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Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
10/7/22 07:34KristiansandNorwayUnknownIn the morningAliens try to make me disposal to them.10/8/22Yes
10/6/22 16:12BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown5-10 minutes20+ small black objects in sky above, moving in “figure 8” motion cohesively10/8/22
10/4/22 17:08Hong Kong S.A.R.Unknownliterally one frame iphonits not visible in human eyes, have multiple photos/videos at that exact second, but only one captured the plane/UFO10/8/22Yes
9/29/22 21:50ChatsworthCAUSAUnknownUFO10/8/22
9/28/22 21:15wichita fallsTXUSAUnknown1.5 hoursWent out to see Neptune. I saw strange formation of lights in the west. Visible with naked eye. More details with binoculars.10/8/22
9/26/22 23:20SpringTXUSAUnknown5 minutesI saw a low flying V shape craft with 5 lights on the underside fly over me in the backyard. The lights weren't on.10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 21:40WarwickRIUSAUnknown45-60 secondsA string of lights 4 in a line 1 off center moving in a snake like way up and down low in the sky.10/8/22
9/24/22 20:10VernonCTUSAUnknown3Looked like a spotlight but mot attaches to anything.10/8/22
9/24/22 19:46PENN townshipPAUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw brighter than normal light scanning the sky.10/8/22
9/24/22 19:42west milfordNJUSAUnknown30 secondsbright ball of light gliding across sky leaving a glowing trail- sky totally clear ((NUFORC: Space X launch from Cape Canaveral. PD))10/8/22
9/24/22 19:40RusselMAUSAUnknown1 minuteCraft seen emitting light in broad tail traveling silently in opposite direction of light10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 19:40Neptune CityNJUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light with a hazy glow travels north until hazy trail suddenly dispersed10/8/22
9/24/22 19:39MidlothianVAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesIncredibly bright lights pointing backwards of craft direction10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 19:39MercerMEUSAUnknown1 minuteUnidentified aircraft, silent, flying upward with chem trail10/8/22
9/23/22 20:20East BostonMAUSAUnknown5 minsTwo lights traveling in perfect sycronicty then one disappeared... As so as a plane flying about same altitude.(real plane much faster)10/8/22
9/23/22 04:44MilanMIUSAUnknown27 secondsI have a video10/8/22
9/22/22 03:00ShaftsburyVTUSAUnknownat least 10 minuteslarge aircraft blinking red and green lights alternately10/8/22
9/21/22 22:45BirminghamALUSAUnknown7 minTwo very large, very bright round lights, flash on/off10/8/22
9/21/22 20:52VeniceFLUSAUnknown20 secondsObserved unidentified flying object(s)10/8/22
9/21/22 10:20OsceolaIAUSAUnknownAbout a hour.The UFOs flew over my apartment and picked up a car and dropped it.10/8/22
9/20/22 20:00GreenvilleNCUSAUnknown1.5 hoursOrange/White light changing from extremely bright to nothing10/8/22
9/20/22 01:00West BloomfieldNYUSAUnknown20-30 minutesSlipping into bed when I noticed a distant bright which stopped, moved back, wiggled, and faded out10/8/22
9/18/22 02:33EverettWAUSAUnknown8-15 secondsUFO Does “loopty loop” then disappears10/8/22
9/14/22 00:01UrjalaFinlandUnknownMy lifeRape10/8/22
9/12/22 22:32CaliforniaPAUSAUnknownOver 30 minutesThere were 3 in the shape of a triangle and one circling around it like a fly in smooth motions but not like a plane.10/8/22Yes
9/12/22 13:15FlushingNYUSAUnknown5 minutesCraft10/8/22Yes
9/12/22 04:31San DiegoCAUSAUnknown~5-7 minutesNot clusters from starlink satellites nor aircraft but very high and nearby flying and all emitting light. Came close then parted .10/8/22
9/10/22 01:00Saint PetersMOUSAUnknown10 minutes, maybe longerBright light surrounded by light orb moving in zigzags and swirls slowly & quickly. Stopped quickly. Stayed perfectly still at times.10/8/22
9/4/22 22:18NorfolkVAUSAUnknown2-4 minutesJust got home from seeing our grandchildren. We were sitting out front facing our house, which faces us towards the Chesapeake Bay!9/9/22
9/4/22 02:00nr MatlockDerbyshireUnited KingdomUnknown15 minsBehind the house the light was emitting from the clouds like search lights, white and pulsating.9/9/22
9/1/22 02:43HiltonNYUSAUnknownOver 1,5 hours so farThis craft was hovering, weaving and spinning.9/9/22
8/31/22 21:05FredericksburgTXUSAUnknown10 minutesSilent and Slow moving craft at very low altitude with several pulsing white lights and one red light9/9/22Yes
8/30/22 22:34FontanCAUSAUnknownMaybe around 1min and 30Saw a big red laser type of ship in the sky9/9/22
8/30/22 07:45South Tulsa / Lake Bixhoma ParkOKUSAUnknown2 minutesPlaying Baseball at Indian Springs ball park. Noticed a metallic shining object moving from west to east at about 7 or so miles out.9/9/22
8/28/22 21:45MustangOKUSAUnknownBall of light with intense flight pattern9/9/22
8/28/22 20:45CairoKYUSAUnknownApprox 10 minutesSomething hovering/ flying fast and erratic with only 2 lights.9/9/22
8/27/22 02:29South of SudburyONCanadaUnknownApproximately 15 to 20 semultiple firework like explosions in orbit or beyond through binoculars10/8/22Yes
8/26/22 12:30ItaúnaMinas GeraisBrazilUnknown2 miniteswe saw a luminous sphere intelligently and linearly trace the night sky of the small town of Itaúna.10/8/22
8/25/22 21:50ManchesterLancashireUnited KingdomUnknownFew seconds 2 objects appeared very low ,there was a gap between them ,objects moved in zigzag direction9/9/22Yes
8/25/22 21:15STATESVILLENCUSAUnknownApproximately 3 minutesBright orangish to red lights or orbs moving left to right in the sky9/9/22
8/25/22 18:30BelfastAntrimUnited KingdomUnknownThese are on google maps10/8/22Yes
8/25/22 10:30RoyalIAUSAUnknownA secondA HUGE flash of light in the sky. Looked bluish/electric, and then gone! It happened so fast. NOT lightning.9/9/22
8/25/22 01:16AuburnNYUSAUnknownFive to six secondsI saw what appeared to be a large black tear in the sky that moved rapidly enough I had to turn my head to track it over 5-6 seconds9/9/22
8/24/22 20:40WilmingtonOHUSAUnknownA couple minutesAmber looking lights almost triangular or oval. There was at first what I thought was 2 but it after zooming more like 59/9/22Yes
8/24/22 14:22Atlantic CityNJUSAUnknownA few seconds?When I attempted to enlarge the photo of the jet, I noticed the UFO Anomaly above the jet at about 11 o’clock.9/9/22Yes
8/21/22 04:55Arizona CityAZUSAUnknown15 secondsSilent fast large object in the A.M. Arizona sky9/9/22
8/20/22 23:30New HavenCTUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsA large unknown shaped object with bright lights hovering near the highway!9/9/22
8/20/22 23:02LehiUTUSAUnknown30 minsNoticed a very bright star, but it suddenly faded completely dark. Reappeared and began filming. Recorded it fading to black again.9/9/22
8/19/22 22:45NampaIDUSAUnknown20sec-NWsky-7to8k ft. upRibbon of light-several mls wide-several mls long-moving in wave motion, visible/invisible/visible again possibly due to high clouds.9/9/22
8/19/22 09:59AmboyWAUSAUnknownClose to 60 secondsLooked like a lighted train in the sky10/8/22
8/18/22 03:20CAUSAUnknown20 minutesFirst 2 then 5 total UAP well above FL4709/9/22
8/18/22 00:05AshvilleNCUSAUnknown15 secondsLoud electric ringing noise, shaking floor, sputtering engine noise.9/9/22
8/17/22 22:05WaterloovilleUnited KingdomUnknown1-5 minutesA shape making sharp turns and emitting we think EM radiation.9/9/22
8/17/22 20:58Coeur d’alaneIDUSAUnknown5 minutesLooked like two crafts fighting in the air10/8/22
8/15/22 01:57JessupPAUSAUnknown3-4 MinutesBright light appeared out of nowhere then slowly went up out of camera9/9/22
8/14/22 21:21Raquette LakeNYUSAUnknown120 secondsWhile stargazing in the Adirondacks of NY my 14 year old son and I watched for 2 minutes as an uncomfortable amount of lights crossed.9/9/22
8/14/22 05:50willow GrovePAUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsLooked to be 5 brilliant white lights no strobes, looked to be one craft.9/9/22
8/13/22 21:20DoylestownOHUSAUnknownCircling lights9/9/22
8/12/22 21:45WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown>1minSlowly spinning and moving teal illuminated craft10/8/22Yes
8/11/22 22:00Union SpringsNYUSAUnknown20 minutesHovering bright light thought to possibly be Venus near the horizon intensity grew brighter then it turned north until out of sight.9/9/22
8/11/22 22:00New YorkNYUSAUnknown10-15 minsLarge hovering lights spotted10/8/22
8/11/22 20:59LeicesterLeicestershireUnited KingdomUnknown20 minsUnexplainable bright object in sky9/9/22Yes
8/10/22 23:15Huntington BeachCAUSAUnknown10 minutesSlow moving and looked like it was floating and on fire. Saw it first at roof height. saw it last at about 1000ft or higher.9/9/22Yes
8/9/22 14:31KristiansandVest-AgderNorwayUnknownAll night.Reptillians, greys, insectoids are attacking me.10/8/22Yes
8/9/22 03:26El PasoTXUSAUnknownSeveral minutesVisit happend in dream. It's not the 1st time. They give me a mission I don't know how to complete. They send me on my way and say I-9/9/22
8/7/22 15:37West SpringfieldMAUSAUnknownApprox. 20 SecondsTraveled west to east, then slightly curved off. No lights and pigmented gray, did match the night sky and was quite.9/9/22
8/7/22 03:30LebanonOHUSAUnknown3 minutesA vertically orientied and tight collection of dozens and dozens of random, blinking lights.9/9/22
8/6/22 17:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknownAbout one (1) minuteI saw approximately 5 aluminum/silver objects flying at high speed from south to north over the Sandia Mountains9/9/22
8/6/22 03:48LanesvilleINUSAUnknown1 secondA large, white object flew across the sky. It had to be low to the ground for the size of the light. At indescribable speed.9/9/22
8/6/22 02:23Michigan CityINUSAUnknownlonger than an hourI honestly can’t explain what i saw, it moved but never out of sight or even very far, i honestly don’t know.9/9/22
8/4/22 20:40Jersey citynullUnknown10 minutes atleastGreen light with uneven trajectory and abnormally high speed9/9/22
8/3/22 12:15Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown3 YearsI have a chip in my neck9/9/22
8/3/22 10:46OxfordCTUSAUnknown10 secondsA creature ran across my driveway9/9/22
7/31/22 20:43gresshamORUSAUnknownless than a minuteA single soft red light that pulsed three times then disappeared9/9/22
7/28/22 21:00MadisonWIUSAUnknown9:00 PM- 12:30 AMWas outside for approx 3.5 hrs and saw an object flashing red/green and later white moving slow,fast,up/down,left to right and visversa9/9/22Yes
7/26/22 22:47Seneca FallsNYUSAUnknownA little over a minuteI saw a very bright, white light moving through the sky and before I knew it, it was gone.9/9/22
7/26/22 01:57EustaceTXUSAUnknownOngoing since atleast 130A bright light. NOT ISS9/9/22
7/23/22 21:40Saint PaulMNUSAUnknown61 minutesLoud, thunderous, rythmic noises for at least 60 minutes, followed by two lightless darkened low-flying helicopters headed toward it.9/9/22
7/21/22 23:36OnawayMIUSAUnknown3 minutes approximatelySaw a bright light traveling east, then it stopped.9/9/22
7/19/22 19:39CedarhurstNYUSAUnknownfast but got a photoSomething flew fast and I took a picture and caught it.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 02:27Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown2-6 minutesMy friend saw something near the moon and I thought she was lying until I actually looked up.9/9/22Yes
7/19/22 00:54EmmettIDUSAUnknown10 secondsGreen light turned red headed up hill9/9/22
7/18/22 23:01Chapel HillNCUSAUnknownAt least 5 minutesSaw hovering solid red and green light, which quickly moved a long distance then back, then hovered again.9/9/22
7/18/22 02:37Bass River TownshipNJUSAUnknown15 minutesI was indoors so did not see a craft this time, just an "entity" that may be related to my other recent sightings of spherical craft.9/9/22
7/17/22 23:20KennesawGAUSAUnknownA couple hoursSaw something standing there it was small and brown and disappeared as I jumped.9/9/22
7/16/22 16:51MatawanNJUSAUnknown30 seconds - minuteAt 4:51 pm I saw 3 black objects moving from south to north9/9/22Yes
7/14/22 20:45JupiterFLUSAUnknownMaybe 5-8 minutesStrange cloud formation and an object flying out from it moving very slow9/9/22
7/14/22 00:14New Smyrna BeachFLUSAUnknownNot sure. At least 20secA glowing object moving around off the coast of New Smyrna beach9/9/22
7/13/22 01:20Chadderton OldhamUnited KingdomUnknown2 cctv vids of 20 secsTwo vids showing swirling bright bird like image and light pulses on lawn9/9/22
7/12/22 20:08SebringOHUSAUnknownOdd object moving throughQuiet revolutionary object unbelievably foreign to the sight.9/9/22
7/11/22 02:23Washington, United KingdomUnited KingdomUnited KingdomUnknownUnknownI checked the flight radar application and there wasn't an aircraft where this object was.9/9/22
7/10/22 04:45Rio grandeNJUSAUnknown45 minutesHovering at about 2500 ft then ascended and disappeared9/9/22
7/9/22 13:00Downers Way, North FalmouthMAUSAUnknown45 secondsPeriod of odd darkness and silence around middle of day10/8/22
7/8/22 22:30ClaringtonONCanadaUnknownHours longNot starlink9/9/22
7/4/22 21:11BRANDONFLUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing orange object (circular light) moving North to South slowly, consistently, and with no sound.9/9/22
7/4/22 21:10Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft was flying through the night sky during a lot of fireworks, changing directions multiple times, going straight up and back down9/9/22
7/4/22 20:53WheatonILUSAUnknown58 secondslit9/9/22
7/4/22 11:00PamonaNJUSAUnknown5 secondsFlew across highway in 5 seconds then went down below trees9/9/22
7/2/22 23:10HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesCraft with static lights moving slow and low across area9/9/22
7/1/22 03:59San AntonioTXUSAUnknown2 hoursVery bright/color-pulsating object has appeared above my home at least 50 times this year. It is rarely in the same spot each time.9/9/22Yes
6/25/22 23:35SummervilleSCUSAUnknown11:35-11:40I was laying in bed looking at my window. And I saw whatever it was in the sky. He was moving incredibly slow started flying backward.9/9/22
6/24/22 19:12ParisONCanadaUnknown1 secondThe whole sky flashed and a craft basically appeared out of nowhere at a speed faster than any jet and then disappeared9/9/22
6/23/22 21:05West SenecaNYUSAUnknown5 minutes?See below9/9/22
6/22/22 23:40Fergus fallsMNUSAUnknown2 hours1st night saw stars forming triangles 2nd night saw big dipper star fighting blue smaller star then we saw mass in sky.9/9/22
6/20/22 04:46Saint PetersburgFLUSAUnknown7 minWalking Dog when I saw this6/22/22
6/19/22 22:00LaGrange/West PointGAUSAUnknown5-10 minutesVery bright, lined-up white lights, and fast-blinking red light, moving slowly southbound along I-85, that disappeared when passed6/22/22
6/19/22 02:20SenecavilleOHUSAUnknown5 minutesWe saw a ring of light in the sky coming from an object far away6/22/22Yes
6/19/22 01:15Near CanistotaSDUSAUnknown5 minutes give or takeSeemed as though you could see headlights coming off of it, but the beam expanded9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 00:28SeffnerFLUSAUnknownA few secondsStar that turned brighter than all the others appear heading North West and a sudden streak that resembled a kind of flame6/22/22
6/18/22 22:30JupiterFLUSAUnknown5 min.The time is approx.Red or orange fire streams darting up down left right very fast and sparatic unlike any aircraft we have can move. Above the ocean.9/9/22
6/18/22 14:25Richmond, kyUnknown5-10secondsBright silver light thought to be aircraft reflection on a clear day for a few seconds instantly disappeared saw no craft or object9/9/22
6/18/22 07:46Virginia beachVAUSAUnknown19 secondsUFO at first colonial drive Virginia Beach6/22/22Yes
6/13/22 09:00Troodos (near)Larnaca DistrictCyprusUnknownContinued sightingHovering object light in colour moving. Other twice as big. Similar but grey in colour. Hovering but not moving6/22/22
6/11/22 18:30SpanawayWAUSAUnknown30 sec (America)two black dots in sky flying symmetrically and flashing blue at beginning of sighting.6/22/22
6/11/22 10:30WylieTXUSAUnknown3 mintuesWas looking up to take images of birds when object caught my eye.6/22/22Yes
6/5/22 21:35San RoqueAndalusiaSpainUnknownMillisecondsSaw in an iPhone live photo6/22/22Yes
6/5/22 21:00PalmdaleCAUSAUnknowna few minutesThe view through a reflector telescope was oddly obscured/blocked while pointed to the open sky in the vicinity of the star Regulus6/22/22
6/5/22 20:20RaleighNCUSAUnknown1-3 secondsShiny contrail-less craft following jet airliner6/22/22Yes
6/4/22 03:38CullmanALUSAUnknownCurrently HappeningUFO was seemingly “bouncing” and “flashing” in mid-air.6/22/22
6/2/22 16:41AustinTXUSAUnknownMy whole lifeOver the last year I have beennoting the effects of what I now consider to be an invasion from a coalition of “advanced” beings, and I6/22/22
6/2/22 03:40RivertonUTUSAUnknownFive secondsLast night, I saw a dim object fly across the sky. It was not lit up and was moving at a fast, steady and constant speed6/22/22
6/1/22 23:20OcillaGAUSAUnknown1 minSkyline6/22/22
6/1/22 01:19DubaiDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesUnknownI am a living human alienI am a living human alien hybrid6/22/22
5/31/22 09:20USAUnknownnot sure, 10-20 minAs passenger on plane, cruising altitude, daylight, saw 3 bright lights,(headlights, oncoming) in triangle pattern, approach plane9/9/22Yes
5/30/22 22:13TucsonAZUSAUnknown21 minutesTwo UFOs during meteor shower6/22/22
5/30/22 20:53Baldwin parkUnknown3-5 secondsWepersonally seen only a bright light coming down from the sky in a cone shape over my backyard and a hum or growl sound. Neighbors too6/22/22
5/29/22 20:04BensonAZUSAUnknownshortCaptured by trail cam. ((NUFORC Note: belive the object is an insect in flight. PD))6/22/22Yes
5/29/22 06:40WoodbourneNYUSAUnknownIt lasted about ten minutI believe I was abducted by aliens in my sleep, and they were using something to clean my body.6/22/22
5/27/22 08:51LouisvilleKYUSAUnknown3 minutesa spinning black top that absorbed light10/8/22Yes
5/26/22 22:04DallasTXUSAUnknownthis light was bouncing around so we knew it couldn't be an airplane so i started taking pictures6/22/22Yes
5/26/22 21:10High PointNCUSAUnknown8-10 seconds entirelyI saw a wing shaped object coasting right overthe trees in my backyard, appears to be a right wing.6/22/22
5/23/22 00:58Wikwemikong First NationONCanadaUnknown2-4 minutesI was going for a smoke in my backyard when I saw three lights in a row, with other coloured lights slightly blinking hovering slowly.6/22/22
5/22/22 00:48San JoseCAUSAUnknown1 sec maxa flash of light going very very very fast which vanished like in invisible mode after emitting/blinking a blue light one time.6/22/22
5/19/22 22:00WebbervilleMIUSAUnknown4 minutesFlickering white and red craft.6/22/22
5/16/22 02:30WestminsterSCUSAUnknownStrange lighted object in the sky6/22/22
5/15/22 23:07Lake CharlesLAUSAUnknownPic from I- PhoneUnexplainable6/22/22Yes
5/15/22 22:49BozemanMTUSAUnknown26 secondsIn driveway after seeing lunar eclipse saw these lights and then they disappeared mere seconds afterwards.6/22/22
5/15/22 21:07Playa del ReyCAUSAUnknownOn camera onlyI’m not sure what it is, I just tried to take a photo of the eclipse with my phone and, while the first was successful, this one wasnt.6/22/22Yes
5/15/22 21:00GloucesterMAUSAUnknownA few minutesA red glowing aerial object with maybe a type of billowing kite a above behind it6/22/22
5/13/22 19:22SpeersPAUSAUnknown3 to 4 minutesI observed a dozen or more bright lights in the storm clouds. The lights were like nothing I have seen before. I showed the video to s6/22/22
5/12/22 07:49McCordsvilleINUSAUnknownFew seconds of sightingA large grey/black object floating in place with non-changing perspective6/22/22Yes
5/12/22 00:38LiverpoolUnited KingdomUnited KingdomUnknown4 secondsBright ++ white light flying in a downwards direction then disappeared after approx 4 seconds.5/31/22
5/12/22 00:01GordonsvilleWVUSAUnknown15 minutesAC reported numerous slow moving lights west to east above flight level 3905/31/22
5/11/22 22:45ComfortTXUSAUnknown1 secondLooking out the window over the hay field a bright light shot across the eastern sky from south to north relatively low on the horizon.5/31/22
5/11/22 19:01Fort GratiotMIUSAUnknownPossible Orb6/22/22Yes
5/9/22 20:35New YorkNYUSAUnknown5 minutes3 airborne objects lit with orange lights seen over Manhattan5/31/22
5/8/22 22:30Fort LauderdaleFLUSAUnknown15 secondsTwo glowing orange lights moved rapidly across the sky keeping a constant distance between them and then climbed rapidly out of sight5/31/22
5/8/22 19:30GatlinburgTNUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge bright orange glowing light that moved across the mountains. The sky appeared completely clouded during this glow5/31/22Yes
5/8/22 17:51menashaWIUSAUnknownwe noticed it in a photo and we cant figure out what it might be5/31/22Yes
5/7/22 20:39Unknown54 SecondsI was watching ISS feed and this object showed up towards ISS and then went out the same way6/22/22
5/6/22 05:46SarasotaFLUSAUnknownHovering in one spot5/31/22Yes
5/2/22 01:00HarvestALUSAUnknownI saw it for approx 5 minDriving on a country rd I looked above the tree line and saw 1 bright red floodlights. I asked my bf he sees it. He said what the heck.5/31/22
5/1/22 14:43WeatogueCTUSAUnknown3 minutes((HOAX??)) Looked to be changing attitude5/31/22
4/28/22 10:07LoyaltonPAUSAUnknown4 mins?Big object gliding lighting up in the sky, caught my eye!5/31/22
4/23/22 17:03BangaloreKarnatakaIndiaUnknownless than 1 secondA small, dark object flew quickly across the sky in daylight.5/31/22Yes
4/21/22 21:30Corona De TucsonAZUSAUnknownAbout 10 minutesSaw greenish blue lights following us from the Pima County Fairgrounds10/8/22
4/21/22 21:26coraopolisPAUSAUnknownI was walking down the street the I looked up and see a UFO, than I was talking loud then UFO slow then it goes4/22/22
4/18/22 19:55New Port Richey, FloridaUnknownNot sureI was looking at ants on my windshield and I saw something entering the atmosphere4/22/22Yes
4/18/22 00:30NewportWAUSAUnknown3 minutesGrey blob hovered over me4/22/22
4/14/22 21:23Casa GrandeAZUSAUnknownJust a few minutesSitting watching the view9/9/22
4/12/22 20:32Elkhorn/OmahaNEUSAUnknown20 secondsat home during storm, was taking video of lightning when object came into view and disappeared behind clouds6/22/22Yes
4/11/22 21:30bonita springsFLUSAUnknown30 secondsflying east to west about 30 seconds maybe 2-4000ft elevation with rectanglar bright lights all accross the rear of the vehicle maybe4/22/22
4/11/22 21:00SchertzTXUSAUnknownIt was up in the sky.At first there were two of them but when I ran to get my phone, one only stayed and that's the one I recorded.4/22/22
4/11/22 11:33JerichoVTUSAUnknownAbout 5-10 minutesSaw something falling from the sky, leaving a smoke trail behind it.4/22/22Yes
4/10/22 20:36FlatrockNCUSAUnknown1-2 minutesLarge, silent object4/22/22Yes
4/7/22 19:05StowOHUSAUnknownUnknown saw in picturesSaw something in one of two pictures I took seconds apart4/22/22Yes
4/2/22 08:12EdgemoorDEUSAUnknownI watched it for about 5Not visible object moving fast in sky creating a super long, thick contrail.4/22/22
3/29/22 21:50Fort SmithARUSAUnknown15 minutesFast moving objects, moving easy to west.4/22/22
3/28/22 20:05WinchesterKYUSAUnknown8 MinutesStationary craft in the sky, red, green, clear light.4/22/22
3/26/22 21:30StaffordStaffordshireUnited KingdomUnknown4 minutesI parked on carpark facing my property and on the sky was a strange flashing object moving across the sky. I immediately grabbed my pho9/9/22Yes
3/26/22 04:30HollandUnknown3 hoursHuvoring seems like almost every night I check the star map and satellites every single time that I've seen them and it's not a satelli4/22/22Yes
3/20/22 14:10Llandudno (UK/Wales)UK/WalesUnknownNot known, image in photoSomething bright in the sky.4/22/22
3/19/22 22:08IgnacioCOUSAUnknownShortWas fast ahowed up on picturea4/22/22Yes
3/18/22 12:10FlorenceORUSAUnknownUnknownI was taking pictures of the far side of the river. Getting the feeling as always I am being watched. I did not see it.4/22/22Yes
3/17/22 22:20madisonUSAUnknownone minutecraft hovering and moving above the trees4/22/22
3/16/22 22:00JacksonUSAUnknownLess than a secondStrange form of lights4/22/22Yes
3/15/22 21:30South of Portland OregonORUSAUnknown45 secondsSaw spotlight from airplane shining on the ground from something behind plane.4/22/22
3/15/22 21:00oak HillFLUSAUnknown5-6 secondsCame from north to south flashing like a strobe light. It went from one horizon to the other in about 4 seconds and made no sound9/9/22
3/15/22 01:10WheatfieldNYUSAUnknown10 minutesMy mother had a strange sighting late at night in Western NY4/22/22
3/6/22 18:27HopatcongNJUSAUnknown30 SecondsPossible Craft which shot something out or was almost hit by something4/22/22
2/28/22 05:28Palm Beach GardensFLUSAUnknownBefore going for a run Sat. morning, I snapped two photos of the moon and later noticed the images. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare. PD))3/4/22Yes
2/26/22 20:00EverettWAUSAUnknown10-15 minutes totalobject or objects flying low from south to north4/22/22
2/26/22 05:40BAUNTON, CIRENCESTERGloucestershireUnited KingdomUnknown2 to 3 minutesLooked like a satellite initially3/4/22
2/22/22 17:44Lancaster Lancashire (UK/England)LancashireUnited KingdomUnknown5 minutesWierd line sort of shape3/4/22Yes
2/20/22 09:52Outside LACAUSAUnknownAll the time, last weekThis is not about ufos but about actual extraterrestrial life contacting me and I have video proof unedited, this is real first contact3/4/22Yes
2/19/22 16:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown5 minutessaw three lights moving quickly northbound in sky, joined soon by a 4th and 5th light3/4/22Yes
2/18/22 22:00AnaholaUSAUnknown1 to 2 secondsVery bright white light with slightly bluish green hue3/4/22
2/14/22 23:35VincennesINUSAUnknownMaybe a minuteDriving along the highway headed to night shift I saw three lights in weird pattern shot in the air took off like shooting star3/4/22
2/14/22 06:10Channarayapattana (India)KarnatakaIndiaUnknown15minA 'S' shaped glowing light in the horizon during early morning.4/22/22Yes
2/14/22 03:10Between Bir el Ater and Tebessa (Algeria)AlgeriaUnknown15 minutes approximatelyFlashing lights on craft, motionless for extended period, followed by hight speed, erratic movement vertically and horizontally3/4/22
2/12/22 12:15ElizabethtownNCUSAUnknown15 to 20 secondsA chemtrails without aircraft leading it3/4/22
2/11/22 01:00WarwickMAUSAUnknown3-4 secondsOnly heard it.3/4/22
2/10/22 21:15WhittierCAUSAUnknown2.28Color changing orbs of some kind9/9/22
2/9/22 01:30TempeAZUSAUnknown>20 minutesRed and green lights hid the actual shape of craft4/22/22
2/8/22 09:15Hill CitySDUSAUnknown20 secondsAs I was leaving Hill City this morning going back to Rapid City, I saw a bright point of light.3/4/22
2/7/22 20:15HialeahFLUSAUnknown15 - 20 minutesCame of southeast. 3 Hovered over us and ascended into cloud. Ran And to get my phone and when I came out there were gone but I do have3/4/22
2/7/22 18:39Washington, D.C.DCUSAUnknownHalf a secondI saw something big and pitch black fly between my building and the building across the street that was completely silent.3/4/22
2/6/22 11:13BaltimoreMDUSAUnknownJust under 5 minutesIt was just hovering around like a drone but moved very rapidly and disappeared in the blink of an eye9/9/22
2/5/22 21:30Redondo BeachCAUSAUnknown3 minutes.A pulsing and powerful orange light that emitted from an unknown object that slowed to a standstill in the sky before ascending west.3/4/22
2/1/22 21:31SharonvilleOHUSAUnknown30 secodsSmall completely black low flying Beatle shaped object apparently following or using railroad tracks traversed quarter mile in seconds3/4/22
2/1/22 09:56EvansvilleINUSAUnknown<2 minutesWitnessed a shimmery/metallic object move at a high rate of speed from right to left, left to right, and then sit stationary3/4/22
2/1/22 00:45NewportWAUSAUnknownapproximately 30 minutesHovering object, possibly disc-shaped, with many red, yellow, blue and green lights that were in constant motion3/4/22
1/31/22 19:46WarsawMOUSAUnknown5 minutesBright object approached from north & projected a large circular symbol on clouds. Symbol was like a 2 armed spiral galaxy. No sound.3/4/22Yes
1/31/22 18:50Sioux FallsSDUSAUnknown5 minutesWe were walking and saw a weird non-blinking shape3/4/22Yes
1/31/22 18:48ColtARUSAUnknown10 minsElliptical light inside cloud formation moving south at a slow speed.3/4/22Yes
1/31/22 18:26SwansboroNCUSAUnknownObjects coming out of a luminous cloud3/4/22
1/27/22 07:00NevadaMOUSAUnknownN/AFootprint outside of my garage.3/4/22Yes
1/27/22 03:01RoswellGAUSAUnknown5 mins or lessHovering3/4/22
1/17/22 22:10OlyimpaWAUSAUnknown10:10-10:25 PM.I saw a thing in the sky, lights, it was round.3/4/22
1/16/22 17:0621-minutes, flight time, north of PhoenixAZUSAUnknown60 secondsAt 35,700’, I saw a large, falling object w/2 black contrails, suddenly nose-dive, self-correct, divert course and vanish in 60 secs.3/4/22Yes
1/10/22 19:30PeoriaAZUSAUnknown15 secStar moving to the North from the Phoenix AZ area3/4/22
1/7/22 15:45Örebro (Sweden)Örebro CountySwedenUnknownPossible ufo63/4/22
1/6/22 16:30LudlowMAUSAUnknown45 minutesBlack Trail In Sky3/4/22
1/3/22 08:08HoustonTXUSAUnknownAbout 20 minutesSaw what looked like chemtrails but couldn’t have been because they were so short, and facing downwards, and had a light inside of them3/4/22
1/2/22 22:45SalemORUSAUnknown5 to 8 secondsSaw bright dot lights come down in front of our apartment and then go back up. y3/4/22
1/2/22 21:00LynnwoodWAUSAUnknownNaFound bone-like object3/4/22Yes
12/30/21 16:55Unsure exactlyALUSAUnknown10 minWhile driving the low angle of the sun in the evening was reflecting light off an odd shaped fairly stationary object in the sky.3/4/22Yes
12/28/21 01:42WestlakeFLUSAUnknown0142 Until 2:39AMI was looking at my ring camera recording one morning on 28 of December 2021 and spotted something going up3/4/22
12/26/21 10:15GreenvilleSCUSAUnknownHappened very quicklyA green almost like a shooting star flew across the sky, but it was too big and way faster than any airplane.3/4/22
12/21/21 06:15OrleansMAUSAUnknown20 minutes or lessBright white light moving slowly without sound3/4/22Yes
12/20/21 17:30FarmingtonMOUSAUnknownI found a ufo in pictures I was taking of the sky.3/4/22Yes
12/12/21 21:30SpokaneWAUSAUnknown~3-5 minutesTwo large parallel red lights12/19/21
12/8/21 19:30BaldwinMIUSAUnknown1 minuteSeen what I thought was a plane until it stopped in the air above my car, then I realized it was too low and slow to be any airplane.12/19/21
12/7/21 17:30USAUnknownSeconds -5:26pm to 5:26pmI have 6 photos of the same cloud formation wich occurred within 1 minute at 5:26pm .12/19/21
12/7/21 17:30Oak CliffTXUSAUnknownI was randomly taking pictures of the clouds and in 2 frames is a unidentifiable object , all shots were took within the same minute12/19/21
12/6/21 02:00FredericksburgVAUSAUnknownWhite fast moving light12/19/21
12/4/21 18:30NorwalkCTUSAUnknownLong aircraft12/19/21
12/4/21 18:30LaurelDEUSAUnknownLooking West 75 41 23 44 An extremely long perfect line of lights. Very slowly moving, constant white. moving north.12/19/21
12/3/21 17:30WhitneyTXUSAUnknownLine of lights.12/19/21
12/3/21 17:30Woodland HillsCAUSAUnknownLong snake like craft with lights12/19/21
11/28/21 13:30Las VegasNVUSAUnknownLight in the sky followed by aircraft coming in from multiple directions.12/19/21
11/20/21 18:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknownreddish light12/19/21
11/20/21 01:00WillowAKUSAUnknownI told my son not to shoot it that it was bigger than us.12/19/21
11/19/21 12:30WardARUSAUnknownI was taking a picture of the moon because of the lunar eclipse. I didn't notice the object until I looked at my photo later.12/19/21
11/19/21 00:29WardARUSAUnknownLess than 1 secondPhoto. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a lens flare?? PD))3/4/22Yes
11/15/21 17:00AtlantaGAUSAUnknownLong white trail moving across the sky12/19/21
11/13/21 15:00HuntersvilleNCUSAUnknownA white object, spherical or possibly egg shaped, was floating about as high as a plane. While I watched it, it vanished instantly.12/19/21
11/12/21 00:40FreeburgILUSAUnknownAtleast 15 minsOrbs that we’re hovering in one spot3/4/22Yes
11/11/21 21:05SouthamptonCity of SouthamptonUnited KingdomUnknown2 minutesFlashing behind clouds and cilindric flying object9/9/22
11/10/21 21:30New Haven (not sure)CTUSAUnknown1 secondBright horizontal white lights.11/15/21
11/8/21 17:54BremertonWAUSAUnknown3 minutesSeveral bright lights captured on video near Seattle seen in Bremerton Wa 11/8/21 at 17:5411/15/21
11/6/21 21:30Sellersville/Perkasie, PAPAUSAUnknownMere secondsUFO swooped in over our car and disappeared.3/4/22
10/30/21 19:00ApexNCUSAUnknownDriving South on HWY 55, a brightly lit, very large object, passed above me at the intersection of Vision Dr.12/19/21
10/30/21 03:30UnknownIn a plane over greece12/19/21
10/29/21 16:10TyroneCOUSAUnknown15 secondsSeen a strange object going east at a faster speed then normal. Silver chrome colored it turned and it just disappeared.11/15/21
10/29/21 02:45RichlandWAUSAUnknown~2 minutesWhite Creature with Black eyes does hand signals afar11/15/21
10/27/21 18:15College GroveTNUSAUnknown1 minuteIt was hovering and had one green light and one white light.11/15/21
10/21/21 20:05Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown2 minutesLow flying stationary craft with three green and white flashing lights.10/26/21
10/20/21 07:50OttawaILUSAUnknown2-3 minutesRobust contrail with no obvious traditional aircraft.10/26/21
10/19/21 12:49WilliamstownMAUSAUnknownMaybe 5 minutesLooked at sky during lunch saw object filmed it and it disappeared soon after6/22/22
10/17/21 17:11CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown2 secondsContact me3/4/22Yes
10/13/21 03:00BeavercreekUnknown5 secondsVery bright blue.and white lights3/4/22
10/10/21 15:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown30 minutessee a tiny white dot moving fast in the blue sky in San Jose on a clear Sunday afternoon11/15/21
10/6/21 22:01CincinnatiOHUSAUnknownRuffly 3 hoursAncient Hebrew math symbols.4/22/22
10/6/21 18:20SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown5 minutesComet or something entering the atmosphere?10/19/21
10/4/21Highlands RanchCOUSAUnknown18:40Shiny object hovering high in the sky for a couple minutes10/19/21
10/3/21 04:30NederlandCOUSAUnknown1-2 seconds1-2 seconds of very bright light outside, with no apparent source, shone through windows.10/19/21
9/26/21North AugustaSCUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange lights10/19/21
9/25/21 08:00DearbornMIUSAUnknown5 minutesUnidentified Flying Object With No Lights Or Sound and Appears To Have A Smaller Object Circling And Moving Through It!10/19/21
9/24/21 08:00CreightonPAUSAUnknown30 secondsOn a perfectly clear morning I saw a shiny object, making movements that I think are impossible with our tech. It then disappeared brie10/19/21
9/21/21 18:58Cidra (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoUnknownabout secondsi saw a large dark spacecraft4/22/22
9/21/21 10:00San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo pitch black rectangle objects hovering on top of fog bank over Brisbane hills.11/15/21
9/20/21 00:00Reykjavík (Iceland)IcelandUnknown30-60 minuteslights in sky. fleet or gigantic craft10/19/21
9/15/21 06:00StauntonVAUSAUnknown15 minutesSouthern sky, slightly east about 11 o'clock. Noticed wavering light within a small area in the sky that looked like wavy light or an a10/19/21
9/15/21 03:00LiverpoolNYUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw something strange white mostly in color and I have 3 pictures of object changing courses and shape10/19/21
9/7/21 06:44ShorelineWAUSAUnknown3 minutesOdd white low streak going across the sky9/7/21
9/4/21 21:00MidlothianVAUSAUnknown30 secondsTwo objects seen flying together over Chesterfield,VA9/7/21
9/2/21 20:00NashvilleTNUSAUnknown5 minutes2 objects near Nashville airport. I was down Murfreesboro Rd going under the runway by airport. When i came out from under it I se9/7/21
9/1/21 12:10SalemORUSAUnknown5 minutesSix objects in the sky, moving north to west, changing formations as they moved before disappearing.9/7/21
8/21/21 23:00WashingtonCTUSAUnknown3 to 5 minutesI saw these lights three times now in two different locations9/9/22Yes
8/19/21 18:00DallasTXUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange metallic, possibly triagular or pentagonal shaped, single object in sky above Dallas, TX on 8-19-218/20/21
8/18/21 23:00LibertyvilleILUSAUnknown10 secondsI thought it was a drone6/22/22
8/17/21 01:10CamdenARUSAUnknown~1 minuteA brightly lit UFO flitted high in the sky in rural south central AR.8/20/21
8/16/21 02:00BurbankILUSAUnknown10 minuteslook up and said wow at the clouds and then i look at pictures and then I see them.9/7/21
8/15/21 22:38WaterfordMIUSAUnknown3:30Strange moving light in the sky9/7/21
8/15/21 00:03PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange light seen moving over Philadelphia8/20/21
8/12/21 23:00SeasideORUSAUnknown1 minuteWhile standing outside trying to see some meteors, I saw what looked like a row of white lights coming up the coast, south of Seaside O8/20/21
8/12/21 00:30PrincetonKYUSAUnknown5 minutesUnknown object emitted yellowish-white light at regular intervals along west-east route in sky.8/16/21
8/9/21 18:45AuburnMEUSAUnknown8 secondsStraight line object of 4 small lights with a VERY bright 5th light on left side8/16/21
8/1/21 04:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown20 minutesClose encounter/ Abduction in North Carolina bedroom.8/16/21
7/24/21 16:55BothellWAUSAUnknown20 secShiny object moving quickly across the sky N-S Mill Creek / N Bothell WA8/16/21
7/23/21 05:30DenverCOUSAUnknown1 mileGrasses laid down in weird patterns for over a mile8/16/21
7/20/21 09:18Van HornTXUSAUnknown09:18UFO sighting during Blue Origin launch.8/16/21
7/18/21 01:00Fort WayneINUSAUnknownAround 3ish secondsSaw A Light Flash around before a flash circled with another8/16/21
7/17/21 23:05DallasORUSAUnknown10 secondsIt was a star like object with a quick back and forth in a zigzag type of way then it disappeared.8/16/21
7/13/21 21:52State CollegePAUSAUnknown6 minutesBright green flashing light in the sky hovering in a weird shaped craft. Incredible speed as the craft zoomed away.8/16/21
7/5/21 10:00PuebloCOUSAUnknownStill duratingI feel our bodies are taken by E.T'S AND ALSO THE MIND OR BODY MAY ALSO BE POSSESSED BY PAST SPIRITS OF THE EVIL OR WHAT NOT SEX, AND M8/16/21
6/26/21 16:20SaginawTXUSAUnknown3-4 secondsTaking pictures of a weather balloon and captured UAP.9/9/22Yes
6/23/21 20:00MedinaTNUSAUnknown15 secondsUnknown bright object disappears in a cloudless sky7/31/21
6/15/21 20:30Highway 152CAUSAUnknown2min3 bright white lights7/31/21
6/12/21 00:00KunaIDUSAUnknown5 minsMultiple lights chasing us on Poen road in Kuna, Idaho.7/31/21
6/11/21 16:00CotatiCAUSAUnknownAbout 1 hourWhite stationary dot in the sky7/31/21
6/10/21 20:05AnthemAZUSAUnknown45 minutesSeveral lights that moved slowly in same area for 45 minutes, flashing colors, disappearing, reappearing, splitting in two.7/31/21
6/8/21 01:00ChilmarkMAUSAUnknown5 minErratic light zips around Martha’s Vineyard.7/31/21
6/7/21 21:00MariettaOHUSAUnknown20 minutesVery slow moving craft with red and green lights accelerating at incredible speed.7/31/21
6/5/21 16:58Far Rockaway (Queens)NYUSAUnknown2 minutesIt came from the ocean or from over the ocean7/31/21
6/5/21 11:32CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 hours or moreLight moving around in circles in the clouds. Small light looking like a star appearing and disappearing.7/31/21
6/5/21 11:30South KingstownRIUSAUnknown10 minOn Saturday morning, June 5th, 2021, while I was on the Block Island ferry heading to Block Island from Pt. Judith,RI, a one hour trip,7/31/21
6/5/21 08:22EverettWAUSAUnknown10 minutesFirst object bright lights low in the sky, not moving, second object going downwards fast towards the tree line and disappeared, third8/16/21
6/4/21 17:56San PedroCAUSAUnknown3 minutesFloating shade above an old base on the ocean in San Pedro.7/31/21
6/3/21 19:15NashvilleTNUSAUnknown5 minutesSpace Station like object no sound7/31/21
6/2/21 23:00OsseoMNUSAUnknown24 mins or soPulsated colored lights brightening and diming in the sky without movement7/31/21
6/2/21 21:15TucsonAZUSAUnknown2 minutesBall of light vanishes in the SE7/31/21
6/1/21 18:00OlalaWAUSAUnknown20-30 minutesShortly before 6:00 PM on June 1, 2021, I stepped outside to chat with my husband and enjoy the beautiful weather. As I was sitting on8/16/21
6/1/21 01:05MacombMIUSAUnknownLess than one minuteLoud noise and vibration caused by unknown aircraft7/31/21
5/31/21 18:00LovingstonVAUSAUnknown20 secondsWe were standing in the backyard around 6:00 PM and the blue sky was cloudless. I looked up and clearly saw a silver object flying quit7/31/21
5/29/21 22:00ValdostaGAUSAUnknown8 secondA amber/like white light traveling under lildipper stars ,disappears after 8 secound of watching it7/31/21
5/27/21 03:00AustinTXUSAUnknown1 minI have insominia, and I am a very light sleeper. I was awakened by the sound of water rushing into my toilet (a sound I remember being7/31/21
5/27/21 01:00Land o'LakesFLUSAUnknown6I was standing out in my yard doing photography for my business, I look towards the east and about at 10,000ft was fast moving object t7/31/21
5/26/21 09:19LittletonCOUSAUnknown1 minuteRing camera video of flying object7/31/21
5/26/21 02:55DowneyCAUSAUnknown2 secondsSaw an unknown object through telescope pass in front of the Moon during Lunar Eclispe7/31/21
5/25/21 23:23SouthburyCTUSAUnknown7 secondsTransparent round or oval rows of bluish & white lights, moving quickly through our yard casting reflection below.7/31/21
5/22/21 23:23East JordanMIUSAUnknown2 hours18 - 20 Objects moving evenly spaced in a straight line across the night sky three separate times.7/31/21
5/22/21 22:00Palm SpringsCAUSAUnknown20 minutesSeveral white orbs flying in perfect formation for 20 minutes7/31/21
5/19/21 10:30AshfordCTUSAUnknown1.2 secondFast walker craft caught on drone camera10/19/21
5/18/21 04:00WarwickNYUSAUnknown2:00Four blinking lights hovering without making a sound for at least 3 minutes in Orange County, NY5/20/21
5/16/21 09:00McDonaldPAUSAUnknown1.5 hours15 crafts in space that raced, darted, faded in and out, pretended to be stars, and wobbled in all directions in the sky.5/20/21
5/12/21 20:28HephzibahGAUSAUnknownAbout a minuteJust before sunset, an aircraft with three bright white lights hovered over the highway treeline observing traffic.5/20/21
5/11/21 05:03Atlantic BeachFLUSAUnknownSeems like an hourI noticed the unidentified bright lights and vertically aligned squared shaped objects moving sporadically as seen on the security cam.5/20/21
5/10/21 21:18Cairo (Egypt)EgyptUnknown~5 minutesLine of stars exceeding 25 moving slowly5/20/21
5/9/21 20:30KailuaHIUSAUnknown5 minutesZooming ball of light in the Hawaiian night sky defying all propulsion physics.5/20/21
5/8/21 17:05Running SpringsCAUSAUnknown1 minutesUFO OVER REDLANDS WITH COLOR SPECTRUM5/20/21
5/7/21 23:45Weeki WacheeFLUSAUnknown<10 minutesWatching TV then go outside and see a large pulsating light in the sky5/20/21
5/7/21 21:20KensingtonCAUSAUnknown5 minutesA line of 50 lights evenly paced moving west to east, San Francisco Bay Area CA5/20/21
5/6/21 22:13FruitaCOUSAUnknown2 minutesFleet of UFO's witnessed in small town, Colorado5/20/21
5/6/21 21:15PahrumpNVUSAUnknown10 minutesStraight lines of illuminated objects5/20/21
5/6/21 20:30WalsenburgCOUSAUnknown1 hour2 adult individuals witness a distant object extremely high in the southern night sky over walsenburg Colorado. The object was illumin5/20/21
5/5/21 20:57TollhouseCAUSAUnknown.20 seconds10-12 objects flying in formation just above horizon, silently one after the other going north over Sierra5/20/21
5/5/21 10:00Silver cityORUSAUnknown1 minutesI was in my car turning onto my street when I saw 7 bright lights all flying in a line right above me and then before I could take a pi5/20/21
5/4/21 21:25Santa Clara/EugeneORUSAUnknown25 secondsSeries of lights seen while stargazing, possible UFO the length of the Hindenburg.5/20/21
5/4/21 15:00VillanuevaNMUSAUnknownSpontaneousTic tac in background of photo6/22/22
5/4/21 10:28Sand HollowIDUSAUnknown45 secondsFour of us sitting on our front porch enjoying the evening before bed out of nowhere we see this long line of straight white lights not5/20/21
5/2/21 20:45WestportCTUSAUnknown30 secondsUnusual path and abrupt changes of direction by a star-like object in the sky5/20/21
4/28/21 21:40YardleyPAUSAUnknown5 minutesRed flickering lights in Bucks County, PA5/20/21
4/27/21 07:00TallahasseeFLUSAUnknown10 minutesI arrived at work and I parked my car in front of the building. The sky was clear without clouds. As I was walking, I looked into the s5/20/21
4/26/21 19:29HoustonTXUSAUnknown<5 secondsFlashing an Streaking object near the moon5/20/21
4/26/21 03:00LubbockTXUSAUnknown15 minutesBright white beam shot towards me while floating white lit craft hovers 2 and a half feet above back yard.5/20/21
4/26/21 00:30New BritainCTUSAUnknown3 secondsChrome blue light moving quickly and curving from northwest to dew north.5/20/21
4/23/21 05:56Post fallsIDUSAUnknown20 secondsWeird metallic exhaust or vapor trail9/9/22
4/21/21 17:00WoodbridgeNJUSAUnknownFew minutesUFO reported in central NJ affecting power/electrical4/23/21
4/17/21 03:00PorterOKUSAUnknown5 secondsTwo bright white objects fly across sky4/23/21
4/16/21 10:08KaneoheHIUSAUnknown35 minutesUFO on Oahu. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly the star, Sirius?? PD))4/23/21
4/16/21 10:08KaneoheHIUSAUnknown35 minutesAn array of sparkley, multicolored lights in the far distance that did not move for 30 minutes from when I observed it.4/23/21
4/15/21 02:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown30 secondsI stepped outside for a smoke. It was absolutely quiet and I spotted something moving above me what seemed translucent like a cloaking4/23/21
4/12/21 18:15Port CharlotteFLUSAUnknown5 minutesAppeared to be two balls connected by an S shape twirling on itself and changing rotation direction Have 2 Videos from two different C4/23/21
4/11/21 00:00HooperCOUSAUnknown4 hoursNothern Light-colored objects and star-like objects moving in sky near Great Sand Dunes Colorado4/23/21
4/5/21 20:22LancasterMAUSAUnknown1 minuteBig saucer like figure floating with green blinking lights, just blipped into nothing4/23/21
4/5/21 12:05GeismarLAUSAUnknownImage + 17 second video.It's a bit blurry, but if you zoom in, it looks like an oddly shaped metor, but I swear that it had no movement.6/22/22Yes
3/30/21 20:42NewportRIUSAUnknown10:59(I HAVE ALL OF THIS ON VIDEO. 11 MINUTES) A "light" appeared in the night sky seemingly out of nowhere in the distance. I've4/23/21
3/28/21 12:35Las VegasNVUSAUnknown5 minutesamorphous and undefinable low-flying object on a clear blue sky afternoon8/16/21
3/27/21 04:34Moses lakeWAUSAUnknown30It’s really hard to explain... other than at first sight would be a meteorite. But after only a second I could quickly understand that3/31/21
3/23/21 20:06Happy ValleyORUSAUnknownminutesSaw a moving object in the Northern Sky. Appears to be to low to be a satellite and no blinking lights of a plane.3/31/21
3/21/21 07:07DouglassvillePAUSAUnknown10 secondswatch the video.3/31/21
3/20/21 22:30PoulsboWAUSAUnknownTen minutesObserved one floating and lighted sphere, and then either one lighted rotating triangular craft or three separate crafts in formation.4/22/22
3/19/21 16:44CoshoctonOHUSAUnknown2 minutes or longerUnknown object.3/31/21
3/17/21 07:05Ste-Anne des PlainesQuebecCanadaUnknown2 x.... 15 secondesCloud6/22/22Yes
3/16/21 20:30HyannisMAUSAUnknown5 minutesSilent object flying relatively low, beneath clouded sky3/31/21
3/13/21 21:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknownUnknownOne photo has possibly 2 hovering UFOs above the city and another has a different shape & a bigger looking vessel of lights hovering. I3/31/21
3/13/21 20:23BurlingtonNCUSAUnknown5-10 minutesA formation of brightly lit objects rise through the North Carolina night sky and disappear one by one.5/20/21
3/12/21 01:47Battle CreekMIUSAUnknown~2 hoursTriangular Lights3/31/21
3/5/21 19:47Raigad (India)IndiaUnknown10 minutesHello there, I am learner of UFO and Extraterrestrials in India and around the world. We found an UFO roaming around our country in In5/20/21
3/4/21 20:18SandyUTUSAUnknown2 minutesSolid light same brightness as stars high in atmosphere or space moving north to south across Utah.3/31/21
3/1/21 00:00Northwich (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown4 secondsthe speed for this distance3/31/21
2/24/21 20:59Roaring riverNCUSAUnknown2 minutesThree lights appeared, made very strange movements seemingly in a sequence before shooting off further than the eye can see3/2/21
2/23/21 20:15Wiarton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownClear skiesColpoys Bay possible ufo sighting!3/2/21
2/18/21 06:27CaldwellIDUSAUnknown2 minColumn of 15-20 objects in Idaho3/2/21
2/16/21 01:00Richmond HillNYUSAUnknown1minI saw a blurry figure emitting a blue/white beam to the ground with a sphere descending from it.3/2/21
2/14/21 05:15San DiegoCAUSAUnknown2 minutessingle file lights in the sky. ((Starlink satellites??))3/2/21
2/13/21 19:30Santa BarbaraCAUSAUnknown30 secondsThree "stars" that formed a triangle moving slowly then fading out.3/2/21
2/13/21 05:15Paso RoblesCAUSAUnknown4 minutesLine of 10-12 UFOs proceeding in linear fashion at High Altitude. Paso Robles, CA3/2/21
2/11/21 19:20LaGrandeORUSAUnknown2 minutes3 Fireball like objects flying over the city.3/2/21
2/10/21 18:32RiverviewFLUSAUnknown2 minutesObject with blue haze in front and bright white light in back just vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from submarine. PD))3/2/21
2/8/21 18:00SalemORUSAUnknown15 minutesRed lights in a row in the sky. Disappeared after a short time.3/2/21
2/6/21 22:45Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown25 secondsFaint and moving at an incredible speed3/2/21
2/4/21 03:30LynnwoodWAUSAUnknown2 hoursPig screams and noises?3/2/21
1/30/21 23:30RichmondVAUSAUnknown10weird sounding and yellowish glow3/2/21
1/26/21 18:35San Luis ObispoCAUSAUnknown<1 secondTook place in under a second, drone-like, traveling potentially 100-300 mph, extremely bright, covered in lights.3/2/21
1/26/21 03:19Sherman OaksCAUSAUnknown15-20 MinutesBright Silent Light in the Sky Following Major Chord Played Across Entire Valley3/2/21
1/24/21 07:10BristolCTUSAUnknown2 minutesBrilliantly lit flat object of large size seemingly falling from space at sunrise3/2/21
1/23/21 01:16LeedsUnited KingdomUnknownHalf an hourRed & white spherical triangular shape object3/2/21
1/22/21 15:11MiamiFLUSAUnknownHourFriend and I were sitting on beach and noticed an object in air not moving after about 20 minutes I video recorded object as it still h3/2/21
1/13/21 07:30ThorntonCOUSAUnknownOut of place contrail1/19/21
1/9/21 07:29HarrisonMIUSAUnknownSecondsAfter taking this picture then getting home I reviewed the picture and noticed the object?3/2/21
1/7/21 23:30MariettaOHUSAUnknown5-6 minutesHuge city block length sighting in Marietta Ohio with 4 huge lights1/19/21
1/3/21 23:00EdgewaterMDUSAUnknown1 minuteBright, flashing multi colored lights coming from object traveling across the sky1/19/21
1/2/21 17:13Near DISTRICT of ColumbiaUSAUnknownWas headed towards Washington d.c....about 10 minutes out...when we was recording...didn't realize until we a couple hours later after1/19/21
1/2/21 09:30Cabo San Lucas (Baja)(Mexico)MexicoUnknown((NUFORC Note: Witness does not provide any detailed information. PD))1/19/21
1/2/21 01:00MountainsideNJUSAUnknown3 HoursAfter encountering a strange scene on the highway, I couldn’t account for three hours of my time.1/19/21
1/1/21 19:48RichlandWAUSAUnknown45 secondsWalking my dog & began filming with my iPhone 12 what I thought was a plane near Hanford.1/19/21
12/28/20 14:00PlacentiaCAUSAUnknown2 secondsCluster bubble object in air.1/19/21
12/27/20 19:00BooneNCUSAUnknown4 secondsDriving home probably 6-8 pm et. Saw a very bright white light (looked exactly like a bright star) fall straight downward. No tail, ext1/19/21
12/26/20 19:17BCCanadaUnknownYellow. illuminated odd shaped object.1/19/21
12/26/20 15:45Raleigh (13 miles SW of)(in-flight)NCUSAUnknown<1 secondA flying object at 29000 feet. ((NUFORC Note: REPORT FROM COMMERCIAL AIRLINE PILOT. PD))1/19/21
12/26/20 06:15ChesapeakeVAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery bright blinking white object in early morning western sky on 12/26/20201/19/21
12/25/20 23:30HydenKYUSAUnknownUnknownBright red orb reported by local 911 center, law enforcement dispatched to investigate sightings1/19/21
12/25/20 19:00StarIDUSAUnknown5 minutesred lights in a round configuration hovering was not a drone nor an aircraft1/19/21
12/24/20 23:25Hoorn (Netherlands)NederlandUnknownAbout five minutesBlinking lights, erratic movement, very far away.1/19/21
12/22/20 20:00Jersey CityNJUSAUnknown45 secondsObject with Red Blinking lights, went flying super fast over the hudson from south to north. It was not unreal fast, but too fast for s12/23/20
12/20/20 22:30BellevilleONCanadaUnknown3 minutesLooked out my kitchen window and noticed a bright light below the clouds. I was about to turn away when it sped off to the east quickly12/23/20
12/20/20 13:47LouisvilleKYUSAUnknown11:47Unnatural Extraterrestrial activity and violation to the human body and mind3/4/22Yes
12/14/20 12:00Urjala (Finland??)AKFinlandUnknownwhole lifelava1/19/21
12/13/20 22:12Hot springsSDUSAUnknown50 secondsFast approaching object turned into 3 green glowing bow shapes, then as it passed over the house light went out and it was metal object1/19/21
12/11/20 19:30TampaFLUSAUnknown10 secondsNearly Invisible and silent UFO outline hovering slowly, Arch shaped.12/23/20
12/10/20 18:30OwatonnaMNUSAUnknown1 minuteObject with multiple white lights flying east bound making a sharp southern turn then turning back west and finally turns south as it g12/23/20
12/6/20 19:00EdmondOKUSAUnknown45 secondsTwo extremely bright lights appear quickly high in the sky and disappear as fast.12/23/20
12/6/20 19:00NorthbrookILUSAUnknownWitnessed near grocery store12/23/20
12/4/20 18:30South whitleyINUSAUnknown30/45 seconds13 lights (what looked like stars but a bit bigger) moving at a steady pace, perfectly spaced out (but too close for airplanes) in a st12/23/20
12/4/20 17:45BrookfieldILUSAUnknown2 minutesWalked outside to take my dog out. Looked up at the sky and saw several things that looked like stars moving across the sky to the sout12/23/20
12/3/20 19:15KirksvilleMOUSAUnknown1 min.⏬ .⏬ .⏬ .⏬ .⏬ .⏬12/23/20
12/3/20 19:00LaramieWYUSAUnknown3 minutesLine of 10-12 lights moving in unusual linear, then angled pattern12/23/20
12/2/20 08:58ClovisNYUSAUnknownRoughly around an hourSeveral objects some look like crafts but most move so fast normal speed recording does not show without digging4/22/22Yes
12/1/20 09:00Barnegat TownshipNJUSAUnknown30 minWitnessed object being chased by fighter jets 30 passes so far12/23/20
11/29/20 20:30WindsorONCanadaUnknown5 minutes or lessUnknown fast moving / rapidly stopping light in night sky12/23/20
11/27/20 06:00Belton raymoreMOUSAUnknown1 hrRed green white Light blinking and twinkling in sky hovering about a mile up in clear sky12/23/20
11/25/20 17:30CovingtonGAUSAUnknown20 minutesUnidentifiable flying objects hovering than moving in one direction, either saucer, triangle, or diamond shaped.12/23/20
11/24/20 18:42RigbyIDUSAUnknown45 seconds7 distinct bright objects were spotted in the northeast sky, one by one, they disappeared instantaneously.12/23/20
11/23/20 18:20WillintonCTUSAUnknown1 minuteOrange pinkish object flying straight up into sky12/23/20
11/18/20 19:00MercersburgPAUSAUnknown4hoursOver course of a few weeks I've seen strange lights in the sky on certain nights. Always around the same time. The object(s) fly in the12/23/20
11/17/20 12:00Camp MindenLAUSAUnknown8 minsI been debating should I talk about this topic for a very long time. I been thinking to myself I wonder what the people that saw what I5/20/21
11/16/20 03:00HialeahFLUsaUnknown1 minUfo entering atmosphere over miami12/23/20
11/16/20 00:00SmithfieldRIUSAUnknownMy wife woke up but could not move or speak but could see the outline of a woman in our room who telepathically told her that everythin8/16/21
11/14/20 17:30KYUSAUnknown3 MinutesLights hover above he trees before moving12/23/20
11/13/20 17:30GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown60 secondsI witnessed three shiny objects traveling (in formation) across the sky that were not aircraft, satellites, or shooting stars.12/23/20
11/12/20 11:30Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown10+Unusual clouds looking like missile launch12/23/20
11/11/20 15:00RoseburgORUSAUnknown3 minutesTruly deafening ship heard overhead.12/23/20
11/11/20 01:30MoundsvilleWVUSAUnknown30 secondsThe night of the above date my father and I were spending the night at Moundsville St Penn in West Virginia. I have been there before o8/16/21
11/9/20 19:00Kelly CrossroadsPAUSAUnknown2-3 MINSomething stationary with flashing green and white lights (think of a strobe light effect.)12/23/20
11/8/20 21:48CreedeCOUSAUnknown20 minutesCraft over the mountains near Creede, Colorado e12/23/20
11/8/20 18:05KalamazooMIUSAUnknown10Strange Orange/Yellow Lights Sequential Aircraft North East Kalamazoo12/23/20
11/6/20 21:10ManchesterNHUSAUnknown4 secondsMysterious Green Light Zooms Off at the Speed of Light12/23/20
11/5/20 18:30kinstonNCUSAUnknown30 secondsvery fast high altitude orange light/craft with enormous rainbow shaped contrail,like tail of a comet12/23/20
11/5/20 18:27New HavenCTUSAUnknown15 secondsSilent object cut through clouds at a very rapid pace.12/23/20
11/4/20 21:15LewistonNYUS and Canada BorderUnknown30 minutesMoving in formation Snake Lights12/23/20
11/4/20 18:47HowellMIUSAUnknown10 minutesEntity appeared night sky changed 4 times12/23/20
11/2/20 20:40Rural RetreatVAUSAUnknownStill going onStar like lights, stationary, but occasional red light flashing from them, on the East sides of the lights.12/23/20
11/2/20 18:00Kanapali Beach/ MauiHIUSAUnknown45 secondsStationary light in the sky vanishes after 45 seconds west of Kanapali beach, Maui off north edge of Lanai.12/23/20
10/29/20 07:15ThibodauxLAUSAUnknown5 minutesWhile unloading fuel I saw this object either giving of light or reflecting light moving slowly across the sky.12/23/20
10/28/20 20:00HeberAZUSAUnknown15 seconds10/28/2020 Heber, AZ. Cigar. 15 seconds. Craft moving 3 times faster than fighter jet with 2 amber lights.12/23/20
10/27/20 21:00SalemORUSAUnknown1+ hourSuper-Intense, Extremely Bright White Light(s). (Silent, Slow moving, High-Altitude Aircraft: flashing Red/Green Marker Lights).12/23/20
10/26/20 19:12Morehead CityNCUSAUnknown3 secondsUnbelievably fast light streaks by!12/23/20
10/24/20 20:03YukonOKUSAUnknown20 secondsLooked like a string of white light diamond shaped objects heading due south. ((Starlink satellites?))12/23/20
10/24/20 19:25JacksonMIUSAUnknown1 minuteThe five of us were by a bonfire. It just had turned dark outside. We saw a long line moving from the northwest to the southeast. It fi12/23/20
10/24/20 10:25EagleIDUSAUnknown5 secondsA flare?12/23/20
10/21/20 21:50MilroyPAUSAUnknown30 minutesWas taking out the trash looked up to the east and saw a glowing orange like planet looking thing but moving in a circle them took a pi12/23/20
10/21/20 16:00SpartaTNUSAUnknown5 hoursAt first it looks like a star but once you look more closely you can tell it is at about airplane level when I recorded it and enlarged12/23/20
10/16/20 00:00Oak LawnILUSAUnknown3 secondsRed flashing lights moving very fast in the sky and then disappeared.12/23/20
10/14/20 21:02YardeyPAUSAUnknown2 minutes2 brightly lit objects, intense orangish in color like shades of fire moved in unimpressive manner, followed by 4 more in random spacin12/23/20
10/14/20 19:30MonroeWAUSAUnknown20-30 minuteswe thought they were planes at first but planes do not fade in and out12/23/20
10/14/20 06:16SpokaneWAUSAUnknown3 minutesCrafts were heading due north. They're was a single file line of approx 50. Strangest and weirdest thing we have ever seen. There were12/23/20
10/13/20S. BurlingtonVTUSAUnknown0.5 secondthe fast flying object you have ever seen.12/23/20
10/12/20 06:30PepinWIUSAUnknown10 minutesI noticed this red light N about a 1/4 mile distance then just above the tree line. Then these white dots started appearing dim then gr12/23/20
10/11/20 08:30Dunrobin (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minutes1 white alternating red light. Turned out to be 2 parralel objects, that separated to east & west locales from over Dunrobin, ON12/23/20
10/10/20 18:38New OrleansLAUSAUnknownOrb materializingOrb like bubble floating in the sky during the day3/4/22
10/10/20 11:09JasperGAUSAUnknown2 minutesWatching TV with my kids and from our living room we have almost a full wall of windows.The sky lit up like turquoise blue for almost 212/23/20
10/10/20 06:15IndependenceMOUSAUnknown1.5 hoursObserved 2 white lights moving in tandem forward and back, up and down just before dawn.12/23/20
10/7/20 19:21BelchertownMAUSAUnknownAt least 1 hourBright opal/diamond color shifting lights near Quabbin reservoir12/23/20
10/6/20 23:38Key WestFLUSAUnknown28 secondsShining orb flew in a zigzag pattern then disappeared12/23/20
10/6/20 21:00SkamaniaWAUSAUnknown1 minuteDimming light varying speeds in sky until it disappeared12/23/20
10/6/20 20:00BeavercreekORUSAUnknown5 minutesBright white object appeared to be shot at and exploded.12/23/20
10/6/20 20:00ColbertWAUSAUnknown2 minutesMy husband and I were outside playing with our dog in the evening. We live in the country and the sky was almost completely dark at thi12/23/20
10/3/20 20:00ChewelahWAUSAUnknown3 minuteslarge craft stationary about a mile up,very bright green and red lights with huge white light between craft hovered for several minutes12/23/20
10/3/20 15:50ShrewsburyNJUSAUnknown30-60 secondsAt approx 15:50 I was traveling westbound on Sycamore ave. in Little Silver, NJ towards Shrewsbury. Further west from us and directly a11/5/20
10/2/20 23:29West CovinaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesA bright orange flickering UFO moved from left to right over the 10 freeway in West Covina before turning and flying back/upward.11/5/20
10/1/20 06:30Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown30 secondsI was driving to work this morning and i noticed what i thought was a plane in the sky coming into land as it was very low but as i loo11/5/20
9/30/20 23:00MonroevillePAUSAUnknown20 secondsI have seen two things. I don't know if I am crazy or what. The first. This took place as we were talking about UFOs. We see a light, a11/5/20
9/29/20 22:00OakvilleWAUSAUnknown30 minutesIt seemed to be scanning the landscape11/5/20
9/26/20 21:20Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown1 hourHad to walk my dog and happened to look up in the sky to see the stars, after raining two days it was nice to see a clear sky i noticed11/5/20
9/26/20 20:35AvonINUSAUnknown4 minutesGreen and Red Ribbon Lights Passing Over My Neighborhood.11/5/20
9/25/20 12:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown30 secondsUnidentifiable Object Seen in Miami Fall 2020!11/5/20
9/20/20 04:00UK/England)United KingdomUnknown1 hourAt 4-5am Unexplained series of 20 + feint lights, in line, very high in the sky moving very fast.11/5/20
9/18/20 22:10Orange ParkFLUSAUnknown1.5 hoursRotating/Radiating white light 10 mile visibility coming from overcast sky11/5/20
9/17/20 22:15NampaIDUSAUnknown1 minutesInconsistent flashing and swerving object overhead11/5/20
9/17/20 18:00NeedhamMAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesTwo black objects flying high, steadily moving apart but in tandem, just below cloud line dipping in & out of clouds then disappearing11/5/20
9/16/20 06:50NicholasvilleKYUSAUnknown5 minutesBlue red and white lights,was dark so I couldn't tell the shape but what was odd is that it didn't move at all11/5/20
9/15/20 21:15NewtownPAUSAUnknown5 minutesMy wife and I were on our patio talking. It was a clear night and as I looked at the sky I could see the typical stars and as I'm looki11/5/20
9/15/20 21:03CochranvillePAUSAUnknown15 minutesLarge unidentified drone-like craft with blinking lights in 1933011/5/20
9/15/20 09:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesSeattle UFO noises.11/5/20
9/15/20 00:11MaynardvilleTNUSAUnknown0:20there was a v light shape above the four flickers lights below. it look like the light below were changing color and the light above wa11/5/20
9/14/20 04:30Sun ValleyWAUSAUnknown3 minutesAround 4-4:30am in Sun Valley, Idaho (Elkhorn area). I looked up at the stars which w (Starlink satellites?)11/5/20
9/8/20 03:50Telford (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown20 minutesHeavy landing. .Extremly bright white light.. No sound. Lifted singly off the ground. Strong pulse on leave that affected my printer.1/19/21
9/6/20 04:00GlastonburyCTUSAUnknown10 minutesUnexplained Noise and Energy Reported Across Town11/5/20
9/5/20 04:57BarringtonNHUSAUnknown5 secondsI am a Geography teacher, former registered nurse. I've seen some strange lights in the sky a few times, not satellites. This was jus11/5/20
9/1/20 16:00Hammond (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown20 secondsAs if light was coming through a prism11/5/20
8/31/20 04:33LindenhurstNYUSAUnknown1:00I saw object flying in the sky and another object approached at this point I hear a sound and the other object changes shape and color.9/4/20
8/30/20 20:55LockportNYUSAUnknown10-15 minutesFuzzy point of white/yellow light traveling silently & slowly south, developing circular / spiraling halos9/4/20
8/30/20 20:45Grand PrairieTXUSAUnknownWide Spaced Procession of Lights9/4/20
8/30/20 01:00North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown1 hourTried to go to the store while on a phone call, strange noise happened call was disrupted, and car shut down, still wont turn on. Heard9/4/20
8/30/20 00:00BloomingdaleNJUSAUnknownunknownAnimal mutilation possibly UFO9/4/20
8/30/20Forest HillMDUSAUnknown30 minutesI noticed the bright lights in the sky that appeared to be stationary for approximately 10 minutes. After that time the object started9/4/20
8/29/20 20:50Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30-40 seconds2 people saw pulsating small craft for 30-40 seconds9/4/20
8/29/20 18:40Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown90 secondsBright white object that disappeared twice or was 2 objects9/4/20
8/27/20 23:57RockportMAUSAUnknown5 minutesBright white light w/greenish blue lights on either side. Moved erratically and made an unusual wooing sound with oscillating pitch9/4/20
8/27/20 01:30Long Beach IslandNJUSAUnknown30-40 minutesHi, I am not one to report unless I am sure. But what we saw at Long Beach island at 2 am was not something we doubt as something no8/27/20
8/27/20 00:00DalmatiaPAUSAUnknownA few minutesUFO moved randomly and rapidly in the distance then there was a flash and it was gone!12/23/20
8/26/20 07:25GardnerMAUSAUnknown~3 minutesI witnessed something launching upwards Susan Northwest of my location. It left a steam Trail that was not consistent with that of the8/27/20
