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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/4/20 01:15 Pahrump NV Light 2-3 minutes Blue ziggzaging and sudden stops light that tirned redwhen red light was flashed at it 9/4/20
9/3/20 23:42 Granbury TX Light 5-6 seconds I was watching the East sky by lake Granbury and almost every night I see shooting stars....thought this was one, but it was far closer 9/4/20
9/3/20 20:00 Dansville/Mason MI Light 10 seconds Triple lights in the sky. 9/4/20
9/3/20 01:30 Roanoke TX Light 8 seconds Green oval lights 9/4/20
9/2/20 21:15 Redvale CO Light 20 minutes Blinking red light, low on horizon, flashing, moving up and down 9/4/20
9/2/20 02:35 Temecula CA Light Hours I had let my dog outside to go potty in the middle of the night and as I waited I noticed a twinkling light above thinking it was a sta 9/4/20
9/2/20 01:00 Smolensk (Russia)
Light 30 minutes moving light, radiant balls going up and down, flashes in the sky 9/4/20
9/1/20 05:00 Hull MA Light 30 minutes solid object with the bank of strobing lights on the bottom. The lights were blue yellow red white and blue. 9/4/20
9/1/20 04:20 Edmonton AB Light 3 minutes I was riding my pedal bike to the 711 in st.albert,Alberta from near the casino when I was riding my bike from 711 there was a Super Br 9/4/20
9/1/20 03:00 Ames IA Light 2 seconds Light in sky defying gravity and disappearing in rural Iowa 9/4/20
8/31/20 19:30 Lahaina HI Light 9 seconds Bright ball of light moving up high into space. 9/4/20
8/31/20 10:20 Rochester NY Light 3 minutes 2 orbs of light over Rochester, NY 9/4/20
8/31/20 06:20 Nassau (Bahamas)
Light 5 seconds Light - yellow, low altitude, fast, silent, left a trail 9/4/20
8/31/20 04:00 Tom bean TX Light 35 seconds Late in the morning, there was a large cast of clouds rippling across the sky covering the face of the moon and sky blocking out stars. 9/4/20
8/30/20 22:30 Curtin WV Light >30 minutes My husband and I were leaving from a storage shed that out friend is renting and we are storing some items in. As I was backing out int 9/4/20
8/30/20 22:17 Myrtle Beach SC Light streaked by less than a s Two white lights flashed across the sky in less than a second. No sound. 9/4/20
8/29/20 22:30 Lincoln City OR Light 30 minutes We were watching the fireworks display put on by the casino here when I noticed a small green light above and to the right of the firew 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:59 New Braunfels TX Light 2-3 minutes Moving light thought to be a star at first 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:00 East Berlin PA Light 30 minutes we saw a bright light looking SE. It did not move. It appeared to be stationary. We watched it for about 30 minutes. We figured it was 9/4/20
8/29/20 18:00 Maple Hts OH Light 1 minute Flying objects non like I have ever seen before 9/4/20
8/28/20 22:00 Choctaw OK Light 5 minutes bright light over eastern choctaw oklahoma thought it might of been just a radio tower cause it had a slight red color to it cause was 9/4/20
8/28/20 20:16 Sullivan MO Light 3-7 minutes Multiple Light Over Pea Ridge Mines seen from Sullivan, MO. 9/4/20
8/27/20 23:53 Amelia OH Light 45 seconds Light in the sky 8/27/20
8/27/20 21:20 San Antonio TX Light 21:40 White light traveling east to west.The light blink blue twice then turned red,flying down slow then back up.The light turn white flew b 9/4/20
8/27/20 21:00 St. Paul MN Light 8 seconds Red Light Changing Color and Abruptly Stopping to Hover 9/4/20
8/27/20 20:47 Marlton NJ Light 5 minutes Father and son see large bright orb with aura around it 9/4/20
8/27/20 03:00 Marysville OH Light 3 minutes A bright rainbow colored object took off in a flash leaving a rainbow trail before disappearing 8/27/20
8/26/20 23:00 Winnipegosis (Canada) MB Light 3 hours Strange lights flying across the sky 8/27/20
8/26/20 21:45 Indianapolis IN Light 1 minutes Bright light on southern Indianapolis from East to NWest 8/27/20
8/25/20 23:25 Ft. Wayne IN Light Hour Strange blinking lights 9/4/20
8/25/20 00:00 Lehi UT Light 2 hours Bright moving Lights ( looks like a distant plane until it doesn’t flicker or have flashing lights. It was going so so fast. And they w 8/27/20
8/24/20 23:48 Bothell WA Light 8 seconds My mother any I were sitting out in one of my field, watching the the last of the Persieds and k-Cygnids. We managed to see a couple sa 8/27/20
8/24/20 22:00 Littlestown PA Light 3 seconds My wife and I where out back when i seen a Small light moving at steady pace across sky. We see them all the time going in different di 8/27/20
8/24/20 09:30 Newberg OR Light 2 minutes Satellite shining spotlight on airliner and dissapearing. 8/27/20
8/23/20 23:00 LITTLE ROCK AR Light 20 minutes Unexplained light in sky that lasted for 20 minutes. 8/27/20
8/23/20 21:30 Poway CA Light 2 minutes Pulsating orange light. 8/27/20
8/23/20 21:20 Kearns UT Light 15-20 minutes Lots of star like lights coming from different directions for about 15 minutes. ((Starlink satellites?)) 9/4/20
8/23/20 20:40 Riverdale Park MD Light 2-3 minutes Was speaking with a neighbor (avid celestial observer) outside at around 20:40, when neighbor noticed and pointed out an orange object 8/27/20
8/23/20 20:08 Morton Grove IL Light 8 Bright red light over North suburbs of Chicago. 8/27/20
8/23/20 00:10 Portage la prairie MB Light 8 seconds Formation of lights, silent and high above atmosphere 8/27/20
8/22/20 23:30 Holyoke MA Light A few seconds My dog was sitting in the sunroom for a while, highly alert. I took her out in the backyard and for a few seconds we both spotted a red 8/27/20
8/22/20 22:30 Yankton SD Light 30 seconds 2 orange lights hovering slowly before flickering out west of Yankton/North of Gavins Point Dam 9/4/20
8/22/20 22:20 Lexington KY Light 30 minutes Repeat performance of flashing light, see report- 08/09/20 (& 08/04/20-unreported w/ witness) 8/27/20
8/22/20 22:00 Buffalo NY Light ~5 minutes Multiple moving lights in the sky. 9/4/20
8/22/20 21:59 Manassas VA Light 5 minutes Slow, pulsating orange light coming from the south and disappearing after approx. 30 seconds. 8/27/20
8/22/20 20:45 Kansas City KS Light 25 seconds 4-5 small very bright green lights moving around in different directions, then zooming off, leaving a streak of light and disappearing. 8/27/20
8/22/20 06:00 Waynesboro PA Light 5 minutes Stationary light shot upwards at a high rate of speed. 8/27/20
8/20/20 22:00 Satellite Beach FL Light 10 minutes Last night of FL vacation observed a large red object sitting in or near T-storm over ocean near Cape Canaveral. 8/27/20
8/20/20 21:30 Murrells Inlet SC Light 5-10 minutes Two bright white lights hovered over the ocean, then became blinking lights as it flew out over the ocean. 8/27/20
8/20/20 21:00 Knoxville IA Light 1 minute Lights in the sky 8/27/20
8/20/20 00:00 Centerville PA Light 2 hours We were just outside on the deck having coffee and noticed what looked like a bright star in the sky. When we started watching it, it m 8/20/20
8/19/20 23:00 Albuquerque (?) ("Abiquiu") NM Light 3 hours 2 witnesses spotted several orange and white lights bobbing and flying erratically in the sky. Specifically 2 orange flying objects tha 8/20/20
8/19/20 23:00 Abiquiu NM Light 3 hours 2 witnesses spotted several orange and white lights bobbing and flying erratically in the sky. Specifically 2 orange flying objects tha 8/27/20
8/19/20 21:47 Cambridge OH Light 1 minute Strange flashing lights in the night sky above Eastern Ohio. 8/27/20
8/19/20 21:10 Eugene OR Light 15-30 seconds Orange Star-Shaped UFO Flying Over Amazon Park 8/20/20
8/19/20 21:00 Holden Beach NC Light 10 minutes UFO's over Holden Beach NC 8/27/20
8/19/20 21:00 Towson MD Light 05 8 or 9 fast moving lights following each other that got brighter at a point 8/20/20
8/19/20 16:15 Huntsville AL Light 15-20 minutes Saw 1 bright light that dimmed out & got really bright in an erratic manner, the movement was unlike a plane or anything Ive ever seen 8/27/20
8/18/20 22:00 Beddington ME Light 30 minutes Two ufo lights in Beddington Maine 9/4/20
8/18/20 22:00 Beddington ME Light 30 minutes Two ufo lights in Beddington Maine 9/4/20
8/18/20 17:45 Bristow VA Light 1 minute Stationary row of lights in the sky in daylight 8/20/20
8/18/20 03:00 Corinth TX Light 1 hour Large blue white cloud of light that did not move and changed colors. 8/20/20
8/17/20 22:00 Superior WI Light 1 hour My husband came inside and drew on paper a zig zagged z like form and told me a light was going in those directions. I went outside wit 8/20/20
8/17/20 21:30 Holt's Summit MO Light 7-10 minutes Watching sky and 12 lights came out the the middle of corona borealis. All traveled the same direction after leaving the constellation. 8/20/20
8/17/20 01:00 Wedgfield FL Light 3.0 Ball of light w multicolor-several sightings. 8/20/20
8/16/20 22:45 Ear Falls (Canada) ON Light 2-3 seconds Red light flanked by circle of orange flashes above treeline on road shoulder 8/27/20
8/16/20 22:30 port angeles WA Light hours Fast faded star like objects. 8/20/20
8/16/20 22:15 Norman OK Light 2 minutes Saw a light move slowly high into the sky, then the light when out and when it came back on again it zoomed out through the ozone. 8/20/20
8/16/20 22:00 Alpine UT Light 10 seconds Two bright lights parallel of each other going the same speed. 8/20/20
8/16/20 21:00 Temple GA Light 10 minutes Bright red light in sky in same spot over 10 mins with no sound. 8/20/20
8/16/20 04:12 Prince George (Canada) BC Light 2-3 minutes satellite traveling from West to East. Then I saw another behind it ((Starlink satellites??)) 8/20/20
8/16/20 03:57 Centralia WA Light 30 minutes Yellowish Orange Light over Centralia, Wa 8/20/20
8/15/20 23:35 Quitman GA Light 15 minutes My husband and I were watching the stars last night on August 15th at around 11:35 pm EST when my husband noticed one of the stars movi 8/20/20
8/15/20 22:40 Richfield OH Light 3 minutes Star in center of south-eastern "cross" constellation hovering around, Cuyahoga Valley Ohio 8/20/20
8/15/20 22:00 Hants county NS Light A minute White starlike light seen by two 8/27/20
8/15/20 22:00 Hants County (Canada) NS Light 1 minute White starlike light seen by two 8/20/20
8/15/20 21:45 Burlington VT Light 45 seconds Unblinking solid white Light traveling south to north, moving slowly. I was just stargazing and the light began to move.

As it move
8/15/20 05:00 Davis CA Light 5 minutes Seven moving stars spotted on a clear night sky. 8/20/20
8/15/20 03:35 Montesano WA Light 2 minutes Seven star-like objects transited the sky from west to east towards Mt. Rainier. 8/20/20
8/15/20 01:30 San Rafael CA Light 3 seconds Pinpoint of light travels in even horizontal line 8/20/20
8/15/20 01:05 Pickering (Canada) ON Light 2 seconds ball of light suddenly appeared in the sky and then the light suddenly fell straight down and then disappeared in the sky. 8/20/20
8/15/20 01:00 Burnet TX Light 3 hours Blinking lights 2x2 followed by an arc of pinpoint lights hovering high in the atmosphere. 8/20/20
8/14/20 23:40 Wyandotte MI Light 10 minutes Ball of light hovering in Detroit Metro area. 8/20/20
8/14/20 06:15 Pearland TX Light 6 minutes White light circling a star. 8/20/20
8/14/20 04:30 Belfast ME Light 2 minutes Lights in a row. ((Starlink satellites?)) 8/20/20
8/14/20 03:00 Anacortes WA Light 30 seconds String of 20 paired lights moving west to east mid horizon. ((Starlink satellites?)) 8/20/20
8/13/20 23:00 Seattle WA Light 15 minutes Bright star like light moved surprisingly quickly in sky 8/20/20
8/13/20 22:00 Tillamook OR Light 60 Bright light in sky moving around then dimming periodically viewed from Twins Ranch camping in Tillamook, OR, USA. 8/20/20
8/13/20 05:50 Canton GA Light 2 minutes Yellow erratic light 8/20/20
8/13/20 03:54 Stanwood WA Light 4 minutes String of UFOs, 20+ points of light, one triangular formation, moving east. ((Starlink satellites?)) 8/20/20
8/12/20 23:00 Brampton (Canada) ON Light 5 minutes Light flew across the sky very fast and silent then turned back and flew the way it came from 8/20/20
8/12/20 03:30 Jackson MI Light 1-2 seconds Bright, stationary light north of my house that suddenly disappeared. 8/20/20
8/12/20 00:30 Boiling Springs PA Light 20+ minutes Star/satellite-like light in the night sky moving unusually and sporadically for a prolonged period of time. 8/20/20
8/11/20 23:45 Valley City ND Light 30-45 seconds Lake Ashtabula. High altitude (or low orbit) light moving at extreme speeds in a zig-zag pattern. 8/27/20
8/11/20 23:40 Hazleton PA Light 10 seconds Two objects seen flying over Hazleton, PA in a northern direction. 8/20/20
8/11/20 23:35 El Paso TX Light 20 minutes Strange bright light in the El Paso sky over Horizon City that blinks out and returns 8/20/20
8/11/20 22:36 Alton Hampshire (UK/England)
Light 1 minute two stationery circular red lights in the sky flashing on/off before slowly moving away and out of sight. 8/20/20
8/11/20 22:00 Anza Borrego CA Light 1 hour 2 White Orbs Chasing Aircraft Over Anza Borrego Desert 8/27/20
8/11/20 21:00 Greenbrae CA Light 1 minute Star light UFO blinking on and off very rapidly for about a minute seen from Greenbrae CA USA 8/20/20
8/11/20 05:30 Saint Petersburg FL Light 5 minutes Strange Object Drifts Across Early Morning Sky 8/20/20
8/11/20 04:00 Langley WA Light 24 minutes Awoke at 4:00 AM and looked out bedroom window. Saw a light, circular and thought it was a star. It. Was a clear morning 8/22/20, quiet 8/20/20
8/10/20 23:46 Cincinnati OH Light 6 minutes I was sitting in the Wendy’s line and i looked up in the sky and saw 3 lights moving very rapidly. Not plane nor drone. 8/20/20
8/10/20 21:45 Balnarring (Australia)
Light 1 minute Bright light. Flash twice. Moving extremely slow. Multiple sightings 8/20/20
8/9/20 22:04 Bangor PA Light 45 seconds Single light [which I thought was a satellite] passing west of Altair moving north slowly towards Lacerta, split into two lights. One 8/20/20
8/9/20 22:00 Marlboro NY Light 2 hours Lights moving in deep space along a trajectory, not meteors or satellites 8/20/20
8/9/20 21:45 Woodbridge VA Light 4 minutes A total of 10 orange bright lights move across the sky. No sound 2 at first then 4 then 2 more 2 more. Their was no surface wind. They 8/20/20
8/9/20 21:20 Sedona TX Light 1 minutes An upwards shooting star from earth to space 8/20/20
8/9/20 20:50 Eastham MA Light 20 minutes Bright Lights Over beach, with big red light over ocean 8/20/20
8/9/20 03:00 Arlington OR Light 2 seconds I was driving on the 84w Arlington oregon Sunday 09 saw this bright light going down at scary and incredible speed for two secs 8/20/20
8/9/20 03:00 Lynden WA Light 2 minutes My wife and i saw 2 bright lights to the southeast. We thought planets at first, but then they abruptly faded away. 8/20/20
8/9/20 00:20 Lexington KY Light 20 minutes Awoke. Felt "compelled" to step out into my backyard, overlooking the University of Kentucky. Glowing elongated orb caught my 8/20/20
8/8/20 23:30 Apex NC Light 1-2 minutes Jordan Lake ufo light 8/20/20
8/8/20 23:21 Lynnville TN Light 10 Three lights at 282 degrees West (above Columbia, Tennessee) in sky. Only one was shifting from side to side and up and down in motion 8/20/20
8/8/20 22:30 Windover UT Light 0200 A friend and I were camping west of the Bonneville salt flats.we were located 8 miles west in the mountains above Bonneville. We had be 8/20/20
8/8/20 22:28 Cranford NJ Light <2 minutes Red Orb Seen Being Chased By Military Aircraft Over Cranford NJ 8/20/20
8/8/20 22:20 Zanesville OH Light 30 seconds Unusual lights observed in the sky 8/20/20
8/8/20 22:00 Hamburg (Wilhelmsburg)(Germany)
Green light, moving EXTREM fast from one Point to another .many times. Disappeared many times aswel like it was playing hide and seek . 8/20/20
8/8/20 22:00 Surabaya (Indonesia)
Light 70 minutes Glowing green dot in the sky appeared for over an hour 8/20/20
8/8/20 21:50 Estill Springs TN Light 30 seconds Two balls of light dancing then disappear over horizon 8/20/20
8/8/20 21:33 Greenville OH Light 12 seconds At 21:33pm August the 8th 2020 our backyard security camera recorded a very bright pulsating flash that lasted approximately 12 seconds 8/20/20
8/8/20 21:30 Chesterton IN Light 2 minutes Orange ball of light 8/20/20
8/8/20 21:25 Highland Village TX Light 2-3 minutes Two people view bright circular object zig zagging in sky over park 8/20/20
8/8/20 20:30 Wallingford CT Light 2 minutes Three objects in succession with red flashing lights 8/20/20
8/8/20 20:00 Islip NY Light 2 minutes I toke my dog out and noticed a light blue light flickering.At first I thought it was a plane until I noticed its flight characteristic 8/20/20
8/8/20 12:50 Paducah KY Light 2 minutes Light disc’s 8/20/20
8/8/20 04:02 Glide OR Light 1 hour Slow flashing light over ridge. Three of us watched for an hour. Stopped flashing after we all noticed. Looks like plasma on video. 8/20/20
8/8/20 02:35 Racine WI Light 1 minutes A line of UFOs in the sky headed east toward lake Michigan. Must of been 16 square/rectangular light objects flying in close line follo 8/20/20
8/7/20 23:28 Riverside CA Light 10 seconds I saw 2 orange glowing circles/orbs. They were above the trees and in front of the mountain. I was facing south. I captured one of the 8/20/20
8/7/20 22:00 Los Angeles/Highland Park CA Light 6 seconds Saw a bright light suddenly appear, flashed, moved and quickly disappeared 8/20/20
8/7/20 09:30 Mountain View AR Light 30 minutes Out in an area with no light pollution. Incredible lights shooting across the the night sky then dissapearing. Also small lights trav 8/20/20
8/7/20 03:03 Eugene OR Light 3 minutes Looking North towards Coburg hills. I saw a bright white long line of light. Nothing flashing, no other colors. I took a photo and it 9/4/20
8/6/20 23:00 Alta Loma CA Light 15 seconds Was standing in my backyard, looked to the southern sky and saw what looked like a red star. A small light, looked far off woth a red h 8/20/20
8/6/20 21:15 Boston MA Light 5 minutes Orange lights in loose formation spotted over eastern Boston 8/20/20
8/6/20 10:01 Livermore CA Light 2 seconds Blue light, saucer maybe cylinder shaped. A bright blue that faded into lighter blue/ white . Driving West on 84 in Livermore and saw i 8/20/20
8/5/20 22:00 Gardner KS Light 14 seconds It was a huge ball of light it zoomed across the sky, but it was like right above the tree line above Walmart and stayed still then it 8/6/20
8/5/20 20:50 Los Angeles (Watts} CA Light 3-5 minutes White star like object seen Los angeles 8/20/20
8/5/20 20:50 Los Angeles (Watts) CA Light 3-5 minutes White star like object seen Los angeles 8/6/20
8/5/20 20:50 Bath ME Light 3 minutes Very bright red light in W/SW sky- color quivered, and it moved slightly then turned bright double red lights, followed by bright white 8/20/20
8/3/20 20:55 Irvine CA Light 12 seconds Star-type object began slowly moving across sky and then suddenly vanished 8/6/20
8/1/20 22:50 Madison AL Light ~10 seconds Ball of light in an upward arc trajectory. 8/20/20
8/1/20 22:47 New Haven CT Light 0:17 unexplaine light moves traveling extremely fast, stops and dissappears actual incident caught in video moving fast across over the foo 8/6/20
8/1/20 21:15 Woonsocket RI Light 4 minutes I went outside to bring my cat out and there was a Bright light with a small light following it about 10 feet behind[ the perspective i 8/6/20
8/1/20 20:55 Glendora CA Light 1 minute UFO Light source from the base of a mountain in Glendora CA zig zags then zooms into space curves then sonic boom. 8/6/20
8/1/20 20:41 Sebago ME Light 20 seconds Two luminous lights one behind the other, much brighter than stars or satellites 8/6/20
8/1/20 19:45 Worcester MA Light 7 seconds I saw a white light that I thought was a flare shoot up from the earth, hover, turn white to red, circle, then shoot off into the sky. 8/6/20
8/1/20 04:00 Lehighton PA Light 60 minutes This is the 3rd experiences I've had in a 4-5 week span. Each experience has one common denominator a circle of brilliant white light t 8/6/20
8/1/20 00:00 Portland OR Light 30-40 seconds Saw light round object hovering. 8/6/20
7/31/20 22:00 La Selva Beach CA Light 2 minutes Looking at stars over Monterey Bay. Saw a very bright red light moving erratically near another white star. Appeared to be dancing in 8/6/20
7/31/20 21:45 East Haddam CT Light 2 minutes Low lying bright light moves over farmland in East Haddam, CT. 8/6/20
7/31/20 21:30 Oyster Bay NY Light 15 minutes 2 lights were seen moving at incredible speeds in night sky for sustained period of time. 8/6/20
7/31/20 20:00 New York NY Light 2 sec streak of light, approx 1000 ft in the air, travelled a distance of approx 500ft toward the ground, zig-zagged, then shifted direction 8/6/20
7/31/20 19:41 Marion NC Light
When what is naked to the eye reviles through photo 8/6/20
7/31/20 19:21 Marion NC Light
When what is naked to the eye reviles through photo 8/20/20
7/30/20 23:45 Holden Beach NC Light 30 minutes We were staying in a beach house on vacation. I couldn’t sleep so I went outside to look at the stars. The Moon was overhead, the ocean 8/6/20
7/30/20 23:00 Waterford NY Light 1 hour Appearing to be a star. A bright light started moving among the nearby stars. moving at speeds and angles not from this earth. It would 8/20/20
7/30/20 22:15 Kearney (Canada) ON Light 30 seconds White Circular light over cottage country 7/31/20
7/30/20 21:30 Columbus OH Light 20 seconds White, yellow, and orange orb of light flying at rapid pace and hovering. 7/31/20
7/30/20 02:30 braintree MA Light 3:00 The tall one showed me a vision again. 7/31/20
7/30/20 00:00 Mount Vernon KY Light >1 hour Orange orb floating in southeast sky erratic movements 7/31/20
7/29/20 23:00 Downingtown PA Light 1-2 minutes Third time seeing a white light moving in the sky then disappear - almost exactly the same each time 7/31/20
7/29/20 22:11 Maple Shade NJ Light 8 seconds Moving white light southeast to northeast then disappears. Approx 6-8seconds. About the size of bigger medium size star, but bright lik 8/6/20
7/28/20 23:55 Lethbridge (Canada) AB Light 7 seconds Very fast, and faint 3 lights traveling in a northbound heading 7/31/20
7/28/20 22:20 Pennellville NY Light 2 minutes moving light that changed course and suddenly disappeared 7/31/20
7/28/20 22:15 Fort Wayne IN Light 10 minutes On the evening of 28 JUL 20, me and a friend were outside watching the space station go over at the 10:10 viewing from our location. A 7/31/20
7/28/20 22:15 Fort wayne IN Light 10-15 minutes Blinking, fast unknown object flying over downtown Fort Wayne, IN 7/31/20
7/28/20 21:00 North Attleboro MA Light 45 seconds Object with light and flame? 7/31/20
7/28/20 00:00 Taubaté (Brazil)
Light 2 minutes Strange lights slowly flying over Taubaté, Brazil 7/31/20
7/27/20 23:45 Harrison TN Light 4 to 5 minutes Monday July 27th at around 2345 hours I was outside and look to the north eastern Sky extreme North Eastern sky and noticed something h 7/31/20
7/27/20 23:01 Downingtown PA Light 30 seconds Second night in a row that I've seen a light slowly traveling then vanish 7/31/20
7/26/20 23:20 Downingtown PA Light 10 seconds Saw a light moving in the sky and disappearing. 7/31/20
7/26/20 23:00 Arlington VT Light 3 seconds Large ball of bright light flying low across the sky 7/31/20
7/26/20 21:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 1 minute North Myrtle Beach Brillant Starburst 8/6/20
7/26/20 19:45 Birmingham AL Light 20-30 minutes High flying slow moving object that seemed to be floating then was destroyed and disappeared 7/31/20
7/26/20 19:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 1 minute North Myrtle Beach Brillant Starburst 8/20/20
7/25/20 23:00 Shellsburg IA Light Still happening As we were looking for the comet I noticed a light that was moving erratically back forth up down a little to the east of the dipper th 7/31/20
7/25/20 21:49 Maywood NJ Light 5 seconds Fast moving white ball of light; no trail. 7/31/20
7/25/20 21:45 West Palm Beach FL Light 1 minute? High-speed stop-n-go alternating lights between big bright meteor intensity to small softer blue. 7/31/20
7/25/20 21:45 Moore OK Light 10 seconds Bright light hovers then vanishes at the speed of light 7/31/20
