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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/6/1958 18:45 (Entered as : 06/06/1958 6 45)
Reported: 5/11/2003 9:16:04 PM 21:16
Posted: 5/13/2003
Location: Sydney (NSW, Australia),
Duration: 45 min
In the winter months of 1958 on a clear winter night while looking at the southern cross, a star formation I now know is called the Crux I saw a small light no bigger than the pointy end of a pin travelling from half way between star Alpha Crux and Beta Crux, I lost sight of the light for about 20 to 30 seconds when it entered the star light of Beta Crux and caught sight of the light again when it reappeared. however the direction had changed and was now heading to Gemma Crux again as the light entered the starlight of Gemma Crux I lost sight of it for about 20 to 30 seconds when it did reappear it was now heading to Delta Crux as it entered the starlight of Delta Crux I again lost sight for about 20 to 30 seconds and again when the light reappeared it had changed direction once again the light was now going in a straight line to Epsilon Crux the same thing happened again as had happened before when the light entered the starlight of Epsilon Crux and when it reappeared it was heading to the centre of the star formation known as The Southern Cross (The Crux) the light got to a location approximately in a line from Alpha crux and Epsilon crux and then the light just went out. I am now 53 years old, I know what I saw as a child infact I reported this to the Sydney papers and for my trouble about two weeks later received a cheque in the mail for 1 Pound which in those days was a lot of money.I was also told at the time that other people had phoned in to report this event.

I now know that the distance from earth to the stars and starting from the bottom Alpha Crux 321 light years Beta Crux 353 Light years Gamma Crux 88 light years Delta Crux 364 light years Epsilon Crux 228 light years I would not blame you for sending this straight to the wast bin as I have in the past told people about this and been laughed at, and even today with age and logic even I can't comprehend the speed that this object must have been travailing at.

The time taken for this event was around 45 minutes Kind Regards ((name deleted)).

Dear Mr. ((name deleted)),

Thank you very much for the very interesting report. We will post it sometime in the near future.

I would like to point out that just because the object appeared to be traveling between the stars you cite, I don't think we can conclude that it was actually outside the Earth's atmosphere. I readily admit that it would be unusual for an object in the atmosphere, or in proximity of our planet to coincide exactly with those stars, but I find it difficult to believe that the object was actually traveling between the stars you cite, and that it was also visible.

Thank you very much for sharing the information with our Center!

Cordially, Peter Davenport



Peter, I fully understand your reasoning, at the time that I saw this light there had been 1,2 or 3, I think man made objects put into space I had seen these.This was not like that, the light was as bright as a star and as I said no bigger than the point of a pin. With age and knowing the distance of these stars from earth even I find it hard to believe.However I know what I saw, in the finish I was laying on my back watching this display. Thank's for the reply, ((name deleted))