8/24/20 23:00TemeculaCAUSAUnknown1 minuteBright orange light, eclipsed after a minute.8/27/20
8/22/20 16:45LeanderTXUSAUnknown1 minutesDot with flashing light, high in the sky, seen on a clear afternoon.8/27/20
8/22/20 01:30BangorMEUSAUnknown2.5 minutesLarge craft, many flashing red lights.8/27/20
8/21/20 21:55Lethbridge (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 minuteGreen soundless object seen in Lethbridge night sky8/27/20
8/20/20 23:00FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown10-15 minutesApproximately 11 1130pm me and my son witnessed what looked like the sky was on fire by methodist college ramsey st we following the li8/27/20
8/20/20 15:20DearbornINUSAUnknown3 minutesIt looked to be a reflective white craft but we couldn't see the shape of the craft .11/5/20
8/20/20 01:00CoralvilleIAUSAUnknownI was getting a drink of water and I saw weird lights.9/9/22
8/20/20 00:04SalisburyNCUSAUnknown>1 minuteUnexplained blinking lights: Ring alarm said person detected. ((anonymous report))8/20/20
8/19/20 21:00TopekaKSUSAUnknown5 minutesThree lights in formation8/20/20
8/19/20 09:30BarnwellSCUSAUnknown30 secondsUFO over SRS8/20/20
8/18/20 23:45EverettWAUSAUnknown7 secondsBall of light dropped another flickering light.8/20/20
8/18/20 18:00WilmingtonUSAUnknown2 minutesCaught my eye because it was really high, leaving a short contrail. Looked like a small company jet but seemed to be moving faster than8/20/20
8/18/20 02:30Brighton (UK/England)East SussexUnited KingdomUnknown2 minutes approx4 x bright lights moving in line slowly across the hills. After approx 1 minute 2 of the lights moved forward then back behind instantl3/4/22
8/17/20 21:30YelmWAUSAUnknown3 minutesLight coming from the south; light noticeably changing from red to turquoise, in longer than common intervals. As it got closer, it sto8/20/20
8/17/20 21:15RaymondMEUSAUnknown5-10 secondsBright flash followed by three blinks then disappeared8/20/20
8/17/20 21:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown30 minutesOn Monday August 17th while stargazing for shooting stars between the hours of 10 and 11 pm, my friend Pam and I noticed something very8/27/20
8/16/20 23:30PaceFLUSAUnknown5 minutesVery bright object in eastern sky suddenly disappears while being viewed through binoculars.8/27/20
8/15/20 22:00San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown5 minutes22:00 Looked up at clear sky and saw what at first I thought was a satellite, my partner came and looked and said it was moving too fas8/20/20
8/15/20 20:30San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown15 minutesBright purple pulsing pinpoint of light moving erratically over an area north northeast of San Francisco.8/20/20
8/14/20 22:00Pompano BeachFLUSAUnknownHourThere were four different objects which seemed to be connected to each other in some way.8/20/20
8/14/20 04:02Idaho FallsIDUSAUnknown3 secondsI was standing in my yard at 4:02 a.m. in the morning when I noticed in the sky a giant angled craft... I could only see the lights and8/20/20
8/14/20 01:30Orillia (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownI was walking on the bike path with my dog. I heard this strange sound. Then seen a light following me. I thought it was a car. Looking8/20/20
8/14/20 00:20Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown5 minutesPink brown floating jellyfish over Virginia beach8/20/20
8/13/20 21:15OremUTUSAUnknown5 minutes150 Blinking lights in a line. ((Starlink satellites??))8/20/20
8/13/20 20:30West StockbridgeMAUSAUnknown30 secondsOn a very clear night I saw a solid white circle moving slowly across the sky. I took a video. It gave 2 quick bright flashes and then8/20/20
8/13/20 20:00Surabaya (Indonesia)IndonesiaUnknown>1 hourrecurrent flashing lights near volcano.8/20/20
8/13/20 02:45LansingMIUSAUnknown1 secondlight mass seen streaking across sky in south westerly direction8/20/20
8/13/20 02:23Au Train (Forest Lake)MIUSAUnknown10 secondsFOREST LAKE, MI 13 AUG 2020, 0223 UFO SIGHTING8/20/20
8/12/20 03:00Deer ParkTXUSAUnknown30 minutesMoving star and blinking light.8/20/20
8/12/20 03:00Oslo (Norway)NorwayUnknown10 secondsWe where outside looking at the sky where we saw many many many lights at the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))8/20/20
8/11/20 10:45DeltaCOUSAUnknown13 minutesObject not seen by eye, only appears on pictures.8/20/20
8/11/20 10:15SCUSAUnknown20 minutesOn vacation in north Myrtle beach. Sitting on beach front deck and observed 4 large horizontal lights At first thought it was a cl8/20/20
8/9/20 01:35BallwinMOUSAUnknownstrange sounding craft after severe storm flew over our home twice, or there were two craft8/20/20
8/8/20 22:15PittsburghPAUSAUnknown20 minutes5 people and myself witnessed a string of objects grouped tightly together high in the western sky ((Starlink satellites?))8/20/20
8/8/20 12:50StanleyIDUSAUnknown7 hoursappeared as a star or planet however remained static in the daylight sky ~30degrees off horizon for ~7hrs8/20/20
8/8/20 12:45WestervilleOHUSAUnknown20 minutespulsing object seen extremely high in the noon sky...8/20/20
8/7/20 04:02Great FallsMTUSAUnknown5 minutes6-8 white lights in a straight, horizontal line, moving very slowly west to east above the Missouri River near Malmstrom AFB.8/20/20
8/6/20 22:30EdgewoodWAUSAUnknown1 secondMy buddy and I were smoking in an open field when we both were struck with a very bright light that blinded us for a second. Our best g8/20/20
8/5/20 10:15Ty TyGAUSAUnknown5 minutesThe background is a blue sky. The shape of the UFO is indescribable. UFO was moving from north to south at about tree top level at a ve8/6/20
8/3/20 01:00Seneca FallsNYUSAUnknown30 secondsMysterious lights and contrail in sky at 1 am casting shadows into backyard.8/6/20
8/1/20 21:00syracuseNYUSAUnknown1 minuteflaming object over Syracuse NY8/6/20
8/1/20 05:53KendallFLUSAUnknownHalf an hour3 Curious Crafts8/6/20
7/30/20 07:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown60 minutesFlying object with light and what seemed like a cloaking device.8/27/20
7/27/20 12:35GibsontonFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesStanding on my porch when I saw one large white object that split into 4 circular reflective objects that were flying in circles around7/31/20
7/25/20 03:30AustinTXUSAUnknownNot Sureorangish yellowish star FADES in place out of SIGHT. WATCHED IT FADE OUT completely but it didn't move.7/31/20
7/24/20 22:30Coon RapidsMNUSAUnknown5 minutesTumbling object that flashed similar to iridium flare of satellite7/31/20
7/21/20 21:30WinfieldINUSAUnknown3 minutesA strange looking cloud appeared then about 5 flashes of light behind it.9/9/22
7/21/20 00:00Baker (Outside of; on I-84)ORUSAUnknown15 minutesDriving on hwy 84 near baker Oregon. About 000 midnight was getting ready to pass a semi truck when I checked my blind spot drivers7/23/20
7/21/20 00:00Outside Baker, OR, on hwy 84ORUSAUnknown15 minutesDriving on hwy 84 near baker Oregon. About 000 midnight was getting ready to pass a semi truck when I checked my blind spot drivers8/6/20
7/21/20 00:00ThorntonCOUSAUnknown15 minutesSeen by 3: flying object flashed a bright light (not at regular intervals), moved in an erratic path, faster than a plane7/23/20
7/19/20 00:00Port Saint LucieFLUSAUnknown20 minutesWe were abducted by the saint lucie nuclear plant today7/23/20
7/18/20 08:30PortsmouthVAUSAUnknown7 minutesWhite object hoovering with a deliberate path7/23/20
7/18/20 03:30Red Top MountainGAUSAUnknown10 minutesBlack hooded figure in our tent after light show at Red Top Mountain7/23/20
7/15/20 03:00JacksonvilleORUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange orb-like object moving omnidirectional7/23/20
7/15/20 01:00MidvaleUTUSAUnknown15 minutes.Such a strange UFO it was almost like it disappeared and appeared in a different place without having to go across the sky.7/23/20
7/14/20 22:00Upper ChichesterPAUSAUnknown1 minuteFlashing lights in a sporadic pattern moving very fast over PA7/23/20
7/14/20 09:03PulaskoTNUSAUnknown3 minutesLast night on July 14th at 9 or so this big bright light was flying over my house maybe 100 feet up in the sky traveling on a northeast7/23/20
7/12/20 03:00Oslo (Norway)NorwayUnknown10 secondsWe where outside looking at the sky where we saw many many many lights at the sky. They were not that bright but we saw them pretty cle8/20/20
7/10/20 03:56OrlandoFLUSAUnknown1 minuteI heard a weird noise coming above me and I saw this object flying on top of me on semoran Blvd while I was crossing the street I look7/23/20
7/8/20 23:00BridgmanMIUSAUnknown5-10 secondsQuick ufo sighting at night bridgman michigan7/9/20
7/8/20 20:30MoweaquaILUSAUnknown1 hourWe saw a bright white object hovering in the atmosphere almost directly overhead. It stayed in one place for several minutes and then7/23/20
7/7/20 23:00FullertonCAUSAUnknown2 minutesI'm familiar with all the fakery and UFO sightings and Ive never seen a ET-UFO yet in all my years, but I am always open minded to the7/9/20
7/7/20 22:56Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown~3 minutesObject unusual altitude one light observed. Traveling in a pattern not conducive to commercial or private chat Noir helicopter.7/9/20
7/6/20 23:20Emerald Park (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown20 secondsSatellite type light directly above making "s" type turns zig zaging in the sky.7/23/20
7/5/20 17:15New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesSighting observed at Prospect Park. At least 20 circular orbs were floating in the sky.((Starlink satellites??))7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00LeicesterNCUSAUnknown1-3 minutesSomething high flying straight up with trail behind it7/9/20
7/4/20 08:45ScapooseORUSAUnknown30 secondsSatellite like object7/9/20
7/4/20 00:55AberdeenWAUSAUnknown7 secondsGreen blinking light on a zig zagging UFO7/9/20
7/2/20 22:18GalesburgILUSAUnknown15minsSomething really freaky has been happening to me and my girlfriend. There's a pretty large lake hearing Galesburg. We like to go on wal7/9/20
6/29/20 22:00Big Bear LakeCAUSAUnknown1 seconds2 Bright Speeding Lights over Big Bear Lake7/9/20
6/29/20 12:52Pine MountainGAUSAUnknown2.5 secondsHigh speed UAP sound in 2.5 seconds.7/3/20
6/28/20 12:00TacomaWAUSAUnknownTime anomaly10/8/22
6/28/20 03:30Spruce PineNCUSAUnknown15Strange wall of wind swooshing overhead7/23/20
6/27/20 16:25HawaiiHIUSAUnknown1 minutehappen so fast7/3/20
6/23/20 02:45Tilbury (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown3 minutesThe neighbour has a dogs both German Shepard's were howling as this happened and then they started to bark.6/25/20
6/16/20 12:43CamdenARUSAUnknown5 minutesOne shining rotation ufo in the clouds reflecting the sun light. 4 other ufos moving fast and stopping in mid air3/4/22Yes
6/16/20 04:40FayettevilleARUSAUnknown4 minutesClose encounter at Mt Sequoyah cross Fayetteville Arkansas6/25/20
6/16/20 03:30San BernardinoCAUSAUnknown3 minutesThe row of light were in a single straight line while moving6/25/20
6/15/20 21:00ClintonARUSAUnknown15-20 secondsI saw two mysterious red lights in the sky that had no sound and disappeared after about 15 seconds.6/25/20
6/14/20 20:00Koh Samui (Thailand)ThailandUnknown5-10 secondsThe UFO flew South-West to North-East & altitude under 1000 feet about Mach 2-4, there was no noise & estimated at 10-20m in length.6/25/20
6/13/20 05:28MarionVAUSAUnknown2 minutesLarge white glowing round light, no tail, but outward streams of light, moved horizontally across sky from southeast to east3/2/21
6/13/20 00:30Line LexingtonPAUSAUnknown1.5 hoursBright white slow moving light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star or planet?? PD))6/25/20
6/11/20 23:30Upper SalfordPAUSAUnknown30 secondsLoud sound like a jet taking off at 11:30 PM.6/25/20
6/10/20 00:30Asbury ParkNJUSAUnknown10 minutesUnusual lights on Asbury Park Boardwalk as seen on webcam6/25/20
6/7/20 18:40BuffaloNYUSAUnknown30+ minutesMass ufo arrival and aggregation over Buffalo NY.6/25/20
6/6/20 22:30BrownsburgINUSAUnknown3 minutesObject over I746/25/20
6/6/20 22:00BellevueNEUSAUnknown1 hourObjects over bellevue, ne ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
6/3/20 20:20PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown7-10 minutesSpotted two sphere-shaped crafts in the sky after a major thunderstorm.7/9/20
5/30/20 15:28Cape CanaveralFLUSAUnknown2 secondsUAP seen as SpaceX Dragon stage one returns to earth today, 5/30/20.6/25/20
5/27/20 10:34New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown3 minutesUnidentifiable flying object with rapid vertical trajectory.6/25/20
5/21/20 22:00BethlehemPAUSAUnknownnightLast night I saw at least 6-7 that does not look like stars even its visible. 6 of them stayed one spot and it has multi color red/gree6/25/20
5/21/20 05:09GodleyTXUSAUnknown30 seconds or lessUFO sound6/25/20
5/20/20 11:15San DiegoCAUSAUnknown3 minutesOne stationary object, then great speed, then poof...simply gone!6/25/20
5/19/20 23:30BoiseIDUSAUnknown<1 minuteThree Amber Lights over Boise, Idaho.6/25/20
5/19/20 23:24MeridianIDUSAUnknown60 secondsEight witnesses of 3 orange glowing spacecrafts in triangular formation headed northwest.6/25/20
5/19/20 23:00PerryOKUSAUnknown10 minutes4 Lights following appearing one after each other not completely uniform but going same direction west to east ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/19/20 11:40San DiegoCAUSAUnknown2 minutesOne object, incredible speed, then blinked out suddenly.6/25/20
5/18/20 03:00PrinvilleORUSAUnknown>1 min. <2 min.A bright white aura was observed at roughly 3 AM, hovering above the Crooked River, Prineville, OR6/25/20
5/17/20 15:05Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown3 minutesI was standing outside at around 15:05 this afternoon when I noticed several small objects traveling due South at what appeared to be v6/25/20
5/16/20 22:03Ipswich (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown4 minutesUK sighting. Pulsating/ exploding orb which changes speed and direction6/25/20
5/15/20 15:45Las VegasNVUSAUnknown1.5 secondsUFO shot across the sky at remarkable speed and was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving a trail of “dust” like a plane would.6/25/20
5/15/20 03:00MissoulaMTUSAUnknown6 seconds3 am, Missoula, MT. 2 whitish lights blinked on & off as if they were communicating then gone. 10 seconds time period.6/25/20
5/8/20 08:00Pleasant Balley (Canada)NSCanadaUnknownUnknownI took a picture of a road sign and caught a white object in the sky. I didn’t see it at the time the photo was taken. Later on, lookin6/25/20
5/6/20 03:00MesquiteNVUSAUnknown2 hoursStar-like object moving in strange patterns in the eastern sky.6/25/20
5/6/20 01:30Syktyvkar (Russia)RussiaUnknown2 secondsSquare formation of 4 red lights outside the house6/25/20
5/3/20 21:40Crescent CityCAUSAUnknown20 minutesSaw 30 flying objects in equal formaiton moving rapidly high like planes from N to S. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/3/20 21:04GranbyCTUSAUnknown15 secondsI saw 3 things that where not planes or stars. One had a red/orange haze and had a tail. 2 others crossed paths a created a light prism6/25/20
5/3/20 21:00JeromeIDUSAUnknown15 minutesI observed what I thought was a satellite just under the moon moving North by Northeast. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/3/20 20:30HawthorneNJUSAUnknown3 minutesMy wife and I were sitting on my porch and I noticed what looked like a light in the distance. It was hovering and moving in different6/25/20
5/3/20 20:00Prescott Valley/PauldenAZUSAUnknown30 minutesOrange flashing light moving To the right over the sky/ One stationary orange light and orbiting metal shards6/25/20
5/2/20 21:09Cochiti PuebloNMUSAUnknownStill presentLights flashing from teal to red to white and making triangles and symmetrical lines across the sky while others fly6/25/20
5/2/20 09:02Santa FeNMUSAUnknown50 seconds +\-It was 9:03 PM and I was looking up and I saw what looked like a satellite going by and then I saw another one ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/1/20 22:00LockportNYUSAUnknown1 hour or soLine of lights moving south East. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
5/1/20 08:30BrownsvilleWIUSAUnknown5 minutesCraft hovered and then moved away at a high speed. The vehicle flashed red, white and green lights.6/25/20
5/1/20 00:00ChatsworthGAUSAUnknownDriving homePlane like object at tree level6/25/20
4/30/20 22:43EdgewoodWAUSAUnknown15-20 secondsLocation of sighting: Edgewood, WA Date: Thursday April 30th Time: 10:43 PM Weather conditions: clear and other stars visible On Thurs6/25/20
4/30/20 21:43MiamiFLUSAUnknown00:15Hovering bright light6/25/20
4/30/20 21:35MontverdeFLUSAUnknown5 MinutesWest to East was a straight line of what appeared to be air craft of some sort. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/30/20 21:25JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown2 minutesLights moving astronomically fast around the sky they stopped moving and stood still for about 15 seconds and then zoomed off6/25/20
4/30/20 21:20HonoluluHIUSAUnknown1 minuteI was shootimg darts in my carport and saw a military helicopter flyer way faster than usual. As it get closer to land i niticed a wh6/25/20
4/30/20 00:11El PasoTXUSAUnknown10 secondsIt was around 12:11 in the morning and I was just hanging out in my backyard with my dog. I saw an object flying very low, around 100 o6/25/20
4/29/20 20:35WaynesboroTNUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw a fast moving star light object and small sized object moving rapidly across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/28/20 22:10WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown5 minutes10 white lights in formation, observed over Wilmington NC. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/27/20 23:30Maple FallsWAUSAUnknown15 minutesLast night we were outside and saw an object moving across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))o6/25/20
4/27/20 21:10Ruther GlenVAUSAUnknown18 secondsLarge ufo in Ruther Glen, VA. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/27/20 21:00WyomissingPAUSAUnknown>5 minutes20 Lights in a row. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/27/20 20:15Colonial BeachVAUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw 6 objects flying down the Potomac.6/25/20
4/26/20 22:00NilesMIUSAUnknown15-20 seconds15-20 lights in the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/26/20 19:45MadisonWIUSAUnknown4 to 5 minutesred light through the sky at first, then 2 large square/rectangle were observed6/25/20
4/26/20 02:30OrlandoFLUSAUnknown15 minutesLarge sparkle: seen MULTIPLE nights in a row6/25/20
4/25/20 20:30WillistonVTUSAUnknown1 minute3 lights traveling silently across the sky - multiple witnesses. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/25/20 12:00MeridenCTUSAUnknown5 minsWas out for a walk and saw a very low flying JetBlue. After watching the jet noticed a flashing object in the distance. The object hove6/25/20
4/22/20 03:45NewportWAUSAUnknown5 secondsZig zag light in the sky.6/25/20
4/20/20 22:25Bath TownshipOHUSAUnknown2 events each 30 secsObserved multiple orange orbs in northern Ohio sky6/25/20
4/20/20 21:22StamfordCTUSAUnknown15 seconds repeated severGrid FN31FC Heard what sounded like a boom, or sonic type of a boom Stamford, Ct. Anyone else hear that. Possible high-flying jet causi6/25/20
4/19/20 22:30Etobicoke (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1.2 hoursPossible ORB in sky?6/25/20
4/19/20 21:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown5 minutes possibly longerSingle file about an inch apart looking with naked eye from ground, ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/18/20 22:30DouglasWYUSAUnknown45 minutesOutside in a small wyoming town with little to no light pollution. My family and I see in the moonlight a somewhat transparent object i6/25/20
4/18/20 20:35ReddingCAUSAUnknown1520-30 single lighted flying objects flying steadily in linear formation. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/17/20 22:00Ft. WorthTXUSAUnknown5 minutesSingle line formation. Dozen craft evenly spaced. SW to N sky. Extreme rate of speed. High altitude. ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
4/17/20 21:30MeadWAUSAUnknown15 minutes30 satellite like objects flew over house in under 15 minutes. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/17/20 21:00North BendWAUSAUnknown1 hour60 ufos in a convoy. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/17/20 08:00NapaCAUSAUnknown15 minutes a moving star looked like a satellite except there were others following there were 30 total. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 22:30LowellORUSAUnknown1 hourReports came over emergency dispatch radio of upwards of 100 UFOs. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 22:00ReddingCAUSAUnknown30 minutes300 plus ships in a sequential formation over California. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 21:31TexarkanaTXUSAUnknown8 minutesEvery 12-15 seconds there was another ufo that appeared in the sky around the same area. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 21:31TexarkanaTXUSAUnknown8 minutesEvery 12-15 seconds there was another ufo that appeared in the sky around the same area. S((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 21:20Huntington BeachCAUSAUnknown20 seconds5 solid red lights horizontal. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/16/20 21:05QuartzsiteAZUSAUnknown20+ minutesWitnessed many objects all enter at one point and all vanish at another in the western night sky. ((Starlink satellites?))5/1/20
4/16/20 21:00MontebelloCAUSAUnknown15 minutesOK as I looked up I know what satellites look like when I spot one in the sky and how fast they're moving and how they do not look like5/15/20
4/16/20 10:05PetoskeyMIUSAUnknown27 minutesStrange lights in the sky that look like stars but we’re moving too quick to be satellites are airplanes ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/15/20 23:30Warner RobinsGAUSAUnknown25 minutesI noticed that a line of objects was made that looked like airplanes. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/15/20 20:20PeoriaAZUSAUnknown25 minutes We have witnessed multiple lights looking like satellites with varing degrees of brightness in orbit. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/15/20 19:00KentwoodMIUSAUnknown3 hoursBright Small object - mostly hovering - moving very slow at times6/25/20
4/15/20 05:00EncinitasCAUSAUnknown15 minutesMore than 23 objects at 5 am. ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
4/14/20 23:00ChesneeSCUSAUnknownThe crafts were blue lights and fast6/25/20
4/14/20 10:30TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown20 minutesI was sitting in my car playing poker on my phone when the reception went out. I got out of the car to move the phone around and a glow6/25/20
4/14/20 05:45AlamogordoNMUSAUnknown15 minutesSpotted 21 points of light flying in identical flightpath in ~45 second intervals. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/14/20 04:45Indore City (India)IndiaUnknown5 secondsSeen a bright spot travelling from west to east6/25/20
4/13/20 23:30PensacolaFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesCraft was moving slowly to the east/SE and appeared to be less than 1,000 feet above me as I could see flames shooting out from underne6/25/20
4/12/20 21:00North BergenNJUSAUnknownsnake shape bright light6/25/20
4/12/20 05:15LongviewWAUSAUnknown30 minutesLong period of flashing lights traveling in a signle file line formation. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/11/20 21:20VancouverWAUSAUnknownmultiple daysStrange light above washington that doesn't move at all, ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))6/25/20
4/10/20 21:38BendORUSAUnknown30 minI've never been a believer, but maybe… ((Starlink satellites))6/25/20
4/10/20 21:00NorwalkCTUSAUnknown40 minutesYellow orange lights moving in the sky of Connecticut USA6/25/20
4/9/20 01:00Ludlow (area)MAUSAUnknown>30 minutesI saw a UFO with flashing red and green lights, with no aircraft or towers nearby so it could only be a UFO, appeared to be moving too.4/9/20
4/7/20 21:45BoiseIDUSAUnknown1 hourBright white light moving intermittently in the Boise sky with green and red light.4/9/20
4/6/20 21:00NorthamptonPAUSAUnknown45 minutesBright motionless-less light object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))4/9/20
4/6/20 19:45BristolPAUSAUnknownObject was coming from the west, and was completely silent. It had a large white light. ((MUFON report))1/19/21
4/5/20 23:00CheshireCTUSAUnknown1 hour or sostar-like objects moving in the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/4/20 20:30WelchMNUSAUnknown4 minutesOrange/red lighted silent object moving through the sky6/25/20
4/4/20 10:55Saint-Laurent (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown3 minutesQuick flying object in the night of the pink moon.4/9/20
4/3/20 15:45KaysvilleUTUSAUnknown10 secondsHighly reflective object floating downward.6/25/20
3/30/20 23:00Chemainus (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown2 minutesSmall red light searching threw the clouds6/25/20
3/25/20 23:05YukonOKUSAUnknown3 minutesIt was a clear night, with no clouds in the sky5/21/20
3/25/20 22:06OxfordALUSAUnknown10 minutesHusband and I saw a craft of unknown shape in the Northwest area of the sky. I filmed the object for over a minute, and it seemed to di4/9/20
3/25/20 21:40Sun VallyIDUSAUnknown40 minutesRed and green flickering star like object moving sporadically and randomly in different directions for about 45 minutes5/21/20
3/25/20 20:55CiscoTXUSAUnknown5 secondsStrange set of lights slowly traveling across the sky then disappearing5/21/20
3/25/20 19:50San Tan ValleyAZUSAUnknown15 minutes20 star like objects traveling NE one by one over San Tan Valley az ((Starlink satellites))5/21/20
3/24/20 17:30Bella VistaARUSAUnknown5 minutes16+ solid white lights moving along same trajectory and all perfectly evenly spaced . ((Starlink satellites))5/21/20
3/21/20 21:45RanchesterWYUSAUnknown31Was sitting still then startled to travel north when the star appearing object turned its star light off.4/9/20
3/21/20 19:50Enderby (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown5 minutesApprox. At 7:50 pm on March 21, 2020, I noticed two yellow lights in the sky overlooking the valley facing north from Saltwell Road, En5/15/20
3/21/20 18:30Port TownsendWAUSAUnknown5 minutesHovering over Discovery Bay Port Townsend. Bright light moved upward in the clear blue Sky and then disappeared. No dot in the sky whe5/21/20
3/19/20 20:00WarrentonMOUSAUnknown30 secondsWe saw a pinpoint, single white light moving at a fast speed northwest to southeast .4/9/20
3/18/20 22:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown4 hoursFor the last 2 weeks this object has been coning out every night hovering and moving slightly across the sky. ((Venus??))5/15/20
3/18/20 21:00Round RockTXUSAUnknown10:00pma unique light in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))4/9/20
3/16/20 06:00BellinghamWAUSAUnknown30 minutesFlying objects flying east of Bellingham WA at 6AM this morning.I thought they was satellite's but there was to many flying objects goi4/9/20
3/15/20 20:20MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown10 minutesStar like points of light evenly spaced apparently at very high altitude traveling at considerable speed. ((Starlink satellites))5/15/20
3/15/20 09:55River EdgeNJUSAUnknown25+ minutesAn object was spotted in the Northeast direction from Bergen County, NJ for over 20 minutes. ((Venus??))5/7/20
3/12/20 20:48TroyOHUSAUnknown33 minutespassed it in my car at 50 mph. And it was under 1000 ft over town. Had a definite sharp edge triangle shape.3/2/21
3/10/20 08:45LawrencevilleGAUSAUnknown5-7 minutesStationery Rumbling in Sky for 10 minutes. Not a plane or helicopter.5/1/20
3/8/20 23:24Kastl (Germany)GermanyUnknown5 minutesBright lights over Germany8/27/20
3/7/20 20:00St. CloudMNUSAUnknown3 minutes10 aircraft in evenly spaced linear formation. ((Spacelink satellites))5/1/20
3/7/20 19:30Huber HeightsOHUSAUnknown45 seconds11-12 Fast Flying Objects over Dayton, Ohio Suburb ((Spacelink satellites))5/1/20
3/6/20 22:00Fort AtkinsonWIUSAUnknown7 minutes20 Flying lights disappearing. ((Spacelink satellites))5/1/20
3/6/20 19:50MadisonWIUSAUnknown7 minutesEach object was dimly lit and traveling at a high rate of speed and accenting before each disappeared . ((Starlink satellites))5/1/20
3/6/20 19:10JacksonWIUSAUnknown19:10-19:25Looking west at a bright star at about 19:10 last night. I then noticed movement ((Spacelink satellites))5/1/20
3/6/20 05:30Point MackenzieAKUSAUnknown2-12 secondsI only heard it, it sounded like a jet at a speed close to or exceeding that of the speed of sound5/1/20
3/5/20 21:30New OrleansLAUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange Fire Like Orbs Flying Across Mississippi River.5/1/20
3/5/20 21:14McCordsvilleINUSAUnknown4 secondsTranslucent or Cloaked UFO visible against night sky.4/9/20
3/5/20 20:17HarrisburgPAUSAUnknown10 minutesDim light close to venus quickly becoming brighter than venus and then fading away. happened total of approx 10 times5/1/20
3/5/20 19:13AltamontILUSAUnknown15Small star like fleet of lights over night sky- No specific formation - not nose to tail, tail to nose. (("Starlink" satellites??))4/9/20
3/5/20 07:40FrutiaCOUSAUnknown3 minutesStars flying not falling. ((Starlink satellites)) ((anonymous))5/1/20
3/4/20 19:00FairplatCOUSAUnknown30 minutes50 or more high altitude line of small lights moving North over South Park. (("Starlink" satellites??))4/9/20
3/1/20 19:00HawthorneNJUSAUnknown5 minutesFLYING OBJECTS.5/1/20
2/29/20RiverviewFLUSAUnknown20:10I live in Riverview and tonight I was walking my dog and saw something similar to the 8/27/2019 craft witnessed in Tampa Bay. However,4/9/20
2/28/20 05:30GlendaleAZUSAUnknown3-4 minutesMany UFO’s flying the sky of Glendale AZ 2/28/20 5:30am (("Starlink satellites??))4/9/20
2/27/20 01:10GeorgetownTXUSAUnknown45 secondsHello,I am anonymous bcz I am very terrified. EXTREMELY!!! low flying thing hovered over my house.4/9/20
2/27/20 01:10GeorgetownTXUSAUnknown2 minutesLow flying object heard "whipping" in sky. Vibration shook my house. Never heard this type of noise before.4/9/20
2/25/20 06:10CalgaryABCanadaUnknown90 seconds16 consecutive lights equidistant from each other. (("Spacelink" satellites??))4/9/20
2/24/20 04:30North PoleAKUSAUnknown10 minutesYellowish sphere, with light and a haze to it, stopped went back the direction it came from. ((anonymous report))2/25/20
2/24/20 01:00StanleyNDUSAUnknown15 minutesTraveling west on hwy2, deep red light hovering 500ft above a house,3 miles east of stanley roughly half mile to south of hwy 2, observ4/9/20
2/23/20 02:00MNUSAUnknown1 minuteI was driving down the highway, it was dark out and no other cars on the road at the time I saw this unknown light. I noticed a bright4/9/20
2/23/20 00:00BathPAUSAUnknownWitness a plane like object hovering over a warehouse4/9/20
2/22/20 22:00Clarks SummitPAUSAUnknown4 hoursUFO crash landing followed by hours of military helicopter traffic4/9/20
2/22/20 13:00SmyrnaGAUSAUnknown30 minutesFixed light in daytime sky.5/15/20
2/21/20 19:30TiftonGAUSAUnknown3 minutesLarge spark-like lights2/25/20
2/20/20 23:46Royse CityTXUSAUnknown21I saw 3-5 objects in 10" Telescope.2/25/20
2/20/20 17:00Orlando (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesI was driving on the 192 highway near Disney world heading west when I saw a white object in the sky very far out it was hovering and n2/25/20
2/19/20 11:07SanteeCAUSAUnknown00:05Three separate fast moving objects left a trail behind them from 22,000 to about 5,000 feet and began to group together2/25/20
2/18/20 19:30DenverCOUSAUnknownIt looked like a bug bright star until I git closer. The object started moving so I started recording this object in the sky it stoo2/25/20
2/18/20 05:20WildervilleORUSAUnknown~ 5 minutesmultiple pinpoint lights (satellite type) emanating every 2-3 seconds from one point. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/25/20
2/18/20 02:45Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 minutesStrange light.2/25/20
2/17/20 20:40RoanokeVAUSAUnknown10:40Two blinking objects connect and then fly away together2/25/20
2/17/20 01:30St. MariesIDUSAUnknownOngoingLight changing from bright white to orange as if the source is rotating. The white light is very intense and lights up the entire area.2/25/20
2/16/20 07:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light on object.8/16/21
2/16/20 06:45West YarmouthMAUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange searching lights in woods that changed colors2/25/20
2/14/20 02:46San FranciscoCAUSAUnknown1 secondSomething extremely bright flew by my bedroom window with a high pitched sound woooooo. Half of my room was lit with a flash of light.2/25/20
2/10/20 22:00ClearlakeCAUSAUnknown150 minutesMultiple crafts seen over Clearlake, seen descending to Mt. Konocti2/13/20
2/8/20 23:30SacramentoCAUSAUnknown4 minutesTriangle blinking lights.2/13/20
2/8/20 05:51UkiahCAUSAUnknown4 minutesLights in the early moring sky!2/13/20
2/6/20 22:00RockfordIAUSAUnknownUnknownNight sky . East south east of my location. Low on the horizon. Flashing or strobing bright lights. No regular pattern. Bright red at2/13/20
2/4/20 05:30London (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown20 minutesLine of white lights.2/7/20
2/3/20 20:28GoodnightTXUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw white and blue lights,thought it was an airplane but it shifted positions and directions quickly, and then blinked out completely.2/7/20
2/3/20 20:00EastabogaALUSAUnknownHoursWell this has been happening several nights for awhile now first we thought the lights were drones until we started to see 2 drones fly2/7/20
2/2/20 20:41Shady ValleyTNUSAUnknown1 hourWalking into my garage, I see a set of 2 very bright lights over the treetops about 150 meters to my northeast, they dont appear to be2/7/20
1/31/20 19:57Arizona CityAZUSAUnknown2:55Blinking lights tha pull away and tilt.5/1/20
1/31/20 19:56Arizona CityAZUSAUnknown2Blinking unexplained lights that tilt and move.2/25/20
1/28/20 21:00Anywhere (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown1 secondThe sound of silence...1/31/20
1/27/20 22:28LakewoodCAUSAUnknown1 minuteLarge red pulsating light vanished.2/7/20
1/27/20 18:40WeatherfordTXUSAUnknown30Low flying/hovering helicopter sounding objects with bright white lights2/7/20
1/26/20 20:17Cochrane (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown8 minutesString on various lights on sky flying on straight line and disappearing one by one on the same spot. (("Starlink satellites??))1/31/20
1/26/20 06:45AynorSCUSAUnknown45 secondsThis orange/fiery object seemed as if were a plane on fire, and then I lost sight of it while driving after slowing down.1/31/20
1/22/20 16:45HuntsvilleALUSAUnknown30 minutesspotted flying object with flashing bright white light,then stopped remained there and desend downward1/31/20
1/21/20 00:00GouverneurNYUSAUnknown1 minuteAt about 12:50 or so I was sitting down with my girlfriend to put together a puzzle . shortly after we began separating out the edge pi1/31/20
1/21/20 00:00GouverneurNYUSAUnknown1 minuteMy partner and I were sitting in our living room and heard a strang whirring noise out curiosity I decided to look out the window and1/31/20
1/16/20 23:30DeerfieldNYUSAUnknown1Invisible spinning ufo making giant spiral chemtrail Video On UFOSTALKER2/7/20
1/16/20 21:30PowellWYUSAUnknown5 minutesThree star-like lights formed in a triangle w/faint light between the 3 brighter lights slowly moving across night sky--3 objects?2/7/20
1/15/20 06:35WaterlooILUSAUnknown10 minutesLights like stars moving in a straight line at a steady pace and evenly spaced apart. (("Starlink" satellites??))1/31/20
1/14/20 19:00JacksonOHUSAUnknown10-20 secondsDriving on Burlington rd. and witnessed several straight rows of multiple lights that appeared to line a black/invisible square or tria2/7/20
1/13/20 18:45Fairfield BayARUSAUnknown60 secondsSix lights that blinked on and off and suddenly disappeared seen near home near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas2/7/20
1/12/20 19:00RedlandsFLUSAUnknown3 minuteslooking South West at the BLUE STAR i noticed a line of lights. (("Spacelink satellites??))2/7/20
1/12/20 18:50StuartFLUSAUnknownFew minutesLine of white lights over southeast Florida (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
1/12/20 16:00Staten IslandNYUSAUnknown2 secondsfast, forgetful afterwards. ((anonymous report))2/7/20
1/10/20 07:45Bude (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secondsLarge black craft hiding within thick, dark clouds2/7/20
1/9/20 01:00AudubonNJUSAUnknownBlob and green light seen near moon.1/31/20
1/8/20 22:00Haifa (Israel)Israel\occupied palestineUnknown<2 seconds01/08/20 22:00 haifa(israel) unknown ~1second bright green dot moved straight above me and then far away went upwards9/4/20
1/8/20 01:00Seekonk/Pawtucket LineRIUSAUnknown1-2 minutesLarge circular lights hoovering above golf course2/7/20
1/7/20 19:00EvansvilleINUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw a white orb disappear and reappear possibly using a stealth technology2/7/20
1/7/20 18:15Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown7 minutesWitnessed (14) flying objects flying NW to SE over Cedar Rapids. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
1/7/20 06:27MarshallWIUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo steady white lights moving in tandem, west to east near Madison, WI2/7/20
1/7/20 06:00LibertyTXUSAUnknown5 minutesVertical arrangement of lights with synchronized rapid movement. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
1/6/20 13:45HarrisonburgVAUSAUnknown15 minutesA contrail was headed toward the ground and then changed direction after 3 more aircraft were drawing near2/7/20
1/6/20 05:45DracutMAUSAUnknownSeveral minutesTwo lights (from ground 6-7 inches apart), making me assume object was large and low. Could only see the lights not the object.2/7/20
1/6/20 05:18LincolnNEUSAUnknown2 hoursPossible Abduction2/7/20
1/5/20 16:22CharlestonSCUSAUnknown:023 objects buzzing around in broad daylight and vanish in formation.2/7/20
1/1/20 17:30Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown4-5 minutesFirst 15 were on the same course and spaced very even. (("Spacelink" satellites??)2/7/20
1/1/20 13:00ClermontFLUSAUnknown60 minutes +It was a light hovering to 25° south west for over an hour move up and move down. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))((anonymous))1/31/20
1/1/20 01:00BristolMEUSAUnknown60See clouds looked weird and only 2 in sky then sun reflection of my mirror from sun setting hit this ship. ((anonymous report))2/7/20
12/31/19 22:00New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown4.30 minutesAbout 10:10 pm new years Eve, walking my dog, I looked up towards the west and saw a huge orange / reddish light moving silent across t2/7/20
12/31/19 21:00San DiegoCAUSAUnknown2 minutes I noticed a series of lights that appeared on the top right corner of the frame (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
12/31/19 20:30HarmonyNJUSAUnknownSeveral minuteslarge slow moving craft with colored lights in Harmony, NJ.2/7/20
12/29/19 22:43Ballston SpaNYUSAUnknown2 minuteLarge explosion followed by bright light heard across multiple towns2/7/20
12/29/19 20:33St. PetersburgFLUSAUnknown16 minutesMe and my siblings were in our backyard when we noticed the two UFOs. They were in a diagonal line with the 2 ufos being at each end of2/7/20
12/28/19 19:30Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown15 minutes(("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
12/27/19 22:30ChelseaIAUSAUnknownUnknown10-12 circular lights lined up on a hill2/7/20
12/27/19 19:30Cudworth (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown1-2 minutesThey appeared as satilites, each was one single white dot! (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
12/26/19 19:00BrooklynNYUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge Green and Red Flashing Lights - Low Flying Craft2/7/20
12/25/19 17:45Bonney lakeWAUSAUnknown5 minutes30 fast moving objects. (("Starlink" satellites??))1/31/20
12/24/19 22:05AnchorageAKUSAUnknown3 minutesThree objects, evening sky, over the city of Anchorage Alaska, December 24, each seem to be each object was orange/flames2/7/20
12/23/19 19:30Christmas ValleyORUSAUnknown5 minutesNumerous lights (looked like stars) moving from southwest to the northeast. (("Starlink" satellites??)) spaced but1/31/20
12/23/19 18:25John DayORUSAUnknown5 minutesWitnessed 25 lights appear near south horizon, brighten and then fade away near straight up in sky. (("Starlink" satellites??)1/31/20
12/23/19 17:00WinchesterKYUSAUnknown10 minutesCraft trailing smoke from 2 engines.2/7/20
12/23/19SkokieILUSAUnknown17:12What appeared to be stars like the others in the sky. One started to move and stop. Phone pulled out and recorded the rest this is my 32/7/20
12/22/19 21:00BethlehemPAUSAUnknownHoursHello, My wife and I been seeing these objects in the sky since last year , it started with just one now there are about 6 high in the12/22/19
12/22/19 19:32Torrevieja (Spain)SpainUnknown5-7 minutesMultiple objects in a straight line and constant heading. ((Starlink satellites?))12/22/19
12/22/19 19:00GladwinMIUSAUnknown15 minutesMy stepdad was outside when he saw a line of bright lights that seemed to be moving from N to S. ((Starlink satellites?))12/22/19
12/22/19 17:20FlintMIUSAUnknown5 minutesRotating object, appearing to be near lake Lake Michigan near Grand Rapids. (("Spacelink" satellites.))2/7/20
12/21/19 18:43ValexNMUSAUnknown4.5 mintuesChain of lights- move steadily then disappears.12/22/19
12/21/19 06:20WichitaKSUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw a dot in the sky moving slowly with my brother. We watched it move from northwest to northeast. Thought it was a satellite until it12/22/19
12/20/19 05:50Del MarCAUSAUnknown2 minutesVery large bright (white Light) object falling down out of sky at a controlled rate, did anyone else see it?12/22/19
12/19/19 22:28Fort CollinsCOUSAUnknown1.5minUpon leaving a friends house around 10:30pm, we walked outside the front door (facing east coming outside) and noticed a blinking light12/22/19
12/19/19 19:00MesaAZUSAUnknown20 minutesI was travelling on Loop 202 Beeline Highway heading West . Coming from the South were two perfectly round dull green lights on opposit12/22/19
12/18/19 18:20JacksonvilleALUSAUnknown25 minutes - ongoingIn the west southwest sky near capricornus, there is a large, bright light. The light is yellow-white and undulating. Off and on we can12/19/19
12/18/19 12:00San Juan (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoUnknown5 secondsAn incredibly large fast moving black shadow ran across the hill in front of us. ((anonymous report))12/19/19
12/17/19 17:50ClearfieldUTUSAUnknownMinutesTwo flying crafts, travelling at high speed, either light green or blue flashing lights, in Davis county.12/19/19
12/15/19 06:00HonoluluHIUSAUnknown10 minutes40+ UFOs flying at a very high altitude from the east to the west over Oahu, Hawaii12/19/19
12/14/19 17:50ConowingoMDUSAUnknownIt was a ship with lights coming from it. It took off fast and in a flash was gone. Gone.6/25/20
12/13/19 09:10El pasoTXUSAUnknownAt stop light, brief2 gliding objects12/19/19
12/12/19 04:05TucsonAZUSAUnknown~15 minutescaught sight of the trail of lights ((Starlink satellites??))7/23/20
12/11/19 21:20EskoMNUSAUnknown1 secondGreen and purple light zig zaged across sky for a secondt then disappeared12/19/19
12/11/19 06:00seymourTNUSAUnknown10 objects high in the sky12/19/19
12/10/19 17:32NilesOHUSAUnknown20Pulsating light over the Chipotle Plaza started white and pulsated into a reddish yellow color lasting 3-4 secs and 2 secs in between.12/19/19
12/8/19 17:35BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown3 minutesWe were sitting in our college dorm and heard booming like a big truck was driving around in the distance but not quite. When we looked12/19/19
12/7/19 23:44AmesIAUSAUnknownOver a few hoursI was driving home after dropping off a friend... as we were hanging out, we were looking at the sky and saw a very weird looking shoot12/19/19
12/7/19 23:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown30minHelicopter searching the sky for something.12/19/19
12/7/19 22:30W TERRE HAUTEINUSAUnknown20Steady lights above cloud level stationary binoculars showed green and red rotating, lights were not movind in any direction just stead12/19/19
12/7/19 18:30SpencerNCUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge craft over Polar Express.12/19/19
12/7/19 18:30JamestownMIUSAUnknown3 to 5 minutesShape not visable, lights appeared in perfect straight line. 3 lights total, perfectly spaced. Craft appeared to be huge in size, lig12/19/19
12/6/19 18:15Pell LakeWIUSAUnknown2minI couldn’t see the shape of a craft all I could see was a huge beam of light shining straight from the sky to the ground. It was so wid12/19/19
12/6/19 04:00ShirleyMAUSAUnknown5:00I watch every night and early morning hours objects making up down circles in sky’s. All the time. I love watching them. This is on12/19/19
12/6/19 00:30Little RiverSCUSAUnknown5 minutesI live on ICW. Asleep 3 hours. Suddenly awakened by a fast approaching, high accelerating, loud, roaring noise. Vibration felt inside h12/19/19
12/5/19 19:45James IslandSCUSAUnknown<15 secondsWas going down camp rd. near middle school and saw 3 orange lights in equilateral triangle formation, l((anonymous report))12/19/19
12/5/19 06:30High River (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown15 minutesLine of Lights in the early morning sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Starlink satellites. PD))12/19/19
12/3/19 22:45SeymourINUSAUnknown10 secondsI am a 38yr old man, of sound mind and in good health. This is my first ever sighting.I was traveling north on Hwy 11 (ewing st.) at ro12/19/19
12/3/19 17:00ShelbyvilleILUSAUnknownsecondsgreen and yellow and appeared to be on fire and vanished before hitting earth12/19/19
12/2/19Istanbul (Turkey)TurkeyUnknown1 min 32 secThere two blue flying objects on the sky.12/19/19
12/1/19 21:00ClearwaterVAUSAUnknown10minWe saw three strange lights appear over Clearwater Beach Fl (Opal Sands Hotel area) at approximately 9pm.12/19/19
11/30/19 12:13New YorkNYUSAUnknownSomething that blew my mind????? They're out here???6/25/20
11/30/19 06:30New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknownFew minutesI seen something with colorful lights moving strangely. It was pretty low to be an airplane. And the way it moved was definitely not a12/1/19
11/27/19 02:45VenturaCAUSAUnknown15 secondsHuge Flat Beam of Light completely vertical, Lit up entire sky with bright white lite, lights inside were surging and losing power.12/1/19
11/25/19 05:20SheridanWYUSAUnknown5Multiple white lights suddenly appear over wyoming. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/24/19 05:30PataskalaOHUSAUnknown15 minutesMultiple objects appeared from dark sky and tracked behind each other. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/24/19 05:30ErieKSUSAUnknownminutesThey all came from a dark area of the sky. I looked up and saw 2 what I thought were Satellite's moving West to East12/1/19
11/24/19 05:20MarysvilleOHUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange lights over Central Ohio. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/22/19 06:05LargoFLUSAUnknown60 secondsMultiple lights moving in formation. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/22/19 06:05LargoFLUSAUnknown60 secondsMultiple lights moving in formation12/1/19
11/22/19 06:00SopertonGAUSAUnknownalmost middle of skyI Sighted Many UFOs Moving Across The Night Sky In Patterns. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/21/19 06:03WendellIDUSAUnknown10 minutesUnknown, erratically moving object in the early morning visible in Wendell, Idaho12/1/19
11/20/19 11:00JacksonvilleNCUSAUnknown4 hoursLoud Humming sound2/7/20
11/19/19 19:20LyonsKSUSAUnknown4minsLights heading north. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/18/19 00:00ButlerTNUSAUnknown+30 minsLights over Johnson CO TN12/1/19
11/17/19 22:00WacoGAUSAUnknown20 minutesUnknown shape. Thought it was a plane but it never went anywhere except up and down . Flashing red green and blue. At times it disap12/1/19
11/16/19 17:00BelmontNHUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite flashing lights seen heading east from Belmont, NH12/1/19
11/16/19 03:00NilesOHUSAUnknown30 secondsIntensely Bright starlike sighting, slightly above the treetops, with pulsating reddish glow to center. Moving Southeast to Southwest.12/1/19
11/13/19 23:00TarboroNCUSAUnknown3 minutesDark undetected object. High speed.12/1/19
11/12/19 19:30LahainaHIUSAUnknown1:11We were looking at end of street; there was a line of lights moving across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space-X satellites?? PD))12/1/19
11/12/19 07:135 miles of J six highway 10AZUSAUnknown~1 minuteA bunch of Lights getting into a perfect straight line.12/1/19
11/11/19 22:20DenverCOUSAUnknown3 minutesUnnatural movment of craft over denver - Possible UFO12/1/19
11/11/19 18:55Show LowAZUSAUnknown2Lights. ((NUFORC Note: Cluster of "Starlink" satellites. PD))12/1/19
11/11/19 18:55TucsonAZUSAUnknown1+ minuteA long string of lights moving very slowly across the western night sky from the north to the south.12/6/19
11/10/19 06:00WELLSNVUSAUnknown10 minutesin earlyam dark skys saw what first thought was planes but ended up to be fourty+ following each other12/19/19
11/8/19 20:55Kansas CityKSUSAUnknown3 secondsStationary light streaks across the sky at the speed of a shooting star after being stationary. 1 second stationary 1 second moving out12/1/19
11/7/19 18:58AuroraILUSAUnknown7 minutes6 strange lights that appeared to be operating as one but at the same time, independently.12/1/19
11/7/19 18:25San Tan ValleyAZUSAUnknownFlying above empty field with red and blue lights.12/1/19
11/6/19 18:30SnellvilleGAUSAUnknown10 secondsblue light/craft(?), erratic movements, incredible speed, seen in distance in night sky12/1/19
11/6/19 01:30Saint Clair ShoresMIUSAUnknown0.5 secondStarfighters12/1/19
11/6/19 01:20DudleyMAUSAUnknown3-4 secondsI saw what almost looked like a "shooting star" except it went straight down.12/1/19
11/5/19 21:30HendersonNVUSAUnknownOngoingAt around 2130 on 11/05 I noticed bright lights in the sky that did not resemble any stars I’ve seen.12/1/19
11/5/19 21:00MarysvilleCAUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge craft flying low and slow12/1/19
11/4/19 07:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown2 hours4 flashing objects hovering lower than aircraft12/1/19
11/3/19 17:45RichmondTXUSAUnknown45-50 secondsBright light from the North to South and makes 90 degree high speed turn.12/1/19
11/3/19 01:30TaylorsSCUSAUnknown1 hour12/1/19
11/2/19 20:00EriePAUSAUnknown30 minutesBright flashes in eastern sky appearing to come from the ground, noticed at a distance in the Easter sky that there was a bright object12/1/19
11/2/19 03:36North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown4+Loud hovering noises for the 3rd month in a row. Live near cafb but it sounds like grid searching every time.12/1/19
11/2/19 01:00San DimasCAUSAUnknown3 secondsQuick extremely bright flash of flight followed by a light trail that dissapeared within seconds, silent.12/1/19
11/1/19 22:34HarrisonOHUSAUnknown1 minuteI simply thought it was a car at first. It started with a low humming sound. I live in apartments in Harrison, Oh. So didn't think much12/1/19
10/31/19 20:30Post FallsIDUSAUnknown3-5 minutesOrange ball of light flying near cell tower in Post Falls Idaho on Halloween at about 8:30 pm local time.12/1/19
10/31/19 18:30Friday HarborUSAUnknown~2 minutesUnidentified aircraft flew by very fast with bright lights, a plane(?) was underneath it12/1/19
10/28/19 07:10Eagle MountainUTUSAUnknown20 secondsSingle light zipped across the sky12/1/19
10/27/19 20:30VancouverWAUSAUnknown60-90 secondsBright blue and solid light traveling NNE over Vancouver, WA (98661) neighborhood with almost inaudible sound and no apparent shape.12/1/19
10/26/19 16:40Montreal (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown6 minutesChem trail-like objects cris-crossing in the sky and moving in impossible aircraft manners12/1/19
10/25/19 21:00LesageWVUSAUnknown2 bluish lights over a rural road in Lesage, WV12/1/19
10/19/19 14:30FairdaleKYUSAUnknown~5 minutesThis was NOT a balloon floating in the sky!!!12/23/20
10/19/19 05:15Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown1 minuteZig zagging flashing light.12/1/19
10/19/19 01:15KulaHIUSAUnknownWeeksWhat I saw was not any aircraft, it was massive amount of booms and visual explosions that was all over in every direction, the first t2/7/20
10/18/19 10:40scottsdaleAZUSAUnknown20-30 secondsa red light in the night sky with a slow blinking white light12/1/19
10/18/19 08:00YosemiteKYUSAUnknownDon't rememberI remember looking at the clock and it being either 8 or 10 pm on Oct. 18 2019. I had been up for two days unable to sleep for some rea12/1/19
10/18/19 00:00Atlanta (downtown area)GAUSAUnknown45mins6 LIGHTS total....... 4 blue 2 white..... the white light was blinking slowly....... u couldnt see anything else. like it was cloaked12/1/19
10/17/19 06:45MilanMIUSAUnknown12/1/19
10/13/19 23:35WoodbridgeVAUSAUnknown2 minutesmassive object falling from the sky and disappearing suddenly before impact12/1/19
10/12/19 18:34MalakoffTXUSAUnknown3 minutesUnknown lights traveling in Western sky12/1/19
10/12/19 02:59North uticaNYUSAUnknown1hour so far3rd night in a row two craft or whatever they are good distance apart sitting hovering changing colors in like.... cooperation with eac12/1/19
10/11/19 19:30Ponce de LeonFLUSAUnknown<2 minutesUnknown aircraft nav-anticollision light configuration.12/1/19
10/11/19 02:50CamdenNYUSAUnknownstill goingSouth East direction in sky blue, red, white flashing lights but in a stationary position. I have seen this numerous times and it does12/1/19
10/10/19 21:07stansbury areaUTUSAUnknown10 minutesat least 3 unexplained lights rotating around each other, moving in various directions12/1/19
10/10/19 20:30WalthamMAUSAUnknown30 minutesAt 20:30 we (me and my wife) went for the smoke break (we're not smoking in house 'cause of kids). Right after lighting up12/1/19
10/9/19 22:50KennesawGAUSAUnknown10-15 minutesMonotonous mid-tone pitch and sound for 15 min from no certain direction (loud). Neighborhoods heard it.12/1/19
10/9/19 10:43GreenvilleSCUSAUnknown2 minutes3 Star like objects meet then fade away.12/1/19
10/9/19 07:15South BendINUSAUnknown1 secondI'm not sure it was anything special but it's the most unexplainable thing I've seen. I was standing outside sipping coffee with some c12/1/19
10/9/19 02:00Odessa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5:00Hello, I'd like to start of by saying I'm not crazy and I know what I saw was real! 2am I was laying in bed looking out the window and12/1/19
10/8/19 20:42BedfordTXUSAUnknown2 minutesConstant white/red light at high altitude seen in Texas12/1/19
10/8/19 20:05JenkintownPAUSAUnknown10 secondsBright Light falling from sky.12/1/19
10/8/19 10:45Alta LomaCAUSAUnknown20 secondsUFO Squadron flying in two triangle formations at high altitudes.12/1/19
10/8/19 04:00MilfordCTUSAUnknown1 minuteAround 4 am I looked out my second floor window and saw a bright light shining through the tops of the trees. The light was very white12/1/19
10/8/19 03:35Rocky MountNCUSAUnknown3 minutesLoud heavy metal object12/1/19
10/6/19 20:00WichitaKSUSAUnknown4 minuteslooked like a plane flying when a red light moved in different directions and disappeared12/1/19
10/5/19 20:00HillsboroughNCUSAUnknown1 minuteWe seen them 3 different times. They appeared of of nowhere. I got a minute video of them in flight. You can hear screaming when they f12/1/19
10/5/19 02:50BelmontNYUSAUnknownONGOINGUNKNOWN OBJECT IN THE SKY12/1/19
10/4/19 20:35MarionMAUSAUnknown2 secondsDriving down 195 west saw a bright light appear miles off in the distance and plummet quickly into treeline...either shooting star or I12/1/19
10/4/19 20:35LynnwoodWAUSAUnknownunsure4 bluish-white lights that were simultaneously going in a circle, but meeting into middle (diagonally).12/1/19
10/4/19 03:00Danville (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown15 seconds2 perfect apples appeared out of nowhere, 1 UFO encounter7/31/21
10/3/19 21:30SumpterSCUSAUnknown1 hourObserved an odd moving light above Sumter SC at 9:30 pm on 3 Oct 2019.10/4/19
10/2/19 01:00HayforkCAUSAUnknown3 minutesDon't care it happend10/4/19
10/1/19 01:00Great FallsMTUSAUnknown15 secondsShooting star that slows down to an almost complete stop, continues to zig and zag across the night sky from north to south.10/4/19
10/1/19 00:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown10 minutesI spotted a circular object in the sky far away with white and red blinking lights going from slow speeds to light speed.10/4/19
9/30/19 01:45DunnellonFLUSAUnknown5 minutesIlluminated satellite like object that turned multiple times at extremely high altitude10/4/19
9/29/19 04:50PlymouthNHUSAUnknown5 minutesWe am on a camping trip just south of the White Mountain national forest. Two lights equidistant from each other. Traveling west at the10/4/19
9/27/19 21:00New port richeyFLUSAUnknown1 hourUnidentified flying object seen multiple nights over the gulf of mexico. West-northwest craft moves in one line hovers for one hour. Di10/4/19
9/26/19 21:54Aliso ViejoCAUSAUnknown1 minuteCircular white lights.10/4/19
9/26/19 19:00WadesvilleINUSAUnknown2 minutesRed orb very intense light moving north from my position in Posey county.10/4/19
9/26/19 18:15FarmingtonCTUSAUnknown7 minutesOne big mothership that emitted two smaller crafts, all changing colors10/4/19
9/25/19 05:30Red LodgeMTUSAUnknown10 minutesExtremely bright multicolored orb larger than a star appeared to be suspended in the sky at about 30,000 feet.10/4/19
9/24/19 06:35IndianapolisINUSAUnknown((NUFORC Note: Little information provided by witness. PD))12/19/19
9/21/19 21:30St. George IslandFLUSAUnknown15 minutesUFO sighted moving toward shore on st George island and then another was seen moving away back over the gulf.10/4/19
9/21/19 21:00MarltonNJUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo different objects, ten minutes apart over New Jersey.10/4/19
9/21/19 21:00MarltonNJUSAUnknown10 secondsAt 8:50pm there was an orange/red object with smoke trailing behind moving through the air from W to N, then it disappeared.10/4/19
9/21/19 00:30Citrus HeightsCAUSAUnknown20 secondsPulse boosting light10/4/19
9/20/19 21:20GainesvilleGAUSAUnknown2Observed large UFO object heading from the west to a northern direction with no sound10/4/19
9/20/19 20:43CoronaCAUSAUnknown<1 minuteLights that appeared while moving in a "triangular" form until disappearing.12/1/19
9/19/19 21:22LivoniaMIUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange Lights In the Sky10/4/19
9/19/19 16:30Aventura MiamiFLUSAUnknown2 minutesSun reflected britely of shiny object the size of small car10/4/19
9/19/19 07:45BrooklynWIUSAUnknown1 minuteSilent fast moving flashing red green zig zagging.10/4/19
9/19/19GrangerINUSAUnknownSecondsOrange flash of light.9/19/19
9/18/19 23:00NashvilleTNUSAUnknown15-30I was driving into work westbound on Briley Parkway. About a qtr mile from the whites creek pike exit I noticed 3 or 4 solid green ligh9/19/19
9/18/19 08:30BluffdaleUTUSAUnknownUnknownA big red light in a field hovered silently then flew off to the left very fast out of sight. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/15/19 00:35BothellWAUSAUnknown1 secondsOutside of my window, I saw a bright yellow oval shaped object on the sky traveling really fast. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/14/19 21:45MattydaleNYUSAUnknownNot sureYou need to look threw the videos very closely this in not a joke at all contact me when you do4/22/22
9/14/19 20:30NashvilleTNUSAUnknown20 minutesI looked up and saw 4 lights that appeared to be darting. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/14/19Ocean CityNJUSAUnknown7-10 minutesOver Ocean City New Jersey, 4 identified lights seen, first 3, no red airplane lights blinked, no sound, at least 4 to 5 miles away, bl10/4/19
9/13/19 21:37East GreenwichRIUSAUnknown4 secondsSuper fast circular object zipped across the night sky9/19/19
9/13/19 21:00St. Louis (Northside)MOUSAUnknownWhile doing my normal spying ( neighborhood watch ) I went to sit in the room seen my neighbors car leaving then I happened to look up9/19/19
9/12/19 22:32KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknownSomething spotted over cathedral12/1/19
9/12/19 21:15Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown10 to 15 secondsRed lights appear over waters off Myrtle Beach. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/11/19 05:00TracyCAUSAUnknown10 minutesYellowish-white Light Show Gliding Across The Sky10/4/19
9/11/19 00:00Sunrise BeachMOUSAUnknownUnknownWe were visited and watched the sky change10/4/19
9/10/19 21:00Fort Myers BeachFLUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO on beach.10/4/19
9/10/19 20:10VancouverWAUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo red orbs side by side we're hovering at what seemed like an altitude high enough for a plane. After approximately 30 to 45 seconds9/12/19
9/8/19 21:00SouthingtonCTUSAUnknown2 minutes9 moving lights in sky. ((anonymous report))9/12/19
9/7/19 23:00PoughkeepsieNYUSAUnknown2 hoursDistant object, rotating, 3 blinking lights then 5. White and bluish lights. Over Hudson River in Poughkeepsie NY.9/12/19
9/6/19 05:03North EastMDUSAUnknown5 minutesSky glowing red, pulsing in 1 second intervals, continued about 5 minutes, suddenly stopped9/6/19
9/2/19 22:00Charles CityVAUSAUnknownI was fishing when I seen a ufo.9/6/19
9/1/19 04:19Rio RanchoNMUSAUnknown2 secondsBright light was visible, then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of the flare from an Iridium satellite? PD))9/6/19
8/31/19 23:45BiddefordMEUSAUnknown15 minutesFishing on Ferry Beach in Saco. Looked south down the beach and observed 3 orange lights in the sky. ((anonymous report))9/6/19
8/31/19 16:00WeatherfordTXUSAUnknown3-5 minutesRocket launch in west Texas.9/12/19
8/31/19 09:00LibertyNYUSAUnknownRepeatingObj reccurring around nights sky, high speeds, instant stops, projecting other objects around it. ((anonymous report))9/6/19
8/30/19 20:15OrlandoFLUSAUnknown3 minutes2 craft-in trail formation-both-ENGULFED IN FIRE- no sound.9/6/19
8/30/19 12:00AustinTXUSAUnknown15 minutesSmall silver circle object seen high in the sky not moving during daytime also seen a strange transparent plane flying around it9/6/19
8/29/19 21:30EriePAUSAUnknownAbove Ainsworth baseball field.. Thought it (was the) size of (a) 737.6/25/20
8/29/19 21:20BeloitWIUSAUnknown2 minutesHigh Altitude Strobe Light.9/6/19
8/29/19 14:49MaplesvilleALUSAUnknownUnknownI have been hearing a low rumbling sound outside for the past 2-3 nighrs. I do not see any aircraft of any sort. ((anonymous report))9/6/19
8/29/19 06:40EvansvilleINUSAUnknownFew seconds((HOAX??)) Possible trans dimensional craft seen? ((NUFORC Note: We question whether this is a serious report. Anonymous. PD))9/6/19
8/27/19 20:30Palm HarborFLUSAUnknown30 secondsTwo orange lights on each end.12/1/19
8/25/19 11:30LothianMDUSAUnknown7-10 minutesUnknown stationary object replying and mimicking actions from a high powered astronomy laser9/6/19
8/25/19 01:00AltoonaPAUSAUnknownMultiple Unknown Blinking Objects.9/6/19
8/24/19 04:00JordanMNUSAUnknown1 hourWhite, red, green, metallic colored objects moving in brief zig zag patterns, bouncy movements and stay at stand still would form weird9/6/19
8/23/19 00:17PaulsboroNJUSAUnknown1 minuteUFO with white light and green (ultra light) moved slowly downward on a diagonal path, then disappeared. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/23/19 00:17PaulsboroNJUSAUnknown1 minuteAircraft moving left to right over Delaware River near Port of Paulsboro before it descended slowly diagonally down, then disappeared.8/23/19
8/22/19 23:50OnamiaMNUSAUnknown45 minutesHigh altitude (spacecraft) sighted traveling NNE; three short bright lights, than went dark. ((anonymous report))9/6/19
8/19/19 22:10CharlestonSCUSAUnknownSmoke trail across the night sky, to the south with moon in background.8/23/19
8/19/19 21:50UkiahCAUSAUnknown10 secondsA green object came into the atmosphere , Southwestern area of the sky. It fell towards the ground and appeared to be close. This was9/6/19
8/19/19 00:05SheltonCTUSAUnknown15 minutesWhite lights hovering above the tree line. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/17/19 21:00HerefordMDUSAUnknown30 secondsVery bright, light was constant but intermittent changing of brightness and pulse timing heading east, strangest thing ive ever seen.8/23/19
8/16/19 22:22GulfportUSAUnknown4 seconds Something broke through the atmosphere and left a blue trail for about 3 to 5 seconds. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/16/19 21:00MemphisTNUSAUnknown30 secondsUFO heading east over sighted over Memphis. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/14/19 01:14KalamazooMIUSAUnknownA few hours4 lights spinning over the street in front of my house. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/13/19 00:40FairfaxVAUSAUnknown~3 minutesThwomping/humming reverberations as well as dark shroud12/1/19
8/12/19 23:10WaynesboroPAUSAUnknown45 secondsLarge bright light that became stationary and then moved at a very high rate of speed (many times faster than a plane).8/23/19
8/12/19 21:29El RenoOKUSAUnknown5-10 minutesAC broken in home and cooler in backyard on lounge chair. Viewing Saturn, very bright, and Jupiter at 180° and 200°, at 50° and 30° res8/23/19
8/12/19 06:30Santa CruzCAUSAUnknown3 minutesI was sitting in the car with my family parked in front of a beach. Everyone in the van was a sleep except me because we had been drivi12/19/19
8/10/19 23:30AugustaGAUSAUnknown2 seconds5 lights 4 white with 1 red in center. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/10/19 20:45ColumbiaMDUSAUnknown20 minutesBlinking white lights looked like rotating object in the night sky; moved oddly and then stayed it the same place 5-10 minutes.8/23/19
8/10/19 03:00TimpsonTXUSAUnknown3 hoursLooked to be stars out was all of a sudden one started to move side to side in circles then the sky in distances started pulsating inli8/23/19
8/9/19 21:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown1 secondUfo leaving earth.8/23/19
8/7/19 22:10Lake OrionMIUSAUnknown5 secondsA second white light appeared close to Jupiter then proceeded to move vertically. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
8/6/19 15:00BrigantineNJUSAUnknown?I was taking pictures of my kids playing on the beach with thunderstorms in the background. Object showed up in pictures was not visibl8/23/19
8/5/19 21:30GreenevilleTNUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw 6 objects flying in a triangle formation north. No sound no flashing lights. White in color.. but disappeared in split second.8/23/19
