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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/21/16 10:13 Fernley NV Disk 2 minutes Traveling S Alt. 50 from Fernley, Nevada, to Silver Springs, NV, I noticed a craft. 5/26/16
5/21/16 06:20 Monroe County (Road "V") WI Disk 8 seconds Saucer shapped UFO sighting in Monroe County. 5/26/16
5/20/16 00:05 McMinnville OR Disk 10-15 minutes Was walking to my car approximately midnight and saw a bright red object near the vicinity of Jupiter (due West, approx. 15 degrees abo 5/20/16
5/16/16 23:30 Laveen AZ Disk 30 seconds Yellow lights on Saucer spotted over the Estrella Mountains in Laveen, AZ 5/20/16
5/11/16 22:30 Herzeliya (Israel)
Disk 5 minutes It appeared on the sky during firework show first it was on the right sight and than it suddenly disappeared and after two seconds appe 5/20/16
5/9/16 23:30 Linden NJ Disk 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Sunday night, at about 11:30, when I saw a string of lights appear in the sky over a tree. ((anonymour report)) 5/20/16
5/6/16 11:23 Memphis TN Disk unknown Today I witnessed a "UF0", on Winchester and Mendenhall in East Memphis. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
5/5/16 03:00 Wetaskiwin (Canada) AB Disk
((HOAX??)) Flew over a school in wetaskiwin Alberta and was looking like it was going down. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
5/4/16 21:05 Willits CA Disk 3 minutes 11 orange glowing discs spotted just east of 101 in willits, near east valley road, hovering low and slowly moved a bit west before com 5/6/16
5/4/16 17:00 Manhattan Beach CA Disk came up in picture CA. circle with 5 lights underside took 3 shots with camera 5/10/16
5/4/16 04:00 Crested Butte CO Disk 2 hours Craziest UFO Siting. 6 over a two hour period. 5/6/16
5/3/16 12:00 Phoenix/Tempe AZ Disk 15 minutes 05/03/2016 UFOS OVER PHOENIX SKYHABOR AIRPORT 1. BRIGHT LIGHTS Small bright lights dancing all over skyhabor airport 12pm A. Disk shap 5/6/16
5/2/16 08:20 Walnut Grove (Canada) BC Disk 3 minutes 2 discs glowing a brilliant silver- white in the sky sitting stationary. 5/6/16
4/26/16 19:36 Smyrna GA Disk 5 It was dark normal weather the objects look like they were 4-6 miles away there was two of them hovering over they had blinking lig 4/29/16
4/23/16 23:46 Minneapolis MN Disk 30 seconds Gray disk with a blue bump in the bottom. 4/29/16
4/22/16 18:30 Cibola County (SR 117, MM32) NM Disk 30 minutes Flying Saucer observed in remote area of New Mexico. 4/29/16
4/21/16 20:30 High Springs FL Disk 1 minutes ((HOAX??)) Hazy object seen as a oval disk with two blaring lights, and it made a humming noise. ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
4/21/16 20:00 Green River UT Disk 30 seconds Saucer and possible Cigar shaped object in sunset. 4/29/16
4/21/16 17:00 Bethany (Route 1) DE Disk 2 minutes Very slow flying disk with with white orbital/flashing lights around bottom. Low flying then ascended vanishing after short period. 4/29/16
4/18/16 14:30 Marysville CA Disk 15-30 minutes 3 reflective (catching the sun) objects moving around each other really close then far away from eachother. 4/29/16
4/17/16 14:00 Eagle Point OR Disk 1 minute While running, I saw five craft fly east-to-west, constantly changing formation. 4/22/16
4/17/16 00:00 Alden NY Disk 5 minutes A saucer type shape with a small dome on top was hovering in the sky that continuously cycled colors from red, yellow and green. 4/22/16
4/15/16 22:35 St. Robert MO Disk 1 minute Sat outside in my backyard when a huge bright green glowing discshaped ufo flew right across the house down the street. 4/22/16
4/9/16 11:45 Grants Pass OR Disk 1-2 minutes Round, black object, no sound moving very fast thru morning sky. 4/15/16
4/9/16 03:00 Buckingham VA Disk 10 minutes Glowing ball like object with a red beam underneath the object. 4/15/16
4/7/16 12:00 Berwyn IL Disk ? I didn't see this until I was going through the pics I took on the computer. I was facing east and the ceiling was about 2900 ft. 4/15/16
4/5/16 23:30 Lawrenceville GA Disk 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) Very weird. 4/15/16
4/4/16 21:00 Florence CO Disk 3 minutes Gray, disk shaped with red and white flickering lights around the edge. 4 Orange lights on the bottom. 4/22/16
4/1/16 23:30 Moore OK Disk 3 minutes Strange aircraft hovering over a Oklahoma field. ((NUFORC Note: Report is from high school student. PD)) 4/15/16
3/30/16 00:00 High Point NC Disk 10 seconds Disk oval shaped with light coming down fast and disappearing in mid air!! 4/1/16
3/29/16 19:39 Crestline CA Disk 20 seconds Seen circular object with 1 circular light in the middle. Also 2 strips of lights on the side. Went straight up into the sky. 4/1/16
3/29/16 17:00 Surprise AZ Disk 2 minutes Started in middle of sky...made a turn....when I closed up with camara yhe object seemed flat but invisible..I see a lit of military je 5/26/16
3/28/16 06:30 Glenwood Springs CO Disk 3 minutes Sighting disk object with two rows of red lights hovering above trees. 4/1/16
3/27/16 20:50 Santa Maria CA Disk 2 minutes All lights appeared white that blinked in sequence around the object. May have a redlight in the middle that turned off suddenly. 4/1/16
3/26/16 21:20 New Lexington OH Disk 2 minutes I tried to enter the time in the correct box but it would not allow me. But the sighting took place at 9:20 P.M. or 21:20 P.M. Military 4/1/16
3/24/16 22:50 Chester VA Disk 2-3 seconds Hi Peter, One sighting tonight, March 24th, of a luminous bright gold colored saucer shaped object for about two to three seconds thoug 4/1/16
3/22/16 03:45 Byrdstown TN Disk 5-10 minutes Saucer looking shape, but was so far away you could barely tell. Lights flashing and hazy trail left behind when moving upward. 3/24/16
3/22/16 00:00 Bloomington IL Disk Unknown ((HOAX??)) I dont know if this was a dream or if i was abducted. 3/24/16
3/18/16 17:00 Sinking Spring PA Disk seconds Shiny metallic saucer-shaped aircraft. 4/1/16
3/18/16 00:00 Newport Beach CA Disk ~2 hours Blinding light and loud noises, followed by orbs in the sky. 3/18/16
3/17/16 20:10 Madison WI Disk 1-3 seconds On bike path just west of Black Hawk Golf Course. I looked up in the sky and it appeared to look like a shooting star. Then I could t 3/18/16
3/17/16 01:45 Sterling IL Disk 20 3 of us have seen this UFO at least 6 times, with an extra friend seeing it tonight. It was more flat in shape, and only omitted white 3/18/16
3/16/16 23:28 Murray KY Disk 10 minutes A disc fly very low, no sound 6 white lights across the center and multipal colors lights between the white lights, going SW. 3/18/16
3/14/16 02:30 Portland OR Disk 60-90 seconds While standing in my back yard I was watching the dark clouds coming in. 3/18/16
3/12/16 19:45 West Palm Beach FL Disk 30 seconds Two crafts with orange pulsating glow coming from under belly, travelling from East to West at slow speed, vanished progressively. 3/18/16
3/11/16 21:00 Venice FL Disk 10 minutes Could not hear any sounds coming from objects, it was dark, tried binoculars, couldn't bring into focus. 3/18/16
3/11/16 18:45 Manchester NH Disk 3.00 Saucer-like object w/ white aura seen flying over South Willow in Manchester, NH. 3/18/16
3/11/16 00:35 East Greenwich RI Disk 15 minutes I followed a bright orange light as I was driving, it started veering off behind a neighborhood and looked as if it was landing. 3/18/16
3/10/16 06:30 Manchester
Disk 30-60 seconds Disc shaped craft seen hovering above road/buildings whilst in traffic. Amazing energy field surrounding craft. 4/29/16
3/7/16 21:00 Ocklawaha FL Disk 2 minutes ((HOAX??))Silver color saucer shape w/ red and white lights blinking flying through the pm sky,and diamond shape ships flying, hovering 3/18/16
3/7/16 15:00 Nags Head NC Disk 30 seconds Disc shaped craft either taking in or expelling cloud. 3/11/16
3/6/16 17:00 North Providence RI Disk 45 seconds 2 bright metallic disc objects with a dark underside were flying in unison in a circular pattern high in the sky at 5:00 pm. 3/11/16
3/1/16 16:00 Waterbury (over) CT Disk
4 spirals made in one cloud, and 4 aircraft (UFO's) seen leaving the immediate area. Over the western skies of Waterbury, CT. 3/24/16
2/26/16 19:30 Sacaton AZ Disk 30 seconds Was exiting Gila River Reservation, Sacaton. Noticed three lights blinking, just hovering near the desert, east of Interstate 10. 3/4/16
2/26/16 19:20 White Sulphur Springs MT Disk 20 minutes S sky bright lights, white, green and red flashing with no movement for 20 min. +. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 3/4/16
2/26/16 13:11 Palm Springs AZ Disk 1 second Picture taken, object cannot be explained. No reflection possible we can explain. Have photo to share 4/1/16
2/26/16 00:50 Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 1/1 minutes I observed UFO through 15x70 binoculars, so close that I could see black dust on the walls of the "vehicle." 3/4/16
2/24/16 20:45 Sodaville OR Disk 4-5 minutes Disc shaped glowing lights tonight with pictures and video! 2/26/16
2/22/16 21:40 Vancouver OR Disk 30 seconds Blue object over Portland, Oregon. 2/26/16
2/11/16 19:00 Zion IL Disk Few seconds A bunch of lights with the silhouette of a saucer. 2/19/16
2/10/16 07:15 Beaverton OR Disk ~10 minutes White to yellow disc object in NE sky that split into two pieces. 2/11/16
2/10/16 00:30 Napier (Hawkes Bay) (New Zealand)
Disk 1-2 minutes Whirinaki Beach (Hawkes Bay)(New Zealand - Disk of lights observed silently hovering, traveling less than 40km/h (25mi/h). 2/11/16
2/9/16 14:30 Tulsa OK Disk 4 seconds While F-16s took off from TUL, a white disc/cloud object accelerated and disappeared on horizon. 2/11/16
2/7/16 15:30 Miami FL Disk 4 seconds White/transparent disc like shaped object flying at low altitude over Tamiami Trail West. Duration: 3-4 secs 2/11/16
2/5/16 20:35 Colorado Springs CO Disk 2-3 minutes Football-shaped saucer, red and gold over Colo Springs Feb 5 2016 8:35 pm mst. 2/11/16
2/4/16 23:00 Colorado Springs CO Disk 3 minutes Red fog in room, blueish chrome disk outside of front door, buzzing and pop noise, weird behavior from wife and dog. 2/11/16
2/3/16 22:00 Waretown NJ Disk 10 minutes Brilliant Illumination, hovering in night sky. 2 other discs flying around. 2/4/16
2/1/16 18:25 Lombard IL Disk 10 seconds Sighting in Lombard, IL. 2/4/16
2/1/16 07:24 Tokyo (Japan)
Disk ~5 minutes Four blue-ish-green disk-shaped objects hovered in the sky for a couple of minutes before gliding away towards the mountains 2/4/16
2/1/16 06:38 Lupton City TN Disk 5 seconds Captured a UFO on my phone after taking pictures of cloud formations at the river 2/4/16
2/1/16 00:00 Paradise Valley AZ Disk
Blimp sized and shaped craft pulsating light spotted low in the clouds of Paradise Valley, AZ, that hit incredible speed. 2/4/16
1/31/16 13:00 Hampton Bays NY Disk 4 seconds It appears the he caught a UFO shooting out of the water possible doing a barrel roll. ((NUFORC Note: Bird in flight. PD)) 2/11/16
1/29/16 09:00 Barrington NJ Disk 7 minutes Saucer like ship in the sky that was hovering unnaturally and made a immediate vertical ascent. 2/4/16
1/25/16 20:14 Manchester CT Disk 1 minute I looked up and seen what I thought at first was a plane but when I realized that it was not. 1/29/16
1/22/16 04:55 Centreville VA Disk 5 minutes My daughter and I looked out the window and saw a mysterious flying object. It is grayish in color. 1/23/16
1/21/16 02:00 Manassas Park VA Disk 20-25 minutes Saucer move close slowly. Came to rest above neighbors house. Size of city bus. Windows and flashing lights. 1/23/16
1/19/16 05:30 Foley MN Disk 3 hours + UFO hovering over Sherburne- more than 3 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of 5 planets in eastern a.m. sky? PD)) 1/20/16
1/18/16 19:07 Effort PA Disk 10 minutes 2 blue/red/white lights saucers hovering near my house. 1/20/16
1/16/16 16:45 Florham Park NJ Disk
Objects appeared in photo taken at sunset. 1/20/16
1/16/16 15:00 Columbia SC Disk 20 seconds Extremely fast bullet shaped craft moving E-W no sound. Veteran observer. 1/20/16
1/16/16 01:00 Manassas Park VA Disk every night from 01-13-16 At times resembles a star. At times resembles cigar shape standing on end, or disk with lights circling the disk. Two of them over Quan 1/20/16
1/14/16 00:00 Curchorem, Savordem (Goa)(India)
Disk 7 minutes It was Just a True Event that I Saw during this Sighting! It was not a Fake Sighting! It was Witnessed by 4 People. It was a True UFO!! 2/26/16
1/6/16 21:30 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 1-2 minutes Giant mother ship sighted in Indian Arm-Mount Seymour side, from Deep Cove. 1/14/16
1/6/16 21:30 North Vancouver BC Disk 15 We saw a giant silent floating disc hovering above Deep Cove's marina inlet in North Vancouver, shining very bright lights around. 1/8/16
1/3/16 03:25 Playa del Carmen (Mexico)
Disk 2 minutes Bright dish with strong lights hovering over Cozumel Island. 1/5/16
1/2/16 16:30 Annapolis MD Disk 15 minutes Bright objects witnessed in the western sky near Annapolis. 1/5/16
1/1/16 00:11 London (UK/England)
Disk 3 seconds 11 minutes 8 seconds London Fireworks show… ((NUFORC Note: Pigeons? PD)) 2/4/16
12/28/15 02:00 Evansville IN Disk 5 minutes I had let my German Shepherd out and heard him barking repeatedly and as I walked outside I noticed two disc shapes hovering close by. 1/5/16
12/22/15 19:43 Seattle WA Disk 2 minutes I was taking a photo of the Space Needle at night, but didn't see anything in the sky at that time. Photo shows a bright blueish obj.. 3/11/16
12/21/15 06:50 Hartebeespoortdam (South Africa)
UFO sighting in South Africa on 21 December 2015. 1/5/16
12/17/15 19:00 Madison MS Disk 40 minutes TWO DISC SHAPED UFO'S CHANGING FROM RED TO GREEN IN MADISON, MS. 12/21/15
12/17/15 15:30 Melbourne (Geelong)(Victoria)(Australia)
I saw a ufo 3:30 pm into the dark blue sky with bright lights i do have photos but for a price to release. 1/14/16
12/17/15 06:15 Dayton OH Disk 1 minute Disc like Flying Saucer. 12/17/15
12/15/15 13:30 San Pedro CA Disk 5 minutes Blue Violet disk over Santa Catalina Island in San Pedro, CA. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, caused by the Sun. PD)) 12/17/15
12/14/15 20:00 Durham NC Disk 2 minutes Moon in Western sky with light at bottom pictured with 12 white bright lights in shape of 1/2 Grey UFO. 1/5/16
12/11/15 09:30 Orlando FL Disk 10 seconds Disk object with silver dome sighted over Orlando interstate 12/17/15
12/4/15 19:00 Clare MI Disk 20 minutes large round flashing lights around it and glided west. 12/10/15
11/29/15 16:02 Billings MT Disk Uncertain I Reached For My Lighter Looking Up And I Saw An Odd Disc Shaped Object In A Cloud Formation. 12/3/15
11/20/15 22:20 Provo UT Disk 10:20-10:21 PM I saw a white dot floating in the sky, I came closer I saw a saucer shaped craft flying by with golden or yellow lights and windows 11/26/15
11/19/15 16:00 Soddy Daisy TN Disk 2-3 hours Multiple craft sighting. 11/20/15
11/19/15 04:00 Soddy Daisy/Hixson TN Disk 4:00-5:30 Multiple UFO's spotted. 11/20/15
11/17/15 01:05 Middletown NY Disk 5 minutes Intense glowing white/blue light. 11/19/15
11/15/15 06:40 Phoenix AZ Disk 30 seconds Black disc. No lights and no exhaust.

Oscillating then departed at very fast speed.
11/14/15 22:30 Woodbury MN Disk 5 seconds Object was seen dashing across the night sky at high speeds. Unlike a shooting star it had no trail of light. 11/19/15
11/14/15 05:53 Shepherdsville KY Disk 3-hours UFO reapears after chased off by 2-stealth fighters south east of shepherdsville 11/19/15
11/12/15 20:22 Sumter SC Disk 4-5 seconds A saucer like object 300 feet above the ground, moving very fast with no sound 11/19/15
11/12/15 17:00 Waleska GA Disk 2 minutes Small, oval shaped, dark flying object with flashing orange lights, spinning and hovering. 11/19/15
11/9/15 23:35 Colbert WA Disk
Low, hovering, disk-shaped craft, with four solid purple lights. 12/3/15
11/7/15 19:40 Fresno CA Disk 3 minutes object spraying a substance and had blue light. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00 South Pasadena CA Disk 5 minutes Disk like craft surrounded by aura intense white light moving slowly and randomly, then disappeared. 11/19/15
11/5/15 17:50 Las Vegas NV Disk 3 minutes Stationary lights, spinning, then horizontal and vertical movement. 11/6/15
11/5/15 05:00 Shepherdsville KY Disk 1-month UFO sighted SE of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, mornings of OC thru NO. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD)) 11/6/15
11/3/15 17:20 Latrobe PA Disk 1 minute Disc shaped object with an orange light movig through the sky in a NE direction. 11/6/15
11/1/15 19:00 Dixon IL Disk 15 minutes Very bothered by these expierences. 11/6/15
11/1/15 16:00 Salem NH Disk 10 seconds A green, saucer-shaped, object flew right in front of us on highway. 11/6/15
10/31/15 19:50 Albuquerque NM Disk 5 minutes Single vehicle flying along Sandia ridgeline flying south until it turned east and left the area. 11/6/15
10/25/15 18:20 Tonawanda NY Disk ~1 minute While taking pictures of the beautiful colors in the sky from the setting sun, I snapped several pictures.

A couple days later while
10/19/15 07:00 Olympia WA Disk 10 seconds Fluorescent green disc near Olympia capitol building 10/29/15
10/18/15 20:13 Buffalo NY Disk ~4 seconds Disk shaped, four lights, humming noise. 10/29/15
10/18/15 20:00 El Dorado AR Disk 1 hour pulsing light changing colors incrideble speed intellegent movements. 10/29/15
10/18/15 18:15 Gold Canyon AZ Disk 10 minutes Two lights in the sky over Rattlesnake Hill - next to the Superstion Mountain. 10/29/15
10/16/15 23:00 Roseville CA Disk 5 seconds 8 Craft V Formation Spoted in Roseville CA 10/16/2015 10/29/15
10/15/15 20:30 Ashburn VA Disk 15 minutes We saw over 12 objects in the clear night sky. 10/16/15
10/15/15 12:30 Eugene OR Disk 1/320 second Saucer Disk Over Oregon Ducks Stadium Captured On Sony Camera 10/16/15
10/14/15 21:10 Riverdale City UT Disk 15 minutes 3 Saucers with Red White and Blue hovering over freeway in close range Riverdale City 10/16/15
10/9/15 14:00 Wesley Chapel FL Disk 3 minutes Black disk flying north, quickly moving up and down. 11/12/15
10/9/15 08:56 Albuquerque NM Disk 1 minute ((HOAX)) Disk-shaped object above hot air balloons. 10/9/15
10/9/15 06:40 Pacoima CA Disk 3 minute Seen by a cousin of my employee...cannot verify that it is or is not a craft... hope other reports from same event will provide clarif 10/9/15
10/9/15 Stroud (UK/England)
Disk 10 Massive spaceship appeared from nowhere in sky!?!. 10/9/15
10/2/15 17:41 Croghan NY Disk 3 minutes My trail camera took 2 pictures of a UFO on October 2, 2015. 10/29/15
9/24/15 17:30 Pataskala OH Disk 4-6 minutes UFO observed in the daytime sky by two individuals. 10/9/15
9/24/15 13:00 Missoula MT Disk 20 minutes Blinking saucer. 9/25/15
9/22/15 11:30 Fairbanks AK Disk 10 seconds Look like a shooting star then came to a dead stop then moved left to right and then shot over the the sky making a hard left turn. It 9/25/15
9/20/15 20:02 Chicago IL Disk 3 minutes t was like nothing I've ever seen in the sky before it wasn't plane it wasn't helicopter our wasn't a blump it wasn't a jet or rocket 9/25/15
9/19/15 22:00 Round Rock TX Disk ~5 seconds Sept 19th 2015. Walking to a gas station looking at the stars. Saw a bright orange reg fire in the sky. I looked right at it and saw th 9/25/15
9/19/15 02:00 Tehachapi CA Disk 45 minutes + Looking west from my home in Bear Valley Springs, a community approximately 17 miles from the town of Tehachapi. 9/25/15
9/18/15 18:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 5 minutes As I was looking out my window I noticed a bright white oval looking object flying over near bensonhurst, in Brooklyn at 650pm, it was 9/25/15
9/17/15 22:30 Fall River KS Disk 10 seconds We saw it twice for about 10 seconds each time.5 orange lights appeared together in a line then went out from one side to the other unt 9/25/15
9/17/15 19:35 Yucca Valley CA Disk 1 minute UFO TWO GIRLS YUCCA VALLEY CA GREEN AND WHITE LIGHTS ON OBJECT 9/25/15
9/17/15 04:15 Bobcaygeon (Canada) ON Disk 5 minutes Coming home form work. saw an orange disk in the east sky. 10/9/15
9/16/15 20:00 Tucson AZ Disk 5 minutes On 09/16/15 at approx. 8PM in Tucson, Arizona, I saw a silent stationary UFO. I was awake and sitting upright on a sofa. 9/25/15
9/15/15 03:15 Vincennes IN Disk 10 minutes Red and white lights in passing, unlit and rapid tracing of an object returning. 9/17/15
9/14/15 14:50 Annapolis MD Disk Unknown Two white objects were visible 25 degrees above the eastern horizon from Annapolis, Maryland. Objects were stationary. 9/17/15
9/12/15 14:00 Hudson NH Disk 4 minutes Silver colored saucer shaped object hovering in the clear sky 9/17/15
9/9/15 01:00 Omaha NE Disk ~5 minutes Omaha UFO seen floating above building 9/11/15
9/8/15 21:30 Attleboro MA Disk 5 minutes Saucer with dome shaped top hovering in place over busy area 9/11/15
9/8/15 10:30 Vernal UT Disk 45 minutes It was a saucer with 4-5 lights blinking unlike any aircraft I have ever seen and sat in the sky for 45 minutes or longer. 9/11/15
9/8/15 10:00 Providence RI Disk 10 minutes Saw a disc shaped ufo with a green glow with green and red flashing lights hovering slowly over the Providence River Bay area 9/11/15
9/8/15 03:15 Pottsville PA Disk 30 minutes Disc-shaped craft with blinking lights. 9/11/15
9/7/15 Miami FL Disk
Orange orb. 9/11/15
9/6/15 22:00 Burnsville NC Disk <1 minute While traveling east on highway 19, I was observing a lightning storm slightly north of the highway. Approximately 2 miles west of Burn 9/17/15
9/5/15 23:30 Ashland OR Disk 3 minutes 9/2015, 2 boys in Southern Oregon have a close encounter with a flying metallic disc that interacts with them 9/11/15
9/4/15 18:00 Muskogee OK Disk 10 minutes White bright lights on a mirror like saucer shape at Robinson Park, Muskogee. 9/11/15
9/1/15 20:30 Oil City PA Disk 10 minutes Black craft with colored lights over Oil City, Pennsylvania. 9/2/15
8/28/15 23:00 Gorham ME Disk 10 minutes UFO lingering low in the sky the chased off by other aircraft. 9/11/15
8/27/15 21:00 West Bloomfield MI Disk 10 minutes Three large orange unknown crafts. 9/2/15
8/25/15 22:00 Calhoun GA Disk 90 seconds Large craft with red blinking lights. 8/27/15
8/24/15 20:58 Eden Prairie MN Disk 5 minutes I saw the strange ring of lights that others witnessed on August 9, 2015, in Minnesota. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD)) 9/2/15
8/22/15 23:40 Holiday FL Disk 2-3 minutes Strange Bright Orange Fiery Glow over Tarpon Springs area. 8/27/15
8/22/15 02:00 Newport OR Disk 40 minutes Flying disk and unidentified life forms seen in Newport, Oregon. 9/2/15
8/21/15 05:30 Oakdale CA Disk 5 minutes Saucer shaped ufo hovering in Oakdale, CA, and shoots off in sky and disappears. 8/27/15
8/19/15 22:58 York ME Disk
Dark Object with glowing side panels of light (red, greenish blue) and white front light, SILENT. 8/27/15
8/18/15 20:45 Lauderhill FL Disk 15 minutes I saw a formation of five or six illuminated round crafts moving overhead from East to West under the low cloud cover. 8/27/15
8/17/15 20:00 New York City (East Harlem) NY Disk 5 seconds ((HOAX)) I saw a strange whiteness in the sky which I tried to photograph, but got other photos instead. 12/21/15
8/12/15 22:15 Sparks NV Disk 3 minutes 1 disk shaped object seen by 2 witnesses. Emitted yellow, green, red, and blue lights. 8/13/15
8/12/15 21:00 Spanaway WA Disk all night Huge sphere/un-cloaked RIGHT in front of us; it took off @ warp speed/mil. helicopters EVERYWHERE afterwards all night long/FT.Lewis. 8/27/15
8/10/15 23:00 Atlanta GA Disk 30 seconds Large disc over downtown Atlanta. 8/27/15
8/5/15 00:30 Maiden NC Disk 5 minutes I could see over the tree line a large object that was disc shape and almost look like a Zeppelin or some type of blimp. 8/6/15
8/1/15 00:30 Miamisburg OH Disk 2 minutes My b.f. and I were stargazing on our back porch after I told him I saw a very vivid and long falling star trail. 8/6/15
7/31/15 23:00 Orlando FL Disk 2-3 minutes On 07/31/15 at approximately 11:10 PM I decided to go out and check to see if the night sky was clear enough to observe the Blue Moon. 8/13/15
7/31/15 20:00 Dodge Center MN Disk 45 minutes Slim,round disk like hovering over the ski did not move, shown through the clouds,never seen anything like it before, have pictures.See 8/6/15
7/31/15 01:30 Hartford CT Disk 6 seconds 3 lights, blue, green, and white appeared around the location of where they are building the new baseball stadium. 7/31/15
7/30/15 13:30 Troutdale OR Disk 10 minutes Long, flat whitish silver object between Clackamas and Troutdale, Oregon. 7/31/15
7/30/15 12:37 Des Moines IA Disk 5 seconds Five shiny saucer like, tear drop objects in formation outside an airplane window. 8/27/15
7/29/15 22:00 Columbia SC Disk 2 hours Saucer shape with red, yellow, green lights like lights on a ferris wheel at the stat fair. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? PD)) 7/31/15
7/29/15 13:30 Chula Vista CA Disk 2 minutes Silver disc object over Mexican airspace 7/31/15
7/23/15 14:00 Saskatchewan (rural) (Canada) SK Disk ~5 seconds An adult male reports that a group of fishermen witnessed a large disc descend through overcast, shoot back up into the sky. 7/31/15
7/22/15 23:45 Monroe NY Disk ~15 minutes Disk with rounded top and tower-like structure on top, smaller red lights and larger greenish spot light, hovers in place for 30+ mins. 7/23/15
7/22/15 00:00 Persian Gulf (at sea)
Disk unknown UFO found in background of photo used in a recent article by the NY Times. ((NUFORC Note: Seagull?? PD)) 7/31/15
7/21/15 16:00 Taunton MA Disk Seconds Disk shaped ufo in Massachusetts. 7/23/15
7/20/15 21:00 Monroe NY Disk 40 minutes Disk with two dim red lights, surrounded by a blue aura, with a light whirring sound, almost inaudible. ~300ft in the air 7/23/15
7/19/15 11:15 Lebanon
Disk Few seconds Flying saucer/black disk shape/Lebanon/middle east /mountains. 7/23/15
7/16/15 01:00 Eton OH Disk
((HOAX??)) it was wight 7/17/15
7/15/15 11:35 Cocoa Beach FL Disk brief Captured in picture of helicopter at recent Atlas rocket launch, a ufo appears to be in frame ahead of helicopter in closed airspace 7/23/15
7/14/15 22:30 Ely NV Disk 20 minutes A UFO followed us while driving in Nevada few nights ago. 7/17/15
7/14/15 03:30 Cambridge (Canada) ON Disk 1-2 minutes 2 small flying crafts passing slowly over my neighbourhood.

