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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/9/21 21:17 Marietta GA Fireball 2 minutes Saw pulsing orb in sky followed by plasma/fireballs above my street
9/6/21 19:56 Lancaster CA Fireball 28 seconds Red orange fireball no sound heard. Unknown speed more like gradual gliding
9/5/21 22:00 Sinking Spring PA Fireball 3 minutes 2 fire-like orbes circling in the sky 9/7/21
9/5/21 20:47 Chester PA Fireball 2 minutes A fire ball of an object appeared over my house. It was sitting in one place as I filmed it but began to move when the film started. It 9/7/21
9/2/21 21:00 Athens GA Fireball 10 seconds Pure white light flying in such a way that no earthly craft possibly could. 9/7/21
8/31/21 20:35 Spokane WA Fireball 5 seconds Orange ball of light heading east, fast, silent, then disappeared 9/7/21
8/29/21 21:00 Durham NC Fireball 40 minutes Bright white and red/orange lights flashing and darting around in the night sky. I watched it for about 40 minutes and took 2 videos wi 9/7/21
8/26/21 22:25 Milton ON Fireball 40 minutes Two bright orange balls of light blinking in and out of visibility at intermittent times over the span of an hour 9/7/21
8/19/21 03:00 Santa fe NM Fireball 5 minutes The night of August 19th 2021 around 3:00 in the morning I look towards the ski base Santa Fe New Mexico and I saw a ball of light in t 9/7/21
8/18/21 20:40 St. Louis MO Fireball 20 seconds Green-light ball with a tail looks like a shadow was falling under 45 degrees for a 15-20! Seconds and disappears Was only one and do 8/20/21
8/17/21 20:55 Durham NC Fireball minute Three amber orbs floating over downtown Durham 8/20/21
8/15/21 00:47 Jaffna (Sri Lanka)
Fireball 5 to 10 seconds When me and my family came out of our house tonight(08:15:2021), we saw a flying object in the looked like a ball of was 8/16/21
8/11/21 23:30 Corbett OR Fireball 1 minute or so High altitude orange light 8/16/21
8/3/21 22:00 Buckeye AZ Fireball 1 hour + Sighted south of palo verde power plant in the buckeye hills area.

Orange glowing balls all flying about the same hieght above grou
7/27/21 23:58 Indianapolis IN Fireball 2 mins First Possible Sighting of UFO: It began to move toward me! 8/16/21
7/23/21 23:00 Summerville SC Fireball 1-1.5 minutes My sons were in the yard. They saw this gold- illuminated, flickering but not flashing, as if made of fire. No other lights....pure gol 8/16/21
7/16/21 05:40 Homestead FL Fireball 1 minute Silent Ball of Light going at fast speeds. 8/16/21
7/14/21 23:00 Clifton Forge VA Fireball 10 seconds Bright orange fireball loiters for 4 hours over rural town. 8/16/21
7/8/21 21:22 Richardson TX Fireball 3:00 Large as the setting sun round orange molten sphere moving through the sky 8/16/21
7/3/21 22:30 Beverly Hills FL Fireball 4 minutes I was sitting on my front porch facing the south, a bright light caught my eye. I saw this fire ball that was emitting light like the 8/16/21
6/18/21 20:00 Duluth MN Fireball Half hour 7 glowing globes floating to Lake Superior from hill sighted west end 8/16/21
6/15/21 21:45 Akron OH Fireball About 30 seconds 3 bright red lights 7/31/21
6/4/21 21:00 Milton VT Fireball 1 minute Orange glowing orb that changed directions and was silent. 7/31/21
6/2/21 20:30 Deland FL Fireball 1 hr 9 rockets out of North Florida? 7/31/21
5/29/21 20:20 Canyon Lake CA Fireball 1.5 minutes Fireball that turned into 3 cruising ufos 7/31/21
5/24/21 21:07 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 1 hr UFO Spheres of Orange Lights spotted over ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC 7/31/21
5/23/21 03:54 Massapequa NY Fireball 2min Bright subject seen in early morning hours 7/31/21
5/22/21 03:00 Fallriver MA Fireball 3minutes I seen an oval shape that was as bright as can be it had flashing bright lights located all around the bottom of ot and it hovered in o 7/31/21
5/21/21 20:45 Huntsville AL Fireball 25 minutes drone launching pyrotechnics 7/31/21
5/21/21 20:21 Caledon village ON Fireball 15 seconds There was a flashing object in the air moving slowly north west and upwards that I have never seen before in 34 years. 7/31/21
5/17/21 21:30 Sherbrooke (Canada) QC Fireball 25 seconds Looked like pieces of falling meteor...instead of burning out they spaced out evenly and flew North parallel to earth at great speed. 5/20/21
5/17/21 00:20 Fall River MA Fireball 3 minutes Early Monday morning, I was sitting on my deck looking north east that's when I noticed a large red and orange ball of light just unde 5/20/21
5/7/21 05:30 DeFuniak Springs FL Fireball 25 seconds South toward the the Gulf of Mexico a comet like object traveling east to west, vertically with a very large tail, lighting up the sky. 5/20/21
5/5/21 20:30 Cumberland RI Fireball 2-3 minutes 3 yellow/orange fireball like lights traveling silently and following each other. 5/20/21
5/4/21 21:56 Clovis CA Fireball 20-25 minutes Fireballs in the night sky 5/20/21
5/4/21 01:00 Zimmermann MN Fireball 15 minutes There was a massive line of straight light looking like fire balls but in a perfect formation with blinking lights all around it. It ho 5/20/21
5/3/21 21:15 Jacksonville FL Fireball <5 minutes We saw a bright fireball in the sky that was very bright and moving slowly. Initially we thought it was a drone.

As it moved towards
5/2/21 05:00 Atlanta GA Fireball 2 hours Ring Door Bell Recording UFO disappearing 5/20/21
5/1/21 22:00 Massapequa Park NY Fireball 20 seconds Fireball shape moving very fast through the sky. Did not have any sound. Seen moving in a straight line for about 20 seconds before dis 5/20/21
4/30/21 00:45 Fairfield OH Fireball 5 seconds Green flash, streak, fireball. 5/20/21
4/29/21 23:39 Homosassa FL Fireball 5 minutes I was sitting outside looking to the east and homosassa Florida I saw a hot pink streak and as I watched it go across the sky it turned 5/20/21
4/28/21 23:46 Kissimmee FL Fireball 3 minutes We saw what looked like a huge fireball in the sky. It looked very different than a falling star. It was a falling fireball. And then t 5/20/21
4/23/21 23:36 Watauga TX Fireball 2 minutes Large, Silent, Fireball-like Objects Crossing over Field 5/20/21
4/23/21 20:55 Branford CT Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange fireball moving slow speed over trees, hovering and disappearing. Second encounter recorded, clear sky and moonlight. 5/20/21
4/22/21 22:23 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 2 minutes Saw a steady pulsating fireball above that moved slowly away 4/23/21
4/20/21 21:00 Dublin PA Fireball 1-2 minutes Ball of light fastly flashes/transport into a triangle, if they were 3 lighting up in triangle formation 1 blink per point at 1 time. A 4/23/21
4/19/21 21:29 Tulare CA Fireball 21:32 I saw three unknown flying objects. 4/23/21
4/12/21 00:00 Portland OR Fireball 10 seconds Seen a lot more in the past have very much encounters no reason to make things up April 2019 I've seen others I mention seeing fog Bank 4/23/21
4/10/21 Portland OR Fireball 10 seconds I happened to look up in the sky over Rocky Butte claim it for like 10 seconds eyeglass up there and there was coming down at the sky l 4/23/21
4/9/21 21:59 Dayton OH Fireball 13 minutes About 20 fireballs seemed to rise from ground in groups of 3-4 rising slow to the west. Then going east after the fire glow stops. 8/16/21
4/9/21 20:30 Nyack NY Fireball 20 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no details about sighting. PD)) 4/23/21
4/2/21 20:38 Shoreline WA Fireball < 2 seconds Greenish fireball streaking through sky at high velocity 4/23/21
3/30/21 09:30 Twin falls ID Fireball 5 minutes Hi this is real sigting i watched that and take the pictures, video they come from moon,red white yellow light ball they fly like so sc 4/23/21
3/25/21 21:15 The Dalles OR Fireball 1 minute A bright ball to the right of mt hood (south west of here) coming closer and becoming brighter, 0.2 inches at arms length. ((re-entry) 3/31/21
3/25/21 21:00 Kirkland WA Fireball 2 minutes I have a live video I would like to submit. 3/31/21
3/25/21 21:00 Richland WA Fireball 1 minute Slow moving cluster of fireballs crossing from SW to NE over the Tri-Cities, WA. ((Starlink satellites??)) 3/31/21
3/24/21 19:30 Moosup CT Fireball 5 minutes I saw six fireballs of light in the sky strung like lights that moved with intent and intelligence. ((Starlink satellites??)) 3/31/21
3/23/21 01:30 Chaska MN Fireball 5 minutes 4 glowing red balls traveling east to west, no blinking, no noise, 2 witnesses 3/31/21
3/20/21 20:15 Wikiup AZ Fireball 35-40 minutes Several red fireball lights, fading in and out of view on the horizon, with occasional white explosive lights. 3/31/21
3/19/21 00:37 Delta CO Fireball
A large bright light that traveled slowly, then hovered, seemed to get dimmer and brighter then appeared to fall down toward horizon. I 3/31/21
3/15/21 21:15 Picacho AZ Fireball 8 minutes 3 orange fireball shapes floated over Picacho Arizona 3/31/21
3/15/21 20:40 Plattsburgh NY Fireball 1.5 seconds it was in the sky , like how light fading away from fireworks looks like, it was a beam of red light horizontally and i turned my head 3/31/21
3/14/21 06:00 Langhorne PA Fireball 1 minute Looking out at south east morning sky, I saw a bright white point of light with lit up trailing vapor ((Falcon 9 launch)) 3/31/21
3/14/21 05:00 Roan Mountain TN Fireball 25 seconds This was a white fireball with large conical plume of white smoke and charged particles ((Falcon 9 launch.)) 3/31/21
3/9/21 21:15 Louisville KY Fireball 30 minutes 3 bright orange lights flew over on the same trajectory. From south west to northeast 3/31/21
3/1/21 19:45 Sturgis SD Fireball 30 seconds Bright, lime green fireball in the sky 3/2/21
2/27/21 17:00 Santa Ana CA Fireball 3 sec Very large falling & blue-white flaming ball falling into earth. So low it looked as if it was going to strike the ground. Huge & fast. 3/2/21
2/21/21 18:55 Austin TX Fireball 5 minutes Approximate 6:55 pm, while driving northbound on Westgate Blvd from Davis Rd, my family and I saw a red/orange flaming large object in 3/2/21
2/14/21 06:57 Folsom PA Fireball 2 minutes Two UFO’s reported in pa 3/2/21
2/11/21 19:15 Staten Island NY Fireball 40 seconds Flying against air traffic norms in the area . 7/31/21
2/6/21 19:00 Tramonto AZ Fireball 8 minutes 5 glowing fireballs - danced in formation, hovered , vanished from eye sight in 2 seconds. Tramonto Arizona evening 3/2/21
1/30/21 19:10 Riverview FL Fireball 5 minutes Red balls in formation flying in the sky 3/2/21
1/27/21 18:30 Buckeye AZ Fireball ~1 hour Orange glowing lights in the Estrella mountains 3/2/21
1/24/21 19:15 Meridian ID Fireball 3-4 minutes The objects were a orange color leaning more towards the red side of a scale then yellow glowing brightly in a fireball/orb like shape. 3/2/21
1/23/21 20:33 Saint Augustine FL Fireball 2 Strange rocket-like fireball from the north headed south without a sound. 3/2/21
1/21/21 01:39 Middletown CT Fireball 32 Minutes It was just hovering and blinking and moving strangely 3/2/21
1/20/21 20:15 Tampa FL Fireball 4 minutes Fireball in sky seemingly evades airplane then disappears 3/2/21
1/17/21 20:00 Boise ID Fireball 5 minutes Whole back yard lit up orange fiery sphere no more than 30 feet over head went north west to east really quick then just disappeared 1/19/21
1/17/21 18:50 Maderia Beach FL Fireball 2 minutes Driving home....we saw four very very bright orbs steadily traveling across gulf blvd toward the Gulf of Mexico. They were red glowing 1/19/21
1/15/21 16:00 Lakeland FL Fireball 40 seconds 1600 fireball over Orlando Florida 1/19/21
1/9/21 21:32 La Mesa CA Fireball 1.5 minutes As I was going out to my car I grabbed what I needed shut the door and looked up at the sky and saw a huge Orange fireball but it didn' 1/19/21
1/8/21 20:30 Saint Peters MO Fireball 1 minute Firey UFO over Unincorporated Saint Peters 1/19/21
1/4/21 18:00 East Hartford CT Fireball 5 to 8 seconds Bluish/green fire ball 1/19/21
1/4/21 06:17 Safford AZ Fireball 1-3 seconds Fireball seen over Safford Mine 1/19/21
1/1/21 20:28 TAMPA FL Fireball 1 minute Large, orange fireball over Tampa, FL at 8:28 p.m. on Jan 1st 1/19/21
1/1/21 12:00 Marcus Hook PA Fireball 2 minutes Minutes after fireworks I had noticed an orange fireball in the sky. It was moving fast and it skipped speed a few times. 3/2/21
1/1/21 00:15 lehigh acres FL Fireball 30 Minutes 20-25 fireballs/orbs flying high above my neighborhood over the course of 30 mins, each zooming off before they disappeared. 1/19/21
1/1/21 00:12 Rocklin/ Roseville CA Fireball 5 min Red very bright ball of light. It was cylindrical in shape and flickered. 1/19/21
1/1/21 00:07 Marcus Hook PA Fireball One minute Orange fireball traveling at high speed 1/19/21
12/31/20 23:30 Damascus MD Fireball 12:00 Red sphere transitions into an eye... 1/19/21
12/31/20 22:30 Nazareth PA Fireball 2 minutes Pulsating orange orb in eastern sky 1/19/21
12/28/20 18:35 Oronoco MN Fireball 2 hours about 6:35pm I went out side with my little brother to use our Orion telescope to look at the moon and stars. We both saw and orange lo 1/19/21
12/27/20 21:57 Vernal/Naples UT Fireball 5 minutes we are looking west as we walk out toward the trucks from house as seen at the bottom of screen . It was coming at us going East, then 1/19/21
12/26/20 22:55 Bradenton FL Fireball 7 min 5 red orbs 1/19/21
12/25/20 20:00 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 10 minutes Multiple glowing orange lights flying around in the dark evening sky for several minutes 1/19/21
12/20/20 00:00 Starkville MS Fireball 15-20 min Total of 3 orange spheres with what appeared to be rings of fire within 12/23/20
12/17/20 16:46 Jackson TN Fireball 10 minutes Orange fireball slowly moved across the sky at sunset 12/23/20
12/16/20 10:20 Naples FL Fireball 3 minutes Fireball 12/23/20
12/14/20 00:00
OK Fireball
Fireball resembing color of other meteors that night fell perfectly straight down as if it was a drop, delivery, or disguised landing. 1/19/21
12/12/20 07:36 Flowery Branch GA Fireball 2 to 3 mins I woke up this morning and approximately 07:34 I opened my balcony door off my bedroom (2nd floor) and seen a bright light. At first I 12/23/20
12/12/20 01:00 Bayville NJ Fireball 10 minutes I was standing outside on the front porch and I saw 2 fireball like objects floating through the sky flying at a fast speed. Faster tha 12/23/20
12/10/20 19:25 Hookstown PA Fireball 3 to 4 seconds Fiery, bluish, rocket tail traveling the night sky at a super sonic speed, then disappearing; left a distinct smokey travel line. 12/23/20
12/6/20 11:53 Fort Collins CO Fireball 2 seconds Large orange fireball 12/23/20
12/2/20 18:30 Lehighton PA Fireball 2 seconds It was obviously on fire yet no meteors were reported plus if it were a meteor it would be moving side ways this thing came straighdown 12/23/20
12/1/20 21:15 Cumming GA Fireball 1-2 minutes Two slow moving fireballs following each other parallel to the earth’s surface 12/23/20
11/29/20 21:09 miami FL Fireball 2 minutes I'm used to watch the sky specially at the high of my building, yet never seen a flying fireball with a perfect gps coordinates. 12/23/20
11/28/20 21:30 Malverne NY Fireball 5 minutes Bright orange object with no sound moving across sky then disappeared 12/23/20
11/28/20 17:00 Buchanan MI Fireball 1 minute large arching fireworks; no sound; two large glowing circles formed an arch and then split and disappeared 12/23/20
11/28/20 07:30 North Wilmington DE Fireball 20 min 7 fireballs moving horizontally very slowly 12/23/20
11/26/20 22:45 Miami FL Fireball 80 sec After our Thanksgiving feast, we decided to sit around the firepit in the backyard,to talk some and catch up. It was my husband and thr 12/23/20
11/26/20 20:15 Olathe KS Fireball 3 minutes Driving home from work and saw one fireball. Watched for about a minute and it disappeared. Drove home about a minute away and looked 12/23/20
11/25/20 22:00 Orlando FL Fireball 10 mins Orlando FireBall 2020 12/23/20
11/24/20 19:18 Fruit Cove FL Fireball 5-8 min You could see the ripple of wind current around it. It glided reminded me of how a jelly fish acts when it swimming threw water. It was 12/23/20
11/22/20 20:00 Midland MI Fireball 2 Minutes Orange plasma orbs; Midland Mi -2 minute sighting West of MBS airspace 12/23/20
11/21/20 00:00 Royal palm beach FL Fireball 3 min This was a giant big bright ball that hurt my eyes to look at. I took a picture. It got lower and cars on the road noticed it and took 12/23/20
11/20/20 00:19 Anaheim CA Fireball Less than 10 seconds I am a security guard on duty overnight and tonight I was on duty sitting in my patrol car with my seat slightly reclined and my phone 12/23/20
11/19/20 22:20 Fremont OH Fireball 01 My dogs ran away and i was hollering with my flashlights. I saw a helicopter fly by and then the helicopter circled over twice so I st 12/23/20
11/18/20 14:08 Belfair WA Fireball 15 seconds. Large orange/red orb moving diagonally and down in the daytime. 1/19/21
11/15/20 16:03 Somerset MA Fireball 30 Seconds Single orange-red orb traversing the sky in 30-seconds, above cloud cover, SE to NW 12/23/20
11/15/20 10:43 West of Gillette WA Fireball 2-3 seconds A falling saucer in Wyoming at night, it left a trail in the sky and landed/disappeared into a field 12/23/20
11/12/20 18:25 Cajon Pass CA Fireball 1 second 11/12/2020 @ approx. 18:25 Southbound on the Cajon Pass, CA.

As I was driving down the Pass, at about the heighth of a helicopter,We
11/8/20 03:00 Kirkland QC Fireball 45 minutes An orange fireball ascending from the sky going East at a 45 angle, then disappears and a new one reappears at the exact spot as before 12/23/20
11/5/20 18:29 Port St Lucie FL Fireball 10 seconds Was driving home. Saw what looked like a red ball moving upward. I pulled out my smartphone and started recording. As I continued to lo 12/23/20
10/31/20 20:00 Rensselaer
Fireball 60 seconds + Three large orange objects over Albany NY 10/31/20 12/23/20
10/25/20 20:00 Decatur GA Fireball 20 Multiple red circles still, but also moving 12/23/20
10/24/20 21:10 Keizer OR Fireball 1 minute Flying lantern looking thing. 12/23/20
10/20/20 19:20 Locust Grove GA Fireball 30 minutes I saw multiple fireballs flying in formation. 12/23/20
10/17/20 19:46 Pittsburgh (east of) PA Fireball interval still present Trans-morphic scintillating orb/fireball south by southeast of Pittsburgh PA about 30 degrees off of the horizon. 12/23/20
10/17/20 11:55 Cheshire CT Fireball 3 seconds I saw a large white circular light come below the clouds from my right. It zig zagged across the sky then zipped above the clouds diag 12/23/20
10/14/20 18:47 Elizabethton TN Fireball 10 minutes Appeared to be fireballs with a dissipating trail falling toward earth at dusk. Two in number. October 14, 2020, 6:47 PM, Elizabethton 1/19/21
10/11/20 19:30 Eldorado
Fireball Very fast 30 secobds Large ball of fire streeked right above my trees seemed to disappear over trees 12/23/20
10/10/20 20:35 Howell NJ Fireball 20 seconds Light green fireball-like object traveling downward. 12/23/20
10/10/20 20:15 New York City (Bronx) NY Fireball <1 second Ball of light shot briefly across sky and disappeared 12/23/20
10/10/20 19:00 Monroe WA Fireball 3 minutes Orange ball of light that zig zagged. 12/23/20
10/6/20 22:12 San Antonio TX Fireball 7 seconds Whatever it was? It big 12/23/20
10/5/20 20:20 Manchester CT Fireball 2 Glowing orange orb moving across the sky 11/5/20
10/4/20 20:42 Lachine (Canada) QC Fireball 2 hours 1. Looked like a ball of fire with it's circumference flickering slighly.

2. With in a two hour span i sighted approx. 19 of  the o
9/30/20 20:15 Roswell NM Fireball 45 minutes Orange balls of light on US 285, just north of Roswell, New Mexico. 11/5/20
9/27/20 21:05 Kingsville OH Fireball 25&quot; There was a motherboard. 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:36 Fremont MI Fireball 8 minutes Two orange balls silently fly over Michigan from south to north. 11/5/20
9/26/20 21:30 Biloxi MS Fireball 4 Fiery pulsating orb 11/5/20
9/25/20 19:55 Barstow TX Fireball 10 minutes 5 fireball UFO' s that changed directions. 11/5/20
9/24/20 22:15 Weston WV Fireball 1 minute Fireball like object seen in sky from Weston WV. 11/5/20
9/23/20 23:51 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 5 minutes They were fast red orbs that gravitated to a pulsating light of of the water of the ocean. 12/23/20
9/22/20 19:10 Montreal (Canada) QC Fireball 3 seconds Bright white light moving at extreme speeds 11/5/20
9/21/20 05:36 Long Island NY Fireball 5 seconds White Flash with a Blueish Green line going downwards. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a meteor/fireball. PD)) 11/5/20
9/20/20 23:00 San Diego CA Fireball Minutes White bright light coming from ball and then floated away 11/5/20
9/16/20 21:15 Smithtown NY Fireball 45 seconds I saw 7-8 fire balls shoot up out of the Long Island sound. They were spinning and then turns off. Then a fighter jet followed 11/5/20
9/14/20 05:40 Duck Creek Village UT Fireball <5 minutes Objects that looked like stars appearing out of nowhere in the night sky and traveling south to north in a straight line 11/5/20
9/11/20 22:00 Washington PA Fireball 5 minutes Husband and I thought it was Mars we were looking at. Next thing we know the &quot;star&quot; appeared to get bigger glowing bright red 11/5/20
9/6/20 21:34 Canisteo NY Fireball 5 seconds Bright white light 11/5/20
9/5/20 21:06 Rome GA Fireball 1-2 minutes Orange ball of light over house 11/5/20
9/5/20 12:30 Woodland Park CO Fireball 10 seconds Fireball in Colorado 11/5/20
9/5/20 01:30 Temescal Canyon CA Fireball 3 seconds driving home from work at 1:30 am on 15 fwy between south corona/ lake elsinore by nichols exit. Green fire ball came flying down. Poss 11/5/20
9/4/20 21:00 Stoneham MA Fireball 10 minutes On 9/4/20 around 9PM my 35-year-old son was taking our dog for a walk when he barged into the house and told me to come out and see thi 11/5/20
9/4/20 14:00 Mattapan MA Fireball 3 minutes Fireball and spheres 1/19/21
9/4/20 04:58 Lakeland FL Fireball 4 seconds Bright Falling Green Object In A Moonlit Early Morning Sky 9/4/20
9/3/20 13:30 Tacoma WA Fireball 3-4 minutes I was sitting out side at 1:30 am smoking a cigarette, Across the sky, 3 to 5 times time bigger then a jetliner,It came towards me, I w 9/4/20
9/1/20 22:15 Parrish FL Fireball 5 seconds UFO sighting in parrish Florida. 9/4/20
8/30/20 23:50 London (Canada) ON Fireball 3 minutes The object was moving across the sky very low in a straight line. No noise came from the object. Started to ascend into sky. 9/4/20
8/30/20 01:45 Watertown NY Fireball 31 seconds Fireball captured on Ring Doorbell video 9/4/20
8/29/20 20:19 Wolcott CT Fireball 3 minutes Three fireball like objects were seen above our house before they quickly disappeared we captured them on photo and video.
8/29/20 19:46 North Palm Beach FL Fireball 2 minutes 4 fireballs over night sky! 9/4/20
8/26/20 21:55 Indialantic FL Fireball 5:00 Hovering fireball over Atlantic Ocean in Florida 8/27/20
8/25/20 22:00 Southampton NY Fireball 15 seconds Fireball streaking low across sky toward ocean 11/5/20
8/23/20 22:22 Pueblo West CO Fireball 3 minutes At approximately 10:22 PM mountain time in Pueblo West Colorado two witnesses saw in the western sky low in the horizon an orange shape 8/27/20
8/22/20 20:24 Fairdealing KY Fireball ~60 seconds Orange Fireball in Eastern Sky, video and photo obtained. 8/27/20
8/21/20 22:00 Johns Creek GA Fireball 5 minutes Red fireballs moving silently and intelligently. ((NUFORC Note: Date not indicated by witness, who remains anonymous. PD)) 8/27/20
8/21/20 20:52 Duluth GA Fireball 20 minutes Odd red lights after storm in sky over Duluth, GA 8/27/20
8/20/20 22:30 Utica NY Fireball 1 minutes 3 huge fireballs change direction. Video footage in description 8/27/20
8/20/20 21:51 Sandusky OH Fireball 2-3 minutes I was going out to have a cigarette and I noticed in the sky over the tree line a very busy orange red light that seemed odd. I was on 8/27/20
8/18/20 23:00 Willard MO Fireball 10 seconds family of 5 witness a huge glowing green ball of light fall from he sky followed by smaller stationary bright white blinking lights 8/20/20
8/18/20 23:00 Dallas OR Fireball 20 minutes Multiple colored orbs pulsating in sequence with eachother shooting things 8/20/20
8/18/20 22:40 Hartford CT Fireball 20 seconds It was a clear, dark night in The Connecticut sky around 10PM when my friend and I were on the way to get me home when what I thought a 8/20/20
8/15/20 22:00 East Durham NY Fireball 30 seconds Red-orange orb or fireball above tree line 8/27/20
8/15/20 21:37 Fletcher Binghamville VT Fireball 4 minutes Fletcher Binghamville Vermont orange fireball 8/20/20
8/12/20 03:00 Toledo OH Fireball 2 minutes Circular ball of fire spotted in Toledo Ohio 8/20/20
8/11/20 22:03 Lewiston MI Fireball 30 seconds Orange fireball shot over lake in Lewiston Michigan 11/5/20
8/10/20 21:00 Dillsburg PA Fireball 10 seconds Large bright red flash seemed to appear out of the sky at 30 degrees and fall into the horizon. 8/20/20
8/8/20 20:30 Yakima
Comet shaped object over hills outside of town, silver/reflective, appeared stationary. 8/20/20
8/7/20 23:00 Riverview FL Fireball 4 minutes Fireball with noticeable tail moving through sky, stops leaving just a dot then disappears. 8/20/20
8/5/20 01:57 Park Hill ( Tahlequah) OK Fireball All night 8 balls of fire we saw moving into a line in the sky. Other objects as well later saw a circular object in sky 5/20/21
8/4/20 22:00 Miami Beach FL Fireball 1 minute High altitude fast moving delta shaped flames. ((NUFORC Note: The "dragon" capsule had already landed, two days earlier. PD)) 8/6/20
8/1/20 22:50 Bentonsport IA Fireball 5 minutes In Keosauqua Iowa on 8/12/2020 around 10:30pm, my boyfriend and I were outside standing near the Des Moines River trying to observe the 8/6/20
8/1/20 22:30 Wabasha MN Fireball 1 minute
7/31/20 01:00 Willseyville NY Fireball Hours Star like objects all night 8/6/20
7/30/20 19:45 Prescott Valley AZ Fireball ~15 minutes It looked like hazy planet or sphere, at first glance I thought the sun was shinning off it, but this did not move. 8/20/20
7/29/20 00:30 Seaside OR Fireball 3 seconds Object quickly moving across sky then disappears 7/31/20
7/28/20 21:03 Downers Grove/Chicago IL Fireball 2-3 minutes 5-7 org/red ORBS flying towards City of Chicago from Suburbs 8/6/20
7/28/20 20:55 Albuquerque NM Fireball 10 seconds Bright blue ball with trail burning bright blue entered atmosphere falling then broke into 3 fireballs before dissapearing into. Starte 7/31/20
7/28/20 06:15 Prescott Valley AZ Fireball 40 glowing ball of fire that changed shape 8/6/20
7/27/20 01:08 Lone Pine CA Fireball 19 sec Alabama Hills, CA. We went to take photos of the four meteor showers. Around 1:08am. I noticed what at first I thought was a meteor act 8/6/20
7/23/20 23:00 Evergreen Park IL Fireball 1 minute 3 Witnessess saw (2) flared objects traveling South West directly over our position.