8/5/19 03:00NorfolkVAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesLoud, hovering oscillating never heard before sound.8/23/19
8/3/19 21:17Deerfield TownsshipOHUSAUnknown<30 seconds4 Circular Lights moving Westward at speed8/23/19
8/3/19 14:00Atlantic CityNJUSAUnknown4 minutesWhite worm shape object hovering near Atlantic City NJ Inlet8/23/19
8/1/19 23:00MidwayFLUSAUnknown20 secondsWhite light (UFO) travelled across the sky then disappeared...8/23/19
8/1/19 19:30DecaturTXUSAUnknown:50Two objects hovering and traveling at great rate of speed.8/23/19
7/31/19 22:40LakevilleMNUSAUnknown2 minutesWhile sitting outside with my boyfriend I have been known to watch the sky due to seeing things over Lakeville a lot. As I was telling8/23/19
7/29/19 11:30San Pedro (off coast of)CAUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange colors and lights.8/23/19
7/28/19 23:30Kettle FallsWAUSAUnknown3 minutesBright white object moving at incredible speed before disappearing suddenly8/23/19
7/27/19 22:30EtnaNHUSAUnknown10-15 seconds2 objects spotted in a VERY rural area of NH8/23/19
7/26/19 17:30Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown5-10 minutesVery very slow and very high bright light moving during the daytime overhead on Nosehill8/23/19
7/24/19 22:30Champlin/AnokaMNUSAUnknown1 minuteI was watching Alien Highway last night, the 24th of July. I seen a flash outside above the tree line in the north west direction towar7/25/19
7/24/19 16:45St. Louis (University City)MOUSAUnknown15 minutesIWas walking around the park w/ my son, we were looking at clouds ,trees, i was showing him the deference in clouds and the diferenr k8/23/19
7/23/19 21:25SpokaneWAUSAUnknown20 secondsThick blue beam of light coming from the sky.7/25/19
7/23/19 06:26SussexWIUSAUnknown5 minutesObjects Hovering8/23/19
7/23/19 01:45FarmingtonMOUSAUnknown105 minutesThis is not a sighting but a possible abduction. I have no memory of the actual abduction but do have missing the. This abduction also8/23/19
7/22/19 21:00Royal OakMIUSAUnknown6 secondsWhite/yellow orb of light moved south and disappeared behind clouds7/25/19
7/22/19 14:45NevadaMOUSAUnknownongoing at 15:33Fixed object above clouds southeast of Nevada, MO7/25/19
7/21/19 20:00ReevesLAUSAUnknown2 hoursMy girlfriend and I saw a giant red aura in the sky that we watched for over two hours.10/4/19
7/21/19 00:35JohnstownPAUSAUnknown10 minutesStationary object wth red and white blinking lights in the night time sky7/25/19
7/20/19 04:05LindonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw it very low like about 20 ft above the light pool, with a lot of lights on the bottom. ((anonymous report))7/25/19
7/20/19 00:30CorneliusNCUSAUnknown35 minutesOn July 20th at 12:30AM, I was awakened by flashing circular lights in my bedroom. I went to the window and looked in the sky and it wa8/23/19
7/19/19 23:35LafayetteLAUSAUnknown12 minutes4 crafts/objects in night sky. Each one occupying a particular, navigable direction. Moved in manner that defied physics. Phenomenal.7/25/19
7/19/19 22:00ClayvilleNYUSAUnknown1Mothership UFO Video.7/25/19
7/19/19 03:23Denham SpringsLAUSAUnknown10 seconds +Object with two lights moving up and down in back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Report retracted by witness. PD))8/23/19
7/17/19 16:30Atlantic City??NJUSAUnknown15 secondsOn a flight back to Hartford, CT, from Myrtle Beach, SC , we started our initial descent towards Hartford Connecticu8/23/19
7/15/19 01:15South KingstownWAUSAUnknown25 secondsWhile leaving a bar/restaurant situated on the beach in Matunuck, RI, driving back to my home 4 miles away, I encountered two craft in7/25/19
7/15/19 01:00South KingstownRIUSAUnknown4 minutesTwo sets of bright white lights low in the sky over farm fields in Matunuck Beach, RI7/25/19
7/14/19 03:30GladstoneMOUSAUnknown1 hourWhite light with red and blue blinking lights, seemed to stand still in sky 1 hour7/25/19
7/12/19 06:00SarasotaFLUSAUnknown5 minutesSouth bound on I75 towards Sarasota saw bright strobes in the clouds. Started with one and 2 more showed up. ((anonymous report))7/25/19
7/11/19 02:00Shelby TownshipMIUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge slow moving orange object descended from sky.7/12/19
7/11/19 00:00GlenvilleWVUSAUnknown1 hour((HOAX??)) Fast moving across the night sky, lights, then would disappear then reappear. Planes overhead. ((anonymous report))7/12/19
7/10/19 19:46NewcastleOKUSAUnknownworkMarkings on the grass ame patteren.9/19/19
7/10/19 03:00Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 hourMany blue dots moving without regard for acceleration or inertia.7/12/19
7/10/19 03:00ColumbusOHUSAUnknown1 hourHovering in one spot with red, green and white lights 2 nights straight. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a star?? Anonymous report. PD))7/12/19
7/8/19 22:00HarrimanTNUSAUnknown10 secondsWhite flashing light moving rapidly and quietly across sky.7/12/19
7/7/19 23:00Bathurst (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown5 secondsGreen fireball UFO spotted in Bathurst, NB, sky.7/12/19
7/7/19 00:30WallingfordCTUSAUnknown45 seconds2 objects or 1 big craft. ((anonymous report))7/12/19
7/4/19 23:03FargoNDUSAUnknown15 secondsRed Flames coming from the back end.7/5/19
7/4/19 23:00ManchesterKYUSAUnknown30UFO over Manchester, KY 40962 on july 4th 2019.7/5/19
7/4/19 22:28ChesapeakeVAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesI seen a bright orange looking light, that look has if it was coming my way, but then went back and disappeared. ((anonymous report))7/5/19
7/4/19 22:00ColonMIUSAUnknown10 minutesDuring 4th of July fireworks there's a strange red light not moving in high altitude. At one point it made a hard right faster then I7/12/19
7/4/19 21:50New BrunswickNJUSAUnknown10:00I noticed a green light after a firework went off. I thought it was a firework but then realized it was flying around the sky and not g7/5/19
7/3/19 21:30Olmsted TWPOHUSAUnknown2 hours3-5 large lights being stationary even suggested blinking in sky7/5/19
7/3/19 21:30Oak HarborOHUSAUnknown5 minutesHovering, multi lighted red, white, green, orange object with amazing flight capabilities7/5/19
6/29/19 11:50Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown1-5 minutessBright lights way up high in the sky hovering around the valley area. We saw four of them and the other one disappeared. ((anonymous))7/5/19
6/28/19 21:30SanteeCAUSAUnknown50 secondsIn the air and over 300 foot large, a burnt-orange/brown color which appeared to be feathers painted on the exterior object.12/1/19
6/28/19 21:00SanteeCAUSAUnknown<1 minuteSantee, Ca A Hugh silent craft without lights was stationary in the sky above my home and was painted like a bird. 6/28/2019 9PM3/2/21
6/27/19 23:10ZimmermanMNUSAUnknownOn goingStrange flashes in the sky. Unknown cause. Currently happening near St. Francis MN7/5/19
6/27/19 23:00Oro ValleyAZUSAUnknown2 minutesHorizontal, flying Light seen in night sky going slow at first before making a sharp turn at incredible rate of speed.7/5/19
6/27/19 20:30Gold CanyonAZUSAUnknown1 minuteVery faint light traveling quickly across the sky, in an E to W path. Thought it was a satellite until it took a deep plunge (abo7/5/19
6/27/19 10:49MonticelloINUSAUnknown10 seconds((NUFORC Note: Witness includes no informtion. PD))7/12/19
6/27/19 03:15WadsworthOHUSAUnknown6 secondsFast flying object. ((anonymous report))6/27/19
6/25/19 02:37LakelandFLUSAUnknown<1 minute2 bright objects disappeared then heard rumbling east sky6/27/19
6/24/19 09:30PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown30Two shimmering objects in the morning sky hovering 100 feet apart very high up6/27/19
6/22/19 22:30BelenNMUSAUnknown2 minutes4 bright white lights.6/27/19
6/22/19 10:22ForesthillCAUSAUnknown2 minutesThe last four nights I’ve seen bright flashes the first night it moved and a zigzag directions. Same with the second night. Third nigh6/27/19
6/22/19 05:30Long ValleyNJUSAUnknown2 minutesHeard a loud humming sound (like hovering) over or very close to our home. Then heard it take off into the sky. ((anonymous report))6/27/19
6/21/19 22:45FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown5 minutesFlashing from a possible satellite tumbling on its arc.6/27/19
6/20/19 22:25LakewoodCOUSAUnknown1:10I was in Morrison, CO, (on the Littleton/Morrison line). I was looking north at a bright red light. It was moving slowly (similar6/27/19
6/20/19 19:49Kansas CityMOUSAUnknownCurrentlyNoticed one reflective dot in the sky, totally motionless for approximately 20 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: High-altitude balloons? PD))6/27/19
6/19/19 20:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknown:20String of 4 stationary bright white lights in North Phoenix Sky.6/27/19
6/18/19 00:00CummingGAUSAUnknown90 minutes((HOAX??)) Abduction. ((NUFORC Note: We unsuccessfully attempted to contact the source of report, to confirm authenticity. PD))7/5/19
6/17/19 10:40SeasideCAUSAUnknown1 minute maybe lessDrone like object seen while working4/22/22
6/17/19 02:12Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownSecondsNo craft was seen. 2 small not so loud bangs, Claps, then one loud bang that made dogs in the neighborhood bark. You not only heard t6/27/19
6/14/19 21:25Sherman OaksCAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesLights in the Sky Form Triangle then Diamond then One by One Disappear over Los Angeles6/20/19
6/12/19 22:00Melbourne BeachFLUSAUnknownHour2 tiny lights recorded for about a minute. We watched the top light bolt higher and then the lower light does a semi-circle.6/20/19
6/12/19 13:15TulsaOKUSAUnknown10 secondsFlat white cylindrical disc shape moving N through cloud cover over N Tulsa. Observed from E Tulsa.6/20/19
6/11/19 21:50Punta GordaFLUSAUnknown2 minutesWas lightning sitting on Lanai. Saw what I thought was a star. I saw lights going left to right in the object in sky.6/20/19
6/11/19 09:00PasadenaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesan upright unidentified walker.7/5/19
6/8/19 12:00MinnepolisMNUSAUnknownNot sureI didn't see the actual craft, but I do have evidence of it. ((NUFORC Note: Looks like wind damage to tall grass, or animal bed. PD))6/20/19
6/8/19 01:45ReddingCAUSAUnknown1-4 minutesBright light high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter, which is quite prominent?? PD))6/20/19
6/7/19 22:51HighlandINUSAUnknown~4 minutesMy rommate and I saw the obect from our patio move across the sky at a relatively slow rate. Slower than a small single engine plane wo6/20/19
6/6/19 23:35New BloomfieldMOUSAUnknown3 minutesRed-orange crescent shaped light hanging above tree line, then faded out of sight.6/20/19
6/6/19 10:45WernersvillePAUSAUnknown2-3 seconds@~10am this morning, something crossed the entire sky and went over our house in roughly 2 seconds. ((anonymous report))6/20/19
6/2/19 23:30WalworthNYUSAUnknown~4 minutesCyclicly-varying brightness white flashing point-light with 5-second rate and 30-second period moving slowly west-to-east at night.6/7/19
5/29/19 02:00IrvineKYUSAUnknownhoursThousand of lights like fireflys and dim light shined down....Beam of light around 12 ft. wide.6/7/19
5/26/19 23:40WallNJUSAUnknown1 minuteSort of lights together that was moving EXTREMELY fast. ((anonymous source))6/7/19
5/26/19 22:30Campbell RiverBCCanadaUnknown2 minutesSeven objects travelling in formation SW to NE. ((NUFORC Note: SpaceLink satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/26/19 15:58MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown3 minutesBright light appears to have form of a triangular craft when I zoom in.6/7/19
5/26/19 00:30Sinclair IslandWAUSAUnknown~1 minuteFour white dots/objects moving in line across sky6/7/19
5/25/19 22:45TecumsehMIUSAUnknown5 minutesI observed 3-4 green lights moving fast. Lights was in a straight line. ((NUFORC Note: String of Space Link satellites? PD))6/7/19
5/25/19 01:00MarysvilleCAUSAUnknown5 minutesCluster of stars moving through the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space X satellites? PD))6/7/19
5/25/19 00:56Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)BelgiumUnknown1 minuteMass star migration in a staight long line. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/24/19 23:30WeldMEUSAUnknown10-12 minutesChain of lights. ((NUFORC Note: Starlink satellites, launched by Space X on May 23rd. PD))6/7/19
5/24/19 06:30KahuluiHIUSAUnknown10 minutesWe saw an UFO drop down from sky and hu Hover in sky for several minutes. Then it flood lighted me with super bright light. Then two sm6/20/19
5/24/19 00:00Fort YatesNDUSAUnknown3 minutesWere looking up at the stars and a string of white objects appeared, about 50 tiny objects in line. ((NUFORC Note: Satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/23/19 17:30HoustonTXUSAUnknown1 minuteA nuclear explosion, high in the atmosphere...... Mushroom cloud went wsy up high... It must of been higher than i originally thought6/7/19
5/23/19 06:05St. LouisMOUSAUnknown2 minutesSomething in clouds.6/7/19
5/22/19 22:10Stockton SpringsMEUSAUnknown~5 minutesUnblinking 'star' dot of light moves right to left, zips off, followed by aircraft several minutes later6/7/19
5/22/19 02:22East TroyWIUSAUnknown3-4 secondsSome kind of light, coming from the ground up, illuminated the entire sky to a mellow shade of green.6/7/19
5/21/19 22:25Ormond BeachFLUSAUnknown15 minutesMy husband and i live right next to the Halifax River and approximately a mile from the Granada Bridge. There are several park benches6/7/19
5/21/19 22:00PearsallTXUSAUnknown3 minutes2 objects moving extremely fast. Appeared to be impossibly large for their speed6/7/19
5/21/19 21:42PlanoTXUSAUnknown6 minutesUnidentified Light - Color Changing and Flashing, Very Fast and Maneuverable beyond anything I've Seen - Plano, TX6/7/19
5/20/19 23:40Palm HarborFLUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw 2 pearlescent-yellow/orange lights traveling together like helicopters but without the noise. ((anonymous report))6/7/19
5/20/19 20:00Ewa BeachHIUSAUnknown20:31Fixed position of multi color blinking light cluster. That recede into distance and out of my sight. ((anonymous report))6/7/19
5/20/19 03:00Palm BayFLUSAUnknown2 minutesStar that wasn't a star.6/7/19
5/19/19 06:28Lake WorthFLUSAUnknown1 minute((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information about sighting; remains anonymous. PD))6/7/19
5/18/19 23:00CantonOHUSAUnknown10 min((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no text about sighting. PD))8/16/21
5/18/19 16:45EnfieldCTUSAUnknown5 secondsWhite or silver craft moving quickly at high altitude. No trail. Changed directions quickly. ((anonymous report))6/7/19
5/16/19 23:30SimpsonvilleKYUSAUnknown4 minutes 10 secondsStrange rectangular light shines down on Backyard appears then disappears after 4 minutes and 10 seconds in Simpsonville Kentucky.6/7/19
5/15/19 22:25Laguna BeachCAUSAUnknown3-5 minutesWas sitting outside with my dog listening to the nature sounds. Saw a bright light way far out, caught my eye because it seemed a bit b6/7/19
5/15/19 21:00Cochiti LakeNMUSAUnknownongoingColor shifting of several craft in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly "twinkling" stars?? PD))6/20/19
5/13/19 22:00ConcordCAUSAUnknownBright light outside bedroom window.6/7/19
5/12/19 22:00AustinTXUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange bright objects in Northwest Austin sky. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/12/19 17:00ShawneeOKUSAUnknown10 minutesObject appears in the middle of the day and moves southeast at various speeds5/14/19
5/11/19 21:50WaynesvilleNCUSAUnknown30 secondsWhite flashing light about a second on and off. The flash would leave a tail. No sound.5/14/19
5/11/19 11:10EvansvilleINUSAUnknown~2 secondsWas coming home after getting mother's day gifts when a metallic craft fly's slowly across the horizon. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/9/19 22:20New York (Queens; Woodside)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesCrimson light alternating with orange within the clouds at night.5/14/19
5/8/19 00:00LawtellLAUSAUnknown10Someone just told me a UFO was seen in this area and supposedly on the news. I have no other information. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/3/19 19:35CoolidgeGAUSAUnknownNano secondsThree separate UFO objects around sun at sunset in Thomas County, GA.5/14/19
5/2/19 02:47New BernNCUSAUnknown25 minutesA white light brighter than stars was moving back and forth across the sky very fast in a zig zag motion. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
5/1/19 11:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown5 minutesDescription is the same as Washington DC event in the 50’s Glitter type objects . Still scanning .... A-10’s scrambled out of D5/9/19
5/1/19 03:15NewmanCAUSAUnknown15-20 secondsSo ufo moving in sky high rate of speed Silently zigzag we watched it turn unlike a plane5/9/19
4/30/19 21:00EphrataWAUSAUnknown25 minutes4 bright whitish yellow lights completely silent and weaving between each other abnormally close to each other .hear and saw plane afte5/9/19
4/29/19 22:40ClovisCAUSAUnknownNowIn my back yard st first looks like a blinking star yellow red and blue not moving in sky watch with binoculars Grandson says it is5/9/19
4/29/19 05:20CaldwellIDUSAUnknown>30 minutes2 objects almost looked like playing in the dark sky this morning. Moving at times so fast it made my eyes blur. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
4/27/19 20:00BryanTXUSAUnknown4Three lights in a vertical row. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
4/27/19 03:51Bullhead CityAZUSAUnknown5-10 secondsObserved a fast pace faintly lit orange colored unknown object in the night sky...5/9/19
4/26/19 22:00EnglewoodCOUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw a red light moving quietly and slowly across the sky, pausing for a few seconds and slowly moved on.5/9/19
4/23/19 02:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown1 minutesI have actual footage and photos of my abduction.12/1/19
4/21/19 22:30KentwoodMIUSAUnknown1 minuteAn orange light crossed the sky over Kentwood, Mi. going southeast to northwest.4/25/19
4/21/19 03:30VanoreTNUSAUnknown3-4 secondsI was in a very rural area of the rown of Vanore, TN. I was sleeping in my truck outside next to farmland. Very little light polution (5/14/19
4/20/19 21:45NottinghamMDUSAUnknown30 secondsColor changing lights.4/25/19
4/20/19 20:48Las VegasNVUSAUnknown30 secondsBluish white UFO above southwest Las Vegas. High velocity.4/25/19
4/18/19 23:42MinotNDUSAUnknown5 minutesPulsing noises outside, loud as heck.4/25/19
4/18/19 23:42MinotNDUSAUnknown5 minutesWe heard pulsing notices outside of our apartment building4/25/19
4/18/19 10:30GreensboroNCUSAUnknown1-2 minutesFast, silent Mystery Craft.4/25/19
4/18/19 09:00MilacaMNUSAUnknown6 minutesExtremely loud low frequency rocket like rumbling sound traveling east to west in the sky.4/18/19
4/17/19 22:30MuncieINUSAUnknownFew secondsBright stationary object with light that started to blink very low to the ground and very close by4/18/19
4/17/19 22:15North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown5 minutes3 orange lights over ocean Myrtle Beach, SC.4/25/19
4/16/19 21:35LewistownILUSAUnknown5 minutesRed and white lights on flying objects that appeared to be rotating. Lights disappeared and reappeared. ((anonymous report))4/18/19
4/12/19 23:45Carson CityNVUSAUnknown4 secondsAn object too low to be a satellite, too fast and quiet to be an airplane, with a red light.4/18/19
4/10/19 00:16TrentonOHUSAUnknownsecondsstream of bright blue light, burst of light, then vanished.4/12/19
4/9/19 20:44D'IbervilleMSUSAUnknown5 secondsTransparent lights.4/12/19
4/9/19 07:10LansingMIUSAUnknown10 minutesOn April 9th at 7:05 AM I left from my home in Grand Ledge for work In Lansing, MI, by the Lansing Capitol Airport.4/25/19
4/6/19 21:49University CityMOUSAUnknown10 minutesRed flashing lights seen hovering over Washington University.4/8/19
4/4/19 22:30SouthbridgeMAUSAUnknown30 secondsMy friend and I were driving down Charlton street heading towards southbridge. We were already talking about sky phenomenon and were a4/8/19
4/2/19 00:00Port TownsendWAUSAUnknown5 minutesI saw two red lights horizontal to the horizon, a third red light came from between them onto the beach in front of my house.4/12/19
4/1/19 20:30RogersARUSAUnknown2 minutesWhite light with blinking red light and helicopter sound following it4/8/19
4/1/19 20:00ManitowocWIUSAUnknown20 minutesWe seen at least 10 glowing objects moving slower than a airplane. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
4/1/19 20:00ManitowocWIUSAUnknown20 minutesThis is confermation of manitowoc siting. Went out for a smoke noticed 1red glowing light hovering, then more started to join. Moving n2/7/20
4/1/19 01:55FairfieldCAUSAUnknown20 minutesThere was a pulsing and rotating low noise coming from the clouds for over twenty minutes.4/8/19
3/31/19 23:00CharlotteNCUSAUnknown5 minutesDark object in sky.4/8/19
3/31/19 00:05EllenwoodGAUSAUnknownGetting onto 675 from 285 i saw a bright greenish Blue object zoom across the sky.4/8/19
3/30/19 09:00Imperial BeachCAUSAUnknownLooked like a small white boat in the ocean. It flew up out of the water about five hundred feet and flew south at a very high rate of4/8/19
3/28/19 17:05SugarlandTXUSAUnknown<60 seconds~25 golden-white lights flying together in loose formation4/8/19
3/27/19 00:00Washington Court HouseOHUSAUnknown10 minutes((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information. PD))3/29/19
3/25/19 14:50Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown5 minutesNoticed an object hovering silently high above just northeast of Peterson AFB. Too far to identify shape. ((anonymous report))3/29/19
3/25/19 07:30North Las VegasNVUSAUnknown20 minutesSomething reflecting high in the sky heading from Soring Mountain range East towards Nellis AFB.3/29/19
3/24/19 11:00PortlandORUSAUnknown20-30 minutesUFO.. Hovering... Intermitent light..3/29/19
3/23/19 19:59NorfolkVAUSAUnknown2 minutesBright light moving along the sky heading 57 degrees NE.4/8/19
3/22/19 20:22JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown5 minutesI was sitting outside on my porch step and was sky watching as I do every night when the weather is cooperating and happened to look up3/29/19
3/21/19 17:26BridgwaterSomersetUnited KingdomUnknown8 secondssmall house sized craft with green lights6/22/22
3/20/19 19:30JoplinMOUSAUnknown1 hour((HOAX??)) Red ufo.3/21/19
3/19/19 02:00PalmyraPAUSAUnknown10 minutesMachine-like humming heard. ((anonymous report))3/21/19
3/18/19 19:00KennerLAUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw a craft(s) with a hugh bright light in front and the light wrapped around craft like a semi circle.4/8/19
3/18/19 17:22Las VegasNVUSAUnknown48 secondsCrossing moon, disappear, reappear, hover then takeoff John Wilson UFO sighting and filming 3/18/2019 522pm Las Vegas, NV Sahara Blvd3/21/19
3/17/19 23:00DonnybrookAustraliaUnknown2 hourson tonight video more that a dozen of these orbes3/21/19
3/16/19 16:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD))3/21/19
3/14/19 15:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknownSecondsMe and my best friend were driving down garden highway or nearby when we passed by a field of dead grass. I was gazing out the wind7/23/20
3/2/19 23:03PolaccaAZUSAUnknownunknown03/02/2019 . Last night while I was at work watching t3/14/19
3/2/19 23:00PolaccaAZUSAUnknown7 minutesYouTube channel Jayyoyo. I captured this Footage of an unknown object at 2:19 appearing and slowly rotating. ((anonymous report))8/23/19
2/27/19 03:00ByronGAUSAUnknown3 hoursI saw 2 bright lights that seem to be a star,but were lower than the others. One higher than the other,thought they were drones,but aft3/14/19
2/25/19 00:00GalatiaILUSAUnknownPossible AbductionOctober 15th, 2019 Greetings, I am an Honorably Discharged U.S. Marine Veteran and served during the Vietnam Era... I've always been12/1/19
2/24/19 21:00Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown3 minutesLong-pause "strobe"?2/27/19
2/24/19 05:00NatchezMSUSAUnknown5 secondsTightly clustered lighted object traveling at very excessive rate of speed2/27/19
2/18/19 21:15BirminghamALUSAUnknown30 minutes14 objects with bright red/orange lights. ((NUFORC Note: Husban is former FBI Special Agent. PD))2/27/19
2/17/19 15:13VacavilleCAUSAUnknown15:14After freak hailstorm event I took pictures of the sun, clouds, & sky at 15:13 and the object or objects were in those pics.2/22/19
2/13/19 18:55ChiliWIUSAUnknown1:00Son stated there were five aircraft with blinking lights and stated that it was weird. ((anonymous report))2/14/19
2/10/19 05:00CorningIAUSAUnknown30 minutesRecorded multiple lights in the sky this last Sunday; they were moving and it was very unnatural.2/14/19
2/9/19 22:00VacavilleCAUSAUnknown15 minutesA loud deep vibration heard above in sky sounding like a train going overhead but never passed by.2/22/19
2/8/19 22:00VacavilleCAUSAUnknown15 minutesThis was a deep vibration sound above house in sky like a train was passing overhead but never passed just stayed above 15 mins.2/22/19
2/8/19 01:00MuskogeeOKUSAUnknownNeighborhood((HOAX??)) We seen about 2 men with black hats come up the street going house to house.2/14/19
2/7/19 19:30SilvertonORUSAUnknown15 secondsUnknown, silent craft seen and heard scrapping along tree tops in Oregon.2/14/19
2/4/19 19:20EvansvilleINUSAUnknownFew minutesWas taking my dog outside and I thought I saw the ISS flying by. Until it passed me and then hovered over me5/14/19
2/4/19 06:40Bengaluru (India)IndiaUnknown5 minutesUFO like object, with video sighting. ((anonymous report))2/7/19
2/2/19 21:50Brompton (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown1 hourShape can not be seen but the lights six to eight lights in circle flashing colour changing some time lights through the middle then in2/7/19
2/2/19 18:30RobinsonPAUSAUnknown12 minutesBright object with flashing red/blue lights on either side spotted over Pennsylvania2/7/19
1/30/19 19:00SpokaneWAUSAUnknowncontinuousSpokane, WA, lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a planet or "twinkling" star?? PD))2/1/19
1/30/19 00:08Hazle TownshipPAUSAUnknown10 minutesGreen lights in a line in Northern sky.2/1/19
1/28/19 21:15SeattleWAUSAUnknown10 secondsWest Seattle UFO sighting 1/28 2019 9:15ish ((anonymous report))2/1/19
1/28/19 03:00High River (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 hour +Heli sound, low elev., circling. Red +green laser (?) light when viewed on approach. Long diamond rectangular. VERY dim but loud.2/1/19
1/26/19 02:03TulsaOKUSAUnknown1 minuteI was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and felt something slightly shaking my room and a very loud noise buzzing. I looked out my wi2/1/19
1/25/19 19:00EastonPAUSAUnknown10-15 minutes100 PLUS FLYING FLASHING LIGHTS.2/1/19
1/24/19 19:24FresnoCAUSAUnknown1 minute2 lights flying close to each other & disappeared 5 seconds from each other. ((anonymous report))2/7/19
1/22/19 22:00ColumbusOHUSAUnknown15 minutes to 2 hoursLast night, I had sleep paralysis unlike any other time before. Except this time, I opened my eyes.1/24/19
1/21/19 03:00Ann ArborMIUSAUnknown3.5 hoursObject moving erratically in 5-10 degree radial patch of night sky recorded above SE Michigan. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))1/24/19
1/20/19 22:15SpringfieldMOUSAUnknown5-6 secondsUnknown very, very fast objects in a formation followed by other objects moments later. ((anonymous report))1/24/19
1/17/19 06:15Thorp (7 miles north of)WIUSAUnknown1 minuteRed flashing pulsating lights 2-300 feet suspended in the dark sky.1/24/19
1/16/19 08:19HarwichMAUSAUnknownFew secondsA distinct vortex cloud formation, created by an aircraft, or other object, was seen in photos of a cloudless sky.6/27/19
1/15/19 00:30GeorgetownMAUSAUnknown5 secondsFast moving green light in sky over I-95 near Exit 53B.1/17/19
1/14/19 23:40GlenpoolOKUSAUnknown1 minuteSomething was outside my home that was not human or animal. ((anonymous report))1/17/19
1/14/19 17:30Smyrna BeachFLUSAUnknownSeveral minutesObject reflecting sunlight dropped down, stopped, dropped down. ((MUFON Report))1/17/19
1/14/19 06:24Gurgaon (Haryana) (India)IndiaUnknownOngoingI saw two equidistant lights moving at absolute uniform speed in the same direction (North to South) at 0624 hours.1/17/19
1/13/19 05:00Port TownsendWAUSAUnknown~10 minutesSwarm of 6-8 lights, stationary for 5-6 minutes, then receded slowly into the distance.4/12/19
1/11/19 19:40MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown>5 minutesMy neighbor asked me to come outside to look at something in the sky. We both witnessed a slow moving light (blue in color) traveling s1/17/19
1/11/19 04:35JupiterFLUSAUnknown15 minutesFor at week early in the a.m. around 4 am an extremely bright light in the sky show's up.((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))((anonymous rept)1/11/19
1/8/19 20:05MaricopaAZUSAUnknown3-5 minutesmotionless, bright orange lights in the sky that faded out1/11/19
1/8/19 20:00MemphisTNUSAUnknownProbably around 10 second5-6 yellowish lights moving slowly, yet not audible1/11/19
1/8/19 02:49Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown2 minutesDrone like UFO (No lights)1/11/19
1/7/19 17:15Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown10 minutesLights high in sky above my flying machine (Paramotor).1/11/19
1/5/19 01:30RumfordRIUSAUnknownConstantLocated in the southern night sky is a total of four illuminated objects1/11/19
1/3/19 02:45Casa GrandeAZUSAUnknown5 minutesLight panned across roofs too slow to be a meteor. No conventional aircraft lights or noise. ((anonymous report))1/4/19
1/3/19 01:30Fort WayneINUSAUnknown10-15 minutesLoud sound like you would hear in a moive1/4/19
12/31/18 21:47BrandonMSUSAUnknown5 minutes2 strange formations of continuous red-orange, silent craft in the night sky.1/4/19
12/31/18 19:30New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown10 minutesEight red/orange lights moving generally south to northerly direction. 2 stacked lead and the rest separated by a good distance from on1/4/19
12/29/18 20:30PorstmouthVAUSAUnknown15 minutesThree stationary lights clumped together.1/4/19
12/29/18 15:15Bizerte (Tunisia)YTTunisiaUnknown3 minutesWas not visible to the naked eye only after reviewing our photos we had noticed the strange object following us for three minutes. We c1/4/19
12/24/18 01:00MidvilleGAUSAUnknown5-10 minutesMy family and I just wittnesed about 50 or more objects flying thru the air. They were very unusual. ((anonymous reports))1/4/19
12/22/18 22:00MiddletownCTUSAUnknown15-20 minutesNumerous high altitude fast moving lights in formation.1/4/19
12/20/18 03:48Maracanaú (Ceara)(Brazil)BrazilUnknown14 secondsSimplesmente incrível.1/4/19
12/19/18 20:15AnaheimCAUSAUnknown20 seconds12/19/2018 Anaheim Ca 20 seconds 2 red lights with helicopter chasing moving very fast. seen by 4 people 12/20/20181/4/19
12/18/18 22:00SharpsburgKYUSAUnknown14Lights followed us12/1/19
12/17/18 19:30GeorgetownSCUSAUnknown10 seconds5-6 yellowish orange lights moved straight up then curved into diagonal, then slowly turned completely horizontal moving across the sky1/4/19
12/17/18 15:00TulsaOKUSAUnknownHovering over the side roDriving along hwy 412 you in the sky it had 4 lights one on each side. It just hovered with each light blinking one after another. It w1/4/19
12/17/18 01:30NovatoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesLoud, typical ufo sound was heard.1/4/19
12/15/18 20:00GreensburgPAUSAUnknown1 minutejust saw lights ove where 66 meets 66 bybass12/1/19
12/14/18 04:15WenatcheeWAUSAUnknownSecondsWas woken up to a loud swishing sound, and saw a bright light bluish green, with white tail. Was sleeping at my customer, when my truck1/4/19
12/12/18 15:00VandaliaMIUSAUnknown10 secondsI was in my garage an I could here a low chirping sound and I went outside I could tell the sound was coming from the sky so I looked u12/14/18
12/12/18 01:00HillsboroORUSAUnknown1 hourAbout 10 aircraft hovering with lights over Hillsboro OR swaying in all directions. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
12/10/18GalenaMOUSAUnknownAll nightI noticed 3 crafts in the sky in Feb.2018. They were all 3 different color lights. Like one was blue green red and yellow white red and12/14/18
12/2/18 18:30Twin FallsIDUSAUnknown15 secondsWhat looked like three amber lighted crafts flying away from the airport. Each craft had 3 or 4 lights on it. ((anonymous report))12/6/18
12/1/18 01:00WhitewaterINUSAUnknownCould not see what was infrount of the trail of what look like a dust trail of somthing.1/4/19
11/27/18 15:42DenverCOUSAUnknown2 minutesClear objects with flashing lights over Carson Elementary school.11/30/18
11/26/18 02:00Buckie (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknown30 minutes((HOAX??)) Chased my aliens. ((anonymous report))11/30/18
11/25/18 04:30VistaCAUSAUnknown1 hourGot a call this morning from my boyfriend stating that there was a really bright star. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))11/30/18
11/22/18 07:30ClarksvilleOHUSAUnknown2 secondsMystery boom. ((anonymous report))11/24/18
11/20/18 17:00WaterfordCTUSAUnknown3 minutesThree red lights silently floating7/3/20
11/20/18 03:00GreeleyCOUSAUnknown1 minuteLoud organ like sounds over hose at 3am less than one minute.1/4/19
11/19/18 02:56Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 secondBright white light but had grey circular shapes inside and was huge almost as big as the moon but close. ((anonymous report))11/24/18
11/18/18 18:01ClintonUTUSAUnknownPictureTwo blue and green objects seen in the background of a photo taken of our house on 18 Nov at 6 pm11/24/18
11/12/18 20:00Bainbridge IslandWAUSAUnknown25 minutesI came home and noticed my cameras were disarmed. So I turned them back on. When I looked at the back yard camera which is full of co11/24/18
11/4/18 23:00Cherry HillNJUSAUnknownFew secondsLoud boom followed by a shake, leaving an enormous smoke trail, followed by jets flying over. ((anonymous report))11/9/18
11/3/18 01:00HardeevilleSCUSAUnknown5 minutesAs we were about to go to sleep, outside my window we heard a very loud humming sound for about 5 mins then it vanished suddenly.11/9/18
11/2/18 18:35Oak PointNYUSAUnknown30 secondsOn Nov. 2, my son and I were checking out the night sky for satellites we saw something which we thought was one – Very high alt.11/24/18
11/1/18 18:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown~4 minutesLarge blue/green flame/light over Albuquerque, NM.11/24/18
10/25/18 20:15CentrevilleMDUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo white lights spread widely apart. Assumed this was the back since it was moving in other direction. ((anonymous report))11/9/18
10/24/18 20:15AdaOHUSAUnknown10 secondsQ/C testing a new Thermal Hybrid PTZ Camera during night ops. I turned the primary laser IR Illuminator off and found this object in th11/9/18
10/19/18 20:57Arches National ParkUTUSAUnknown5 minutesA white dot on my photos. ((NUFORC Note: Three photos indicate a tiny, white dot, of unknown origin. PD))11/24/18
10/17/18 19:55Latchi (Cyprus)CyprusUnknown5 minutesRed and green flashing light most likely over Turkey, seemed to be studying a violent thunder storm, hovering for 2 minutes.10/18/18
10/14/18 20:00GerlachNVUSAUnknownten minutesSingle erratic orange light7/3/20
10/12/18 21:50PhillipsNEUSAUnknown10 minutesUFO along highway 34 Hamilton Co., NE.10/18/18
10/12/18 18:45Chula VistaCAUSAUnknown5 minuteMultiple orange lights falling from the sky in a spiral and disappearing. ((NUFORC Note: USN parachutists reported in area. PD))10/18/18
10/11/18 20:15Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown~1 minuteAppearance and disappearance of a large bright white stationary overhead light.10/18/18
10/10/18North AugustaSCUSAUnknown20 minuteI stepped outside on my front porch to have a cigarette while Hurricane Michael was coming in land and looked to my left and noticed wh10/12/18
10/8/18 21:00Haines City (near)FLUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge orange light flying fast and low in central Florida, headed south.10/12/18
10/7/18 19:45RichmondCAUSAUnknown10 minutesIt was night. Object started as a bright white light behind light cloud coverage. Soon it became more clear as an object that seemed to10/12/18
10/7/18 19:25Hayward/San LorenzoCAUSAUnknownMinutes This thing was brighter, bigger, more in the distance, looked as if it was surrounded by smoke. ((NUFORC Note: Falcon 9 launch. PD))10/12/18
10/6/18 01:00North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown2 minutesBright light, not changing, moving fast and low, completely silent.10/6/18
10/5/18 20:00San MateoCAUSAUnknown2-6 minutesPlane like object splitting into 4 pieces on fire, then coming straight down in sky together, seen by other plane which turned around,10/12/18
10/4/18 21:15Hickory GroveSCUSAUnknown5 minutesAs we were heading home on hwy 97west, I saw what appeared to be big bright white blinking lights. I first thought it was an airplan10/6/18
9/29/18 03:30SomersCTUSAUnknownongoingBright, Red, Illuminated sky, at 3:30 am.10/6/18
9/27/18 18:50SebastianFLUSAUnknown5 minutesObject falling from the sky with white trail of smoke.10/6/18
9/26/18 22:00RichmondVAUSAUnknownUnknownA wobbling, slightly moving object with 1-3 visible flashing red lights. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Mars. PD))9/27/18
9/21/18 21:00TowerMNUSAUnknown5 minutesNo plane, no satellite, then poof gone.9/27/18
9/21/18 20:43East IslipNYUSAUnknown15-20 minutesTriangular UFO. ((anonymous report))9/27/18
9/21/18 06:45IndianapolisINUSAUnknown25 minutes or moreVERY unusual loud ongoing 'engine' noise for 25 minutes or more in the sky - invisible9/27/18
9/19/18 23:15GeorgeWAUSAUnknown15 minutesThese were not aircraft lights.9/27/18
9/16/18 22:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown20 minutesI received futuristic scientific from an alien race4/22/22
9/16/18New YorkNYUSAUnknown18:05Unknown object over Upper West Side NYC9/27/18
9/12/18 00:45Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown3 minutesSky is cloudy, heard jet like noise, but was hovering over my apartment for 3 minutes, moved slightly. ((anonymous report))9/13/18
9/10/18 06:40EvansvilleINUSAUnknown~2 secondsLooked like 2 orbs until flew off and seemed to be connected.5/9/19
9/10/18 00:00Atlantic OceanSCUSAUnknown8 minutesDeep orange in color and bright white, plastic object pulsating over Atlantic Ocean towards the Carolinas. ((anonymous report))9/13/18
9/9/18 06:32EdgewoodMDUSAUnknown1 hourBright blue lightning-like flashes in early morning with no T-Storms being in the area. ((anonymous report))10/12/18
9/8/18 20:00ReadingPAUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge cloaked ship looked like the sky above it.7/23/20
9/7/18 20:00Lake ForestCAUSAUnknown<1 minuteShort observation of changing lights.9/13/18
9/4/18 04:40JonesboroughTNUSAUnknown3 minutesBright streak of light shot/expanded upwards, stretched/condensed, and dissipated.9/13/18
9/3/18 19:24PhoenixAZUSAUnknown10 minutesMore Phoenix lights, in a line formation.9/27/18
9/3/18 03:00HonoluluHIUSAUnknown3 minutesI woke up at 3:00 am. I went on my balcony to have a cigarette with my girlfriend. I was enjoying the half moon and the round glow arou9/13/18
9/1/18 09:00OxfordMIUSAUnknownSolid red ball of light flying across the sky. Thought it looked different so I continued to watch for about 45 seconds. Then a second9/13/18
8/30/18 22:00Morehead CityNCUSAUnknown1 hourExtremely fast moving objects over the outerbanks of North Carolina. Some very bright some not so much.8/31/18
8/30/18 20:48IndependenceKSUSAUnknown3 minutesA blinking light of variable speed & intensity8/31/18
8/21/18 21:45Round OSCUSAUnknown10 minutesLights over Round O, SC.8/22/18
8/21/18 21:03Long BeachWAUSAUnknown30 secondsAdditonal witness to Peter Davenport report of ufo from Long Beach, Wa.8/31/18
8/21/18 20:06CarmineTXUSAUnknown5 secondsI was taking pictures of the sunset at the time and I didn't notice anything until I was thumbing through my gallery to clear to make r8/31/18
8/20/18 12:47ChicagoILUSAUnknown>4 hoursSecurity camera sighting over O'Hare International Airport8/22/18
8/16/18 21:10San DiegoCAUSAUnknown1 hourObjects moving in and blowing up then moving out.8/31/18
8/16/18 20:38LindonUTUSAUnknown8 minutesCraft hovered and then fled south-west where it ascended.8/17/18
8/16/18 14:53BurbankILUSAUnknownI seen a blue object in the sky with some lights on the bottom of it maybe like 5-6 lights. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))9/27/18
8/13/18 22:40Mineral WellsWVUSAUnknownA big light in the sky, almost like a sphere changing colors, it was and may still be there. We stood outside for 10 to 15 watching it.8/17/18
8/13/18 22:00Pingree GroveILUSAUnknown2 minutesTriangle Shape Craft Near Chicago O'Hare Airport.9/13/18
8/13/18 05:00NewportTNUSAUnknown10 secondsStrange flash in the sky during meteor shower.8/17/18
8/12/18 02:30Champions GateFLUSAUnknown45 minutes5 lights were n a row, middle light the brightest , stationary for 45 minutes8/17/18
8/12/18 00:00GambrillsMDUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange lighted craft in the sky8/17/18
8/10/18 09:30Federal WayWAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesI saw a strange red light traveling across the sky, it was star like and it dramatically changed directions, hovered and vanished..8/17/18
8/8/18 16:00BoonvilleMOUSAUnknownsitting in the car((HOAX??)) my friend and I was like what was that?? looklike an UFO.. not a airplane? ((anonymous report))8/10/18
8/8/18 02:36LaytonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesLighted UFO zig-zagged across the sky.8/10/18
8/6/18 22:00GreenOHUSAUnknownFew minutes((HOAX??)) I live by an airport, so I normally see planes all the time. Fast-blinking red/yellow light. ((anonymous report))8/10/18
8/3/18 00:00Hazel parkMIUSAUnknown2 minutesA flying red light I the sky and it had other rights flashing also like a disco ball; silent. ((anonymous report))8/10/18
8/2/18 05:35AkronNYUSAUnknown2 minutesAwoke 5:35a.m.hearing noise/soft pattern lights outside,thru west-open window,like loud mass of insects- buzzing,and my 9yr.grandson go8/10/18
7/30/18 22:15HartsvilleSCUSAUnknown10 minutesWent to bring dogs in and dogs were looking up,I heard something went away in a distance..and came back, so I called my son8/10/18
7/25/18 06:45WilsonvilleORUSAUnknown5-8 secondsStrange people walking (no object seen).8/10/18
7/25/18 01:00SnohomishWAUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw a light up in the sky that went from 1 to 2 lights (1 blinked bright, but it wasn't like the normal light). ((anonymous report))8/10/18
7/22/18 10:58Vero BeachFLUSAUnknownOur security camera picked this up last night. ((anonymous report))
7/21/18 02:21PhelanCAUSAUnknown3-4 secondsFrom West to North East toward Las Vegas, NV.8/10/18
7/20/18 22:10KelseyvilleCAUSAUnknown5 minutesUnknown craft with white and green lights traveling east to west.8/10/18
7/20/18 17:50ManchesterNHUSAUnknown<3 minutesFlickering object sighted moving from SE to NW in Manchester, NH.8/10/18
7/19/18 22:30Port St. LucieFLUSAUnknown30 secondsopened door to go to store, and noticed a flash. assumed it was lightning in the distance but nothing on radar close to address. went i7/25/19
7/17/18 23:27Elephant ButteNMUSAUnknown<1 secondBright light in the stars with a jagged tail8/10/18
7/16/18 23:00RichmondMIUSAUnknown~1 minuteLast night i was on my phone, when it started acting up. When i went exit a page it would a slurping-like noise, In general it was slow7/19/18
7/16/18 20:00FruitaCOUSAUnknown10 secondsObject was bright and flew off faster than anything.7/23/20
7/15/18 03:30Keswick Ridge (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown2 minutesAt 3:30 AM, I saw flashing on the wall as though there were a tractor or some heavy equipment running nearby.7/19/18
7/14/18 22:00BradfordIAUSAUnknownSecondsStrange sound.3/21/19
7/13/18 03:00BirdsviewWAUSAUnknown4 minutes or moreTent visited by strange lights in the middle of the night on the Skagit River8/10/18
7/13/18 00:30ChinaMEUSAUnknown1 hourThere was 2 green dots and a very bright spot light that was shining all over and blinking. ((anonymous report))7/13/18
7/10/18 23:40EvansvilleINUSAUnknownunknownWas getting ready for school one morning when I saw a grid of dots of what seemed to be where needles punctured my ankle.6/7/19
7/10/18 23:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown30 minutesObject with red then white lights seen over the ocean 3 separate times in different locations.7/13/18
7/10/18 21:35NaplesFLUSAUnknown1 minuteSee above.7/13/18
7/10/18 09:18LivingstonTXUSAUnknown12 minutesSeen this weaird light about 9:00.after work it was sitting steal with altering lights white red and green it shows movement left to ri8/10/18
7/8/18 18:50MechanicsburgPAUSAUnknown5 minutesUnknown drone like reflective objects. ((anonymous report))7/13/18
7/5/18 23:20BataviaOHUSAUnknown6-7 minutesI was sitting at the dining room table and heard three small knocks at the corner of my house. My 3 dogs started barking and I looked u7/13/18
7/5/18 00:00EnglewoodCOUSAUnknown3 minutesWe saw a red light it was around it you couldn't make out what shape no sound wen the fire works started all around the house we went u7/13/18
7/4/18 22:00Lake AnnaVAUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange lights over Lake Anna, 4th of July 201812/1/19
7/4/18 22:00GreenvilleSCUSAUnknown3-5 minutesWitnessed a small point of light in the sky NE of a really bright star or planet that did not move like an a/c. ((anonymous report))7/5/18
7/4/18 22:00Lake AnnaVAUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange lights over Lake Anna, VA, on the 4th of July 2018.12/1/19
7/2/18 10:00DeptfordNJUSAUnknown30 secondsMagnificent ultra bright light/shape seen shining 10am in the sky north and to the east of downtown Philadelphia.7/5/18
7/2/18 00:00EnglewoodCOUSAUnknown2 minutesI see stuff all the time. like most of the time it was so far out at firt it looked like it was flying out in the stars then it came in7/13/18
7/1/18 23:20RosevilleMNUSAUnknown4 minutesI saw a large, reddish orange ball of fire, moving at the speed of a helicopter.7/5/18
7/1/18 22:57Hilton Head islandSCUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange star like object moving in sky fading out and re appearing. ((anonymous report))7/13/18
7/1/18 16:00MontgomeryILUSAUnknown20 secondsI was standing in front of my yard playing with my kids. In the distance I noticed a red light in the sky. It was still day time the li1/4/19
6/30/18 20:35ILUSAUnknown5 minutesAlien appeared on rhe back of a semi, we have pictures! ((NUFORC Note: Reflection of head lights off the rear door of a truck. PD))7/5/18
6/29/18 05:50Lake CityFLUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw a very brightly lit object traveling very slowly and silently. It was so bright I couldn’t make out the shape. ((rocket launch))7/5/18
6/28/18 05:10OrlandoFLUSAUnknown?Please see the photo7/13/18
6/27/18 21:00DenverCOUSAUnknown3 minutes3 stat. lights in a triangular pattern on the E hor. Lights then disappeared one at a time. ((anonymous report))6/28/18
6/27/18 03:17RoswellGAUSAUnknown3 secondsVery high speed fly over.6/28/18
6/23/18 23:25LovelandCOUSAUnknown4 minutes I spotted an extremely bright light to the South East.6/28/18
6/21/18 23:00Cedar BreaksUTUSAUnknown<5 minutesAn UFO hovered near a weather station on some distant mountains for a few minutes.6/28/18
6/21/18 22:30KentNYUSAUnknown7 minutes1 unknown craft extremely slow moving/hovering with bright flashing light pattern. ((anonymous report))6/28/18
6/19/18 02:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown12 minutesTonight I was outside watching a gator. And I noticed these lights behind a tree and I didn't have my glasses on so I didn't think noth6/21/18
6/18/18 20:45FruitaCOUSAUnknown15 secondsI saw a bright light moving fast over the sky when all of a sudden it stopped and then disappeared.4/9/20
6/17/18 22:00BeavertonORUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo large Red lights hovering and morphing in & out of sight in beaverton. ((anonymous report))6/21/18
6/16/18 10:45MilfordMIUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw a green rectangular light flashing in the sky. It hovered for about 10 seconds approximately 20,000 feet in the air, then took off6/21/18
6/15/18 21:50ClintonCTUSAUnknown2 minutesThree orange orbs in triangle formation.6/21/18
6/10/18 01:15ManahawkinNJUSAUnknown45 minutesNot sure..Witnessed 4 jet fighters in the sky being very very loud. Event lasted around 45 mins. With 2 fighters circling for a half6/15/18
6/9/18 11:45South BendILUSAUnknown20 seconds +Witness looked up and observed the object for approx 20 secs then grabbed his cell and started filming. ((MUFON report))7/5/18
6/8/18 21:45Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown14 secondsBright white object moved across binocular field of view. No collision lights. ((anonymous report))6/15/18
6/7/18 11:36Loves ParkILUSAUnknownVery quicklyObject Photographed Near Loves Park Illinois6/15/18
6/6/18 22:30Union SpringsALUSAUnknown3 minutesA U.F.O. of two distant lights, or two U.F.O's that operated as one, that seemed to be in complete control of the environment.6/15/18
6/5/18 20:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown2 hoursHovering and moving object seen over South Beach, Miami6/7/18
6/1/18 12:00Indian LakeNYUSAUnknown30 secondsTranslucent, glistening tube coming out of the clear blue sky.12/23/20
5/31/18Maces Bay (Canada)NBCanadaUnknownEvery nightIn April, my bf and I moved to maces bay, out by leprea we live right by the nuclear power plant we every night we go out side fo6/21/18
5/30/18 21:30Myrtal BeachSCUSAUnknown2 hoursOrange lights over Atlantic at Myrtal Beach, SC.6/15/18
5/30/18 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown1 hourWe were sitting on our balcony enjoyong the moonlight and ocean when out of no where these lights showed up in the sky.6/1/18
5/29/18 00:00SarasotaFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesAround midnight I was outside couldn't sleep I look up north and I see you some lights I thought it was an airplane but I heard nothing6/1/18
5/27/18 23:50AndersonINUSAUnknown3 minutesI believe that I witnessed some other worldly tonight despite being skeptical about such things.6/7/19
5/25/18 08:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown30 minutesMultiple streaks of light in the distance in rapid sequence8/17/18
5/24/18 16:00CalhounTNUSAUnknown10 minSE direction in a blue sky saw a stationary flashing obj.; the flashes were about 2-3 sec. apart; could not see obj. ((anonymous rept.)5/31/18
5/24/18 07:17RoswellGAUSAUnknown4 minsThe sound sends chills through your body as your eyes are paralyzed starring into the empty sky.5/31/18
5/23/18 08:20Park RidgeILUSAUnknown6-8 minutesBizarre sighting in O'Hare airspace 5/23/2018 8:15 am - 8:25 am Just north of airport. ((anonymous report))5/31/18
5/18/18 03:00SnohomishWAUSAUnknown2-3 seconds((HOAX??)) Airplane lighting up the clouds?5/31/18
5/16/18 19:30Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown1 minuteWhile driving East on Germann Rd near Crismon Rd In Queen Creek AZ my Wife and I witnessed a bright light in front of us to the East a5/20/21
5/15/18 23:42MechanicsvilleMDUSAUnknown15 seconds2 bright flashes in the sky. Saw an aircraft / object flying/ falling through the sky. Followed by 2 separate explosions a bout one min6/21/18
5/15/18 23:30Santa RosaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesGroups of unknown objects flying over silently then disperse6/21/18
5/12/18 21:00HialeahFLUSAUnknown7 minutesFreelance writer that called you and hung up. 2nd sighting today, thus the other sighting was on Saturday evening as well.5/15/18
5/6/18 21:30TalbotORUSAUnknown10 minutesSpotted slow moving craft with blinking lights ESE of I-5 in Marion County Oregon5/10/18
5/5/18 20:00ClintonMAUSAUnknownObject was jet black in color and had strange angles to it. Seemed to hover at times. ((anonymous report))5/15/18
5/5/18 01:00Coaldale (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown4 secondsBright light shoots across the sky upward.5/10/18
5/4/18 02:52EnterpriseUTUSAUnknownLongGreen lites following man through canyon show up at destination, windows on photos. ((MUFON report))5/10/18
5/3/18 21:30FontanaCAUSAUnknown15 secondsFour rectangular lights moving up and down like a snake would travel. ((anonymous report))5/4/18
5/3/18 20:45SaltvilleVAUSAUnknown5-7 secondsAn object similar in size and brightness to Venus higher in altitude and slightly south that hooveredand simply vanished5/4/18
5/3/18 20:45SaltvilleVAUSAUnknown5-7 secondsAn object similar in size and brightness to Venus higher in altitude and slightly south that hoovered and simply vanished.5/10/18
5/3/18 16:45Federal WayWAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsSmall Blue streak of light over I-5.5/4/18
4/30/18 22:15ZeelandMIUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light low in the northern sky flashed and disappeared.5/4/18
4/29/18 17:30Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown5 minutes3-4 Reflective Objects At Low Altitude Over Johnson City, Tennessee.5/4/18
4/28/18 00:49AshevilleNCUSAUnknown2 minutesAt 12:49 AM, I heard two loud booms. In about two seconds, I heard another loud boom. This process was repeated until I heard four more5/4/18
4/26/18 23:00HazelhurstWIUSAUnknownWisconsin EMS Helo Crash. ((NUFORC Note: We are unfamiliar with the incident/accident reported here. Anonymous report. PD))7/13/18
4/24/18 22:00St. Augustine BeachFLUSAUnknown13I was looking at the stars, facing south, when I looked west and spotted what I believed was an airplane. It didn't move but stayed at4/26/18
4/24/18 15:20GuilfordMEUSAUnknown2 minutesShiny object hovering in the mountain range4/26/18
4/22/18 17:14ManheimPAUSAUnknownKinda looked like a lunar lander in my opinion. I was shocked by what I saw and got emotional6/25/20
4/22/18 11:00LeicesterMAUSAUnknown10 secondsFlash of light, then object moving fast across the night sky.4/26/18
4/22/18 05:30CastellaCAUSAUnknown10 secondsWeird light seening shooting up into the sky from the top of Castle Crags near Mt. Shasta. ((anonymous report))4/25/19
4/22/18 02:40TulsaOKUSAUnknown10 minutesAt approx. 0240 am, I awakened from a deep sleep from noise coming from the sky. It was very loud.4/26/18
4/21/18 16:15Oshawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5-8 secondsBright reflective object in proximity to commercial airliner4/26/18
4/21/18 05:20VersaillesPAUSAUnknown1 minuteOn this day my BF and I saw a light in the sky. Greenish. It was swimming like a sperm in the sky. A meteorite flashed by.4/26/18
4/15/18 22:19Tenterden (Canada)BCUnited KingdomUnknownseveral secondsthe third aircraft appeared to slow down change direction to investigate speeding flame tail. ((anonymous report))4/19/18
4/11/18 00:55CochraneONCanadaUnknown1 minuteUnusual sighting on a highway at night9/9/22
4/6/18 03:30Palm BayFLUSAUnknown20 minutesRapid darting object over Cape Canaveral. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/5/18 23:00AnchorageAKUSAUnknownContinuousStar-like Object in Rapid Non-Linear Motion4/13/18
4/3/18 00:20LavoniaGAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery, very slow moving lights, traveled a small distance, very high in the sky, lasted about 5 minutes.4/5/18
3/31/18 23:30SimpsonvilleSCUSAUnknown30-45 secondsTwo very bright orange objects moving at an extremely high speed across the sky.4/5/18
3/31/18 20:56BristolTNUSAUnknown20 minutesLarge object hovering in the sky.4/13/18
3/31/18 20:00FountainNCUSAUnknown1 hourHovering jet???4/5/18
3/24/18 19:02AuburnWAUSAUnknown60 secondsObject moving into wind reflects sunlight.3/29/18
3/20/18 06:28EvansvilleINUSAUnknown ~2 secondsGlowing greenish orb flew across sky. when light disappeared it looked like it was giving off heat. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
3/14/18 21:30Castle RockWAUSAUnknown30 minutesSilent object with dim white lights on it being chassed by a helicopter3/23/18
3/14/18 12:00AugustaGAUSAUnknown17 daysBall Of Fire.4/5/18
3/12/18 23:00CumberlandRIUSAUnknown>30 minutesTonight Sunday 3/11at 11pm there were about 12 to 15 drones(white and red lights) in the southern sky flying pretty high in the air. Mo3/23/18
3/12/18 20:14North Little RockARUSAUnknown40 secondsFast moving craft in not satellite.3/23/18
3/12/18 06:00BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown30 minutes +Green light illuminating my window, but from no source.3/23/18
3/11/18 02:00BrightonMIUSAUnknown3-5 minutesI heard a large object hovering closely overhead and then passing with a hiss.3/23/18
3/10/18 01:00AshtabulaOHUSAUnknown4 hoursAbduction from a day cab style straight truck.3/23/18
3/3/18 23:20Machesney parkILUSAUnknown90 minutesWhile driving west in Machesney Park I noticed a string of lights located low in the sky, below where the stars are.3/8/18
3/3/18 19:20NashvilleNCUSAUnknown20 secondsHave never seen anything this bright and fast in the sky.3/8/18
2/28/18 07:38CentervilleGAUSAUnknown~10 secondsA strange, multiple-light, craft trying to blend in with cell towers.3/2/18
2/27/18 04:30UlsterPAUSAUnknown5-10 minutes((HOAX)) UFO Breaks The sound Barrier Twice?3/2/18
2/25/18 03:15ExeterCAUSAUnknownHappening as I type.Husband and wife witness what she describes as a blurry,giant disco ball emitting colored lights in the sky to the north of their home.3/2/18
2/24/18 15:30SouthernAZUSAUnknownThree air crews encounter strange object. Audios located. ((NUFORC Note: MUFON CMS report. PD))4/26/18
2/22/18 06:00El CerritoCAUSAUnknown8 minutes((HOAX??)) NASA snuggles alien into California.2/22/18
2/20/18 23:09SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown>1 hourHovering flashing red and blue lights remaining in the sky over 1 hr now. extreemly slow moving. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))2/22/18
2/20/18 20:30CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown1 minute2 white lights, 1 possibly exploded?2/22/18
2/18/18 03:25SummervilleORUSAUnknown15 minutesOn 2/18/2018 at 3:25 am in Summerville, Oregon. I was sitting up in bed because, I woke up 15 mins earlier to get some tea, was unable2/22/18
2/16/18 21:00BrownsvilleORUSAUnknown5 minutesObject capable of hovering and flying really fast in weird patterns with different colors of lights2/22/18
2/13/18 19:00BirminghamALUSAUnknown1 minute+Abnormally bright off-white light traveling in sky, then, that light turned off as two equally bright off-white lights attached to the2/16/18
2/13/18 14:30MattoonILUSAUnknown5 minutesCloaked UFO in daytime over Mattoon, Illinois, watertower is huge. ((NUFORC Note: "Sighting" explained away by witness. PD))3/2/18
2/8/18 20:34MenaARUSAUnknown5 secondsNear Mena Arkansas, dark object in night sky2/16/18
2/8/18 18:30KelsoWAUSAUnknown10 minutesRed light slows down and strived white before it instantly began traveling back in the direction it came from.2/16/18
2/6/18 05:00HagerstownMDUSAUnknown15 minutesStrange lights, low in sky, hover and then move slowly away.2/16/18
2/2/18 00:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown20 minutesAbout midnight I saw a colorful bright object zig-zag slowly up and down then change direction.2/16/18
2/1/18 18:35Green ValleyAZUSAUnknown1 minuteHorizontal line of 7-9 Identially-Sized, Evenly Spaced, "Signalling" Lights.2/16/18
1/27/18 15:00TorontoONCanadaUnknown30 seconds?Anomaly in the clouds. Comes 1 week after first sighting of glowing, floating trail of orbs. Mother Nature being funny with me maybe?2/16/18
1/26/18 20:50Elk GroveCAUSAUnknown20-30 secondsUFO does maneuvers in No. California sky.2/16/18
1/25/18 17:15CentennialCOUSAUnknownunknownA lighted object seen hovering over a small airport in SE DENVER, CO, area. ((anonymous report))2/16/18
1/25/18 07:05New HamptonNHUSAUnknown30 minutesI was walking down my driveway when I heard a loud noise like a loud jet engine and I looked up and saw I can really see what it was bu2/16/18
1/25/18 00:00GlendiveMTUSAUnknown10 minutes2 objects hovering then moving at unusualy high speeds then stopping again.1/25/18
1/24/18 21:50Sale CreekTNUSAUnknown6 minutesLeft and right thousands of feet apart red light blinks for a second and then a second later one on right blinks and then the same thin1/25/18
1/23/18 21:30Trail (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown~1 hour or lessFlashing or moving bright blue-white light shines in window, neighbour describes being frightened by strange sound in night sky.3/2/18
1/23/18 10:00NorcrossGAUSAUnknown15 minutesLoud noise with windy air like if a helicopter was going to land/no helicopters or planes around. ((anonymous report))1/25/18
1/21/18 22:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown30 minutesA tremendous magnetic pull felt from the center of my chest1/25/18
1/21/18 21:00Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 minuteBuzzing UFO, not seen but heard.1/25/18
1/20/18 23:15Great FallsMTUSAUnknown10 secondsBluish white light seen over Great Falls, Mt.1/25/18
1/20/18 18:27ShiremanstownPAUSAUnknown2 minutesI noticed what I thought was the ISS going overhead, but was unaware of any fly over for my location.1/25/18
1/20/18 12:09GoldendaleWAUSAUnknown4 secondsNo noise, object partially tranparent, possibly metallic with a mirror type pollish effect. ((anonymous report))1/25/18
1/19/18 23:05LenoirNCUSAUnknown30 secondsRed and green flashing... Near center of town and then came around bernhardt and then went behind hibriten mountain and left.1/25/18
1/18/18 23:00HaddonfieldNJUSAUnknown1 minuteAirplane like flying object with red and green lights disappeared after a few seconds1/25/18
1/18/18 00:45RavinePAUSAUnknown5 secondsWas driving South on Interstate 81. What looked like a shooting star fell through the sky to my left. However when a shooting star woul1/24/19
1/15/18 00:00MetairieLAUSAUnknown<5 minutesLoud aircraft heard incredibly close above home.1/15/18
1/13/18 03:00ChesapeakeVAUSAUnknown1 minuteJust it was strange so early. ((anonymous report))1/14/18
1/13/18 02:20MillisMAUSAUnknown<1 minuteLooked through my window and the sky lit up becoming orange, then turning red, then turning green, then a bright blue. After a buzzing1/14/18
1/10/18 06:45Gulf of MexicoLAUSAUnknown30 minutesMoved left, then right.. then finally up till the sun scued it. Next day (1/11/19) now there are 2 same spot.1/11/19
1/7/18 14:00LongmontCOUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw a weird light move quickly and oddly.1/12/18
1/6/18 21:00RockspringsTXUSAUnknown>4 hoursEdwards County, Texas UFO? Drone? >9hr Flight time. Irregular Flight Patterns and color changes.1/12/18
1/6/18 19:30LymanSCUSAUnknown1 hourStar that moved up and down and side to side.1/12/18
1/6/18 05:15ChapinSCUSAUnknown~30 minutesBright light in distance moved about mostly stationary early morning hours 1/06/18.1/18/18
1/4/18 04:44AlamosaCOUSAUnknownNot sureI woke up with the feeling of being watched, I sat up and searched my apartment but no one was there, I then lost almost an hour of tim1/12/18
1/3/18 18:00EugeneORUSAUnknown2 minutesUnknown aircraft in the sky.1/12/18
1/2/18 15:30GaffneySCUSAUnknown20 minutesShiny stationary object. Military jets in the same airspace.1/12/18
1/1/18 19:40BozemanMTUSAUnknown4 minutesTwo orange-red lights moving independently in southern sky. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
1/1/18 17:30LowellMAUSAUnknown20 minutesSeveral lights seen in semi-circle formation1/12/18
1/1/18 17:00Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 secondsA light in the sky that got bigger and brighter without any movement. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Iridium flare?? PD))1/12/18
1/1/18 03:30EurekaCAUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange object flying N to S for few minutes a little faster than aircraft and split in two. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
1/1/18 01:00Port CharlotteFLUSAUnknown5 minutesFlew across the sky I shine flashlight at it and it stopped and went straight up have it on video1/12/18
1/1/18 00:05West MelbourneFLUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange and red lights. Hard yo see shape was surrounded by lights. Traveling fast and pretty low. No noise no sound no engine noise. On1/12/18
12/30/17 02:00EdenIDUSAUnknownOngoingConstant and yellow orange beams that rotate from top to bottom white light is blinding bright ((anonymous report))1/12/18
12/28/17 22:48Tinton FallsNJUSAUnknown15 secondsRapidly falling bright white-blue light with tailing lights. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
12/28/17 16:00NinevehINUSAUnknown30 minutes((HOAX??)) I was sitting at table looking out sliding door at lake when I saw what I thought was maybe a plain on fire there was smoke.1/4/19
12/27/17 23:48StoningtonCTUSAUnknown3 secondsOn Pequot Trail approaching intersection of Farmholm Rd and was distracted by a very bright greenish yellow light. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
12/27/17 17:39North Miami BeachFLUSAUnknown2 minutesExtremely loud engine. But we could not see what it was. It was flying over us, made windows shake. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
12/26/17 10:55San JoseCAUSAUnknownWhite triangular plume against a blue sky ascending.1/12/18
12/25/17 01:00BarnesvilleMDUSAUnknown2 hours((HOAX??)) Loud buzzing sound hovering over my house and a conversation between beings in a strange language.1/15/18
12/22/17 23:00MemphisTNUSAUnknown45 minutesBright colors of various intensities lighting up low level clouds and mists for nearly an hour. ((anonymous report))3/29/18
12/22/17 17:38FallbrookCAUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw something that looked like a flare starting from the ground to the air and then it started moving SE. ((Missile launch. PD))1/12/18
12/22/17 17:00Santa AnaCAUSAUnknown20 minutesCloud emitting bright aurora like light beams. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))1/12/18
12/21/17 06:24WashingtonDCUSAUnknown1 minuteBuzzing Lighted Craft. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/21/17 06:00San AntonioTXUSAUnknown10 minutesStationary white light pulsating at about 10 degrees for 10 or so minutes. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/17/17 12:33Debrecen (Hungary)HungaryUnknown>30 minutesThere was 2 white colored light moving clock wise and anti clock wise around each other. They seem to decrease speed when they where pa12/21/17
12/14/17 20:30MillikenCOUSAUnknown10 minutesI was driving on highway 257 west into Milliken and noticed 3 VERY bright lights. They were far too bright to be airplanes.12/21/17
12/14/17 19:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown5 secondsBright white orb like light moving at high speeds over Colorado Springs12/21/17
12/13/17 21:00HampshireTNUSAUnknown2 hoursObject hovering for over an hour that had very bright multi colored lights. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
12/12/17 05:00Commerce Twp.MIUSAUnknown1 hourWas awaken to very distinct humming noises outside my window. I didn’t notice anything in the sky after first, but after about 15 minut12/21/17
12/10/17 23:43Grand ForksNDUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange animal behavior prior to appearance of lights.12/14/17