-Make no sound -saw them last 2 years ago -have 2 permanent lights and 3
7/12/15 18:00 Lebanon (Middle East??)
Disk few seconds ((HOAX??)) Photographing/circular disk/flying /sky. 7/17/15
7/10/15 12:25 Delaware OH Disk 10 minutes My girlfriend and I had a late Friday dinner in downtown Delaware. We left the restaurant at 8:15 to go back to her residence and start 7/17/15
7/9/15 22:00 Reno NV Disk 20 minutes Started my run at 9:40 pm and there was an object in the east sky way too high to be a tower with lights. It had a yellow light on ea 7/10/15
7/5/15 21:45 Moore OK Disk 2 minutes Was swimming at night in my pool in backyard spotted a red and blue light glowed intensely then went out moved in zigzag disappeared ca 7/10/15
7/4/15 23:30 Orange Park FL Disk 4 minutes Object appeared to be burning, hovering low enough to see it wasn't a plane. 8/13/15
7/4/15 21:45 Albuquerque NM Disk 20 seconds Bright white disk in clouds moving northward over albuquerque. 7/6/15
7/4/15 01:15 Carmichael CA Disk 10 Had three circular blinking lights on the edge. And was defending south west from a distance, it was not real close to me. 7/6/15
7/2/15 23:43 Walker LA Disk 2+ minutes Driving south on hwy 447 bright orange saucer type object right above springfield subdivision, no sound ,hoovered 2 minutes at about 30 7/6/15
7/2/15 10:20 Mead CO Disk 10 seconds Black saucer looking object. 7/23/15
7/1/15 23:00 Memphis TN Disk 1 hour We seen a couple of them, then more came out of nowhere! They were in a circle at first then the started to fly really close. After tha 7/3/15
7/1/15 12:50 Ottawa (Canada) ON Disk 5 seconds Disk with bright red light flying for about 5 seconds, then disappearing. 7/3/15
7/1/15 01:00 Seymour IN Disk uncertain Seen 2 dome disc aircraft like ufos in southern sky went out to see if I could see Jupiter and Venus like star they were talking about 7/3/15
6/30/15 21:00 Housesprings MO Disk Short I was walking to a parents house at night, June 30th, 2015. And I got to the top of a hill on a road. I saw it moving fast and spinning 7/3/15
6/27/15 20:17 Lexington NE Disk 5-10 minutes Bright orange lit saucer going over Lexington, NE, north to south. 7/3/15
6/25/15 17:00 Marlette MI Disk
2 saucer shaped UFOs over farm field in Marlette, MI. 7/3/15
6/22/15 06:30 Ritzville WA Disk 5-6 minutes Large disc-shaped craft seen from aircraft near Ritzville, Wa. 7/3/15
6/21/15 23:54 Philadelphia PA Disk 15 minutes Red and green lights over Philadelphia. 6/24/15
6/19/15 17:30 Crystal Lake IL Disk 3 minutes Shiny silver white disk vanishing out of thin air, then reappearing. 6/24/15
6/15/15 12:00 Ahmadi (Kuwait) AL Disk 1 minute This dark large transparent mist cloud flew over the car giving a ground covering shadow reflection. 6/19/15
6/14/15 19:00 Chandler AZ Disk 10 minutes Black disk shaped object with 3 large yellow/orange lights spotted over Phoenix, AZ area. 6/15/15
6/14/15 12:30 North Plains OR Disk 1-2 minutes I saw an object that was unidentifible in the sky. 6/19/15
6/14/15 12:30 North Plains OR Disk 2 minutes Daylight disc enters valley behind my rural home. 6/19/15
6/13/15 14:25 Anchorage AK Disk 10 seconds Disk shaped object hovering in the sky. 6/15/15
6/13/15 01:00 West Fargo ND Disk 1 minute Orange orb travels across night sky. 6/15/15
6/12/15 04:41 Florence SC Disk 4 seconds The UFO That I observed was a white disk shaped with a semi circle top. On the top I saw about 3 blinking green dots. The object made 6/15/15
6/9/15 00:00 Mansfield TX Disk 15 seconds Silver, flat, shiny. 6/15/15
6/9/15 13:00 St. Louis MO Disk 10 seconds Black discoid object flying from E to W, observed early afternoon from residential rooftop during clear sky over N side, St. Louis, Mo. 6/19/15
6/1/15 22:55 Las Cruces NM Disk
While driving down access road bataan memorial highway. We witnessed a series of light following each other and and turning on and off. 6/5/15
5/31/15 12:15 Groom Creek wilderness area AZ Disk Unknown Unknown disc-shaped object discovered within frame of photograph. 10/2/15
5/30/15 21:00 Hamburg NY Disk 5 minutes UFO seen over Hamburg NY 5/30/2015 at 9:10pm 6/5/15
5/30/15 02:15 Kirkland WA Disk 4 seconds Fluorescent green colored disc shaped object notice in Kirkland (Washington) night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probable meteor. PD)) 6/5/15
5/26/15 19:20 Glendale CA Disk 10 minutes UFO observed hovering from the local mall parking structure. 6/24/15
5/25/15 00:00 Huntertown IN Disk 1 hour It had three colors around it. White..Green..and Red. They would circle it. I watched it very close and it would just hang there. 5/29/15
5/24/15 22:40 Southwick MA Disk 5 minutes Purple light, changing shape to spinning colorful disk shap., Fast flying and hovering high and low. 5/29/15
5/24/15 21:37 Visalia CA Disk 5 minutes Bright glowing object, seen by 4 people, manuvuer and leave at unbeleivable rate of speed. 7/3/15
5/24/15 21:00 Visalia CA Disk 5-10 minutes It was an orange color and not flashing, and when first noticed the object was moving from the North heading South bound. The object s 7/3/15
5/24/15 06:30 Brooksville FL Disk 10 seconds Was taking a picture of the sunrise, but captured the craft in the picture. 5/29/15
5/23/15 19:00 Hertel WI Disk 5-7 minutes Bright red/orange light at first, no lights after it turned, black craft, no sound. 5/29/15
5/22/15 23:00 Middle Island NY Disk 1 minute Unidentifiable object flying across the ski 5/29/15
5/19/15 04:00 Eaton Rapids MI Disk 5 minutes Disc shape slow moving object with red and white moving lights. 5/22/15
5/18/15 02:15 Ambernath (India)
Disk 2 minutes red and white lights blinking in a row of circle. 5/22/15
5/11/15 21:00 Albuquerque NM Disk 30 seconds Large disk followed by helicopter. 5/13/15
5/10/15 21:00 Titusville FL Disk 30 minutes 2 very large hovering crafts w/vivid multicolored lights. (Too out of this world to be anything other than otherworldly) 5/13/15
5/8/15 20:26 Austin TX Disk 5 minutes I swear I thought I was crazy and almost ran off the road. Whatever this was it was not a plain, balloon etc. it was flying low. 5/13/15
5/2/15 19:45 San Fernando Valley CA Disk 15 minutes + Circular metal object spotted over San Fernando Valley. 5/8/15
5/1/15 21:30 Milton VT Disk 2 seconds Green flying lights over wooded area in Milton. 5/8/15
5/1/15 19:00 Las Cruces NM Disk 2 minutes Circle craft universe the trees for two minutes no noise, some colorful lites around the perimeter of the round craft, still day lite o 5/8/15
5/1/15 00:07 Mountain Home ID Disk 1 minute Saucer like object made up of 18 red lights in eastern sky from Mountain Home, Idaho. 5/8/15
5/1/15 00:07 Mountain Home ID Disk 3 minutes Four colored objects moving in formation, moving in unison. 5/8/15
5/1/15 00:07 Mountain Home ID Disk 90 seconds Saucer shaped object with 18 red blinking light s along it's outer edge. 5/8/15
4/28/15 22:40 Crestview FL Disk 10 minutes Very large disk traveling east then north above the clouds, blocking out first a 3/4 moon and then stars as it traveled. 4/30/15
4/26/15 19:00 Charlotte NC Disk 10 seconds Flying disc stationary in clouds about NC. 6/5/15
4/25/15 14:00 Lander WY Disk 1 second Black oval shape caught on video flying overhead. 4/30/15
4/24/15 23:30 Fort Wayne IN Disk 3-5 minutes Bright white disk that made a ton of noise. At first thought it was a place then it turned sideways and showed its circular shape. 4/30/15
4/23/15 20:00 Newton MA Disk 20 minutes Round object that was brightly lit, moved slowly, 2-4 objects, fairly large. 4/30/15
4/23/15 01:30 Columbia City IN Disk 20 minutes Flying saucer with blinking lights that zigzagged. 4/23/15
4/18/15 23:45 Herkimer NY Disk 5 minutes Star watching when we saw a very bright large obj. moving in very fast movements unlike any a/c. Up down and L to R. ((Venus??)) 4/30/15
4/16/15 22:30 Marshall MO Disk 2 hours and Ongoing Blue, green and red lights on a disk shaped objects hovering low. 4/17/15
4/14/15 21:45 Farwaniyah (Kuwait)
Disk 3-4 minutes Round object with red and blue light seen hovering in the sky 4/17/15
4/12/15 22:30 Gerrardstown WV Disk Seconds Sighting of a disk 3 times the size of an airplane in Gerrardstown, WV, near Martinsburg. 4/17/15
4/12/15 01:00 Suwanee GA Disk 5 minutes Lots of green lights that couldnt come from any humans or objects at all, then a possible ufo sighting. 4/17/15
4/11/15 23:55 Hayward CA Disk 6-7 seconds Large, Green UFO saucer sighted flying over San Francisco Bay. Size: 100 Yards across! Very clear details. 4/15/16
4/4/15 16:37 Seneca SC Disk 20 seconds White disk came through contrail of large plane and veered away at fast speed. 4/8/15
4/2/15 17:30 Salmon Arm BC Disk 20 minutes Massive grey saucer shape, low altitude, moved towards me 5/8/15
3/31/15 21:40 Bend OR Disk 5 Very bright white object moving very slow from east to west over Bend. Eventually dropped out of sight wasn't seen again. 4/3/15
3/31/15 20:10 Covington LA Disk 1 minute Disc shaped object with a red light in the middle and a green flashing light on each side. It was about 300 ft above tree line. It was 4/3/15
3/30/15 12:25 Tacoma WA Disk 10 seconds Black disk. 4/3/15
3/27/15 20:49 Burlington WI Disk 1 minutes Was driving into burlington from milwaukee heading south. By the time I was pulling up to the light by walmart and taco bell I saw this 4/3/15
3/26/15 12:15 San Jose CA Disk unknown Multiple glowing objects in the sky photographed within two minutes. 4/3/15
3/25/15 09:00 Sitka AK Disk 5 seconds My wife was standing at the refrigerator and heard a loud sonar ping like sound from outside. Just then my 4 year old son who was sitt 3/26/15
3/21/15 21:17 Kettering OH Disk 4 seconds 8x discs, in perfect formation, flying west to east without a sound, and a course change, heading to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. 3/26/15
3/21/15 00:00 Hudson WI Disk 40 minutes 3-22-15 Hudson Wis. discs. 40 minutes reddish orange pulsing lites from 6+/- craft. spinning noted. multiple positions. 3-26-15 4/3/15
3/20/15 14:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 5 minutes Solid large disk. 4/17/15
3/19/15 22:00 Newtown CT Disk 1 minute Hovering object above tree line, definitely not a plane or drone, very large. 3/20/15
3/15/15 22:00 Lake Wales FL Disk
Photo shows illuminated disk with illuminated cupola when object stopped moving. 4/17/15
3/15/15 21:02 Sioux Falls SD Disk 2 minutes We saw this disc shaped object flying over 57th and I29 last evening. Very large, quiet, no lights or propellers. About the size of a 5/22/15
3/15/15 20:39 Chicago IL Disk 30 seconds Witnessed 6-8 white-ish disks fly in a straight line 2-3x faster than a plane beneath sparse cloud cover over downtown Chicago. 3/20/15
3/14/15 23:00 Maywood CA Disk 5 minutes Three lights on bottom. Atmosphere changes once closer to sky. Moves at certain rate. 3/20/15
3/14/15 09:40 Minneapolis MN Disk 3 minutes Object in sky with two cone lights shining down. 3/20/15
3/14/15 01:00 Lasalle (Canada) ON Disk
((HOAX??)) Flashing lights. 3/20/15
3/12/15 23:30 Miami Lakes FL Disk 2 minutes As I was driving home at around 23:30 or 11:30 PM, a static bright red light caught my attention at about a kilometer ahead. The object 4/17/15
3/12/15 23:30 Miami Lakes FL Disk 2 Minutes A static bright red light caught my attention. Object changed color from red to white, revealing object's shape as a flying disk. 4/17/15
3/12/15 23:30 Miami Lakes FL Disk 2 minutes Bright red light that changed color to reveal object's shape as flying disk. Disappeared without leaving any trace. 4/17/15
3/12/15 23:30 Miami Lakes FL Disk 2 minutes Bright red light in the sky that had the shape of a flying saucer. 4/17/15
3/8/15 21:00 Fairbanks AK Disk 1 hour Spotted a bright white light in the sky that was moving around, didn't get closer or farther away .We put some binoculars on it seemed 3/13/15
3/8/15 21:00 Fairbanks AK Disk 1 hour Spotted a bright white light in the sky that was moving around, didn't get closer or farther away. 3/13/15
3/8/15 08:00 Tucson AZ Disk 1.5 hours Daylight disc seen in clear morning sky for and hour and a half. 3/26/15
3/7/15 20:40 Santa Fe TX Disk 15-20 seconds Unknown circular (disk) type aircraft moving at astronomical speed with ground shaking noise 3/13/15
3/7/15 09:52 Ninilchik AK Disk 4 min 42 seconds We saw one by naked eye and then videotaped it and there were 6 and they were moving up and down and side to side. Then they just disa 3/13/15
3/6/15 17:00 Longs/Myrtle Beach SC Disk 5 minutes Orange lights on large disk, followed by smaller lights. 3/13/15
3/3/15 19:00 Beaumont (Canada) AB Disk 5-6 minutes 2 UFO's sighted in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada, multiple witnesses. 3/6/15
2/27/15 20:04 Stout OH Disk 30 minutes Disk shaped bright white light hovering hills, disappears behind tree line, reappears as bright yellow with multiple colored flashes. 3/6/15
2/26/15 23:17 Hobbs NM Disk 1 minute Looked out my window saw a orange red super bright light saw disc shape object for 3 seconds whent into clouds lit up about aproximatly 3/6/15
2/22/15 20:13 Sandy Springs GA Disk 1 hour My brother and I saw 3 disk looking figures, only 500 feet above us. 3/6/15
2/19/15 11:55 Arlington OR Disk 12 seconds I clearly witnessed a UFO sighting for 12+ seconds on the Columbia River near Arlington, OR on 02/19/15. 2/20/15
2/18/15 06:30 Dover DE Disk 30-45 minutes Controlled or extraterrestrial object. ((anonymous report)) 4/29/16
2/13/15 20:50 Eagle ID Disk 5 minutes Saucer craft, looked like very bright star almost a "T" shape light. Drove under saw shape and light pattern..... 2/20/15
2/13/15 19:00 Norwalk CT Disk 20 minutes Large disc like craft observed hovering over Long Island Sound. 2/20/15
2/10/15 16:30 Midland TX Disk ~5 seconds UFO over Midland, Texas. 2/12/15
2/7/15 23:00 Lockport NY Disk Hovering Two circular disk shaped crafts hovered closer and closer to the ground, pulsating red and white lights. 7/31/15
2/6/15 07:15 Carrboro NC Disk 2 minutes I was driving down Old 86 when I saw a silver object in the sky. It was closer than a plane would fly but not extremely close to the g 2/12/15
2/5/15 00:00 Detroit MI Disk 30 minutes 5 objects changing colors then turning into giant glowing orange orbs. 2/12/15
2/4/15 17:30 Reno NV Disk 1 minute Green saucer sighted over Reno, Nevada. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object is a lens flare. PD)) 2/6/15
2/1/15 18:00 Oklahoma City OK Disk 1 hour Driving on interstate 40 through OKC when me and my wife noticed 2 huge clear lookig crafts in the sky... Then 2 more joined.. There wh 2/6/15
1/31/15 12:30 Elk River MN Disk 5 minutes Red green lights changing back and forth would hover and like bouncing movements. 2/6/15
1/30/15 22:50 Corte Madera CA Disk 5 minutes Huge glowing red craft emerges from behind Corte Madera hillside. 3/13/15
1/29/15 10:30 Houston TX Disk ~30 seconds White disc with shiny top moving west from 77095 zip code. 2/6/15
1/24/15 17:20 Cabot AR Disk 1 minute Four hanging discs were viewed towards the setting sun. 1/30/15
1/23/15 23:23 Platsmouth (near; on Hwy S 29) IA Disk 1 minute White saucer, blue lights, round, smooth looking material, exit on S 29 between Tabor and Platsmouth exits. Was beautiful. 1/26/15
1/19/15 09:00 Clarksburg WV Disk 2:00 2 cigar or disk shaped objects with 3 bar shaped lights on each of them. 1/30/15
1/18/15 03:00 Hoorn (Netherlands)
Disk ~3 days Weird disco-ball like things flying above the Netherlands 1/20/16
1/17/15 21:00 High View WV Disk 1-2 hours Two ufos, one had a red light, the other blue, hovering over the mountains. 1/26/15
1/15/15 17:30 Waynesville MO Disk
((HOAX??)) I saw a disc shaped saucer with green and red flashing lights under it; the saucer was rotating. 1/16/15
1/14/15 21:30 Vellore (India)
1/10/15 13:00 Mexico (volcano)
Disk 1 minute Stationary disc watches Mexican volcano erupting!! 1/16/15
1/8/15 00:30 North Phoenix AZ Disk 3 minutes As I was taking my sick child to Mendys Place on 27th avenue off of the I17 near John C Lincoln on the exit ramp I noticed a saucer fla 1/16/15
1/7/15 05:00 Livingston NJ Disk 5 minutes Red and Green UFO Spotted in Livingston NJ, descened then hovered by my car. AMAZING!!!!! 1/8/16
1/6/15 21:50 Vandalia OH Disk
I look to my right, and see TWO bright lights (one flying object). 1/7/15
1/5/15 20:01 Sarasota FL Disk 1-2 minutes Two bright white blinking lights on low hovering disk, moved quickly. 1/7/15
1/3/15 19:40 Torrance CA Disk 30 minutes Bright UFO saucer with two red lights on the bottom. 1/7/15
1/1/15 18:00 Charleston SC Disk 1 minute We saw a fairly large disc fly slowly over rivers avenue. As we watched it, the orange light went out and we could still see the disc s 1/7/15
1/1/15 11:55 Rio Negro (Colombia)
Disk seconds Object seen on a picture of an open sky, but it wasn't there when I took the picture. 1/7/15
1/1/15 05:45 Kailua Kona HI Disk 2 minutes UFO spotted by four on New Years Day at Makalawena Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii 1/7/15
1/1/15 00:00 Virginia Beach VA Disk 20 minutes Orange glowing domed shaped disks with red lights around the bottom of each. 1/7/15
12/31/14 23:30 Smyrna GA Disk 15 minutes Very bright orange/red lights on disc shaped craft heading due south over Atlanta on New Years Eve 1/7/15
12/31/14 19:45 Pasadena MD Disk 1 minute Seen 5 bright orange lights approach my home from the southwest. No sound. 1/7/15
12/31/14 19:45 Pasadena MD Disk 2 minutes Seen 5 bright orange lights approaching my home traveling approx 3 to 4000 feet at 150 to 200 mph to the northeast. looking up at app 1/7/15
12/30/14 22:30 Rancho Cucamonga CA Disk 2-3 seconds This object was huge with lights on top and bottom 1/7/15
12/27/14 21:00 Reno NV Disk 3 minutes Blue ring with red blinking dots inside caught on video moving in the sky in irregular patterns. 1/7/15
12/27/14 20:00 Millbrook NY Disk 3 hours Blinking, waivering aircraft that shoot off and disappear, 1/7/15
12/26/14 20:40 Anchorage AK Disk 10 seconds Saucer hovering over military base forest off of Seward Highway in Anchorage. 1/7/15
12/26/14 17:00 Palmdale CA Disk 1 minute Transparent disc shape flying & caught reflection around the sun set. Full on saw this looked away looked back it was flying. 1/7/15
12/23/14 00:05 Kenmore NY Disk 10 minutes Low, loud, flat bottomed craft flew over my home. 1/7/15
12/21/14 19:53 Oak Ridge NJ Disk 5 seconds Taking pictures of my Christmas lights and an hat shaped object appeared going east to west at a high rate of speed. 12/22/14
12/21/14 16:43 Nurnberg (Germany)
Disk 5 minutes Circle, was flying very close to air plane, it is trying to Kidnap airplane. Otherwise what it is doing on the top of air plane. 3/6/15
12/14/14 20:36 Port St. Lucie FL Disk 3 seconds This was a disk shaped bright white light, very fast, 12/18/14
12/13/14 22:00 Shenandoah PA Disk 20 minutes Miniature Big Dipper-like UFO, seen during Geminid meteor shower. 12/17/15
12/13/14 19:30 Des Moines WA Disk Unknown, I drove past the 5 circular disks hovering in straight line. 12/18/14
12/11/14 23:15 Eugene OR Disk 2 minutes Dual orange orbs in Eugene, Oregon. 12/11/2014. 12/12/14
12/11/14 20:00 Franklin NC Disk 5 minutes There were 5 or 6 lights in a row blinking, whites and reds. It was just sitting there over top the ridge of the mountains. 12/12/14
12/10/14 16:10 Yucaipa CA Disk 10 minutes Glowing saucer dome shape on top and bottom with lights on top of doom flashing, grey metallic color. 12/12/14
12/4/14 21:00 Fairfax VT Disk 2 hours Two-hour UFO event in Franklin County, Vermont, multiple witnesses. 12/12/14
12/3/14 17:00 Independence MO Disk 15 minutes Round disk silver nickle collar. it had black spots on its sides as if there was air vents open with disk shape open lids above. 1/7/15
11/29/14 21:35 Sebastian FL Disk 2 seconds Circular disc of light zooming extremely fast overhead and zigzagging once. 12/5/14
11/27/14 21:30 Kingsland GA Disk 30 seconds Saucer-shaped ufo hovering next to I 95 south near Jacksonville, FL, airport with lights blinking on and off. 12/5/14
11/27/14 18:00 St. Augustine FL Disk 2 minutes A disc-shaped object, lit from underneath, drifted/hovered into our area near the Crescent Beach Bridge in St Augustine, FL. 12/5/14
11/24/14 20:40 Altoona PA Disk 30 seconds Orange, disc-shaped object with a tail appeared, curved slightly to the right, then disappeared. Made a sound. 11/26/14
11/22/14 15:45 Murfreesboro TN Disk 10 seconds Disc-shaped object falls vertically from sky then stalls before disappearing. 11/26/14
11/16/14 19:00 Stockton CA Disk 10 minutes Flying saucers seen in Stockton. 11/21/14
11/14/14 14:24 Hopkins MN Disk 30 seconds Shiny, silver disc over Hopkins, MN. 11/14/14
11/12/14 16:30 Virginia Beach VA Disk 45-60 seconds Silver disk seen hovering near Ferrell Parkway. 11/21/14
11/11/14 11:00 Abu Dhabi
Disk 3-5 seconds From a high-rise hotel in Abu Dhabi three eliptical/saucer-shaped UFO's are in 1 photo of many taken (11/11/14). 12/5/14
11/10/14 18:35 Kansas City KS Disk 15 minutes 3 UFOs in clouds, chasing each other. ((NUFORC Note: Possible advertising lights? PD)) 11/14/14
11/7/14 17:00 Carneys Point NJ Disk 5 minutes I saw 3 disk/saucer type objects flying erratic around one another for about 5 minutes and then ascended into the atmosphere. 11/21/14
11/7/14 16:30 Puyallup/South Hill WA Disk 5 minutes Looked as if it were floating and spinning as it turned one side of it had a row of white lights was moving tward Mt. Rainier. After it 11/14/14
11/7/14 07:40 Fort Wayne IN Disk 2 minutes It was a saucer moving faster than anything I have ever seen, for a few moments and then it went straight up in the air and vanished. 11/14/14
11/4/14 22:20 Tarrytown NY Disk 3 seconds Saw out window. Flashing red lights, huge and low to ground, disk shaped. 11/6/14
11/3/14 20:00 East Stroudsburg PA Disk 25 seconds I thought it was an airplane but what made me realize it wasn't was because their was two objects one was moving way faster than the ot 11/6/14
11/3/14 00:05 Milner GA Disk 1 hour Disk-shaped red green lights turning on a dime saw a bean of lights across the str 11/6/14
11/1/14 03:00 Cascabels (near) AZ Disk 5-10 Blacked Out Disk Silently Traverses Canyon. 7/3/15
10/31/14 15:00 Escalon CA Disk <2 seconds Saucer-shaped object tilting to the left with white glowing ring around it in 1st pic, 2nd pic (seconds after) craft was gone. 11/6/14
10/31/14 01:00 Aurora CO Disk Minutes - still there Pair of Multi-Colored Discs Seen Twice This Week Over Aurora, CO. 11/6/14
10/28/14 19:45 Silver Spring MD Disk 10 minutes Bright green light flying around plaza del mercado, silver spring, Maryland 11/6/14
10/27/14 20:00 Albuquerque NM Disk 30 minutes Flashing objects over Albuquerque skies. 11/6/14
10/27/14 18:00 Fort Collins CO Disk 20 minutes A flying disk with white lights was clearly spotted through binoculars in the sunset near Rocky Mountain National Park. 11/6/14
10/26/14 18:30 King George VA Disk 5-10 minutes Several Disc Shaped Objects and One Orange Star Like Object. 11/6/14
10/26/14 02:00 Teays Valley WV Disk 10+ minutes Moving left to right for a few minutes 11/6/14
10/24/14 16:00 Lenexa KS Disk 1 minute Was seen hovering in the sky as i was headed north on I435 with two others in the car with me. The craft looked metallic and disk shape 11/6/14
10/22/14 07:08 Carmel IN Disk 5 minutes The ufo was shaped similar to a disk and was accompanied by two side by side lights and a haze around it. 11/6/14
10/21/14 15:49 Columbia MO Disk 15 seconds Extremely shiny silver football shaped flying object shows up as only a partial outline in a photo I took of it. 11/6/14
10/21/14 01:00 East Mesa AZ Disk 10-15 seconds 2 light-Grey disc's. Over East Mesa. No sound, no lights. Very fast. 11/6/14
10/20/14 08:00 Camrose (Canada) AB Disk 30 minutes Heading north on 56 highway towards camrose we could see a white disk shape object to the east . It didn't move for 30 min . Looked kin 11/6/14
10/19/14 17:45 Peoria AZ Disk 10 minutes Disk shaped object flying fast across the sky stayed in straight line did not shift or change flight path. Object was black in color an 11/6/14
10/19/14 03:00 Boise ID Disk 1 hour Very large circular object with pink, green, blue and a white lights rotating. 11/6/14
10/16/14 20:18 Blackpool (UK/England)
Disk 1 hour UFO sightings in the UK, Blackpool. 11/6/14
10/13/14 06:37 Molalla OR Disk A few seconds I was walking early this morning at 6:37 am and stargazing cuz it's almost time for the sun to come up and then you can't stargaze and 11/6/14
10/12/14 20:45 Erie PA Disk 15 seconds Huge dark disk slowly rotates over Erie, Pa 11/6/14
10/12/14 20:25 Brandon FL Disk 2 seconds FAST disc of bluish/white light. 11/6/14
10/9/14 17:00 Waretown NJ Disk 1 minute Driving S on NJ Parkway when straight away as driving looked up and saw a shiny silvery shaped disk flashed light hovering flashing. 10/10/14
10/9/14 05:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Disk few second A craft appear over cn tower and then a laser seem to have try to hit but miss it. 10/10/14
10/8/14 21:00 Cedar Rapids IA Disk ~1 minute Fast flying UFO. 10/10/14
10/8/14 07:50 Cranberry Township PA Disk 3 minutes 2 UFOs sighted in the middle of a busy intersection in Cranberry, PA. 10/10/14
10/8/14 05:50 Austin TX Disk 15 minutes 10/08/14, 5:55 AM, Pictures of a ship around the moon as it was in Eclipse.

