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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/27/2003 05:00 (Entered as : 02/27/03 5:00 AM)
Reported: 2/28/2003 4:03:55 PM 16:03
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Nashua, NH
Shape: Oval
Duration: 4 Minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects
What was the Airforce chasing?

Every moring,around five o'clock, I take my two dogs for a walk before I go to work. I am a believer, that we are being visited by something, not of this earth. I watch the skies whenever I can for anything strange. Usually I see a satellite or two, traveling a straight and steady path, at a constant speed, from one horizon to the other. Nothing out of the ordinary. On Thursday morning, February 27, 2003, I was amazed to see the following: Two objects traveling one behind the other, a good distance apart, at a low altitude.(About the height a small, two-man airplane would fly.) There was no sound that I could detect and the objects maintained a steady glow - no blinking lights. Above the objects and around the objects, at a much higher altitude were approximately twelve other objects that I thought were Airforce jets. They maneuvered like jets and had blinking lights that pulsated regularly. The jets seemed to be circling the two other objects, but keeping a distance. I watched this spectacle for about four minutes until they disappeared to the north. I am curious to know if anyone else saw what I saw. Before I saw this spectacle, the lights on the interior of my locked car were on when I was at the top of my stairway with my two dogs. As I walked down the stairs, towards the car, the lights went out. I believe that the two objects passing over my house may have been responsible for the lights malfunction. Also, I live less than a mile from the Federal Aviation Administrations traffic control center in Nashua, NH.