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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/10/1967 21:30 (Entered as : 09/10/67 2130)
Reported: 7/15/1999 08:04
Posted: 8/10/1999
Location: Portsmouth, OH
Shape: Other
Duration: 30 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted beams, The object changed color, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Starting with a single craft flying at altitude of no more than 600-800 feet, on a heading from N to S, flying over my sister's house, 4 more flew over.

My family and I were working on my sister's house. It was approximately 9:30 in the evening. It is important to note that the dining room windows of the house face the Kentucky hills and the Ohio River Bottom lands. We were finishing up for the night, when my sister (who was emptying a thermos out the dining room window) reported having seen a strange "red" light in the sky. By the time we got to the window, of course, what she had seen was no longer there. Our curiosity was arroused enough to go outside in the cool Autumn air. We were standing on the corner of the house (me, my Mother, Sister, and very small niece and nephew) when from the North, over the house which sits on a hill in front of my sister's house came the first "craft." I would like to mention at this point that I am an avid fan of aviation, and very familiar with aircraft (although I do not have a pilot's license). The craft was "elliptical" shaped approximately the size of a 747 (today) if a curved lines were drawn from wing tip to wing tip and from nose to tail. It had a superstructure. Quite frankly, although this was YEARS before the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I would have to say that it resembled a smaller version of the Mother Ship in the movie that came over Devil's Tower. It had a band of very irridescent lights on it's rim, which seemed to flash in a red-colored sequence. There were windows, or "portholes" on it's body, and superstructure. Except for a very low, almost inaudible hum, it made no noise. It slowly passed over my sister's house, went approximately another 200 yards, and hovered over the fields of the river bottoms. We stood in amazement at this event, and while we watched in awe, another craft, identical in description flew over and hovered close to the first at a lower altitude level. Then, a 3rd, 4th, and finally the 5th craft. Once the final craft was in position, it seemed as if they were communicating with each other using the sequencial lights, and some very bright lights on the superstructure. Suddenly each one emitted a very bright white light, and then went totally dark. The time frame from fly over of first craft to the darkening of the ships was approximately 30-35 minutes. After the crafts went dark, they each did a ultra-high speed vertical climb, as their form could be seen in the clear, moonlit night. Although my family and I did not report this to officials (and I'm somewhat nervous about reporting this to you, although for all these years I've wanted to tell someone other than the VERY close friends that I have told) for fear of being ridiculed. There were reports in the local newspaper the next day of "Strange Lights Appeared over Ohio Night Sky." This event to me was proof-positive that there is life out there. In addition, being a person who does believe in a "supreme being" I find it ridiculous that in this vast-endless universe, on this tiny planet, that we are so "special" as to be the only form of intellegent life. The event of the late 60's has also left an embedded desire to see crafts, or have an encounter again. I find myself looking up to the heavens a lot of times when I'm outside at night.