I was visiting in Austin, TX. The night of the lunar e
10/8/14 05:30 Ephrata PA Disk 17 seconds Ship came through a wormhole, changed colors very fast, left. 1/9/15
10/7/14 17:00 Leadville CO Disk 30 minutes UFO. 10/10/14
10/6/14 16:30 Forest Hill MD Disk 1 hour ((HOAX??)) After watching a green light fall to the surface, we saw many flashing lights that later became one pulsing green one. 10/10/14
10/5/14 19:40 Pomona CA Disk 2 seconds Golden colored UFO. 10/10/14
10/5/14 16:00 Jacksonville FL Disk 2-3 minutes Disc shaped object seen in the middle of the afternoon. 10/10/14
10/4/14 19:00 São Sebastião SP (Brazil)
Disk some minutes OVNI noticed stationary for minutes in sotheastern Brazilian shore. 10/10/14
10/3/14 01:00 Youngsville LA Disk 30 seconds They moved back and forth up and down right and left then landed behind the trees 10/10/14
10/2/14 01:00 Muncie IN Disk 10 minutes Dark saucer shaped craft with lights seen hovering over Ball State University. 11/6/14
9/30/14 23:00 Franklinville NC Disk 20 minutes A saucer with red lights and blinking white lights followed our car home. 10/3/14
9/29/14 05:00 Oakley CA Disk 4 minutes It was hovering over a housing unit for at least 2 minutes then I went to gaze at it better an it came towards me above my apartment un 10/3/14
9/28/14 17:30 Kerala (India)
Disk 15 second UFO SIGHTING AT INDIA ON 28/08/2014 17:30 . 10/3/14
9/28/14 02:45 Dartmouth/NewBedford boarder MA Disk ~2 minutes My 2 other friends and I were in my driveway Orion's Belt was clear in the sky and we all looked as we were looking something was float 10/3/14
9/27/14 14:00 Khakassia (Russia)
Disc in Russia 27 September 2014. 4/17/15
9/27/14 05:25 Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 10 minutes Red/green/white/blue flashing lights seen on circular or disk shaped object by couple in vancouver B.C.. 10/3/14
9/27/14 04:00 Mansfield TX Disk 45 minutes Two multi colored objects moving erratically with changing colors flashing near dallas/ft.wotrh. 10/3/14
9/27/14 01:00 Kansas city MO Disk 1 hour Green disk with red lights hovering over Kansas city 10/3/14
9/24/14 00:30 Homestead PA Disk 10 Very unusual, with a flight pattern, and Strang sounds. 9/25/14
9/21/14 20:45 Corte Madera CA Disk 5 minutes Luminous red disc shaped craft seen on top of hillside 9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30 Kitchener (Canada) ON Disk 2-3 minutes Glowing gold disk shaped object hovering silently before rising straight up and disappearing into a cloud. 9/25/14
9/20/14 18:00 Toshima (Japan)
Disk 00:03 Several disc shaped objects seen during photograph at Japanese train station in Tokyo. 9/25/14
9/19/14 23:00 Anaheim CA Disk 1 minute I have an encounter for second time in a week, with a Disk giant that was flying in the sealing of the building with another like big l 9/25/14
9/19/14 21:30 Denver CO Disk >5 minutes At the Rockies game during the fireworks a lot of people were looking away from the fireworks and noticed an object with 3 lights. 2 re 9/25/14
9/18/14 21:58 Richmond KY Disk 13 minutes Around 21:58 I noticed a flying object above Road KY25 at 2324 Lexington Road in Richmond, KY. The object slowly traveled in the same e 9/25/14
9/16/14 21:00 Fort Wayne IN Disk 15 minutes Blue saucer above I-69 and DuPont Road exit. 9/18/14
9/15/14 03:00 Amarillo (near) TX Disk unknown Only seen on the photo I have. 9/25/14
9/11/14 00:00 Farmington ME Disk 30 minutes One large ship with four or five smaller ships near Prescott field in Farmington. 9/18/14
9/9/14 13:37 Big Sur CA Disk 8 seconds Shiny, rounded object in daylight, moving steady towards ocean, then gone. 9/18/14
9/8/14 05:55 Mantorville MN Disk 0:30 Red and green flashing light hovering in one spot for length of time. 9/10/14
9/7/14 20:10 Manassas VA Disk 35 minutes Saucer shaped object stopped then zoomed across sky , possibly landing on near by open field. 9/10/14
9/6/14 23:30 Yah-ta-hey NM Disk 1 minute I was traveling on SR-264 east heading to Gallup NM. My husband was driving. I was watching a plane in the distance and I looked over 9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00 Lackawanna NY Disk 3 minutes Big Aircraft Hovering Above Woods 9/10/14
9/5/14 12:00 Earth's Moon KS Disk
A ufo and a aline in moon video is here: 9/5/14
9/5/14 06:00 Renton (east of; towards the Cascades WA Disk 1 hour Amazing large light hovering for about an hour with a smaller light that seemed to split into two. 9/10/14
9/4/14 23:00 Wyoming PA Disk 3 minutes Green saucer with red flashing light. 9/5/14
9/4/14 22:00 Glen St. Mary FL Disk 20 minutes UFO appears disc shaped and stationary in the sky, way up in the sky...not close. 9/5/14
9/1/14 19:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk So far Four Months UFOs over Scottsdale, Arizona. 12/5/14
8/31/14 19:00 St. Louis Park MN Disk 3 minutes, 30 seconds Large dark black,blue tilting,wablleing object from N.mpls flew over lake Harriet area,then quickly into strange cloud over downtown. 9/5/14
8/30/14 23:23 Racine WI Disk 30 seconds Disk shaped craft with amber/orange light, flying low without sound. 8/31/14
8/30/14 19:45 Orlando FL Disk hours Shape covered by cloud cloak. When cloud disappeared, outline still visible. 8/31/14
8/28/14 23:15 Morgantown PA Disk ~30 minutes We saw a bright flashing light that appeared to be a plane; however, it did not move from the location. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 8/31/14
8/26/14 22:01 Joplin MO Disk 8 seconds Flying saucer flying 4-5,000 MPH in a "S" formation East over Joplin, Missouri. 8/29/14
8/26/14 09:50 Mesa AZ Disk 2 minutes I saw a half round disk object in flight zone then realized it was flying against flight path traffic normally flies. 9/5/14
8/25/14 22:20 Carlsbad CA Disk 25 minutes Two bright, orange, disc-like UFO's over the Carlsbad/Oceanside/San Marcos area. 8/29/14
8/23/14 00:30 Greece
Disk 3 minutes Green and purple lights over Central Greece for 7 nights. ((NUFORC Note: Confirmed to be lens flares. PD)) 8/31/14
8/21/14 22:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Disk 2-3 minutes Glowing, misty orange-red disc shaped object flys by 1 1/2 km distance from me. 8/29/14
8/20/14 14:20 Talbott TN Disk ~5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Possible hoax. PD)) 8/22/14
8/20/14 04:15 Jacksonville FL Disk 1 hour Dark black saucer hovering over tree line. 8/22/14
8/19/14 03:30 Boston MA Disk 1 hour Disk with blue lights sequencing with white light emanating in spray in Boston MA 8/19/14 330 AM. 8/22/14
8/18/14 22:14 Bellingham WA Disk 2 seconds Bright neon blue disc flew incredibly fast and completely silent across the night sky. 8/22/14
8/15/14 22:50 Westbury NY Disk 5 minutes 4 disc lights evenly spaced going in circle movent but not moving then as a whole while began traveling slowly. 8/22/14
8/15/14 02:06 Glasgow KY Disk 1-2 seconds Dark, neon-colored saucer descends into trees. 8/15/14
8/11/14 09:19 Emporia KS Disk 30 minutes My eyes pictured a small white line floating across the sky; there was another similar silverline a short distance away. 8/15/14
8/11/14 00:15 Allentown PA Disk 10 minutes Red Saucer does a loop around Allentown before disappearing. 8/15/14
8/10/14 22:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Disk 1 minute Oscillating black-ish/gray spherical object hovering in ther sky and disappeared. 8/15/14
8/10/14 20:25 Asheboro NC Disk 5 minutes LARGE SILVER DISK SPOTTED OVER ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA! 9/18/14
8/10/14 03:00 Clearwater FL Disk 50-90 seconds Saucer spotted at an extremely low altitude, above neighbors' tree in the backyard. 8/15/14
8/9/14 21:00 Penn Hills PA Disk 10 minutes There was only one lead bright light non blinking. 12/12/14
8/9/14 12:00 Tampa FL Disk 15 seconds Shiny silver disc traveling at a fast pace on the outskirt of the clouds with grandson in Tampa, FL. 8/15/14
8/9/14 00:00 Woolwich Twp NJ Disk 15 minutes Slow hovering object, making strange humming noise with blinking red and white lights down the center 8/22/14
8/8/14 12:00 Tampa FL Disk 15 seconds Shiny silver flat fast pace. 8/15/14
8/7/14 23:30 Oregon City OR Disk 15 minutes Craft moving slowly overhead as if searching for something. 8/8/14
8/2/14 23:00 Slidell LA Disk 5 seconds On 8-2-2014, I was bringing my girlfriend home as I usually do at around 22:30 or 23:00. As we made out way down her street, we witness 8/8/14
8/2/14 17:50 Sarnia (Canada) ON Disk 20 minutes Hat shaped object over Lake Huron. 8/8/14
7/30/14 13:45 North Charleston SC Disk 5 seconds Disk-like object in the clouds. 8/1/14
7/29/14 23:00 West Suffield CT Disk 1 minutes Flying saucer makes touchdown then flees the scene. 8/1/14
7/28/14 20:00 Makaha HI Disk 10 seconds Bright white disc shaped zig -zagged out of sight towards Kaena Point. 9/5/14
7/28/14 04:30 Niles IL Disk 1 minute Disk object hovering over my head! 8/1/14
7/27/14 03:00 Apex NC Disk 30 seconds Blue lights from a spinning UFO that glided across the sky. 8/8/14
7/25/14 22:07 Mt. Lebanon PA Disk 30 seconds Very bright white disc moving across the sky in a very populated suburban town. 7/26/14
7/23/14 01:30 Grand Rapids MI Disk 10-15 minutes UFO flying around, and then stopping in mid-air- bright flashing lights. 7/26/14
7/22/14 22:00 Roanoke VA Disk 2 hours UFO in Roanoke. 7/26/14
7/22/14 21:20 Baton Rouge LA Disk 20-30 seconds Two large disk followed by Apache helicopter with no markings 7/26/14
7/21/14 21:35 Aurora CO Disk 3 minutes Quiet octagon craft flying at low altitude over Aurora. 7/26/14
7/21/14 21:05 Dayton OH Disk 40 seconds Orange red disk that turned to a orb. 7/26/14
7/20/14 23:30 Oakland Park FL Disk 60 second UFO SIGHTED ABOVE MY LAKE IN OAKLAND PARK, FL, JULY 20. 7/26/14
7/20/14 03:00 South River NJ Disk 5 minutes At a high point in town, Hillside Ave., UFO spotted flying very slowly and low to the ground in the middle of the night. 1/16/15
7/19/14 14:30 In-flight (Pennsylvania; above) PA Disk unknown I was flying from NY to SC and snapped a picture of the engine. ((NUFORC Note: Reflection of cabin lights?? PD)) 7/26/14
7/17/14 18:00 Butler WI Disk 2 minutes Orange ball video taped with iPhone flying to lake Michigan. 8/1/14
7/17/14 12:59 Santa Ana CA Disk 30 minutes Saucer shaped aircraft levitates over witnesses and reveals it's definite shape while speeding off afterwards. 7/26/14
7/16/14 22:00 Zebulon GA Disk 10 minutes Series of lights moving in a straight line across the sky. 7/20/14
7/16/14 Little Falls MN Disk 10:00 Shiny disk shaped object broad daylight clear sky. 2 witnesses. 7/20/14
7/14/14 13:00 Shreveport LA Disk Several seconds A saucer shaped craft was spotted in the sky in broad daylight, moving slowly horizontally, then quickly shooing up and disappearing. 7/20/14
7/13/14 13:45 Midvale UT Disk 10 minutes Multiple craft flying around in sporadic and synced path following chem trail. 7/20/14
7/12/14 21:10 Bossier City LA Disk 3 seconds Mach + silent object, bluish glow surrounding an object with two steady white lights. 7/20/14
7/10/14 Ragland WV Disk 2 minutes Round object, hovering in sky, emanating a glowing light, came down in circular motion, disappearing back into the clouds. 7/11/14
7/9/14 14:00 Easley SC Disk 1 second 2 Black Disc shaped ufo's fly overhead; incredible speed. 9/25/14
7/8/14 04:00 Erie PA Disk 15 seconds Disc bright light around military aircraft. 8/27/15
7/8/14 00:15 Dacula GA Disk 5 seconds ((HOAX??)) So, my cousin and I were playing xbox, and all of the sudden when I looked out the window at the top of the stairs. 7/11/14
7/7/14 22:00 Kansas City MO Disk 3 minutes Neon blue and purple flying disk object over Kansas City. 7/11/14
7/5/14 23:00 Del Mar CA Disk 20 minutes Strange craft seen over Del Mar Fair. 7/11/14
7/5/14 22:15 Suwanee GA Disk 30 seconds Was in the car and saw a bright blue and white light following the road at a low alt. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Kelso WA Disk 30 minutes UFO's watch Kelso, Washington, fireworks. 7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00 Howell MI Disk 5 minutes Bright orange/red plazma field surrounds outside of craft, with alternating color lights on bottom. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:30 Culpeper VA Disk 5-6 minutes 2 UFO's with redish/orange lights floating above me. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00 Denver CO Disk Not sure I caught a picture of a disc!!! 7/20/14
7/4/14 21:15 Mesquite TX Disk 1-2 minutes UFO seen in Mesquite during 4th of July Fireworks. 7/5/14
7/4/14 21:00 Charlotte NC Disk 4 minutes Bright orange light circling a disk shaped object. 7/5/14
7/4/14 20:15 Batesville MS Disk 5 minutes UFO seen trailing Aircraft. 7/11/14
7/4/14 11:30 Cincinnati OH Disk 1 minute Silent orange disk. 7/11/14
7/1/14 21:00 Murrels Inlet SC Disk 10 seconds Sitting on our deck we saw a bright orange dislike saucer streak across the inlet and by the time I could take a picture it was gone. 7/4/14
6/27/14 23:00 Geraldine AL Disk 30-40 minutes Strange blue lights rotating in a circular formation behind my house over my pasture. 7/4/14
6/27/14 23:00 Columbus OH Disk 10 seconds Floating disk with red, yellow, green, and white lights appeared and then vanished with a small white flash but NO noise. 7/20/14
6/27/14 St. Peters MO Disk Walking # disk shaped objects with red glow. 7/4/14
6/26/14 21:15 Hunting Island SC Disk 5 seconds A large rotating disc shaped craft with round orange lights. 5/6/16
6/24/14 19:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Disk 5 minutes Glowing baby blue disk ascending from the clouds, witnessed by 3-4 and photographed 6/27/14
6/22/14 20:35 Deltona FL Disk 15 minutes Disk shape with red glowing light beneath it 6/24/14
6/22/14 20:35 Deltona FL Disk 15 minutes Red glowing light under a disk shape. 6/24/14
6/22/14 02:30 Dedham MA Disk ~6-8 seconds UFO SAUCER SEEN GLIDING ACROSS SKY FOR 5-7 SECONDS, IN MASSACHUSETTS. 6/27/14
6/20/14 21:40 Pico Rivera CA Disk 4 minutes Four saucer shaped UFO's low into LAX landing flght path on 6/20/14 6/24/14
6/19/14 21:20 Denver CO Disk 3 minutes Red round object with naked eye, disk shape with flames through scope in southwest sky 6/24/14
6/19/14 04:00 Puerto Aventuras and Tulum (Mexico)
Disk 10 minutes Encounter with grey followed by picture of UFO same day in Tulum, Mexico 7/6/15
6/18/14 22:30 Lake Forest CA Disk 15 minute Two glowing orange crafts bright and low saying hi to south orange county. 6/20/14
6/17/14 20:00 Manhumirim (Brazil)
Disk 2 minutes 37 seconds A flying disc showing yellow and blue colors in the night sky. 6/20/14
6/15/14 14:30 Virginia Beach VA Disk 1/2 second Huge 1000-ft long saucer accelerated skyward and disappeared during the day, Virginia Beach. 8/1/14
6/15/14 10:25 Cherry Hill NJ Disk 10 minutes 4, then 1 more bright fireball/disk like structures lite up the cherry hill sky. 6/20/14
6/14/14 20:53 Piqua OH Disk 40 minutes Silver Disc & Flying spheres 6/20/14
6/14/14 13:50 Des Moines IA Disk 1 minute Large silent dark object in sky producing strange cloud behaviour. 6/20/14
6/14/14 11:30 Cochrane (Canada) AB Disk 1-2 minutes Object appears to be about 30ft. in diameter and made no sound or any other discharge(s) from my observations. 7/23/15
6/14/14 05:55 Thonotosassa FL Disk 45 minutes Saucer with catacomb bottom engines separating from silver docking station. 6/20/14
6/13/14 21:05 Boise ID Disk <1 second UFO in the sunset!! 7/4/14
6/12/14 23:00 Southeast Lake City SC Disk 10 minutes Round object, white orange lights. 6/20/14
6/12/14 05:50 Honolulu HI Disk split second Smart Phone captures strange circular object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible decal on windshield?? PD)) 6/13/14
6/10/14 00:00 Santa Clara CA Disk 2 minutes Green light flying from one direction then another changes to red and back green. 6/13/14
6/9/14 19:30 St. Louis MO Disk 10 minutes Black circular object, no lights, traveling across sky slowly, unaffected by wind currents. 6/13/14
6/9/14 13:00 Cape Breton (Canada) NS Disk 1 second Noticed the object in a photo we took of a deer. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect photo is of a bird in flight. PD)) 6/13/14
6/7/14 19:15 Nashville TN Disk 30-60 seconds 2 hovering light disc's during CMA music fest Nashville, TN. 6/13/14
6/2/14 23:05 Rochester NY Disk ~2 minutes A disk like object, I could hardly make out a top and bottom projecting about 4 to 6 gentle yellowish lights. Stood still over a nursin 6/4/14
6/2/14 20:45 New Baltimore VA Disk 00:01 I have no explanation about this disc shaped object I saw and then disappeared. 6/4/14
6/1/14 17:15 Spring Valley CA Disk 4 minutes Bright light following chem.trail like a road, until wind revealed a very shiny sphere. 6/4/14
5/31/14 18:40 Durban (South Africa)
Disk 1 minute A still unmoving saucer shaped craft was seen in mid air above a valley on the highway with flashing yellow lights. 6/4/14
5/30/14 19:00 Fresno CA Disk All night When reported the tower control men said he saw it. 6/4/14
5/28/14 13:45 Shasta City CA Disk 27 seconds Saucer shaped object hovering in Mt. Shasta area. 6/4/14
5/27/14 12:00 Watonga OK Disk 1:00 ((HOAX??)) Tornado watching turns into ufo sighting. 5/29/15
5/26/14 19:15 Sparks NV Disk 2 hours SMALL, SILVER, AND ROUND SHAPE. 6/4/14
5/25/14 01:00 Glennie MI Disk 1-2 hours I went out side bright day no clouds,noticed ring around sun,kept growing then noticed white spot, the halo around sun grew for about 2 6/6/14
5/25/14 Savannah GA Disk 5 seconds I took pictures of a dense cloud and I saw these 3 perfectly aligned objects with lights. there was not any sound or blinking of light 6/4/14
5/24/14 22:00 Mukwonago WI Disk 2 minutes Yellowish-orange bright light over Mukwonago. 6/4/14
5/24/14 02:50 Jackson MI Disk 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Noticed a red and yellow and red light with a flashing green light almost in the shape of a triangle. 6/4/14
5/21/14 23:10 Claremore OK Disk 10 seconds Gray flying object over rural Oklahoma. 6/4/14
5/20/14 21:00 Cave Creek AZ Disk 20 minutes Disc shaped object blinking lights and hovering in Phoenix Sky. 6/4/14
5/19/14 00:00 Healdton OK Disk 15 There were no critical details. 6/4/14
5/17/14 12:00 Fort Stockton (near) TX Disk extended Google earth recording of a saucer on the ground. 2/11/16
5/17/14 00:00 Dubuque IA Disk hiking To quiet to be any kind of airplane, or helicopter, for being so close to us. 6/4/14
5/16/14 07:30 Huntington WV Disk 2 minutes White pulsing disc near moon over Huntington WV 6/4/14
5/15/14 18:00 Phoenix AZ Disk a few seconds It was not a bird,or plane, {no wings or tail}. 7/20/14
5/14/14 20:00 Bend OR Disk 20 seconds Reflective, oval, disk-shaped object with a haze around it, appearing and disappearing, travelling at an astonishing rate of speed. 6/4/14
5/8/14 17:00 Franklin IN Disk brief seconds Black saucer hovering. 6/4/14
5/8/14 16:00 Lake Villa IL Disk 60 seconds I was sitting outside when a light flash was seen next to a cloud. I saw more flashes then noticed these things were fly in a circle. 8/29/14
5/7/14 15:00 San Jose CA Disk 30 seconds Black huge wobbling object disk shape going across sky in clouds 5/8/14
5/5/14 22:30 Collegeville PA Disk 3 minutes 2 green lights, 2 red lights; one object. 5/8/14
5/1/14 22:22 Texarkana TX Disk 35 minutes Formation of lights over night sky in Texarkana, Texas. Spun horizontal, vertical and than diagonally. 6/4/14
4/29/14 22:30 Anderson SC Disk 30 minutes Green disk shaped lights spotted. 5/2/14
4/25/14 05:00 Newark NJ Disk 5 minutes I witnessed this event that took place, have definitely cited previous ufo activity in the sky seeing two obejcts. I know what I saw. 5/2/14
4/23/14 08:37 Charlotte NC Disk 5 minutes Over 20 ufos seen flying towards charlotte nc airport. 4/24/14
4/22/14 21:00 Miami Beach FL Disk 15 seconds Object was an orbital light neon green that flew parallel to beach for appx.quarter of mile then disappeared. 4/24/14
4/22/14 20:30 Aberdeen MD Disk 30 minutes Staring out my window across the Susquehanna River I see a humongous object with 4 lights. I looked through my binoculars. 4/24/14
4/21/14 23:00 Miller Place NY Disk 4 hours Abduction by friendly Pleiaidian Extra-Terrestrials. 2/20/15
4/21/14 09:00 Tucson AZ Disk during exposure of photo Unknown object shows up in photo after downloading to computer 6/4/14
4/20/14 00:00 Shreveport LA Disk Ongoing My family witnessed three craft shaped like a saucer with a bright light on the top and bottom that glowed bright white. 4/24/14
4/19/14 13:15 Atwater OH Disk 8 seconds Dull silver saucer moving northward. 4/24/14
4/19/14 13:15 Atwater OH Disk 8 seconds Dull silver object moving south to north at rapid speed. 4/24/14
4/18/14 22:01 Chico CA Disk ~18 minutes ((1st report from same witness)) 9 Very brightly lit (red and yellow) saucer shaped crafts. Total time about 18 minutes 4/24/14
4/18/14 22:01 Chico CA Disk ~29 minutes After going on the back porch for a smoke, what I saw was unbeliveable, we moved to the parking lot for a better onobstructed view. 4/24/14
4/13/14 21:30 Thornhill (Canada) ON Disk 5 minutes Green object with pulsing red light witnessed by couple in Thornhill. 4/18/14
4/13/14 02:00 Orlando FL Disk 10 Ufo Space craft landing on earth in Orlando, FL, near East Semoran Blvd.. 4/18/14
4/13/14 01:45 Orlando FL Disk 4 minutes Disk shape floating going up and down. Lights changed from green to red. 4/24/14
4/12/14 21:21 Cedar Rapids IA Disk 5 minutes White/blue/green object and orange objects flying fast and changing direction too quickly. 4/18/14
4/11/14 20:30 Pevely MO Disk 4 minutes UFOs caught flying and dropping. 4/18/14
4/10/14 21:00 Riverdale IL Disk 3:19 Bright light saucer like object. 4/11/14
4/9/14 21:32 Bogart GA Disk 1 hour UFOs in Bogart, Georgia. 4/18/14
4/7/14 21:00 Lake Worth FL Disk ~10 minutes Definitely not an airplane! 4/11/14
4/5/14 18:45 Boscawen NH Disk 5 minutes 6 large silver disks. 4/11/14
4/5/14 12:00 Punxsutawney PA Disk 4 minutes Google Earth captures Amazing UFO image on street view. 4/18/14
4/4/14 20:10 Riverside CA Disk 2 minutes 4-5 circular white lights rotate around a circular orbit over part of Riverside. 4/11/14
4/3/14 20:08 Des Moines WA Disk 8 minutes Larger Saucer Red, White, and Gold Lights Over Puget Sound Des Moines. 6/6/14
4/3/14 12:00 Palm Desert CA Disk 2-3 minutes 15-20 white disk shaped objects circling in the sky as if orbiting something. 4/4/14
4/2/14 20:55 Palm City FL Disk 3 minutes Orange disc flying past moon. 4/4/14
4/2/14 00:00 Westmoreland NY Disk minutes ((HOAX)) Followed by men in black. 5/8/14
3/31/14 23:00 Hingham MA Disk 5 minutes Two bright light saucers in sky. 4/4/14
3/31/14 19:11 Virginia Beach VA Disk ~30 seconds Craft crosses in front of commercial airplane. 4/4/14
3/31/14 12:47 Cooper City FL Disk 7 Cooper City saucers. 4/4/14
3/30/14 01:30 Kokomo IN Disk 2 minutes Disks spinning over markland dispersing glowing balls. 4/4/14
3/28/14 22:30 El Cajon CA Disk 3 minutes I live behind rancho san diego elementary school. 92019. Looking over Mt Miguel I saw a space craft move in unorthodox directions zipp 4/4/14
3/27/14 05:20 Homer NY Disk 15 seconds Orange flaming disk slowly descends vertically and disappears behind obstructions. 4/4/14
3/24/14 21:39 Poplar MT Disk 4 hours I was at work at the jail when. I heard the 911 dispatch asked for 10 code for a UFO. So I called my husband right away and asked him i 3/27/14
3/24/14 03:15 Arlington TX Disk <5 seconds Gray/black saucer with red triangular lights traveling north in the southbound lanes of traffic on SW Green Oaks Blvd. 3/27/14
3/23/14 10:00 Bemidji MN Disk 0.33 second Saucer-shaped UFO caught on video in the western skies of Bemidji, MN. 4/4/14
