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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/25/2002 20:00 (Entered as : 1/25/2002 20:00)
Reported: 3/2/2002 7:13:06 AM 07:13
Posted: 3/19/2002
Location: Bigelow, AR
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 2 minutes
Slow moving triangle craft above clearcut field in rural Arkansas

Hello my name is ((deleted)),since the beginning of the year I have been clearing a portion of my heavily wooded 10 acres,on top of Wye Mountain.I am thinning brush,sapplings and cutting pine trees.On the 25th of Jan,I was finishing up a days work,it was 8 pm,we had a very bright 3/4 moon and the sky was unusually clear,all stars visible,light blue in color with the horizon a white color against the distant black treeline.It was so bright out,that I could tell which trees on the ground were which,pines to be burned or oaks,hickorys to be stacked for firewood.I would load pines on a very big bonfire,rest,let them burn down and load some more.During my one of my resting moments,I noticed a plane blinking on the south horizon,then I noticed a far dark cloud to my left,it stood out.I was facing south and the cloud was coming towards me from the west,it was heading east.At some point I noticed it was moving,then I noticed it was shaped strangely,it was shaped like a "Candy Corn",it was a wedge shaped,it was not sharp pointed but blunt and rounded,the moon reflected off the nose of it as it neared me.It was a semi gloss blackish color,no lights blinking or visible,no windows,it was hovering,floating,,no noise at all.It was 300 to 400 feet up,and clearly visible,then as it got beside me I noticed that it was actually flying with one side lower than the other,,the right side was lower than the left,the bottom of the craft was towards me and smooth.I could see that it tapered back to an perfect oval with two very large dark red circles that filled each end.I could see rounded segmented "flaps" that encircled the two "burners".The only way I can describe them as if they were dirty taillights on a car.It was like they were lit but turned way down,like on a kerosine space heater.I thought about running and notifying my family but I was 500 feet from my front yard,we all would have missed it then,so I just watched.I have had time to figure things out and I'm sure it was about 300 to 400 feet up,it was about 100 feet lon! g,40 fee t wide,20 feet thick,top to bottom.The craft slowly drifted on by at about 30 mph,then I saw the next houses street lights reflect off of the bottom of it.I realized that "they" could see me too,because I was standing near my bonfire.One other thing that later came to me was that this UFO drifted right down the center of a 40 acre area that had just been clear cut and bulldozed.I was not drinking or do drugs.I have never seen anything like this,I could care less one way or the other.A week after the sighting I searched the internet and was startled to say the least that so many people were seeing what I saw!!I was suprised (glad?)that I handled it so well,this was real,I could have hit it with a rock.A Special Thanks to Mr,Davenport.

((NUFORC Note: Witness has sent an excellent hand-drawing of what the object looked like. His illustration matches his description above. PD))