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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/11/20 18:09 Burlington VT Egg 2min Bright light shot up into the sky, very fast and then came to a complete stop and lingered. 12/23/20
11/3/20 21:00 Chicago IL Egg 2 seconds While sitting outside last night, I witnessed a seemingly low-flying egg-like object move incredibly fast through the sky. The view fro 12/23/20
10/21/20 22:00 Mullica hillf NJ Egg 3 minutes Orange triangle object slowly shrinks into ball and disappears 12/23/20
10/17/20 10:00 Newton-in-Cartmel (UK/England)
Egg 5 minutes Whilst driving north on A590 my wife and I observed in distance an egg shaped irregular object apparently still in the air which we est 12/23/20
10/8/20 20:15 Sevierville TN Egg 15 minutes Three lights on an a hovering, egg like object that slowly dimmed before it disappeared. 12/23/20
10/5/20 20:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Egg 3 minutes Shape, speed and flight pattern seem to defy normal aircraft 11/5/20
9/30/20 17:08 Edmond OK Egg 30 seconds Silver UFO seen in Edmond suddenly vanished 11/5/20
9/4/20 23:00 Livingston NJ Egg 0.4 seconds I was looking at the sky and saw a white thug whiz bye too close to the ground for a meteor, followed by 2 more 12/23/20
8/12/20 17:30 Boston MA Egg 20 minutes Observed by my associate and I in the southeastern sky from Castle Island Boston, southeast of Logan Airport. It remained completely st 8/20/20
8/7/20 03:00 Klamath Falls OR Egg 5 minutes Cloaked egg shaped ufo with a thin strip of illumination surrounding it at a 45 degree angle, moving at a relatively slow speed. 8/20/20
7/31/20 22:30 Toronto ON Egg 3 seconds An oval light, orange in the centre and fading to yellow/white flew north-west to south-east across the sky. Faster than an airplane, s 8/6/20
7/31/20 15:38 Norwalk CA Egg 2 hours 40 minutes UFOs Norwalk California 8/20/20
7/28/20 17:20 Albuquerque NM Egg 17:20 Date July 28 2020 Time was approx 515-520 pm.

I saw 3 egg looking possible ufos today. I was going south on wyoming between Academy
7/27/20 03:10 Glassboro NJ Egg 1 hour Green and yellow lights in Glassboro, NJ. 7/31/20
7/27/20 03:10 Glassboro NJ Egg 1 hour Seen yellow and green lights 7/31/20
7/24/20 00:00 Waterbury CT Egg 2-3 minutes Egg shape ufo, very bright red lights at a way too fast speed in the sky, started to bounced up and down then side to side in a speed t 7/31/20
7/19/20 20:00 Fairdale WV Egg 3 minutes I glanced up at the sky and noticed a very shiny silver, egg shaped object, moving very slowly like it was gliding. There was no sound 7/23/20
7/12/20 19:30 Astoria NY Egg 1 minutes UFO over Astoria, NY. 7/23/20
7/12/20 Los Angeles CA Egg Current Blue oval shape on top left of the moon. 7/23/20
6/27/20 22:15 Gold beach OR Egg 10 minutes I was caring for my father Who was dying of cancer when I stepped outside of the trailer At my grandmothers home to have a cigarette wi 7/23/20
5/21/20 19:30 Marina Del Rey CA Egg 10 minutes Guess what.

I was outside the coffee bean.. about 30 minutes ago. 1930hrs.. PST.

At maxella and Glencoe, marina Del rey. CA.

5/19/20 22:00 Kingston NY Egg 12 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no data. PD)) 6/25/20
5/19/20 13:45 Philadelphia PA Egg 3 minutes White-gold textured ellipsoid vectors past skyscrapers in daylight 6/25/20
5/10/20 23:00 Cool CA Egg all night Two stationary bright lights slowly changing shape and position, with binoculars: many bright white lights. 6/25/20
4/27/20 23:00 Fayetteville GA Egg 20 minutes Bright object over Atlanta, GA. 6/25/20
4/25/20 23:57 Tucson AZ Egg 6 minutes While letting out dog out my wife came to get me about a strange light in the sky. I went to our backyard and in the southern sky was a 6/25/20
4/7/20 18:00 Warrior AL Egg 10 minutes Miles away,i watched small,fast moving crafts,appear from nothing,some in pairs one flanking the other,move across the horizon.But spac 6/25/20
4/1/20 00:00 Stockton CA Egg
3/23/20 21:30 West Hills CA Egg 3 hours I see an oval shaped Blue light in the night sky above Woodland Hills, California. 5/21/20
3/4/20 21:51 Lashburn (Canada) SK Egg 57 seconds Looking into the night sky when I noticed 7 objects in the sky to the south. 5/1/20
2/28/20 16:02 Holly Springs NC Egg White egg shaped u f o It was egg shaped, flew north then suddenly stopped then flew west then disappeared in thin air . 4/9/20
2/11/20 19:30 San Francisco CA Egg >30 minutes Weird bright and big orb that had large spikes and was larger than a star and higher up than any plane 2/13/20
1/28/20 09:45 Asheville NC Egg 5 seconds dark pill shaped object over the black mountain range 2/7/20
1/26/20 18:15 Kenai AK Egg 2 minutes Bright Red and Orange Egg shaped crafts flying about 500 feet, 6 in a row, no sound whatsoever, lights not blinking. 1/31/20
1/22/20 17:45 Warren RI Egg 19:00 Upside down egg shaped glowing object with blue whispy tail and red blinking orbs. 2/7/20
1/11/20 04:30 Garretson SD Egg 30 seconds White seemingly hovering Tic-Tac object Near a plane in the sky Observed for 25 seconds Rapidly accelerated out of visible range in app 2/7/20
1/6/20 21:30 Supply NC Egg 1 minute saw a huge yellow oblong shape ( big as tree) Descending over trees and then it was gone 2/7/20
12/5/19 04:45 Norfolk VA Egg 15 seconds Bright Object in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/19/19
11/23/19 05:00 Pinetop AZ Egg 1 hour Over 100 ufo’s traveling along the same flight path in the early morning hours of 11-23-19. . 12/1/19
11/10/19 00:30 Glenpool OK Egg 20 minutes 3-4 lights and/or round-egg shaped craft near Glenpool Ok, multiple times 6/25/20
10/24/19 18:45 Anaheim CA Egg 20-30 seconds Low flying/hovering egg shaped object seen in southern california w/video. 12/1/19
10/12/19 20:19 University Place WA Egg 12 minutes 25-30 white pulsating objects with red glow moving North to South viewed in University Place, WA 12/1/19
10/12/19 18:30 Louisville KY Egg 45 seconds Metallic egg shaped object vanished in front of our eyes! 12/1/19
10/7/19 17:31 Racine WI Egg 4 minutes Multiple Silver disc/egg shapes slowly hovering over coastal Lake Michigan/Racine. 12/1/19
10/5/19 18:00 Hainesport NJ Egg 25 minutes Stationary egg shaped light that began moving after 20 minutes, details seen through binoculars. 12/1/19
10/4/19 20:12 Chesapeake VA Egg 30 seconds Every Friday my husband & I get Chick-fil-A for dinner, but Friday October 4th at 8:12pm something out of the ordinary happened. We do 12/1/19
10/4/19 13:40 Brick NJ Egg 5 seconds Was a very shiny silver egg to round shape Hovered in the same spot then suddenly as we looked at it, it just simply disappeared . 12/1/19
9/30/19 19:00 Lewisville TX Egg time Giant circle with craters shining light in the sky 10/4/19
9/25/19 16:00 Buellton CA Egg 5 minutes Saw two egg shaped oblects flying in opposed directions. A plan flew between them and both disappear. 10/4/19
9/24/19 21:55 Tucson AZ Egg 5 minutes On my way home just passing the casino del sol, I noticed 2 egg shaped lights faded on and off next to each other. Then Maybe like half 10/4/19
9/19/19 09:00 Flagstaff AZ Egg Ongoing Saw like a teardrop whor egg-shaped object just staying. ((anonymous report)) 9/19/19
9/14/19 22:00 Troy IL Egg 2-3 seconds Orange globe caught my eye almost directly overhead but off to the west about 20 degrees. Going NNE about as fast as a helicopter might 9/19/19
9/2/19 15:00 Pikeville NC Egg 2 minutes I casually glanced up in the sky above me and about 100ft i saw a craft shaped like a blimp but was almost clear like it was trying loo 12/1/19
8/31/19 12:20 Lake Oswego OR Egg 30 seconds Noon sighting of multiple fast moving objects 9/6/19
8/31/19 08:00 Alpine WY Egg 1 hour Seen object in sky that looked like a reflection off a airplane...except it was not moving at all like a airplane watched it in a spott 12/1/19
8/22/19 12:00 Albuquerque NM Egg 15 minutes Saw a white egg shaped orb above I-25, in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. 10/4/19
8/19/19 05:00 Ann Arbor (E of; on S HWY 23) MI Egg 3-5 seconds Green Egg gives air show in South Central Michigan 9/6/19
8/11/19 16:30 Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds It was white and very small egg shaped. I was laying in the jacuzzi staring at the sky and it was moving very i was like its no 8/23/19
8/11/19 16:30 Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds I was laying in the jacuzzi and was looking up at the clouds. Im an cardiographic technician or ekg tech so im use to looking at small 8/23/19
7/31/19 21:15 Ararat VA Egg Seconds A huge house size football shaped object appeared out of the cloud. ((MUFON CMS REPORT)) 8/23/19
7/29/19 10:30 Watsonville CA Egg 30 Large hovering black object. 8/23/19
7/24/19 23:00 Plymouth CT Egg 1-2 seconds Bright blue light moved through the sky then disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
7/24/19 22:55 Killingly CT Egg 10 seconds Blue egg shaped object with glowing yellow edges descends through night sky. ((anonymous report)) 7/25/19
7/22/19 20:35 Louisville KY Egg 2 minutes Me my brother my sister and my neighbors were outside we saw a egg shaped tin looking object that had a bright light that looked like s 7/25/19
7/16/19 21:40 Chicago IL Egg ~3 minutes Bullet shaped object burning up falls towards Chicago, then changes directions and shoots away July 16 2019 7/25/19
7/5/19 21:35 Lockhart TX Egg 2 seconds Super fast craft flying low leaving green trail 7/12/19
7/2/19 18:00 Morrisonville NY Egg 15 minutes Silver ufo spotted for second time. 1st in Chazy now in Morrisonville 7/5/19
6/23/19 19:30 Medford OR Egg 30 seconds I noticed a bright white reflective moving object as I got on the freeway. it disappeared and reappeared a couple seconds later further 7/5/19
6/15/19 22:55 St. Paul MN Egg 1 minute Saw a short flash of light and saw a egg-shaped shadow in the middle of the light. ((anonymous report)) 6/20/19
5/31/19 17:00 Wilkes-Barre PA Egg 30 seconds White craft appeared from behind the clouds. It was traveling north and moving very fast. It moved behind the tree line shortly after I 6/7/19
5/25/19 22:30 New Ulm MN Egg 5 minutes Bright, then dim white light...very rapid "leaps" of horizontal and vertical direction. ((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
5/25/19 22:00 New Holland PA Egg 10 seconds I love looking at stars every night when they're very visible. This night I was on back porch,sky was clear.It zoomed past stars at fas 6/27/19
5/18/19 21:20 Fortson GA Egg 1 hour Approx. 9:20 p.m., I walked outside of my garage where I spotted a large, bright circle looking craft above our house. 6/7/19
5/17/19 20:25 Fort Myers FL Egg 1 hour Two kyobjects in the s that are always around me. 6/7/19
5/13/19 16:30 Olive Branch MS Egg 20 minutes Reflecting object in the sky slow moving. ((anonymous report)) 5/14/19
4/26/19 11:00 Tempe AZ Egg 5 second Egg-shaped, and also white, but it wasn't solid white, it looked like a ball of bright, white illuminated cloud light. ((anonymous)) 5/9/19
4/21/19 23:00 Lexington NC Egg Intermittent activity for Hovering Light Over NC. 4/25/19
4/17/19 19:55 North Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds Three Orange-Red egg shaped blurry orbs over North Phoenix changing positions. 4/18/19
3/29/19 07:00 Greenwood SC Egg 4 seconds Small green light moving across the sky that quickly shifted downward towards the ground. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
3/14/19 21:00 Old Bridge NJ Egg 21:00--? Low cloud haze over entire sky, unable to determine exact shape, however the unnatural motion caught my eye 3/15/19
3/12/19 14:00 Portsmouth VA Egg 5 seconds I was laying in bed in my room and i happened to look up and see this oval/egg shaped craft with no wings or tail or chopper blades. I 4/25/19
2/26/19 21:00 Summerville SC Egg 2 seconds Bright green egg-shaped object quickly move across the sky. 2/27/19
2/23/19 19:00 Millinocket ME Egg 30 seconds My husband was getting dropped off at our home,by his father. I was in the car in the driveway when they pulled up. They had talked fo 2/27/19
2/22/19 05:00 Clementon NJ Egg 60 minutes ((HOAX??)) you can do this. 3/21/19
2/18/19 14:40 Charleston SC Egg 2 minutes There a bright egg shape ball it lasted about two minutes. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/19
2/14/19 11:24 Fayetteville AR Egg 3 minutes Blackish grey egg, or oval shaped craft, hovering slowly then vanishing in broad day light. No sounds where heard. 2/14/19
1/1/19 13:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Egg 7 minutes White beam of light scanning me like a book during the day playing tennis with my daughter 4/25/19
1/1/19 00:03 Sarasota FL Egg 5 seconds I was sitting outside with my mother and girlfriend on New Year’s Eve night. My mom kept saying my name and I was ignoring her because 1/24/19
12/23/18 18:00 Corona CA Egg 1 minute Looked up and saw 2 dark shape disc like oval with 4 green lights on each disc being escorted by a loud chopper. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
10/26/18 14:00 Akron OH Egg Several minutes Gray blimp-like object seen in daytime sky and photographed. 11/9/18
9/23/18 08:28 Hollister CA Egg <120 seconds Reddish Orange egg shaped object spotted in or near Northern California/ Central Valley 9/27/18
9/11/18 20:31 The Woodlands TX Egg 20 minutes Orb photographed 9/11/2018 The Woodlands Texas 9/13/18
8/14/18 15:00 Stoke on Trent (UK/England)
Egg 5 minutes Ball or egg-shaped object seen and photoed. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
8/14/18 07:30 Shelburne VT Egg 2 minutes There was a bright egg shape object in the sky we were looking at it for 2 minutes and then it disappeared I believe it was in the fall 8/17/18
8/9/18 21:00 Magnolia DE Egg 2 minutes Peanut shaped a/c, completely silent, hovering over a corn field in my town, 50-60 yds. ((NUFORC Note: College student report. Pd)) 8/10/18
7/21/18 04:15 Pompano Beach FL Egg 15 minutes Golden sideways egg shape staying in the low sky over Atlantic Ocean in the dark early morning sky. Almost like a huge harvest moon. 8/10/18
7/14/18 13:15 Pilot Rock OR Egg 10 minutes Buzzed by a white egg shaped object south of Pilot Rock. ((anonymous report)) 7/19/18
7/2/18 00:50 Ankeny IA Egg 20 minutes Sitting at a red light at ordnance and hwy 69 and noticed a light in the sky. Car next to me also seen it and we all got out of the ca 7/5/18
6/10/18 10:00 Hayden ID Egg 1 minute Egg shaped, burnished silver, no engine noise, slow moving. 6/15/18
6/2/18 20:10 Rochester MI Egg 5 minutes I saw a bright white tic tac in the sky, silently flying west to east in Rochester, Michigan. 6/7/18
5/15/18 23:00 Kahului HI Egg 5 minutes It was late at night and I looked into the clouds and a huge orange glowing egg shaped ufo was hovering above the clouds then I looked 11/5/20
5/2/18 20:30 Lamesa TX Egg 4 seconds Egg shape object over Lamesa, TX. 5/4/18
5/2/18 14:00 Farmington UT Egg 10 minutes Driving on Legacy Highway from West Valley to Ogden when I noticed an object I thought was a plane but as I got closer I could seen it 5/4/18
4/22/18 23:50 Tolland CT Egg 15 seconds Egg shaped object flying over Tolland to then disappear. 4/26/18
4/17/18 11:00 Burnt Hills NY Egg 5 minutes Looked out of my class window and noticed a small egg-shaped object made of metal. ((anonymous report)) 4/19/18
3/22/18 07:18 Pelham AL Egg 5-10 seconds Object seen during morning commute near Pelham, Alabama. 4/13/18
3/8/18 16:47 Bailey CO Egg 3 minutes Egg shaped object hovering over the foothills looking NE from Burland Meadows section of Bailey.

