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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/10/1997 00:25 (Entered as : 00:25 am)
Reported: 5/12/1997 09:14
Posted: 1/28/1999
Location: Provo/Orem/Salt Lake City, UT
Shape: light
Duration: 2 mins
Summary : Saw a white yellowish light performing vertical and horizontial maneouvers in the northern sky. At one point it elongated itself and moved one point to another almost instantaneously.

At 00:25 am on May 10, 1997, I was getting into bed and glanced out my bedroom window and noticed a large white 'star' with a yellowish hue to it with a background of the black sky and other stars. I remarked that I have never seen such a large 'star' before. It didn't twinkle as the other stars did, which make me even more curious. Its shape wasn't circular, but rather more a square with concaved side. (Discription of star shape: Place a square on one its corners, and its axises both vertical and horizontial, take the circumferencial straight lines and cause them to become concaved towards the center-point where the axises of square meet. ) This was the shape of the 'star'.After looking at the star for about ten seconds, it disappeard. It reappeard several seconds later to the left of its original position. The color had changed from the yellowish white to blueish white. The size had also changed, it resembled more like a regular star size. Intermittenly the blueish light would flash, although not at regular intervals. Occasionally (two or three times), a small red light flashed (but not as frequently as the 'white' light) This red light was also irregular in its flashing. No blue light was ever seen as in regular aircraft lights.The light moved from its '9 o'clock' position to the 'center of the clock' position' and immediately perform a 90 degree turn to the '12 o'clock' position. in a fraction of a second. There was no gradient climb from the '9 o'clock' to the '12 o'clock' positions, even in the other movements mentioned below.It remained for several seconds in the '12' position, and performed a vertical descent to the '6 o'clock' position. (No red light flashing)The light continued this movement between the above four points, but never, while I viewed it, move to the '3 o'clock' position.At one point in its movements, from the '9' to the 'center' positions, the object seemed to elongate itself and be at both positions at the same time for only a fraction of a second, and then repositioned itself from the '9' to the 'center' positions.I decided to get my video camera, and after a quick search of two rooms, found it and returned to the bedroom, but unfortunaltely the light was gone, so I did not get it on video.Total time was about a 1 minute to a minute and a half.