(1) object appeared first , and slowly disappe
7/23/20 19:30 Tonopah AZ Fireball 1 minute Tonopah Arizona lights 8/27/20
7/23/20 19:30 Tonopah AZ Fireball 1 minute Tonopah Arizona lights. 8/20/20
7/22/20 21:36 Dash Point WA Fireball 00:01:15 JULY 22, 2020 Dash Point, Pierce Co., WA 98422 9:30-9:40PM.

On Saturday July 25, my wife and I and our little bichon went down to w
7/21/20 20:00 Blaine MN Fireball 3 minutes Witnessed with my two children a spinning orange orb that spinner for several seconds before shooting straight up into the sky. 7/23/20
7/18/20 22:31 Sullivan OH Fireball 30 seconds Fireball Sullivan Ohio 7/23/20
7/18/20 22:31 Sullivan OH Fireball 30 seconds I submitted a report earlier but have since found a reasonable explanation from a fellow camper at the same campground, when I posted i 7/23/20
7/15/20 21:00 Hellertown PA Fireball 20 minutes Objects with a fireball appearance, Hellertown PA 7/23/20
7/15/20 03:45 Chillicothe OH Fireball 05:00 Orange ball flew across western to Eastern sky until &quot;hovering&quot; for a couple hours till it faded away 7/23/20
7/14/20 22:00 Lancaster CA Fireball 15-25 seconds This object look like a fireball coming towards us from the West in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, it looked like it was coming st 8/20/20
7/12/20 23:37 Merrimack NH Fireball 1-2 minutes Round orange object in late night sky, no tail 7/23/20
7/11/20 20:15 Phoenix AZ Fireball 10 seconds Blue/green small round fireball with red tail of light coming out from behind. Flew very fast east to west over the I17 freeway then ab 7/23/20
7/10/20 22:39 Dash Point WA Fireball
7/8/20 21:45 Allentown PA Fireball 1 minute Round very bright orange object traveling west to east, turned south, ascended quickly, getting smaller then disappeared into blacknes 7/9/20
7/4/20 23:00 Seattle WA Fireball 1 minute O.K, first & foremost it was the 4th of July- Although, I'm 62, & have been watching the sky for yrs.(& I've seen some stuff)Anyway, i 7/9/20
7/4/20 22:00 Hatboro PA Fireball 15 minutes We were sitting by our pool trying to watch fireworks but they really didnt happen. Observed in the near sky what appeared to be a fire 7/23/20
7/4/20 21:35 Kissimmee FL Fireball 20 minutes 15 to 20 orange/red slowly traversing orbs in formation in Kissimme, FL. ((Starlink satellites??)) 7/9/20
7/4/20 21:30 Crestview FL Fireball 5 minutes 6 UFOs and alien noises in neighborhood. 7/23/20
7/2/20 23:00 Grove City OH Fireball 2 minutes Driving home, stopped at a stop sign and noticed a bright orange light hovering in the sky. The light hovered for about 2 minutes in th 7/9/20
6/30/20 22:00 Gibsonton FL Fireball 5-10 minutes Round large object emitting red light 7/23/20
6/25/20 21:00 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 1 hour 4 yellowish orange like orbs in sync light up then fade away like fire going out. A bit later a couple more. Few mins later one lit up 7/3/20
6/23/20 22:30 Putney VT Fireball 1 minute after being no Red light near eastern horizon. Not blinking, possibly rising, disappears after a minute of observation. 6/25/20
6/17/20 10:03 Folly Beach SC Fireball 10 seconds One of my friends said he saw something in the sky, we saw 2 more of them, the first one was blinking across the sky like it was going 6/25/20
6/13/20 23:00 Inverness FL Fireball 30 seconds Fireball, slow moving and completely silent 6/25/20
6/7/20 21:30 Lewisburg WV Fireball 1 minute Blue fireball shaped object descending from the sky. 6/25/20
6/7/20 19:30 Mount Hope WV Fireball 1 minute Fireball Object Descending from Sky 12/23/20
6/6/20 20:30 Taftville CT Fireball 3 minutes Tonight I saw an orange like ball falling from space it was very bright. I took a video of it 6/25/20
6/6/20 10:30 Cincinnati OH Fireball 3 minutes A bright red/orange object. The object was bright and far enough away to look like a Star. But it was falling far too quickly to be one 6/25/20
6/4/20 21:00 Manor TX Fireball 1 minute Bright light seen over manor moving W to E then disappeared in front of eyes. ((ISS??)) 6/25/20
6/1/20 21:38 De Pere WI Fireball 2 minutes 20 seconds Bright “fireball” orb glides above city 7/9/20
6/1/20 10:04 Strawberry valley CA Fireball 20 seconds Giant Flying fire ball that disappeared 6/25/20
5/28/20 23:53 Independence KS Fireball 1 second Color-changing fireball craft slowly popped in-and-out of existence. 6/25/20
5/26/20 22:07 San Jacinto CA Fireball 5 minutes 3-4 orangish-yellow objects in the sky over Riverside county. 6/25/20
5/23/20 10:25 Portland OR Fireball 3 Orange orb with aura 6/25/20
5/17/20 21:41 Lake Keowee SC Fireball 2 minutes While out night fishing With husband and granddaughter we saw a bright red light hovering across sky then just vanished 6/25/20
5/16/20 21:00 Bedford NH Fireball 1 minute 3 fiery orbs over Bedford, NH. 6/25/20
5/14/20 00:20 Charleston (James Island) SC Fireball 5 seconds Orange/fiery circular object streaking thru the sky but was gone within 3-5s of seeing it 5/15/20
5/13/20 10:00 Maldivian Island resort
Fireball 3 minutes Me and my family we are currently held in quarantine in a Maldivian resort in Maldives. And while we were just hanging out in the balco 5/15/20
5/11/20 12:00 Austin TX Fireball 10 minutes Flashball gliding down. ((anonymous report)) 6/25/20
5/10/20 22:00 Jonesboro GA Fireball 1 minutes Objects came in twos. One lower than the other. Heading south towards Macon ga. Large burning fire ball that left no trail of smoke or 6/25/20
5/9/20 09:10 West Jordan UT Fireball 10 seconds maybe Strange fireball like objects in sky, 5 witnesses. 6/25/20
5/8/20 21:00 Eagle Eye Road AZ Fireball 15 minutes Bright orange lights in a pattern. Appeared several times. 6/25/20
5/7/20 21:50 Greenville MS Fireball 1-2 minutes I witnessed 3 floating objects displaying flash a red the orange hue I fists believed to be aircraft of military maybe due to the hori 6/25/20
5/6/20 21:00 Russellville AR Fireball 1 minute Three red spheres line up vertically and race off to the east. 6/25/20
5/3/20 22:00 Oberlin OH Fireball 2 minutes 6 golden round fireballs flying slow speed same distance appart 6/25/20
5/1/20 21:00 Palos Heights IL Fireball 4 minutes bright orange ball 6/25/20
5/1/20 02:00 Esfehan (Iran)
Fireball 30 minutes Strange pulsating bright lite in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 5/15/20
4/29/20 21:25 Los Angeles CA Fireball 10-15 seconds Bright, orange/reddish light spotted moving over East LA 6/25/20
4/28/20 20:45 Medford OR Fireball 10 seconds Flaming object traveling extremely quickly from east to west duration lasting between 3 and 8 seconds descended towards Jacksonville. 6/25/20
4/28/20 09:30 Statesboro GA Fireball 5 mins Several craft was shooting into the air and it lasted about 5 mins. It looked like a chain of lights. ((Starlink satellites?)) 6/25/20
4/21/20 03:00 Newberry MI Fireball 4 minutes Six friends see a strange fireball flying in a unique pattern. 6/25/20
4/21/20 02:45 Seabrook TX Fireball 15 minutes Introduction: On 04/21/2020 at approximately 02:45hrs., witnesses observed a vertically elongated light source that appeared to be in t 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:20 Grand Prairie TX Fireball 15 seconds Around 8:20pm Central standard time i witnessed a orange glowing ball in the distant sky falling at a rapid speed heading in the Southe 6/25/20
4/17/20 20:00 Mount Holly NC Fireball 1 minute Large Fireballs appeared orniting each other before moving rapidly out of sight 6/25/20
4/16/20 21:40 Reno NV Fireball 5 Floating over Reno and using multiple colors. Clouds got in my way. It was pretty high but not moving. 5/15/20
4/15/20 19:45 Franklin WI Fireball 1 minute Fast moving ball of light was moving up and down. 6/25/20
4/12/20 23:00 Bandon OR Fireball 2 minutes It was 10:00 at night and I Was walking to my tent and notice the stars wear out and looked at one that was glowing brighter then any s 6/25/20
4/12/20 20:13 Las Vegas NV Fireball 2 minutes Orb like fireballs 6/25/20
4/8/20 22:44 Boca raton FL Fireball 12 minutes Fireball in the sky. Remained stationary for several minutes. 5/7/20
4/8/20 20:00 Dallas TX Fireball 3 seconds We saw a green ball come from the sky towards the ground with sparks. ((anonymous)) 4/9/20
4/7/20 18:45 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 10 seconds While seated looking east from a 10th floor I suddenly saw a large Fireball descend to what appeared to be almost 200 feet in altitude. 6/25/20
4/5/20 22:23 Kalispell MT Fireball 15 seconds Bright orange fireball moving overhead toward the south and then slowing to move southeast. Object appeared to be in orbit and was visi 4/9/20
4/4/20 21:20 Kirkwood NY Fireball 20 minutes Fireball that moved in and out of view before fading away; black orb was seen in sky where the light was seen.((anonymous)) 4/9/20
4/1/20 03:45 Petersham MA Fireball 2+ minutes Ok, this is NOT an April fools joke. At 3:45 this morning the sky was crystal clear, looking south/ SW (about 210 degrees) we saw an or 4/9/20
3/26/20 23:00 Pulaski VA Fireball 30 minutes I was about to go to bed when i looked out the window and saw 5 white orbs or lights in the distance high in the sky behind my house.Th 5/21/20
3/26/20 05:55 Newark NJ Fireball 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no information. PD)) 5/7/20
3/25/20 21:00 Seattle WA Fireball 20 seconds Fireballs with flashing object at rear. 3/31/21
3/25/20 20:40 Indianapolis IN Fireball 6 minutes 3 pulsating reddish fireballs in Indianapolis skies 5/21/20
3/24/20 22:45 Waterville NY Fireball Seconds Green fireball skating between clouds and trees. Straight line trajectory. VERY BROUGHT. Lit up the whole sky. 5/21/20
3/24/20 20:00 Tulare CA Fireball 15 minutes Red/orange fireballs seemed to be traveling away from earth and disappearing in the sky; also traveling in a line 5/21/20
3/21/20 22:30 Emmaus PA Fireball 2 minutes I was walking my dog at 10:30 as i arrived home i looked up and saw what appeared to be a fire ball moving across sky in my direction. 5/15/20
3/18/20 20:40 Clearlake CA Fireball 1 minute Bright orange lights above Clearlake, CA. ((Starlink satellites)) 5/15/20
3/15/20 20:00 Paramount CA Fireball 3 minutes UFO sighting near Paramount, California 4/9/20
3/12/20 23:30 Red Springs NC Fireball 3 minutes Two Orange fire balls fly across the sky in Hoke County NC between the towns of Red Springs and Raeford 5/7/20
3/8/20 19:45 Los Angeles CA Fireball 4 minutes Four orange/yellow fireballs were seen off in the distance as planes were descending nearby. Slowly, 2 of them faded out like a shootin 5/1/20
3/7/20 18:57 Rochester NY Fireball 2 minutes Look it like a fireball going up with an aura or flame outline but it was not moving 5/1/20
3/6/20 19:45 Reading PA Fireball 3-4 minutes 25+ orange lighted objects passed in sky (no sound) on 3/6/2020 at 7:45 PM. ((Spacelink satellites)) 5/1/20
3/1/20 19:00 Queen Creek AZ Fireball 2 minutes Unidentified balls of light flying over Queen Creek, AZ that were not meteorites or planes. 4/9/20
2/29/20 21:30 New Haven MI Fireball 30 seconds Fiery porthole. 4/9/20
2/27/20 23:45 Glenwood UT Fireball 3-5 seconds White light in the distance with a trail behind it. 4/9/20
2/26/20 19:30 Eureks MT Fireball 15 seconds At about 9:30 I was outside my it was dark when looking northwest towards Mt Roberts I noticed a large orange litte. It was just above 4/9/20
2/26/20 19:30 Eureka MT Fireball 15 seconds At about 9:30 I was outside my house it was dark no moon venus was south in sky,when looking northwest towards Mt Roberts I noticed a l 4/9/20
2/25/20 23:21 Daly City CA Fireball 3-4 seconds A big, bright fireball streaked across the sky for about 3-4 seconds, and then broke up into pieces. ((anonymous)) 4/9/20
2/24/20 22:00 Kennebunkport ME Fireball 5 minutes I was on my porch and across the marsh a fireball that looked like a bunch of different lights was hovering over the water about 25 fee 4/9/20
2/24/20 21:00 Jacksonville FL Fireball 15-20 minutes Red Orb balls in east sky and then turning north 4/9/20
2/24/20 20:55 Jacksonville FL Fireball 5 minutes Red fireball string of lights miles in length staying approximately 1 mile apart in distance 4/9/20
2/22/20 22:40 Denver CO Fireball 3 seconds Big blue fireball 2/25/20
2/20/20 19:30 Utica NY Fireball 20 minutes Driving home from work spotted a large yellow/orange light, thought it was maybe a planet. Changed shape from circular to oval. had bli 2/25/20
2/17/20 20:14 High Point NC Fireball 3 seconds Bright light spotted in High Point NC over lake. 2/25/20
2/16/20 21:06 Big Pine Key FL Fireball 4-5 seconds 02/16/20 Streak of red light lasting about 4 sec off the East coast of Big Pine Key FL at 9:06 PM 2/25/20
2/16/20 08:40 Brooklyn NY Fireball 8:47 Fireball over Prospect Park. 2/25/20
2/14/20 14:54 Minneapolis MN Fireball 5 minutes Whatever it was fell straight out of the sky. It looked like a little piece of fire followed by a cloud trail 2/25/20
2/14/20 00:04 Plantation FL Fireball ~90 seconds UFO sighting in Plantation, FL. 2/25/20
2/13/20 02:20 Homer LA Fireball ~2 minutes I was driving to work and notice a light moving in an unusual manner; very fast, and moving in every direction. ((anonymous report)) 2/25/20
2/10/20 20:30 Red Lodge MT Fireball 5 minutes Object appeared suddenly looking West over Grizzly peak. Looked like a super bright star flashing red and blue light. Object stayed st 2/13/20
2/9/20 18:15 Cromwell KY Fireball 2 seconds It was as fireball along with a tail of fire falling across the sky with a downward angle from West to East lasting perhaps 2-3 seconds 2/25/20
2/7/20 21:50 Golden CO Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball went across the sky and turned orange, then disappeared. It was too large to be a comet, about the size of 5+ airplanes. 2/13/20
2/7/20 19:00 Lawrenceville GA Fireball 2 seconds Saw fireball in the sky. ((anonymous report)). 2/13/20
2/5/20 22:20 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 minutes 9 to 12 orbs first believed to be lanterns in the northern facing sky of Phoenix, Az.

They were flying in a formation heading north
2/5/20 15:00 Melbourne FL Fireball 15 seconds We were driving back from store on Appolo Rd and were at the stop light to turn on to Sarno Rd in Melbourne. While sitting at red light 2/13/20
2/3/20 03:00 San Diego CA Fireball 3-4 minutes Watched 3 UFO's all with bright orange color navigate the San Diego skies 2/7/20
2/1/20 22:45 Palm Springs CA Fireball 4-5 minutes Orange glowing lights moving in the sky 2/7/20
1/29/20 22:29 Garden Grove CA Fireball 7 seconds Golden Meteor. 2/7/20
1/29/20 20:10 San Diego CA Fireball 2 seconds meteor or space junk? 1/31/20
1/26/20 16:30 Fairfax CA Fireball 2-3 seconds low and close extremely bright white fireball Fairfax CA followed by loud boom. 1/31/20
1/24/20 20:50 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 5 minutes Rotating discs that initially look like flashing fire balls moving in a row and disappearing (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/23/20 00:30 Blackwood NJ Fireball 5 minutes I was driving down the road and looked up and saw a super bright red light in the sky. It looked close and was very big. It looked lik 1/31/20
1/22/20 19:47 Corpus Christi TX Fireball 30 There was a bright shining object flying fast across the sky, I took a video of this object as it was spinning fast in the sky 2/7/20
1/19/20 19:00 Coachella CA Fireball 2 minutes Driving down Frederick st coming to stop light on. Ave 52 when we saw what looked like 3 fireballs coming down but instead of just fal 1/31/20
1/18/20 21:00 La Mesa CA Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball dropping a flare 2/7/20
1/17/20 07:30 Las Cruces NM Fireball 8:00 Strange Fireballs over Las Cruces 2/7/20
1/14/20 19:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes Twelve small constant unblinking lights moving eastward in the southern sky. One light quickly turned W (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 17:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes 12 small constant lights moving west in the southern sky. One light turned quickly Eastward. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/14/20 17:40 Jasper AR Fireball 25 minutes 12 small constant lights moving east in the southern sky. One light turned quickly Westward. Another light turned South and went straig 2/7/20
1/12/20 18:57 Mastic Beach NY Fireball 4 minutes Fireball in southeast sky that changed shapes. 1/31/20
1/9/20 19:45 Los Lunas
Fireball 5 minutes+ Lights over Los Lunas similar to fireballs. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
1/9/20 04:00 Dixmont ME Fireball Seconds Green Ball of Fire falls from the sky 2/7/20
1/7/20 21:11 duluth MN Fireball 5 seconds green fireball fell from sky. 2/7/20
1/7/20 05:30 Bay City TX Fireball 1-2 minutes Was taking a early morning walk when I saw 3 fireballs all traveling together with flames shooting off. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 2/7/20
1/6/20 22:00 Sapelo Island GA Fireball 5 minutes A fireball expelling intense gas trail & debris flew for 4 to 5 minutes across coastline of Sapelo Island, Georgia. 2/7/20
1/6/20 20:00 Los Angeles CA Fireball 30 seconds Bright red speeding fireball. 2/7/20
1/6/20 17:08 Sandy Spring MD Fireball 3 minutes In the car, I saw fireballs falling from the sky, later confirmed that they were not meteors, asteroids, or comets. 2/7/20
1/5/20 08:00 Wayne NY Fireball 30 minutes So me and my brother were driving home through this town. And up in the sky was these bright orange yellow lights. At first we thought 2/7/20
1/1/20 01:00 Lake Wylie SC Fireball 3 minutes fireball looking flying object 2/7/20
1/1/20 00:17 Pinellas Park FL Fireball 5 minutes Glowing fireballs seen over Pinellas Park, FL. (("Spacelink" satellites??) 2/7/20
12/31/19 23:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball :30 I was in Fort Lauderdale, FL looking toward the East on New Years Eve and I saw a bright orange light in the sky. At first I thought it 2/7/20
12/31/19 22:20 Jacksonville FL Fireball 90 seconds Orange glowing fireball or object ;noiseless. ((NUFORC Note: Possible missile launch?? PD)) 2/7/20
12/31/19 18:30 Chugiak AK Fireball 10 minutes Sphere fireball Cook Inlet/Susitna, Eklutna Alaska 1/31/20
12/28/19 21:00 Spokane WA Fireball 3 minutes Me and my father were sitting in the hot tub relaxing when we saw 3 objects that looked like round fire balls appear in the sky going s 1/31/20
12/27/19 19:00 Elkmont AL Fireball 3 seconds Bright light trailed by a green glowing light attached. 2/7/20
12/26/19 20:45 Waukegan IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright green pinpoint light moving very fast in the sky 2/7/20
12/25/19 20:45 Waukegan IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright green pinpoint light moving very fast in the sky. (("Spacelink satellites??)) 2/7/20
12/24/19 22:38 North Providence RI Fireball 3 minutes 3 balls of light exact same distance apart and exact same speed. 2/7/20
12/24/19 17:15 Reading PA Fireball 2 minutes Nevesink Mountain large glowing orb 2/7/20
12/24/19 15:45 Smithers (Canada) BC Fireball 4 minutes My husband and I were walking our dog on Christmas eve. We look up and see a glowing reddish yellow ball in the sky, we joke and say it 2/7/20
12/23/19 22:30 Prineville OR Fireball 5 minutes Multiple star like objects exited earths atmosphere at lihgt speed. (("Starlink" satellites??)) 1/31/20
12/23/19 17:00 Sarajevo (Bosnia)
Fireball 10 minutes I work at ATC in Sarajevo. Two controllers were working when they heard pilots using the emergency frequency to talk to each other abou 1/31/20
12/21/19 22:15 Carthage NC Fireball 5 Minutes Saw a Fireball UFO glowing Red/Orange. It moved around in all directions. Very cool! The last time I saw a Fireball UFO was in Great F 12/22/19
12/21/19 18:30 Glassboro NJ Fireball 3 seconds Blue-green burst of light traveled horizontally in the sky for 3 and completely disappeared. 2/7/20
12/20/19 06:40 Bethlehem GA Fireball 90 sec Very long tailing object streaking across the sky 12/22/19
12/20/19 06:30 Dunnellon FL Fireball 10 minutes At first I thought it was a meteor but then changed color then disappeared. Flew straight across left a trail of different colors then 12/22/19
12/19/19 06:45 Cranston RI Fireball 1 to 2 min I was driving to work and i saw a ball of fire falling from the sky in the far distance. At first i thought &quot;WOW&quot; a shooting 12/22/19
12/18/19 21:00 Waynesboro MS Fireball 10 minutes Exploding hovering fire ball (have video and pictures) 12/19/19
12/16/19 19:16 West Palm Beach FL Fireball 2 minutes Fireball over West Palm Beach, Florida. 12/19/19
12/16/19 19:13 Gainesville FL Fireball 4 minutes We saw a very slowly-moving light with a long, fiery tail. It changed color and direction. 12/19/19
12/15/19 01:45 Joppatowne MD Fireball <1 second A green fireball came down towards the southeast and lasted less than a second. 12/19/19
12/14/19 18:13 Waxahachie TX Fireball 1 minute Huge ball of light/fire appeared out of the sky. Moved towards us, did a u-turn, flew back up until we could no longer see it. 3/31/21
12/13/19 17:45 Wapato WA Fireball 5 seconds Looked like a shooting star travelling sideways then it was just gone. ((anonymous report)) 12/19/19
12/11/19 21:00 Louisville KY Fireball An hour I thought it was a star, but there was lights and it kept doing circular loops in the sky. 12/19/19
12/11/19 19:00 Santa Barbara CA Fireball 2 seconds Bright green fireball flew across the sky 12/19/19
12/9/19 20:44 Litchfield Beach SC Fireball 30 min I have seen the Myrtle Beach UFO &quot;orbs&quot; a few times the last five or so years. This time I was at Belin Church in Murrells In 12/19/19
12/7/19 20:18 Medellin, Colombia (El Poblado)
Fireball 2 hours Red Lights over Medellin 12/19/19
12/5/19 05:15 Baytown TX Fireball 2 seconds A Flash of light caught my attention as i looked up in the sky there was a Blue Fireball or Streak. Vivd blue flash trail with Orb. pro 12/19/19
11/30/19 19:00 Columbia PA Fireball 2 minutes I have 4 different videos of the event. Total, 4 minutes of video. My wife, and I, spotted 6 fire balls in the sky. Three of the fire b 12/19/19
11/30/19 04:45 Woodstock AL Fireball 2 seconds Bright Green Fireball Bibb Co., AL. 12/1/19
11/23/19 05:00 Raynham MA Fireball 3 minutes Was driving at night and seen a low bright fireball light it was mostly white with a little bit of red maybe 300 feet in the air it ca 2/7/20
11/22/19 20:45 mohave valley AZ Fireball 4 minutes large orb neon fireier green 12/1/19
11/21/19 20:05 Visalia CA Fireball 1 minute Fireball in the sky 12/1/19
11/21/19 18:30 Arlington WA Fireball 3-5 seconds Fireball 11/21/19 6:30pm, observed from Arlington, WA, arcing across the sky to the north. 12/1/19
11/20/19 02:00 Florence OR Fireball 0.5 sec Large fireball traveling from east to west at approximately 2:00, 0.5 mi from Florence, OR coast 12/1/19
11/17/19 23:00 Unknown ID Fireball 2 seconds im a passenger riding with my boyfriend who drives a freightliner. On 11.17.19 we were driving through Utah and Idaho at night time. We 12/1/19
11/16/19 16:53 Bridgeport PA Fireball 15 minutes It was to many objects flying around the same space at one time and was very unusual. Never seen anything like that before 12/1/19
11/16/19 03:30 Saratoga Springs UT Fireball 2 seconds Green light meteorite. ((NUFORC Note: Source does not indicate date of sighting. PD)) 12/1/19
11/16/19 01:30 Indio CA Fireball 2 minutes A fireball object burnt orange color with lights falling from it. 12/1/19
11/15/19 22:00 Redding CA Fireball 3 seconds Was on the outskirts of Redding California driving up a hill with a friend (they saw this too). When there was a faint light in the sky 12/1/19
11/15/19 22:00 Waynesboro MS Fireball 20 seconds I was driving down the road when I seen a flash of orange light the size of a star. It was directly over some tall pine trees. It was s 12/1/19
11/11/19 05:55 Big Bear Lake CA Fireball 4 minutes Long stretch of consecutive lights at very high alt. crossed over the ski area. ((NUFORC Note: Cluster of "Starlink" satellites. PD)) 12/1/19
11/9/19 10:00 Imperial MO Fireball 20 minutes Around 10:05 p.m. November 9, 2019 I was sitting outside my trailer looking at the sky when I seen a ball of light falling from the sk 12/1/19
11/5/19 23:40 Shrewsbury PA Fireball 5 minutes I saw a large bright yellow light from my window, at night it was in the shape of a fireball, and was moving closer to my window. 12/1/19
11/5/19 19:15 Blueash OH Fireball 30 seconds I saw ball of light with small tail that does the yellow orange colored ball of light as it fell towards the ground it continually zigg 12/1/19
11/1/19 19:30 Webberville area (above) MI Fireball ~20 minutes Only saw a light, it looked like an airport light but like a fireball shape, have never seen it in the area before, The light seems to 12/1/19
10/29/19 15:28 Forest Lake MN Fireball 5 minuets today at 3:28 pm i was at my storage unit in Forest Lake, MN. I parked in the front of my unit facing south. I had a very good view o 12/1/19
10/26/19 07:45 Madison MS Fireball 1 minute A red fireball that looked like an orb was seen traveling at a slow pace moving from East to West in Madison Mississippi. 12/1/19
10/26/19 06:18 Homer AK Fireball 1 minute Large fireball, which dissipated upward and flew away. 12/1/19
10/25/19 06:18 Homer AK Fireball 1 minute Large fireball north of Homer, Alaska. Dissipated up into the sky and then flew away as a single ball. 12/1/19
10/25/19 Neenah WI Fireball 22:30 Bright light originating high in the sky and rapidly drops before light disappears. 12/1/19
10/24/19 Barham CA Fireball :10 second This video was on the news this morning it's of the start of the kinkade fire but in the sky there is a ufo that flys accross the sky h 12/1/19
10/20/19 18:21 Surprise AZ Fireball 30 seconds Floating flickering fire. Traveling slowly then disappears. 12/1/19
10/18/19 22:05 Traverse City MI Fireball 5 seconds Bright object descends left extremely fast exactly diagonally and disappeared in sky 12/1/19
10/18/19 22:00 Russellville AR Fireball 5 seconds On October 18 at approximately 22:00 my friend and I saw a yellow ball of light descend from the sky. 12/1/19
10/17/19 23:11 Jefferson GA Fireball 30 seconds Bright green fireball in SE sky while heading towards Athens on Jefferson Rd 12/1/19
10/17/19 20:15 Perris CA Fireball 5 minutes Coming from South towards San Diego. There was a bright red fire flying still all the sudden white balls look like the movie Independen 12/1/19
10/16/19 06:30 Brandon SD Fireball 2 min Fireball seen above Brandon sd 12/1/19
10/13/19 22:15 Hawley PA Fireball 5 seconds I was driving on 590 going towards 6. I look up in the sky because of green light that had caught my eye to see a green ball flying. It 12/1/19
10/12/19 21:30 Huntersville NC Fireball 5 minute Orange Pulsating Orbs in Huntersville NC 12/1/19
10/11/19 20:05 Elkwood VA Fireball 5 minutes Two tailed burning object moving erratically. 12/1/19
10/11/19 19:30 Culpeper/Warrenton VA Fireball 2 minutes White object seen by driver in northern Virginia in the northern sky. 12/1/19
10/10/19 19:00 Houston TX Fireball 3 minutes What is the bright orange object, in Houston’s western sky tonight, around 7:00pm? I was taking a walk and saw it streaking towards th 12/1/19
10/9/19 22:00 Coburg (Canada) ON Fireball 50 minutes Me and my fiance witnessed 3 lights move in odd ways and zip around the sky.