12/10/17 04:00DannemoraNYUSAUnknown3-4 minutesMy boyfriend and I heard something. I was just starting to fall asleep and I heard what sounded like a car. ((anonymous report))12/10/17
12/9/17 22:00HurricaneUTUSAUnknown~2 minutesStraight line, string of flashing lights East to West in So. Utah. ((anonymous report))12/10/17
12/9/17 20:30RollaMOUSAUnknown35-45 minutesundescribed pulsating red lights moving in formation.12/10/17
12/8/17 06:40LakewoodOHUSAUnknownUnsureRed pulsing stationary light. ((anonymous report))12/10/17
12/7/17 21:15FremontWIUSAUnknown30 secondsWhite lights disappearing and reappearing12/8/17
12/5/17 22:00CupertinoCAUSAUnknown30-60 minutesStrange red and blue pulsating lights (crafts?) to the S / SE of Cupertino? 12/5/17 @ 10pm ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius. PD))12/8/17
12/5/17 20:00Dodge CityKSUSAUnknown>5 minutesSince i live here 4 yrs. I seen cigars in groups. Alot of white stars and then change. ((anonymous report))12/8/17
12/4/17 06:24Rock HillSCUSAUnknown30 minutesThree flying objects orange in color formed a triangle.12/4/17
11/30/17 20:30Sydney (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown20 minutesSEEN STRANGE MOVING LIGHTS MOVING OVER SYDNEY, CANADA. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 17:30LexingtonSCUSAUnknown~3 minutesA star-like object was seen during the day, before it changed to a bright red and vanished. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 15:45ChattanoogaTNUSAUnknown3 minutesAfternoon sighting.12/4/17
11/25/17 00:00Green BayWIUSAUnknownFew secondsOver Green Bay a just few min before 11pm. ufo? easy 1-5 thousand mph high up in atmosphere. silent. almost looked triangle/12/4/17
11/25/17 09:42Cape CoralFLUSAUnknown~5 minutesIt was 09:42 in the morning and my husband and I came out of our house, as I was getting into our car I happened to look up towards the12/4/17
11/25/17 06:39Moreno ValleyCAUSAUnknown10 minutesDriving from Amazon in San Bernardino, there was an object in the sky that wasn’t moving.12/4/17
11/23/17 00:55LenniPAUSAUnknown11 minutesMoving objects in astro photographs2/16/18
11/22/17 19:42CapitolaCAUSAUnknown2-4 minutesBright white and orange glowing lights in over Monterey Bay. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/20/17 05:30WadsworthOHUSAUnknown1 minutesI was walking my pet and riding my bike when I looked through a clearing of trees. I then saw something just hovering there and quickly11/22/17
11/20/17 00:00WarrenMAUSAUnknown30 minutesSlow moving craft with no propeller.11/22/17
11/19/17 13:00ClevelandOHUSAUnknownFew secondsTwo fighter jets flying at very high speed from Lake Erie south over a neighborhood just west of downtown Cleveland. They disappeared t12/4/17
11/18/17 16:30SalemORUSAUnknown5 secondsSwarm of bees sound.11/22/17
11/17/17 17:51NewmanCAUSAUnknown15 minutesObject with flashing red, blue,yellow, & white lights hovered for several minutes. Then zigged & zagged in a non-patterened formation.11/22/17
11/17/17 11:20Los AltosCAUSAUnknown2 minutesSwarm of ufos over Los Altos.12/21/17
11/15/17 00:30DeltaCOUSAUnknown1 minuteHuge low flying craft, mechanical "whooshing" sounds, and a unknown animal-like screech. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/12/17 18:00BroomfieldCOUSAUnknown1 minute5 lights making shapes.11/17/17
11/11/17 18:40PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknownMomentsVery low dark slow moving object.11/17/17
11/10/17 20:30PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknownunknownBright strobe lights in frantic pattern.11/17/17
11/9/17 04:30St. LouisMOUSAUnknown1 hourWhite lights with a red pulsating strobe in a linear formation over St. Louis, MO.11/9/17
11/8/17 00:45OmahaNEUSAUnknown1100Line of lights that are flashing and blinking orange, yellow, green, blue. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))11/9/17
11/6/17 17:05Hokes BluffALUSAUnknown5+ minutesUnseen vehicle leaving a trail with "Foo Fighters" (orbs) following it.9/6/19
11/4/17 20:15Rural HillTNUSAUnknown20:45((HOAX??)) Objects flying in the sky, orange lights, no sound to be heard. ((anonymous report))11/9/17
11/3/17 22:44PrattKSUSAUnknown2.5 minutesVery load roar similar to a jet. Sounds shook all the Windows in the house for about 1 minute. Could hear the sound for about 2.5 minut11/9/17
10/30/17 22:20Coos BayORUSAUnknown20 minutesFlashing white lights moving vertically and horizontally11/3/17
10/28/17 18:30HanoverPAUSAUnknown1-2 minutes3 steady yellow/orange lights, 1 red flashing light.11/9/17
10/26/17 20:00Mount WashingtonCAUSAUnknown2 secondsBright light flashes across sky from NW to SE, lights up entire sky, causes power surge in surrounding area. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
10/25/17 16:30Western OregonCAUSAUnknown~45 minutesUFO Over Pacific Northwest-Radar, Airline Pilot Witnesses, F15s Scrambled. ((NUFORC Note: Report provides link to news article. PD))2/22/18
10/24/17 14:50SheridanCAUSAUnknown5 secondsSonic boom.12/4/17
10/21/17 15:00Long BeachCAUSAUnknown11 minutesUFO releases over 30 Orbs. ((anonymous report))12/21/17
10/20/17 21:20Orange ParkFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesBright blue-green object silently flies very fast across sky near Orange Park FL11/3/17
10/20/17 16:00New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown10 minutesGrey cloud turned goldish then white/ silvery and when silvery looked like numerous objects11/3/17
10/18/17 05:10RenoNVUSAUnknown3 minutesUndefined shaped object with vertical bars of white/red/green flashing lights traveling silently across Pyramid lake from south to west11/3/17
10/17/17 20:30Mt. OrabOHUSAUnknown30-60 minutesStationary lights that just appear, and dissappear. No sound.10/19/17
10/17/17 06:13WellfleetNEUSAUnknown1 minuteThe craft(?) was very high in the predawn sky. It was heading southerly, then stopped. Started moving again S, but kind of wiggly.10/19/17
10/16/17 20:30CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo lights moving slow, then faster and changing directions without a sound. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/15/17 06:00GilcrestCOUSAUnknown5 minutesYellow object, looked like a plane without wings, flying low, made a squeaking sound.11/3/17
10/13/17 05:00EastvaleCAUSAUnknown30 secondsThere were two sets of orange fuzzy lights, that stayed on, front and rear, that were shaped like a chevron. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/11/17PearlMSUSAUnknownTodayIt was red and black had blue on the side and had a red light.9/27/18
10/10/17 16:20New York City (Brooklyn)NYUSAUnknown5 minutesWalking south-bound along Classon Avenue, I looked up towards Northwest to see 4 to 5 silvery or light reflective, metallic objects.10/19/17
10/9/17 05:45ChatsworthCAUSAUnknown1 minuteFlying object with fiery tail. Some kind of explosion with a large gas emission, very colorful. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/9/17 05:40Oak ParkCAUSAUnknown2 minutesBright red streak in the sky unexpectedly fade away very rapidly And same or new object reappears w/ 3 orangish, reddish lights and so10/19/17
10/8/17 20:30Camano IslandWAUSAUnknown15 minutesMultiple crafts with flashing lights seen over the bay.10/19/17
10/5/17 19:40Lake Havasu CityAZUSAUnknown5 secondsTrail of lights where glowing and blinking in patterns of 1 second.10/19/17
10/5/17 15:42WarrentonORUSAUnknownsecondsObject noticed when reviewing my photos I took with my cell phone.10/19/17
10/4/17 18:00AllentownPAUSAUnknown20 minutesFalling unidentified object from sky. Local police received many reports of falling craft, but upon investigation nothing was reported10/5/17
10/4/17 02:30CasperWYUSAUnknown17 foot tall, 'Grey', Casper, Wyoming, paid no attention to me.10/19/17
10/3/17 23:00LondonOHUSAUnknown2 minutesOn Tuesday 10/3, Was on I70 EB m.m 76, London,OH. I saw round object with bright lights. I thought it was a helicopter so I stop my tru10/19/17
10/2/17 20:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknown>10 minutesUnknown object in N. California sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the object was a "twinkling" star. PD))((anonymous report))10/5/17
10/1/17 11:50PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknownongoingUnkown bright object high in sky towards NW in Philadelphia, PA10/5/17
9/30/17 21:00WentzvilleMOUSAUnknown5-8 minutesFirst spotted 4 at no partular pattern then slughlt faded out the 3 got brighter and made three sided triangle shape the two more appea10/5/17
9/30/17 19:45FlorissantMOUSAUnknown5 minutesThe lights appeared to be a sigle craft flying at very high attitude.10/5/17
9/29/17 21:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsLight over airport. Hover for a few seconds and took off due N out of sight in seconds... Very low to the ground. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 21:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsLight over airport. Hover for a few seconds and took off due N out of sight in seconds... Very low; no sound. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/29/17 18:45Rocky HillCTUSAUnknown3 minutesI wish I could see more. It came and disappeared.10/5/17
9/28/17 02:00RevereMAUSAUnknown4 hoursflashing blue and green lights on object over sea. ((anonymous report))10/5/17
9/24/17 18:14PhoenixAZUSAUnknown1 secondSunset object.9/28/17
9/23/17 20:50LibertyNCUSAUnknown3 minutesLight in the sky that got brighter then disappeared.9/28/17
9/23/17 20:45Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown60 secondsString of Blinking Red, Blue, Green and White Lights Seen In Vancouver BC Suburb9/28/17
9/23/17 20:30DaltonGAUSAUnknownUnsure3 spinning lights in the sky , 2 appeared to be spinning CW and 1 CCW. ((anonymous report))9/28/17
9/22/17 02:44South DaytonaFLUSAUnknown3 secondsNoise of low and fast flying machinery over house. No lights. Lasted 3 seconds9/28/17
9/21/17 22:30JonesboroARUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw a dark shape with 2-3 green lights and a blinking red light hovering immobile 200 - 300 feet I'm the air, turned around down the st9/28/17
9/19/17 21:10San DiegoCAUSAUnknown20White oval light in evening sky above San Diego split in two and head in different directions.9/21/17
9/19/17 18:08JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown6 minutes10 orb-like blinking objects seen flying during the day,9/21/17
9/18/17 23:00PawletVTUSAUnknown10 minutesFast moving bright white object and other flashing red and green light object.9/21/17
9/18/17 17:54CoachellaCAUSAUnknown2 days((HOAX??)) black winged creature.9/21/17
9/16/17 19:50Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutesExplosion, or craft, that looked like torches. ((NUFORC Note: Possible nighttime parachute jump?? PD))9/21/17
9/16/17 04:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown3-5 minutesBright white light transforming from a star appearance to a full blown object of some kind. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))9/21/17
9/14/17 23:30HubertNCUSAUnknown5 minutesPinkish red lights dropping white lights.9/21/17
9/14/17 08:57GreenwoodINUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw an orange dotted triangle with the orange dots on each side that changed its formed.9/21/17
9/12/17 13:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown15 secondsAt approx. 1PM on 12SE17, heard “jet”,? so close over the house bringing neighbors outside To see ,could not iden9/12/17
9/11/17 21:19VancouverWAUSAUnknownongoingOdd blinking high in western sky over what would be towards the oregon coast from Portland9/12/17
9/11/17 09:00Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknownApprox 10 secondsTwo identical light formations at Edinburgh Castle. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection off glass?? PD))10/19/17
9/10/17 10:00RiversideCAUSAUnknown15 minutesFlashing object.9/14/17
9/5/17 01:24AlexandriaVAUSAUnknown5 minutesFlashing lights from a craft in an irregular patten, sometimes retracting to other areas, in Alexandria, VA9/5/17
9/4/17 18:50DenverCOUSAUnknown30 minutesMy family and I were driving home from Denver Co. and the day was really hazy because of the fires going on which turn the sun red and9/5/17
9/4/17 00:30BothellWAUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX)) Heard strange sound that couldve been someone.9/5/17
9/3/17 22:45PuyallupWAUSAUnknown5 minutesLoud electronic sound coming from the area towards (soon to be) vanlerop park and E Pioneer and heading towards Orting, could not see.9/5/17
9/3/17 16:00LumbertonNCUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX??)) 1 object flying 1000 feet erratic. ((anonymous report))9/5/17
8/27/17 22:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown5 minutesPossible sighting or drones.9/5/17
8/27/17 21:00ThorntonWVUSAUnknown5 minutesSuper bright white light Moving and hovering off to the west9/5/17
8/27/17 20:30PlymouthMAUSAUnknown10 minutesI saw 6 orange lights go by. At first there was one and I watched it go by until I could no longer see it because it grew dim.9/5/17
8/26/17 21:00MonroeWIUSAUnknownUNKNOWNNot sure how to discribe it, they were just flying over head.9/5/17
8/26/17 20:00Crescent ValleyNVUSAUnknown2 hrs 30 minutesI see them all the time, but to show someone else finally, was great. They can mimick a airplane at first or look like a star.9/5/17
8/23/17 21:00BozemanMTUSAUnknown15-20 minutesTwo invisible crafts flying above Montana.9/28/17
8/21/17 13:47HendersonvilleTNUSAUnknownphotoObject noticed in eclipse photos.8/24/17
8/21/17 12:00FountainCOUSAUnknown8:00During the Eclipse I notice a craft moving across the sky east to southwest.8/10/18
8/21/17 03:10BarboursvilleWVUSAUnknown1 secondUFO during the eclipse.8/24/17
8/21/17 00:15Lake ShelbyvilleILUSAUnknown15 minutesThis is kind of crazy. But I'll write the details and you decide. 10:30 on august 20th. 2017. Lone point, lake shelbyville. Campsite 649/5/17
8/20/17 18:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown10 minutesWest to east direction, illiuminated by son. ((anonymous report))8/24/17
8/20/17 05:30White PlainsMDUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo slow moving red blinking lights with no descernible shape between them8/24/17
8/19/17 21:00OakdaleCTUSAUnknownFew minutesFlash of white light, followed by other flashes not following a pattern or straight path8/24/17
8/19/17 15:10LanesboroMAUSAUnknown5-6 secondsAt 3:10 PM DST I was sitting in my backyard reading when I heard a very high pitched crackling sound (a zing-g-g-g ?) overhead. It was8/24/17
8/17/17 22:00MontelloNVUSAUnknown2 minutesHigh-flying, flashing light over Pilot Valley, Elko County, Nevada.8/24/17
8/16/17 20:13Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown1 minutew/ a 15 mm lens. I saw a thing orbit the moon and emit something at the moon. It hit the moon. ((anonymous report))3/23/18
8/15/17 01:15PortlandORUSAUnknown30 secondsI looked out my window and saw flashing lights flying in a way that reminded me of a plane experiencing turbulence.8/17/17
8/14/17 22:00WoodstockGAUSAUnknown3 hoursBright flashing light through the trees. Timing it has shown it goes off every 39-41 seconds. Airplanes also heard above.8/17/17
8/12/17 20:50ManliusNYUSAUnknown1.5 minutesLarge craft with very bright, orangish pulsating lights hovering slowly at a high altitude. Was able to get video of it.8/17/17
8/12/17 20:30KissimeeFLUSAUnknown20 secondsUnusually configured stationary flashing lights.8/17/17
8/12/17 09:30TucsonAZUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange lights in a octagon formation.8/17/17
8/10/17 05:45MartinsburgWVUSAUnknown10 secondsI saw a white object, high in the sky, directly overhead, moving faster than a normal airplane, and it was traveling from SW to NE.8/11/17
8/3/17 21:30West WarwickRIUSAUnknown45 minutesJet-like roaring craft over Rhode true explanation from media.8/11/17
8/2/17 23:00Panevezys (Lithuania)LithuaniaUnknown4 hours 20 minutes100+ lightnings in the same spot without any sounds on a clear night sky. ((anonymous report))8/4/17
8/1/17 21:25Orland HillsILUSAUnknown2 secondsBright Green lit craft moving quickly appeared and dissapered into nothing8/4/17
7/31/17 00:00East StroudsburgPAUSAUnknown10 minutesThought it was full moon but bright orange light, couldn't distinguish size or shape shining in my window. About 10 minutes later, was8/4/17
7/29/17 21:55SpokaneWAUSAUnknown<5 secondsJust before 10pm, it streaked slower than a meteor, arching from S to N faster than a jet, it left silver blue trail. ((anon. report))8/4/17
7/28/17 11:00NorcrossGAUSAUnknown3 minutesLoud strange noise in the sky over Peachtree Corners Georgia8/4/17
7/27/17 02:16OrlandoFLUSAUnknown10-15 minutesGlowing lights behind cloud hovered, then moved in similar directions at a high rate. Return to original position.8/4/17
7/26/17 12:05KokomoINUSAUnknown40-45 minutes10 or more lights squirmishing.7/27/17
7/24/17 23:50Grand MaraisMNUSAUnknown2 minutesWent out of house saw red and white flashing lights in moonless clear night. Could not make out shape of object. ((anonymous report))7/27/17
7/24/17 01:35RenoNVUSAUnknown~40 minutesLarge flashes of light, followed by distant explosion noise going on for almost an hour.7/27/17
7/23/17 02:00Pleasant GroveUTUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw what looked to be several points of light moving at differing speeds in a circle formation. ((anonymous report))8/11/17
7/19/17 23:30RoswellNMUSAUnknown5 minutesWeird lights in Roswell.7/23/17
7/18/17 02:20Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown1-3 minutesSmall car/shed sized object started green/blue color changed to greenish pink flying super low with weird movements then quickly left.t7/23/17
7/18/17 00:15StraffordNHUSAUnknown5 secondsBlinking light shot straight through top of tree line then shot off extremely fast to the right slightly bouncing up and down like it w7/23/17
7/17/17 21:00MilfordCTUSAUnknown10 minutesSaw bright white flash so thought it was a star but then it flashed again and I could see it faintly so I got my phone and took a video8/24/17
7/17/17 19:55Whidbey IslandWAUSAUnknown1 minuteRound light source in the sky captured close to Naval Base, which was not a plane.9/28/17
7/16/17 16:45KennerLAUSAUnknown1 minuteBelieve I saw the same object again as reported on July 4th. This time it was travelling East to West directly over Lake Pontchartrain7/23/17
7/16/17 13:00GrotonCTUSAUnknown15 minutesOn I-95 N, to my right, out above the water, I saw a row of 5 hook shaped contrails. ((NUFORC Note: Sky writing aircraft. PD))7/23/17
7/16/17 01:00DonaldsSCUSAUnknown20-30 minutesAt 1st, thought it was lightning, but then they moved very fast within a small area. The lights were in the clouds, and looked like som7/23/17
7/15/17 22:00Rock HillSCUSAUnknown30 minutesBright light moving side to side.7/23/17
7/15/17 03:30WeedCAUSAUnknown20 secondsFlashing light rose out of eastern sky hiding in constellation, second flashing light replaced it at 3:30am.7/23/17
7/13/17 21:05BeaufortNCUSAUnknown35 minutesBright lights over Beaufort, NC.7/23/17
7/12/17 04:00BellaireMIUSAUnknown3 hoursColorful flying in circles blue yellow and white. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 20:15WakefieldMAUSAUnknown10 secondsMy boyfriend and I were driving South on 95 near Wakefield when all of the sudden we noticed a peculiar bright and shiny craft in the s7/14/17
7/9/17 16:00La PineORUSAUnknown15 secondsBright shiny object hovers in the sky, and then just vanishes!7/14/17
7/9/17 04:30HendersonvilleNCUSAUnknownuntil daylightBright lights in NE Sky of Hendersonville. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))7/14/17
7/9/17 03:39Prilep (Macedonia)Macedonia (FYROM)Unknown40 minutesA light has been appearing for the past 2 wks at 3am at the same spot each am. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
7/9/17 01:00Salt Lake City UtahUTUSAUnknown3 minutesJade color light drops from sky.7/14/17
7/8/17 22:30VersaillesKYUSAUnknown1 minuteSitting on my back porch. Beautiful clear evennng. Noticed an bright, constant, orange light. Consistent speed. ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/8/17 03:30StratfordCTUSAUnknown5 minutesJust saw lights in a square formation 4 blue lights inside 4 red lights moved rapidly up down and sideways than just hover lights did n7/14/17
7/8/17 03:11DavieFLUSAUnknown5 secondsBrilliant light coming and going, and loud, increasing, engine noise; stops suddenly! ((anonymous report))7/14/17
7/8/17 01:30ColumbusOHUSAUnknown90 minutesWoke up inside of a tanning bed-like enclosement, appeared to be traveling with high turbulence, alien zapped me.7/23/17
7/5/17 23:15Fort WayneINUSAUnknown2 minutesBright orange light slowly moves soundlessly over northeast Fort Wayne, IN.7/7/17
7/4/17 23:30BridgeportCTUSAUnknown20 minutesObject spun in place reversing direction twice and disappeared in a cloud.7/14/17
7/4/17 21:30GreencastlePAUSAUnknown15 secondsSeen 2 white blinking lights traveling what appeared to be very fast, one going north and one east, they then stopped and returned to o7/7/17
7/2/17 23:20ChestertownMDUSAUnknown2 minutesLarge silent grey aircraft, very low altitude and low speed, 2 bright white circular forward facing lights, no other green or red nav.8/11/17
7/2/17 14:45Delaware TownshipNJUSAUnknown1-2 minutesNothing seen but extremely loud, sudden sound from above.7/7/17
6/30/17 21:45GardendaleALUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange/red ball heading from south to north over central Alabama7/7/17
6/27/17 21:09West ColumbiaSCUSAUnknown<1 minuteObject or craft makes erratic high speed maneuvers over South Carolina.7/7/17
6/27/17 19:45Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknownSecondsSighting.7/7/17
6/27/17 13:30LisbonNYUSAUnknown10 minutesI heard a big jet going over,so I looked up. As i did i saw a bright shiny object near the plane alt. ((anonymous report))7/7/17
6/27/17 13:11ShakopeeMNUSAUnknown3 minutesVERY loud and unknown noise outside; was really loud and sounded like a airplane was headed for us. ((anonymous report))7/7/17
6/26/17 22:20Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown30 secondsVery strange slow motion mechanic noise that lasted about 30 seconds.7/7/17
6/23/17 03:50PascoWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright white satellite looking object North Eastern sky rapid speeds vertical and horizontal object turns blue as it changes directions7/7/17
6/22/17 21:00OmahaNEUSAUnknown5 minutesRed/green light craft seen flying irregulary over Omaha. Rapid acceleration and deacceleration.7/7/17
6/21/17 01:02Broken ArrowOKUSAUnknown30 secondsIt wasn't a craft I was face to face with an alien9/9/22
6/18/17 22:30OrlandoFLUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo round objects heading west with orange lights one flickered and disappeared over my house the other hovered then headed south and d6/22/17
6/18/17 20:08Chiang Rai (Thailand)ThailandUnknown2 minutesI was outside grilling on our patio. I was completely dark outside at around 8:05 p.m. We live near the city airport and will typical6/22/17
6/17/17 03:00SomersetKYUSAUnknown7 minutesStrange happening with an unknown object.7/7/17
6/16/17 23:30CirclevilleOHUSAUnknown10 seconds(We)...could see what looked like a dim star appear heading North real slow and disappear. ((anonymous report))6/22/17
6/16/17 23:00FairfieldCAUSAUnknown3 minutesSolid green light spotted dancing in the sky. ((anonymous report))6/22/17
6/14/17 20:45CorinthMSUSAUnknownStill occurringUnknown flying object over Corinth, MS.6/15/17
6/12/17 03:45FortunaAZUSAUnknown60 minutesStopped to assist several entities. ((anonymous report))6/15/17
6/12/17 01:30CantonOHUSAUnknown15 secondsStrange Atmospheric Destortion spotted in skies over Ohio or was it a UFO?7/23/20
6/10/17 23:00GoffstownNHUSAUnknown5-10 secondsMultiple low flying objects in backyard.6/15/17
6/10/17 21:50ReadingPAUSAUnknown2 minutes((HOAX??)) My neighbor and i were sotto g outside when I noticed something changing light red blue and white. ((anonymous report))6/15/17
6/10/17 20:45MiddletownCTUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo strange lights chase each other across the sky6/15/17
6/10/17 18:00Oak LawnILUSAUnknown20-30 secondsMothman? UFO? Black balloon that poped in the air? ((anonymous report))6/22/17
6/8/17 21:50KalamazooMIUSAUnknown10 minutesRed light observed hovering over Kalamazoo.6/9/17
6/8/17 21:30TroyVTUSAUnknown2 minutesSingle reddish globe light in the southern sky. ((NUFORC Note: Report from former member of military. PD))6/9/17
6/8/17 20:28Colorado Springs?COUSAUnknownunkCloud covered object with black parallel column from sky to the ground8/23/19
6/7/17 22:47WaterfordCTUSAUnknown~15-25 minutesI saw an orange orb frozen in place in the sky, until some planes began to head towards it!8/4/17
6/4/17 08:30Little NeckNYUSAUnknown~9 minutesStrange object(s) seen over Little Neck NY Sunday morning, June 4th 2017 at 8:30 AM6/9/17
6/4/17 01:43OmahaNEUSAUnknown30 minutes+((HOAX??)) About 1:30am I joking told some friends we were gona go to a meditation spot I knew of to try to make contact with aliens..6/9/17
6/3/17 21:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown5 minutes7 objects glowing red in V formation Very far away or small crafts Hoved above in a stationary position Slowly all went straight up and8/23/19
6/3/17 00:30HoneyvilleUTUSAUnknown30 minutesAbove Crystal Hot Springs, green, red and white lights flashed from a craf, a second craft could be seen further in the distance.6/9/17
6/2/17 22:30Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknown3 minutesSolid white light appears in night sky, then vanishes. ((NUFORC Note: Three sightings of the ISS. PD))6/9/17
6/1/17 19:35PerryvilleMDUSAUnknown30 secondsLarge aircraft flying WAY TOO LOW. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
5/31/17 10:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown30 minutesMoving halo connected by 2 white dots in morning sky at top of Pikes Peak from stationary camera.6/2/17
5/28/17 21:00AuburnMAUSAUnknown10 minutes4 flying red objects in sky.6/2/17
5/27/17 10:30SeattleWAUSAUnknown1 hourMetallic reflecting object stayed around for an hour.6/2/17
5/25/17 19:15FriendswoodTXUSAUnknown2 minutes2 Objects sighted 3 minutes apart traveling from the south to the north...6/2/17
5/25/17 02:00PortlandORUSAUnknown1 hourI woke up in around 230 am to look out my 9th floor apartment downtown Portland to see a bright blinking light red white n a small amou6/2/17
5/23/17 22:00Elk GroveCAUSAUnknownFew hoursHello Peter Davenport, My husband and I listen to you on Coast to Coast AM. The other night we smelled smoke and went outside to look a6/2/17
5/23/17 19:30GlobeAZUSAUnknown30 minutes +Srange light appeared over San Carlos May 236/2/17
5/22/17 09:45St. Louis CountyMOUSAUnknown45 secondsFlew south very quite had bright red lights and was flying erratic side to side than fast straight then hovered and flew west stopped a6/2/17
5/18/17 15:25North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown4-5 minutesShiny object tumbling across the sky.6/2/17
5/18/17 06:00WilmingtonDEUSAUnknown5 minutesA object coming from the gorund leaving a trail of smoke in its wake and then leveling out and dissapearing in clouds.6/2/17
5/18/17 00:00Des PlainesILUSAUnknown05:30Just about every night, there is a loud sound coming from the sky. It gets loud, then it decreases in sound. ((anonymous report6/2/17
5/17/17 22:00EdwardsvilleILUSAUnknown30 minutesWitnessed 6 solid lights extremely high up. Thought at first they were stars, but as I watched a little longer, they were moving very6/2/17
5/15/17 22:00SandownNHUSAUnknown50-60 secondsI thought it was a satellite until it got brighter then dimmed.5/15/17
5/15/17 09:35CookevilleTNUSAUnknown12 minutesOn going intermittent object activity. ((anonymous report))5/15/17
5/14/17 20:30Zia PuebloNMUSAUnknown2 minutesObject emits golden beam, performs point to point travel1/19/21
5/10/17 21:45OntarioOHUSAUnknown3 minutes8-10 very bright lights in front. no tail or side lights. moved in night sky an blended in the night sky, very dark.5/11/17
5/8/17 05:00GreenvilleNYUSAUnknown15 minutesClear sky no stars or moon the lights hoverd left to right quick.after 15 minutes it rised but stayed in same noise.object did5/11/17
5/6/17 21:00Bonnerdale/CrossroadsARUSAUnknown15 minutesMy dogs started barking and wouldn't stop. So I went outside to check and about 2-300 yards away I noticed a bright light flickering ri5/11/17
5/4/17 23:25OnchiotaNYUSAUnknown1 minuteCraft following above car.5/6/17
5/4/17 23:07Elkhart LakeWIUSAUnknown5 minutesObject with constant green light and flashing white appeared unmoving until it randomly flew away. ((anonymous report))6/9/17
5/4/17 22:00EdgewoodNMUSAUnknown5 minutesUnusually fast moving object6/2/17
5/2/17 05:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown3 hoursGreen light shining down on us, followed our movement for five minutes before disappearing.5/11/17
5/1/17 21:13ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown5-10 secondsBright white light.5/6/17
4/30/17 21:00LuptonMIUSAUnknown20 minutesThe attached photo was taken in Lupton, Michigan, on approximately April 30, 2017 at approximately 9:00 p.m. A couple , brief silvery w1/25/18
4/28/17 21:00Burl CountyNJUSAUnknown20-25 minutesBright flashing light moving great distance in under a second in south nj5/6/17
4/28/17 20:18Franklin ParkILUSAUnknown14 minutesThis was no airplane5/6/17
4/27/17 22:00West BendWIUSAUnknownfew minutesDriving north on I-45, I saw an object hovering in the sky with three or more very bright white lights. The object was slowly moving di5/6/17
4/27/17 01:00MossyrockWAUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw three blue lights.4/28/17
4/26/17 23:00Orangeville (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 minutesSaw object with bright light-then 6 objects with blue & red lights flew out from the main object. One object followed me home.4/28/17
4/25/17 23:53SeminoleFLUSAUnknown10 seconds2 things stood out to me... first how long the size of this was... and it was completely silent…4/28/17
4/25/17 23:00JupiterFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesSaw something traveling south to north, leaving a trail of fire/sparks in a straight line.4/28/17
4/25/17 21:30DallasGAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesTwo white dots at high altitude traveling very close to each other.4/28/17
4/22/17 21:34IrmoSCUSAUnknown1 minutes2 witnessed 2 identical glowing objects in the sky over Irmo/Columbia, SC, at ~9:30pm.4/28/17
4/22/17 21:30SurpriseAZUSAUnknown2 hoursFixed flashing colored lights 9pm to 1am. Change position suddenly appear regularly. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly stars or planets?? PD))4/28/17
4/21/17 21:00Stevenson RanchCAUSAUnknown30 minutesBright white pulsing light travels across sky and then shoots straight up.4/28/17
4/20/17 00:00Santa RosaCAUSAUnknown10 secondsSilent object without lights nor sound was passing slowly above houses in my neighborhood at night4/28/17
4/20/17 00:10Kennett SquarePAUSAUnknown15 minutesUnknown Lights4/28/17
4/19/17 20:10Chiba City (Japan)JapanUnknown3 secondsI saw a fast pretty round object from the other end of the horizon to the other for like 2-4 seconds and it's well hidden in the clouds4/20/17
4/18/17 21:32WarminsterPAUSAUnknownHourUfo videos, changing lights and moving short distances back and forth ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Jupiter? PD))4/20/17
4/18/17 00:00ColumbiaSCUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge object (larger than a C-130), Unbelievable Speeds, Bright White light that shifts into different color lights, No Sound4/20/17
4/17/17 16:30DoverDEUSAUnknown2 minutesAirplane vanished and reappeared while hovering4/20/17
4/17/17 06:05VallejoCAUSAUnknown30-60 secondsRed flare like light descending in the sky4/20/17
4/16/17 21:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 minutesThree reddish/amber lights that went out after approximately 5-7 minutes.4/20/17
4/14/17 20:41PolandMEUSAUnknown15 minutesFormation of lights unable to identify along with not knowing were the loud explosion sound came from, which startled my dogs.4/20/17
4/14/17 19:45ClearwaterFLUSAUnknown20 secondsNoticed 3 round perfect bright LED colored bright lights that were shaped semi pyramid formation. ((anonymous report))4/20/17
4/12/17 20:45TaylorsvilleNCUSAUnknownAcross the whole skyA very fast flying object, faster than a place could think to fly, white trail behind it. ((anonymous report))4/13/17
4/11/17 21:00Shaw Oldham (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown1 minuteWas a red light stationery in the night sky it then moved so fast to the left and then moved extremely fast away from us.11/9/17
4/9/17 02:30FishersINUSAUnknown3 secondsBlueish stream flying in the air.4/13/17
4/8/17 09:51AlbanyGAUSAUnknown2 minutesAlien or Angel cloud in Albany GA. ((NUFORC Note: Photos of what appear to us to be contrails. PD))5/6/17
4/7/17 20:00WilliamsAZUSAUnknown2 hoursI've seen strange lights in the night sky, but nothing this long or active before.4/13/17
4/3/17 23:30Cedar GroveWVUSAUnknown20 minutesThere were 3 hovering object over the kanawaha river for at least 20 minutes. There were red and blue flashing lights.4/7/17
3/29/17 23:30SeviervilleTNUSAUnknown15 minutesA ufo hovers over my tree line in recent months and I have watched it do a dance per say zigzaging then just hover behind tree lines4/7/17
3/29/17 20:34HernandezNMUSAUnknown1 hourThis is not a hoax and would like answers!4/7/17
3/28/17 06:15Fleming IslandFLUSAUnknown30 minutesMy boyfriend woke me to say he was on his way to work. After he left I was half awake and noticed a very high pitched sound.4/7/17
3/22/17 07:35RaefordNCUSAUnknown2 orange color lights app((NUFORC Note: No information provided by the witness. PD))3/23/17
3/21/17 03:00GrovelandCAUSAUnknown20 minutesFirst, I'm not a strong believer. Second, I'm doing this because I believe what I experienced was real. ((anonymous report))4/7/17
3/19/17 20:45Van NuysCAUSAUnknown2 minutesFast-moving, silent oblects in formation. ((anonymous report))3/23/17
3/18/17 19:30LantanaFLUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw something strange in the Lantana, FL sky last night around 8:15-8:30. ((anonymous report))3/23/17
3/17/17 22:35WasillaAKUSAUnknown2-3 minutesThree red lights in NNW over Talkeetna Mountains moving south for a few minutes eventually fading.3/23/17
3/15/17 20:00BayvilleNJUSAUnknownUnsureWas driving on mill creek rd. in bayville towards southwest on rt. 9 when I saw the star shaped object brightly shining...I was headin3/23/17
3/12/17 18:20BoazALUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light in sky.3/17/17
3/11/17 21:00Camp HillPAUSAUnknown3 minutesHovering Object with White light.3/23/17
3/10/17 20:45Grand TerraceCAUSAUnknown5-7 minutes24 white lights over San Bernardino moving from Northwest to South on March 10, 2017.3/23/17
3/9/17 00:00BellevueWAUSAUnknown20 minutesSound only, mechanical/celestial in nature, consistent, indoors. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
3/8/17 19:45Gulf ShoresALUSAUnknown30-40 secondsLights appear over Gulf coast.4/7/17
3/8/17 02:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown10 minutesIn the E sky over Phoenix at 2am on Mar 9th my friend and I saw 4 bright lights flickering fast at first then slow then fast again.3/10/17
3/4/17 04:00SoldotnaAKUSAUnknown1-2 minutesBone-rattling sonic boom like noise that did not "fly by," but ascended directly upward, no visible craft seen. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
3/3/17 19:05RidgecrestCAUSAUnknown45 secondsSaw amber/orange lighted object in western sky. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/28/17 21:37CoronaCAUSAUnknown~30 secondsSomething over Corona, CA, sky.4/13/17
2/28/17 18:57AtascoctaTXUSAUnknown4 secondBlack sky red green lights rolling made tight turn over roof tops3/10/17
2/27/17 18:40Crescent ValleyNVUSAUnknown5 minutesOver crescent valley 15 or so fire orange color lights in the sky!3/10/17
2/27/17 01:30TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown~30 minutesLight seen circling above Tuscaloosa's University of Alabama Quad3/10/17
2/26/17 21:15ManisteeMIUSAUnknown20 minutesSaw a hovering object with 3 horizontal lights in the night sky, and it appeared, disappeared, reappeared numerous times.3/10/17
2/26/17 20:37GreensboroNCUSAUnknownHas been sitting for a very long time. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus, we suspect. PD)) ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/25/17 14:00Delray BeachFLUSAUnknown30 + minutesFour spheres over ocean at Delray Beach.3/10/17
2/23/17 19:30ReadingPAUSAUnknown4 minutesVery fast object moving quickly back and forth in the sky.3/10/17
2/22/17 21:50AuburnALUSAUnknown3 minutesGiant space craft traveling at a speed 10x faster than an airplane plane. Flew N, then back S; disappeared. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/22/17 21:00Fountain ValleyCAUSAUnknown3 minutesSomething that looked and sounded like it was exploding in the sky stopped exploding and flew away.3/10/17
2/19/17 22:30AtchisonKSUSAUnknown10 secondsObject appeared to be at extremely high altitude moving from north to south without sound and at 2500+ mph. I could see it moving south2/22/17
2/19/17 17:59Waimea CanyonHIUSAUnknown1I was hiking the Waimea canyon with two friends. I was making burst shoots pictures of my friend. On the last picture there is an objec2/22/17
2/19/17 09:05Mt. SummitINUSAUnknownCurrentlyUnknown object northeastern Indiana. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/22/17
2/19/17 05:15Elk MountainWYUSAUnknown2 secondsI deliver mail for my job from salt lake city to denver and back again. Same route weekly, but this week was different. The sky was par2/22/17
2/18/17 23:00Board CampARUSAUnknownunknownUFO over crystal mine.3/10/17
2/18/17 22:00MenaARUSAUnknown10 secondsNear Mena, Arkansas, 3 vertical beams of light appeared at night about 300 ft tall2/22/18
2/17/17 23:00OsceolaINUSAUnknown1 hour +Something in the sky that caught my husband's attention to the E. It had red, green and white light. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))2/22/17
2/16/17 20:00MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown:27I noticed object went to my front door noticed something in the air I proceeded to open my door stepped on my porch walk down a few ste2/22/17
2/15/17 19:50ChillicotheOHUSAUnknown5 minutesLights in a row in the sky the tons appered out of no where all bliking2/17/17
2/15/17Strathmore (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown90 minutesSandollar disk with black rolling circles hollow centre passing over the surface. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))2/17/17
2/13/17KingsportTNUSAUnknownDriving down I-81 South. Object was very bright like a star. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Venus? PD))2/17/17
2/12/17 21:22AbingdonVAUSAUnknownseveral minutesfaint orange lighted craft flying high and quiet over abingdon va heading toward marion va.2/17/17
2/12/17 18:37Orland ParkILUSAUnknown30 secondsLow, BRIGHT white light.2/17/17
2/10/17 19:15Hurdle MillsNCUSAUnknown30 minutesMissing time during return trip home from picking up pizza.2/17/17
2/10/17 15:00EaganMNUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light against sun, magnificent brightness and maneuverability through clouds, dim to dark and bright. ((anonymous report))2/10/17
2/9/17 22:15NortonVAUSAUnknown60 secondsThree strong, pulsing lights hovering in sky North of Orton, in the direction of the operational coal tipple one red light in center, i2/10/17
2/8/17 22:30TucsonAZUSAUnknown10 minutesBright red light traveled across sky in Tucson, Arizona. No sound, then flickers out to the west of city.2/17/17
2/6/17 22:50ArnoldPAUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange glow over western PA.2/10/17
2/6/17 04:22Port OrchardWAUSAUnknown4 secondsI was pulling out my drive way the sky lit up a blue/green color for 4 sec then it happened again about 1 minute later.2/10/17
2/1/17 21:02HopeIDUSAUnknownFew minutesObject that gave off a changing red/orange/green light. Very large. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Sirius? Anonymous report. PD))2/3/17
2/1/17 18:25West SeattleWAUSAUnknown4 minutesI was on a flight from Seattle to Portland and about 10 minutes after take off, I noticed two lights together off the left side of the2/10/17
1/31/17 06:00DuxburyMAUSAUnknown2((HOAX??)) Loud boom heard.2/3/17
1/30/17 19:08Milton-FreewaterORUSAUnknownOngoing3 objects in the sky, moving slightly against the stationary stars, bright lights visible2/16/18
1/29/17 03:00TewksburyMAUSAUnknown30A loud pulsating sound of low tone/pitch woke me up at approximately 3:00AM EST. The sound seemed to get closer and further away at ran2/3/17
1/28/17 17:15WaunakeeWIUSAUnknown1 minuteBright white light towards Madison. Slightly higher and left from nearby antenna.2/3/17
1/28/17 03:54RenoNVUSAUnknown15 minutesI had just left work and was driving on west on W. Fourth Street in Reno. I pulled into Taco Bell and I noticed these 3 red lights drif2/10/17
1/26/17 19:00Phenix CityALUSAUnknown3-5 secondsLarge Bright Light - Alabama2/3/17
1/26/17 16:30LeominsterMAUSAUnknownOngoingCurrently observing this object. Is in distance; can clearly see Venus to the upper L of this object. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))1/26/17
1/23/17 19:00HaysKSUSAUnknown2 secondsFast moving, shapeless, opaque object w 3-4 dim lights.1/26/17
1/23/17 01:00Winnipeg (Canada)MBCanadaUnknownISS live feed. Around 01:00 - 02:00? Saw a opaque tubular(?)object on left side and a bank of metal on the right. I have the feed p1/26/17
1/21/17 05:00TulsaOKUSAUnknown1.5 hoursLarge almost stationary distant object with white and blinking red lights1/26/17
1/21/17 04:00PlantationFLUSAUnknown60+ minutes((anonymous report)) Appears to be 3 unmoving objects with multi-colored flashing lights high up over S FL. ((NUFORC Note: Star??))1/26/17
1/18/17 01:00New MarketMDUSAUnknown5 minutes+Four green lights in sky, not flashing, not moving; appeared to be on the perimeter of a craft.2/10/17
1/15/17 17:45BridgewaterNJUSAUnknown10 minutesIt was perfectly still, hovering right over a highway. distracting - slowed traffic. i took a video with my phone as we drove1/19/17
1/14/17 18:55GreensboroNCUSAUnknown5 minutesSlow moving Planet brightness object4/20/17
1/13/17 01:25Calgary (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown05.00UFO follows jet while jet lands1/19/17
1/12/17 20:55FremontWIUSAUnknown5 minutesRed lights sling-shooting through the sky.1/19/17
1/11/17 17:01AmherstMAUSAUnknown<30 secondsFlashing Blue light changing to red/white, changed direction quickly.1/12/17
1/11/17 06:30MadisonMSUSAUnknown15-20 minutesis one of many occasions. can spontaneously change direction, speed, altitude. Hovering occurs, many patterned lights underneath1/19/17
1/9/17 03:12BirminghamALUSAUnknown3-4 minutesI heard a low humming sound.5/6/17
1/8/17 03:00GoldenCOUSAUnknown2.5 hoursStrange melodic hum, higher pitched, alternating between 2 tones and moving back and forth N and W of Golden, CO.1/26/17
1/7/17 21:15Hardyston TownshipNJUSAUnknown1-2 minutesVery low flying and extremely loud. Flying directly east. Maybe military?1/12/17
1/1/17 00:00HalethorpeMDUSAUnknown1 minute3 red lights flying in a trinagular pattern in the Halethorpe area.1/6/17
12/31/16 09:50ArvadaCOUSAUnknown3 secondsExtremely fast moving silent white orbs in formation over Arvada going SW turning SSW. 9:50 pm 12/31/161/6/17
12/31/16 00:00TurnerKSUSAUnknown60 secondsSilent, slow, north bound, low altitude. Est. 500 ft, quite amazing to me. I am 59 yrs old, retired geologist. ((anonymous report))1/6/17
12/30/16 20:00Miss PointMSUSAUnknown15 minutesWe were heading north on Hwy 63 and saw a glow in the sky just north of Trent Lott airport. ((anonymous report))1/6/17
12/30/16New YorkNYUSAUnknownHoursVery beautiful lights that arrived after thunderstorm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.12/1/19
12/29/16 21:30DavenportWAUSAUnknown3 minutesBright red lighted object over Davenport, WA12/30/16
12/29/16 21:30DavenportWAUSAUnknown3 minutesAround 21:30 Thursday December 29 2016, I think I spotted an unidentified flying object. My sister, mother, and I were sitting in12/30/16
12/29/16 11:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown5 minutesDaylight glinting UFO spotted.4/7/17
12/27/16 18:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown2 hoursBright white orb over Mt Lemmon Tucson AZ12/30/16
12/24/16 21:50PalmettoFLUSAUnknown2 minutesYellow light fly in piroutte style movement12/30/16
12/24/16 21:02CharlottesvilleVAUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange/Red lights in the sky that completely reversed direction in flight.12/30/16
12/24/16 19:00GreeleyCOUSAUnknown20:00Huge strange lights over the western part of the sky.12/30/16
12/22/16 04:15AnchorageAKUSAUnknown17:00I looked out of my north facing window after a vibration broke all of my dishes. I saw a light, too bright to look directly into.4/8/19
12/21/16 00:00LouisvilleKYUSAUnknown1 hourMultiple craft ascending from north of Shelbyville road, very bright and very quiet in comparison to passenger planes seen in the sky a12/21/16
12/15/16 05:37OzarkALUSAUnknown20 secondsIt looked like a plane moving slowly in the sky, until the light began the get smaller and smaller then it was completely gone!12/21/16
12/14/16 05:35Prescott ValleyAZUSAUnknown8 minutesThree blinking lights (in order) hovering w/ a metal pinging sounds in the dark morning sky for 8-10 minutes before disappearing.12/21/16
12/14/16 05:00Monroe TwpNJUSAUnknown10 minutesLoud chopper-like sound over Monroe twp, NJ.12/15/16
12/13/16 03:37PasadenaCAUSAUnknown2 minutesObserved a pair of red light N of Pasadena no sound it was flying W then came to a stop went in the opposite dir. ((anonymous report))12/15/16
12/12/16 01:00TamaquaPAUSAUnknown5 minutesI ((name deleted)) heard a loud engine locamotive type sound coming from outside the house got out bed to see if someone was in my driv1/19/17
12/9/16 22:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown30 minutesWe were looking towards east and seen in the sky a object that was spinning or lights were spinning. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))12/15/16
12/6/16 17:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAUnknown<1 minuteI believe that an unknown creature teleported into my backyard12/15/16
12/6/16 13:15Lake Jackson (Brazoria Co.)TXUSAUnknownVery briefHouse Shaking Aerial Down Burst.12/15/16
12/5/16 04:00WebsterNYUSAUnknownfew secondsVery loud bang and bed shaking.12/15/16
11/30/16 23:30Camp ShelbyMSUSAUnknown1 secondUFO arc maneuver near Camp Shelby, MS, air space/AO.12/5/16
11/30/16 20:00KingslandGAUSAUnknown10 minutesIntermittent bright light (not flashing like plane or helicopter) moving across the sky (from slightly west of here) in a north/northea12/5/16
11/29/16 19:45EnglewoodCOUSAUnknown2-3 secondsAt 7:45 PM on 11/29/16 in the sky heading north a light similar to a plane but slightly brighter and larger was directly in my line of12/5/16
11/28/16 00:00Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknown1 minuteStrange high-pitched frequencies and a beam of electric light going downwards diagonally before quickly vanishing.12/5/16
11/25/16 18:30Port OrangeFLUSAUnknown1 hourI saw a suspicious object in the sky at dusk today. The sky was already pretty dark, so I couldn't make out its exact shape.12/5/16
11/24/16 19:30LargoFLUSAUnknownongoingErratic non-specific direction "dot."12/5/16
11/24/16 19:00FLUSAUnknown35((HOAX??)) Red light w/ a white blinker that would send out night different types of blinks and stop would swerve. ((anonymous report))12/5/16
11/23/16 19:20CarlsbadCAUSAUnknown4 hoursThe object I saw during the day was WHITE as SNOW, larger than any aircraft, I saw a corner of it after the sun had set thru my binocul12/5/16
11/21/16 02:00Sherman OaksCAUSAUnknown90 secondsOrange and blue light up the sky!12/5/16
11/20/16 23:30BoiseIDUSAUnknown20 minutesBright isolated orb. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of an Iridium satellite flare? PD))12/5/16
11/19/16 09:00Cape CoralFLUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange blue and red lighted object in night sky.12/5/16
11/19/16 01:40Litchfield Park/GlendaleUSAUnknown0.5 secondsI saw a super fast light way larger than a shooting star shoot straight side ways at Super sonic speed. ((anonymous report))12/5/16
11/15/16 03:00PeoriaILUSAUnknownEntities in my home November 15, 2016.2/22/18
11/14/16 07:30Pickering (near) (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownseveral seconds to severaCommercial passenger plane narrowly avoids collision with mystery object.12/5/16
11/13/16 14:10ElwoodILUSAUnknown20Large contrail running south to north then turned 90 degrees to the west. This contrail was 200% larger and seemed very low to the grou12/5/16
11/11/16 11:00KeizerORUSAUnknown13 secondsExtremely loud and long sonic boom.11/11/16
11/11/16KeizerORUSAUnknown30 secondsIncredibly loud and deep sound that felt like is was directly overhead. ((anonymous report))12/5/16
11/10/16 20:40La Ronge (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown5 minutesWe seen 7 lights moving across the northern sky.11/11/16
11/9/16 16:45Santa AnaCAUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange light in Orange County.11/11/16
11/7/16 22:00BethlehemGAUSAUnknown5 minutesOdd light made quick u-turn and hovered. ((anonymous report))11/11/16
11/7/16 17:36BerlinWIUSAUnknown>5 minutesWell I was on facebook and saw that someone reported they had seen a few orange lights west of Berlin and I had gone out to my truck to11/11/16
11/7/16 13:02Staten IslandNYUSAUnknown~2 minutesNew York sighting of metallic craft in daylight8/6/20
11/7/16 05:00VenturaCAUSAUnknown10 secondsSilent huge dark blob blending in with the night sky.11/11/16
11/6/16 18:45PittsburghPAUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw 2 bright glowing orbs in Pittsburgh.11/11/16
11/6/16 02:30AmherstMAUSAUnknown5 secondsTwo very large bursts of light, in rapid succession.11/11/16
11/5/16 19:00KingmanAZUSAUnknown30-35 minutesWintessed what appeared to be 2 satellites in tandem--then later--odd grouping of flickering lights11/11/16
11/5/16 01:15Los Angeles (LAX Airport)CAUSAUnknownStill going onBeen observing an obj. that could be a helicopter, hovering over area of LAX. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? Anonymous report. PD))11/11/16
11/4/16 07:20FraminghamMAUSAUnknown1 secondStrange flash of light seen.11/4/16
11/4/16 05:22Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1-2 minutesThere were lights on the object.11/11/16
11/3/16 20:42West JordanUTUSAUnknown10 minutesFlying over West Jordan higher than a plane not making noise. Red and green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Aircraft? PD))11/4/16
11/3/16 08:30WhittierNCUSAUnknownA brief minuteThree Blinking lights underneath.11/4/16
10/31/16 19:55PennsburgPAUSAUnknown10 secondsTracked lights then looked away and then they were gone, nowhere to be found.11/4/16
10/29/16 00:00LansingMIUSAUnknown22:30Two low-flying/hovering crafts. Hovering at low altitude as we approached. Took off flying. ((anonymous report)) One continued eas11/4/16
10/26/16 23:30KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown15 minutesTwo slow-moving red lights, flashing in unison, in a loose, staggered formation.10/27/16
10/26/16 00:20Broad BrookCTUSAUnknownCould be a military vehicle, but why there and just after midnight on two occasions?10/27/16
10/25/16 19:15BethlehemPAUSAUnknown15 minutesSaw 2 white light silent, low-flying crafts in the area of Bethlehem Catholic High School in Bethlehem PA on Oct. 25 at 7:15 PM10/27/16
10/25/16 19:00ChandlerAZUSAUnknown1 minuteThe UFO had amber lights circulating around it. It was dark so I could not see any shape. The event only lasted 1 minute.10/27/16
10/25/16 18:30MesaAZUSAUnknown~2 minutesI only saw 4 or 5 oscillating lights while travelling down the 202 eastbound. Amber or white in color. Slowly moving through the sky10/27/16
10/25/16 15:45AtlantaGAUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite dot spotted in the sky stationary for a number of minutes then zoomed off.10/27/16
10/22/16 12:46Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown5 minutes +Orange ball of light -- possibly triangle shaped -- high in altitude, changes course, two witnesses.10/27/16
10/20/16 21:01MadisonWIUSAUnknown5 minutes3 bright orange objects, traveling in a straight line, W-NW, in Madison, WI.10/21/16
10/20/16 20:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown5 minutesFour HUGE Lights Hovering Over Colorado Springs, CO Caught on Video10/27/16
10/20/16 19:00Pacific PalisadesCAUSAUnknown0:00Multiple blinking lights under of Pacific Ocean. ((anonymous report))10/27/16
10/19/16 21:30DobsonNCUSAUnknown1 hour+Hovering aircraft over the Dobson,Pilot Mt.,Mt. Airy,area.10/21/16
10/17/16 05:35JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown30 secondsBlue light hovering then zoomed away.10/21/16
10/15/16 18:03PrescottAZUSAUnknown2 minutesOdd erratic, bright light over Prescott area.10/21/16
10/14/16 03:45MiddletownNYUSAUnknown2.75 hoursDot of light just brighter than a star, undulating and drifting in the sky unlike any aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))10/21/16
10/14/16 00:00SmithtownNYUSAUnknown1 minuteStrange orange lights moving parallel in the sky.5/6/17
10/10/16 09:40AustinTXUSAUnknown3 secondsStrip of bright orange lights in a "S" shape or 2, rotating slowly, moving slow and silent heading east. ((anonymous report))11/4/16
10/9/16 00:00MorrisonCOUSAUnknown2-3 hoursMuch unusual activity, starting with a helicopter, and ending with various ufos. Please read full story of what we saw.10/21/16
10/8/16 10:17CowetaOKUSAUnknownA few secondsI was in my driveway taking pictures of a family of falcon that were circleing my house. I was using the quick shot more on m camera ph10/11/16
10/7/16 00:00FoleyALUSAUnknown15 secondsTwo different craft seen moments apart.10/13/16
10/6/16 20:24El CajonCAUSAUnknown35 secondsI noticed two lights traveling from West to east. Leading light was constant green(no flashing), trailing light was an intermittently f10/11/16
10/3/16 05:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown5 minutesObject moving away from moon.10/5/17
10/2/16 22:45KetteringOHUSAUnknown3 secondsI saw two huge beams of light going from the sky to the ground.10/11/16
10/2/16 04:50WatsonvilleCAUSAUnknown7 secondsLights in sky I thought it was a shooting star10/11/16
10/1/16 22:00LaonaWIUSAUnknownunsureflashing lights above northeast Wisconsin. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))10/11/16
10/1/16 20:00River OaksTXUSAUnknown30 minutescilender shaped 10 story floting obect with multiple lights and 8 rolls of stright lights a top eachother rols of 83/29/19
10/1/16 12:01MaderaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesWas laying in bed thought I heard fireworks then all of a sudden louder noise tree rumbling and sounded like something ran across the t10/11/16
9/30/16 19:30OxnardCAUSAUnknown30 minutesOxnard, CA, Bright white lighted craft flies in from Pacific ocean and flies back out to ocean 3 seperate times changing colors10/11/16
9/28/16 21:00Black MountainNCUSAUnknown15 minutesBright flashing, shimmering, unmoving and color changing light seen for 15 minutes.9/30/16
9/27/16 22:30RedmondORUSAUnknownSecondsDimly lit, gray, fast moving object.9/30/16
9/27/16 21:30SpokaneWAUSAUnknown~30 minutesTwo members of her family had seen two strange lights over Fairchild Airforce Base.9/30/16
9/27/16 01:45LathropMOUSAUnknown5 secondsBright light was stationary in the sky and then took off at an incredible speed before it disappeared completely. ((anonymous report))9/30/16
9/27/16 01:30North PoleAKUSAUnknown15-20 minutess9/27/16 1:30 am & 10/6/16 11:00 pm North Pole AK Unknown 15-20 Big Bright Star 10/7/16. ((anonymous report))10/11/16
9/26/16 23:26ProvidenceRIUSAUnknown3 secondsExtremely fast (hypersonic+) aircraft (UFO) captured on Live TV over Providence, RI....Please Help me ID this thing.9/30/16
9/25/16 19:45RocklinCAUSAUnknown30 minutesLarge formation of lights in the sky at night at a pretty high altitude without any noise.10/11/16
9/25/16 01:00Kansas CityMOUSAUnknown2 hoursStrange sounds were heard from outside. A sound ringing pitch,and a crunching aluminum sound. Then a humming rang inside my head and I9/30/16
9/24/16 20:45New HollandOHUSAUnknown4 minutesLarge rectangular formation of lights visible over farm house that disappeared and then reappeared, moving slowly and silently.9/30/16
9/24/16 07:30LaceyWAUSAUnknown4 minutesMy wife and I saw something very strange in the sky...a craft that had 2 rows of parallel lights. ((anonymous report))9/30/16
9/23/16 19:10OcoeeUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo lights descending slowly, blinking on and off. ((anonymous report))9/30/16
9/22/16 04:47LivingstonNJUSAUnknown8 secondsStar gazing while waiting on my dog. Size of a star, moving slower than a plane, no noise, could see blatant small reflection from the9/22/16
9/22/16 04:15PetersburgVAUSAUnknownHourThere has been an object hovering outside of our home for almost an hour now. It moves zigzag and in a circle while changing pattern an9/30/16
9/22/16 02:02ColumbiaSCUSAUnknown20 secondsUnusual Aircraft flies low over Columbia SC9/30/16
9/21/16 22:14MebaneNCUSAUnknown4 minutesLow, loud rumble.9/22/16
9/20/16 21:00ClaremontCAUSAUnknown30 minutesWhite, red, and emerald green blinking lights. A motor can be heard and it hovered for over 30 minutes then headed south, east towards9/22/16
9/19/16 21:15CharlotteNCUSAUnknown5 secondsBlue light object traveling like a flash light disappeared in to clouds.9/22/16
9/18/16 22:00DanforthILUSAUnknown7 minutesCraft with multiple bright lights on the bottom hovered and flew in a curvilinear path over the cornfields. After several minutes movi9/22/16
9/18/16 20:48Morongo valleyCAUSAUnknown2 secondsProbably meteor fire behind.9/22/16
9/14/16 21:00BlanchesterOHUSAUnknown30 minutesStanding outside smoking a cigarette at dark. Live in outer rural setting so very visible night sky. Just above the trees at the furth9/15/16
9/14/16 21:00BlanchesterOHUSAUnknown30 minutesJust above trees at the furthest of my field of view 1 diamond shaped light appeared fast and disappeared. ((anonymous report))9/15/16
9/14/16 18:00KapaaHIUSAUnknown10 minutesStange green "thing"; shows up in series of photos. ((NUFORC Note: Possible lens flares? PD))9/30/16
9/11/16 03:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 secondsDuring a power blackout in Highland Creek about 3AM, a cluster of 4 lights at tree top level passed quickly. ((anonymous report))9/15/16
9/8/16 16:00Denio (south of)NVUSAUnknown<1 minuteSomething shiny flying above the mountains near Rt 140 in Nevada, south of Denio, around 4pm Pacific time on September 8, 20169/15/16
9/8/16 01:20BrilliantOHUSAUnknown30+Plane flying straight into space.9/9/16
9/6/16 22:00AtascosaTXUSAUnknown2.5 hoursI saw 3 yellow lights in the shape of a triangle.But,it was not a spaceship so tosay but 3 separate objects forming a triangle.9/9/16
9/6/16 22:00West WindsorVTUSAUnknown30-40 minutesThe sky was green with white light streaming through it. I was headed to bed and saw this thinking Northern lights... there was a few f5/11/17
9/6/16 00:30DyersburgTNUSAUnknownOngoingMulti-colored Lights, NE sky, 60x Telescope ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star?? PD))9/9/16
9/5/16 03:00GreenbeltMDUSAUnknownSeveral minutesIntense, pulsating, humming sound heard in Greenbelt Park around 3AM, Labor Day morning.9/9/16
9/5/16 02:00CamdentonMOUSAUnknown2-4 hours nightlyTwo objects with flashing multicolored lights tend to hover in the sky near my home every night at the same time frame.9/9/16
9/4/16 01:00BellevueWAUSAUnknown2 secondsFast meteor.9/9/16
9/3/16 22:28Angels CampCAUSAUnknown10 secondsFlying red flashing light with no sound heading from West to East10/11/16
9/3/16 06:55DuluthGAUSAUnknown5 SecondsI think this was for my eyes only!9/9/16
9/2/16 20:34Brookline StationMOUSAUnknown25 minOne dull fast light caught my eye going west to east. I then saw another come from ground.9/15/16
9/2/16 15:20McMinnvilleORUSAUnknown~1 minuteLoud buzzing/rumbling noise, nothing was seen in sky, wind was extreme during sound. ((anonymous report))9/9/16
9/1/16 02:02MarshalltownIAUSAUnknown3 secondsBright light West of Marshalltown, IA.9/2/16
8/31/16 16:45Oklahoma cityOKUSAUnknownUnknownWas standing outside with my boyfriend as it was about to storm. I was taking pictures of the sky and we thought something seemed kind9/30/16
8/29/16 04:00HermitageTNUSAUnknown2 hours2 unidentified objects seen early morning in Davidson County, TN. ((NUFORC Not: Possible star?? PD))8/29/16
8/29/16 00:20New York City (Bronx)NYUSAUnknown1 hourSmall flashing/blinking light in the sky moving in a circular/triangular form with red, white, and blue like lights.8/29/16
8/28/16 20:45WilliamsburgVAUSAUnknown20 minutesRed, blue, and white silent hovering object over treeline.8/29/16
8/26/16 22:40KingsportTNUSAUnknown2 minutesSeen same object twice since 07/22/168/29/16
8/26/16 13:00VisaliaCAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsSky suddenly dimmed during a lunchtime walk.8/29/16
8/25/16 10:30GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown~2 hoursAt first appearance we thought it was a star. Noticed it was flashing, noticed color changing, Red white green blue, has stayed in s8/29/16
8/25/16 10:00BlackshearGAUSAUnknown2 minutesunexplained object that disappeared into the nite sky.8/29/16
8/24/16 20:00Sioux FallsSDUSAUnknown1 hourA green light hit me and a white cross appeared over my body.12/4/17
8/22/16 20:00SedonaAZUSAUnknown2-3 hoursLights and entities in Northern Arizona.8/29/16
8/22/16 02:25PerrisCAUSAUnknown40 minutesSlow moving bright light shoots pyrotechnic toward ground over rural Perris, Gavilan Hills.8/29/16
8/21/16 01:01Little RockARUSAUnknown1 secondLarge white spiraling light traveling at incredible speed.8/25/16
8/20/16 23:00WindsorMOUSAUnknown10 secondsExtremely bright white and red flashing lights outside, lighting up our bedroom.8/25/16
8/19/16 22:45Aberdeen GardensWAUSAUnknown15 minutesWe watched 4 ufo's flying around then hover changing colors from white to red. One went down as if shot down.8/25/16
8/19/16 00:00WarrenMIUSAUnknown20+ minutes2 flashing white lights; 1 not moving, the other moving in circle pattern.8/19/16
8/18/16 22:00SlatingtonPAUSAUnknown10-20 secondsObject with red lights made hard 90 degree turn without slowing down.8/29/16
8/16/16 02:47New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAUnknown15-20 minutesI was on the roof of my apartment building eating a bag a potato chips around 2:45 am this morning. I was just absentmindedly looking u8/16/16
8/15/16 21:15BoulderCOUSAUnknown30 secondsLight traveling beneath the clouds without marker lights of regular aircraft. Light looked like like it was traveling in our dorection8/16/16
8/13/16 22:00BendORUSAUnknown5 minutesWhite light crosses sky, turns, then appears to hover before fading out.9/9/16
8/12/16 23:30Derby (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown3 seconds4 lights not recorded on camera.8/16/16
8/12/16 20:30New York City (Middle Village)NYUSAUnknown10 secondsFour red lights with two blinking green lighted object in sky8/16/16
8/12/16 13:00Jakarta (Indonesia)IndonesiaUnknowndark shaped floating object surrounded by clouds.1/12/18
8/12/16 03:00Indian TrailNCUSAUnknown2 hours2 odd acting circle ufos almost searching in sky for something or someone.8/16/16
8/11/16 07:00Palm CoastFLUSAUnknown3 hoursIt started when I woke up, as if I've never fallen asleep, to my dog and cat both growling with their hackles standing up.8/16/16
8/11/16 00:30YpsilantiMIUSAUnknownLarge UFO mistaken for airplane bright lights shines down went one direction and instantly went opposite direction w/o turning around.8/16/16
8/10/16 01:00Citrus HeightsCAUSAUnknown5-6 hoursI started investigating on my own starting the end of month July up to present day. Unless objects just disappeared for whatever reason9/9/16
8/8/16 21:35WethersfieldCTUSAUnknown15-20 secondsConnecticut sighting - blunt triangle shaped craft cruises over dense suburban neighborhood at night.8/16/16
8/7/16 23:55ElliottsburgPAUSAUnknown4 minutesCraft with orange lights moved north of me.8/16/16
8/6/16 21:30Mt. LookoutWVUSAUnknownVery Bright Lights over Mt. Lookout, WV.8/16/16
8/5/16 02:39Oak HillKSUSAUnknown21 minutesWhen going through the pictures I had taken, I noticed a few pictures with an object in them.8/16/16
8/5/16 01:30LexingtonSCUSAUnknown5-10 seconds2 lights combined to become one and dissapeared. ((anonymous report))8/16/16
8/3/16 22:00Philmont Scout RanchNMUSAUnknown15-30 secondsMatrix of bright green lights with loud whirring noise moving slowly above Boy Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch Elk Horn camp.8/16/16
8/2/16 01:15PuyallupWAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsBright flash in the sky.8/4/16
8/1/16 21:45ShorelineWAUSAUnknown1 minuteI noticed a light way up in the sky, and quickly realized a second light following. ((anonymous report))8/2/16
7/31/16 17:30SomervilleMAUSAUnknown5 minutesUnidentified object hovering in Somerville, MA.8/4/16
7/29/16 21:00Grants Pass (Murphy Area)ORUSAUnknownSecEye in Sky10/8/22Yes
7/28/16 21:30Cambridge SpringsPAUSAUnknown3 minutesI tried to video the event with my phone and there is only audio as far as i can tell.I don`t understand this because it was so bright.8/2/16
7/28/16 01:00YakimaWAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsBrilliant flash of light followed by a sonic boom8/2/16
7/27/16 23:00St. GeorgeUTUSAUnknown2 minutesObserved a lighted streamer like object flying or being towed over St George, UT. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35CentervilleUTUSAUnknown19 seconds~1035 pm I and my girlfriend observed blinking lights and lights not blinking moving slow. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD))8/2/16
7/27/16 22:30WashingtonUTUSAUnknown3 minutesI spend alot of time outside at night. Tonight i saw what started as two bright lights and two small blue lights then its broke up into8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35Huntington BeachCAUSAUnknown10 secondsBright light. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))((anonymous report))8/2/16
7/27/16 02:30Surprise/GlendaleAZUSAUnknown3 secondsBright flash of green light, streaked through the sky and left behind a faint purple glow that faded quickly8/2/16
7/26/16 23:10AikenSCUSAUnknown1 minuteSmall, rapid blinking, fast moving lights.8/2/16
7/26/16 21:38PoplarMTUSAUnknown20 minutesExtremely bright super fast flashing lights up in the atmosphere performing sharp degree turns.8/2/16
7/24/16 23:45VantageWAUSAUnknown30 minutes30 minute lapse in memory, hallucinations, nose bleeds and astronomical anomalies.8/2/16
7/24/16 22:00FranklintonLAUSAUnknown20 minutesI was watching the RNC on tv when I heard a loud humming noise. I listened as it got louder and louder. It got so loud that I couldn't8/2/16
7/23/16 03:30LaBellePAUSAUnknown5-7 minutesThe object that came from the river was admitting sparks from the bottom.8/2/16
7/22/16 00:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown3 hoursStrange flashes of light on a clear night in Sno-King area of WA.8/2/16