Watched it a few minutes to
2/24/18 14:30 Parkland FL Egg 10 seconds I saw the flying object several times between clouds in Parkland, FL. I was able to capture a video of one of them. 3/2/18
2/8/18 19:15 Aurora CO Egg 3 minutes Was parking my truck walking back to my house heading SE, noticed flashing light like orb it had to be SW. ((anonymous report)) 2/16/18
1/19/18 20:00 Melbourne FL Egg 5 minutes UFO on fire. 1/25/18
12/30/17 12:00 Liberty Lake WA Egg unsure Object hovering above the Spokane River/ Not a drone to big. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/11/17 19:05 Gold Canyon AZ Egg 10 seconds Two large, orange bright football/egg shaped objects with windows low in sky 1/12/18
12/7/17 11:00 Champaign IL Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Walking to class and hovering craft making some sort of cracking noise. ((anonymous report)) 12/8/17
12/5/17 16:15 Midwest City OK Egg 5 seconds Group of small dark egg/orb shaped items which seemed to vanish. Corner of 29th and S. Douglas Blvd 1/12/18
11/2/17 02:04 Boise ID Egg 45 seconds ((HOAX??)) Eight egg-looking saucers in the air temp dropped. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/24/17 00:35 Milford CT Egg 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) white egg or tic tac shape moved behind cloud cover very bright white in NW sky moving slowly. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/18
10/23/17 01:02 Rowlett TX Egg 15 minutes Bright light unlike a star or planet, it seemed to glow 11/3/17
10/18/17 01:51 Long Beach CA Egg 23 seconds As usual during my late night walk, I looked up and saw a medium lit light. Moving slowing opposite of the LBG airport. I thought nothi 11/22/17
9/27/17 23:00 Derby/Ansonia CT Egg 5 seconds Heading to a friends house, I saw a pretty big sized egg shaped craft hovering in the sky. 10/5/17
9/23/17 22:54 Whittier CA Egg 4 minutes Egg shaped that emitted lights in Sky in Whittier, California left a trail. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) 9/28/17
9/20/17 23:00 Port Lambton (Canada) ON Egg 3 minutes Flickering orange light slowly moving east and then west at high speed. 9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30 Napa CA Egg 5 seconds 2 egg-shaped aircraft travelling in formation at hypersonic speed east of Napa, CA, south to north towards Travis AFB. 9/21/17
9/8/17 18:25 Albuquerque NM Egg split second Metallic object fell from sky in front of me while I was driving north a few miles south of Albuquerque Airport. 9/12/17
9/7/17 22:00 Billings MT Egg 1 hour Glowing egg-shaped UFO with Flashing Lights. ((anonymous report)) 9/8/17
8/30/17 20:05 San tan valley AZ Egg 3 minutes 3 oval orange orbs flashed lights on than off before dissappearing. 9/5/17
8/19/17 07:20 Mansfield OH Egg 2 minutes I was standing outside on East First St and saw this weird thunderstorm cloud roll by from north west to south east towards south of Wo 9/5/17
8/19/17 06:20 New York City (Jamaica) NY Egg 3 minutes Egg shape object trailing plane in Queens, NY. 8/24/17
8/15/17 17:00 Silverton OR Egg Unknown An unidentified object that was not discovered until the photo was downloaded into my computer. 8/17/17
8/8/17 06:53 Ridgewood NJ Egg 15 seconds Metallic egg craft with a shadow circle orb around it. 8/11/17
8/3/17 21:40 South Daytona FL Egg 5 minutes Red-orange, glowing egg shaped orbs hover in formation and fly away single file. 8/4/17
7/23/17 20:30 Meriden CT Egg 30 seconds Flew extremely low overhead. Silent craft, absolutely no noise. Single red/pink light on craft. Moved from East to West. 7/27/17
6/17/17 18:00 St. Paul MN Egg 10 seconds Egg-shaped, stone-colored ufo over St. Paul. 6/22/17
6/6/17 23:55 Brussels (Belgium)
Egg 5 minutes Red glowing object flying by on a cloudy night. 6/22/17
6/6/17 10:00 Reno NV Egg Unknown I was driving on I-80 West just before the MnCarren exit and noticed a metallic oval shaped object hovering about 50 feet off the groun 1/4/19
6/2/17 23:55 Brussels (Belgium)
Egg 5 minutes Red glowing object flying by on a cloudy night. 7/7/17
6/2/17 21:15 Lake Havasu City AZ Egg 90 seconds Bright red, egg-shaped object was seen flying overhead headed NE. No sound could be heard coming from the craft. 6/9/17
5/23/17 01:00 Leadville CO Egg 15 seconds Silent, no lights, glowing gray, 8ft tall egg. 8/4/17
5/14/17 13:30 Covington GA Egg 30 minutes I was sitting on the deck of my wife's parents house on mother's day with a pair of binoculars. I was using the binoculars to watch a f 6/2/17
5/11/17 21:00 Alamogordo NM Egg 20 minutes Looking towards the S, I noticed a stange group of orange lights. I told my friends to look outside. The lights did not move. 5/15/17
4/30/17 04:25 Chiloquin OR Egg 2-3 seconds "Grape like" object seen hovering in Chiloquin, Oregon. ((NUFORC Note: Report by Mr. Ron Wright, experienced UFO investigator. PD)) 1/12/18
4/16/17 22:00 Loveland CO Egg 3 minutes Loveland, CO, UFO red and yellow, egg-shaped object. 4/20/17
4/14/17 22:00 Saint James MO Egg All Night Bright orange egg shaped lights shining in my windows. 4/20/17
3/13/17 14:00 Las Vegas NV Egg 1 minute Did you see this one? Las Vegas, NV. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
2/26/17 15:30 Superior WI Egg 3-5 minutes White egg shaped object over Lake Superior, middle of day, disappeared. 3/10/17
2/22/17 20:50 Bowen Island (Canada) BC Egg 15 minutes I saw what looked like I though a meteor heading towards me. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 3/10/17
2/20/17 12:45 Hiwassee
Egg 15 seconds Fast white hazy object larger than jet incredibly fast and noiseless and higher than 30K ft 2/22/17
2/15/17 09:50 Algood TN Egg 5 seconds I saw a boomerang shaped aircraft in the beautiful night sky. 2/17/17
1/10/17 21:40 Hemingway SC Egg <1 minute I looked up to see three lights out of my drivers window. These lights were elongated. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/17
1/1/17 00:05 Rancho Cordova CA Egg 5 minutes I seen 5 reddish orange objects flying over my apartment building they were moving in progression of 2s except the last one was by itse 1/6/17
12/31/16 17:00 Mesa AZ Egg 20 minutes Metallic object flashing in sky. 1/6/17
12/29/16 20:40 Delray Beach FL Egg 5 seconds We were walking on the beach at night and saw a fast moving, oval/orb shaped orange light moving across the sky. It looked like it had 12/30/16
12/15/16 20:00 Davie FL Egg 5 minutes Ultra-Bright White Blimp like Object. ((anonymous report)) 12/21/16
11/15/16 20:00 Phoenix AZ Egg 30 seconds 2 fast low flying planes follow point of light in sky over east valley in Phoenix 12/5/16
11/7/16 13:30 Staten Island NY Egg 4 minutes Staten Island UFO sighting. 11/7/16. 11/11/16
10/27/16 10:00 Asheboro NC Egg 4-7 seconds Grey object, 5 miles north of Asheboro Airport, moving rapidly and changing directions at extreme angles. 10/27/16
10/9/16 00:00 Mt. Airy MD Egg 40 minutes Strange lights in egg-shaped formation over Mt. Airy, Maryland. 10/11/16
9/29/16 22:10 Phenix City AL Egg 45 minutes I was on my break for work. I noticed that the sky looked like it drop to the earth because the stars were so close. 10/11/16
9/24/16 03:13 Downy CA Egg 10 seconds White egg shape object high speed at (jet speed or faster) high altitude with no sound or lights ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/9/16 09:30 Sandy OR Egg 10 seconds Telephoned report: Adult male reports witnessing a silver disc in the morning sky. 9/9/16
8/30/16 23:57 Holden MA Egg ~10 seconds White/yellow glowing egg shaped object flying low south to north Holden, MA. 9/2/16
8/28/16 12:16 Piscataway NJ Egg 8 minutes Middlesex NJ 8-10mins 2 3D objects turned into one white circle with a hole in the middle 9/2/16
8/27/16 23:00 Surf City NC Egg 5 minutes 6 glowing orbs floating silently just above the houses. 9/15/16
8/14/16 18:00 Vancouver WA Egg 5 minutes Leaving Clark County fair; noticed an object flying at high speed going N. Tried to get video but I think I was to far away. 8/16/16
8/12/16 07:00 Reynoldsburg OH Egg 30-45 seconds We were sitting outside this morning getting ready to take the kids to school. And we looked up and seen a egg shaped form in the sky. 8/16/16
8/11/16 19:30 Ashland OH Egg 5 minutes Storm clouds. When I looked to the south behind the storm I could see a white egg-shaped craft; reflective. 8/16/16
8/4/16 20:30 Upper St. Clair PA Egg Unknown Bright white object seen before sundown, larger than a star or planet, but disappeared by nightfall. 8/16/16
8/3/16 04:00 Winnemucca NV Egg 20 minutes These were not US aircraft. 8/4/16
7/17/16 22:35 New York City (over the Hudson) NY Egg 30 minutes Huge Egg Shaped Glowing Hovering Behind Manhattan (Seen from Brooklyn: Bushwick Rooftop) 7/22/16
7/10/16 11:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Egg 1 minute Watched 5 luminous balls, in triangle formation. 7/22/16
7/9/16 00:40 Syracuse NY Egg 2 minutes+ Brilliant green light in western sky. 7/15/16
7/6/16 10:15 Littleton CO Egg 6 minutes Object going slow then fast. Random directions then proceeded north. Circular egg shape. 7/8/16
6/19/16 04:30 Buena Park CA Egg 30 minutes Silver thing over Buena Park/Anaheim/Fullerton. 6/24/16
6/8/16 18:20 Buena Park CA Egg 30 Small flashing object. ((anonymous report)) 6/10/16
6/1/16 22:00 Amsterdam CA Egg 2 minutes I noticed an egg shaped deep orange glowing object close above me in the sky. 8/20/20
5/21/16 19:15 Myrtle Beach SC Egg 3 minutes Two objects small and very fast video proof. 6/10/16
4/29/16 21:45 Santa Cruz CA Egg 4 minutes 3 slow moving orbs chased by fast walker 5/6/16
4/25/16 01:00 Waverly FL Egg 1 hour Orange floating like sphere came to where we were. Then slowly,silently drifted off along the tree line. Pure energy! 4/29/16
4/19/16 21:17 Rothsay MN Egg 5 minutes I and 5 other people witnessed 2 unknown craft flying at a low altitude. They were egg-shaped. 4/22/16
3/26/16 14:25 Sacramento CA Egg 2.5 minutes Luminescent Egg Shaped Object in Sky on SW Flight 4/15/16
3/11/16 20:00 Skykomish WA Egg 2 seconds Saw a large flaming blue egg travel across the part of the sky to the south of my cabin. 3/18/16
3/4/16 19:09 Las Vegas NV Egg 2-3 seconds Was out in front of the house and I looked up and I seen this bright white egg like shape going though the clouds and it was going at a 3/11/16
2/19/16 21:00 Churchville PA Egg 3-5 seconds After hearing helicopter in area for approx. 5 minutes, I looked out window and coming from S to N is a helicopter. 2/26/16
1/23/16 10:30 Yuma AZ Egg 12 minutes Videoed 2 egg shaped, multi-color pulsing craft near full moon above Yuma. 1/29/16
12/31/15 15:00 Monmouth OR Egg 10 seconds A white balloon gives off a bright blue light and disappears along with the balloon. 1/5/16
11/21/15 01:30 Vannuys CA Egg 2 minutes Blimp-looking object glowing like a full moon descending into the ground. 11/26/15
11/18/15 13:50 San Diego CA Egg 5 Close about 0.5 miles at start. Rotating and looked like it was reflecting light or had lights on it. It moved vertically then changed 11/19/15
11/12/15 04:30 Alexandria VA Egg 20 seconds 4 craft seen, low altitude, bright orange 12/10/15
11/12/15 04:00 Alexandria VA Egg 2.5 minutes Unknown lights, not helos. 11/19/15
11/8/15 03:30 Milwaukee WI Egg 1 hour 4 bright objects in the sky looks like drones. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of planets in the E sky. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 19:05 Pie Town NM Egg 00:10 large light in western horizon bright and unusual. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