3/22/14 21:00 Reseda CA Disk 5-20 minutes It was about 21:00 a friend came to visit while looking up a round disk was hovering at a height of 3 floor building above him. 3/27/14
3/22/14 07:00 Winchester KY Disk 30 minutes Red circular lights over Winchester, KY. 3/27/14
3/18/14 23:44 Medford OR Disk 1 hour, 11 minutes Large multicolored disk radiating many colors w/ long hanging arms hovering over an hour above Griffin/Sterling Creek area. 3/21/14
3/18/14 21:15 Toronto (Canada) ON Disk 15 minutes On investigation of explosive sounds outside my window, I saw an object on the horizon which came closer and appeared to be a ufo. 3/21/14
3/11/14 20:36 Des Moines IA Disk 33 seconds Disc shaped object flashing red and blue lights. 3/18/14
3/8/14 03:50 Redlands CA Disk 5 mins Blinking light hovers toward Palm Springs from Redlands 3/18/14
3/6/14 04:00 Salt Lake City UT Disk 5 hours ((HOAX??)) Abduction and Oval Ufo sighting a few weeks before. The aliens were red headed Lyrans. 4/4/14
3/5/14 20:30 Kingsport TN Disk 5 minutes Hovering disk and flashing lights. Very clear. 3/18/14
3/5/14 18:34 Fort Lauderdale FL Disk 3 seconds I was looking at the Port Everglades webcam when this sight occurred. It took less than seconds for craft to ascend incredible distance 3/18/14
3/4/14 13:07 Toronto (Canada)
Disk ~5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Flying saucer spotted, glowing and changing color before disappearing into trees. 4/18/14
3/2/14 15:30 Albuquerque NM Disk 2 seconds UFO follows jet. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is experienced amateur astronomer. PD)) 4/4/14
3/2/14 14:15 Wahcantt (Pakistan)
Disk 30 minutes UFO LANDED IN MOUNTAINS. 3/18/14
3/1/14 21:10 Davie FL Disk 4 minutes Amber Disk Sighted near Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. 3/18/14
3/1/14 20:34 Acworth GA Disk ongoing Four or five disc shapes in the sky. Very strange!!! 3/18/14
2/28/14 17:56 Westfield NJ Disk 10 minutes Circles around jets. 3/18/14
2/27/14 22:00 Kamloops (Canada) BC Disk 1 hour Flashing red, white and blue diamond shape in the sky for over a half hour it has slowly shifted. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD)) 3/18/14
2/22/14 19:00 Shediac Cape (Canada) NB Disk 2 minutes Flying saucer with green, blue and red lights flying over Shediac, NB. 2/27/14
2/20/14 22:00 Porterville CA Disk 15 minutes Bright orange lights turn into slow moving saucer shaped object in the night sky. 2/27/14
2/18/14 18:00 Houston TX Disk 6-8 minutes Silver disc on the right of me and then golden disc on the left of me. 2/21/14
2/18/14 08:15 Toney AL Disk 25 minutes ((HOAX??)) I was a ufo house size ship that was on the tree line in my neighborhood when it was flashing this beam of light. 2/21/14
2/17/14 04:30 Huntsville (Canada) ON Disk
I have been watching these lights... One was different colours that was straight down like 4 or 5 colours to it. 2/21/14
2/15/14 08:20 Potzberg
Disk 20 seconds Two silver disks in sky off autobahn 2/21/14
2/14/14 06:25 Seaside OR Disk Seconds Bright spinning disk like with windows on top part. 2/21/14
2/14/14 06:14 Odessa (Ukraine)
Disk 20 minutes UFO in Odessa, Ukraine on February 14, 2014 - strange disk-shaped object hovering at a fixed point in the sky. 2/20/15
2/11/14 22:48 Trimble MO Disk every night I have always seen this star shining bright from our bedroom window facing east of our home. Across from our house is a very very smal 2/14/14
2/7/14 18:30
TX Disk seconds Saucer-like craft with a strip of red light moving back and forth, hovering above a gas well site. 3/18/14
2/7/14 11:32 Pie Town NM Disk 2-3 minutes Two I-Phone Camera Shots Reveal Three Partially De-cloaked Disks; Possible cloaked Mother-Ship. 2/14/14
2/6/14 18:10 Hope Mills NC Disk 30 seconds Brightly lit UFO seen in Hope Mills during daylight hours. 2/7/14
2/5/14 02:00 Spokane WA Disk 44 minutes Hovering, undentified, flying object that changed colors and traveled through the sky 2/7/14
2/4/14 06:55 Lexington SC Disk 1-2 Disk with green & white plusing lights and shoots in air when approach. 2/7/14
2/3/14 15:00 Brentwood CA Disk 1 minute Plunged at high speed into ocean. 2/7/14
2/2/14 20:10 Port St. Lucie FL Disk 3 minutes Orange saucer sighted by two for 4 minutes over western/central FL 8:10pm on 02.02.2014 2/7/14
1/30/14 18:00 Alanson MI Disk 20 minutes ((HOAX??))I was walking by the sliding glass door of my house when something caught the corner of my eye out in the snow covered field. 1/30/14
1/29/14 23:00 Oklahoma City OK Disk 30 seconds Nearby nighttime viewing of brightly lit saucer in South Oklahoma City. 1/30/14
1/29/14 18:17 Longmont CO Disk seconds Fleet of disc shaped objects discovered in photograph taken in Longmont CO. 2/7/14
1/29/14 06:05 Palm Beach Gardens FL Disk 15 minutes Located about ESE , about 3 miles distance from the ocean, obvious stationary above the ocean .Round bright whitish- not moving for a 1/30/14
1/26/14 21:00 Jacksonville FL Disk 6 minutes Bright disc spotted over east Jacksonville near 295, with aircrafts following. 1/30/14
1/24/14 19:23 San Marcos TX Disk 12 minutes I was heading toward downtown from my house on the southwest side of town. I was heading east northeast depending on the direction of t 1/30/14
1/23/14 12:00 Raleigh NC Disk 3 seconds 4 Clear Disk-shaped UFOs over Raleigh, N.C.. 1/30/14
1/22/14 20:00 Northern Europe (undisclosed city)
Disk 40-60 seconds Saucer disc, saw it twice report around three weeks late 2/21/14
1/21/14 20:15 Clermont FL Disk Continuing Period fades. 1/24/14
1/21/14 20:00 Oakley CA Disk 2 minutes Craft over Oakley. 1/24/14
1/19/14 02:30 Southfield MI Disk hours Circular with colors. 1/24/14
1/18/14 19:01 Hickory NC Disk 10 minutes Outside on Sunday evening. Completely clear sky. Saw bright lights shining through trees. Walked through yard for better view. 1/26/15
1/15/14 19:00 Garner NC Disk 5 minutes 7 Red Lights. 1/24/14
1/15/14 13:00 Pleasant Grove AR Disk 10-15 seconds The object was stationary, color of shiny brass, Gave me the feeling of being 'huge, and far away'. 2/14/14
1/12/14 13:35 Marion SC Disk 3 minutes Black saucer over Marion, SC. 1/16/14
1/12/14 13:35 Huntsville AL Disk 8 minutes Daylight-Saucer with cloud and two other lights. 1/16/14
1/7/14 12:15 Busan (South Korea)
Disk ~1-2 minutes A saucer spotted by an accidental photo. 1/10/14
1/6/14 15:45 Chalfont PA Disk 1 minute Disk seen following fighter jet and intercepted by second fighter jet. 2/7/14
1/6/14 09:00 Morris IL Disk 4 minutes Have photos, clear day!!! 1/24/14
1/6/14 07:40 Chesapeake VA Disk 90 seconds A large white disk shaped object hovering or floating in sky on a clear morning and then it vanished. 1/30/14
1/1/14 00:01 Waxhaw NC Disk Still going on ((HOAX)) I witnessed an alien war over Waxhaw, NC. 1/10/14
12/31/13 23:59 Midland MI Disk
UFO disk vary bright came low to groud 800ft in frout of me. 1/10/14
12/31/13 20:00 New Port Richey FL Disk 15-20 minutes Orange balls of light zoomed in are orange pulsating hexagonal shaped discs. 1/24/14
12/25/13 19:00 New Port FL Disk 16 minutes Pulsating disc turns into a ball of light. 1/10/14
12/24/13 13:30 Bellingham WA Disk brief, we drove out of it Large UFO disk, silvery grey, hovering still, appears to be descending down, until we drove out of visible range to see it/frightened. 1/10/14
12/24/13 00:47 Holts Summit MO Disk 2 minutes It is back, once more, early, and dropping "drones." 1/10/14
12/21/13 16:46 San Antonio TX Disk 20 seconds Saucer Craft moving above highway. 12/23/13
12/17/13 19:48 Port Charlotte FL Disk 5 minutes Pulsating disk/saucer shape in Port Charlotte, FL. 12/23/13
12/17/13 18:00 Minnetonka MN Disk 1 hour UFOs over Minnetonka. ((NUFORC Note: The 5:15 p.m. sighting may have been of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 12/23/13
12/16/13 19:00 Marksville LA Disk <2 minutes I saw this disk and I know it was a ufo. 1/10/14
12/13/13 22:30 Prescott AZ Disk Unknown Saucer shape over Prescott and three lights on Phoenix horizon. 12/23/13
12/13/13 18:30 Padang (Indonesia)
Disk 2 hours Saucer type of craft with lights rotating it flying very slowly, in padang, west sumatra sky for 2 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) 12/23/13
12/10/13 02:55 Bristol (UK/England)
Disk 15 minutes UFO sighting in bristol bright lights hovering still and cricling the sky before landing. 12/12/13
12/8/13 18:00 Felton PA Disk 3 hours Bright object in sky, almost boomerang in shape which I have never seen before. 12/12/13
12/5/13 18:40 Brooklyn Center MN Disk 5 minutes Car chased by shape shifting, airplane imitating, UFO at night. 12/12/13
11/30/13 17:30 Stanford KY Disk 20 minutes Seen round saucer in sky for about 20 mins then it just poofed and gone/ white bright lights all around it. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD) 12/2/13
11/29/13 18:50 Urbana MD Disk 10 minutes Orange dots moving to south in Maryland. 12/2/13
11/28/13 23:30 Tustin CA Disk 15-20 White pulsating lights over Tustin. 12/2/13
11/28/13 18:00 Chicago IL Disk all night I See Disk Objects with Red and Blue Lights (Circling the Disk) hovering over Chicago Skies. 12/5/13
11/28/13 Holts Summit MO Disk 45 minutes They're Back!!! 1/10/14
11/26/13 20:09 Dennisport MA Disk
A sideways disk made up of green blue yellow and red shot down making a big sound. 12/2/13
11/26/13 20:09 Dennisport MA Disk
We heard a sound, then a colorfful object shot out the sky. The object was a disk with green, red, yellow, blue and purple. 12/2/13
11/26/13 18:30 Fort Collins CO Disk 1.5 hours UFO west of Fort Collins, Colorado, November 26 2013. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in SW sky. PD)) 12/2/13
11/26/13 07:30 Amber OK Disk 1 hour Disk shaped object spotted in Amber, Oklahoma. 12/2/13
11/24/13 19:50 Lake Forest IL Disk ~1 minute Fast moving disk seen above the north Chicago-land area heading north. 12/12/13
11/24/13 18:00 Evansville IN Disk 1-2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Debunk This. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. Date is flawed, and contact information is wrong. PD)) 12/2/13
11/20/13 21:15 Tacoma WA Disk 5 minutes I saw 3 small but bright lights floating. At first I thought they were stars but then I realized they were moving following one bigger 12/2/13
11/18/13 17:58 Chaska MN Disk 10 seconds 2 lights (seen later in pictures as crafts). 12/2/13
11/13/13 17:35 Lake Havasu City AZ Disk 5 minute Object flying in the cold jet stream air and not leaving a vapor trail from it's hot exhaust like other jets were leaving! 11/20/13
11/13/13 07:30 Long Beach CA Disk 15 minutes Witnessed two objects in sky during two different occasions flying unnaturally. 11/20/13
11/11/13 18:45 Indianapolis IN Disk 16 minutes Me and my daughter seen the most beautiful shiney spaceship. Not a UFO it was real and was watching us all watch them! 2/7/14
11/8/13 Cuba NM Disk 2 minutes Two propellor like motors w green revolving lights. Also red flashing light. 11/11/13
11/6/13 20:20 North Bergen NJ Disk >30 minutes Blinking red circular lights going in circle for almost an hour. 11/11/13
11/6/13 06:05 Los Angeles CA Disk 30 minutes White illuminated disks over east Los Angeles mountains. 11/11/13
11/5/13 18:05 Wasilla AK Disk 2 minutes One object flying east to west over Wasilla area...Well lit displaying bright white, green and red colors. Flying very erratically. 11/11/13
11/2/13 20:23 Wasilla AK Disk 5 minutes A UFO was photographed, but Men in Black came and confiscated the evidence. 11/11/13
10/30/13 21:20 Palo Alto CA Disk 1-2 minutes Disk-shaped object with red/blue/green lights flowing left to right that appeared to stop and become a horizontal bar of light. 11/11/13
10/28/13 18:30 Graham WA Disk 25 minutes Flashing bright white light with no noise in the lower sky for twenty five minutes. it hoovered. 11/11/13
10/28/13 17:30 Pierrefonds (Canada) QC Disk 10 minutes UFO. 11/11/13
10/28/13 10:38 Walkertown NC Disk 3 seconds Object had green and white lights gone in 3 seconds really bright and fast. 11/11/13
10/26/13 22:00 Lake Worth (Southern Blvd.; Haverhill Exit) FL Disk 15 seconds Dark saucer with bright blue lights landing next to souther blvd in florida 11/11/13
10/25/13 21:00 Meridian ID Disk 15 minutes I saw military planes go after it! 11/11/13
10/25/13 20:30 Nampa ID Disk .45 minutes Oct 25 2013 approximately 20:30 hrs. Bright star appearing light low on the horizon (not seen in the past) observed on and off for .45 11/11/13
10/25/13 20:15 Pittsburgh PA Disk 7 minutes Saw 2 disc shaped white-ish blue objects floating in the clouds at night moving Around in very eratic movements. Circular zig zaging et 11/11/13
10/24/13 21:00 Chandler AZ Disk 10-20 seconds Craft moved from West to East across South Chandler sky. 11/11/13
10/23/13 19:28 Choctaw OK Disk 2.5 seconds Bluish white disk with trail behind it. 11/11/13
10/23/13 19:28 Choctaw OK Disk 2-3 seconds Bluish white disk with contrail moving west to east. 11/11/13
10/22/13 06:00 Albany NY Disk 30 seconds Large disk shaped flying object with lights spotted in Albany NY before dawn 11/11/13
10/19/13 18:00 Brownsville OR Disk 4-6 minutes 19-Oct-13 Brownsville Oregon on Kirk Ave. in a large clearcut. 1/24/14
10/19/13 13:13 Los Angeles CA Disk 26 minutes Disk shape object with lights in the sky over LA 10/23/13
10/17/13 19:40 Independence VA Disk 5 minutes Disk shaped object tracking airplane. 10/23/13
10/15/13 21:45 Blaine WA Disk ~5:00 minutes Bright yellow object that cast light on cloud cover above it and was a disk or saucer shape. 10/23/13
10/15/13 17:00 Kirkland (Canada) QC Disk 5 minutes Flying saucer there than gone in seconds. 3/18/14
10/15/13 15:00 Bethesda MD Disk 7 seconds Saucer flying low and fast over Betheda/Rockville area in broad daylight. 12/5/13
10/14/13 20:00 Leland MI Disk 2 minutes 9 sphere shaped objects ; orange red in color 10/23/13
10/12/13 13:00 Owego NY Disk 2 minutes 2 Flying discs over Owego, New York, USA. 10/14/13
10/7/13 11:30 Troy MI Disk 30-45 seconds 5 invisible crafts. 10/23/13
10/5/13 21:30 Aptos CA Disk one hour Disc shaped object with multi-colored light array on bottom observed in Santa Cruz County, CA. 10/14/13
10/5/13 16:45 Warren NJ Disk :15 Slow moving, low flying disc. 10/14/13
10/5/13 15:45 Victoria (Canada) BC Disk 6 seconds Object cross the mountains at high velocity color grey metalic. the video is on youtube now... 10/14/13
10/2/13 21:00 Martin MI Disk 15 seconds Saucer shaped disk with lights made no noise and simply vanished after a minute or two. 1/16/14
10/2/13 19:50 Meriden CT Disk 15 seconds Bright blue disk with two bright red lights, hovering and moving back and forth in the sky until it disappeared. 10/3/13
10/1/13 09:00 Boulder/Niwot CO Disk 5 minutes Metallic object floating above Boulder. 10/3/13
9/29/13 18:00 Johnston RI Disk 90 seconds 4 objects seen in upper atmosphere maneuvering at high speed then up out of sight! 9/30/13
9/29/13 17:45 Nashville TN Disk one minute Very bright, disk shaped UFO moved very rapidly above Briley Parkway in Nashville. 9/30/13
9/29/13 00:00 Eatonville WA Disk 20 minutes Seen 1 object/big light in the middle with smaller lights going around/view east of Eatonville wa.colour was changing.Seems to emit or 9/30/13
9/27/13 20:14 Lebanon TN Disk 15 We were on our way home on highway 840 when we noticed a large bright object moving slowly being the amazon warehouse. We pulled over t 9/30/13
9/27/13 19:35 Hoover AL Disk 20 minutes Bright blue saucer with blue lights beaming from the bottom of the object spanning outwards. Cat missing. 9/30/13
9/25/13 16:18 Meridian ID Disk
Cloudy field ufo 9/30/13
9/25/13 13:40 Marin/San Rafael CA Disk 6 seconds Disk/Saucer shaped object hovering near Marin County in California for a few seconds and vanished @ 1340hrs on 9/25/13. 9/30/13
9/24/13 19:30 Warrington (UK/England)
Disk 2 minutes Me and my friend was walking to a local park when we i randomly looked up into the night sky. i saw something changing colours red blue 9/30/13
9/24/13 14:00 Tulsa OK Disk 5 minutes Tulsa OK 61st & Harvard residential area UFO 20 - 25 feet off the ground above the trees (front yard). 10/3/13
9/24/13 05:30 East Syracuse NY Disk 5 minutes Saucer pacing an airplane over by Fremont Road. 9/30/13
9/24/13 05:15 Andrews SC Disk 5 minutes Unexplained Object Seen From Back Porch. 9/30/13
9/23/13 23:00 Coatesville IN Disk ~1 hour Saw a disk shape with a dome top and bottom with blinking red and green lights. 9/30/13
9/23/13 17:20 Montgomery OH Disk 1 minute A gray dot when zoomed in on by an iTouch to be found to be saucer like. 9/30/13
9/23/13 05:30 Conway SC Disk 18 minutes UFO hovering above house with blinking lights which then floated north past tree line. 10/14/13
9/22/13 21:00 Bloomington IL Disk 30 seconds Formation of many orange orbs. 9/30/13
9/21/13 20:00 Wichita KS Disk 30-60 minutes Object with big bright white lights, and smaller, red, white, and blue lights hovering in the sky. 9/30/13
9/21/13 02:00 Greenville NC Disk 30 seconds Glowing orange/yellow light in sky flew across and diss appeared instantly. 9/30/13
9/19/13 20:35 Somerville MA Disk 3 minutes I was on the patio with a friend in Somerville. It was a crisp night and we were in a relatively quiet neighborhood. A blue and green d 9/30/13
9/19/13 Round Rock TX Disk
Alien forms were seen hovering near a spacecraft in the clouds. 11/20/13
9/16/13 17:00 St. Albert (Canada) AB Disk 5 seconds White/Silver Saucer with white lights hovering 100m over houses 9/30/13
9/14/13 22:00 Saint Louis MO Disk 10 minutes I sent a similar e-mail to Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Margie Kay (MUFON)but thought I should post it here as well. Maybe there is an explan 10/3/13
9/14/13 17:30 Kingsport TN Disk Random I saw the disk shaped object in Tennessee also 9/30/13
9/13/13 22:55 Richmond VA Disk 20 minutes Saucer: red light flashing every 3 seconds 9/30/13
9/13/13 21:00 Senoia GA Disk
Bright orange/red circle or disk sighted. 9/30/13
9/9/13 22:00 Kalispell MT Disk continuing I was letting my dogs our for the night when I noticed a very bright object in the Eastern sky It was hovering but lights (red, blue, g 9/30/13
9/7/13 07:45 Tomball TX Disk 30 seconds Disk Craft seen early in am in Tomball, Texas. 9/9/13
9/7/13 01:15 Tampa FL Disk 5 minutes 3 flat, black, disc shapes w/lights descending rapidly over interstate in FL, looked like a flares or rockets. 9/9/13
9/6/13 22:20 Cumming GA Disk 15 minutes Two orbs in north georgia sky. 9/9/13
9/5/13 23:30 Surfside Beach SC Disk 4-5 minutes 2 orange orbs seen in the night sky. 9/9/13
9/5/13 22:00 Fairbanks AK Disk 5 minutes HUGE SAUCER FLYING INTO FORT WAINRIGHT 9/30/13
9/5/13 11:30 Denver CO Disk 2 seconds Ufo shoofing thru the sky during a national broadcadt. (NFL) 9/5/13. 9/9/13
9/1/13 21:00 Rossville GA Disk 20-25 minutes Was bright light bluish/yelllowish/orange light hovering then moved top another spot. seen same thing twice on same spot. 9/9/13
9/1/13 20:00 Rowley MA Disk 15 minutes Multiple UFO craft and direct encounter with Orb dispatched from larger ship. 4/4/14
9/1/13 01:30 North Providence RI Disk 5 seconds Bright greenish blue circular disc object moving over head leaving a white trail behind it. 9/9/13
8/31/13 23:30 Takoma WA Disk 4 minutes Flying disk shape object in Takoma, WA. 9/9/13
8/31/13 23:29 Orem UT Disk 6 seconds Two women saw an eerie, unlit, gliding, saucer-like object while watching for a meteor shower in a soccer field. 9/9/13
8/28/13 20:45 Ft. Branch IN Disk 20 minutes Witnessed bright light with red lights west of Ft. Branch. Followed it and witnessed it go low to the ground then raise up over trees. 8/30/13
8/24/13 03:35 Cottontown TN Disk 90 minutes Dome-shaped saucer took 1hr and 30 mins to move across the sky. 8/30/13
8/20/13 19:00 Fairfirld CA Disk 5 minutes a round grey saucer appeared in my pictures of the moon it was next to it on 3 sides within seconds of my pictures 8/30/13
8/19/13 22:00 Dublin OH Disk 2 minutes Red light 1 blinking 8/30/13
8/18/13 12:40 Tenerife South Airport (Tenerife)
Disk 2 minutes It was a greyish black saucer hovering over Tenerife south airport that moved at supersonic speed. 9/9/13
8/18/13 10:37 Ontario CA Disk 2 minutes Silver Dog-Dish shaped craft zipped from one point to the other and vanished. 8/30/13
8/16/13 21:00 Larkspur CO Disk 15 minutes Orange saucer like object bobbing in night sky, running lights all around perimeter. 8/30/13
8/15/13 23:00 Erie PA Disk 5-15 minutes ((HOAX??)) Ufo visiting my neighbors. 3/18/14
8/15/13 22:30 Foxboro MA Disk 1 minute Orange disk shaped object moving across the sky in Foxboro, MA 8/30/13
8/15/13 17:30 Fairhope AL Disk 10 seconds 2 different objects on the same day at 2 different times. 4/18/14
8/14/13 20:15 Waldoboro ME Disk 10 seconds A metallic disk with a red light on top flew slowly across the sky then disappeared. 8/30/13
8/14/13 17:00 West New York NJ Disk 50 seconds This object was moving at a speed I'm not familiar with. Flight path was west to east,on this day the sky was clear , sunny blue sky. I 8/30/13
8/13/13 22:00 Ft. Lauderdale FL Disk 2 minutes Equal in size to 2/3rds of a football field. Bright orange/melon single lighting covering entire craft. Moved from ocean beach area 150 8/30/13
8/13/13 19:25 Orlando FL Disk 40 seconds Large ufo sighting in Orlando, Fl. 8/30/13
8/11/13 09:00 Belmar NJ Disk 20 minutes Motionless object with changing colors observed for 30 minutes over New Jersey shore. 8/30/13
8/10/13 21:34 Holden Beach NC Disk 20 seconds Bright orange saucer seen flying over Holden Beach, NC. 8/30/13
8/10/13 07:34 Manomet MA Disk ~1 second Dark disc appeared for less than 1 second above Cape Cod Bay. 8/30/13
8/9/13 21:45 Lakeville MN Disk 5 minutes A formation of large amber lights 8/30/13
8/8/13 13:00 Tustin CA Disk 20:00 20 disk/saucers seen and split in Tustin,CA 8/30/13
8/7/13 15:30 Malta (Malta)
Hi ... I´m on vacations in Malta and i take two photos to beach bay one after the other . in the first nothing apears but in the second 8/30/13
8/3/13 21:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 40 minutes Four bright lights travelling in a row at sunset. 9/30/13
8/3/13 10:40 Shelby MI Disk A few seconds Disc shaped object that flew overhead on a clear sunny day. 8/30/13
8/2/13 15:00 Croydon PA Disk 2 minutes Hovering oval/disc shaped object hovering above treeline in Croydon, PA 8/30/13
8/1/13 23:59 Cambridge Narrows (Canada) NB Disk 20 minutes A very large object, looking like a 50s Sci Fi Saucer shape with very sharp, distinct shape, but looking like a fire over Military Base 8/30/13
7/31/13 20:00 Baltimore City MD Disk 45-50 seconds Three black - almost spherical shapes hover and then take off at rapid speed in crowded city. 9/9/13
7/30/13 15:15 Keene NH Disk 5-10 minutes Black disc to the North/NW of Keene 8/30/13
7/29/13 21:40 Vancouver WA Disk 10 seconds An adult male witnesses a green disc streak across the night sky. 8/30/13
7/27/13 23:45 Holts Summit MO Disk 3 minutes They came back... 1/10/14
7/27/13 23:35 Ferndale WA Disk 2-3 minutes I saw a saucer with a orange glow in the sky above Ferndale Washington. 8/30/13
7/27/13 20:10 New Delhi (India)
Disk 10 seconds Red and green coloured flying disk. 8/30/13
7/25/13 20:40 Thorntown IN Disk 10 seconds Whty I saw I cannot explain. 8/30/13
7/23/13 17:10 Laurel/Hattiesburg (between) MS Disk 2 seconds Craft sighted moving at high speeds above the tree line 8/30/13
7/19/13 12:55 Mukilteo WA Disk 2 seconds An adult female, a former aircraft spotter, witnessed a silver disc in the daytime sky. 8/30/13
7/17/13 22:30 McAlester OK Disk 30 minutes while travelin It started as a mile long craft before it separated into many smaller ones. 8/30/13
