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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/24/1999 00:12 (Entered as : 7/24/99 00:12)
Reported: 7/23/1999 23:31
Posted: 8/10/1999
Location: Lancaster County, PA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 20 mins approx.
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object landed, The object made a sound
Large rectangular craft on the ground with windows and antenna. approx 50 yards long by 25 yards wide.

At approx midnight I decided to begin driving back to Philadelphia from my aunt's house in rural Lancaster County, PA. As soon as I went out side my aunts house i saw a huge object sitting in a field directly across from her front door. It was large, as big as a foot ball field judging by the nearby trees it lit up like daylight. it had windows with a bright bluish/white light inside and had lights all around the bottom. At first I thought someone put up a large "double wide" mobile home there in the couple hours I was inside. Then I realized it was larger than any mobile home and actually would be as large as four of these put end to end. I also noticed a number of antennas and other "garbage" sticking and jutting out from the top and sides. after running back inside my aunt came out and was a bit shaken by this. I was pretty scared too but I was intrigued. It was just that weird. After about watching this for around 10 minutes it began making a very low sound. like a buzzing wire that isnt plugged into the stereo correctly but with more variation in pitch and alot deeper. you could feel this in the pit of your stomach and my aunt felt sick. the craft then began to lift off the ground and turn. it was then that i could see it clearly was a rectangle as it slowly turned it's narrower side towards us. it turned off some of its lights and began moving steadily upward in an awkward wobbling motion almost like it was too heavy to support it's own weight. at this point the sound became more intense and my aunt went back inside for fear that it might crash and we weren't that far away. it managed to lift off vertically and turn itself 90 degrees after reaching about three times the height of the tops of the trees. then for about a 25-45 seconds it began shaking wildly and began to accelerate like the space shuttle but only with that low humming sound not a rockets roar. after it started shooting upwards it was nearly out of sight within 10 minutes becoming nothing more than a slowly moving star. I called the ! local TV station and they knew nothing about it and suggested I call the sherrif's department. I did and they said they had a couple reports of odd lights in the sky and they passed them to MUFON. Afterwards I was firmly shocked. I've never believed in this stuff until now and I feel we are about to be taken over. I got a very "sinister" feeling from that object. Like it was scouting for a place to set up operations in the future or something. I felt like it was giant processing center. I was told to contact you from someone on IRC.