11/7/15 18:15 29 Palms CA Egg 20 minutes Blue, cloud-shaped light hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD)) 11/19/15
10/29/15 02:00 Orlando FL Egg 1 hour Large stand still lights orange red white near other stars like the dipper moved position 2 times rhythm of lights changed from solid t 10/29/15
10/26/15 13:38 Centreville MD Egg ? Driving 2 white objs, same alt., hovering, do not move, until you look and they are gone. ((NUFORC Note: Possible aerostats/blimps? PD)) 10/29/15
10/24/15 02:30 Medford MA Egg 10 seconds Was outside looking at the constellations with a friend. We were observing Orion’s Belt and trying to locate Venus when I look to my le 10/29/15
10/23/15 18:56 Happy Valley OR Egg 6-8 minutes Egg shaped objects with a flame-like tail, three in triangle formation, video link included 12/14/18
10/6/15 14:00 Annapolis/Crofton MD Egg >1 hour Driving towards Baltimore, 2 white egg-shaped stationary objects were seen hovering in the sky. They were both at the same altitude. 10/16/15
10/4/15 14:10 St. Petersburg FL Egg 1 minute Large silver egg shape object over st Petersburg 11/19/15
9/25/15 01:00 Paterson NJ Egg 3 hours I noticed a Commercial aircraft flying very low and very slow as soon as this airplane passed a small dark egg shaped object about a qu 9/29/15
9/16/15 22:30 Winnsboro TX Egg 3 still objects that flas I have been seeing three objects in toward the west of east Texas that moved back and forth in the same area they looked egg shaped and 9/25/15
9/14/15 18:30 Annapolis MD Egg 1 hour Two egg-shaped crafts hovering way up in the sky. Pretty good distance between the two. Was absolutely still and no noise. Hovered for 9/17/15
9/12/15 15:00 Guatemala
Egg 1-2 minute I saw an object flying a little higher than a bird, it was black shaped like an egg or bean.. it had two small promotories in the sides 9/17/15
8/23/15 00:15 Kenmore NY Egg 3 minutes Two orange objects over niagra frontier 8/27/15
8/16/15 22:00 Centereach NY Egg 2 minutes Light that looked like flame silently moved over our heads quickly. 8/27/15
7/31/15 23:00 West Friendship MD Egg 2-3 minutes Pictures and video of blue egg shaped orb. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares, caused by pointing a camera at a bright source of light. PD)) 8/6/15
7/31/15 22:16 Venise en Quebec (Canada) QC Egg 5 minutes Orange, egg-shaped orb over Venise end Quebec 8/6/15
7/4/15 22:48 Buffalo WV Egg 5 minutes Egg-shaped orb. Red/orange on top and bottom w/green lights in the middle. Steady, then moved, then shot up and away. 7/10/15
7/1/15 09:30 Tirupati (India)
Egg Unknown I took a picture with a tablet and this was the outcome. 8/27/15
6/30/15 21:00 Cincinnati OH Egg 3 hours? Lights in sky. There were 2 that appeared to be next to each other. Not stars. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD)) 7/3/15
6/29/15 00:30 Phoenix AZ Egg 6 seconds A large flagellated bug, the size of a house, silently floating around Phoenix. 7/3/15
6/22/15 20:02 Long Beach CA Egg 15 minutes Double egg shape with gold like mid section. ((NUFORC Note: Image in video looks to us to be a jet aircraft, at mid altitude. PD)) 7/3/15
6/13/15 15:30 Waterbury CT Egg 7 minutes Egg shaped object flying slow with no noise, and gained altitude until dissapeared. 6/15/15
5/23/15 13:00 Michelton/Brisbane (Australia)
Egg 00:30 There was a bean shaped flying object soaring higher than common army jets. In mitchelton brisbane, there are numerous flyinh vehicles. 5/29/15
5/15/15 14:30 Baltimore MD Egg 15 minutes White egg shaped sphere hovering at a high altitude. I had to get binoculars to get a clearer picture. When it went behind some trees, 5/22/15
5/1/15 00:07 Mountain Home ID Egg 3 minutes White egg shaped object and 4 round colored objects seen in the southern sky from Mountain Home, Idaho. 5/8/15
4/27/15 18:30 Sacramento CA Egg 5 seconds Unknown small white light. 5/8/15
4/11/15 01:15 Pontotoc MS Egg 7 White glowing brite shaped like cotton candy made a descent from above the stars at an angle shooting down then two flames shot out the 4/17/15
3/28/15 16:20 Valley Stream NY Egg 5-10 minutes Multiple unidentified objects over Long Island. 1/20/16
2/18/15 23:00 Cannock (UK/England)
Egg 3 minutes Flying Egg over Morrisons Cannock!! 2/20/15
2/16/15 02:45 Tomahawk WV Egg 10 seconds The UFO was egg like shaped. I saw 3 of them and each were different colors. The colors were red, blue and green. Hovered maybe about 5 2/20/15
1/12/15 00:30 St. Thomas (Canada) ON Egg ~2 hours Tear shaped fast moving object surrounded by purple hue. 1/16/15
12/11/14 00:00 Williamsburg VA Egg 10 minutes Bright light object with three clusters of light. 12/12/14
12/9/14 20:48 Salt Lake City UT Egg 4-5 seconds Blue-green craft in the sky, then disappearing. 12/12/14
11/26/14 17:00 Wheat Ridge CO Egg 3:00 Glowing red, egg-shaped object standing upright with small end down with white light on small tip. North to south travel. 12/5/14
11/24/14 08:00 Spring TX Egg 5 minutes There was a hovering silver egg shaped object above Spring, Texas. 11/26/14
11/21/14 17:00 Columbia MD Egg 10-20min ((HOAX??)) While sitting in traffic, I noticed three specks in the sky. 11/26/14
10/13/14 20:00 Reynoldsburg OH Egg 10 seconds I'm laying out side. And I see a light with a twitch out of the corner of my eye so I kinda watch... And all of a sudden this huge egg 11/6/14
9/28/14 20:30 Stanwood WA Egg 4 minutes Bright flash of light followed by a small egg shaped craft. 10/3/14
9/25/14 19:05 Colorado Springs CO Egg south It was red and didn't move. After 10 min., it disappeared. First sighting it looked silver 10/3/14
9/23/14 07:42 La Guajira (Venezuela)
That day we were on a work visit in a wind farm and I took the photo of the pole for the report and after it was taken I realized that 6/25/20
9/20/14 20:30 Donora PA Egg 30 minutes 15-20 glowing egg-shaped lights, no sound, shared trajectory and elevation. 9/25/14
9/15/14 06:52 Jacksonville FL Egg seconds At a glimpse while driving on 9a headed towards San Jose before the Phillips hwy exit,there was a black egg/cigar shaped object with gr 9/18/14
9/14/14 22:15 Hoover AL Egg 3-5 seconds Green glowing object moving past me overhead. 9/18/14
9/13/14 23:15 Anaheim CA Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovering 3 feet off ground. Dark blue with rose/pink pulsaing interior light. 9/18/14
9/13/14 20:29 Vancouver WA Egg 3 seconds Xenon blue light seen falling at 15 degree angle northwest of Vancouver, WA. 9/18/14
9/8/14 00:00 Schenectady NY Egg 2 minutes One egg-shaped object with odd wings on each side. Orange / yellowish color hovering above the trees approx. 2 minutes then flew quickl 9/10/14
9/6/14 22:04 London (Canada) ON Egg 45 seconds Huge, with red, orange, green, yellow, and white flashing lights and produced a very, very loud humming noise and was light hazel color 9/10/14
9/3/14 10:45 Woodhaven MI Egg 10 seconds Red egg-shaped orb seen in sky over Woodhaven, MI. 9/5/14
8/10/14 15:50 Sea-Tac WA Egg 10 minutes Floating egg shaped object clearly visible with sunlight reflecting off a perfectly smooth surface with 2 antenna like protrusions 8/22/14
8/2/14 21:40 Orlando FL Egg 3 minutes Orange craft during storm. 8/8/14
8/2/14 04:30 Port Lambton (near Sarnia) (Canada) ON Egg 60-90 seconds Bright white pulsing egg shaped object moving from south to north. 8/8/14
7/29/14 20:06 Edgewood MD Egg 30 seconds I was standing outside when I saw something in the sky not moving and it rapidly went away in a flash. 8/1/14
7/26/14 01:25 Concord NC Egg 5 minutes Me and a long time fire were walking out to his car and I saw this amber light an brought it to me buddies attention. He thought it was 7/26/14
7/12/14 21:05 Whitewright TX Egg 30 seconds Lights made no sound and were close enough to see the details/shape. 7/20/14
7/11/14 11:30 Litchfield ME Egg 20 seconds Looking in the western sky there was a bright silver egg shaped object that was nearly stationary. After spotting it and watching for 2 7/20/14
7/9/14 04:40 Beaumont CA Egg 22 minutes Bright egg shape light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus in the SE sky?? PD)) 7/11/14
7/7/14 13:00 Westerly RI Egg 30-45 seconds Dark cloud followed by 5-6 chrome egg shaped crafts 3/6/15
7/4/14 23:00 Orland Park/Bridgeview (between) IL Egg 30 minutes Egg shaped objects in group formation of 2 heading west across Harlem Ave Apprx 14 seen. 7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00 Emmaus PA Egg 5 minutes 1 large egg shaped, very bright orange/yellow ball like thing moving steadily towards the south. Disappeared over the mountain. 7/11/14
7/4/14 22:00 Bartlett IL Egg 7 minutes Bright green/red HOVERING object 5 mins west sky (during fireworks to north) DARTED with impossible speed SE, hovered, disappeared. 7/5/14
7/3/14 10:05 West Reading PA Egg 40 seconds Egg shape object - flying in rapid speed with flashy orange/red lights! 7/4/14
6/24/14 21:55 Oklahoma City (NW part of city) OK Egg 30 seconds Quickly descending and then slowly moving, lit, object in NW okc sky. 6/27/14
6/17/14 04:15 Tallahassee FL Egg 10 minutes The morning of June 17th 2017 around 4:00 am I had walked outside with my daughter to show her some things on the porch that seemed mis 6/22/17
6/16/14 09:45 Colorado Springs CO Egg 15 minutes Large gray object and 20 little ones floating in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Photos shows gray, blurry, indistinct object. PD)) 7/20/14
6/14/14 22:40 E. Lansing MI Egg 30 seconds This is the first I've seen a thing that looks this different from everything I've seen in the sky in 50 years. 6/20/14
6/13/14 13:00 Hanover Park IL Egg 15 seconds Red egg-shaped object followed by boxkite type of structure 6/24/14
6/8/14 19:34 Scottsdale AZ Egg 3 minutes Bright orange marble sized fireball/orb. 6/13/14
6/2/14 12:00 Florence NJ Egg 10+ minutes Metallic egg or disc shaped UFO stationary at cloud height. 1/26/15
5/25/14 00:00 North Las Vegas NV Egg 15 minutes Husband and wife, while swimming, witness two very bright orange/yellow spheres pass overhead. Wife was frightened. 6/4/14
5/22/14 Birmingham AL Egg 3 minutes Red glowing object in the sky. 6/4/14
5/18/14 20:50 Phoenix AZ Egg 5 minutes Three bright orange orbs pass by separately, one after the other. 6/4/14
5/18/14 11:00 Stuart FL Egg 1 hour 1 Orange egg-shaped orb that shifted and moved. The Moon yet to come up. I was facing toward the Atlantic Ocean. I understand that Satu 6/4/14
5/14/14 20:25 UK/England
Egg seconds Orange egg shaped object photographed leaving the sun at sunset 6/4/14
5/10/14 22:00 Gloucester MA Egg 2-3 minutes Egg shape craft with white lights. 6/4/14
5/3/14 04:10 Fulton MS Egg 5 seconds Egg ufo. 5/8/14
4/29/14 13:00 Atlanta GA Egg 2 days ((HOAX)) I was taken up and served as a prince, the small yellow creatures acted as if they had never seen a human before. 3/20/15
4/19/14 13:00 Parma OH Egg 30 seconds Grey/silver egg shaped object, low altitude, heading north in Parma, Ohio. 4/24/14
4/18/14 00:00 Mt. Pleasant MI Egg 10 minutes Bright lights power gone from car. 4/24/14
4/15/14 17:45 Sylva NC Egg 10-15 seconds Loud egg shaped aircraft. 4/18/14
4/5/14 18:00 Morehead City NC Egg 40-60 seconds Silvery Daylight Orb. 4/11/14
