome cone then disappeared before my eyes, I was 8 feet away from the object.6/20/19
7/17/53 22:00DublinINUSACone30 minutesMy brothers farmed after dark, they told my mother, my mother started yelling for the kids to run out to see it. It was located in our7/4/12
4/25/50 16:00VancouverBCCanadaCone1 minuteFlying cone-shaped UFO seen by Vancouver airport personnel3/2/21
8/?/97 22:00StonewoodWVUSACone4 lights on each side and one at the top color black gave off a humming noise burnt leaves on trees7/5/99
00/00/00 15:00Stafford (UK/England)United KingdomCone10 minshovering metalik object in sky at day for 10 mins witnessed by 3 people that shot off with a big flame of fire.2/18/01