They absorbed each other and then moved from over water
10/9/19 07:05 Inkster MI Fireball 00:05 A fireball fly bye and may be blow but it disappeared? 12/1/19
10/8/19 23:45 Sequim WA Fireball 2 minutes Red fireball type object seen at height of low flying aircraft. Silent. It made no sound. It flew at a moderate speed and stopped. 12/1/19
10/6/19 05:15 Yakima WA Fireball 3 minutes I went out to my car from from work for a quick break. I was walking back inside at around 0514. Looked up at the satrs as I do most ni 12/1/19
10/5/19 20:00 Millsboro DE Fireball 5 minutes Fireball that moved slowly, changed direction, then disappeared followed by a second aircraft. 2/7/20
10/5/19 06:30 Bluffton SC Fireball 2 seconds A very bright green object streaked over me in the dark going NNW while I was our running-jogging. 12/1/19
10/4/19 23:00 Watertown NY Fireball 3 minutes moving north to south slowly, orange glowing ball shaped, very bright. Passed directly overhead at aprox 200ft no sound. Turned right a 12/1/19
10/3/19 03:49 DeQuincy LA Fireball 4 seconds I saw a large fireball streak across the sky from west to east north of the Lake Charles area. It streaked quickly giving off a bright 10/4/19
10/2/19 22:00 Black Mountain NC Fireball 2 minutes Witnessed an orange, slow moving light. Was looking out my window and saw a orange colored, non blinking light floating across the nigh 10/4/19
10/1/19 23:00 Watertown NY Fireball 3 minutes moving north to south slowly, orange glowing ball shaped, very bright. Passed directly overhead at aprox 200ft no sound. Turned right a 12/1/19
9/30/19 21:14 Hartford CT Fireball 5 minutes Several orange objects seen in sky 10/4/19
9/30/19 20:57 Altoona IA Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange ball over Iowa 10/4/19
9/29/19 19:30 Simpson PA Fireball 5 minutes Red with yellow/orange rimmed colored object first looked as possible low flying plane, but no sound heard and colors made no sense. 10/4/19
9/28/19 19:08 New Haven CT Fireball 1 minute Red ball seen over New Haven 10/4/19
9/27/19 20:10 Rockville MN Fireball 3:17 Five bright orange orbs central MN. 10/4/19
9/27/19 20:00 Wilmington DE Fireball 4 minutes Two fireballs heading in the same direction. Silent, flickering, moving quickly for how low they were. They were heading north east tow 10/4/19
9/27/19 08:40 Blacksburg
Three Unidentified Flying Objects in the Skies of Blacksburg, Virginia. 10/4/19
9/27/19 01:30 Mansfield OH Fireball 7 seconds 2 of 2 - Fireball entering earths, slowed down and accelerated out of earths atmosphere 10/4/19
9/24/19 22:00 Maricopa AZ Fireball 3 minutes 3 horizontal fireballs in the sky 10/4/19
9/24/19 21:30 Mobile AL Fireball 1 minute Orange, slow-moving fireball seen near Bayou Sara River, Mobile, AL. (2 witnesses) 10/4/19
9/23/19 21:24 Baldwin NY Fireball less than minute Glowing fireball goes over my house 10/4/19
9/22/19 20:00 North Royalton OH Fireball
Orange round objects- 7- slow speed. 10/4/19
9/22/19 19:15 Wrightsville Beach NC Fireball 10 minutes A fireball-like object was seen falling for two minutes until it made a sharp 90 degree left turn and exited the field of vision. 10/4/19
9/22/19 00:05 Madison WI Fireball 8 minutes I saw one fireball at a time come out of the southeast over the treetops flying low-bright slowly heading northwest 10/4/19
9/21/19 12:24 Irving TX Fireball 10-15 minutes Reddish orbs flying across the sky starting bright then fading out in distance. Coming from SE direction to NE. Event lasted approx 10 10/4/19
9/20/19 20:00 Rock Hill SC Fireball 3-5 minutes It was a large red, orange pulsating orb. 10/4/19
9/18/19 18:30 Henderson NV Fireball 2 minutes I saw 4 firey objects moving in a circular motion, and then started to move ((anonymous report)) 9/19/19
9/17/19 22:31 Carson City NV Fireball 5 seconds Flaming Fireball inbound, darkened -reignited, then extinguished while still on low trajectory. 9/19/19
9/15/19 21:45 New Leipzig ND Fireball 10 minutes Seemimgly ball of fire colored object moving fast SE to NW. No smoke or sound observed. 9/19/19
9/13/19 23:00 Ashdown AR Fireball 10 minutes Red orb that lit up, split then disappeared. High up in pine tree. 10/4/19
9/12/19 20:30 Chesapeake VA Fireball 30s A green fireball moving across the sky at night. 12/1/19
9/8/19 22:05 Jackson OH Fireball 1 minute While on 279 heading to Jackson Lake, seen a large orange and yellow "fireballs." It quickly moved using a downward and to right. 9/19/19
9/1/19 23:00 Aurora CO Fireball 3 minutes I was fishing on the South side of Cherry Creek State Park and there was very little illumination for lights, it was dark and excellent 9/6/19
9/1/19 22:37 Maple Grove MN Fireball 3 minutes Flame-like flying object sighted along normal airline flight path over Twin Cities. ((anonymous report)) 9/6/19
9/1/19 21:00 Reading PA Fireball 2 minutes Orange pulsating fireball of light silently flying west then slowly rising up and traveling north then disappears. It changed from red 9/6/19
9/1/19 09:50 West Henrietta NY Fireball 10 minutes I walked outside and saw what appeared to be an orange twinkling star like thing hovering over something. It was much lower than any pl 10/4/19
8/31/19 22:45 Bumpass
Fireball 3 minutes Bright orange fireball hovering about 100-200 feet above the trees. It appeared to be stationary - not moving at all. 9/6/19
8/26/19 23:00 Glenwood Springs CO Fireball 5 seconds Object flew across the sky and then darted back and forth before going straight up and disappearing. 9/6/19
8/26/19 12:56 Warren OH Fireball 2 minutes Near military airbase, high in sky, object explodes & crashes to the ground, followed quickly by military jet 12/1/19
8/25/19 23:17 Bradenton FL Fireball 1 minutes Small fireball traveling over house in a wooded area. 9/6/19
8/24/19 20:24 Cocoa FL Fireball 2 minutes Wife and I in backyard pool with lights out. From Cocoa, Florida looking towards direction of Space Center, it looked like another roc 9/6/19
8/18/19 21:00 Rockbridge VA Fireball 3 seconds Orange circular orb falling straight from the sky. 8/23/19
8/16/19 20:30 Purvis MS Fireball 30 seconds White dome shaped object, verticle movement. Super fast. Left smoke trail. 7/3/20
8/15/19 09:11 Lakewood WA Fireball 5 minutes Slow moving burning color flame object. 8/23/19
8/11/19 17:10 Perkins OK Fireball 3 seconds Headed towards the ground at a slight angle really fast. Had a trail/tail behind it. Went down till I couldnt see if from trees blockin 8/23/19
8/11/19 01:50 Palm Springs CA Fireball 1-2 seconds Bright orange light appeared in the sky and quickly descended towards the earth in a straight line. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
8/7/19 09:00 Dayton OH Fireball 5 minutes Saw 5 fire-orange balls of light flying through our neighborhood. ((anonymous report)) 9/12/19
8/5/19 21:25 Syracuse NY Fireball 00:15 Steady stream of red, slow moving lights in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 9/6/19
8/3/19 21:30 Louisville OH Fireball 1 minute Looked like a flaming ball shooting fireballs off it then it turned and sped off to the South, no way it was a plane or meteor 8/23/19
8/2/19 03:40 Boise ID Fireball 30 seconds I saw a “fireball” brightening and dimming above the Boise foothills followed, by a shooting star above it in the sky 8/23/19
8/1/19 04:45 New Johnsonville TN Fireball 15 seconds Heard the strangest noise outside of home. Sounds like faint alarms? Cats heard it too. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
7/31/19 21:00 Chattanooga TN Fireball 1 minute A bright orange fireball rose up slowly from behind the tree line and then swiftly moved to the right and vanished. 8/23/19
7/31/19 09:40 Millbrook NY Fireball 1 minute We saw what looked like a really bright planet. Unsure of what it was we took out our phone and used the night sky phone app thinking 8/23/19
7/30/19 00:01 Southlake TX Fireball 1 second A small, white light flew left to right for about one second at a high rate of speed. 8/23/19
7/27/19 22:40 Bellevue OH Fireball 2 minutes Small orange fire color orb that raced across sky from southwest to northeast. No blinking lights and was at cloud level because it dis 8/23/19
7/27/19 01:30 Lexington OH Fireball 7 seconds Fireball entering earths, slowed down and accelerated out of earths atmosphere 10/4/19
7/25/19 21:15 Surf City NC Fireball 1 hour Reddish orange orbs appearing several miles off coast and at least 2 thousand feet above sea and higher. Sometimes one light would appe 8/23/19
7/23/19 21:00 Grand Terrace CA Fireball 1 minute Glowing orange orb dropping burning flares out of it, straight down to the ground. 7/25/19
7/23/19 03:10 Atlantic Ocean (departed from Bayonne, NJ))
Fireball 5-7 seconds I noticed a fluorescent green circular object penetrate the oceans depths and rise to cloud level. 7/25/19
7/22/19 21:01 Oshkosh WI Fireball 150 seconds At around 21:00 pm Chicago time, In Oshkosh, WI at Utica Golf course. A friend and I were standing in the parking lot watching 2 very l 7/25/19
7/20/19 22:03 Bethany Beach DE Fireball 10 minutes Orange glowing ball hovering over the Atlantic Ocean for about ten minutes . Seemed to be changing size and slowly moving . Eventually 7/25/19
7/20/19 11:30 Wales WI Fireball 5 minutes Seen several fireball/lights throughout a 2 hour span making some odd movements during a lightning show. 7/25/19
7/19/19 22:00 Bristol CT Fireball 5-10 minutes Red fire ball visible over Farmington Bristol boarder moving leaving a trail then stoping all of a sudden and moving again later only o 7/25/19
7/19/19 04:23 Galloway NJ Fireball Unknown Noticed white circles in the sky of a Snapchat picture I took of the sky there alos in a video from that day 7/25/19
7/18/19 22:30 Pleven (Bulgaria)
Fireball 2-3 minutes Orange moving light in the sky that then seemed to project flames before spluttering burning out and vanishing. It seemed to be moving 7/25/19
7/18/19 21:00 Ashuelot NH Fireball 2 minutes Orange orb floating slowly through the night sky 7/25/19
7/18/19 21:00 Palmyra TN Fireball 3 minutes 3 bright orange ball's flew in the sky in a straight line and then vanished 7/25/19
7/14/19 22:20 Siesta Key FL Fireball 10 minutes fiery orange ball off Florida coast 7/25/19
7/14/19 21:00 Woodbridge CT Fireball 2 min 7 UFOs were seen in New Haven CT, July 14, 2019, at 9pm 7/25/19
7/13/19 22:00 Roscommon MI Fireball 20 minutes Fireballs spotted over Higgins Lake in same location as prior event. 7/25/19
7/10/19 10:10 Syracuse NY Fireball 3 minutes Shooting star (Meteor), and what looked like a red fireball, and made no sound.

I was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette,when
7/9/19 22:30 Nashua NH Fireball 3 seconds Looked up to see stationary bright star. As soon as I looked at it, it took off extremely fast. 7/12/19
7/9/19 22:00 Bylas AZ Fireball 15-20 seconds Several fireball lights seen by husband and wife in AZ. 7/12/19
7/9/19 21:25 Safford AZ Fireball 5 seconds Bright orange flash ball then just faded away. ((anonymous report)) 7/12/19
7/8/19 20:15 Las Vegas NV Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball in the sky over Las Vegas. 7/12/19
7/7/19 23:00 Gig Harbor WA Fireball 16 seconds I have video of two beings coming up from underwater they push my friend away while paddle boarding from danger. I also have in the sam 12/1/19
7/7/19 18:00 Springfield MO Fireball 1 minute Bright red, circular fireball object, that gave off a bright glow. 7/12/19
7/5/19 22:35 Kenneth City FL Fireball 1-2 minutes My daughter thought she saw a shooting star in the sky heading west bound towards the Gulf of Mexico. ((anonymous report)) 7/12/19
7/5/19 20:50 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3:00 Meteor-like objects with a mind of their own. 7/12/19
7/5/19 02:23 Boulder CO Fireball 2 minutes I was on my way home from Bar Louie in Wesrminiter heading down rt. 36 to Boulder. About 4 minutes to Boulder I see a big, bright orang 7/5/19
7/5/19 00:04 Kent WA Fireball 2 minutes Passenger airplane has to make quick deviation to avoid collision with fireball shaped orb. 7/5/19
7/4/19 22:03 Kent WA Fireball 15 seconds Two solid fireball shaped orbs flew above fireworks for approximately 15 seconds at approximately 10,000'. ((anonymous report)) 7/5/19
7/4/19 22:00 Ridge NY Fireball 2 minutes A fireball looking object low going from south to north then disappears 7/5/19
7/4/19 21:00 Walton NY Fireball 15 seconds 15 second sighting of 2 ufo’s in Walton, NY by 4 friends. 7/25/19
7/4/19 02:00 Honolulu HI Fireball 5 minutes On 4th of July driving home toward Hawaii Kai at 2am (I did not have any drinks since I can’t drink) from town as was coming up on Niu 7/5/19
7/3/19 23:30 Columbus OH Fireball 1 minute A fireball was witnessed by two adult men rising into Western sky above Columbus Ohio. Both men assumed it was a normal aircraft light 7/5/19
7/3/19 17:50 Jersey City NJ Fireball 60 seconds Fiery circular craft spotted hovering in Jersey City and then vanishes 7/5/19
7/3/19 02:30 New Port Richey FL Fireball 30 seconds Strange light in Pasco Co., FL. 7/5/19
7/3/19 02:16 Boca Raton FL Fireball 45 seconds Dog started barking eastward, I looked up and saw what looked like a satellite, or spacecraft breaking up upon re-entry. 7/5/19
7/1/19 23:55 Des Moines IA Fireball 1 minutes A bright red light hovering over downtown Des Moines, on the south end. The light was much larger than a plane, and moved more quickly 7/5/19
7/1/19 22:42 Bradenton FL Fireball 3 minutes Tonight I stepped outside to let our dog out when I saw two very bright yellowish orange lights in the sky. They were just passing to t 7/5/19
7/1/19 09:50 Derby (near) VT Fireball 10 minutes An orange ball followed me in a rural area of Northern Vermont 8/23/19
6/30/19 01:30 Clay AL Fireball 1-2 minutes Went outside to take a smoke looked up saw about 5 or 6 fireballs circling it was me and my step brother they looked as if they were al 2/7/20
6/28/19 10:12 Yachats OR Fireball 30 second Large bright object moving very fast toward the ocean. 7/5/19
6/26/19 05:30 Albuquerque NM Fireball 3 seconds saw what looked almost like a rocket, very high elevation, shoot across the sky in 3 bursts of speed and color from rear of whatever it 6/27/19
6/25/19 03:30 Miramar FL Fireball 3 minutes Orange probe like lights. 6/27/19
6/24/19 23:00 Rankin IL Fireball 150 seconds Large and small fireball object 6/27/19
6/24/19 23:00 Danville IL Fireball 15 seconds Huge orange burning ball in sky. Saw for about 15 seconds then it was gone. ((anonymous report)) 8/23/19
6/24/19 18:45 Alva OK Fireball 1 second ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides virtually no information. Hoax?? Source elects to remain anonymous. PD)) 6/27/19
6/17/19 21:14 Marathon FL Fireball 20 seconds 1 round Orange Redish Ball. Traveled South to North over Duck Key at a slow speed. 6/20/19
6/16/19 00:05 Sebring FL Fireball
Asteroid E.M.i Warnings for September 26, 2019. 6/20/19
6/15/19 21:45 Newcastle DE Fireball 20 seconds Object was clear oval with fire inside. 6/20/19
6/15/19 21:34 Charles Town WV Fireball 3 I first saw 4 orange discs flying 2x2 in close formation at low altitude moving northern direction. About 20 seconds behind them was an 6/20/19
6/12/19 22:20 Waterford VA Fireball 15 minutes Orange sphere. 6/20/19
6/4/19 23:00 Raleigh NC Fireball
My daughter and I were in the hot tub last night and we both saw light in light that lite up the sky and our home and thought it was li 6/7/19
6/4/19 01:20 Fort Myers FL Fireball 10 seconds Large orange fireball with long tail appeared over the Gulf of Mexico and appeared to get higher in the sky as it head east. Went from 6/7/19
6/3/19 22:00 Burlington KY Fireball Going on now, still there Comes in from the N moves E then stops and hovers, really close to the Greater Cincinnati Airport. ((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
6/1/19 10:02 Mora MN Fireball 8 seconds Just got home from buying a dirt bike for my kids and took it for a drive in the dark to the end of the driveway, I saw a fireball look 6/7/19
5/28/19 01:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes Phoenix 1 am two sets of what appeared as red lights changed formation for several minutes; then one formation moved north and vanished 6/7/19
5/26/19 21:00 Uruapan (Mexico)
Fireball 10 minutes Uruapan, Michoacan Mexico a Ex-Agent from the Mexican Secret Service was contactated by the local authorities to help in the investigat 6/7/19
5/26/19 02:00 West Des Moines IA Fireball 30 minutes Orange and yellow blobs went west for thirty min. 6/7/19
5/25/19 01:15 Cullman AL Fireball
Long moving line with 4 trailing dots.. Moving NE fast. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD))((anonymous source)) 6/7/19
5/24/19 23:45 Kingman AZ Fireball 10-15 minutes N sky 2 balls of light broke into a line of ~30 fire balls in a line traveling W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD)) 6/7/19
5/24/19 23:35 Camden East Rural (Canada) ON Fireball 2 minutes Streak of choppy light ( Contrail like) with 5 light in line travelling behind. ((NUFORC Note: Satellites?? PD)) 6/7/19
5/23/19 22:35 Lake Mary FL Fireball 5 minutes Both engines on a plane were burning two flames heading towards me then went black. ((NUFORC Note: Falcon X launch. PD)) 6/7/19
5/23/19 22:35 Cobbtown GA Fireball 15 minutes Out of this world. 6/7/19
5/22/19 21:30 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 3 minutes I was letting my dogs out. I saw a small bright orange light I the northern sky just below my fence line, so much so I had to stand on 6/7/19
5/18/19 23:00 Hogansville GA Fireball 2 seconds Bright star that moved very rapidly toward the horizon. 6/7/19
5/18/19 22:30 Hogansville GA Fireball Seconds I clearly saw a light streak from the sky down to behind the treeline in the distance. ((anonymous report)). 7/25/19
5/16/19 21:15 Oak Island NC Fireball 5 seconds 3 fireballs or flare like lights above the ocean that quickly disappeared. 6/7/19
5/15/19 21:00 Naples FL Fireball
There were 12 objects shaped and looked like fireballs moving in zig zag up and down crossing each other and they disappeared so fast i 6/7/19
5/11/19 20:50 Blacksburg VA Fireball 30 seconds Orange ball descending from the sky. 5/14/19
5/11/19 20:50 Blacksburg VA Fireball 30 seconds Orange ball descending from the sky 6/7/19
5/8/19 22:00 La Mesa NM Fireball 15 minutes 5 separate large fireballs with bright white light in the middle of them each. At one time it looked as if it left a smoke like trail. 5/14/19
5/4/19 03:00 Tarpon Springs FL Fireball 2 minutes 3 fireballs. ((anonymous report)) 5/9/19
4/27/19 03:00 St. Joseph MN Fireball 10 seconds Fireball that changed directions and vanished 5/9/19
4/26/19 23:30 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Fireball 15 seconds Neon pink and blue fireball. 5/9/19
4/25/19 21:13 Port Orange FL Fireball 20 minutes Multiple fireball sightings over ocean 5/9/19
4/22/19 00:49 Van Nuys CA Fireball 5 seconds I was driving a little after a quarter to 1 am when I stopped at an intersection and saw something go in front my vehicle. I could see 4/25/19
4/21/19 20:15 Lakeside AZ Fireball 6 seconds I saw a ball of fire in the sky. 4/25/19
4/21/19 17:00 Sparland IL Fireball 15 minutes I was getting ready to go to bed and my dog started whining. I look outside and saw a huge orangeish red fiery light. I got pics and vi 4/25/19
4/21/19 06:04 Falmouth (UK/England)
Fireball 5 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No detailed information provided by source of report. We have requested a more-detailed report. PD)) 4/25/19
4/20/19 20:15 Perdido Key FL Fireball 20 minutes Bright Orange Light UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by U. S. Navy pilot. PD)) 4/25/19
4/20/19 18:30 Independence MO Fireball 20 seconds Bright red and orange solid light over Independence, Missouri. 4/25/19
4/20/19 03:30 Sherman Oaks CA Fireball 3 minutes Ball of light flying in multiple directions over Sherman Oaks. 4/25/19
4/16/19 23:00 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 10 seconds Object in sky appears to have exploded and disentigrating as it crashes into distace 4/18/19
4/16/19 21:30 Galesburg IL Fireball 5 minutes Fire spots with sparks in the southern sky - several miles to the south and pretty high in sky (45 degree angle from ground?) 5/9/19
4/16/19 20:30 Kingwood TX Fireball 2 minutes 3 fireballs flying in a triangle. 4/25/19
4/16/19 05:00 New Prague MN Fireball 3 minutes Red fireball Passover to slow to be a meteor. 4/18/19
4/15/19 20:00 Orlando FL Fireball 5 minute It was a round bright object. 4/25/19
4/14/19 23:25 Burnsville MN Fireball 5 seconds green fireball falling from sky 4/18/19
4/12/19 20:26 Sherwood OR Fireball 2 minutes I was getting out of my car in front of Papa Murphy's pizza off of 99W. As I was closing my door I happened to look West in the sky and 4/18/19
4/10/19 19:20 Milton FL Fireball >5-10 minutes Two flaming balls falling from the sky in Milton Florida, April 10, 2019 4/18/19
4/4/19 07:00 Sevierville TN Fireball 14 seconds Saw an object with a huge tail of fire traveling West to east at a very high rate of speed. 4/8/19
4/4/19 06:50 Hendersonville NC Fireball 7 seconds I was sitting at the bus stop this morning with my Daughter when she yelled “ Look a shooting star”… This was not a meteor!! 4/8/19
4/4/19 05:50 Winchester TN Fireball 20-30 seconds A object looking from the E towards the W was seen streaking down towards the earth larger than any meteors I have ever witnessed. 4/8/19
4/1/19 03:30 Uvalda GA Fireball 5 seconds I was on the porch smoking when I happened to notice a bright light slowly falling straight down. It reminded me of a signal flare, but 10/4/19
3/30/19 23:54 Jacksonville FL Fireball 1 second Bright green flash/fireball. 4/8/19
3/29/19 07:53 Knoxville TN Fireball 7-10 seconds At 07:53 hrs., I was outside in Knoxville, TN, and saw a green fireball pass overhead. 3/29/19
3/29/19 07:00 Cleveland TN Fireball ~10 seconds A large bright silver color and shiny fireball moving through the sky from east to west was seen in Cleveland, TN 4/8/19
3/29/19 06:55 Granite Falls NC Fireball 5 minutes Green comet and helicopters. 4/8/19
3/29/19 06:53 Knoxville TN Fireball 10 seconds I saw this large green object streaking across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 4/12/19
3/29/19 06:45 Charlotte NC Fireball 6-10 seconds Green and white fireball coming toward Earth. ((anonymous report)) 4/8/19
3/29/19 06:30 Coalfield TN Fireball 5 seconds Red green fire ball. 3/29/19
3/28/19 18:15 Springfield MA Fireball 3 seconds I saw a quick streak of white light across my winshield looking west. It went from south to north. It was west of Springfield over the 3/29/19
3/28/19 04:50 Kuna ID Fireball 3 seconds Driving down Cloverdale Rd. towards the kuna road cross street I saw a huge green fireball fall from the sky and into the earth. It l 3/29/19
3/27/19 21:00 Las Vegas NV Fireball
((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides no detailed information; remains anonymous. PD)) 3/29/19
3/27/19 19:40 Miami FL Fireball 1 minute At 19:40 pm looking toward the north east aprox 10 to 15 miles from my zip 33173 , first 4 flare type lights with trails comming down f 3/29/19
3/27/19 14:00 Châteauguay (Canada) QC Fireball 10 seconds Shining orb in bright blue sky (south shore of Montreal) disappeared as I observed the object 3/29/19
3/20/19 22:35 Redmond OR Fireball .20 A white light coming from the sky that changed green before it fell in the field. 3/29/19
3/20/19 22:21 Vancouver WA Fireball 6 seconds The two of us were driving headed W on a back road parallel to hwy 14 in Vancouver, WA. We witnessed a large green light. 3/21/19
3/16/19 21:10 Flint TX Fireball 4 minutes Orange orbs (glowing) moving SW over the lake. Definately not aircraft or balloons. 3/21/19
3/15/19 20:30 Kissimmee FL Fireball 30 seconds Bright orange light moving in sky. ((anonymous report)) 3/21/19
3/7/19 06:31 Nicholasville KY Fireball 19 seconds Line of orbs seen in Nicholasville, Ky 3/7/19 3/14/19
3/7/19 06:00 Nicholasville KY Fireball 30 minutes I saw 13 flying balls of fire. 4/18/19
3/5/19 21:00 Surrey/Langley BC Fireball 4 minutes On Tuesday evening in Cloverdale BC at approximately 9 PM I walked onto my porch I couldn't believe my eyes there was approx. 12 roundi 3/14/19
2/21/19 20:50 Tamarac FL Fireball 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by source, who elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) 2/22/19
2/19/19 02:27 Yukon OK Fireball 1.5 minutes Color changing fireballs that rose into the sky and flew away. 2/22/19
2/11/19 22:30 Chatfield CO Fireball 1 minute Two different light blue fireballs appeared. One dove and maneuvered before disappearing, the other hovering before disappearing. 2/14/19
2/4/19 18:30 Philipsburg PA Fireball 15 seconds Huge orange flash of light from satellite going over. ((NUFORC Note: Possible flare from an Iridium satellite? PD)) 2/7/19
2/3/19 19:22 Peoria AZ Fireball 1 minute Orange orbs seen in the southwest skies of Peoria, AZ, during the Superbowl 2/3/19. 2/7/19
2/2/19 18:00 Beulah CO Fireball 2 hours My guess Top Secret US Military craft perhaps connected to the Secret Space Program. 2/7/19
1/31/19 18:00 Albany OR Fireball 20 minutes Was outside having a smoke while I had seen looking to the sky to the east its already dark. They started shooting up one by one almost 2/1/19
1/27/19 22:30 Hampstead MD Fireball ~2 minutes Fireball like object spotted silently moving intelligently overhead, appeared to pulsate. 2/1/19
1/20/19 22:46 Beachwood NJ Fireball 10 seconds Large Blue Fireball 1/24/19
1/17/19 17:53 Yardley PA Fireball 10+ Blaring white light stationary in the sky slowly started to descend. 1/24/19
1/16/19 17:20 Pittston ME Fireball 5 seconds A white and green object flew down at a 30 degree angle and then disappeared. 1/24/19
1/16/19 00:40 Quincy MA Fireball 4 seconds As we were driving in Quincy, MA, my wife and I both saw a green fireball traveling low at rocket speed. The fireball was bright green 1/17/19
1/15/19 01:20 Orange Beach AL Fireball 7 seconds Flaming Fireball The Size of a Building Over Island 3/2/21
1/9/19 19:32 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 35 seconds Orange orb, bright like flickering fire and hovering. 2/1/19
1/9/19 06:35 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 5-7 seconds I was outside facing east, speaking with a co-worker. The sun was coming up, civil twilight was well underway. As another co-worker app 1/24/19
1/9/19 06:35 Springfield PA Fireball
Driving to work today. I look up and see green fireball that flew across the sky really fast and than was gone. ((anonymous report)) 1/11/19
1/9/19 06:30 Crumpton MD Fireball 30 seconds Had a block shape, like a barn.

