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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/12/2003 10:30 (Entered as : 5-12-2003 1030)
Reported: 5/12/2003 8:09:10 AM 08:09
Posted: 5/13/2003
Location: Dunn, NC
Shape: Unknown
I was taking pictures of my roses when I downloaded them into my pc I saw this

((NUFORC Note: The witness forwarded a still photo to NUFORC, which we have examined. The photo is ambiguous, since the image is blurred, and apparently distant from the camera, but our first guess would be that the small image in the photo was caused by a bird, perhaps a wren-type bird with a long tail, flew in front of the camera while the shutter was open. That is only a guess. We spoke with the witness, and she sounded to be quite serious-minded and credible to us. PD))