3/24/14 23:30 Eugene (general area) OR Egg 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red and blue egg like shaped.flying ahead of me then drifted like a zigzag then took off really fast the opposite way. 3/27/14
3/24/14 22:00 Reynoldsville PA Egg 45 seconds 3 Orange blinking lights moving about 2x faster then a plane. 3/27/14
3/23/14 21:38 Darfield (New Zealand)
Egg 80 seconds 2 large reddish orange balls of light moving across the Canterbury Plains. 3/27/14
3/21/14 21:45 Bakersfield CA Egg
I saw a shape it looked like a ball too fast for a plane/aircraft, and too slow for shooting star. 3/27/14
2/16/14 21:45 Pismo CA Egg 15 seconds Pismo beach sighting orange in color egg or oval shaped Appear to be a star then started moving in a direction changed direction. 2/21/14
2/15/14 01:30 Santa Ana CA Egg 4-6 minutes Orange glowing egg in the sky over Orange County. 2/27/14
1/26/14 18:30 Albuquerque NM Egg 18:45 The craft was no any commercial or military aircraft I've ever seen. 1/30/14
1/21/14 08:30 Park City UT Egg 45 seconds Large white egg shaped light with another white light in center and two white lines (like chemtrails) on either side. 1/24/14
1/2/14 19:00 Venice FL Egg 20 minutes Floating, glowing objects that at one point formed a triangle. 2/7/14
1/1/14 19:45 Boston MA Egg 15 minutes Over Boston, 4 bright orange lights approach separately, hover, then recede to the South East. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:45 Bradenton FL Egg 10 mins. One white/red light hovering over Bradenton, FL. - posted 1/7/14. 1/10/14
1/1/14 01:00 Chandler AZ Egg 20 minutes 3 Orange "orb" shaped objects over Southwest Arizona, followed by a fourth. 1/10/14
1/1/14 00:05 Albuquerque NM Egg 2 minutes Bright reddish gold object seen in Albuquerque NM FIVE MINS after midnite on new years 2014. 1/10/14
12/25/13 16:25 Fredericksburg VA Egg 2 minutes Bright orange object in the night sky over Fredericksburg, VA. 1/10/14
12/22/13 08:45 Virginia Beach VA Egg 1 hour 12/22/13 08:45 Virginia Beach VA white egg shape object hovered for 1 hour and dissappeared after cloud cover came in. 1/10/14
12/17/13 13:30 Brunswick NC Egg 5 seconds White egg shape object spotted while working. 12/23/13
12/9/13 18:20 Marietta OH Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped craft hovered over tree line, fantastic white lights. 12/12/13
11/29/13 11:00 Newark NJ Egg
Black egg floating in the air on freylinghuysen ave by mcD's. 12/2/13
11/28/13 18:30 Manassas VA Egg 5 minutes 8 orbs seemingly connected in brentsville lake jackson manassas area. 12/2/13
11/1/13 20:30 Nashville TN Egg 25 minutes Was a cloudy night, hovering low amongst clouds saw large lighted object with a red light atop (moving clockwise atop the craft). 11/11/13
11/1/13 20:29 Johns Creek GA Egg >1 hour Viewable from subdivision off McGinnis ferry rd. tonight is the 3rd time I have seen this bright object. it is not a star. have nothing 11/11/13
11/1/13 19:30 Pismo CA Egg 1 hour Egg shape bright light over pismo beach ocean. 11/11/13
10/20/13 18:30
CT Egg 2 hours Bright light visible in W sky for long periods of time that seem to be fixed in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus? PD)) 11/11/13
10/16/13 22:30 South Weber UT Egg 3 seconds Bright egg shaped green light fly across the sky in 2-3 seconds. 10/23/13
10/9/13 17:00 Wellington OH Egg 5 minutes Shiny object only 500 yards off the ground the size of a small plane with no wings moving very slowly for 5 min south to north. 10/14/13
10/8/13 19:30 Cumming GA Egg 10 minutes Was not a believer in UFO, am very skeptical and suspicious but after seeing the speed of the object made me a believer. 4/11/14
9/6/13 21:25 Prosser WA Egg 3 seconds I observed a grayish-white, football-shaped object going from SE to NW. 9/9/13
9/1/13 15:00 San Antonio TX Egg 12 seconds Unidentified egg shaped phenomenon moving slow among visible birds passing it up! 3/18/14
8/20/13 21:14 Flat Rock MI Egg 6 minutes 10-15 UFOs spotted over I-75, orange in color. 8/30/13
8/19/13 23:00 Virginia Beach VA Egg 3 seconds Bright white light spotted hovering in the sky, then disappears. 8/30/13
8/12/13 13:00 Arlington Heights IL Egg 3 minutes CLEARDAY SIGHTING. 3/18/14
8/9/13 10:30 Naches WA Egg 2 minutes Large oval craft seen breaking through clouds. 8/30/13
8/6/13 21:00 Lawndale CA Egg 3 seconds I saw an airborne egg shaped object that was completely silent and pulsing a dim red light. 8/30/13
8/4/13 10:50 Berkley MI Egg 20 seconds Orange UFO in Berkley, MI 8/30/13
7/31/13 23:10 Commerce CA Egg 5 minutes Stepped outside of my job for my 15 min break with my friend. I walked to my Car an sat on my trunk facing east. While I was talking t 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL 8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35 Madison AL Egg 8-10 seconds UFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL Just after finishing dinner on 7-29-2013, I walked out onto the front porch. It was approximate 8/30/13
7/25/13 19:00 Major (Canada)
Egg 5 minutes Soft hovering sound, then a sound like fighter jets, small and grey, the size of a golfball, I ducked so it would not hit me. 6/20/14
7/24/13 02:31 Lybrook NM Egg 1 minute A triangular star cluster shot off an egg shaped craft southwest on 7/24/13 at 2:31 in the morning over Lybrook NM. 8/30/13
7/19/13 17:00 Elkins WV Egg 5 seconds Dark gray &quot;egg&quot; spotted hovering in daytime sky, disappears suddenly 8/30/13
7/10/13 22:22 Jacksonville FL Egg 5 seconds UFO sighting in Jacksonville, FL 7/14/13
7/4/13 21:20 Chalfont PA Egg 30 minutes 9 yellow / red disks silently sailed across the sky at low level, first three in a line, the next we're 6 red disks in zig zag pattern 7/14/13
7/4/13 20:50 Chalfont PA Egg 5 minutes 9 orange/red spheres a few hundred feet above silently travel across our neighbors properties July 4, Chalfont, PA. 9/30/13
7/3/13 04:07 Surprise AZ Egg 1 second Motion activated video of object in a bubble for about 1 second. 9/30/13
6/29/13 Monrowville PA Egg 1.30 Scarier !!!!!!! 7/5/13
6/26/13 20:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Egg Not seen with naked eye Unknown Object In Brooklyn NY 7/3/13
6/22/13 22:00 San Tan Valley AZ Egg 10 minutes Glowing orange, oblong object moving rapidly in easterly direction suddenly getting small and dissappearing 7/3/13
6/22/13 14:30 Worcester MA Egg ~2 minutes White metallic egg shaped object spotted in Worcester Ma. 7/3/13
6/17/13 19:00 Meeker CO Egg 10 minutes Meeker, Colorado, Football Shaped UFO on Video. 2/27/14
6/12/13 22:45 Kalispell MT Egg 20 minutes Bright Orb/Sphere in western sky with Red/Blue/Green rotating lights. 7/3/13
6/8/13 23:45 Wyomissing PA Egg 10 seconds Blue Craft Traveling at an Extremely High Rate of Speed w/ Zero Sound 7/3/13
6/2/13 12:55 Puget-Theniers (France)
Egg In the photo Ufo behind my camera on solar halo. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "sun dog?" We will look at the photo, when it arrives. PD)) 6/2/13
5/31/13 01:00 Marion IN Egg 10 minutes It looked like a small fire ball hovering over the outskirts of the ciity and moved very slow. 6/2/13
5/16/13 18:35 Honolulu HI Egg <1 minute Grey roundish object illuminating in the sky near diamond head, honolulu 6/2/13
5/8/13 13:30 Boulder CO Egg 5 minutes Slow-moving, silver craft seen over Boulder, CO 6/2/13
3/29/13 21:00 Gainesville FL Egg 5-6 minutes Illuminating Orange-Red glow, beautiful that flew so low. 5/15/13
3/15/13 20:00 Woodstock GA Egg 3-4 minutes Glowing orbs mistaken for falling stars 6/2/13
3/10/13 21:31 Winters TX Egg Night sky Red, yellow, blue and white lights and underneath the craft. 3/18/14
3/10/13 17:00 Sydney (Australia)
Egg 30 minutes The object was oval and traveled slowly 5/15/13
3/4/13 Indiana (no idea) IN Egg a few seconds Fox News UFO. 4/12/13
1/26/13 15:47 Athens GA Egg 1-3 minutes Two black objects that moved vertically, sideways in the same area for couple minutes 1/30/14
1/7/13 12:35 Greenwood MS Egg
((HOAX??)) I was walking and saw a egg like shape hit the ground in the woods. 2/4/13
1/1/13 00:37 Farmington NM Egg 4-5 minutes Red egg shaped no sound quiet. Hooverd then shot off. 2/4/13
12/14/12 20:00 Grand Turk (Caribbean)
Egg 1 minute Gold egg seen from cruise ship 2/4/13
12/13/12 16:45 Ocean Springs MS Egg 10 minutes 2 Red/White Egg Shaped Craft spotted 2/4/13
12/11/12 04:30 Spokane Valley WA Egg 10 minutes Objects light up the sky like daylight before disappearing. 12/20/12
11/29/12 23:00 Mercer Island WA Egg 10 minutes Colorful object flying over Mercer Island. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius, or model airplane?? PD)) 12/20/12
11/13/12 05:37 Birmingham AL Egg 2-3 minutes Metallic object rolling across morning sky 11/19/12
11/10/12 21:10 Ballentine SC Egg 2:00 minutes Yellow-orangish in color like object (eggplant like shape) appeared to not have lights on the outside, but radiate light from inside. 11/19/12
10/31/12 22:00 Greensboro NC Egg 15 seconds Blue egg shaped light shot across my apartment in greensboro then disappear. 11/4/12
10/30/12 18:30 Shrub Oak NY Egg 2 minutes The night of hurricane Sandy a tree was ripped from its trunk by a huge gust of wind. It pulled the utility lines and the utility pole 11/19/12
10/21/12 05:30 Stewartsville NJ Egg 8 seconds What the heck was that? 10/30/12
10/18/12 15:00 Sedona AZ Egg ~2 minutes My girlfriend and I were hiking on a trail in Sedona, Arizona in mid October of 2012. Ironically I believe the name of the trail we wer 3/6/15
10/16/12 19:11 Gold Coast (Australia)
Egg 45 seconds Orb shaped UFO , red and blue flare out 10/30/12
10/14/12 12:50 Centralia WA Egg 15 minutes Photo of an orange, egg shaped light, moving in a constant deliberate manner on a south to north course near Centralia, Washington. 10/30/12
9/27/12 20:40 Scotrun PA Egg 8 minutes There we 2 egg shape or bell shape orangy glowing objects. They hovered in close proximity travelling in multiple directions. 10/30/12
9/21/12 20:30 Plainfeild NH Egg 4 seconds Driving north on rt 12 a and saw the shape shoot across at tree level. It was a blueish green color. Then there was a burst of light an 9/24/12
9/18/12 21:30 Bradley IL Egg 15 seconds Two small football shaped objects locked in formation with no lights. 9/30/13
9/15/12 21:00 Meridian ID Egg 15-20 minutes A fluxuating flaming orb moving across the sky. 9/24/12
9/11/12 20:40 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Egg 2+ hours Several objects seen moving over north shores of Lake Ontario, over a 2 hour period. 9/24/12
8/29/12 12:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Egg 10 minutes 5 bright white egged shaped crafts 9/24/12
8/21/12 20:30 North Bend WA Egg 2.5 hours Red/White Flashing Craft scene multiple nights in the skies over North Bend, Wa 9/24/12
8/12/12 20:30 Sun City Summerlin NV Egg 2 minutes Flying egg shaped object bright white mlights hovered above me then glided west over red rock 8/19/12
8/12/12 20:30 Denver CO Egg 20 minutes Orange egg lights 8/19/12
7/31/12 21:00 London (UK/England)
Egg 45 seconds Bubble/egg shaped pod seen flying over Chingford, NE London 8/5/12
7/24/12 23:40 East Palestine OH Egg 5 minutes Strange UFO sighting in East Palestine, Ohio on the night of July 24, 2012 8/5/12
7/15/12 03:00 Columbus OH Egg 15 minutes Flying object in Columbus Ohio July 15th 3am. 8/5/12
7/10/12 18:30 Jackson Center OH Egg 3 seconds High speed disc 9/24/12
7/9/12 05:35 Los Angeles CA Egg 10 minutes Dark egg-shaped object seen in the early morning sky above the East Los Angeles area. 8/5/12