7/17/13 21:52 Clayton OK Disk 10 minutes Kiamichi Mountains- Hwy 271 South-glowing fire balls/UFO craft. 7/22/13
7/17/13 14:30 Oroville CA Disk don't know Silent aerial object seen in photo but NOT at the time. 7/22/13
7/12/13 21:04 Staten Island NY Disk Quick I was outside smoking on Friday July 12 2013 at 9:04pm, when I heard a strange noise in the skys. I look up, and behind the clouds I sa 7/14/13
7/8/13 04:45 Portland ME Disk 1 minute I awoke twice to bright blue light; once with no object, once with a suspended disc. 7/14/13
7/7/13 23:45 Richmond (south of) VA Disk 3 seconds My daughter and I were traveling on route 95 north during a storm when a disc shaped bright light with lightning shooting around it. Ha 7/14/13
7/7/13 23:30 Battle Ground WA Disk <1 minute Swift disc shaped object with reddish-orange lights in Washington state 7/14/13
7/7/13 20:05 Westbrook CT Disk 3-4 minutes Seen two UFOs made of and yellow lights with red flashing lights. 7/23/15
7/7/13 20:00 Westbrook CT Disk 4 minutes Two UFO's made of orange and red light with blinking red lights on beach in Westbrook, CT. ((NUFORC Note: Date unknown. PD)) 7/31/15
7/7/13 15:00 Greenfield MA Disk 2 minutes The Disk Shaped Object Drifted Slowly From Southwest To Northeast At About 1000 Feet. The object Disappeared After A Couple Of Minutes 7/14/13
7/6/13 18:00 Marysville WA Disk 45 minutes Two objects in the sky for 45 min. looked like stars but it was still daylight. 7/14/13
7/5/13 22:20 St. Peters MO Disk 30 seconds Stepped outside to watch fireworks and saw more than I bargained for. 7/14/13
7/4/13 23:30 Port Charlotte FL Disk 3 minutes I saw a flashing red circular UFO, moving across the sky. And it came to the middle and disappeared. 7/5/13
7/4/13 22:30 Buffalo NY Disk 2 minutes Round craft with orange lights seen in Buffalo, New York 7/5/13
7/4/13 New York City NY Disk 1 minute The original video is in the archives of EARTHCAM 7/14/13
7/3/13 19:00 Chesepeake Bay Bridge Tunnel VA Disk 10 minutes Flying craft seen over Chesepeake Bay. 7/14/13
7/2/13 11:40 Monterey CA Disk 5 seconds Saucer 7/5/13
7/2/13 05:15 Naugatuck CT Disk 3 seconds Silver saucer with round top in daylight sky. 7/3/13
6/30/13 13:12 Olallie Lake OR Disk from photo I was kayaking on Olallie Lake today, June 30, 2013 with my stepson. After arriving home and loading photos on the computer, I saw wha 7/3/13
6/24/13 05:18 East, 。 (Taiwan)
Disk 05:18 I have a very clear UFO photo shoot. 7/3/13
6/22/13 21:00 Winchester VA Disk 2 minutes Traveling along interstate 81, I looked over Shenandoah Valley to see the mountains. Level with the highest mountain peak, a metallic d 7/3/13
6/22/13 16:30 Fishers IN Disk pictures UFO connected with thunderstorm? 7/3/13
6/22/13 16:00 Fort Flagler State Park WA Disk NA June 22, 2013 at approximately 4-430 PM we were flying kites. A friend of ours was taking pictures. The image you see was not visible 7/3/13
6/21/13 22:50 Macomb MI Disk 45 minutes My wife and I were sitting on our deck (which faces south) and about 2250 I noticed a red round object in the air. 7/3/13
6/21/13 22:42 Centerville GA Disk 2.3 minutes Disk shaped craft making a loud and scary noise. 8/30/13
6/18/13 10:58 Kannur (India)
Disk 2 seconds 9/30/13
6/17/13 18:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 5 minutes Visible fast slowed down rapid turn gone metallic figure. 7/3/13
6/17/13 00:30 Westfield MA Disk 15 minutes Large bright golden glowing object hovering over Barnes airport. 7/3/13
6/17/13 Kannur (India)
I saw this photo on a Malayala manorama 17th-jun-2013 (Malayalam daily). ((NUFORC Note: Computerized photo, we believe. PD)) 7/3/13
6/15/13 15:15 Hiram OH Disk 2 minutes 2 whitish saucers seen in hiram ohio 7/3/13
6/15/13 01:30 Courtland (Canada) ON Disk 45-60 seconds I'm just a kid but one night walking home around 1:30 am I seen an almost oval shaped thing that hovered for about 50 sec.s then shot. 9/9/13
6/14/13 21:58 Portland OR Disk 7 seconds Green lit object over Portland changing direction. 7/3/13
6/14/13 14:00 Cheektowaga NY Disk 45 seconds Object flying over a taking off airplane in cheektowaga ny 3/18/14
6/13/13 16:30 San Luis Obispo CA Disk 30 seconds A patterned flying object hovers until I completely pass by. 12/12/13
6/10/13 01:00 San Antonio TX Disk 20 seconds I watched it until it flew out of sight over San Antonio. 7/3/13
6/8/13 22:15 Johns Creek GA Disk 10 7 orange yellowish orb like objects crossing the sky. 7/3/13
6/6/13 11:45 Imaly City MI Disk 1/2 minutes I seen one saucer/round shaped UFO and it was being chased by 2 choppers, all 3 units with flying south east.

The UFO was round, co
6/5/13 23:07 Jersey, Channel Islands (UK/England)
Disk ~3 minutes Watched a light emitting blob meander through the sky for about 3 minutes. 7/3/13
6/5/13 01:00 Indianapolis IN Disk 3 minutes Weird sounding bright white light, round but not flat shape UFO, faster then the speed of light gone within a blink of a eye. 12/2/13
6/4/13 23:00 Bozeman MT Disk 2 minutes An Extremely Bright And Quiet Ball Of Fast Moving Light 7/3/13
5/31/13 19:00 Duncannon PA Disk 20 minutes Light dims to show disk along Appalachian in Pa 7/3/13
5/29/13 23:00 East Bethel MN Disk ~3 seconds Red and blue lights horizontally on saucer shape; rising straight up 6/2/13
5/28/13 13:30 San Luis Obispo CA Disk snapshot Disc-shaped, possibly metallic, seemingly light-reflecting, object seen in photograph, but didn't notice it when I took the picture. 6/2/13
5/27/13 15:00 Phoenix (near) AZ Disk 30 seconds Strange Disc Shaped UFO Flying under plane on Descent into Phoenix, AZ Airport. 6/2/13
5/26/13 23:15 Massillon OH Disk 20 minutes Red orange orb view from directly below on May 26, 2013. 8/22/14
5/26/13 22:00 Old Lyme CT Disk 3 seconds Teenage Boy. 6/2/13
5/26/13 00:15 Apopka FL Disk 15 minutes Green lit object with a red light spinning around object in late night sky 6/2/13
5/25/13 08:29 Purcell OK Disk 11 minutes A small round object moved across sky from southeast to northwest at high velocity without vapor trail no noise at a altitude lower tha 6/2/13
5/22/13 22:30 Perth (Australia)
Disk 3 seconds 2 saucer shaped objects speeding through the moonlit sky Perth Australia 6/2/13
5/22/13 12:00 Pittsburg CO Disk 15 seconds I was opening my window, to let air in, and I noticed it in the sky, by the time I glanced a second time, it was GONE. 6/2/13
5/10/13 21:40 St. George (northwest of) UT Disk <1 minute Colorfully lit UFO followed my vehicle close to the ground for who knows how long east of Area 51 in Southern Utah late 5-13-2013. 5/15/13
5/10/13 16:50 Corpus Christi TX Disk <15 seconds UFO photographed in sky in Corpus Christi, Texas on May 10, 2013. 6/2/13
5/10/13 13:00 Lumberton NJ Disk 45 seconds 2 objects white disk and stealth bomber shape. 5/15/13
5/7/13 14:30 Santee CA Disk A few minutes UFO CAPTURED OVER HAUNTED 1913 BARN 6/2/13
5/6/13 22:00 St. Albans VT Disk 2 minutes COMPLETE VISUAL SIGHTING. 5/15/13
5/4/13 21:45 Mangalore (India)
Disk 10 minutes UFO spotted in the sky 5/15/13
4/27/13 02:30 Snyder TX Disk 5-7 minutes A large disc hovering about ~30 ft from the ground 5/15/13
4/22/13 02:04 Boulder CO Disk 5 minutes Rotating disc with blinking colored lights seen flying along ridge in north Boulder, followed by quickly moving lights on the ground. 5/15/13
4/21/13 22:30 Tirana (Albania)
Disk 2 minutes 21.04.2013 22:30 Tirana, Albania 2 minutes, Disk/sphere object with a red light line on the middle 5/15/13
4/20/13 17:00 New York City NY Disk 4 minutes Saucer Shaped Object Seen Near George Washington Bridge NYC 2/21/14
4/17/13 20:53 Mandurah (Australia)
Disk 20 MIN Green glowing UFO with blue spot light 9/30/13
4/16/13 10:02 Weed CA Disk
Mt. Shasta sighting of disk in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Seagull, flying to the left. PD)) 8/27/15
4/15/13 21:30 Thomasville NC Disk 4 minutes Round disk hovering with bright blue lights that changed to blue, red, yellow and green. 5/15/13
4/9/13 14:00 Smith Center/Lebanon (between) KS Disk 2 seconds Small yellow disk/orb of light that flew very near & over my car while on the highway + burning building. 4/12/13
4/4/13 21:12 Indianapolis IN Disk 30 seconds Large, flat sphere with BRIGHT red and white fast, flashing lights flying in Indianapolis, Indiana. 5/15/13
4/3/13 16:10 Medford MA Disk 7-10 seconds Round silver saucer type craft just hovering. 5/15/13
3/28/13 11:25 Lehigh Acres FL Disk 5 minutes The whole thing was very satrange and i realy dont care of U F O s but the pic is in my phone. 5/15/13
3/23/13 22:00 Brandon FL Disk 4 minutes Neon yellow huge saucer seen next to full moon. 7/20/14
3/22/13 05:35 Madison WI Disk 30 seconds White saucer seen near Madison. 5/15/13
3/20/13 18:00 Borrego CA Disk seconds I took a photo not knowing that there was an object in the sky until I downloaded it on my PC. 5/15/13
3/16/13 Baltimore City MD Disk unknown Four discs were seen hovering the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland in March of 2013. 2/21/14
3/10/13 20:40 Redondo Beach CA Disk 6-7 minutes 7-8 Craft resembling ballon's on fire seen cruising off Southern California coast. 5/15/13
3/9/13 20:40 Redondo Beach CA Disk 6-7 minutes 7-8 Craft resembling balloons on fire seen cruising off Southern California coast. ((NUFORC Note: In LAX flight corridor? PD)) 4/12/13
3/1/13 Salt Lake City TX Disk 1-2 minutes March 23, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT Peter - I missed your opening conversation with George Noory this AM.

I need a favor, as later
2/26/13 18:00 Florence SC Disk 1 minute Two nearly invisible crafts spotted in Florence, South Carolina, before massive power outage. 3/3/13
2/24/13 20:19 Rockwood MI Disk 5-8 seconds A vibrant, sky blue disk traveling at remarkable speeds as we got onto I-75. I got a clear view of the craft, I know what I saw. 2/28/13
2/15/13 Chelyabinsk (Russia)
2/3/13 00:35 Cebu City (Philippines)
Testing with my new Canon camera taking night photos of the city at low shutter and caught UFO's. 2/4/13
2/1/13 12:00 DeKalb IL Disk 1 second Original sent to me that I in turn enhanced. Picture taken with a cell phone while someone was on break at the DeKalb Forge Company. 2/21/14
1/31/13 21:00 Mount Vernon AR Disk 10 minutes Extremely large with large bright strobe lights hovering just above the horizon, disappearing instantly. 2/4/13
1/30/13 20:50 Palm Coast FL Disk 5 minutes Orange orb over treeline in Palm Coast, FL seen by 2 witnesses driving South on highway 1/30/13 at 8:50. 2/4/13
1/27/13 21:25 Washington NC Disk ~1 minute An incredible sight of a saucer flying through the night sky with a reddish/orange vapor trail that dissappeared. 2/4/13
1/26/13 18:15 Hiawatha KS Disk 15 minutes I was leaving my house and saw a Bright Orange light while headed into town then 3 more appeared. They were evenly behind one another. 2/4/13
1/25/13 12:00 San Antonio TX Disk 3 minutes Low altitude disc shaped Unidentified Phenomena fly's into cameras range of view, in and out of dimension, executes two U-turns! 3/18/14
1/24/13 19:30 Martinsville IN Disk 30 seconds UFO in indiana. 2/4/13
1/22/13 00:00 Athens IL Disk 5 minutes A grey disk/saucer hovering over a empty field at midnight. 11/11/13
1/19/13 17:00 Fairmont/Morgantown WV Disk 1 minute Red, yellow/white, and blue lights on saucer object floating over house. UFO WV. 4/12/13
1/19/13 15:00 Denver CO Disk 10 seconds Small Metallic Disc Sighted in Denver, CO. 2/4/13
1/11/13 21:00 Australia
Disk 30 seconds UFO in Western Australian skies. 5/15/13
1/11/13 21:00 Perth (Australia)
Disk 10 seconds UFO seen over Western Australian Skies. 8/30/13
1/9/13 07:30 Waukesha WI Disk 2 minutes Hovering object, then took off fast. 2/4/13
1/9/13 04:57 Burbank CA Disk 10 seconds Flying Saucer in my back yard. 2/4/13
1/8/13 01:15 Culver City CA Disk 30 minutes Colorful UFO seen swooping and ascending at top speeds and disappearing and reappearing in West LA area 8/30/13
1/7/13 18:27 Cayolargo del Sur Island (Cuba)
Disk 1 second I took a picture of a dome shaped metallic, semitransparent object with lights on its lower part. 2/4/13
1/4/13 19:00 Sioux Falls SD Disk 5 minutes 4 or 5 saucers flying in the same direction of a dark orange color. 2/4/13
1/4/13 15:00 Batavia NY Disk 9-21-12 Didn't notice objects when taking picture was looking at phone later and omg i have 4 pic of craft on phone. 2/4/13
1/3/13 20:00 Rockford IL Disk 20:00- 20:01 Large object with many bright lights. 2/4/13
1/3/13 05:50 Coalinga CA Disk 1 hour A saucer shape object that seemed lilted & it was hovering in place & sometimes it seemed small then it would get bigger at times. 2/4/13
1/3/13 02:55 Ottawa (Canada) ON Disk 1 minute Disc shaped blue light on top white and red on the bottom. 4/12/13
1/1/13 06:04 Jacksonville Beach FL Disk 15 minutes Aircraft with multiple flashing lights hovering over the ocean with a beam shining on the water. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:22 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Disk 8 minutes Triangular and a Disc shaped craft - SOUTH AFRICA. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:04 Capalaba - Brisbane (Australia)
Disk 5 minutes 3 Disc like crafts sighted on the eve of 2013 in Brisbane area Australia. 5/15/13
1/1/13 00:00 Bellingham WA Disk 5 minutes Five Glowing Orbs in the sky 2/4/13
12/26/12 06:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 20 minutes Disc shaped UFO sighted in New York. 2/4/13
12/25/12 21:00 Woods Cross UT Disk 23:45 Disc, white lights, triangle moving pattern. 2/4/13
12/25/12 13:30 Chester Springs PA Disk 2 hours 2 UFOs sighted in Chester Springs, PA Christmas Day 2012 2/4/13
12/23/12 15:45 Troy NH Disk 10 minutes Troy NH disk shaped ufo sighting overlooking cemetery facing east driving on rt12 south. 2/4/13
12/20/12 22:30 Clarksburg WV Disk 30 seconds Silver glowing disk hovering in the sky above Clarksburg, WV. 8/30/13
12/18/12 16:25 Playa del Rey CA Disk 1-3 seconds BRIGHT Silver Sphere appears in sky 1-3 seconds and disappears into clouds over LOS ANGELES AREA. 12/20/12
12/18/12 06:00 Caracas (Venezuela)
On Tuesday December 18, 2012, at 6:00 Hour Local Time here in Venezuela, I took a picture with an iphone from the balcony of my apartme 2/4/13
12/14/12 01:00 Fayetteville NC Disk 20 minutes Bright lights appeared then object came towards us. 12/20/12
12/13/12 23:55 Sylvania OH Disk 12 minutes Bright colors flying very rapidly. 12/20/12
12/13/12 22:00 Wauconda IL Disk 2 seconds Light blue disk came from East to West and turned North. Very, very fast (5 times plane speed at least. 12/20/12
12/11/12 01:57 Brick Township NJ Disk a few minutes i Bright object sweeping over the border of Brick/Wall Township. 12/20/12
12/10/12 18:30 Eagle Rock CA Disk 10 minutes UFO over Eagle Rock, CA. 12/20/12
12/7/12 06:30 Rock Springs WY Disk ~2 minutes Male witness reports seeing a red disc, seen ahead of, and pacing an airliner. 12/20/12
12/6/12 18:30 New Durham NH Disk 2 minute Large disk with lights on each side of craft seen over New Durham 12/20/12
12/4/12 11:00 Westboro MO Disk 30 minutes A blue, flat, hovering object and a red-ish flash in the sky appear over our town. 12/20/12
12/1/12 13:00 Key West FL Disk
We where driving to key west.. I was taking pictures with my cell phone of the islands as we where driving. it was overcast. 12/20/12
11/29/12 15:00 Baltimore MD Disk 8 minutes DISCS WERE ALREADY SIGHTED UPON MY ARRIVAL. 12/20/12
11/26/12 13:01 Dugspur VA Disk 2 minutes UFO 12/20/12
11/25/12 19:50 Pinellas Park FL Disk 10 minutes 2 objects over st pete area 11/25/2012 12/20/12
11/24/12 22:35 Pine Mountain GA Disk 5 seconds Blue round object in the sky 12/20/12
11/23/12 04:00 Livonia MI Disk 30 seconds Object too large, too close and too low while seeming to hover, then fade away. 12/20/12
11/22/12 22:40 Newton NC Disk 40 minutes Multi-colored disc moving erratically east of Newton. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD)) 12/20/12
11/22/12 01:00 Alice TX Disk 15 Is to close of mi car like over mi car i feel scared an other people in the street too i don cant see de street is niebla. 12/20/12
11/19/12 11:50 Saugerties/Kingston NY Disk 7 seconds Rocking, slow moving disk high in sky visible due to reflected sunlight 11/19/12
11/18/12 17:45 Russell Springs KY Disk 2 minutes Red flame saucer over Kentucky. 11/19/12
11/18/12 00:40 Carlsbad CA Disk 1-3 seconds Green saucer strobes in and out of sight into horizon 11/19/12
11/17/12 17:00 Jersey City NJ Disk 15 minutes Orange lights in sky above New jersey 11/19/12
11/17/12 10:00 Jamesport NY Disk 15 seconds White disk shaped object hanging motionless in the sky then disappeared. 12/20/12
11/14/12 21:00 Anchorage AK Disk ~5 minutes Saucer with bright lights, then spiky halo in colors, over Cook Inlet, Anchorage. 11/19/12
11/11/12 14:20 Omaha NE Disk 30 seconds Disappearing object. 11/19/12
11/11/12 02:25 Calgary (Canada) AB Disk 9 seconds Grey disk. One blue light. Smaller then smart car but bigger then basketball 11/19/12
11/8/12 23:21 Bogalusa LA Disk 45 seconds Craft emits no light or sound flys over just able to see reflection and blacked out stars as it passed 11/19/12
11/8/12 12:03 Winston-Salem NC Disk 1 minute 2 discs. 11/19/12
11/6/12 14:00 Las Vegas NV Disk 15 minutes Saw small stationary clouds forming from thin air,later saw a saucer shaped craft fleeing the area. 11/19/12
11/5/12 00:00 Spring Creek NV Disk hour This wasn't just a normal sighting we had time to get a telescope and point it south over lamoille canyon (south). All four of us saw a 11/19/12
11/4/12 19:00 Sanford FL Disk 2 minutes Look up in sky was disc object loud humming sound had yellow lights circulating around it was moving away from us at slow rate of speed 11/19/12
11/3/12 19:50 Studio City CA Disk 10 seconds Bright green lights hover over Los Angeles then back down to earth. 11/4/12
11/3/12 15:00 Denton TX Disk 2 hours They are bright silver and disk shape. They are too fast. It seems that they play around there. Its vertical and horizontal movement is 11/19/12
11/3/12 00:00 Albuquerque NM Disk <10 seconds Green orb like ufo new mexico albuquerque 11/3/12 11/19/12
11/2/12 10:25 Carolina (South Africa)
Disk 1 second ((HOAX?? DATE IS FLAWED)) We capture a UFO on video during my amateur rocket launch 11/4/12
11/1/12 09:40 Loretto NE Disk 8 seconds UFO Flat shaped disk or saucer with orange light seen by Loretto, Nebraska. 4/18/14
10/31/12 13:20 Niagara Park (Australia)
Disk 0 seconds Photograph of saucer shaped disc central coast NSW. ((NUFORC Note: Image of a hummingbird, we believe. PD)) 11/4/12
10/29/12 19:00 Highridge MO Disk 1 minute Was outside at 44 and Antire rd. Saw a bright white circle the changed into more of disk as it got closer. It moved slowly. I reached d 11/4/12
10/26/12 12:41 Russell PA Disk 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information included in report form. Hoax?? PD)) 10/30/12
10/25/12 23:00 Sacramento CA Disk 2 seconds Planes flew by and as I was watching them pass I saw a saucer with another smaller saucer on top. At first I thought it was clouds and 10/30/12
10/25/12 16:30 St. Louis (west) MO Disk 30-60 seconds Two black circular objects flying through storm clouds in rotating flight pattern. 10/30/12
10/24/12 22:00 Inman SC Disk 3 hours A saucer shape UFO was seen outside of my friends house, flying in all different directions that no plane can fly, and lasted 3 hrs. 10/30/12
10/24/12 18:42 Lexington SC Disk 5 seconds Disk 10/30/12
10/22/12 18:15 Woburn MA Disk <2 minutes 2 black flying objects that moved quick and than disappeared 10/30/12
10/21/12 23:30 Cleveland OH Disk ~2 minutes As I was driving my friend home we both saw what appeared to be an airplane on I-90 East towards Cleveland. 10/30/12
10/19/12 02:30 Gimhae (Kimhae) (South Korea)
Disk 1-1.5 hours The Night sky in Gimhae on the 10/19/12 10/30/12
10/17/12 14:00 Hagerstown MD Disk 3-4 seconds Dark sauser shape object with dome coasting along 40 degree angle up from horizen moving west to east. . 10/30/12
10/17/12 07:00 Navarre FL Disk 3-5 seconds Huge bright saucer 10/30/12
10/17/12 01:30 North Grafton MA Disk 1 minute Many orange lights on a object 10/30/12
10/15/12 19:00 Bloomington MN Disk 2 hours Circle of lights in SW sky. 10/30/12
10/15/12 09:00 Angeles City Anunas Brgy (near frmr Clark AFB) (Philippines)
Disk 90 seconds Bright White colored, Saucer shaped UFO, camouflaged to blend with the clouds. 8/30/13
10/11/12 07:00 Bablyon NY Disk 2 minutes Saw a object that was very odd in the sky over the ocean off fire island inlet!! 10/30/12
10/11/12 04:05 Las Vegas; enroute to (15 N freeway) NV Disk
UFO on 15 N freeway 10/30/12
10/10/12 20:15 New York City (Bronx) NY Disk 30 minutes A cloaked disk hovered three hundred feet above two apartment buildings in the Bronx, for aproximately thirty minutes. 10/30/12
10/9/12 00:15 Hartland WI Disk 8-10 minutes U.F.O.'s becoming more Frequent in Lake Country Area 10/30/12
10/7/12 11:18 Fort Wayne IN Disk 2 minutes 4 white disk shape objects circling at the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect the lights might have been advertising lights. PD)) 10/30/12
10/6/12 08:00 Ocean Beach CA Disk 2 mintues Orange UFO 10/30/12
10/5/12 18:00 Kansas City MO Disk 3 minutes Photo picks up 2 pink ufos 10/30/12
10/5/12 07:42 Roscoe IL Disk
It was a round shape spacecraft,it had white and black lights... it flashed like twice to me and i got a headace from it then it just l 10/30/12
10/4/12 22:30 Baltimore City MD Disk 10-15 minutes It never moved erratically or faster than the normal plane but the flickering of the beams of light is what made this object peculiar. 10/30/12
10/4/12 13:32 San Francisco CA Disk 1 minute Recorded a dark disk shaped object fly in between 2 blue angles. 11/4/12
9/29/12 22:59 Cicero IL Disk 6 seconds Two U.F.O's fly pass the moon at lightning fast speeds. ((NUFORC Note: Nighthawks and bats, caught in flight with video camera. PD)) 11/4/12
9/28/12 21:00 Thousand Oaks CA Disk 10 minutes A disk-like shape hovered around the sky, surrounded by lights. 10/30/12
9/25/12 03:45 Lowell MA Disk 15 minutes Bright white spherical light surrounded by flashing lights in pattern of red, blue, green. ((NUFORC Note: Planet/star in E sky? PD)) 10/30/12
9/25/12 03:30 Braham MN Disk 25 minutes Unidentified Object hovering over Grasston, Minnesota 10/30/12
9/24/12 11:30 Wells ME Disk 1 minute I saw a small, black, disk-shaped object traveling north at a very high rate of speed (traveling in a straight line) under the clouds 9/24/12
9/22/12 17:45 Randburg (South Africa) AL Disk 1 hour We were standing on a watch tower watching the sunset when we saw a flash and noticed a very large un-identified object to our right. I 9/24/12
9/21/12 23:00 Blessington (Wicklow) (Ireland)
Disk 5 minutes Lights seen in the dark sky in a small town. 9/24/12
9/21/12 23:00 Long Beach CA Disk 17 minutes Independence Day in Long Beach, CA. 1/26/15
9/21/12 13:00 Salvo NC Disk 3 minutes Over Salvo, N.C. - Disc shaped objsct moving in circles, forward & backward on the drop of a dime, Very high in sky. No sound. 9/24/12
9/20/12 23:00 Bongaon (India)
Disk about 2 minutes Coin shaped yellowish object in West Bengal, India. 9/24/12
9/19/12 20:33 Sierra Vista AZ Disk Hour Strange object following something it seems 9/24/12
9/19/12 14:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 5-10+ minutes Noticed an object move across the sky, eventually slows down while flashing light at me; events are being acted as I think of them now. 6/2/13
9/19/12 01:45 Bloomington IL Disk 30 minutes Row of approximately 6 lights of varying intensity and color:white, blue, red, yellow.

