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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/22/2002 03:00 (Entered as : 5/22/2002 3:00am)
Reported: 5/25/2002 1:47:45 AM 01:47
Posted: 6/12/2002
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Shape: Other
Duration: 20 min
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Three objects seen repeating formation below cloud cover by several witnesses

Occured : 5/22/2002 3:00 AM Duration 20 min Reported : 5/22/2002 Location : South Salt Lake Shape: Capsule or "Tic Tac" shape Looking west towards the tower on the mountain, a bright white light was seen coming towards the city ,small at first getting bigger as it came closer, stopped between witness and mountain, then followed by a duplicate object which stopped close to first, then a third object joined the the other two coming in same as the first two, forming a "half circle" or dome formation, then each object moved off one at a time disapearing in the distance, then returning in the same way and making the formation again, just slightly to the north. this happened three times, each time making the dome formation equally spaced and timed as if repeated. shape of objects were seen during formation which was at its closest, "jellybean" or Tic Tac shape. no sound was heard, no flashing lights, Objects did come through the cloud cover that was present. Several witnesses watched in awe and exitement from two different locations and called UUFOH during the sighting. They gave desciptions over the phone while it was happening. also gave their reports over the phone. They said it was an amazing sight. The Utah UFO Hunters are currently doing follow-up investigations on this event.This sighting is being sumbitted to NUFORC by UUFOH

((NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to the Utah UFO Hunters for sharing the report here. PD))