7/4/12 22:33 Fort Collins CO Egg 1 minute Egg shaped object flying over head. 8/5/12
7/4/12 18:00 Gaithersburg MD Egg 8 minutes Nine unidentified flying objects in the night sky flying very slowly in single file and emitting no sound. 8/5/12
7/4/12 12:00 Milford MA Egg 5:20 I and two other people witnessed a round craft in the sky that resembled the color of a beer ball. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD)) 11/11/16
6/29/12 21:37 Shelbyville TN Egg 20 minutes Erratic dim, and bright oval objects, moving across sky. 7/4/12
6/27/12 02:15 Seattle WA Egg 15 minutes lights started appearing out of nowhere. 7/4/12
6/19/12 16:15 Rosemead CA Egg 1 minute Oval, egg-shaped object seen above Rosemead, CA. 6/20/12
6/12/12 16:30 Laporte IN Egg 1 second UFO's buzz farm tractor and cars 6/20/12
6/4/12 16:00 Dallas TX Egg 1 day I found 2 small orange pods with alien like organisms , curdle up in the fetal position, growing inside then. 8/30/13
6/3/12 14:00 South Chicago Heights IL Egg 5 minutes White egg shaped object over south chicago heights moving from west to east. 6/8/12
5/27/12 20:50 Hanalei Bay HI Egg 7 minutes Undulating orange lights over Hanalei Bay 5/29/12
5/18/12 17:30 Fayetteville AR Egg 10 minutes Black walnut shaped craft observed in broad daylight floating across sky with no sound 8/30/13
5/11/12 17:00 Chazy NY Egg 30 seconds Small egg shaped object with blinking white light rose into the sky 5/29/12
5/7/12 20:35 Portland OR Egg 3 minutes Fireball with black rotating band sighted in SE Portland near Hawthorne 5/5/12 5/13/12
4/29/12 20:15 Cary NC Egg 3 minutes Round suv-sized object seen traveling, hovering, traveling, just after sunset; no lights, no sounds 5/13/12
4/6/12 21:50 Reading PA Egg 2 to 3 minutes Left Lebanon Pa.towards Reading Pa.around 9:35PM about 10-15 minutes into our trip before Myerstown i noticed an extremely Bright,Silve 4/18/12
3/22/12 22:00 Spokane WA Egg 20 minutes Bright glowing white orb, morphing into cylindrical shape and then back to orb hovering for 20- 30 minutes 5/13/12
3/16/12 12:00 Monterey CA Egg unknown Metallic egg-shaped object over the ocean 5/13/12
3/6/12 00:20 Russell Springs KY Egg 3 minutes Old music box started playing and not been wind up in years 3/13/12
2/28/12 22:20 Mechanicville NY Egg 1 second Green/Blue tear drop shape shot down from the sky, emitting a bright white light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 3/13/12
2/28/12 22:15 Hamden CT Egg 2 seconds Green egg shaped object with lightning like explosion. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor. PD)) 3/13/12
2/19/12 19:00 Morgan Hill CA Egg 1 hour Object floating in sky immediately goes warp speed and stops! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus, we suspect. PD)) 3/13/12
2/12/12 22:45 Ft. Duchesne UT Egg 8-10 minutes Glowing egg or oblong shaped flyiing object rose up from the ground and went east. 3/13/12
1/28/12 19:15 Port St John FL Egg Couple Minutes Orange object high in the sky traveling upward 2/3/12
1/13/12 17:00 Fullerton CA Egg 3 seconds or so Vertically moving object that was glowing and accelerating quickly 1/24/12
1/12/12 15:00 Miami FL Egg 1 seconds My brother was filming half a dozen kids jumping of a bridge while the object flew silently over them heading to Cuba. 1/10/14
1/5/12 07:30 Maple City MI Egg 40 minutes I saw a round object, come over the top of my house, making a strange humming sound and the object was bright white, with a yellow dot 1/12/12
1/1/12 02:00 Norfolk VA Egg 20 Red and white lights flashing egg shape object making zig zag circular movement 1/12/12
12/17/11 10:50 Danby NY Egg seconds Green egg shaped object. (( 1/12/12
12/16/11 17:30 Leominster MA Egg 2 minutes Driving east on Rt. 2 just at the Rt.2/190 split in Leominster and saw three egg shaped lights hovering in the sky. 1/12/12
12/1/11 19:00 Holden Beach NC Egg 3 hrs off and on Saw burst of bright orange lights in the sky over the ocean at holden beach nc 12/1/11 12/12/11
11/28/11 18:30 Lake Oswego OR Egg 1-2 min Gold/yellow Orb seen over Lake Oswego Oregon by 2 people. 12/12/11
11/20/11 22:00 Millbrook AL Egg 10 seconds 2 night sky Camoflaged "things!" 12/23/13
11/2/11 15:50 Hermosa Beach CA Egg 3-4 min 4 white egg shaped objects over Hermosa beach 12/12/11
10/23/11 02:00 Hammond IN Egg 3 to 5 mins I was sitting outside on the side of my house smoking and looked up and seen what i thought too be a balloon but it was moving too fast 10/25/11
9/26/11 18:15 Towson MD Egg 10 seconds Single, chrome, stationary object witnessed near Baltimore, Maryland. Vanished instantly. 8/5/12
9/21/11 20:00 Salem OR Egg 2 mins Was driving at about 8 pm, suddenly in front of me in the sky a bright green egg shape appeared slowly crossed sky then accelerated and 10/10/11
9/10/11 20:45 Allen TX Egg 5 seconds I was walking my dog down my block in this evening like I always do. As I came to the end of my block, I looked up and saw green blue p 10/10/11
9/4/11 13:30 Faribault MN Egg 5 minutes craft, egg shaped, with U shape around half of it, slowly flying by at about 500 feet in the air, lasting about 5 minutes 10/10/11
9/3/11 21:00 Freedom NH Egg 20 seconds i was camping near ossipee nh on the maine border. it was about 9pm and dark. i was on a golf cart heading in a easterly direction. my 10/10/11
8/25/11 00:31 Des Moines IA Egg 7 sec Siting looking at the stars was moving fast and steady rusty dark look no lights but had a glow and was heading west it came out of sig 10/10/11
8/15/11 15:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Egg 3 minutes UFO over Brooklyn, NYC, Flatbush Avenue. 6/20/14
8/15/11 13:30 Mississippi (central part) MS Egg 1 Sec. EGG Shaped possibly round Metalic UFO speeding down the interstate southbound on I55 central Missippi state. 8/21/11
8/10/11 13:00 Worcester MA Egg five minutes Silent craft overhead 10/10/11
8/1/11 04:30 Severa Park MD Egg about 30 seconds three flashes, 3 objects moved to a certain spot in the sky, started spinning, then disappeared 8/7/11
7/29/11 22:00 Concord CA Egg 5 minutes On July 29,2011 at 9:55 pm My husband and I saw a large low flying glowing orange object that was heading in an northeast direction. I 8/7/11
7/5/11 22:00 Stevensville MI Egg 1 min Four Glowing craft in formation near stevensville MI 7/17/11
7/4/11 21:30 Lancaster OH Egg 15 Mins Witnessed a floating pulsating orange ball, that stopped glowing, flashed blue/white lights, glowed orange again, then went out. 7/6/11

6/10/11 19:45 Maplewood MO Egg 40 seconds My daughter looked across the parking lot above a strip mall and asked if that was a hot air balloon. It was black or dark and looked l 6/12/11
6/6/11 14:30 San Tan Valley AZ Egg 20 minutes June 6th, 2011, egg or disk shaped object seen over Eastern Phoenix area 7/4/11
5/18/11 21:00 Savannah TN Egg 60 seconds I'm standing there with a spotlight and I see a red object way up in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/19
5/7/11 Winona MN Egg 1-2 min Strange object in night sky 5/12/11
5/3/11 21:30 Davenport IA Egg 10min Bright Light over Davenport, Iowa. 5/12/11
4/20/11 00:15 Mesa AZ Egg :20 Bluish white egg shaprd light falling from sky 5/2/11
4/9/11 23:30 Port Douglas (Australia)
Egg 2 hours Multiple objects moving in an irregular fasion changing colour and direction at speed. 10/19/11
4/6/11 21:20 Knoxville TN Egg 3 to 5 seconds ball of light flying over Farragut/West Knoxville 5/2/11
4/1/11 08:00 Wichita KS Egg 20 minutes My neighbors and I were on our way to work. As we were leaving our garages a huge light was seen by Scott, my next door neighbor. He ye 4/3/11
2/13/11 07:35 Clementsport (Canada) NS Egg 3 seconds The fastest thing I ever saw in the daytime, in the sky. 2/18/11
2/12/11 06:00 Calumet OK Egg 1 hr Egg shaped Orb west of Okc 2/18/11
2/10/11 07:28 Rochester MN Egg 30 seconds a shiny saucer or egg shaped object in the sky at Walmart store 2/18/11
1/16/11 14:30 Roswell NM Egg 3 seconds I was on flight American Airlines 1924 on January 16, 2011. The pilot announced that we were on descent just over Nevada bordering New 1/31/11
1/14/11 16:30 Vieux Fort
Egg 2-5 minutes Metallic egg shaped hovered behind resort and untill right of mountain, lasting 2-5 minutes. 1/31/11
1/7/11 07:30 Vista CA Egg 4 min Zig sagged light in sky 8/7/11
12/23/10 22:00 Peotone IL Egg 15-20 ((HOAX??)) Fast, Blue shapped egg craft, very bright. 1/5/11
12/23/10 21:00 Monee IL Egg 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Egg shaped Craft, Red, Very Fast, Flying North East. 1/5/11
12/23/10 21:00 Willmington IL Egg 5 secs ((HOAX??)) Very Fast Egg shapped craft, Red, flew by at a speed that airplanes ussaualy dont fly at. Craft was flying north. 1/5/11
12/23/10 20:40 Peotone IL Egg 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Was driving in the country side, saw a blue egg shaped craft flying very low. 1/5/11
12/23/10 20:30 Manteno IL Egg 1 mins ((HOAX??)) Saw Egg shaped craft taking off from a felid, it was blue, flew for about 500 ft then diseparred. 1/5/11
12/23/10 19:30 Manteno IL Egg 5:00 Mins ((HOAX??)) Saw egg shaped craft on the ground in felid, then it turned a blue-ish color and took off, 1/5/11
11/22/10 23:00 Little Rock AR Egg 5-10 Beware. 1/5/11
11/11/10 15:00 Nashville TN Egg 5 seconds a shiney sitting in the skys over nashville 11/21/10
11/2/10 08:39 Flint MI Egg 3 minutes Flint Michigan November 2 2010 UFO sighting oval gray grey metallic sighting 11/21/10
10/29/10 19:45 Tionesta PA Egg Present This is nothing like I have ever seen. 11/21/10
10/14/10 19:28 Shelbyville
Egg 5 minutes 4 objects one moving others still and started moving when it was in their area. erratic patern. 11/21/10
10/10/10 22:30 Garden Grove CA Egg 2 hours Blue Light in Garden Grove 11/21/10
9/18/10 14:42 Rochester NY Egg 2min Semi-egg shaped object floating above local highway 20-25 feet in the air. 11/21/10
9/9/10 02:00 Spanaway (south of) WA Egg aprox 30-45 secons Strange glowing light and noise from two crafts in Washington state 11/21/10
9/5/10 21:40 Cincinnati OH Egg 4 seconds During the WEBN 2010 Fireworks show a bright white light flys directly thourgh the show and was recorded on my dvr. 11/21/10
9/2/10 22:00 Oak Lawn IL Egg 2 minutes low flying fast moving aircraft in airport airspace. 11/21/10
8/18/10 00:15 White Sulphur Springs MT Egg 30 minutes very bright egg, eye shaped object seen over Castle Mountains 8/24/10
8/14/10 21:45 Freehold (Canada) NJ Egg :06-:08 UFO spotted over Freehold, New Jersey. 8/24/10
8/8/10 22:07 Vancouver (Canada) BC Egg 10 minutes green oblong object over UBC campus, slightly southwest in position, with non-uniformly emitted light 8/24/10
7/29/10 18:50 Brielle NJ Egg current Egg-shaped object in sky moving in semi circle way, Has craters or holes through the object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 8/24/10
7/8/10 21:30 Dymchurch (UK/England)
Egg 10 minutes 6 flying objects what were they 8/24/10
6/5/10 05:50 Sydney (Australia)
Egg 2min White bright light, spinning with a circular trail around it, snapped a photo of it. 6/10/10
6/2/10 18:20 Peoria AZ Egg 15 seconds Silver, solid, egg shaped object heading NW. 6/3/10
4/3/10 11:16 Monterey CA Egg 00:10 Lights that flashed in the sky and flickered. ((NUFORC Note: Very little information provided. Possible Iridium satellite. PD)) 4/13/10
3/20/10 00:29 Bristol (UK/England)
Egg 3 mins 3 glowing egg shapped balls flying in an Aries formation the glowing on objects stopped one by one 4/13/10