Seen in north eastern sky. Seemed not to be
9/18/12 21:10 Hendersonville TN Disk 2 minutes Reddish disc moving steadily accross the sky, Hendersonville, TN. 9/24/12
9/18/12 03:30 Danville CA Disk 6 seconds Near miss. 12/20/12
9/17/12 21:00 Atlantic Highlands NJ Disk 2 minutes I noticed a UFO in the night sky and at times and I read a book that a UFO was hurting someone's body and I don't want that to happen. 9/24/12
9/16/12 15:55 San Jose CA Disk 4 seconds Silent craft moving south from San Jose to Gilroy at an estimated 3,000 MPH 9/24/12
9/15/12 18:40 Glendale CA Disk 3 minutes UFO Sighting at Scholl Canyon, Glendale, CA 9/24/12
9/13/12 21:30 Hinsdale MA Disk 4 hours Flying saucers over plunkett lake in Hinsdale Ma flashing red and green lights, also flashed white beam really birght. 9/24/12
9/12/12 22:15 Alliston (Canada) ON Disk 1.00 hour Disk shaped object with white/blue lights and halo, near Alliston, Ontario, Canada 9/24/12
9/12/12 21:30 Rochester Hills MI Disk 8 minutes Pulsating orange lights that extinguished, revealing humming gray discs. 9/24/12
9/12/12 20:00 Beaverton OR Disk 5 minutes I'm a pilot. At dusk, after work, I saw a golden, metallic saucer-shaped object in the sky. It came from the south and was probably a 9/24/12
9/10/12 03:20 Columbia SC Disk 20 seconds My husband and I was driving on Charlesron highway towards lexingtin exit 61 when a bright green shaped object appeared in the middle o 9/24/12
9/9/12 14:00 Norfolk VA Disk 30 seconds Disk Shaped Object Observed in Storm Cloud Formation Over Norfolk, Virginia 10/30/12
9/9/12 14:00 Pictou (Canada) NS Disk 10 minutes Spotted a object over the town's business district approximately half a mile distant and about 800 to 1000 ft high and climbing slowly. 9/24/12
9/6/12 20:37 Heath OH Disk 2 minutes 4 witnesses of a UFO 10/30/12
9/6/12 08:54 Taiwan
Saucer Shape UFO 9/24/12
9/5/12 01:00 Saugus CA Disk 10 minutes It showed up and disappeared then left 10/30/12
9/4/12 21:00 Lincolnton GA Disk 20 minutes Bright lights seen over Lincolnton, GA., 9:30PM- Set.4TH-2012 9/24/12
9/2/12 03:50 Edison NJ Disk Less then 30 second Driving on 287 in Edison NJ, I saw a disk shaped crafter that disappeared after a moment. 9/24/12
9/2/12 01:20 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
Disk 40 minutes Off the balcony of our hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, my fiancé and myself observed 4 bright orange lights. Others appeared, too. 9/24/12
9/1/12 21:40 Whiteland IN Disk 10 minutes Red / orange craft travelling north / northwest in Whiteland IN. 9/24/12
9/1/12 Wildwood Crest NJ Disk 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) I lost power in my apt. and started to feel almost like the sensation or feeling of energy.((NUFORC Note: Date is flawed.)) 2/4/13
8/31/12 06:40 Houston TX Disk 20 minutes UFO spotted in Houston 9/24/12
8/30/12 18:39 El Cerrito CA Disk 5 minutes This aircraft was making maneuvers that are not physically possible by any known aircraft in all the militaries of the world. 9/24/12
8/29/12 21:30 Imperial CA Disk 35 seconds Amber cigar shaped object with segmented light in zig zag pattern, reappearing 3 miles away in a giant ferris wheel shaped object. 9/24/12
8/29/12 20:00 Huntington Beach CA Disk more than 1 hour Ufo in Southern California sky with very distinct saucer shape, moved from East to West and Eventually disappeared over the ocean. 9/24/12
8/29/12 18:38 Georgetown (Guyana)
Bright bluish flying saucer sighted over Georgetown, Guyana ( South America ) 9/24/12
8/28/12 02:30 Tulsa OK Disk 1-2 hours Three stationary multi-colored lights in triangle formation over Tulsa, Ok 9/24/12
8/24/12 20:00 Sacramento CA Disk 5 minutes Video footage of a disk like object in the Sacramento night sky. 9/24/12
8/24/12 13:00 Manchester (near) VT Disk ~5 minutes Disk Shaped UFO Near VT Swamp 7/3/13
8/24/12 10:25 Carolina (South Africa)
Disk 2 seconds On video one craft .. On amateur rocket launch .. 1 min and 29 seconds after rocket was launch,UFO appear for split second . it look di 11/19/12
8/22/12 05:20 Greenfield IN Disk 15 minutes 3 UFOs seen near interstate I70 and Mt Comfort Airport. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect planets in the E sky. PD)) 9/24/12
8/22/12 04:00 Hondo (Canada) AB Disk 4 seconds Symmetrical. 5/15/13
8/21/12 23:00 Yakima WA Disk 30 -40 seconds In total five objects in flight four small possibly air plain size other one large seemed to hover with flashing lights 9/24/12
8/21/12 20:50 Ypsilanti MI Disk 1-2 minutes 6 bright yellowish orange objects sighted, 4 disks, 1 rectangular box, and 1 line increasing in size downward,then vanished. 9/24/12
8/18/12 00:00 Gladwin MI Disk night sky Around 11'30 at night i had my dad pick me up from work. He said he had seen some bright blinking red things in the sky. When we got h 9/24/12
8/16/12 21:00 Monrovia CA Disk 3-5 minutes It was round outline in red with lights in center and a glow aroung the object. 8/19/12
8/16/12 18:20 Seaside Heights NJ Disk 2 minutes My wife, son, sister and her two kids were watching a movie on the beach in Seaside Heights, NJ with at least 25 other people when my w 8/19/12
8/15/12 15:00 Benfleet (Thames Estuary) (UK/England)
Disk 15 minutes Saucer somewhere above the Thames Estuary. 10/30/12
8/13/12 04:49 Surprise AZ Disk few seconds UFO enters atmosphere, turns into fireball, exits fireball. 9/24/12
8/12/12 22:20 Bardstown KY Disk About 6 to 10 seconds Yellow glowing saucer in Kentucky. 8/19/12
8/12/12 01:58 Beaverton OR Disk 10 seconds Near invisible saucer cruising through the night sky 8/19/12
8/8/12 11:25 Elizabeth NJ Disk 5-10 minutes It was a sauser shape object which was flying over Elizabeth very slowly and made no noise whatsoever it was very low and it had many m 8/19/12
8/8/12 03:00 Spokane WA Disk
A round like saucer shape, with 3 bright lights orbiting over spokane, washington at 3 in the morning. 8/19/12
8/7/12 22:00 Lapeer MI Disk 2 minutes Bright orange ball over Lapeer, MI. 8/19/12
8/7/12 21:10 Goleta CA Disk 4 minutes Bright orange sphere seen over El Capitan State Beach 8/7/12 8/19/12
8/3/12 03:30 Eaton Rapids MI Disk 3-5 min Shimmering craft over river. 8/19/12
8/2/12 23:18 Van Horne IA Disk 2 minutes Disk-shaped object seen above treeline 8/5/12
8/2/12 15:00 Walker MN Disk 1 minute Shiny object on a clear sunny day too far to i.d. 8/19/12
8/2/12 03:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Disk 30 seconds Saucer shaped ufo with 7 or 8 very bright lights seen south of Lake Havasu City, AZ 8/5/12
7/31/12 23:00 Montgomery TX Disk 2 hours Strange object/craft on moon surface 8/19/12
7/31/12 10:15 Salem OR Disk 1 minute White to red constant one light, to black saucer. 8/5/12
7/26/12 20:50 Gatineau (Canada) QC Disk 3 minutes I'm sorry i do not no how to use a computer properly. Howerver i just took 3 pictures of a ufo.i can only hope that you accept my repor 8/5/12
7/26/12 00:14 Elkins AR Disk 3-5 minutes I saw saucer like shapes with red and orange flashing lights. 8/5/12
7/25/12 20:20 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Disk 2 minutes Flying Saucer in Democratic Republic of the Congo 8/5/12
7/23/12 04:00 Morristown TN Disk
Disks with white and red flashing lights 8/5/12
7/20/12 23:24 St. Louis MO Disk
Blue whote lights rotating sometimes stays still. 8/5/12
7/20/12 22:01 Wyandotte MI Disk 10 minugdx Orange fire disks over Wyandotte, Michigan 8/19/12
7/20/12 19:00 Plumas National Forest CA Disk seconds UFO? Plumas National Forest. 8/5/12
7/18/12 22:00 Orem UT Disk 10 minutes A disk with a changing green or blue glow was circling around, wandering around the sky appearing to check things out. Moved very quick 8/5/12
7/16/12 07:30 Clearwater FL Disk 2 minutes Saucer seen on Causeway 8/5/12
7/14/12 23:55 Bitola (Macedonia)
Disk 10 minutes FLYING SAUCER RIGHT ABOVE ME !!!! 8/5/12
7/14/12 22:40 Bethany Beach DE Disk 22:35 - 22:37 Yellow lighted large disk soundless over Bethany Beach De 8/5/12
7/14/12 22:00 Seaside OR Disk 10 minutes Reddish-gold object seen in Seaside, Oregon on July 14, 2012. 8/5/12
7/12/12 21:45 Pismo Beach CA Disk <1 minute Dark Silver Sphere Hovering Above the Street With red and green lights. 8/5/12
7/9/12 16:00 Jackson MI Disk 5 seconds Millenial Falcon-like craft enters cumulus cloud in broad daylight in Jackson, MI on July 9, 2012. 1/10/14
7/9/12 13:00 Kearneysville WV Disk 5 minutes Silver colored saucer with dark trim around the bottom and top/middle. 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:20 Pasadena CA Disk approx. 1 minute A disk shaped object hovering in one spot over Pasadena, CA while da lit up bottom of object was circling while top of it wasn't moving 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:20 Pasadena CA Disk approx. 1 minute A disk shaped ufo with several lights and one single light on top hovering over Pasadena, CA 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:11 Louisville KY Disk 30 seconds Glowing orange ball traveled across the sky in Fern Creek area 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:00 Elizabeth City NC Disk 8 seconds Light-colored disc-shaped object enveleloped by reddish glow hovers slowly over houses then disappears 8/5/12
7/4/12 21:30 New Castle PA Disk 30 minutes Orange disk-shaped objects that fly under the clouds without sound. 8/5/12
7/4/12 20:30 New Rochelle NY Disk 3-5 minutes Noticed 1 extremely bright solid light moving low in the sky from the west heading out east with a huge reddish orange solid bright lig 8/5/12
7/4/12 00:10 Lacey WA Disk 30 minutes Reddish Orange Spheres seen by several people leaving a 4th of July party in Washington state 8/5/12
7/1/12 04:30 Denver CO Disk currently stil there 5:18 three bright objects at a stand still east of denver! one medium object at stand still! second object below the top one! but way more 7/4/12
7/1/12 Cincinnati OH Disk 15 to 20 minutes I, and a friend, and her date were outside and noticed a strange orange light in the sky. At first glance we thought it was a star. But 8/5/12
6/30/12 21:30 Jamestown PA Disk 90 seconds Orange Orb/Disc over Pymatuming Lake 7/4/12
6/30/12 17:00 Anacortes WA Disk 1 minute Daytime UFO in Anacortes, WA 8/5/12
6/30/12 13:50 Ada OK Disk 2 - 3 minutes White, disk shaped object above Ada, OK. 7/4/12
6/28/12 22:00 Thousand Oaks CA Disk 4 minutes then flew over Saucer with rotating lights on bottom flying over 101 Hwy Newbury Park, California. 8/5/12
6/28/12 12:00 Las Vegas NV Disk 1 hour disc shaped flying object with 2 person in 7/4/12
6/27/12 18:00 San Leandro CA Disk 15 minutes Two flat disk shaped long objects hovering in sky 10/30/12
6/25/12 10:30 Paris AR Disk 3 minutes Bright light and gray aircraft flying low and quietly on a summer night. 7/4/12
6/25/12 01:35 Umeå (Sweden)
Disk unknown UFO sighting Sweden Umeå 7/4/12
6/24/12 03:15 Bolivar MO Disk 15 minutes Multiple lights and Disc shaped craft spotted south of Bolivar. 7/4/12
6/23/12 21:30 Holly Springs NC Disk 10 seconds I saw a UFO over Holly Springs, NC at 9:30 pm on June 23, 2012 7/4/12
6/23/12 00:00 Rome NY Disk 15 minutes Object appeared to be pulsating and vibrating the lights on the bottom were strobe like and very bright it made no sound . 7/4/12
6/20/12 03:55 Ferry Reach (Bermuda)
Disk ? Photo of an aircraft approaching landing with two unidentified objects. ((NUFORC Note: We believe that the objects are seagulls. PD) 7/4/12
6/17/12 20:00 Dearborn Heights MI Disk 4 minutes saucer shape,shinny 3/4 size of a 737.and still light out. 7/4/12
6/17/12 10:20 Richmond Heights OH Disk
I was standing on my balcony at about 10:20 pm when I saw a bright light moving slowly. It started moving faster until I couldnt see it 6/20/12
6/16/12 22:30 Las Vegas NV Disk 4 hours Numerous objects flashing lights hovering for hours. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star, we suspect. PD)) 6/20/12
6/16/12 Cochin (India)
Disk 30 minutes UFO's in cochin city , India 7/4/12
6/14/12 01:00 Oxon Hill MD Disk 1 hour UFO SIGHTING CLOSE UP IN DMV AREA ON STREET 6/14/12
6/12/12 22:00 Bend OR Disk 1 hour 5 people witness ufo siteing. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a sighting of Vega in the northwest sky. PD)) 6/14/12
6/11/12 20:00 Oroville WA Disk 15 seconds Saucer shaped object heading north over Oroville Wa. 6/14/12
6/11/12 19:45 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 15 seconds Disc shaped object was flying rotating along the longitudinal axis 6/14/12
6/9/12 23:15 Frederica DE Disk 5-6 seconds Yellowish-Gold falling star, that stopped, changed colors and vanished. 6/14/12
6/9/12 21:00 Rio Rancho NM Disk unk Three disk appear in a photograph taken at a party with over 30 people. 6/14/12
6/7/12 22:53 Marshfield MO Disk 1 minute Ufo on 18 wheeler. ((NUFORC Note: Probably the U. S. Navy UAC, the X-47B, being transported to the Washington, D.C., area. PD)) 6/14/12
6/7/12 17:15 Camarillo CA Disk 15-30 seconds Silver disc hovers high over rush hour traffic then speeds off over Pacific Ocean. 6/8/12
6/5/12 13:10 Janesville CA Disk 5-6 min. appx One matalic disk huvering in the sky over the mountin for a few Min. then speeding north at a very high rate of speed into the clouds. 6/14/12
6/4/12 16:00 Bucharest (Romania)
Disk 2 minutes Hello, I wish to submit an ufo report to you. I send this to you now because i did not know about your site until now(thank you Coast t 8/5/12
6/3/12 00:00 Harwichport MA Disk night Saucer and light seen out window. 6/5/12
6/2/12 01:00 Rockvale TN Disk 60 seconds I looked up at the the sky above me and saw a silver disc shaped object hover above me and then take off 6/14/12
5/27/12 22:00 Thornton NH Disk 2 minutes May 27, 2012 Bright red light(s) hovering in the sky...Thornton, NH 5/29/12
5/23/12 23:15 Ypsilanti MI Disk 3-5 minutes One large craft flying from west to northeast over Ypsilanti MI; large, with blinking/flashing lights (red and white) 5/29/12
5/23/12 13:30 Tunapuna (Trinidad/Tobago) WI Disk 15-20mins Clear sky, metallic looking,spinning gliding disc,fast unnatural movements,recurrent in area 9/24/12
5/22/12 22:00 Holladay UT Disk 6 minutes 6x saucers, bright amber colored, flying in formation, no sound at all. 9/5/14
5/22/12 16:40 Swansea (UK/England)
Disk 1min Disk shaped craft seen moving silently from south west to the south east reflecting sunlight from the top of the craft. 5/29/12
5/22/12 13:00 Chico CA Disk 1/1000 second? Cloaking of some type, its either Black Ops alive and well or it is Extraterrestrial in origin. 5/29/12
5/20/12 04:30 Waiparous (Canada) AB Disk 5 minutes Streaking white lights appearing and falling downward, then travelling across at low altitude 5/29/12
5/19/12 09:00 Sumter SC Disk 45 seconds 2 big saucer disc with light bulbs around the outside moving colors. 5/29/12
5/18/12 21:30 Rockford IL Disk 10 seconds Burning disc observed over Rockford, IL 5/29/12
5/18/12 Bayshore NY Disk
Bayshore ufo 2nd time seen 5/29/12
5/14/12 00:45 Louisville KY Disk 10 minutes Brightly lit object flys slowly over treeline and vanishes 5/29/12
5/12/12 08:00 Devine TX Disk 45 seconds Greyish dark spot hovering in the sky on a clear day. 4/12/13
5/11/12 22:40 Brisbane (Australia)
Disk 30 seconds BRISBANE object sighted 11 May 2012 5/13/12
5/8/12 23:00 Fort Worth TX Disk 10 minutes Huge UFO over Fort Worth may 8, 2012 5/13/12
5/6/12 23:55 Chatham IL Disk 4 minutes 11:55 pm over chatham 2 amber lights and a blue sphere 10/30/12
5/6/12 23:39 Waterbury CT Disk 15 miuts What's flying over the Clock Tower in Waterbury? 5/13/12
5/5/12 23:00 Marshall NC Disk 10 minutes UFO orbiting supermoon? 5/13/12
5/1/12 04:00 Sumter SC Disk 40 seconds ((HOAX??)) 2 UFO Sumter South Carolina, May 1st 2012 5/13/12
4/29/12 02:00 Jacksonville FL Disk 2:00 Disc shaped saucer seen inside a glowing orange ball of light in Jacksonville, florida. 5/13/12
4/26/12 07:35 Pella IA Disk 12 seconds Ultra-sonic disk 5/13/12
4/24/12 20:55 Gulfport MS Disk 25 minutes Green/Yellow Disc object fying around the gulfcoast towards the open water. 5/13/12
4/21/12 12:40 Seattle WA Disk 1 second Flying saucer over I-5 in North Seattle. 11/19/12
4/20/12 20:30 Maffra (Australia)
Disk 5 minutes Large bright orange light 5/15/13
4/17/12 23:30 Buckhorn NM Disk 1.5 hours Bright flashing object near Buckhorn, NM. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star or planet. PD)) 5/13/12
4/17/12 22:50 Pompano Beach FL Disk 5-8 min. A definite aircraft shaped like a flat top straw hat with lights 4/18/12
4/16/12 18:00 Oakland CA Disk 5 minutes Floating flat disc seen in Oakland, CA. 5/13/12
4/9/12 21:00 Elkridge MD Disk 70 minutes Five bright lights seen over elkridge, md. two of them seen through binoculars in great detail 4/18/12
4/8/12 21:30 Rosemount MN Disk 2 minutes Seen UFO when getting a little air. 4/18/12
4/8/12 10:56 Griswold CT Disk 90 seconds UFO in Griswold Connecticut 4/18/12
4/8/12 01:30 Kansas City MO Disk 3 seconds 4/8/12 bronze disc running over Kansas City 4/18/12
4/7/12 22:15 Hope ID Disk 1 hour Observed two Puslsating Red Craft moving and hovering over a lake for the better part of an hour 8/5/12
4/4/12 23:00 Norwalk OH Disk 5 minutes It was just sitting over a house with yellow red blue green flashing lights all going different speeds we stopped and watched for about 4/18/12
4/4/12 17:38 Albuquerque NM Disk 6 minutes One craft at altitude that remained stationary for length on observation. It appeared to be lower than commercial air traffic, because 4/18/12
4/3/12 23:15 Clinton CT Disk 12 minutes Bright hoovering light , that became brighter and had rays coming out of either side. 4/18/12
4/2/12 19:00 Lloydminster (Canada) SK Disk 3-4 hours Foreign Disk shaped object flying about in the sky, moving different directions and a ring around it. 4/18/12
4/1/12 12:00 Orlando FL Disk 60 seconds UFO over highway in Orlando, Florida, April 1st 2012! 4/18/12
3/23/12 Porterville CA Disk
((HOAX)) They are still here and they are flying and hovering over Porterville and other towns in California. 5/13/12
3/21/12 14:30 Joshua Tree CA Disk 5 minutes Saw what appeared to be a missile launch from Vandenburge AFB. Followed the vapor trail to where it ended east over the 29 Palms Marine 5/13/12
3/21/12 08:08 Surprise AZ Disk 1 seconds UFO recorded in unattended mode with Yukon Night Ranger in daylight from Surprise AZ (NW PHX). Camera was pointed North and at an eleva 5/13/12
3/20/12 22:50 Bradford (Canada) ON Disk 7 minutes ((HOAX??)) Flying Saucer an hour north of TORONTO CANADA 5/13/12
3/20/12 22:45 Northcliff (Johannesburg) (South Africa)
Disk 20min Multiple U.F.O Sighting Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa 10:45pm 21/03/2012 5/13/12
3/20/12 21:00 Northborough MA Disk 4+ hours Strange Craft with Pulsating Lights of Red-Green-Blue Hovering Over Central MA on two Nights ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD)) 5/13/12
3/19/12 20:20 Niskayuna NY Disk 3 minutes Pulsing lights move across the sky 5/13/12
3/19/12 10:27 Irvine CA Disk 7 minutes My employees got me out and looked on the west in the sky there were 9 shining UFO moved from west to east with a zoom speed. It looked 5/13/12
3/18/12 19:50 Hertford (UK/England)
Disk 2 times 3 minutes Red glowing pulsing sphere stopping in flight and hovering over Hertford, England 5/13/12
3/18/12 18:00 Los Angeles CA Disk min 3-18-12 TV show "Voice" Big saucer around the sky scrapers. Wierd Cool, what do you see?? 5/13/12
3/14/12 23:30 Vancouver WA Disk 15-20mins 2 disc objects with circular haze around them, red, blue and white lights on them. 2ft diameter, hovering 50ft off ground. 5/13/12
3/14/12 19:00 Austin TX Disk 3 1/2HRS, TWO BRIGHT WHITE LIIGHTS WAVERING IN THE SKY VERY LOW. ((NUFORC Note: We strongly suspect a sighting of Jupiter and Venus. PD)) 3/16/12
3/14/12 15:25 Auckland (New Zealand)
Disk around 5 SecondsDS A saucer shaped object hovering in the distance got my attention, I captured the following image of it over West Auckland New Zealand. 5/13/12
3/10/12 19:14 Hendersonville TN Disk 1 minute UFO spotted in Hendersonville, TN 3/13/12
3/10/12 02:00 Yuma AZ Disk ~10 minutes Saw a hub-cab-shaped disc at 2AM 10 Mar 2012, hovering over corner of 4th Ave & 27th St in Yuma, AZ 7/22/13
3/7/12 23:20 New York NY Disk 20min Two UFO sightings while looking at and from the Statue Of Liberty. 3/13/12
3/7/12 21:14 Greenlawn NY Disk 2 minutes Spherical rotating disk with lights 3/13/12
3/1/12 04:26 Greensburg IN Disk 30 sec This is the second time I have seen this thing, I need answers, please 3/13/12
2/26/12 19:00 St. Peters MO Disk 5 minutes Photos show strange disk moving across sky 3/13/12
2/26/12 16:38 Ypsilanti MI Disk
Black oval object disappeared in orange mist. 5/29/12
2/23/12 01:01 Hinsdale IL Disk 20 seconds Lower than an airplane could fly, was a silver disk/saucer with orange lights moving very, very slowly across the cloudy dark sky. 3/13/12
2/21/12 20:40 Highwood IL Disk 10 Seconds Flying Disk North of Chicago 3/13/12
2/21/12 09:30 Benton TN Disk 20 seconds Driving down the road we saw a blue light and a object fly over the car. 3/13/12
2/19/12 22:30 Vienna IL Disk 5-10 minutes Bright light that began to dim, it was rotating and flashing orange, yellow and red colors then picked up speed and it was gone. 3/13/12
2/15/12 22:38 Sacramento CA Disk 3 seconds or less The flying object caught my attention because it was so beautifu, it flew so fast the I only saw it for about 3 seconds. 3/13/12
2/12/12 04:30 Metlakatla AK Disk
4 year old son sees and draws flying saucer. ((NUFORC Note: Sincere and credible witness. PD)) 3/13/12
2/5/12 10:00 La-Center WA Disk 60-90 seconds Large Silver like object hovering in sky with no movment then vanished. 2/10/12
2/4/12 17:48 Novato CA Disk 1 min 20 secs At approximately 5:40PM tonight (Friday 2-4-12) I was home with my daughter folding laundry and was about to head upstairs to put the c 2/10/12
2/3/12 21:00 Boskruin (Johannesburg)( South Africa)
Disk 3min Disc shaped craft fly directly overhead 5/13/12
