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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1966 09:00 (Entered as : 09/??/66 o9oo)
Reported: 3/22/2002 11:06:41 AM 11:06
Posted: 4/8/2002
Location: Clifton (near), TX
Shape: Flash
Duration: o830 to1015 hrs
I think I was Taken and accidently put in a different space time and then it was corrected.I have no memery of anything else.

At the time of this incident I was fifteen years old. The day before I had escaped from the reformatory at Gatesville,Texas. I had gone through Clifton because I had reletives that lived there and was seeking help from them. They did not aid me of course so I walked on out of town trying to keep out of sight of the law. shortly after the sun came up I came into a small fishing community not far from Lake Whitney.Ther was a car there that had the keys in it setting along side of the road in front of one of the houses. Being on the run I stole it and headed out of town. When I felt I was clear I checked out the inside of the car and noticed I had three quarters of a tank of gas. The car also had a clock which I also noticed was running and showed at that time a quarter past six. The two things I mentioned helped me to realize that there was a time lapse that I could account for but that is getting to far ahead yet. I do not know where I was exactly but I had driven for about two hours and Ihad just looked at the clock and the gas gauge. The clock read 8:30 and the gas gauge showed a little less than half a tank. When I looked up from the dash, there was this bright light that actually hurt my eyes. when my eyes focused on the road there was a model "A" Ford truck with wooden side rails on it in front of me. It was green and looked new. There were two people rideing in it that I could see from the back window. The truck started slowing down and the driver gave the signal to turn left by sticking his hand out of the window. I slowed down but then that flash thing happened again. I was looking out of my right window to see where the truck had turned and there was no truck. There was no road there either. The sound of the truck had gone as well but I had heard it only moments before. I checked the rearview mirror and saw nothing. I was startled by this and looked at the clock to make sure I had not fallen asleep. The clock read ten fifteen. I looked at the gas guage. It was a little past half just like befor! e. I tap ped the guage but the needle stayed where it was. I had never heard of abduction or anything like that but could not figure out what had happened back then. I still cannot. I drove that car till it ran out of gas and didn't see another car or anyone for the rest of that day along that road. I do not know what road this happened on nor the exact day.

((NUFORC Note: Date in 1966 is approximate. PD))