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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/15/2002 03:00
Reported: 9/28/2002 10:30:15 AM 10:30
Posted: 9/28/2002
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 3 or 4 minutes
Dark, noiseless triangular shaped craft over SLC.

I just read an article on about someone here in Salt Lake City that saw a UFO similar to what I saw several months ago, unfortunately I didn't document the exact date and time. My estimate would be that it was late January or early February. I was outside in my hot tub. It was between the hours of 2 - 4 am. I first noticed an object moving as it blocked my view of the stars. I turned of the jets on my hot tub and stood up to get a better look as steam was rising off the surface of the water. It was at an altitude much lower than a craft of that size should be and as it approached I saw a dark triangular shaped object with no lights and it made no sound. I saw the lights from the interstate and city reflecting from the bottom of this object which helped to define its shape. It appeared to be following the route of Interstate 15 coming from the north and going south. I live fairly close to the interstate. My guess was that it might be some kind of experimental military aircraft, but who knows.

I am just now sending this in as I read an article on about a man who saw this same object and I wanted to confirm that I have seen it as well. When I mentiond it to a couple of my friends, they looked at me like I was crazy.

((NUFORC Note: Date and time are approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary date in February 2002 so that the report sorts to that date. PD))


Dear Mr. Davenport:

Regarding reconstructing the date: Unfortunately I cannot give you an exact date and time, as I said, I did not document this. I do remember that it was quite early in the morning as I had finished studying - again between 2 - 4 am. I generally do not bring writing or recording materials out with me when I sit in my hot tub and I do not have a clock outside. I guess thinking in hindsight, maybe I should.

I just remember that it was in the first quarter of the year. I don't think this happened before my birthday, which is January 31st, because I don't remember mentioning it to friends at my birthday
party. It was a completely dark night around the time of the new moon. I had a two-week break from school during the Olympics and this happened after a long night of studying so that would exclude February. That leaves the time period around the new moon in March. The weather was still quite cold as steam was rising from the surface of my hot tub. Sorry I can't be more specific on that.

In answer to your question about why I waited so long to report: I did not report this at that time because I was not sure who to report this to. The local police are somewhat less than concerned and professionally responsive (At least in my past experience with former next-door neighbors who had vicious rottweilers and juvenile delinquent teenagers, on one complaint the cop told me to "bake them some cookies".) about normal everyday complaints so they were not an option for me to report a UFO sighting to.

Look at it from my perspective: I had never experienced anything quite this freaky and before and
I don't know anyone who has, to ask for their advice. I was trying to process what I had seen in my mind and I guess I rationalized it as some sort of experimental military aircraft as it somewhat resembled the stealth bomber only larger. I also live within close proximity to the Salt Lake International Airport so I am aware of normal flight patterns. Numerous aircraft, although none as large as this one
flying at the lower altitude, fly along the I-15 corridor.

I am single, I have no roommates or family, and I was alone at the time this happened. As I said, when I told some of my friends they looked at me like I was crazy and from that, I perceived that they did not
believe what I was telling them, so probably no one else would. I know what I saw that night. When I
read the posting about the recent sighting of this object by a gentleman in Salt Lake I wanted to onfirm
that this thing does indeed exist. That is what prompted me to report at this particular time.

In conclusion, now I know who to report this to and am aware after looking through your site that several people have seen this object as well. I won't hesitate if I see anything in the future as I have now bookmarked your site. I found your website address through the article on, which I read today, September 28th. Prior to this I had no knowledge of your organization or your website.

I hope this helps you to understand. ((name deleted))