Maybe 20 miles away? Fell rather slowly, Not like a meteor. I'm certain it hit the ground. It was hu
1/9/19 06:30 Annapolis MD Fireball 3-5 seconds 06:30am 01/09/2019 I was driving to work on Rt 50 west bound on the Severn River Bridge, I looked to my left towards the Naval Academy 1/11/19
1/4/19 20:00 Quitman AR Fireball Hour so far 3 green/blue/purple orbs standing still in the sky to the SE of Quitman, one slowly moving at times no wind. ((anonymous report)) 1/11/19
1/1/19 19:30 Texas (southern) TX Fireball
Heading S to N at 7:30 pm, was a orange obj. ~5k feet in the air. It was a orange fire ball. Not an a/c. ((anonymous report)) 1/17/19
1/1/19 03:00 Santa Marta (Colombia)
Fireball 11 minutes We were celebrating new years on LSD-25 on the beach and smoking weed while everyone was drinking and partying but we dont drink. We s 10/4/19
1/1/19 00:30 Lothian MD Fireball 30 seconds Explosion and fireball experienced by entire community 1/11/19
12/31/18 21:41 Ormond Beach FL Fireball 20 seconds Orange glowing object racing though the sky. 1/4/19
12/30/18 18:00 Spokane WA Fireball 10 minutes Numerous objects flying NW to SE over Spokane County 1/4/19
12/25/18 01:00 Miamisburg OH Fireball 00:07 Strange fireball object that never burned out. 1/4/19
12/24/18 23:58 Harrisville RI Fireball 6 minutes Glowing Red fire in sky that at first i thought was a paper bag on fire untill i was able to focus on it and realized that its about th 8/16/21
12/24/18 23:24 Seymour/Woodbridge line (route 67 coming from off of route 8 CT Fireball ~20 minutes Entire family, including cars behind us (some pulled over to watch), observed 4 extremely bright red/orange spheres. ((anonymous)) 1/4/19
12/24/18 21:15 Braselton GA Fireball 45 seconds 15 plus red fireballs following each other, similar looking to single afterburners?, all in a row ... no noise. ((anonymous reports)) 1/4/19
12/15/18 18:06 Denver CO Fireball 5 minutes Several massive fireballs appearing and reappearing in different #s, 2 to 4 to 3. No apparent formation or shape. 10/4/19
12/14/18 05:05 McPherson KS Fireball Second Took my dogs for a walk at 0500, first step off seen a fast half way falling shooting star. 1/4/19
12/6/18 23:00 Anacortes WA Fireball ~2 seconds very large white comet with tail, descending rapidly toward the ground 12/14/18
12/6/18 18:15 Omer/Standish MI Fireball Minutes December 6, 2018 “Orbs” Sighting Northern Michigan Arenac County - On the day of December 6, 2018 at approximately 6:15pm - I was head 12/14/18
12/4/18 18:30 Alma AR Fireball 10-15 minutes We were traveling S on 540 & saw 6 big bright orange fire balls moving & leaving steaks of smoke in the sky. 12/14/18
12/4/18 04:45 Casa Grande AZ Fireball 1.83 seconds I was driving from Tucson to Chandler for work this morning, when all of a sudden, this light lit up the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/6/18
12/1/18 18:00 Salem OR Fireball 2 minutes Orange sphere hovers for a minute, and then steadily moves North. ((anonymous report)) 5/9/19
12/1/18 13:15 Bakersfield CA Fireball
Fiery orange ball came flying up the street i recorded the event until it got out of sight 1/11/19
11/27/18 23:30 Madison MS Fireball 5 seconds Bright green fireball in sky. 3/29/19
11/22/18 20:51 Phoenix AZ Fireball 20 minutes Bright Orange-Red Glowing Objects crossing the Phoenix Sky on Several ocassions. 1/4/19
11/22/18 08:15 Eugene OR Fireball 3 minutes While heading W on Beltline saw what appeared to be an aircraft on fire, descending from the clouds with a trail of faint smoke. 11/24/18
11/20/18 17:00 Little Rock AR Fireball 15 minutes Strange lights in the sky shooting down everyone should of seen this on the freeway. ((anonymous report)) 11/30/18
11/20/18 17:00 Little Rock AR Fireball 15 minutes As I drove on I-30, it was still light, getting to dusk. The orange sunset as the background around my 2:30 position. 11/24/18
11/17/18 04:05 Norfolk VA Fireball 30-45 seconds Saw what seemed like a something on fire shooting thru the sky with a trail. ((anonymous report)) 11/24/18
11/15/18 07:00 Cumming IA Fireball 15 minutes Fireball falling from sky with elongated tail that condensed into ball that fell; made a sharp 90 degree turn S. ((contrail??)) 11/24/18
11/14/18 20:38 Cape Coral FL Fireball 2 seconds Green ball shooting through sky and illuminating clouds around it. 11/24/18
11/13/18 05:45 Sugar Land TX Fireball 1 minute I was walking my dogs near Constellation Field around 5:30 in the morning. It was dark outside and my dog when a series of strange even 12/23/20
11/10/18 14:00 Millcreek UT Fireball 5 minutes It was a huge light like a comet and inside an object and down bellow a blinking silver light that desapeared and the Marín light was 11/24/18
11/9/18 19:50 Monroe WA Fireball 15 seconds To the E between through the window of the front room we witnessed 2 red glowing fireballs falling. ((anonymous report)) 11/24/18
11/8/18 18:45 Portsmouth VA Fireball 4-5 seconds Fireball leading to explosion. 11/9/18
11/8/18 01:00 Townshend VT Fireball 1 minute We were driving on RT 30 when an oblong shaped object that looked like it was glowing hot fell from the sky to the ground in a zig zag. 11/9/18
11/7/18 18:35 Grove City OH Fireball 1 hour I was travelling S on I-270 south on the west side of Columbus, about 6;30 pm when I noticed two lights light up in the S sky. 11/9/18
10/31/18 20:00 Somerville AL Fireball 1-3 seconds ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness, who elects to remain anonymous. PD)) 11/30/18
10/29/18 20:15 Soldotna AK Fireball 3 minutes Driving home from work and spotted 2 orange lights above the tree line. I made a turn and then saw 5 orange lights in a staight line se 11/9/18
10/23/18 02:18 Aloha OR Fireball ~15 seconds Bright, silent yellow/orange ball heading west at low altitude, did wide sweeping U-turn at slow speed then whooshed upwards at almost 11/9/18
10/21/18 21:30 Escondido CA Fireball 5 minutes Fireball at high speed, suddenly stopped, stayed in place for a few seconds, went straight up, blinked, brightened, then disappeared. 11/24/18
10/20/18 17:00 Claremont CA Fireball 5 minutes 3 orange fireballs with light trails moving left to right and downwards in far distance 3/31/21
10/14/18 19:40 Great Falls MT Fireball 3 seconds I was Travelling east twords Great Falls 19:40...past Ulm and see a Very bright Blue light like a meteor travelling very quickly about 10/18/18
10/12/18 22:03 Saint Augustine FL Fireball 78 seconds Silent “ball of fire” at low altitude seen in Saint Augustine, FL 10/18/18
10/12/18 19:10 Charleston
Fireball 5 minutes Was setting with my daughter in a parking lot when we saw the objects. ((NUFORC Note: Parachute jumpers w/ flares. PD)) 4/25/19
10/11/18 01:16 Santa Ana CA Fireball 2 minutes Have a bit of dashcam footage. 10/12/18
10/10/18 22:00 Marina del Rey CA Fireball 120 minutes Fireball at ocean horizon. 10/25/18
10/7/18 19:45 Salinas CA Fireball 10 minutes fireball shaped object. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect witness was looking south, watching a missile launch. PD)) 10/12/18
10/6/18 21:30 Exeter NH Fireball 30-40 minutes 8 red burning orbs from south to north, below the cloud cover. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sky lanterns??? PD)) 10/12/18
10/1/18 21:45 Fontana CA Fireball ~2 minutes Saw flashing lights reflecting on my window, it stopped flashing and took the shape of a fireball that dropped smaller flashing lights. 10/6/18
9/29/18 23:00 Cynthiana KY Fireball 1 minute Big ball of fire. It move extremely fast. It was so fast it was almost out of sight by the time I got my cell phone out and snapped a p 10/6/18
9/23/18 19:00 Shingletown CA Fireball 7 minutes Fireball with a tail heading in a downward motion 9/27/18
9/16/18 21:45 Middletown NY Fireball 3 minutes After witnessing one, my daughter and I now seen two red firey bright lights with lighter red trails glowing around them, slowly moving 9/27/18
9/16/18 00:24 Annandale VA Fireball 2 minutes We’re coming from DC to our home in Annadale Va around 12:15 am by the Little River Turnpike and the Pinecrest Blvd a bright red fire 9/27/18
9/15/18 21:30 Middletown NY Fireball 5 minutes Seen a glowey firey bright light above horizon, above the trees, moving towards sky, diagonally. It was blazing brighter red toward the 9/27/18
9/15/18 20:50

Fireball 30 seconds Fireball. Used torch to shine at it. It quickly disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
9/12/18 21:00 Mansfield OH Fireball 10 seconds Ball of orange light, low in the sky, moving much faster than a plane, headed southbound. 9/13/18
9/11/18 19:50 South El Monte CA Fireball 2 minutes EL MONTE, CA. One bright "ball-like" object falls, comes to stop, and redirects itself heading NE till out of view. 9/13/18
9/11/18 02:38 Palm Springs CA Fireball 00:00:05 Large shooting star spotted due north of Palm Springs, CA 9/13/18
9/10/18 00:30 Jacksonville FL Fireball 5 seconds Bright orange streak following circumference of earth, then abrupt change in direction into space and change from orange to white. 9/27/18
9/9/18 20:44 Fairfield CA Fireball 30 minutes + Strange fireball object in night sky. 9/13/18
9/6/18 21:30 Woodstock GA Fireball 1 second Red fireball went downward and disappeared. It had a little tail with it as it went downward. Near Red Top Mountain backroads. 9/13/18
9/6/18 21:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Fireball ~2 hours About 9pm on Sept 6 I went outside to have a smoke on the balcony,and jokingly I said to my roommate I hope I see a Ufo! Well no word o 9/13/18
9/1/18 22:42 Warwick RI Fireball 3-5 minutes Red/orange pulsating orb moving steady, slow and low altitude traveling SE to NE 9/13/18
9/1/18 21:00 Westerly NY Fireball 5 minutes Witnessed a fireball shape orb with fire like flare around the orb It was moving laterally/horizontally and eventually moved out toward 10/6/18
8/30/18 20:20 Redding CA Fireball 3 seconds Green fireball outlives its tail! ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 9/13/18
8/27/18 22:30 Independence MO Fireball 30 seconds Volkswagen sized object. Couldn't make out the shape. On fire. Entering earth's atmosphere. No bright light coming from it. 8/31/18
8/25/18 22:00 Delaware OH Fireball 1 minute Suddenly my boyfriend and I looked up and saw 6-8 balls of light moving quickly and low across the sky. They were too fast to be a plan 8/31/18
8/25/18 20:56 Setauket NY Fireball 2 minutes Saw a spherical object in the night sky, appeared to be on fire, flying in a controlled manner, low altitude 8/31/18
8/20/18 20:35 Dearing GA Fireball 8 seconds to hour full ev As before we were outside and noticed one big bright fireball in the sky. It faded out and then another one appeared then dropped down 9/27/18
8/19/18 01:16 Lathus (France)
Fireball 5 minutes Collection of orange orbs in French night sky 9/4/20
8/13/18 21:05 Charlotte NC Fireball 2 minutes Bright orange orb travels and disappears. 8/17/18
8/13/18 20:20 King George VA Fireball 1-2 minutes 3 fireballs floating in the sky. 8/17/18
8/8/18 23:00 St. Peters MO Fireball 2 minutes Sitting in neighbor's drive way and all a sudden we saw a big reddish/orange fireball going E to SW seen from Laura Hill in St. Peters. 8/10/18
8/7/18 21:30 Sparks NV Fireball 3 minutes Fireball-like spot traveling SE, ~3 mins, then faded to sound no R or B lights. ((NUFORC Note: ISS??))((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
8/7/18 01:00 Poinciana FL Fireball 20 minutes ((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness, who elects to remain anonymous, and who provides no contact information. PD)) 8/10/18
8/4/18 21:56 East Tawas MI Fireball 10 minutes Orange fireball seen in cloud covered sky 8/10/18
8/4/18 20:50 Keedysville MD Fireball 5-10 minutes 5 fireball shaped in a close tight formation moving slowly to the N. One made a wide red beam of light appear. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
8/3/18 21:14 Bay Head NJ Fireball 54 seconds Fireball changing color and shape over the Ocean Bay Head, NJ. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/18
8/2/18 22:20 Marysville CA Fireball 3-5 seconds I witnessed either an extremely large or close, unidentified fireball "falling" to earth SSE-east of E. Marysville.((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
8/1/18 21:00 Fredericksburg VA Fireball 2-3 minutes 2 round, orange lights appear, then dim out. ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
7/29/18 23:00 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 5 minutes Pittsburgh ascending fireball. 8/10/18
7/27/18 20:35 Milton FL Fireball 1-2 minutes Two silent flying fireballs. 8/10/18
7/22/18 02:00 Ocala FL Fireball 2-3 minutes Bright orange light turning to white and disappearing quickly 8/10/18
7/21/18 21:03 Springfield IL Fireball 1 minute Red ball steadily across night sky followed by second one 4 min later 8/10/18
7/20/18 22:30 Oates MO Fireball ~1 minute Seen a fireball like the sun in the southern sky then moments later two toned ship like one come from the north an both darted west 6/27/19
7/20/18 20:30 Buzzards Bay/Bourne MA Fireball 3-5 minutes Orange fireball at Buzzard's Bay, MA. 8/10/18
7/20/18 01:00 Shelton WA Fireball 5 seconds The witnesses were both young adults. We were walking to a nearby park at around 1:00 a.m. when we saw a bright green fireball fly acro 12/19/19
7/19/18 21:20 Johnstown PA Fireball 5 minutes I saw a fireball shaped craft hovering and making zig zag patterns in the sky. It had a smaller orb circling it like it was orbiting ar 8/10/18
7/18/18 22:00 Tuscaloosa AL Fireball 2 hours I noticed a ball of light out of my window right above the tree line. It was glowing orange. 8/10/18
7/16/18 00:30 Hopewell VA Fireball 2 minutes Fireball traveled from right side of roadway to left. ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides a minimum of information. PD)) 8/10/18
7/15/18 04:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Fireball Happening now! For over 3 There is currently a single fireball shape hovering high over the water in the S sky. ((anonymous source))((NUFORC Note: Mars? PD)) 7/19/18
7/14/18 01:30 Cresent Lake - Middle of the Mission Mountain Wilderness - F MT Fireball 15 seconds On a backpacking trip for the weekend. Camped right on Cresent Lake in the middle of the Mission Mtn. Wilderness - Flathead Nationa 7/19/18
7/13/18 21:00 Barre VT Fireball 10 minutes Orange lights fly by central Vermont, July 13th. ((NUFORC Note: 7/19/18
7/8/18 20:50 Mt. Prospect IL Fireball 3 seconds Bright fireball moving North to South over Mt. Prospect. 7/13/18
7/7/18 08:40 Concho AZ Fireball 3 minutes Sitting outside and noticed a bright light in the sky above my husband's head. It was rapidly moving downward and became brighter as it 7/13/18
7/5/18 22:30 Grovetown GA Fireball 3-5 minutes On the Night of July 5th, 2018 at approx 10:30 PM, I was returning Home and getting out of my Vehicle when I noticed 2 large, fire red 7/13/18
7/5/18 22:00 Simpsonville SC Fireball 30 seconds Orangish, reddish, roundish, never seen before craft flying horizontally very quickly in air space that planes would use. Lights were 7/13/18
7/5/18 01:30 Mandan ND Fireball 1 minutes A small craft flew 20 ft above us it looked like a fireball, it stopped by us then shot off South leaving a tail. 7/13/18
7/4/18 21:40 Wilmington NC Fireball 20 Fireballs over Wilmington, NC. nc. 8/17/18
7/4/18 20:35 Waveland MS Fireball 10:00 4th of July Red Orbs on Mississippi Gulf Coast 7/5/18
7/1/18 22:00 Bushkill Township PA Fireball 10 minutes A glowing red ball of light bouncing around sky 12/19/19
6/30/18 23:27 Detroit MI Fireball 20 seconds A large orange fireball and I could see inside of ball a metallic ship with a wingspan pointing upward. 8/10/18
6/27/18 05:30 Yalaha FL Fireball ~5-7 minutes 3 UFOs intersect and then speed apart in oppisite directions at impossible speeds. 7/5/18
6/19/18 22:05 Louisville KY Fireball 3-5 seconds KY Fireball shoots across at tree tops 6/21/18
6/4/18 01:00 Clinton NC Fireball 5 minutes Fireball with face image spotted. 8/31/18
6/4/18 00:55 Boca Raton FL Fireball 4 minutes Shooting star like object, then turned into small fireball headed silently east across night sky. 6/7/18
6/2/18 22:40 Alvin TX Fireball 5 minutes I was sitting on my back porch. First I heard coyotes howling and then dogs barking. I first saw two glowing orange orbs approximately 6/7/18
6/2/18 20:30 Murrells Inlet SC Fireball 4 Red ball moving across the night sky faster than plane but not like meteor, all red, moving swiftly horizontally. 6/7/18
5/25/18 01:25 New Johnsnville TN Fireball 15 seconds TN shiny object 5/31/18
5/21/18 21:30 North Myrtle Beach SC Fireball seconds per sighting *VIDEO* multiple orbs sighted between 9:30 & 10 p.m. 5/31/18
5/10/18 21:00 Camden NY Fireball 1 hour We were sitting on the couch and we looked out the window we thought that we had seen what look like a plane it was hovering in the sam 5/15/18
5/8/18 23:00 Prescott AZ Fireball 5 seconds Green yellow blue all of fire streaks across sky 5/10/18
5/8/18 22:48 Windsor VA Fireball 2 minutes Fire in the sky seemed to be be watching me, I felt something was there 5/9/19
5/6/18 22:55 Indianapolis IN Fireball 4 minutes Yellow/orange fireball in Southern sky seen in S. Indianapolis, IN, for 4 minutes in evening of 05 May, 2018. 5/10/18
5/5/18 21:50 Fort Collins CO Fireball 6 Orange fireball, SE Fort Collins. 9/19/19
4/30/18 19:55 Biloxi MS Fireball 10 seconds 19:55 central time fireball traveling South to North. 5/4/18
4/27/18 20:45 Milton GA Fireball 1 minute 2 fireballs hovering over Hwy 9. Suddenly they started to get higher and disapppeared in a matter of seconds. 5/4/18
4/21/18 22:30 Centerville MA Fireball 2-3 seconds Small orange shooting metior travelling Northeast direction direction. ((anonymous report))((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD)) 4/26/18
4/20/18 03:18 Carson WA Fireball 5-6 seconds Bright blue ball with big blue flames trailing it. ((NUFORC Note: Possible Lyrid meteor. PD)) 4/26/18
4/12/18 22:00 Fall Creek WI Fireball 30 seconds At least 6 lights, 4 in formation. 4/13/18
4/6/18 00:20 Florence AZ Fireball 1-2 minutes Orange ball of fire floating across the sky. 4/13/18
4/2/18 19:00 Kittitas WA Fireball 2 hours I was outside smoking when I noticed flashing in the distance. Grabbed my cell phone to zoom in on object. I started recording the ob 4/5/18
3/29/18 21:00 Finland MN Fireball 20 seconds while driving n on co. road 7 6 miles n of finland I noticed a large glowing orange ball to the w of me ((anonymous report)) 4/5/18
3/28/18 22:15 Merritt NC Fireball 5-6 seconds Blue circular surrounded by orange and red with 4 bluish fragments mid sky falling to horizon. 4/5/18
3/28/18 21:45 Oak Island NC Fireball 4-5 seconds Bright light, sparkler-like comet tail. Seemed to burn out then burned bright again before burning out completely. 3/29/18
3/25/18 21:20 Visalia CA Fireball 5 minutes My wife and I observed an orange colored illuminated "object" moving from southwest to the east in the night sky. 3/29/19
3/19/18 22:15 Hillsboro OR Fireball 67 seconds I was in my boyfriend's car with two of our friends. My boyfriend yells, “get out of the car! Look!. We got out and saw three “fireball 3/23/18
3/16/18 21:15 Cle Elum WA Fireball >5 seconds Orange ball of light shoots down to Blowout Mountain, Wa 98022 visible from Cle Elum. ((anonymous report)) 3/29/18
3/6/18 22:30 Tulsa OK Fireball 2 minutes Was outside to smoke my final cigarette of the evening and noticed a low flying craft with no sound travelling northeast in the night 3/8/18
3/6/18 00:30 Jupiter FL Fireball 1 minute Long red fireball propelling into sky, disappeared 3/8/18
3/5/18 19:48 Cape Coral FL Fireball 3 minutes A row of five or more balls of fire looking objects moving steadily towards the East in Cape Coral, Florida. 3/8/18
2/28/18 19:30 Arpin WI Fireball 5 seconds Two syncronized balls of light. 3/2/18
2/27/18 21:00 Jackson SC Fireball Seconds Saw 3 fireball color objects first 1 than 2nd to right side of first one then 3rd below. Went out at same time. ((anonymous report)) 3/2/18
2/27/18 17:00 Norfolk VA Fireball 4 minutes UFO fireball very low flying, very fast, silent 3/2/18
2/27/18 00:00 Yakima WA Fireball 14 nights The first page of this report was submitted on 02/12/18 but I have been observing the lights for an additional two weeks. 3/2/18
2/25/18 21:30 Clermont FL Fireball 45 seconds Two very bright, reddish-orange balls with no glare and no sound were travelling together going east then a third came from the north a 3/2/18
2/17/18 21:30 Jacksonville FL Fireball 5 minutes Triangular formation of 5 extremely bright balls of light hovering in place in the sky. 2/22/18
2/17/18 21:00 Thatcher AZ Fireball 10 minutes 3 Orangish fireball coming from north to south just above treeline hover a minute and take off to the east at a high rate of speed 2/22/18
2/17/18 19:55 Lacombe LA Fireball 5 minutes Amorphous flaming object flying across the sky 2/22/18
2/16/18 23:45 Romeo MI Fireball 3 minutes Noticed a huge white Chemtrail being made from West to East. Then I looked up to the East and saw 5 jets. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/18
2/15/18 19:20 Susanville CA Fireball 2 seconds Observed what appeared as an 'airborne-flame', very similar in appearance to a typical fireplace, or barbeque flame.((anonymous rept.)) 2/16/18
2/14/18 21:30 Port Angeles WA Fireball <5-10 seconds 2 objects seen in sky appearing to enter atmosphere. ((NUFORC Note: Possible space debris. See other reports from OR. PD)) 2/22/18
2/14/18 21:20 Portland OR Fireball 15 seconds Burning dual ufos? ((no contact information)) 2/16/18
2/13/18 23:42 Lehigh Acres FL Fireball 4 seconds Was traveling `NW on FL state highway 82 when a green streak of a flash appeared from the sky and moved like an arch towards the north. 2/16/18
2/12/18 18:45 Eugene OR Fireball 3 seconds 02/12/2018 Fireball seen in evening sky from Eugene, Oregon. 2/16/18
2/9/18 19:25 Tucson AZ Fireball 30 seconds Four orange fireballs traveling together , fly over the house 2/16/18
2/6/18 18:30 Boise ID Fireball 25 minutes Comet-like UFO. ((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris?? PD)) 2/16/18
2/6/18 16:31 San Diego CA Fireball 30 seconds Literally seen a floating cloud with a flying disc glowing brighter and brighter leaving a trail throughout the sky. 2/16/18
2/1/18 18:40 San Diego CA Fireball 1 minute 2 Strange bright zig zagging lights in San Diego sky on 02/01/18 at 1840 hours. 2/16/18
1/28/18 23:10 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 minutes The object was heading south towards central Phoenix. It was glowing bright red. And only four stores high in the air. When the object 2/16/18
1/24/18 19:05 Keswick (Canada) ON Fireball 30 seconds Out for a walk after dinner. Heavy energy. Cold night but no wind. Very still and quiet air/evening. Mom walked ahead with dog. I sense 2/16/18
1/24/18 18:15 Georgetown SC Fireball 2 minutes 3 orange fireballs. ((anonymous report)) 1/25/18
1/24/18 01:00 Dana Point CA Fireball 5 minutes Bright orange fireball in Dana Point, CA, chased by jets. 1/25/18
1/17/18 19:00 Salton Sea CA Fireball sporadic 5 seconds severa Multiple fireballs, sonic booms and a craft. 2/27/19
1/15/18 19:40 Gulfport MS Fireball 3 minutes I have video of two of them. 1/16/18
1/10/18 19:00 Long beach CA Fireball 10 minutes A couple gets on the freeway and witnesses a large fireball ufo in the sky and managed to capture 3 photos. 7/3/20
1/8/18 15:00 Robertsdale PA Fireball 30 second Was walking home from school looked up and saw 3 red dots almost like fireballs 1/12/18
1/6/18 22:00 Logan UT Fireball 90 second We spotted a strange firey light low in the sky that almost looked like an airplane that was on fire. My husband thought it was a meteo 1/12/18
1/1/18 14:46 Moss Beach CA Fireball 1 minute Green Light in Sky at Moss Beach. 1/12/18
1/1/18 06:45 Fraser MI Fireball 8 seconds sphere of fire flew over Fraser Michigan 1/12/18
1/1/18 00:15 Meriden CT Fireball 15 ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information about the sighting. PD)) 1/12/18
1/1/18 00:10 Stanwood WA Fireball 20-25 minutes Shortly after midnight new years eve at about 00:10 I noticed an orange orb moving Out of the north north east at low altitude. It was 1/12/18
1/1/18 00:02 Spokane Valley WA Fireball 10 minutes I saw one floating orb while facing north. Thought nothing of it its new years thought it might be helicopter but no noise was heard a 1/12/18
12/31/17 22:00 Jupiter FL Fireball 5 minutes Between 10:15 – 10:20 Two orange balls of light, in the west sky, possibly over Lake Okeechobee.

