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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/25/2003 14:30 (Entered as : 07/25/03 1430)
Reported: 7/26/2003 6:42:43 AM 06:42
Posted: 8/1/2003
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Shape: Light
Duration: 4 min
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
looking eastward which would be facing NJ flashing over NJ I saw a flashing light in the sky, at first I thought it was a very high flying airplane but it was not moving like an airplane would. The brightness was like a camera flash. Flashing at a rate of once per 15 seconds. After about 2 min the flashing light moved to the south in between flashes. then moved back northward back to its origional position. I dont know what I saw! at first I thought it was a baloon but it changed postions between flashes and ballons cant do that!!! I do not wish to be contacted. I only hope others saw what I saw

((NUFORC Note: In cases of flashing or strobing lights, we first suspect tumbling rocket bodies, orbiting in space. However, they do not reverse their course. We do no know what the witness observed. PD))