7/25/20 21:00 Cumberland MD Light 15 seconds Four tube shaped white lights barely moving north in an elongated and tidy, but not static, diamond. Appeared to fade “up” not away. 8/6/20
7/25/20 21:00 Surfside Beach SC Light 1 minute 3 lights in triad formation seen at beachfront location move south behind clouds. 7/31/20
7/25/20 11:45 Dearborn MI Light 06:00 I have watched skies own advanced telescopes and don’t believe in alien visits to earth. 7/31/20
7/25/20 03:15 Beaverton OR Light >25 minutes Star moving in all different directions near Beaverton, Oregon 7/31/20
7/25/20 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light >1 minute fast moving light stopped and then shot "up" into the sky. 7/31/20
7/24/20 21:50 Broadway VA Light 10 seconds I was sitting on my neighbor's back porch eating pizza and chitchatting. I noticed my neighbor was watching something in the sky for a 7/31/20
7/24/20 21:40 Harpersfield OH Light 00:00:15 Moving white light 3 miles South of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio 7/31/20
7/24/20 21:40 Harpersfield OH Light 00:00:15 Moving white light 3 miles South of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio. 7/31/20
7/24/20 10:30 Lewisville TX Light 6 minutes Revolving, Teeter-tottering, Floating Trash Bag Light, Above Lewisville, TX 7/31/20
7/23/20 23:00 Cortlandt manor NY Light 10 minutes I was over at my sister's house,in the backyard. The sky was clear and I happened to glance up to look at the stars when I noticed one 7/31/20
7/23/20 00:30 Sydney (Australia)
Light ~6 seconds maybe Somewhere around midnight to 1am there was a loud helicopter above the suburb of Campsie. It flew toward the east, flew around, then he 7/23/20
7/22/20 19:50 Erode (India)
Light 2 minutes flying object like a star 7/23/20
7/22/20 11:00 Coon Rapids MN Light 1 minute 1 yellow light flash then 5 lights turn on one after another right to left then go dark all at the same time horizontally. 7/23/20
7/22/20 10:50 Fort Wayne IN Light 10 seconds 3 lights appear and disappear Over Fort Wayne on Wednesday Night 7/23/20
7/22/20 03:00 Government Camp OR Light 2 minutes 3 bright pulsating lights growing brighter along mountainside 7/23/20
7/21/20 22:45 Bristol CT Light 45 Light in the sky moving in strange ways. 7/23/20
7/21/20 22:00 Vancleave MS Light 30 minutes Fast bright moving round light 7/23/20
7/21/20 21:50 Roseburg OR Light 1 minute 5 crafts flew across the sky from west to east. One at a time appeared and flew from the west to a point south of our view and disappea 7/23/20
7/21/20 03:30 Orlando FL Light a few hours No Stars in the sky but the light and the moving objects - 2 nights in a row 7/23/20
7/20/20 04:30 Las Vegas NV Light 2 seconds While at work I stopped just for a second to observe the lightening that was happening this morning. I was at Bonanza and MLK looking 7/23/20
7/20/20 03:01 Kennesaw GA Light 30 seconds An object with 6-horizontal lights approached my house and maneuvered around my windows. Have video. 7/23/20
7/19/20 23:10 Portland OR Light 2 minutes + 10 minutes Bright color changing object visible across a large field of sky and exhibiting non-ballistic movement 7/23/20
7/19/20 22:45 Vienna VA Light 25 minutes Light at very high altitude began moving erratically for several minutes. 7/31/20
7/19/20 21:50 NoLos Angeles (northeast of) CA Light 3 seconds My brother was looking at a star with small binoculars and he told me to have a look when I was done I put the binoculars down and we b 7/23/20
7/18/20 23:30 Danville NH Light 10-15 seconds Orange/red light moving thru the sky. No sound. Clear night. 7/23/20
7/18/20 23:15 Lakeview OH Light 90 seconds Very bright light. 7/23/20
7/18/20 23:00 Warrensburg MO Light 30 seconds Very fast moving reddish yellow light traveld overhead with no sound and disappeared moving east. 7/23/20
7/18/20 19:30 Armadale (Australia)
Light 1-2 minutes Possible sighting of unusual lights 7/23/20
7/18/20 10:30 Bel Aire KS Light 3-5 seconds Me and a neighbor were sitting outside trying to find the Neowise Comet and I looked up to the East and I saw a light that was hovering 7/23/20
7/18/20 00:00 Ogontz ME Light 8-10 minutes Bright star-like object moving fast and erratic from west to East Moosehead Lake region Maine 7/23/20
7/17/20 22:30 Smithville (Canada) ON Light 3 minutes Saw light speeding across the sky eastwardly, then stopped and flashed for several minutes. 7/23/20
7/17/20 22:00 Lexington KY Light 15 seconds I was sitting on my porch with friends and looked up to star gaze and stared at what I thought was a star. It sat motionless for maybe 7/23/20
7/16/20 23:00 Gunnison CO Light 2 minutes Bright pulsating light 7/23/20
7/16/20 22:00 Plano TX Light 3 minutes Bright stationary flashing light in Plano Texas 7/23/20
7/16/20 21:00 North Las Vegas NV Light 45 minutes Saw multiple white lights moving at high speeds and disappearing and reappearing and also flashing on and off in formation at one point 7/23/20
7/16/20 20:30 Death Valley National Park region NV Light 2 events within one hour Stationary &quot;planet&quot; like Jupiter starts moving in straight line to north. Second light seen that night. 7/23/20
7/16/20 11:08 Orem UT Light 2 minutes Low in the Eastern sky near Orem Utah on July 14, 2020 at 11:08-11:11. Large white light seen for about a minute. Smaller white light f 7/23/20
7/15/20 22:00 Superior WI Light ~8 minutes 3 strange glowing lights stopped all street lights and followed me home. 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:45 Wichita KS Light 7 minutes Sitting on patio one us seen a light travel across the sky at a steady speed traveling south to north. All of us watched it continue no 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:16 Edgewater NJ Light 20 seconds I have a live picture showing a green light with odd movement. 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:15 Ocean Isle Beach NC Light 10 minutes Single, bright light overhead, static followed by slow movement 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:15 Dartmouth MA Light 2 hours Multiple lights seen over South Dartmouth 7/23/20
7/15/20 20:45 Alden NY Light 5 minutes We where sitting outside in our yard and I looked up thought I was looking at a star and it started to move. Then it got extremely brig 7/23/20
7/15/20 05:00 Dayton OH Light 2 minutes Bright white orb flying low from east to west towards fairborn. Object had steady pace few hundred feet above trees and did not make a 7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00 Cicero NY Light 15 minutes Two large lights stagnant for 3 minutes. Then disappears within seconds towards the west. 7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00 Lakeport NY Light 8 minutes The lights were still for about 3 minutes. Then disappears began to head towards us at fast rate... they flew over us and then vanish 7/23/20
7/14/20 20:54 Branford CT Light 2 minutes Sparkling ball of light, zoomed away at a speed I have never witnessed before. 7/23/20
7/14/20 20:00 Everett WA Light 5 minutes Light above a mountain. 7/23/20
7/14/20 00:00 Wichita KS Light 5 seconds The fasted object I’ve ever seen in the sky! 7/23/20
7/14/20 Lakeside AZ Light 5 minutes Bright orb with no blinking lights or sound 7/23/20
7/13/20 23:00 Radford VA Light 2 minutes High-altitude, fast, wiggling white light. 7/23/20
7/13/20 23:00 Worthville PA Light 10 minutes Bright light traveling from southwest to northeast, too large to be a satellite. 7/23/20
7/13/20 22:54 Thorndale PA Light 1 minute I saw a moving light being followed by some type of plane 7/31/20
7/13/20 22:15 Reno NV Light .15 Object moved swiftly across the sky from north to south. It moved faster than any plane. There was no sound 7/23/20
7/13/20 03:00 Louisville KY Light 30 seconds &quot;star&quot; seen climbing vertically in the sky. 8/6/20
7/13/20 01:15 Roanoke VA Light A few seconds I went outside my apartment for a walk. I like to sit and swing at the communal playground and look at the stars while smoking. There w 7/23/20
7/13/20 00:15 West Fork AR Light 2 seconds Fast red light faster than a plane changed from red to white; then another white light moved in opposite direction. 7/23/20
7/12/20 23:33 Plano TX Light 30 seconds Strange, zig-zagging point of light shooting across the sky 7/23/20
7/12/20 22:21 Arrey NM Light 4 seconds Bright Light with Flare moving Westward Across our Field of View 7/23/20
7/12/20 22:00 Lincoln NH Light 6 hours At approximately 10 PM my wife saw a bright light in the sky to the southeast of our position.

To the naked eye it appeared much br
7/12/20 10:26 Chesapeake VA Light 30 seconds Floating Light Vanishes Above Greenbrier, Chesapeake, VA 7/23/20
7/11/20 22:00 Clinton NJ Light 1 minute Satellite-like moving star with bright flashes every few seconds. 7/23/20
7/11/20 21:30 Clayton GA Light 3+ hours Star-like bright white light from 04/01/2020-Present, moving erratically but localized, NW and E sky, morphing color/shape zoomed in 7/23/20
7/10/20 23:40 Kaministiquia (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes 3 bright lights over kaministiquia 7/23/20
7/10/20 23:05 Matinhos (Brazil)
Light 2 minutes Stationary red and yellow flashing light for 2min 7/23/20
7/10/20 22:00 Granite Shoals TX Light 10 seconds Kids were swimming in the pool and saw a ball of light in the sky to a couple circles and take off to the east 7/23/20
7/10/20 Morristown TN Light 2 months For the past two months, at night, I've been witnessing this strange bright light outside my bedroom window. The first night occurred r 7/23/20
7/9/20 21:45 Duluth MN Light <1 minute Unexplained light over Lake Superior near Duluth, MN. 7/23/20
7/9/20 20:33 Pittsburgh PA Light 00:33 Strange sky and 2 moving orbs of light in the sky. 7/23/20
7/9/20 18:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Light 30/40 3 light spheres They came one next ( behind ) the other as if liking in different directions I felt that the light stop for a second s 7/23/20
7/9/20 01:14 Cuyahoga Falls/Akron OH Light 5 minutes Slow flashing light in northern sky towards Lake Erie. 7/9/20
7/8/20 22:30 Owen Sound (Canada) ON Light 15 seconds Bright light, shifted trajectory 7/9/20
7/8/20 22:00 Williamsburg VA Light 1 minute White ball of light with blinking green light in front of it. Moving at a steady pace at a couple hundred feet up. 7/9/20
7/8/20 09:30 Levittown PA Light 1:30 Bright white star shape that flew rapidly and flashed red and blue. 7/9/20
7/8/20 05:09 Bagdad AZ Light 15 minutes The sun was about to come out so it was light out side 7/9/20
7/7/20 22:25 Dale City VA Light 45 minutes Huge lightning on the sky but that spreads over the sky like waves and the light in each wave last for at least 7 seconds then lighted 7/9/20
7/7/20 01:00 Dawson PA Light 2 hours plus Seen a red light fly to a group of red lights. 7/9/20
7/7/20 00:00 Bloomington IN Light ~1 hour Three lights 7/9/20
7/6/20 22:30 Upperville VA Light 30 minutes Persistent lightning like explosions with no sound 7/9/20
7/5/20 22:40 Nockamixon township PA Light 3 minutes Bright light rise over the lake went across the lake then disappeared 7/9/20
7/5/20 21:00 Holyoke MA Light 5 minutes My boyfriend was looking out our apartment window which shows a scenic view of the Connecticut River, facing South Hadley. He asked me 7/9/20
7/5/20 20:00 Yucca Valley CA Light 3-5 minutes Strange light over Yucca Valley Ca 7/9/20
7/5/20 02:40 Girardville PA Light 3-5 minutes Bright orange light moving slowly from west to east then disappearing. 7/9/20
7/5/20 02:39 Girardville PA Light 3-5 minutes Object that was orange circler bright light. 7/9/20
7/4/20 22:30 Weaverville CA Light
3 backpackers see very strange lights appear in the wilderness while hiking the Trinity Alps, followed by a missing time event. 7/23/20
7/4/20 22:10 New Berlin WI Light 5 minutes I went on my deck to see some fireworks and to my right flank at about a 45 degree angle were 2 of the brightest red lights just sittin 7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00 Hilliard/Columbus OH Light 5-10 minutes Orange flickering lights meandering in and out of formation. 7/23/20
7/4/20 21:30 Springfield MO Light 3 minutes I witnessed two strange lights along with a set of parallel lights hovering above, that I filmed! 7/9/20
7/4/20 21:07 Goodyear AZ Light 1 minute Independence Day UFO sighting in Goodyear, Arizona. 7/23/20
7/4/20 00:00 Raymondville TX Light 22 minutes Ring Door Bell catches flashing light/Orb in sky. 7/9/20
7/3/20 23:30 Petaluma CA Light 5 minutes STAR LOOKING LIGHTS, PETALUMA CA LIBERTY RD, moving in ways unnatural. 7/9/20
7/3/20 22:30 Pikeville TN Light Every night since may Every night since May, except when its raining, a bright small light comes down from the sky and visits me. No matter how high in the 7/9/20
7/2/20 21:00 Long Beach CA Light 15 seconds Hazy white light hauling ass then disappeared 7/3/20
7/2/20 03:00 New Castle CO Light 1 hour 30 minutes A close encounter that involved a physical altercation. 7/9/20
7/1/20 03:00 London (UK/England)
Light 10-15 minutes On July 1st 2020 i saw six, white pinpoint lights moving from west to east over east london. ((Starlink satellites?)) 7/3/20
7/1/20 02:30 Oxford MI Light 1 + hours Bright light with red tail that makes a gliding movement across the sky whenever it moves. 7/3/20
6/30/20 22:37 Ladera Ranch CA Light 2 seconds Disk clump of bright gold and white lights. silent and below the fog and fast. 7/9/20
6/30/20 22:05 Kokomo IN Light 15 minutes Bright Lights Moving Erratically over Kokomo, IN. 7/3/20
6/29/20 23:00 Magnet IN Light 20 minutes Two bright lights hovering in sky, blinking on and off, leaving in opposite directions, then one reappearing. 7/3/20
6/29/20 21:00 Pembroke (Canada) ON Light All night til sunrise Bright light that follows me around. 7/3/20
6/28/20 23:00 Jamestown RI Light 1hr+ 6 plus people witness a bright light .oving in strange directions 7/9/20
6/27/20 05:00 San Antonio TX Light 1 minute Heard a low rumble sound like trumpets then walked outside and noticed 3 orange fiery lights in triangular pattern it was not making an 7/3/20
6/27/20 04:30 San Antonio TX Light 1 minute Noticed 3 orange lights in triangle pattern hovering over my residence. No emission of sound and was very close but as soon as I acknow 7/3/20
6/26/20 23:00 Lithia Springs GA Light ~30 seconds Light moving west to east. 7/3/20
6/26/20 22:05 Vashon WA Light 2-3 minutes Round firelike objects moving in pairs of two in the same direction ahead to left, totalling eight. ((Starlink satellites?)) 7/3/20
6/26/20 03:30 braintree MA Light 5 minutes or less ((HOAX??)) warning of a pending invasion on a globe scale a war to end all life 7/3/20
6/25/20 22:10 Haverhill MA Light
I was sitting outside enjoying the stars when I noticed a bright light moving lower but going higher faster than I could blink. My frie 7/3/20
6/25/20 21:45 North Myrtle Beach SC Light 30 minutes Large, bright orange lights, appearing and disappearing over the coast, accompanied by smaller white lights. 7/3/20
6/25/20 21:30 Ocean Isle Beach NC Light 30 minutes Blinking objects moving around the sky at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. 7/3/20
6/24/20 21:40 Bloomington CA Light 2 minutes 7 red lights in a V formation 7/9/20
6/24/20 21:30 Sault Ste. Marie MI Light Two Live Photo’s on my iP Working on the roof taking pictures of the sunset 7/3/20
6/24/20 20:00 Rice VA Light 30+ minutes Family witnessed multiple round lights coming from nowhere in formation until randomly separating. ((Starlink satellites??)) 7/9/20
6/24/20 20:00 Chicago Heights IL Light 10 UFO travailing like a family. ((Starlink satellites?))((anonymous report)) 6/25/20
6/24/20 19:09 Anaheim CA Light 8-10 minutes Bright Blue/White Orb Hovers Over Anaheim, CA 7/3/20
6/24/20 04:25 Jacksonville FL Light 15 seconds Light object in sky traveling East, disappeared like a ZAP in dark sky 6/25/20
6/23/20 21:40 Windsor VA Light ~5 seconds Myself and a buddy were outside hanging out and I saw a white light, like that of a radio tower light, in one spot by a tree, I look at 6/25/20
6/23/20 21:15 Enfield CT Light 1 hour Clear night, seemed to be one main light with about four or five more smaller lights around it. Small lights left at a high rate of spe 6/25/20
6/23/20 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 5 minutes The colors were changing. 7/31/20
6/22/20 23:00 Albany OH Light 10 There was a loud roar for several minutes outside and when I stepped onto the deck I saw several lights in the sky. I called my wife an 6/25/20
6/22/20 04:30 Aadorf (Switzerland)
Light 15 minutes at least 50 bright lights in single line, evenly spaced moving across sky from SW to NE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
6/21/20 22:46 Fishers IN Light 8 minutes I had a sighting with night vision goggles. In SE at 133 degrees drop straight down and then it stopped then light went out 6/25/20
6/20/20 16:58 Scottsdale AZ Light 20 minutes Saw one light descend and saw 20 more lights apear and fly over each other. 7/3/20
6/18/20 04:05 Woodstock NY Light 2 minutes 30-50 star-sized lights moved independently in a single-file line straight across the sky ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
6/17/20 23:00 Damascus OR Light 1-2 minutes Two fast moving lights. 6/25/20
6/17/20 22:00 Marshall AR Light 20 minutes Multiple fast moving, pulsing objects doing crazy maneuvers. 7/3/20
6/17/20 21:30 Nogales AZ Light 1 minutes On June 17th 2020 at approximately 2130 hours while taking a night drive to the area of Pena Blanca Lake, about 10 miles west of Nogale 6/25/20
6/17/20 04:16 Groveland CA Light 5 minutes Train of lights headed into Nevada. 6/25/20
6/16/20 04:15 Patterson CA Light 1 minute 20 + bright round lights at high altitude all in a row. I have pictures! ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
6/16/20 00:30 Poplar Bluff MO Light ~5-10 seconds It appeared and vanashed before I could process what it was at first. 6/25/20
6/15/20 22:00 Joshua Tree CA Light 3 minutes Dropping and then upward thrusting light that was previously stationary as a star, met by another before taking off horizontally 8/6/20
6/15/20 04:30 Derby KS Light 10-15 seconds Multiple lights over cemetary in Derby, KS approx 4:30 AM 6/25/20
6/15/20 03:00 Edwardsville IL Light 15 seconds Same color of star moving between two stars in the sky but stopped and dimmed out in its place 6/25/20
6/14/20 23:00 Oklahoma City (SW OKC/ Moore OK Light 20 minutes Multiple flickering objects seen at cloud level near Will Rogers Airport. 7/23/20
6/13/20 23:50 Lummi Island WA Light 40 seconds Long object with lights on both ends traveling soundlessly nw to se 6/25/20
6/13/20 22:20 Cherry Hill NJ Light 3-4 minutes 8-10 Glowing orange orbs traveling from south to north at night. 6/25/20
6/13/20 17:20 Portsmouth VA Light 10 minutes Group of sparkling objects in the sky. 6/25/20
6/13/20 10:15 Fairfax VA Light 10 minutes Impossible movement for a plane or balloon 6/25/20
6/13/20 05:27 Pine Mountain GA Light 5 minutes Bright spotlight looking object slowly moving across the sky 6/25/20
6/13/20 00:40 New York NY Light 6-8 minutes The colorful lights in the sky of NYC 6/25/20
6/12/20 23:00 Manchester NH Light 1 1/2 minutes I was standing on my back porch. I immediately looked up at the sky because it shocked me that the sky was so clear that there were so 6/25/20
6/12/20 22:45 Herkimer NY Light 45 seconds The white light progressed across the sky northwest headed southeast. The light was moving quickly then slowing down, then moving very 6/25/20
6/12/20 21:00 Huntersville NC Light ~1 minute Bright light flares and makes 90 degree turn 6/25/20
6/12/20 19:30 Blairsville GA Light 4-5 seconds White light that abruptly made a 90 degree angle turn 6/25/20
6/11/20 22:30 Wikieup AZ Light 20 seconds Driving my 18 wheeler 15 miles south of Wikieup, AZ, headed south, I noticed to my left in the darkness a blinking light above the moun 6/25/20
6/11/20 21:48 Sheridan WY Light 10 second As I was going south on East Ridge Road I noticed what I thought was a stationary bright star in the sky ahead of me. After about 10 se 6/25/20
6/11/20 19:21 Bartlett IL Light 2 minutes Steady bright object at sunset in western sky 6/25/20
6/11/20 19:00 Spring Grove PA Light 30 seconds I was driving on a road when I saw a circular ball of white light. I watched it before I drove past some trees. It didn't seem to move 6/25/20
6/10/20 22:30 Marble CO Light 5 minutes Was looking at brighter star in SW sky 1030 mountain time. Finger width away to the west noticed a &quot;star&quot; was shining but not 7/23/20
6/10/20 21:20 Madera CA Light 5-10 Bright light in Madera 6/25/20
6/10/20 21:12 Waterman IL Light 10 minutes Craft with 3 colored lights flying over farms between Waterman and Leland. 6/25/20
6/9/20 22:30 Petaluma CA Light 15 minutes LIGHTS DILLON BEACH, PETALUMA CA non blinking or twinkling lights that looked like stars but moved in ways I have never seen! 7/9/20
6/9/20 22:00 Cypress TX Light 1 minute While relaxing in our hot tub, 3 small dot lights flying in rapid movements in all directions in the sky! 7/31/20
6/8/20 21:55 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 30 minutes This is the 2nd time this has happened over the last couple of weeks. ((Starlink satellites?))((anonymous report)) 6/25/20
6/8/20 21:45 Douglas GA Light 15 seconds Looked like a bright star but traveled from horizon to horizon silently in about 15 seconds. 6/25/20
6/8/20 21:24 Seaside CA Light 60 seconds Star-like objects.crossing paths. One object accelerating, decelerating, changing heading/direction.. 6/25/20
6/8/20 20:56 Buckeye AZ Light 20 minutes Golden Brilliant Lights appearing and dissapearing. Reoccurring sighting. 6/25/20
6/6/20 21:53 Granger IN Light seconds Light high up in the sky passed through a small cloud and didn't come out the other side. 6/25/20
6/6/20 12:30 Kimball MI Light 10 seconds My partner and i were on a walk with our dog looking for loud music in our neighborhood. On the walk home i thought this very bright cl 6/25/20
6/5/20 23:30 Manchester NH Light 10 minutes Just south of the city there was a UFO in the sky with two bright circular white lights. It went straight up to about 1500 feet. 6/25/20
6/5/20 22:45 Silverton OR Light 15 seconds There was two objects moving faster than any aircraft or satellite that I've ever seen. One following the other until they both disappe 6/25/20
6/5/20 22:30 plum PA Light 40 seconds saw a bright red light appear out of nowhere. Hovered for a little. Went to run in and get binoculars , when I came back outside it wa 6/25/20
6/4/20 22:20 Kearns UT Light 2-3 minutes flyover that flared enormously. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium satellite?? PD)) 6/25/20
6/4/20 02:00 Universal City TX Light 3 minutes Gold fast light 6/25/20
6/3/20 23:11 Madison SD Light .2 minutes Small burst of light that resembled a shooting star, but much much closer. Lasted approximately 5 seconds. 6/25/20
6/3/20 05:00 Marietta OH Light 30 seconds Large red light above the clouds moving west to east in the northern sky. 6/25/20
6/3/20 02:51 Temple TX Light 10 seconds While taking out the trash I walk out side of the. Front door I'm looking at something in the sky but my mind didn't proscess what my e 6/25/20
6/3/20 00:01 Speedwell TN Light 15 seconds I went outside at midnight EST and observed a very bright light (as bright as the moon) moving northeastern direction before fading slo 7/3/20
6/2/20 22:00 Mound House NV Light Ongoing Bright orbs flying over our house nightly. 6/25/20
6/2/20 21:45 South Lake Tahoe CA Light 75 minutes For over an hour in the tahoe sky way high up a light jumped around in the sky, so I videoed it and took pictures. 6/25/20
6/2/20 21:42 Sesser IL Light 15-20 seconds I saw a solid non-flashing light traveling slowly to the southeast before I lost sight of it after about 15 seconds or so and 6/25/20
6/2/20 21:15 Kettering OH Light 10-15 seconds Saw what I thought was a meteor before it stopped, hovered, moved around a little bit, then disappeared. 6/25/20
6/2/20 21:15 Lincoln NE Light 2 minutes White bright light flying past in the sky for 2 mins and disappeared suddenly. 6/25/20
6/2/20 11:00 Ponoka (Canada) AB Light 6 hours Almost every night since October there has been a bright light following me at night.

