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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/22/1999 19:30 (Entered as : 07/22/99 19:30)
Reported: 7/22/1999 17:56
Posted: 8/10/1999
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Shape: Changing
Duration: 5 Minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Black object with no discernable shape appeared North of Palm Beach International Airport at 1500 - 3000 ft. for five minutes.

Employees at Jet Aviation Palm Beach at West Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) noticed an object which appeared directly North of the airport. The object was dark or black and appeared to change shape from a sphere and a long thin body and hovered at about 1500 - 3000 ft. For obout five minutes the six witnesses failed to identify the object with standard binoculars. The tower at PBI was contacted and they reported no strange sightings and were unaware of any aircraft activity in that area. After 5 min. the object was lost in the clouds and never resighted.