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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/16/2003 20:40 (Entered as : 07/16/03 20:40)
Reported: 7/16/2003 9:18:13 PM 21:18
Posted: 7/23/2003
Location: Rolla, MO
Shape: Light
Duration: 20 minutes
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Second sighting seen in less than 24 hours.

I had seen a craft very close up no less than 24 hours ago. I decided to grab a camcorder, a digital camera, two walky talkies and a friend and return to the same spot that I had seen the craft the night before. At about 20:25 we began walking towards the area that I had seen the craft. We were in a large open field and I began looking towards the sky. There were no stars out, and the sun was going down. Soon I saw a small white dot far off in the distance. I showed it to my friend, and we sat and watched if it would move, thinking it might be a craft. It was moving slightly and soon blended into the sky. Then I noticed another odd thing in the sky, close to where the first craft had been. This one was much larger, possible closer than the first and it resembled a cloud or as if it was reflecting the sun's color. It was orange and did not move. We became aware it was not a cloud for the fact that it disappered. Now something was definitely strange about this part of the sky. We were still a bit hesitant to if we had seen anything out of the normal. Another white dot much resembling the first appeared under another cloud than the others, it soon disappered. So we knew something paranormal was happening and I started to search the sky for more objects. When suddenly, I looked directly above where me and my friend were sitting, it had a triangle shape on it, and a circlish-ovalish part on it. It was hovering and wasn't too far in the sky, definitely no star, which not one was in the sky. It started moving slowly away so I pulled the camcorder out of my backpack and recorded what I could of it before it completely disappeared. We packed our camera up and started heading back towards my friend's house where I had seen a craft the night before. I then noticed a rocket had appeared in the sky, it was probably military craft. I decided it was important to record this. Then, out of nowhere ANOTHER ROCKET appeared, this one had much stranger activity. I recorded them both. They were heading toward! s the same direction, where the first white dots were in the sky. The second craft either stopped, changed direction or was going really slow, because it was suspended in midair. Soon, it went behind a cloud. The only thing I recorded was the UFO that was hovering above us, and the two military rockets that were pursuing them or that just happened to be passing the area. From this second incident, I have decided to do more and more UFO hunting. I will report here if I see anything else during my huntings. If someone wants to see the footage I have please contact me at ((e-address deleted)) and I will be happy to show you it. If any private investigators need to contact me I would be much more comfortable to show them person to person, instead of telling the story again on the phone.

((NUFORC Note: We will invite the witness, a student, to forward some still images of the object, and may request permission to post them. PD))