Some nights it will meet up with a smaller lig
6/2/20 10:23 Tucson AZ Light 2 minutes Was outside facing the city of Tucson. 2 lights appeared to be flying over the city. After about 45 seconds, the one on the right flash 6/25/20
6/1/20 22:45 Morris IL Light <3 minutes I saw a strange, large ball of light outside my window. 6/25/20
6/1/20 00:30 Fargo ND Light 30 seconds Bright Red light spotted over interstate. 6/25/20
5/31/20 11:34 Coral Springs FL Light 1 second The object was difficult to depict because of the light emanating from the figure. However, it looked like a shooting star but it was o 6/25/20
5/30/20 22:00 Norton MA Light 20 minutes Single light like a star moving in a straight slightly zig-zagging line across the sky. No other lights and way to fast for a plane. Se 6/25/20
5/30/20 21:55 Macungie PA Light 3 minutes 2 lights that looked like the engine burn of a very large rocket were seen proceeding south and then south easterly. There was no sound 6/25/20
5/30/20 21:30 Edgewater FL Light 10 minutes A series of maybe 50 lights straight overhead traveling N to S. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/29/20 21:45 Santa Cruz CA Light 20-30 minutes I was actually parked on the cliffs in Aptos looking for UFOs at the time. I have neen really into the whole UFO topic for a 6ear or tw 6/25/20
5/27/20 23:30 Betterton MD Light 2 minutes Blinking object flying at very high speed in nonsensical flight path 6/25/20
5/27/20 23:10 Kirkland WA Light 30-60 seconds Bright white light wavers into distance before disappearing. 6/25/20
5/27/20 19:00 Sabah (Tawau) (Malaysia)
Light 15 minutes It's look like a star but it keep flashing for like 15min plus. When I focus on it the colour change to green, then it disappear. I che 6/25/20
5/27/20 10:08 Salem OR Light 1 minute fast flying object that disappeared 6/25/20
5/27/20 03:00 Denver CO Light 4 minutes i went out for a smoke just befor 3 am.

i looked up to see a star in the south east skie.

i was wondering what star coul be that
5/26/20 13:00 Daly City CA Light 20 minutes Small bring lights high above horizon, midday 6/25/20
5/25/20 21:30 Windsor CT Light ~30 seconds I was star gazing with my boyfriend and a really bright orb started zigzagging across the sky really fast and it was not a plane. 6/25/20
5/25/20 00:30 Manito IL Light 45 seconds What appeared to be a star was noted by one observer, stating that it looked to be blinking. As we turned our attention to the &quot;st 7/23/20
5/25/20 00:23 Kingston (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes My wife and I were outside before bed last night and we looked over towards the airport, and we seen a bright circular light we thought 6/25/20
5/24/20 23:15 Waco TX Light 1 minute Intelligent Orb. 6/25/20
5/24/20 21:52 Winfield IL Light 10 minutes Slow moving object with flashing red/white lights (not red and green like planes, I know bc we live near the airport and see planes al 6/25/20
5/24/20 21:00 Middlebury CT Light ~1 hour I and 3 others observed 4 lights in the sky. 6/25/20
5/24/20 02:30 Boulder CO Light 30 minutes White dot moving/stopping with a purple tinge for 30 minutes high in sky 6/25/20
5/23/20 22:30 Sutton West (Canada) ON Light 10 seconds Very bright light streaking across the sky faster than a plane can fly. Then stopped for a couple second. Then went back and forth shor 6/25/20
5/23/20 10:15 St. Michael MN Light 1-2 minutes Round bright pink/orange objects in relation to each other. 6/25/20
5/23/20 00:00 Yellville AR Light 4 minutes I woke at 12 am and saw a bright small white light drifting by the bedroom window about 10 feet above ground.  It was a white light bri 6/25/20
5/23/20 Conestoga PA Light 10 seconds As I watched the night sky about 10:30pm the stars were so bright and shining all over. One star started to move across the sky in a z 6/25/20
5/22/20 13:00 Orange Park FL Light 3 minutes White DOT observed at 1300 hours - Orange Park, Florida 6/25/20
5/21/20 23:43 Rathdrum ID Light 5-6 seconds An intense flash of light from blue to white so bright it’s lit up the sky and my back yard for a good 6 seconds. Not lighting 6/25/20
5/21/20 22:00 Silver spring MD Light 10 seconds There were 7 colored lights (green,white, and red) and were staying still before rushing off 6/25/20
5/20/20 23:30 Fontana WI Light 15 minutes red/orange/yellowish flickering light, white bright spherical light falling towards the ground 6/25/20
5/20/20 23:15 Edmond OK Light 30 seconds Saw what I thought was a spotlight, then it began to move at no speed a normal aircraft could maintain and in a jagged pattern. Flew ac 6/25/20
5/20/20 20:25 Wenden AZ Light 90 seconds Light traveling extremely fast at very high altitude, present and then disappeared. 6/25/20
5/20/20 18:00 Hartland WI Light 30 minutes At around the event time, me and some members of my family saw a single distant light, or reflective object, in the sky. It wasn't movi 6/25/20
5/19/20 22:46 Burien WA Light 90 seconds 3 Satellites cross overhead and pulse bright white 6/25/20
5/19/20 21:28 Atlanta GA Light 90 seconds Red lights moving in sky In my direction, slow down rapidly then stop. 6/25/20
5/19/20 06:05 Baldwin Park CA Light 10 seconds Bright and sharp light in blue sky that fades away. 6/25/20
5/18/20 21:30 Everson WA Light 2 minutes 3 Bright lights. 6/25/20
5/17/20 22:00 Henrico NC Light 1 hour Bright white intermittently lights moving quickly at tree line several appearing at a time and sometimes seemed to zigzag 6/25/20
5/17/20 21:00 Litchfield Park AZ Light 3 minutes Star-like UFO and strange sound. 6/25/20
5/17/20 20:42 Citrus Springs FL Light 1 minute Light came in like a shooting star and then started to float as a plane would. The light seemed to move way faster then a normal plane, 6/25/20
5/17/20 17:30 Nokomis FL Light 8 minutes I walked outside as I always do to look at the stars. I noticed what looked like a fast moving satellite until I saw pairs coming behin 6/25/20
5/17/20 05:30 Key Colony Beach FL Light 10 minutes Saw 30-40 lights traveling from East to West while walking the dogs. Thought it was an airplane at first then thought it was a star. T 6/25/20
5/17/20 05:00 Lake Placid FL Light 10 minutes More than 75 lights moving high up in the sky for more than 10 minutes from the SW to NE. ((Starlink satellites?)). 6/25/20
5/17/20 01:30 Holzkirchen (Germany)
Light 4 seconds While observing night sky with an image intensifier, a small light similar to a satellite was seen twice travelling at an apparent spee 6/25/20
5/16/20 21:40 Monrovia MD Light 5 minutes A single light in a straight line went silently across the sky above us. 6/25/20
5/16/20 21:12 Los Angeles CA Light ~1 minute I observed a single white light heading vertically upward approximately south of my home in Los Angeles. 6/25/20
5/16/20 20:30 Dutchtown LA Light 5 minutes Stationary red/green object then quick acceleration. 6/25/20
5/16/20 10:00 Fresno CA Light All night I repeatedly see star color and size lights in the sky. Flying from south to north and reversed. Doing complete stops and going the opp 6/25/20
5/16/20 01:00 Kent WA Light 5 minutes Red and white glow brighter than stars, silent, no airplane sounds. 6/25/20
5/15/20 22:16 San Rafael Swell UT Light 5 minutes A remarkably bright white ball of light flew across the sky, no higher than a thousand feet above us. The craft traveled low, and slowl 6/25/20
5/15/20 21:30 Portland OR Light 10 seconds Orange low flying orb. 6/25/20
5/15/20 21:25 Forest Park IL Light 5 minutes From my 5th floor balcony a single white light, no sound, from the South moving slowly North. Through binoculars I noted no other light 6/25/20
5/15/20 00:00 York
Light 15 seconds Five dull lights flying through the clouds at speed,rigid v formation which made me believe it was lights from one vehicle untill a cou 6/25/20
5/14/20 18:45 Sale (Australia)
Light 10 minutes 37 lights in staggered formation traverling east to west. (sic. West to east??)) ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
5/14/20 03:30 Nooksack WA Light 5 minutes Dancing light in the sky. 5/15/20
5/14/20 02:00 Phoenix AZ Light 1 minute I was on a roof watching the sky and saw a yellowish circular light appear at the top of the sky and shoot directly into the ground at 6/25/20
5/13/20 21:00 Shelton CT Light 1 hour Bright like that suddenly vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Venus??)) 5/15/20
5/13/20 03:37 Springfield NJ Light 7 seconds Yellow light floating across my grass as it descended it set off my Ring lights. The image can be seen on the Ring doorbell camera for 5/15/20
5/13/20 Manson WA Light 10-15 minutes This first appeared to be a star that got MUCH brighter, it was moving very slowly, SE to NW and got dimmer/smaller as it moved 6/25/20
5/12/20 21:30 Crosslake MN Light 70 minutes Multiple lights traveling same SW to NE trajectory at 3 to 4 minute intervals. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
5/12/20 02:30 Hermantown MN Light 3 minutes Bright light moving across sky at upbeat pace toward Lake Superior until undetectable by the eye. 6/25/20
5/11/20 01:30 Madison IN Light 5-10 seconds Ultra bright white light with acceleration twice that of a stealth bomber, yet with an effortless smooth glide moving through the night 6/25/20
5/10/20 23:50 Loris SC Light 5 minutes Orange lights in one direction although not in straight line and go out like flame 6/25/20
5/10/20 22:20 Seattle WA Light 3-5 minutes 4 circular UFOs spotted over Seattle 6/25/20
5/10/20 11:00 Sarasota FL Light 5 minutes Red light in sky with black aircraft heading directly towards it 6/25/20
5/10/20 00:30 Blue Springs MO Light about a minute Red light reverses direction. 6/25/20
5/9/20 20:00 Chandler/Gilbert AZ Light 1-2 minutes The lights were in close formation, quickly shifting and creating patterns/designs, then appearing to dissolve into each other. 6/25/20
5/9/20 03:36 Waukesha WI Light breif Far away dot of light intercepted a satellite. 3:35am waukesha sky. 6/25/20
5/9/20 03:30 Roseville MN Light 1 minute 5 sightings seen from my deck 6/25/20
5/8/20 20:45 Sedona AZ Light 15-20 minutes Brilliant white light hovered over Sedona, Arizona staying motionless and soundless for about 15 minutes before blinking out. 6/25/20
5/7/20 02:00 Independence OH Light 9 second A bright craft was in the sky for a few seconds before taking off. 6/25/20
5/6/20 22:00 Miami FL Light :15 We witnessed what at first we thought was a satilite moving ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/6/20 22:00 Miami FL Light 5 minutes 16 lights moving in the southeast direction and then went up. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/6/20 21:00 Thetford VT Light 1 minute It was seen twice throughout the day, once at dusk and once after dark around 9 pm. The dusk sighting looked like a bright light that m 6/25/20
5/6/20 21:00 San Antonio TX Light 45 seconds Orange orb over texas sky 6/25/20
5/6/20 20:32 Hermitage TN Light 20-25 minutes My 3 roommates and I were on our back deck having conversation when this occurred. 2 male 2 female. I work as an IT professional, my ro 6/25/20
5/5/20 21:18 Orlando FL Light Approx. 1 minute 13 lights following each other in east Orlando, FL. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/5/20 18:35 Sun City CA Light 12 seconds bright light in sky makes high speed 90 degree change in course. 6/25/20
5/5/20 00:10 Wellington (Canada) ON Light 4 minutes 3 lights zig zag extremely fast 6/25/20
5/4/20 22:30 Redding CA Light 20 minutes 10 light objects moving slowly, evenly spaced; manifesting from empty space between two stars. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/4/20 21:38 Ashland VA Light 30 seconds 5 lights equally spaced trailing each other. Appearance looked like satellite crossing the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/4/20 21:30 Zillah WA Light ~15+ minutes Line of lights flying in orbit west to east equidistant over Yakima valley, Washington. (Zillah, WA) 6/25/20
5/4/20 21:29 Richmond CA Light 30 minutes Lights over Richmod. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/4/20 21:15 Cheney WA Light 3-5 minutes I looked up and pointed out some satellite looking objects moving in one direction. ((Starlink satellites?))at 6/25/20
5/4/20 09:15 Santa Rosa CA Light 2 minutes Me and my wife were walking our dogs, an she said wow look at that satellite. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/4/20 00:54 Collinsville IL Light Continuos While on a walk with a friend of mine I was looking up at the stars and noticed one move slightly downwards and then return to its posi 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:10 Ilion NY Light 5 minutes 7 lights or more in a straight line as long as 7 miles. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:08 Sterling Heights MI Light Five minutes I noticed one satilte that ((Starlink satellites??)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:05 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 15-20 minutes Fleet of UFO’s. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:03 Westland MI Light 15 minutes UFO Sighting: Westland, Mi. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:00 Rochesster NH Light 10 minutes + I looked up to see a bright white light moving from West to East.

The light was traveling in the distance between a group of trees t
5/3/20 22:00 Garden City MI Light 20 minutes Line of over 25 moving starlike lights seen traveling equal distance and speed, west to east, single file. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:40 Murphy NC Light 21:40 to 21:55 Three Star like non-blinking lights moving South to North, One Changes Direction to South East. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:30 Bayshore NY Light 20 minutes Small lights from west to east They would appear from one spot in the sky in 4 minute increments. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:30 Cobourg (Canada) ON Light 5-6 minutes 3 separate lights with identical trajectories travel SSE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:27 Provo UT Light 7 Numerous (23) Lights in the night sky spotted traveling along same patch at high altitude and speed. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:00 Jackson MS Light 5-10 MINUTES A Fleet Of Silent White Glowing Orbs Traveling In An Even Straight Line For 5-10 Minutes. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 21:00 Thiensville WI Light 5 min Long line of equadistant lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 20:30 Valencia CA Light 3 minutes My mom called me out onto our patio and was like "hey is that one of the satellites going across the sky?" ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 03:00 Lincolnville ME Light 1.5 hours Half-hour long string of starlike orbs, one changed direction. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/3/20 00:50 Taos NM Light 10 minutes There was a flash of light then approximately 30 seconds later another flashlight and after that several smaller lights appeared and tr 6/25/20
5/2/20 22:50 Eagle Grove IA Light 5 seconds Small light traversing entire night sky in seconds from South to North to Northeast 6/25/20
5/2/20 22:00 Marinette WI Light Approx 10 min String of 17 lights even spaced moving w-e at same speed all heading to same larger light. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/2/20 22:00 Lincoln NE Light 7 minutes Saw 10-15 bright objects flying at very high altitude in a straight line formation headed northeast. 6/25/20
5/2/20 22:00 Lincoln NE Light 7 minutes Saw 10-15 bright objects miles between one another flying at very high altitude in a straight line formation headed northeast. (Already 6/25/20
5/2/20 21:45 Medford OR Light 5 mintes bright light to close for modern aircraft 6/25/20
5/2/20 21:00 Aztec NM Light 15:00 15 lights traveling SW to NE, high altitude. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/2/20 21:00 Deming NM Light appr. 7 minutes All total, I counted 15 aircraft flying in single file with no audible noise ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/2/20 03:15 Spokane WA Light continuing Recently we have been observing what looks like flying stars in the sky above our home. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 23:45 Saluda NC Light 2 hours At 11:45 pm a flashing object was noticed north from Saluda, NC. The object was flashing green, blue, red, orange and white in a seemin 6/25/20
5/1/20 22:00 Dundalk (Canada) ON Light 2 hours multiple white lights flying in a slow almost orbiting pattern very high upon the sky 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:24 Quincy WA Light 1 minute The two of us were out after dark talking when he noted a bright orange light coming toward us just above the horizon from the SE. It 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:15 Henderson NV Light 30 minutes 15-20 Lights in the sky traveling in pairs. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:10 Oshawa (Canada) ON Light one hour + Witnessed 65 + slow star like objects - first 3 separate directions ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:05 Phoenix AZ Light 3-4 minutes Appeared as 9 satellites traveling on the same flight path 10 seconds apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:00 Port Huron MI Light 9 hours On the night of 5/1/2020 at 9 pm me and my wife seen on our security cams in the front of our home a beam of light that looked like a s 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:00 Sierra Vista AZ Light 5 minutes There were 9 desperate lights, not flashing or blinking moving from northwest to northeast. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:00 Pomona CA Light 6 minutes Caravan of lights moving NE that appear out of nowhere while others moved about as protection. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 20:00 Salome AZ Light 1 minute 2 sets of 3 bright orangish lights in a row above a foothill along the 10 freeway near the CA/AZ border 6/25/20
5/1/20 10:30 Inver Grove MN Light 1 hour First saw 3 lights star looking in formation then breaking of in random directions then saw multiple lights((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 09:45 Waterford CT Light 20 28 orbs appear evenly spaced then disappear just below the major. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 06:49 North Saanich (Canada) BC Light 3 minutes Pulsating/flashing light flying fast and low over Saanich Inlet on Vancouver Island 6/25/20
5/1/20 05:15 Draper UT Light ABT 10Min Parade of lights high altitude, evenly spaced, no variation from the first to the last that I saw. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
5/1/20 04:15 Seattle WA Light 20 minutes Weird lights high up in the sky flying in a straight line formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 00:00 Thibodaux LA Light 5 14 Objects in a row, one behind each other and watch one by one disappear. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 22:30 Vergas MN Light >2 hours White moving light. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 22:00 Jacksonville FL Light 5 minutes Looked like stars, could have been satellites, but 50? ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:30 Jacksonville FL Light 2 minutes There were 10-20 Star-like figures gliding across the sky in unison. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:30 Redmond WA Light 20 minutes long string of moving lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:20 Deland FL Light 5 minutes there was A-line of lights moving a cross the sky. They were moving North to South. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:15 New Smyrna Beach FL Light 20 seconds Numerous lights flying across the sky in a straight line and equidistant. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:15 Brooksville FL Light 10 Long string of 24+ equally spaced lights moving across the sky from North to South in Brooksville, FL. 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:15 Coral Springs FL Light 3:00 It was a consistent line of moving lights evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:10 Saint Augustine FL Light 5 minutes 20 plus lights in single file. About 5 minutes viewing. Last 2 lights were side by side. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:05 Titusville FL Light 12 minutes Objects look like stars but moving fast in one line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:00 Ocala FL Light Varied I went out to smoke i always watch the sky when i seen 6 white lights high in the sky flying 2x2 with 1 in the front lasted for about 1 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:00 Palm Bay FL Light 5 minutes 15 plus lights traveling in perfect straight line. Appeared as bright as a star. 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:00 Dover FL Light 5 minutes String of lights in Tampa Bay area.. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 21:00 Coral Gables FL Light 5 min A couple stopped me and told me &quot;Am I crazy or those lights are moving? ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 17:00 Micco FL Light 5:00 10-12 objects flying or moving symmetrically, moving south! All objects looked like stars! ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 14:22 American Utah UT Light 3 minutes Picture of the same UFO that they filmed at Skinwalker Ranch. 6/25/20
4/30/20 09:17 Davie FL Light 3 minutes Backyard UFO Fleet night sky sighting! ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 09:14 Tifton GA Light 3 minutes 30+ dots of light flying ons behind the other in a straight line heading south east. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/30/20 02:30 Bloomington IL Light 15 minutes Spotted an indigo light to the east of the city. encounter lasted roughtly 15 minutes. 6/25/20
4/29/20 23:35 Banning CA Light 5 min Driving down a dark road we spotted a helicopter chasing a light at high speeds 6/25/20
4/29/20 23:20 Citrus Heights CA Light 5 minutes 2 star objects appear then disappear while moving vertical into the sky. 6/25/20
4/29/20 22:00 Cape Coral FL Light 30 minutes Light moving sporadically over SW Florida coast. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect either Venus, or Sirius. PD)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 22:00 Fort Jones CA Light 1-2 hours First noticed a very bright light hovering in the sky. Then noticed some star like lights moving. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 22:00 Fort Jones CA Light 1-2 hours Multiple &quot;star&quot; like lights moving throughout night sky, then ascending into sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:40 Geneva FL Light 5 Minutes We saw 50+ dots of light traveling in perfect unison one after the othe. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:30 Salem OR Light
My mom woke me up around 9:30 ish and told me to &quot;come look at this ufo hurry.&quot; Went outside and it looked like a super brigh 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:30 Vero Beach FL Light 10 minutes While fishing on the Indian River near Johns island 30-40 lights were observed heading N to S. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:30 Woodbury GA Light 10 minutes String of tiny lights in sky approx. 50 to 75 in single file straight line extremely high up. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 21:15 Ponte Vedra Beach FL Light 5 minutes Fleet of 30 crafts traveling in a row. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/29/20 19:18 Melbourne FL Light 4 minutes Line of traveling white lights disappear one by one over Melbourne FL. 6/25/20
4/29/20 04:15 Frostproof FL Light 3 seconds I saw a very bright very green light descend over Lake Clinch. 6/25/20
4/29/20 00:30 Ewa Beach HI Light 2 seconds White light, with orange trails on each side. 6/25/20
4/28/20 23:15 Courtenay (Canada) BC Light 15 minutes I watched them go by, they seem to be approximately the same distance apart. In a line. T ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 22:00 Millington TN Light More than 30 minutes Bright singular light hovering, disappearing, then reappearing in minutes 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:58 Iowa Park TX Light 4 minutes It looked like a string of white lights evenly spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:49 Kamay TX Light 1.5 minutes I saw a line of about 8 to 10 star-like looking objects. They were moving in an upward angle towards south. ((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30 Louisville KY Light 5 MINUTES Numerous lights moving in a single file seen in the nighttime sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30 Elkview WV Light 30 seconds 5-6 star like objects in a straight line moving across the sky from west to south east. ((Starlink satellites>)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30 Fordyce AR Light 5-10min Lights traveling. ((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30 Folly Beach SC Light 3 minutes Approx. y 40 white lights in a straight line moving from right to left all disappearing at a certain point. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:30 Richlands NC Light 15 minutes lights evenly spaced traveling west to east. for aprox 15 min.. ((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:19 Charleston WV Light About 2 minutes Approximately 10 lights located high in the sky traveling simultaneously NW to SE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:15 North Augusta SC Light 10 minutes Long string of lights traveling for south west to the north east. Evenly spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:00 Merrilville IN Light 1:45 UFO’s Might be Observing Elon Musk’s StarLink satellites! 6/25/20
4/28/20 21:00 Easley SC Light 18 minutes 50 light anomalies headed north east in PERFECT FORMATION AND SPACING apart. ((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:51 Newark DE Light 1 minute Lights moving evenly in single file at a fast pace. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:50 Pueblo CO Light 2-3 minutes Traveling lights over Pueblo. ((Starlink satellites??) 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:30 Dixon NM Light 5min A string of lights symmetrical in distance apart, moving quick across the sky and then fading away. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:30 Albuquerque NM Light 2 minutes UFO - Red light hovers over Sandia Mountain then at low it changes to two different colors and dissappears!! 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:10 Palmer Lake CO Light
There was a line of craft perfectly spaced traveling across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 11:15 Denver CO Light 20 seconds I was sitting outside viewing the norther sky when I noticed eight lights in the shape of the tip of an arrow ^ but facing downward. T 6/25/20
4/28/20 10:50 Ontario OR Light 15 seconds Satellite accelerated and changed directions around a seperate satellite very suddenly and quickly. 6/25/20
4/28/20 09:30 Wilson NC Light 10 20 lights flying single file evenly apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/28/20 02:10 Hermitage PA Light 5 minutes bright stationary star dims and brightens several times 6/25/20
4/27/20 23:00 Burnaby (Canada) BC Light one hour Several star-like lights travelling across sky with one that sped up to avoid collision into another. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 23:00 Carmichael CA Light 30 seconds It looked like the sheriffs helicopter with its spotlight on which is common in my area. Absolutely no no noise. It was flying direct 6/25/20
4/27/20 22:00 Marshfield MO Light Apx. 10 minutes Apx 22:00 went out and looked up and saw a line of lights moving in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:20 Jefferson City MO Light 5-7mins A straight line of many multiple lights directly overhead. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:15 Chariton IA Light 3 minutes Line of 30-40 white lights moving single file through the sky from NW to SE 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00 North Potomac MD Light 2 minutes In a clear sky 12-14 star like objects flying in a straight line from North towards South . ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00 South Charleston WV Light 5min Strand of lights perfectly spaced moving in unison across the sky. I counted over 20 crafts. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00 Williamsburg VA Light 1 minute 30 seconds 40 plus lights detected in the sky traveling at a high rate of speed straight in a line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00 Edwardsville KS Light 5 sec Walked outside and seen a straight line of about 15 lights not in a row but two or three separated by a space. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 20:45 Quratsite AZ Light 25 seconds Flashing lghts inconsistent string blink bright to dim wavy flight patern ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 20:40 Binghamton NY Light 5 to 10 minutes About 10 to 15 white lights in a line seen in Upstate New York. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 20:40 Valley Stream NY Light 2-3 minutes Straight string of small white lights across apex of sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/27/20 20:40 Newberg OR Light 15 minutes Object with two whitish lights and blue glow flying over Chehalem mountains 6/25/20