2/2/12 15:00 Port Angeles WA Disk 5 minutes Yellow saucer seen over the water near Port Angeles w a with two photos. ((NUFORC Note: We believe a cloud formation. PD)) 2/10/12
2/1/12 12:00 Hamyang (South Korea)
Disk 30 seconds Korean fighter jet flanked by disc shaped object 7/4/12
1/31/12 11:42 Minneapolis/Duluth MN Disk Minutes A couple driving to the north toward Duluth witness a disc-shaped object cross the road in front of them. 2/10/12
1/30/12 20:00 Gorham ME Disk 3 minutes Disk shaped object with a band of orange and white lights seen with my binoculars! 2/3/12
1/28/12 22:00 Gorham ME Disk 25 SECONDS Bright light flashes in sky follwed by a flying disk in Gorham,Me. 2/3/12
1/27/12 21:10 Lehi UT Disk 30 minutes A floating blue object with a pulsating red light in the center, it was moving slowly horizontally for a while, then it stopped and is 2/3/12
1/27/12 20:45 American Fork UT Disk 5-6 minutes Blue U.F.O. over American Fork Utah. 2/3/12
1/27/12 14:23 Richibucto (Canada) NB Disk 2-3 minutes Low hovering ufo in richibucto, new brunswick, canada 2/3/12
1/25/12 21:00 Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)
Disk 4 to 5 mins Strange craft in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 2/3/12
1/21/12 21:35 Chelan WA Disk 1 min Pinkish/Grayish saucer shaped object over Lake Chelan, Washington 1/24/12
1/19/12 20:45 Cape Coral FL Disk 4 mins Flying disk with red and blue lights/ disapeared in sky like a light balb went out 1/24/12
1/15/12 08:30 Anoka MN Disk 20 seconds Huge and silent 1/24/12
1/11/12 19:00 Sacramento CA Disk 5 mins Sacramento ufo arden mall sighting 01/11/12 1/12/12
1/11/12 13:15 San Antonio TX Disk 8 minutes Disk shaped object broad daylight pursued by jet 1/12/12
1/9/12 22:00 Temecula CA Disk
Photos capture UFOs over Temecula, CA 3/13/12
1/9/12 18:00 Pensacola FL Disk 6 minutes Three red disk shaped lights seen in Pensacola. 1/12/12
1/8/12 00:20 Vellore (India)
Disk more than 30 minutes, sti Twin lights, sometime like a disc, seen by two at 00:20 am in Vellore, South India lasting for more than 30 minutes 1/12/12
1/6/12 20:45 Gilmore City IA Disk 8:00=8:45 Red/blue flashing disc in se sky. about 65 degrees just sitting there. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 1/12/12
1/6/12 19:30 Millwood GA Disk :60 Two objects over millwood georgia . They were lit up with several distinct orange lights. They disappeared with no trace for about ten 4/11/14
1/6/12 18:00 Blanford IN Disk 11/6/12 to now Bigger than Roswell, UFOs have been flying in the day and night sky over Blanford, IN. for 11 months. 11/19/12
1/3/12 21:00 Holts Summit MO Disk 1 minutes 2 sightings same craft as many times previously, one year apart. 1/10/14
1/3/12 12:05 Watsonville CA Disk 5 min Large gray craft in Watsonville, CA. 1/24/12
1/1/12 01:00 Negril (Jamaica)
Disk 20 seconds Round object with single red light in center. 1/12/12
1/1/12 00:15 Anderson CA Disk 45 minutes 11 pulsing lights were seen by 7 witnesses, the lights would go out to become discs. 1/12/12
12/31/11 20:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk 45 seconds Scottsdale 1/12/12
12/29/11 20:10 New Cumberland WV Disk 20:10-0600 At the cloud line height blue and red lighted object zips crazily about inside of a 20 degree area at a 70 degree angle upward facing n 1/12/12
12/25/11 21:05 Sierra Vista AZ Disk continuing There is an object in the sky that we have confirmed cannot be an aircraft because it is hovering. 1/12/12
12/14/11 21:30 St. Louis (S. Co.) (MO)/Collinsville (IL) IL Disk 30 Minutes Military Escort of a UFO 12/17/11
12/14/11 20:00 Phoenix AZ Disk 15-20 mins Many amber colored spheres 12/17/11
12/12/11 01:00 Lakewood CO Disk 4 minutes or so Bright light leveling off in to a bright sphere than headed off than disappearing suddenly. 12/12/11
12/9/11 14:20 Sarasota FL Disk 2 min Sarasota UFO sighting late night, Siesta Drive. 12/12/11
12/5/11 05:45 Laguna Hills CA Disk 15 minutes Green and red lights on craft very high in the sky. 12/12/11
12/4/11 23:32 Palmetto Bay FL Disk 6 minutes My son and I witnesses an luminum oval shape with rectangular blue lights around it, only 10 feet way from our house. 12/12/11
12/3/11 02:30 Mojave CA Disk 2 mins UFO Transported from Edwards Base to Area 51 12/12/11
12/2/11 21:20 LaGrange GA Disk 00:10 CENTRAL GA: 2 bright lights fly very low toward truck in driveway. Then hover over pasture. 12/12/11
12/2/11 21:00 LaGrange GA Disk 00:10:00 UFO sighting in LaGrange, GA. Bright lights hovering very low to ground, and house. 12/12/11
12/1/11 15:30 Durham NC Disk 30 sec Daylight sighting ufo with 2-4 spikes on top and haze betwean spikes possably spining object 12/12/11
11/30/11 21:20 Koshkonong MO Disk 5 seconds Light green circular light seen in the sky on highway before moving South and disappearing within 3 seconds without a loss of view. 12/12/11
11/28/11 21:00 Sturgeon Bay WI Disk About half an hour Distant sphere-shaped object in the sky seen moving about in unpredictable and impossible directions over Lake Michigan. 12/12/11
11/27/11 22:43 Madison WI Disk 2-3 sec Disk shaped object came from bright blue and white light in the sky 2/10/12
11/27/11 08:00 Ephrata PA Disk 5 seconds Looked like a saucer, many different flashing lights, made a strange buzzing sound and seemed extremely close to my house. 12/12/11
11/26/11 20:45 Santa Barbara CA Disk 10 mins One Round circular pale orange object rising almost vertically to the South,then over us heading North. 12/12/11
11/25/11 17:00 Amed
Disk 15 minutes Silent ufo hanging over the ocean bali 12/12/11
11/20/11 03:20 Sedro Woolley WA Disk 15 minutes UFO's over Skagit County, Washington - Summer 2010/November 2011 12/12/11
11/17/11 18:38 Ekron KY Disk 30 min 11-17-11 Ekron, KY, disc, 30 minutes, yellowish, posted 11-18-11 12/12/11
11/17/11 15:30 Knoxville TN Disk about 1 minute Sighting of a saucer in broad daylight in Knoxville, TN. 12/12/11
11/13/11 21:45 Crandall TX Disk 30 seconds A glowing green oval-disk shaped object appeared in the sky. 12/12/11
11/11/11 23:15 Osceola AR Disk 30 - 60 seconds Multiple lights and saucer at Missouri and Arkansas border. 1/24/12
11/11/11 21:11 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Disk 6 to 7 minutes About a dozen of very bright strange objects witnessed over Western side of Kathmandu's Sky on 11/11/2011,9:11 PM. ((HOAX??)) 12/17/11
11/9/11 23:00 Umatilla FL Disk Ongoing Disk shaped object emitting lights in eastern direction. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, located below Orion. PD)) 12/12/11
11/7/11 08:58 Columbus OH Disk 15 seconds low flying Silver disk ufo sighted in central ohio. Seen in broad daylight then became invisible 12/12/11
11/7/11 Yukon OK Disk 2 min ufo seen in night sky with movment like nothing man made 12/12/11
11/6/11 14:00 Orchard Park NY Disk 3 seconds 2 Unexplainable luminous or reflective objects filmed by chemtrails 12/12/11
11/5/11 11:00 Otterville (Canada) ON Disk 30 min On our rd on sbend. Hovering above woods. Was saucer approx 20 ft diameter. My boy and my mom seen it. They stopped and it just went in 12/12/11
11/2/11 01:30 Manchester TN Disk 10 mins red and blue disk hover over hunters in east tenn. 12/12/11
11/1/11 07:30 Pasadena TX Disk 1 minute Disc/dome shape object shifted quickly side to side then disappeared. 12/12/11
11/1/11 04:51 Wadsworth IL Disk 1 hour Flying saucer in the night sky moving around in the area. 12/12/11
10/29/11 10:30 Wrightwood CA Disk 20 minq My mother and father called my boyfriend ans I up to the deck when we arrived we saw a bright spot over the mountains as we watched fla 12/12/11
10/26/11 12:00 Malibu CA Disk 10 UFO - Photo Of A Fast Moving Object In The Sky Of Malibu Beach PCH CA. On 10-26-11 12 00 Am.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
10/24/11 19:28 Lévis (Canada) QC Disk 2 minute ovin immense lumineux et très proche 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 10/25/11
10/23/11 19:30 Lambertville NJ Disk 2 minutes Unknown flying craft seen over West Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ Oct 23,2011 7:30pm. 10/25/11
10/23/11 13:30 Creve Coeur MO Disk 2-3 min's Shiny saucer shaped object hovering near Creve Coeur Lake. 10/25/11
10/20/11 00:00 Katy TX Disk hours bright light and 2 flying saucers over Katy Texas 10/25/11
10/19/11 18:45 Las Vegas NV Disk 10-15 minutes Numerous small disks flying towards north towards Sheep Range, seen from the desert just north of Decatur. Event lasted 12 minutes. 10/25/11
10/18/11 00:00 Katy TX Disk 3 hr Nightly sightings of bright light and two saucers over Katy Texas 10/25/11
10/18/11 22:15 Bothell WA Disk 8 minutes I saw what appeared to be a flying saucer that glided over and past my car on my my way home from work at night. 10/25/11
10/18/11 19:00 Country Club Hills IL Disk 10 minutes A saucer seen by 3 peole hat wen very slow,. 10/19/11
10/17/11 19:45 New Lenox IL Disk 3 minutes Two witnesses watch 30ft disc fall from high altitude in seconds, change axis, stop 30ft over highway, pass slowly and silently between 6/20/12
10/16/11 11:40 Gainesville GA Disk 30 minutes Disk or saucer shaped craft with amazing bright lights on it which lit up the sky and the side of my home in Georgia. 10/25/11
10/15/11 16:45 Holts Summit MO Disk 3 minutes 5th incident same craft. 1/10/14
10/15/11 13:30 Maplewood, MN Disk second It was a windy, sunshiny day, wisps of clouds, all sizes. I had been to Costco in Maplewood, MN.

Leaving Highway 61, I was on the r
10/12/11 20:00 St. George UT Disk about 7 seconds I saw a hovering metallic grey saucer shaped disk hovering over the South Gate Golf course 10/19/11
10/10/11 15:00 Groton CT Disk Less than 5 seconds Small shiny object seen in sky while driving on clear day, looked back for a 3rd time and it was gone. 10/10/11
10/9/11 19:30 Murfreesboro TN Disk 4 minutes 30 bright lights seen moving in formation in Murfreesboro, TN. 10/10/11
10/9/11 18:15 Waukesha WI Disk <1 minute Half-moon disc with orange light 10/10/11
10/8/11 19:07 Kennewick WA Disk 20 minutes I looked up to the sky at about 7:07 pm tonight. I saw 2 very bright orange glowing lights in the sky south east. Left of the moon. I s 10/10/11
10/8/11 19:00 Kennewick WA Disk 25 minutes At 7pm tonight I saw an orange and very bright ball of light appear in the south east sky. It was followed about 30 seconds apart form 10/10/11
10/6/11 01:00 Stillwater OK Disk 7 mins ((HOAX??)) I came from the Northwest and flew over our building. 10/10/11
10/5/11 13:00 Ottawa (Canada) ON Disk 60 seconds Orange Glowing disc visible over parliament hill, Ottawa, Canada. 10/10/11
10/5/11 04:00 Idaho Falls ID Disk 5-10 minutes Bright neon flashes seen across city along with power outages, and a molten-gold colored disk with smaller disks coming off of it. 11/11/13
9/25/11 17:00 Marion AR Disk 1 min. Disc with amber orbes and cloudy gray craft. 10/10/11
9/24/11 22:30 Davenport FL Disk 1min -2min (total line of Domed Disc in the skies of Davenport, FL 9/24/2011 10/10/11
9/23/11 16:30 Munford TN Disk 1 minute my son was taking picture with his ipad over an old barn we have on our property and when he looked on one of the pictures the image th 10/10/11
9/22/11 22:15 Tempe AZ Disk 10 seconds Green Illuminated disc hovering over Tempe,AZ in front of Aircraft 10/10/11
9/19/11 00:00 Crete IL Disk 25 min 52 yr. old woman saw 6 lights in field in crete illinois. kids with flashlights? 10/10/11
9/18/11 23:30 Athens (Greece)
Disk 4' A bright round shaped disc with a lot of lights blinking. 10/10/11
9/18/11 07:45 Norwood/Boston MA Disk 20 minutes We saw this disk like object floating above the horizon of Norwood Massachusetts. We drove up and parked our car on a hill and watched 10/10/11
9/17/11 21:26 Joshua Tree CA Disk 2 minutes Reddish orange object with white center seen by 4 slowly moving from east to west over Joshua Tree, Ca.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10/10/11
9/17/11 09:50 Bartlett IL Disk 3 minutes Red disk shaped UFO over bartlett Illinois 10/10/11
9/16/11 06:00 West Chester PA Disk 2 min. Large circular shaped craft with bright and consistant pulsing lights on outer perimeter. 10/19/11
9/15/11 22:00 Blackpool (UK/England)
Disk 60 seconds Unidentified Flying Object, Not man made. 10/23/13
9/15/11 17:00 Newark DE Disk 10 minutes Strange cloud changed shapes and became a saucer. 1/24/12
9/15/11 02:20 Konawa OK Disk 20 min Object over konawa 4/18/12
9/14/11 06:45 Ojai CA Disk
UFO siting in Ojai California. Bright Red Disk, and Buddah like immage in the backround 10/10/11
9/10/11 19:45 Seligman (15 miles west of) AZ Disk 15 minutes UFO photos of 9-10-11 at approx. 8pm in the yavapai desert in arizona, usa. 6/2/13
9/7/11 00:22 Heber City UT Disk >3 Minutes 11 lights on unexplained object hovering for several seconds silently close up. 10/10/11
9/4/11 13:40 Fort Flagler WA Disk 1 picture Daylight sighting at Fort Flagler, Washington 10/10/11
9/4/11 01:00 Visalia CA Disk 2.5 hours One main craft with bright rotating lights and orange light crafts flying in and out of and around the main craft. 10/10/11
9/2/11 21:00 Bentonville AR Disk 45min Ufo in the sky at bentonville arkansas 10/10/11
9/2/11 19:00 New Bedford MA Disk 20 minutes Disk-like object floating over new bedford aprox. 300' in air. 10/10/11
9/2/11 15:00 Syracuse NY Disk 5:00-5:30 a color changing object that left a trail of light 10/10/11
9/1/11 22:00 Signal Mountain TN Disk 5 minutes ENORMOUS,Low Flying,SUPER BRIGHT Craft with 4 witnesses 10/10/11
8/29/11 22:00 Lancaster CA Disk 1 minute Multi colored round disk object hovers down toward ground then straight back up FAST 10/10/11
8/28/11 00:35 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Disk 10 seconds 2 UFO's spotted over Amsterdam. 10/10/11
8/27/11 01:30 San Fernando CA Disk 5 minutes Large aircraft hovering very low over San Fernando with red,green and white lights then zoomed off to NW 10/10/11
8/25/11 19:00 Carmichaels PA Disk Brief/A minute or so Bowl shaped stationary object sighted in sky 10/10/11
8/25/11 05:30 Lisbon OH Disk 1 minute, 45 sec. Disk or oval object with ring of multi-colored flashing lights and very bright white light in bottom center. 10/10/11
8/23/11 11:15 Denver CO Disk 2 minutes Denver, Cheeseman Park large ship sighted...disapears within minutes 10/10/11
8/20/11 18:00 Fullerton CA Disk 1 hour Bright silver/white disc seen north of Fullerton, California 8/21/11
8/19/11 22:00 Appleton WI Disk 4 seconds Appleton, Wisconsin UFO Silhouette Descending Towards Downtown. 10/10/11
8/19/11 18:00 Moore SC Disk 5 sec ufo beside plane traveling east in south caroline 8/21/11
8/17/11 22:30 Reno NV Disk 30 sec or less Reno area fast traveling object 8/21/11
8/17/11 12:43 Krvavec Mountain (Slovenia)
I did not notice anything until i was reviewing my photos. I still do not know what that is. Maybe you can help explain it. 7/4/12
8/16/11 22:00 Vancouver WA Disk 10 seconds gray to transparent disc traveling overhead from nnw to sse no sound 8/21/11
8/14/11 20:30 Dixon IL Disk 15-20 secs UFO photo Dixon, Illinois August 14, 2011 8/21/11
8/14/11 20:00 Fort Wayne IN Disk 4 hours 15+ a night flashing nights, streaks thru the night. Ships posing as stars PICS 8/21/11
8/13/11 21:15 Phoenix AZ Disk 15-20 seconds Disk Shaped (Domed Saucer shape, with multicolored, animated lights around rim) 8/21/11
8/12/11 20:40 Twenty Nine Palms CA Disk 4 Min Briliant white ball of light moving from West to East in Desert Southwest. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS?? PD)) 8/21/11
8/12/11 15:00 Emmett ID Disk 6 mins the craft was very shiny 8/21/11
8/12/11 14:13 Puget Sound (aboard ferry boat) WA Disk 5 min snap shoots crossing on ferry to Seattle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection from window, throught which photo was taken. PD)) 8/21/11
8/10/11 13:00 Muncie IN Disk
I found an orange saucer in the street level view of google earth, in Muncie ind. In the sky from a few places 8/21/11
8/10/11 11:24 Washington PA Disk 27 minutes Me and my friend was watching the moon then we saw Three saucers or disks with three lights on it one was white and there were a red an 8/21/11
8/6/11 19:30 Fayetteville NC Disk 10 minutes A shiny fast moving oblong disk was moving through the sky over the moon and then it moved to the west out of sight! 8/21/11
8/3/11 12:31 Alexandria VA Disk 17.5 Mins Epic sighting man.... 8/7/11
7/29/11 01:45 Fulshear TX Disk 2 to 3 seconds Giant neon pink, red and orange saucer appears and disappears instantly in Fulshear, Texas. 8/7/11
7/27/11 01:00 Chesterton IN Disk 2 minutes Plasma shrouded UFO over Chesterton Indiana 8/7/11
7/27/11 00:19 Fort McMurray (Canada) AB Disk 0:19- 0:37 Red and white huvering lights over Fort Mcmurray, Alberta. 8/7/11
7/22/11 23:15 Spokane Valley WA Disk 10 minutes Bright, Strobing Arc-Shaped light hovering over Spokane Valley, MAKING 90 DEGREE TURNS! 8/21/11
7/22/11 23:00 White Mountains NH Disk 2 min Picture of saucers in NH 3/16/12
7/22/11 08:30 Oslo (Norway)
I was watching CNN's reporting of the blast in Oslo, Norway that looks like it was being filemd by someone using a cell phone. Towards 8/7/11
7/22/11 01:00 Oslo (Norway)
Flying saucer on CNN norway footage 8/7/11
7/21/11 22:30 Orlando FL Disk 2 minents Disc object observed at magic kingdom during nightly fireworks display 8/7/11
7/20/11 01:00 Lake Jackson TX Disk all night ((HOAX??)) dices shaped planed with red and blue lights with speeds that are impossible for any man made plane 8/21/11
7/17/11 22:00 Winston-Salem NC Disk 30 seconds huge circular disk with at least 8 bright lights shining under it witnessed by 2 people on the southside of winston-salem, nc. 10/10/11
7/17/11 14:38 Timmins (Canada) ON Disk
On Dec 24, 2011. I was looking at a picture taking in mid summer of 2011 of my wife and her sister swimming in the lake. 1/12/12
7/16/11 23:00 Grand Bend (Canada) ON Disk 20 min 3 orange lights appearing at different times, all doing the exact same thing near Grand Bend, Canada 8/7/11
7/15/11 22:58 West Kelowna (Canada) BC Disk 30 seconds I saw a bright UFO fly past the clouds twice. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 7/17/11
7/15/11 17:00 Kenesaw NE Disk
didn't see when taking pictures-only when downloaded 8/7/11
7/15/11 15:00 West Chester PA Disk 30MINS ((HOAX??)) Clear zoomed images of a UFO; no stars in the sky. 7/17/11
7/14/11 13:00 Humbel TX Disk 5 minutes On a airplane out the window, I have a pic of it and it is a very good one , better then I have ever seen before. 5/13/12
7/13/11 13:00 Coarsegold CA Disk 2 minutes UFO Sighting on the way up to the mountains on a road trip with family 7/17/11
7/12/11 23:10 Fairfield OH Disk 2 Min Saucer with Winged-Shaped Lights 7/17/11
7/12/11 20:00 Praia da Vitoria, Terceira, (Azores; Portugal)
Disk instant Disk shape and sphere shape near US military base (also the only island airport) Tericeira, Azores 7/17/11
7/10/11 15:40 East Los Angeles CA Disk 10 minutes I was outside my home enjoying the summer breeze until a teal colored object in the sky caught my attention. At first I thought it was 7/17/11
7/10/11 00:00 Parkwood in Medway (UK/England)
Disk 59 seconds UFO sighting : Medway Kent, 10.07.2011! 7/17/11
7/8/11 23:00 Dallas TX Disk 10 minutes Bright yellow lights, most of the craft was hidden by the clouds. 7/17/11
7/5/11 05:59 Palm Desert CA Disk I don't know One moving disk in flight while second disk also moving in front of hillside. ((NUFORC Note: Bird with wings folded, we believe. PD)) 7/17/11
7/4/11 23:15 Wolf Point MT Disk 10 Mins Orange red ball of light that flashes orange and red 7/6/11
7/4/11 23:00 Waterbury CT Disk 5 minutes Four yellow/orange lights over Waterbury, CT on 7/04/2011 about 11:00pm 7/6/11
7/4/11 22:38 Saint Joseph MO Disk 20 min Saint Joseph 7/6/11
7/4/11 22:25 Redding CA Disk 4 sec One ship disk shape with symmetrical lights around it zoomed through sky in a and then disappeared. 7/6/11
7/4/11 21:30 Colorado Springs CO Disk 3 minutes The flying objects seem to appear and dissapear without leaving a trail in the long exposure photos. 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:25 Redond Beach CA Disk 3 minutes Fleet of 11 color-flashing craft making formations in the night sky 4/30/15
7/4/11 13:00 Cooks Mills (Welland) (Canada) ON Disk 5 seconds White saucer appears over city and disappears 7/6/11
7/4/11 13:00 Cooks Mills (Welland) (Canada) ON Disk 5 sec Saucer silver & white .with heat wave or something from bottom appears and vanished , day time no clouds in the sky 7/6/11
7/4/11 08:00 Chino CA Disk 2-3min UFO over chino California caught on film... 12/12/11
7/3/11 20:30 Easton PA Disk 4 min L shaped lights moving across the night sky 1/24/12
7/3/11 16:00 Burbank CA Disk 5 min event date 7/03/2011 @ 16:00 hrs duration approx:5 min city of burbank,ca 91505 los angles county 1 witness that i know of but there 8/7/11
7/2/11 21:30 Englewood CO Disk 15 mins I was in my car going south toward my home. I noticed glowing orange disks flying from south to north toward the western sky...there we 7/4/11
7/2/11 17:00 Washington NY Disk 15 minutes I saw 7 metallic disk type hovering above the Washington monument. There were 7 total at one point. Two were on the left side hovering 7/17/11
6/29/11 20:45 Osage Beach MO Disk 14 seconds Bright unidentified object over Osage Beach 7/4/11
6/29/11 04:00 Porterville CA Disk 45 minutes disk shaped object getting brighter and dissapearing also moved a little. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of celestial body? PD)) 7/4/11
6/28/11 22:34 Osage beach MO Disk 3 min. Single slow cruising orb over the grand glaze bridge 7/4/11
6/21/11 20:45 Simi Valley CA Disk 30 mins A circle object with 4 smaller LED looking flashing lights in the inside. 2 lights flashing vertically and other 2 flashing horizontall 6/27/11
6/21/11 18:00 Mexico City (Mexico)
Disk 3 seconds I was lying on the ground looking out the window at the sky and was listening to my iPod , suddenly I started hearing static on it and 6/27/11
6/20/11 18:00 Lafayette CO Disk 1-2 minutes Elliptical shaped grey metal object moved west to east across summer sky around 6 to 7:30 p.m. 8/7/11