7/21/16 10:30South KingstownRIUSAUnknown10 minutesSickly, sweet smell permeates the air with no discernible cause. My dog's barking was an alert.7/22/16
7/21/16 03:00RichlandWAUSAUnknown1 hourThere were jets flying over our house (North Richland) continuously for one hour. Was woken up by my dogs barking and then heard the j7/22/16
7/19/16 20:15Daytona BeachFLUSAUnknown10 secondsVery bright silver object vanished from sight.7/22/16
7/18/16 21:30YukonOKUSAUnknown~2 minutes2 large orange lights in Yukon sky7/22/16
7/18/16 21:15Lower Haines CityFLUSAUnknownsteady route NorthThe object I saw was as small as the stars out tonight, the size of a pin head, moving in a very straight line, which seemed too small7/22/16
7/17/16 21:30AnsoniaCTUSAUnknown3 minutes((HOAX?? Photo looks bogus.)) Pink ufo made of 7 round pink circles or blobs. ((anonymous report))7/22/16
7/17/16 16:00QuartzsiteAZUSAUnknownUnknownI did not witness anything while I was shooting my photos,I took them blindly of the bright sky. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flares. PD))7/22/16
7/16/16 23:15ConcordNHUSAUnknown2 minutesThree red lights sighted, forming a triangle in the sky.7/22/16
7/15/16 21:30MhowIndiaUnknown1 minutesSuddenly a white light thing appeared in the sky , first it was moving straight up and then suddenly it changed it route and tturned ri8/31/18
7/14/16 23:15Cedar FallsIAUSAUnknown4 minutesWhite dimming object north of Cedar Falls Mall.7/15/16
7/14/16 21:45LititzPAUSAUnknown15:00Unknown lights in night sky.9/9/16
7/10/16 23:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown2 minutesGreen flashing light hovering then suddenly bolting off at a high rate of speed.7/15/16
7/10/16 21:11Montreal West (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown1 secondTwo stripes speed across moon in telescope in barely a second; no trees in view. Quickly disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Contrails??? PD))7/15/16
7/10/16 18:00Los BanosCAUSAUnknown1 minutePossible reptilian being sighting.7/15/16
7/10/16 02:21BowieMDUSAUnknown<3 secondsWoke up to see a bright yellow light coming through my bedroom window. It remained still for a few moments.7/15/16
7/9/16 10:04AmboyWAUSAUnknown45 secondsMysterious lights and noise.7/15/16
7/8/16 15:14Scarborough (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown13 minutesLow Flying Dark Roundish Flashing White Light Object.5/15/17
7/7/16 04:00AustinTXUSAUnknownUnknown3-year old has UFO dream?7/15/16
7/7/16 00:40AlamedaCAUSAUnknown1 minute (maybe more)Saw green flashing or lightning twice in a minute. I woke up and saw 2 flashes.7/15/16
7/6/16 21:30PalermoMEUSAUnknown1 minuteFour bright white lights in a diamond pattern with a flashing white light in the middle, no sound.7/8/16
7/4/16 22:25Detour VillageMIUSAUnknown4-5 minutes3 lights (green, red, clear) noticed setting still in the sky for about 1 min.. Moved to the L quickly, stopped. ((anonymous report))7/8/16
7/4/16 22:20BellevueWAUSAUnknown15 minutesThree objects observed during Bellevue 4th of July fireworks display 2016.7/8/16
7/4/16 22:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown10 secondsLow flying, small, lanternish look. No sound.10/18/18
7/4/16 21:15State CollegePAUSAUnknown10 minutesDuring 4th of July Fireworks, a light approached the fireworks from the west. It was raining lightly at the time and the clouds were l7/8/16
7/4/16 21:12Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown1 hourGreen flashes seen above Colorado Springs.7/8/16
7/4/16 21:00SummersvilleWVUSAUnknown30 secondsReddish-orange object floating above 4th of July crowd.7/8/16
7/4/16 03:00SarcoxieMOUSAUnknown2 hoursBright light beams scan interior of house for two hours on July 47/15/16
7/3/16 21:10RiversideCAUSAUnknown10 minutesRed lights to the North during Patriot High fireworks7/8/16
7/3/16 05:30AtlantaIDUSAUnknown5 secondsMy friend and I were sitting outside of our campsite watching the sunrise over the mountains and suddenly a bright flash appeared in th7/8/16
7/3/16 04:00RootstownOHUSAUnknown>10 minutesEratic white and red light flying near the horizon7/8/16
7/3/16 01:30Surrey/Burnaby (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown10 minutesBlue crown light formation over Burnaby.7/15/16
7/1/16 08:45EscondidoCAUSAUnknown15 seconds((HOAX??)) Loud, low, but nothing there. ((anonymous report))7/15/16
7/1/16 00:00White CenterWAUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange sounds in White Center, WA.7/8/16
6/30/16 20:40Rancho CucamongaCAUSAUnknown45 minutesI saw a strange flashing of green and red of a stationary object in the northern sky, before Mt Baldy/San Antonio Mtns. Then it changed7/8/16
6/29/16 23:00Siloam SpringsARUSAUnknown1 hour20+ strange lights, resembling stars with 4 red lines projecting out from underneath, seemed as close as the occasional airplane.7/8/16
6/27/16 22:35Live OakFLUSAUnknown3 minutesRed and green lights about trees 100 yards from house.7/8/16
6/23/16 13:10CentennialCOUSAUnknown30 minutes3 objects flying in erratic motion high in sky observed from my 3rd floor east southeast window facing window. After observing for seve6/24/16
6/21/16 17:45NashvilleTNUSAUnknown10 minutes4 white objects sationary in the sky on edge of storm cloud6/24/16
6/19/16 21:15AvonNCUSAUnknown2 minutesA number of glowing objects red, green and yellow. They were moving in a group in the sky. No sound. It was hard to tell their size6/24/16
6/19/16 15:30Pike CreekDEUSAUnknown10 secondsA jet was flying west at the normal altitude that I see jets flying everyday. I know from visual experience how far apart jets need to6/24/16
6/18/16 22:32Garden GroveCAUSAUnknown60-90 secondsIndividually each light appeared exactly like witnessing a satellite with the naked eye. ((anonymous report))6/24/16
6/14/16 21:00BrunswickMEUSAUnknown20 minutesTwo slow moving, then hovering, objects in night sky.6/16/16
6/13/16 04:00CrestonMTUSAUnknown1 hourUnusual object above the Swan Mountains.6/16/16
6/13/16 00:15South BendINUSAUnknownnightlyCraft repeatedly above the South Bend airport (drone or what?)6/16/16
6/11/16 23:57Laguna BeachCAUSAUnknown3 minutes4 QUIET BRIGHT RED LIGHTS IN SKY of LAGUNA BEACH - VIDEO ON PHONE.6/16/16
6/11/16 23:20PeoriaAZUSAUnknown10 minutesWeird maneuvers by bright lights.6/16/16
6/11/16 23:00CambridgeMAUSAUnknown1 minutesBlue idle star moves erractically and is red while in motion.6/16/16
6/11/16 11:00Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown40 secondsSaw an orange colored circular object moving in the clouds. This was no plane or helicopter. ((anonymous report))6/16/16
6/10/16 23:00LancasterSCUSAUnknown30 secondsMy son and I were outside talking and I looked up and saw what looked like an average star moving across the sky faster than any jet at6/16/16
6/10/16 21:12Ormond BeachFLUSAUnknown3 minutesI observed something very strange on evening of June 10, 2016.6/16/16
6/10/16 04:35SeattleWAUSAUnknown6 secondsBright light with an a flash of an orange tail before disappearing behind the tall buildings dt Seattle.6/10/16
6/4/16 22:00Joshua TreeCAUSAUnknown20 minutes100 plus ppl have sighting at CITD Conf/ of 10 very fast muliple colored objects. ((Report submitted by Melinda Leslie, MUFON.))6/16/16
6/4/16 21:40CrooksSDUSAUnknown10 minutesDuring fireworks show, obj. a half mile or so due E in the distance, w/ colored lights seen flashing lights quickly. ((anon. report))6/10/16
6/4/16 20:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown20 minutesThree black objects spotted rising south into the evening sky.6/10/16
6/3/16 21:00NorwalkCAUSAUnknown9 minutes9 orange lights cruising then ascending and vanishing6/10/16
6/2/16 04:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown20 secondsIt turned the Phoenix area in to full daylight....6/3/16
6/2/16 03:56KingmanAZUSAUnknown10 secondsDriving into work I saw a sudden bright blue light almost like lighting over the mountains behind the airport. At first I thought it wa6/3/16
6/2/16 03:55PhoenixAZUSAUnknown1 secondBright light swell, north of Phoenix.6/3/16
6/1/16 10:30HarringtonDEUSAUnknown90 secondsDaylight UFO sighting where I filmed a red, yellow/white, and blue object tumbling upward in the sky.6/10/16
5/30/16 01:00ElyMNUSAUnknown45 secondsBright white object seen zig-zagging across Northern Minnesota near Ely.9/15/16
5/28/16 21:30BrooksvilleFLUSAUnknown3 minutesI was sitting in the back patio the sky was clear I noticed a set of bright elongated lights moving from west to east over Ayers Rd for6/1/16
5/27/16 23:05EastpointeMIUSAUnknown10 minutesWitnessed a craft, which I cannot explain.6/1/16
5/24/16 23:15WyomingMNUSAUnknown1 hourThere were 4 things in the sky, couldn't make out the shape. The we're all in the western sky with red and green flashing lights. Loo5/26/16
5/23/16 23:30Elliot Lake (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minutesTransformer buzz while camping on the lake, and observed three moving lights which appeared as stars blink out from left to right.5/26/16
5/22/16 21:30RosholtWIUSAUnknown2 minutesFast moving blinking red light that just disappeared after a couple minutes.5/26/16
5/19/16 21:00YelmWAUSAUnknown3 hoursflashing lights of blue red and yellow in the sky2/7/20
5/19/16 13:13ShrewsburyMAUSAUnknown2 secondsI went into bank. I left my dashcam on. The dashcam picked up the entire sighting. I saw the ufo while reviewing the dashcam sd card5/20/16
5/19/16 01:30Las CrucesNMUSAUnknown6 secondsArray of 6 rectangular white lights (windows or doors in the sky) flashing on and off from the center out observed for 5 seconds.6/16/16
5/16/16 15:34NoblesvilleINUSAUnknowneastStationary flashing red light in eastern sky. Went on for 3-4 minutes then slowly moved down out of my sight. Clear skies.5/20/16
5/15/16 22:30RobinsIAUSAUnknown3 minutesGreen red white lights about 60 foot up from large size craft.5/20/16
5/15/16 21:30SummervilleSCUSAUnknown2 minutesRed lights over Summerville, SC.5/20/16
5/15/16 21:00WillardNYUSAUnknown2-3 minutesSaw two white lights flying side by side, then one went left and the other went right at unbelievable speed.7/8/16
5/15/16 08:45Haltom CityTXUSAUnknown1 secondWhile standing outside observing the cloud cover, Sunday morning, a giant roar passed overhead from north to south in 1 second.5/20/16
5/14/16 22:20IndianapolisINUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange red moving objects low in the horizon5/20/16
5/14/16 17:50AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown20 minutesMy wife and i were sitting outside enjoying the weather when i happened to look up at a commercial plane that had past observing the tr5/20/16
5/13/16 13:00Pickering (CanadaONCanadaUnknownWhat is this? Not the light, the scales on the top left!6/10/16
5/12/16 22:55SarasotaFLUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw an orange glow that initially I assumed was a helicopter or air craft. Many planes pass over our area and this did not the move5/20/16
5/11/16 02:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknown<2 minutesIntermittent light in one place, no speed.5/14/19
5/10/16 01:00West Palm BeachFLUSAUnknown<30 minutesUnidentified, low-frequency, pulsing noise - could not locate a source.5/20/16
5/9/16 04:17MontrealMOUSAUnknownNot sure2 more sightings of the pair of triple vertical lights5/20/16
5/8/16 22:45Goose CreekSCUSAUnknown45 secondsUnidentified craft lit by dull orange light seemed to wobble silently through the sky.5/10/16
5/8/16 21:00KennerLAUSAUnknown1 minuteLarge white light changing shapes.5/10/16
5/7/16 23:00WichitaKSUSAUnknown15 secondsThe object zipped across the sky.5/10/16
5/7/16 05:47ClearwaterFLUSAUnknown3 minutesSaw a very bright light slowly moving then turned an orangish color and seemed to jump back and forth in the sky. ((anonymous report))5/10/16
5/7/16 03:20TellurideCOUSAUnknown45 minutesCraft shone bright white lights for an hour or so into house from above - Telluride, CO.5/10/16
5/3/16 22:30ScanlonMNUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge charcoal black blur reflecting moon rays. Blinking orange light on jet pursuing minutes behind. ((anonymous))5/6/16
5/2/16 21:20Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown15-20 minutesMultiple Color UFO craft Happening Now.5/6/16
5/1/16 02:01MontrealMOUSAUnknown2 sets of 3 vertical lights in the woods5/6/16
5/1/16 01:00Ponce InletFLUSAUnknown1.5 hoursUFO sighting in Daytona/Ponce Inlet area for over hour and a half.5/6/16
4/28/16 22:40GaltCAUSAUnknownErratically traveling light in the sky.4/29/16
4/27/16 14:45South KingstownRIUSAUnknown2 minutesSmall, gold spinning star-like object above electrical wires4/29/16
4/24/16 22:28White HouseTNUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange maneuvers from lighted aircraft4/29/16
4/23/16 22:27Bonita SpringsFLUSAUnknown3 secondsFast moving object with lights in Southern sky over Naples, Florida traveling West to East...4/29/16
4/23/16 03:00Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown1 hourUp up and away4/29/16
4/20/16 22:40Kolkata (India)IndiaUnknown10 minute continuedA moving star is seen in stop and run movement. As per mobile compass current location is North 100digree approx.4/22/16
4/20/16 00:00Terre HauteINUSAUnknown5 days +Three white lights were hovering in the Terre Haute area.5/6/16
4/19/16 23:00MillvilleNJUSAUnknownCraft on moon with picture.4/22/16
4/19/16 13:30Rock IslandILUSAUnknown1 minute((HOAX??)) Large black silent object with smaller black sphere trailing. ((anonymous))4/22/16
4/18/16 21:28GoodlettsvilleTNUSAUnknown20 minutesObject with row of 6 or 7 lights, moving in sky with non-linear changes of speed and direction.4/22/16
4/17/16 23:00MiddleburgFLUSAUnknown2 minutes((HOAX??)) Followed by ufo.4/22/16
4/17/16 21:45Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 secondsOrange Lights - Out of This World.4/22/16
4/16/16 20:00WethersfieldCTUSAUnknown3 minutesObject being chased by two other fighter jets. ((NUFORC Note: No other reports. PD))4/22/16
4/15/16 22:00SpartanburgSCUSAUnknown1.5 hoursStrange multi-colored flashing lights in the sky above Spartanburg, SC. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Sirius? PD))4/22/16
4/13/16 22:42LuellaGAUSAUnknown9 minutesI noticed a light off to the northeast, roughly over Frog Road and the community of Luella.4/15/16
4/13/16 22:00HamiltonOHUSAUnknownnowSeveral (10-15) objects spread far apart hovering over Cincinnati area facing SSW. Flashing multi-colored (red, white, blue.4/15/16
4/12/16 00:30Mount HollyNJUSAUnknown30 minutesStrange motionless craft in the sky with blinking red and white lights4/22/16
4/11/16 20:45Grand MaraisMNUSAUnknown20 minutesStationary object, southwest sky from Grand Marais, MN. Four sets of very bright lights; red, blue, green and white; flashing.4/15/16
4/10/16 20:00CocoaFLUSAUnknown5-7 minutessTwo lights cris crossing each other at a fast speed7/23/17
4/9/16 22:05MoabUTUSAUnknown5 secondsSuper bright flash. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from Iridium satellite?? PD))4/15/16
4/9/16 21:30RedlandsCAUSAUnknown3 hoursWhite lights going around massive circular object.4/15/16
4/9/16 19:50LambertonMNUSAUnknown5 minutesPulse detonation engine contrail.4/15/16
4/8/16 23:45BrawleyCAUSAUnknown1 minuteI saw a flying obj. flying above the clouds. Obj. was dark and barely lit. I saw a hint of red light coming from it.4/15/16
4/8/16 21:45Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2.5 hoursPulsating bright white and blue light darting in different directions and specific patterns. ((NUFORC Note: Arcturus?? PD))8/25/16
4/7/16 21:00Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown30 secondsLow flying object with red and green lights - Making a lot of noise.4/15/16
4/7/16 13:00MillvilleNJUSAUnknownNow the weren't ufos but the other day we seen at least 5 craft heading directly into space and a few weeks ago maybe a week i the bigg4/15/16
4/3/16 22:30Port OrangeFLUSAUnknown20 secondsI saw two large, black objects moving quickly across a clear, starry night sky going approximately Northwest from South. I was in an op4/15/16
4/2/16 22:19PortlandORUSAUnknown1 minuteGlowing orange object (like a burning plane) disappears/fades away, doesn't fall to earth.4/15/16
4/2/16 19:45St. LouisMOUSAUnknownsecondsSeveral orange lights in the shape of a triangle. Form disappeared quickly in sothern evening sky.4/15/16
3/29/16 20:30Morro BayCAUSAUnknown3 minutesUnusually bright aircraft-like light that suddenly dimmed.4/1/16
3/28/16 09:34ElyriaOHUSAUnknown5 seconds((HOAX??)) There were three shapes with blinking lights northwest of where I was standing.4/1/16
3/26/16 20:00ChestervilleMEUSAUnknown4 hoursRed, white and blue flashing lights.4/1/16
3/23/16 22:50PasadenaMDUSAUnknown5 minutesBright flashing light moving slow across sky. accompanied by many dimmer lights3/24/16
3/20/16 18:38Pohnpei (Micronesia)Federated States of MicronesiaUnknown5 minutesA launch from the clouds?3/2/18
3/20/16 04:00LagrangeNYUSAUnknown15 secondsSilent aircraft in wooded area.3/24/16
3/20/16 00:30MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown30 minutesObject in sky; red, green, white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights at nearby casino. PD))3/24/16
3/17/16 23:00MartinsburgWVUSAUnknown3 secondsOctagonal, bright, white/blue, light that flashed 3 x, and disappeared3/18/16
3/17/16 04:15Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownUnknownHovering object so bright like a star. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a possible sighting of a star or planet. PD))3/18/16
3/17/16 02:00WinchesterVAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesExtremely high altitude, slow moving flashing light, random flashing and in brightness. White in color.3/18/16
3/16/16 15:33SmithfieldNCUSAUnknown15 minutesVery large craft with a bright light in front of it seen near Smithfield , NC3/18/16
3/16/16 06:00MurfreesboroTNUSAUnknown10 secondsAfter roll call a group of police officers were standing in the parking lot talking. A very loud, low rumble, like a freight train is3/18/16
3/15/16St. Albert (Canada)ABCanadaUnknownLarge, twin-prop plane flying very low and very slow strange looking no sound no lights no id made a 45 degree turn without banking3/24/16
3/11/16 20:30Jacksonville BeachFLUSAUnknownFew minutes2 untrained observers saw 1 object that was a bright light that quickly changed colors repeatedly. I aas too far away to say anything m3/24/16
3/11/16 05:45ColumbiaMDUSAUnknownNot sureWhite flying object high up in the sky traveling through in Columbia, MD.3/18/16
3/11/16 05:05RoyUTUSAUnknown00:02UAP had no outline or structure, no sound, a random brilliant clean strobe white & red light, disappearing into a gray misty portal6/1/16
3/10/16 04:10PensacolaFLUSAUnknown30-45 secondsBright round pinpointed flashing white light traveling from the north to the south at a high altitude.3/11/16
3/9/16 21:00Long PrairieMNUSAUnknown1 hourMy neighbor and I live in the country in rural Minnesota, at 9:00 at night a beeping noise was moving around our house. My neighbors ho3/11/16
3/9/16 19:05MarysvilleWAUSAUnknown3 minutesObserved orange light in night sky no other lights no sound no shape.3/18/16
3/9/16 10:00New HamptonNHUSAUnknown6 minutesExtremely loud jet like noises with none in sight.3/11/16
3/9/16 09:00BroomfieldCOUSAUnknown10 minutes((HOAX?))Plane like object falling straight down from a high elev. Leveled off then started flying as if to land at the local airport.3/11/16
3/8/16 00:00West ChesterPAUSAUnknown20 secondsUFOS IN FORMATION OVER WEST CHESTER .PA.4/15/16
3/8/16 04:00BrooksvilleFLUSAUnknown10 minutesThe light changed from bright to dull and changed speed from stopped to go.3/11/16
3/8/16 00:01LewistonIDUSAUnknown5 minutesObject with wildly flashing red lights flew past window going south. Made a sudden turn back south, hovered several minutes.3/11/16
3/7/16 19:40RosevilleCAUSAUnknown15 secondsAs I was looking up at it my eye caught a craft flying in from the South, proceeding North.3/11/16
3/6/16 22:15WilmingtonNCUSAUnknown90 secondsTwo unexplained flying amber lights move apart and regroup over downtown Wilmington, NC.3/11/16
3/2/16 20:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown10 minutes4 objects with one red and green light on each hovering over the freeway.3/4/16
3/1/16 23:30Sydney (Australia)AustraliaUnknown2 secondsFlash of light across Sydney, Australia, sky.3/4/16
2/29/16 21:35JolietILUSAUnknown10 minutesAt approximately 21:35 we heard a very loud noise coming from the sky. It sound like a very loud jet plane.3/4/16
2/29/16 19:30ClintonMOUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange low level lights appearing and disappearing in an irregular manner repeatedly.3/4/16
2/29/16 09:05CherryvilleNCUSAUnknown30 minutesLoud horn-like noise for thirty minutes every few minutes - didn't notice a pattern.3/4/16
2/28/16 23:30LapeerMIUSAUnknown3 seconds/2 seconds((HOAX??)) Bright turquoise light in the sky over Lapeer, MI.3/4/16
2/28/16 20:05Chula VistaCAUSAUnknown5((HOAX??)) Lights that moved abnormaly.3/4/16
2/27/16 00:25South JordanUTUSAUnknown5 minutesRed flashing lights in circular motion flying fast!3/4/16
2/24/16 19:00El DoradoKSUSAUnknown10 minutesThree strange disappearing lights outside of Towanda/El Dorado, Kansas.2/26/16
2/22/16 19:39MilfordNHUSAUnknownArriving home my wife and I saw two purple lights. At first glance I assumed they were planes then one double backed on its self the o2/26/16
2/20/16 20:00LordstownOHUSAUnknown21:00Two large craft hovering over Lordstown (Trumbull/Mahoning County border).2/26/16
2/17/16 20:00Spring PrairieWIUSAUnknown?Was driving N on Hwy. 120, just S of Hwy. 11, when above my car flew a triangular plane-like formation of 3 bright green lights.2/19/16
2/17/16 18:05Rocky FordCOUSAUnknown40 minutesStrange Lights Date: 2-17-16 Time: 18:05 to 18:45 Location: Downtown Rocky Ford, Colo. Conditions: Night, partly clouded sky (Black2/19/16
2/16/16 00:15Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown>1 hourSounds in the middle of the night.2/19/16
2/15/16 03:37Pingrup (Australia)AustraliaUnknown50 minutesCommon sightings in the mornings of red and green aircraft of some sort flying low altitudes above the township of pingrup,, Western Au2/19/16
2/14/16 19:00LakewoodCAUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange circular object that traveled at a high rate of speed, slowed to a stop, and then faded away.2/19/16
2/14/16 04:35FairfieldCTUSAUnknown3 secondsI was getting something from the car. The sky suddenly lit up blue. Then in the sky a streak of fire and it made a sparkling noice.2/19/16
2/11/16 06:15OdentonMDUSAUnknown~5 minutesTwo parallel bright white lights in sky over Odenton, MD. As I came out to go to work I notice the one light. However, as I looked to m2/11/16
2/10/16 05:20ArcataCAUSAUnknown10 minutesDownward directed cone of light emanating from small object travelling NE to SW at 5:20 AM.2/11/16
2/8/16 23:00Maple Ridge (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown5 minutesSitting on my deck between 11:55 pm and until 12:00am approximately. First saw 4 orange lights low moving together at plane speed or fa2/11/16
2/8/16 06:10TulsaOKUSAUnknown30 secondsOrange light.2/19/16
2/6/16 05:10NewnanGAUSAUnknown30 secondsCircling white lights.2/11/16
2/5/16 20:00CooleemeeNCUSAUnknown4 minutes7 dark masses slowly fly past low above the trees, moving N to S following the South Yadkin River.2/19/16
2/4/16 18:30GreeleyCOUSAUnknown10 secondsI cannot believe I'm doing this but- what I saw I can certainly not say it was an airplane or anything reasonable. Yesterday was really2/11/16
2/3/16 18:25SalinasCAUSAUnknown5 minutesSlow-moving craft with rectangular light that changed colors as it swept through an arc2/4/16
2/3/16 17:00CypressTXUSAUnknown10 minutesObject was small, spherical-shape with lighted tip craft that rocketed straight up in the sky, going super fast up and then turn right.2/11/16
1/31/16 03:17Port CharlotteFLUSAUnknown15 secondsSitting on porch and saw bright flash across sky through trees. No direct visual of an object. Thought it may have been lightning.2/4/16
1/29/16 12:30Rochester HillsMIUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw a stationary object in the sky giving off a light, the light grew and the craft vanished.2/26/16
1/28/16 23:00AmsterdamNYUSAUnknownSeveral minutesMy mother saw a weird craft flying in an abnormal pattern. She said it had suddenly stopped behind the tree.1/29/16
1/28/16 05:15ShippensburgPAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesFour large white lights on bottom flew directly overhead2/4/16
1/26/16 01:26DenverCOUSAUnknownOngoingIs anyone else seeing this now?? I'm downtown Denver and I'm looking W above the mountains. Really high up there are lights pulsating.1/29/16
1/24/16 23:00Lake ElsinoreCAUSAUnknown5 minutesCraft about the size of a 747, flying less than 1000 feet off the ground, hovering over a small hill near the 15 freeway.1/29/16
1/24/16 18:10Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown15 minutesWalked outside & the object caught my attention. I live behind Oceana Air Base (US Government owned). ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))1/29/16
1/21/16 11:30AshevilleNCUSAUnknown90 secondsUFO followed by JETS2/4/16
1/21/16 11:30AshevilleNCUSAUnknown30 secondsAt 11:30 am I witnessed a seemingly round craft flying west to east in the sky directly above me.1/23/16
1/20/16 06:07SunnysideWAUSAUnknown15 minutes still thereLights just appeared and no movement the disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Planets in the eastern morning sky? PD))1/20/16
1/19/16 08:49Cedar SpringsMIUSAUnknown30 secondsA bright light changed intensity over 30 seconds.1/20/16
1/15/16 14:00Carson CityNVUSAUnknown45 secondsI was training horses (4) when they all stopped to look in to the south east sky @about 50 degrees, then a loud blast ( like a air-brak1/20/16
1/14/16 13:50BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown5 minutesPlane trailing behind gray smoke coming from unseen object.1/20/16
1/13/16 18:45Kamloops (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown1-2 minutesMassive dome shaped bright brilliant blue light, like a huge welding arc spanning a massive distance on the hor., of crown land.1/14/16
1/12/16 02:10LafayetteCOUSAUnknown10 minutesThe sky was pitch black but when looking towards the South/West I saw an object(s) with numerous lights. One of the lights was pulsing1/14/16
1/8/16 23:40MeridianIDUSAUnknown3 minutesRapidly flashing lights.1/14/16
1/7/16 03:00GreenvilleSCUSAUnknown<1 secondObject appeared to fall straight down through overcast skies, growing brighter green before falling out of sight.1/8/16
1/6/16 21:30HoldenMEUSAUnknown2 hoursHigh altitude object??????1/8/16
1/6/16 19:00BowNHUSAUnknown30 minutesWe were walking the dog.. we stood at the powerlines and watched there would be a pink flash and then one would appear. they were compl2/4/16
1/6/16North RiversideILUSAUnknown10 secondsBee-like flying light like the sun "star color brightness" and size of the moon from my bed!1/14/16
1/5/16 08:00ChapinSCUSAUnknown5 minutesMy niece and I were on the front balcony she looked up and saw something huge in the sky. I turned around and to my amazement there was1/8/16
1/4/16 20:30Citrus HeightsCAUSAUnknown30 minutesColored lights in the sky over Sacramento1/8/16
1/4/16BurienWAUSAUnknownall night((HOAX??) This a.m. the sky was normal blue, but the sky over Puget Sound to Vashon became dark gray this a.m., then rain mixed snow.1/5/16
1/3/16 06:30HagerstownMDUSAUnknown5 minutesAt exactly 6:15am, Sunday morning, the third of January,2016, I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window which is at the head of my1/8/16
1/2/16 20:00AuroraINUSAUnknown75 minutesApproximately 20:00 hrs., SE of my home, was an odd object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))1/5/16
1/2/16 16:40LanghornePAUSAUnknown8 minutesFive yellow flying objects with tails.1/5/16
12/31/15 19:25PlainfieldVTUSAUnknown30 secondsLow flying, noisy low pitch type sound, large rectangular blue light with two red same-sized lights right behind.1/23/16
12/31/15 05:33OlympiaWAUSAUnknown10 minutesSlow moving, bright colored light in western sky.1/5/16
12/29/15 22:00TehachapiCAUSAUnknown3 secondsGreen/blue bright light beams down for several seconds - totally silent outside.1/5/16
12/24/15 19:30MesquiteNVUSAUnknown3 minutes3 red lighted objects flying in the Mesquite southern sky all in a line. 2 disappeared. One hovered and then disappeared.1/5/16
12/24/15 19:17RentonWAUSAUnknown3 minutes6 white/red objects moving west to east over Renton, WA.1/5/16
12/23/15 23:40Mill RunPAUSAUnknown5 secondsIt was a big ball of light and I saw it hover for about 4 seconds and then shot off1/5/16
12/22/15 18:08LafayetteCAUSAUnknown2 minutesHigh altitude dark amber light with a tail moving in a straight line from W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD))1/5/16
12/19/15 23:50PlymouthMAUSAUnknown1 secondI never believed in UFO's until tonight. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))12/21/15
12/19/15 21:00AnnapolisMDUSAUnknown10 secondsStrange metallic sound heard in the sky for 10 seconds1/20/16
12/19/15 17:45St. PetersburgFLUSAUnknown20+ minutesTwo metallic objects with bright orange tails like comets streaked across the sky12/21/15
12/18/15 01:30AnchorageAKUSAUnknown>30 minutesAt 1:30 am saw 2 crafts flashing red and we kept watching.there was objects in all directions flashing the same.they were stat12/21/15
12/15/15 06:30San DiegoCAUSAUnknown5-10 secondsBroken up over ocean south of San Diego.12/17/15
12/14/15 22:40San JoseCAUSAUnknown20 secondsThis event was actually two related sightings on the same night at locations that were within 10 minutes of each other.12/21/15
12/14/15 00:00Youghal (Ireland)IrelandUnknown15 minutesBright light loud noise.1/5/16
12/13/15 23:00SheltonWAUSAUnknown3-5 secondsVery fast horizontal, low-flying, silent light.12/17/15
12/13/15 21:00TrentonFLUSAUnknownStill on goingFlashing lights no sound no movement.12/17/15
12/13/15 13:45FogelsvillePAUSAUnknown5 minutesI was in some fields walking a dog when i looked up and noticed that there was a shadow formation in the sky and there were five milita12/21/15
12/11/15 21:19Costa MesaCAUSAUnknown1 minuteWitnessed a single point of light heading South and make an instantanious 90 degree turn to the West.12/17/15
12/11/15 07:30GilbertAZUSAUnknown8 secondsMilitary jet accelerates toward an object above Gilbert, AZ.1/8/16
12/10/15 23:30AnchorageAKUSAUnknown>30 minutesThe lights were changing colors blue and red.moved in all dir.but continued to remain in one position. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))12/17/15
12/10/15 23:00JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown15 minutesPulsating white light on flying object that hovers in same area for a long time. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD))12/17/15
12/9/15 22:50RosemeadCAUSAUnknown2 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source. Source elects to remain anonymous; provides no contact information. Hoax?? PD))12/10/15
12/9/15 18:00Holly SpringsNCUSAUnknown45 minutesWhile walking my dog I noticed a propeller plane I thought was coming in for a landing. It had white lights and a red flashing on the b12/10/15
12/9/15 06:17RentonWAUSAUnknown3 minutesSeen flashing lights like lightning going in bursts of 2 lighting up the sky came from the north, seemed to flash every 45 seconds or s12/10/15
12/9/15 06:00Pune (~50 kms from)(India)IndiaUnknown<1 minuteA set of few multi-color lights moving in tandem from North-West direction to South-East direction in the dark sky.12/10/15
12/7/15 02:00Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown1 hourAbduction event by Greys in Johannesburg South Africa.12/10/15
12/4/15 21:45MeridianIDUSAUnknown10 minutes15-20 "craft" with yellowish lights flying from S to N over South Boise, and Meridian, ID.12/10/15
12/4/15 06:45Wilmington (?)NCUSAUnknown1:00Bright light close to earth fades red and disappears to right side of sky, as helicopter spotlight searches in sky overhead12/10/15
12/4/15 00:22Goose CreekSCUSAUnknown5-10 minutesThree sets of hovering lights over Hwy 52 in Goose Creek, South Carolina.12/4/15
12/3/15 22:00ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown20-30 secondsVery fast, noiseless bright lit lights.12/4/15
12/3/15 20:00DenverCOUSAUnknown5 minutesDrone like objects with erratic flashing white, red, orange, green, and blue lights12/4/15
12/1/15 13:25Camano IslandWAUSAUnknownNaI didn't witness this sighting but i found this ufo on google maps and edited it to reveal this detail.1/5/16
12/1/15 09:00Sea-Tac (to the south of??)WAUSAUnknown1 hourI saw four or five "projectiles" launch minutes apart, straight up in the sky, change trajectory, and shoot north.12/3/15
11/28/15 01:00BeltonSCUSAUnknown1 minutesHeard a loud rumbling sound early in the morning. Walked out side as it got louder, then i looked up, saw object.12/3/15
11/27/15 17:30AnchorageAKUSAUnknown4-5 minutesI saw two pulsating light blue colored lights fairly high in the sky, noiseless, moving very slowly in a southerly direction.12/3/15
11/26/15 18:00MontrosePAUSAUnknown3:00Blue ball of light falling from eastern sky.12/3/15
11/25/15 17:36AuburnWAUSAUnknown2 minutesThree low hovering orange lights, two seemed to be connected I'm not entirely sure. It was dark and I couldn't make out a certain shape12/3/15
11/24/15 22:00DecaturGAUSAUnknown3 hoursFirst, saw a blue light falling from the sky my husband said it was orange. but we saw something falling in a straight line at an impos11/26/15
11/24/15 20:00ButlerPAUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo orange lights following each other, not blinking over neighbors house in high field, then lights completely gone after slow movemen11/26/15
11/23/15 16:25KenvilNJUSAUnknown15 secondsVery fast object changing direction at a sharp angle twice.11/26/15
11/23/15 04:10JupiterFLUSAUnknown30 minutesExtremely bright, vibrant light hovering S of Jupiter, FL. Was not moving. Estimsted 300' off ground. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))11/26/15
11/20/15 21:00PeabodyMAUSAUnknownLine of green red and white lights low to the ground.11/26/15
11/20/15 21:00PeabodyMAUSAUnknownLine of green white red lights a long long shaped figure seemed low to ground at first looked like airplane but was to low with diffren11/26/15
11/20/15 20:30BistibMAUSAUnknown15 minutesDozen or so unidentified flying objects near airport.11/26/15
11/20/15 18:45ChillicotheOHUSAUnknown20 minutes((HOAX)) 12 aircraft in dogfight firing missles and tracer rounds with laser guidance near Chillicothe, Ohio.11/26/15
11/19/15 22:25Snow CampNCUSAUnknown<2 minutesMy girlfriend & I seen a constant bright light with a red & green flashing light moving straight up & side to side then disappeared.11/20/15
11/19/15 21:00ThomsonGAUSAUnknown3 minutesFloating lights that outlined a very large low flying object or just individual lights flying in formation.11/26/15
11/19/15 21:00CaryNCUSAUnknown30:00I have never seen anything like it before11/20/15
11/19/15 18:50Mt. JulietTNUSAUnknown10 minutesA rumbling sound that shook the ground and building, sounding like a rocket engine, lasting 2-3 minutes, 5 minutes later the sound star11/20/15
11/18/15 00:00LoloMTUSAUnknown20-25 minutesUnknown craft with white light in front and slow pulsating deep red light in rear.12/3/15
11/16/15 01:20Green BayWIUSAUnknown4 minutesFast moving, silent illuminated craft spotted of Green Bay Wisconsin.11/19/15
11/15/15 18:20HagerstownMDUSAUnknown20Saw three bright lights traveling from west to east at low altitude. Had a fourth light blinking. Was on a trajectory be teen Funkstow11/19/15
11/14/15 23:00BernalilloNMUSAUnknown15 secondsLoud horns/trumpets flying the sky, Nothing visible. REALLY REALLY LOUD! Sounded like a frieght train, or a dragon.11/19/15
11/14/15 18:01RosamondCAUSAUnknown3 minutesAn aircraft stopped above our town in the dark, shining a bright light on the town, and sprayed something down upon us.12/3/15
11/14/15 17:35XeniaOHUSAUnknown10 minutesSaw a slow falling object. Downtown Xenia looking towards the Centerville area south west from Xenia. During sunset, noticed a bright p11/19/15
11/13/15 22:30DavenportIAUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge bird like shaped object that was transparent and details could not be made out so easily.11/19/15
11/12/15 23:45BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown15-30 secondsVery large bright light over Baltimore skyline. Light pulsated then dissappeared. Took video11/19/15
11/12/15 19:55EphrataPAUSAUnknown1 minuteBright lights, low.11/19/15
11/11/15 23:00Birmingham (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown9.23I was out in my garden around 23:00pm looking at the stars, it was a clear night and a very mild temperature for November. But then i n11/19/15
11/11/15 17:39FlorenceALUSAUnknown10Too big, too fast; may land and crashed, or continued passing.11/12/15
11/11/15 01:27Wollongong (Australia)AustraliaUnknown1 secondLight flash, moving, tree shadows move accordingly strange sound afterwards for a short while. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD))11/19/15
11/10/15 18:00San Luis ObispoCAUSAUnknown10 minutesErratic light movement.11/19/15
11/8/15 21:37MinotNDUSAUnknown25 minutesClassified aircrafts with bright orange lights.11/19/15
11/8/15 09:15MonroviaCAUSAUnknown20 minutesI have picture. Seem to be a Chen trail but going straight up and the trail was dissipating at a fast rate. Was just so unusual to see11/19/15
11/8/15 05:00PortervilleCAUSAUnknown2:00 minutesMERV.11/19/15
11/7/15 22:30NormanOKUSAUnknown1 secondStanding on porch when bright light low in northern sky lit up everything for approximately 1 second. I have never seen anything like11/19/15
11/7/15 20:25VillasNJUSAUnknown2 minutesDriving alone along Delaware Bay Beach Rd. I saw 4 or 5 sets of lights (red, white) appeared to be flying in a row one behind the othe11/19/15
11/7/15 20:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown10 minutesOld photos from about 6 months ago. ((NUFORC Note: Photo of missile launch from U. S. Navy submarine. PD))5/26/16
11/7/15 19:35MuskegonMIUSAUnknown10 secondsSilent, dark object in the skies above Muskegon, MI.11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00GallupNMUSAUnknown30 secondsStrange controlled beam of light emitting out of the sky. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 19:00MoabUTUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light in the sky with corresponding dust/cloud on the ground. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:45PaysonAZUSAUnknown5-7 minutesVery bright circle of white light with green center of light for 5-7 minutes. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:30GlendaleAZUSAUnknownBright white light with small green streak in the middle. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:15Long Beach/Los AnglesCAUSAUnknown5 minutesGreen/blue flash over the sky of Long Beach/Los Angeles. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:15Palm SpringsCAUSAUnknown20 minutesLarge bluish glow/light seen in sky in Palm Springs, CA. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:14Valley VillageCAUSAUnknown40 secondsOrange light in the sky with a green cloud and sky being light up brightly over 30 feet11/19/15
11/7/15 18:13Santa CruzCAUSAUnknown1 minuteCraft emitting large white vapor cone with green beam tail. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:10Apple ValleyCAUSAUnknown>10 minutesObject falling, multiple bursts of orange lights.11/19/15
11/7/15 18:10LemooreCAUSAUnknown5 minutesBright light through an approaching fog spume, big circle of vapor, then V-cloud. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:10Las Vegas/SummerlinNVUSAUnknown5+ minutesLarge bright flood light over S.W. Las Vegas. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00CAUSAUnknown10 minutesA long blue colorful fluorescent trail followed by a large smokey haze then a bright light that faded into the sky.11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00AntiochCAUSAUnknown5 minutesAn object formed out of nowhere with a bright white light beaming down. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00RidgecrestCAUSAUnknown2 minutesBright light gradually diffused into a cloud. There was a cloud/fog surrounding. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00WilowsCAUSAUnknown5 minutesIncredible blue cylinder of light from craft. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00NapaCAUSAUnknown4 minutesBeam of light that left behind a vapor cloud then flew vertically into the sky. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00ParamountCAUSAUnknown5 minutesFalling star slows ..stops... Lights up sky.. And takes off.. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00Paso RoblesCAUSAUnknown3 minutesBright blue lights trailed off UFO. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00CovinaCAUSAUnknown3 minutesA huge bright blue light with a huge white sphere appeared and disappeared.11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00PalmdaleCAUSAUnknown15 minutesBright light seen over Palmdale, minute later disappeared and blue luminescent 'cloud' was left in its place.11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00NuevoCAUSAUnknown10 minutesAt approximately 18:00, my four year old daughter spots this object close by to the south west direction. I can't say exactly how close11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00Morgan HillCAUSAUnknown20 minutesTurquoise trail. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00DowneyCAUSAUnknown15-20 minutesBright light shining towards what seemed to be a cloud glowing green. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00Boyle HeightsCAUSAUnknown10 minutesi saw a sodium colored light in the sky. the light was brighter than normal a/c. ((NUFORC Note: U. S. Navy missile launch. PD))11/19/15
11/7/15 18:00OrangeCAUSAUnknown~10 minutes@~17:57 my gf and I witnessed an unidentified craft emitting a large amount of light. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00SoledadCAUSAUnknown1 minuteVery bright greenish blue contrail/exhaust like light. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy missile launch. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 18:00Santa BarbaraCAUSAUnknown5 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source. PD))11/12/15
11/7/15 15:00Wallaceburg (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1 minuteUnknown flying object emits diamond shaped trail behind it.11/19/15
11/7/15 09:30BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown10 minutesSaw a craft shoot out a blue beam across the sky.2/26/16
11/6/15 23:30Elm CityNCUSAUnknownTemperance Hall Rd.Unidentifiable objects in the sky11/19/15
11/6/15 18:00UplandCAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 white lights in perfect unison at a constant slow speed.11/19/15
11/6/15 17:40Mount LaurelNJUSAUnknown5-10 secondsExtremely fast blob of light flew past treeline before completely disappearing from view11/6/15
11/6/15 01:00SidneyIAUSAUnknown~15 secondsBeautiful formation with stunning lights in Sidney, Iowa, seen more than once.12/3/15
11/5/15 18:00HarringtonWAUSAUnknown10-20 secondsA craft flying westbound and banking with a red light on each side and a blueish/white light in the rear.11/19/15
11/4/15 21:53ColumbiaMOUSAUnknown10 secondsThe sky and the entire neighborhood lit up brighter than the daytime at 9:53PM in Columbia, MO in Sunrise Estates.11/6/15
11/4/15 20:50WorcesterMAUSAUnknownFew secondsShooting star.11/6/15
11/4/15 19:50London (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown20 minsI noticed what looked to be a star like shaped object, glistening in the sky.11/6/15
11/2/15 21:30Phnom Penh (Cambodia)CambodiaUnknown10 seconds11/02/2015 Above St.79BT, Boeung Tumpun, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - yellow orange fire - 10sec - the last 4seconds it went directly upward.12/21/15
11/2/15 20:43TewksburyMAUSAUnknownSecondBright shooting object. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD))11/6/15
11/2/15 19:00TahlequahOKUSAUnknown2 hoursSpotted very bright (brighter than Venus or Sirius) light 12 deg. above the NE horizon that was mostly stationary for ~2 hrs..11/6/15
11/2/15 00:00BurlingtonVTUSAUnknown15 minutesBright white light with flashing colored lights--hovering, then appearing to drop about 50 feet then zooming back up.11/6/15
11/1/15 20:30ToledoOHUSAUnknown>1 hourPulsating red, green blue hovering objects. Watched them for over and hour.11/6/15
11/1/15 01:30AnchorageAKUSAUnknown3 minutesSmall reddish light slowly joined a bigger reddish light, the big light didn't move.11/6/15
11/1/15 00:00NomeAKUSAUnknown3 minutes((HOAX)) Multiple lights appeared, apparently altering our perception of time, and then disappeared.12/3/15
10/31/15 21:41RiverviewFLUSAUnknown115Tonight I saw one round red light traveling extremely fast south on Hwy. 301 in Riverview FL. The light vanished after 15 seconds.11/6/15
10/31/15 06:15Bonita SpringsFLUSAUnknown5 minutesJust prior to sunrise, I was awakened by bright lights.11/6/15
10/30/15 22:00PhoenixAZUSAUnknown3 minutesI observed a light in the sky; it wasn't a plane nor helicopter. It didn't make a sound; it move slowly, hovered, then, ascended.11/6/15
10/29/15 21:00Sicklerviller/TurnersvilleNJUSAUnknown1 hourUnknown aircrafts (3) form from ball of light, follow car from Sicklerville to Turnersville.11/6/15
10/29/15 20:00SimpsonvilleSCUSAUnknown1 secondMy fiance and I were driving to the grocery store when a dark object zoomed right by us on the road.11/6/15
10/28/15 05:00SpokaneWAUSAUnknownStill thereThere's 1 big light that I've seen every night since I first spotted it. ((NUFORC Note: Three planets in the eastern sky. PD))10/29/15
10/27/15 21:05SeattleWAUSAUnknown10 minutesDozen brightly lit aircraft flying low and slow over Seattle.10/29/15
10/26/15 18:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite light over Boise. Was this a ufo?11/19/15
10/25/15 20:00ElkoNVUSAUnknown<1 minuteI observed a red object flying at a low level across the sky. The object moved very quickly but emitted no sound.10/29/15
10/25/15 07:09HoustonTXUSAUnknownHurricane Patricia after There were bright neon color flashes, no sound, close to the ground, hard rain, all during a power outage.10/29/15
10/25/15 05:43LowellMAUSAUnknown15 minutesReverberating sound, which is auditory and intensely loud.10/29/15
10/25/15 04:00Guernsey (Channel Islands)Channel IslandsUnknownunkown2 lights seen off the east coast of the Island of Guernsey in the English channel. ((NUFORC Note: Three planets in E sky? PD))10/29/15
10/24/15 20:25North HollywoodCAUSAUnknown35 secondsUnfamiliar green light pattern traveling on a straight line that stopped in flight and reversed direction.10/29/15
10/24/15 15:12Casa GrandeAZUSAUnknown1 minuteBright object appeared in the sky and traveled from point A to Point B in what seemed to be instantaneous.10/29/15
10/24/15 08:00HodgenvilleKYUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent, very bright ball of light, silent, instantly disappeared10/29/15
10/24/15 05:30GaithersburgMDUSAUnknown30 minutesAround 5:30 I noticed what I thought was two stars. But as I looked again they were too big and too bright to be. I kept staring an10/29/15
10/22/15 21:45HonoluluHIUSAUnknown5 secondsLight disappeared.10/29/15
10/22/15 21:00GainesvilleMOUSAUnknown21:0010-22-2015. Around 9 pm. Seen a strange looking Object in the sky circling around our building. And area. It was above power10/29/15
10/20/15 22:37RidgefieldWAUSAUnknown3 minutesRed light followed by a blinking white light with a humming rough sound10/29/15
10/20/15 10:00Sioux CityIAUSAUnknown10 minutesUnknown craft observed with red blinking lights10/29/15
10/20/15 00:00WebsterMAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesI saw an orange glow as what I seen seemed to burn across the sky. It was about midnight 10/20/15 in Massachusetts and the object was h10/29/15
10/19/15 01:35Some where between Fernley and shurzNVUSAUnknown7 minutesMovement to unsual to be a normal aircraft.10/29/15
10/18/15 19:40MedinaOHUSAUnknown15 secondsOhio 10/18/2015 Blurry Object moving NW to SE not of this world, no light just barley visible.10/29/15
10/18/15 19:15SouthburyCTUSAUnknown7 minutesIrregularly moving silent light source in night sky.10/29/15
10/18/15 18:00CincinnatiOHUSAUnknown20 secondsRound bright light over Cincinnati.11/6/15
10/17/15 21:00Oak Creek areaWIUSAUnknown~5 minutesTraveling S to N appeared moving just above treeline height, large orange light that reduced to pinpoint then disappeared.10/29/15
10/17/15 13:00Washington, D.C.DCUSAUnknown10 seconds'Unidentified Ground Object' Spotted in Northwest, Washington, DC3/17/17
10/16/15 15:00BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown30 minutesTwo very large objects reflecting the afternoon sunlight hanging just above the clouds in the sky west of Baltimore.10/29/15
10/16/15 06:20CowicheWAUSAUnknown<1 minuteLight zoomed away.10/16/15
10/15/15 19:57Roseville (west of)CAUSAUnknown>30 minutesMulti-colored stationary flashing light (red, Green, white, blue)10/16/15
10/15/15 11:45BoulderCOUSAUnknown30 seconds3 lights followed by 4 lights. triangular formation10/29/15
10/14/15 06:20RinggoldGAUSAUnknown20 secondsOrangish bulb lights in southeastern sky10/16/15
10/13/15 16:00Port St. LucieFLUSAUnknown2 minutesWas outside and saw 3 blinking, yellow lights in the sky. It sat there for about 1 min. as I looked at it. Looked away for ~10 sec..6/7/19
10/11/15 05:22Coral SpringsFLUSAUnknown3Doing my jogging routine about 5am , and while running I watch the sky to contemplate many starts when suddenly appear this object with10/16/15
10/10/15 21:25KoloaHIUSAUnknown20 minutesA string of 8-10 red and white lighted objects that toggled from bright to dim. Seen by husband & wife10/16/15
10/10/15 20:00WarwickRIUSAUnknown2-3 minutesWe saw two slow moving triangle formations.10/16/15
10/8/15 23:00FayettevilleARUSAUnknown5 minutesFour blinking lights over Fayetteville.10/9/15
10/8/15 21:00Harpers FerryWVUSAUnknown4 minutesRed and white flashing light over Harpers Ferry, WV.10/16/15
10/7/15 22:00Roseville/St paulMNUSAUnknownNot sure was drivingI was driving home from work and saw what I thought was a plane but it was not moving was just floating in the sky. It had 4 flashing l10/9/15
10/7/15 18:50ChesapeakeVAUSAUnknown7 minutesStarted out as 1 object and then 2 with pulsating white/red lights10/9/15
10/7/15 14:10PhoenixAZUSAUnknown2-4 minutesSomething strange above in Phoenix.10/9/15
10/7/15 09:30Redlands (heading nw)CAUSAUnknown5-6 secondsClear day heard loud rumble like aircraft couldn't see anything but went from yucaipa area to lytle creek direction in 5 to 6 seconds10/9/15
10/7/15 06:45WinfieldKSUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light that circled around then disappeared10/16/15
10/7/15 05:30EdenNYUSAUnknown~20 minutesSlow moving black UFO diamond shaped light10/9/15
10/5/15 22:00JacksonNJUSAUnknown8 minutesAmazingly bright white slow moving flashes. Some brighter than others. It circled the sky for about 10 min before it took off extremely10/9/15
10/5/15 04:30King County (above)WAUSAUnknown1.5 hoursFlashing red, green, and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a celestial body, possibly Venus. PD))10/9/15
10/5/15 02:00CortlandOHUSAUnknown>15 minutes3-4 lights moving in an erratic manner while also moving as a whole unit in a creeping sort of manner toward the north.10/9/15
10/3/15 00:00SurpriseAZUSAUnknownSlow moving object with star appearance very high in sky to the northeast. Zig-zagged to rt,then down then left then back up10/9/15
10/2/15 23:41HoustonTXUSAUnknown1 minuteGreen light flashing then descending rapidly until out of sight.10/9/15
10/2/15 20:00RochesterNYUSAUnknown2 minutesLarge strange light shapes in sky flying in loose formation in semi-circle, then off in a straight line.10/9/15
10/1/15 20:04OttawaILUSAUnknownWhite light steady glow.10/2/15
10/1/15 19:00DunedinFLUSAUnknown?It looks like an interdementional portal.10/9/15
9/30/15 21:15BarnesvilleGAUSAUnknown15Object flashing, red, blue, yellow and white lights, hovering in western sky. Darting, right to left and up and down.10/9/15
9/29/15 20:00GarlandTXUSAUnknown10-15 secondsShooting Star?10/2/15
9/29/15 04:00WheatonILUSAUnknown3 minutesObject hovering for 1 minute, brightly lite and loud. Then moved past slowly. I called FAA to see if they knew what it was.9/29/15
9/28/15 02:44Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown5 minutesBlue light, then followed by a bright flash, before disappearing.9/29/15
9/28/15 02:00SterlingILUSAUnknown2 hoursTwo different ufos and an alien/robot figure.10/2/15
9/27/15 22:40Garden GroveCAUSAUnknown14 secondsa green round object running about the Moon, and then it hid behind the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare?? PD))10/2/15
9/27/15 22:18LowellNHUSAUnknown5 minutesBlue light in the sky, north west of the bend in the Merrimack river. Bright vivid blue.9/29/15
9/27/15 22:10Coconut CreekFLUSAUnknown<5 minutesPoints of light in the night sky over Pompano Coconut Creek area moving in erratic fashion9/29/15
9/27/15 22:00FlushingMIUSAUnknownongoingAt 21:20 was watching eclipse in progress and looked towards west and noticed what at first i thought was star or planet. went and got9/29/15
9/27/15 20:00BostonMAUSAUnknown~15>30 glowing specks in a massive group flying north from the east over the ocean.9/29/15
9/27/15 04:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown10 minutesAwoke early and stood on my balcony, and observed rapid incline of a ?star..however, I never learned about THIS KIND of rising. I picke9/29/15
9/25/15 21:30San ClementeCAUSAUnknown1-3 minutes3 orangish unknown shapes.9/29/15
9/25/15 02:00Mysore (India)IndiaUnknown1 secondA sound of lightning speed, 2 feet tall, red color, fully haired man.10/9/15
9/23/15 23:00AthensOHUSAUnknownOn goingStationery r, w, g lights 1hr+ NE Athens, OH. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly "twinkling" star?? PD))9/25/15
9/22/15 20:30Santa FeNMUSAUnknown2 minutesHigh speed lights were seen moving at a high rate of speed.9/29/15
9/21/15 23:30FraminghamMAUSAUnknown1 hourSeveral craft moving at constant speed in sweeping patterns towards the city and back to the north.9/25/15
9/21/15 00:15DaculaGAUSAUnknown90 secondsBeams of light over Rabbit Hill Park suddenly disappear9/25/15
9/20/15 22:35NampaIDUSAUnknown3.5 minutesStanding in the driveway, looking up towards the moon, which is to the WNW, I saw a orange glowing, moving light.9/25/15
9/19/15 20:00LafayetteLAUSAUnknown4 minutesStanding in the shopping mall at the intersection of Johnston St. and Ambassador Caffrey at 8 PM, saw pulsing or blinking lights high a9/25/15
9/19/15 20:00ShreveportLAUSAUnknown10 secondsCraft with 2 large colorful light like orbs. changing from array of different colors as it flew by at an incredibly fast speed9/25/15
9/19/15 10:10BarnumMNUSAUnknown2-3 minutes4 objects seen with 3 lights to each craft, with 1 more craft appearing behind them minutes later.9/25/15
9/18/15 20:40BismarckNDUSAUnknown15 minutesThere was a great number of orange lights flying toward north. Almost looking like a flock of lights. Also similarly changing the posit9/25/15
9/17/15 22:55Loma LindaCAUSAUnknown15 seconds2 red lit spheres hardly moving.9/25/15
9/17/15 21:00IrvingTXUSAUnknown3 lights in the sky lined up, not moving at all till we went to go look at it. As each were taking off one by one another one appeared9/25/15
9/16/15 23:10Hot SpringsARUSAUnknown11 mins-currentThis object has been hovering for the past 14 mins and still is. Red, green, possibly yellow and white too. We are at the fish hatchery9/17/15
9/16/15 21:15Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 secondsLow altitude bright white light slowly travelling south east.9/25/15
9/16/15 14:45FrederickMDUSAUnknown5-10 minutesUnknown object in the sky that did not move.9/17/15
9/16/15 01:15SandownNHUSAUnknown2 minutesSlow moving low flying crafts with pulsing multi-light clusters.9/17/15
9/15/15 20:00GlendaleAZUSAUnknown2 hours2 Rapid moving lights over Glendale9/17/15
9/15/15El PasoTXUSAUnknown10 minutesOn Tuesday 9-15-15 my girlfriend and my self were in her back yard picking up pine needles , Im always looking up at the sky looking at9/17/15
9/14/15 05:45DowneyCAUSAUnknown30 secondsSaw a fast moving object in sky in the east for 30 seconds, or nav. lights.9/17/15
9/12/15 23:43George (The Gorge amphitheatre)WAUSAUnknown6 secondsHorizon to horizon in 4 seconds.10/9/15
9/11/15 22:45Corpus ChristiTXUSAUnknown20 secondsSilvery black uncertain shape in sky.9/17/15
9/11/15 21:20RentonWAUSAUnknown~2 minutesBright red lit aircraft turns green.9/17/15
9/11/15 21:15MortonWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBall of light appears, disappears, UFO travels towards it and flashes or beams shoot towards the UFO.9/17/15
9/11/15 00:01FranklinTNUSAUnknown3 secondsOrange horseshoe-shaped, silent, moved much faster then any aircraft, came almost to complete stop, then proceeded and vanished.9/11/15
9/10/15 22:00LynnMAUSAUnknownhoursSteady white light blinking green and red light11/19/15
9/6/15 18:20Valley StreamNYUSAUnknown20 minutesIntermittently pulsing object at very high altitude possibly low orbital, extremely slow movement, often stationary - in daylight.9/11/15
9/6/15 03:00IsabellaMNUSAUnknown10-15 minutesUFO while camping.9/11/15
9/3/15 23:00StauntonVAUSAUnknown30 minutesIt was flying low and loud and must have been several because the roar lasted long.9/11/15
9/3/15 22:14Eagle MountainUTUSAUnknown1 secondE.T. in orb form?10/16/15
8/29/15 21:00TelfordPAUSAUnknown4 minutes4 of us saw 5 red lights in formation before they disappeared one by one.9/2/15
8/29/15 20:00Murrells Inlet / Burgess CommunitySCUSAUnknown30 secondsI was driving on Hwy 707 headed toward Socastee when I saw 2 VERY bright headlight beams flying VERY low in the skyline. I thought to m9/2/15
8/27/15 19:00Burdur (Turkey)TurkeyUnknownJust the photo… ((NUFORC Note: We cannot positively identify the anomalous object in the photo. Possible bird? D))9/2/15
8/26/15 21:30AlachuaFLUSAUnknown10 secondsAn orange orb appeared from seeming nothingness and slothfully passed over at an interminable speed as if observing.8/27/15
8/24/15 00:00RacineWIUSAUnknownOngoingStationary star like object that twinkled green, gold and red but made small fast mauevers then stationary again.8/27/15
8/22/15 23:15GardnervilleNVUSAUnknown24:00West of Tahoe what looked like bright star i/we can see red and green lights alternating.Grabed binoculars and can kinda see its white8/27/15
8/22/15 22:00GaithersburgMDUSAUnknown2 minutesRed flashing light, two green lights on either side.8/27/15
8/22/15 21:50North SalemNHUSAUnknown1.25 minutesExtremely bright orange light traveling across the night sky.8/27/15
8/22/15 20:30KaukaunaWIUSAUnknownIntermittentLoud, booming, rumbling coming from the sky8/27/15
8/22/15 17:00Brooklyn ParkMNUSAUnknown30-40 secondsStrange black/silver object seen flying in front of storm.8/27/15
8/21/15 21:18CharlotteNCUSAUnknown2 minutesLight formation near uptown Charlotte.9/2/15
8/19/15 21:53LakewoodWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBlueish-green light flying erratically/then was blinking very fast red and went back the other way.8/27/15
8/19/15 02:00HawleyPAUSAUnknown10 secondsStationary Star Zips off, leaving blue/green trail high in the atmosphere10/4/19
8/18/15 08:14HiloHIUSAUnknown7 minutes((NUFORC Note: No information is provided by witness, who elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))8/27/15
8/16/15 21:30RochesterNYUSAUnknown5 secondsFast moving light, going straight up.8/27/15
8/15/15 21:30WevervilleNCUSAUnknown3 minutesHigh speed bright white object.8/27/15
8/12/15 21:30Haven BeachNJUSAUnknown12 minutesAt roughly 9 to 10 pm my wife and I observed a glowing red / orange light slowly hovering from north to south skirting the beach on lbi8/27/15
8/12/15 20:00Rosendale (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownFace to face with beingFace to face with two beings but no UFO craft signing or anything.8/27/15
8/12/15 04:45AshevilleNCUSAUnknown12 secondsThought it was a star. I was watching the meteor shower scheduled tonight. Saw many meteors, stopped counting at 30. What I had thought8/13/15
8/11/15 07:19BrandonFLUSAUnknown3 minutesA cloud that is not a cloud!11/19/15
8/11/15 05:30CarroltonTXUSAUnknown30 minutesHumming sound, with no break or shift in pitch, that moved all around us.8/13/15
8/11/15 01:00OttawaILUSAUnknown2 minutesTransparent object, flying low overhead, then turning to fly away, once noticed.8/13/15
8/10/15 23:00ChattanoogaTNUSAUnknown5 secondsBlack out power outage occurred then a bright green light lit up the hillside as we drove on the I-248/27/15
8/10/15 11:00ChattanoogaTNUSAUnknown3 secondsBright blue-green light that lit the entire sky over downtown Chattanooga.8/13/15
8/9/15 21:30Valley CityNDUSAUnknown30 minutes4 similar sightings in one night over Valley City, North Dakota.8/13/15
8/9/15 20:00LowellMAUSAUnknown5 minutesWilder St by UMASS Lowell, I spotted a very shiny, bright--white/yellow object in the husband and sister then saw it.8/13/15
8/9/15 15:00Monterey ParkCAUSAUnknown20 minutesHumanoid UFO Anomoly recorded with 3 different cameras and dozens of eyewitnises8/27/15
8/8/15 22:50RunnemedeNJUSAUnknownOngoingSeveral lights attached N to S most seemed to be either 2,3 or 4 and changed in intensity, color and pulsation speed. Were stationary t8/13/15
8/8/15 22:15FremontMIUSAUnknown3-4 minutesRed lights (clustered lighted objects) moving east to west in night sky in western Michigan. Slowly disappeared into nowhere.8/13/15
8/8/15 21:27RomneyWVUSAUnknown2 secondsSpace debris.9/11/15
8/8/15 09:43WinneconneWIUSAUnknown3 minutes2 solid orange lights flew east to west.8/13/15
8/7/15 22:35MetairieLAUSAUnknown20 minutesI do not know how to use cut and paste so I hope this gets through anyway because it is the only way I can do it. I left a brief messag8/27/15
8/6/15 00:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown10 minutesFirst the object had a white light on one end and a red on the other. I say end as assuming it was long because the lights (white and r8/13/15
8/5/15 21:15BayfieldWIUSAUnknown3 minutes3 bright red lights. Aircraft appeared to approach fast stop or almost stop and then took off very fast. In and out flight pattern appe9/11/15
8/5/15 16:00RenoNVUSAUnknown3 secondsRumble and slight movement, which caused question of earthquake, inside house.8/13/15
8/5/15 03:15HudsonOHUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange communicating high-pitch whistling sounds.8/6/15
8/3/15 17:45TulsaOKUSAUnknown15 secondsSun was shining on hovering, still, silver object in western Tulsa sky, about 15 seconds before it vanished.8/6/15
8/3/15 00:30RupertWVUSAUnknownSecondsUFO with orange light in a hurry to get somewhere.8/6/15
8/2/15 23:21Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge, bright blue & red lights over Virginia Beach.8/6/15
8/2/15 14:00BostonMAUSAUnknown3 minutesWhile at the beach with my family I noticed 4 military helicopter flying low, across Boston. This is unusual so I took a picture.8/6/15
8/2/15 02:00Long Beach Island (North Beach)NJUSAUnknown10 minutesUnidentified object was sighted over North Beach, LBI.8/6/15
8/2/15 01:30RenoNVUSAUnknown1 minute2 women are frightened by a very loud low flying object, while in their hotel room, watching a lightening storm.8/6/15
8/1/15 23:30GlenmoorePAUSAUnknown60 seconds4 red light in sky over Glenmoore Pa. 8/1/15 at 11:30 PM.8/6/15
8/1/15 02:05VenturaCAUSAUnknown30 secondsObject slowly rising, then took off like nothing man made.8/6/15
7/31/15 21:00SomervilleNJUSAUnknown15 minutes3 objects with lights, spotted in triangular formation while driving on RT 287.8/6/15
7/28/15 12:00NoblesvilleINUSAUnknowngoogle earthIn Google Earth go to street level 385 Cliff Overlook Noblesville, IN, (46062) or further north on same street.7/31/15
7/28/15 01:30SalemNHUSAUnknown30 secondsA loud humming/whistling object with bright lights flew over my home.7/31/15
7/26/15 21:00MentorOHUSAUnknown4 minutesThe first thing that came to mind was that these beams of red light were linking with my total being.8/13/15
7/25/15 21:07MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown2 minutesObject moving downward with orange glow then suddenly disappeared.7/31/15
7/25/15 20:30WayneWVUSAUnknown3 minutesI saw a silver orb.7/31/15
7/25/15 00:25OcoeeFLUSAUnknown1 secondOrangish red glow streaking across the sky at low altittude, high speeds.7/31/15
7/23/15 01:30Bay CenterWAUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge object with bright lights near Bay Center, WA.7/31/15
7/19/15 00:20Pulaski (Case Knife Rd)VAUSAUnknown15 minutesBright light through woods at end of road off case knife road off another dead end round dirt road. Saw through woods for while before7/23/15
7/19/15ValparaisoINUSAUnknownsundownStationary flashing red, green lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star?? PD))7/23/15
7/18/15 22:00Goose CreekSCUSAUnknown4 minutesUFO with bright orange light with pencil like beams of light emitted from all sides.7/23/15
7/18/15 21:30SavannahGAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesStrobe craft.7/23/15
7/17/15 23:00BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown1 minutesLighthouse rotating light in the sky.8/13/15
7/14/15 21:30HixsonTNUSAUnknown20 secondsV-shape look like lightning. It was going up. One side seemed bigger as it was going up. Both sides was blinking. Hear loud booms.7/17/15
7/13/15 22:00MontereyCAUSAUnknown1.5 hoursRed light spheres hovering 1.5 hrs over marine canyon in Monterey Bay, 5-miles off Moss Landing, leaving & returning to same spot7/17/15
7/12/15 22:10HighwoodILUSAUnknown3 minutesLight red coming from est to west, turn left and go nort-est. Color red turn orange , and changed white. Sky clear and temperature 70 f7/17/15
7/12/15 22:00ClintonMIUSAUnknownHours (nightly)2 White Lights appearing nightly in SE Michigan Sky - appear to change color & shape. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter? PD))7/17/15
7/11/15 22:30OrlandoFLUSAUnknown5 minutes3 red lights flying in the sky from different directions, disappearing in the same spot.7/17/15
7/11/15 22:00WinnfieldLAUSAUnknown8 minutesMy 6-year old son and I walked outside to the car, and he says, "Mom, look at that, it doesn't look like a plane."7/17/15
7/11/15 22:00ClevelandOHUSAUnknown10 minutes +Sonic boom like sounds, followed by possible fireworks or munitions?7/17/15
7/11/15 18:30Long BeachCAUSAUnknown1 minuteA large orange flash light coming from the back ( maybe a propulser?) of an unknow flying object. Flash was then kind of absorbed back11/12/15
7/11/15 10:40Lake ArrowheadCAUSAUnknownSeconds10:40 am over San Bernardino Valley, very bright light for an instant, then again seen further E and moving W, then vanished.7/17/15
7/10/15 22:00HamptonNHUSAUnknown20Two timing red lights in the sky.7/17/15
7/10/15 00:45SpringfieldILUSAUnknownShortA light appeared out of no where at night during a drive-in movie. Went straight a little then curved dramatically, ~90 degrees.7/17/15
7/9/15 23:15PortlandORUSAUnknown1 minuteShape unknown but multicolored lights stopped in mid descent then went diagonally before dropping straight down out of sight.7/10/15