4/27/20 08:45 Eatonville WA Light 15 seconds Huge flash of light beamed out of sky into my woods. Noticed it from inside my cabin. Ran outside and the light did not appear to have 6/25/20
4/27/20 08:40 Newberg OR Light 5-10 minutes A silent double blueish white light that moved extremely fast and did loops, turns, and an extremely fast descent, and blinked on and o 6/25/20
4/27/20 06:00 Carlsbad NM Light 10 minutes Outside at 6am and looked up abd saw what appeared to be a largwr rgan normal bright star. I watched it for about 3 minutes, then notic 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:30 Billings MT Light 2-3 minutes Seen a trail of 15 -20 lights in a string all travelling SW at a rapid speed. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:20 Portage MI Light 30 swc Straight line of unevenly spaced lights moving from West-Southwest to East, ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:14 Cassopolis MI Light 30-40 seconds In-Line groupings of light streaming across night sky and dissapearing at specific point. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:10 Union MI Light 2 minutes 35 small lites fairly straght line all spaced closely in sky headed west to east from Chicago area. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:10 London KY Light 30 seconds Small lights moving vertically. 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:00 Greencastle IN Light A long line of lights in We watched at least 20 perfectly. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 22:00 Fort Wright KY Light 15 minutes Lights in sky looking like a string of 15 lights going down. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:30 Lebanon TN Light 1 minute 15 objects in a single file line disappearing. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:30 Jacksonville IL Light 5 min A line of fast moving lights coming from the north west all disappeared into the same location. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:23 Aurora IL Light :45 seconds Line of possible UFO's sighted over Aurora IL, USA. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 East Peoria IL Light 45 SEC 2 separate sighting same location within 5 minutes, first sight, then about 20 lights continous same direction ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 Johnsburg IL Light 45 seconds 15 UFO white lights in a single file line Johnsburg Illinois. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:20 Westmont IL Light 2-4 minutes Line of star-like lights all moving slowly across the night sky until they abruptly disappeared. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:10 Naperville IL Light 3 minutes We saw about 100 tiny lights like stars flying in a straight line from the west to the east directly over our home. They were very dist 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:03 Mankato MN Light 10 minutes I saw a fleet of UFOs straight in a line passing over mankato. ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:00 Aurora IL Light 1 minute We were in the backyard BBQing and looked up in the sky and seen a line of bright lights very high ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 1 minute String of white lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 20:40 Plainfield IL Light About 3 minutes I noticed from the corner of my eye a string of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 20:05 Carlinville IL Light 1 minute BRIGHT LIGHTS 10-15 IN NUMBERS FLYING IN A PERFECT STRAIGHT LINE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 09:24 Richwoods MO Light 2 minutes single lights entering something that couldnt be seen. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/26/20 02:30 St. Louis MO Light about 1 hour Lights in the sky and abduction. 6/25/20
4/25/20 22:05 Cambridge Township MN Light 30+ minutes I saw a bright white light when I looked W to the top of the trees. It was 4 to 5 times the size of the largest star. ((Venus?)) 6/25/20
4/25/20 21:45 Ft. Morgan CO Light 10 minutes But look like several moving stars crawling up into the sky into a sequence line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/25/20 20:35 Lubec ME Light 10 minutes Two strings of bright white lights (50-60 in total), appeared like a train in the night sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/24/20 23:00 Fairfield ID Light 10 Row of lights headed Northeast. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/24/20 22:20 Kenova WV Light 10 minutes Two different blue and red looking lights blinking on each object. One was a little higher than the other. One disappeared in the tree 6/25/20
4/24/20 22:05 Lowell MI Light 1 minute Many bright lights in single file formation crossing the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/24/20 21:45 Idaho Springs CO Light 15 minutes Mass UFO sighting. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/23/20 23:55 San Bernardino CA Light 2 minutes As my cousin and I were outside on the porch staring at the Big Dipper and all of a sudden a little light next to the Big Dipper broke 6/25/20
4/23/20 23:30 Moreno Valley CA Light 30 minutes 3 lights hovering over Riverside County. 2 eye witnesses. 6/25/20
4/23/20 22:00 Goodyear AZ Light 30 minutes Object with two lights on each far end that would stay in perfect sync and appear horizonal one minute then vertical within seconds 5/15/20
4/23/20 22:00 Ferndale WA Light 5 sec Multiple fast traveling lights at a short distance very bright 6/25/20
4/23/20 01:00 Pawtucket RI Light 1-3 hours Pawtucket RI/Attleboro MA line. Two lights one being bright moving very slowly along tree line. To the NE closer prox drone w/ light 6/25/20
4/22/20 23:00 Pocomoke City MD Light 2 minutes Tonight it was the usual ball of light that dimmed and brightened on and off then disappeared. Last week myself and my wife witnessed a 5/15/20
4/22/20 20:50 Ricetown KY Light 20 minutes Blinking lights in forest and in yard. 5/15/20
4/22/20 00:15 Lago Vista TX Light 20 minutes Very bright white large star moving very slow then reversed direction in erratic line. 6/25/20
4/21/20 23:00 Grand Rapids MI Light On going Looking to the NW from Grand Rapids Michigan about half way above the horizon line are stationary lights. Appearing to close and to bri 6/25/20
4/20/20 23:00 East Falmouth MA Light 7 minute Around 11 PM, I looked out of my bedroom window and saw an orange light going straight from northeast to southwest. It looked about pla 6/25/20
4/20/20 22:15 Ponton (Canada) MB Light 15 minutes Line of over 30 flying aircraft lights seen travelling, equal distance and speed, west to east, single file. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/20/20 22:00 Chicago IL Light 2 seconds Chicago Ohare Sighting 4.20.20 6/25/20
4/20/20 11:30 Clinton MI Light 3 seconds White/yellow light appeared in the sky...shot off insanely fast and then disappeared. 6/25/20
4/20/20 08:45 Sequim WA Light 15 seconds Bright light was seen east of Venus. Light was brighter then Venus. Headed north and slowly disappeared. Light vanished 6/25/20
4/19/20 23:00 Watkins MN Light Idk Rural Minnesota odd lights. 6/25/20
4/19/20 22:45 Schwebheim (Germany)
Light 10 minutes These lights traveled in a highly disciplined file but had no sound. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/19/20 22:10 Darlington (UK/England)
Light 30 minutes Line of lights in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/19/20 21:45 Ocean View HI Light 1-2 minutes One bright light circling from behind the cloud like a flashlight from above. 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:30 River Falls WI Light fast lights in V formation, orbiting directly overhead 2 times within 45 minutes, on the second pass around the crafts broke formation 5/1/20
4/19/20 21:30 Lakeville MN Light 30 minutes Lights moving in single file line and direction toward NE sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:30 Boucherville (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes Sporadic crossing over each other flying. Not in formation at all and moving fast and zigzagging 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:20 Mississauga (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes 12 bright oblects in very high altitude, darting around in formation. Not a satelite. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:05 King County WA Light 20 We witnessed what appeared to be lights traveling evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 21:00 Vankleek Hill (Canada) ON Light 15 minutes Sitting in the hottub to look up at 20+ star-like objects (first assumption satellite) flying EQUAL distance ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 20:15 Leaf River IL Light 5 minutes Saw 7-9 very dim lights moving SW-NE very fast in line , no flashing lights like a plane. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 20:00 Beloit WI Light 5 minutes Watched a speeding ball of light traverse the sky from one horizon to the other, east to North Western direction. No blinking lights, d 6/25/20
4/19/20 19:30 Page AZ Light 1 hour 15-20 lights appearing 1-3 minutes apart and moving in same direction as the one before. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 18:00 Grand Falls (Canada) NB Light 10 minutes 25 flying objects became brighter at some point like going out of atmosphere. Lasted 10min and no noise 6/25/20
4/19/20 13:00 Sister Bay WI Light 15 minutes Object 6 lights all in the same line, decending 2 the horizon, all light remained same brightnes((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 04:40 Las Vegas NV Light 1-2 minutes Two very high blinking white lights with no sound 6/25/20
4/19/20 04:30 Meeting Creek (Canada) AB Light 5 minutes 12 lights travelling equidistant from one another. Possible large craft sighting. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/19/20 01:45 Newman Lake WA Light 10 minutes Wide band of subdued light, white object and light on fence post. 6/25/20
4/18/20 22:30 Cassopolis MI Light 2 hours Bright object with two lights hovering above tree line 6/25/20
4/18/20 22:06 Salem IL Light 10 minutes Went outside and there was a light pretty high up over our tree line (from our view) this light has been here for a while and before wa 6/25/20
4/18/20 22:00 Cincinnati OH Light 30 minutes I saw a giant hovering bright sphere in the sky. Had green light on the sides of it, and once in awhile. ((Venus??)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 22:00 Eastport MI Light 20 12 to 14 white lights seen traveling east to west over a 20 minute period. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 22:00 Santa Rosa CA Light 20 minutes Aliens seen in metallic sphere lights in Santa Rosa California. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:50 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light 4 minutes I saw 2 lights heading against one another, perhaps satellites. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 21:30 Bonners Ferry ID Light 3 minutes While out watching starlink with my Wife and 2 children we noticed a light that at first we thought was an additional satellite in a di 5/1/20
4/18/20 21:20 Mankato MN Light 5 minutes Lights that look like a convoy of ISS's moving from southwest, to northeast evenly spaced at first ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 21:15 Nampa ID Light 30-40 minutes procession of white lights, going SW to NE, flying higher than commercial airliner. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 21:05 Janesville MN Light 15 minutes A trail of star like lights moving from the W. They were in a straight line and equally spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/18/20 21:00 Hayfield MN Light 15 minutes Flashing lights heading Northeast in a military staggered pattern. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Milbank SD Light 15-30 minutes Notice single white lights ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Blue Springs MO Light 10+ minutes As I looked at it, I noticed what looked like a satellite. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Liberty MO Light 5-7 minutes Clear night. These very tiny solid lights were traveling from the SSW to the NNE. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 New Brighton MN Light 10 minutes Long row of 20+ satellite looking lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Blaine MN Light 5 minutes about 30 lights moving to the NE in a straight line, about equally spaced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Goldendale WA Light 15 minutes we spotted a long line of lights moving from the west to the east across the evening sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Wahoo NE Light 2 hours One witness saw light formations evenly spaced and moving rapidly across the entire sky before disappearing. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 21:00 Cedar Rapids IA Light
we noticed and counted over 65 crafts flying in straight line from West to East ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Bend OR Light 45 minutes we just watch over 50 lights go through the sky in the same pattern one after another. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Fridley MN Light 30 minutes Approximately 100 starlight objects moving from the SW to NE with no blinking lights or sound. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 21:00 Durham CA Light 30 minutes Myself and 1 other person saw lights flying in formation for approximately 30 minutes. Lost count at 50. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 20:40 College Place WA Light 30 minutes String of stars evenly spaced out for 30 min. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 20:30 Antioch CA Light 5-10 minutes STRANGE ROW OF TINY STAR-LIKE DOTS TRAVELING IN A LINE, EVENLY SPACED AND GOING THE SAME SPEED. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 20:00 Santa Rosa CA Light 2 hours A massive amount of extremely fast moving, single colored, bright lights. Absolutely no sounds. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 18:30 San Jose CA Light 30 minutes I noticed what appeared to be a satalite drifting across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/18/20 10:00 Niles MI Light 15 minutes there was about 30 lights about mle apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/18/20 09:45 Regina (Canada) SK Light 20 minutes We seen well over 30-40 lights some super bright some not way to high to be planes flew in strait line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/17/20 00:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 15 minute Wasn’t sure if 1 big UFO with multiple lights or just that many different ufos. 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:45 Seminole OK Light 20 minutes My husband and I were driving last night and I was watching this bright orange light slowly rise straight up above the tree line. The f 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:30 Wendell MN Light 20 minutes Witnessed lights traveling in straight line from SW to NE, quite evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 Park Rapids MN Light 15 minutes Star like in straight line close together moving W to NE, ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 Grand rapids MI Light
I saw what looked like a star moving then I seen more. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 Kentwood MI Light 30 minutes Abt 30 objects with one white light evenly spaced, traveling slowly at high altitude in a line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/17/20 22:00 Cokato MN Light 45 minutes White lights all in a single line. SW to NE. toward the end they were side by side and staggered. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 North plains OR Light 10 minutes About 50 light objects moving from west to north east in formation and moving fast then slow. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 Rhododendron OR Light 1 hour string of lights many at first heading north east, at least 15 when I noticed them. no sound. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00 Roseau MN Light 30 minutes ~ 50 simple white lights travelling SW to NE, ability to adjust speed and fly in formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:50 Timber OR Light 15 minutes Tons of lights flying in from Oregon Coast. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:45 Yelm WA Light 10 minutes Long string of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:30 Baldwin MI Light 45 minutes Lights moving northeast in the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:30 Salem OR Light 30 minutes 50+ lights perfect spaced flying over our heads, about 20min in the lights were coming in a formation. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:30 Medford OR Light 30 minutes About 40 star-like lights traveling in a fixed trajectory. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:07 Edgar MT Light 1 minute Small point of light that accelerated at incredible speed 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:00 Paonia CO Light 30 minutes Lights in the sky moving in all directions 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:00 Bailey CO Light 15:00 Faint lights high fast moving spaced evenly in night sky no blinking light or sound.. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/17/20 21:00 Shoshoni WY Light 10-15 minutes I observed a few small solid white lights that looked like stars but they were moving across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 21:00 Salt Lake City UT Light 42 minutes 20-30 lights moving in a north northeast direction at extreme speeds. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:35 Chicago IL Light 4 minutes Series of 12 white lines in linear order traveling NE through Chicago. not perfect line but path. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:15 Mount Pleasant SC Light 3 minutes 3 solid red lights, not blinking, slow moving, &quot;V&quot; formation, disappeared up 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00 Washougal WA Light 30-45 minutes When we thought we saw the space station fly by, subsequently 25 plus lights flew by all train. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/17/20 20:00 Gresham OR Light 5 minutes Two orbs above gresham move soth to north. 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00 Phoenix AZ Light 15 minutes They seemed to be on a mission. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00 Peoria AZ Light 15 minutes String of at least 48 star-like lights traveling across the sky from the southeast to the northwest. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00 Litchfield Park AZ Light 1 hour Fleet of moving stars. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 19:45 Phoenix AZ Light ~20 minutes 39 light objects crossing sky from west to northeast. ((Starlink satellites??)) 5/1/20
4/17/20 19:20 Franklin TN Light 3 minutes Exited sun glint off of a satellite. 6/25/20
4/17/20 11:00 Sweet Home OR Light 30 minutes + We noticed that what looked like satellites. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/17/20 09:35 Mancelona MI Light <1 hour My oldest daughter (17) noticed some &quot;planes flying&quot; really fast. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 23:00 Lawton OK Light 15 minutes Saw 18 bright small lights following each other in a line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 22:10 Libby MT Light 10 minutes String of lights over Northwest Montana. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 22:05 Sandy UT Light 30 minutes tons of lights flying across sky in Utah. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 22:00 Nampa ID Light 15 minutes I looked up at the sky see the stars and suddenly I thought I was dizzy ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 22:00 Greenwood AR Light 5 minute Many people in Ar River Valley reporting as many as 50 lights flying extremely high altitude ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 22:00 Eagle Creek OR Light 10 minutes Observed 8 bright lights heading NE/E with one changing direction. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:50 Holyoke MN Light 40 minutes or more Many lights traveling in linear motion at a fast pace. No sound. Grouped together. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:40 Leslie AR Light 10 24 Air craft in US air space. Spotted flying east over Searcy county Arkansas 4/16/2020 . ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:35 Inglewood CA Light 30 seconds how ever i saw a few ligths no the sky at nigth with the neig ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:32 Gap Mills WV Light 9 minutes While looking north I witnessed 3 dim starlike lights traveling from W to E in a triangular configuration. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:30 Sachse TX Light 30 minutes 26 star like objects separated by 20 degrees passing eact north east. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:30 Fridley MN Light 10 minutes We saw 23 lights flying north east about 10 seconds apart each one. Different trajectory then Starlink. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:25 Brady TX Light 15 minutes Continuous line of 4 satellite-like objects moving steadily and evenly-spaced across the sky W of us heading N. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:20 Roseville MN Light 21 minutes Lights traveling at high speeds across the sky. Looked like stars. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:15 Van Buren AR Light 30 minutes Unknown light trail. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:15 Sarnia (Canada) ON Light 25 minutes Six lights a minute apart from W to E then disappearing into a specific area of the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:10 Sisters OR Light 3 minutes Very unusual, 11 bright non-blinking objects observed east of Sister, OR, trailing one another. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:10 Arcata CA Light 15 minutes ARCATA, CA, 15 minute show of MANY satellite-type objects. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/16/20 21:10 Sacramento CA Light 21:20 8 lights hovering over Sacramento skies 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:05 Calabasas CA Light Continues 13 White lights with no sound traveling very high and fast in a linear fashion over 5 minutes. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:05 Calabasas CA Light Continues 13 White lights with no sound traveling very high and fast in a linear fashion over 5 minutes. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:00 Brentwood CA Light 20 minutes or so High flying lights one after the other heading NE may be 20 lights or more. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00 Wapato WA Light 15 minutes 50+ Wapato string of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:00 Thousand Oaks CA Light 20 minutes Almost appeared as bright Satellites moving in a straight line formation evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:00 Bull Shoals AR Light 1 hour Line of lights with no variation in speed or direction. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:00 Plummer ID Light 10 minutes Large cluster of lights going overhead. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 21:00 Fontana CA Light 15 minutes What sorta scared me was these lights were like coming out of no ware ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 20:55 Westerly RI Light 7 minutes Fast light being followed by helicopter, darting all over the place. 5/1/20
4/16/20 20:45 Joplin MO Light 10 minutes I noticed a bright light. I then noticed a second then a third. They were flying in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 20:30 Altadena CA Light 1 hour Witnessed a total of 51 unidentified flying objects (single distant unblinking lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 20:00 Murrieta CA Light 20 minutes For the course of 30 minutes we witnessed what we thought was just a satellite moving across the night sky ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 20:00 North Peoria AZ Light 15 minutes Multiple ufos up to 30 over north Peoria Arizona. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 19:30 Lamont CA Light Sky A few minutes later it seemed as if we were being invaded. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/16/20 18:30 Palm Spring CA Light 30 minutes the light were headed eastbound they were one after any in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 17:00 Castlegar (Canada) BC Light 2 minutes Stepped ouside and saw over 30 lights moving fast in various formations. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/16/20 10:00 Boise ID Light 20 minutes 26 extremely fast moving objects in the sky above Boise, Id. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 09:51 Lanagan MO Light Continue straight line li Lined up lights flying across sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/16/20 09:00 Palm Springs CA Light 3 minutes About 4 little lights far up in night sky in a line following each other. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 22:30 Sandy OR Light All night Blinking lit flying objects seen every night in skies over my Area of sight in Sandy Oregon and move quickly about and with each other 6/25/20
4/15/20 22:30 Brevard NC Light 10 minutes Sharp turning and free falling pulsating light 6/25/20
4/15/20 21:30 Wimberley TX Light 1 hour My husband first saw one and thought it was a satelite but then three more showed up. They were small balls of white light,not moving i 6/25/20
4/15/20 21:00 Burbank CA Light 15 minutes Decending off /white lights over Verdugo Mts. in Burbank, Ca. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:31 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Flying extremely high altitude extremely fast. Flying from SW to NE across the sky single file. Not planes or fighter jets. Too man 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:30 Phoenix AZ Light 8 minutes plus Fast moving lights over Arizona. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:30 Tucson AZ Light 20 minutes Crazy light show! ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:30 Henderson NV Light 30 minutes Line of approx 50 UFOs headed from So Cal toward Utah. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:30 Santee CA Light 20 minutes Star looking lights moving fast across sky 30 or more. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:20 Skaneateles NY Light 3 minutes Orange light below cloud layer at near darkness. 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:14 Glendale AZ Light 10 minutes 20 LIGHTS PERFECTLY SINGLE FILE IN FORMATION FLYING AT A VERY HIGH RATE OF SPEED JUST DISAPPEAR. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:00 Riverside CA Light 1:00 Line of Lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 20:00 Four Peaks Wilderness AZ Light 45 minutes Ball of pulsating light above ridge top of mountain. 6,000'. Ball was approx. 4x size of largest star.(NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/1/20
4/15/20 05:57 Wichita KS Light ~10 minutes Line of lights equally spaced traveling from the north to south ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 05:30 Montebello CA Light 15 minutes I saw at least 50 bright white lights traveling in a one line formation keeping the same distance ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 05:30 Los Angekes CA Light 15 minutes Looked up and saw lights, not flashing like stars, far away like an airliner high up or like a satellite. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 05:15 Lodi CA Light 15 minutes Lights traveled from NW to SE. They were evenly spaced, in a curved line, one following the other. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/15/20 05:00 Plano TX Light 20 minutes 47 sphere orbs appearing in a point in the sky and traveling south ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 21:00 Las Vegas NV Light
This object in the sky was to my right side it appeared to move and shine different lights around it 6/25/20