I witnessed the first light and as
12/29/17 23:00 Broken Arrow OK Fireball 5-8 minutes 2 fireball type objects… One cruised through the sky and then a second one appeared cruised by. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/29/17 22:00 Stroudsburg PA Fireball 4 minutes Slow Yellow lights turning into fireballs moving at extreme speed across the sky 1/12/18
12/29/17 17:32 Litchville ND Fireball 2-3 minutes Bright Burning Fire Ball Very Large Black Dark Contrail leaving our space. 2/16/18
12/28/17 23:00 Eagle CO Fireball 60 seconds+ I live in Eagle, CO. 12 miles East of Eagle-Vail airport. Eagle, CO. is 6600 ft above sea level. My living room faces N.E. and is on th 1/12/18
12/26/17 18:08 Dover NH Fireball 1 minute Green/Silver Fireball - Near Hannafords 1/12/18
12/25/17 15:30 Taos NM Fireball Seconds I just flipped through a few photos I took on Christmas Day at Luna Mystica, an Airstream hotel near Taos,NM. I noticed strange object 1/12/18
12/24/17 16:17 San Bernardino CA Fireball 4 seconds Fire traveling very fast coming from the sky.. came very low and disappeared, this was very big. ((anonymous report)) 1/12/18
12/23/17 20:48 Nassau (Bahamas)
Fireball 2 minutes 3 comet-like objects appeared and then dissappeard 1/12/18
12/23/17 19:30 Naples FL Fireball 1 minute Approximately 7:30 p.m. I went on to my back porch and noticed a bright fireball in the sky getting closer to us. It was in the wester 1/12/18
12/23/17 00:00 Canberra (Australia)
Fireball 3 minutes Must have been around 12-1am. We were taking a cab home but decided to stop at Mcdonalds. We parked on the side of the street while wai 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:45 Tonopah AZ Fireball 8 minutes Approx. 1845 hours in the W sky something appeared to be traveling from the W to the E making a 90-degree turn. 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:40 Marana AZ Fireball 1 minute Bright white light with large tail, like photos of a comet, moving NE to SW. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of missile launch?? PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 18:00 Temecula CA Fireball 30-60 minutes Large blue light over all of the city slowly moving.((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB @ 5:26 p.m.. PD))((anonymous)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 17:33 Rancho Bernado CA Fireball 4-5 minutes Two lights or fireballs observed in sky associated with contrail. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch at 5:26 p.m.. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 17:33 Rancho Bernado CA Fireball 4-5 minutes Two lights or fireballs observed in sky associated with contrail. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 17:30 Irvine CA Fireball 7 minutes Orange fireball in front then no color. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) 1/12/18
12/22/17 17:28 Santa Clarita CA Fireball 3 minutes We saw this bright orange light get bigger and bigger, then grew a tail. ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch @ 17:26 hrs. (PST). PD)) 1/12/18
12/21/17 01:00 Richmond Hill ON Fireball 30 seconds So sorry i meesed up on the date the first report as it happened tonight ******I feel weird reporting this on here ( but I honestly see 12/21/17
12/21/17 01:00 Richmond Hill (Canada) ON Fireball 30 seconds I feel weird reporting this on here ( but I honestly see so many strange things I thought it was about time to finally report one of th 12/21/17
12/18/17 01:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Fireball 5 minutes two fireballs and one star 4/23/21
12/16/17 06:37 Hana HI Fireball 30 seconds Moving light chasing the ISS (?) and another falling from the Sky... 12/21/17
12/14/17 21:50 Richfield UT Fireball 2 minutes Fireball with intelligent flight pattern over Richfield, UT. 12/21/17
12/14/17 20:10 Laramie (Harmony Lane) WY Fireball Mere seconds Looking due E by SE (approx. 30 miles). Large multi-colored fireball. Green, Red, Yellow. ((anonymous report)) 12/21/17
12/14/17 19:50 Lusk WY Fireball <30 seconds I was driving in the town of Lusk and noticed a falling object that appeared to be on fire. Object appeared very large and close. Loo 12/21/17
12/14/17 03:30 Anderson's Corner DE Fireball Seconds Arc of fire streaking across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 12/14/17
12/13/17 17:30 Huntsville AL Fireball 1-2 minutes During meteor shower, bright amber object, no blinking or other colored lights, entered field of view due west travelling east north ea 12/14/17
12/12/17 06:14 Santa Rosa CA Fireball 12 seconds Fireball contact over fence. 12/14/17
12/11/17 22:15 Victor ID Fireball 4 minutes Flaming ball of fire - spinning- Linear movements. 12/14/17
12/8/17 20:30 East Stroudsburg PA Fireball ~5-10 minutes My husband and I were walking towards our time-share when I glanced up and saw a bright, almost burning object in the sky. I called my 12/10/17
12/5/17 22:00 Redgranite WI Fireball 5 seconds Stationary orange light near the north star that increased in size and brightness, then faded until gone. 12/8/17
12/3/17 03:20 Farmingville NY Fireball 5 seconds Bright green object streaking down from the sky. 12/8/17
11/30/17 22:20 National City CA Fireball 3 minutes Moving left to right and lining up in a straight line then moving again then separated at the end and one by one disappeared. 12/4/17
11/27/17 22:39 Slidell LA Fireball 1.5 hours Bright flashing object, multicolored flames. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD)) 12/4/17
11/26/17 17:35 Madison AL Fireball 20 seconds Bright sphere (dot) slowly moving due east. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS?? PD)) 12/4/17
11/25/17 23:00 Spotsylvania Courthouse VA Fireball 5 minutes Orange illuminated sphere close to treeline, moving purposefully across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
11/24/17 22:45 Medicine Hat (Canada)
Fireball 8 seconds Traveling from the west to east looking north.

A ball of light, like a snow plow in the winter throwing snow out both sides.

11/23/17 19:00 Lanham MD Fireball
Driving home from Thanksgiving dinner I saw lights falling from the sky looked like falling stars. ((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
11/23/17 19:00 Portland OR Fireball 3 seconds Seen while facing N: a big yellow fireball light fell at an angle towards the W horizon like a shooting star. 12/8/17
11/21/17 18:00 Marietta GA Fireball 5 seconds At approximately 8:29pm, we were coming out of apartments facing North and a bright fireball appeared and The went in a downward motion 12/4/17
11/20/17 02:15 Dixon CA Fireball 7 minutes Orange fire-ball like light, moving slowly, seen in early am, absolutely dead silent, hovering. 11/22/17
11/19/17 20:33 Salem OR Fireball 90 seconds Break away size-shifting balls of light dance around trees. 11/22/17
11/19/17 20:00 Jennings FL Fireball 3 seconds While traveling south on i75 near fl/ga line we saw a fireball falling from se to sw. It flared and a piece broke off and flew away. 11/22/17
11/18/17 18:00 Kissimmee FL Fireball 15 minutes Fireball falling from the sky of Kissimmee. 12/4/17
11/18/17 17:22 Kissimme/Champions Gate FL Fireball 20 minutes Possible UFO Filmed near Disney - UFO appeared in the distance and descended at a slow rate. 11/22/17
11/17/17 17:00 Edenton NC Fireball 10 minutes Large comet falling, 3 smaller objects broke away, fell with the object, and then hovered as another similar object appeared above. 11/22/17
11/15/17 00:30 Crown Point NY Fireball 5 minutes This is not the objects first appearance around this time of year. 1/12/18
11/14/17 22:30 Tucson AZ Fireball 10 seconds Large falling UFO disappears into flash of blue light over Tucson. 11/17/17
11/12/17 19:03 Panama City FL Fireball 2 minutes Slow moving fireball. 11/17/17
11/8/17 17:15 Manchester CT Fireball 1 minute Saw a large light in the sky moving extremely slowly. Last a minute and then it disappears into thin air. 11/17/17
11/8/17 17:00 Strongsville OH Fireball till sunset Fireball. 11/9/17
11/8/17 02:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 1 second Saw what it looked like a shooting star, but it was red. 11/9/17
11/6/17 19:35 Coral Gables FL Fireball 15 minutes UFO sighting Florida. 11/9/17
11/3/17 06:49 Saylorsburg PA Fireball 5 seconds Never saw this before, was slow enough to be observed, then just disappeared! 11/9/17
10/28/17 23:30 Council Bluffs IA Fireball 35 seconds Slow moving red fireball over Omaha. 11/3/17
10/28/17 20:00 Cody and Wapiti (between) WY Fireball 10 seconds There were fireballs coming down. ((anonymous report)) 11/3/17
10/28/17 00:30 Seattle WA Fireball 4 seconds Was driving south on I-5 something told me to look up and when I did I seen a big fireball light come into view like a comet going in o 11/3/17
10/25/17 20:07 St. Albert (Canada) AB Fireball 5 seconds Between 20:07-20:08 I looked into the sky in a north northwesternly direction I saw i bright fireball light in the sky moving upwards 11/3/17
10/24/17 12:15 Columbus OH Fireball 5 seconds I just got off work and was driving on Stelzer rd and it was raining, I saw a blue flash and then about 2 to 4 seconds later another B 12/4/17
10/23/17 19:00 La Manche (Canada) NF Fireball seconds Straking fireball and green flash light up the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 11/3/17
10/22/17 20:42 Artesia NM Fireball 2 minutes Stepped outside for a chore, looked up and saw a rather huge, fiery ball of something moving at a high rate of speed. At first I though 11/3/17
10/22/17 18:00 Anniston AL Fireball 10 minutes Red fireball object, (drone?), slowly drifted 75 feet above our heads, hovered above, turned white & at high speed disappeared 11/3/17
10/19/17 20:10 Riviera Mya (Mexico)
Fireball 1 minute From right to left. Imagine a large aircraft actually breaking up with green lights breaking off like a fire work. Seconds more than mi 12/1/19
10/18/17 22:00 Columbia SC Fireball 3 seconds Very bright white ball of light, followed by a helicopter. 10/19/17
10/18/17 19:20 Little Rock AR Fireball 30 seconds Fireball type flying at am incline. 10/19/17
10/18/17 19:10 Foresthill CA Fireball 10 seconds It was large white ball with flames behind it across the sky, west to east. 10/19/17
10/18/17 01:00 Lake Oswego OR Fireball 2 minutes Orange ball of light with what appeared to be "searchlight" hovering over treeline of forest and "searching" the woods. 10/19/17
10/17/17 21:15 Hopewell Cape (Canada) NB Fireball 3 seconds Neon yellow fireball with neon yellow dripping off of it. Very unnatural color for a falling star or meteorite. 10/19/17
10/16/17 03:00 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 10 seconds Large Orange Globe enters earth's atmosphere, then shoots back into the sky. 6/28/18
10/13/17 19:30 Knightdale NC Fireball
4 horizontal lights in the sky... stationary, then zig zag with tail, finally still again. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
10/12/17 13:24 Moses Lake WA Fireball 3 seconds Light green meteor sighting near Airport 6/25/20
10/10/17 19:30 Unionville PA Fireball 3 minutes Two fire-like objects surrounded by an aura, moving at constant speed and altitude following the same path. 10/19/17
10/9/17 00:00 Meriden CT Fireball 5 seconds One HUGE white fireball flying through the southern sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
10/9/17 05:45 Porter Ranch CA Fireball 3 minutes I was driving on the 118 this morning by porter ranch object looked red like a star shape. Object moved. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
10/9/17 05:30 Anaheim CA Fireball 1 On 91 freeway, we saw this orange ball of fire then it moved and it left a tail of fire. ((anonymous report)) 10/19/17
10/9/17 02:58 Troutdale OR Fireball 10 seconds Meteor. 10/19/17
10/5/17 21:00 Port Austin MI Fireball 2 minutes Four different times scene Fireball objects leaving an aircraft floating looked like maybe three at a time 10/19/17
10/1/17 22:00 Shell Lake WI Fireball 5 minutes The realization of the anomolie & the eeery silence, & both of us seeing this, scared us so, that we ran inside. 12/1/19
9/28/17 08:30 San Diego CA Fireball 10 minutes Taking my dog out I have a great view of the Southern skies of San Diego. My wife, roommate and myself noticed 4-5 reddish fireballs in 10/5/17
9/25/17 19:35 Stafford Springs CT Fireball 2 minutes My fiancé and I were driving on the main road in Stafford (rt 190 before the school and fire station, heading toward the center of town 9/28/17
9/24/17 23:30 Malden MA Fireball 3 minutes Orange light/Fireball seen around Boston Logan route area. 9/28/17
9/23/17 23:45 Sioux City IA Fireball 5 minutes EXTREMELY bright ball appeared above me in my backyard.It lit up my back yard almost like the trees and yard were on fire.It was statio 9/28/17
9/23/17 23:05 San Diego CA Fireball 15 seconds Red ball moving fast with white ripples coming off the object! ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD)) 9/28/17
9/23/17 22:50 San Pedro CA Fireball 1 minute Brilliant white sphere in front of a glowing crescent that traveled above the LA Harbor. ((NUFORC Note: Rocket launch. PD)) 9/28/17
9/22/17 23:45 Carolina Beach NC Fireball 5 second Observed 1 orange/ yellow fireball shoot down the alley about 20ft from where I was sitting on Carolina Beach, NC. 9/28/17
9/21/17 18:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Fireball 35 Saw one object first looked like a star and it was still clear outside. Then turned into a fireball and looked lik the sun that’s when 10/19/17
9/19/17 20:45 Monroe OH Fireball 3-5 seconds Fireball/Flaring light over Monroe, Ohio. 9/21/17
9/17/17 01:00 Philipsburg PA Fireball 1minute We observed a large object appear to burst into a large fireball in the night sky. 9/21/17
9/17/17 00:56 Crystal City VA Fireball 1-2 seconds Large Fireball Observed in the Sky close to the Pentagon 9/21/17
9/16/17 22:00 Lake Stevens WA Fireball 5 minutes Bright star orange /fireball that was dropping several smaller fireball objects from its center. 9/21/17
9/16/17 21:15 Westover WV Fireball 12 A bright orange fireball seemed to vanish after a few moments in the sky. 9/21/17
9/16/17 19:59 West Valley City UT Fireball 56 At the redwood drive in facing east saw a light then it split to 2, thought shoot stars then bam it stopped met back with 1 st light th 9/21/17
9/15/17 22:10 Milwaukee WI Fireball 1-2 minutes Orange/red ball that flickered, moved in what seemed to be a straight line due North. ((anonymous report)) 9/21/17
9/15/17 22:00 Wildwood NJ Fireball 30-60 seconds 3 UFOs at Firework show appearing as stars moving 9/21/17
9/13/17 21:45 Bethel Park PA Fireball 1-2 minutes This flying red/orange ball was something very out of the ordinary. 9/14/17
9/10/17 22:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 5 minutes Orange fireball, flying horizontally, stops, hovers, drops hot liquid debris 4-5 times, then flies upwards into space. 9/12/17
9/10/17 22:19 Fairdale KY Fireball 12-15 seconds Green &quot;fireball&quot; with streak, East to West. While speaking to oldest daughter on phone *we both heard interference* Both hea 5/14/19
9/4/17 22:16 Middle River MD Fireball 1 second Small object zoomed below the moon, leaving a small white poof, and then thin fire trail (for a few seconds)-not a shooting star. 9/5/17
8/28/17 23:00 O'Fallon MO Fireball 10 minutes We seen a bright orange fireball in the sky next to the moon. Shining a beam of light. Winghaven are disappeared in a instant. 9/5/17
8/27/17 22:10 Kansas City MO Fireball 5 seconds Driving along Hwy. 35 N and saw an object right above us flying in the same direction we were driving. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 9/5/17
8/26/17 17:30 Hanover Twp PA Fireball 45 seconds Fierball streaking across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
8/26/17 10:31 Snellville GA Fireball 5 minutes Flaming craft head towards me from the north then stalls and heads east. 9/5/17
8/25/17 09:22 Norwalk CT Fireball
Walked out of house and looked up and saw a blue bright light with a glow behind it flying fast, downward motion, as if it was landing 9/5/17
8/24/17 02:30 Knoxville TN Fireball 1 seconds Approx. 02:30 a.m., saw a green fireball, with a bright yellowish-center, and a white tail, falling diagonally. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
8/23/17 21:30 Hillview/Shepherdsville KY Fireball 3 minutes Fireball dripping Balls of Fire. 8/24/17
8/19/17 23:00 Lake Wiley NC Fireball 1:00 My little brother and I saw object like fireballs for about 1:00 flying over lake Wiley. 8/24/17
8/17/17 21:30 West Columbia SC Fireball 5 minutes One fireball seen over US1 in Lexington Co. 9/12/17
8/17/17 01:00 Bethesda MD Fireball 5 seconds Circular green object, surrounded by white light and a bluish-white tail shot across the sky towards the treeline. 9/21/17
8/15/17 22:33 Cape Coral FL Fireball 1 minute Saw an orange globe over NE Fort Myers sky from Cape Coral, thought it was part of the meteor shower, but it came in fast and dipp 8/17/17
8/14/17 23:00 Dallas OR Fireball 90 seconds Round erratic flying obj., bright orange, moving in flickering fashion. Lg glowing ball object, moving E. ((anonymous report)) 8/17/17
8/11/17 22:00 Cleveland (east side of) OH Fireball
Looked like fireflies in the sky moving East over 50. 8/17/17
8/11/17 00:10 New York NY Fireball 15 minutes Multiple ufos seen within a few minutes of one another. all ufos came from the same direction. 8/17/17
8/8/17 04:00 Grosse Pointe Farms MI Fireball 5 seconds There was an extremely bright white light in the sky that zoomed away at a speed I have never seen before. 8/11/17
8/6/17 00:00 Toms River NJ Fireball 20 seconds Driving S on the Garden State parkway, just a few miles N of the Toms River toll plaza, I witnessed three orange flames. 8/11/17
8/5/17 00:00 Hogansville GA Fireball 20 seconds Fireball floating in the trees. 8/11/17
8/5/17 03:19 Wildwood NJ Fireball ~1 hour Medium to large Fireball deep orange/orangeyellow with dark center looking like round fire?? 8/11/17
8/5/17 00:00 Norfolk VA Fireball 2-3 minutes Me and my girlfriend noticed a bright red ball of light in the sky head out over the Chesapeake Bay in the direction of the E shore. 8/11/17
8/4/17 23:49 Portland OR Fireball 1 minute Orange fireball object approxiamtely the size of a grapefruit. 8/11/17
8/4/17 22:00 Ocean City MD Fireball 2 minutes Two fireballs observed over Atlantic Ocean from Ocean City, Maryland, hotel balcony. ((anonymous report)) 1/25/18
8/1/17 06:15 Columbus (North) GA Fireball 3 seconds Green streak growing in size moving from west to east at about + 600ft elevation over I-185 looking south 8/4/17
7/31/17 22:00 Sandy Hook CT Fireball 2-3 minutes Flash shuts lights on UFO. 8/4/17
7/31/17 01:52 Buffalo NY Fireball 5 seconds At ~1:52 AM, my cousin and I were sitting on the patio and saw an extremely large and brilliantly lit teardrop shape green light. 8/4/17
7/29/17 22:15 Enumclaw WA Fireball 10 seconds It was very low it looked like a low flying meteor or a missle shape that streaked across which seemed a few hundred feet above the tre 8/4/17
7/29/17 22:00 Little River SC Fireball 1 minute Outside at 10pm 3 witnesses saw 2 orange glowing fireballs traveling at high speed without a sound the disappeared into the horizon. 8/4/17
7/29/17 21:55 Bellevue WA Fireball 10 seconds Red and Green fireball in Washington 8/4/17
7/29/17 21:55 Harrison ID Fireball 5 seconds Fireball in the sky & it went down into the horizon. 8/4/17
7/28/17 22:30 Chicago IL Fireball Minutes Three ufos. Fire type over Humboldt Park. 8/4/17
7/28/17 08:30 Lake Worth FL Fireball <1 second Me and my dad were in the pool late at night it happened as I asked what would you do if aliens came over our house right now? He answe 10/19/17
7/27/17 23:54 Sherman Oaks CA Fireball 2 minutes Red light over Sherman Oaks, CA. 8/11/17
7/26/17 21:30 Las Cruces NM Fireball 20-30 minutes Faced Organ mts. From my home in LA Mesa. Noticed orangish burning fireball type ufo, ((anonymous report)) 7/27/17
7/26/17 04:20 Phoenix AZ Fireball 5 minutes I looked to see a beautiful bright Venus in E sky. I then noticed a &quot;Bright, Orange, Light. 7/27/17
7/25/17 05:15 New York City (Manhattan) NY Fireball 1 minute Red glowing orb of light. I noticed it outside my window living above the building next door. ((anonymous report)) 7/27/17
7/24/17 20:33 Assateague Island MD Fireball 5 seconds A blue fire ball appeared am dead than disappeared in seconds. 9/5/17
7/23/17 21:05 Geneva IL Fireball 1 minute Intense red orb flying in irregular speed and direction at dusk. 7/27/17
7/21/17 20:15 Buzzards Bay MA Fireball ~20 seconds I was camping at Bourne Scenic Park. I was standing by a fence from above the Cape Cod Canal with the Bourne Bridge in the back ground, 7/27/17
7/20/17 21:45 Santa rosa CA Fireball 2 minutes It looked like a fireball. ((anonymous report)) 7/23/17
7/20/17 20:52 New Oxford PA Fireball 16 seconds Large, bright orange fireball after sunset in sky. 7/23/17
7/17/17 22:00 Cornwall (Cornwall) ON Fireball 2 minutes We where sitting in my yard and a bright orange/red light circular in shape was moving in a straight line then stopped we where all loo 8/23/19
7/15/17 03:50 Wilsall MT Fireball 30 minutes Huge white light hovering over the Crazy Mountains, MT. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 7/23/17
7/15/17 01:45 Vero Beach FL Fireball 45 seconds Bright orange fireball, Vero Beach, FL, 4-15-17 1:45 AM. 7/23/17
7/13/17 12:33 Lawrenceville GA Fireball 10 seconds White star-like object grew larger, dropped, disappeared, reappeared, and continued dropping until gone. 7/14/17
7/12/17 00:45 Artesia NM Fireball 3 seconds Brantley Lake. To the S, we saw a bright green flash the size of a small plane. 9/12/17
7/11/17 23:12 South Dewey Beach DE Fireball 3 seconds Bright White Fireball traveling sky left to land-water right over Rehoboth Bay, DE. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? Anonymous report. PD)) 7/14/17
7/9/17 21:31 Nickerson State Park. Brewster MA Fireball 14 seconds Camping Nickerson State Park Brewster, MA, witness a craft traveling over flax pond emanating a bright light. ((anonymous report)) 7/14/17
7/9/17 21:15 Occoquan VA Fireball 2 minutes Fireball over Occoquan. 7/14/17
7/7/17 22:25 San Diego CA Fireball
Firework-like ship fell down, then up again, down about 3 circles before disappearing (7 witnesses). ((anonymous report)) 7/14/17
7/7/17 22:15 San Diego CA Fireball 30 second Fireball objects appeared in the sky almosy serpent like movement . 7/14/17
7/7/17 21:53 Chula Vista CA Fireball 30 seconds UFO disappears behind mountain. Fireball trail. 7/14/17
7/6/17 22:00 Marshalltown IA Fireball 10 seconds Orange/red light seen on west side of town. 7/7/17
7/6/17 20:58 Anaheim CA Fireball 2 seconds Fireball good across the sky leaving a trail. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
7/6/17 04:30 Kingman AZ Fireball 8-10 minutes Recurring quick, bright flashing object from 07/04/17 being pursued by another object in Kingman, AZ 7/14/17
7/5/17 00:35 Portland OR Fireball 90 seconds Bright orange flickering object observed for 90 seconds flying North to South over Portland, Oregon. 7/7/17
7/4/17 23:25 Dearborn MI Fireball 3-4 minutes Bright slow moving orange (fire) balls moving at an angle up into the sky. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
7/4/17 23:00 Nampa ID Fireball 3 minutes Looked like a glowing fireball in the sky during fireworks. 7/7/17
7/4/17 22:48 Los Angeles CA Fireball 2:00 Not a firework. 7/14/17
7/4/17 22:30 Reston VA Fireball 5 minutes Two fireballs traveled slowly across the sky SE to NW about 2 minutes apart. ((anonymous report)) 7/7/17
7/4/17 22:18 Candler NC Fireball 3 minutes Mountain top looked like it was on fire but lifted up and hovered for several min. before flying upward extremely fast. ((anonymous)) 7/23/17
7/4/17 22:00 Collinsville OK Fireball 5-7 minutes Watching fireworks at 9:30 on July 4, 2017. I saw a big red ball moving in the sky, then 3 more appeared, then 3 more. 9/5/17
7/4/17 21:37 Plymouth MA Fireball 40 seconds Bright orange ball, flying south east to north northeast, brightens then fades while accelerating. 7/7/17
7/4/17 21:30 Corona CA Fireball 3 seconds Fire ball in sky, not fireworks. 7/7/17
7/4/17 21:30 Levittown NY Fireball 5 minutes 4 orange lights lingered in the sky. 7/7/17
7/4/17 21:00 Pueblo CO Fireball 5 minutes 3 fireballs in the night sky of Pueblo, CO. 7/14/17
7/3/17 23:30 Sioux City IA Fireball 15 minutes I witnessed a bright red light that I thought was a Chinese lantern, but blue lights were pulsating around it. The object started chang 7/7/17
7/2/17 22:10 O'Fallon MO Fireball 2 minutes This is the third UFO I have seen in 5 years in different locations. 7/7/17
7/1/17 23:14 Crown Point IN Fireball 20 seconds I had stepped out on my porch to smoke a cigarette and I always look up to the stars then from my right side view I see a fireball comi 7/7/17
6/30/17 23:14 Nampa ID Fireball 3 minutes "What's that?", my wife cried. I stood and beheld a loping orange fireball. Attempting to focus on its shape. 7/7/17
6/28/17 21:37 Portland OR Fireball 07:00 UFO SIGHTING ON JUNE 28TH 2017 IN PORTLAND, OREGON The evening of June 28th I was staying a hotel directly across from the Portland Con 7/7/17
6/24/17 21:00 Ephrata PA Fireball 5 minutes As the wife and I were sitting outside near a field by our home off Arrowhead Dr We saw two red fireball like objects in the sky. Ther 7/7/17
6/23/17 10:30 Plymouth MN Fireball 2 minutes I went to let the dogs out and noticed a glowing orange light flying over the trees. I called my husband and we watched it until it wen 7/7/17
6/22/17 20:45 Desert Hills AZ Fireball 20 Objects were in V shaped about 2 miles long with Military jets chasing it. Went Southwest to northeast east towards cave Creek. Also go 7/7/17
6/19/17 22:18 Vancouver WA Fireball 2 minutes Standing out side just looking up, a redish glow kind of pulsating went by way to fast and no sound it disappeared from site then came 6/22/17
6/17/17 22:40 Wednesbury (UK/England)
Fireball ~45-60 seconds A fireball looking UFO. 6/22/17
6/17/17 21:45 Bucyrus OH Fireball 8 minutes Pulsating orb flies silent over residential area, captured on video. 6/22/17
6/14/17 00:15 Los Angeles CA Fireball 1.5 seconds About 1/3 the distance of the Big Dipper Handle. Directly Center and S of the Big Dipper in the W night sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/13/17 22:30 Emerald Isle NC Fireball 40 minutes Other people on beach (10+) saw this too. 2-3 horizontal fireball looking circles and two vertical same shape. ((anonymous report)) 7/14/17
6/12/17 22:10 Ukiah CA Fireball 1 minute I was walking my dog- heading north on Oak Manor Drive, I turned west going west on Yosemite Drive . I saw a big white static fireba 6/15/17
6/11/17 14:30 Wilmington DE Fireball 10 minutes 100s of blinking fireball like object free fall then hover before disappearing. 6/15/17
6/10/17 22:00 Yakima WA Fireball 2 minutes There was 6 fire balls flying by the house I caoufjt the last one on video. 6/15/17
6/10/17 21:23 Novi MI Fireball 20 Orange fireball over Novi, Michigan, in western sky. 7/14/17
6/10/17 15:50 Boston MA Fireball 10 minutes I saw what looked like a very twinkly star, kind of white but with red and possibly bluish. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a star?? PD)) 6/15/17
6/10/17 04:20 Half Moon Bay CA Fireball 2-3 minutes Large very bright round 'star' with several smaller moving 'stars' going to & from. 6/15/17
6/9/17 22:20 Eau Claire WI Fireball 15 minutes 2 orange lights (fire) appeared moving west over Eau Claire before hovering and disappearing. 6/15/17
6/3/17 23:20 Elk River MN Fireball 4-5 minutes "Fireball" ufo sighted over west edge of Elk River, MN, for 4-5 minutes starting at 11:20PM on June 3rd, 2017. 6/9/17
6/2/17 21:20 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 2 minutes Appeared to be very large round fireball that began spinning and falling from sky over the Atlantic. 6/9/17
6/1/17 21:25 Rowley MA Fireball 5 seconds Tree top fiery shaped after signalling with laser 6/2/17
5/31/17 01:14 Wahpeton ND Fireball 3 seconds Huge orange-colored ball ripped across the sky from North to South. Was very loud and extremely fast. Sounded like a fuse on a firework 6/2/17
5/29/17 23:00 Buffalo NY Fireball 4 seconds Extremely large bright teardrop shape fluorescent green light flew across the sky horizontally, with a bright white flash of light. 6/2/17
5/28/17 09:00 Delano CA Fireball 1-3 minutes Triangle ufo orange lights. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/28/17 00:53 Carlsbad CA Fireball 30 seconds Fireball orb seen over North San Diego Co. out over Pacific Ocean. 6/2/17
5/25/17 22:30 Floresville TX Fireball 10 minutes 2 fireballs over texas. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/23/17 20:50 Webster NY Fireball 0:11 8 descending fireballs over Lake Ontario from Rochester, NY. ((anonymous report)) 6/9/17
5/20/17 23:58 County Durham (UK/England)
Fireball 2 seconds Green travelling orb shot toward house then arced up toward sky. 2 seconds duration MAX 6/2/17
5/20/17 21:02 Mechanicsville VA Fireball 120 seconds I was facing north, 2 bright amber glowing objects, moving together due W across the sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/2/17
5/19/17 21:17 Wilkes-Barre PA Fireball 2 minutes On my way to McDonald's up near the mall my wife and I saw an orange fireball going across the sky in a straight line. It was too fast 6/2/17
5/15/17 01:20 Long Beach CA Fireball 1-2 minutes Small yellow orange red ball floating in sky for about 3 minutes after it disappeared. 5/15/17
5/14/17 22:20 Des Plaines IL Fireball 3 minutes Fireball in sky near O'Hare Airport. 5/15/17
5/13/17 22:00 Coolridge WV Fireball 5 minutes 2 fireballs changing direction. 5/15/17
5/13/17 21:05 Fulton NY Fireball 10 minutes Five bright orange objects. 5/15/17
5/12/17 23:10 Statesville NC Fireball 45-60 seconds The object appeared suddenly high in the SE sky. It was red-orange and extremely bright. It was a steady light which seemed to get la 5/15/17
5/12/17 22:45 Pullman WA Fireball 8 seconds Burnt orange in color with a very low visible tail trailing. Too slow to be a meteor, & too fast for any man made a/c.((anon. report)) 5/15/17
5/12/17 20:05 Surprise AZ Fireball 7 seconds Red ball in sky. 5/15/17
5/9/17 23:00 Blackshear GA Fireball 2-3 minutes Dimming sequence of orange lights migrating across the sky. 5/11/17
5/7/17 21:08 Los Angeles CA Fireball 4 seconds Green light stood still for two seconds then immediately shot across the sky at extremely high speed. Much faster than any object ever 5/11/17
5/6/17 21:13 Hibbing MN Fireball 3 minutes 2 bright orange lights (fireballs) over HIbbing Minnesota 5/11/17
5/6/17 05:00 San Francisco CA Fireball 1 minute Ball of light moving east - away from SF - appeared to wobble, made a sudden shift, then disappeared in the still-dark morning sky. 5/11/17
5/4/17 23:34 York NE Fireball 0:18 A fire ball was moving in the atmosphere while stopping, going, and even changing directions. 5/6/17
4/28/17 01:00 Garden City ID Fireball 30 seconds Saw a bright orange fireball moving from west to east in the sky. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/17
4/27/17 12:00 Armadale (Australia)
Fireball 3 minutes There was a light trail in the sky. It was moving at considerable speed and was seen in broad daylight. ((NUFORC Note: Contrail. PD)) 4/28/17
4/26/17 00:00 Santa Barbara CA Fireball 1:30 Curving fireball followed by blinking light. 4/28/17
4/25/17 23:52 West Palm Beach FL Fireball 3 seconds Green flash/meteor like of objects breaking up, flash broke up and lights turned off, dark object still flying and not descending. West 4/28/17
4/23/17 01:05 Richmond (Canada) BC Fireball 12 minutes Huge fireball orb above YVR Airport Vancouver, Canada. 4/28/17
4/21/17 23:00 Midwest city OK Fireball 30 seconds On front porch smoking a cigarette facing north. Saw a neon pink glowing fireball looking object. It appeared to be stationary for abou 4/28/17
4/21/17 00:00 Olympia WA Fireball seconds Red flaming fireball seen by 1 witness. 4/28/17
4/20/17 22:35 Hartsville SC Fireball 1 minute In Northcutt Road before train tracks heading to Highway 15. Looked to the west above pine trees. Saw an orange fireball traveling abou 4/28/17
4/17/17 10:10 Anaheim CA Fireball 10 seconds Red orb spotted in daytime in Anaheim. 4/20/17
4/16/17 23:10 South Belot WI Fireball
I'm sitting on my bed around 11:10 pm or 23:10 and I look out my window and I see a ball of light that's flashing white, red, blue, pin 4/20/17
4/16/17 21:00 Rock Island WA Fireball 20 seconds Glowing orange ball in the sky above wenatchee wa. MovING West to East. Fading out over rock island. ((anonymous report)) 4/20/17
4/15/17 20:30 Newport News VA Fireball 30 minutes Multiple ballistic-like fireballs/rockets? 4/20/17
4/13/17 20:30 Plymouth MA Fireball 25 minutes Pulsating/flickering fire ball orbs 4/20/17
4/13/17 15:15 Marysville WA Fireball unknown I saw a multicolored FLAT CIRCLE in the sky, which was CLEARLY TOO CLOSE to be the SUN. 4/20/17
4/10/17 21:06 Mission Viejo CA Fireball 15-23 seconds Was driving down Melinda Rd. A bright light illuminated the road so I looked up thinking it was the moon and wondering how it could be 4/13/17
4/10/17 21:00 Whittier CA Fireball 5 seconds A bright flash in a distance lit up the dark sky for a few seconds. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor, we wonder?? PD)) 4/13/17
4/10/17 20:45 Pacific Beach CA Fireball 3 seconds Green light followed by a fiery shape falling in San Diego hills 4/13/17
4/8/17 20:30 Sacramento CA Fireball 3 minutes Three red orb-shaped objects, and parachute, over Sacramento. ((anonymous report)) 4/13/17
4/6/17 01:00 La Mirada CA Fireball 4 minutes Bright orb dropping smaller orbs. 4/7/17
4/5/17 23:00
MT Fireball
((HOAX??)) I saw a UFO late at night, split into 3 mini saucers that flew in opposite directions. ((NUFORC Note: Flaw in date. PD)) 4/7/17
4/2/17 18:30 Highland CA Fireball >4 minutes Bright orange ball flew over Southern Calif. no flashing lights a short tail an it flared up every now an then 4/7/17
3/30/17 01:00 Orleans MA Fireball 2 seconds I saw a bright orange/red orb of fire pass very quickly a few feet in front of me. It was just outside of my house. 4/20/17
3/26/17 20:15 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 4 minute Around 8:15 Sunday evening saw red orange glow moving across sky from E beach area to the W. ((anonymous report)) 4/7/17
3/23/17 20:30 Corrales NM Fireball <1 Green orb to the S of Corrales. Looked like it was just above cloud level. Hovered for a second and took off. ((anonymous report)) 4/7/17
3/23/17 20:15 Albuquerque NM Fireball 3-5 seconds My boyfriend and I observed a bright green (with some blue) fireball streaking across the S sky, traveling W. 4/7/17
3/22/17 20:00 Sheboygan WI Fireball 5-10 minutes Object appeared ESE over Lake Michigan as an orange ball of light. As we watched it it became brighter and began flickering. 3/23/17
3/21/17 20:15 St. Louis MO Fireball 10 seconds Green fireball over St. Louis. 3/23/17
3/21/17 19:50 Southaven MS Fireball 90-120 seconds My name is At 19;50/7:50 pm I observed a fire ball Moving thru the air very fast,from almost Due south to Due north..