2/26/10 14:00 Sonoma CA Egg 30 min. Large unidentified craft observed in the Napa sloughs. 12/12/11
1/31/10 19:40 Delray Beach FL Egg 15 minutes The most memorable part of the experience was the lack of sound and the fluidity of its motion. 1/5/11
12/31/09 05:21 Mexia TX Egg 4 seconds I saw a blue light apear in the sky and it moved around then disapeared! 2/14/10
12/26/09 20:00 Bedford (UK/England)
Egg 2 mins Red Craft 2/14/10
12/24/09 06:15 Snohomish WA Egg 30 seconds After a second i realized that light that i saw in the sky was flashing and slowing down getting brighter as it descended. 2/14/10
12/21/09 21:00 El Dorado AR Egg 2-3 hours Six egg shaped or actually appeared like they had two parts appeared in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Celestial bodies?? PD)) 2/14/10
12/21/09 18:00 Delray Beach FL Egg 10 min 2 Fiery glowing objects over Delray Beach, FL 2/14/10
11/5/09 18:20 Birmingham (UK/England)
Egg One Minute ball of fire over city center 12/12/09
11/3/09 00:00 Glen Ellyn IL Egg 1 hour.. and counting Bright sparkling egg shaped ufo in Glen ellyn, IL exploding with colors 12/12/09
10/11/09 12:30 Glendale AZ Egg 20 minutes 2 eggshaped objects over Glendale Az. near stadium. 12/12/09
10/10/09 12:00 Crested Butte CO Egg 1min metallic egg shaped craft above crested butte, CO. Also have seen great amount of activity READ ME! 12/12/09
9/28/09 16:00 Dublin (Ireland)
Egg 3minutes Low flying white Eliptical shaped craft with black underside, witnessed for 3 minutes moving very slow and making a 90 degree turn. 12/12/09
9/20/09 00:00 Northern Quebec (Canada) QC Egg 2 hrs Four bright lights in the sky in the middle of nowhere 12/12/09
9/19/09 19:43 Toronto (Canada) ON Egg 5 - 6 seconds Egg shaped UFO sighted over Toronto and Barrie Ontario on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 1943 hours 12/12/09
8/14/09 04:00 Pleasanton/Livermore CA Egg 2 hours Three orbs over the Tri-Valley area 8/27/09
7/30/09 21:30 Pittston PA Egg 1 minute 5 bright orange shapes in sky. 8/5/09
7/21/09 10:20 WInchester KY Egg 5 Minutes UFO sighting in Winchester, KY, red craft in the sky. 8/5/09
7/7/09 21:05 Pueblo West CO Egg 5 Minutes White-yellow egg shaped object moving in a NW direction over Pueblo CO. 8/5/09
7/5/09 09:30 Bagram (Afghanistan)
Egg Unknown Unknown objects behind planes in Afghanistan. 8/5/09
6/29/09 00:15 New York NY Egg 5 min For five minutes around midnight of 28 june we watched a silent slow-moving well-lit disc-shaped object moving from north to east.. 8/5/09
6/27/09 04:12 Willamsburg/Ottawa (between) KS Egg 7 sec egg/oval object moving rapidly throught the sky with a very bright light blinking 8/5/09
6/22/09 18:35 Mattoon IL Egg 10 seconds Yellow egg shaped object in the eastern sky; flew south 8/5/09
6/14/09 Ottawa IL Egg 4 MIN It was this past Sunday when I looked up and say what I thought at first was a hawk flying very high like they do when looking for prey 8/5/09
4/24/09 11:53 Huntsville (Canada) ON Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX)) UFO Sighting :) 5/12/09
4/20/09 15:00 Waco TX Egg 1 MIN It was a gray egg shaped thing in the air by the airport. 12/12/09
3/31/09 12:30 Muenster TX Egg 10 seconds I was standing on T-box at golf course 8 miles north of Muenster, Texas looking toward the Northwest. A very bright, gold colored objec 4/14/09
3/31/09 10:15 Perth Amboy NJ Egg 10 seconds Huge bright white light egg shaped, looked as if it were falling toward staten island 4/14/09
3/30/09 13:55 Buda TX Egg 3 min. it was a thought procecc 4/14/09
3/1/09 15:30 Windsor (Canada) NS Egg 6 Minutes Egg shaped UFO floating and levitating before blinking off. 3/19/09
2/26/09 17:00 San Pablo Bay (on Napa River) CA Egg
spaceship like craft or object seen in the area of the sloughs off of the napa river and San Pablo Bay. 2/14/10
2/24/09 10:24 Corral Hollow road vicinity (on Interstate 5) CA Egg 45 seconds small, white egg shaped craft. 4/14/09
2/16/09 18:10 Knoxville TN Egg 20 minutes Egg shaped Bright Light in the sky , it appeared to glow bright white but the photos taken only showed it to be red and turned to blue 3/19/09
2/12/09 14:00 Aalborg (Denmark)
Egg less then a minute I saw a round egg shaped object hovering the sky, it was grey or silver looking, then it started moving away fast. 3/19/09
2/10/09 18:00 Grover Beach CA Egg 15 minutes oval/disc shaped object with red, green, and white neon lights blinking going slowly over central coast ca 3/19/09
2/8/09 14:30 Erin WI Egg 3 min I saw 9 egg shaped orbs in the sky, which than dissapeared and moments later three military jets flew by 3/19/09
2/5/09 14:15 Gila Bend AZ Egg 15 Mins. Egg Shape over Gila Bend,Az. 2-5-09 3/19/09
2/3/09 20:00 Weaverville CA Egg outer structure spinning It looks to me like "it's" trying pose as a star or planet. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus or Sirius?? PD)) 3/19/09
2/2/09 22:15 Springfield IL Egg 1-2 minutes a small egg shaped craft fully visible in the night sky. My friend aslo witnessed this event. 3/19/09
2/1/09 09:45 Clearwater FL Egg 1 minute Went outside to have a smoke, noticed a metallic, egg-shaped object very very high up moving very fast, disappeared after a minute. 3/19/09
1/16/09 20:00 Riverside CA Egg
Large bright egg shaped craft mooving slowly across riverside. 3/19/09
1/13/09 21:43 Portland OR Egg about 5 minutes Three egg like ships on my street 3/19/09
1/13/09 17:15 Louisville KY Egg 30-45 sec Rapid traveling balloon-shaped object travels up wind, and flies off after a 30-45 second show. 3/19/09
1/7/09 14:00 Yanbu (Saudi Arabia)
1/4/09 18:45 West Valley City UT Egg over an hr in a half bright star like object white and kinda yellowish for two hours 1/10/09
1/2/09 18:00 Clayton NC Egg six hours ((HOAX??)) 4 egg shaped lights, one takes off very rapidly. 1/10/09
1/2/09 16:30 Shoreview MN Egg 3 seconds Egg-shaped light rocketed through the clouds off into the horizon 12/1/19
12/19/08 08:45 Milpitas CA Egg 45 min appearing and reappearing lights. moving side to side 1/10/09
11/19/08 07:30 East Haven CT Egg 5 minutes A white egg shaped light suddenly dissappears and more return..........

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
11/15/08 20:00 Manitowoc WI Egg 3-5 seconds a white egg shaped light with a trail of blue-aqua colored streak behind it moving in a downward motion towards the ground. 1/10/09
11/5/08 03:45 Kathmandu (Nepal)
Egg 10 seconds Reddish yellow shaped object on kathmandu valley of country Nepal 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 1/10/09
11/1/08 00:10 Salina KS Egg <10sec Fast, Silent, Low Flying, traveling over the center of town!! 1/10/09
10/31/08 21:50 Hibbing MN Egg 1.5 seconds object seen in hibbing, mn traveling west faster than any plane or comet and much lower than a shooting star and brighter than an airp 1/10/09
10/22/08 21:30 Green Bay WI Egg 2 minutes Long, egg-shaped, reflective, silent craft overflies west Green Bay. 6/21/18
10/15/08 22:00 San Ramon CA Egg 3-4 minutes This happened some years ago when I was with my ex-boyfriend. He invited his married friends/couple over for dinner. When they got ther 2/7/20
10/14/08 16:45 Falls Church VA Egg 10 minutes huge changing light in the sky, not there any day afterward 1/10/09
10/7/08 19:00 Ronkonkoma NY Egg 90 min Same object flashing red yellow green white for 90 min in NW sky daily since 9-23-08 ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD)) 10/31/08
10/4/08 19:45 Saint Clair Shore MI Egg 4 t o 6 Minutes Slow Moving Fireball ????? 10/31/08
10/2/08 20:00 Philadelphia PA Egg 30 sec Did this sighting have anything to do with my husbands illness? 10/10/11
10/1/08 19:12 Bonham TX Egg 5 minutes Silver egg shape over six houses. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax?? PD)) 10/31/08
9/24/08 17:40 Yaisu/Fujieda (Japan)
Egg 1 minute Two strange object in Shizuoka-ken, Japan. 6/9/09
9/17/08 20:00 Riverside CA Egg 20 SECONDS Slow moving black egg shaped object hovering down from sky 10/31/08
9/9/08 13:40 Oxford FL Egg 4 seconds object moved from west to east over central florida at a very high speed and only about 100 feet in the sky 10/31/08
9/7/08 10:30 San Jose CA Egg 5 min White egg object Hovered then speed off with great speed 10/31/08
9/2/08 03:36 Vestal NY Egg 5 minutes Close range observation of a brightly lit egg shaped UFO in Vestal, NY 10/31/08
8/30/08 23:00 Trout Lake WA Egg 2+ hours Orange egg shaped object headed towards Mount Adams in Wa 10/31/08
8/25/08 02:30 Aurora CO Egg 5 min. UFO seen in backyard 10/31/08
8/19/08 11:30 Ashland NH Egg power line seen a ovel shaped light moving low to ground back and forth vilently.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
8/17/08 22:06 Washington, D.C. DC Egg 1 minute (egg shaped) anomaly shooting a beam of light towards the ground? 10/31/08
8/14/08 01:30 Roseville CA Egg 8 Minutes Three crafts hovered over head, apparently examining me, then departed. 10/31/08
8/11/08 20:15 Gillette WY Egg 2-5 minutes Bell shaped object emiting bright light from bottom spotted near Gillette Wyoming. 10/31/08
8/8/08 15:00 Sunnyvale CA Egg 60 seconds Reflective silver object, possibly orb or egg shaped flying near some fighter jets this afternoon in Sunnyvale, CA 8/12/08
7/25/08 17:00 Aurora IL Egg 3 min I was sitting in my loft when I noticed an amber colored orb floating about 6 miles away. It was sort of pulsating, and then it suddenl 8/12/08
7/15/08 05:00 Miami FL Egg nothing ((HOAX/OBSCENE)) it was brown with a red line,two lights on bottom(ten one when it did a u turn). 10/31/08
7/11/08 23:30 Perth (Australia)
Egg 10 seconds Egg shaped U.F.O flying back and forth for about 10 seconds then shooting off in a northerly direction 1/10/09
7/9/08 01:30 New York City (Manhattan) NY Egg 5 SECONDS EGG SHAPED OBJECT W/GREEN NEON TAIL OVER NEW YORK CITY EARLY JULY 2008 5/12/09
7/6/08 21:45 San Antonio TX Egg 6 seconds white, egg shaped object traveling very fast and no sound what so ever 8/12/08
7/1/08 15:00 Smithfield NC Egg seconds Eggshaped ufo spotted near plane 10/31/08
6/25/08 00:00 Surrey (Canada) BC Egg 2 minutes Some guy told me you can call UFO's, I asked him to video it, he did, then I did. (Djice9) 3/19/09
6/16/08 06:50 Downers Grove IL Egg 2 minute In the morning I looked outside my window to see a white mailbox shaped object with thin black lines and thick red lines floating above 7/5/08
6/14/08 23:00 Brooklyn MI Egg 15-25 min Three (total) egged shaped flying lights over Brooklyn, MI 7/5/08
6/14/08 22:00 Edwardsburg MI Egg 10 Minutes Orange objects traveling in the same flight path over Michigan 7/5/08
6/9/08 23:00 Lowell MA Egg 10 min Blimp-like Craft crossing Lowell, MA super slowly... proceeded by Tactical Craft 6/12/08
5/23/08 07:22 Oak Lawn IL Egg 40 seconds Flying Black Egg Craft? Is this the way a Chupacabra Travels? 6/12/08
5/19/08 15:45 Pleasant Prairie WI Egg 2-3 minutes I observed a stationary egg shaped silver object, over Highway 31 in Pleasant Prairie, WI, on my way to work for about 2-3 minutes. 6/12/08
5/15/08 01:05 Tokyo (Japan)
Egg 20 minutes Planet-size sighting in Tokyo, Japan 6/12/08
5/13/08 08:10 Los Angeles CA Egg 2 minutes Bright orange and silver glowing ball shaped objects in the Los Angeles Sky.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/25/08 01:50 Wellington MO Egg 3 sec. wow.....the ufo was awesome....but it took my cow......i want my cow back....