4/14/20 20:55 St Paul MN Light 35 minutes Strream of lights moving with purpose to the northeast. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 20:00 Bathurst (Canada) NB Light 00:04 Two objects flying south bound at very high speeds. One could have been a satellite but the other was much faster and veered south west 5/15/20
4/14/20 18:00 Santa Fe NM Light 20 minutes me and my family saw evenly lights moving across sky in orderly fashion. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 06:00 Las Cruces NM Light 10 minutes 20 lights moving from NW. to SE. In chain formation same path evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
4/14/20 05:15 Thousand Oaks CA Light 5 minutes 20+ circular white lights traveling in unison from N to S in predawn night sky, equally distanced. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 05:00 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Light 10 minutes A line of what appeared to be stars travelling from NW to SE above Nanaimo. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/14/20 04:45 RIO VISTA CA Light 10 Strange objects flying in perfect formation above Rio Vista, Ca ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/14/20 04:35 Las Vegas NV Light 25 minutes 2 Parades of satellites, 40 total, west to east across Las Vegas sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 04:35 Carson City NV Light 30 minutes Strange single file lights traveling from north to south at 4:35 to 5:20 Am over Carson city , NV. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 04:00 Montebello CA Light 4:00 to 5:00 Looked up at the sky and immediately noticed all the traffic high in the sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 04:00 Davis CA Light 1 hour Hundreds of “satellite light” type craft heading inland to Nevada ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 02:45 Powell River (Canada) BC Light 10 minutes fast twinkling light hovering in night sky, colored red. (then poof gone after 10 minutes) 6/25/20
4/14/20 02:30 Kennebunk ME Light 20 minutes Multiple lights following each other ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/14/20 02:30 Kennebunk ME Light 20 minutes Multiple lights following each other 6/25/20
4/13/20 23:00 antalya
Light 20 min 15 object going to west in sky.. 15 light only one formation.and very far.look its a star but not star. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/13/20 22:30 Flat Rock NC Light 5 minutes I went outside to move my vehicle and noticed an odd bright light . At first I thought it was a plane waiting to land staying still for 6/25/20
4/13/20 22:30 Green Bay WI Light 20 minutes Bright light high in sky, not moving for awhile but moving down slowly and intermittently, different movement from planes we see here. 6/25/20
4/13/20 22:00 Whitmire SC Light 8 minutes Evenly Spaced Lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:35 Powell TN Light 10 minutes Line of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:30 Tamassee SC Light 20 minutes 20-30 bright lights, evenly spaced, flying in a row one behind the other, from NW to SE, no sound ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:15 Phenix City AL Light 20 minutes or better My husband and I watched over 100 balls of light flight over our home from the northqest towards the south east for more than 20 minute 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:00 West Islip NY Light 4 Fixed Light moved North to south very slowly. 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:00 Douglasville GA Light 20 minutes lights racing across sky in same pattern 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:00 Rossville GA Light 20 mins We were just sitting outside and noticed shooting stars, several, we counted around twenty. They were going in a strait line from Looko 6/25/20
4/13/20 21:00 Hartwell GA Light 30 minutes Saw a line of white lights that looked like stars moving in straight line, counted thirty eight objects. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 20:30 Milton FL Light 10 minutes 15 or more white lights moving in single file formation from North to South. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 20:30 Nashville TN Light 10 min We observed lights traveling in some formation following each other at a high rate of speed ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 20:00 Lincolnton GA Light
My grandparents saw about 30 ufos last night all in a line at the same distance apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 19:15 Tumwater WA Light 2 minutes Illuminated Multicolored light formation with a vague white background 6/25/20
4/13/20 05:30 Central Point OR Light 20 min unidentifiable lights in great numbers flying in a spaced out formation in the early morning sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/13/20 04:00 Tonopah AZ Light 5 minutes Small white, unblinking lights moving silently across sky. 5/1/20
4/13/20 03:31 SeaTac WA Light 10 minutes Bright lights moving in a clockwise manner were observed at 3:30am 6/25/20
4/12/20 23:50 Elk River MN Light approx 1 hour Was driving home towards Elk River from St.Paul area around a quarter to 11pm.We are currently under &quot;Shelter in Place&quot; order 6/25/20
4/12/20 21:40 Montgomery TX Light 5 seconds Blue orb emitted loud sound and disappeared in five seconds. 6/25/20
4/12/20 21:13 Emory TX Light 25 Objects that looked like a Satellite that moved in a straight line and disappear. About 35 + lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/12/20 21:00 Coronado CA Light 5 minutes Two parallel lights (white) flashed red and white when I waved at the craft. 6/25/20
4/12/20 05:33 Oregon City OR Light at least 15 minutes East to West dozens,one after a other, lined up and at times multiples side to side, grid pattern. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/12/20 05:20 Ferndale WA Light 15 minutes Line of lights (like satellites but many!) ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/12/20 02:45 Oakley UT Light 30 seconds Bright light shined in bedroom window illuminating the room removing shadows before shrinking to a single point and disappearing. 6/25/20
4/11/20 22:30 Perth Amboy NJ Light 30min The object was bright white at times stem like branches, object moved in various vertical and horizontal movements very slow. 6/25/20
4/11/20 22:00 Ellington CT Light 5-10 minutes 30+ lights moving in formation moving across Ellington sky! 6/25/20
4/11/20 22:00 Oxford OH Light 15 min Light moving. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/11/20 21:05 Hanceville AL Light 5 13 lights, straight trajectory, 30 sec apart, then disappeared. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/11/20 20:25 Natick MA Light 5 minutes 16 lights (like stars) making a line flying over Natick Massachusetts ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/11/20 20:15 Bourne MA Light 10 minutes Series of lights moving west to east over cape cod. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/11/20 09:45 Spiceland IN Light 30 mins Lights crossing the night sky one after another... Then disappearing. All in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/11/20 09:15 Byron NY Light 2 minutes Watch 1 object move drifrent directions at a speed that no air craft could possibly do. 6/25/20
4/11/20 01:30 SÃO PAULO (Brazil)
Light 30 MINUTES Two vertical red lights in São Paulo city centre with explosive sound 6/25/20
4/10/20 23:15 Pleasant City OH Light >1 hour Bright Stationary light seen that last for over an hour. ((Venus?)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 23:00 Clifton Heights PA Light 30 minutes Strange clusters of hovering white lights sometimes 3-5 of them seen nightly in the sky in Delaware County PA 6/25/20
4/10/20 22:50 Vukovar (Croatia)
Light 2 minutes 10.4.2020 I went smoke outside then I saw light on the sky above Vukovar. At first light had weak shine and it was moving, when it reac 5/7/20
4/10/20 22:20 Portland
Light 90 seconds 2 lights (white with slight amber pulses) moving swiftly, turning suddenly and sharp. In sw sky in Portland Oregon 5/15/20
4/10/20 22:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 15 min Saw multiple (15) lights following eachother on the same trajectory. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:35 Twentynine Palms CA Light 5 mins About 10mi southeast of Marine base, two lights(UFO) slowly alternating red, green. White lights were coming down like spot lights. No 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:30 madison CT Light 5 minutes multiple repeated lights like aircraft or satellites on same pathway. ((Star;oml satellites)) 5/7/20
4/10/20 21:30 Mayflower AR Light 30 min There were a string of disappearing lights. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
4/10/20 21:30 Madison CT Light 5 minutes multiple repeated lights like aircraft or satellites on same pathway, ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:30 Stockbridge MA Light five miniutes Fifteen lights seen at same time. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:20 Bellwood PA Light 10 min line of lights in sky over central pennsylvania ((Star;oml satellites)) 5/7/20
4/10/20 21:15 Ashburn VA Light 15 minutes many small bright dots flying in a line with a same distance from each other, disappearing isame location. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:15 Hamilton (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes Convoy traveling across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 21:00 Shady Side MD Light 20 minutes 20 bright light Objects traveling high in the sky then disappearing in the handle of the Big Dipper. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
4/10/20 10:15 Dubach LA Light 3 minutes I saw a string of lights in the sky with a bright light pulsing down the line fly from 100ft away to over horizon in seconds. 6/25/20
4/10/20 06:05 Stanwood WA Light 9 mins 20 plus dots of light moving rapidly south In the early morning before dawn sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/10/20 05:30 Arlington WA Light 20 minutes 14 bright lights flying in trail. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/10/20 01:20 Louisville KY Light 30 seconds No structure just a silent ball of light. 6/25/20
4/10/20 Indian Rocks Beach FL Light 1 hour Watched a light hover way above night sky that swayed and dimmed in and out many times. Too high for a drone and longer than a drone wo 6/25/20
4/9/20 22:45 Temple NH Light 15 minutes I was looking out the window, towards Pack Monadnock mountain, and I saw a bright light low, thru the trees. I had my lower strength g 5/7/20
4/9/20 22:44 bronx NY Light 20 Minutes A star like bright object in the sky that did not move for 20 minuets 5/7/20
4/9/20 22:30 Hartford CT Light 30 minutes It was a clear night in April, around 10:30PM. I saw a bright white “star like” thing in the sky. It was NOT moving. 6/25/20
4/9/20 21:20 Waterloo IA Light 15 minutes While looking towards North sky spotted small starlike light moving from west to east. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/9/20 21:15 Auora IL Light 20 minutes 28 in line lights evacuating from Orion's Belt. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/9/20 20:50 Roseville CA Light 10 min Me & my GF seen the lights in sky 8 of them there was no light beam shinning from ground ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
4/9/20 20:50 Portland OR Light 20 seconds A light. Moved in a non known manner 5/7/20
4/9/20 17:20 Tewantin (Queensland)(Australia)
Light 30 seconds 15-25lights very high altitude in one line formation with one hanging back looked liked a train in the sky (Starlink satellites?) 9/4/20
4/9/20 02:00 Salt Lake City UT Light 1 second Both myself and my boyfriend were looking over the security camera tape minutes after the light was caught on our surveillance camera. 4/9/20
4/8/20 23:55 ROCKFORD IL Light 5 minutes 2 identically shaped objects with multiple bright lights in night sky. There was a center light with lighted &quot;spokes&quot; on both 5/7/20
4/8/20 21:45 Rochester NY Light 5-10 minutes Continuous line of 10-15 satellite-like objects moving steadily and evenly-spaced across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/8/20 21:40 Cuyahoga Falls OH Light 30minutes Continuously, multiple lights appeared and moved same path and disappeared one by one. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/8/20 21:00 Ironwood MI Light 10 minutes One very large object with two lights 4/9/20
4/8/20 19:45 Jaipur (India)
Light 5-10 minutes One white star like light which was moving faster but i saw it for 5 - 10 minutes in sky in night time 6/25/20
4/8/20 10:25 Milwaukie OR Light 1 hour I saw what I thought to be satatlights and then in about an hour. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/7/20 23:30 Rohnert Park CA Light
Loud plane flying over, I looked up and saw the plane which was normal looking and then 2 very large bright lights glowing with 5 to 6 4/9/20
4/7/20 23:22 Burlington Co. (Presidential Lakes Estates) NJ Light 10 seconds Bright red orb from all sides. 10 seconds. Then disappeared. Have video 4/9/20
4/7/20 22:20 Central City NE Light the 7th and the 8th aroun it was a light orb circle hovering for a lil bit then slowly headed towards the the platte river. ((anonymous)) 5/1/20
4/7/20 21:22 Nelson (Canada) BC Light 2 minutes 2 dim lights travelling in a line across the sky followed by 3 more in a triangle formation (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/7/20 20:20 Fayetteville AR Light 2 hours Sighted nine UFOs within a two hour period. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/7/20 19:30 Boca Raton FL Light 30 seconds Blue Green Oval Light with orange sparks seen streaking in the evening sky. 6/25/20
4/7/20 18:00 Bellingham WA Light 20min Very bright blight. 5/7/20
4/6/20 22:15 Seattle WA Light 20 minutes It was a clear night sky, when we noticed a line of star like lights, equally spaced with each other. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/6/20 21:45 Holualoa HI Light 5 minutes Saw yellow light getting brighter through window in the sky. Went outside and told family to come see. My girlfriend said she saw hints 4/9/20
4/6/20 21:45 Fort Lee NJ Light 48 Huge bright light appears and moves like it’s inspecting the earth below. 4/9/20
4/6/20 20:20 Yuba City CA Light 1 minutes Two light objects Appeared the second one stayed longer and flashed it’s light and then disappeared the same way it came from 4/9/20
4/6/20 19:30 West Branch IA Light 00:05 aka 5 mins Driving south on Garfield towards spring dale, during an early/bright sunset, I saw to the East a BRILLIANT large bright light, hoverin 6/25/20
4/5/20 23:20 Black Hawk CO Light 5 minutes Bright shining object, alternating between dim and bright in slow intervals. 4/9/20
4/5/20 21:00 Calhoun GA Light 2 minutes Off white orb moving N. to S. no sound then vanished over Calhoun with a well lit moonlit sky. 6/25/20
4/5/20 20:30 Jonesboro AR Light 2 minutes Singular bright white light moving across the sky. 4/9/20
4/5/20 20:25 Oklahoma City OK Light 3-4 seconds Dog was barking like crazy in the back yard.

Went outside to see why and saw a red and blue rhythmically flashing light in the south
4/5/20 19:30 Sayville NY Light 20 minutes Noticed bright light during cloudy night. Watched it because it didn't seem like a star, too bright. After being stationery around 15 m 4/9/20
4/5/20 00:20 North Seattle WA Light 1:30 Green, red and flashing white light like an airplane but brighter hovering over North Seattle like a drone at first then suddenly flew 4/9/20
4/4/20 23:30 Colchester VT Light 3 minutes Observed a bright object traveling slowly from North to South in the night sky. 4/9/20
4/3/20 22:30 Hyrum UT Light 20 minutes Bright light over the Wellsvilles moving in abnormal trajectory until finally fading away in the distance. 6/25/20
4/3/20 21:30 Glenview IL Light 1 minute, 53 seconds 2 strange light objects move across the north suburban evening sky presumably undetected, . . . or not? Captured on video! ! 4/9/20
4/3/20 20:18 Ukiah CA Light 2 minutes Orange light appeared in the north than moved to the east and slowly dissipated. 6/25/20
4/2/20 21:05 Beaumont TX Light 10 minutes Light pollution normally creates adverse sky viewing even if it’s a clear night and no moon. ((Starlink satellites))

I was i
4/2/20 20:00 Spokane WA Light 30 seconds 2 orange lights in the sky moving in weird ways. 6/25/20
4/2/20 19:30 Fayetteville TN Light 5 minutes There was a group of 6-7 lights that sped across a great distance. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/1/20 21:30 Las Vegas NV Light 45 minutes Nighttime sighting of unusual &quot;light&quot; display 6/25/20
4/1/20 20:40 Port Republic MD Light ~40 seconds? Line of Lights in night sky, look like stars, still for a while then moved in unison upward (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
4/1/20 04:00 Anderson SC Light 30+ minutes 2 lights appeared out of nowhere just down and to the left of the moon. They got closer together after a few minutes. But when we first 6/25/20
3/31/20 23:00 Center Conway NH Light 20 minutes + Glowing, flickering light with reds moving in western sky. Slowly moving. Fading in and out towards horizon. ((Venus??)) 6/25/20
3/31/20 22:20 Framingham MA Light 10 minutes Light hovered then appeared to make small circles before disappearing down horizon. ((Venus??)) 6/25/20
3/31/20 21:35 Covington GA Light ~15 minutes Multiple (14) object spotted flying equidistant and vanishing in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/31/20 20:45 Baldwin MO Light 10-15 minutes Over 30 lights that looked like stars? some moving in formation and some moving erratically. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/31/20 20:10 Shawinigan (Canada) QC Light 3 minutes Fixed light flying objects not recognized as commercial, military, helicopters, satellite or drone flights. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/31/20 20:00 Portland ME Light 30 minutes I saw a bright white light approaching west to east that disappeared after a few seconds. This happened 3 times in roughly 10 minutes. 6/25/20
3/31/20 19:30 Rancho Palos Verdes CA Light 30 minutes Horizontal line of 7 lights all equidistant from each other 6/25/20
3/31/20 10:20 Plymouth NH Light Half hour First very bright and low light moving in a swooping motion. Then another smaller object came straight toward it, moved in a quarter ci 6/25/20
3/30/20 21:30 Seward AK Light Several hours Reports from witnesses in different locations confirm seeing 4 objects with flashing colored lights, hovering over resurrection bay 6/25/20
3/30/20 21:15 Leesburg FL Light 1 minute 7 white lights in formation travelling West to East in night sky. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
3/30/20 20:50 Whiteford MD Light >15 minutes Continuous single file objects dimly lit fly over for 15 minutes. I counted at least 16. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/30/20 20:00 Regina (Canada) SK Light 40 minutes >45-50 plus lights seen in Regina sky some in formation the rest in what seemed like a planned flight plan! (("STARlink" satellites?? 4/9/20
3/30/20 08:30 Denver CO Light 5 minutes went outside to smoke a cigarette and was looking at sky and we saw a singular star like object moving through sky(I have seen the star 6/25/20
3/30/20 01:18 Point Makenzie AK Light 30 minutes I don't know if I'm correct but, I just stare at it for a good couple seconds and it moves around. 6/25/20
3/29/20 22:00 Davidsville PA Light 5 minutes two star-like objects seemingly chasing each other quickly and erratically in the sky before disappearing 4/9/20
3/29/20 21:44 Mooresville IN Light 6 minutes Lights following each other one after the other same distance apart very slowly with no sound. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/29/20 21:00 New Ulm MN Light 5 minutes Star like in straight line close together moving W to NE, one of them broke line moved parallel to another. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/29/20 21:00 Noblesville IN Light 1 minute Series of star-like lights traveling the same path and then disappearing 6/25/20
3/29/20 20:40 Bristol (UK/England)
Light 20 minutes Bright light first attracted us, followed by white dots in formation equally spaced apart. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/29/20 20:35 Evergreen CO Light 20 minutes 25+ satellite-looking objects flying across the Ursa Major constellation. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/29/20 20:30 Avondale AZ Light 30 minutes Phoenix West Valley white lights. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/29/20 20:00 Maxwell IA Light 20 minutes 10 lights moving across the sky flashing red green and blue. Light remained blue most the time. ((Starlink satellites)) 6/25/20
3/29/20 01:15 Johnson City TN Light 2-5 minutes Noticed very small, but very distinct red light about 10° below (towards horizon) Arcturus. It made erratic movements before suddenly d 6/25/20
3/28/20 22:00 Billings MT Light 45 minutes I was looking to the north sky, and that's when I saw a satellite moving. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/28/20 21:50 Gassville AR Light 2 minutes He said to look at the stars. I thought he was talking about the moon and the bright star beside it. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/28/20 21:10 Garden Valley ID Light Still goin on First seen a light moving but to fast to be a airplane and to slow to be a shooting star . ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/28/20 20:30 Wagenfeld (Germany)
Light 5 minutes Line of white lights. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/28/20 08:30 Rock Island IL Light 8-8:30pm You can still see him now they're still coming if you look up at the Moon. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/28/20 04:00 Sydney (Australia
Light 2 minutes On the morning of the 28/03/2020 I was sitting across road from my place in Epping NSW when I looked up and spotted what I thought was 9/4/20
3/27/20 21:15 Cook
Light 20 minutes Heading E multiple lights one after another they were going in the same direction. No colored lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 6/25/20
3/27/20 21:00 Billings MT Light 2+ hrs so far Many of us are standing outside and at least 100+ lights have been moving West to East ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/27/20 21:00 Placerville CA Light 20 minutes I saw 40 mini bright lights, one after the other coming from west to east, ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/27/20 20:40 Meredith NH Light 3-6 minutes My friend and I were sitting outside. My friend noticed a light moving across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/27/20 20:30 Sauk Centre MN Light 15 seconds ONE LIGHT BECAME 3 LIGHTS IN TRIANGLE FORMATION AND SHOT ACROSS THE SKY. 6/25/20
3/27/20 20:30 Island Pond VT Light 15 minutes 15-20 mildly bright lights all flying in a line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/27/20 20:30 Pueblo West CO Light 5 minutes A line formation in Pueblo West of single 25 to 30 lights flying at an elevation estimated 80k to 100k' ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 22:30 Lagrange GA Light 5 minutes Hovering lights/crafts swaying through tree line, too low to be plane and too high to be insects. 5/7/20
3/26/20 21:30 Boise ID Light 10-20 minutes Line of lights-all on the same exact flight path, going the same exact speed.. coming from ssw. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 21:30 Burley ID Light 20 minutes Fly lights. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 21:00 Boise ID Light 2 hours I saw 2 lights that looked like stars flying side by side south to north. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 21:00 Orland CA Light 15 minutes Nine white lights cross the sky in succession. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 21:00 Oromocto (Canada) NB Light 10 minutes Unidentified “Social Distancing”?!Just saw a succession of about 20 individual lights, appearing N (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/26/20 20:45 Spencer IA Light 35 minutes 42 lights, equally spaced flying SW to NE. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 20:30 Church Hill NV Light 20 minutes Saw what looks like satilites coming in one at a time going pauper fast. All spaces the same distance apart.. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 20:25 Seaside CA Light 3 minutes Seven lights in a line four witnessed, then two then finally one going NE of the coastline. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 20:20 Sunland CA Light 3-5 minutes String of lights appearing in sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 20:15 San Jose CA Light 20 minutes sequence more than 20 lights moving in formation directly over San Jose, CA lasting about 20 minutes. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 19:20 Sacramento CA Light 10 minutes Line of ligt objects traveling evenly spaced across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 09:00 Redding CA Light 45 minutes Moving Lights over Redding. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/26/20 08:30 Knoxville TN Light 60 seconds Red light traveling at high rate of speed from southern sky heading due north came to dead stop directly overhead hovering for approxim 5/21/20
3/26/20 06:00 North Wales PA Light 5 minutes 14 lighted crafts no blinking navigation lights folling in a straight line completely in a row. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 06:00 Butler PA Light 4 minutes 37 high altitude, high speed points of light moving in a straight line in eastern direction. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 05:55 Elmira NY Light 2 numerous white dots crossing the sky from the west to the east, at least 50. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 05:55 Mt Sterling KY Light 6 minutes A string of aircraft ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 05:55 Easton CT Light 10 minutes At approximately 5:55am EST this morning (3/26/20) I was exiting my house and looked up in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/26/20 05:50 Grove City OH Light 3-5 minutes Multiple Amberish lights. 5/7/20
3/26/20 05:50 Greensburg PA Light 5 minutes I saw about 20-30 light moving across the sky all in 1 line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 22:00 Hanksville UT Light 15 minutes 20 White starlight objects - near Goblin Valley State Park 6/25/20
3/25/20 22:00 Pleasant Garden NC Light 1 hour I noticed a light moving from my window and I started to watch it. I saw the object move in an up and down motion and occasionally side 5/21/20
3/25/20 21:43 Corona CA Light 2 minutes We have been seeing this light for at least 2 months we were not sure if it was a star. 5/21/20
3/25/20 21:24 Santa Claus IN Light
Blue light reported over Lake Noelle. ((MUFON REPORT)) 5/15/20
3/25/20 21:24 Santa Claus IN Light
Blue light moving up and down over Lake Noel. 6/25/20
3/25/20 21:23 Allen TX Light 2 minutes But they were moving fast across the sky at the same speed and spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 21:10 Helper UT Light 26 minutes 26 non blinking lights traveling in straight line from southwest to northeast. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/25/20 21:00 Cheyenne WY Light 25 25 strange lights passed over cheyenne, 7 witnesses. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 21:00 Houlton ME Light 3 hours Bright light in sky every other night; randomly vanishes. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 20:45 Wheatland WY Light More time than I had to s Lights moving across sky, spaced out on same flight plan. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 20:45 Longmont CO Light 2 minutes two lights moving in formation in northern Colorado sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 19:51 Tucson AZ Light 10 Lights going in different direction((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 09:10 Raymond WA Light 20-30 minutes Moving from the southwest sky to the east. More than 40 jets(?) over about half an hour spaced fairly evenly ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/25/20 06:20 Fort Smith AR Light 3 minutes Stream of lights in a straight line moving South to North moving quickly. Too many to count. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/24/20 22:05 Kingston NY Light 1 minute Green/White pulsing orb close to the ground 5/21/20
3/24/20 21:45 Odessa TX Light 15 minutes Okay. I can't believe I'm going to do this. Here goes.