I was standing
3/20/17 22:30 Colorado Springs CO Fireball 5 minutes 1-6 extremely bright yellow lights mid sky facing south. 2 horizontal rows maybe 3 on each side flashing e-regularly somethimes making 3/23/17
3/20/17 22:19 Colorado Springs CO Fireball 3 minutes 2-6 floating, with upword movement, yellow-orange lights outside the USAFA in Colorado Springs 4/7/17
3/20/17 20:15 Chandler AZ Fireball 15 minutes Orange orbs in southeastern Phoenix sky, March 20, 2017, around 8-9 pm. 3/23/17
3/19/17 01:00 Kullamaa (Estonia)
Fireball 5 minutes Big orange fireball slowly going up to the sky. 3/23/17
3/16/17 17:00 Las Cruces NM Fireball <1 hour Driving on Baylor Canyon Rd towards University Ave in Las Cruces outskirts. I spotted a light/orb reddish in color but variating bright 3/17/17
3/11/17 22:00 Lewis center OH Fireball 3 minutes 7 fireballs stretched at an upward angle to the left on the horizon then vanished. ((anonymous report)) 3/17/17
3/11/17 21:41 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 3 minutes Two red objects moving over the sky in Virginia. 3/17/17
3/7/17 12:00 Jamestown CA Fireball 4 hours ((HOAX??)) We saw another spherical floating object directly above our heads, it was bright yellow and bright. 3/10/17
3/6/17 12:15 Lisbon ME Fireball 20 second A bright light that was stationary, then split into 2 lights, and faded away. 3/10/17
3/4/17 18:42 Lynchburg VA Fireball 3 minutes ((HOAX??)) Red ball with fire over Lynchburg, Va. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
3/3/17 20:10 Mayaguez (Puerto Rico)
Fireball 3 seconds Road # 2 PR going S in Mayaguez, PR, at 8:10 pm on March 3, 2017, My wife and I saw a blue-green fireball. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
3/3/17 19:25 Wilmington DE Fireball 30 seconds Heard helicopters and saw 3 military types chasing a round red object at high speed going N. ((anonymous report))