7/8/15 09:26LindsborgKSUSAUnknown.20/.45((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. Time may be flawed. Possible hoax. PD))7/10/15
7/7/15 11:20Lisburn (Northern Ireland)Northern IrelandUnknown3 minutesFlying in formation at around 2000ft. Managed to film for about a minute on phone.7/10/15
7/5/15 21:30SchuylervilleNYUSAUnknown2 minutesErratic low flying silent single orange light.7/6/15
7/4/15 23:48New York City (Maspeth)NYUSAUnknown5 minutesReddish-orange object over New York City.7/6/15
7/4/15 23:00PuyallupWAUSAUnknown30-60 secondsTwo bright orange lights moving to the south, southwest.7/6/15
7/4/15 22:30MartinsburgPAUSAUnknown5 minutesIt was 4th of July 2015 out with my family watching fireworks. When someone noticed an oranges redish colored light moving toward the f4/20/17
7/4/15 22:27Oak LawnILUSAUnknown30 secondsSlightly Invisible Object UFO Turns Into Two UFO's In Space7/6/15
7/4/15 22:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown10 minutesWhile watching celebration, I noticed florescent green light hovering over the croud about 500+ ft off ground. Wasn't moving. Just stay7/17/15
7/4/15 22:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown30 minutesRed and green lights flashing, while hovering and moving, then stopping.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:58ThorntonCOUSAUnknown5 minutesCraft with 4 lights videoed at 4th of July fireworks.7/17/15
7/4/15 21:30AuburnNEUSAUnknown15 minutesWhite or yellowish solid lighted objects, seven in a row seen traveling across the night sky.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:30Lake WylieSCUSAUnknown15Red-orange object hovering during firework display in South Carolina.7/6/15
7/4/15 21:00GreensboroNCUSAUnknown15 minutesGreen light seen near fireworks Greensboro, NC.7/10/15
7/4/15 20:47PoughkeepsieNYUSAUnknown4:47Craft appeared with green and white strobe lights. Unable to determine shape. Flying object appeared 4x 's. Each time during and after7/6/15
7/3/15 00:00DenverCOUSAUnknown1 minuteFleet of UFO's over Denver.7/3/15
7/2/15 23:56PortlandORUSAUnknown3-4 minutesWitnessed a craft passing by.7/3/15
7/2/15 22:00LivoniaMIUSAUnknown2 hoursFour stationary lights visible for two hours off Seven Mile Road, and Newburgh, in Livonia Michigan-July 2, 2015-10:p.m.-12:00a.m.7/6/15
7/1/15 20:30St. GeorgeUTUSAUnknown3 minutesExtremely high speed travel from W to E, stopped on a dime, resumed full speed flight. ((NUFORC Note: Drone a/c. PD))7/3/15
7/1/15 20:30MesaAZUSAUnknown1 hourHovering object over SE Mesa. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD))7/3/15
7/1/15 08:15CoppellTXUSAUnknown40 minutesWriting in the sky.7/3/15
6/30/15 22:00HoustonTXUSAUnknown2 minutesAirplane look- two red lights- flying- stopped in mid-air for 14 seconds- then came straight down rapidly7/3/15
6/29/15 21:30San PedroCAUSAUnknown12 minutes((NUFORC Note: Planets. PD)) I'm looking off the balcony looking W and I see 2 lights one bright and one right above it but smaller.7/3/15
6/29/15 00:00WalnutportPAUSAUnknown1 minuteSeen something jet black crawling around the bushes on all fours about 2 foot by 2 foot.7/3/15
6/28/15 01:30CharlotteNCUSAUnknown3 minutesFour evenly spaced lights.7/3/15
6/26/15 21:00AlbanyNYUSAUnknown~5 minutes3 orange moving lights in the sky, not aircraft.7/3/15
6/25/15 21:50JacksonNJUSAUnknown2 minutesWeird 2 light turn counter clock wise until one light then gone.7/3/15
6/25/15 21:45LawrenceKSUSAUnknown5 minutesObject with pulsing wave of light moving around it7/3/15
6/23/15 22:35Blue AshOHUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo abnormal red lights, one pulsing, extremely loud.7/3/15
6/22/15 22:50ChamplinMNUSAUnknown3:00Oval shaped "cloud" mass moving through sky on a clear night. ((NUFORC Note: Out-gassing event of spent rocket. PD))6/24/15
6/22/15 22:15Jacksonville BeachFLUSAUnknown30 minutesJax Beach green, red, white flashing lights on a hovering object....6/24/15
6/22/15 14:00PuyallupWAUSAUnknown1 secondIf just was dark for a few seconds. we did not hear a air liner outside.7/3/15
6/22/15 03:00New York CityNYUSAUnknownObject moving in space around the Moon.6/24/15
6/21/15 22:30Brampton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2-3 minutesRed glowing object flew in south-east direction 22;30 EDT - disappeared after approx two minutes.6/24/15
6/21/15 11:10Dearborn HeightsMIUSAUnknown5 minutesMI ufo with red and black flashing lights.6/24/15
6/19/15 21:45KilmarnockVAUSAUnknown30 minutes10-12 orange spheres observed rising from ground level to the atmosphere. Clear, but slightly overcast evening. Rising moon and star6/24/15
6/18/15 21:00Saint LouisMOUSAUnknownunknownI didn't see it myself, but someone posted this on You Tube. This is very near my house, at the grocery store I go to. See "Stran6/19/15
6/18/15 04:30Baton RougeLAUSAUnknown30-45 minutesWhite lights.6/19/15
6/17/15 21:53LombardILUSAUnknown2 minutesBlack Hawks chasing object outside O'Hare airspace.6/19/15
6/17/15 13:23Depoe BayORUSAUnknown10 secondsLoud boom then abnormal jet trail. Then all bird started to fly away.6/19/15
6/16/15 04:12Dry RidgeKYUSAUnknown3 minutesAircraft flying very low. Could not see the shape of it at night. It had wing tip lights red/green two center "headlights". I6/19/15
6/14/15 03:00Beeville-KennedyTXUSAUnknown5-10 minutesBlinking lights in the sky follow me doing 70mph down the road.6/15/15
6/13/15 20:08Boundary WatersMNUSAUnknown15-30 minutesObserved 3 times an object passing across the sky, strange lights and movement patterns.7/3/15
6/11/15 02:30West YarmouthMAUSAUnknown2 hoursI was abducted from my bed. Since then harassed or maybe just my eyes are open now but im still putting the piece's together.6/15/15
6/10/15 23:40AltoNMUSAUnknown30-40 minutesThe most amazing thing I've ever saw. We need to be concerned, I believe were under asalt.6/15/15
6/5/15 13:00ProvidenceRIUSAUnknown5 minutesMultiple reflective objects high in the sky.6/5/15
6/3/15 21:30ThorntonCOUSAUnknown30+Vertical, multi-flashing lights, slow moving to stationary, low to very high altitude and the general shape was a cross/crusifix.6/5/15
6/1/15 21:30Monroe CityMOUSAUnknown30 minutesGreen and red flying object in Northern Missouri sky at night.6/5/15
6/1/15 19:00WebsterNYUSAUnknown30 secondsI captured this bright white/pink elongated image on my phone while outside taking pictures of my young grandson.9/11/15
6/1/15 00:00BerlinCTUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) Berlin, CT, UFO.6/5/15
5/31/15 20:00DanvilleVAUSAUnknown1 hourGiant object hiding behind clouds. ((NUFORC Note: Probably a shadow, cast by a high-altitude cloud. PD))6/5/15
5/30/15 23:03VacavilleCAUSAUnknown1 minutesBright light, very bright light. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect an overflight of the International Space Station. PD))6/5/15
5/28/15 16:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown10 minutesI thought there was a spider web that was a little white line when I touched it to swipe it away and it shocked me with an electrical c5/29/15
5/28/15 05:20Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown5 minutesShape outlined in twinkling star like lights.5/29/15
5/26/15 22:50WaukeshaWIUSAUnknown30 secondsI was driving south on west avenue toward college avenue, thought it was an airplane above the trees moving in for a landing at the lo6/15/15
5/26/15 22:50WaukeshaWIUSAUnknown10 minutesBright red and green flashing lights flying at high speed then stopping for a minute and dropping down then going the opposite dir..5/29/15
5/25/15 22:45titusvilleFLUSAUnknown5 minutesBright cobalt blue light.6/5/15
5/24/15 00:00High PointNCUSAUnknown15 minutesRed and white lights saw in the sky and attempted communication.5/29/15
5/22/15 23:30TracyMTUSAUnknown1 minuteSaw a beam of white light less than 70 feet off the ground about 50 from the side of the road driving home with my wife. Light was a p5/29/15
5/22/15 23:30TracyMTUSAUnknown1 minuteCone shaped beam of light 70ft off the ground.5/29/15
5/22/15 01:30EnidOKUSAUnknown1 minuteSpace object flies like warp speed across sky, stops, then goes another direction9/4/20
5/21/15 13:15Las CrucesNMUSAUnknownInstantExplosion of mysterious origin.5/22/15
5/21/15 02:00DoverNHUSAUnknown2 secondsI was walking the dog at 2:00 am, looked up at the stars, and immediately, straight up was a bright strobe, like the size of a pencil10/29/15
5/18/15 23:20Ponoka (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown2 hours 10 minutesSome additional info for my report of May 19, 2015 observation by Ponoka, AB. Canada NOT Venus.5/22/15
5/18/15 23:20Ponoka (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown2 hours 10 minutesSaw a bright yellow light in the lower WNW sky last night for over 2 hours.5/22/15
5/15/15 23:00TulsaOKUSAUnknown5 secondsBright object traveling at a west to east direction accelerated and made what can be described as a u turn.5/22/15
5/15/15 01:15PortlandORUSAUnknown10 minutesFlashing lights without sound lit up sky above Portland, Or.5/22/15
5/13/15 22:40SumterSCUSAUnknown5 secondsIt was fast and made no sound.5/22/15
5/13/15 21:00HendersonNVUSAUnknown1 minuteFormation of lights over Black Mountain.5/22/15
5/10/15 17:00ParamusCAUSAUnknown10-15 secondsDaytime sighting at two different locations across the country.Same UFO at both locations.6/5/15
5/9/15 20:45SalemALUSAUnknown5 minutesSighting on Lake Harding in East Alabama.5/13/15
5/8/15 23:00CantonGAUSAUnknown5 minutes2 bright beautiful Orange circles. Canton, GA.5/13/15
5/8/15Saint MariesIDUSAUnknown10 secondsSatellite-like object seen moving from S to SW and away from Earth. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite?? PD))5/13/15
5/7/15 22:55North Bay (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown10 minutesThe UFO appeared as a blinking light that seemed to brighten and dim randomly. It also seemed to disappear and reappear at random.5/8/15
5/7/15 03:30LahomaOKUSAUnknown1 hourUFOs in space, which at first glance, look like just stars in southern sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect stars. PD))5/8/15
5/6/15 23:00Kansas CityMOUSAUnknown10 minutesBright white light appearing to move, with several blinking lights next to it.5/8/15
5/6/15 22:35Tehran (Iran)IranUnknownit's happening2 UFO, one is closer and it turns yellow red purple ,the one Which is far is red. I'm at home and I still can see them, I always look t5/8/15
5/5/15 22:45SeattleWAUSAUnknown5 minutes2 green lights in front, 2 red in rear late night, moved fast, turned on a dime, went back and forth, straight up an down and silent.5/13/15
5/3/15 00:23Broken ArrowOKUSAUnknown2 hoursMulticolored flashing object travels south-southwest at erratic rate.5/8/15
5/2/15 09:25Soddy DaisyTNUSAUnknown2 secondsSilver craft with extreme speed.5/8/15
5/2/15 03:00LahomaOKUSAUnknown2 hoursSouthern sky 80 degrees up, what looked like stars at first. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect stars. PD))5/8/15
5/1/15 21:35WashingtonVTUSAUnknown5 secondsBlue light streaking across sky seen by 1 person in Washington, Vermont.5/8/15
5/1/15 21:07ConcordNHUSAUnknown2 seconds1 straight fire like cylinder seen for 2 seconds and vanished.5/8/15
5/1/15 21:00ClarkNJUSAUnknown5 secondsWe were driving in parkway heading toward north before the exit 135 we saw this looking shooting star or meteor ish but it has a greeni5/8/15
5/1/15 20:30Mount JulietTNUSAUnknown30 secondsCircle of rotating red lights hovering over the trees.5/13/15
5/1/15 01:00KingstonNHUSAUnknown5-10 minutesI heard humming harp like noises coming from the sky.5/8/15
4/30/15 23:20MartinezCAUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge bright light hovering and making arc like movements.5/8/15
4/30/15 21:40SycamoreILUSAUnknown10 minutesWe saw seven dull orange near ball-like lights traveling accrost the sky.5/8/15
4/30/15 18:34TucsonAZUSAUnknown15 minutesTo the west spotted what seemed to be a falling star but as it disappeared into the horizon it excellarated north in a rapid obscure up5/8/15
4/28/15 22:15LewisburgPAUSAUnknown30 minutes3 disco ball objects flashing in sky hovering and moving up down and horizontally4/30/15
4/27/15 22:00Lake GeorgeNYUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange/red object in the sky.4/30/15
4/27/15 22:00Avra ValleyAZUSAUnknown15 minutesV-shaped, lighted objects hovering and moving in westerly and easterly directions4/30/15
4/27/15 20:11Bangalore, Karnataka, IndiaIndiaUnknown2-3 minutesCiting of an UFO traveling from one star to other4/30/15
4/26/15 22:15FairbornOHUSAUnknown10 minutesI've seen this light many times, but tonight it moved while i was watching it. Close to WPAFB. ((NUFORC Note: Star or planet? PD))4/30/15
4/26/15 21:48Flint/LansingMIUSAUnknownindefiniteNotified 911- An Officer of the Law witnessed this also! Red, Green, & White flashing lights, hovering in the night sky's.4/30/15
4/26/15 20:48AllentownPAUSAUnknown2 minutes2 glowing objects that disappeared.4/30/15
4/25/15 22:00GoldenCOUSAUnknown2 hours +Color changing orb in the sky.4/30/15
4/25/15 21:00MiddletownCTUSAUnknown10 minutesRed and green object flying over Arbutus St., Middletown.4/30/15
4/23/15 08:30LafayetteLAUSAUnknown10 minutesOne night around 8:30 I stepped out on balcony for a quick smoke. After lighting my cigarette I looked and approximately less than a qu5/20/21
4/23/15 00:00MiddletownRIUSAUnknown44 years knownSatellite Imagery of the course of 44 years.4/23/15
4/20/15 21:45TucsonAZUSAUnknown00:10Witnessed an impossible eclipse of crescent moon.4/23/15
4/20/15 00:00ThomasvilleNCUSAUnknown?I had dreams of being "chipped," and the next night I was abducted and chipped.4/23/15
4/19/15 20:15ClintonWIUSAUnknown5 minutes +Loud roaring noise heard over all southern Wisconsin yet military and radar stations deny contacts.4/30/15
4/19/15 19:30EnterpriseALUSAUnknown10 minutesObject observed traveling west with a small cloud behind it. ((NUFORC Note: Report is from aviation mechanic. PD))4/23/15
4/17/15 22:30WaterfordMIUSAUnknown6 minutesI saw a red and purple pulsating light probably over Pontiac, Michigan.I was sitting in a chair on lakefront property in Waterford watc4/23/15
4/16/15 21:42SeattleWAUSAUnknown45 secondsStrange lights over Queen Anne Hill.4/17/15
4/16/15 20:11GlenmoraLAUSAUnknown~20 minutesLast night, we saw in increments of 2 a vehicles that had one plane that was escorting another.4/17/15
4/15/15 23:30CamdenARUSAUnknown45 secondsStrange reddish orange blinking lights flying across the sky!4/17/15
4/15/15 21:21PortlandORUSAUnknown2 minutes2 red/orange lights heading SE at a consistent speed/distance from each other.4/17/15
4/15/15 16:00Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minutesLooked round in shape black in colour hovering round in circles ,raised in to the atmosphere and dissapered1/5/16
4/15/15 10:20Englishtown-ManalapanNJUSAUnknown5 secondsBright Light Over Manalapan-Englishtown NJ4/17/15
4/13/15 01:20ReynoldsburgOHUSAUnknown10 minutesIt sounds like trumpets also weird vibration i was lil scared till i looked it up on youtube i wasnt the only to have witness this its4/17/15
4/12/15 21:00Sand SpringsOKUSAUnknown15 minutesLarge, bright object in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))4/17/15
4/12/15 19:23ColumbiaMOUSAUnknown1 minuteDriving west on Highway 70, saw two unidentifiable objects in sky.4/17/15
4/11/15 20:45Fort BraggCAUSAUnknown15 minutesTwo craft with white and red lights sighted over Fort Bragg, CA4/17/15
4/11/15 20:34AndersonSCUSAUnknown10 minutesThe lights appeared to be a foot apart along a straight axis when the object passed beyond a tree line that is 300 yards away.4/17/15
4/10/15 18:00Lake TahoeNVUSAUnknown90 secondsufo on the day time6/15/15
4/9/15 23:30Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown3 minutesI pointed at this one spot that looked like 2 stars chasing each other.4/17/15
4/8/15 03:30Big BayMIUSAUnknownunknownBright lights in my bedroom threw a blackened shade that projected 3 round circles on my ceiling with a minimal Power loss4/8/15
4/7/15 21:32Coeur d'Alene/Post FallsIDUSAUnknown29 minutesCraft with 4 Red Straight Lined Flashing Lights4/8/15
4/5/15 20:27SunnyvaleCAUSAUnknown20 minutes2 red lights blinking w/long white tail.4/8/15
4/5/15 15:26LakinKSUSAUnknown3 secondsLarge silver object southeast bound at approximately 29,000 ft Mean Sea Level.4/8/15
4/5/15 02:00HarrodsburgKYUSAUnknown~1 minute filmedLights appear in the night sky during very strange and loud sound resonating in the distance.8/27/15
4/4/15 22:30HixsonTNUSAUnknown5 secondsTwo lights appeared for about 5 seconds and then disappeared without moving in any direction.4/8/15
4/3/15 22:00JuneauAKUSAUnknown30 secondsSeen 5 which one of them shined very brightly for a a second moving south through the Big Dipper handle and all looked like bright star4/8/15
4/3/15 21:08KissimmeeFLUSAUnknown2 minutesFire looking object moving at a rapid pace, then just vanished.4/8/15
4/3/15 17:00MontpelierIDUSAUnknown30+ minutesLate afternoon an object was sighted overhead that barely moved for the half hour we were paying attention to it. Without binoculars we4/17/15
4/2/15 22:10Miami LakesFLUSAUnknown60 secondsYellowish bright solid light traveling west to east.4/3/15
4/1/15 22:55YonkersNYUSAUnknown1-3 secondsThere was a sudden ball of light that glowed green and blue at incredible speeds across the sky for about 2 seconds and disappeared.4/3/15
3/31/15 22:30Kansas CityMOUSAUnknown6-8 minutesVery loud sound from the sky as from something huge, with nothing in sight.4/3/15
3/28/15 00:00BrooksvilleFLUSAUnknown5 minutesPossible UFO on Cortez blvd in Brooksville FL4/3/15
3/25/15 20:00WashougalWAUSAUnknown7 minutesOscillating, vibrating craft over wooded neighborhood.3/26/15
3/25/15 00:05PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown30 secondsTIGHTLY GROUPED WHITE LIGHTS IN EAST SKY3/26/15
3/24/15 23:15BangorMEUSAUnknown1 minuteThree or four very large bright white tubular lights that were packed together and pulsating in unison.4/3/15
3/23/15 21:15West LinnORUSAUnknown5 minutesSudden loud turbine sounds above house. Spinning at an odd pitch and rhythm. Abrupty started and abruptly stopped.3/26/15
3/23/15 17:00LadsonSCUSAUnknown20Lights emitted from a stationary, rotating craft from inside the clouds.3/26/15
3/20/15 20:13St. CharlesMOUSAUnknown1 minuteFormation of orange lights flying over St charles. Kept formation and flew east.3/26/15
3/18/15 22:00TacomaWAUSAUnknown10 minutesStar-like object, did not move, lights did not flash, there were probably at least 8 lights on it.3/26/15
3/18/15 21:25PfafftownNCUSAUnknown4 minutesAppeared to be one craft traveling slowly at first and then rapidly left my sight. One bright white light in the front, followed by tw3/20/15
3/17/15 22:20BridgmanMIUSAUnknown12String of lights over Lake Michigan off of Bridgman nuclear plant.3/26/15
3/17/15 05:00HiloHIUSAUnknown30 minutesWitnessed lights in the NE sky from Hilo, HI., that moved rapidly and erratically for about 30 min. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))3/20/15
3/17/15 00:00Lyme/HaddamCTUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX?? One of several silly reports from same anonymous source.)) ((HOAX??)) Possible UFO in Lyme/Haddam area.6/5/15
3/16/15 23:00ChillicotheOHUSAUnknown10 minutesIn the sky above Chillicothe, OH we saw four lights. It was after 11 pm so it was pretty dark. The sky was clear and my friend who is a3/20/15
3/16/15 00:40GreenbeltMDUSAUnknown5 minutes5 bright objects. 3 in a specific triangle shape. Moved 1 yard from tree branch measuring spot of origin.3/20/15
3/14/15 22:45Lake GenevaWIUSAUnknown2 minutesLoud, long, low pitched rumbling over Geneva Lake, WI.3/20/15
3/14/15 19:00Oklahoma CityOKUSAUnknown10 minutesWhite, red, and green lights hover over OKC.3/20/15
3/14/15 19:00Coal TownshipPAUSAUnknown30 secondsBright green glow on everything outside my window, with a loud humming that vibritated all around me.8/13/15
3/12/15 21:16FallonNVUSAUnknown4 minutesPinpoint of light, surrounded by sphere of growing white mist, just below Jupiter. ((NUFORC Note: Missile fuel dump?? PD))3/13/15
3/12/15 21:00Spring BranchTXUSAUnknown5 minutesThree lights aligned together in right formation. Very slow moving while producing a humming sound.3/13/15
3/11/15 06:00EvergreenCOUSAUnknown5-10 secondsI saw an unidentifiable object low in the sky with sparks or fire coming from its rear.3/20/15
3/10/15 09:45Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown5 minutesL.A. Airport flight path bright as a diamond laser flittering flickering object3/13/15
3/10/15 00:24North BranchMNUSAUnknown10 minutesStationary lights southwest of North Branch, MN. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))3/13/15
3/8/15 16:30TemeculaCAUSAUnknown15 minutesTeal Blue Hovering Object, Bright Light then Dim, Appearing/Reappearing In Various Parts of Sky.3/13/15
3/8/15 08:30Santa FeTXUSAUnknown5-10 secondsDisk sighting with intense ground shaking noise 3-7-15 Next day same noise twice-no sighting 03-08-153/20/15
3/6/15 22:15MinneapolisMNUSAUnknown1 minutes2 orange red objects appeared as flames one after the next.3/13/15
3/6/15 22:00Lucerne ValleyCAUSAUnknown2Weird unidentified object in small desert community near a US Military Base in California.9/9/16
3/6/15 19:50PhoenixAZUSAUnknownWest ValleySeen an object a bright light shoot straight up from the ground to the horizon in a very fast motion. The object moved S, then N.3/13/15
3/6/15 19:38Durban (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown4 minutes3 lights hovering just above the Durban skies in the evening, around 19:30, weird.3/6/15
3/6/15 15:00Texas CityTXUSAUnknown30-40 secondsComing from Walmart and seen 2 lights in the sky. I was driving and I know that it wasn't going to hang around long so I fumbled for3/13/15
3/5/15 19:45ShorelineWAUSAUnknown5 minutesSolid red light with blue-white strobe zig zags acorss the sky.3/6/15
3/2/15 18:43North Miami BeachFLUSAUnknown30 secondsSingle object with double green lights turning red then back to green before moving away.3/6/15
2/28/15 20:00GoldsboroNCUSAUnknown10-15 minutesSilent, slow-moving object, pulsating orange and white.3/6/15
2/28/15 02:00NaugatuckCTUSAUnknown5 minutesI was sleeping and woke up thinking the kids left back light on. When I looked outside , the whole back yard was covered with illumina3/6/15
2/27/15WilmingtonOHUSAUnknown30 secondsWe seen one brite light blink and three in rotation behind it and then it was gone.3/6/15
2/25/15 23:30HollywoodFLUSAUnknown10 minutes2 very bright green lights seen heading directly W in E. Hollywood. Lights did not pulse and were extremely large but did not cast3/6/15
2/23/15 01:00EdwardsvilleILUSAUnknown1 hourWe saw numerous flashing lights in the sky which were very bright and continued for a long time.4/3/15
2/22/15 19:00EastonPAUSAUnknown60-90 secondsIt moved backwards before it disappeared.3/6/15
2/18/15 18:15OrlandoFLUSAUnknown8 minutesBright orb seen in western sky. Light dimmed at times. Object did not move.2/20/15
2/16/15 22:30Mt. Shasta (above)CAUSAUnknown1 minuteWhite lights hovering and then dimming in sequence2/20/15
2/12/15 18:50DurhamNCUSAUnknown5 minutesI went outside at approximately 7:10 pm to let my dog out. Something caught my attention and it made me look up into the sky.2/20/15
2/11/15 04:00CottonwoodAZUSAUnknown10 minutesMost recent sighting of many over 10 years. Light that appears, brightens gradually to the intensity of an airplane wing light, then g3/6/15
2/11/15 02:30Port OrchardWAUSAUnknown30 minutesLow frequency pulsing followed by 30 minute power outage.2/12/15
2/9/15 10:30Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknowncontinuousBright white circle light with no source and looks like cross hairs of a gun scope.2/12/15
2/9/15 06:48HomsteadFLUSAUnknown3 minutesWhile driving, straight ahead of me I saw red-orange fireballs coming out of the sky, then they would stop and maintain there altitude.2/12/15
2/8/15 22:40OrlandoFLUSAUnknown3 minutesBlue/red light seen in sky going up down and sideways.2/12/15
2/6/15 19:00OlohMSUSAUnknown5 minutes3 bright light hovering over hwy 98 then vanished.2/12/15
2/4/15 00:00West BabylonNYUSAUnknown2 minutes((HOAX??)) I heard a sound and woke up to see a creature in a blue outfit in my house.2/6/15
2/3/15 16:30NashvilleTNUSAUnknown5-10 minutesMetallic shapes circling overhead, then flying off to the northeast.2/6/15
2/2/15 05:15TustinCAUSAUnknowntwenty secondsUFO enters fireball portal6/22/22
1/31/15 21:00LincolnCAUSAUnknownstill goingBright object in the night sky, changing from blue to green to red. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly "Sirius?" PD))2/6/15
1/31/15 11:00OcalaFLUSAUnknownUnknownSilver polygon shaped ufo chasing jet2/20/15
1/29/15 15:00Chiloquin (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 minutesUnidentified colored cloud appears and shape shifts. ((NUFORC Note: We believe the object is refracted sunlight. PD))1/30/15
1/29/15 04:00HillsboroORUSAUnknown1 minuteHollow sounding booms followed by bright white flashes from the sky one mile south of Hillsboro airport.3/4/16
1/28/15 19:55FolsomCAUSAUnknownstill thereThere is a very vibrant, multi-colored light. Changes between red, blue, white, etc.. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star? PD))1/30/15
1/26/15 17:29Fort DodgeIAUSAUnknown2 secondsMe and my mother were looking outside to the west cause the clouds were orange and pinkish colors. We were taking pictures of how Beaut1/30/15
1/24/15 22:10LaceyWAUSAUnknown3 minutesSolid red light with a blinking green light in the sky in Lacey, WA.1/26/15
1/24/15 19:15CaldwellIDUSAUnknown20 minutesRed lights silently hovering in sky.1/26/15
1/22/15 21:30BuffaloNYUSAUnknown15-30 minutesHovering bright white light surrounded by pulsating green and red lights.1/26/15
1/22/15 18:30LakevillePAUSAUnknown10 minutesA flying object hovering VERY LOW over tree tops with 4 bright huge lights. Rolled down window of truck and heard a low engine sound.1/26/15
1/20/15 20:30AustinTXUSAUnknown4 minutesRed lights over Austin, TX.1/26/15
1/20/15Sangli (India)IndiaUnknown30 seconds((HOAX??)) 01/20/15. something very strange landed for a while near my terrace .they were in number of 3.1/26/15
1/19/15 21:20EdmondOKUSAUnknown30I was taking a spa when I looked in the east and seen at first lights that I thought were an jet air plane. Typically I see them comin1/26/15
1/19/15 19:00Garden CityUTUSAUnknown10 minutesWhitish orb hovering, moving erratically, then hovering again, same spot.1/26/15
1/19/15 03:22Heath SpringsSCUSAUnknown7 secondsSudden Rush/Vacuum of air.1/26/15
1/18/15 05:35Oak LawnILUSAUnknown25 secondsPossible drone flyby?2/20/15
1/17/15 21:00TrussvilleALUSAUnknown9 minutesLighted object over Trussville, AL, spotted by two adults driving southbound on Chalkville Rd.. It flipped, then we lost it.1/26/15
1/17/15 20:00Potosi (near)MOUSAUnknown>1 hourBright light in the southern sky, moving in a narrow, somewhat circular pattern. Colored red & blue; flashing at the perimeters.1/26/15
1/16/15 19:30LafayetteLAUSAUnknown5 minutesRed, green and white lights flew in, hovered, reversed course to depart. Not airplane or helicopter1/26/15
1/16/15 17:15VictoriaTXUSAUnknown45 secondsThe movement of the light source appearing in different places in the sky was interesting, since I had never seen anything like this.1/26/15
1/15/15 23:00BrownsvilleORUSAUnknown?Visited by three grey beings in my bedroom.9/17/15
1/15/15 17:30FairleeVTUSAUnknown1-2 minutesHorizontal groups of lights appearing over Fairlee, Vermont.1/16/15
1/14/15 02:00TulsaOKUSAUnknown3 minutes3 Round Bright Green Lights not flashing side by side & 1 Red Flashing Light, Loud Craft.2/12/15
1/14/15 01:54Lauderhill/Ft. LauderdaleFLUSAUnknownThree lights, stationary, much larger than stars. Two were parallel while other slanted slightly.1/16/15
1/13/15 19:05Iberia (outside of; rural)OHUSAUnknown2 hoursUnexplained 2 objects first noticed at approx. 19:05 that remained until approx. 21:00.1/16/15
1/13/15 19:05IberiaOHUSAUnknown2 hoursAdd on to seeing 2 objects with intermittent lights.1/16/15
1/13/15 14:08PlymouthMIUSAUnknown3 minutesLooked like a falling satellite.1/16/15
1/12/15 23:00Oakville (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown40 minutesLow-frequency pulsing hum associated with aircraft lights flying around for over 40 minutes1/16/15
1/12/15 19:00FairviewMIUSAUnknown3 hoursTwinkling white, blue, red and green hovering light along with fireball object. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))1/16/15
1/11/15 19:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknownOne witness experiences strange, and loud, rumbling sound from home.1/16/15
1/11/15 17:40SeattleWAUSAUnknown20 minutesLights over SW Seattle.1/16/15
1/11/15 16:30PerryvilleMOUSAUnknown7 minutesUnusual and almost deafening rumbling noise that sounded very low but could not be seen!1/26/15
1/11/15 05:15OrlandoFLUSAUnknown~1 hourAudio event of unknown origin.1/16/15
1/10/15 19:35RoselleILUSAUnknown1 minute3 pulsing red/orange lights heading south to north at a slow pace.1/16/15
1/10/15 18:30AugustaGAUSAUnknownI don't knowWhat was this? I've never seen anything like it in person.1/16/15
1/9/15 22:00ButteMTUSAUnknown1 hourBright red, blue, & yellow lighted objects, viewed over Butte, MT. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Sirius. PD))1/9/15
1/9/15 17:00Seal BeachCAUSAUnknown8-10 minuteMystery light visible from Seal Beach, CA.1/16/15
1/8/15 23:00LabelleFLUSAUnknown1 secondAt approx. 23:00 on 01/08/2015, I heard a very loud boom that shook the the windows in my house. I saw outside a bright light.1/16/15
1/8/15 17:55ConcordVTUSAUnknown1-2 minutesGolden orb light that becomes three, and then six lights hovering over the trees.1/9/15
1/7/15 20:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown10 secondsVery often, we hear u.f.o. s make no sound af all, this one did.1/9/15
1/7/15 19:15Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown13-20 secondsUnusual craft flying and wobbling fast, and a big red trapezoid-like light.1/9/15
1/7/15 06:50MontaraCAUSAUnknown40 secondsUnidentified object in Montara sky.1/9/15
1/7/15 02:00LexingtonTXUSAUnknown~2 minutesLoud rumbling noise, 2 vertical white lights, smaller red ones, massive vehicle moving to northwest3/6/15
1/6/15 21:54Buena ParkCAUSAUnknown45 secondsIt red or orange in color was dropping debris that looked like it was in fire. (there was no tail) The debris fell straight down. It fl1/7/15
1/5/15 19:30Drexel HillPAUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) Lights floating down like parachutes.1/7/15
1/5/15 18:00Garden CityUTUSAUnknown4 minutesWhitish orb changing shape hovering over Bear Lake.1/26/15
1/2/15 23:00NampaIDUSAUnknown3 minutesSaw 9 red lights scared.1/7/15
1/2/15 02:48West BabylonNYUSAUnknown2 secondsRed to blue streak.1/7/15
1/2/15 02:15North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange light in sky sitting still not moving Strange aura or haze around it10/9/15
1/1/15 12:07Havre de GraceMDUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange green blinking light that hoverd over our yard for 2 minutes, then disappeared.1/7/15
12/31/14 11:00EverettWAUSAUnknown15 minutesIt looked like what was a jet going straight up in the sky with jet streams behind it.... But wasn't moving...then two fighter jets fle1/7/15
12/28/14 21:00WestlandMIUSAUnknown3+ hoursLight in sky for 3+ hours. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star, maybe Sirius. PD))1/7/15
12/27/14 16:55Johnson CityTNUSAUnknown1 minuteGreen glow emerges from Buffalo Mountain.1/7/15
12/27/14PhiladelphiaPAUSAUnknown10+ minutesJust got this [5:16:36 PM] UFO flotilla over Philadelphia, PA, December 21/7/15
12/26/14 18:42LancasterCAUSAUnknown((HOAX)) Every shape size form there here in Lancaster, California.1/7/15
12/26/14 00:15WayneNJUSAUnknown5 minutesFast moving object changing color and making tight curved maneuvers/changes of direction with near equal climb and dive speed1/7/15
12/25/14 21:36Los Angeles (Westlake Village)CAUSAUnknown3 - 6 secondsFlash of light that leaves a trail - spotted over Los Angeles, California!1/7/15
12/25/14NashvilleGAUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange lights traveling in a southeasterly direction. Object(s) didn't blink, absolutely no sound either. Watched until it moved out of1/7/15
12/23/14 05:00BellevilleNJUSAUnknown30+ minutesBright orange flashing sky.1/7/15
12/21/14 00:00New York City (Manhattan)NYUSAUnknown8 minutesUnknown object hovering over Manhattan Lower East Side Sunday the 21st 0100 hrs..1/7/15
12/18/14 23:11MedfordORUSAUnknown1 secondLarge bright object coming in fast, then vanishes.1/7/15
12/18/14 21:30Cape Coral/Punta GordaFLUSAUnknown1.25 minutesUnknown object over North Cape Coral/Punta Gorda.12/22/14
12/17/14 02:30Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown1 hourPulsing noise, purposely did not look for craft. Three seperate nights. Gets louder and faster as gets closer.1/7/15
12/14/14 23:00HillsboroughNHUSAUnknown10 minutesSeen a neon green light behind a funnel-shaped cloud accompanied by a humming/buzzing sound.1/26/15
12/14/14 04:45BeavertonORUSAUnknown27 minutesMulti color lights pulsing and flashing on object. ((NUFORC Not: Sirius?? PD))12/18/14
12/13/14 19:15OcalaFLUSAUnknown5-10 minutesMultiple lights hovering in the sky.12/18/14
12/13/14 18:45PortlandORUSAUnknown5-7 minutesOrange/Red lights in a formation pattern moving from East to West over I-5 in Portland12/18/14
12/13/14 06:40SebringFLUSAUnknown4Moving light in night sky, not airplane or sattelite for sure12/18/14
12/12/14 22:20Palm CoastFLUSAUnknown2 minutes2 bright white lights size of headlights on a car with white light between them that weren't moving and then were just gone.12/18/14
12/12/14 19:25Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown1 minuteThought it was an airplane taking off but the angle went to far up and across the LA valley. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD))12/18/14
12/12/14 12:40CartersvilleGAUSAUnknown3.6 minutesLooking up towards the west I noticed an object that flashed from white to green to red. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star?? PD))12/12/14
12/12/14 00:00SpotsylvaniaVAUSAUnknown1 minuteWhite then orange orb gained a "tail of light" when chased off by a heli.12/12/14
12/9/14 18:15BellefontaineOHUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent low level object with red&white lights flying into a head wind east of Bellefontaine Ohio.1/7/15
12/7/14 19:40Cedar ParkTXUSAUnknowna few minutesFlashing lights (1 red 2 green) with whirring sound, stopped, then changed direction, then went down towards the earth.12/12/14
12/7/14 16:20Carleton Place (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown3:00Bright orange object hovering East between Carleton Place & Ottawa, Ontario12/18/14
12/3/14 01:11El PasoTXUSAUnknown1:32Missing time episode and two experiences of sleep paralysis.5/22/15
12/1/14 02:00ArlingtonTXUSAUnknown45 minutesGot up to turn heater on and could hear what sounded like the sound barrier had been broke like fighter jets.12/5/14
11/30/14 21:30Apache JunctionAZUSAUnknownLooking west towards Phoenix, five or six bright lights were in a straight line, and then quickly formed into a triangle.12/5/14
11/30/14 13:00Grande Prairie (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown10 minutes I was driving to a remote oilfield site by myself (which is very typical) to do maintenance work. I am a very practical person.12/5/14
11/29/14 17:20DemingNMUSAUnknown30 minutesHUGE black stationary aircraft with unknown shape south of I-10 near Deming, NM.12/5/14
11/29/14 03:30Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown3 minutesRed and green lights over Olympic Training Center.12/5/14
11/28/14 22:40BerlinMDUSAUnknownStill happeningObject in the sky on Maryland's eastern shore. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star? PD))12/5/14
11/28/14 06:00MarysvilleMIUSAUnknown2 minutesFacing west and looking upward at about a 60 degree angle, I noticed a perfect equilateral triangle of what appeared to be stars.12/5/14
11/27/14 21:30CusterWAUSAUnknown45 secondPartically delta-shaped object with two very bright forward lights.12/5/14
11/26/14 23:55Fredericton (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown1Blue flashing in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Later reported by witness probably to have been explosions of transformers. PD))12/5/14
11/24/14 23:25RochesterNYUSAUnknownSecondsSaw something shoot across the sky extremely fast.11/26/14
11/24/14 18:40ManassasVAUSAUnknown90 secondsObject hovering over homes in Manassas, VA.11/26/14
11/23/14 21:55OskaloosaIAUSAUnknown25 secondsI was watching a movie and noticed out of the corner of my eye, through the window, something in the sky. I ran to the window.11/26/14
11/23/14 18:20PortlandORUSAUnknown10 minutesI saw 5 UFOs over Portland, Oregon on November 23, 2014.11/26/14
11/22/14 19:00PhillipsburgKSUSAUnknown19:457 objects with red, blue, and white lights and one moving star in Kansas night sky11/26/14
11/22/14 12:30VinelandNJUSAUnknown~5 minutesTwo shapes see descending toward earth.11/26/14
11/21/14 19:24MentorOHUSAUnknown30 minutesWave formations of lights exceeding 70 aircraft that looked like small balls of fire.11/26/14
11/21/14 16:55LinthicumMDUSAUnknown5-7 minutes3 close and slow moving (?), flaming objects high in atmosphere, moving southerly toward a common focal point- mid atlantic/BWI region.11/21/14
11/21/14 16:30Somerset (?)NJUSAUnknown10 minutesI was in a car with my family on our way home and it was during sunset. I'm not completely sure if it was a ufo, however I believe it w11/21/14
11/21/14 16:30Columbia (going toward on 295)MDUSAUnknownDrove away from view but On the way to Hickory Ridge Rd. either 295 to 95 Howard County. Two going down parallel with one coming down behind them . Looked like11/26/14
11/20/14 22:00FairbanksAKUSAUnknown30 secondsFlat platform with intense white, red and blue lights silently hovering only thirty feet or so above a residential area in town.4/17/15
11/20/14 13:40ConcordNHUSAUnknown~5 minutesHeard an incredibly loud booming and rumbling noise that faded and grew loud again for about five minutes. I work from home and am use11/21/14
11/19/14 22:00DubuqueIAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesIf you ever watched animal planet and seen the deep sea jellyfish glowing in the dark it was like that but shaped like big football.11/26/14
11/18/14 19:35Los AlamitosCAUSAUnknown4-5 minutesHovering orange-red object drops small glowing red balls, then changes into asymetrical object.1/7/15
11/17/14 23:00KennesawGAUSAUnknown<1 minuteThree large white bright lights hovering less than 100 feet above the ground.11/21/14
11/17/14 19:00MechanicsvilleMDUSAUnknown1-2 minutesVery loud object with bright lights flew over house. Base sent jet out on search11/21/14
11/16/14 00:00North SacramentoCAUSAUnknown5 secondsRed star life formation seemed to glide left to right in a downward motion for just a short distance then shot left and disappeared and11/21/14
11/16/14 17:40EugeneORUSAUnknown1 minutesMoving light slowed, then stopped, then slowly faded to darkness.11/21/14
11/15/14 23:45WyandotteOKUSAUnknown1 minuteTwin bridges hoving just feet over the rivere right by the highway7/17/15
11/14/14 22:45GurdonARUSAUnknown15:00Life changing. ((NUFORC Note: Source provides no significant information. PD))11/21/14
11/14/14 17:50Sandy Point (St. Kitts)St. KittsUnknown1/200th secondsPhoto reveals strange objects in sky.12/5/14
11/12/14 20:55HedgesvilleWVUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite ball moving up.11/14/14
11/11/14 19:30Pawleys IslandSCUSAUnknown1.5 minutesWas watching a plane in the sky heading south, and from the far north I noticed another plane with blinking lights coming south.11/14/14
11/10/14 05:47DurandMIUSAUnknown1 secondI saw a bright flash pass in front heading east as I left my driveway. It was moving twice the speed of an airplane and even though11/14/14
11/9/14 03:00CasperWYUSAUnknown60 secondsLoud missile noise. Seemed impossibly localized.11/14/14
11/8/14 21:30Des MoinesIAUSAUnknown3 minutesDriving along I-80 west bound and saw about 7-9 bright red lights floating in the sky at about the height that a helicopter would fly.11/14/14
11/8/14 00:00MadisonALUSAUnknown5 secondsFriend says wow 2 shooting stars, i did not see but i know it wasnt stars11/14/14
11/7/14 22:30Spring HillFLUSAUnknown5 minutes50 or 60 Reddish orange lights over Springhill, Florida.11/14/14
11/6/14 11:30LafayetteCOUSAUnknown2 minutesObject in distance darted in straight line, disappeared, showed up in new location and darted in another line, ~10 times11/14/14
11/3/14 23:10AberdeenMDUSAUnknown2 secondsDuring the course of this evening(11/03/14), I heard several sky based booms, the final one was a bit unnerving. At approx. 2310hrs in11/6/14
11/3/14 19:20BerlinNJUSAUnknown10 minutesBright white pulsating light in the night sky with red and green blinking lights underneath.11/14/14
11/2/14 18:03PhoenixAZUSAUnknown8.51 minutesRed and green light hovering changed directions instantly.11/6/14
11/1/14 06:30ChattanoogaTNUSAUnknown3Driving S on Browns Ferry Rd., before Browns Ferry Landing, I noticed to my right a plane flying about 2000ft over Raccon Mountain.12/5/14
11/1/14 05:30LaconiaNHUSAUnknown10 minutesunusual sound like a large invisible object rising from the ground into the sky;disturbed all dogs in neighborhood11/14/14
10/31/14 21:50CharlestownRIUSAUnknown7 secondsHeard a power down of an engine in the sky with no visible object and slight home power flicker11/6/14
10/30/14 20:00MuscadineALUSAUnknown2 minutes4 bright oval flashes.11/6/14
10/30/14 04:00PortlandORUSAUnknown10 secondsBlue streak morphs into flashing lights.10/29/15
10/29/14 19:20GarlandTXUSAUnknown1 minuteMultiple reddish colored objects moving in a single-file path from southeast to northwest while gaining altitude.11/6/14
10/28/14 22:33Marco IslandFLUSAUnknown1 hourWhite light (s) spiraling back and forth across the Gulf of Mexico.11/6/14
10/27/14 11:20KapahiHIUSAUnknown4 secondsUnder brilliant illumination that was much brighter than any flair I have seen.11/6/14
10/26/14 21:30ClarksvilleTNUSAUnknown10 secondsSmall light in the sky suddenly changes directions and zig zags with high speed.11/6/14
10/25/14 18:45South BendINUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange orange ball of light.11/6/14
10/24/14 20:00BurasLAUSAUnknown2 minutesCreepy lights.11/6/14
10/24/14 00:00NHUSAUnknownUnknownAbduction experience.11/6/14
10/22/14 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown15-20 minutesFour orange circles that faded out singly. Then five lights did the same, 15 min later, in same location.12/5/14
10/22/14 05:45AndalusiaALUSAUnknown10 minutesFour bright stars form smiley face then quickly move away and disappear.11/6/14
10/21/14 23:30PawtucketRIUSAUnknown2 minutesBright orange/red light filling room.11/6/14
10/21/14 00:00Punta GordaFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesTeal/White/Red light hovering near my place of employment.11/6/14
10/20/14 05:30Lake GenevaWIUSAUnknown30 minutesBetween 5:15 am and 5:45 am there were 5 bright bursts of light in the sky approximately 10 min apart. Unknown cause or source of light11/6/14
10/19/14 20:00PlainsMTUSAUnknown30 minutesObjects hovering over mountain range; lights of red; blue; white remain still 20 mins.11/6/14
10/19/14 12:45Sterling HeightsMIUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange bright lights - to low for a plane - faster then a moving plane - No engine sound or any kind of sound - disappeared as quickly11/6/14
10/19/14 01:00AtlantaGAUSAUnknown20 minutesLights are elaborate on craft.. reminiscent of a diamond flickering in the sunlight.. always near the airport11/6/14
10/18/14 23:30Barcelona (Spain)SpainUnknown2:00 minutesObserved bright red object over the Barcelonetta area in Barcelona, Spain11/6/14
10/18/14 21:10GoochlandVAUSAUnknownHeading west on Patterson avenues toward 288 there were about 12 circular bright orange lights in the sky. They were spread out but lik11/6/14
10/18/14 02:00JanesvilleWIUSAUnknown10 minutesBright flashing lights in the sky flashing multiple colors like a strobe like it hurt my eyes looking at it was very far away remained11/6/14
10/17/14 01:00Miami (Key Biscayne)FLUSAUnknown2 minutesTrail from a fast traveling object distorts the star lights.11/6/14
10/16/14 19:00Tinley ParkILUSAUnknown3 hoursI live in Tinley Park, Illinois. 11/16/2014 around 7:00 pm to past 9:00 pm there were numerous planes <?> in the sky, everywhere11/6/14
10/16/14 18:50Carson CityNVUSAUnknown15 minutes3 lighted object performing loops and shooting up and down over lake at night11/6/14
10/16/14 07:30Beverly HillsMIUSAUnknown30 secondsThree bright lights that appear to be two headlights and a light on the top.11/6/14
10/15/14 21:45AlvinTXUSAUnknown15 minutesCraft with color changing lights.11/6/14
10/15/14 19:10El SegundoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesInvisible Silent Aircraft (UFO) over LAX on 15 Oct 201411/6/14
10/13/14 22:40SarverPAUSAUnknown5 minutesSeveral strange objects of all colors this evening, most I'm sure could be explained away. I'm hoping someone can tell me about this on11/6/14
10/13/14 22:00Staten IslandNYUSAUnknown3 minutesFast moving strange light.11/6/14
10/12/14 22:15ThomastonGAUSAUnknown45 minutesStrange lights over Thomaston, Georgia.11/6/14
10/11/14 22:00West ChesterOHUSAUnknown30 minutesFlashes of light in the northern sky that lasted about 30min around 10PM on 10/11/14.11/6/14
10/11/14 22:00RavennaOHUSAUnknown45 minutes2 ufos with red, white and green flashing lights observed by 3 people11/6/14
10/11/14 21:30BaltimoreMDUSAUnknown2 minutesBright green red and yellow.11/6/14
10/10/14 22:50SalemORUSAUnknown3 minutes3 bright dots Salem.11/6/14
10/10/14 21:00GlendaleAZUSAUnknown2 minutesBlack Helicopter5/8/15
10/10/14 20:10ShirleyNYUSAUnknown5 minutes20:50 10/10/14 Shirley NY 2 lights going south to north, visible for 5 minutes11/6/14
10/9/14 21:30Pawley's IslandSCUSAUnknown10 secondsGroup of 3 orbs of flashing white lights traveling fast over the ocean11/6/14
10/9/14 20:20ButlerINUSAUnknown5 minutesFlashing, stationary white light in eastern sky10/10/14
10/9/14 18:15TacomaWAUSAUnknown30 secondsWe thought we saw a meteor trail, it changed direction, turned into a light and dissappears over Tacoma10/10/14
10/8/14 20:30TaylorMIUSAUnknownGreen and red object soaring in the sky10/10/14
10/8/14 19:30WhitewaterWIUSAUnknown~10 minutesMultiple lights in the sky moving somewhat together, hovering, then dissipated, silent, just after dusk.11/6/14
10/8/14 18:58HedrickIAUSAUnknown6 minutesLight.10/10/14
10/8/14 15:50PortlandORUSAUnknown10 minutesTwo people saw several small shiny objects floating in circles above Portland. At first, we thought they were birds, but they were much10/10/14
10/6/14 14:57Mount LaurelNJUSAUnknown1 minuteLaser detector activated on radar detector followed by doughnut-shaped cloud in otherwise completely clear sky10/10/14
10/6/14 05:30TroutdaleORUSAUnknown2-5 minutesOutside early morning, noticed a illumnating light growing stronger in the sky, looked up, saw light dissappate, then two objects flyi10/10/14
10/5/14 14:20SequimWAUSAUnknownUnknown triangle cloud with fireball object10/10/14
10/4/14 23:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown6 minutes6 orange slow moving objects in western Tucson sky.10/10/14
10/3/14 23:55DetroitMIUSAUnknown3 secondsExtremely loud noise over Detroit area10/10/14
10/3/14 20:45manorvilleNYUSAUnknown1.6 secondsit looked alot like the slave 1 in star wars. orange jet of sparkling energy shot out the back in a curve as it curved and zoomed away!6/22/22
10/2/14 18:10Willow SpringNCUSAUnknown20 secondsBright pulsating object over Willow Spring sky10/3/14
10/2/14 15:32SolomonsMDUSAUnknown<2 minutesOn my bathroom shade on the left side was a lg "2" on the right side, cross from the 2 were 3 rows of 3 to 4 blinking lights.12/12/14
10/2/14 03:00MariposaCAUSAUnknown45 minutesMotionless bright twinkling red and green lights in the southeast horizon of the sky.10/3/14
10/1/14 03:45AlcoaTNUSAUnknown30 minutesMulticolored lights flashing in the eastern sky10/3/14
9/30/14 20:30Black River FallsWIUSAUnknown4 minutesBright Light Starts moving slow then fast READ.10/3/14
9/29/14 07:20Sheffield LakeOHUSAUnknown8 minutesWe saw objects that moved in impossible directions with no sound that appeared to be on fire and sent out red beams of light ..10/3/14
9/29/14 04:06NormanOKUSAUnknownongoingEast close horized multicolored flashing light.10/3/14
9/28/14 20:30JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown30 minutesBright light on Hodes BLvd fast flying close not plane or helicopter.10/3/14
9/28/14 20:15West BendWIUSAUnknown2 minutesUnexplained longer interval strobe in sky10/3/14
9/28/14 18:50South DennisMAUSAUnknown5 minutes3 large, flashing lights over Dennis beach at sunset.10/3/14
9/28/14 05:20Gagnef (Sweden)SwedenUnknown30 secondsStrange 3 lights in a row with flashing lights sighted10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38RentonWAUSAUnknownTwo strange objects with green lights on side and red flashing one in middle .both objects had same lights and they were going clock wi10/3/14
9/28/14 02:38SalemORUSAUnknown67 minutesAn object was spotted hovering far to the SE of Salem with multicolored star-like lights that flashed randomly in a triangular shape.10/3/14
9/27/14 23:30WorcesterMAUSAUnknown2 minOrange Amber lights Big Dipper shape.10/3/14
9/27/14 20:00New HavenCTUSAUnknown15 ongoingHovering object above light house park changing colors.10/3/14
9/27/14 16:00LaurelMDUSAUnknown1 hourMultiple bright objects in the sky like meteors.10/3/14
9/27/14 15:00ChanhassenMNUSAUnknown1 hourNumerous stationary objects that flash red, blue and white. Several observed at one time over many nights. Still happening.10/3/14
9/27/14 05:25San DiegoCAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 orbs over MCRD San Diego.10/3/14
9/26/14 20:26LubbockTXUSAUnknownStill accuringA craft seen to the northwest of lubbock. ((NUFORC Note: Reported by local news to be a balloon. PD))10/3/14
9/26/14 04:00FestusMOUSAUnknown90 minutesI spotted a total of 5 ufos abd some kind of creature in the woods very close.10/3/14
9/26/14 02:00NewtonNJUSAUnknown15 minutesPulsating red blue and green lights changing to bright white and covering huge distances in the sky in the blink of an eye leaving a li10/3/14
9/24/14 20:10Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown1 minuteLooked like a plane falling from the sky with a trail of smoke and erradic lights.9/25/14
9/24/14 19:15DenverCOUSAUnknown5 minutesSmall craft with red and green lights moving erratically.10/3/14
9/23/14 20:27ArlingtonTNUSAUnknown3 secondsSpotlight shines over Arlington.9/25/14
9/22/14 21:15ButlerNJUSAUnknown15 minutesRed, white, bluish green pulsating light.9/25/14
9/22/14 19:30JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown3 minutes((HOAX??)) I finally have it on tape.9/25/14
9/22/14 05:00WhiteGAUSAUnknown1 hourTwo lights caught my eye. They Looked to bright to be stars and looked like they were moving. ((NUFORC Note: Planets? PD))9/25/14
9/22/14 00:00Cannon FallsMNUSAUnknown6 hoursA red orb of light was seen spotted 100 ft in the sky with an unsteady white blinking light slowly acended into the sky, once very high9/25/14
9/21/14 00:30OmahaNEUSAUnknown10 minutesRed light in southwest.9/25/14
9/20/14 22:45BothellWAUSAUnknown~3 secondsObject(s) in night sky Bothell, WA, Nov 20, 8:45PM. ((NUFORC Note: Date is severely flawed. PD))9/25/14
9/20/14 20:30HelenaMTUSAUnknown2 hoursBright object flashing white, gold, green and red lights seen over Helena, MT.10/3/14
9/20/14 19:48Overland ParkKSUSAUnknown3 minutesRed and green non blinking lights hovering, seen by 2 others.9/25/14
9/20/14 19:45Shenzhen (China)ChinaUnknown20 minutesUnknown light object above evening night sky.9/25/14
9/20/14 19:35ChandlerAZUSAUnknown<5 minutesFire trails in the sky, changing direction and descending.9/25/14
9/20/14 01:45MelbourneFLUSAUnknown10 secondsBright yellow light, flying really slow and really low.9/25/14
9/18/14 23:30ValricoFLUSAUnknown30 secondsAudible humming vacuum sound covered by clouds with orange glow.9/25/14
9/18/14 21:30MaynardMAUSAUnknown5 minutesTraveling on Waltham Street toward Stow when I saw a bright blue light hovering above the Fire Dept approximately 200 feet in the air.9/25/14
9/17/14 20:40MarksvilleLAUSAUnknown15 minutesFleet of 30+ ufo's!!!!!!9/18/14
9/17/14 07:20DerryNHUSAUnknown<1 minuteUnexplained lights seen near hot air balloons early in the morning. ((NUFORC Note: Possible reflection from glass? PD))9/18/14
9/16/14 20:00Ottawa (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1 hourObject multiple lights, different colors, following us. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting perhaps solved. Kite with LED lights. PD))9/18/14
9/16/14 14:24AnaheimCAUSAUnknown1 minuteA UFO with 3 alternating red, and 3 white, lights flashing, floated across sky then vanished.9/18/14
9/15/14 22:00NilesMIUSAUnknown5 minutesSlow moving object is joined in pursuit by another object, a plane of sorts, with a blinking light and then the solid light leaves.1/7/15
9/15/14 22:00MonroeWAUSAUnknownDown the street at the time was a wooded area, with a little gully with ,and a winter creek. This is where, I witnessed /experienced so3/2/21
9/15/14 11:30Post FallsIDUSAUnknown5 minutesExtra, extra, extra wide and brief contrail behind a craft flying south over Kootenai county 9/15/14.9/18/14
9/15/14 03:00Monmouth CountyNJUSAUnknown30 minutesSame as minneapolis - but 1 year prior9/17/15
9/14/14 23:00New BloomingtonOHUSAUnknown8 secondsRed and blue blinking lights, slowly descending in night sky.9/18/14
9/14/14 00:25AuroraOHUSAUnknown2 minutesReddish light in a triangular formation rising in the sky then dimming and disappearing.9/18/14
9/13/14 19:30Rio RanchoNMUSAUnknown1 hour((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. Possible sighting of high-altitude balloon. PD))9/18/14
9/12/14 22:46LinglestownPAUSAUnknown2 minutes3 bright orange objects bigger than planes and no sound.9/18/14
9/12/14 20:00SalemNHUSAUnknown10 hoursBlinking lights in the New Hampshire sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" stars. PD))9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00LebanonORUSAUnknown2 minutesObject with trailing light rises above mountain.9/18/14
9/12/14 06:00Incline VillageNVUSAUnknown3 minutesObject over Lake Tahoe.9/18/14
9/12/14 05:07Vancouver (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown5 minutesMoving "star," moving east in slow, crooked line before veering SE in Vancouver early morning sky.9/18/14
9/11/14 21:10MartinezCAUSAUnknown5-10 minutes2 red lights becoming 3-white lights seen over Martinez,Ca, Marina Park area.9/18/14
9/10/14 21:30WhaleyvilleMDUSAUnknown45 secondsSeries of strange orange lights (independent/multi-directional) moving over treeline.9/18/14
9/8/14 23:00FultonNYUSAUnknown15 minutesWarbling flashing object spotted slowly moving across Fulton sky9/10/14
9/8/14 22:03BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown80 secondsIt was flying a distance away, it was blinking, and I couldn't make out a shape.9/10/14
9/8/14 21:40MuskogeeOKUSAUnknown5 secondsWhat looked like a typical satellite flashed and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Probable "flare" from "Iridium" satellite? PD))9/10/14
9/7/14 22:08MishawakaINUSAUnknown2 minutesWe veiwed 6 separate bright orange lights disconnected in the clear night sky flying and then disappearing at different times.10/3/14
9/6/14 22:00PlainfieldILUSAUnknown3 minutes((HOAX??)) Red and green lights gliding across the sky, then lowering down.10/3/14
9/6/14 04:30MesaAZUSAUnknown20 minutesI know what i seen....9/10/14
9/5/14 23:00SalemORUSAUnknown90 minutesMultiple objects with blinking lights moving around in a strange way for the past hour and half9/10/14
9/5/14 22:30EttersPAUSAUnknown15 minutesMulti-colored blinking lights in western sky not moving. After 15 minutes disapeared.9/10/14
9/5/14 10:21HolbrookAZUSAUnknown~7 secondsI may have witnessed a static shadow of a cloaked UFO9/10/14
9/5/14 02:40TucsonAZUSAUnknownNon moving red, white, and blue flashing object in the distance to the west.9/5/14
9/4/14 21:10NampaIDUSAUnknown20 minutesSequential lights seen over Caldwell/Nampa Idaho9/10/14
9/4/14 20:50WenatcheeWAUSAUnknown1:10 minutesSeveral objects with flashing lights9/10/14
9/4/14 11:30Brooklyn parkMNUSAUnknown2 minutesI was north of 610 and Noble looking west when I saw a light the size of a star in the horizon. It was neon blue and red. The object9/10/14
9/2/14 05:00WildwoodFLUSAUnknown2 hoursHovering blinking green red and white lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD))9/5/14
9/2/14 02:00KapaaHIUSAUnknown4 hoursKauai 3, UFO sighted. Donkey Beach, Kapaa, HI.6/15/15
9/1/14 23:30NampaIDUSAUnknown55 minutesBright lights not moving for 20+ min then bizarre movement.9/5/14
9/1/14 22:00HudsonWIUSAUnknown45 minutesMulti-colored object spotted hovering, speeding up and stopping quickly for 45 minutes, multiple witnesses.9/5/14
9/1/14 04:00North CharlestonSCUSAUnknown4 minutesIt was coming down slow within tree height and flew away when we got close to it.9/5/14
8/31/14 23:15EastportMIUSAUnknown2-3 minutesTwo witnesses see steady red light on silent flying object of undetermined size moving south to north over Grand Traverse Bay.9/5/14
8/31/14 20:30CullowheeNCUSAUnknown1 hour4 spot light like lights that move apart then back together. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights. PD))9/5/14
8/30/14 20:20BelvidereILUSAUnknown30 seconds3 orange lights in sky in Belvidere, IL.8/31/14
8/29/14 23:30Lambton Shores (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 hoursTwo stationary lights suspended over Lake Huron.8/31/14
8/29/14 05:00Clarence CenterNYUSAUnknown>30 minutesObject seen flashing red and blue quickly hovering over Akron, NY morning of 8/28 and then Pendleton, NY 8/29. Obect remains at same hi8/29/14
8/28/14 20:30EndersNEUSAUnknown20 secondsBright blue light moving across land to northeast.9/5/14
8/28/14 20:30NewarkDEUSAUnknown2 minutesReg, green lights, movement atypical.8/29/14
8/28/14 05:00LititzPAUSAUnknown10 minutesI observed 2 white glowing spherically shaped clouds quickly expand and slowly dissipate in the clear night sky.8/31/14
8/28/14 05:00Glen BurnieMDUSAUnknown1 minuteStrange, illuminated cloud in an exceptionally cloudless sky..8/29/14
8/27/14 22:45SartellMNUSAUnknown1-2 minutesAnomolus satelite moving EAST TO WEST????8/31/14
8/27/14 22:30HydenKYUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange low flying craft no sound VERY high detail visible in night sky.8/29/14
8/27/14 16:30MenifeeCAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright, "glowing-in-brilliance" shining silver/white UFO spotted near Menifee, CA.8/29/14
8/26/14 21:00ColoniaNJUSAUnknown3 minutesMulti-colored aircraft sighted in Colonia, NJ.8/29/14
8/26/14 03:30PortlandORUSAUnknown3 events3 Events of unidentified aircraft activity.8/29/14
8/25/14 20:00TempeAZUSAUnknown10 minutesTwo unusual crafts above Tempe, Arizona. Very bright!8/29/14
8/25/14 05:00DaytonMOUSAUnknown1 hourLights moving nfl in sky.8/29/14
8/24/14 00:48Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown1-2 minutesI saw 2 red lights moving silently through the night sky. The lights appeared to be on the same horizontal line and flew directly abo8/29/14
8/23/14 23:30NorthportUnknown60 secondsOrange light over Suffolk county changes direction and disappears.8/29/14
8/23/14 23:09CurrieNCUSAUnknown5 minutesLike some Star Wars type of thing!8/29/14
8/23/14 03:30BarnsdallOKUSAUnknown30 seconds?Observed large black "stealth-like" craft pass overhead silently.8/29/14
8/22/14 21:10KissimmeeFLUSAUnknown4 minutesfast moving light traversed entire sky in minutes.8/29/14
8/21/14 00:21CarlinvilleILUSAUnknown25 minutesLarge red orb followed vehicle before turning to bright white orb and separating into two orbs and blinking out.8/29/14
8/20/14 22:00Willow SpringNCUSAUnknown45 secondsDouble lights/ no sound with a zigzag motion over Willow Spring on 8/20/148/22/14
8/20/14 03:00Canyonlands National ParkUTUSAUnknown3 minutesbright beam of light above tent, no sound, dancing flickering lights on side of tent.9/5/14
8/19/14 23:15Bossier CityLAUSAUnknown30 secondsSaw a craft traveling from SSW-ENE, traveling at least Mach 1, no sound, had a bluish glow around it with a few white lights on rear. V8/22/14
8/19/14 21:00West RoxburyMAUSAUnknown4 minutesBright white light no blinking lights no sound.8/22/14
8/18/14 04:15MadisonCTUSAUnknown45 minutesTHERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE WATCHING US. OBSERVING THIS PLANET. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter & Venus. PD))8/22/14
8/18/14 04:15MadisonCTUSAUnknown45 minutesMistaken sighting for two stars in the eastern sky just before sunrise. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus?? PD))8/22/14
8/17/14 22:30ReadingPAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesRed/orange lights in triangle shape east of Reading, Pa.8/22/14
8/17/14 00:30MemphisTNUSAUnknown5-8 minutesYellowish/Orangish oval shaped object flying northbound.8/22/14
8/16/14 21:45RollaMOUSAUnknown15 minutesBright white, darting ball.8/29/14
8/16/14 21:15HarrahOKUSAUnknown3.5 minutesBright light with no sound slowly hovering and floating in the sky then sped off and vanished into the darkness.8/22/14
8/16/14 02:00HanoverCOUSAUnknown5 secondsHuge single flash that lit the darkness like it was day time.8/22/14
8/15/14 16:05WaltonKYUSAUnknown4 minutesI was lying on my deck looking up at the sky when I noticed a really high flying object. At first I thought it was a plane, but it was8/31/14
8/15/14 06:00West ValleyUTUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent craft with 6 round lights, blue side lights hovering.8/22/14
8/14/14 22:00CamdentonMOUSAUnknown10 minutesThree of us saw a bright red light moving W, and another less brilliant white light next to it, both making no sound.8/15/14
8/14/14 21:50NorthboroughMAUSAUnknown45 secondsMilitary chopper pursues a UFO over central Massachusetts.8/15/14
8/14/14 20:50Kill Devil HillsNCUSAUnknown5 minutesSaw 4 reddish lights moving north along the Atlantic coast in Kill Devil Hills, NC.8/22/14
8/14/14 20:30BernardstonMAUSAUnknown5 minutesArray of blinking white lights in an arc, hovering at low altitude. Near Exit 28 on Route 91 in MA.8/22/14
8/14/14 20:00Grand RapidsMIUSAUnknown1 secondQuick Flash of Light in the Sky.8/15/14
8/13/14 19:28South Chicago HeightILUSAUnknown1 minuteBlack 5 point object. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the dark object is a butterfly or moth. PD))8/15/14
8/12/14 23:30ClarksvilleTNUSAUnknown15 minutesFor several nights in a row I had noticed strange lights in the sky, but living near a military base you tend to ignore things you shou8/22/14
8/11/14 00:30Highlands RanchCOUSAUnknown30-40 minutesExtreme radio interference and no cell phone service available.8/15/14
8/10/14 22:00YoungstownNYUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange-ish light, no sound, no navigational lights.8/15/14
8/10/14 19:00BarnesvilleMNUSAUnknown2 minutesObject moving very slowly with smoke or vapor trailing behind it.5/8/15
8/9/14 23:00Kangirsujuaq (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown90 secondsAbout 14 minutes ago (23:00), my daughter and I took our dog out so he could do his job. While we were outside I looked up towards t8/15/14
8/8/14 22:26WorcesterMAUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo balls of orange light.8/13/15
8/8/14 12:00Port Coquitlam (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown1 minuteSmall white object in daytime sky over Port Coquitlam.8/15/14
8/7/14 03:00FranklinMEUSAUnknown3 minutes3 Glowing Yellow, Medium Large "Trucks" Have no visible Wheels, Painfully Bright Lights all over surface8/8/14
8/7/14 00:01Grand BlancMIUSAUnknownminutes?Gold/yellow bow-tie shape with red orange center.8/8/14
8/6/14 22:00Cape CanaveralFLUSAUnknown30 minutesHovering silent craft red and green lights flashing. 20 minutes in one spot wierd lightning appeared.8/8/14
8/6/14 04:30WichitaKSUSAUnknown3-5 minutesLow rumbling, like hot air balloon pulling the gas handle.8/8/14
8/3/14 22:00OmahaNEUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing lights sometimes all at once hovering close to humans on ground was very quiet maybe less than 100 miles from ground.8/8/14
8/3/14 21:00Los BanosCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesClose Road encounter on hwy 152.8/22/14
8/1/14 20:55AustinTXUSAUnknown30 secondsBright red and white UFO moving at medium speed, then hovering and changing directions before disappearing.8/8/14
8/1/14 16:45TujungaCAUSAUnknown10 minutesSix pins of light at very high altitude that looked like stars (except it was daylight)flew in a circle formation and then in a V forma8/8/14
8/1/14 00:56BoiseIDUSAUnknown10-15 minutesMy brother and I saw a strange hovering craft with 3 lights.8/8/14
8/1/14 00:00MurrietaCAUSAUnknownReflection light, change direction, looks like golden light, took picture looked different from what I saw.8/8/14
7/31/14 23:00AudubonPAUSAUnknown3 secondsI was in front of chickie's and Pete's... 681, shannondell blvd Audubon PA 19403, home wood suites. I was ordering some Indian food8/1/14
7/31/14 22:45LovelandCOUSAUnknown5 seconds((HOAX??)) Craft with four white lights.8/8/14
7/31/14 22:30CamdenDEUSAUnknown5 minutesAn intensely bright strobing light that appeared, silent, and moved with incredible speed across the sky changing position.8/1/14
7/30/14 23:15South DaytonaFLUSAUnknown4 minutesDaytona Beach UFO Triangle shaped red/orange SW-NE.8/1/14
7/30/14 22:15College StationTXUSAUnknown~3 minutesHovering object seen with red and white light making very erratic movements8/1/14
7/29/14 21:30BlacklickOHUSAUnknown5 minutesTwo objects one red, one white seen in ENE sky over Blacklick, Ohio.8/1/14
7/28/14 22:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown1 minuteViolet light seen zig-zagging quickly across night sky.8/1/14
7/28/14 17:00St. LouisMOUSAUnknown1 minuteLarge UFO over St. Louis (Creve Coeur).1/23/16
7/27/14 00:30AustinTXUSAUnknown3 minutesRed and green lights flashing, moving slowly in circle.8/1/14
7/26/14 22:00PikevilleKYUSAUnknown10 minutesHuge rectangular light...Shape unknown.4/3/15
7/26/14 21:40HumeNYUSAUnknown22:30Eight objects seen in the sky and dog barking at everyone he saw too.8/1/14
7/26/14 21:00SarasotaFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutesZoom, zoom back and forth in the sky very quickly, then hovered, before disappearing.8/1/14
7/26/14 19:45TalmoonMNUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo red lights moving at constant speed one following the other 2 people viewed.8/1/14
7/26/14 03:05Staten IslandNYUSAUnknown4 secondsWhite light moving at extremely high speed and left a streak for a brief time of only seconds.7/26/14
7/25/14 22:20HutchinsonMNUSAUnknown30 secondsStrange orange light lbject flying overhead.8/1/14
7/25/14 21:15Corpus ChristiTXUSAUnknown5 secondsObject moving at speeds 5 to 6 times faster than satellite.7/26/14
7/24/14 00:00TaylorMIUSAUnknown10 minutesI was over at my neighbor's house using her washing machine. She and her cousin were sitting on the front porch, this was around7/26/14
7/23/14 17:30ReadingKSUSAUnknown~3 minutesFighter jet seemed to be dispatched to intercept a flying object based on direction of jet sound and object going opposite direction.7/26/14
