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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/2002 18:15 (Entered as : 031502 18:15)
Reported: 3/15/2002 7:18:33 PM 19:18
Posted: 3/19/2002
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Light
Duration: 30 seconds
Characteristics: The object emitted beams
Crazy light in the sky disentegrates

Approximately 6:15 pm on Friday Marcg 15,2002, my sister and I were sitting in the Taco Bell drive through waiting behind several cars for our turn to order. Over the mountains on the west side of town there was a like a lightning bolt shaped crack in the sky with light shining through. There was a spot of light- for lack of a better word- that was flying around with a light that was shining down from it. It definitely wasn't a plane, helicopter or anything else. It was just a piece of light. After watching this for about 30seconds the light broke into 4 peices and then each of the 4 pieces broke into millions of pieces and then they all just evaporated into thin air. We had to pull up to the drive through window at this point and our view of the mountains was blocked by the UMC quick care. After we had received our order we looked back at the sky and the crack was gone. I know that this sounds crazy but we are not crazy in the head. My sister is in the service and I attend college and have a full time job as a vet tech. I'm glad that she was there with me and saw the whole thing so at least we each have someone who believes us. I don't know if this has any relevance, but today happens to be the dark of the moon.

((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of the missile launch out of Vandenberg AFB. PD))