I lived here a ve
3/3/17 08:15 Anchorage AK Fireball 10 Object observed to the east of the City of Anchorage. 3/10/17
2/28/17 19:45 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 minutes Lights in North phoenix sky 2-28-17 at 7:45 pm 3/10/17
2/28/17 12:00 Jamestown CA Fireball 4 hours ((HOAX??)) At 12:00 a large yellow spherical fireball appeared in the sky directly overhead. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
2/26/17 20:30 Easton PA Fireball 10 seconds This looked like a flare that was shot into the sky. 2nd time I have seen this in a month. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
2/26/17 20:06 Cody WY Fireball 4 seconds I was driving my car to Walmart and as I went around the bend I spotted a green Fireball falling from the sky it appeared to be very cl 3/10/17
2/24/17 20:30 Santa Fe NM Fireball 20 minutes I notice a large light high up in the sky that I thought was the planet, Jupiter. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 3/10/17
2/23/17 00:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 3 minutes bright orange fireball west to east movement. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
2/21/17 22:45 Marietta OH Fireball <2 minutes Defined Bright Glowing Red Orange Sphere or Fireball Seen Traveling (Or Landing?) ESE from Marietta, OH 3/10/17
2/21/17 19:00 Nederland CO Fireball unknown Orange fireballs, Bright, Scoping the forest. ((anonymous report)) 2/22/17
2/17/17 23:27 Millvale PA Fireball 5 seconds Driving on Rt 28 north heading to my gilr frinds house when just before the Millvale exit 4 a green fire ball was to my left just over 2/22/17
2/17/17 22:15 Moon Township/clinton PA Fireball 10 seconds I am a delivery driver returning back to the home base and at 10:15 I was driving on 376 west bound just about one half mile from the P 2/22/17
2/17/17 19:00 Panama City beach,east FL Fireball 4.17 minutes Driving east side of the beach.saw four fire ball orbes the size of a pinky finger nail. The event started when the first ball floated 2/22/17
2/16/17 19:00 Mt. Orab OH Fireball 15 minutes 4-6 glowing Red lights/orbs, multiple flickering white lights, and a single line of red lights. 2/17/17
2/14/17 19:35 Bethlehem PA Fireball 2 minutes One White light and one reddish ball of fire light by grocery store in Bethlehem Pa. 2/17/17
2/13/17 21:30 Concord - Penecook NH Fireball 30-45 seconds Went to take the dog out to go the bathroom (she hadn't been out since 3 pm ). When she got to the bottom of the stairs I opened the do 2/17/17
2/13/17 21:10 Wall NJ Fireball 30 seconds I was driving northbound on the parkway, when I saw a bright ball of white light drop quickly from the sky just beyond the southbound s 2/17/17
2/12/17 02:45 Lithia FL Fireball 4 seconds Large green fireball fall from northeast coast toward southeast. 2/17/17
2/10/17 10:15 Howell MI Fireball 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) Their was a lantern/ship flying fast. ((anonymous report)) 2/17/17
2/9/17 00:00 Columbia CT Fireball 2 hours I was awake watching television and there were flashing red and blue lights in the sky they remained for a hour till a red orb about 15 2/10/17
2/9/17 Youngstown OH Fireball Ongoing Looks like an asteroid. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in the western sky?? PD)) 2/10/17
2/8/17 06:00 Lloydminster (Canada) AB Fireball 5 minutes A ball of fire in the sky. 3/17/17
2/6/17 01:15 Oak Lawn IL Fireball 6-7 seconds Oak Lawn, Illinois, Bright greenish/white floating ball of light came from the sky like a projectile leaving behind a red trail. 2/10/17
2/2/17 18:30 Mobile AL Fireball 1 hour Orange fireballs for 3 days at the same time of day each day, with some weird stuff happening after.((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 2/3/17
1/30/17 18:45 Katy TX Fireball 5 seconds Fireball fast moving to Earth. 2/3/17
1/29/17 23:00 Ft. Lauderdale FL Fireball 20 minutes Traveling N on I-I95, I could Not help but to notice 3 bright yellow lights toward the East 2/3/17
1/28/17 18:50 Ft. Lauderdale FL Fireball 3 minutes We saw a total of 7 red/ orange lights. We were facing N, and they were coming from the NE towards the SW. ((anonymous report)) 2/10/17
1/27/17 02:45 Selma TX Fireball <1 second I just seen a light in the sky while looking south. It looked like a star at first till I realized it was bigger and brighter than the 2/3/17
1/27/17 01:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball 30 minutes Red light hovering and flashing. 2/3/17
1/26/17 21:30 Encinitas CA Fireball 1 minute Watching the air traffic off my porch in the dark of night, i suddenly saw a trail of 3 bright orange lights in a streamlined pattern m 2/3/17
1/26/17 18:50 Leesburg VA Fireball 2 seconds Two adult females traveling northbound on VA Route 621 witnessed a bright green spherical object, seemingly fire-based traveling rapidl 2/3/17
1/26/17 18:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball hours The lights were on top of Brooklyn. The lights would move up and down then form a line, then a half moon shape. 1/26/17
1/20/17 21:00 Dominion (Canada) NS Fireball 2 minutes At 2100hrs on Jan 20/2017 noticed white light flashing in the sky, almost similar to airport lights when a plane is landing.. I do live 1/25/18
1/20/17 19:30 DeLand FL Fireball ~1 minute Fireball in sky shuts off, then re-ignites. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of 2nd stage ignition of missile launch. PD)) 1/26/17
1/19/17 18:05 Lincoln NM Fireball 5 minutes 500 orbs being chased by a jet. ((NUFORC Note: We would welcome additional reports. PD)) 1/26/17
1/19/17 06:10 Long Beach CA Fireball 1 minute Obj. was going down fast like a shooting star, but with a frontal metallic circle, and it disappeared in mid air.((anonymous report)) 1/26/17
1/18/17 18:53 River Falls WI Fireball 15 minutes so far Spherical luninous multi-colored hovering in the same position, now heading west toward the twin cities, St. Paul, Mpls. 18:57pm 1/19/17
1/18/17 01:32 Sterling Heights MI Fireball 4 seconds Orange fiery ball of light moving back and forth then shoots away in a flash and leaves a fiery trail. ((anonymous report)) 1/18/18
1/17/17 19:48 Omaha NE Fireball 3 minutes ? 1/17/2017 Omaha, NE, ball of light erratically moving! ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 1/19/17
1/15/17 22:00 San Diego CA Fireball 15-20 minutes Fireball moving south to north in western sky lasting about 15 minutes, faded from sight in the distance. 1/19/17
1/14/17 17:51 Daytona Beach FL Fireball 10 minutes A very bright fireball coming low in the sky from the east and then accelerating straight up and then leveled out in a straight path at 1/19/17
1/12/17 21:35 Albuquerque NM Fireball 30 seconds 4 fireballs seen in Albuquerque 1/19/17
1/11/17 20:05 Shelton WA Fireball 2 seconds Fireball with flaming tail shooting across mid-sky. 1/12/17
1/7/17 23:20 Sutherlin OR Fireball 5 minutes I walked outside by 11:20 p.m. I looked up in the sky North I was smoking a cigarette I saw orange lights big craft ran inside got my f 1/12/17
1/7/17 21:50 Conception Bay South (Canada) NF Fireball 5 minutes Cluster of moving stars and orange 'fireballs' 1/12/17
1/7/17 19:30 Nashville TN Fireball 1 minute I observed 4 bright orange objects flying in a straight line in a southerly direction. They appeared to be glowing as if on fire but l 1/12/17
1/6/17 22:30 Coon Rapids MN Fireball 0:15 Several craft each glowing like fire and triangular in shape.Slowly increased speed and vanished into the night sky. 1/12/17
1/5/17 22:15 Sandy UT Fireball 7 minutes Four orbs in the sky. 1/6/17
1/2/17 20:00 Corona CA Fireball 3 minutes 3 orange hazy lights, possibly fireballs, seen over Corona, CA, and seen from Chino Hills, moving in very odd pattern slowly. 1/6/17
1/1/17 01:15 Cody WY Fireball 1-2 seconds Very bright flash from south to north; disappeared long before north horizon. 1/6/17
1/1/17 00:30 San Antonio TX Fireball 2 minutes New Years @ ~12:30am, my father and I observed an object in the sky appearing red at a distance but then turned bright orange. 1/6/17
1/1/17 00:30 Pbg FL Fireball 25 minutes 10-12 red glowing balls moving 50-70 mph southeast to northwest. 1/6/17
1/1/17 00:20 San Tan Valley AZ Fireball 5 minutes Red ball of hovering light. 1/6/17
1/1/17 00:00 Indianapolis IN Fireball 10 minutes Fireballs over Indianapolis on New Years Eve. 1/6/17
12/31/16 23:50 Anchorage AK Fireball 20 minutes Three bright orange orbs, exhibiting odd flight patterns, above Ted Stevens Airport. ((anonymous report)) 1/6/17
12/31/16 23:00 Northglenn CO Fireball 10 seconds 3 FIREBALL/ORBS FLYING TOGETHER ON NEW YEARS. 1/6/17
12/31/16 22:59 Coeur d'Alene ID Fireball 1.5 minutes Fireball w/ huge flames headed from vicinity of Coeur d'Alene Lake toward Pappy Boyington Airport while losing alt..((anonymous report) 1/6/17
12/31/16 09:20 Santa Fe NM Fireball 20 seconds Orange, fiery light in north western sky, Santa Fe, NM. 1/6/17
12/30/16 20:00 New River AZ Fireball 3 minutes I just saw 2-3 looked like stars, not a plane, in the west sky. The one top left &quot;joined&quot; the one bottom right. 1/6/17
12/30/16 18:30 San Antonio TX Fireball 10 minutes Procession of 11 fireballs. 1/6/17
12/29/16 21:30 Davenport WA Fireball 3 minutes It was 21:30 when my sister, mom and, I were sitting in the living room. My mom was watching some show on her laptop when she looked ov 12/30/16
12/26/16 17:00 Chicago IL Fireball 10 seconds We saw a greenish white fireball drop out of the sky on the night of December 26th near O'Hare Airport. 12/30/16
12/23/16 18:10 Delta Junction AK Fireball 45 seconds Seven fireball glowing/pulsating objects were seen moving in erratic, nonlinear fashions over Jack Warren Rd at night. They were in a s 12/30/16
12/21/16 21:30 Hillsborough NC Fireball 5 seconds Large green comet-like streak in the sky; lasted 5 or 6 seconds. 12/30/16
12/20/16 20:30 Sun City West AZ Fireball 5 minutes Hovering silent flaming object, after a few minutes rapidly ascended to the SW and disappeared. 3/10/17
12/17/16 20:00 Kahana HI Fireball 4 seconds Fireball 4 seconds in duration coming from the ocean in Kahana Maui going west to east. ((anonymous report)) 12/21/16
12/17/16 00:08 Fairfield CA Fireball 4 Large craft chases smaller craft 12/21/16
12/16/16 23:30 Rio Rancho NM Fireball 10 seconds The mysterious sound and wake of an explosion in Rio Rancho. 12/21/16
12/12/16 21:30 Hagerstown MD Fireball 5 seconds Green fire aux. 12/15/16
12/10/16 22:10 Delta CO Fireball 5 seconds Fast fireball going straight down near Delta, Colorado. ((anonymous report)) 12/30/16
12/10/16 21:00 Delta CO Fireball 6-7 minutes 12/10/2016, Delta, CO, 7 orange/pink fireballs 6 to 7 minutes, seen by 2 people 12/15/16
12/7/16 22:50 Napili HI Fireball 10 second Large bright fireball. 12/15/16
12/7/16 22:10 Bellingham WA Fireball 2 seconds Meteor like white decending east to west. 12/15/16
12/7/16 07:00 Orlando FL Fireball 45 seconds I was outside on back porch and saw a bright red orange color looked like a fire ball or exploded something in the air it was eastward. 12/15/16
12/6/16 19:15 Austin NV Fireball 10-15 seconds I work for a major national ((deleted--corp.) and my family (wife/age deleted) daughter) and I were driving N of Austin, NV. 12/15/16
12/5/16 01:40 La Pine OR Fireball ~2 seconds Large bright orange fireball light silently Streaks over the Cascade mountains of central Oregon Definitely NOT a Meteor ... Too fast 12/5/16
12/3/16 00:00 Eureka CA Fireball 15 minutes I've seen them 2 years in a row day and night around December ish 2016 2017 the first time was only 1 and I was walking home late night 9/7/21
11/29/16 06:00 Anchor Point AK Fireball 40 minutes Glowing flashing orbs moving erratically. 12/5/16
11/28/16 06:00 Centerville IL Fireball
We where just sitting in the car an we seen 2 lights but it looked like car lights in the sky so that caught our attention knowing plai 12/5/16
11/27/16 10:00 Allentown PA Fireball 15 minutes ((HOAX??)) Orange UFO in a swarm in Allentown, PA. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
11/26/16 16:56 McChord AFB/Ft. Lewis WA Fireball 2 minutes Looked up above my house on jblm, Lewis main. Three balls of red flare light hovered over. The Blackhawks were not flying at all at thi 12/5/16
11/25/16 18:30 Brandon FL Fireball 5 minutes Ufo on fire in sky. 12/5/16
11/21/16 17:00 Alexandria VA Fireball 5 seconds This was a fireball quit and quick and Big. 12/5/16
11/20/16 22:00 San Jose CA Fireball
11/19/16 18:30 Zephyrhills FL Fireball 5 minutes Fireball launched into sky. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
11/18/16 01:44 Farmington NH Fireball 3-5 seconds Meteor large tail very visible with lots of twirling smoke. 12/5/16
11/17/16 19:40 Jordan MT Fireball <1 minute 25 mi. from Jordan, MT, driving North on hwy 200, 740pm Nov. 17th, 2016,...the sky suddenly lit up, so bright like it was daytime. 12/5/16
11/16/16 19:00 Carlton OR Fireball 4 seconds Brilliant green fireball arching over sky. 12/5/16
11/16/16 16:00 Mosinee WI Fireball 5 seconds Orange ball of Fire. 12/5/16
11/15/16 03:45 Saltillo MS Fireball 7 seconds Bright silver/white "streak" with an est. alt. of maybe 1000-1200' above tree line, NE of Saltillo. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
11/13/16 18:25 Monroeville PA Fireball 5 minutes Multiple circular fireballs ascended into the sky, one after the other, from the Monroeville airport. Each continued moving upward int 12/5/16
11/13/16 16:50 Wheaton MD Fireball 2 minutes Comet-shaped floating object flies toward Washington, DC. 12/5/16
11/13/16 00:01 Grand Rapids MI Fireball 1 hour Flashing light moving eractically in south east sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly a star?? PD)) 12/5/16
11/12/16 15:41 Bethesda MD Fireball 10 minutes Three comet-like, high-flying, no-noise aircraft over Washington, DC. 12/5/16
11/12/16 01:15 Louisville KY Fireball 30 Perfect triangular formation of fireballs to a thirty degree angle. 12/5/16
11/11/16 22:54 Owatonna MN Fireball 5 seconds A meteor entered the atmosphere and exploded; very bright flash with a small remaining fire ball falling. 12/5/16
11/9/16 05:15 Mountain View MO Fireball 5 minutes Fireball in the sky 11/11/16
11/8/16 22:57 Wilmington NC Fireball 15 minutes Objects that looked like fireballs in the sky. COMPLETELY SILENT!!!!!!! 11/11/16
11/5/16 22:35 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 5 minutes Upon stepping out to the back yard this evening, I noticed 3 large, orange fireball type objects low in the north sky. 11/11/16
11/5/16 21:30 Rochester NY Fireball 5 minutes HELLO at approximately 21:30 my fiance and I were sitting on our deck. We had looked up at the sky and seen this bright amber colored f 11/11/16
11/5/16 18:10 Bethesda MD Fireball 2 minutes Four Fireball-like Objects Flying in Formation Over Washington, DC Area ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/5/16 18:00 Hampstead MD Fireball 20 minutes Four bright red aircrafts were flying west with red trails. ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/5/16 17:53 West Orange NJ Fireball 20-30 minutes At approximately 5:45pm my girlfriend stepped outside and noticed a "UFO" in the sky and called me outside. 11/11/16
11/4/16 19:38 Sarles ND Fireball 10 seconds Big green orb fell in diagonal line toward ground. fell very slowly. ((anonymous report)) 11/11/16
11/3/16 19:30 Hailey ID Fireball 10 seconds Orb of bright light fireball moving very slowly directly above our heads, and then disappeared. Not a shooting star. Too close. 11/4/16
11/1/16 20:25 Tarentum PA Fireball 10 seconds Got out of the car and I witnessed a bright green fireball just above the clouds. 11/4/16
10/31/16 01:16 Tempe AZ Fireball 5 minutes Three fire balls appear in the nights sky. Do there little dance and then disappear into the night. 11/4/16
10/31/16 00:00 Greensboro NC Fireball 30 seconds Finished with my friend/lead building a bathroom, etc. Boring tedious shit. Picking fiAnce from work we head back over afterwards. 11/4/16
10/30/16 21:30 Oxnard CA Fireball 10 minutes Red fireballs over Oxnard Shores, CA. ((anonymous report)) 11/4/16
10/30/16 21:10 Athens GA Fireball 10 seconds Walking my dog when he stop and sniffed the air.. looked up & saw flaming white light in sky.. QUICKLY flew away! 11/4/16
10/29/16 00:00 Alpharetta GA Fireball 10 minutes Was driving on States Bridge road when a plane type craft caught my eye while driving. It looked like an airplane circling. 11/4/16
10/28/16 00:30 Burnet TX Fireball 20 minutes A fireball to the eye, but through binoculars it was a saucer with lights around the bottom. 11/4/16
10/27/16 19:00 Aurora CO Fireball 15 seconds I saw a fast moving flash of light at first just a flash then added red light moving across the sky east to west while looking south. 11/4/16
10/23/16 19:45 Baltimore City MD Fireball 14 minutes While at the lightrail, near M&T Bank Stadium, my wife and I noticed a kind of bright red light that would flash to white, then repeat 10/27/16
10/22/16 21:45 North Topsail Beach NC Fireball 8 minutes Fast moving large fireballs 10/27/16
10/22/16 20:10 Winder GA Fireball 30 seconds At 8:15 pm wife and myself were leaving neighbors house when she said look whats that. looked up saw two orange red balls of light tre 10/27/16
10/22/16 20:00 San Dimas CA Fireball 5 seconds Two lights that looked like sparklers, Appeared over San Dimas,CA Then fizzled/faded out of sight. 10/27/16
10/20/16 21:56 Lake Orion MI Fireball 9:50-9:57 Blue and Red Fireball Chased by Red Orbs Over Lake Orion Michigan 10/21/16
10/17/16 19:50 Virginia Beach VA Fireball 1 minute Saw 3 different orange pulsating lights one after another go from nothing to really bright to dim and a pulsating effect to just a orng 10/21/16
10/16/16 19:00 Lexington SC Fireball 10 minutes Three pairs of white fireballs with short contrails. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect six contrails. PD)) 10/21/16
10/15/16 22:00 Florissant MO Fireball 10 seconds Orange circle moving across sky quickly, then slowed and disappeared. 10/21/16
10/15/16 20:15 Anacoco LA Fireball 3 minutes Three fiery orbs observed 10/21/16
10/11/16 22:00 Lake of the Ozarks MO Fireball 10 minutes 4 of them, hovering, then also moving individually. One crossed the path where a other was hovering. ((anonymous report)) 12/5/16
10/11/16 21:00 Dallas GA Fireball >5 minutes Last night I saw some strange subjects in the sky. They look like fireballs, floating in the sky very smooth.I didn't count how many th 10/13/16
10/10/16 19:17 Elizabethtown PA Fireball 4 minutes I believe the sighting over Elizabethtown, PA, was a single Chinese lantern. 10/21/16
10/10/16 19:17 Elizabethtown PA Fireball 4 minutes Single slow moving fireball that changed direction. 10/13/16
10/10/16 19:00 Greensboro NC Fireball 5 minutes This appeared to be a burning object that was moving in a forward direction. It was a orange/yellow color. 10/13/16
10/8/16 23:30 Burbank CA Fireball 3 minutes We saw a glowing, pulsating bright red and golden light. ((anonymous report)) 10/11/16
10/8/16 01:00 Renton WA Fireball 30 minutes Correction on previous report seen at 10/8/2016 at 1am approx. Got home from work and seen bright fireball light streak across constru 10/11/16
10/7/16 21:30 South Gardner MA Fireball 2 minutes Three bright yellow vertical lights at night in the sky near South Gardner. 10/11/16
10/6/16 21:00 Whitefish MT Fireball 15 ((HOAX??)) Amber orb floating east of Whitefish Lake, moving towards backroad to blue moon. ((anonymous report)) 10/11/16
10/6/16 20:00 Saylorsburg PA Fireball 4 seconds Approx. 4 seconds, a bright thick streak of light in sky & is low. bottom tip explodes bright white light & bits burst out & then gone 10/11/16
10/4/16 22:46 Fort Washington MD Fireball 3 seconds Large green fireball seen falling from sky over Fort Washington, Maryland. ((NUFORC Note: Probable meteor. Video. PD)) 10/11/16
10/4/16 22:37 Boonsboro MD Fireball 4 seconds Bright light came straight down with no lateral movement stright down. Had sparks following it. 10/11/16
10/4/16 22:16 Hanover MI Fireball Seconds Black Apache style helicopter chasing and orange ball of light. 10/11/16
10/3/16 05:00 Belchertown MA Fireball 4 minutes Very loud disturbance. Three red fireballs low in the sky descending slowly overhead. 10/11/16
10/1/16 22:15 Long Island NY Fireball 1:40 ((HOAX??)) 3 fireball ufos seen above Elmont, Long Island. ((anonymous report)) 10/11/16
10/1/16 22:00 Central LA Fireball 30 minutes Flying fireball 10/11/16
10/1/16 21:45 Irvine CA Fireball 5 seconds red, green and yellow fireball over Irvine/Newport Beach area tonight 10/11/16
10/1/16 19:00 Sullivan IL Fireball 3 minutes Me and my father were watching the space station on 10/1/2016. I walk into the house as my dad calls me out to see this burning ball th 10/11/16
10/1/16 08:33 Lemitar NM Fireball 2 minutes 6 Orange orbs in the sky in Lemitar. 10/21/16
9/28/16 23:00 Overland Park KS Fireball Seconds I saw a MASSIVE white object fall from the sky. 10/11/16
9/27/16 20:50 Missoula MT Fireball 5 minutes Seen by 2 people in Missoula, Montana, at approximately 23:50 there where 3 fireball looking crafts hovering with no sound. 9/30/16
9/27/16 01:00 Cowiche WA Fireball 30 seconds At 1:15 am my husband and I were sitting on our porch and saw a fire ball appear from the south very low lower than most air planes it 9/30/16
9/26/16 21:20 Savannah GA Fireball 5 seconds Red spherical light near Bull River. ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/24/16 21:30 Niagara Falls NY Fireball 1 minute Green light followed by what appeared to be hovering object with blinking lights above Niagara Falls, NY. ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/24/16 00:00 Cleveland OH Fireball 9 minutes Orange flying ball with shapes of light spinning around it. 9/30/16
9/23/16 22:00 Lilburn GA Fireball 5 minutes Similar to 3/14/15 at 20:00 in Lilburn, GA, I also saw about 15 very bright orange lights shaped like fireballs. ((anonymous report)) 9/30/16
9/22/16 12:15 Cincinnati OH Fireball 7 seconds Large round light falls from sky then is later seen standing still. 9/22/16
9/21/16 21:45 Lowell MA Fireball 1 second I saw large green shooting star/fireball. It had a long green tail. It was going really fast, from east to west, from high to low. I 9/22/16
9/21/16 21:42 Nashua NH Fireball 15 seconds Emerald green fireball shooting across sky 9/22/16
9/21/16 05:16 Newport Beach CA Fireball 5 minutes Three fireball objects seen by witnesses fading in and out of view over the ocean. Location was off the coast from Newport Beach, CA. 9/22/16
9/21/16 05:16 Newport Beach CA Fireball 5 minutes Three fireball objects seen by witnesses fading in and out of view over the ocean. 9/22/16
9/21/16 02:35 Tea SD Fireball 4 seconds Fireball observed north of Tea, SD. 9/22/16
9/19/16 20:05 Pittsfield MA Fireball 7 minutes Out for a walk to the store, walking toward the northwest on the south side of town, I first noticed it over the treeline as very red. 9/22/16
9/19/16 20:00 Madurai (India) IN Fireball 5 seconds Mysterious object that moves in zigzag pattern from east to west direction with bright green coloured tail and red coloured tip. 9/30/16
9/17/16 23:15 Miami FL Fireball Minutes My 9 yr. old daughter and I were leaving her friend house we were inside the car when suddenly those flying objects like fire were in t 9/22/16
9/17/16 22:36 Colton NY Fireball 3 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Adv. Lights? PD)) Bright red lights were close; were doing circles, then suddenly disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 9/22/16
9/15/16 21:45 Bigfork MT Fireball 23 seconds Comet-like craft moving northeast across sky. 9/22/16
9/15/16 21:00 Seagrove FL Fireball 30 minutes The objects were approximately 2 miles off the coast and I'd guess 5,000 feet above the ocean. Two lighted up first next to each other 9/22/16
9/15/16 20:30 Menifee CA Fireball 1 minute 3-4 objects shot across sky (west to east travel). Two red fireballs moving fast. Booms heard after 2nd fireball. 9/22/16
9/15/16 19:45 Baltimore MD Fireball 4 minutes 3 glowing fireball-type objects with trailing fireball, seen flying at dusk over east Baltimore, MD. ((anonymous report)) 9/22/16
9/13/16 21:30 Lakewood WA Fireball 4 minutes Red fireball/orb in night over Lakewood JBLM 9/13/16 9/15/16
9/13/16 21:05 Fayetteville AR Fireball 30 seconds Greenish fireball shooting over treetops. ((anonymous report)) 9/15/16
9/12/16 22:00 Brooks ME Fireball ~1 minute I thought it was a meteor, but it was going across the sky, not downward. Orange, big, quiet, fast. ((anonymous report)) 9/15/16
9/11/16 19:43 Austin TX Fireball 10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Fireball passes overhead, shiny disc appears and lands. ((anonymous report)) 9/15/16
9/10/16 21:00 Lima OH Fireball 1-2 minutes Husband and I and 2 of our children were waiting in line at drive thru restaurant. My 9 yr old said, "What are those bright lights?" 9/22/16
9/10/16 02:45 Pharr TX Fireball 2 seconds Fireball in the sky. 9/15/16
9/10/16 01:00 Jasper (Canada) AB Fireball 20 minutes UFO immobile then hovering the town of Jasper to disappear right over our car… 9/30/16
9/9/16 20:43 Battle Ground WA Fireball 3 seconds Large fireball type object shot straight downward, made sound. 9/15/16
9/8/16 18:30 Erwin NC Fireball 20 seconds Bright white light falling extremely fast from atmosphere to the ground 9/9/16
9/8/16 17:55 Wake Forest NC Fireball 4-5 seconds Pulling in my driveway, my daughter pointed it out, super fast, crossed sky in a few seconds heading East. Appeared to be crashing to E 9/15/16
9/7/16 09:23 Portsmouth RI Fireball 2 minutes A strange bright red light much bigger than a plane or satalite lit up hugely and bright then just dissapred into the night. It looked 9/9/16
9/6/16 19:45 Dundalk MD Fireball 20 minutes 3 glowing white ufos with glowing white tails on each, seen flying at dusk over Dundalk Maryland. 9/15/16
9/6/16 13:30 Lake Crystal MN Fireball 15 minutes Red glow on the horizon. Thought a house/barn was on fire. Called husband (in law enforcement, working at the time). No fire reported. 9/9/16
9/4/16 23:00 National Park NJ Fireball 1 minutes 3 red round large moving lights coming from east & moving west towards phila pa the disappeared 9/22/16
9/4/16 22:45 Lawrenceburg KY Fireball 15 minutes I saw four slow moving bright objects with bright red running through each one moving across the sky in pairs. 9/9/16
9/4/16 22:29 Varnell GA Fireball 5-10 minutes We were driving down a country road on a clear night when we noticed 7 bright orange lights flying in the same direction (slightly nort 9/9/16
9/4/16 21:00 Pflugerville TX Fireball 1 hour Fireballs over central TX. 9/9/16
9/4/16 21:00 Elgin IL Fireball Few minutes 9:00pm CST, 9/4/16, fireball-like objects observed over Elgin, IL. 9/9/16
9/3/16 23:55 Portland OR Fireball 3 seconds At approx 11:55 pm, I observed in the western sky a large green fireball, with a strange oblong shape to it, traveling northward, at a 9/9/16
9/3/16 23:00 Manalapan NJ Fireball 60 seconds I was driving a big transit passenger bus southbound on Route 9 in a rural farm area with low lying corn fields and no bright street li 9/9/16
9/3/16 23:00 Chicago (Wood Dale) IL Fireball Unknown Around 11 PM, my family called to tell me there were strange red/orange lights in the sky. I went out and after a few minutes of waitin 9/9/16
9/2/16 23:59 Salem OR Fireball 1 minute Quiet comet like fireball with a long trail across the skyline at a downward angle fast moving went behind the trees lost sight 9/9/16
9/2/16 21:44 Seekonk MA Fireball 3 minutes Fireball hovering in the sky over my office 9/9/16
9/2/16 20:18 St. Albans WV Fireball 1 minute Bright red &quot;fireball&quot; appeared to roll across the sky and disappeared over horizon 9/9/16
9/2/16 00:00 Greenfield WI Fireball 5 minutes It was NW from my Greenfield home, and it was red, fluctuating to white, and moved sharply from behind a tree to above the tree 2x. 9/2/16
9/1/16 22:00 Lehighton PA Fireball 5 minutes Two red spheres with a yellow center following a path from north to south 9/2/16
9/1/16 02:30 Innisfree (Canada) AB Fireball 1 minute Single orange fireball travelling across sky. 9/2/16
8/30/16 21:40 Tempe AZ Fireball 5-10 minutes At around 9:40 pm went outside and saw two bright orange fireballs side by side heading towards south mountain. ((anonymous report)) 9/2/16
8/27/16 23:15 White House TN Fireball 5 minutes 5 bright red orbs traveling west then slowed stopped and turned to the south and faded out. 8/29/16
8/27/16 20:15 Jefferson SD Fireball Few minutes Brilliant fireball traveled from east to west. ((anonymous report)) 8/29/16
8/26/16 23:30 Surf City NJ Fireball 1 minute Fast fireball across sky. 8/29/16
8/25/16 20:58 Canton OH Fireball 5 minutes Golden glowing, flame like orb in night sky. 8/29/16
8/25/16 02:20 Lakewood WA Fireball 3 minutes Third time I've seen this. This time strange because they were red at first than turned white toward Ft. Lewis. 8/29/16
8/24/16 01:10 Mt. Airy MD Fireball 3 minutes Large circular orange fireball hazed with black. 6/22/17
8/23/16 22:20 Holland MI Fireball <1 minute 2 bright orange/red balls moving SSE to NNW (one after the other) across sky in approximately 10 seconds. 8/25/16
8/22/16 02:49 Perris CA Fireball >20 minutes Orange light in sky that makes explosion sounds. 8/25/16
8/22/16 00:30 Hibbing MN Fireball 30 seconds Seen a glowing object, kind of at first looked triangular then turned into more of a fire ball look. Glowing. 8/25/16
8/20/16 22:30 Jamestown PA Fireball 2-3 minutes Four fireball orbs visible over Pymatuning Lake. 8/25/16
8/20/16 20:22 Hazel Crest IL Fireball 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10-12 yellow/orange fireballs moving in strange formation no sound and sequentially disappearing. 8/25/16
8/19/16 22:00 Fort Pierce FL Fireball 2:00 From my backyard in Fort Pierce/Lakewood Park we witnessed a fireball over the East Coast coming from N, heading S. 8/25/16
8/19/16 06:30 Pompano Beach FL Fireball Few seconds Green Fireball spotted over Pompano Beach in the Morning. 8/29/16
8/19/16 00:55 Vero Beach FL Fireball 10 minutes Fireball looking UFO hovered near us on beach 9/2/16
8/19/16 00:54 Boca Raton FL Fireball 2 minutes Silent fireball like object slowly flew across sky, then darted off to the east, like a shooting star, leaving our atmosphere. 8/19/16
8/18/16 21:00 Mesa AZ Fireball 2 seconds Green, bright, ball falling from sky, Mesa, AZ. 8/19/16
8/18/16 20:20 Los Angeles CA Fireball 10 seconds NEON GREEN STREAK OVER PICO FAIRFAX (L.A.), OVER FULL MOON. 8/19/16
8/17/16 21:30 Wesley Chapel FL Fireball 2:45 Two red balls of fire rise into the sky...hover...and fly away from us. 8/19/16
8/16/16 22:15 Gaylord MI Fireball 1 minute Lights in the sky over Gaylord, MI. 8/19/16
8/15/16 21:36 San Diego CA Fireball 1 minute Flashing fireball slowly moving over Mission Valley around 9:36 pm on Monday night 8/15/2016. Looked like the flash of fire wold repeat 8/16/16
8/15/16 21:00 Laguna Beach CA Fireball 15 minutes total Comet-like UFO's with shimmery tales over the ocean turning on and off. ((anonymous report)) 8/19/16
8/14/16 22:40 Wassaic NY Fireball 15 seconds Fireball above Wassaic, NY. 8/16/16
8/12/16 19:40 Kalawana (Sri Lanka)
Fireball 4 seconds The craft was a ball in shape, and had a very bright flash around. The flash could make the sky as daylight time. 8/19/16
8/11/16 22:30 South Gate CA Fireball 20 seconds Look up at the sky to see a ball of green blue light dash quickly across and disappear. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/10/16 03:30 Avon MA Fireball 4 seconds I was getting of exit 19 off of 24 south heading into Avon when I saw a green fireball shooting down only a few hundred feet from the g 8/16/16
8/9/16 00:30 Pawleys Island SC Fireball 1 second Red flare-like object appeared 15-30 degrees above horizon. The object proceeded towards the horizon line at an extremely high speed. A 8/16/16
8/8/16 23:45 Emerald Isle NC Fireball 5-8 seconds Yellow Orangish fireball observed over Emerald Isle, NC. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/8/16 22:15 Sheridan WY Fireball 54 seconds Glowing ball of light moved slowly across sky 8/9/16 in UFO in Sheridan, WY. 8/16/16
8/7/16 23:24 Cement City MI Fireball 1 minute A ball of light, followed by fire, went through the sky and stopped to blend in as a star. 8/16/16
8/6/16 20:50 New Lenox IL Fireball 3 minutes About a dozen fireballs passing overhead in single file but irregularly spaced. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/5/16 23:45 Coweta OK Fireball 10 seconds Basketball sized dull reddish orange Orb flew decidedly around tree tops and past my 3rd story apartment balcony. 8/29/16
8/5/16 21:46 Mason WV Fireball 2 minutes Bright red object seen in sky. ((anonymous report)) 8/16/16
8/3/16 02:30 Mackinaw City MI Fireball 30 orange ball of fire moving in all directions and complete stops, and restarts straits of mackinaw 8/16/16
8/1/16 23:04 Florissant MO Fireball 20 seconds Big bright red-orange object flying horizontally at about 5000ft-10000ft rotating slightly as it moved Northeast. 8/4/16
7/30/16 22:50 Roseburg OR Fireball .5 second I went outside for a smoke and when i looked up to the east i saw what appeared to be either a meteor breaking thru the atmosphere but 8/2/16
7/30/16 22:15 College Station TX Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball shoots across sky before disappearing. 8/4/16
7/30/16 21:39 Lawrence MA Fireball 30 seconds T-shaped fork completely covered in fire. Kept flying at same level 8/2/16
