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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 22:00 (Entered as : 8/?/76 2200)
Reported: 7/10/1999 08:48
Posted: 7/14/1999
Location: Xenia (Old State Rt. 42 South), OH
Shape: Oval
Duration: several minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Saw object over the treetops appx. 40 yds. from our front porch.

My sister and I were watching TV. My mom was at the front door and window. She was excited and claimed that there was a flying saucer outside. Not wanting to be disturbed from watching a favorite TV show, at the time, I told mom to leave me alone. Anyway, she got my sister's attention first and they both still claimed that there was really a UFO outside. I looked in thier direction and could see that there were flashing lights through the windows. I told them that it probably was the police with somebody pulled over on the side of the highway. We lived right off State Rt. 42 South, just outside of Xenia, Ohio. My mom said that it wasn't the state police it was in the air. I told here it may be a police helicopter or something like that. Then I noticed how quite it was outside. Usually traffic was relatively constant until about eleven o'clock in the evening and it would die out to an occassional trickle. The lack of sound is what first caught my interest. My excplaination about the helicopter was shot down because of no sound. That's when I got up to take a look. I looked out the window and saw flashing lights that came from beyond my field of vision because of the front porch. There wasn't any traffic and no sound, but the lights were there. I went out onto the porch and immediately looked to my left towards Xenia. There were some cars stopped on the road. I then looked to the right and saw the same thing. There weren't may cars but there were definately other witnesses. This all happened in a couple of seconds. I looked up and above and beyond the tree in the front yard over the median of the highway was a very large (as big as our house) dark shape with lights flashing all over it. The lights were several colors: white, red and green are the ones I remember most. I can't quite remember the exact shape of the UFO but mom remembers it as an oval or cirular shape. It remained stationary over the median for what seemed a minute or so, it's really hard to say exactly how long it was ! there. Then it started moving to my right straight down the median until it was at the next house or slightly beyond. It started to come down closer to the ground and the underside started to glow brightly. Then just when we thought it was going to land it arched off away from us. Whatever it was it was fast. It went from a fairly shape to a spot of light in what seemed to be just a split second. It darted around in the sky for a few minutes zigzagging back and forth then it disappeared. We didn't report it then because I personnally didn't want to be referred as a kook. I wished that I can talk to others who saw the UFO that night. It was reported in the news of multiple sightings then things died down. Someday I think I would like to be hypnotised to see if I could recall things better, like the exact day, the exact shape, etc. Thank you. Robert