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
4/22/08 22:30 Saraland AL Egg about 3min. We saw a bright egg shaped craft after work. 6/12/08
4/22/08 00:00 Palatine IL Egg 15 mins I saw an egg shped flying saucer in the sky at midnight, it was glowing in a green color. It flew so close to my house, I could see ali 6/12/08
4/21/08 15:00 Redding CA Egg 4 mins. 3 egg like objects in the sky. 6/12/08
4/21/08 01:07 Redding CA Egg quick glimps 3 egg like objects in the redding sky!!! 6/12/08
4/15/08 00:00 Karachi (Pakistan)
Egg 1 mint My friend, and I saw a line of 3 lights. Each of these lights had a yellowish-oranginsh glow. The lights seemed as if they were traveli 6/12/08
3/30/08 06:01 Sydney (Australia)
Egg 5 minutes Taken of Warriewood Beach Sydney whilst taking photos of a sunrise 4/13/10
3/29/08 14:30 Salton Sea CA Egg 3 min ((HOAX??)) I was driving north on highway 86 just passing the salton sea when i noticed an egg shaped object 3/31/08
3/28/08 12:00 Westfir/Seattle OR Egg 15 seconds While i was looking at the space neddle yesterday through a web site known as earth cams i noticed a egg or disc like craft towards the 3/31/08
3/25/08 20:08 Los Angeles CA Egg One or two minutes I saw the returning white and egg-shaped Endeavor space shuttle in sky followed by a second egg-shaped object. 3/31/08
3/10/08 06:37 Orlando FL Egg about 3 seconds A bright bluesh/green light heading quickly towards the ground. 3/31/08
3/9/08 19:00 Odessa FL Egg 15 seconds I was driving down the road and saw a large egg shaped object that was dark in color. I was able to see it for around 15 seconds then s 3/31/08
2/21/08 19:30 Purdy NY Egg 5minutes An oval flying object descended from a cloud and returned within 5 minutes. No wings. 6/12/08
2/18/08 19:30 Titusville FL Egg 6-10 minutes UFOs Sighted near NASA 3/4/08
2/15/08 19:03 UK/England
Egg 3-5mins egg shaped object big red flashing light 3/4/08
2/12/08 01:00 Tullahoma TN Egg 15 i was standing outside and saw a ufo right above my house and it made no noise and it had bright white and green and red lights and all 1/10/09
2/10/08 10:30 Corona CA Egg 31/2hrs Admitted Brilliant Blue Light Stationary Over 3 Hours 2/14/08
1/12/08 20:45 Hampton TN Egg 15 seconds observed half egg shaped object pic on phone 2/14/08
1/12/08 15:30 Marlton NJ Egg 10 minutes Bright egg shaped UFO seen by 4 people 2/14/08
12/31/07 23:53 Myrtle Beach SC Egg 25 seconds Large ghostly shape like a stacked hamburger almost transparent and extremely large prodominantly white. 1/21/08
11/12/07 13:00 Live Oak FL Egg
Super great unconfirmed job... You the MAN… ((NUFORC Note: Criticism of NUFORC. PD)) 11/28/07
10/24/07 18:00 Garden City KS Egg 10 minutes Egg Shaped Objects Over Garden City Kansas 11/28/07
10/6/07 13:00 Oak View CA Egg 30 seconds to a minute Egg-shaped rust-colored craft in Oak View, CA rapidly traveling north to south, on Sat., Oct. 6. 11/28/07
9/12/07 03:00 Aurora CO Egg 5 mins Two flashing objects in night sky. 10/8/07
9/1/07 04:00 Boston area MA Egg 7-8 seconds A round fast moving polished object 10/8/07
8/28/07 13:25 Yaphank NY Egg 4 mins i was going to my cousins house out east.. he lives near Southaven park...

so iam driveing down sunrise hwy and i see this thing fl
8/16/07 10:40 Darien CT Egg 1 second ((HOAX??)) Neon green object dissapears in night sky. 10/8/07
8/12/07 20:00 Issaquah WA Egg 25 minutes strange dissapearing objects over lake sammamish. 8/14/07
7/27/07 14:00 Gatlinburg TN Egg seconds Took Picture of an object over Gatlinburg Tn possiably UFO 8/7/07
7/15/07 13:30 Longview WA Egg 5 Minutes Shiny metal egg over Trojan Nuclear Plant in Oregon. 1/21/08
6/22/07 02:00 Fresno (20 min. N of) CA Egg approx 3 minutes 3 strange lights, hovering, flipping, and spinning like a top; very close to the I5freeway. 8/7/07
6/8/07 22:15 Grimsby (UK/England)
5/31/07 23:00 Springfield MO Egg 60 min MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Brightly lit object on May 31st seen flying east over SW Missouri around 11pm is the Sanyo blimp. 6/12/07
5/23/07 23:30 Albany NY Egg 20-30 seconds slow and lighted, it was completely visble in the night sky 6/12/07
5/18/07 09:45 Naperville IL Egg 2 min Sighting of inverted egg or tear drop object 6/12/07
5/13/07 02:50 South Elgin IL Egg 1 Large bright blue light shoots across low in the sky 6/12/07
5/2/07 23:30 Redondo Beach CA Egg ~1 hour Light not resembling star or aircraft hovers high above South Bay, California. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Jupiter?? PD)) 6/12/07
4/28/07 Moreno Valley CA Egg
object caught on camera while taking photo of my sail boat 6/12/07
4/21/07 21:30 Blackpool (UK/England)
Egg 5 mins Eight UFO's over Blackpool, England 4/27/07
4/12/07 22:47 Calgary (Canada) AB Egg <2 seconds small object from SW to N. 30-35 degress above the horizon - dispersed into 9 -12 egg-shaped low luminous objects (<2seconds) 4/27/07
4/11/07 13:25 Northampton MA Egg 15 seconds Pure white, opaque, slightly elliptical, non-luminous thing moving at a very high rate of speed, with no apparent effect on atmosphere. 4/27/07
4/5/07 21:30 Bel Air MD Egg 40 mins Large glowing egg shaped light that rotates. At certain points in its rotation, you could see dozens of lights. 4/27/07
4/3/07 13:00 North Bay (Canada) ON Egg 10 minutes 7 Golden Discs sighted over Nothern Ontario Lake in April 2007 11/28/07
3/27/07 17:00 Seattle WA Egg 20 seconds Two Crafts. One sighting. 3/31/08
3/9/07 19:30 Houston TX Egg 5 minutes Gray egg shaped object with many colored lights flying low in the sky, then either vanishing or flying away very quickly. 4/27/07
3/3/07 18:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Egg 10 seconds egg object seen falling rapidly 3/8/07
1/25/07 21:40 Bath OH Egg 4 minutes Egg shaped object ringed with red and green lights observed rising into a clear night sky with no sound. 2/1/07
1/20/07 18:25 Tampa FL Egg 20 minutes Bluish Egg Shaped craft with red and blue blinking lights over Tampa 2/1/07
1/2/07 13:00 Comstock Township MI Egg 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Three black, egg shaped objects moving in a triangular formation. 2/1/07
12/31/06 17:30 Milwaukee WI Egg 30 sec while cooking steaks on 12/31/06 at 1730 hours i looked to the south west skys on a 45 degree angle and noticed tew egg or football sha 2/1/07
12/29/06 00:53 London (UK/England)
Egg 15 seconds just a light getting closer and closer then dissapered. 2/1/07
12/27/06 18:25 Perry GA Egg 15 minutes Unusual objects moving parallel to I-75 2/1/07
12/22/06 04:45 Zama (Japan)
Egg 1 minute Two egg shaped lights slowly circling around each other. 2/1/07
12/20/06 19:20 Pahoa HI Egg 2 seconds Egg shapped orange Moon object over Hawaii neighborhood. 2/1/07
12/11/06 22:50 Birmingham (UK/England)
Egg 2 seconds Bright blue, white egg shaped light flying very fast and low from right to left of my sight for 2 seconds in Sutton coldfied England. 12/14/06
10/20/06 07:45 St. Augustine FL Egg Blink of an eye Brief Blue-Green egg thing (Low flying) 2/24/07
10/20/06 06:30 Providence RI Egg less then a minute eggs shape bottom glowing craft 10/30/06
9/19/06 00:04 Arlington TX Egg 30 seconds Oval UFO streking southward in the DFW area, going about 1,000 mph silently. 10/30/06
9/15/06 03:00 Barnesville PA Egg 5 seconds A dual-colored, egg shaped object, streaks into view and hovers directly overhead for several seconds. 6/4/14
8/29/06 13:25 Portland OR Egg 1 second Object seen east of Portland Airport at 1:25pm Moving steadily south and level 10/30/06
8/26/06 Spring Bank Airport (Canada) AB Egg 4 Mins Still following up on this report.Alberta UFO study group. 2/1/07
8/13/06 23:00 Redding CA Egg 2minutes egg shaped orb slow moving north towards mnt shasta moved across the sky for a minute then made a right turn and disapeared at a extrem 10/30/06
8/10/06 01:00 Dumont NJ Egg 2 sec Fastest object beutiful colors,than dissapeard,no noise! 10/30/06
8/6/06 04:55 Canton MI Egg 15-20 seconds Extremely bright flash of light, faint crackling sound with electrical discharge as craft stopped in midair. 2/28/13
8/4/06 17:00 San Francisco CA Egg 1-2 minutes Egg shaped object over San Francisco 2/1/07
7/31/06 03:13 Leicester (UK/England)
Egg 2 minutes Egg shaped 20+ ufo's crash landing on runway. 10/30/06
7/26/06 00:30 Richmond VA Egg 3 UFO sighting near Short Pump, VA stationary egg/box shaped object with three lights 10/30/06
7/22/06 04:00 Azusa CA Egg 10 min egg shaped orange light braks in 2 then disapears over azusa 10/30/06
7/17/06 23:30 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Egg 2 min. Two egg shaped, Lighted, super fast moving, vibrating objects traviling north one behind the other. 10/30/06
7/17/06 13:00 Doraville GA Egg 1 hour I was looking out my window, I first saw a red light it rotated and changed color to silver letalic. it moved west and dissapeared, the 10/30/06
6/30/06 17:25 Manchester (UK/England)
Egg 10/15.mins it was still light, the ufo moved slowley at are pace when followed us, an stayed in one spot while we had a good look, 4/27/07
6/25/06 07:00 Victorville CA Egg 15 min Blue bugish oval with insect like undercarage and leaning one side top knot 7/16/06
6/24/06 10:30 Dayton OH Egg 10 minutes Objects appeared over Dayton, Ohio, 7/16/06
6/23/06 16:50 Houston TX Egg ~2 minutes Dual White/Black/Red Ovalesques over Clear Lake, Texas 7/16/06
6/20/06 22:20 Santa Fe Springs CA Egg 2 minutes I saw an egg shaped noiseless object 200 feet above my car with red lights that disappeared after I yelled 7/16/06
6/20/06 21:30 West Chester PA Egg 5 seconds bright green egg shage light in SE pennsylvania sky 7/16/06
6/3/06 23:30 St. Cloud FL Egg 2 minutes Low flying object in central Florida. 7/16/06
6/1/06 19:15 Ogden UT Egg 10 min. It moved slowly, was very very high, and reflected a lot of light (or produced light). 7/16/06
5/15/06 23:00 Baltimore MD Egg 15+ Mins. Stationary long objet with dome in middle. Red/orange & blue lights kept shining with varying degrees of intensity. 7/16/06
5/4/06 00:00 Wausau/Greenbay (on Hwy. 29) WI Egg 2 1/2 hours Red near ground 1 beam light seperate into 4 which rotated and the tops rotated of the beams. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising light?? PD) 5/15/06
4/26/06 12:00 Alexandria VA Egg Recess ((HOAX??)) Unidentifyed circuler objects near shcool, one repoted witness. 3/31/08
4/14/06 20:00 Shoreline (Seattle) WA Egg 5 sec a large orange egg traveling at eye blinking speed thru the S.W sky, seemed to attract three smaller ogjects to it. 5/15/06
3/30/06 19:15 Lawley AL Egg 16 minutes Unknown lights filmed descending into wooded area 10/30/06
3/6/06 14:35 North Hills CA Egg 5 minutes ((HOAX)) As I sat in my car taking my break, I looked at the sky and observed through clouds a round egg-like silver object. 5/15/06
2/1/06 13:15 Hogback Mountain VT Egg Unknown Photo at scenic area displays object in sky, upon digital scanning and zooming object is visible. 8/12/08
12/24/05 21:00 Jefferson GA Egg 1-2 minutes 3 objects with speeds unimaganable. 10/30/06
11/10/05 13:30 Camp Verde AZ Egg 0.5 second Shiny Silver football shape, seen for only a half second. 11/19/15
11/5/05 03:06 Wayne NJ Egg 3 minutes Object landed on roadway and changed brightness several times. Also caused power outage to my house until it disappeared. 2/13/20
10/15/05 16:00 Mineola TX Egg 40sec. Saw a metalic football shaped object traveling 200 to 250 mph at about 1000 to 1500 ft. No sound,no windows,no wings ,no trail . 4/27/07