6/20/11 12:00 Mt. Vernon WA Disk 5 minuts I seen a u.f.o. while walking my dog as it hovered and flew away and i have seen 3 others scince 8/21/11
6/18/11 23:00 Meaford (Canada) ON Disk 10 Minutes + star emulating craft with multicolored rapid flashing lights - swift movement. 6/20/11
6/17/11 03:15 Yacolt WA Disk 20 minutes Bright moving star-like craft moved across the sky at low altitude wobbling-line course. 6/20/11
6/16/11 23:34 St. Charles MO Disk 8 seconds Small disk, 5 bright blue lights on side, moved fast and smooth. 6/20/11
6/16/11 21:00 Anaheim CA Disk 3 minutes UFO seen flying over Disneyland during fireworks show. 7/4/12
6/15/11 20:19 Georgetown DC Disk 6 seconds metallic disk hovering silent in crowded airspace shoots up out of site leaves smoke cloud 6/20/11
6/14/11 15:00 Rapallo (Italy)
Disk 10 sec. Two clearly visible disc-shaped objects in daylight photograph. 3/13/12
6/13/11 16:00 Durango CO Disk unknown Have photo of clear dome on UFO that I didn't see when taking the photo, only afterwards, and may have captured another craft as well. 6/20/11
6/13/11 01:00 Green Bay WI Disk 15 minute Saw flashing lights in night sky that then appeared as large UFO 4/4/14
6/4/11 12:40 Avon CT Disk 4 seconds 2 disk shaped objects flighting in formation over Connecticut 6/12/11
5/30/11 16:15 Redding CA Disk 1 min UFO in a lighting storm 6/3/11
5/28/11 22:00 New York City (Queens) NY Disk 10-15 Minutes UFO in New York. We have photos and Details, the object was no doubt a UFO. 6/20/11
5/28/11 13:00 Joplin MO Disk 5 sec Bright disk cutting through TV tornado film, seen 06/14/11. 6/20/11
5/26/11 18:55 Gamewell NC Disk 30 seconds I've never seen anything like this. I've emailed a video. No words to describe, sorry. 5/29/11
5/26/11 04:15 Sparks NV Disk ongoing Long slender white object. 5/29/11
5/22/11 20:15 San Antonio TX Disk 3 minutes San Antonio UFO caught on camera. 5/29/11
5/22/11 19:01 El Segundo CA Disk ongoing Sighting off in El Porto (popular surfing area) in El Segundo, CA. 5/29/11
5/21/11 21:00 Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
Disk random photo The bottom of the disc appeared reddish with distinct four bright white bulbs-like lights. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare??? PD)) 6/12/11
5/21/11 05:15 Littleton CO Disk 10 minutes UFO found in background of picture in CO 5/29/11
5/20/11 01:30 Kansas City KS Disk ? Possible abduction, witnessed several hovering discs from the ground. 10/10/11
5/18/11 00:30 Gloucester MA Disk 20 mins Driving on main road, saucer-type craft floating about 500 feet from the ground. Very fast movement upon departure from area seen. 5/29/11
5/15/11 03:50 Lee's Summit MO Disk 1 minute Huge dark grey domed saucer with white lights 5/29/11
5/9/11 09:35 Sacramento CA Disk 1-2 minutes Fast white light in Sacramento sky off of Interstate-5 5/12/11
5/2/11 23:00 Whitwell TN Disk 10 minutes Pale disk. 6/4/14
4/28/11 17:57 Liverpool (Kirkdale) (UK/England)
Disk 5 sec VERY VISIBLE! 5/2/11
4/26/11 00:30 Pacoima/Tujunga CA Disk 3-4 Hours on and off Faint red disc shape seen multiple times in a long span of time, over mountains and dam. 5/2/11
4/25/11 20:00 Carpinteria CA Disk 10 minutes Disc in sky 5/2/11
4/25/11 20:00 Carpinteria CA Disk 10 minutes Silver disc/saucer in sky 5/2/11
4/24/11 15:00 Harrogate (UK/England)
Disk 5 mins ufo's shock family 5/2/11
4/20/11 23:15 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Disk more than ten minutes 6 UFO's hovering erratically over stars in Chilliwack, BC. 5/2/11
4/20/11 01:39 Bishop CA Disk 20 second 2 group of white discs in Bishop California. 12/12/11
4/20/11 00:00 Fredericksburg TX Disk about 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Aliens at Fredricksburg. 5/29/11
4/16/11 05:30 LIttleton CO Disk 2 seconds I witnessed a shadowy disk in the afternoon sky and also have a photo of a the disk in early morning. 8/7/11
4/15/11 19:30 Vandergrift PA Disk 30 sec. Definate ufo sighting in vandergrift, pa 5/2/11
4/15/11 Haverfordwest (UK/Wales)
Disk Unknown UFO spotted in Google Maps image over Wales. 7/4/14
4/14/11 20:00 Richmond VA Disk 1 minute UFO Found in Moon Pictures 5/2/11
4/13/11 03:15 Smryna TN Disk 10 minutes Two Ufo's seen leaving the parking lot and then one hoovering over houses. 5/2/11
4/12/11 18:00 Royce City TX Disk unsure Did not notice until picture downloaded Will send pic when contacted by email 5/2/11
4/1/11 22:15 Garden City SC Disk 2 MIN Bright orange disk shaped objects over Garden City SC. 5/2/11
3/31/11 00:00 Bloomington IL Disk five to ten min. triangular object the disk shaped veiwed in bloomington il 4/3/11
3/30/11 00:00 Floyd IA Disk 30 min Unusual movement of unusually lit craft over Iowa farm field. 4/3/11
3/28/11 23:30 Nashville TN Disk 23 A crazy. Red object appeared spinning around about a football field away very bright loud high pitch noice it hurt my ears 4/3/11
3/28/11 00:05 Pembroke Pines FL Disk 1 minute Red light disappeared behind a cloud then a dark gray round disc descended from cloud hovered above me and flew W. 4/3/11
3/26/11 22:30 Modesto CA Disk 15 min. Disc moving westerly in Modesto CA. 4/3/11
3/25/11 19:00 Holladay UT Disk 15 minutes Straight ahead we noticed a bright amber light hovering low over the city about 3 or 4 blocks away. 4/3/11
3/24/11 20:40 Holt (near) FL Disk 5 minutes The disk hovered only feet above me, the top and bottom of the object non-moving while the middle spun fast like a top- near Holt FL 4/3/11
3/24/11 01:00 St. Charles MO Disk 1min 30sec orange disk two times in one week 4/3/11
3/23/11 21:20 Shawnee OK Disk 4 seconds A large, fast, bright saucer, was flying west in Oklahoma. 4/3/11
3/18/11 05:00 Seattle WA Disk 1-2 minutes Thin white or gray line, like side of disc, with two lights in the middle moving across the early morning sky. 4/3/11
3/16/11 15:20 Downey CA Disk 1 minute (approx) Bright, discoid or shallow cone-shaped object in full daylight. 3/23/11
3/16/11 02:39 Holts Summit MO Disk 1.5 minutes 4th sighting same craft. 1/10/14
3/15/11 00:00 East Moline IL Disk 3 - 5 minutes 2 glowing amber disks fly slowly overhead in different directions. 8/21/11
3/12/11 17:45 Englewood FL Disk 10 min. Sunny South West Florida 3/23/11
3/11/11 21:26 North Platte NE Disk 20-25 seconds Large saucer objects relative to the size of the moon, moving slowly and disappearing. 3/23/11
3/11/11 18:00 Larnca (Cyprus)
Disk 15 MINS I noticed the light which was like a flame. It was not moving and was there for a long time.As I took a photo and I noticed two spaces 5/29/11
3/10/11 07:46 Lake Havasu City AZ Disk 3 Minutes Bright Amber Disk - Travels Across The Desert Sky 3/23/11
3/9/11 03:30 Naples FL Disk 3 hrs 15 mins Sighting at 3.30 AM with 3 bright lights, clear view of large saucer shaped obj at 6.00. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies. PD )) 3/10/11
3/7/11 19:45 Van Nuys CA Disk 3-4 seconds Fast moving lights seen over Van Nuys California 3/10/11
3/7/11 01:00 Sierraville CA Disk 25 minutes me and two friends woke up from a noise and a disk shaped UfO was chasing another disk shaped UfO 3/10/11
3/5/11 21:50 Rockport TX Disk
Strange colorful light spending in the mid-sky. 3/10/11
3/3/11 22:00 Blue Ridge GA Disk about 5 seconds ((HOAX??)) large disk like object emmitting a vast amount of light with five multi-colored lights. 3/10/11
3/2/11 22:15 Carolina (Puerto Rico)
Disk less than one second Saw a ball/oval of bright white light move horizontally into the dark night sky in less than a second; started to cry. 3/10/11
3/1/11 15:30 San Bernardino CA Disk A few seconds It was white, didn't make any noise. I didn't see how it got there. After a few seconds, it jetted up at an angle really quickly. 3/10/11
2/28/11 15:30 West Covina CA Disk 45 mins saw two ufos in west covina heading east orb obeject and a disk shape obeject. 3/10/11
2/25/11 21:00 Bloomfield Hills MI Disk 10 minutes Large disk with bright lights spotted over Metro Detroit 3/10/11
2/21/11 18:48 Omaha NE Disk 2 minutes Bowl or saucer shaped craft in a playground 2/23/11
2/20/11 19:00 Vancouver WA Disk 30 min Bight lighted object hovering for several minutes 2/23/11
2/19/11 02:00 Bloomsbug PA Disk 35 seconds Red flashing object flew directly over our heads at high speeds 2/23/11
2/17/11 21:00 Tampa FL Disk 5-10 seconds Saucer Shaped UFO sighted in night sky 2/23/11
2/16/11 14:00 Fort Smith AR Disk 1 minute Man and his son witness object following high-altitude aircraft in the daytime sky. 2/18/11
2/5/11 17:45 Holts Summit MO Disk 3 minutes 3rd Sighting of same craft. 1/10/14
2/5/11 17:35 Indio CA Disk not sure I was taking pictures of the sunset from my upstairs room. I didn't notice the disks on the picture until later because I uploaded the 2/8/11
2/3/11 20:40 Gilbert AZ Disk second 2/3/2011 Gilbert AZ shaped disc with glowing dim redish light few seconds 2/8/11
1/27/11 09:55 Watsonville CA Disk 4-5 seconds Circular or disc shaped flying object with flashing lights, light in color, silent and leaving instantly. 1/31/11
1/27/11 Lanham MD Disk minute I was taking random pictures while on the bus going around Landover Mall and saw what appears to be a UFO in two of them in the 4:21 PM 1/31/11
1/22/11 20:40 Haymarket VA Disk 2-3 seconds Four very fast red disks in formation over Virginia 1/31/11
1/18/11 05:45 Seattle WA Disk 30 seconds UFO briefly hovers over Seattle, then disappears in a straight upward movement. 1/31/11
1/15/11 16:45 Burbank CA Disk
U.F.Os caught on camera while taking pictures of chemtrails on the evening of Saturday, Jan 15th 2011. 1/31/11
1/14/11 18:00 Holts Summit MO Disk 2 minutes 3rd Sighting of same craft. 1/10/14
1/13/11 22:45 Krum TX Disk 10 min 2 orbs hovering just west of Krum Texas January 13, 2011. Observed at 10:45 PM for about 10 minutes 1/31/11
1/10/11 11:10 Kent (UK/England)
Disk 5 minutes The area it went into a vertical climb was where the USAAF from Nebraska were stationed in WW2. A coincidence but true. 10/10/11
1/6/11 21:40 Lake Elsinore CA Disk 2-3 minutes Three craft arranged in triangle formation that hovered and then dissappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Suspected parachute jumpers. PD)) 1/31/11
1/4/11 19:40 Moultrie GA Disk 10 Minutes Orange, hazy light that was moving very quickly then dissaperd. 1/5/11
1/4/11 18:58 Holts Summit MO Disk 4 minutes Heard it 11-25-10 Saw it 1-4-11. 1/10/14
1/3/11 21:40 Wakefield RI Disk 1.5 seconds A large disc shaped craft entered my field of vision and disappeared before i could observe further details. 1/5/11
1/3/11 17:10 Roosevelt UT Disk 10 to 20 min Glowing disk in night sky 1/5/11
1/2/11 03:32 Moreno Valley CA Disk 49 m I woke up and went in the window of my room, were 3 34 am. I looked sideways and saw something that did not budge. I found it strange a 1/31/11
12/26/10 00:00 Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)
Disk 5 min Two flying saucer type of objects sighted at night by two women in large city in Ukraine near Russian border 1/5/11
12/23/10 20:25 Castro Valley CA Disk 5-10 minutes Saucer flying low with bright flickering lights. 1/31/11
12/22/10 Wilmington DE Disk
it apears to land then take off 1/5/11
12/21/10 22:30 Christchurch (New Zealand)
Disk 5-10 mins two UFOs seen in south new brighton new zealand 1/5/11
12/20/10 12:00 Kahului HI Disk 20 mins but what was funny is that it beamed a light upwards.For about 15 mins everyone was trying to take a pix and no ones camera worked.Some 1/5/11
12/19/10 20:18 Kahului HI Disk 20 minutes it beamed a light upwards. For about 15 minutes everyone was trying to take a picture and no ones camera worked. Some people thought it 1/5/11
12/18/10 22:00 Oakland Park FL Disk one hour 67 red orange lights seen moving west to east one triangle all ojects dissappeared going strait up 1/5/11
12/18/10 00:00 Bogata TX Disk 6 minutes it was right above the tree line 1/5/11
12/17/10 18:15 Buffalo WY Disk 3 seconds Black dinner plate size crab like object that moved on the ground. 1/5/11
12/16/10 11:40 Sparks NV Disk 2 mins Looking out of the window of my house I saw a flying disc. It was white on top and metallic on the bottom. There was just one. It was t 1/5/11
12/14/10 15:00 Kalaloch area (Burl forest) WA Disk 2 minutes Disc flying in the Burl Forest area on 101 1/5/11
12/13/10 01:16 Fruitland (Nenahnezad Chapter House) NM Disk
Muliple blinking light over Nenahnezad Chapter House far below the san juan river 1/5/11
12/10/10 11:00 Lafayette CO Disk 10 seconds Saw a slow moving craft traveling North to South which had 3 lights (or highly reflective surfaces), 1 on top and 2 below. Had ridges 1/5/11
12/10/10 08:20 Houston TX Disk 5 minutes I was driving to work during the day and saw a shiny flying object, that camoflaged with the sky and disappeared instantly. 1/5/11
12/10/10 06:30 Nashville TN Disk 10 mins craft seen over old hickory dam holding a quarter at arms lenth object was 3 times the size of the quarter beams seen coming from the n 1/5/11
12/10/10 06:00 Roanoke VA Disk 3 minutes I was driving home from work and i took a shortcut on a country road and went about 5 miles down but it turned into a dead end. After t 1/5/11
12/10/10 05:45 Richmond VA Disk 2 minutes it was a bluish orb traveling west at a very fast rate of speed. It was about as large as a small SUV. Im almost positive it was a UFO 1/5/11
12/8/10 17:30 Smiths Falls (Canada) ON Disk 5 min Bright light traveling faster then an airplane across the sky with a shape. 1/5/11
12/8/10 00:00 Fredericton (Canada) NB Disk 1 hr ((HOAX??)) multiple object sightings 7/4/11
12/4/10 15:00 Yokohama (Japan)
Disk 30 minutes At the beginning, more than 50 flying objects had been making a formation of Heart-shape figure above an arena, and then scattered and 1/5/11
12/2/10 17:45 Ridgecrest CA Disk 5 min It looked to be a very large craft. 1/5/11
11/25/10 20:20 San Francisco CA Disk 3 seconds Thanksgiving night, 2 UFOS move fast over SF and caught on tape. 1/5/11
11/22/10 18:15 Elkton VA Disk 4 Minutes Multiple lighted unexplained aircraft hovering above the sky in rapid movements 1/5/11
11/22/10 04:00 Haleiwa HI Disk 1 hour a bright star flashing red and blue 1/5/11
11/21/10 17:51 Bailey CO Disk ? we are watching the crafts for hours, they stayed in the same place, then disappeared. 1/5/11
11/21/10 11:00 Scottsdale AZ Disk 15 seconds I was at home on the patio that was facing south, I looked up and saw a dark object in the sky. I thought it was a helicopter but it wa 1/5/11
11/20/10 17:00 Averill Park NY Disk 10 seconds Low to the ground... all black around the UFO in a saucer shape going slow then it sped up and it was gone. Had about 8 lights around 11/21/10
11/17/10 18:15 Moncks Corner SC Disk One minute Witness #2: UFO flying over Moncks Corner, SC, 5 or 6 lights on side and had red lights on bottom. 11/21/10
11/17/10 00:24 Middle River MD Disk 6 minutes I saw a ufo behind my neighbors house on the ground. 11/21/10
11/16/10 07:30 Hayward CA Disk 5+ minutes I was walking my dogs in the morning and on my way back I saw like a disc object floating in the air. It was like leaning side to side 11/21/10
11/15/10 10:42 Tampico (Mexico)
Disk Instantly (accidentally p UFO picture taken over the Tamesi River in Tampico, Mexico 1/31/11
11/12/10 00:45 Galloway OH Disk 3 MINUTES Disc shaped object sitting on top orange pulsating ball of light, and flickering image of itself next to it. 1/5/11
11/12/10 00:45 Galloway OH Disk 3 MINUTES attempting to resend video from prior report 1/5/11
11/11/10 01:00 Folsom CA Disk 10 minutes Bright lght with glowing red lights top and bottom changing speed and direction over Folsom 11/21/10
11/10/10 19:40 Montville CT Disk 20 mins a huge disk shaped object that covered half the sky 11/21/10
11/10/10 15:00 Front Royal VA Disk 30 minutes silver disk hovers above in VA country section of RT 66 then dispears 11/21/10
11/10/10 12:00 Atlantic Beach FL Disk 30 seconds I saw a bizzare disk or wheel type craft in broad daylight in Atlantic beach, FL. 8/5/12
11/9/10 17:00 Saginaw MI Disk 15 minutes Blimp-like object, then missile-like object, then 3 transparent saucer-shaped objects. 1/5/11
11/8/10 18:25 Indianapolis IN Disk three minutes Saucer seen on W. Michigan Street and Porto Alegre 11/21/10
11/8/10 10:44 Huntington Beach CA Disk 10 min 2 disks seen and pics taking over the ocean in hb the day before the supposed missile over ca pacific ocean ! 11/21/10
11/5/10 18:10 Sullivan IL Disk 5 mins 3 disc shaped objects 11/21/10
11/4/10 17:07 Miamisburg/Centerville OH Disk 8 minutes I was on my way from Cincinnati to Kettering on Interstate 75 going north and I was about 2 to 3 miles south of the exit onto Interstat 3/10/11
11/4/10 00:00 Billings-Lockwood MT Disk 2 min It was metalic in color, with 4 bright spot lights, in a cross shape with a bright red light in the center, it was just hoovering. 11/21/10
11/2/10 01:17 Inverness IL Disk 30 minutes Stationary object over with flashing colored lights in center and 4 or 5 dark disks on side of object. 11/21/10
10/31/10 01:25 College Station TX Disk 2 hours Orange glowing crafts seen over College Station, Tx 11/21/10
10/29/10 08:10 Chantilly VA Disk 4 seconds Disk-like glowing craft in Chantilly flying low in stormy clouds in a horizontal pattern 11/21/10
10/27/10 18:20 New Kent County VA Disk 3 min Ojects over the trees on interstate 64 1/5/11
10/22/10 20:00 Atlanta GA Disk continuing Disk shaped aircraft with bubble top illuminated from within, orange pulsing light on underneath, hovering south of I-75 near Atlanta 11/21/10
10/21/10 23:25 San Jose CA Disk 3 minutes UAO over 680 southbound freeway 11/21/10
10/21/10 19:00 Thomson GA Disk half hour i was amazed 11/21/10
10/20/10 23:30 Daniels Park CO Disk 15 minutes bright light slowly zig zagged then flew over and multi colored lights exposed to jet over denver metro 11/21/10
10/20/10 20:30 Wilmington DE Disk 20-30 seconds Circular solid, semi-transparent glowing off-white circular shape zipped through the sky, stopped suddenly without slowing, went up 11/21/10
10/17/10 02:00 Norristown PA Disk 1 hour Pulsating ufo slowly descended and stayed hovering for about an hour, 11/21/10
10/15/10 17:40 Greeley CO Disk 23 minutes One saucer shaped metal object over Greeley, Colorado. 6/2/13
10/15/10 17:00 New York City NY Disk nightly I have been witnessing craft almost every night since the middle of october 2010. These craft are seen on a New York webcam. (wirednewy 2/8/11
10/12/10 20:30 Boston MA Disk 5+ mins. Bright UFO above Boston, Ma 11/21/10
10/10/10 23:30 Anaheim CA Disk 30 UFO over Anaheim CA, near midnight, circular with blue lights. Investigated by mysterous helicopter. 11/21/10
10/10/10 21:00 Kykotsmovi AZ Disk 2 hours We saw what seem to be a space craft in the eastern sky of northern AZ, on 10-10-10. 1/31/11
10/9/10 17:38 Gilbert AZ Disk 8 minutes My father and I witnessed 4 stationary disc shaped objects in the sky for around 6 minutes until they vanished. 11/21/10
10/8/10 21:30 Bath OH Disk 3 minutes I am a pilot and have never seen anything like this in the air or while on the ground. 11/21/10
10/8/10 16:30 Morrisdale PA Disk 5 min 2 silent silver disks one flying east one west pass closely by eachother and continue flying in exact opposite flight paths 11/21/10
10/6/10 20:00 Edgerton KS Disk 1 hr 30 mins UFO sighting night 2. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling stars, we suspect. PD)) 11/21/10
10/5/10 20:00 Edgerton KS Disk 1 Hr 40 Minutes Unidentified Object with flashing lights near Edgerton KS. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the star, Vega, we suspect. PD)) 11/21/10
10/5/10 12:00 Ashville OH Disk 10-20 sec ((HOAX??)) lights in the field. Five craft, of all different size. Lifted from the field, and took off. 11/21/10
10/1/10 12:16 Waxahachie TX Disk 1 second Disk Shaped Object photographed near Waxahachie Texas 11/21/10
9/30/10 21:00 League City TN Disk 15 Seconds U.F.O caught on Camera - Alien or man made..this thing was incredible. 11/21/10
9/30/10 10:37 Plano TX Disk 3-5 minutes Collin County Sighting Plano, TX & Allen, TX 11/21/10
9/26/10 00:00 Chico CA Disk
Flashing Lights Moving In A Circular Motion. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 11/21/10
9/26/10 22:12 Chino CA Disk 2 minutes Round UFO with yellow-orange moving lights traveling east to west and disappeared. 11/21/10
9/26/10 12:00 Eatontown NJ Disk 3 seconds ufo 11/21/10
9/25/10 09:45 Fontana CA Disk 4 min disc shape but molded its shape like a jelly fish,it glowed orange reddish lights it flow up and down hovering for about 6 sec then wen 11/21/10
9/24/10 02:23 Kennedale TX Disk 33 minutes Saucer-shaped obj. w/ rotating red, white and sometimes red lights, moving and hovering for 33 min.((NUFORC Note: Possible star?PD)) 11/21/10
9/23/10 03:00 Fannett TX Disk 20 min. light going around in a big circle 3/10/11
9/22/10 23:00 Los Angeles CA Disk 2 Minutes UFO seen hovering and speeding off. 11/21/10
9/17/10 23:20 Barendracht (Netherlands)
Disk 20 minutes A big Sphere/disk shaped object over shore line that made manouvers a normal airplane could not make it illuminated itself 11/21/10
9/17/10 16:30 Kettering OH Disk 1 minute aluminum-type disk with hump. 3/10/11
9/16/10 20:00 Bouse AZ Disk 15 Red and yellow disk-like object seen in SW sky from Bouse, Arizona. 11/21/10
9/15/10 11:00 Buckner AR Disk
This was a U F O! ((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the witness might have been looking at a "twinkling" star. PD)) 11/21/10
9/14/10 18:29 Tacoma Washington WA Disk About 30 Seconds Disk/Saucer shaped craft obsvered in front of Mont Rainer moving left to right on 9/14/10 in the evening. 11/21/10
9/11/10 22:30 South Yorkshire (UK/England)
Disk 5-10 seconds 3 lights synchrnized darting and changing direction moving as quick as a meteor 11/21/10
9/11/10 02:00 Uvalda GA Disk 15 mins disk over river near power plant 11/21/10
9/10/10 23:30 Midlothian VA Disk 1 hour total saw 3 lighted circular aircrafts with friends then continued to see them as i returned home. 11/21/10
9/9/10 00:31 New York City (Manhattan)