7/23/14 16:00Cedar CreekTXUSAUnknown5 secondsBright blue light breaks into two bright blue lights8/8/14
7/22/14 00:05WorcesterMAUSAUnknown~2 minutesFour bizarre orange lights in the southern sky over Worcester, MA just after midnight.7/26/14
7/22/14 00:05JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown3 minutesFlashing flying object.7/26/14
7/21/14 21:30Fort WorthTXUSAUnknown~5 secondsBlue & Red Orbs Merge & Vanish.7/26/14
7/19/14 23:00New BraunfelsTXUSAUnknown1 minuteAircraft with red and blue lights.7/26/14
7/17/14 23:50La PorteINUSAUnknown1 minuteRed and White lights possible Plane.7/20/14
7/17/14 01:45Cranberry Twp.PAUSAUnknownAll nightI really can not describe it in text I would prefer to do this over the phone if possible if you can please call 7248161989 my friend a7/20/14
7/15/14 21:45DenverCOUSAUnknown20 minutesAt least 50 solid white lights traveling maybe more.7/20/14
7/15/14 21:45HamptonGAUSAUnknown15 secondsUFO over FAA center in Hampton, Ga.8/8/14
7/15/14 13:00Los ColinasTXUSAUnknown10 minutesSound of large jet airliner performing touch and goes nearby, 5 seconds apart but no aircraft visible.11/24/18
7/14/14 21:30PolsonMTUSAUnknown5 minutes5 minutes of loud sound, also with the sound of rushing air,then stopped.7/20/14
7/14/14 21:15RuskinFLUSAUnknown5 secondsBright light came into sight in a dark sky and quickly exited 180 degrees without stopping or turning--rapidly!7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00CropwellALUSAUnknown4 minutesAround 10:40 to 11:00 pm this evening Mike, Christian and myself were at the lake swimming. As I was looking up toward the sky I saw w7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00CropwellALUSAUnknown4 minutesFlame in sky flying in a controlled and fast manner.7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00ChewelahWAUSAUnknown~2 minutesInconsistently flashing, inconsistent speed white light across sky.7/20/14
7/12/14 22:00DurantOKUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo white lights converge on location, seem to be connected by invisible object, was elongated for a few short seconds, then dissapears7/20/14
7/12/14 21:25New OrleansLAUSAUnknown2 secondsA bright bluish white object shot downward over New Orleans.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:18HadleyMAUSAUnknown45 secondsGlowing orbs moving quickly.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:09KatyTXUSAUnknown40 secondsTwo bluefish greenish lights traveling very low, no sound at all, very high speed observed near La Centera mall in Katy, TX.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:00BentonLAUSAUnknownSecondsA light streaked across the sky fast from east to west.8/22/14
7/11/14 23:00RoseburgORUSAUnknown30 minutesPlanet like objects around the moon.7/20/14
7/11/14 21:40CarltonMNUSAUnknown3 minutes5 Bright orange lights that disappeared out of nowhere in Carlton/Cloquet, MN.7/20/14
7/11/14 05:00Santa ClaraNMUSAUnknown1 hourA light was situated just E of Santa Clara, NM. I first noticed it from Vaughn, NM, I noticed a light high in the sky. ((Venus??))7/20/14
7/11/14 00:30Ochoco National ForestORUSAUnknown5 minutesMy companion and I were individually rendered physically and mentally paralyzed at the same time with a similar voice in our minds.7/20/14
7/10/14 19:00ChicagoUnknown2-5 minutesMe and friends was having a gathering after a funeral and we were all sitting on the front porch when a ufo hovered over our heads6/22/22
7/9/14 21:15WillistonVTUSAUnknown15 secondsFlashing white and red light in the sky over Williston, VT.7/11/14
7/8/14 22:40El CajonCAUSAUnknown2 minutesRed Orb over El Cajon again!7/11/14
7/7/14 13:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknownunknownUFO made of lights photographed in Hollywood.11/26/14
7/7/14 02:00PhelanCAUSAUnknown10 secondsI saw an unknown creature in my bedroom.12/5/16
7/7/14 00:00ApplegateORUSAUnknown~5 minutesNeon green meteorite falling behind mountain followed by direct appearance of red blinking craft over mountain.7/11/14
7/6/14 22:01PahrumpNVUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo pin spot lights bridged my a red or orange connecter. Lights switched brighter on me.7/11/14
7/5/14 00:00EdgewaterMDUSAUnknown5 minutesSighting appeared airborne as bright red/orange object, possibly circular, with bright white center and glowing flame similar to hot ai7/11/14
7/5/14 23:00OlympiaWAUSAUnknown5 minutesSurrounded by aliens7/12/19
7/5/14 22:25NorwalkOHUSAUnknown20 secondsI took the dogs out and happened to look up. I saw a red light with a halo around it. It was not a plane or helicopter. I was very f7/11/14
7/5/14 00:00Central IslipNYUSAUnknownI and my family we're talking in the back yard on my deck when we saw these reddish, orangy lights. Flying in a formation.7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00Saint JohnKSUSAUnknown10 minutesRed lights in sky for 10 minutes.7/5/14
7/4/14 23:00Elk GroveCAUSAUnknown15 minutesMultiple satellite-like craft with light beams over Elk Grove/Sacramento.7/20/14
7/4/14 23:00StowOHUSAUnknown3 minutesReddish Orange low altitude crafts in uniform flight pattern7/5/14
7/4/14 22:55GreeenwoodINUSAUnknown3 minutesWatching fireworks something went accross the sky very fast.7/5/14
7/4/14 22:50LouisvilleKYUSAUnknown15 minutesMutable aircraft flying in somewhat of a formation radiating a orange glow. No beacon lights nor any white lights at all was noted. The7/5/14
7/4/14 22:15AltoonaPAUSAUnknown5 minutesWe were getting ready to watch fireworks and we saw something red flying through the air. It had no flashing lights but was flying in a7/5/14
7/4/14 22:08AshlandKYUSAUnknown3 minutesSingle bright orange light moving in a straight line across the sky for about 3 minutes.7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00Delray BeachFLUSAUnknown2 minutes3 circular objects in a V or triangle formation, appearance slightly orange light, moving East.7/5/14
7/4/14 22:00JohnstownPAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesMy brother and I had been walking outside of our apartment. Overhead, he and I picked up on at least 4 red/gold (perhaps orange) lit-up7/5/14
7/4/14 21:45GoldenCOUSAUnknown~1 minuteHovering lights seen in the sky from the top of Ancient Palms trail.7/5/14
7/4/14 21:40EnglewoodCOUSAUnknownUnknownFour bright orange lights dancing in sky after cherry hills country club fireworks.7/5/14
7/4/14 21:05TucsonAZUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo unknown objects with solid blue lights, moving rapidly, without sound.7/11/14
7/4/14 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSAUnknown3 minutesObject with three red lights, lights turned off as it ascended to treeline.7/11/14
7/4/14 20:00TempeAZUSAUnknown10-15 secondsBlinking, star sized object over Tempe, AZ.8/8/14
7/4/14 20:00HealdsburgCAUSAUnknown20 minutesIt was around 8pm. My wife and I were driving north on HWY 101 up to Geyserville, CA from Santa Rosa, CA. After passing Healdsburg, CA.10/10/14
7/4/14 19:00ClermontFLUSAUnknown3:00Hanging out by the pool when we all saw the red object fly threw sky wife got a pic of it7/5/14
7/3/14 23:00MiamiOKUSAUnknown10 minutesThree unidentified illuminations east of Miami, Ok.11/6/14
7/3/14 21:20MilfordNHUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange object traveling slowly in sky, met up with second object and floated in sky.7/4/14
7/3/14 04:45BryanTXUSAUnknown3 minutesFast moving low level bright light in my backyard.7/5/14
6/29/14 08:00ThorntonCOUSAUnknownAlmost darkFlying humanoid7/4/14
6/29/14 02:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown20+ minutesLarge pulsating (5sec) white light in sky above New Orleans for 20+ min.7/4/14
6/28/14 22:30Fort Erie (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesBright orange/yellow sphere moving like no man-made craft7/4/14
6/28/14 22:30ValdostaGAUSAUnknown15 secondsPossible meteor over Valdosta, Georgia7/4/14
6/28/14 18:00GadsdenALUSAUnknown6 Large Jet aircraft in formation.7/4/14
6/24/14 22:28SeattleWAUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo orange very illuminated objects moved from west to east, slowed down and moved south and faded out.6/27/14
6/23/14 22:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown20 secondsNot to debunk any other post but I first saw two rapid or pulsing white lights those used by aircraft. The lights were staggered one in6/24/14
6/23/14 21:45Gila BendAZUSAUnknown10Three orange lights seen by 4 people south of Gila Bend AZ7/4/14
6/21/14 23:00BensalemPAUSAUnknown20 minutes25-30 Red/Orange lights in the sky!!!6/24/14
6/20/14 21:40GloucesterMAUSAUnknown10 secondsExtreme Bright White Glow - 10 Second Event7/4/14
6/19/14 23:06LakewoodCOUSAUnknown45 secondsUFO emitting bright blue and white light traveling East to West right over the overpass (10 ft) on Garrison at a fast pace (<15 s)6/20/14
6/18/14 22:00College ParkMDUSAUnknown1 hourFlashing light in dark sky from different directions.6/20/14
6/17/14 20:30Kure BeachNCUSAUnknown30 minutesOrange lights over ocean.6/20/14
6/15/14 21:15WaldorfMDUSAUnknown45 minutesMultiple bright objects in 3-5 craft intervals. Travled very fast headed south to north. No sound6/20/14
6/15/14 05:00Illawarra (Australia)AustraliaUnknown10 minutes4 craft seen over Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia.6/20/14
6/14/14 22:00Chester SpringsPAUSAUnknown5 minutesCross-hair type lights seen floating then changing colors until out of view.6/20/14
6/10/14ClevelandOHUSAUnknown30 secondsFilmed this black dot appear while filming over Lake Erie where i live..and this black thing pops in the video...have video if you like6/20/14
6/8/14 10:15OrlandoFLUSAUnknown10-15 minutesThree very bright lights in varying distances, heading north west.6/13/14
6/8/14 00:30Eastsound (Orcas Island)WAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesExtremely large bright object moving w/ intermittent lateral movements, no sound, no lights, very low, & flying mostly over water.6/13/14
6/7/14 23:05SumnerWAUSAUnknown23:12Possible plane with beam.6/13/14
6/7/14 21:30Simi ValleyCAUSAUnknown1 minuteRed object hovering.6/13/14
6/6/14 23:02RacineWIUSAUnknown4 minutesTwo amber lights spotted at low altitude traveling slowly mostly NW away from Lake Michigan in SE Wis.6/13/14
6/5/14 23:30BlackwoodNJUSAUnknown10 minutesUnknown sizable bright objects flying in circles.6/6/14
6/5/14 22:00TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown2 minutesDevice without a sound, flying completely in a perpendicular move to the sky.6/6/14
6/5/14 21:30Palm CityFLUSAUnknown20 secondsIt looked like a star skirting across the sky.6/6/14
6/5/14 20:30Dormont/PittsburghPAUSAUnknown5-7 minutesMy wife and I saw an orange glowing object moving across the sky, then witnessed it stop and change direction in the blink of an eye.6/6/14
6/4/14 18:30LindenhurstNYUSAUnknown30 minutesFloating man over south shore Suffolk County.6/6/14
6/1/14 21:27GreensboroNCUSAUnknown~2-3minutesTaking daughter for a walk and saw two redish orange lights spread apart bigger then a football field then disappeared into thin air!!!6/4/14
6/1/14 21:00LawrencevilleGAUSAUnknown10 minutesThis unidentified object came flying over from the west at an abnormal speed. The craft then hovered over an area nearby. The craft app6/4/14
5/31/14 21:00Ocean CityNJUSAUnknownSitting on the beach3 lights (1 red 2 white) zig zagging fast around each other but moving slowly across the sky in oc, nj.6/4/14
5/29/14 20:14PalouseWAUSAUnknown60 secondsSound-ONLY of large aircraft passing close overhead. ((NUFORC Note: Witness is commercial pilot. PD))6/4/14
5/29/14 17:00GarfieldWAUSAUnknown5 minutesA loud aircraft, that I was unable to locate in the sky.6/4/14
5/28/14 22:00CalistogaCAUSAUnknown15 secondsSlightly erratic flight pattern with blinking lights and moving very quickly across the sky. Almost silent.6/4/14
5/27/14 23:30DeweyAZUSAUnknown5 secondsSmall flashing green light in front followed by huge, steady white light. No sound.6/4/14
5/27/14 20:50La PuenteCAUSAUnknown5+ minutesNeon light across night sky.6/4/14
5/27/14 09:20TopekaKSUSAUnknown5 minutes3 light object by Lake Shawnee sitting completely still, then vanished.6/4/14
5/26/14 01:08Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknown00:02Red-orange light over Cedar Rapids, Iowa, under partly cloudy sky, moving from west to north.6/4/14
5/25/14 23:15AntelopeCAUSAUnknown15 minutesMulti-colored, fast moving, and direction changing object observed by 3 witnesses in Sacramento, Ca.6/4/14
5/25/14 22:50PhoenixNYUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange light flying away from an airplane, then vanished.6/4/14
5/24/14 22:20Ann ArborMIUSAUnknown1.5 minutesUnusual stationary lights seen at night near Ann Arbor, MI 5-24-2014.6/4/14
5/24/14 21:30HickoryKYUSAUnknown45 secondsStrange lights were seen speeding through the night in Kentucky.6/4/14
5/24/14 01:10Portage la Prairie (Canada)MBCanadaUnknown10 secondsSaw four orange balls in formation travel at high speed from south to north.6/4/14
5/21/14 21:45Cottage GroveORUSAUnknownfew secondsVery bright red and blue lights,single object and unusual flight characteristics.6/4/14
5/20/14 23:26Idaho FallsIDUSAUnknown40 secondsExtremely fast, faint lights traveling away from very bright flash in sky.6/4/14
5/20/14 18:30LahainaHIUSAUnknown30 minutesHappened around 630 pm Hawaii time.i work at a restaraunt and everyone started yelling look at the sky and we had all see like a lighti6/4/14
5/18/14 21:00NasonILUSAUnknown9 minutesObject three lights,two green lights on each side,red slow flashing light just one side, made no sound6/4/14
5/18/14 20:32Glen EllynILUSAUnknown10 secondsA single small jet contrail moving very fast and gaining altitude.6/4/14
5/18/14 03:20PortlandORUSAUnknown00:05Vibrant colorful lights throbbing across the sky in the middle of the night.6/4/14
5/17/14 22:00IslipNYUSAUnknown40+ minutes6 Orange glowing fireball objects flying soundlessly west to east along south shore of Long Island6/4/14
5/17/14 20:56MechanicsburgPAUSAUnknown15 minutesRed lights try to hide.6/4/14
5/17/14 10:00CypressTXUSAUnknownGreen light dancing around in the sky for 30 seconds then just seemed to disappear.6/4/14
5/16/14 22:30AlamogordoNMUSAUnknown20 minutesTwo objects gliding in circles over Alamogordo.6/4/14
5/16/14 22:00MiddletownCTUSAUnknown2 hoursLit object hovering in sky over CT river.......Then planes began circling it in the remained then moved upwards.6/4/14
5/16/14 22:00AtlantaGAUSAUnknown7 minutesI saw a bright red light floating along like a helicopter, but I could not hear anything. The red light was all that was visible. Somet6/4/14
5/16/14 21:30HonoluluHIUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo craft seen by diamond head/kahala honolulu6/4/14
5/16/14 14:00AuburnWAUSAUnknown6 minutesDuring the middle of the night, guessing 2:00 am, I heard the familiar sound of those large army helicopters that fly over my house.6/4/14
5/15/14 21:40CummingGAUSAUnknown10 secondsSmall fiery trail traveling very slowly at very low altitude6/4/14
5/14/14 23:20SacramentoCAUSAUnknown2 secondsVery bright large light falling.6/4/14
5/12/14 13:45Lawrence TownshipNJUSAUnknown15 minutesPowerful, low-frequency throbbing. "Presence" in daughter's doorway.7/20/14
5/11/14 22:00SpringfieldTNUSAUnknownLong white shape went across the sky going extremely fast (this was a white bright light).6/4/14
5/10/14MukilteoWAUSAUnknown10 minutesThere were bright orange lights on the craft traveling side by side with no sound.6/4/14
5/9/14 03:50OxfordCTUSAUnknown1-2 minutesExtremely loud craft, not visible, woke two of us up at 3:50 am.6/4/14
5/8/14 23:15MartinezGAUSAUnknown30-60 secondsBright orange light that faded on and off with smaller lights surrounding it.6/4/14
5/7/14 23:30San IsidroNMUSAUnknown15 seconds2 red lights gliding across sky, then green and red lights flickered on and rotated around the object.5/8/14
5/7/14 21:10NaugatuckCTUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge formation of lights in western sky, flying north to south...5/8/14
5/7/14 09:30Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown1 secondSonic boom denied by military source per McDill AFB, Lt Patrick Gargan. Reports by 911 from Holliday to Spring Hill Fl (about 40 miles)5/8/14
5/7/14 05:45Moncton (New Brunswick) (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown10+ minutesStrange unidentifiable low rumble/humming sound from the sky6/4/14
5/4/14 22:15WyomingMIUSAUnknown5 minutes & 1-2 seconds2 objects 2 minutes apart.6/6/14
5/4/14 04:00ClermontFLUSAUnknown1-2+ hoursBright orangy object flying close to buildings and trees.5/8/14
5/3/14 23:10BufordGAUSAUnknown5 minutesGreen, red & white alternating lights hovering and moving horizontally and vertically.5/8/14
5/3/14 22:00Hot SpringsNCUSAUnknown5 minutesMy step father, mother, & I always this extremely bright light traveling across the sky. We know our airplanes, this was no airplane or6/4/14
5/3/14 18:00Crescent CityCAUSAUnknown1/2 hourLarge, bright object straight up and very high could be seen for 1/2 hour never moving until covered by clouds.5/8/14
5/2/14 02:37Orange ParkFLUSAUnknown1-2 minutesLow Frequency makes house feel as though it would implode.6/20/14
5/1/14 22:15Mountain HomeARUSAUnknownongoing at this timeThe moon was covered by a very strange shaped shadow, eclipsing the moon for at least 40 minutes5/2/14
5/1/14 22:05MaricopaAZUSAUnknown5 minutesWe first saw one very bright light in sky and as we were driving another one appeared stayed for two min and then one again and then5/2/14
5/1/14 21:15FyffeALUSAUnknown5 minutesHuge object close, major lights blinking in sequence, dogs crazy, never seen anything like it.5/8/14
4/30/14 01:10CharlestonWVUSAUnknown7 secondsI could not see the craft just Two pale yellow sets of triangle lights on the bottem not a air plane not a helicopter moved to slow and5/2/14
4/28/14 23:00TexarkanaTXUSAUnknownAll nightRed, bluish, amber lights, false stars.5/2/14
4/28/14 22:00VancouverWAUSAUnknown20 minutesVery strange sound heard sounded as if it had a melody.5/2/14
4/27/14 23:00OakleyMIUSAUnknown2-3 minutesTwo lights.5/2/14
4/27/14 21:20KenmoreWAUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange orbs over Kenmore, Wa. Witnessed by 55/2/14
4/27/14 20:50ChatsworthCAUSAUnknown15-20 minutes6 Red/Orange lights in formation seen in NW San Fernando Valley, CA.5/2/14
4/26/14 21:45Tarpon SpringsFLUSAUnknown1 minutesFaint "star" moves across night sky.5/2/14
4/25/14 22:09HooverALUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange light in Birmingham disappears instantly 2 witnesses.5/2/14
4/24/14 23:30GardnerKSUSAUnknown30 minutesBlue and Green Lights, No definite shape, No Noise, Random Light pulsating, Slight Movement. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))5/2/14
4/23/14 23:20HarrisburgPAUSAUnknown60 seconds2 years ago I had an extreme close fly-by of a blue light.4/24/14
4/23/14 22:15Mansfield (Quebec) (Canada)QCCanadaUnknown10-15 secondsWe were in hot tub looking into sky and at 2 different times about 15 minutes apart they went by in sky no noise and moving side to sid5/2/14
4/23/14 20:15ClovisNMUSAUnknown2 minutesBright solid light moveing east then changed to southeast. The bright light faded to a solid red then faded out.4/24/14
4/21/14 23:00ChesterfieldVAUSAUnknown30 minutesObject with blinking lights hovering in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a "twinkling" star. PD))4/24/14
4/20/14 22:00RainelleWVUSAUnknown30 minutesWitnessed floating, slow moving object with wierd circular light outside of Rainelle, WV.4/24/14
4/20/14 21:00AnthemAZUSAUnknown~1 minute4 to 5 bright orange lights – faded and came back, streaked fast and slowly, moved left and right and up and down, one appearing to dro4/24/14
4/19/14 21:30OrlandoFLUSAUnknown3 minutesWe saw what appeared to be traditional red/green navigation lights moving exceedingly fast across the sky, E to W, downward arc.4/24/14
4/18/14 21:00Richmond HeightsOHUSAUnknown15-20 secondsTwo fast-moving, low altitude landing lights on nearly silent aircraft.4/24/14
4/17/14 22:15RockwellNCUSAUnknown6 secondsBlack helicopter following 2 orange lights (no sound except from helicopter).4/18/14
4/16/14 21:40Overland ParkKSUSAUnknown1 secondBlue light accelerating at an extremely high rate of speed, then disappearing.4/18/14
4/16/14 21:00Seal BeachCAUSAUnknown25 secondsOrange/red orb closely followed by F/A-18 Hornet at high rate of speed from south to north in Seal Beach, Ca.4/18/14
4/16/14 20:20Las VegasNVUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO Captured Over North Las Vegas.5/8/14
4/16/14 20:00DentonTXUSAUnknown5 objects formed into one line then the brightest one on the end led the other ones into a circle then more came to join slowly.4/18/14
4/15/14 23:00Port AngelesWAUSAUnknown?I took this picture at night while driving towards lake Crescent Lodge at about 11:00 pm (not sure of the exact date (in April)6/6/14
4/15/14 02:00El CajonCAUSAUnknown~2 minutesTwo smoothly flashing lights appear above sky before end of lunar eclipse.4/18/14
4/15/14 00:00TacomaWAUSAUnknownI was walking home around 11:30pm or midnight i noticed two objects in the sky really close to each other & way to far close to the gro4/18/14
4/14/14 22:00ParkvilleMDUSAUnknownfew minutesThe aircraft was able to stop then move in a different direction.4/18/14
4/13/14 23:22HillsboroORUSAUnknownfew secondsFlashing Strobes in the sky, not a helicopter.4/18/14
4/13/14 12:49PineAZUSAUnknown1 hourMysteriose lights in sky.4/18/14
4/13/14 00:24Sterling HeightsMIUSAUnknown1 minuteRed light moving and changing colors as it rotated over Sterling Heights, Michigan.4/18/14
4/12/14 15:00Conkling MarinaIDUSAUnknownSecondsUFO photobombs above Couer d'Alene Lake in Idaho. ((NUFORC Note: We see nothing of interest, yet, in the photos. PD))4/18/14
4/11/14 21:00Hunt ValleyMDUSAUnknown5 minutesThree lights... first 2 then 3... formed triangle6/4/14
4/10/14 02:00OdessaTXUSAUnknown30-40 minutes2 unknown aircraft escape after late night meteor impact sightings4/11/14
4/9/14 21:30FlorenceKYUSAUnknown45 secondsSeveral bright lights stationary in the sky, turned and flew east away from hovering spot, then blinked out.4/11/14
4/9/14 20:40OrangeCAUSAUnknown15-30 secondsStationary object turns into red, then blue and then a glowing white and duplicates process and then flies overhead.4/11/14
4/8/14 21:15AustinTXUSAUnknown10 secondsAustin: Unexplained silent unlit object moving 100ft over the ground seen at close range4/11/14
4/8/14 14:50TucsonAZUSAUnknown8 secondsSilver object appears in small cloud, both disappear.4/24/14
4/8/14 08:00ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown10 minutesCrazy bright blue light.4/11/14
4/5/14 21:45Manns ChoicePAUSAUnknown15 minutesMy sister, I and three kids ranging from 4- 10 years old, were heading home on Route 31 West in PA and seen like a orange star.4/11/14
4/3/14 22:30Sunny Coast (Australia)AustraliaUnknown5 secondsGroup of orange lights moving across the sky.4/4/14
4/3/14 20:15Pine BushNYUSAUnknown<1 minuteRapidly descending craft with large red and white lights entered residential area at very low altitude.4/4/14
4/2/14 20:00South DennisMAUSAUnknown20 minutesLarge "thing" at tree top level over power lines emitting rays of light from many openings/windows, glowing, red & yellow.4/4/14
4/1/14 23:00Port St. LucieFLUSAUnknown2 minutesMulti-colored lights in southern sky4/4/14
4/1/14Kempsey (Worcester) (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown10 secondsGreen/red light seen moving downwards across the sky very fast . Looked like a flare coming down but way way too fast . No sound in the4/4/14
3/31/14 21:00CelebrationFLUSAUnknown2 minutesSteady orange red light moving east to west very slowly then disappeared.There were several jets in the area-totally different looking.4/4/14
3/30/14 23:00Goose CreekSCUSAUnknown2 minutes3 orange lights, arrayed in a triangle formation, travelling across the sky near Charleston, SC.4/4/14
3/29/14 00:20MorgantonNCUSAUnknown1 minutesLarge objects flying over I-40.4/4/14
3/28/14 20:20FruitaCOUSAUnknown~10Rapidly flashing green light in the west, moving steadily towards the northwest and gaining altitude4/4/14
3/27/14 23:30Lehigh AcresFLUSAUnknown30 secondsAlien being seen running on foot on the ground.4/4/14
3/27/14 19:45MonroeWAUSAUnknown1.5 minutesNeon blue and 2 red lights not a plane.4/4/14
3/27/14 05:55NewportKYUSAUnknown35 minutesI was at my place of work where I have a perfect veiw of Newport and Cincinnat. It was five till six in the morning and I happend to lo4/4/14
3/26/14 23:30IrwinPAUSAUnknown4 minutesSaw one object moving and one hovering. Both had bright lights on each end with a blinking red light between them. Not directly in mi3/27/14
3/26/14 00:15ReddingCAUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange glow moving randomly in the northern sky.3/27/14
3/25/14 23:30EnfieldCTUSAUnknown20 minutesUnknown aircraft that dimmed and brightened when moving.3/27/14
3/25/14 02:00Fort EustisVAUSAUnknown10 seconds4 horizontal orange lights seen over Fort Eustis.3/27/14
3/23/14 20:00PortlandORUSAUnknown30 secondsVery fast moving object with red and blue lights.3/27/14
3/22/14 22:10MeridianIDUSAUnknown2 minutesRed, white, green lights flying low in circles.3/27/14
3/20/14 23:46ChaskaMNUSAUnknown10 minutesBright hovering mass.3/21/14
3/20/14 20:15BrentALUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange lights outside of Brent, AL.3/21/14
3/20/14 06:10FullertonCAUSAUnknown~1 secondOrange colored object traveling from north to south following curvature of earth in less than 1 second.3/21/14
3/19/14 16:00DavieFLUSAUnknown1 minuteQuiet craft, very fast, large vertical shadow, 4:00 in march around Davie, FL.8/15/14
3/19/14 01:49Adelaide (Australia)AustraliaUnknown1 second03/19/2014 sighting: Flash of light, luminating the street, followed by a streak moving in a southerly direction like a shooting star.3/18/14
3/18/14 21:30Fair OaksCAUSAUnknown20 minutesFlashing lights playing in the sky.3/21/14
3/18/14 16:15WildomarCAUSAUnknown20 minutesDaytime UFO above Riverside County. Approx. 4:15 with Non commercial planes following within 30 min.3/21/14
3/16/14 19:00ElmiraNYUSAUnknown45 minutesSitting on my back porch, myself and four other individuals witnessed what appeared to be a moving star. ((anonymous report))2/16/18
3/16/14 03:35West Fork (I-540; MM32)ARUSAUnknown~3-5 secondsReally bright light, radio stopped working.3/18/14
3/15/14 19:23FullertonCAUSAUnknownI was closing my garage door and i saw very odd craft but i'm not sure what they 2 and i saw a lights first was red then change to blue3/18/14
3/15/14 02:30Gun Barrel CityTXUSAUnknown2 minutesHuge orange pulsating light seen from hwy198 on bridge in Gun Barrel City, Texas, on 03/15/2014.3/18/14
3/15/14 00:00Chester HeightsPAUSAUnknown2 minutesBOOMS GOT PROGRESSIVELY LOUDER.3/18/14
3/14/14 22:00RochesterNYUSAUnknown5 minutes4 white lights rotating in the sky,right within the clouds.3/18/14
3/14/14 00:00Pinion HillsCAUSAUnknown2 hoursHovering crafts over san bernardino mountains.3/18/14
3/12/14 20:00Geldrop (Netherlands)NetherlandsUnknown>1 hourA multi colored flashing, slow moving object, high in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius? PD))3/18/14
3/12/14 09:30WoodinvilleWAUSAUnknown15 minutesBright dot of light over Woodinville skies.3/18/14
3/12/14 09:00SouthfieldMIUSAUnknown30 secondsBRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY GOES DIM!3/18/14
3/12/14 06:25SonomaCAUSAUnknown2 hoursStrange light stationary in the sky.3/18/14
3/12/14 03:00IssaquahWAUSAUnknown30 secondsGreen lights landing.4/4/14
3/10/14 22:19Sugar GroveILUSAUnknown2 minutesGreen light in sky.3/18/14
3/10/14 21:10HagerstownMDUSAUnknown5 secondsDark grey or brown, amorphous object, streaking west to east over Hagerstown.3/18/14
3/10/14 04:00Terre HauteINUSAUnknown60+ minutesOverpowering, frightening, and extremely loud sounds coming from above.3/18/14
3/9/14 22:10St. CloudFLUSAUnknown10 minutesLoud "booms."3/18/14
3/9/14 21:40KemahTXUSAUnknown10 minutesEach object did not all stop emitting light at the same time; instead they went out simultaneously within half a minute of each other.3/18/14
3/9/14 03:00Fort MillSCUSAUnknown2 hoursWe are being chipped in our sleep.3/18/14
3/8/14 21:25TampaFLUSAUnknown3 minutes7-8 orange lights 3/8/2014 over Tampa.3/18/14
3/7/14 22:50Pilot hillCAUSAUnknown5 minutesI saw a bright shimmering light hovering over the mountain approximately 3 miles away. The light was perfectly still. At first I went3/18/14
3/7/14 20:15San AngeloTXUSAUnknown15 minutesPurple light flashing, mostly red light.3/18/14
3/4/14 21:40NapaCAUSAUnknown60 secondsLarge flying object in the dark sky 3 mi east of Napa, CA appeared to be dark and had 4-6 red flashing lights, no other lights observed3/18/14
3/3/14 20:00ToppingVAUSAUnknown15 minutesErratic flight path.3/18/14
3/2/14 22:30Montreal (Quebec)(Canada)QCQuebecUnknown1 hourWe saw the bright lights and we knew it wasnt human.3/18/14
2/28/14 21:50DoverFLUSAUnknown5 minutesStationary red and green lights flashing low in the sky.3/18/14
2/27/14 19:30ButlerINUSAUnknown3-5 minutesTwo close lights, first dim and second twice as bright with occaisional flare up, non-blinking.3/18/14
2/27/14 03:05Scott DepotWVUSAUnknown3 minutesSecret aircraft comunicating with unknown2/27/14
2/26/14 20:30El CajonCAUSAUnknown15 minutesSmall object that dropped two sets of reddish lights, and hovered for some 15 minutes.3/18/14
2/26/14 20:00Washington Court HouseOHUSAUnknown10-15 secondsFayette Cty. on 2-26-14..saw 4 large lights line up in sky perfectly. Then out sound..just out.2/27/14
2/26/14 19:58El CajonCAUSAUnknown1 minuteWhite flares from plane maybe?3/18/14
2/26/14 03:30MilpitasCAUSAUnknown4 secondsI seen something moving through the clouds then split the cloud in half as it wrap around through it in a super fast motion.2/27/14
2/24/14 20:00East TawasMIUSAUnknown3 minutesNew type of aircraft?2/27/14
2/24/14 19:00FresnoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge flying object in the dark sky appeared to be dark and had 4 or 5 red flashing lights.2/27/14
2/23/14 23:00Cape GirardeauMOUSAUnknown2 minutes2 Perfect White Circles hovering extremely low with no noise.2/27/14
2/23/14 21:00IndianapolisINUSAUnknown~7 minutesTwo objects, one stationary, one sweeping the other.2/27/14
2/23/14 07:00Winter ParkFLUSAUnknown4 secondsAt around 7 AM this morning, I woke up hearing my wife making a bottle for our baby. At the same time, I heard a loud humming, to the p2/27/14
2/22/14 22:10Harpers FerryWVUSAUnknown4 secondsObject viewed with telescope moving a high rate of speed outside our solar system.2/27/14
2/22/14 11:00FresnoCAUSAUnknown10 secondsUFO observed had no sound or detail to it, and floated across the sky.2/27/14
2/22/14 04:00SouthamptonMAUSAUnknown1 1l2 hoursCross of lights with streams at ends covering the center of my binocular's field of vision. Apparently stationary--moved with stars.2/27/14
2/22/14 01:00ScrantonPAUSAUnknown~25 minutesI dont know what it was and i went inside right away.2/27/14
2/21/14 23:46OaklandCAUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange lights ORB silent and odd movement with VIDEO.2/27/14
2/21/14 19:20MonroviaCAUSAUnknown~10 minutesThey looked like stars that were in a straight line and the moved from the west to this east. They followed each other in a line.2/27/14
2/19/14 21:20HoustonTXUSAUnknown10 minutesYellow & blinking green; then solid green and red. Hovered; fast vertical & horizontal up and downs, turns and arches complex maneuvers2/21/14
2/19/14 03:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown3 minutesMy mom who was up late last night and described an illumination very bright light from the sky which lit up her neighborhood.2/21/14
2/19/14 01:00HelenaMTUSAUnknownUnbelievable bright light flashing in random numbers ranging from one to four almost like they where speaking to another craft which lo2/27/14
2/18/14 22:30Lame DeerMTUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange lights slowly from south to north.2/21/14
2/17/14 19:35Beaverbank (Canada)NSCanadaUnknown30+ secondsConstant green light with flashing red.2/21/14
2/17/14 19:00DecaturALUSAUnknownmonthsHas been happening almost every night for several months, multiple orange glowing and or flashing orb like lights, few-ground: most-sky2/21/14
2/17/14 15:40FresnoCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesClose to an airport but so loud it sounded like right over the neighborhood .2/21/14
2/16/14 21:10WoodlandWAUSAUnknown10 minutesCascading multi-colored lights in clouds.2/21/14
2/15/14 00:00Siauliai (Lithuania)LithuaniaUnknown30Contact.7/20/14
2/15/14 21:30WebsterMAUSAUnknown1 minuteHovering solid and pulsing white lights, Pulsing white and colored lights, Mutliple sightings.6/4/14
2/15/14 01:59City of IndustryCAUSAUnknown02:02Strange aircraft with bright red flashing lights.2/21/14
2/14/14 22:00ExtonPAUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange objects over Route 30 Bypass in Exton Pa.2/21/14
2/14/14 21:45Santa CruzCAUSAUnknown5-10 minutesBalls of bright orange lights seen hovering over city and disappearing up into sky from Santa Cruz Lighthouse.2/27/14
2/14/14 21:30LovelandCOUSAUnknown1 minuteHovering aircraft 3 bright white lights.2/21/14
2/14/14 21:19RidgecrestCAUSAUnknown3 minutesSilent Blue Light.2/21/14
2/14/14 06:15TulsaOKUSAUnknown5-8 minutesWhile driving down 41st, headed west, we saw a strange light in the sky moving straight up, with streams of lights under it.2/20/15
2/12/14 23:00SharonPAUSAUnknown2 minutes4 very bright white lights in a narrow diamond pattern, 2 middle lights flashing in synch, floating in sky2/20/15
2/12/14 13:30Grenoble (France)GrenobleUnknown10 secondFormes pointues avec reflets violets.12/12/14
2/11/14 20:30New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknownOne white light at the front tip of craft, and one red light blinking at end of craft.2/21/14
2/10/14 21:00North TewksburyMAUSAUnknown10 minutesThree objects with red and white blinking lights all on the same flight path and none made any noise.2/14/14
2/8/14 19:10Quebradillas (Puerto Rico)Puerto RicoUnknown2-3 minutesLights over Guajataca, Quebrdillas, PR.2/14/14
2/7/14 20:55PasadenaMDUSAUnknown20 secondsTwo orange glowing lights appeared hovering and slowly descending.2/14/14
2/7/14 20:54Garden GroveCAUSAUnknown~1 minuteA green object was in the sky, moved at a high velocity, stopped, hovered, and moved in the opposite direction at a high velocity.2/14/14
2/7/14 03:50RidgecrestCAUSAUnknown50 seconds3 round lights and bobbing up and down while gliding slowly above Ridgcrest Ca.2/7/14
2/7/14 00:15Lavras (Minas Gerais) (Brazil)BrazilUnknown1 minuteUfo crashed n exploded or probed crashed n exploded. 15 witnesses. Next nite other moving lights in sky same area.2/14/14
2/5/14 01:45CampbellsvilleKYUSAUnknown20 minutesI don't know if it was UFO's but for 20 minutes a loud trumpet sound could be heard in the sky above campbellsville university. A lot o2/7/14
2/5/14 01:00MonacaPAUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) Bright white ball light with orange orb flying from it fast.2/14/14
2/2/14 19:00PortlandORUSAUnknown15 minutesBright red orb over N. Portland.2/7/14
2/2/14 02:00AuroraCOUSAUnknownPossibly visited by aliens.2/21/14
2/1/14 21:00MiddleburgFLUSAUnknown5 minutes2 object reddish white hovering in the sky.2/7/14
2/1/14 04:00TemperanceMIUSAUnknown45+ minutesWhite, yellow, green, blue & red flashing light almost staionary in NE night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))6/20/14
1/31/14 18:36SalemORUSAUnknown35 secondsFormation of glowing red objects2/7/14
1/31/14 03:45GalatiaILUSAUnknown7-9 minutesVery low and very loud hum over my head at 3:45 am..2/7/14
1/30/14 21:50CharlotteNCUSAUnknown10 minutes after noticed4 bright orange balls with 3 smaller red balls with one of the bright balls flashing as if igniting.2/7/14
1/30/14 04:45WinchesterVAUSAUnknown1 hourStrange light shooting down from the sky and staying around.2/7/14
1/30/14 00:10LortonVAUSAUnknown10 secondsSounded like an incoming jet, looked like ambulance or firetruck lights1/30/14
1/28/14 21:30MorristownTNUSAUnknownmost of the nightAbout an hour before my fiance had brought me out to see something...I noticed what felt like a small tremor or vibration that went thr1/30/14
1/25/14 20:00KennesawGAUSAUnknown20 secondsSingle blinking red light, then green light, then disappeared completely.1/30/14
1/24/14 23:59PortlandORUSAUnknown1 hourRed flashing dots witnessed by 5 people 2 in Hillsboro. lasted over a hour and is still going on as if 2:03 AM..1/30/14
1/24/14 22:05LevittownNYUSAUnknown<20 secondsThree sets of lights seen over nassau county New York.1/30/14
1/23/14 19:30MaricopaAZUSAUnknown20 minutes2 unmoving orange lights seen SW of Maricopa, Az.1/24/14
1/23/14 07:40Walnut Creek/ConcordCAUSAUnknown60 secondsThree irregular shapes flying in close proximity in Walnut Creek, Ca.1/30/14
1/23/14 00:05TabernacleNJUSAUnknown3-4 minutesObject in eastern sky in south New Jersey.1/24/14
1/20/14 20:46A55 Northope (UK/North Wales)United KingdomUnknown3 minutesRed, green and white lights seen on craft over A55 road in North Wales.1/24/14
1/17/14 13:00GlenpoolOKUSAUnknown5:00Two streams flying into each other.1/24/14
1/16/14 22:00ClermontFLUSAUnknown0:10Flyby of an unknown object creating a very low frequency humming / pulsating sound.1/24/14
1/16/14 20:00ShartlesvillePAUSAUnknown2 minutesRed, blue, green flashing lights with intermittent bright white pinpoint lights quickly and randomly flashing.1/24/14
1/16/14 17:30BelgradeMTUSAUnknown1 minutesLow frequentcy sound a horn.1/24/14
1/15/14 21:10North SuttonNHUSAUnknown10 minutesThree unidentified smoke trails followed by super fast super high jets.1/16/14
1/15/14 20:30Dacula/AuburnGAUSAUnknown7 minutesLong string of red pulsating sequential lights moving in a northerly direction.1/16/14
1/14/14 18:30Surfside BeachSCUSAUnknown30 secondsWhile standing in my garage looked toward the ocean and quite a distance off and far above the ocean I seen one round orange light. A1/16/14
1/14/14 00:34Belgrade (Serbia)SerbiaUnknown4 minutesThree orange flying objects fly above me, they were making no sounds, about 20 meters off the ground.1/16/14
1/12/14 17:23Mukilteo/EverettWAUSAUnknown3 minutesWeird high pitch noises pulsing, weird BOOM out of nowhere. Previous sighting: electronic BOOM noise, ripples in the clouds.1/16/14
1/12/14 17:00Great FallsMTUSAUnknownHello from Montana, I spoke to you and providedd 2 reports, I checked to see if they were filed and found none.I will proceed to report1/16/14
1/11/14 19:20Deerfield BeachFLUSAUnknown3 minutesFour orange spheres in sky over Deerfield Beach, Florida, 1/11/14.1/16/14
1/11/14 03:00BayvilleNJUSAUnknown30 secondsStrange loud booming noises unknown origin.1/16/14
1/10/14 20:26Terrace (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown20 secondsIn the west southwest skies over Terrace BC... very far away (so not certain of shape or size) a red and yellow light hovering at first1/16/14
1/10/14 20:00YumaAZUSAUnknown2 minutesGlowing streak of blue cloud passes quickly over the area in Yuma, AZ.1/16/14
1/9/14 08:10TampaFLUSAUnknown5 minutesWeird brownish manmade looking object in sky.1/10/14
1/9/14 02:10SanfordFLUSAUnknown15 minutesLoud noise heard.1/10/14
1/8/14 17:30Green LakeWIUSAUnknown1 1/2 hours+3 fading orange lights and small, white, sparkler lights west/southwest of Green Lake, WI.1/16/14
1/7/14 00:00MesaAZUSAUnknown2 minutesThree lights orange in color and wide spread. lights went out one at a time and then were gone.1/10/14
1/7/14 19:08TucsonAZUSAUnknown1 minute4 Orange Lights Illuminating In Succession.1/10/14
1/6/14 22:15DanvilleVAUSAUnknown15-20 minutesWhite Lights no sound.1/10/14
1/6/14 03:45JacksonMIUSAUnknown40 minutesObject originally thought to be airplane skipped half of the sky while surrounded my columns of light.1/16/14
1/4/14 23:00Fort MyersFLUSAUnknown15 minutesRed orbs launch one after another.1/10/14
1/4/14 18:30Oregon CityORUSAUnknown10-15 minutesSaw what appeared to be a star, but had some red and blue colors too, and moves zig zag, & up, and down.1/10/14
1/3/14 08:45Port St. LucieFLUSAUnknown6 minutes20 some orange lights traveling across the sky. From west north-west to south east.1/10/14
1/2/14 19:05Des MoinesIAUSAUnknown5-7 secondsIn Des Moines Iowa white/red light, shot up like a firework, stopped, then zoomed away.1/10/14
1/1/14 20:45PowersORUSAUnknownstill goingWednesday Jan 1 8:45 PM South west, Oregon Near Powers Right now it is 8:53 to the east of Powers Hovering over what appears to Eden Ri1/10/14
1/1/14 18:46San DiegoCAUSAUnknown45 secondsTwo dark objects less than two miles away, moving east then separating and accelerating north at a miraculous rate of speed.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:30Johannesburg (South Africa)South AfricaUnknown1 hourStrange rumbling/hovering sounds (not only heard, but "felt") eventhough no lights/aircrafts/UFO's where seen1/16/14
1/1/14 00:15Spanish ForkUTUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange Orbs.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00SacramentoCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesBright orange light to the east.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00LafayetteLAUSAUnknown2 sightings 1-4 minutes iMultiple Sightings,Multiple Witnesses, Same Night. #1- December 31 2013 10-11pm/ #2- January 1st 2014 12-12:30 AM.1/10/14
12/31/13 20:00BridgewaterMAUSAUnknown1 minuteRed and green flashing lights from a flying object we couldn't make out or hear.1/10/14
12/31/13 19:55PleasantonCAUSAUnknown45 secondsOrange glow.1/10/14
12/31/13 18:38NewfaneVTUSAUnknown2 minutesFive orange sphere in night sky in Newfane, VT.1/10/14
12/31/13 18:10HartfordCTUSAUnknown15 minutesUFO over State Capitol.1/10/14
12/30/13 01:00Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknown30 minutesBright orange glow illuminating south Douglas Pass north of grand Junction, CO.1/10/14
12/28/13 22:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown15-30 minutesPeculiar movements of an object with green (and some white) lights.1/10/14
12/28/13 20:57Forest HillsPAUSAUnknown5 minutesAn evenly-spaced line of 3 bright fireballs traveled northwest, some emitting sparkling droppings.1/10/14
12/27/13 23:00Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda/Imperial Blvd close to 91 freewayCAUSAUnknown15-20 secondsHuge blue and green spheres orbiting a center object while the whole thing zipped around.1/10/14
12/27/13 05:50HelenaMTUSAUnknown3 secondsgreen ball of light fallin outta the sky in HELENA, MT.1/10/14
12/26/13 23:00BatesvilleMSUSAUnknown10 minutesMysterious Lights seen over field; Caught on Video.1/10/14
12/26/13 18:21AnchorageAKUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange light in sky approaching from southeast. Steady trajectory.1/10/14
12/25/13 00:30Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown10+ minutesIrregular flashing light near the star Betelgeuse in Orion, slowly moving in various directions.1/10/14
12/24/13 23:25MesaAZUSAUnknown5 minutes3 orange lights lined up, went to grab my phone came back and they were gone.1/10/14
12/24/13 22:00SpringTXUSAUnknown2 minutesApprox. 10 amber colored objects flying in formation in a clear night sky.1/10/14
12/24/13 18:00Metro DetroitMIUSAUnknownUnknownWhile driving on I-94 westbound headed towards Detroit on Christmas Eve I saw 3 orange lights in the sky, all on the same plane, level.1/10/14
12/23/13 20:00Layton to FarmingtonUTUSAUnknown1 minuteBlue highspeed object over Northern Wasatch Front, Utah.1/10/14
12/19/13 03:00OrlandoFLUSAUnknown2 hoursStrange Deep-pitched Droning Sound and Loud, Muffled Booms.2/7/14
12/19/13 00:00DaphneALUSAUnknown1 hourMultiple objects, none were visible but revealed on photographs.4/18/14
12/18/13 01:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown2 hoursMy fiancé and I began to hear a resonating loud humming noise. The hum was omni directional.12/23/13
12/17/13 15:09Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown2 minutesDriving south on US19 at intersection to turn left at Regency Park Blvd. Port Richey FL. There were multiple power lines.12/23/13
12/16/13 19:05LaurelDEUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange lights.12/23/13
12/16/13 14:30MemphisTNUSAUnknown6 minutesAs I stood outside on the telephone, I noticed something in the sky which at first seemed to look like a flock of birds. It seemed to3/27/14
12/16/13 05:40FayettevilleNCUSAUnknown1 minuteVertical object with red strobes moved in the northern sky from west to east.12/23/13
12/16/13 00:00West Kelowna (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown~10 minutesIrregular flashing lights moving up down,forward backwards slowly,then speeding up,thought it was a satellite..nothing moves like this12/23/13
12/15/13 18:30SacramentoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesObserved 3 orange pulsating objects flying in strait formation then dropping suddenly then fading out of view.12/23/13
12/14/13 23:30Stirling (UK/Scotland)United KingdomUnknownI have just seen about a half an hour ago a blue imminating flash upon the sky 3 times tonight, the first time was at about 12:00 at ni12/23/13
12/13/13 23:00MadisonWIUSAUnknown3 secondsMadison, WI - Lasers illuminate me on 2 different occasions. Deafening wooshing sound.12/23/13
12/13/13 17:45FairleeVTUSAUnknown1 minuteOrange, fiery lights in the sky that disappeared in perfect succession leaving only the clear night sky.12/23/13
12/12/13 21:00MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown15 minutesCraft with white and red lights hovering and slowly moving SE from Froedert Hospital past State Fair Park12/23/13
12/11/13 19:45Oak HarborWAUSAUnknown30Six orange looking objects south part of whidbey island.12/12/13
12/10/13 23:15FairbanksAKUSAUnknown7-14 secondsBrights orange lights flashing, and disappeared out of sky instantly12/23/13
12/10/13 22:35Pelee Island (Lake Erie) (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesAbove. ((NUFORC Note: If the object was moving from E to W, it almost certainly was not re-entering space debris. PD))12/12/13
12/10/13 18:30GrovetownGAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesGlowing orange lights South of Augusta, GA.12/12/13
12/8/13 18:20HillsboroORUSAUnknown2 minute3 large orange/red lights in Eastern sky NO sound then vanished one by one.12/12/13
12/7/13 19:30NatickMAUSAUnknown45 minutesA big UFO flashed in red and green lights floating in the sky far away in the southeast direction probably over south Boston. There wer12/12/13
12/6/13 22:20Coral SpringsFLUSAUnknown2-3 minutes4 red lights seen in the clear night sky lined up in order traveling up and disappeared.12/12/13
12/6/13 20:30IndianapolisINUSAUnknown15 secondsHovering craft with strobe lights about the Indianapolis Airport.12/12/13
12/6/13 17:05McMinnvilleTNUSAUnknown30 secondsBlinding white light and loud boom - thought it to be thnder/lightning, but no other flashes/rumbles were heard before/after occurrence12/12/13
12/6/13 12:10Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)MexicoUnknown10 minutesShort vapor trail seen at very very high altitude over Puerto Vallarta, flying S to N at 12:10 PM..12/12/13
12/4/13 19:00WashingtonMIUSAUnknown45 secondsWe witness a silent object traveling from south to north, at night, with no conventional aircraft type lighting.12/5/13
12/4/13 11:15Federal WayWAUSAUnknown8 minutesZero Noise. Flashing lights odd shape. No wings or helicopter blades.12/5/13
12/3/13 21:45TalentORUSAUnknown1 minuteI live in Southern Oregon along Interstate 5. I was out throwing a ball for my dog tonight, it was super dark and very cold, so per12/5/13
12/2/13 05:30WheelingILUSAUnknown3-4 secondsDark object moving VERY FAST, north to south, Wheeling, IL12/12/13
12/1/13 19:00IndianapolisINUSAUnknown10 minutesMy husband and I were driving home from a dinner out. I've never seen a UFO or any flying object like this.12/2/13
11/30/13 20:00TucsonAZUSAUnknown3-4 minutesUnusual Lights Above Catalina Mountains in Tucson12/5/13
11/30/13 20:00JupiterFLUSAUnknown5-8 minutesA set of blinking lights simply turned around- not in the way an Airplane or Helicopter makes a u-turn.12/2/13
11/30/13 20:00ArlingtonIAUSAUnknown1.5-2 minutesBright orange light seen traveling NW to SE by 2 civilians in NE Iowa.12/2/13
11/28/13 23:00ConcordMAUSAUnknown30+ minutesUnexplained light beams radiating high in the sky above west concord for at least an hour.12/2/13
11/28/13 19:00PittsfieldMAUSAUnknown~3 minutesOrange glowing line in sky.12/2/13
11/27/13 21:14LincolnNEUSAUnknown15 secondsBoomerang object over 100 feet long and silently glided past my house; no lights; no sounds.12/2/13
11/26/13 23:00LubbockTXUSAUnknownOngoingStrange lights sighted and then airplane with no lights sighted.12/2/13
11/26/13 01:30MedfordNJUSAUnknown3-5 secondsStrange redish blue lights over Medford, NJ.12/2/13
11/25/13 19:00Lund/Hiko/Ash Springs/AlamoNVUSAUnknown~1 minuteOne hoax "UFO," and one possible test plane, over Hiko/Ash Springs/Alamo area.1/30/15
11/23/13 02:00SheboyganWIUSAUnknownOngoingUnidentified Space Station.12/2/13
11/23/13 01:30AshlandMEUSAUnknown10 secondsVery Bright Aqua Blue Light in Shape of Cone.1/16/14
11/22/13 22:40New Port RicheyFLUSAUnknown6 secondsOrange dim dark lights 1 on each side. Invisible craft. Seemed to be trailing a plane then vanishes into clouds. Very close and no soun12/2/13
11/22/13 21:22PembertonNJUSAUnknown30 secondsBright red spheres flying in formation over Pemberton, N.J., Burlington County.12/2/13
11/22/13 06:50BremertonWAUSAUnknown20 minutesLooked at first like a star then shot sparks out of sides then turned into a red star and then flew away leaving a trail of blue smoke.12/2/13
11/21/13 21:10EverettWAUSAUnknown30 secondsMassive craft slowly moving away from my position.12/2/13
11/21/13 20:25ColumbiaSCUSAUnknownBig bright red and orange unknown shaped object hubbering in one spot in the sky for about 5 min then moved vely slowly to the right an12/2/13
11/21/13 16:00BoiseIDUSAUnknown2 red lights blinking in the night sky.12/2/13
11/20/13 21:30TemplePAUSAUnknownSeconds6-10 white lights in a V formation flying south at hight speed.12/2/13
11/19/13 19:00Santa FeNMUSAUnknown10 minutesThree red lights in horizontal formation.12/2/13
11/17/13 09:00ClarkstonMIUSAUnknown9:00-3:00No ufo it was flashing lights.12/2/13
11/16/13 23:55JacksonvilleFLUSAUnknown3 minutesThree lights were coming together and then the left and right vanished. middle light stayed a moment before vanishing too.11/20/13
11/16/13 21:43BladenNEUSAUnknown~30 secondsLooked like a spotlight was turned on in a round object like an ornament.11/20/13
11/16/13 19:30WatervilleNYUSAUnknown10 minutesEXTREMELY BRIGHT AND HUGE LIGHT OVER WATERVILLE, NY11/20/13
11/16/13 06:00YorktownVAUSAUnknownunkownTraveling across Coleman Bridge from N to S around 6:30 EST, saw a band of orange yellow lights hovering around 300 to 600 feet.11/20/13
11/15/13 22:30SyossetNYUSAUnknown17 minutes5 objects of an amber/orange color moving together from west to east at low altitude.11/20/13
11/15/13 21:25Wisconsin DellsWIUSAUnknown1 minuteTriangle shaped lights going in sequence.11/20/13
11/15/13 19:30PilotVAUSAUnknown2 hoursWhite and Orangeish lights flying and osillating in the sky over Roanoke Va.also blue orbs12/2/13
11/15/13 18:53MillisMAUSAUnknown1.5 minutesRed light moves an impossible patterns stops and vanishes moments later.11/20/13
11/15/13 16:00Oxon HillMDUSAUnknown15 minutesDidnt anyone else see the slow moving black object gliding over the DMV?????12/2/13
11/15/13 06:15OmahaNEUSAUnknown>30 secondsHarmonic projection appeared as two units on street as glimmering objects that moved at a high rate of speed and disappeared as I ca11/12/15
11/13/13 18:40StaffordVAUSAUnknownOngoingFast moving object flies over my house and vibrates it b4 shooting up in the sky.11/20/13
11/12/13 21:58OmroWIUSAUnknown20 secondsLights in a horizontal line in south sky east of Omro, WI.11/20/13
11/12/13 21:15Santa FeNMUSAUnknown7 minutesMultiple orange lights ascending then disappearing at a consistent altitude.11/20/13
11/12/13 01:15GroveportOHUSAUnknown5-7 minutesPulsating beam of light with colors changing, intermittenet buzzing loud noise.11/20/13
11/11/13 22:30Hillston (NSW)(Australia)AustraliaUnknown15 minutesBright star-like light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD))11/11/13
11/10/13 00:00SterlingVAUSAUnknownhoursLarge flashing lights in sky that seemed cohesive but stationary- red, blue, white flashes. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))11/11/13
11/9/13 20:40Hanover/WeymouthMAUSAUnknown25 minutesCrazy lights.11/11/13
11/9/13 10:20ClearwaterFLUSAUnknown11:00Long hovering sound.11/11/13
11/8/13 23:00FairbanksAKUSAUnknownSaw bright orange and blue lights above on civilian side of birch hill while at viewing spot with friends.12/12/13
11/7/13 16:26Fair LawnNJUSAUnknownA few secondsNo Sound Saw four Lights as Driving down 208N11/11/13
11/6/13 22:26PlanoTXUSAUnknown10 secondsOne hazy, glowing sideways diamond split into 2 smaller diamonds no noise at all.11/11/13
11/6/13 19:00Raymore/Pleasant HillMOUSAUnknown15 minutesFootball stadium lighted craft spotting at night in Cass County Missour,i but not confirmed.11/11/13
11/4/13 20:04EscondidoCAUSAUnknown8 minutesSaw a craft ejecting red flares over the night sky in Southern California11/11/13
11/4/13 19:54North Topsail BeachNCUSAUnknown3-4 minutesOrange lights over the ocean then disappearing and reappearing multiple times11/11/13
11/4/13 18:03JacksonMSUSAUnknown4-5 minutes4 fast crafts going different directions coming and going to a floating orb11/11/13
11/3/13 01:09MantecaCAUSAUnknowncurrentlyFloating ball of light making rapid movement in the sky with little faint lights moving around it. Happening right now.11/11/13
10/31/13 21:03ArcanumOHUSAUnknown10-15 secondsLoud stationary noise and lights.11/11/13
10/30/13 19:30MechanicsvilleVAUSAUnknown1 minuteVery loud craft with two vertical neon green circles.11/11/13
10/30/13 14:00St. PaulMNUSAUnknownI actually got photos that i never seen with my naked eye but somehow captue with my camera.11/11/13
10/29/13 22:00Camp Verde (south of)AZUSAUnknown2 minutesBrilliant white sputtering oval nodding side to side around 800' above highway.11/11/13
10/29/13 20:00ManisteeMIUSAUnknown10 minutesLarge, low flying object spotted in Onekama, Manistee and Ludington by many residents on Tuesday 10-29-2013 at 8pm.11/11/13
10/29/13 07:28Fort LauderdaleFLUSAUnknown2 minutesVery slow object.11/11/13
10/28/13 22:00DavieFLUSAUnknown5 minutesFireball in the sky that dissipated after a few minutes.11/11/13
10/26/13 21:30OlatheKSUSAUnknownOngoingtwo objects spotted in night sky over Olathe, KS with eratic flight patterns11/11/13
10/25/13 20:00MorrisILUSAUnknown30-40 minutesufos over i80 between morris and bolingbrook illinois.11/11/13
10/25/13 08:15WellingtonCOUSAUnknown45+ minutesRed, white and blue flashing lights in the Northern sky above Wellington, Colorado.11/11/13
10/23/13 21:30WashingtonNCUSAUnknown10 minutesLoud vibrating low hum.11/11/13
10/23/13 20:00MitchellSDUSAUnknown20 minutesSaw lights in the sky that would turn on and off and split.11/20/15
10/23/13 17:00KermanCAUSAUnknown5 minutesClear slow moving whatever.10/29/15
10/22/13 21:00AuburnCAUSAUnknown<1 minuteLighted object flying fast and low overhead with no sound.10/23/13
10/22/13 20:55Cedar CityUTUSAUnknown7 secondsNoiseless, extremely fast pair of lights.11/11/13
10/22/13 19:28KensingtonNHUSAUnknown5 secondsThe craft moved quickly then hovered, then went out of sight in seconds.10/23/13
10/21/13 06:36MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknown10 secondsI was pulling into work at 6:36am and a bright blue light lit up the sky. There were many clouds and this light was behind them. It f10/23/13
10/20/13 14:00NaplesFLUSAUnknown45 minutesObject moving different directions flashing a powerful bright light then joined by another identical object10/23/13
10/19/13 20:15Aubrey/FriscoTXUSAUnknown20 minutesBright Light in Southern Sky Over Frisco, Texas10/23/13
10/19/13 20:10SwanseaILUSAUnknown5-7 minutesLights in the clear night sky over Swansea Illinois.10/23/13
10/19/13 00:20Virginia BeachVAUSAUnknown5 seconds2 fast helicopters chasing themselves or something.10/23/13
10/18/13 19:45ClarksvilleTNUSAUnknown45 secondsBlue and Red color changing light Strange movements inconsistent with Conventional A/C10/23/13
10/18/13 19:19Heer (Belgium)BelgiumUnknown30 secondsLights going slow to fast.10/23/13
10/18/13 19:15Pinecrest/SonoraCAUSAUnknown45 minutesSmaller blinking red object to my left of the bright white light with a round red ball like object following below.10/23/13
10/17/13 08:17Palm HarborFLUSAUnknown~45 minutesStrange starlike object seen in southwestern florida sky, with dim object directly beneath.10/23/13
10/16/13 19:30Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown10 minutesFlashing lights that turned into a steady burning ball and then vanished.10/23/13
10/15/13 19:35BrigantineNJUSAUnknown90 secondsOrange light craft not defined moved slowly almost hovering at time then disappeared quickly.10/23/13
10/15/13 14:45BowdoinhamMEUSAUnknown30 minutesOne brightly blue, red white condensed light moving silently and too slowly to be a plane moving north then west.10/23/13
10/14/13 22:00Watchung area (I believe)NJUSAUnknownso far...40 minsVertical column of 3 pulsating lights that change color. To the left of Orion's belt looking east from Warren.10/23/13
10/14/13 19:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknown19:05Didnt look Friendly thats all I can say.10/3/14
10/13/13 20:45GoblesMIUSAUnknown3 minutesBright light that stayed put then streaked away suddenly10/14/13
10/13/13 20:30RaymondOHUSAUnknown10 minutesUFO, all sorts of colored lights10/14/13
10/13/13 20:00SanfordFLUSAUnknown15 minutes5 orange glowing objects in sky moving faster than commercial jets10/23/13
10/13/13 02:59Salt Lake CityUTUSAUnknown5 secondsBright flash in the sky followed by a distant explosion about 3 seconds later. It was not lightning. It was not a stormy night and ther10/14/13
10/12/13 21:45SpringboroOHUSAUnknown30 secondsHigh altitude orb of ligh breaks into four, which move around laterally, join back together and disappear.10/23/13
10/12/13 21:00SpringboroOHUSAUnknown<1 minuteGlowing orbs flickering and changing configuration.10/14/13
10/12/13 03:08AustinTXUSAUnknownRecorded 17 secondsGold hazy "being" hovering (like standing on edge of craft) while over apt building in NW Austin - amber lights on edges.10/23/13
10/11/13 20:00SaginawMIUSAUnknown4 orange bright lights close together that can speed up and slow down quickly, our aircraft cannot.10/23/13
10/11/13 19:00LawrenceKSUSAUnknown2-4 minutesSilent blue and white lights of craft object change color, approach myself and boyfriend, before changing into buzzing, everyday plane10/14/13
10/9/13 18:45ClearwaterFLUSAUnknown2 minutesWent outside in backyard looked up saw a beautiful color green and red object flying in the sky about 5 miles out it flew erratically.11/11/13
10/9/13 00:15TempeAZUSAUnknown10 minutesAscending lights seen over east valley.10/14/13
10/8/13 19:45MontgomeryILUSAUnknown3 minutesStrange orbital object changes direction multiple times.10/14/13
10/7/13 20:30AustinTXUSAUnknown4 minutesUFO over north austin west to east no sound 300 mph 5000 ft and turned off light over east o pflugerville.10/14/13
10/7/13 20:20UvaldeTXUSAUnknown30 secondsOne minute after watching the space station I witnessed two different UFOs.10/14/13
10/6/13 21:56CanyonvilleORUSAUnknown1 hour3 lighted spacecrafts that formed Triangular shape & ascended straight up into the sky, moving at unbelievable speed.10/14/13
10/6/13 21:00Lake PlacidFLUSAUnknown<1 secondDamn I wish I had been reording the sky.10/14/13
10/6/13 00:00Picardie (France)FranceUnknownongoingim aint a ufo guy, but there is a alluminated patch of light witch keeps moving lEft then right. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/14/13
10/5/13 12:15ClarkWYUSAUnknown2 minutes6 Invisible objects con trails only. ((NUFORC Note: They look like normal contrails to us. Can see trace of plane, we believe. PD))10/14/13
10/5/13 04:00PinetopsNCUSAUnknown15 minutesReally strange noises heard.10/14/13
10/5/13 03:30OcalaFLUSAUnknownmorningSpinning rainbows light they fly unlike any manmade aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/14/13
10/5/13 02:55AnchorageAKUSAUnknown30 secondsWeird occurrence over Anchorage10/14/13
10/4/13 19:00WestministerMDUSAUnknown8 minutesI did take a picture with my phone, could have been a meteor.10/14/13
10/1/13 23:30ArlingtonWIUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange Green/Purple and Orange Dancing Lights Above Farm Field.10/3/13
10/1/13 22:10White LakeMIUSAUnknown15 minutesTwo seperate objects far off, with a white light that turned off an on every four or five minutes then disappeared.10/3/13
10/1/13 19:15ThibodauxLAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery bright white lights 4 all together moving from southeast to west flying low no noise.10/3/13
10/1/13 12:30PittsburghPAUSAUnknown1 minuteDriving across the Glenfied Bridge, northbound, saw an odd shape as i was looking southeast down the Ohio. It wasn't a plane. It wa10/14/13
10/1/13 12:30PittsburghPAUSAUnknownI'm conflicted. I had another sighting, and I was challenged by you of filing a false report. ((NUFORC Note: See comment below. PD)10/14/13
9/30/13 22:30Glen GardnerNJUSAUnknown20 minutesStat. obj. high in the sky that had rapidly flashing lights - colors were distinct. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Arcturus. PD))10/3/13
9/30/13 20:10ThurmontMDUSAUnknown4 minutesHuge Craft with several lights moves over Northern Frederick County.10/3/13
9/30/13 12:00North Harringay (UK/England)United KingdomUnknownUnknownThe Thing that landed in the United Kingdom.10/14/13
9/29/13 20:00San ClementeCAUSAUnknownhoursBright, white/orange light hovers over ocean9/30/13
9/28/13 21:00SedonaAZUSAUnknown1 hourflahsing red green and yellow, strobing white lights.9/30/13
9/28/13 20:00TollandCTUSAUnknown2 minFlame like things coming from slow moving object coming down from sky9/30/13
9/28/13 19:15GlendaleAZUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO sighting over Glendale, AZ, on 9/28/2013 (150 orange objects). ((NUFORC Note: Report from ret. AZ Hwy. Patrol officer. PD))9/30/13
9/27/13 21:20Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown4 secondsTriangular shaped dark orange light. Very large in the direction of the ocean.9/30/13
9/27/13 20:00Royal City (north of)WAUSAUnknown10 minutesDozen Orange Orb Lights in Central Washington State9/30/13
9/27/13 12:45FlintMIUSAUnknown5 secondsDriving down ballanger to vanslyke about to go over the tracks i catch a blue turquoise color ball out the corner of my eyes as soon a10/3/13
9/27/13 11:00FranklinINUSAUnknown2 secondsWe saw a bust of light then a fast streak across the sky.9/30/13
9/27/13 00:05Bristol (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30 secondsConstant white light over bristol (uk) with right angle returns9/30/13
9/26/13 20:55AlamedaCAUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo red-lighted objects with red lights flowing down from them spotted over San Francisco Bay.9/30/13
9/26/13 20:20Denver/AuroraCOUSAUnknown15 secondsStar-like lights moved together over Air Force base in a V formation, then suddenly began to separate and then just go dark.9/30/13
9/25/13 20:30BlaineMNUSAUnknown4 minutes4 large very bright objects seen flying over blaine over the course of 4 min.9/30/13
9/24/13 20:45LonsdaleARUSAUnknown20 minutesIt came and left shortly after.6/4/14
9/24/13 19:45MokenaILUSAUnknown15-20 minutesBright Light observed for 15 minutes SW sky near Mokena Illinois.9/30/13
9/24/13 07:40Elk NeckMDUSAUnknown7 secondsStrange object in sky disappears.9/30/13
9/23/13 21:30RochesterNYUSAUnknown30+Stationary obj. with multicolored strobes observed approximately 45 deg. above horizon. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Arcturus? PD))9/30/13
9/23/13 02:00AldenILUSAUnknown7 minutesAuditory phenomena of unknown origin repeated at same time at two week interval.10/14/13
9/22/13 21:25HealdsburgCAUSAUnknown2 minutesThis was a startling experience for both of us!9/30/13
9/22/13 19:20CanterburyNHUSAUnknown3-5 secondsBlue-Green Object Streaking Through the Sky11/11/13
9/22/13 02:30AmherstMAUSAUnknown1 hourFlashing Lights, Changing colors, Amherst9/30/13
9/21/13 22:30Timmins (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown15 minuteUfo was seen heading in south direction, stopped and paused for minute or two, turned 90 degree and move right a few thousand feet with9/30/13
9/21/13 21:30Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown30-40 minutesBright top shaped light spinning very rapidly flashing green, blue and red.9/30/13
9/21/13 21:00CelinaOHUSAUnknown20 minutesIncredible light over Grand Lake9/30/13
9/21/13 19:00Rio RanchoNMUSAUnknown25 minutesUnmoving pure white light turned to orange then faded over Rio Rancho. ((NUFORC Note: Helium-filled balloon at high altitude. PD))9/30/13
9/20/13 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown3 secondsSomething fell to earth in new mexico last night, craft like.9/30/13
9/20/13 22:30WhitesburgTNUSAUnknown10 minutesNumerous red "dots" moving South to North.9/30/13
9/20/13 03:45MilwaukeeWIUSAUnknownUnextraorindinay discovery. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of a celestial body? PD))9/30/13
9/18/13 23:00Bullhead CityAZUSAUnknown25 minutesSpotted from Bullhead city az craft in north eastern sky hovering at around 30000 feet 30 min so far.9/30/13
9/17/13 21:34AkronOHUSAUnknown7 secondsI was driving home from and and looked up at the night sky. I saw one really sparkly object that left a really long white trail. As soo9/30/13
9/16/13 23:00San DiegoCAUSAUnknown6 secondsAround 11:18 pm I Saw a bright object hurdle down from sky. I Initially dismissed it as a shooting star, until bright blue, pink and i9/30/13
9/16/13 21:00Fergus FallsMNUSAUnknown1 hourAm still observing this flashing lights of red , blue , orange is quite a distance away as with my binoculars I can st9/30/13
9/16/13 10:55CromwellCTUSAUnknown10 minutesFlickering blue light and other unknown colors. looks like its above rocky hill or in that direction9/30/13
9/15/13 22:23Miami BeachFLUSAUnknown46 secondsStrange light moving in the night sky over Miami.10/29/15
9/15/13 21:00ManchacLAUSAUnknown25 minutesBlinding hovering light on the manchac bridge, and it wasn't a helicopter.1/16/14
9/14/13 23:45ClevelandOHUSAUnknown30-40 minutesI saw a bright light that looked like a star that began to circle the sky with two white lights and one red light flashing.9/30/13
9/14/13 12:00FrankfortKYUSAUnknown30 secondsI was just sitting on my porch when I saw these ufos they where white circles forming a triangle that's all I seen9/30/13
9/14/13 07:01SurpriseAZUSAUnknown1 secondFast moving object with what appear to be windows and some other exterior features.9/30/13
9/13/13 21:45North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown1 minute (approx)Fiery looking object, no sound, moved slowly at first then more rapidly and disappeared in the clouds.9/30/13
9/11/13 17:15AuburnWAUSAUnknown15 minutesStar like light on clear sunny day moving north to south changing from bright to almost invisible repeatedly.9/30/13
9/11/13 10:45CupertinoCAUSAUnknown20 secondsRed loud ufo, another big white light appeared in front of it then disappeared all Recorded for prove9/30/13