4/7/05 13:30 Lake Stevens WA Egg 30 Object vanished behind a tree. 4/4/14
8/15/04 02:00 Faluja (Al anbar)(Iraq)
Egg 1 minute "Tic-tac"-like encounter. 6/1/18
6/18/04 21:00 Plymouth MA Egg 10 min We saw an object that was almond shaped and was illuminated like the moon hovering across the sky. 4/27/07
6/15/04 05:30 Flushing NY Egg
4 Eggs shaped UFO in NY 500 Lights On Object0: Yes 8/5/09
3/7/04 21:30 Lake Wales FL Egg 15 minutes Six 4-foot diamter orbs observed for 15 minutes by 2 witnesses 11/28/07
12/16/03 02:00 Webster SD Egg none ME AND A FEW FRIENDS SAW AN EGG SHAPED CRAFT ON A COUNTY ROAD. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 4/27/07
5/10/03 22:00 Welcome NC Egg 30-45 minutes Egg-shaped pod with large spheres on either side. Blinded by craft. 25+ minute sighting. 6/13/14
1/15/03 14:00 Sterling Heights MI Egg 10 seconds Sometime in early 2003, during the winter, I had been living in an apartment on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex in Sterling Heigh 2/14/10
10/1/02 16:00 Staten Island NY Egg 5 seconds Egg-shaped object parallels plane. 4/7/17
8/8/02 04:00 Staunton VA Egg 5min Silent Cloaked object with 2 witness and radio interference 6/25/20
6/30/02 02:30 Bogota (Colombia)
Egg 2 min Strange being in my bedroom and real dream having eggs 3/19/09
6/18/02 16:30 Kettering OH Egg 1 hour ((HOAX??)Witnessed "Tic Tac" UFO for an hour, took picture with cell phone. Object was seen 3-5 miles below a/ct. ((anonymous report)) 6/27/19
6/13/02 14:00 Tulsa OK Egg 1 minute Metallic, egg-shaped, silent, low-flying, object. 3/10/17
6/1/01 13:00 Charlotte NC Egg 5 minutes Silver egg-shaped objects following aircraft around Charlotte International Airport 4/17/15
4/24/01 08:00 London (Ontario) (Canada) ON Egg 5 min 04/01 Below London Ontario Flattened Egg 10 feet of ploughed feild paseing my Van 11/01 12/7/06
12/22/00 22:00 Cordova IL Egg 5-10 minutes Large orange orb NW Illinois see 12/23/20
11/23/00 12:00 Forest lake MN Egg 2 minutes Looked up into a clear blue sky. It appeared out of thin air just like a clingon ship on Star Trek. It was cloked invisible. It didn't 7/3/20
10/15/00 04:00 Clear Lake TX Egg 3 secs 1 1/2 times the size of a full moon, green and moved alot faster than normal at 4 am 12/12/09
9/10/00 23:00 Eldorado AR Egg 45 SEC I SAW TWO UFOS CHASING EACH OTHER & STOP IN MID AIR! this is not the first ones i saw !.got witnesses 6/12/08
5/15/00 02:30 Winter Haven FL Egg ufo ufo 8/12/08
1/19/00 03:00 West Palm Beach FL Egg 20 minutes Grey visitation and abduction. 12/1/19
1/1/00 23:00 Erath LA Egg 2:00 Yellow egg shape craft displays of technolegy 5/15/06
3/31/99 18:00 Compton CA Egg 15 minutes Egg/Saucer over Los Angeles. 6/4/14
7/15/98 15:00 Bristol RI Egg 4 min. there was no heat allmost like it was floating but was all medal blow my mind. 8/30/10
8/31/97 05:15 Lost Lake OR Egg 3 min Two blue egg shaped objects floated past our campground about 200 feet above the ground moving about 25 mph,lasted about 3 min. 1/10/09
6/15/97 15:00 Wapakoneta OH Egg 1 minute Egg Shaped Object in broad daylight. 4/12/13
6/1/97 00:01 Egg Harbor Township NJ Egg 45-50 MINUTES Bright Object in the sky 8/12/08
5/15/97 05:00 Los Angeles CA Egg ~5 minutes This is a classic report. I have never been able to forget it. I did report it to LAMUFON and I was contacted about it. We spoke for at 7/5/18
1/9/97 15:00 Margate (UK/England)
Egg 2 White Egg UFO in Margate, Kent. England 8/23/19
6/21/96 21:45 Avebury
Egg 15 minutes - Unknown Egg shaped ball of light UFO at Avebury, England during summer solstice 1996. Landed in field. 8/5/12
4/25/96 23:00 Riggins ID Egg 4 seconds Large white egg with comet-like tail seen above salmon river at french creek. 2/4/13
6/30/95 03:00 Ecoporanga (farm area; ES) (Brazil)
Egg 2 min Large egg -shapped object floatted in farm yard area in the North Espirito Santo State, Brazil 7/16/06
10/8/94 18:30 Kingstree SC Egg 15 minutes Egg shaped yellowish lights that danced around a tree and house. 7/5/18
8/7/94 17:00 Port Richey FL Egg 15 seconds Silver Egg Shaped craft 11/28/07
7/27/94 22:00 Apex NC Egg 15-20 minutes 3 egg shaped yellow crafts seen in the sky by 12-15 witnesses, hovers for 15-20 minutes then vanishes! 8/5/12
6/15/94 15:00 Tallahassee FL Egg 20 sec or more I saw an egg like object out of the side of my eye while driving, but it changed speed and shot away with no transition time. 6/12/07
4/15/94 14:30 Dayton TN Egg 7 seconds Green object flies over Dayton, TN. in 1994 2/1/19
7/18/93 00:30 Sainte-Julie (Canada) QC Egg 10 seconds It wasn't a rock or a birds flew in the night 10/30/06
2/9/93 02:00 Lake Stevens WA Egg 45 seconds Multiple sightings of an egg-shaped craft. 2/20/15
10/9/92 19:49 Peekskill NY Egg 40 seconds They're not here to mess withour heads so much (well, maybe a little), they're here to sweep away any large asteroids coming by here 3/23/18
10/1/92 18:00 Springfield MO Egg 90 seconds MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: We saw a large football shaped object hovering above an apartment complex . 12/12/09
7/17/92 23:00 Kocevje (Russia)
Me with my father hade direct contact with them. they research us. we hade 3.3mm micro chip from them under the skin. 2/16/18
5/20/92 07:30 Montreal (Canada) QC Egg Few minutes I remember when I was a kid and having breakfast and getting ready for school and the back door was open so I was going to close it and 1/12/17
8/24/91 22:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Egg ? it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen, but i dont remember what happened. 10/30/06
7/20/91 16:30 Sierra Vista AZ Egg 2 to 3 minutes 7/20/91, 1630, Sierra Vista AZ, 2 to 3 minutes, flattened egg, matte black, observed by myself 4/7/17
6/23/90 22:25 Salem NY Egg 45 minutes Object seen but nothing came out on film. 1/10/14
4/20/89 13:00 Tupelo MS Egg not sure exactly Very bright egg shaped object and some missing time. 7/7/17
6/1/87 21:00 Hw 20 west of I-5 about 10 miles CA Egg 10 minutes Large multi colored sphere hovering just feet above me. 11/5/20
6/1/87 03:00 Olympia WA Egg 5 minutes sighting years ago in WA 3/19/09
12/5/85 05:00 Manaus-Amazonas (Brazil) AL Egg 10:00 this case happen to me and my brother my english is not so good but i will try to tell you ,what happen that night. I was sleeping in 8/7/07
8/7/84 21:00 Caribou ME Egg 15 minutes Three of us saw a large object with a searchlight darting and traveling over fields in northern Maine. 8/7/07
4/15/84 Branford CT Egg 6-7 minutes Colorful section off egg-shaped craft 14 ft. 7/11/14
6/1/83 01:00 Broadgate (Jamaica)
Egg 5 miniutes large object traveling upward with ligths from windows 1/10/09
10/15/81 09:00 Apache Lake AZ Egg 10 minutes UFO sighting Apache Lake in 1981during broad daylight hours. 12/12/09
8/12/80 00:00 Nevada City CA Egg 30 minutes/30 seconds? Possible abduction. 1/5/16
7/10/80 14:30 Brookwood (UK/England)
Egg 1 minute Silent silver egg shaped object flying slowly at around 500-1000' in the UK. 12/20/12
6/7/80 13:00 Oklahoma City OK Egg 10 minutes Floating titanium, metallic, football-shaped UFO seen up close. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is former Boeing empl. PD)) 1/23/16
2/15/80 22:00 Hollister CA Egg 10 minutes more or less I was in High School just got out of late Basketball Practice. My older brother came to pick me up and take me home. It was late even 10/30/06
9/30/79 21:03 Joliet IL Egg 5 seconds Cold Case UFO Joliet, IL. 2/1/07
6/30/79 Renton WA Egg 15 minutes Watched stat. obj. from basement for 10 min. Obj. looked like white grain of rice. Went up stairs and got my binoculars. 9/11/15
6/30/78 02:30 29 Palms CA Egg 15 minutes while in the marine corp. I seen two ufo's that looked oval and like chrome and moved together very quik. 8/5/09
6/1/78 13:00 Katy TX Egg 1 minute egg shaped metalic object viewed over Katy, Tx in 1978 2/14/08
1/6/78 17:00 Gloucester (Canada) ON Egg 5 minutes Large football shaped object with no wings, no windows and lights were the wings should be, very close I could clearly see it. 2/7/14
7/2/77 01:00 Carlsbad Cavrans (near) NM Egg 1 minute Orange/Reddish in color. Steady in brightness. Rising straight up from horizon. Slowly to about 90 degrees in the sky. Then lights out 7/4/12
6/1/77 01:00 Hesperia CA Egg 1 hour stay away! 8/12/08
12/4/76 14:00 Hull (UK/England)
6/30/76 22:00 Conley GA Egg 1-2 minutes UFO came directly over us. 7/25/19
8/5/75 18:31 Richmond VA Egg 5 minutes On August 5, 1975, at 6:31 P.M., while I was riding a bicycle, I stopped, along with my friend to watch a beautiful UFO. It was undergo 3/19/09
8/1/75 04:00 Sunland CA Egg 10 minutes Shimmering, iridescent ovoid over Sunland, CA emits brilliant flash and disappears 7/4/12
7/13/75 19:30 Shoreline WA Egg 5 minutes When driving north on I-5 just north of Seattle we noticed a group of persons standing on the side of the freeway pointing and looking 7/4/12
6/30/75 22:00 Taupo (New Zealand)
Egg 90 seconds It was a clear sky, no moon, I was 20kms from this huge electric green light bulb that appeared in the nothern sky - from where I was s 5/12/11
6/1/74 13:00 Oakville (Canada) ON Egg 1 min Egg shaped object small perhaps 9 to 10 feet silent hovering. 8/21/11
10/11/73 18:45 Jupiter FL Egg ~4 hours Egg-shaped object emits light ray and missing time occurs . 1/31/20
9/8/70 22:00 Kirkby (Merseyside) (UK/England)
8/15/70 14:00 Sabana Seca (Puerto Rico)
Egg 30 seconds 1968-70 white egg shaped UFO over Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico 11/4/12
6/16/70 01:00 Electric City WA Egg 20 minutes Three Egg shaped objects flew thru the Coulee. There was a large one and two small objects flying together.. They all flashed colors of 2/14/19
8/17/68 21:30 Nebo NC Egg 10-15 minutes Strange orange light hovering in the sky over western NC-dogs going crazy-have a video of it 8/22/18
6/20/68 19:00 York PA Egg 5-10 seconds Egg shaped object lit-up like the moon. 5/15/06
8/15/67 22:00 Abilene (near) KS Egg 15 minutes Blimp shaped ufo, with loss of time. 5/22/15
10/24/65 18:15 Danvers MA Egg not certain whirring, egg shaped, and about a mile away from a nike -zeus instillation 3/19/09
7/31/65 22:00 Pell Lake WI Egg 5-6 minutes Four egg-shaped aerial objects were observed in the sky on the evening of July 31, 1965 in Pell Lake, Wisconsin 6/12/07
1/5/65 03:00 Los Alamos CA Egg 4.5 minutes 5 police officers in 1965 were attacked. 5/6/17
2/23/62 06:15 Crowheart WY Egg 2 minutes Egg-shaped object hovers then departs quickly on rural property in Crow Reservation, Wyoming 12/6/18
9/15/61 20:00 Wahoo NE Egg 5 minutes Egg shaped craft near Wahoo, NE 2/1/07
7/15/61 23:30 Newberg OR Egg 2.5 hours Bright orbs flying in sky west of Portland, Oregon 6/2/13
7/15/59 Alor Islands (Indonesia)
This incident was happened in July 1959, in Alor Islands area which located at northern of Nusa Tenggara Timur province in Indonesia. A 8/7/07
6/6/56 12:00 Upper Glade WV Egg 5 minutes Close up sighting in rural West Virginia around 1956/7 12/12/11
6/30/71 14:00 Yellowstone National Park WY Egg not known Old photos from 1871 show what appears to be objects in the air. 12/12/09
22:30 Imus (Cavite) (Philippines)
Egg 4 minutes O just want to share what i saw that night. 3 of the ufo fly in triangle formation. 4 were flying in straight line. The other groups of 10/10/11
07:00 Ft. Collins CO Egg 20 minutes ((HOAX??)) News article reports landing of saucer on college campus. ((NUFORC Note: Possible April Fool's prank?? PD)) 4/4/14