I have been witnessing since 2014. Mostly orbs, &quot;stars&quot;, sparklers
3/24/20 21:30 Safety Harbor/Clearwater FL Light 20 minutes My boyfriend went to take out the trash and said he called me to come outside because he said he saw something in the sky. I wanted to 5/21/20
3/24/20 21:00 Summerland CA Light 30 minutes 36 lights flying in line formation east over the Pacific Ocean towards the mountain range. Varying speeds. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/24/20 21:00 Ferris TX Light 10 minutes My father was standing outside of the garage and noticed four lights traveling the exact same speed. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/24/20 21:00 Waldport OR Light 20 minutes Group witnesses 50 lights in formation. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/24/20 20:48 Kiefer OK Light 2 minutes Eleven sightings four following each other, boomerang shape all within an hours time. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/24/20 05:45 Rancho Mirage CA Light 60 seconds 30-50 brights lights see, moving from southwest to northeast at 05:45 on 03/24/20. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/24/20 05:30 Phoenix AZ Light 3 minutes Moving stars that group together and appear out of nowhere and disappear seconds later. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 21:00 Bedford KY Light 8-10 minutes There where lights coming across the sky in perfect formation at the exact same distance apart. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 21:00 Parksville KY Light 20 A row of white lights flying in a line and then disappearing. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 21:00 Madison IN Light 5 minutes One light moving across the sky. Then another one started behind it a ways. Then a third ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 21:00 Bedford KY Light 8-10 minutes Were seeing crazy lights in night sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 19:00 Beecher IL Light 10 minutes I witnessed a group of objects moving SE on the same flight path, perfectly spaced. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 10:44 West Anahiem CA Light 1 hour Bright orb suspended in sky for 1 hour 36 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/21/20
3/23/20 10:00 Sunriver OR Light 20 seconds Flashing lights in an inconsistent motion and round Venus last night. 5/15/20
3/23/20 05:45 Paradise Valley AZ Light 3 minutes there was a long line in line flying North. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/23/20 05:36 Gilbert AZ Light 15 seconds I noticed what I thought was a constellation in the SE sky and kept staring at it because although it kind of.looked like a dipper it h 5/21/20
3/23/20 05:35 Sun Lakes AZ Light 1-2 minutes A convoy of lights crossing the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/23/20 Keats or iGambier sland BC Light 2 hours plus There was a a very bright light brighter than any I have ever seen at nite and it oscillated kind of Star like((NUFORC Note: Venus?PD) 5/15/20
3/22/20 22:50 West Jordan UT Light ~30 minutes I noticed a large white light in the sky. Brighter than the lights on the radio towers. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/21/20
3/22/20 21:00 Liverpool NY Light 2 minutes Orange light 5/21/20
3/22/20 21:00 Wenatchee WA Light 2.5 hours UFO in Wenatchee, Washington. Multiple videos including myself for evidence. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Venus?? PD)) 5/21/20
3/22/20 20:35 Carmichael CA Light 1 Faint light moving in the sky — a bit too bright and erratic to be a satellite. 5/21/20
3/22/20 06:00 East Cobb/Marietta GA Light 20 minutes March 27, 2020 Thirty + lights over Georgia no sound flying fas5 one behind the other Southward 4/9/20
3/22/20 06:00 Pismo Beach CA Light 5 minutes About 20 solid, bright lights moving at the same altitude, heading and speed. Spaced perfectly apart ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/22/20 02:00 Oxford OH Light 2-4 minutes Gold light moving horizontally across the sky in the Ohio countryside. 5/7/20
3/22/20 00:00 Kenora (Canada) MB Light 10 minutes I saw in my peripheral vision a massive white light bouncing around in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/21/20
3/22/20 00:00 Kenora (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes UFO CAUGHT ON VIDEO (WINNIPEG KENORA AREA) 5/21/20
3/21/20 22:13 Lleida MS Light ~45 minutes Bright light that changed intensity and moved slowly. 6/25/20
3/21/20 22:00 Whitmore lake MI Light 15-20 minutes I thought was a Satellite moving at a really fast speed was followed in a straight line by 10 to 20 others. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 22:00 Pickens SC Light 15 minutes Seen them rising in the north heading east disappearing. One came every 30 seconds or so. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 22:00 Wilmington DE Light 1-2 minutes Three lights in a horizontal line 5/15/20
3/21/20 21:26 Kewaunee WI Light 21:26-21:52 String of unknown objects over lake Michigan/Kewaunee WI ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/21/20 21:00 Safety Harbor FL Light 2 hours Extremely bright white rectangle in the northern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/21/20
3/21/20 21:00 Boulder CO Light 15 minutes Caught a strobe of bright orange light from a dim light then noticed 4-5 other dim lights moving left to right. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 21:00 Astoria NY Light 5 minutes We thought its the moon behind clouds that is blue but it started changing colours purple, green, red , yellow and then bueagain. It wa 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:50 Roy UT Light 15 minutes Star-like lights all moving in a straight line, evenly spaced, at the same speed. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:48 Milford ME Light 4-5 seconds My wife and I observed a light in the sky traveling in an easterly was clear as I thought it was a star but it was moving 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:22 Idaho City ID Light 10 8 lights emerging from atmosphere traveling same speed and distance in a straight path over Idaho City. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/21/20 20:15 Fort Collins CO Light 30 at approximately 20:00 on 3/21/20 4-7 airborne objects traveling iSW. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:10 Baraboo WI Light 30 minutes There was a long string of evenly spaced lights 35 total fling higher than airliners. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 20:10 Murfreesboro TN Light 15 minutes Observed 30+ lights traveling NW to SW at high rate of speed, not like airplanes,spaced perfectly apart, ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/21/20 20:00 Battleground WA Light 1:30-2 minutes Appeared from west. Bright light floating with no sound. Headed east. I can see it hoavering wavering left to right. I watched it for a 5/21/20
3/21/20 20:00 Glen Ellyn IL Light 10 minutes Several star like objects moving fast on the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 19:45 LaVerne CA Light 3 minutes At approximately 7:45 p.m. Saturday evening I saw two very different burnt orange colored lights traveling NE. 5/15/20
3/21/20 19:00 Mahe (Seychelles)
Light 90 minutes From what was observed there was initially 2 lights moving from south to north, then other sighting. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/21/20 09:30 Rockford IL Light 20-30 minutes The lights were coming from the west moving east slightly south. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/21/20 09:00 Louisville KY Light 45 minutes Mutable glowing objects in sky following each other. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/21/20 06:37 Tooele UT Light Morning I watched a total of 32 of them. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/20/20 23:30 Clatskanie OR Light 1-2 minutes Red/white light strange maneuvers 5/15/20
3/20/20 23:20 Mounds View MN Light 3 minutes Three shining dots lingering in the shape of a triangle then disappeared. 5/15/20
3/20/20 23:11 Woodbury MN Light 10 minutes 3 bright lights in formation, then 1 by 1 disappear. 5/15/20
3/20/20 22:15 Omaha NE Light 15 minutes 10-15 even spaced light balls moving east to west. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/20/20 20:40 Bemidji MN Light 2 minutes Zig-zagging light moving at alternating velocities. 5/15/20
3/20/20 20:40 Hull MA Light 10 minutes Multiple UFO’s shooting up into the sky one after another. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/20/20 20:20 Alexandria MN Light 30 minutes Multiple lights seen moving together in a line west to east. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/20/20 20:10 Sturgis SD Light 15 minutes 50 UFOs flew in a straight line, perfectly spaced apart. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/20/20 20:00 Rose Hill NC Light 0:00 Bright light that's been in the same area of the sky when there is no cloud overcast. We first spotted it on the 20MR20. ((Venus??)) 5/7/20
3/19/20 22:11 Alta Loma CA Light 10 minutes Blue light stationary then moves out of sight to NE 5/15/20
3/19/20 21:00 Cove OR Light 10 minutes 25 or more star or satellite shaped lights joining in a straight line moving from NW to SE. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/19/20 20:00 Laveen AZ Light 20-30 minutes Bright white (hot) light appeared in the sky, hovers, falls and drifts. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 5/21/20
3/19/20 12:00 Salt Lake City UT Light 60 minutes A large white light with colors coming off the top hovered over downtown sector about an hour, was then joined by another light which h 5/15/20
3/18/20 21:00 Timmins (Canada) ON Light 20 minutes Many lights passing over head same direction. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/18/20 12:30 Martinsville IN Light 15 minutes Lights in the sky not a drone or plane...or weather balloon! 5/15/20
3/18/20 09:15 Pioneer OH Light UFO sighting My and my gf seen hundreds of white orbs in the north west sky of ohio 6/25/20
3/18/20 05:30 Richland WA Light 10 minutes Lights in formation traveling rapidly across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
3/18/20 00:00 Bangor MI Light Hours Single very bright pulsing light, like a very low star, hovering above tree lines appearing to be several miles S/SE. ((Venus??)) 4/9/20
3/17/20 23:45 Oshawa (Canada) ON Light 10 seconds Light flies really fast then makes an extremely sharp turn and fades into distance 5/15/20
3/17/20 21:30 Joanna SC Light 4 hours Bright object western SC for over 4 hours. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus?? PD)) 4/9/20
3/17/20 21:30 Oceanside CA Light 30 minutes Bright star like light. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/15/20
3/17/20 21:28 Norway ME Light 15 minutes Clear sky night, noticed a bright light much more visible than stars, slightly above 2000'. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/15/20
3/17/20 20:40 Lynden WA Light 15 minutes While sitting in hot tub we observed 35 lights moving from W to SE. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/17/20 20:30 Snohomish WA Light 15 minutes At least 45 single lights on the same flight path over WA state. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/17/20 19:00 Baysville (Canada) ON Light Still happening I noticed a fast moving light going across the sky then counted 25 more behind it. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/17/20 16:30 Madison OH Light 1/60 minute I’ve always believed in aliens for sure but maybe it’s cause I’ve been watching A LOT of ancient aliens but anyways, I was driving home 5/15/20
3/16/20 20:00 Spring Hill FL Light 15 seconds Myself and a buddy were outside admiring the brightness of Venus when a white light came From the South side. The light was as bright a 4/9/20
3/16/20 19:35 Milton Keynes (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes Trail of lights over Milton Keynes. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/16/20 19:30 Vernon (Canada) BC Light 18 minutes I looked up in the sky around 730pm and noticed a fast light heading east. I saw another heading the same direction 2 seconds after, my 4/9/20
3/16/20 09:05 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 5 minutes Flash of light, steady stream of bright lights over Victoria . There were 60-70 crafts. Bright White line .((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/16/20 00:02 Glassboro NJ Light 7 minutes 3 lights moving in sky over Route 322 4/9/20
3/15/20 23:30 Toquerville UT Light 15 minutes I noticed am object appearing on the horizon due southeast of our home. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 4/9/20
3/15/20 23:20 Colemore (Village of), Hampshire (UK/England)
Light 1-2 minutes long line of very mysterious looking lights seen on the ground in isolated farmland/countryside in rural location late at night 5/15/20
3/15/20 22:20 Brunswick/Knoxville MD Light 15 minutes White light over Potomac river. ((Venus??)) 5/7/20
3/15/20 21:00 Port Townsend WA Light 10 minutes Long line of lights all equal distance apart. Travelled in easterly direction. White lights, no blinking, no sound. A jet appeare 4/9/20
3/15/20 21:00 Greene ME Light 30 minutes A series of lights appeared hovering in close proximity to the north star. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/15/20 21:00 Bath MI Light 20 minutes sting of lights equal distance going west to east. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/15/20 20:20 Cedar lake IN Light 10 minutes I was throwing garbage away. I always look up at the sky when I seen multiple lights fallowing each other. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/15/20 19:00 Florence MT Light 40 minutes It had followed us for 40 mins. We were on a drive from missoula mt to florence mt. It was slightly dark our so it looked like a light. 5/15/20
3/15/20 19:00 Florence MT Light 40 minutes It had followed us for 40 mins. ((Venus??)) 5/7/20
3/14/20 23:40 Great Falls MT Light 10 Mysterious light in the sky looked like something was shot off or fired off still on going even after 11 mintues 3 lights fast moving m 5/15/20
3/14/20 22:00 Medilia MN Light 10 minutes White lights moving fast over medilia minnesota ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/14/20 21:50 Minneapolis MN Light 5 minutes Saw what looked like a star moving slowly across the sky for about 10 sec. Maybe it was a satellite? ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/14/20 20:00 Lakewood CO Light ~1 hour Series of lights (not a group, but travalling the same path) moving W to E. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/14/20 02:00 Bayville NJ Light 4 hours Elongated light with aurora beams going downwards to bay an jutting side to side very quickly. 5/15/20
3/13/20 21:00 Grass Lake MI Light 20 minutes 8-01 objects with red and white lights on crafts zig zagging and hovering with no sound. 5/15/20
3/13/20 19:00 Coxsackie NY Light 3 minutes Went outside on the porch to smoke a cigarette looked up into the sky. And there I saw a white flash. Too big for a shooting star. Disa 5/7/20
3/12/20 22:40 Bakersfield CA Light 10 minutes Strange twinkling lights very low on the horizon. 5/15/20
3/12/20 21:00 Gold Hill OR Light 10 minutes I was sitting out back looking at the sky, which is something I do regularly. I love looking at the night sky and I'm pretty good at sp 5/7/20
3/12/20 21:00 Council Grove KS Light 10 seconds Flashing red and green lights hovering in the sky 5/1/20
3/12/20 21:00 Columbia MO Light 3 seconds White light briefly seen around Orion's belt 5/1/20
3/12/20 20:08 Rockaway Beach OR Light 30 seconds fast but steady moving light across the horizon perpendicular not up or down 5/15/20
3/12/20 09:00 Cottonwood Heights UT Light 20 minutes + Multiple unidentified objects in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
3/12/20 06:00 Lebanon OH Light 1 hour Two objects that were green, then red, then green hovering and moving at high rate of speed at times for over an hour. 5/7/20
3/12/20 04:45 Bexhill-On-Sea (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes Loads of stars going across the night sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/11/20 23:00 Boise ID Light 2-3 minutes A light dancing with the stars going One Direction stopping literally turned the other direction stop turn the other direction all on a 5/1/20
3/11/20 22:00 Lady Lake FL Light 5 seconds Ball of light flying vertical and disappeared 5/1/20
3/11/20 22:00 Las Vegas NV Light 3 days Unidentified light object over las vegas. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 5/21/20
3/9/20 19:15 Martinsville NJ Light Still happening Bright light above the SW horizon like a star but too low to be a star. Hovering but occasionally moving in an erratic way from 4/9/20
3/9/20 06:40 Issaquah WA Light 2.5 minutes Slow moving white light going building 5/21/20
3/9/20 01:35 North Augusta SC Light 8-10 minutes Far-off light zigzags rapidly over the treeline, multiplies into up to six lights 5/1/20
3/9/20 01:30 Wilmington NC Light 20 Sighted one bright low-flying light slowly glide up and abruptly stop. originally guessed it might have been a helicopter or osprey out 5/1/20
3/8/20 21:00 Niles OH Light 5 minutes Saw 4 lights looked like dim stars. All in a line spaced evenly apart too high to be an a/c. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/8/20 19:00 Parrottsville TN Light 5 minutes My son came and got me said wow look at this we went out and it look like a planer something wrecking. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 21:30 Sanbornton NH Light 5 minutes Flickering light hovering over tree line 5/1/20
3/7/20 20:45 St. Johns MI Light 3-5 minutes 6 lights in the sky, 5 white and the 6th pulsed red and white, St. Johns, MI 5/1/20
3/7/20 20:30 Fargo ND Light 15 minutes Multiple lights flying across the night sky. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 20:00 Sauk Rapids MN Light 10 minutes I saw about 30 satellites moving in single file, straight line trajectory, constant speed, spaced evenly. ((Spacelink satellites)). 5/1/20
3/7/20 20:00 St. Cloud MN Light 2 hours Moving lights in Minnesota sky disappearing into what appeared to be a trail of smoke. 4/9/20
3/7/20 19:45 Cheboygan MI Light 3 minutes Lights on parade. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:40 Poynette WI Light 10 minutes Multiple lights traveling in a straight line. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:35 Butler PA Light 2 minutes Its a clear night i seen 9 lights moving in a straight line same distance apart and same speed. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:30 Fremont OH Light 4 minutes 10 very high white lights in a single file formation 8 to 10 degrees apart. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:30 La Grange KY Light 5 minutes Numerous balls of white, and some red lights slowly moving in and around other and other stationary lights. 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:30 Columbus OH Light 10 minutes 40-50 solid lights going from West to east at equal intervals for about 10 min from when I noticed them. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:30 Powell OH Light 5 minutes A line of at least 7 points of light moving from southwest to northeast over Ohio 1930 hrs 3-7-2020 ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 19:00 Clinton Township MI Light 2 minutes AN EVENING THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 18:30 Davisville WV Light 10 minutes Same as above. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/7/20 01:00 Port Charlotte OH Light 1 minute My husband and I were passengers in a car returning home from late night flight. He points out strange light in sky to east of I-75 (i 8/27/20
3/6/20 21:15 Lincoln Park MI Light >3 hours Unusual rotating lights in the night sky. 5/1/20
3/6/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 2 minutes White balls of light Springfield Illinois 5/7/20
3/6/20 20:30 Fennville MI Light ~20 minutes Witnessed a string of lights moving west to east. They were spaced evenly. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 20:20 Hoback WY Light 10 minutes String of moving sequential lights at high altitude in rural Wyoming. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 20:15 Omaha NE Light 10 minutes I was out in my backyard to pickup chairs that had blown down durin ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 20:07 Orem UT Light 10 minutes Observed about 20-25 objects that were appearing from the West and heading East and then disappearing ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 20:00 Colfax WI Light 15-20 minutes 22 or more plane-like lights flying NE in a straight line, my dogs were acting strange during it. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:45 Madison WI Light 5 minutes Exact distance between "lights," their speed from each other. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:43 Olathe KS Light 2 minutes Multiple lights zoom across the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:40 Junction City KS Light >5 minutes We noticed what we thought was a satellite. Then another one appeared. Then another. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:35 Manchester OK Light 15 minutes Approx. 735 pm, we witnessed a perfect line traveling from south west to northeast direction. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:30 Cedar Rapids IA Light 5 minutes Small lights appeared in the western sky and started moving NE about the same size and brightness ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:30 Maryville MO Light 7 minutes Lights Flying high in sky going east northeast, at least 2 times faster than other planes in sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:30 Madison WI Light 3 minutes Lights moving in a straight line at constant speed, remaining evenly spaced. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:28 Muskego WI Light 1 minute Fast traveling light, clearly not a plane, speeding across the sky and then disappeared or flew too distant to see. 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:15 Menomonee Falls WI Light 20+ minutes Looking West at Venus seeing multiple lights over 25 of them moving almost evenly spaced going due East. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:10 Sun Valley NV Light 3 minutes Lights started to appear one after the other traveling North East all spaced equally. 14 in total. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:00 Edgerton WI Light 4 minutes Unknown string of lights in the sky . ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 15:00 Grass Valley CA Light 30 minutes Amazing straight line of 30+ lights traveling through the sky at a high rate of speed spaced equally. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 14:39 Fort collins CO Light 2 minutes Parade or line of star like objects in formation..((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 07:45 Rockford IL Light ~20 minutes They were in the Northwest sky traveling from West south west to north by North East in single file. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 07:45 Mequon WI Light 15 minutes String of lights one after another evenly spaced out. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 07:38 Savanna IL Light 45 Light in the sky hundreds of them ho into what seemed to be a black hole in the sky. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 05:15 Kansas City MO Light 15 minutes 5-6 Satellite LOOKING objects flying in trail formation maintaining constant speed, heading and distance. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/6/20 04:36 Hermon ME Light 8 minutes Why so many? There is some mate or volume here! It was not one observation platform! ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 21:09 Salt Lake City UT Light 10 minutes 5 large balls of light in a diagonal line, not moving in the sky, disappeared one by one. 5/1/20
3/5/20 21:00 Rayland OH Light 20 minutes Saw a bright object and 26 other ones coming out of the bright light. All in a perfect line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:30 Basalt CO Light 20 minutes Saw a straight line of lights at the top of the atmosphere. All the lights were going in a straight line. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 3 A very bright yellow light keeps appearing in the same location in Toronto's sky, stays still and disappears 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:30 Nicholasville KY Light 10 minutes 3 adults watched multiple star-intensity lights move south to north in western sky a couple of degrees below Venus. No sound, moved in 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:30 Bryan OH Light 10 minutes String of 32 satellite-like lights that lasted 10 minutes. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:25 Independence KY Light ~5 minutes We saw 15 to 20 lights flying in a perfect line. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:20 Weston WV Light 15 minutes Saw 3 lights aligned in sky.. they took turns blinking very brightly...after 15 to 20 minutes they just disappeared...saw something fam 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:15 Selma IN Light 45 mins and still happeni Long line of lights and disappeared. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:15 Vienna OH Light 10 minutes 24 lights flying one after the other in a pretty consecutive time frame. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:15 Gunnison CO Light 9 minutes Multiple large ufos sighted moving from the southwestern heading northeast.. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:15 McKeesport PA Light 10 minutes 5 star-like objects in formation evenly spaced moving in a straight line. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:14 Canonsburg PA Light 60 seconds multiple craft following each other and disappearing on a clear night. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:13 Grayson KY Light 15 minutes In Grayson Kentucky I just seen about 27 ufos they were all flying in a strait line. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:13 Greenfield IN Light 5 minutes Multiple moving objects, each appearing as a single light, evenly spaced in a straight line.. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:10 Jackson OH Light 15 minutes ~1.75 hours after sunset approx. 20 lights flew in straight line SW to NE fading out at certain point. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:10 Paris KY Light 3 minutes 15 to 20 white lights in line from South East to North West equally spaced apart moving fast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:10 Columbus OH Light 30 seconds 8 lights evenly spaced moving in a straight line and each consecutively disappeared overhead. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:00 Tooele UT Light 5 minutes Approx 30 star looking objects, evenly spaced, in a straight line. Heading north east. ((Starlink satellites?)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:00 North Las Vegas NV Light 10 minutes Numerous North bound lights. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:00 Las Vegas NV Light 5 minutes A string of lights moving east.No flashing lights in perfect formation single file. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:00 Loveland CO Light 30 minutes Multiple small white lights swooping and changing direction. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:00 Pleasant Grove UT Light 30 minutes Counted 50 perfectly spaced identical looking white Lights, Traveling in a straight line, west to east ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 20:00 Ririe ID Light 15 minutes A line of lights each one following the other perfectly spaced apart. ((Starlink satellites?)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 20:00 Massillon OH Light 40 minutes Too high and too fast to be from here. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:55 Parkersburg WV Light 1.5-2 minutes 8 Extremely bright lights move across the horizon in unison in a matter of 2 minutes or less. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:45 Loveland CO Light 2-3 minutes 7-8 white circular shapes moving in uniform, at same speed across the sky for 2-3 min before disappearing. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:45 Vernal UT Light 10 minutes I had seen was just another satellite passing, but as I kept watching another trailed right behind it. ((Starlink satellites?)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:30 Loveland CO Light 18 minutes String of lights equidistant in western sky that followed each other. ((Starlink satellites?)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 19:00 Boulder CO Light 5 minutes Lights move across the sky and then disappear, one by one. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 19:00 Lecoma MO Light 20 minutes 100 + objects moving in a straight line from south to north evenly spaced apart. (("Spacelink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 18:45 Pickering (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes Bright light travelling over Pickering Ontario, stopped for a minute and the disappeared 4/9/20
3/5/20 08:00 Cincinnati OH Light 20 minutes or more Regularly spaced lights lasting at least 20 minutes. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/5/20 07:45 Wheat Ridge CO Light 25 minutes Multiple craft evenly spaced perfectly in line formation. Appeared to be coming from a portal in the W. ((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/5/20 04:45 Pasco WA Light 25 minutes Straight line of lights about 1/4 mile apart each. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 21:00 Cape May NJ Light 1 hour Red dancing light. Then multiple flashing lights. Extremely silent. Three military helicopters on scene. Air tasted like perfume. 6/25/20
3/4/20 20:30 Pittsburgh PA Light 4 minutes seen objects in sky above pittsburgh on March 4th about 8:30 at night ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/4/20 20:00 Pittsburg CA Light 4 minutes I kept seein a light come from behind the cloud and then I seen another and then another. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 20:00 Fairview Heights IL Light 30 minutes Husband rushed into the house and made me go outside where six "stars" were playing in the sky. 4/9/20
3/4/20 20:00 Fallon NV Light 5 minutes There were about 10 UFOs that were in a line. They were only about 3 visible at a time. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 20:00 Fresno CA Light 5 minutes About 20-30 lights in total appeared in the night sky, traveling in the same trajectory. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 19:54 Vacaville CA Light 13 minutes Lights very high in the atmosphere passed over 1 at a time spaced evenly and in a straight line. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 19:40 Galt CA Light 10 minutes Formations of 25-30 lights that followed closely, clearly see them climbing in elevation . (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 19:30 Singers Glen VA Light 3 minutes Five white lights evenly spaced in single file. Moving from SW to North above Little North Mountain. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/4/20 19:30 Clearwater FL Light 20 minutes large white light west of Clearwater, FL. 4/9/20
3/4/20 08:00 Atascadero CA Light 20 minutes 1 object fly through 2 other objects and then it stopped after that 20 objects in the same pattern. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anon)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 07:40 Oakland CA Light 20 minutes Lights in the night sky leaving in a straight line. ((Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 07:20 Canby/Wilsonville OR Light 4 seconds Saw one very bright, glowing ball of light traveling west to east at approximately 1000 ft. altitude near Canby. 4/9/20
3/4/20 06:22 Bonney Lake WA Light 2 minutes 10-14 lights moving ESE in a straight line, evenly space. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 05:20 Cedar Rapids IA Light 15-20 minutes Substantial amount of 'satellites'. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 05:15 Ames IA Light 3 minutes 11 lights in a row traveling 3-4 times as fast as aircraft without any sound. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/4/20 05:10 Brooklyn Center
Light 40 minutes Went out in the morning and looked up in into north east sky and saw a string of multiple lights. Heading NE ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/4/20 04:45 Rochester NH Light 10 minutes organized and controled group of oribtal objects, extream altiude no lights they just looked like stars..(("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/3/20 22:28 Daly City CA Light 5 seconds I stepped outside, & saw a light move faster than any satellite I've ever seen move east to west under the moon and disappear. 4/9/20
3/3/20 21:00 Stillwater MN Light 20 minutes Hot air balloon-esque lights moving slowly 4/9/20
3/3/20 06:00 Au Train MI Light 5-10 minutes Lights showing up in a row one after another and following in a row. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/3/20 05:00 Deforest WI Light 2-3 minutes One long string of bright lights. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/3/20 05:00 Lincoln NE Light 3 minutes 23 lights in the early morning sky today. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/2/20 21:20 Holland MI Light 2 minutes Massive yellow light hovering above airport, almost like a spotlight. with two smaller lights on either side. Did not look like an a/c. 4/9/20
3/2/20 20:15 Jersey City NJ Light ~30 minutes Bright light surrounded by small lights, all change color and move in an strange manner. 4/9/20
3/2/20 17:30 Olathe KS Light 2 minutes 15-20 individual circular bright white orb shapes of light moving in a uniform line across the sky. ((anonymous)) 4/9/20
3/2/20 05:47 Butler PA Light 2 minutes Viewed 3 white lights in the shape of triangle at a high altitude moving from the SW to NE. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/2/20 05:45 Gasquet CA Light 4 minutes 24 objects seen in early morning sky flying in tandem at high speed. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/2/20 00:00 Saint Francis ME Light >30 minutes Night sky, few stars, it looks nothing like a planet. Colorful lights (blinking on and off), ((NUFORC Note: Sirius or Venus?? PD)) 4/9/20
3/2/20 Durango CO Light 5 minutes Thought I saw falling stars at first but they just kept coming and moving in a straight line to NE(("Starlink" satellites??))((anon)) 4/9/20
3/1/20 20:15 Grand Rapids MN Light 15 minutes A line of lights traveling across the sky from SW-NE. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/1/20 05:37 Pocomoke City MD Light 2 minutes 25 Lights in Night Sky in Formation, with Some in Echelon. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
3/1/20 04:00 Clinton TN Light 6 minutes Lights in sky lined up in formation disappeared in distance. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/29/20 20:54 Clear Spring MD Light 30 minutes You can see in the video. I was trying my best not to move my phone while filming. Object was moving as you see.

