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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/12/2002 21:30 (Entered as : 1/12/02 2130)
Reported: 3/13/2002 12:47:28 PM 12:47
Posted: 3/19/2002
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: :08
While sitting around the campfire, my son and I observed a rectangular object in the north east skies of northern Phoenix. This object was slowly spinning between two prominent stars, and appered to be receeding, i.e., traveling away from earth. The skies were clear, with little light polution from the city. As I recall, there was no moon. My son and I watched this object for approximately :08 minutes. As there was no way to judge it's size I can say only that it was massive. At arms length it would be approximately the size of ones thumb. It was white in color, similar to the moon. It's surface was marked with relatively dark areas. As it spun, or rotated, it appered to be a thin object (relatively). It eventually grew dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared. Asteroid? Possibly. Again its an unknown!

((NUFORC Note: This report is submitted by a retired airline captain, who had accumulated 13,700 hours of flight time at the time of his sighting, and who is well known to NUFORC. He is well known in the Phoenix area, and he has been one of the more visible, and vocal, witnesses with regard to the dramatic "Phoenix Lights" sighting of 13MR97. PD))