9/11/13 09:00Gatineau (Canada)QCCanadaUnknownstill happeningThe whole sky has flashes all over not one place.9/30/13
9/10/13 23:00Edmonton (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown15 secondsBlue streak in night sky9/30/13
9/10/13 22:15Eau ClaireWIUSAUnknown30 minutesOrange lights appear over Eau Claire, WI on September 10, 2013.9/30/13
9/10/13 20:00Pine Mountain ClubCAUSAUnknown30 secondsCircle of light in the night sky that shrank down to a small light that then disappeared into the heavens.9/30/13
9/9/13 13:10Calmar (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown45-90 secondsFastest dot I have ever seen in the sky!9/9/13
9/9/13 12:00Star TanneryVAUSAUnknownUnkObject seen in photo after it was taken and photo turned 180% to look closer. ((NUFORC Note: Twig or leaf on water? PD))10/3/13
9/9/13 03:00StruthersOHUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw a routaing line of stares that seemed to forces it self out of focus if i looked at it for more them a second or two.9/9/13
9/9/13 00:15NorfolkVAUSAUnknownSplit secondTwo or three lights shoot across sky over naval base!9/30/13
9/8/13 21:11Thunder Bay (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesbringing dogs outside with freind looked up toward lake suprior toward sleeping giant seen four yellow spere lights then they were in9/9/13
9/8/13 06:15KilleenTXUSAUnknown30 minutes still goingColorful object hovering over Killeen Texas.9/9/13
9/7/13 23:30PiscatawayNJUSAUnknown3 minutesGlowing orange light in the night sky.9/9/13
9/7/13 21:27CummingGAUSAUnknown90 secondsSaw 3 bright orange lights about 30 seconds apart in the same flight pattern.9/9/13
9/6/13 20:00HemetCAUSAUnknown15 minutesClear view very high altitude erratic light traveled in circular & short/long bursts, many stops/pauses.9/9/13
9/6/13 02:00LincolnNEUSAUnknown45 minutesRound bright white light, moving slowly and effortlessly to the west, hovered in one area for 45min left in opposite direction.9/9/13
9/5/13 22:00PittsburghPAUSAUnknown1 minuteThree amber lights were moving slowly across the night sky of Pittsburgh a little before 10PM.9/9/13
9/5/13 21:00HaydenALUSAUnknown5 minutesApprox. 21:00 hrs seen two lights very close together with lights(white&red) blinking left to right in odd sequence unknown shape.9/9/13
9/5/13 18:00GilbertAZUSAUnknown5 secondsTiny cluster of white orbs one by one quickly appearing a disappearing. So close together it may have looked like one object.9/9/13
9/4/13 23:00GainesvilleGAUSAUnknown5 minutesTwo green lights in gainesville. two witness.9/9/13
9/3/13 22:00Slippery RockPAUSAUnknownno endPulsating green and red lights. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star?? PD))9/9/13
9/2/13 19:18HolyokeMAUSAUnknown3 minutes5 unidentified lights travel through the night sky.9/9/13
9/2/13 17:00SeatacWAUSAUnknown3 minutesThe UFO flew so high it was hard to see. It was fast and zigged, looking asterisk-like. It may have searched for signal source.1/30/14
9/1/13 22:35StatesvilleNCUSAUnknown3UFO Spotted In Statesville 9/01/13.9/9/13
9/1/13 21:33ZanesvilleOHUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo Unknown Silent Aircraft With Reddish Orange Light Observed Over Zanesville, Ohio.9/9/13
9/1/13 19:30WorthingtonOHUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange fire balls /fire ball craft9/30/13
8/31/13 23:02LoganvilleGAUSAUnknown8 minutesLights looked like constellation of stars, turned into 7 orange lights trailing9/9/13
8/31/13 21:45Campbell River (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown15 minutessMultiple orange lights9/9/13
8/29/13 22:00Big BendWIUSAUnknown~5 minutesUnidentified Lights between Mukwonago & Big Bend, WI.8/30/13
8/29/13 19:16TorranceCAUSAUnknown13 minutesLarge Bright object over the sea CA.9/9/13
8/27/13 22:00WinstedCTUSAUnknown5 minutesThree reddish crafts hovering and then disappear.8/30/13
8/27/13 01:05AshgroveMOUSAUnknown20 minutesLights in my window.8/30/13
8/24/13WashingtonNCUSAUnknown15-25Nobody's saying we saw ET, just want an explanation.8/30/13
8/23/13 22:30ElktonMDUSAUnknownunsureI was going outside on our patio this night to have a smoke as i wasn't able to sleep I saw these strange orange/yellow light in the sk9/9/13
8/23/13 20:30New BedfordMAUSAUnknown5 minutesBright changing red and white light hovering.8/30/13
8/23/13 18:15Eleven Mile CornerAZUSAUnknown15-20 secondsObserved large, shimmering, translucent shape in daylight sky over Arizona.8/30/13
8/23/13 09:58TorringtonCTUSAUnknown30 secondsStar-like light moving at a very slow speed in a straight line8/30/13
8/22/13 23:00LehiUTUSAUnknown2-3 minutes2 UFO's Over Lehi, Utah.8/30/13
8/22/13 22:30NaplesFLUSAUnknown5 minutesRed light no engine sound heard hovering over tree tops.8/30/13
8/22/13 20:45Pemberton/Fort DixNJUSAUnknown2 minutes?I saw multiple unidentified lighted Objects in the sky.8/30/13
8/22/13 03:00HinesvilleGAUSAUnknown1.00Sounds, House Compression, Electrical Activity.8/30/13
8/22/13 03:00SlingerlandsNYUSAUnknown3 minutesUFO.3/21/14
8/17/13 22:15St. ClairMIUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo unusual Orange colored lights.10/14/13
8/17/13 22:10Fort WayneINUSAUnknown5-10 minutesOrange/yellow lights in formation moving Fort Wayne indiana8/30/13
8/17/13 20:43PhoenixvillePAUSAUnknown5 minutesObserved strange object in night sky three evenings in a row, flying in zigzag pattern, hovering then retreating.8/30/13
8/17/13 20:30EvansvilleINUSAUnknown10-15 minutes15 to 20 red/orange glowing objects soundlessly following one another across sky from NW to NE, a few seconds to a minute apart8/30/13
8/15/13 21:30MaryvilleTNUSAUnknown2 minutesSaw a large mass moving sporadically with white and red (inconsistent) blinking lights and a humming sounds in waves.8/30/13
8/15/13 20:31Freiburg (Germany)GermanyUnknown1 minuteVery bright large flying object moving very fast without any jet contrails in a clear sky8/30/13
8/15/13 04:40North EastMDUSAUnknown15 secondsThey remained stationary as the flashed.8/30/13
8/13/13 12:00RepublicWAUSAUnknownproceeding stillThe spotting was unusual and ironic. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star, we suspect. PD))8/30/13
8/13/13 02:30McHenryILUSAUnknown~1 minutePulses of steady white light, 10 seconds apart, 10-15 degrees covered in 1 minute.8/30/13
8/13/13 02:00FitchburgMAUSAUnknown1.5 hoursLoud pulsating humming sound hovering over my house.8/30/13
8/12/13 23:00Fort Nelson (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown2 minutesLow, slow, silent craft lights in diamond shape 3 bright white 1 bright red no flashing seen at night8/30/13
8/12/13 00:00SanibelFLUSAUnknown30 minutesIt was a reddish orange flickering light that appeared to be from a hovering aircraft along the edge of a storm cloud.8/30/13
8/11/13 12:00MilfordCTUSAUnknown3 minutesThought it was a plane. it slowed down to near stop then began to circle for a while. when a plane from another direction approached it8/30/13
8/8/13 22:45Penetanguishene (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2-5At approximately 23:45 hours EST, two adults (male and female) witnessed either 2 separate lights or a single craft with a light in fro8/30/13
8/8/13 22:00BelmontNHUSAUnknown4 minutesTwo orange dot moving across the night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Japanese HTV-4 craft flying close to the ISS. PD))8/30/13
8/8/13 21:04Woodville (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownMinuteObject following the International Space Station. ((NUFORC Note: Japanese HTV-4 craft flying close to eht ISS. PD))8/30/13
8/7/13 12:15Desert CenterCAUSAUnknown20.00.002 air crafts moving from north to south not too fast I couldn't tell what shape they were but they were definitely on identifiable I wo8/30/13
8/7/13 10:15EverettWAUSAUnknown2 minutesWitnessed and bright white light floating along in the night sky, no noise at all. Second sighting in a couple days8/30/13
8/7/13 02:00Lassen National ForestCAUSAUnknown>1 hourChased in our car by many lights.2/14/14
8/6/13 23:30AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown3 minutesRed and green lights of different sizes pulsating then "turning" upside down and moving direction rapidly on I40 at Wyoming e8/30/13
8/5/13 22:00Grand MaraisMNUSAUnknown30 secondsEarly August 2013 Near Eagle Mountain of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Northern Minnesota Around 10 p.m. CDT At a camp site, I l2/7/14
8/5/13 04:40WindsorCTUSAUnknown1 minuteRed flashing light in sky above Windsor Connecticut8/30/13
8/5/13 00:00PhoenixvillePAUSAUnknown30-60 secondsBright light in the sky over Phoenixville8/30/13
8/3/13 17:15Boynton BeachFLUSAUnknown10 minutesCircular cloud. ((NUFORC Note: Possible thermal rising into solid cloud. PD))6/24/14
8/3/13 04:00SuffolkNYUSAUnknownFew secondsThis is some shit you cant make up... I saw a beam of light come out of a star, It beamed at another star which then Went into the o8/30/13
8/3/13 03:30Maple Ridge (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown~20-30 minutesBeams of light shooting in random directions coming from an unknown small orb.1/10/14
8/2/13 22:30WilliamstonSCUSAUnknownongoingConsistent pattern of flashing light behind the clouds (on a clear night)8/30/13
8/2/13 22:00NelsonvilleOHUSAUnknownBriefTriangular light formation over highway in Nelsonville, Ohio8/30/13
8/1/13 20:00Cathedral CityCAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright multi-colored flashing UFO seen above the mountains of Palm Springs, California in August, 2013.11/20/13
8/1/13 14:00Vero BeachFLUSAUnknownThe object I photographed was not noticed until I downloaded. The picture was of a vulture at an approximate altitude of 3,000 ft.3/18/14
8/1/13 00:30ShermanCTUSAUnknown30 secondsUnknown craft taunts airplane in night sky8/30/13
7/30/13 21:30SelahWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBluish-green light with smaller red light makes a zigzagging pattern over Selah, WA, stopping entirely a few times.8/30/13
7/30/13 21:00North EastPAUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange thing walked out of woods, I followed it and it just vanished.8/30/13
7/29/13 21:00CalaisVTUSAUnknown4 minutesQuiet bright orange object in the sky--maybe a balloon, but rather late to be floating about and it was a windy evening.8/30/13
7/26/13 23:23EugeneORUSAUnknownfew secondsStar like white light/ moves across sky and disapears8/30/13
7/26/13 20:50West ChesterPAUSAUnknown12 minutesTwo, all-black objects flying slowing without lights, sound, or change in altitude for 12+ minutes8/30/13
7/26/13 03:00FrankfortKYUSAUnknown1 minuteWoken up by a loud sonic explosion in middle of night8/30/13
7/25/13 02:43Point PleasantWVUSAUnknown10 minutesOdd lights in the sky around Point Pleasant WV.8/30/13
7/23/13 16:00CantonOHUSAUnknown5 secondsSmall metallic object seen high in the sky for about 5 seconds and then disappeared.9/9/13
7/20/13 23:00TerryvilleCTUSAUnknown10 minutes8 large bright orange fire balls with no sound following the same path one after another.7/22/13
7/18/13 22:32PlattevilleWIUSAUnknown5 minutesFading light moving along the sky over Grant County, Wisconsin.7/22/13
7/18/13 21:30BuffaloNYUSAUnknown20-30 secondsI saw a yellow-orange, spherical glowing light in the early evening sky, moving horizontally at first and then changing direction.7/22/13
7/18/13 03:00Fort LauderdaleFLUSAUnknown2 minutesFlickering amber light and constant noise.7/22/13
7/16/13 23:35Bainbridge IslandWAUSAUnknown10 minutesBright illuminated white clouds at night7/22/13
7/16/13 22:55W. SacramentoCAUSAUnknown30 secondsPossible satellite - white light that flares up and then always blacks out. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium, or satellite? PD))7/22/13
7/16/13 21:45Mission ViejoCAUSAUnknown10 minutesUFO over Mission Viejo, CA on July 16, 2013.8/23/19
7/16/13 19:40SparksNVUSAUnknown3 minutesTwenty or so little white balls in the sky flying around together. Too high for birds to fly.7/22/13
7/15/13 22:00IvylandPAUSAUnknown20 secondsPulse Engine Satellite??12/19/19
7/15/13 07:00TaftCAUSAUnknown45 minutesReflective pyrimid shaped object hovering and rotating for 30 min. heading NW very slowly.7/22/13
7/14/13 23:40Fort MyersFLUSAUnknown5 secondsBright Green Flash of Light over SW Florida July 14th, 2013 at 11:30PM.7/22/13
7/14/13 22:25ShawanoWIUSAUnknown10 minutesI observed a very fast moving object traveling northernly direction heading towards Lake Superior . It was very bright and very high7/22/13
7/14/13 00:00Boca RatonFLUSAUnknown10 minutesWitnessed 9 glowing orbs traveling south to north in West Boca Raton, Florida just after midnight on July 14, 2013. The first 4 seemed7/14/13
7/13/13 21:45FlorenceKYUSAUnknown10 minutesSeveral bright lights above Florence, KY all moving in a uniform manner, circling the area.7/14/13
7/13/13 03:30Pocono LakePAUSAUnknown3 minutesRed/Orange lights over Pocono Lake, Pa.7/26/14
7/12/13 23:55MooresvilleNCUSAUnknown5 secondsExtremely bright light shot through the sky7/14/13
7/12/13 22:00W. SacramentoCAUSAUnknown10 secondsRed light traveling from North to South slowly. No sound. Visible for only 10 seconds. Thought it was a plane at first but it blacked o7/14/13
7/10/13 22:35MinoaNYUSAUnknown10 minutesA dozen Amber lights flying in a line.7/14/13
7/8/13 00:00ReadingPAUSAUnknown10 minutesA single light source in the sky that alternated red,green, white, blue. Sometimes seemed to stand still but moved in an unusual manner7/14/13
7/7/13 22:10InglesideTXUSAUnknown2-3 minutesStrange object on fire going across the sky.1/24/14
7/7/13 21:50CharlestonWVUSAUnknown2 minutes2 bright lights seen flying over Charleston, WV.10/14/13
7/6/13 22:55Elizabethtown (north of)PAUSAUnknown15 secondsExtremely bright light north of Elizabethtown, PA.7/14/13
7/6/13 22:55DiamondOHUSAUnknown4 minutes4 red lights moving slowly.7/14/13
7/6/13 22:30HamptonVAUSAUnknown30 secondsAircraft that flys slow and dims it rather big dingy butter colored light ,slowist aircraft at 5-6000 feet ive seen.7/14/13
7/6/13 21:50Grove CityOHUSAUnknown1-2 minutesWhite lights over Grove City, Ohio7/14/13
7/6/13 21:45ColumbusOHUSAUnknown45 seconds4 glowing lights in sky7/14/13
7/6/13 01:00Horseshoe LakeARUSAUnknown2-3 minutesBright light in the sky8/30/13
7/5/13 23:00New SharonMEUSAUnknown5 minutesCircular object with three lights underneath, Rt #2 New Sharon, Me.7/14/13
7/5/13 21:30W. SacramentoCAUSAUnknown1 minuteWhitish light from SE towards the NW that flares up for a second then always loses its reflection. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium? PD))7/14/13
7/5/13 00:20StrongsvilleOHUSAUnknown1 second.Single vibrant blue streak of light flies across the sky in one second in silence.7/14/13
7/4/13 23:00FairfieldCTUSAUnknown~2 minutesGlowing pinkish red object. Heading north and silent running.7/14/13
7/4/13 22:25SeattleWAUSAUnknown10 minutes A RED Light was seen over the Highland Park area of Seattle (((Drone?))).7/14/13
7/4/13 22:20Tiny (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown65 secondsHovering Craft with Orange/Red Lights Flickering All Over It7/5/13
7/4/13 22:18ConwayARUSAUnknown5 minutesFour solid orange UFO's flying over the night sky.7/14/13
7/4/13 22:00Fort WayneINUSAUnknown5 minutesDull reddish glow seen NE of Fort Wayne, IN.7/5/13
7/4/13 22:00NaugatuckCTUSAUnknown>1 minuteGlowing pinkish red object. Heading north and silent running.7/5/13
7/4/13 21:45WestminsterCOUSAUnknown4 minutes4 lights moving into each other then out again and circling.7/5/13
7/4/13 21:00StuartFLUSAUnknown3-5 minutesUnknown amber light in sky without any associated noise7/5/13
7/4/13 20:30TulsaOKUSAUnknown20 minutesTwo, orangish-red ufo's over downtown Tulsa, on the night of the 4th of July.7/14/13
7/4/13 14:30CromwellCTUSAUnknown10 minutesPulsating light in the northeast skies of Cromwell, CT7/5/13
7/4/13 02:40Sault Ste. MarieMIUSAUnknown3-4 minutesI looked up at the stars and noticed one was moving it continued moving away changing direction slightly before disappearing. It reappe7/5/13
7/3/13 21:00KermanCAUSAUnknown30 sec.Strange aircraft8/30/13
7/3/13 21:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown5-10 minutesOne large bright orange/yellowish light hovered pretty high above the horizon. Light had something fall from bottom which then turned i7/5/13
7/3/13 01:30BerkeleyCAUSAUnknown10-15 secondsStrange lights in the fog.7/14/13
7/3/13 00:00AlbanyORUSAUnknown5 minutesUnknown Lights7/5/13
7/1/13 23:35MissionSDUSAUnknown5 minutesA silent flaming disk traveling at a high rate of speed in the sky.7/3/13
6/30/13 23:00BozemanMTUSAUnknown3 minutesWhite flash, traveling light, bright white light.7/3/13
6/30/13 23:00LouisvilleKYUSAUnknown2-3 minutesA group of at least 100 lights in the sky on Sunday night, June 30, 2013 at 11 p.m.7/14/13
6/30/13 15:00Keswick (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown15-20 minutesBedroom Invasion.6/4/14
6/29/13 21:30KelseyvilleCAUSAUnknown10 minutesExtremely bright hovering light.7/3/13
6/28/13 22:20LakewoodCOUSAUnknownunknown3 bright white lights in the sky over Lakewood 80228.7/3/13
6/28/13 13:41Lincoln CountyKSUSAUnknownHour or MoreMassive, swirling cloud formation in circular pattern8/30/13
6/25/13 22:30PrestonCTUSAUnknown5 minutesBright Light in the Sky Moving and doing weird/crazy maneuvers.7/3/13
6/23/13 00:00IndianapolisINUSAUnknown4 minutesNOTE-This is based on what actually happened. The UFO explained, however, is real and the way it was seen is not changed in any way.7/3/13
6/22/13 23:00PeoriaAZUSAUnknown1 minuteUnexplainable loud noise.7/3/13
6/22/13 22:00LafayetteINUSAUnknown~2 minutes3 orange lights in a delta pattern, moving north, then north-east.8/30/13
6/22/13 22:00Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown1 minuteFast-moving white light.7/14/13
6/22/13 01:25WaxhawNCUSAUnknown10 secondsLarge star like flashing lights moving across the sky.7/3/13
6/21/13 22:25West SacramentoCAUSAUnknown30 secondsUnknown lighted or reflecting white-ish object traveling NW to SE, no sound,no red FAA required beacon lite7/3/13
6/21/13 01:15RolesvilleNCUSAUnknown5 secondsGreen blinking orb traveling at a very high rate of speed.7/3/13
6/20/13 22:00Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown15-20 secondsStrange moving bright lights.7/3/13
6/19/13 23:00FairmontWVUSAUnknown5-6 minutesBright white object moving west to east. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of the ISS?? PD))7/3/13
6/19/13 22:35West SacramentoCAUSAUnknown30 secondsReddish light traveling from NE to SW..silent then vanished 30 seconds later.7/3/13
6/18/13 14:30FayettevilleGAUSAUnknown5 secondsStrange luminous, transparent, oval/saucer shaped object with pink, orange, and yellow colors at 14:30 moving at incredible speed.7/3/13
6/16/13 16:00Arlington HeightsILUSAUnknown2 minutesBlack object flying toward clouds abruptly stop and then descend staight down and disappear.7/3/13
6/15/13 23:05GoshenKYUSAUnknown5 minutesFour single file red lights with no sound flying a litttle faster than commerical airlines.7/3/13
6/15/13 22:30DresserWIUSAUnknown25 minutesAt least 10 amber circular silent lights moving in the sky in rural area of Dresser, WI7/3/13
6/15/13 22:00WestlakeOHUSAUnknown4-7 minutesA few dozen, low-altitude lights flying silently in a loose formation in a south-to-north direction from inland to out over Lake Erie7/3/13
6/15/13 21:45SeattleWAUSAUnknown15 secondsObject with red and green lights hovered and then headed north disappearing from view in Fauntleroy neighborhood.7/3/13
6/15/13 21:00HugoMNUSAUnknown17-20 minutesOn 6/15/13 9 crafts appeared and surrounded us in Hugo Minnesota with sudden changes in lighting and directions at times.7/3/13
6/15/13 21:00CantonOHUSAUnknown3-4 minutesRedish orange orbs, 9 or 10 flying west to east high in sky, no sound7/3/13
6/14/13 21:20FirebaughCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesAppeared to be the size of a large UFO with 3 perfectly round bright white lights, flying 100' off of ground, very slow & silent.7/3/13
6/12/13 23:00Garden City BeachSCUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange light of unknown origin spotted flying along coastline at Garden City Beach, SC, on 6/12/13.7/3/13
6/11/13 22:15Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown3 secondsFast moving ufo with orange and white circles.7/3/13
6/11/13 22:00Oak IslandNCUSAUnknown30 minutesBlinking lights and orange orbs7/3/13
6/10/13 23:00SpringfieldOHUSAUnknown4 secondsSaw a giant green ball. If you held a basketball in your hands and held it up to the sky that is about how big it was1/14/18
6/9/13 21:03GoltsMDUSAUnknownGlowing effervescent light7/3/13
6/8/13 22:00Queen CreekAZUSAUnknown30 seconds12 or so flying objects at a high rate of speed appear to be stars flying in formation7/3/13
6/7/13 22:50Asdod (Israel)IsraelUnknown45 secondsRed light moving fast toward site point.No sound, no contrail visualised7/3/13
6/7/13 22:30McPhersonKSUSAUnknown3 minutesBlue, red, and purple lights shooting north.7/3/13
6/7/13 22:27Brisbane (Australia)AustraliaUnknown5 secondsFlash of light in the night sky followed by a second very bright flash just seconds afterwards. The flash lasted only a second or two.7/14/13
6/6/13 19:45GrantsburgWIUSAUnknown3 minutesFlying wedge or flying V. Slow moving and huge.7/3/13
6/6/13 00:00BothellWAUSAUnknown2 minutesWobbly white light north of Seattle, WA.7/3/13
6/5/13 05:45Mississauga (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown30 secondsWhite lights in the morning sky over Lake Ontario.7/3/13
6/5/13 01:15NewingtonCTUSAUnknown10 secondsBright solid white and blue orb over Newington.7/3/13
6/4/13 23:23Sedro WooleyWAUSAUnknown2 minutesBright yellow/white low flying large, silent object that changes course quickly and smoothly. No navigation lights flashing.7/3/13
6/2/13 23:30WestlandMIUSAUnknown10 minutesThree red glowing objects7/3/13
6/1/13 23:30ManyILUSAUnknownHoursStrange items on weather radar.6/2/13
6/1/13 21:45SacramentoCAUSAUnknown2-3 minutes20-30 orange/red lights flying over freeway7/3/13
6/1/13 09:30PaloIAUSAUnknownon-goingBright yellow, red, and green lights, weirdly changed to all white, these lights were hovering in mid-air.6/2/13
6/1/13 03:00VernalUTUSAUnknown24 hoursBlue orb that changed into a floating alien being that then descended into a bright blue craft that shot off into the night sky. Earlie3/14/19
5/31/13 22:00Hudson BendTXUSAUnknown30 minutesWe we saw was unexplainable, but amazing and scary at the same time.6/2/13
5/30/13 23:00PortlandORUSAUnknown30 secondsLight seen in northern sky, did not behave like an aircraft, then disappeared. Happened twice.7/3/13
5/30/13 22:35Tunkhannock (Lake Carey)PAUSAUnknown30 secondsStrange Three Tone Sound, above home and lake, Tv and Security monitors dim and power outage.6/2/13
5/30/13 21:55NottinghamMDUSAUnknown2 minutesThere was no tail to the objects and they were all moving in unison wi th each other.6/2/13
5/30/13 21:55NottinghamMDUSAUnknown2 minutesThere was no tail to the objects and they were all moving in unison wi th each other,6/2/13
5/29/13 21:30LillingtonNCUSAUnknown3 secondsBrilliant rear illumination as if there was a side by side Solar eclipse. Sound was like a turbo prop but speed was incredible.6/2/13
5/29/13 20:47ChapticoMDUSAUnknown45 secondsSaw black speck high in the clear sky which moved in a different direction, hovered, and then disappeared.6/2/13
5/27/13 21:00AllentownPAUSAUnknown5-8 minutesTwo bright orange lights appeared from over a mountain South then hovered for about 2 minutes the disappeared East6/2/13
5/25/13 22:00PortvilleNYUSAUnknown15 minutesOrange/Red flickering objects in the night sky above western NY6/2/13
5/25/13 03:30New Westminster (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown15 seconds (?)Odd moving bright light over New westminster6/2/13
5/24/13 08:15Plant CityFLUSAUnknown4 minutesI was traveling souh on turkey creek road between 92 and Sydney and noticed a missile type of object Bursting through a top of a large6/2/13
5/23/13 23:00ColumbusGAUSAUnknown60 secondsBright amber lights travelling toward airport and army base6/2/13
5/23/13 17:06Los AngelesCAUSAUnknownfew secondsStrange directional "swoosh" sound in the sky near LAX draws attention of 3 witnesses to look up at an empty sky.1/10/14
5/18/13 23:00LansingMIUSAUnknownnightBall of light that looked like it was coming in and out of the sky, don't know how to explain it!!!!6/2/13
5/18/13 22:30SummerfieldNCUSAUnknownSeveral minutesThere were several lights floating in the sky moving in the same direction.6/2/13
5/18/13 21:01ChestertonINUSAUnknown2 minutesThere were about 7 lights in a circle, they were red and white, they were flying in a circle, and disappeared into the clouds6/2/13
5/18/13 18:21Quito (Ecuador)EcuadorUnknown4-5 minutesThe outline and shape of the craft, disappearing behind the hotel.6/2/13
5/17/13 03:00McMinnvilleORUSAUnknown1 hourTwo objects shooting at each other in the sky6/2/13
5/16/13 16:35Highlands RanchCOUSAUnknown5-10 minutesFloating high-altitude searchlight southeast of Denver, 5/16/20136/2/13
5/15/13 22:30MonticelloMNUSAUnknown30 secondsFaint craft almost invisible with 2 burners like a fighter jet.6/2/13
5/15/13 22:00Santa FeNMUSAUnknown5-10 minutesVery large object at night, a large cabin lighted at the front, red light at rear, absolutly no navigation lights6/2/13
5/14/13 21:14TulsaOKUSAUnknown1 minuteBright star moving across the sky at very slow speed.6/2/13
5/12/13 22:00Arches National ParkUTUSAUnknown1-2 hoursDancing light; flashes of light; one extremely bright spotlight.12/12/13
5/11/13 13:40PayetteIDUSAUnknown20+ minutesUnidentified craft seen in sky above Payette, Idaho.5/15/13
5/8/13 20:00ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown1 minuteWispy white presence that jetted off after it perceived me to be watching.5/15/13
5/7/13 22:02St. CloudMNUSAUnknown30 secondsBright orange object flew north from south-east sky, then disappeared. (St. Cloud, MN).5/15/13
5/6/13 23:45UK/EnglandUnited KingdomUnknown6 secondsIt did emit audio sound which was within my Db range.7/3/13
5/6/13 21:00Newcastle (NSW)(Australia)AustraliaUnknownovernightI have had contact with an unknown party that can move matter around like star trek. I was possibly abducted.7/23/15
5/5/13 22:00CorralitosCAUSAUnknown30 secondsBright light moving fast above the clouds followed by possible military aircraft.5/15/13
5/5/13 17:00West MiamiFLUSAUnknown3 hoursFive to six different lights in the sky. Some fixed some moving. I have no idea what they are, but was able to get video of the bright.5/15/13
5/4/13 23:20Coos BayORUSAUnknown2 minutesTwo lights moving north appeared to be one object, confirmed was not ISS, about 1/2 degree apart with flare or brightening of one light5/15/13
5/4/13 21:30BaldwinsvilleNYUSAUnknown5 minutes6 Orange lights in Central New York5/15/13
5/4/13 02:45BremertonWAUSAUnknown20-30 minutesWhite and red strobing lights gliding silently, changing directions, then appearing as three distinct solid white lights in a row.5/15/13
5/3/13 21:00SimpsonvilleKYUSAUnknown3 minutesCrazy.8/30/13
5/3/13 19:20TauntonMAUSAUnknown3-4 minutesUnknown in Taunton.5/15/13
5/1/13 04:00CollegevilleCAUSAUnknown2-3 minutesThree Orange Lights at ground level, rising into night sky.5/15/13
4/30/13 21:00GoldendaleWAUSAUnknown10 minutesThese crafts were in a formation, still, lights were flashing, no noise, they hovered in place 10 minutes.5/15/13
4/29/13 03:00IrvineCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesContinuous shrieking sound.7/22/13
4/28/13 21:30EnglewoodFLUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo redish/orange glowing objects in the sky in Englewood, FL5/15/13
4/27/13 22:00ModestoCAUSAUnknown2 secondsSonic boom FELT.5/15/13
4/26/13 23:13PrattvilleALUSAUnknown2 minutesA strand of 15+ slow moving objects stretched from high in the sky to the horizon.5/15/13
4/24/13 21:45HillsboroORUSAUnknown8-10 minutes6 red lights in the night sky in Hillsboro, Or5/15/13
4/24/13 20:30MacungiePAUSAUnknown5 minutesUnknown object in the sky.5/15/13
4/21/13 10:30BarkhamstedCTUSAUnknowneastLooking E towards the little dipper in a driveway in Barkhamsted CT, I saw a small dot of light moving extremely fast across the sky.5/15/13
4/21/13 00:00MurfreesboroTNUSAUnknown2-5 minutesCigar or saucer shaped object above murfreesboro tennessee8/30/13
4/19/13 18:30New DurhamNHUSAUnknown~2 minutesExtremely large circular craft with white lights on each side, rotating slowly, silent, appx 1500 ft in the air7/14/13
4/18/13 23:39PotosiWIUSAUnknown5 minutesObject moved like no plane I've ever seen.8/30/13
4/17/13 02:52VenturaCAUSAUnknown2 minutesExtremely loud jet from high altitude, 3 AM Ventura, CA.5/15/13
4/16/13 02:00Burlington (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown45 secondsOdd phenomenon green light in sky that caused the power to distort and then fail.5/15/13
4/16/13 00:00RamseyMNUSAUnknown20 minutesFlying object at midnight to close to ground level to be a plane, 3 bright white blinking lights emmited from it.5/15/13
4/14/13 21:35Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown90 secondsUFO Lands in Colorado Spings! People were out and about! Nobody noticed!5/15/13
4/14/13 20:53Hudson FallsNYUSAUnknown3 secondsA very bright triangular craft accelerated at impossible speeds in a south west direction.5/15/13
4/14/13 20:30Wasaga Beach (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown4 hoursDouble rack of lights over Georgian Bay5/15/13
4/14/13 02:00BartlettILUSAUnknowncontuniousLights 2 of them moving circular direction northwest sky over Bartlet5/15/13
4/10/13 18:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown15 minutes6 or more objects over Seattle Science Center/Space Needle, irregular movement, disappearing and reappearing5/15/13
4/9/13 21:15Santa BarbaraCAUSAUnknowna few seconds2 very fast silent objects pass over being followed by a helicopter.4/12/13
4/8/13 23:08SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown23:15Bright white light with redish orange lights blinking, that sped away so fast!!5/15/13
4/6/13 20:30Huntington BeachCAUSAUnknown5-8 minutesString of lights travel across night sky in Huntington Beach Ca5/15/13
4/4/13 22:30FowlertonTXUSAUnknown2 secondsLights in sky over fowlerton,tx5/15/13
4/3/13 19:30HillsboroORUSAUnknown2 minutesFlashing bright lights at night in Hillsboro9/30/13
3/31/13 22:00SeattleWAUSAUnknown50 secondsRed green and golden yellow lights flying over Snoqualmie pass, Seattle WA.5/15/13
3/30/13 20:40AzusaCAUSAUnknown1 minuteMany orange lights over the freeway In Azusa CA5/15/13
3/30/13 20:20North KingstownRIUSAUnknown10 minutesTwo bright yellow/orange lights moving Northwest to Southeast over North Kingstown, RI5/15/13
3/29/13 20:30YorkPAUSAUnknown5 minutesOrange Lights in Night Sky Over York PA5/15/13
3/28/13 20:15ThorntonCOUSAUnknown5 minutesI seen a large black object with twored lights moveing slowly northeast threw the sky.5/15/13
3/28/13 08:30KelsoWAUSAUnknown7-10 minutesBright Red & Orange light travelling north over Columbia River in SW Washington5/15/13
3/27/13 20:45Maple Ridge (Canada)BCCanadaUnknown<3-4 minutesRed lights in the sky5/15/13
3/25/13 01:45PeoriaAZUSAUnknown20 secondsWeird loud noise then flashing bright white lights over Peoria, AZ March 25th 1:45AM.5/15/13
3/22/13 19:53AlexandriaVAUSAUnknown2-3 secondsObject turning from bluish-white to yellow-orange seen crossing nighttime sky in Fairfax County, VA.4/12/13
3/22/13 13:35Xenia (west of)OHUSAUnknown5 secondsDistinct shadow over ground, nothing in the air.4/12/13
3/21/13 21:00CotullaTXUSAUnknownOrange flashing lights at night4/12/13
3/20/13 04:00ShelbyIAUSAUnknown5 minutes03/15/2013 around Shelby Ia.(near) 04:00 Blinking crossbuck lights and plane disappear8/30/13
3/17/13 15:00IndiahomaOKUSAUnknown20-30 secondsA pressurized-sounding wind seen moving slowly about a Wildlife Preserve without any visible craft above its effects.5/15/13
3/14/13 02:00Santa FeNMUSAUnknown10 minutesGlowing light illuminates amorphic shape inside doorway of bathroom,as dogs bark at the roof outside....5/15/13
3/13/13 22:15PottstownPAUSAUnknownstill present @22:52/unmoFlashing red, green, blue, and white lights N. of Philly around base of a stationary aerial object with shallow cone shape5/15/13
3/13/13 13:30EllingtonCTUSAUnknown~10 minutesOrbs formation flying5/15/13
3/12/13 22:00Port OrangeFLUSAUnknown~30 secondsHovering lights, apparently a helicopter, with very dim lights and no discernible sound.5/15/13
3/11/13 22:45Ormond BeachFLUSAUnknown6-7 minutesSeries of 6 orange red silent unknown objects.5/15/13
3/8/13 19:45AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown1 minuteTwo glowing green ovals over interstate 40 just West of Albuquerque.4/12/13
3/7/13 02:50Woodford Green (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 minutesLoud boom sound.5/15/13
3/6/13 01:00DuluthGAUSAUnknown20 minutesLow to mid-pitched frequency sounds in middle of night from heavily clouded sky.5/15/13
3/4/13 04:06HarrisonMTUSAUnknown4 secondsUnidentified light flashes.4/12/13
3/3/13 19:30HillsboroORUSAUnknown2 minutesFlashing bright lights at night in Hillsboro.4/12/13
3/3/13 19:30HillsboroORUSAUnknown2 minutesBlinking brights lights close to the Hillsboro Airport, Oregon.4/12/13
3/1/13 23:00ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown<1 hourI have seen this odd light formation on several occasions (times seen; about, 6 times over 15 years)the first time was back in 1990 tr8/30/13
2/27/13 22:30DunnNCUSAUnknown20 minutesRow of eight lights sighted over Dunn in Sampson County.2/28/13
2/26/13 23:55SoleburyPAUSAUnknown3 secondsBright greenish blue flash in sky followed by a very weird loud sound (not thunder). Lit up sky 4 times between 11pm and 11:55pm.2/28/13
2/26/13 18:30Kearney/LexingtonNEUSAUnknown25 minutesStrange chemtrail formation over southwestern Nebraska.2/28/13
2/20/13 22:30FredericksburgVAUSAUnknown5 minutesLine Moving in Front of Ring Around Moon.2/28/13
2/20/13 21:15Huber HeightsOHUSAUnknown5 minutesThere was an object floating in the sky in Dayton, Ohio.2/28/13
2/16/13 20:30MillersvillePAUSAUnknown1-3 minutes6-8 orange lights moving over Millersville PA.2/18/13
2/16/13 20:00FairlawnOHUSAUnknown5 minutesRed-orange lights over Ohio 18 / State Road.2/18/13
2/14/13 22:24LewisburgTNUSAUnknown3-5 secondsA Large white light appearing to come out of the atmosphere and changing directions.2/18/13
2/13/13 03:00ElizabethNJUSAUnknown2-3 hours/1-2 WksFor several nights, for the last 2 weeks, there has been a craft hovering over the City of Elizabeth. The noise of the craft gets loude2/18/13
2/12/13 19:00RedwayCAUSAUnknown30-45 secondsSuper bright flash2/18/13
2/11/13 23:49Tamborine Mountain (Australia)AustraliaUnknown2 minutesBright Flashing UFO2/18/13
2/11/13 23:30PhoenixAZUSAUnknownnowSomeone else has to be seeing this thing in the pheonix area.2/18/13
2/5/13 19:30MerrimackNHUSAUnknown15 secondsFloating lights over treeline2/18/13
2/2/13 11:05Dallas-Fort WorthTXUSAUnknownSecondsUnknown objects in sky above Dallas-Fort Worth2/18/13
2/2/13 00:40Las VegasNVUSAUnknown30 secondsRed linear pulsating lights along with searchlight like beam.2/4/13
2/1/13 14:00PendletonORUSAUnknown1 hourVery odd sounds comming from the upper nite sky ! very wierd4/12/13
2/1/13 05:15LadsonSCUSAUnknown3 minutesThe Lights Were Very Bright, Yellowish, Almost Like Very Large Headlights Very Close Together. As I Watched The Bright Lights, Waiting2/4/13
1/31/13 04:10San JoseCAUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange increasingly loud noise over East San Jose that is indescribable.2/4/13
1/27/13 09:32Johns CreekGAUSAUnknown7 seconds7 objects streaked across the sky over Johns Creek, GA at 9:32 PM on Sunday, January 27th, 2013.2/4/13
1/24/13 17:25PortsmouthNHUSAUnknown5 minutes3 stationary lights w/ possible light structure below viewed near Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth NH.2/4/13
1/19/13 18:43GraysonGAUSAUnknown5 minutesAmber colored lights appeared to be moving towards us when two alligned one on top of the other and then they hovered.2/4/13
1/18/13 20:30Liverpool (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown15 minutesFlashing light.1/24/14
1/16/13 01:30TroyILUSAUnknown15-20 minutesStrange sounds in the Greater St Louis area.1/24/14
1/15/13 20:15San AntonioTXUSAUnknown~10 minutesFlashing blue lights on craft, flashed 2 different patterns and was not indicative of any aircraft in our area.2/4/13
1/15/13 02:20IrvingtonNYUSAUnknown20 minutesUFO with colored moving lights and symbols on it8/30/13
1/13/13 15:40Black River FallsWIUSAUnknown5 minutesBright gold objects flash and disappear.1/14/16
1/10/13 02:28Beaverdam (Canada)NBCanadaUnknown3 minutesThis is the second night that I witnessed this .. Lastnight also. I woke up right out of a sleep and was directed towards the window2/4/13
1/9/13 18:45GAUSAUnknown1 hourWhat I seen was on at 18:45 01/09/2013.2/4/13
1/9/13 18:00MedfordORUSAUnknown2 minutesSighting that seemed to be red balloons but was clearly not due to the spacing of the orbs? and behavior.2/4/13
1/9/13 05:30GrantsburgWIUSAUnknown10 minutesHovering Blinking Dot and Red flashes on the ground2/4/13
1/8/13 19:15FunstonGAUSAUnknown30 secondsOrange lights suspended in the sky2/4/13
1/7/13 04:30SedonaAZUSAUnknown10 minutesWeird loud engine noise flying over my house sounded like a slow garbage disposal2/4/13
1/6/13 20:30Kennett SquarePAUSAUnknown30 minutesFlashing light hovers in sky.2/18/13
1/4/13 03:30EldridgeIAUSAUnknown10-15 minutesCraft hovered for approx 10-15 mins.; seemed to.change shape occasionally and also color from, green, red, blue, and white.2/4/13
1/3/13 21:37TerrebonneORUSAUnknown3 minutesA red, ribbon-like moving shape flying next to the butte in Terrebonne, OR.2/4/13
1/3/13 04:10ElizabethNJUSAUnknown25 minutesExtremely loud noise hovering over our house for over 20 minutes.2/4/13
1/1/13 21:00AnaheimCAUSAUnknown15 minutesSilent, hovering, orange light at about 500 ft and about 1oo yds away.and disappeared in an instant.6/2/13
1/1/13 01:30LongviewWAUSAUnknown1:30-1:40Witnessed 5 red lights in the sky that, a minute later, became one, then disappeared.2/4/13
1/1/13 00:20Toronto (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown1 minute 30 secondsWhite orange red glowing orb moving silently over toronto.2/4/13
1/1/13 00:10NorthamptonPAUSAUnknown3-4 minutes3 Orange/red balls seen by police officer.2/4/13
12/31/12 20:00Idaho FallsIDUSAUnknown5 minutes5-6 Shapeless floating lights.11/11/13
12/30/12 14:05IrvineCAUSAUnknown30 secondWhite object moving from left to right and took off quickly.2/4/13
12/29/12 20:30Las VegasNVUSAUnknown3 minutes10 objects, circular, deep orange color (see description).2/4/13
12/29/12 19:00IndependenceORUSAUnknown~5 minutesTwo bright red/orange lights moving straight up, they were not in line but moving at the same speed and distance from each other.2/4/13
12/27/12 06:50San DiegoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesSparkling comet or fireball that split in mid air.2/4/13
12/26/12 14:00OmahaNEUSAUnknownWhite craft with pink mist around it.2/4/13
12/25/12 19:51South BendINUSAUnknown40 secondsTwo orange objects set apart in the sky more than four moons apart moved in tandem then one disappeared shortly followed by the other.2/4/13
12/24/12 06:20VidorTXUSAUnknown3 minutesStar Like Craft2/4/13
12/24/12 03:00LobelvilleTNUSAUnknown5 minutesAwoke at 3 am, electricity out, home shaking, loud humming sound, bright green lights and witnessed a humanoid figure outside window.2/4/13
12/23/12 16:00DurhamNCUSAUnknown10-20 secondsTwo sightings on cold days (Durham, NC) and 1 on a hot day (Charlotte, NC) with a picture of one12/19/19
12/22/12 22:10Rapid CitySDUSAUnknown3 minutesSeen a fleet of 15 to 30 craft independently flying in formation very high in NW sky over Raid City, most white lights, some red some g2/4/13
12/22/12 18:00TigardORUSAUnknown8-10 minutes7 - 8 Bright Lights Seen in Night Sky over Tigard, Oregon 12/22/122/4/13
12/22/12 17:30FredonNJUSAUnknown4 minutesSlow moving object w/ 2 red EXTREMELY bright lights at low altitude - no motor/rotor noise heard2/4/13
12/22/12 16:30Windsor (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minutesUnknown object creating a large zigzag contrail pattern in the sky seen by my friend and I In two different locations.2/4/13
12/21/12 20:20Phoenix (Ahwatukee)AZUSAUnknown5 minutes9 orange lights seen in Phoenix, Arizona 12-21-122/4/13
12/21/12 02:15Cedar RapidsIAUSAUnknownA whileLights on southern horizon12/21/12
12/19/12 18:30ReddingCAUSAUnknown45 seconds × 3I saw the most awesome thing. Glad there was someone with me. It was huge. Couldn't see the whole thing. Bright strobing. Could feel th11/6/14
12/15/12 06:55LebanonPAUSAUnknown2 minutesCluster of lights in the sky for aprox 2 minutes. didnt move then suddenly vanished.12/20/12
12/15/12 02:00FresnoCAUSAUnknown5 minutesSilent craft hovered 2 story's above me.12/5/14
12/13/12 17:00North ProvidenceRIUSAUnknown22:00I Julian Smith witnessed and others mutiple ufos speeding faster then the fighter jet plans and all other objects near 100miles in eyes12/20/12
12/12/12 23:00WarnerNHUSAUnknown5 minutesBright Red Object Dodging 2 Military Jets!12/20/12
12/12/12 20:15LaurelvilleOHUSAUnknown15 to 20 secondsStar like object traveling west to east at high speed suddenly makes an abrupt U-turn then turns north & vanishes.12/20/12
12/12/12 16:30Elk GroveCAUSAUnknown1-2 minutesSaw a bright light in the blue sky during the afternoon and the light "turned" and I saw the side of "it" and the.12/20/12
12/12/12 07:30CharleroiPAUSAUnknown5 minutesHigh speed aircraft flying in groups of two and singles at high altitudes spotted approximately 7:30 P.M. over the skies of southwester12/20/12
12/11/12 22:30SunshineARUSAUnknown1-3 minutes6 bright white flying objects that flew together in the shape of a triangle.12/20/12
12/11/12 18:15PittsburgCAUSAUnknown15-20 secondsSmall single light with no sound flying low and slow, chaning colors and even direction quickly.12/20/12
12/10/12 18:30PasadenaCAUSAUnknown10 minutesUnknown object seen, reappeared three times, within 10 Mins.12/20/12
12/10/12 03:45ClearlakeWAUSAUnknown20 minutesStrange lights from woods.12/20/12
12/7/12 18:23Carson CityNVUSAUnknowna few minutes?Flickering white lights flying in formation?12/20/12
12/7/12 06:35HoustonTXUSAUnknownsecondsA flash of green light, fire trail in the sky and no reports on the news of a plane exploding, etc.12/20/12
12/6/12 22:10CocoaFLUSAUnknown10 minutesSilent Storm UFO Pictured.12/20/12
12/6/12 00:30BufordGAUSAUnknown5 minutesStrange non-alian aircraft above buford ga.12/20/12
12/5/12 21:00MontgomeryTXUSAUnknown30 + minutesHovering Circular Object With Three Bright Lights in a Row and Multiple Flashing Red and Green Lights12/20/12
12/5/12 18:46ClarksvilleOHUSAUnknown2 minutesBright Lights in the Eastern Sky.12/20/12
12/5/12 06:00SalinaKSUSAUnknown20 minutesFast moving object that stops instantly with flashing lights12/20/12
12/4/12 22:00MorrisonILUSAUnknown20 secondsAircraft of some sort flying violently as if it was about to crash that wiped out power throughout a city for 15 seconds12/20/12
12/4/12 01:00NewarkDEUSAUnknown2 minutesSilent aircraft blinking white light six-flash increments. Followed by jet. Near Kirkwood Hwy and Polly Drummond Hill Rd.12/20/12
12/3/12 23:00EnglewoodCOUSAUnknownOngoingUFO with whirring red, blue, and green light spotted stationary in the sky below orion's belt.12/20/12
11/30/12 18:00WilmingtonOHUSAUnknownvariousThe Visitors.2/4/13
11/29/12 21:30MurrysvillePAUSAUnknown3 minutesMultiple flashing lights on unknown slient flying craft.12/20/12
11/29/12 17:15DoverNHUSAUnknownunknownLarge object spotted in Dover by many commuters!12/20/12
11/29/12 03:00OmahaNEUSAUnknown1 hourLoud humming sound off and on, unlike any type of plane, car or helicopter.12/20/12
11/28/12 16:45RoanokeVAUSAUnknown15 minutesThis was brownish oddly shapped craft following under an airlplane.12/20/12
11/28/12 13:11GreenvilleOHUSAUnknowninstantBright orange flash of light that shone through heavy curtain, and a loud, unsettling, quick boom.12/20/12
11/27/12 22:15ClearwaterFLUSAUnknown10 minutesBright cloud bank that dissappeared quickly12/20/12
11/27/12 19:11ThayerMOUSAUnknown~1 hourMISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: I looked up and through the wind shield I saw sparkling fire projectile out of a craft2/4/13
11/25/12 01:30Las VegasNVUSAUnknown3 secondsBright green flash while in backyard. A streak appeared in sky like a jet streak after flash had ended, but there was complete silence.12/20/12
11/25/12 01:00North Las VegasNVUSAUnknown10 secondsWas feeding the dogs when i saw a light fixed my back yard the kind you get from a police helicopter. So i looked up to see if it was.12/20/12
11/24/12 21:45SandyUTUSAUnknown2 minutesTraveling white light shut down; blue light turned on and shot straight up and then came back down.12/20/12
11/24/12 21:00GlendaleMOUSAUnknown~5 minutes4 luminous objects flying low, slow and silent. Glendale, MO12/20/12
11/23/12 15:30Windsor (seen from)CTUSAUnknown20 secondsShite stationary spot; plane nearing.12/20/12
11/21/12 11:18SpringfieldMAUSAUnknown1 hourStrange Flashing White and Green Bright lights ascending and hovering12/20/12
11/21/12 00:30TucsonAZUSAUnknown15+Bright BRIGHT Orange very large long shape above Tucson near DM AFB12/20/12
11/18/12 06:40BirminghamALUSAUnknown30 secondsFast Light Moving.11/19/12
11/17/12 19:00EnfieldCTUSAUnknown2 minutes15 Orange lights on horizon11/19/12
11/17/12 19:00JeromeMIUSAUnknown2-3 minutesThere were three very large round strobe lights about 6 to 8 feet across flying 2 to 3 hundred feet high moving very slow traveling fro4/4/14
11/17/12 17:00KnoxvilleTNUSAUnknown10 secondsBrilliant bright light seen above high altitude airplane with no plume then disappears over Knoxville, TN.11/19/12
11/16/12 21:00PittsburghPAUSAUnknown60 minutesRecurring sightings of 3 UFOs. ((NUFORC Note: Possible stars?? PD))11/19/12
11/16/12 18:14GreenvillePAUSAUnknown<5 minutesRed/orange lights seen for about 4 minutes in Western Pennsylvania11/19/12
11/16/12 12:45OconomowocWIUSAUnknown1 hourA light sitting still in the sky that is constantly changing color. Looks to be rotating saucer.11/19/12
11/16/12 05:28Brainard (6 mi. E of; on Hwy. 92)NEUSAUnknown3-5 minutesOrange cresent object with trail moving northwest to sound, no decent 2-3 min across sky11/19/12
11/14/12 18:45RidgefieldWAUSAUnknown? I went inside6 yellow/orange starlike lights very low in the sky11/19/12
11/13/12 18:00DanvilleILUSAUnknown1-3 minutesBluish light11/19/12
11/12/12 19:59La PuenteCAUSAUnknown1 minuteBright orange object hovering over incoming air traffic.12/20/12
11/11/12 22:30Winter HavenFLUSAUnknown20 secondsOrange orb traveling over house low and caused my whole house to shake11/19/12
11/11/12 22:30MancosCOUSAUnknownunknownUnidentified tracks near 5 households appear overnight11/19/12
11/11/12 21:00Warm SpringsNVUSAUnknown1 hourPulsating orange lights by area 5111/19/12
11/11/12 20:10KalispellMTUSAUnknown10-15 minutesFIVE CRAFT WERE SEEN IN THE SKY FLYING IN FORMATION.11/19/12
11/11/12 04:40BremertonWAUSAUnknown10-20 secondsHeard a very loud craft noise hovering outside my bedroom window in the backyard that took off seconds later.11/19/12
11/10/12 21:00ReddingCAUSAUnknown0.5 secondI think I have seen sky wars over northern Calif.1/16/14
11/10/12 20:00LakelandFLUSAUnknown15 secondsMy family and I seen a fast moving,silent object with bright lights almost like a fireball over our skies11/19/12
11/10/12 18:15Lower BurrellPAUSAUnknown1 minute6 orange glowing lights.11/19/12
11/10/12 07:00New BedfordMAUSAUnknownBalls of light2/4/13
11/10/12 04:38CrosbyTXUSAUnknown3 minutesPulsing light looks like a flashing stay but moved away from earth Into distance.11/19/12
11/9/12 23:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknownexplosionUnknown explosion over Albuquerque NM.11/19/12
11/9/12 19:40BakersfieldCAUSAUnknown9 minutesRed object displaying bizarre flight patterns before shooting directly upwards into space11/19/12
11/9/12 02:30SpringfieldMOUSAUnknown1.30 minutesWhite light and low pitched noise, Electric Doggy Door operated on it`s own.2/4/13
11/9/12 01:00KutztownPAUSAUnknown30-40 secondsThree orbs in Kutztown, gone within seconds.11/19/12
11/8/12 23:57AgraOKUSAUnknown45-60 secondsFalling fire ball or stream11/19/12
11/8/12 23:00PuebloCOUSAUnknown20 secondsHuge smoke like trail going across the sky11/19/12
11/8/12 22:10EugeneORUSAUnknown5 minutes3 amber lights moving over Eugene slowly at 3000 ft. below clouds silently.11/19/12
11/7/12 23:00LindenhurstNYUSAUnknown1 minuteWalking home from my girlfriend's home down East Rivera Dr, I saw ahead of me a parked car repeatedly flash all its tail lights. While7/23/20
11/7/12 19:30Lone Pine (Mt. Whitney)CAUSAUnknownhoursEncounter with et and being chased for 60 miles.11/19/12
11/7/12 02:00Bonnyville (Canada)ABCanadaUnknown3 secondsThousands hear aircraft dissapear over bonnyville alberta at the speed of light!11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00DeWittIAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery loud, invisible, and flying very low11/19/12
11/6/12 21:00LebanonCTUSAUnknown10 minutesBrilliant, strobe-flashing, orange lights in Lebanon CT11/19/12
11/6/12 20:35EvansdaleIAUSAUnknown2 minutesSlow moving object with numerous large lights all synchronized (Honey Comb in shape),travels over interstate11/19/12
11/6/12 19:30KamiahIDUSAUnknown2 minutesA formation of 5 air crafts with rapid blinking red or green lights, one per vehicle flew overhead, very rapidly, no other lights.11/19/12
11/6/12 16:15MiamiOKUSAUnknown~10 secondsShiny, reflective object11/19/12
11/5/12 21:30Diamond SpringsCAUSAUnknown30 minutesThe objects moved at different speed and then stopped11/19/12
11/5/12 03:30KenilworthNJUSAUnknown10 minutesStill hovering aircraft with loud noise that vibrated my body that swooped off after I recorded video of under a minute.11/19/12
11/4/12 12:00AlbuquerqueNMUSAUnknown10 secondsI believe I saw a UFO today ...... small object, moving slowly at first, picked up speed, and then accelerated to a very high speed.11/19/12
11/3/12 21:40Milton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown2 minutesNear Appleby line, 3 bright white rapidly blinking lights;VANISHED, only to reappear further away moments later11/19/12
11/3/12 21:00ComancheTXUSAUnknown2-3 hoursStationary craft with normal aircraft lighting, to far in the distance to make out a shape!12/20/12
11/3/12 20:15MiddletownVAUSAUnknown30-60 secondsSimultaneous flashes of lights11/4/12
11/2/12 22:00CentervilleIDUSAUnknown15 minutesNightime sighting of craft making impossible movements for any sort of airplane11/19/12
11/2/12 07:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) There were bright lights couldn't real tell the shapes of them but it was pretty cool and amazing to see this.11/4/12
11/2/12 07:00MiamiFLUSAUnknown((HOAX?? Time and date are flawed.)) There were bright lights couldn't real tell the shapes of them but it was pretty cool.11/4/12
11/1/12 16:30FranklinNCUSAUnknownabout 20-30 minutesDisk shaped cloud, strange looking cloud moved quickly across town11/4/12
10/30/12 20:15SimsARUSAUnknown5-10 minutesFlashing white lights on a craft appearing in the east and heading west, appearing to be of a circular shape, silent, slow, diagonal.11/4/12
10/30/12 17:00NashvilleTNUSAUnknownseveral minutes4 objects not visible to the naked eye, flying around odd vertical "rainbow."11/4/12
10/28/12 23:07MariettaGAUSAUnknown10 secondsSky changed color in several bright flashes.10/30/12
10/27/12 20:24Santa RosaCAUSAUnknown45 minutes50 Photos of object with lights hovering over Santa Rosa, CA8/13/15
10/24/12 22:45GlenfordOHUSAUnknown3 minutesLight in the sky10/30/12
10/24/12 21:30Grand JunctionCOUSAUnknown5 minutesNo lights, quiet, hovering & stationary.11/19/12
10/24/12 20:40Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown2 minutesObservation, numerous times, orange lights to the East of Myrtle Beach, SC.10/30/12
10/24/12 00:02Hayward's Heath (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown2 minutesThrobbing sound in the sky10/30/12
10/22/12 20:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown4 secondsOrange/red light over the ocean10/30/12
10/21/12 15:00AuroraCOUSAUnknown7-10 minutes4 objects moving and dancing at very high altitude. shiney, reflective orbs10/30/12
10/21/12 01:00TroyMIUSAUnknown1 hour at leastTwo Objects Flashing Lights and Not Moving for Over an Hour10/30/12
10/20/12 23:30SnohomishWAUSAUnknown5 minutesBright orange thing with beams coming out of it changing colors flying across the sky10/30/12
10/20/12 22:35ScottsdaleAZUSAUnknown10 minutes13 orange lighted craft in line formation moving to the North in Northwest Scottsdale Az10/30/12
10/20/12 20:00Kimball JunctionUTUSAUnknown2 hoursGreen Hovering light that moved slowly as if in surveillance. NO FLASHING LIGHTS and no sound. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
10/20/12 18:00Berlin (Germany)GermanyUnknown25 minutesOvni a berlin. Sorte de tissu noir, flottant en apesanteur, et changeant. Eclairé par en dessous par de pâles mini flash a intermittenc10/30/12
10/19/12 23:45NashvilleTNUSAUnknown>20 minutesTwo lights flying in random patterns over Nashville.10/30/12
10/19/12 06:20Blandford Forum (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown5 minutesWhite dot moving in triangular pattern.10/30/12
10/17/12 21:00PoteauOKUSAUnknown21:00Lights going to fast to be a plane10/30/12
10/17/12 19:45Union CityCAUSAUnknown3 secondsVery large meteor or something on fire over San Francisco Bay.10/30/12
10/17/12 12:22Warsaw (Poland)PolandUnknown20 secondsOctober 17 2012 UFO over Warsaw Poland Daytime11/19/12
10/17/12 11:25Ft. Meade/BWIMDUSAUnknown11:58Object above Ft Meade/BWI is fairly stationary with "spidery" white light and looks the same whether viewed from inside or out10/30/12
10/15/12 16:40MurfreesboroTNUSAUnknown45 minutesBright object over MTSU campus in Murfreesboro on Oct. 15, 2012.10/30/12
10/15/12 02:30Bonney LakeWAUSAUnknown90 minutesRepetative movements of light for 90 minutes10/30/12
10/14/12 21:45Canyon LakeCAUSAUnknown10 minutes3 Unknown objects W NW of Canyon Lake, CA10/30/12
10/14/12 21:30Elmore CityOKUSAUnknown10 minutesSeveral multi-colored lights seen hovering over Elmore City/Pauls Valley area. Sometimes a white one shows up as well.10/30/12
10/14/12 21:15NewburghINUSAUnknown5 minutesLarge orange light Newburgh, IN 10/14/1210/30/12
10/13/12 22:05Oregon CityORUSAUnknown15 minutesI was out taking my dog to go "potty" when I looked up at an object emitting a solid orange-ish light-travelling south to nor10/30/12
10/13/12 18:00Hamilton (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownRocket type objects (summer 2012) in Southern Ontario on vertical course. (youtube links)2/18/13
10/12/12 21:45Cabin creekWVUSAUnknown40 secondsThree big white lights with a set of twinkling lights. Craft was hovering then moved at slow pace. Then it disappeared at of then air.10/30/12
10/12/12 04:10ChicagoILUSAUnknown1-2 hoursUFO’s spotted in Chicago in the early morning on 10/12/12.10/30/12
10/11/12 14:06YakimaWAUSAUnknown10Far off object moving east to west in north yakima county between the yakima training center and the yakima river rec area.10/30/12
10/11/12 01:00WorcesterMAUSAUnknown4 secondsBig extremely bright white light hovering in sky10/30/12
10/11/12Truth or ConsequencesNMUSAUnknownFast moving red ball and then flashing light10/30/12
10/9/12 00:35DenverCOUSAUnknown1 minuteDark, silent object moving slowly over Denver.10/30/12
10/8/12 18:00LatrobePAUSAUnknown----Unexplained lights all over the area, lights change colors, move around, appear/disappear, orange fireballs.12/20/12
10/7/12 05:50St. Catharines (Canada)ONCanadaUnknown5 minutesThree stationary alternating red lights and one white light NOT MOVING visible from QEW at dawn10/30/12
10/5/12 18:45LexingtonMAUSAUnknown30 seconds?Strange flying lights in the nights sky10/30/12
10/5/12 02:00WaterburyCTUSAUnknown7 minutesOrange sets of lights over waterbury10/30/12
10/1/12 20:00SunfieldMIUSAUnknown5 minutesFlying object coming out of field. Hovering for 5 mins. Then leaving.11/4/12
10/1/12 01:00RichmondTXUSAUnknown5 minutesDriving around when me and my friend saw a bright BRIGHT white light from about 2/12 miles away. Started driving towards it it as it ju10/30/12
9/29/12 20:30BuffaloNYUSAUnknown3-5 minutes6 orange reddish, flashing lights, slowly coming off the horizon joining in formation10/30/12
9/29/12 03:36HomesteadFLUSAUnknownunknownCuriosity images reveal UFO10/30/12
9/28/12 20:55Los AngelesCAUSAUnknown5 minutesWe noticed a craft flying with lights going either in formation around the craft or on one side straight back and forth - the light is10/30/12
9/28/12 20:00Polk CityFLUSAUnknown1 hour 10 minutesAt least 4 objects in the Western sky of FL for several nights in a row, they stay for about 1 1/2 hours and slowly move further WEST.10/30/12
9/27/12 20:00BeachwoodOHUSAUnknown1Red and green triangle shaped lights10/30/12
9/27/12 17:45WoodbridgeNJUSAUnknown<30 secondsMystery CONTRAILS ASSOCIATED with LOUD SKY ROAR/RUMBLE10/30/12
9/26/12 21:30Rice LakeWIUSAUnknown1 hour 45 minutesStationary flashing lights in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of "twinkling" star?? PD))10/30/12
9/26/12 02:30HaywardWIUSAUnknownFew hoursWas sitting out side looking into the sky, Was looking at the stars when i looked to my side and saw 2 Orbs Of bright orange lights flo10/30/12
9/26/12 00:41AugustaMEUSAUnknown6 seconds2 large blue flashes in different locations late night in Maine10/30/12
9/25/12 06:24FondaIAUSAUnknown4 minutesWhite light object rises from tree line and elevates (4 minutes) and disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Bright planet in the E sky? PD))10/30/12
9/22/12 23:18AustinburgOHUSAUnknownUnknownEight to nine reddish-orange lights in night sky with seven stationary and two moving.9/24/12
9/22/12 21:05Napier (New Zealand)New ZealandUnknown10 minutes8 bright intense round lights, appearing in twos, following the exact same path at slightly different times with no noise.11/19/12
9/22/12 07:00Espanola (seen from)NMUSAUnknown1 hourUnknown white dot in sky Staying in one spot9/24/12
9/21/12 22:55Warton (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30 seconds?A huge bluish, fluorescent like, light unlike anything else I have ever seen,moving silently across the sky.9/24/12
9/21/12 22:50HastingsMNUSAUnknown1 secondStrange flash of light that turned the sky blue9/24/12
9/21/12 20:47IthacaNYUSAUnknown5 secondsIthaca, NY fiery massive structure above route 13 by Cornell9/24/12
9/20/12 23:00Owings MillsMDUSAUnknown10 secondsJust read above.11/11/13
9/20/12 22:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown20 minutesOrange ball of light seen over the ocean9/24/12
9/19/12WhitehallNYUSAUnknown1:50 secondsStrange disappearing planes5/2/14
9/17/12 01:10Fountain ValleyCAUSAUnknown5 minutesUFO gives light show in urban amerca, party on! not.9/24/12
9/16/12 22:20CharlestonWVUSAUnknown15 minutesStrange Set of 2 Lights In The Sky Located Off Campbells Creek Drive, Charleston WV9/24/12
9/16/12 03:30SebagoMEUSAUnknown1.5 hoursStrange slow moving light over Sebago maine.9/24/12
9/15/12 20:40BillingsMTUSAUnknownAprox 4 minutes2 red lights moving NE to SW silently9/24/12
9/15/12 20:25NicholsonGAUSAUnknown15 secondsStrange craft sighted.9/24/12
9/15/12 08:15CantonMIUSAUnknown2 minutes09/15/12 8:15 PM Canton MI one red light on each/no rear light/12 to 15 of them/some in formation others flying about by themselves9/24/12
9/14/12 20:00EnfieldCTUSAUnknown15 minutes7 floating red and blue lit crafts floated above Enfield CT9/24/12
9/14/12 09:25HewittTXUSAUnknown4 minutesAn unexplained high to low frequency sounding moving object with a quick flash of contained blue lightning.9/24/12
9/13/12 13:30SpringfieldORUSAUnknown~5 minutesRed ufo at Clearwater Park, Springfield, Oregon.3/18/14
9/12/12 22:45Cutyhunk IslandMAUSAUnknown1 minuteA star-like object moved in a straight horizontal direction and then in a circular direction, ending where it started.10/30/12
9/12/12 15:00GurneeILUSAUnknown10 minutesStrange sound that hovered in sky early in morning9/24/12
9/11/12 20:04Garden City BeachSCUSAUnknownUnknownOrange Pulsing lights over ocean in Garden City Beach9/24/12
9/11/12 05:50Miami BeachFLUSAUnknown15 secondsVery fast object that stops then comes back10/30/12
9/10/12 22:00EugeneORUSAUnknownongoingHovering lights, like an airplane, wavering back and forth across the night sky - very slowly moving west to north at tree line level9/24/12
9/10/12 22:00North Myrtle BeachSCUSAUnknown20 minutesFlashing lights over ocean.9/24/12
9/10/12 21:00OmahaNEUSAUnknown15 minutes50 lights in sky over 72nd street attached to black silhouette.1/10/14
9/10/12 05:00NashvilleNCUSAUnknown6Bright Lights Over Nashville, NC11/6/14
9/10/12 02:00PittsburghPAUSAUnknowna couple of secondsSaw what I believe to be some kind of a comet or craft9/24/12
9/8/12 23:30Point ArenaCAUSAUnknown15 secondsI went out to empty garbage, two red lights flew south of me next to hill side . They moved maybe 70 miles per hour. They disappeared a9/24/12
9/6/12 09:12North FalmouthMAUSAUnknown1 minuteDriving home from work, saw a huge black object in the sky with small green lights all over the base of the object. It was completely s9/24/12
9/5/12 22:30IndianapolisINUSAUnknown4 secondsLarge falling object that doesn't make a sound.9/24/12
9/4/12 22:00Cochrane (Canada)ONCanadaUnknownsplit secondBright light blinking on south side of town every 3-4 minutes for about a half an hour while remaining in same location in sky.9/24/12
9/3/12 23:00OlatheKSUSAUnknown10 minutesMy family was traveling west and my wife noticed a ufo hovering about 10 miles west of Olathe down 135th st. I instructed my wife to pu9/24/12
9/3/12 21:57FairbanksAKUSAUnknown2 minutesMetallic sounds and bright flash of light - Seen from indoors with blinds shut9/24/12
9/2/12 20:18WatervilleMEUSAUnknown15 minutes3 of us spotted several objects at night, appearing and disppearing, then appearing and disppearing.9/24/12
9/2/12 11:50AbingdonVAUSAUnknown2 minutesThermal hit in the clouds after a storm9/24/12
9/2/12 00:00Colorado SpringsCOUSAUnknown15-20 minutesLarge disk shaped object above Mtn Shadow..Glowing red-blue-green-white.&is stationery..10/30/12
9/1/12 23:00HickoryNCUSAUnknown40 minutesMulitcolored flashing object seen near lake Hickory, NC.9/24/12
9/1/12 21:30BerthoudCOUSAUnknown5 minutesUnidentified noiseless craft slowly passing by our home at very low altitude.4/3/15
9/1/12 17:45NormanOKUSAUnknown30 secondsA blinking light which changed intensity, and had a non-recurring pattern, moving in a non-uniform direction, then streaked across sky9/24/12
9/1/12 03:00IrvingtonALUSAUnknown30 minutesI saw an alien that didnt seem intelligent go to a ship and then fly away.12/1/19
8/31/12 23:30AmsterdamNYUSAUnknown15 minutessI was driving East on Miami Ave, Amsterdam NY around 11:30 when I saw a large bright object in the sky. The occupant I was with record9/24/12
8/30/12 17:00LaurelMSUSAUnknown10 minutesA red glowing object moving in and out of clouds that had a red yellow and green color when not in the direct path of the sun9/24/12
8/29/12 00:00MancelonaMIUSAUnknownmost nightsStrange objects blinking red and white and moveing in weird directions. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars, we suspect. PD))9/24/12
8/27/12 22:16WestminsterCOUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw a bright blue stationary object that turned bright green and silently zoomed off faster than my head can turn.9/24/12
8/27/12 21:27Saskatoon (Canada)SKCanadaUnknown80 secondsTwo red flashing objects traversed the sky from east to north in about 40 seconds.9/24/12
8/27/12 05:30TrentonGAUSAUnknown10 secondsA brief encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object, belief is near-abduction sighting.9/24/12
8/26/12 18:00MineralWAUSAUnknown30 minutesWhen I took the image of the eagle, what ever is in the PIC to the left, "was not" there!9/24/12
8/26/12 03:00WinchesterVAUSAUnknown1 minuteLoud hovering noises at night outside our bedroom window.9/24/12
8/26/12 02:00AuburndaleWIUSAUnknown30 minutesBright light above the tree tops. Almost as if something landed.9/24/12
8/25/12 22:50MCewenTNUSAUnknown2 minutesBalls of Bright Lights9/24/12
8/25/12 21:30AustinTXUSAUnknown15 minutesUnidentified flying object south of Austin9/24/12
8/25/12 21:00Las VegasNVUSAUnknownDark to DawnMulti Not I.D.'ed Bright L.E.D. Like, Bright Lit Objects appear over Las Vegas Nevada9/24/12
8/25/12 21:00East EarlPAUSAUnknown5 minutesMy husband and I saw 15 to 20 pulsating red/yellow lights in formation that broke up coming from east to west, flying directly over us9/24/12
8/24/12 09:00Kerrville (8.5 miles E of; on I-10)TXUSAUnknown6 secondsBright blue, fast, UFOs passing over I-10.8/6/15
8/23/12 09:15BrentwoodNYUSAUnknown10 second view12 yrs old daughter and myself were sitting on front porch...watching planes...matching Satellites to ipad app Skywalk.....we saw an ob9/24/12
8/22/12 23:00HilliardOHUSAUnknown4 hoursFor the last several nights an object with circling lights has been seen stationary in the sky over hilliard, have seen several planes9/24/12
8/21/12 21:00RensselaerINUSAUnknown30:00Three lights, one of them blinking. Moves north, then southeast, east, west, and every which way.9/24/12
8/21/12 20:45Green BayWIUSAUnknown22 minutes36 orange lights seen over Green Bay by seven in parking lot. Objects heading south to north in the western sky.9/24/12
8/20/12 23:50UK/EnglandUnited KingdomUnknownsecondsBright light shoots up then dissapears9/24/12
8/20/12 22:15Sundrland (UK/England)United KingdomUnknown30 secondsMultiple UFO sightings across a two day period first time experiment in remote viewing.9/24/12
8/19/12 22:17OxfordUnited KingdomUnknown3 minutesHorseshoe-like object spotted in the sky.1/5/16
8/19/12 21:15PorterINUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw an orange fireball surrounded by a white triangle of lights in the sky.9/24/12
8/19/12 10:45CoronaCAUSAUnknown5 minutesPossible UFO sighting in Corona, CA. Silvery reflective object flying at altitude suddenly stops and hovers.8/19/12
8/18/12 23:00AbileneTXUSAUnknown5 minutesInitially 2 orange lights traveling quickly in N/NW direction followed by 4 blue objects also traveling in synchrony in a diamond confi8/19/12
8/18/12 21:00BinghamtonNYUSAUnknown1-2 minutesVessel with huge bright lights stops and turns before Vanishing!9/24/12
8/18/12 19:00Maple HeightsOHUSAUnknown7 minutesStationary object in the sky which for 7 minutes which went straight up and disappeared.10/30/12
8/16/12 22:00WildwoodNJUSAUnknown5 secVery fast sighting of a light traveling at a speed that was incredible .9/24/12
8/16/12 21:05NazarethPAUSAUnknown2 minutesI saw a very bright light one night as I was taking out the recycling, when I returned with another can, it was gone.8/19/12
8/15/12 21:09OkanoganWAUSAUnknownFour flashing red lights and white lights9/24/12
8/15/12 20:00PendletonORUSAUnknown7 minutesWhite light in the early evening9/24/12
8/14/12 20:31La PorteINUSAUnknown1:31Strobing light8/19/12
8/14/12 17:00FultonKYUSAUnknown90 minutesI was sitting outside and seen lights in the sky behind the clouds , thought they may have been a reflection of cars headlights then wa8/19/12
8/13/12 23:00CloverdaleCAUSAUnknown3 minutesTwo white lights appear and move in tandem then disapear after observing for 3 minutes8/19/12
8/13/12 04:00San JoseCAUSAUnknown6 minutesTwo bright silent red lights coming in from west to east, ascending, light intensity increasing, headed west - and then disappeared.8/19/12