It was seen just ab
2/29/20 19:30 Lincoln NH Light 5 seconds Saw a ball of light appear out of nowhere it was floating then zoomed up and disappeared 4/9/20
2/29/20 19:30 Baltimore MD Light <30 seconds Flashes of light over clear night sky 4/9/20
2/29/20 19:00 Sturgeon lake MN Light 2 hours Very crazy need to read whole thing to understand it 4/9/20
2/29/20 05:30 Pomona CA Light 15 minutes Approx 5:30am observed 20-30 bluish white lights traveling Southwest to Northeast . (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/28/20 19:30 Bradenton FL Light Ongoing Flashing lights changing pulse sequence, no sound 4/9/20
2/28/20 06:05 Atlanta GA Light 5 minutes About 40 very high altitude lights flew across the sky in a line evenly spaced out. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/28/20 05:45 Schertz TX Light 15 minutes 10 to 15 lights move across the early morning sky. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/28/20 05:34 Waddell AZ Light ~2 minutes Equidistant lights traveling in unison across the sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/28/20 05:00 Breese IL Light 10 minutes or less Pulsating line of lights. (("Starlink satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 20:13 Rio Rancho NM Light 1 second Fast lights spotted 4/9/20
2/27/20 18:30 North Charleston SC Light 1 minute I saw lights bright as stars in the sky in a horizontal formation. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 05:44 Hoopa CA Light 12 minutes This morning about 5am there were 60-100 ufo objects in a single file line same distant apart (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 05:30 Porterville CA Light 10 minutes Formation of flying objects coming from northwest heading southeast. At least 30 counted. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 05:30 Carlisle PA Light 5 minutes 20 lighted craft in a row. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/27/20 05:25 Midland NC Light 15 minutes over 35 &quot;normal&quot; satellite like lights traveling from N to SE, were in a perfect straight line, evenly spaced 4/9/20
2/27/20 05:00 Carson CA Light 5 seconds It was a blue light with unfamiliar movement going straight then disappearing in thin air it wasn't a falling star because it was trave 4/9/20
2/26/20 21:00 Springfield IL Light 10 minutes I seen several moving lights above the clouds . They're moving in a circles and across each other but no clear image of craft! Its a cl 4/9/20
2/26/20 20:00 Stockton MO Light 20 minutes Our dog started barking as he looked out the back window, thinking it was an animal, we immediately noticed a large light right above. 4/9/20
2/26/20 06:10 Grand Junction CO Light 90 seconds Triangle formation of three steady lights moving East by South East/ (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/26/20 05:05 Kelseyville CA Light 5 minutes Not necessarily UFO's just never seen before! 8 objects perfectly spaced. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/26/20 04:40 Sparks NV Light 30 minutes Total of 22 white lights flying over Sparks NV sky around 4:40am. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/25/20 22:50 Saco ME Light 1 minute Out of the corner of my eye a bright light appeared very white very bright almost floating in the air I Jane seen this before often in 4/9/20
2/25/20 21:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Light 15 minutes Bright light. 4/9/20
2/25/20 17:30 Nampa ID Light 5 minutes straight line formation of lights traveling. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/25/20 05:50 East Haddam CT Light 3-4 minutes 25+ lights in single file line from horizon to horizon. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/7/20
2/25/20 05:43 Prior Lake MN Light 5 minutes Stationary, bright light that blinked 3 times and faded out 5/7/20
2/25/20 02:10 Clearfield PA Light 5 minutes Bright flying light with brightness changes and strange flying pattern. 7/31/20
2/24/20 21:14 Hanford CA Light 15 minutes Three lights lined up letting off other star like lights 5/21/20
2/24/20 21:00 North Battleford (Canada) SK Light 5 minutes At approximately 8:55pm, saw what I thought was a bright star, but it was moving. Called my husband outside and we watched it go at th 4/9/20
2/24/20 21:00 Jenner CA Light 10 minutes Bright moving light in the western sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD)) 4/9/20
2/24/20 05:55 Barrie (Canada) ON Light 8 minutes On February 24/ 2020 at 5:50Am I had just got in my hot tub and was looking at the stars. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/24/20 05:30 Charlestown RI Light 2-3 minutes Light moving at a high rate of speed. 2/25/20
2/24/20 05:21 Edison NJ Light 25 seconds DURING ISS PASS VIEWING SMALL OBJECT APPEARS THEN WINKS OUT 2/25/20
2/24/20 04:50 Aurora MN Light 3-5 minutes 3 white balls of light form triangle and disappear. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/23/20 22:00 Honolulu HI Light :03 I saw an orange light on a vehicle over the residential area of Waikiki beach, Oahu, Hawaii. 2/25/20
2/23/20 21:00 Centralia WA Light 5-15 minutes Big orange light in the night sky. 5/1/20
2/23/20 20:30 Osssipee (?) NH Light 30 minutes Bright white round light hovering, moving up, down, circles, side to side 4/9/20
2/23/20 20:30 Lady lake FL Light 1 hour 10 UFOs spotted individually in one hour, Lady Lake, FL. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/21/20
2/23/20 19:47 Santa Ana CA Light 1 minute Hello, I wasn't sure who to contact about this video I took, but I'm just wanting to know what it is that I saw, hope you can help. 4/9/20
2/23/20 16:00 Lake Worth Beach FL Light 15 minutes 2 lights off coast of lake worth beach over ocean. Turned black and disappeared into the water or horizon. 2/25/20
2/23/20 05:45 San Francisco CA Light 5-8 minutes Long line of multiple white orbs traveling inland from pacific ocean over San Francisco - just before sunrise 4/9/20
2/23/20 01:00 North Kingstown RI Light 5 seconds The object was a big ball of light and above the road. I saw this same object with a friend driving in north smithfield a different par 2/25/20
2/22/20 23:15 Edina MO Light 10-15 seconds Night time under-lit V formation 4/9/20
2/22/20 21:00 San Angelo TX Light 15 minutes Yellow/golden with multiple lights hovering in sky for 20 minutes then just vanished. 2/25/20
2/22/20 20:03 Oklahoma City OK Light 5 minutes 10 lights travel across the sky and disappear in the same place one by one. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/22/20 19:30 La Mesa CA Light 3-5 minutes Blue disappearing ball of light. 2/25/20
2/22/20 18:10 Upper Chichester PA Light 5 minutes Three red blinking lights, forming a triangle. Each light disappeared one at a time . 2/25/20
2/22/20 04:50 Rochester WA Light 15 minutes 25+ lights in a direct line appeared at intervals and traveled north east. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/22/20 03:14 Shakopee MN Light 5 seconds I was driving and the road I was driving down didn't have much light, there was no one on the road behind me or coming towards me. I lo 2/25/20
2/22/20 01:47 Chazy Lake NY Light ~2 minutes starting Bright white light stationary over the lake in the middle of the night 2/25/20
2/22/20 01:45 Edgartown MA Light it kept going 3 fast moving erratic lights over Edgartown, MA 2/25/20
2/21/20 22:30 San Diego (Palomar Mountains) CA Light 4 minutes a strike of light then a bright white light that moved crazy fast and would somtimes flash 2/25/20
2/21/20 05:00 Maple Valley WA Light 5-10 minutes Star like lights descending in a pattern in the clear night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/20/20 21:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light ~1 hour Slowly moving bright light Constant no blinking which rules out plane or helicopter Occasionly disappear and come back in same spot Se 2/25/20
2/20/20 06:05 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 11 minutes String of white lights travelling single file uniformly spaced. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/20/20 05:30 Pt. Townsend WA Light 10 minutes String of lights. 2/25/20
2/20/20 05:05 Ignace (Canada) ON Light 10-15 minutes A long line of lights flying in single file heading north. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/20/20 04:45 Spokane
Light 3 minutes four stars lined up facing north east of a brighter star, probably a planet. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/19/20 22:30 Renton WA Light <5 minutes Witness report: Star moving rapidly, erratically 2/25/20
2/19/20 20:00 Boise ID Light 10 minutes 9 craft one after the other looked like a satellite at first. 2/25/20
2/19/20 19:00 Jacksonville OR Light 10 minutes Multiple satellite looking objects with up to 5 in a row evenly spaced. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/19/20 19:00 Rossland (Canada) BC Light 4 minutes I noticed what I thought was a sattlelight in the sky to the west of Orion but it disappeared. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/19/20 06:00 Chehalis WA Light
A string of lights equally apart moving fast in a line. 2/25/20
2/19/20 05:50 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 4-5 minutes They looked like stars travelling across the sky in formation. travelling west to east. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/19/20 05:45 Gresham OR Light 3 minutes String of 10 or more satellites traveling in a row. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/19/20 05:40 Pasco WA Light 20 minutes Lights looking like satellites going follow the leader style from South West to North East comparably to circling the eartg. We have mi 2/25/20
2/19/20 05:30 Nashville MI Light 3-5 minutes Line of 8-9 lights emulating from a specific location in the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/18/20 23:30 Stockton CA Light 30 seconds Bright mini colored Blobs of light flying across the sky 2/25/20
2/18/20 22:30 Spruce Grove (Canada) AB Light 4 minutes Bright green light that was stationary for a few moments, then started to move quickly back & forth, then when over us it turned red fo 2/25/20
2/18/20 05:25 Eugene OR Light 15 Symetrical line of lights moving southwest to northeast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/18/20 05:15 Oak bluffs MA Light 1 15+ UFOs seen flying slowly East to west in a straight line. 15 were counted . 2/25/20
2/18/20 05:00 Grants Pass OR Light 15 minutes Stream of moving lights in the sky just north of Grants Pass 2/25/20
2/17/20 19:45 Bowling Green TX Light 15 Multiple “Satellites” Following Same Path in Sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/17/20 18:50 Woodbury CT Light 20 minutes Low flying lights sighted performing strange maneuvers across a year time frame (still active) 2/25/20
2/17/20 05:55 Erda UT Light 3-4 minutes 12+ non blinking lights equally spaced, appearing out of the same place, out of nowhere. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/25/20
2/17/20 05:25 Akron OH Light 3 minutes Green UFO making directional changes 2/25/20
2/17/20 05:25 Akron OH Light 3 minutes+ Have never seen anything Move this fast or change directions this rapidly. 6/25/20
2/17/20 05:20 Modesto CA Light >15 seconds 2 stationary bright star-like white lights seen in a pair that then faded simultaneously in about 15 seconds. 2/25/20
2/16/20 22:30 Starkville MS Light 2 seconds Bright dot shot to the middle of the sky, stopped for 2 seconds and Shit away in a completely different direction 2/25/20
2/16/20 19:40 Roseburg OR Light unsure Stationary light, brightest in the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 2/25/20
2/16/20 19:00 Vernon BC Light 20 minutes A group of 9 moving stars heading east that were popping into the sky one after another. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 4/9/20
2/16/20 05:59 Dillsburg PA Light 30 seconds Large bright white light, unblinking, slow movement and flicker. Vanished after a short time. 2/25/20
2/16/20 01:00 St. George UT Light 5 minutes Followed by orange orb while driving. 2/25/20
2/15/20 20:30
NE Light Seconds 4 evenly spaced high speed lights 2/25/20
2/15/20 20:00 Skokie IL Light 7 minutes Unmanned Aerial Systems in night sky above Skokie, IL. 2/25/20
2/15/20 19:50 Rosarito (Baja)(Mexico)
Light 10 minutes Look like small Moon over water 2/25/20
2/15/20 19:30 Fay OK Light 30 minutes Large bright light, with smaller lights flying away from it. 2/25/20
2/15/20 19:00 Grand Terrace CA Light 15 seconds Bright blue orb hovering and shooting out of sight. 2/25/20
2/15/20 17:00 Mesa AZ Light 2 hours A hovercraft that would fade away when approached by other aircraft and reappears after. It has appeared multiple nights in the same sp 2/25/20
2/15/20 05:50 Logan UT Light 10 minutes Star looking lights moving from West to east. Larger, brighter, colorful star sitting in position twinkling.

Went inside for about 5
2/15/20 04:50 Nantou
Light ~1 minute 10 spotlights appeared one after another. Each of them are assembled in series in the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous)) 2/25/20
2/15/20 01:00 Bridgewater NJ Light 4 seconds Large blue light streaming and disappearing in midair very low to the road 2/25/20
2/14/20 21:00 Royse City TX Light 4 minutes There were three side by side ... I thought were stars, I was praying asking what to do ....upset crying outside they weren’t stars. 2/25/20
2/14/20 19:30 Winona TX Light 2.5 hours Bright Light over I20 near Tyler TX 2/25/20
2/14/20 18:00 Ekin IN Light 30 minutes Bright starlike changing colors silent fast moving disc shaped in binoculars 2/25/20
2/14/20 06:34 Fredericksburg VA Light ~3 minutes A white light in the eastern sky. Stationary for a few minutes, moved north. 6/25/20
2/13/20 21:20 Detroit MI Light 1 minute White light over Detroit & Windsor moving significantly faster & different direction than normal heavy early night airport traffic. 2/25/20
2/13/20 21:00 Hagerman ID Light 20 minutes Extremely bright, orange light twinkling above the hills, disappeared after a few minutes 2/25/20
2/13/20 18:50 Killeen TX Light 3 minutes Clear sky, Venus was bright but then I saw two lights in the sky little brighter than 2/25/20
2/12/20 21:00 Orem UT Light 15 minutes Very bright white light, motionless in western Utah night sky, sat still for 15 minutes then vanished in a blink of an eye. 2/13/20
2/12/20 17:55 Mountain Home/Glenns Ferry (between) ID Light 20 My wife and I were driving home from Mountain Home, and we had noticed these two yellowish-golden lights hovering in the southern sky o 2/25/20
2/12/20 05:40 St. Joseph MI Light Instant Bright white/blue light lit up beach miles away 5/15/20
2/11/20 21:30 Auckland (New Zealand)
Light 60 seconds 4 flying lights in a perfect line, equidistant from each other. (("Starlink" satellites??))((anonymous report)) 2/13/20
2/11/20 20:30 Tomah WI Light 5 seconds Just over horizon looking east saw huge yellow star like light then on second later second light appeared horizontal to first then one 2/13/20
2/11/20 06:05 Boise ID Light ~90 seconds A straight line formation of lights traveling northeast 2/13/20
2/10/20 21:24 Calaveras County CA Light 2 seconds Large, round, bright white light rapidly ascended and disappeared in seconds, without decreasing size, into clear night sky. 2/13/20
2/10/20 06:07 Ventura CA Light 4 minutes Saw lights quickly go into cloud, about 3 single file, then behind them several started coming in one by one quickly...we waited for th 2/13/20
2/10/20 05:30 Airway Heights WA Light Ongoin I went downstairs an was looking out the glass door when I saw 3 lights lined up moving the same speed across the sky. The another, and 2/13/20
2/10/20 05:29 Raleigh NC Light 10 minutes Bright white dots moving fast across the sky. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
2/9/20 20:14 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 15 seconds Four silent bright red/pink light cluster moving low SWerly over Lake Havasu City. 2/25/20
2/9/20 19:55 Danville KY Light :10 In the Western sky, witnessed a falling &quot;orbish&quot; &quot;soft white&quot; white light falling to Earth, lasted maybe ten second 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:55 Rockaway Beach
Light 3 minutes A train of lights 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:30 Roseville CA Light ~5 minutes Up to 15 white lights seen flying in a single file like formation over Roseville, Ca. at 5:30 a,m. on 2/09/20 going from north to south 2/13/20
2/9/20 05:30 McKinleyville CA Light ~1minute 20 or thirty lights appearing out of nowhere , evenly space headed east southeast. 2/13/20
2/8/20 00:00 Ocean Gate NJ Light 6:15 am ((NUFORC Note: Witness, who elects to remain totally anonymous, provides no information. PD)) 2/25/20
2/8/20 23:00 Manchester MO Light ~2 minutes There were two objects at first nearly side by side and a third object trailed them. These objects did not have any noise and were mov 2/13/20
2/8/20 22:00 Yucca Valley CA Light unsure Three lights arranged themselves into a triangle up on the sky and one by one they flashed a light; flash, flash, flash. 2/13/20
2/8/20 22:00 Savannah GA Light 1 second I was driving and saw these three bright lights appear as fast as it appeared it was falling rapidly. Then before it would have hit or 2/13/20
2/8/20 21:00 Jerome ID Light 2+hours Light in the night sky that is moving and will dim and brighten. ((NUFORC Note: Venus, or perhaps Sirius?? PD)) 2/13/20
2/8/20 08:30 Huntland TN Light 2 seconds My fiancé and I were driving on Winchester rd. and it was really dark out. This white ball of light flew pass us about as high up as an 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:30 Oklahoma City OK Light 2 minutes String of lights that disappeared one by one 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:14 Overland Park KS Light 10 minutes At 6:13 am , Saturday morning I stepped out on my back porch to have a smoke. I was facing west and the moon was full in the Northwest 2/13/20
2/8/20 06:00 Jerome ID Light 10 minutes looked up at sky seen 3 moving lighted objects then observed several more ran and told coworker they would appear about 15 sec interval 2/13/20
2/8/20 03:45 Reading PA Light 5 minutes Saw 11 evenly spaced lights flying, then make a 90° turn. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/13/20
2/7/20 20:00 Dolores CO Light ~10 minutes Facing Sleeping Ute Mtin. toward ?Venus a stream of around 20 slow and steady moving, evenly spaced objects. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/1/20
2/7/20 19:15 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes Strange light over Gilbert Arizona 2/13/20
2/7/20 06:45 Rimrock AZ Light
Several lights moving in unison. could be one large craft. not planes. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/7/20 05:36 Sand Springs OK Light 2 minutes Observed 5 same sized luminous objects in sky traveling from South to North in a straight line. First object was slightly ahead of the 2/13/20
2/7/20 05:15 Benton KY Light 2-3 minutes Strange light in KY. 2/7/20
2/7/20 01:30 Comstock Park MI Light 2 Around 12 am is when i first noticed outside of my window, I’m on the second story of my house and my window looks out north towards Sp 2/7/20
2/6/20 18:40 Topeka KS Light ~3 minutes Me (a middle school student) and my dad (who drives my library's book mobile) saw an orb shaped object the color of Venus in the sky mo 2/7/20
2/6/20 18:00 Santa Fe NM Light 20 minutes We witnessed just like the appearance in socoro nm we saw 20 lights in a row moving together in a line. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
2/5/20 23:00 Arlington VA Light 15-20 minutes Jet fighters surround DC area in late night search 2/13/20
2/5/20 21:10 Las Vegas NV Light 15 minutes Heard really loud noise and saw 2 lights. Then sound dissapeared and started blinking. They both vanished. 2/7/20
2/5/20 18:05 Honolulu HI Light 45 seconds I looked up at the sky and saw round white lights going over the mountain range in a straight line. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/5/20 06:10 Wailuku HI Light 2 minutes There were 80+ big bright shining lights, all moving fast in the same direction, right before disappearing. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/4/20 23:00 Arlington VA Light 1-2 minutes Fighter planes chase light over Washington, DC, area. 2/13/20
2/3/20 18:30 Key Largo FL Light 40 minutes Blinking orange ball, erratic, 2/7/20
2/3/20 06:00 Anacortes WA Light 10 minutes String of a little over 20 lights all traveling together extremely fast from W to E. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/3/20 06:00 Ellwood city PA Light ~1 hour At first the lights were moving together very fast but stopped over the neighborhood. The several balls of light kept changing shape an 2/7/20
2/2/20 19:10 Centralia WA Light 30 minutes 19:10 Sunday night I saw what looked like a bright planet in the sky. I assessed the brightness of other objects in the sky because 2/7/20
2/2/20 19:00 Mansfield OH Light >30 minutes My wife an I were leaving our home with our two sons when we were about to pull out of our driveway when we noticed a very big bright l 2/7/20
2/2/20 05:04 Strathalbyn (Australia)
Light 4 minutes Just after watching a meteor shower, in the early morning, for what I had gone to get my phone/ camera. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/1/20 23:53 Valhalla NY Light 15 minutes Looking at the nest camera, I've seen recorded a light in the sky that says going north/east and lasted for 15 minutes and then disappe 2/7/20
2/1/20 20:52 Nampa ID Light 1 minute Orange light in the sky over Nampa 2/7/20
2/1/20 20:00 Hillsboro MO Light 20-40 minutes balls of light were moving and moving in a straight line. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/1/20 19:30 Lenexa KS Light 5 minutes or more. Seemingly endless stream of equally spaced lights traveling across the night sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
2/1/20 19:30 Shawnee National Forest IL Light 10 Myself and 2 others were camping in Shawnee Forest at the top of a bluff about 300 ft tall. It was night. My friend said come lool at 2/13/20
2/1/20 19:30 Lone Jack MO Light 8 minutes 50-60 lights at very high altitude moving in perfect succession. 2/7/20
2/1/20 07:00 Southside AL Light 25 minutes Distant unmoving bright light in sky west of our house fading out & brightening again over & over. After about 10 minutes it dropped 2/7/20
2/1/20 00:30 Progrresso (Yucatan)(Mexico)
Light 30 minutes Moving lights over Progresso, Yucatan Mexico. Multiple whitnesses 2/7/20
1/31/20 21:30 Prospect OR Light 30 minute 1.31.2020 Approximately 9:30-10 While driving home fom work, headed east near lost creek lake on hwy 62,  I noticed what I thought was 2/7/20
1/31/20 04:00 Buckhannon WV Light 3 hours Numerous lights moving around in the woods below our homes. At first my neighbor and I thought they were just people in the woods with 1/31/20
1/30/20 22:00 Mesa AZ Light 5 minutes Aircraft with Four white lights with no red/green running lights 2/7/20
1/30/20 18:09 Boscawen NH Light 20 minutes Two bright & silent moving objects in the sky 2/7/20
1/30/20 07:00 Wanaque NY Light
Saw an extremely pulsing large light over the Wanaque reservoir 2/7/20
1/30/20 05:45 Leeds ME Light 30 minutes Two amber lights traveling north 1/31/20
1/30/20 Concord NH Light 3 min Was upstairs in room and looked out window and saw two very bright white lights flying extremely low. At first I thought it was plane; 2/25/20
1/29/20 23:05 Tacoma/Graham WA Light 6 I was driving down a back road out here and all the sudden on my left driver side I saw up in the sky a BRIGHT light MOVING very FAST a 1/31/20
1/29/20 19:45 Brady TX Light Lights disappear Driving north on US 87 just outside Brady, Texas to yellow circle lights fade and disappear. 1/31/20
1/29/20 01:00 Warren ME Light 40 minutes Flashing green orb 1/31/20
1/28/20 20:10 Palm Harbor FL Light ongoing Bright light that shined out rays of light in all different directions and patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 1/31/20
1/28/20 19:30 Longs SC Light 5 minutes I was walking my dog and saw 3 red blinking lights almost vertical but not straight. This was northeast/north. I thought this was odd a 1/31/20
1/28/20 19:00 Okotoks (Canada) AB Light 45 seconds Five lights equally separated and travelling in a line quite fast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:35 Natchitoches LA Light 5 minutes Orange/white light in the sky. 1/31/20
1/28/20 18:34 Shoreline WA Light 20 minutes 12-13 lights witnessed, traveling perpendicular to clouds and stars, some in loose formation with no Civilian Airliner Nav strobes. 1/31/20
1/26/20 20:21 Olympia WA Light 15 minutes Orange orbs with accompanying rumbling noise. ((anonymous report)) 1/31/20
1/24/20 00:00 Tampa FL Light 10 minutes I was outside my house with my Boyfriend and I saw a red light in the sky in the same spot for about 10 minutes. 8/20/20
1/23/20 21:43 Las Vegas NV Light 1 minute Single flashing light flew across sky, light then went out and disappeared. Reappeared a second later and moves upwards then turned lef 2/7/20
1/23/20 18:20 Wilmington DE Light 15 seconds What first appeared as a bright star, turns a dim red and starts jumping location. 2/7/20