7/30/16 21:20 Norwalk CA Fireball 20 seconds Saw a orangish red light in the sky , thought maybe it was a helicopter or airplane that seemed to be coming in my direction , but then 8/2/16
7/28/16 02:50 Clackamas OR Fireball 4-5 seconds Huge green low flying fireball. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 2 minutes 10 to 15 slow traveling fireballs that faded into darkness. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:45 West Valley City UT Fireball 45 seconds My husband and I were sitting on the front porch talking and I turned my head just to look up at the sky. At that moment a cluster of w 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:41 Sherman Oaks CA Fireball 20 seconds Like a plane on fire with a long tail of read flames, white flames inside the red tail.((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:40 St. George UT Fireball 5 minutes A/c speed object flying and then turns into a long fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:37 Layton UT Fireball 1 minute Slow moving meteorite or plane burning. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:35 West Valley City UT Fireball 10-20 seconds Saw in south sky falling lights. Looked like a firework but was moving horiz. W to E. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:00 Palmdale CA Fireball 1 minute All 3 were flying across the sky downward, streaking across with what looked like sparks. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 22:00 Santa Clarita CA Fireball 30 seconds Patrons, at a park saw an object resembling a crashing, burning, plane, or rocket, or meteorite. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:50 Tracy CA Fireball 2 minutes Fireball Over Tracy, California. ((NUFORC Note: Reported to be re-entering Chinese rocket shell. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:50 Mojave CA Fireball ~90 seconds Huge meteor over Mojave. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:45 San Jose CA Fireball 1 minute My friend and I saw a fireball moving across the sky. ((anonymous report)) ((NUFORC Note: Space debris? PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:45 Stockton CA Fireball 1 minutes Ufo over stockton plane crash? Meteor? Drone? video disappeared on one camera. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:45 Mesquite NV Fireball 2-3 minutes I think it was a meteor. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:45 Lake Hughes CA Fireball unknown "Missile test" my ((obscenity deleted)). 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Phelan CA Fireball 3 minutes I seen a strange looking object in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Reno NV Fireball 40 seconds+ Two large fireballs streak across the sky over Reno, NV. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Bakersfield CA Fireball 2 minutes Large orange-red fireball appear in the NW sky and fall to the E of Bakersfield. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Tracy CA Fireball 15 seconds Slow-moving fireball moving E to W in the S sky. Yellowish in color and pulsing as it broke up. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Truckee CA Fireball 15 seconds Sighted object(s) of two red-orange glowing balls with comet-like glowing tails. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Ventura CA Fireball 1 minute Fireballs flying over two trees. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:40 Tonopah NV Fireball 90 seconds Pinkish fireball that broke apart and changed color to a bluish on a smaller pc. 4 witnesses. 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:37 Livermore CA Fireball 30 seconds Saw a large ball of light traveling West to East in Livermore. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:37 Stockton CA Fireball 2 minutes Slow moving, gradually descending bright white light with trail that broke up into 2 red objs. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Victorville CA Fireball 1 minute UFO, fire, contrail. ((NUFORC Note: Reported to be re-entering Chinese rocket shell. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Dublin CA Fireball 1 minute To S, emerging just above the treeline, moving W to E, a white fireball similar to a jet engine. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 French Camp CA Fireball 2 minutes Massive entry burnout of a ufo. Did not appear to make a landing. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Minden NV Fireball 1 minute Two white-ish/yellow fireballs observed for a full minute or slighly more in western NV. 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Frazier Park CA Fireball 35 seconds A fireball in the sky that was moving slow and right above the mountains across the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Costa Mesa CA Fireball 30 seconds Fireball for 30 seconds then disappeared. ((anonymous report))((NUFORC Note: Re-entering space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Incline Village NV Fireball 2 minutes Bright yellow round object with orange and purple tail seen over North Lake Tahoe.object. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Sacramento CA Fireball 2 minutes Fireball with trail similar to a comet seen navigating over roof tops of suburb of city. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Corona/Lake Mathews CA Fireball 1 minute Saw 2 fireballs clear as day across the sky. Sort of looked like 2 planes were crashing. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Los Angeles CA Fireball 30 seconds A fireball above the southern horizon seen from the district of El Sereno in northeast Los Angeles. 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:35 Waterford CA Fireball 1 minute I saw a slow moving object moving from West to east. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 Boonville CA Fireball 20 seconds white ball of flame in Mendocino county. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. Re-entering Chinese rocket booster. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 Rohnert Park CA Fireball 30 seconds @ concert in Rohnert Park, CA, there was what appeared to be a fireball with a very large tail. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 San Mateo CA Fireball 4 minutes Fireball with long tail gliding through the sky very slowly and l low in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:30 Pahrump NV Fireball 6 minutes Long trail of sparks, the obj. traveled completely across the sky until it seemed to disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Space debris. PD)) 8/2/16
7/27/16 21:00 Fresno CA Fireball 3 minutes Big fire ball that broke in two smaller more dominant balls of fire with a more defined shape. 8/2/16
7/27/16 00:40 Pueblo CO Fireball 2 minutes Three fireball/lights hovering inside of Pueblo, CO. 8/2/16
7/24/16 23:30 Eden ID Fireball 3 seconds Anyone else seen it? 8/2/16
7/24/16 22:24 Hollister CA Fireball 1 hour RED LIGHT SOUTH OF HOLLISTER 10:23PM. 8/2/16
7/23/16 23:00 Massillon OH Fireball
5 bright orange/red orbs coming from the north to southwest approximately 2 minutes apart. No noise and traveling pretty quick. Disappe 8/2/16
7/23/16 22:20 Rocklin CA Fireball Less than a minute Bright blue light flashed and moved slowly only to disappear again. 8/2/16
7/22/16 22:00 Farmington Hills MI Fireball 30 seconds Orange/red "fireball," passing west to east, with no noise, and seemed to be quite high in the sky..not an airplane! 8/2/16
7/21/16 22:00 Ocean City MD Fireball 5 minutes Bright round red light in the sky traveling north went so far then disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 7/22/16
7/20/16 23:20 Culver City CA Fireball 4 seconds Bright fireball looking object gliding down, then vanishing after 4 seconds, and it appeared to be very low in the sky. 7/22/16
7/20/16 22:15 Springfield MO Fireball 5 seconds Large ball of fire streaks over Missouri's night sky. 7/22/16
7/19/16 21:15 Vergennes VT Fireball 7-10 minutes 2 bright reddish-orange fireballs seen flying in a unique flight path not seen by usual aircraft. 7/22/16
7/18/16 00:25 Fredricksburg VA Fireball 4-5 minutes Orange circular fireballs moving across the sky. Looked like orange candle flames, surrounded by a light halo, and made no sound. 7/22/16
7/17/16 22:00 Anaheim (NE of) CA Fireball 30 seconds UFO on fire. 8/2/16
7/16/16 21:00 Gray TN Fireball 1 minute Right at dusk my 2 roommates and I were driving to our home and we saw a red light, at first we thought it may have been a towers light 7/22/16
7/16/16 20:00 Eugene OR Fireball 3 seconds Fireball seen soaring across the sky. Aircraft seen chasing it. 7/22/16
7/13/16 21:50 Kennewick WA Fireball 10 minutes 3 large silent, slow moving fiery orbs moving across the sky in an arc, one after the other in a timely manner. 7/15/16
7/10/16 23:25 Brightwood OR Fireball 5 minutes Shimmering orange fireball seen near Brightwood, Oregon. 7/15/16
7/10/16 22:45 Rochester NH Fireball 5 seconds Green fireball shooting downward. 7/15/16
7/10/16 21:30 Lake Zurich IL Fireball 5 minutes (each event) In a 1-minute period, there were 3 fireballs heading north spced evenly apart. 7/15/16
7/7/16 20:30 Newark NJ Fireball 5 minutes Red orange fireball traveling slowly E to W, then dropped and disappeared like it burst apart. No trail left behind it at first. 7/15/16
7/4/16 23:30 Longmont CO Fireball 1 minute I saw a large orange object slowly moving over my apartment building. 7/8/16
7/4/16 20:00 Zephyrhills FL Fireball 5 minutes Stepped outside to witness fireworks, I noticed a orange ball off fire enetering from the north and heading south for 2 minutes. 7/8/16
7/4/16 14:30 East Grand Forks MN Fireball Seconds 2 fire balls in Jaws as rescently reported to Peter. After the right to left after the commercial it shows the boat at a distance, fro 7/8/16
7/3/16 23:00 Stillwater MN Fireball 10 minutes A bright orange and red craft (fireball) moved in night sky, approx 10 minute duration. Until finally disappearing into night sky. 7/8/16
7/3/16 23:00 Newark NJ Fireball 5 minutes Red floating orb for sure not craft or fireworks 7/8/16
7/3/16 23:00 Parker CO Fireball 10-15 minutes One golden orb moving aprx speed of a plane but a non blinking golden glow. Followed by 3 orbs same size in a triangular formation. Ano 7/8/16
7/3/16 22:35 Weston FL Fireball 15 seconds We saw two bright fireballs in the sky, which later disappeared very quickly. ((anonymous report)) 7/15/16
7/3/16 01:08 Missoula MT Fireball 2 seconds Blue fireball first lit up cloud then fell below the cloud towards SE. Very visible and bright with long tail and 2-3 second viewing. 7/15/16
7/3/16 00:00 Dyersville IA Fireball 5 minutes ((CRAZY??)) The object was flying south bound in the sky. Looked like a giant orange/red candle flame. Was floating up and down. 12/5/16
7/2/16 22:30 Brighton CO Fireball 2 minutes Myself my girlfriend and two other friends witnessed a bright Amber orb. ((anonymous report)) 7/8/16
7/2/16 22:30 Downers Grove IL Fireball 3 minutes silent orange ball of fiery light over Downers Grove, Illinois 7/8/16
7/2/16 21:30 Lively Grove IL Fireball 2 minutes Orange fireball heading east to west, then went upward and dissappeared. 7/8/16
7/2/16 21:00 Blaine TN Fireball 3 hours My boyfriend and l we're traveling toward Rutledge when we seen several glowing lights in the sky at first we thought maybe someone rea 7/8/16
7/2/16 15:21 Columbia TN Fireball 10 minutes I was sitting on my couch when i seen a object rising slowly into the air out of my window. Myself and 2 others went outside and watche 7/8/16
6/30/16 22:07 Placerville CA Fireball 5 seconds Large, red/orange fireball streaked across sky at aproximately 10:07 PM, in a West to East direction. Event lasted aproximately five se 7/8/16
6/30/16 20:00 Symsonia KY Fireball 30-60 seconds Flying orange disk/ball objects side by side flying fast but a visible speed as an airplane for example. 7/8/16
6/29/16 22:30 Schaumburg IL Fireball 4 minutes There was a big light that looked like a blood moon then we realized that the object was giving off a red aura Then slowly floated away 7/8/16
6/29/16 11:40 Tigard OR Fireball 20 minutes Glowing Orange Fireball over Tigard Oregon 7/8/16
6/27/16 00:05 Eugene OR Fireball 5-10 seconds ((HOAX??)) Out of the corner of my eye I seen a massive fireball falling. ((anonymous report)) 7/8/16
6/27/16 Guilford ME Fireball 2 minutes My husband and I were in our garage, and my husband caught a flash out of the corner of his eye we thought it was a meteor it wasn't w 7/8/16
6/26/16 22:01 Pell Lake WI Fireball 1 minute Orange fireball ball seen with weird smoke behind it moving at a pretty quick pace then slowing down. 7/8/16
6/25/16 21:45 Newton Falls OH Fireball 1 second 1 large red orb going from N to S at approx. 9:45 p.m. on June 25th in Trumbull County Newton Falls Ohio no navigational 7/8/16
6/24/16 21:59 Arlington WA Fireball 50 seconds Slow moving fireball. 7/8/16
6/20/16 21:00 Aberdeen MD Fireball 1 hour Fireball in sky over Aberdeen. 6/24/16
6/18/16 23:30 Cumming GA Fireball 4 minutes Orange sphere/fireball in sky. ((anonymous report)) 6/24/16
6/18/16 23:13 Lake Vermilion (near tower) MN Fireball 2 minutes Ball of fire/ energy crossing sky from E to W at Lake Vermilion, MN. 6/24/16
6/18/16 22:00 Bradford PA Fireball 90 seconds The object was an orange/red circle that did not move for about 60 seconds until it faded away. ((anonymous report)) 6/24/16
6/17/16 22:47 Spencerville OH Fireball ~20 minutes Several large fireballs over Ohio, near country side. 6/24/16
6/16/16 22:10 Hopkinsville KY Fireball 5 minutes ((HOAX??)) Large fireball reddish/orange color flying obj. going very slow, maybe about 250' up in air going NE. ((anonymous report)) 6/24/16
6/15/16 00:00 Willisburg KY Fireball 5 minutes Kentucky fireball. 1/15/18
6/14/16 21:10 Pittsburgh PA Fireball 40 seconds Orange, slow moving, maneuvering "plasma-like" fireball object. Deliberate direction change. Low altitude. 6/16/16
6/12/16 21:15 Palo Alto CA Fireball 5 minutes MULTIPLE ORANGE FUZZY LIGHTS IN PALO ALTO. 6/16/16
6/11/16 23:15 West Bangor PA Fireball 5 minutes Red/orange fireball circle closer to ground for 2 minutes. Quickly raised up and went up and to the right quickly and vanished. Within 6/16/16
6/11/16 23:00 Bloomsburg PA Fireball 2-3 minutes Glowing orange brilliant orb seen over Bloomsburg, PA. 6/16/16
6/11/16 22:00 Laguna Niguel CA Fireball 3 minutes 4 Orange fire orbs in the sky. 6/16/16
6/10/16 22:30 Occoquan VA Fireball 5 minutes Very slow moving single fireball falling from high in sky. Was triangular in shape, definitely flames. 6/16/16
6/10/16 22:05 Indian Trail NC Fireball 10 seconds Flying down from sky, green/red firelike object. 10:05 pm. 6/16/16
6/10/16 22:00 Greensboro NC Fireball 5 seconds A green unknown shaped aircraft came crashing down from the sky. It appeared to be blowing up as it was coming down. 6/16/16
6/9/16 21:00 Chandler AZ Fireball 20 minutes I noticed something strange flying in the sky. It was a red circular orb. It flew around. ((anonymous report)) 6/15/17
6/7/16 21:39 Long Beach CA Fireball 2 minutes Fireballs in the SoCal night sky. 6/10/16
6/6/16 23:45 Columbus OH Fireball Seconds Large green fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor?? Anonymous report. PD)) 6/10/16
6/6/16 08:38 Godfrey IL Fireball 3-4 seconds Saw the light falling from the sky very quickly and disappear before hitting ground. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? Anonymous report. PD)) 6/10/16
6/4/16 21:20 Orlando
Fireball 3-4 minutes Silent orange fireballs over east Orlando 6/10/16
6/4/16 20:30 Cliffdell WA Fireball 1.5 hours Reddish orange and whitish fireballs. 6/10/16
6/4/16 20:30 Cliffdell WA Fireball 1.5 hours Reddish orange and whitish fireballs with lights inside of them by our campsite. 6/10/16
6/3/16 21:30 Myrtle Beach SC Fireball 4-5 minutes Burning object with comet like tail failing from sky it then disappeared, then Reappeared looked as if if remained stationary for about 6/10/16
6/2/16 04:00 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 seconds Gigantic fireball lit up the night sky just like it was daylight. E sky, N Phoenix. Huge contrail was left in the sky. ((meteor??)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:55 Las Vegas NV Fireball 5 seconds Large fireball with long tail traveling north to south s.e. of Vegas. ((NUFORC Note: Reported to have been a meteor. PD)) 6/3/16
6/2/16 03:45 Tempe AZ Fireball 30 minutes Bright flash followed by fireball falling from sky seen over PHX INT airport restricted air space. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD)) 6/3/16
5/30/16 00:00 Auburn WA Fireball 2 minutes Fireball changing directions over Auburn. 6/1/16
5/28/16 21:02 Brigantine NJ Fireball ~30 seconds Low flying fireball with very clear visible flames, heading north. 6/1/16
5/27/16 23:52 Milliken CO Fireball 1 minute Light orange/white/yellow 'Fireball' sighting in Milliken, CO. 6/1/16
5/26/16 22:15 Franklinton NC Fireball 20 seconds Ball of fire falling westward from the sky. 6/1/16
5/25/16 21:40 Edgewood WA Fireball 5 minutes Lights seem to be hazy and red orange on outer edges and a yellow flame in the middle; objects seem to flicker and pulse. 5/26/16
5/24/16 03:48 Orlando FL Fireball 5-7 minutes Observed an orange, low flying, fast moving, silent, fireball like obj. crossing the sky, E to W. Moments later a second one followed. 5/26/16
5/23/16 21:50 St. Petersburg FL Fireball ~1 minute From my address incoming due south approximately over Lake Maggorie. 6/1/16
5/22/16 21:30 Pataskala OH Fireball 20 minutes Saw about a dozen balls of fire in the sky, some traveling together, moving north to south in a time frame of about 15-20 minutes. 5/26/16
5/20/16 21:21 Mentor OH Fireball 2 minutes Three orange/red orbs flying west, approximately 3500 ft in the sky, estimated to be traveling 500 mph. Size of orbs possibly a round 3 5/26/16
5/17/16 04:00 Canton MI Fireball 1 minute Driving N down I-275 (between Ford and sheldon exits) at 4 am and I see a green fireball rise up, then swoop back down towards the gro 5/20/16
5/17/16 01:00 Leicester MA Fireball 5 minutes Bright spot of light falling from the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Reported as a meteor. PD)) 5/20/16
5/17/16 00:50 Massena NY Fireball 15 seconds Fiery lights in color resembling like a sparkler 5/20/16
5/16/16 00:45 Riverhead NY Fireball 5 seconds Circular green object entering our atmosphere turned into light storm of energy.???? ((NUFORC Note: Meteor??? PD)) 5/20/16
5/14/16 21:55 St. Augustine Beach FL Fireball 5 minutes Me and my wife were sitting on the deck of a condo overlooking the ocean at st augustine beach. from the southeast over the ocean we sa 5/26/16
5/14/16 20:10 Maricopa AZ Fireball 4 seconds Orange orbs without noise & vanished quickly. 5/20/16
5/13/16 21:30 Winston-Salem/Lexington NC Fireball 5 minutes Six fireballs flying in a cluster. 5/20/16
5/13/16 10:03 Bellingham WA Fireball About 5 minutes 2 bright orange UFOs moving north over Portage Island & south Lummi Island. 5/20/16
5/12/16 22:00 Gresham OR Fireball 15 seconds Bright orange fireball. 5/20/16
5/9/16 23:15 Commerce MI Fireball 5 minutes Two bright fireballs stop and go, moving at differing speeds and towards different areas. ((anonymous report)) 5/10/16
5/9/16 11:50 Winter Springs FL Fireball 15 minutes Glowing, sputtering fireball moving slowly east to west near MCO - Orlando International Airport. 5/10/16
5/7/16 22:40 Arvada CO Fireball ? Orange fire low in sky. 5/10/16
5/7/16 22:30 Long Beach CA Fireball 15 seconds One orange/red stationary fireball like object in the sky looking south from Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach. ((anonymous rept.)) 5/10/16
5/7/16 21:00 Philadelphia MS Fireball 10 minutes Wife and I were on Hwy 15 North 5-7 mi. outside of Philadelphia, MS, when we noticed a hovering group of 5-7 fireballs. 5/10/16
5/5/16 21:30 Davenport FL Fireball 00:30 Red 'fireball' sighting. ((anonymous report)) 5/10/16
5/5/16 20:45 Ocala FL Fireball 2 minutes I saw what looked like a fireball moving north. Then it seem to get small an disappeared. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
5/5/16 01:00 Orlando FL Fireball 2 minutes ((HOAX??)) Fireball that hovered and shift into sky. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
5/4/16 05:30 Mesa AZ Fireball 5 minutes I saw what looked like the only cloud in the sky. It was a small smudge. The sun was rising from behind the mountains so that little sp 5/6/16
5/3/16 23:45 Owensboro KY Fireball 1 second Large, silent fireball speeding toward earth, until I lose sight of it when it went behind some distant trees. 5/6/16
4/30/16 22:30 Westport WI Fireball 5 minutes Glowing orange ball over lake Mendota in Wisconsin. ((anonymous report)) 5/6/16
4/30/16 22:30 El Paso TX Fireball >4 minutes A fireball was traveling horizontally to the left but before extinguishing a second fireball did the same and flew up into the sky 5/6/16
4/30/16 21:30 Philadelphia PA Fireball 15 minutes Orange orbs in groups of four or five flying in triangle or line. 5/6/16
4/30/16 21:10 Newport Beach CA Fireball 1 minute Orange star, flickered for about 30 seconds and then it slowly got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. ((anonymous)) 5/6/16
4/29/16 23:45 Pomona NY Fireball 20 minutes Started with a green fireball followed by flashing lights in the sky then complete power outage and object was gone 5/6/16
4/29/16 09:25 Fort Walton Beach FL Fireball 20 ((HOAX??)) 10+ Silent Round Fireball Looking Ojects Fly overhead in a straight line. REAL!!! 5/6/16
4/26/16 21:00 Costa Mesa CA Fireball 5 seconds I saw a fireball falling from the sky; it was blue and orange it had a tail. ((anonymous source)) ((NUFORC Note: Meteor. PD)) 4/29/16
4/26/16 03:30 Sterling CO Fireball 30 seconds 2 red fireball shaped objects flying erratically in the sky too fast to be man made and looked like they were chasing each other. 4/29/16
4/25/16 15:00 Macon GA Fireball 30-45 minutes About 3:15pm over Macon, Georgia, I was playing outside with my dog and looked up and seen 3 balls of lite that looked like what missle 4/29/16
4/24/16 21:00 Lake Villa IL Fireball 1 minute Fire ball in the sky, no sound 4/29/16
4/24/16 02:30 Ft. Collins CO Fireball 1 minute Orange Fireball at 0230 in Ft Collins Co, traveling parallel to the ground surface 4/29/16
4/23/16 23:00 Tallahassee FL Fireball 15 minutes Nine objects seen. Small fireballs that traveled at various speeds and seemed to burn out. The objects were travelling south and were f 4/29/16
4/23/16 21:00 Milwaukee WI Fireball 10 minutes Walked outside looking northwest, noticed 4 orange lights almost in a row hovering for a few seconds and slowly moving west and dissapp 5/6/16
4/22/16 20:30 Whittier CA Fireball 15 seconds I was in my back yard looking west towards Los Angels and seen red dots gliding and then dissaperring. ((anonymous)) 4/29/16
4/22/16 09:30 Melbourne FL Fireball 15 minutes Today is April 22nd me my wife and my son saw 3 separate craft of Unknown Origin that resemble fireballs. 4/29/16
4/21/16 21:30 San Antonio TX Fireball Evening A Beautiful Rock full of different colors in the sky. 4/22/16
4/17/16 00:45 Ricetown KY Fireball 5 minutes Blinking globular object glowing with orange/red light observed in forest from my back deck a second night in a row. 4/22/16
4/16/16 21:43 Seaside OR Fireball 3 minutes Fast moving flame balls, heading SxSW at a clip faster than helicopters. 4/22/16
4/15/16 23:17 Liberty Township OH Fireball 15 seconds Fireball appeared in the sky falling towards the earth, then it got bigger and flashed from white to green vanishing over a house. 4/29/16
4/15/16 22:30 Pea Ridge AR Fireball Few seconds Bright green very low fireball. 4/22/16
4/15/16 22:20 Chicago IL Fireball 3 seconds A fireball, moving east to west, was a solid mass with a long, trailing tail. It was blue, green,and red. Colors were vivid and very vi 4/22/16
4/15/16 22:15 Cairo IL Fireball 2-3 seconds Falling star that evolved and grew in size and color, to end in a brilliant green ball of trailing light. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 4/22/16
4/15/16 22:00 Reading OH Fireball 2 minutes A bright orange fireball with a faint blue tail came up from the eastern horizon. As it flew over our house it it started to fade. 4/22/16
4/15/16 19:00 Evans GA Fireball 8 minutes Was called by a coworker, to my surprise, 5 balls of red light moving from E to W in the sky. ((anonymous)) 4/22/16
4/15/16 11:30 South Bend IN Fireball
4/13/16 20:30 Curwensville PA Fireball 4 minutes Seen what I thought was a strange orange/yellow star, until it started to move slowly above me. 4/22/16
4/12/16 21:33 Chadds Ford PA Fireball 2 minutes Orange ball moving slowly across the sky, then disappeared. 5/20/16
4/12/16 21:30 Ellsworth KS Fireball 10 minutes Orange lights over central Kansas. 4/15/16
4/12/16 21:25 Ellsworth KS Fireball 1 hour Red pulsating lights hovering SW of Ellsworth. Lasted a good 30 seconds to a minute. 4/15/16
4/12/16 02:45 Van Nuys CA Fireball 3 minutes I OBSERVED A ORANGE ORB MOVING ABOVE VNYS AIRPORT. 4/15/16
4/11/16 22:15 Duncan (Canada) BC Fireball 15 minutes April 11, 2016 Vancouver Island sighting of amber fireball orb witnessed by 2 civilians and 3 fighter pilots. 4/9/20
4/9/16 21:00 Englewood FL Fireball 3 minutes We were having dinner in Englewood, when my wife said what is that? I turned and looked and saw a fireball. 4/15/16
4/7/16 21:30 Bass Lake CA Fireball 3 seconds Large green fireball flashing across the tree line. Did not look like anything I have seem up here before. Went out of view. 4/15/16
4/2/16 23:00 New York City (Yonkers) NY Fireball 5 minutes Cluster of fireball objects. 4/15/16
4/2/16 22:45 Rowlett TX Fireball 5 minutes The fireball came from the south and looked like a plane in fire. Then stopped and flame went out and went up and disappeared. 4/15/16
4/1/16 19:30 Goodyear AZ Fireball 45 seconds Fireball. 4/15/16
4/1/16 19:30 Bakersfield CA Fireball 10-15 minutes My cousin and I were off of hageman and old farm and one by one 3 what looked liked floating balls of fire went from NW to SW dir.. 4/22/16
4/1/16 05:00 Fayetteville AR Fireball 5 seconds Bright star, then vanished. 4/15/16
3/31/16 22:05 Shasta Lake CA Fireball ~45 seconds 3 bright red lights seen traveling over Shasta Lake City then suddenly disappearing one right after the other 4/15/16
3/30/16 Winston-Salem NC Fireball 5 minutes Very large firecolor came from the trees and moved slow across the sky. Once it got above my house it fizzled out.. it started out a fi 4/1/16
3/29/16 06:40 Boca Raton FL Fireball 5 seconds We saw what looked like a very large shooting star or ball of fire moving very fast and very low from West to East. 4/1/16
3/28/16 21:00 Rochester IL Fireball ~2 hours ((HOAX??)) Started w/ 1 light on E hor., followed it, grew to countless lights over 2 hrs., along with close encounter ground sighting. 4/1/16
3/28/16 04:25 Lakside MT Fireball 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) Two large orange fireballs. 4/1/16
3/27/16 20:45 Bakersfield CA Fireball 15 minutes It looks like a Fire Ballon, there were 3 , no sound. What can it be? 4/1/16
3/26/16 22:30 Sequim WA Fireball 5 minutes Two fireballs in formation, moving north to south. Weather conditions were light breeze and moderate rain. Both fireballs disappeared 4/1/16
3/26/16 20:15 Pembroke Pines FL Fireball 1.5-2.0 minutes Shocking, caught me off guard! 4/1/16
3/23/16 21:10 Jacksonville FL Fireball 20 seconds Fireball chased by jets. 3/24/16
3/22/16 21:00 Kelso WA Fireball 10 minutes ((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD)) 3/24/16
3/21/16 21:30 Des Plaines IL Fireball 4 minutes 5 fireballs in the sky over Des Plaines/Glenview, Illinois. 3/24/16
3/21/16 00:00 Wylie and Rowlett TX Fireball 25 minutes I observed several balls of fire and strobing lights that seemed to be chasing each other over the night sky over Wylie, TX. 3/24/16
3/20/16 20:00 West Grove PA Fireball 3 minutes Orange reddish circular object in southeastern sky around 8 pm, was moving E to W. Very heavy cloud cover. 3/24/16
3/20/16 00:00 Santa Cruz CA Fireball 30 minutes We were driving on Hwy 1 & noticed about 7 fireballs soaring straight down at the earth, almost like shooting stars. I pulled over and 3/24/16
3/18/16 21:00 Barefoot Bay FL Fireball 2-3 minutes It looked like a fireball slowly moving from South to North. 3/24/16
3/18/16 21:00 Eau Gallie FL Fireball 45 seconds Red/white fireball in Melbourne, Florida. 3/24/16
3/18/16 20:00 Port St. Lucie FL Fireball 5 minutes 4 fireballs hovering close above. 3/24/16
3/18/16 19:20 Orleans (Canada) ON Fireball 1 minute At approximately 19:20 on Friday, March 18, 2016, I was travelling West down RR128 when I spotted a bright light in the sky to my left 3/24/16
3/17/16 21:25 Chula Vista CA Fireball 3 minutes Fiery ball of flames that was no meteor being fallowed by helicopters. 3/18/16
3/17/16 19:28 Zephyrhills FL Fireball 25 seconds Watched a fireball enter the atmosphere then change into what was perceived as a star. Then 5 or so seconds later another showed up. Af 3/18/16
3/16/16 21:15 Kernersville NC Fireball 5 minutes Orangish Red glowing lights. 3/18/16
3/16/16 21:00 Ormond Beach FL Fireball 10 seconds We saw a sparking fireball in the night sky. 5/20/16
3/15/16 19:28 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 3 minutes Fireball at dusk in south Florida. 3/18/16
3/11/16 08:00 Irmo SC Fireball 10 mintes I was driving home around 8:00pm and saw about seven to eight fireballs floating above tree level. They were floating in formation almo 3/18/16
3/8/16 20:20 Glenview IL Fireball 4 seconds I observed a large bright green glowing object fall to earth a few minutes ago. I had just looked up out the window, which faces east 3/11/16
3/6/16 21:30 Hurricane WV Fireball 2 minutes Witnessed a round, red flashing light in the sky directly in front of me. It was about the height of where an airplane would be flyin 5/10/16
3/6/16 20:28 Riverside CA Fireball 2 seconds Saw what could have been a meteor fall from sky. White ball of light with long tail behind. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor? PD)) 3/11/16
3/6/16 20:00 Hayesville NC Fireball 30 seconds Brilliant red object in the southern sky, which sped off with incredible speed. 3/11/16
3/3/16 09:00 Vallejo CA Fireball 5 minutes I was driving home approx midnight on the 4th I seen this ball of fire in the sky its shot across and then it stood still and drop some 3/11/16
3/3/16 Baldwinville MA Fireball 1 second I and a friend spotted a large green fireball shoot straight down from the sky unsure of exact time but have seen there is another. 3/11/16
3/2/16 22:30 Plymouth Meeting PA Fireball 5 minutes My mom was upstairs in her room but came running downstairs and running out the door. She said there are strange lights in sky. 3/4/16
3/2/16 20:02 Farmingville NY Fireball 2 seconds Object looked like a shooting star, however, came low to tree line and lifted as if it swooped and then flash disappeared. 3/4/16
3/1/16 05:57 Las Vegas NV Fireball 2-3 seconds Driving down Decatur Sahara. Right in front of my driving view I notice a blue and orange flying fireball. Coming from Charleston towar 3/4/16
2/29/16 20:29 Warner Robins GA Fireball 2 minutes There were several (8 or 9) glowing orange balls of light moving north north-east. 3/4/16
2/29/16 00:00 Thornton CO Fireball 2 minutes 2 orange fireballs traveling together. 3/4/16
2/27/16 20:00 Holiday FL Fireball 45-60 seconds My stepfather saw them first as he was driving home, he called my mother and I out once he drove up and toward the south west from our 3/4/16
2/26/16 09:45 Niceville FL Fireball 1 minute 4 large fireballs, veritical line, slow moving, and spaced perfectly. 3/4/16
2/23/16 22:00 Dieppe (Canada) NB Fireball 2 minutes Glowing orange star, or Mars look-alike, floating in sky. 3/4/16
2/22/16 19:00 Lebanon MO Fireball 90 minutes Several Orange Globe Fireball Lights Low in the Sky, Winking Out and Coming Back In Other Locations. 2/26/16
2/21/16 19:20 Sandy OR Fireball <20 seconds Huge ball of light falls to earth after stalling. 2/26/16
2/20/16 23:45 San Luis Obispo CA Fireball 3 minutes Orange fireball, emitted a blinking object and flew upwards until it was as small as a star. 2/26/16
2/20/16 17:50 Towson MD Fireball 60 seconds Noticed streaks in the sky while driving. At first one, then two, then three. 2/26/16
2/17/16 19:00 Greeley CO Fireball 5 minutes 2 orange glowing balls in the air, not flashing red or white like airplanes, traveling very slow then one cut W and slowly disappears. 2/19/16
2/16/16 19:19 Kill Devil Hills NC Fireball
Looked like a ball of fire going fast across sky and disappear into the west sky. 2/19/16
2/16/16 17:12 Williamsburg VA Fireball 3-4 seconds Object was moving rapidly left to right, approximately 300-500' AGL, orange yellow fiery tail front end looked white/bluish in color 2/19/16
2/16/16 17:00 Enterprise WA Fireball 30 seconds A large white fireball with a smoke or vapor trail flew Northwest. 2/19/16
2/15/16 19:00 Dubuque IA Fireball 10-12 seconds ((HOAX??)) I spotted a crimson light heading W for maybe 5 sec. It stopped, changed color to a emerald green and shot off to the W. 2/19/16
2/14/16 07:30 Pinellas FL Fireball 6 seconds I was driving my car and caught site of what i thought was a craft or meteorite falling to earth i was awaiting the explosion but never 3/24/16
2/14/16 04:30 East Hampton NY Fireball 3 seconds Bright orange light shines down into my bathroom window then disappears. 2/19/16