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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/6/1996 18:05 (Entered as : 03/06/96 18;05)
Reported: 3/6/2002 2:26:48 PM 14:26
Posted: 3/19/2002
Location: Lakeside, CA
Shape: Light
Duration: 20 min.
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object
I CALL THIS "BIG RED' APROX 100 ft .accross---NO sound--HOVERED barely above tree tops.

I had just got home from work. Very "HOT DAY " in SanDiego.My cottage was very hot when i went inside. I opened the doors& windows, turnedon couple of fans,then went outside to wait until the place cooled off. I was standing inthe yard, (HIGH ON A HILLSIDE OVER-LOOKING THE VALLEY ) I first noticed a "RED "light way -off in the distance , Looking toward MEXICO. I kept looking at the BRITE LIGHT ,wondering if this was one of the "HUGHIES "the millatery had warned were to pass over our valley, soon.(This was on the NEWS) As the light came closer, only a few miles away now, 'IT' seemed to be "HUGE", VERY BRITE, and "NO SOUND " at all.?? I kept watching, it kept coming. I had watched it for about FIFTEEN minutes, now.WHEN it came into the VALLEY, IT seemed to be "FLOATING " COULDNT SEE ANY SHAPE IT WAS SO TERRIBLEY BRITE . I watched in amazement. HUGE-NO SOUND-SO BRIGHT that it HURT my eyes to look at it. IT was still barely light outside. The SUN wasin the process of going down. I was so CONFUSED at WHAT THIS COULD POSSIBLEY BE . IT was just barely over the tree tops , & telephone Poles now. It went directly over the SIX LANE HIWY. below my place. Went on over the HILL to my left, that is where the BARONA INDIAN RESERVATION is.THE NEXT DAY , I MEASURED THE HWY >WHERE IT WENT OVER. THE AREA WAS APROX. 100 ft .wide. I HAD NO PHONE, I had no film in my camera, my car had been borrowed, neighbors all gone out. WHAT TO DO ? I did nothing. I felt like I shouldnt say anything , at work the next day. I have been rediculed before.

((NUFORC Note: One of several reports from the same source in Washington State. We are grateful for her having taken the time to record here her unusual experiences. PD))