1/22/20 20:00 Ripley TN Light 20 minutes Blue-green light in east sky moving in pattern 2/7/20
1/22/20 19:18 Battle Creek MI Light 2 minutes Large Moving Bright Red Light Over Battle Creek 1/31/20
1/21/20 05:05 Canyon Country CA Light 10 seconds Moving slow In sky like 10 sec pass over shadow pine. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/20/20 21:00 Princeton WV Light 1-2 hours A large array of lights resembling the aurora borealis were seen over the sky's of mercer county. 1/31/20
1/20/20 19:00 Tirana (Albania)
Light 5 minutes Many strange lights (roughly 40 of them) following each other in the night sky. (("Starlink" satellites)) 2/7/20
1/20/20 17:57 Lowell IN Light 30 minutes Super bright spherical light hovered in one spot no sound creepy as hell not a drone. 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:30 Ft. Worth TX Light 5 minutes I was walking down my driveway to let my dog go poop. While i was waiting i was looking up at the stars . Ten i see a small orb of ligh 1/31/20
1/20/20 06:30 Ft. Worth TX Light 5 minutes I was looking up at the stars . 1/31/20
1/20/20 04:55 Sydney (Australia)
Light 30-60 seconds A light hi up looking like a star but moving thought maybe was a plane but real hi up.. ((Starlink satellites?) 1/31/20
1/20/20 04:55 Sydney (Australia)
Light 30-60 seconds A light looking like a star but moving thought maybe was a plane but real hi up..then a second one ("Starlink" satellites.)) 1/31/20
1/18/20 19:05 Alamo TX Light 7 minutes     My uncle had seen it moving across the sky tapped my shoulder then asked me if it was a satellite. I witnessed what I can only desc 2/7/20
1/18/20 18:50 Red Lodge MT Light 10 minutes We saw 30 dots of light traveling one after the other from the south west to the north east. Possibly satellites traveling in a line. 1/31/20
1/18/20 17:00 Decaturville TN Light 2 hours I have been seeing the same bright yellow to orange color changing light circular shaped flying object that sometimes doesn't appear. 1/31/20
1/17/20 19:00 Lansdowne (Canada) ON Light 10 minutes A straight line of non-blinking single lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 18:30 Hawkesbury (Canada) ON Light 15 minutes Strange string of lights in the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/17/20 18:30 Xenia OH Light 10 minutes 12 orange lights across the sky no noise at all! (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/17/20 17:48 Kamloops (Canada) BC Light 5 minutes I saw through the windshield of my car,a very bright white light hovering stationary to the North,my right,as I faced West in the empty 4/9/20
1/16/20 19:45 Bandon OR Light 4 minutes I looked in the sky and thought the stars were moving. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:55 Algoma WI Light 45 seconds 6 lights very close to each other moving on the same path at the same speed. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:40 Carson WA Light 15 minutes 40-100 star sized white lights moving in strait line, evenly spaced, moving south to north. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:30 Standish CA Light 25 minutes 50-100 lights traveling across the sky in same path at same speed. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 18:30 Bend OR Light Dont know, light is still Hundred or more mile long light that was white behind the clouds and a wierd big blue light above those lights. (Took pictures) 2/7/20
1/16/20 17:00 Ocean City
Light 1 hour and still counting Very bright stationary still light for over hour and counting. No stars cloudy dark sky. 2/7/20
1/16/20 16:00 North haven CT Light 15 minutes 3 Groups of 4 lights in formation going across sky from newhaven north. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/16/20 00:45 Blue Springs NE Light <1 second I saw a white dot of light (aka dropping orb) as it dove behind a nearby hill. 2/7/20
1/15/20 20:00 Olocau (Spain)
Light unknown Trail of white lights following a straight line at fixed intervals. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 19:50 Brule WI Light 20 seconds 4 Yellow lights that suddenly disappear 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:57 Telluride CO Light 20 minutes A line of lights in linear formation moving across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:50 Livermore CO Light 10 I was out checking for predators around our livestock when I glanced to the south west where I saw solid bright white lights that seeme 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:43 Council Bluffs IA Light 5-9 minutes Multiple tiny lights in the sky traveling in a straight line evenly spaced. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/15/20 18:00 Swansea MA Light 10-15 minutes In 2 weaks I saw 2 coming from north to south east, and today they appear west and travel to south east then disappear,wen I was outsid 2/7/20
1/15/20 07:05 Appeleton WI Light 1 minute Clear starless night 2/7/20
1/15/20 07:05 Appeleton WI Light 1 minute Clear starless night. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 21:10 Nuriootpa (Australia)
Light 5 minutes I witnessed about ten or so star lights travelling in a south easterly direction. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:30 Phoenix AZ Light 1 minute The location of the sighting was a small enclosed backyard. It was dark with mid level cirrus clouds above.(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:20 Canon City CO Light 30 minutes Never ending line of starlike lights-uniformly spaced-moving from southwest sky to the northeast(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:15 Wellston OH Light ~30 seconds Group of unknown lights over Jackson county Ohio 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Los Lunas NM Light 35 minutes 32+ flying objects in chain formation (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Trinidad CO Light 15 minutes Around 20 small dots of light, in a perfect line and evenly spaced, moving over Trinidad CO (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:00 Chandler AZ Light
Seen oval shaped lights as high as the stars. What was startling that the lights were traveling northeast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:45 Albuquerque NM Light 10 minutes Groups of lights slowly moving above Albuquerque. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 18:30 Along HWY 550 Near Chaco Canyon NM Light 15 minutes Several lights disseminating in a line from a larger light. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 06:57 Bristolville OH Light 15 minutes I seen a light like a star but it moved slowly and quietly. Stopped in one spot for 15 or so minutes while a plane with red blinking l 2/7/20
1/13/20 21:21 Danielson CT Light Undefined As I was driving I noticed a beam of blue-green light ascending from the horizon to the sky. I am not sure how far away it was , but I 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:42 Wheat Ridge CO Light 2-3 minutes 01/13/20 1943hrs UFO silent light or blacked out craft being escorted stealth helicopter vehicle the size of a Blackhawk 2/7/20
1/13/20 19:03 Palm Coast FL Light 1 minute Bright flash by Venus,then synchronized “star dance” 2/7/20
1/13/20 17:38 Trenton (abovd) NJ Light 20 minutes Moving flying object filmed from flight from Orlando to Albany 2/7/20
1/13/20 14:00 Jasper FL Light 1 minute 9 bright lights in a chain moving in a uniform line upwards 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Coral Springs FL Light 10 minutes 20-30 lights MOVING quite fast in perfectly straight line from SE to NW. They were spaced fairly evenly (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Orlando FL Light 1 minute 8 evenly spaced white lights moving north in a straight line above Orange County FL .(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00 Trenton FL Light 5 minutes I noticed lights traveling from the south to the Northeast. They were single column. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:46 Naples FL Light 15 minutes Mysterious White Lights Over The Everglades (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:30 Atlantic Ocean
Light 1 minute Groups of star-like objects following same path in sky, (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:20 Rourkela (India)
Light 20 minutes I AM A SKY GAZER AND I LOVE TO SEE STARS. (("Starlink: satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/12/20 18:00 Longview WA Light 25 minutes Bright light in the sky long observation 1/31/20
1/12/20 06:45 M Fort Myers FL Light 30-60 seconds 2-3 straight lines of what looked to be satellites flying SW to NE over N fort Myers. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/11/20 23:18 Independence MO Light 2 minutes 2 lights, 1 craft flying slowly, covered by clouds. 2/13/20
1/11/20 20:00 Alden Williams IA Light 1 hour I was driving home from down town and looked off to the Southwest and seen a exstremley bright lite kinda looked oval in shape but it a 2/7/20
1/11/20 13:53 Los angeles CA Light 1 second Working light 5x the speed of sound. 2/7/20
1/11/20 05:44 Volcan (Republic of Panama)
Light 5 minutes Multiple points of white light in a straight line disappearing one after the other over the horizon .(("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/10/20 21:16 Slippery Rock PA Light 7 seconds North on route 258 from slippery Rock toward North liberty a huge white ball with a short tail fell from the sky. 1/31/20
1/10/20 19:00 Yauco (Puerto Rico)
Light 15 minutes Lights over Puerto Rico after earthquake 2/7/20
1/10/20 05:35 Chennai (India)
Light 10-15 minutes A series of soft white lights were traveling in a pattern on straight line from NW to SE. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/9/20 18:58 Bluegrass IA Light 2 minutes Single white light that I originally assumed it was a star. I watched it for a couple minutes while I was driving south on US 61. I gla 2/7/20
1/9/20 18:30 Fairfield IA Light >30 minutes Upstairs neighbor knocked on our door and led us outside. She said it was tons of drones. (("Starlink" satellites??))a 1/31/20
1/8/20 20:30 St. Francisville IL Light 15 minutes String of white lights moving in a line across the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 20:00 Oceanside CA Light 1 minute Driving down the interstate going Northbound on I-5 and noticed one object in the sky with a red flashing strobe flying abnormally low 2/7/20
1/8/20 19:30 Le Roy NY Light 25 Lasting bright light of 20 minutes starts to move away to the right then slowly dims and fades away 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:30 Santa Monica CA Light ongoing Bright stationary light in Western sky above Santa Monica. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 2/7/20
1/8/20 18:00 Littleville AL Light 40 seconds Two lights floated above the police department for about 30 to 40 seconds. Noticed it after my 7 year old son started crying and pointe 2/7/20
1/8/20 06:10 Leland NC Light 30 seconds Star like object falling at sharp vertical angle to near treeline very rapidly. Before contact with ground it veered sharply to the lef 2/7/20
1/7/20 21:00 Atkins IA Light 4 seconds Green lights over field near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shot off into space 2/7/20
1/7/20 20:30 Lincoln NE Light 15 minutes 20-30 Star-like lights moving in union from NWest to East 2/7/20
1/7/20 19:30 Whiteriver AZ Light 10 seconds Multiple orange lights seen in a row. 2/7/20
1/7/20 19:00 Booneville MS Light 30 minutes There was a light in the sky to the West brighter than the stars. It was moving very oddly. At times, it would do circles, and the ligh 1/31/20
1/7/20 05:52 Live Oak TX Light 30 seconds Bright sting of lights moving at high speed then disappear. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 Crowley LA Light 10 minutes A dozen bright strars appeared in a straight line over Crowley, La. this morning. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:50 San antonio TX Light 1 minute I saw a diagonal line / with several lights. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/6/20 18:53 Decatur TX Light On going There’s a Big Bright Glowing light Deflector Shield protecting the Spacecraft you can see lights of the spacecraft going around , Now a 2/13/20
1/6/20 17:30 Bradford IA Light 3 minutes Object Hovering still with two white lights, one flashing. No noise. 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:00 Akron PA Light 17:00 I saw a light in the sky and I believed it was an alien spacecraft because the light shut off and it disappeared into the sky. 2/7/20
1/6/20 09:30 Eagan MN Light >3 minutes On a sunny morning an oval light moved around in a small area then stood still above the highway. 2/7/20
1/5/20 20:04 North Berwick ME Light 30 minutes Not seemingly an aircraft as it remained stationary. Blinking was steady. 1/31/20
1/5/20 18:30 Cleveland (Canada) QC Light 1 minute The lights were coming from over the southern horizon over Richmond, Quebec. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/5/20 18:15 Kingston NH Light 5 seconds Fast bright white light shoots across the sky. 2/7/20
1/5/20 18:00 Bear DE Light 30 seconds On route 40 going east just past wrangle Hill Rd. Saw what I thought might be 2 planes, however 1 of the white objects grew larger and 2/7/20
1/5/20 02:30 Topeka KS Light Never stopped I've seen UFOs before but this was different! It wasnt the satelites everyone is seeing either! I walked outside to go to the store and 2/7/20
1/4/20 23:00 Arlington WA Light 30 minutes We saw 1-2 lights in the sky up above and traveling the very large mountainess hillside. Before recording I saw a light with a beam. 1/31/20
1/4/20 20:20 Stayton OR Light 1 minute I was driving on the Hwy in between the town's of Jefferson,Oregon and Stayton,Oregon and I just passed through the town of Marion, Ore 2/7/20
1/3/20 23:15 Wilcox (near) AZ Light 20 seconds Bright light travels 90 degrees at high rate of speed 2/7/20
1/3/20 22:30 Stilwell OK Light 2 minutes Saw a bright, white, light in the sky. It was flashing slowly. Just hovering in one spot for about 2 minutes. it disappeared when an ai 2/7/20
1/3/20 21:00 Ada OK Light 5 minutes I took a small bag to our poly cart already at the curb in front of the house for next day pickup. My eye caught a blinking light in th 2/7/20
1/3/20 17:37 Tualatin OR Light 20 minutes I was with my friend as she was driving through Tualatin when we both noticed these 2 hovering lights in the sky below the clouds that 1/31/20
1/3/20 08:45 Odenville GA Light 3 minutes Very strange right light behind clouds that travelled parallel with I-20 for 3 minutes 2/7/20
1/3/20 04:30 Oriental NC Light 10 minutes Odd lights over the Pamlico Sound. 2/7/20
1/3/20 03:00 Douglasville GA Light 2 min Bright light, flying way to low to be a plane or helicopter, bright light, soft humming sound 2/7/20
1/2/20 13:00 Sardinia OH Light 0:00 Strange light occurs often inside brick house in ground level walls have very high energy and attic floors. Video. 2/7/20
1/1/20 19:20 Gilbert AZ Light 6 minutes Four orange-yellow pulsating lights in nightime sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 19:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Light 15 minutes We watched as a row of lights equal distance apart travelled across the sky and disappeared. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/1/20 18:30 Sterling VA Light Ongoing 5 min+ Light / Orb hovering 2/7/20
1/1/20 02:00 Ada Taylor LA Light Nightly 6 hours I see lights nightly begining about 6:30 pm. Lights move slow then stop for 10 mins then slowly move west. I loose sight of it around 7 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:30 Honolulu - Waikiki HI Light 3 minute? Waikiki beach webcam U *S* O - Small seemingly submerged &quot;oval-shaped&quot; bright blue slow moving glow - Local hotels had no inf 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:12 Round Rock TX Light 10 minutes Looking out bedroom window towards the west. We saw 5 red bright lights go up into the sky. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:01 Pflugerville TX Light 2:30 minutes Three Strange Orbs Ascend Over Pflugerville, Texas During New Year's Fireworks. 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:00 Lewiston ME Light On going It left after I came on your site to report it. ((NUFORC Note: Date corrected. Sirius?? PD)) 2/7/20
12/31/19 23:55 Wesley Chapel FL Light 30 minutes 8-9 Disc shaped lights moving south about 1000 feet up with no sound. 2/7/20
12/31/19 22:30 Buck Lake (Canada) AB Light 15 minutes 4 orange orbs traveled above the tree line following the same path, one after another moving toward the lake. 2/7/20
12/31/19 22:20 Florence AZ Light 2 minutes New Year's Eve leaving from a friend's house who lives in a remote area in Florence Arizona notice the green light hovering in the sky 1/31/20
12/31/19 21:35 Los Angeles CA Light 10 seconds I was driving back from Magic Mountain with my daughter and her boyfriend( both was on the phone) Suddenly, out of the blue, this huge 2/7/20
12/30/19 23:00 Dumas MS Light 30 minutes Two people saw a bright star moving in all directions in a small area. 2/7/20
12/30/19 21:50 Chew Stoke, Bristol (UK/England)
Light 1 hour Star like light in sky changing directions and speeds frequently 2/7/20
12/30/19 20:35 Titusville FL Light 5 minutes I was out looking at what I thought was a extremely bright star but then tit moved. It circled a few times, twinkling the whole time, t 2/7/20
12/29/19 22:15 Ft. Worth TX Light 10:30 I walked outside down my drive way .and looked up in the sky. And i see a big blue beam of light. Looks like a spot light but it n 2/7/20
12/29/19 22:15 Lenexa KS Light 15 minutes While driving south on highway 35, I saw a light moving quickly through the clouds from the south east. It stopped abruptly, went quick 2/7/20
12/29/19 19:30 Spruce Grove (Canada) AB Light 5 minutes 12 + lights flying in a straight line then dissapeared at the same spot. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/29/19 18:50 Cochrane (Canada) AB Light 15 minutes Fleet of UFO's pass over Cochrane, Ab. (("Spacelink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/29/19 18:45 Edson (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes Evenly spaced lights in the night sky flying high over head looking like stars.

No sounds kept coming over head from the tree line t
12/29/19 18:30 Mayerthorpe (Canada) AB Light 5-10 minutes A single silent object with red and white flashing lights seen hovering above the treeline. Lasted 5-10 minutes while I was outside, wa 2/7/20
12/28/19 19:00 Townshend VT Light 30 minutes+ Three white lights moving in a non-linear fashion traveled from high to low altitude extremely fast. 2/7/20
12/28/19 19:00 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Light 30 minutes These aircraft or lights where flying straight up into the sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/28/19 18:25 Calgary (Canada) AB Light 2-3 minutes I noticed what appeared to be a satellite traveling/ (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/28/19 18:15 Cremona (Canada) AB Light 10 minutes Unexplained row of 80 or more perfectly spaced lights cross Highway 22/ (("Starlink" satellites)) 2/7/20
12/28/19 18:00 Santa Maria CA Light 5 minutes I was parked behind the movie theater and was looking towards the north east and saw a light like a star but much closer then a star I 2/7/20
12/28/19 18:00 Fall River MA Light 20 minutes Lights were blinking and swirling in circles. First thought it was stars but they started to move across the sky. ((satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/28/19 01:30 Forest Park IL Light 30 minutes My fiance and I have a condo and were out on our 3rd.floor balcony which faces East. We spotted a light that silently hovered and start 2/7/20
12/26/19 22:30 Westland MI Light 30 minutes Hundreds of constant lights traveling at a constant speed. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/26/19 18:10 Alvin TX Light 7 seconds UFO or meteor? 2/7/20
12/26/19 05:00 Centennial/Parker CO Light Seconds I was driving southbound on S. Chambers Rd. nearing Compark Blvd. (at the Centennial/Parker border) when a bright, solid-white light ap 2/7/20
12/25/19 21:25 Boise ID Light 5-10 Blinking red light in sky splits above Boise Foothills, then disappears 2/7/20
12/25/19 20:30 Land o’ Lakes FL Light 30 seconds Red Orb hovered then took off south on Christmas Day 2/7/20
12/25/19 18:40 Victor MT Light 7 minutes These look like satellites or missiles. They were in a line exact spacing, coming from SW. (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/25/19 17:30 Stacyville IA Light 1 minute Multiple Objects moving East in a row one after another. (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/25/19 17:30 Enumclaw WA Light 30 seconds Many lights moving in a line across the night sky. (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/25/19 03:15 Manassas VA Light 10+ minutes 3:15 A.M. Bright Sphere in NW sky between Elnath (Taurus) & Capella zipping around in erratic pattern. High altitude. 2/7/20
12/25/19 01:40 Mandeville LA Light 30 minutes Bright light at 0140 a.m. bobbing in the sky, then darting extreme left, right, then back to neutral - constantly moving. 2/7/20
12/25/19 00:00 Mount Vernon MO Light 2 hours + A light continued to blink in regular 8 -10 second intervals but doesn't seem to really be move across the sky for 2 hours now..

12/24/19 21:39 Carlstadt (above) NJ Light Ongoing Hovering bright light like a strobe light. Hovering. Possible drone. 2/7/20
12/24/19 21:28 Boise
Light 6 minutes Stationary red light hovers 20 degrees above the horizon north of Boise, emitting a second right light to the surface with 2 witnesses. 2/7/20
12/24/19 21:00 Boise ID Light 30 minutes Pulsating red light seen over Boise 2/7/20
12/24/19 19:30 Scottville MI Light 2 minutes 20 to 25 lites rounds starting at same organ heading from West to east in same line.across sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/24/19 19:21 Clark WY Light 5 minutes White solid lights in singe file traveling West to East. (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/24/19 19:15 Rehoboth MA Light 5 seconds A bright light traveling from south east toward north west at a high rate of speed.It was observed for a few seconds. 2/7/20
12/24/19 18:23 Black Hawk SD Light 15 minutes Line of evenly spaced white, star-like lights moving in night sky from west to east and disappearing overhead. 1/31/20
12/24/19 18:15 Billings MT Light 5-8 minutes Moving NW from the W just above the horizon in a single file formation. We witnessed 25 to 30 lights. (("Spacelink" satellites.)) 2/7/20
12/24/19 18:00 Greybull WY Light 30 minutes Bright white lights evenly spaced apart moving SW to NE. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/24/19 09:30 Warwick RI Light
We are not alone!! 2/7/20
12/24/19 02:30 Venice Beach CA Light 1–2 hours Bright orange / pink section in clouds over the Pacific Ocean off Malibu / Santa Monica. Like sunset... 2/7/20
12/23/19 19:23 Warsaw/Clinton (between) MO Light Few seconds I was on my way to my works office to turn in papers while driving I saw what looked like one craft with 3 lights very close together i 2/7/20
12/23/19 18:40 Redding CA Light 20 minutes Towards the wester norther sky started with 3 and the 200+lights traveling fast in a straight lUKne coming from the whiskey town lake a 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:30 Brush Prairie WA Light 6 minutes Numerous close flying objects in night sky over Portland. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/23/19 18:30 Grants Pass OR Light 3 minutes We witnessed evenly spaced line of lights (approx. 50) evenly spaced moving over Grants Pass, Or. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:30 Grants Pass OR Light 3 minutes I witnessed evenly spaced line of lights ( approx. 50) evenly spaced (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:30 Grants Pass OR Light 3 minutes Wife and I witnessed evenly spaced line of lights ( approx. 50) evenly spaced moving over Grants Pass, Or. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:30 Seventh Mountain OR Light 10 minutes Straight string of equally spaced lights traveling N that faded into a milky cloud and then disappeared. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:25 Estacada OR Light 4 minutes Stepped out the back door to let the dog out, the lights were out in the kitchen so it was dark, I lit my cigarette and looked west and 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:25 Prineville OR Light 4 minutes Line of lights moving and then disappearing. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:25 Shelton CT Light 5 minutes Three hovering orange lights that moved at incredible speed. 1/31/20
12/23/19 18:25 Milwaukee WI Light 10 minutes At 6:30 p.m., I and others witnessed 30-40 rising lights in WSW Milwaukee for about 10 minutes. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 10:00 Petersfield (Canada) MB Light 25 seconds I was driving down highway 8 from gimli manitoba to winnipeg in the morning as I noticed what at first I thought was some type of black 1/31/20
12/23/19 10:00 Auburn/Midland area MI Light 20-30 minutes I saw about 8-12 green lights in the sky from my house in Auburn- the lights were dancing around in the sky- all green lights. One 2/7/20